Ela Veezha Poonchira (2022) - full transcript

Follows two police officers at a small wireless police station on the hilltop as they work to resolve the mystery about a woman's body parts that have been scattered all over Elaveezhapoonchira.


A bus is about to go...

I will see if it is in Elappare.

Oh ok ok...

Daughter, we need to be like a good boy when we travel..

We can get ice cream when we go there, right?

Where are you working today?










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Translated and Subtitled by Mehedi Hasan

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- 5th Malayalam Subtitle -

Get tickets..

the ticket..

Tickets here

For illusions... illusions...

Here is the ticket.

Can you take this further...

Here's the rest, the rest...

Don't think this is a trip.

Oh no..not like that....

Going down in front..

Come on baby.. let's go down..

Mom, my biscuit..

Drop it, let's start another one

hurry up...

Close the door...

Don't fall, be careful.

These are drying up..


One and a half kilos of rice..

It is coconut..

I need a small packet of coconut oil...

Onions are kilos,

100 grams of green chillies,

Give meat curry..

Has anyone gone that way?

No one went today.

It's coming, it's coming..

Did you have to cut a tree early in the morning?

ok let's go..

Tell me baby..

That's it.. you scared me hey.

And are you the first woman to meet a child in this world..

The truth is.. I promised to come.

How can you not go?

Just cut a tree with the machine..

At least you have gone to the hospital.. so why are you afraid..

Oh, I will come there..

What's up baby, be strong..

I will come in the evening

What kind of world is this car driving?

Donkeys are trying to break our backs..

Chandra..., if I don't take this call, my back will end.. That's it...

You know the road very well.

You will learn.. You will learn one day....

I didn't see bro.. I got scared when I got a call from the hospital..

That's what happened..

Drive carefully..

Look at the leg..

Come on..

Tell me...

And you leave.. I'm coming..

So I went to the hospital.

I thought you would come back after the delivery of the lady..

Run away.. just don't joke..

What nonsense..

A tree has fallen and is going to be cut.

Pappado, watching the leg.

Oh sir, it rained heavily here yesterday..

On top of that, lightning struck a lot..

The soil of the road has been dug down.

Also, several trees have fallen.

Then sir, leave the mats..

You don't want to go in a circle.

And the fallen tree is also there..

Oh sir..

The governor spoke...

I will bring water...

ok then

I didn't sleep at all last night.

Those dogs are barking..

That's not enough.

Full of leeches here..

Hanging on your legs..


I'll take this.

Without water?

It's hard for me.. some water..

Who's on top...



There is no point in taking it there.

The fish I bought three or four days ago are still in the fisher.

I was not allowed to cook...

I'll go then.

Hey, the jeep will come here.

I spoke to the king.

Wait and see..

There was some blood where that hawk was flying..

There's something there.


Put another one.

Don't stay calm..

Even if it's crude, it doesn't matter..

What kind of life is this..

This is a dead place..

I can say...

..Trespassers will be prosecuted.. - Police -

(Speaking in another Indian language)


From time to time

honey sir...

From time to time..

From time to time..

When will he come?

Always doing this..

Don't make excuses for my wife...

I have a wedding to attend.

I am there..

I cooked with lunch and dinner...

What happened to the eye?

What happened now?

2-3 delta 4 exchange ...over..

Cover the entire area.

Use maximum male…

Use mobiles.

It will be good if you go in civilian clothes.

Cover the maximum…

Two or three police officers have been deployed as possible.

Inform them to cover even the mobile phone…

That way we can know who else is involved..

Arrest the suspects who do any kind of wrong..

Cover the maximum.

Don't forget to buy helmets and covers

Everyone should be there till the end of the demonstration..

Guests can leave shortly...

Can't say exactly.

I will come and see.

The report will be given shortly about those who do not come.

So everyone stay strong..

I will let you know the time to cross the road.

I must have crossed after sending a message...

That's all..

Do you want some tea sir..

no sir..

3-2 Calling mobile.. 3-2 Mobile (Mobile)

(3 - Emergency Response / 2 - Essential Response)

3-2 Mobile 3-2 Mobile Control..

Answering 3-2..

