El romance del Aniceto y la Francisca (1967) - full transcript

Aniceto is used to being lonely. When Francisca offers him her true love, his personal limitations and little miseries arise.

This is the romance of Aniceto and Francisca

...of how it fell apart,

how sadness set in...

...and a few other things.

On how they met...

"Housekeeper needed"

The fight starts in forty-five minutes.

Both are champion roosters.

Galzamp?a giving half an inch.

My dear little saint.
I hope to be there with you soon.

Tell Renato that
I saw Se?or Morales in town.

I'm hoping he can do something
to get me out soon.

He'll talk to my aunt to see
if she can do anything as well.

My dear little saint,

take good care of my Blanquito.

If you could see how much I miss you.

Say hi to Renato for me.

I have nothing left to say,

so I'll say goodbye, in good health,
thanks to God...

...and hoping you're doing well too.

Waiting for your reply,


Renato was with Sr. Morales in town,
and he said to keep writing him.

Blanquito is fine, he eats well.

Before going to work
I take care of everything you asked me.

It's a shame I had to sell
my watch to Gigio,

because the compadre needed my help.

But I just pawned it, of course.

It's so beautiful.
When you come, you'll see it.

I love you.
I'm very sad to be without you.

In the theater of the Three Corners!

Today! Spectacular!
The Witch of Pall?n!

With the star of the Radio Theater Fullano:
Jorge Golazo Fabi?n!

His great troupe, and in the end,

the celestial apparition
of an angel on stage!

What do you say, Laura?
Do I get to marry Clarisa or not?

You can kill me if you want,
but I won't make a sound.

My Clarisa will never be yours!

You're powerful
with your money and cruelty.

You remind me
of those who killed Christ!

I told you not to mention that, old woman!

Strike me, coward!

I'm a defenseless mother,

but I'll never give you Clarisa,
the flower of my existence!

Look at me with the force
of your cursed weapon!

You're a landowner,
but I'm a mother,

and you will never be with her
before my eyes.

What a load of rubbish!

Of course you won't see my marriage
with your eyes.

Hey, Lechiguana,
put a curse on this old woman's eyes!

You miserable people. I'll still forgive you
because you know not what you do.

And rip out her tongue
so she doesn't speak any more!

Do what you will with me.

A mother isn't any the less
without her eyes or her tongue.

If God doesn't hear my voice,
He will hear my thoughts.

I said not to mention that name!

God save you, Mary!

You are full of compassion.
Blessed are you.

[whispered:] Thank you, my Lord!

Thank you, my Lord!

Thank you!

-Mother, I feared I wouldn't find you!

Where is that coward?
I need a sheath for my sword!

Come to my arms, Romualdo!

An angel did justice!

My son, Romualdo!

It looks like...
it looks like Death came and found him!

My dear friends.
We come to you now to let you know...

...that as we have no insurance
to protect us

in the case of sickness or accidents...

...we will pass among you, to sell

signed photos of our star,
Jorge Golazo Fabi?n.

We ask for whatever assistance
you can provide for us.

The sadness begins...


What are you doing? What are you doing?

-I'm kissing the little wings,
because I'm handsome, right?

Oh, little angel, little angel.

I'm leaving. It's getting late.

Bye, little saint.

-You're not going to fill it?
-You first.

He's a fighter.

If I leave him on the floor
he'll eat anything he finds.

-For fighting?
-Yeah, for fighting.

Do you like roosters?

I could tell you a lot about roosters.

Especially about this one,
who's handsome and a fighter like no other.

Of course...

everything's a question of taste, right?

You know, I recognize your face.

But I don't remember from where.

From the theater?

-At the show.

Well, I like to dance.
I go every Saturday in town.

My boss works with the band.

This Saturday I'll be there.

?It went well?
?Yeah, very well.

Compadre won again.

Hand me my old pants, could you?

A friend asked me to hold on to it.
I give it back to him tomorrow.

It's a pretty stone, right?

Well, at least it has some color.

It's for Renato?

I mean the ring.
Renato asked you to hold on to it?

No, it's no one you know.

It's so damned hot.


?Do you have the time?
?Asking for even more from me?

?It's 11:30.


I want a ring for a girl,
but not too...

not to expensive.

It's just a gift.

How are you?

Could you stitch these up?

It's got nothing to do
with Sr. Morales in the cafe.

I don't want it to look like that.

There's a chance he can get me
a job in town, you know.

?How are you, Renato?
?Hey, how are you?

?How's your rooster?
?Getting better.

Tomorrow he has a fight with Chinaquines.

See you inside.

One gentleman.

?Could I dance with you?
?I can't, I'm taken.

?Pardon me, friend. I didn't know.
?Go ahead, keep dancing.

No, no. She's not going to dance
with anyone but you.

?She's looking at you. Go ahead.

?It's not worth the trouble.
?Go on, dance with her. Dance like gods.

?What's your name?



It's just... I love you.

Little whore.

You won't be bad to me, right?

Well, bye.



So then...

?Who was that guy?
?A cousin.

What cousin?

Why did you come here?

I came...

I feel alone.

I kicked Francisca out, and...

?I came to ask you to come live with me.
?With you?

Yeah, with me.
You don't believe me?

Aren't we together?


So then?

Well, I don't know.

?Well, God will help you.
?Fine. ?Of course it's fine!

What? So now it's all about you, right?

So that you learn, you bitch!

Don't ever see me again.

?Come here.
?Let me go!

Listen. I'm sorry.

Well, shit.

...and a few other things.

Damn it.

Listen, I'm bothering you because...

Is Miss Lucia in?

Oh, good afternoon ma'am.

I'm bothering you because I wanted
to speak with Miss Lucia.

Well, I am... uh...

?Hey, how are you friend?
?I'm surviving.

?Are you going in?

No, I'm waiting for Lucia.

?Do you miss her?
?More or less. Why?

Nothing, just seen her with some guy.

It's ok, you know.

Well, thanks. Bye.

?Is your dad in?
?He's in bed. What do you want?

I need some money.
Tell him...

?tell him I'll sell him my bed for whatever.

He says no, we already have a bed.

?Damn it.
?Well, bye.

?Wait, wait.

Tell him...

?Tell him I'll sell him my rooster.
?Your rooster?

How much do you want?

?Tell him... for two hundred.
?I'll see.

He said ok,
but only eighty because he's skinny.

?It's because he's for fighting.
?That's what he said.

Ok, wait here.


That's how it goes...

You're late, friend.
She just left with some guy.

It's shit, eh?

I didn't come for her.

She could be dead for all I care.

God help her, eh?

What do you think of my new (chubby) girl?

Not bad.

?Well, see you later.
?Yeah, see you.

I sold the rooster,

because of that bitch.

I'd rather be dead.

Dirty gringo.

Son of a bitch.

They wanted him for food.



No, Gigio, no!

Help, they're killing my husband!




Help! Help!

They're killing my husband!

Shut up! Don't cause a scandal!

?He's a murderer! He's killing him!
?Quit making a scene!

Enough! Enough!

Murderer! You're a murderer!1

Shut up!

Murderer! Bastard!