El viaje a ninguna parte (1986) - full transcript

The movie tells the story of a family of comedians that work in the towns of Spain during the 40's and 50's. Life gets very tough for them since they cannot compete any longer with cinema. We assist to the end of an era.

"No, I mustn't think that I once loved you ...

that it is better to forget than to suffer ".

Must remember.

Must remember.

It is the "Trío Calaveras" that sings,
and the song is called "Caminemos".

No, I'm "Los Panchos".

Many years have passed.

I once saw "Los Calaveras"
in a very glamorous ballroom.

Some of us stayed
after the closure of the venue.

In those days, places closed very early.

You know, Franco ....
Since he didn't go out at night ...

There were María Asquerino,
Jorge Mistral, Lola Flores, Rabal ...

I didn't know any of them personally,
I had just arrived from the cities.


I had just been discovered by Miguel Mihura,
a belated discovery, but I owe my greatest to him
success, and the best years of my life.

I wasn't going to tell it now, but it appeared
suddenly my son, that lazy young man.

Sometimes I have memory lapses ...

- Your mother sent you, didn't she?
- Certain.

- I do not know what to say ....
- Me neither.

- We hardly ever met.
- Never.

I saw you in the pictures your mother sent me.

You grew, and you grew, and you grew ...


Well, then hug me, boy!

While we were embraced,
I kept thinking he was a lazy man.

Carlos! We are leaving!

- So your name ... What's your name?
- Carlos, like you.

- I know, I mean the last name.
- Piñeiro López, like my mother.

I don't have his surname.

Don't be so formal with me, it's old fashioned.

I'm formal because I don't know her.

- Carlos, the bus is leaving.
- Dad, this is my son.

- Your nephew.
- Oh! It is you?

What a handsome young man!

You will lead the way!
Hug me, nephew!

What an emotion!

What an emotion!

He is taller than you!

And you have to grow still, because you have ...

- 17 years.
- Seventeen ...? How time passes!

- Do you like theater?
- I do not know.

- Have you ever seen a play?
- Only one, but it was ridiculous.

- Haven't you seen any others? - One on family matters,
even that quite ridiculous.

They were well dressed.
Some so good they seem ridiculous.

Come on, Carlos.

- He is my son?
- Come to Cabezales.

Here we go.

- When are you going back to Galicia?
- My mother told me to stay here.

- Did she tell you?
- Yes, she says she took care of me for 17 years,

my father can take care of it for 3,
until my registration.

Well, but sometimes I sent some money ....

Yes, my mother wrote it to me.

I have it here.

"When I was two, I received 50 pesetas for San Carlos.

At 4, another 125 pesetas, for San Carlos.

At 12, as a Christmas present,
3 kg of sausages and a bottle of wine ".

- So he packed your bags and off you go with your father.
- Not a suitcase, just a box.

She gave it to me when she went to Mexico, and two
pairs of pants. - Two pairs of pants?
- Yes, and half a cheese.

- What are you wearing now?
- Yup.

- And what's your job?
- Nobody.

- It's about time, right?
- I was a mechanic, I got very dirty.

- You'll have to tell Juanita.
- Forget it for now.

Whoever drinks or plays, must leave,
to watch the show, you have to ask for another drink.

Carlitos, my son, remained impassive,
sat until the end of the show.

"Even if I'm po ... po ...

... poor, what we need is ...

and and ..

-... is ...
- Support us?

Send you all to town!

- Raskal!
- Mom, I love him!

I ... I ...

- I ...
- Mom, stop it!

I'll kill myself if I ever see my daughter
with this wretch.

Is it contagious.

Leave them, Lucrecia, leave them.

When two hearts come together ...
they are stronger than any reason. "

- They laughed, didn't they?
- Come on, nephew, talk.

Do not be shy.
What do you think?


It's not you, you were very funny,
but looking at you with that trick.

I don't know the theater.
I do not know.

Now I know what his problem was.

He met me for the first time there, with the curtain, the audience.

His opinion would have been different if he had me
met years later, for example, on awards day
of the "Spanish Cinema Club".

And now, the winner for Best Supporting Actor!
For his performance in "Flowers for Mom": Carlos Galván!

To give the prize, we have the head of the National Union
Showbizz, and Carlos Galván himself will receive it.

You should work with us.

- I miss the vocation.
- What do you know?

I know, a friend of mine had it
and became a priest.

- So what's your calling?
- Be an accountant.

- An accountant?
- Yes, I know how to divide.
ninety two
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The vocation comes by looking at others. At least in acting.
- In Vigo, a friend of mine, did his bills in a stationery shop.

- But why do you like it?
- My friend Pepiño has two stationeries of his own, and a car, and he dresses very well.

Where did he get the money to start? With a salary ...

- By marrying the owner's daughter.
- Excellent!

But he was able to marry her because he was an accountant.

If he had been a comedian, he couldn't have.

Maldonado does it, he is an actor, as well as a manager.

You are a comedian, Carlitos!

- Juanita I need to talk to you.
- Certain. "Clear and round", as they say.

If you get angry before you start ...

... you understand that it is not easy for me to tell you.

I see it clearly, you have a son, tall like
a cathedral. You didn't tell me because you're a pig.

- We don't talk about these things.
- What, then? Weather?

Juanita, that was a long time ago.

Looking at the boy, he must be about ... 40 years old.

- You see ...
- Do not touch me!

I forgot, we have a lot to talk about.

Our love. Our work.

- I told you more.
- Who, Marianito?

But he lives with his mother. Make up your own mind, this boy, who will he live with? - For a few days, he will sleep with me in my bedroom. - But really? Where will I sleep?

You better say no more, I don't know what I'm going to do.

I just don't know.

We stop a lot these days because directors who go from city to city are a great skill.

And this considering that they carry old broken films.

Rosa is your second cousin.
- I don't think we are.

She is the daughter of Julia, who is my second cousin.

No, Rosa is Carlitos' aunt, because she is my daughter.

Did you understand? Carlitos, the famous anonymous Galván.

Signor Arturo, your grandfather, the lead actor.

Mrs. Julia, your great-aunt, Rosa, your aunt ...

Juanita, another workmate.

Stop joking, Maldonado, and stop drinking.

And Maldonado, another colleague.
Let's drink to the new gentleman.

May it be crowned with bay leaves
without forgetting the vines of Bacchus.

- Health.
- Health!

Funny situation, right?

Just like one of those comedies that make you cry.


Two men, unknown until yesterday, sleep together in the same bed.

And those men, Carlos Galván and Carlos Pinero ...
- Piñeiro! - Carlos Piñeiro are father and son.

- Funny situation, right?
- Yes it is.

I'm still a stranger, even if we are
in bed together, right? - Certain.

Do you know what the call of blood is?

- I heard something about it.
- From your mother?

No, in a movie.

- Can you hear the call?
- No.

I can't do it either, son.
It's too early.

If you heard it, it would tell you that
you have to be a comedian.

- I'd die of shame.
- Because?

- It's a job like any other.
- You must be cheeky.

There is no other work here.

I can't be a comedian.

- Why not?
- Because of my Galician accent.

- You came right now.
- But no, dad.


- Now?
- Now!

- No, dad, no.
- Read!

It's a comedy we're going to do one of these days.

You play Luis. That character never appeared
until now, we were reading a letter with his part,
we are too few.

You will read it tomorrow.


Mr. Count ...

... today I leave Caramona.
- Not Caramona, Carmona!


I'm going to Por ... to ... gallo.

Read, let me see how it's done.

Lord Conte, today I leave Carmona, I go
in Portugal, where I will be able to leave for Africa.

I know what I was about to do is felony.

I wish Marta to be very happy.
Here you are.

- You read very quickly.
- I know by heart. Go ahead.

Mr. ... ok, I skip this, I've already read it.

Read it all again.

Today ...

... I ... I'm ...

... I'm going ...

... Carmona.

I am going to Portugal, where I could go to Africa.

I know what I was about to do is felony.
- To felony!

- Fellonia. What is that?
- It does not matter. Keep it going.

I wish Marta to be very happy.

- Is that how you read?
- Yup.

Comedians, turn off the lights, it's late!

What you want is me to give him a wake up call, right?

- What a way to express yourself!
- But you understand me.

The boy needs something to take away his shyness,
the voice of blood means nothing to him.

If you haven't seen any comedies ...

Today, at 6:30 in the afternoon, in the Círculo Castellano ...

... the Great Company ..

... Hiniesta-Galván.

... will perform the funny comedy:

"Beware of the Marchesa".

4 pesetas per chair.

2,50 pesetas, per bench.

At 6:30 at the Círculo Castellano.

It's not the same show as last month.

The drum and cymbals must be brought down,
the chairs up. The benches opposite, on the platform,
as always. There was a dance yesterday.

Watch your head.
You are very tall.

- What do I do with this.
- Mattilo at the foot of the stairs.

- It's very dark.
- There is a light bulb.

- Where does it light up?
- The switch is next to the window.

- I can not find it.
- Right, below.