3-2 Broadcasting.. Now connecting from mobile too..

Sir now connecting from mobile...

Can the Signal Center hear…

Transfers again..


Mundakayam is not online..

Please check it.



Mundakayam repeater.

Mundakayam repeater.

Mundakayam replies Sir, Over

Is the set clear?


Mundakayam answers..

Mundakayam answers..

The set is clear..

The set is clear sir..


What nonsense are you doing?

Not hungry..

From time to time..


Sir, tea..

No sir, I made one in the morning and drank it

In the evening, when the snakes come...

There was a problem all night..

When going to check the antenna in the morning..

I stepped on one..

Hey, this is a no police area, you can't come here..

Sir father worked here.

I brought this place to my mother...

We will go soon..

The key in the pocket seems to have fallen on the way..

I'll go see mom.

Hey son did you see that..

Look at the hand.

A strong wind..


You go inside..


go in. The wind is strong.. The wind is strong..

But my brother is out.

Let's see.. Go inside.

Go inside sister.

Watch your legs, mom.


sit here

what happened

Why son..

A little rainy wind is coming.

Sir, when did you work here?

About 25 years ago.

When we got married.

It is often said that here the wind, rain, cold weather...

I always remember..


..don't press the phone now...

Don't touch it.

Talk to Jomon a bit... see where.

Don't worry..

Sit down..

Sit outside..

I said sit there..

my son Sir...

Sit down, sit down.. stay there..

Stay inside sister..


Sister, don't go.. you won't be able to see..

Sister sister..

There is nothing there..

Nothing happened..

my child...


Melukau PS Poonchira...

Melukau replies sir, over…

Sir, here a boy was struck by lightning and lost.. Over..

Venu sir..


If you haven't prepared the list for tomorrow..

Add me two packs of cigarettes...

The list will be sent at noon..

He hasn't even read it yet.

1-3 Calling the control room.. (1- To confirm)

The control room answers..

Is there any problem.. Sir is the set clear..

The set is clear.. no problem..

honey sir..

honey sir..

honey sir..

I leave..

When he comes, tell him about the antenna falling down.

Ah.. Look a little bit about the set.

Let me see..

Kabhi Kabhi Mere Dil Mein (A song from the movie Kabhi Kabhie)

I will talk to you later..

ok..let's talk later..

I can't take it..

There is signal only where you are now..



Shall we put it in the morning?

Yesterday, a boy was killed by lightning.

You can eat anything...

Except for that Venkayam's wedding tomato curry.

Shaji said.

Why didn't you come yesterday?

Invitations printed.

What is this..


Very hungry after climbing the mountain..

It's dead..

what happened.. ah..

May I come..


It reminds me of that boy's uncle.

Hey don't offend me too..


I can't send it from my mind..

What did you find on the fourth day?

late night

Dirty drinks and people on a bike..

In the middle of the forest..

It took two or three days to get back to my old self.

An antenna had fallen.

Venkayam asked me to tell you...

What is Venkayam doing here?

If he wanted to go, he could have done it.

where is...

the hand

Do you still have your clothes?


Come and catch a little there..

There is another reason for not being there yesterday..

The day before my engagement, when I asked Venkayam if he could work..

They said there is a festival in their temple...

A little revenge for that..

He is not a liar.

He is a big fraud.

Punchira control room..

Punchira answers..

Get out of open places.

It can be windy.. be careful..

Sir we have a broken antenna here.. we are fixing it.

It will be ok now..



Do you understand now sir..

He deliberately cheated me...

Sir grab it by the end..

Let's put it here..

ok.. ok..

Is there

Ah..to fry..to fry...


Pinky was also struck by lightning..

I will go and take a shower..


I leave. Look at that set.

Police Signal Transmission (Wireless) Station Ilaveela Poonchira - Kottayam

Now the place I am talking about is near Ettumanur temple.....

It's terrible..

Won't you take it?

Can't now. It doesn't work..

Banana fruit.

Why does this woman keep talking to you?

Why are you talking to a female police officer.. I am her CI

Hey, she's my assistant. Is there no other policewoman in this group?

Understand what you are saying baby..

What else do you have to understand?

