El rey de la montaña (2007) - full transcript

Quim drives around an isolated rural area through a maze of lanes. When he drives into the woods, he gets lost. Trying to find his direction, he suddenly gets shot from the hill. On his escape from gunshots, he meets Bea, an attractive young woman, who apparently is lost as well. Suspicious of each other, they join forces to run away through the forest, unprotected, cold, hunted...


Fill her up, please.

- Have you got a phone?
- Inside.

- Hello
- Hi. It's Quim.

- Who?
- Quim.

- Oh, hi
- How are you?


- I want to talk to Sofia.
- Hold on, I'll check in her room.

I can't find her.

- Maybe she's around.
- I can check again.

I guess she doesn't want
to talk to me.

Well, I'll try again later.

See you.

The gents' was broken.

It's OK.

It's not working.

- Here.
- Thanks.

It doesn't work either.

Quim, right?


I heard you on the phone.

You won't say anything, will you?

About what?

About the chocolate bar.

What chocolate bar?

The chocolate bar.

It's working!

That's it.

That's it.

See you next time.

Have you seen
a black leather wallet?



I've been robbed.

That girl in the bathroom.

She stole my wallet.


How much is the gas?

25 euros.

I've got no money.

I've got no money.

It's paid for.

She paid for it.



I'm lost and I've been shot.

I need your help, please.
Help me.

Hello? I've been shot.
I need your help.

I've got no idea where I am.
Hello? Hello!


I'm so lucky I found you!
Help me, please!


Where the fuck where you?

I don't know what's going on,
but somebody shot me.

I don't know who!

I was on my way to your place
and I got lost.

I've been shot, I've got no idea
where I am. Hello!




What are you doing?

That's my car.

What are you doing here?

No, what are you doing here?

Take it easy, OK?

Why are you here?

I've got a flat tyre.

How do you know it was a flat tyre?

A gunshot...


What happened to your leg?
What are you doing?

- Frisking you.
- Stop it.

- Open the boot.
- What?

- Open it!
- No.

Don't open the boot.

What are you looking for?

Calm down.

You're scaring me.

We've got to get out of here.

We must get help.
Have you got a spare tyre?

- And the carjack?
- No idea.

I don't know.

Why did you rob me?

You nicked my wallet.
Don't bullshit me.

I didn't steal anything from you.

Why did you rob me?

I don't know
what you're talking about.

You got children?

Get in the car.

Get in the fucking car!

Get in!

All right then...

My name's Bea.

You know mine.

- Nice to meet you.
- Likewise.

Want one?


- Got a light?
- No.

- What about my lighter?
- What lighter?

I know you nicked my wallet and lighter.
And then you paid for my petrol.

Fuck off!
I didn't nick anything from you.


I took this road,

turned right,

and I guess they shot me here.

I was coming from about here.

Where were you going?

I was coming from here.




I bet there's nothing.

Past the sell-by date.

You can eat these.

- Come here.
- Leave it.

It'll only take a second.

It can't be bad if I can walk.

No, but it's got to be cleaned.

Not now.

There might be water
in the toilet.

Don't worry, really.

Am I making you nervous?

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

Someone tried to kill us.

What did you say?

I was shot at.

I don't know how many of them
there were.

But I ran over one of them.

- What?
- You ran over a man?

I was shot at.

I was driving along
and this dog crossed the road.

It was an accident.

Where was this?

Half an hour away by car.

- Can I have your IDs please?
- I haven't got mine.

- Driver's license.
- I don't have that either.

Yours, please.

They stole my...

Were you robbed or not?

- Were you robbed or not?
- No.

Check the number plate as well.

Did you break this door?

It was already like that.

- Hold it.
- I haven't done anything!

Watch my leg!

Don't touch me. Don't!

Hold it!

The street was blocked
by a big digger.

More or less that way.

I couldn't do anything...

Because I was being shot at.

The dog was there and the body
went directly into the car.


What are you doing?

Fucking hell! Where did these guys
suddenly come from?

- it's your fault!
- What?

Why do you have to piss people off?


What is it?