- Sorry, I tripped.
- It's normal, it's dark.

- There he is.
- Switch on.

- There is no light.
- Did you turn it on?

- It must be merged.
- Or it's loose. Let me see.

- Get me a chair.
- As?


- Oh! Excuse me.
- You do it on purpose?

- You fall all the time.
- Well, it's dark ...

Put the chair here.

I get on it. Hold me.

Keep me. Not the chair.

Okay, okay, okay.

But, where should I keep you?


- Should I keep you from here?
- Keep me how you want.

- Just don't drop me.
- Can you find the light bulb?

Yes, I found it.

- Keep me higher if you want.
- Don't ... do you mind?

Why should I be sorry?
Well, now there is light.

Don't stare at me like that.
Look me in the face.

He is alone ...

And pull my skirt down, someone might come.

Carlitos, hold me tight, I'm going down.

- Where do I have to hold you?
- Where do you want.

You didn't fall, you jumped!

It was you!

It was you!

Where is Carlitos? I told him to help, like all of us.

Maybe with Rosa, in the cave.

You called?

- What the hell were you doing? - I took the drum downstairs and I'm getting the chairs. - Okay, go ahead.

Pope! Pope!

What's up? Take it easy.

You won't believe it, but I heard ...
- What?

- The voice of blood, dad.
- My son!

Will you become a comedian?

- I'll try. You will help me?
- Of course I will.

I tried before, but you were too shy.

I'm not anymore.
Everything has changed for me.

Are you ready to learn your lines?

Yes, as soon as possible.

Salcedo, you play the piano, but you don't know anything about zarzuela.

You're wrong, "La tabernera del puerto" is from Sorozábal.

- Listen to the teacher.
- Mr. Carlos.

What's up? I will not find a place!

Those at the back and on the corner see nothing.

Mr. Carlos, what day of the week is today?

- Today?
- Yes today.

- Wednesday.
- What happens on Wednesday?

It is true. What a memory!

Mr. Carlos, they are waiting for you in the main office.

- Go there.
- Okay okay.

It starts. Luis enters and says:

- Give me the novel.
- What novel?

That thing. What you read, where the comedy is written.

This is not a novel, it's called a book, a libretto, but I'm not giving it to you.
It starts.

Lord, today ...

- Marquis, today ...
- With you!

Yes, Conte, I am confused.

With you! With you!

That's enough.

Just listen to me.

- Count, today ...
- Conte, today I will leave Carmona and Portugal.

- What are you saying?
- You're talking over me!

Okay okay. Go ahead.

I leave Carmona and ...
I'm going to Portugal, where ...

- I could leave for Africa.
-... Leave for Africa.

- Take your finger out of there!
- Yes, dad.

Do you think you are talking to the Count by chasing you away?

No, it itched me.

So if your ass itches, do you scratch that too?


In this work, if something itches, it can be tolerated!

What slave labor, right?

But not only us, if his ass itches,
priests bear it when they give mass.

And so do lawyers, conductors, insurance agents and the military when they swear by the flag.

Which jobs! What a job!

Go on.

I know what I was doing was felony.

I know that the felony that ...
the felony I was doing ...

- ... is ...
- No, no, that's fine.

I hope Marta is happy.

Don't say it like a lout, and that lazy air!

- More gallantry.
- More what?

- Gallantry.
- What is it?

Well, the gesture, the posture, the attraction
for women ... but let him out!

Pull in the belly! Straight!

Shoulders up! Lips in!

- We have two more days off.
- Yes, today and tomorrow.

The next day we go to Tres Cuevas, for four days.

We have a guaranteed day.

One day is not enough, at least until the end of the month, because Solís is doing well in Zarzamala ...

How annoying to be happy with that director's success, but for once I'm happy. - Father, look at that van.

But it's Solis!
The damned director!

The Galvan!
How are you, my friends?

- No...
- What's going on, Mr. Arturo?

- What I?
- Well, can I sit down?

Waiter! An anisette, and let them order
what they want. I offer.

I am exhausted, I was thinking of staying in Zarzamala, but I could go to Tres Cuevas.

- In Tres Cuevas?
- Yes, you will go there on Monday.

- I go on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
- Do you have so many movies?

Two, but I can always go to Madrid and get more.

Of course, since you have a van ...

But what's wrong with you?

- Come on, do like me!
- And what do you do?

I drink anisette instead of coffee.

Waiter! Anisette for everyone!

If not on stage, we hardly ever talk to each other,
except now that the surprise boy has arrived.
I need an appointment.

Juani, you must understand that we have to teach him,
will appear in "The Last Encounter". There is little time!

- Even less for me, who got bored.
- What do you mean?

If I tell you now, it won't mean anything later.

Signor Ceferino, the richest man in La lianada,
the owner of the Salón Olimpo,
he didn't want to hear about Solís, the director.

He said his audience doesn't like movies
on the Patron's Fair, because they are very gloomy.

Conte, I leave Carmona, I go to Portugal, I embark
for Africa ... I was about to commit a felony.

I hope Marta is happy.

How did I do?
I thought I heard whistles.

No, it was someone calling a friend.

- What do you think about it?
- Do I have to tell you the truth?

- Of course.
- The truth? Really?

- Yes, yes.
- Well, I saw you ...

- I found you ridiculous.
- I know it. I couldn't do better.

Nobody noticed your Galician accent, that's for sure.

- No?
- No, they couldn't hear you.

I'll be right back, I'm going to poop.

- Would you like to be an artist? - Yes, but I can't.
Do not be offended, but only the poor become artists,
and we're pretty comfortable at home.

- My father is very rich.
- For real? I knew it. I knew it.

- I am the daughter of Mr. Ceferino.
- The owner? What a coincidence.

- You're doing well, right?
- Not bad, but what you do is more fun.

I am not an artist, I am an accountant.

- But you performed today.
- It was a favor.

- Don't you like being an artist? - Not much, but if
the artists of the company were like you, then yes.

Are you courting her?

- No, we just met.
- It makes no difference.

I've seen it happen between strangers. Keep it going.

Eleventh: do not disturb.

Where are the comedians?

- Here, Mr. Ceferino.
- Here, drinking as always!

Come on, drunkards, get yours
things and dislodge!

- What do you mean?
- I don't want to see you here.

- Why not?
- Not even close by.

But, we have been successful.

I didn't like you!

- What about tomorrow's rerun? - Tomorrow there is a movie,
and also the day after tomorrow ... - But, why?

You do not know?
Well, I tell you!

What's the name of the one with the mustache?

- He's my son, Carlos.
- Is your name Carlos?

- Well, now you will see!
- What did he do?



This is my daughter.
You know? My daughter!

I'll kill you, son of a bitch!

- Don't touch my son!
- Carlos!

I'm not killing him now because there are witnesses.

If you touch it, I break your soul!

You wanted to marry her for my money, right?

Do it in your city, we are not assholes!


- Pope.
- Shut up.

Shut up or I'll break your face.

- I owe you an explanation.
- You screwed everything up!

- If you don't want to listen ...
- Shut up!

Did that man, Mr. Ceferino, give you the money?

- I didn't participate in the fight.
- I pretended I didn't see anything.

That damn lazy man will be our end!

I spoke to Mr. Ceferino while you were cleaning,
I told him he shouldn't stop us from eating.

- Did he pay you or not?
- He threw money at me.

A coin made me this.

- Did you collect the money?
- Yes, crawling to the office but it didn't take long.
At least we had dinner today.

- What about lunch tomorrow?
- Just sufficient.

Father, Carlitos says that Solís saw him with Mr. Ceferino's girlfriend.

- I know? - He told him he made it all up to get us thrown out.

- So he could stay these 3 days!
- That's what I'm saying!

God damn that damn director! I'll kill him!

Yes. When you see him again he will invite you for a drink, and friends again. - No, this time I'm serious!

This time I'll kill him!

I bind him with his own films and strangle him!

I find it a bit difficult.

We rearrange the plays, the authors make them too long.

Between your grandfather and me, we cut pieces, we get rid of useless characters, the audience gets confused.

- It must be difficult. - Some we make them talk on the phone,
others we replace them with a letter, one out of two,
the result is better.

Good news, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and next in Navaseca!

- Three days? - Three!
- I can't go tomorrow, I have things to do.

I was at ...

Yes, I remember, at the Lara Theater in Madrid.

It was a play by Víctor Ruíz Iriarte ...
I do not remember the name. No, I haven't forgotten ...

I don't remember it right now. But it's in the clippings
of newspaper, I keep them all. Check it out later.

But I remember vividly.

In the third act, I made use of my hissing voice.

I have had great success! Not only for this,
also because I put my whole heart into it.

Durán gave a very funny monologue,
to which I replied:

"Spring is not a good season".

I - am allergic to - pollen.

I'll send you a postcard from Logroño.

After the first, Vico, Rivelles, Closas,
they came to the dressing room to compare each other.

One thing I will not forget is the embrace of the great D. Otero.

A first star of our theater.

Mr. Galván.