Control .. everything ok ..

One set is getting stuck.. Over..

Apparently the man is deceived..

Everyone should be careful.

Even at home...


I saw the sample blouse that was sent..

Don't take any other measurements, right?

I was thinking of asking for leave the other day..

It is worth taking a vacation after marriage.

I'll talk later.


You can't do unnecessary things like that here..

What did you do? Can't you sit here?

Can't sit here..

Bro don't play moral police here. We are adults... this is Kerala

We are free to sit anywhere.

You can sit anywhere and talk... you can't do it here..

This is a police area...

If you are a policeman, put on your uniform.

How do I know..get up and go..go..

go go.. let's go...

Let's go.. run away..



What is the problem sir?

I just started having fun..

You can have fun in another month sir..

Why are you looking at other people's?


There is a myth about this place

do you know...

Once when Goddess Parvati bathed here..

The gods were watching from the trees...

Lord Shiva saw this...

The trees on this side were cursed not to grow big..

That's how this mountain was formed..

Because there are no trees...

Here Ila Veela Punchira said... (Leaves do not fall in Punchira)


Gods didn't even have wives.. That's what I was waiting for..

Then why are you blaming this innocent man sir..


It is not only the trees that are cursed.

That bastard has gone without even writing the logbook..

Don't you shave?

What kind of parking lot is this?

sorry sir

what.. sorry...

If something happens to the car, you will have to pay for it.

What time did this happen?

Yesterday at 4.00..

Doesn't this work?

Sir, the lightning struck below..

Is there no signal here?

Sir, there is a signal for BSNL when you climb that rock.

how are you sir..

First time here.. Yes sir...

Great view.. Come, I will show you.


Where are the houses?

Sir in Thrissur.


Did you talk to them?

Family counseling?

Did she do enough?

What advice now..

You can see two or three districts here, right?

Not two or three.

Five districts can be taken care of..

We are now at 3200 feet.



This Kottayam-Idukki border...

Is this

We are now in Kottayam...

They are in Idukki.

Look at that more

That picturesque dam..

is that..

Beyond that...

Where is that white building...

Even at night you can see Nedumbasheri Airport..

If the fog is clear, even Burj Khalifa can be seen.. (Burj Khalifa)

Come, sir, drink some lime juice.

Can you get one?

Don't get me wrong sir.

If I get out of the car, he is waiting to blame me for that too..

Are you really my lawyer or her lawyer?

His wife ran away with a driver..

After that started hating the drivers..

tell me..

You are arrogant..


He doesn't get three things..


Food, sex, sleep.

I will not give a penny to a girl who slept with someone else, whether she has a family or not.

Suffice it to say they won't happen..

I know how to take care of that child.

Don't play those games..

I know that..

That said..


Say them...don't make me say them.

Is it a selfie? Yes, come on.

Will you get caught?

Won't happen..

What a beautiful place isn't it..

It was not a tour.

Take photos..

Come on let's go. quick quick

Doesn't this idiot have anything else to do..

2-4 Mobile... 2-4 Calling... ( 4 - No further assistance required )

Now you listen to me..

2-4... 2-4 Mobile answers..

Sir, tell Delta sir to take a call to CI..

Clear..clear.. will let you know..


Please take a call to Delta sir

Oh, I'll talk.. I'll talk..

Take it sir.

I'll drink later.

He might be scolding us for drinking alone now...

Sir, I am in Punchira..

Will be back soon..

ok sir

Start the vehicle.

We found something.


Joker, Joker, Joker.


Let's count..

Full ...

can win

Um.. ok..

can win

i can win Five.


Is it clear..

All locations... All locations are notified..

Listen everywhere...

From Melukau police station jurisdiction..

Supposed to be a woman...

...a severed hand has been found.

To find other parts of the body..

Because I suspect that there is a possibility..

As a strict search in the jurisdictional areas of all police stations...

Tiger sir informs..

If you do not hear this clearly at any point, contact the call control room.


Maybe a Bengali.

Only they can do this kind of brutal work...

What do you think sir..

If I am smart enough to find out about this, I will work in the local police...

Will you grow up in a camp?

Let's eat and play sir..