We've got to get out.

I can't.

There's no one around.

- Where are you going?
- Up front.

Where are the keys?

- What about the radio?
- it's not working.

What's wrong?

Are you all right?



Stay calm, OK?

Where are you going?



There was only one.

Where the fuck were you?

Let's go.


On the ground!


Lie down!

Lie down!

We've got nothing to do with it.

Who fired the shots?

I already told you everything!
I told you everything!

We don't know.

I told you everything!

Are you all right?

Wouldn't it be better to go on?

We can't just sit around.

Besides, we're freezing to death.

We have to keep going.

One false move and I'll shoot.

Believe me.

There's no need to point at us
all the time.

Don't move.

It's absurd to keep being
so formal with us.

Monkey man...

See anything?

We have to cross!

It's impossible!

Let's go!

Look out!

Come on!

Come on!

Let's get out of here!
Come on!

Come on!


Calm down, fuck!

I can't!

Come on, get up!
Move it!


Quim. Are you all right?

Take it easy.

How the fuck can I take it easy?

Don't take it out on me.

- On who, then?
- None of this is my fault.

I'm here because of you!

Because I followed your fucking car!
Your piece of shit...

Quim... Not now, OK?

Not now.

Calm down.

We have to trust each other.

- Trust?
- Yes, trust.

Who? Someone who fucks guys
in gas stations?

Go fuck yourself.



Bea, don't go. Bea!

Tell me something.

- What?
- Whatever you like.

Who were you calling
at the gas station?

In the booth?

My girlfriend.

What's her name?



What happened?

Did she leave you?

It didn't work out.

It didn't work out...

Things got complicated.

Where were you going?

I was going to fetch her

and I got lost.

You wanted to get her back.

Keep talking.

What do you do?

No, what do you do?

Nothing in particular.

Why did you steal from me?

I don't care about the money,

but I'm fond of the lighter.

You got a boyfriend?

- Ex-boyfriend.
- Cut it out.

How old are you?

The car isn't yours, is it?

It's stolen.

Or maybe it is yours.

- But what's with the kid's seat?
- Just shut up!

Have you got kids?

You're too young to be a mother.
But maybe...

Just shut up, please.

Where is it?

Don't worry, they'll keep searching.

Watch out!


The noise. it's gone.

No way to scale that.

They're up there!
They're up there!


Are you all right?

We have to get out of here.

I'll help you.
Come on.


Come on!

We have to get out of here.

We have to get out of here
or they'll kill us.


Come on.

Come on, hurry.

- Come on.
- I can't.

Yes, you can.


- Don't go!
- I'll be right back!

Just a second.

- I'll get a stick.
- OK.

I'll be right back.



- What's up?
- it's splashed onto you.


That sure is something.

How could it splash up from there?

- Just one left. Let's go.
- Wait.

Fuck... Come on, let's go.

Where are you?


Come on out.

It's not funny, come on.



Don't call me like that.


Then you grab the hair on his belly

and climb onto his back.

He wakes up
and doesn't stop moving.

You have to get control of him
so he calms down.

Then you take out your sword

and stab him in the back
till he's dead.

How long did it take?

Almost a whole day.


- How many do you have left?
- Six.

You want some?


- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

There he is.


Now I see him.

Fuck. He's throwing up.

That's disgusting.

- What are you doing?
- It went off.

Let's go.

Can you see him?

I've got him.

You're going to miss.

You're going to miss.

You hit him, didn't you?

Where is he?

Did you hit him or not?


Come on.

I don't think it's hot.

Doesn't matter.


Finish it.

- What about Snake?
- What about him?

I don't know.

He lost. That's it.

You get points for the deer?

Of course.

We're here.

How can the deer get you points?
The deer's not a frag.

I'm sick of you changing the rules.

Do I get points
for killing a rabbit?

Yes. Three.

Come on, what are we playing?
I'm out.

Don't your realise that if I go,
you're alone?

And I'll tell Mum.

Shut up.

Watch out!



You take that way.

Got any bullets left?


I'll take this way.

Be careful.

Stop it!

What is this?