- Mr. Galvan.
- Yup?

- Was he remembering?
- Yup.

Well, carry on.

Wasn't that when I was at the Lara theater in Madrid?

I wrote:
Oleda, the next day, works in Navaseca.

Oh yes! I got carried away, but now I remember.

You gotta pack things up, sweep the platform,
and help hang the marquee!
- Can't it be done tomorrow?

- Who do you think you are? - You used to do without me,
now it seems to be indispensable.
- Hold me, Maldonado!

- What the hell are you gonna do?
- I have a meeting.

- A soccer match?
- Yes, sure, what else?

- Are you a soccer player?
- No, but they're not bad.

So you quit your job to play soccer?

- That's a job too.
- Not a bad idea ...

we should make a team.

- Mrs Julia as doorman ...
- Shut up, Juan!

It wasn't my idea. Tomorrow Cabezales play against Castañuelo, who are missing three players, they played against Poblacho on Sunday and have many injuries.

Some of Castañuelo saw me play and asked me to play with them.

Football is our competition,
our worst enemy!

Even worse than the movies and the radio!

And you would like to wear a pair of shorts and
playing on a court ... - I don't do it as a hobby.

- You don't like what?
- As a hobby.

- What do you mean?
- It's not a pastime.

- So why are you doing it?
- Because they give me a snack.

- What time is the match?
- At 3:30.

When you finish, go to Navaseca, we will start at 8, you could help out.
- Well, someone will accompany me.

- If I'm not hurt.
- Do not say that.

Bad times came, to be more precise, worse times came. Sometimes we went to a city without a contract, it was the only way.

We were allowed to perform.

There was only one good thing in those days, Juanita.

His love.

I had told Carlitos about her and Juanita and I had gone back to sleep together.

His body cheered up my nights,
if it wasn't for that ...

If it wasn't for you, Juani,
stay close to me ...

I'm tired Carlos.

- Me too.
- You don't think so.

- Rests.
- This is my only good time.

- I'm exhausted.
- I see. 4 km on foot, then the bus ...

I think the bus was even worse than the walk.

- These buses ...
- Rest, Carlos.

I'm doing.

I rest like this,
everyone has a different way of resting.

Yes, that's right, there must be people somewhere,
I don't know where, which rests better, or which is not so tired.

What do we care?
You and I are here now!

I am with you, with your mouth, with your shoulders.

But Carlos ...

What, do I have to get off?

- If you want...
- Certain that I want.

I do it, because I love you.

Me too.

Me too.

Hold me!
Hold me tight!

Tighter! Tighter!

As if we can never separate!

I remember those moments as the only good ones.

My only moments of happiness.

For the rest...

My son, the lazy one,
it meant very little to me.

It was so different ...

I liked my job but hunger
did not allow me to enjoy it.

But Juanita's voice comforted me in the night.

His meat.

His caresses.

Do not sleep.

- Do not sleep.
- I'm not sleeping.

- I need to talk to you.
- Now?

Yes, yes.

Listen, Carlos, this was the last time.

- What do you mean?
- This was the last time.

I'm leaving.

- But ...
- Yes, you heard right.

You heard right.

Juanita ...

I'm leaving.

I can not handle it anymore.
I'm leaving.

What's going on, Mr. Galvan?
Is something going on outside?

- No there is not anyone.
- So what is it?

Curious, my mind went blank.

I don't remember anything, not even what we were saying.

- Sure?
- Yes sure.

I just know it's 1973.

How old is your son Carlitos now?

I think about ... forty and something.

He was born before the civil war, in the so-called
"two black years". - What's the other name?

Mariano, son of Uceda.

His name is Mariano, and he must be about ... 30 years old.

It was born when the Second World War ended.

... your love, lost in the void ...

No! Switch off!

Thank you.

Thank you. Today it is painful, it is painful to listen to it.

He's right, my mind hasn't gone blank.

I haven't forgotten it.

I wish I could.

- Do you mind if I smoke?
- No, of course not.

Why, Juanita?
Why are you leaving?

For many reasons, Carlos, not just one.

Since the boy came, you treat me differently.

But, ever since I told him about us, we ... we sleep together.

During the day you are not like before,
you don't talk to me the same way, you're embarrassed to touch me.

Don't call me honey anymore, honey. I miss him.

Please understand, it's a difficult situation, I'm not used to being a father and I feel embarrassed in front of him.

- Are you talking about your mother?
- Never.

Well, I think of her, and I feel she separates us.

- But you don't even know her!
- I can imagine it, seeing him.

- You certainly can't imagine what it was like.
- How it was?

I do not know. I do not remember.
I was with her 15 days.

- And have you forgotten it?
- Absolutely. I swear.

So you'll forget me too.

Don't be silly, we've been together for three years.

Three years of love, work and life together.

Sharing the same habits and the same dreams.

I have no more dreams.

I think you don't want to tell me
the real reason you're leaving.

- I'm hungry, Carlos.
- Now?

- We do not have...
- Not only now, always ...

A few months ago, last year, the one before,
and things were better then.

Some days we don't eat,
others just a little cheese and chorizo.

These are bad times. In our work there are
bad times. - This is not a job.

We are vagabonds.

This is not new to you, you come from a family of comedians.

Were things better when you worked with your dad?

No, but I was hoping it would change.

We had a great time.

- Yes, it's true.
- Life is not just about eating.

We had fun, we love our job ...

You're worried about how it's been going lately.
Last week, if it wasn't for Solís ...

Our enemy is not Solis, it is cinema.

People like to watch movies, not us.

- Me too.
- This has nothing to do with it.

It has to do with it, Carlos, these are ways to have fun.

Do you remember when we didn't work in Polarcos
why did Calleja-Ruíz finish first?
- Yes, we stood and watched them.

And then we watched the Solís film, "Three Bengal Shooters".

- Remember the difference? - They are different things, not
they can be compared. - But people do.

They prefer movies, football or the radio.

The theater is dying, Carlos.

Especially that of the vagabonds.

I don't want to die with him.

You're right, Juana.

What we are doing now is dying.


But in the cities, there is still the theater!

When Maldonado returned from the Blue Division,
became an extra in the cinema, did well,
he also got work in the theater.

So why did it come in
our company?

It was easier to eat in the city than in Madrid.

He says he could go back.
He knows a lot of people there.

Sometimes I think about telling my father that we should go to Madrid.

To look for work, even if we don't have
a real company.

- Will be difficult.
- Why, you have no dreams, you have no hope.

I had them, but they didn't last.

If we're lucky.
We know our work.

If Maldonado could introduce us as extras
of the film, they could give us some small roles.

- Do any of you know the theater?
- Yes, I'm a stage actor, and my wife too.

You can say, "It's been a long time
since when did I see you, Nicolás "?


And you can say:
Give me another drink, EIías.

If my memory doesn't leave me.

Again with the milkmaid's tale.

You're crying, but why?

Because I, I don't want to go.

Well don't, damn it!

I thought we would always be together.

Shut up, comedians!

But I can't do it Carlos, I don't want to.

Will you go back to your family?

No, a friend who works wrote to me
in a bar in Rota.

- I'll work with her.
- What bar is it?

I don't know, but the pay is good.

- Americans go there, from the base.
- A bar!

A waiter bar!

I believe.

- You're crazy, this is much worse.
- But at least I won't go hungry.

- And I'll work every day.
- You will certainly regret it.

You will miss traveling the streets.

The roles, the rehearsals, the shows.

Stay, Juani.

Stay for a month, a few days.

I will take Carlitos less into consideration,
and I will treat you as before.

I love you as always.
I want you and I need you!

Stay calm, don't be abrupt.

- You hurt me.
- Because I love you! I love you!

I love you too.
You know I love you.

Just a few days.

Well, calm down, but only a few days.

- How many?
- Few.

- I don't want to commit.
- Thank you.

- But I know I'm misbehaving.
- What do you mean, Juani?


I'm being mean to myself.

This thing with Juanita was when
President Kennedy died.

The theaters and cafes were closed as a sign of mourning.

Kennedy came to say two things to Franco:
not to dress up as a legionnaire, and remove censorship from theaters.

This bothered us a lot.

When he arrived in Spain, Kennedy visited La lianada
he liked Castelllian architecture, and had read
Don chisciotte. - I knew it.

Yes. In all those villages, Navaseca, Revuelta, Pozochico the party lasted three days, and we performed.

I remember it all right.

Kennedy! Kennedy!

Hey, comedians, a ride awaits you.

You got some dates wrong.

- I'll search through the clippings.
- Do you just keep clippings about the theater?

Of everything. I have a lot of them.

- Listen.
- This music!

- It's "El camino verde".
- No, it's not that.

He's right, it's "Caminemos".

- How can I forget it?
- Kennedy died much later.

More than ten years later, he never visited Spain with Franco.

True, and it didn't even stop
the censorship of the theater.

It is Caminemos.

- He danced this one, didn't he?
- Many times.

- But one was very special, to ...
- In Portones, with Juanita.