Let's do another one..

Let's eat..

Did you remove that chain and board?

Eat sir.

I'll take care of it...

It's funny when someone comes here..


Hey..these are not allowed here..


who are you sir

This is the police jurisdiction.

Take them and leave here..

Do I need your permission to sit here.. That is what I said earlier that I need permission..

Are you in the police? Yes..

Where is your ID?

Ado, don't you go home without ID..

is it..

Get up and run away..

Take that bottle too... Take the bottles too..

You can't bring bottles here.. That's great..

hey guys

Come guys... a police car has come here guys..

Hey guys... go guys...

You can't stay here..

I tell you..

No drinking allowed here..

Hello friends, we are now in a place called Ilaveela Poonchira in Kottayam district..

hello hello

Video is not allowed..

Look guys..

We have biked 235 km.

13 km guys we came off road and reached this beautiful place...


I just wanted to show you this place.. Brother, I don't know you before..

I'm not angry with you... have you seen it guys..

This is part of my duty. Look how he changed the story guys..

Now the Kerala Police calls us brother.

He says he is a policeman..

Guys, have you ever seen a police officer wearing this white t-shirt?

This is so arrogant guys..

Isn't this the arrogance of the Kerala Police...

Against Kerala Police...

Kerala itself should be set on fire guys..

What is this.. Leave him..

They are trying to trap us as drunkards..

Who are you?

Sudhi move on.. Sir, they are not asking..

Who are you?

Run away from here..


I am..

Run away..

Run away from here..

Run away.. Take the vehicles and run away....

Run away.. Run away from here immediately..

Run away without getting beaten up..

Run away.. sir..

I said go..

Run away immediately..

Its wedding blog..

Take the car and run away..

Shall I show you?

run away

Your blog..

It's fair..

yes guys...

We're out of here guys...

Run away.. Run away..

Hi guys..

We are going from Ela Veela Punchira.

It's very confusing what happened guys..

The bottle was thrown away..

Stop enjoying other people's labba sir..

Who saw it first?

Antony, speak to him.

Hey..Sir talking..

What time did you see it?

When I came to open the shop in the morning, I saw sir..

Did you notice that nobody was here last night?

Yesterday it was windy and raining, so I closed the shop early, sir.

Sir, is there no space to bring a dog or a cat from somewhere?

Any clues.. Sir, there are no clues here..

The team is watching sir..

Sir give me that lens...

It's been two days sir..

A woman's...

Age maybe 30 or 32

Apparently it was cut with some sharp weapon.

Something like an ax we use for housework..


Avoid taking fingerprints...

Removed the skin from the fingertips.

Find out who it is soon..

Get the missing case reports of all women between the ages of 30-32 here and in the neighboring districts.

Get details of towers in every station where more parts are found..

If there are CCTV cameras in those areas, check them too... ok sir..

DCRV 2-2

Won't you change that?

Answering 2-2...

Sir, I have some information...

In Zone 22 area…..

Guessing it's a human's..

Parts of the intestines and stomach...

... has been found

To find out...

Police urgently need forensic assistance.

Got DCRV.. Over Sir..

How can you eat when you hear this?

From time to time..

From time to time..

Sir, these dogs are digging holes...

hey hey

If you don't throw stones, the dogs will dig again..

Sir, why did you take a gun?

This is what Maoists have.. just..

Umm.. why did you take a gun sir..

I'm going to kill you both...

Oh great..

Oh sir..this old man is finally going to have a child..

The jeep was wriggling.


It's like I haven't digested anything I ate this morning..

I will go to the toilet.

I spent about 3000 rupees to make this last week.

What happened here..

I don't know what happened..

Why sir..

Do you break the door? I don't even want to go to the toilet...

Do you go to the toilet without water?

It was forgotten.

thank you.

The information provided by the control room is correct.

We have now reached the relevant place.

The woman's foot was found on a hill opposite Punchira station.

Answering is clear sir will let you know the details. over..

Sir, I also heard something from our side..

I can also hear it since noon. Is your car ok?

Sir, there is a problem at work.

It already owes...

And now my wife's delivery...

It happened at the right time...

Shit, the meat is wet too...