For almost four years we have had a lot of fun.

But in the end she got angry because of the boy.

Or for another reason.

- Dad, can I have another glass?
- Another?

Carlitos, don't be like Maldonado.
- I hardly ever drink, but today ...

- Vicentita, another glass.
- I need a drink today.

- Matters of love?
- It's not a joke, it's very serious for me.

- What's wrong?
- Rosi told me everything.

- On what?
- It's a lie, she doesn't like me.

- I don't know anything.
- You know everything!

You asked her to seduce me to make me stay.

And I believed it. Now I set the curtain, I copy the brochures,
I'm a comedian, and prompter, and she doesn't do it
more touch. - I did not say this.

I told her to be nice to you, to make life happier.

And he did, but only three or four times. I know you did it for my sake, so I would stay, I had nowhere else to go.

But I have to talk to someone, and going from place to place, I can't make friends.

She doesn't like me, you know?
He says I'm nothing special.

Sure, she watches movies ...

I do not know what to say.

- Women...
- What a couple, right?

- Couple? What a couple?
- You and I.

- What do I have to do with it? - Juanita behaves
in a strange way for some time.

- Did you have a fight because of me?
- No! Why do you think so?

Carlos, the man at that table
wants to talk to you.

The gross-looking one, he'd like to talk
with the director, if not with the father,
he will talk to his son.

Who is it? - The biggest moneylender around,
everyone owes him money.

Let's take advantage of it, Carlos, we are in debt for 6 months
at the inn and Peluso is fed up. - But, what do you want?

- You'll find out now.
- Wait for us, Carlitos.

Mr. Zacarías ... sorry, I only remember your name.

- Carpintero, Zacarías Carpintero.
- Mr. Carpintero, Carlos Galván.

- How is it going? Sit down.
- Mr. Zacarías is an author.

Do not overdo it.

I wrote a play in my spare time, but I can't be compared to a Muñoz Seca, or a Quintero ...

I don't want the people of the city
do it like The Passion.

But the real comedians. The plays must be performed
as actors, it makes a difference, they shouldn't be read ...

The thing is, I wanted to know if it could be organized.

Well, I don't know ...
To start...

It's not easy.
I know it isn't.

We have to work hard, and study a lot.

And putting on a new show is expensive.


I doubt you have ... funds.

No, not for a new project ...

This is one of the problems ...

I have money, even though it may seem pretentious ...

but I must be careful of my riches
and for this project I only have 15,000 pesetas.

You see, well ... for starters ...

We will resolve the money issue
after reading the script.

Well, that's the show.

She also has to tell me what she doesn't like.

- I'd get rid of the dance.
- No, absolutely no.

Someone, there are two on each page.

Yes, sixteen in all. I have never seen a variety, not even in Madrid, with fewer musical numbers.

Cinderella of the Palace, Yola,
My sweet lady Ladybug ...

- They all had over 16. - But make a variety
on "Don't be brute, Canute" will be difficult.

- It's a variety.
- Yes sure.

I mean it will be difficult
for us to execute it, revive it.

We have only this, witty, of course ...
and very well written.

I know, the priest copied it,
his writing is very beautiful.

And the music, here says:
join in a dance.

They join in a dance.
But what are they dancing?

- Well, don't you know about music?
- Yes, we are.

- The new ones.
- And some old ones.

- So?
- What about the choir girls?

You have two beautiful girls, right?

They usually go on stage with old rags,
I would like to see them with less clothes, feathers, glitter ...

- Two won't be enough.
- We can get more.

From Oleda, Segovia, how many are needed.

Every girl nowadays wants to be an artist.

Look, we need the lookout, the second lookout,
one of your girls, twelve singers, and four
models with not bad bodies.

Even if they don't sing or dance, Celia has more
on stage, but then Martín doesn't have that many.

- You know the job.
- Oh, just an amateur.

- All this will be very expensive.
- What do you mean by "very expensive"?

What did you plan to do with the 15,000 pesetas?

- We need to prepare a budget. - It all depends on
you, if you make the 15,000 enough, there is a show ...

Otherwise, it's a waste of time.

Then, if the show is a success, I would invest more money.

- And we'll take him to Madrid.
- Yes, it is possible.

My goal is to get closer to Celia Gámez.
I arrived in Madrid as an author, businessman ...

Sure it could!
We could do it like the ones in Madrid.

Meaning what?

At first, they don't have many musical numbers,
they only see each other after a while,
right, Mr. Arturo? - Yes sure!

I've seen some that only had a number at the beginning.

- For real?
- Well, of course!

If you like them,
they add others. Remember...

"My sweet lady Ladybug",
did he have a number on Holy Thursday? - Yes sure.

At first it was a religious comedy,
he only had that number.

Yes, I remember something ...

In such expensive shows they don't show everything
at once, they try things out. - This is wise.

We could start with a couple of musical numbers,
Juanita Plaza and Rosa del Valle could do it.

Without choir girls?

In either issue, they might
both appear in new clothes.

- Variety dress up.
- Yes, of course, otherwise ...

If it's successful, we can have it
more girls, music ...

It doesn't seem bad if in Madrid ...
- And on Broadway!

In this case, you don't need 15,000, do you?

- Of course?
- There are always expenses.

- The money goes, not if he is accountable.
- I know how.

How witty! How witty!

I'll give you the money if he's with the girls, lights ...

And off to Madrid!

But if we just have to try,
I will give the appropriate amount to the case.

- Not 15,000 pesetas. - We need the
clothes for the actresses, and a dress for each of us.

- Three more for the finale.
- The curtain needs to be painted.

I will give you 3,000 pesetas, no more.

- 3,000 pesetas?
- Do we make 5,000?

- 4,500 and settle the matter.
- Done deal.

Let this be just a start.
Could I see the dress rehearsals and rehearsals?

Zacarías, you really like girls!

Hurry up, girls!

The old man ...
The dirty old man!

The author, the author!
Come out and get the whistles!

He just can't do it.

He can't do it.
The show doesn't work.

- Numbers are missing.
- Maybe if we add girls, music ...

It won't be done anymore.

It is too early to give up.
- What can I say?

An experienced man, who has traveled ...

Are you kidding, right?

- We?
- And the mafia ... imagine!

And I deserve it, for losing the compass.

A word of advice, Galván, stay in your field,
don't do like me.

That's what I hope to do!

Good luck, Galván, to you and your family.

Out! Out!

- Waiter! Anisette for everyone!
- How dare you approach me?

- Get out of my sight, you idiot!
- Arturo, please calm down!

Go away Solis, my father doesn't know what he's doing!

- What happen?
- Keep it!

- It's worth nothing!
- Leave me, Juan!

What's this, Galvanes?
I bring good news.

There is work for everyone tomorrow.

- You can work in a movie.
- In a movie?

Madrid directors are here to shoot scenes,
tomorrow they get people to do stunts.

Get paid?

- Yup.
- When does this end?

- In the evening, I think.
- We have a show at seven.

If you are late, I could put in a movie.
Cinema is better for you, economically.

Solis! Solis!

- Do you think I'm lying?
- Yes, it is.

Mr. Arturo, those days are gone.

Let's listen to the heir of the Lumière brothers.
- What are you talking about?

Do we intrude on your stuff?

Yes, in our work!

- Your works?
- Leave them, they're drunk.

- Nobody calls me drunk!
- Nobody's gonna take our job!

They mean that no outsiders will work in the film.

Either you leave, or there will be problems!

My advice is to leave.

Comedians, we will fight!

- We'll leave if the authorities ...
- You're talking to one of them.

- This is it, Uncle Práxedes.
- It is you?

Yes, I'm the mayor and you have no right to work here.

Say no more, let us beat them!

If you don't leave, I won't be able to stop the crowd.

- We have to convince them.
- As?

- Saying something moving.
- If you do so,

you can sleep here, not in the fields, you have it
made us laugh, and we needed it.

But one thing has nothing to do with the other!

If any of you go to see the directors tomorrow ...

Woe to you!

- Listen to me.
- To the river!

I have listened to you.
And you convinced me.

Uncle Práxedes, your mayor, is right.

The people of Cabaluenga have the right to eat when
someone comes with a loaf of bread.

That food is yours, before anyone else,
even if that other person may be hungry.

Although these directors came to this city
and not in Tres Cuevas, Medineja or Pozochico.

Not only is there hunger in Cabaluenga.

Or in La lianada.

There is hunger in Spain.

And certainly in many other places.

But the bread that will fall on us tomorrow, as the manna fell on the chosen people ...

...and yours.


Because it falls on your land!

What do you water with your sweat when
It is not raining. And with tears, and sometimes even blood.

Blood, sweat and tears!

But our manna?
Where will it fall?

On what land, we have no land,
we don't come anywhere.

We are...

...of the road.

When our Lord's people went to the land
promise, there were no roads, they went through the desert.

That's why no one said: that's my manna
and the bread, the comedian's bread, is mine.

We come to work in your city
and now you want to leave us without bread.

And I mean our bread, because it's our job,
and you want to keep it to yourself because we come from nowhere.

But why do we come from the streets?

Because, as the mayor just said ...

... people need to laugh ...

... and we bring him laughter.

Drought kills you.

And we too, because we live
with the little money we save.

When there is hunger in Cabaluenga, Spain,
in the world, some do not feel it.

Because you are not against them
instead of against us?

I'm sorry, mayor, I know it's not possible.

Please don't take that into account.

But how can you not go against those who do not suffer from hunger,
even when it's not raining, don't be against us,
that we are your working brothers!

Or in its absence.

As in the lack of bread.
- You really said all this in one
Spanish city, in the 1950s?

This is what I remember.
But many years have passed.

- And I convinced them.
- Was it your idea?

Yes of course.

Well, Juan ...

Yes, Juan also spoke, but less.

- Which Juan?
- Juan Conejo.

It was the real name of Sergio Maldonado,
looked better in poster.

We both talked a bit.
I tried to summarize.

See you, Galvanes!

Attention, you elders, I don't want any young people now!

50+, get there, please.

- Nicasio, they need older men.
- Come with us.

- Father, get in line.
- I'm going, I'm going.

- Magdalena, they're calling us!
- No, only men.

I've seen women in flims, and even cheeky ones.

Who wants to say a few lines?

- Go, comedian!
- Go, Galvan!

It's your job, didn't you say it last night?

I ... I can do it.

I am an actor.

Learn this.

I longed for you to come, master, there is something
what do I have to tell you. Colás is a bad person, he is not there
room for both of us on this estate, either me or him.

Well, so suddenly ...

It is written above.
You have until after lunch time.

- That's long enough, it's not long.
- You will be paid 2,000 pesetas.

I was jealous of him, but I still had to wait
a bit because something similar happened to me.

It was years later when I was able to eat
thanks to my extra work.

I've been doing the hissing voice trick, ever since
I had discovered it, I had become famous in La lianada.


- Do you have cigarettes? - Yes, sir.
- Give me four. - Did you win the lottery?

No, but I have a house party.

- Why is he talking like that?
- I don't know, he used to speak well.

- I thought it would be more fun.
- Keep the jokes for yourself or the kids.

Let's do some tests.
But he speaks normally, normally.

I spoke normally and the director
he congratulated me.

Later, one of the extras of the film
who worked there, came to me.

I found that silly voice funny.

- I called it 'jingle'.
- Very funny.

But I'm afraid directors are losers, you are
a pro, right? - Since I was a child.

But you're coming out now,
just like me.

Let's go around and see what we can find?

- Have you ever worked like this?
- That's the only way I've worked.

Let's have a nice duet.

I only have a few towns in the province,
but we could come to Madrid in the summer.

And so we did.

Miguel Mihura saw me and gave me a small role.

Then came Ruiz Iriarte,
and my debut with Durán.

Cinema, awards, festivals ... glory!

We haven't reached yet
that part, Mr. Galván.

We were in Cabaluenga.


The bandits of today, 128-1, before.


Good morning, Jesús.

I longed for him to come, master ...

... to tell you something a little ... delicate.

Stop! I told you to speak slower,
I said it in the test.

- Come on, one more time!
- Everyone ready!


The bandits today, 128-1, second.


Good morning Jesús.

I really wanted you to come,
master, to tell you something a little ... delicate.

Blas is a bad person, there is no place in this house for both of us!

Or me ... or him!

Where did you get this monster? Stop!

- He's an actor of ...
- Go to hell!

- Can't you speak naturally?
- It's a dramatic situation and ...

- Speak naturally, you damned idiot!
- And be careful of the text!

You said Blas where is Colás,
you said home and it's kept.

Yes it's true.

Yet! Motor!

The bandits today, 128-1, third.


I couldn't wait for you to arrive, master .....

Stop! Let him talk, damn it, he's your master.

Yes, it's true. I'm sorry.


I longed for him to come, master ...

Enough, or I'll cut my balls!

Who's the idiot he found
this man? Somontes!

He went to the audition.

You looked for it with a lens hanging from your balls!

God damn the father of the Lumière brothers!

Who thinks they can say the joke?

This cinema is shit,
it has nothing to do with theater!

Carlos, I have to give you a message from Juanita.

- Really, where is he?
- She's gone.

- She's gone?
- He said you talked about it.

- Is she gone, like that?
- With one of the film crew.

- Did she go to Madrid?
- No, he was taking her to Rota.

She didn't leave a letter for you, because she's not good at it.

- When did she leave?
- Just finished the show.

He had made things right with the man.

He took nothing.

- He had almost nothing.
- Here because.

We have a big problem, we need to replace Juanita.
- Let's cancel everything for today.

- Undo?
- How can you say this?

- No, not this.
- How can you think ...?

Nothing is canceled. I've told you a lot
times, Maldonado, is unprofessional.

Yes, but in this case ...
It's an emergency.

When you were in the Blue Division, you spent months
in Stalingrad, it was snowing, your feet froze ...

... Russian air force bombed, men died,
the food did not arrive. Have you ever canceled everything?

Only once, but I was already back in Madrid.

Once, for the end of the season.

Tonight, the Hiniesta-Galván Company
will perform "The carnations of Margarita", without Margarita,
and if things go wrong, no carnations.

- What do you take, Mr. Arturo?
- Two glasses of wine, Vicentita.

Are they wines to drink or to talk to Vicentita?

- Mainly to talk to her.
- They laughed at her last time.

Because she played a nun,
and they knew her ... Vicentita ...

Tomorrow in Medineja we have to do
a good impression.

I don't mean just in the show, I mean
in the morning we too will go to mass,
since it's Sunday ...

Then go play the whore
to the "Etapa del cangrejo".

But they will have already paid by then!

- Father, look.
- Silence.

It's important, look to your right,
near the altar.

- Those over there.
- Fuck!

They are the Calleja-Ruiz!

- Miguel. - Be quiet.
- Look behind you.

- What are you saying?
- Look behind you, near the door.


This is intolerable in a sacred place!

- They're strangers.
- Even if they were astronauts!

- The Hiniesta-Galvani!
- They have the same reasons as us.

You heard him cursing while Father Damián
read. - With all my respect, "fuck" is not
blasphemy. - "Shit" is not blasphemy either.

In a sacred place it is.

Where is the useless mayor, where is Amadeo?

Get him out of the tavern,
must stop these blasphemers.

We have to stone them, reds.
Rossi! Rossi!

Stop! I talked to the priest
and Mrs. Florentina.

There will be a show!
But who will worship Talia?

The Hiniesta-Galván or the Calleja-Ruiz?

- You can do it like the other times.
- Let's play cards?


They are fried.

Carlitos, the cage.

- A sample of cards, for that!
- What's wrong?

The priest, the priest and the priest's mother!

Do not go.
Did you know any of this?

You talked to the priest
and with Signora Florentina, right?

I acted as an intermediary, I told the priest
to calm the "eumenides", that's all.

Do you know why they didn't arrest us, why we are allowed to do the show?

The priest convinced Signora Florentina by saying
that the obtained would go to charity.

So he took everything for the poor man's box!

- For the poor man's box!
- Calm down, let's go to the prom!

The San Vito dance is what it is
I want to dance! San Vito!

- You're all alone.
- Yes, the others are around.

- Did you dance with Ruiz's son?
- Is my good name ruined?

- Can't I get married?
- Don't be easy with him.

At my age, I should have fun.

- Then they criticize the comedians.
- I know what's bothering you.

Have fun. Shall we dance, cousin?
- No!

Looks like you've just seen the devil.

- I saw it.
- But standing here watching couples is worse.

- I'm going to dance.
- But not with Ruiz's son.

He wasn't even courting,
he was talking about work, he's a parasite.

He says Uncle Arturo is getting old, and after
the story with Juanita, he would leave the company,
but I might have had a job in hers.

You would have great roles. All the ladies,
and some as a lead actress.

And we could always be together,
just like now.

Thanks good night.

By the way, do you want to take my position as manager,
but I carry a gun, see? - No, Maldonado ...

To hell with your father!

- Do not talk to me...
- I speak as I please!

Leave the boy, don't mind him, he's drunk.

Why do you think they put up with me, being a bad actor and knowing that I steal? Because I have a gun and a business card.

He's drunk, he doesn't know what he's talking about.

This is the last bottle left in this region,
and we'll drink it, the three of us, pathetically. - Give it to me.

You want my job, Rosa doesn't love you, Juanita has
left your father, we will celebrate with a big party.

- Carlos, are there whores here?
- No. They say there was one.

Signora Florentina must have shot her.

- Do you go often?
- You shouldn't be asking a father.

- Sorry, I'm drunk.
- If it is so.

We go there when we are in an important city.

- I've never been there, it's expensive.
- We go there for free.

- Free?
- We recite verses, they like it.

- He likes?
- Who's in that door?

A couple, they're making out.

Abomination! Hurry to bed if your flesh requires it, if you are united in holy matrimony, but don't give up here in the sight of the crowd!