Listen to all stations, there is urgent information.

Have complained to your places

25 to 40 years old

Provide details of cases of missing women as soon as possible...

Mail to the concerned place as soon as possible..

If you haven't received any information yet..

Rate the information and let us know.

A lot of police have come..


2-4 Delta Sir..

No charge..

Delta 4/ 2-4 answers sir.. over...

Tell Bravo to call me at 2-4.

Sir, I will do it now.. I will do it now..

Then sir.. I'm going..

Sir, can I have a coconut shell?

There are no thorns bro..

Everything was there..

OK then.. OK..

From time to time..

Let's play 2 rounds... one at a time

no sir

Don't know why.

Very upset stomach..

Once you put one shot, it will go away..

No, I'm not in the mood sir..

There is a lot to write, you see.

I am playing while you are talking.. Come on..

Come on.

After seeing the dog's body, the head became crazy..

kick off..

As soon as Joker starts...

Shit.., didn't see it

Game over.


How did that happen?


Control 2-3 Mobile..

2-3 answers are given..

Sir found in Pinnakkumadu area...

The dead woman's..

body parts

Sending to medical college sir..over..

Everything is clear sir..

As you said sir, he must be a Bengali..

When the dead woman is found.. the murderer is found..

Then let's know.. is he a Bengali or a Malayali..

Sir, why are you curious about this case?

When hearing news of murder..

What do you want to know?

I want to know the killer...

But not for me...

reason to kill Need to know that.

Come on, the current is gone..

Battery backup is also low.

I will turn on the generator.

2-4 Delta 4

Delta 4/ 2-4 answers..

Ask F4-2-4 to take a call for me..



Give me that phone..

I don't have money..

I want to take a call to Sangame..

Hey, the calls are not going through..

is it..

where to see..

No sir.., no guidance so far...

Almost all the body parts have been received..

Only one hand is still missing sir.

Sir, it is difficult to see the face because it is also cut into pieces..

That's why it takes time to recognize it.

We will be able to say only after this post-mortem report.

Sure sir,.. I will always inform you the details.

Hey, how did you find these towers?

Sir, these body parts were found in twelve different places.

The body is also 4 days old sir...

There are about 5 lakh calls in 4-5 towers...

It will take time to check everything in detail sir..

Do it as fast as possible.

Sir, we found a piece of newspaper from where this body part was.

There is a blood stain on it sir..

I confirmed the newsprint.

Kottayam Edition Sir..

If you consider it, there is a chance to become a Kottayam man sir..

Control Punchira..

Control Punchira..

Here is the hand of the woman who was killed, sir.

Listen everywhere.. One of our handsets is switched off..

Check every mobile in every location. Over..

Control Punchira..

Listen everywhere...

Use every mobile in every place.

Check every mobile in every place...over..

Use every mobile in every place.

You can see the whole Idukki.. You can take care of the whole Idukki..


You can't stay here like this, this is a police area...

You have to go back.. go..

Sir we have come here before...

It doesn't matter, but...

A boy died here yesterday.

Lightning struck.. so it's good to go.

Sir, we came from a long way. We'll take a look and leave soon.

Then go to the top.

Get hit and die..

Don't you understand when I say that.. it gives the police a headache...

Go there..

Take everyone along.

Let's go kids... the kids are with us.


Ok sir.. I will go and see now.

ok sir

Turn the vehicle into gear.

Sir, let's go to the autopsy.. the forensic doctors are waiting.

All wireless communication is messed up..

DYSP said to go and see.

It's more important right?

Let's go and see.


The set does not work.


Communication is broken.


That arrogant CI is coming..

I will go and get the uniform.

Did you turn this off?


Wireless is on..

So sir, shall we go back?

Then you put this on and sit here.

Make decisions.

The set is clear..

The set is clear sir.. over..

Where is the other one?

He went downstairs to take a bath..

Is there anything to drink?

I will make coffee sir.

First give some water.


Get in. Lightning can strike..

Sir, where is the bathroom?

Atana, see if there is water.

Because of these bastards, there is no way for a human being to sit even for a minute..

Others are reading about this dead wolf (woman).

There was a viper there yesterday.