Remember Mrs. Florentina, sacrificing herself for all of us, there in her bed, with Mr. Florentino!

We don't hurt anyone.

Yes, me and my friends. Offering to our eyes
that beautiful and provocative sight, your movements
rhythmic! Aren't you excited, Carlitos?

- Poor lonely male!
- Well, of course!

How could we not be excited by that
round buttock tight in your greedy hands?

Which was very practical,
because it moved towards slate.

- They're comedians.
- They're very drunk.

And you are sinners, burning like coal
burning in hell, where you want to take us
when we look at you.

But how can we not look?

How to look away from the pulled up skirt,
the unbuttoned blouse, the obscenely open zipper?
- Leave us alone.

Oh provocative boy, and you, lewd woman,
would you like to stop the show in the middle?

- Leave them alone.
- Sit down, Galván!

Sit down and learn, Carlitos, you have to learn.

Go ahead, boy,
on with the ending.

- Let us go!
- I have a gun!

- I have a gun!
- Basilio!

- Put the gun away. Leave them.
- They turned me on! It is their fault!

Come on, Basllio, pull her skirt up, I want to see her thighs.

What's your name? Do not lie!
- Casilda, my name is Casilda.

Come on, we want to see beauty
of Casilda's thighs.

- Up to the groin.
- Please...

Pull up your skirt, I said!

No, not you, Casllda ...

make him do it, a little at a time.

Bring it up, Basilio.

Like this.

Like this.

Turn to the light, we want to see
those thighs that scream "bite us".

Show us more, so that when you pull her panties down, our eyes can follow to the garden of delights.

So are you going to do it?
And do you call yourself a man?

Don't you want to die at the feet of Venus?

Don't take it down, scoundrel, or my friends and I will see
the pubic hair and the desire to jump on her is strong!

What do I do, do I take it down or not?

It depends on you. I don't want to embarrass her further,
so i won't ask her what she wanna do now
nor by those who want it done.

I will let you go, because Bacchus goes
with Afrodita only in the foreplay.

- We can go? - Yes, but take your pants off and run away,
and Casilda, take off your panties and run away.

I want to see how your butt moves under the moonlight!

Hey, go back!

Each in a different direction,
you to the east and you to the west! Run!

Down, pants and underpants down!

How wonderful!
What a pity Galván!

What a pity, Maldonado!

- Carlitos, chase her!
- Basilio runs to the other side.


- Dad, I fell.
- We saw, son.

She ran away because I fell.

- You should have looked ahead!
- I could only look at your ass.

- I'm a fool, right?
- No, you're just very drunk. - Lean on me.

Maldonado, did you learn all this in Russia?

I know almost nothing.

Don't believe him, he knows a lot, he reads books.

I only know that it snowed in Russia they killed my friends ...

I know I went back and worked as an extra
in a movie, I got married, my wife was unfaithful,
and that you are much better drunk.

- Women are a danger.
- You can bet!

But we shouldn't worry about that if we have wine and friends.

Friendship is not the same as women.

It's better, it hurts less when you lose it.

Can anyone be happier than the three of us tonight?

Even after going through a bad time.

- What bad time?
- The bottle is empty.

But the wine is inside. Put your arm around the
my shoulder, my beloved disciple, and the other on Galván.

Walk, with unstable steps, doing the Ss as big as you can, and sing with us: ...

... Asturias, beloved nation ...

... Asturias of my heart ...

... I wish I could be in Asturias on some occasions.

Today, at 6:30 in the afternoon, in the club room
of Castile, great theatrical evening, free admission.

I'm sorry, but you can't perform today.

Students sent by the government perform.

Is the government also against us?
What the hell have we done to the government?

Don't shout like that, the sergeant is over there.

- What plays are they bringing?
- By very famous authors.

Here is the program.

Lope de Rueda, Juan de la Encina, Torres Garro ...

But who the hell are they?
Where did these idiots train?

I'm sure I'm from Falange.

Dad, I've been thinking a lot about my situation,
I've thought about it, I'm a nuisance.

Don't worry, I don't think we'd be better off
if I hadn't come

No, I agree.
But I don't see solutions for you.

- I'm leaving, dad.
- Are you leaving? And where do you go?

Pepiño wrote to me that I could work
in one of his stationeries.

I don't know if I will sell, I will deliver packages
or I'll wash the floors, I'll do anything.

I will think of you, dad, and of Rosa and Maldonado.

How are you going?
I don't have ... for the train ...

I'll hitchhike to the intersection.

Those of you who are drinking or playing
must go you have to order something
to stay and watch the show.

If we get to Pedrales in time, we could perform at night.

Carlos, the last time we saw the Calleja-Ruiz,
I talked to him, did you know that Fernanda Machado is dead?

Yes, she was buried in San Macario.

- No, I think it was in Cabezales.
- Could be.

Well, I talked to them, I'm older
by Machado, but I could take some of his roles.

Aunt, you are a first actress.

Are you leaving us?

- The company will end.
- This street theater is dying.

- We're nothing without you.
- Your father cannot continue, he is very old.

Miguel Ruiz is younger than your father,
and his agony could last longer.

- But aunt ...
- What?

I don't know, what can I say?

What do we have to do?

You are young, Carlos.

I don't know any other life than this one,
but we know there are others.

It's worse for your father, so I'm asking you to talk to him.

But talk to him very tactfully.

I expected that.

Do you think if I ask Miguel Ruiz
to take me with him will they accept me?

- I don't want lead roles.
- Why shouldn't they get you?

They "share", just like we do,
and i am happy with a part.

He is the manager, so I won't have to speak with
entrepreneurs or owners. - Yes, it's time for you to rest.

And if the set falls apart, let it fall apart!

And if an actress runs away with
an American, go ahead!

- And Ruiz goes to church!
- You'll go to heaven.

I was born in a comedian's trailer,
you know, a lot of years ago ...

I wish I had died in one of those beds
you see in movies, but that's no longer possible.

If you died in a Calleja-Ruiz trailer, in hell
they will see that the comedians in this country have improved.

You are funny, and in a good mood, father.

What are you going to do, Carlos?

I thought about it some time ago,
it does not work. I'm going with Maldonado.

In Russia?
What's going on there?

No, father.
I'm going to Madrid to work as an extra.

God damn the father of the Lumière brothers!

If your friends don't let us down, like extras
we will avoid going here and there. - I will miss.

Not me.
I was hoping to leave this life.

Someone once told me we weren't
comedians, but only tramps. - Beautiful work.

I will miss many things, but I want to go to Madrid.
- What do you expect to find?

I'll see real movie stars
in the studios, not like in the photos.

And above all, we will have more dignity.

- More what?
- Dignity.

Maybe that's not what you mean.
Do they take extras to work around?

- Yes sometimes.
- Do they take them like that?

No, that's not what I meant.

- Or what's his name ....
- It's called comfort.

This then.

Oh, Galván, son and grandson of the Galvanes,
comedians, wanderers, do not reject your ancestors.

Do you want to travel in a sleeping car instead of here?

Do you want to eat oysters?
Ok. But why do you want dignity?

Before, comedians were persecuted, branded with iron
hot, they were not buried. Now, they put up with us ...

they let us live our way,
some get prizes, they end up in the papers.

- Yes, but those of Madrid.
- Well, that's where we're going.

I agree with Maldonado,
I don't know what this dignity is.

I want to be successful in Madrid, but will I do it?
- You?

In Madrid, my flashy girl,
you will be the empress of Lavapiés.

You will wallpaper the Gran Vía with carnations
and wash yourself with sherry.

- How are you, good people?
- Conejo, Mr. Juan Conejo!

You look good as always, Menéndez!

Leona! Leona!
It's Mr. Juan Conejo!

Come in.

Conejo! Conejo! Mr. Juan Conejo!

I knew we would see you again!
What have they done?

- Don't you eat in the cities?
- Some have a daily allowance, others don't.

My friends want a room, Mr. Galván
will share it with me, even the young lady
Rosa Chamorro will need it.

- Rosa del Valle.
- That's his stage name.

- Ah, a comedian.
- Yup.

- Are you a comedian too?
- Yes Madam.

- Didn't Conejo tell you? - I didn't tell you
that in some places in Madrid they don't put comedians.

One is the Ritz, and another is this guesthouse.

Not even great actors like Guillermo Marín or Daniel Otero?

- Neither do they.
- Mr. Conejo lived here, as an ex-employee, not as an actor.

- Why don't you want actors?
- It is one thing to want them, it is quite another to house them.
- Because?

At the Ritz I don't know, but here it is to give the place a touch of class.

- Why did you bring us here?
- Because Signora Leonor will make an exception.
- Ninth...

- Yes, he will, I know.
- No I won't.

Mrs. Leonor, I lived here
for two years and I always paid.

- With some delay, sometimes. - If I came home late
I was careful not to make noise, I got drunk elsewhere.

- Did I bring any women?
- Yes, sir.

Well, but without realizing it.

Without realizing it, he says!

- What the hell! - 15 days! We will recite verses,
Mrs. Leona, verse, as in the past.

Listen to the verses ...
It is a good listening, this must be said.

- Do you remember the March of Triumph?
- Yup.

Mrs Leona likes the March of Triumph.

Did you hear my friend Galván recite "The pan"?

- But if I just met him!
- Well, you'll hear it.

In Madrid, people don't usually have dinner,
they eat tapas, if you are smart, you don't pay for everything.

The movie you will work in has a lot of group scenes,
it is important for you not to be seen. - Because?

- The camera must not see you.
- But then...

- It's bad to be seen.
- I do not understand.

If I'm good, they might give me a joke ...

The important thing is that they call us again.

If the camera catches you at the duke's party,
they won't call you for the beggar scene,
and to hell with the session.

If they don't see you, you can do the duke scene,
that of the pirate, the beggars, the monks, all of them!

I worked for four years,
and no one has ever seen me.

- But they pay us to be seen, right?
- It suits us.

No, they pay us to be a mass!

- But, with our faces covered.
- How can it be done?

You cover it up, like you're crying, or wiping your sweat away.

There are many ways.

But you have to cover yourself! Cover up!

If all the movie extras do the same,
movies must be very strange.

It's not your problem. At rehearsals, yes, show yourself.

But stay close to a plane tree,
or a tree, or an extra taller.

- Motor!
- Turn!

- Teresa, 30-1, before.
- Action!

Now that you're away, have a kind thought, girl,
for him who once wanted to tell you a story.

What a beautiful line, Galván, and the way you say it.

I love this Rubén Darío.

- That's Rosa! What's wrong?
- It's that pig!

Come here, don't run away!

- Leave me, Leona.
- Wooden heads, pigs! I `ll kill you!

Close, I don't want to hear!

The dirty fool! You have no idea, cousin, he got me, he touched me, all over!

Pour some water, so I cool off.

You can't imagine the heat it gave me!

But, Rosita ...

Yes, it made me hot!
Pour some on my neck.

I didn't want to scream.

- You should have undressed.
- Sure, in front of you.

This is all I need now!

You know what happens to us women, when they touch us I warm up!

And he put his hand between my legs and pinched me and filled me with saliva!

Suddenly he pulled it all out,
I couldn't help but scream.

Give me the towel, Carlos.
Here's to you.

If someone caresses me, even roughly,
even a vulgar man like him comes to me ...

- I knew it.
- Sure, how could you?

I'm calmer now,
I freshened up, at least.

- It is something.
- But I need to relax.

What can we do, Carlos?

- Let's go for a walk?
- No.

I don't want to change.
Let's play cards?

- Yes, this will relax you ...
- At least I won't think about him.

I'll think about the betrayal.

Me too, I mean I'll only think about the cards.
- Get the deck.

When we were alone, we used to play cards in the dining room,
there was no furniture in my bedroom,
just the nightstand, that sink and the bed.

That was the problem,
we had to play on the bed.

And that dirty old man
had made her so horny ...

That wasn't the problem,
but that there was no table and chairs.

How I love you, Carlos, and how beautiful you are!

Stay still, Rosi!

- Not now, Leona's here.
- I will not rape you, I want you to take me for a walk.

- Come on!
- Not a bad idea, a walk.

Let's go to Café Gijón.
to see the artists.

- But, it's very expensive!
- I'll offer.

- With what I took yesterday.
- Okay, but it's a loan.

They talk about the films they will make, about the companies
that they will cast, of the next premières.

- They will criticize each other.
- Yes, that's natural.

I love this place.

Hey, will you and I ever come here?

- We are here.
- I don't mean that.

We know all the extras in the film, right?

I think so, we've been working on it for almost two years, why?

- Do you see any of them here?
- No, they don't come here.

This is the reason. Today, you and I are here,
but we are alone, at this table, because we are
come to see them, the artists.

But my question is:
will we ever go with them?

Yes, I understand what you mean.

And you know what? I think yes.
- Because?

- We could form a company.
- To work here in Madrid?

No, I fell in love with you,
but I'm not crazy.

- To work in the countries.
- What are you saying?

- Work around like before?
- I mean around Madrid, we wouldn't just be extras.
- No, I'm not going to be an extra.

- This is what I mean!
- My idea is better.

- Have you thought about it too?
- Yes, but in the cinema.

I'll ask for a joke, then another,
I will beg and do everything I can to play a role.

- Pink!
- What you need, Carlos.

- It has nothing to do with us.
- Yes, damn it!

No, it has nothing to do with it.

One is our business, and the other is my business.

Look! Daniel Otero has arrived!

- That's right, Daniel Otero!
- They all come here, everyone.

Dear cousin, I am very young, you were right,
I don't mean the age difference ...

but I know almost nothing about life, and I get confused
feelings, I thought I loved you, but I don't.

I've loved you since I was a little girl, but it's different than that
that brought me closer to you these days,
I am very ardent, and you were close to me.

I met another man, and I understand
that what I feel for you is not love.
1 2 3 4
01:47:48,816 --> 01:47:54,293
I know I have to apologize, why while
I am very happy, I am making you suffer.

It's not my fault, it's due to my age.

I tell you in writing,
because I couldn't do it in person.

Please Carlos don't look for me
I don't know what to do.

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

Your cousin who loves you
and will always love you, Rosa.

I've never been in a relationship
that it lasted so short.

Mr. Carlos, I'd like to see you for a moment.

Come in, Mrs. Leonor.

A glass of anisette, Mr. Carlos, will do you good.

Thank you.

Would you like to drink it alone, right?

- Yes sure.
- Well, he'll drink it with me.

To her and me, and to hell with the rest.

To you and me, Signora Leonor.

Call me Mrs. Leona,
as if i'm not here, i prefer it.

- For real?
- Of course, Menéndez calls me that.

Mr. Carlos, when a relationship ends,
it seems that the world ends, but it is not.

- Do you know about the letter?
- What do you think?

The girl left with the suitcase,
he paid and gave it to me.

- But she didn't know ...
- About you two? Naturally...!

With the noise you made some nights!

Sometimes, I would go over to listen.
It reminded me of the good old days.

Another glass?

Men, when they see us chubby, think that
we don't know anything about these things.
I've had my share too.

After I got married, I found
my true love. It lasted a year.

But when Menéndez found out, he took the scissors
as a tailor, he went to the bar where he was, and that was the end.

I have not seen him since, he has never come closer.

I thought then, just like her,
that the world was over.

I forgot his face, he looked like Tyrone Power,
but what I remember is Tyrone Power.

I kept making an appearance and reciting verses
to Mrs. Leona for a long time,
until Luis Vázquez ...

... another extra, congratulated me on
the hissing voice, and offered me to take a tour of the cities.

- What is it, Galván?
- The?

- Anything.
- You're nervous!

- Calm down, man.
- I didn't tell anyone ...

to none of the company, of course, but
it is the first time that I act in a theater. - What?

- Yes, I have a great repertoire.
- You know the plays by heart.

My parents were comedians, I traveled all over Spain.

I know, so what?

But I didn't tell you that I only worked in bars, squares,
casinos, construction sites, warehouses ... I've never seen a curtain
get up at the beginning of the show. - It's possible?

Never, and I've never seen it go down in the end.

And this, in Aranjuez, is a theater.
- Of course!

- And it has a curtain!
- Naturally!

- And lights! All of this is impressive.
- Galvan, smoke a cigarette, go to a dressing room.
- There are dressing rooms!

I put out my shrill voice, and they burst out laughing.

One day, I don't remember where, before the show ...
- On July 13 we debut in Madrid!

My life changed, a change
which I had always thought, but which I thought impossible.

One evening Miguel Mihura came to
theater and discovered me.

Funny how things are at my age!

He found me out.
He gave me a small but brilliant role.

Later I did the play by Ruiz Iriarte, that was my recognition.

Since then, popularity, money, everything my cousin Rosa had dreamed of.

Neither she, nor Juanita, nor my son
they know what they missed.

What a different life! So far from the horrible ones
city, from inns, from streets with all
our things on our shoulders.

I've been to the Venice Film Festival, in Cannes,
to each with a different girl.

I still remember that week,
at the Lido, with Mabel Gaynor.

He moved me to a luxury apartment, and I took him there
my father, who was tired of walking
on the streets, and even old.

He died there, he had it all
that he needed. He died well.

It was all lightning fast, the fame, the congratulations
by Daniel Otero in an early evening,
the praise of the critics, the elegant dresses.

How long did it last?

About eight years.

Is eight years a long time in a life that has been going on for 70 years?

A flash, that's all.

Suddenly, they stopped calling me ...

The critics were angry with me,
they said I always did the same ...

and other things I don't remember are in the clippings.

- Do you keep negative reviews?
- I keep the good ones and the bad ones.

Then one year, I didn't get any contracts.

- How did you live?
- With my savings.

Later, I sold my flat,
and I retired.

I resigned myself and took worse, smaller roles,
but in the end, I missed those too.

It's a bad time, my friends told me.