Go here sir..

Bravo 2-4 answers sir, over..

Sir, a mobile phone suspected to belong to the dead woman..

...has been found in a village in Idamalayar area.

It is clear sir... I will inform.. I will inform

Sir, found the mobile phone of the dead victim..

They ask us to come.. Start the car.

Get the car..

Sir, can you look behind?

And let's go..

Why are you going to do these unnecessary things sir..

Said before...



give up..

What about that phone?

Sir Idukki of a murdered woman named Amarada..

She is a high school teacher.

Worked in Kottayam..

The phone was given to Cyber ​​Cell to check the phone and call details

Sir her husband Madhu is a policeman in AR camp here.

After searching, we found that there is no good relationship between them.

We are sending CDR 2-4 of the murdered woman.

Is it clear sir.. Over

clear sir...over..

Sir, who did you kill?

1A2 Mobile.. 1A2 Mobile..

who killed

I noticed...

Saw a hand...

I didn't kill anyone.

Whose hand is that?

That's my wife's..


Your lady..

Why did you kill him sir..

They said I didn't kill anyone..

How is your hand?

Do you know the mental level of a man who may not be straight on the first night (honeymoon)?

1A2 Mobile Control..

The doctor said it was pressure during the honeymoon

Six or seven years were wasted on each and every kind of beth..

It didn't work

While those things are happening, he...

There was another relationship.

I neither asked nor argued about it

Can't even blame her..

He wanted..

...only his body.




I made a mistake....

I am pregnant..

Cheating on you again

i can't live


Then sir is not a murderer..

Do you know how much you loved him?

For an innocent girl like her..

To the one who screwed up like this..

If I didn't screw it up..

Why do I live?

Then what did you do to him sir..

After the work done...

I thought that the devil will not be allowed to be a gentleman in front of people....

Death is a sin..

But not eating..

What was in his stomach

I fed you...

That lady lived near a hostel in Kottayam sir..

Sir, the most number of calls from that woman's phone are to the phone of the policeman named Sudhi..

4 days ago both these numbers are with tower location in Kottayam sir..

They have gone everywhere where the body parts were found, sir..

Whatsapp chat on the phones was also taken.

I met the doctor... it's been 4 months..

This is not an opportunity to have an abortion.

I want to see you

You know my situation right?

I will come.

'Amarada, who was the victim of the Kottayam murder case that shocked the country, was brutally killed by a criminal..'

'Amarada, the wife of police officer Madhu, who was murdered in Kottayam AR camp...'

'The coroner gave the evidence found.'

'The body has been cut into parts and the body parts have been left in different areas.. ...'

Oh great..

By saying this name and address...

When we go there, the man can run away.

leave me

There was a mistake, sir.

I didn't want to kill you.

Because you saw that hand...

Don't say that, sir


There was a mistake sir..

Please no sir.

I'm like your brother..

let me live

Have you ever felt guilty thinking about me?

to me..




sorry sir..

honey sir..

honey sir..

don't kill me sir

honey sir..

I can't see the road, stop the car.. stop the car..

Bravo 2-4, Delta 4

Bravo 2-4 answers sir

Did he get arrested?

Sir, it is raining so much that we can't see the road, sir..

We are waiting sir.

Did you go to see the rain?

Arrest and report as soon as possible..

Ok sir, we will go soon.

What are you waiting for.. take the car..

The other hand of the dead woman was found here, sir..

Investigations are underway about the policeman who was struck by lightning.

I will inform sir..

ok sir

You go.

What about wireless?

Sir they are all right sir..

It is cut and separated two trenches below the wrist.

There is a wound in the hand.

There is no skin on the fingertips.

The neck is normal.


There is a burn mark.

7 cm long...

There is a 7cm long dark mark on the right arm.

The skin has come off there too.. the skin has come off.


A burn mark..

He was treated like a brother...

But his family was destroyed...

God must be just...

In the end, it will work out..

Sir, the inquest is over.

Section 174.

Sir, he was struck by lightning last night while repairing the aerial.

There is nothing suspicious sir..

Translation and Subtitling - Mehedi Hasan -

"Leaves do not fall in Poonchira"

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