And in that bad time, I got sick.

I felt pain in my chest, which went up to my head or kidneys.

The doctor said it was my imagination.

- You had mild amnesia.
- I couldn't remember things.

You spent three weeks in a retirement home.
- But I got over it.

The only thing is that they no longer called me to work.
If an actor forgets things, it is normal for him to be forgotten.

Go tell him you've recovered.

In our work, a glorious past is worth very little.

The success of a premiere, fan letters, programs,
they are only good for looking at clippings,
not to be called to work.

I had to go to a pension and I didn't know where to go.

I asked Juan Conejo for help.

It had been years, but I knew he had a bookstore.

What should I do?

Some of your friends, from Phalanx, from the old days ...

How can you retire at your age,
and how can they put you in a retirement home?
- I'm useless.

- But you are very young.
- Don't talk nonsense I'm too old to work,
and too young to go to an institution?

It's a paradox, really.

I understand that you are worried, but not surprised.

In your venerable work, from the chariot of Tespis,
at Hollywood studios, it's a custom.

- You have Daniel Otero.
- How I wish I was in his place.

One of these days, it will
a charity show, he's broke.

- But he made a fortune!
- Yes, but he had a gambling addiction.

I thought he had something left to live on, his is a different case from mine. I became famous fast, and it ended soon. But he has been successful all his life.

And now ... just because he liked poker ...

Poker, roulette, console yourself by thinking that your case
he's worse than yours because he's scolded too.

He behaved as I expected, through some friends, he made me have a place in that house and so here I am, for a few years.

Mr. Miguel, Mr. Carlos, another artist is arriving today.

- Another friend to talk to.
- Are you a musician?

No. I wrote it here.

His name is Daniel Otero.
- Daniel Otero? - Isn't he rich?

No, I knew it wasn't, but here ...
a retirement home ... - He's very famous, right?

Yes, very famous, very much.

Daniel Otero and I will organize an evening
theatrical, do you have "The compliments", of the Quinteros?

I don't deal with dramatic literature, it doesn't sell.

- Yes, but for friendship ...
- You're in heaven, you also have company.
- I'm not in bad shape.

Although my best friend there, the pianist,
he's turned against me, he says I lie a lot.

I wanted to talk about this, Juan, do you think I lie?

- Who cares?
- I'm worried.

- Did not you know?
- What?

- That you were lying.
- No, I didn't know.

Oh, Galván, Galván,
son and grandson of the Galvanes.

Eternal liar.
Your job is to lie.

- I don't know what worries you.
- Salcedo says he knows I've never been to Venice.
- Sure, never.

And that I've always lived in terrible pensions.

All time. Didn't you have a psychoanalyst at home?

- No, he's a psychologist.
- And what does it say?

- Nothing, I'm the one talking.
- And you lie to him.

No, I tell him the truth.

About your meeting with Ava Gardner
What about your tour in America and the great plain? - Yes, yes.

OK then.

- What do you want from me? - Can you explain to me why they say
What are all lies? You're smart.

- And you're my best friend.
- You're right about both.

You know better than anyone else
you live in a false fantasy world. It's not true?

Wise people say that fantasies are real.

But Juan, you know how I started, how we got
both started, and what I have become. You know...

No. Carlos, I want you, and we have to talk about a lot
things, my dear friend, you have never been awarded ...

... and neither do I, of course.
And you weren't because ...

you never played an important role
in any movie, nor as a supporting actor ...

But how!? When we appeared, and that
director saw me in the studios ... - I remember it well.

When he heard you speak in your shrill voice, he laughed, and told his assistant to give the jokes to others.

Why are you telling me this?

Because it is so, Galván, my friend, brother.

You have never opened a comedy with Gloria Durán al Lara.
- Yes, the one with the secretary.

- That ... - You've never played a character with
more than a joke, Miguel Mihura did not see you.
- So how come I remember it?

They have happened to people who
you know, with whom you spoke

in cafes, studios, and things you read in the newspapers ...

in magazines, but you've never been to the Venice Film Festival.

I wouldn't have been ...?

With Berlanga!

No, Galván, no.

You had no good or bad critics.

I think you're drunk, Juan.

You haven't received any letters from your fans.

Hundreds! Not anymore, but first ... - You're not
slept with Mabel Gaynor, or similar actresses.

A few appearances, at most.

And Juanita Plaza at the inns.

- After your cousin ....
- But ...

- I was...
- ... friend of Rabal, Mistral and some others.

They invited you, you went to play around in the Café Gijón
to see if there was a meeting, but that's it.

You're drunk, no doubt!

- In vino veritas, my friend. - You mean I didn't share
the stage with Arturo Fernández, Tony Leblanc ...

Daniel Otero didn't hug me
after a debut?

- You just met him!
- In Mexico, the president ...

Galván. Galván.

Do you want...?

Do you want to let off steam a little?

Two gins, Ernesto. Baldomero, Jesús,
this is Carlos Galvá, I told you about him.

I always talk about you in this bar.

Ask him, get him to say what you want.

The most famous actor, in cinema and theater.

The winner at the Venice Film Festival, Cannes, Chicago.
- No, I wasn't in Chicago.

- Ask him.
- Do you know Carmen Sevilla?

Tell him about your relationships with Carmen Sevilla and Sara Montiel.

- Juan ...
- Well he's a gentleman.

- Ask him something professional.
- I had nothing to do with any of them, but not because I didn't want to.

In those days, even though it may seem strange,
the Spanish girls worried
especially of their virginity.

It was different abroad.

In Mexico it was easy.
What women!

Dolores del Río was mature, but what a monument.

And María Félix and Columba Domínguez.

- Who was that?
- He lived with Indio Fernández.

Palacio de piedra.
All dressed in white, barefoot.

- He played with mariachis.
- Have you met Cantinflas?

Mario? Certain!

- In Acapulco, a paradise.
- Were you a friend of hers?

A friend?

His brother, he used to call me.

That was when the president gave me my diploma.

Katy Jurado, who had worked with Gary Cooper and Grace Kelly, Princess of Monaco, on High Noon, did not part with me, not even for a minute.

They offered me a season of classical Spanish theater in New York, but since I knew Luis Buñuel and ...


How are you, Galván?

If it weren't for the back pain,
stomach or knee, I'd be fine.

But it's not serious, I just need a rest.

These rehearsal free days have turned out very well for me as I was tired of complimenting old ladies.

You don't like the Quintero theater, but I'm good, not only in the company I did it, but also years later in Madrid, great success.

They waited for me a whole year
to the theater of the Comedy to play Cain.

When I was at the Festival of Nations, in Paris,
to direct the comedy "Don Mendo's Revenge".

I've never acted in Paris, but you were about to go
with María Guerrero to do "El castigo es sinn fein acta".

And always there, you did Macbeth, what an acting!

- I did it in El Español.
- Al María Guerrero.

It's there, in the crates, if you want to look for it.

How can you remember him better than me?

Open your suitcases and look for it, I'm sure it's in the first one.

But open the other one, just to be sure.

Here? It is not possible.

Yes, you are right, they are a bit messy.

Otherwise you would have read the reviews
you got for Macbeth, what a deserved review!

I've never done Shakespeare,
I made a few classics.

The most I've done
it was a role in A Christmas Carol.

- Did you do Scrooge?
- I did it in Buenos Aires, then I did it in Madrid.

But I didn't do it right.

- Possible? - Yes, I can tell you now that no one is listening,
critics, business people, I was missing the side
comic, I noticed.

Could be.

I did it in Paris, at the Sarah Bernard theater, after Monsieur Mendo's revenge, they wanted me to do Molière.

Charles Boyer congratulated me, Jean Cocteau,
Chevalier, all of them, you can't imagine success!

- Yes, I can imagine, the Paris audience ...
- Applause and ovations all the time.

In America, the audience is also very demonstrative, more so than here, right? - The one here is colder.

In Buenos Aires, when I did Othello, the applause went on for minutes and minutes ...

Then they came to my dressing room,
actors, writers, authorities,

and on the street, a bunch of fans asking for autographs.


When I made "Los intereses creados",
the same thing happened, they came with some ...

... friends and spectators, two producers to offer me contracts
for cinema. - I didn't do much cinema.

Speaking of which, being in Argentina making movies was torture for my then lover, Mabel Gaynor.

There, if you worked in the cinema, magazines
they invented love stories without foundation.

There was no way to tell her they were made up.

Were they made up, Galván?

Galván, I chose the background music for "Los piropos",
("Compliments") a friend will play the guitar, I will play the piano.

Galván, I thought about imitating Miguel Ligero for my role, his Andalusian accent was very good.

What do you think?

I'm formal because I don't know you, father.

How I love you, Carlos,
and how beautiful you are!

Mr. Carlos, can't you hear us?

Do we want to dance?

We are vagabonds.

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Today, at 6:30 in the afternoon, in the retirement home ...

San Carlos Borromeo, comedian Carlos Galván has died.

We ask those of you who knew him ...

... to have a devoted memory.