El puño de la muerte (1982) - full transcript

The Fist of Death

The time of the equinox is about
to begin

and the infinite energy of
the cosmos will descend upon us

We trust that the infinite
benevolence of the Star

will return health to the sick among
us who are suffering

Welcome sister, before the
Almighty Star on the astral equinox

May the energy of the Almighty Star

always be our ally

Almighty Star,

grant health to my people

Oh Almighty Star,

you who possess all the energy
in the cosmos,

heal this young man so
he may stand up and walk

The energy of the universe
is with you

Stand up

The energy is with you

Go on


The radiant clarity of the Star

will give your eyes sight once more

It will give

light to your eyes once more

light to your eyes

Thank you,

What you have done is the
most blasphemous

use of the power of Almighty Star

You will never return to my domain,
because this temple lies within it


Be gone from here with your
thirst for evil!

Your domain doesn't belong
to you alone,

as your sister, it belongs to
me as well

and the energy of the Almighty
Star shall be mine, do you hear?


I'll finish you all

I'll finish you all!

Thank you for waiting for me

While I attack,

you'll take the Almighty Star

But how?


Yes, you

If you order it

You've accomplished your mission

Queria will be pleased

My sister has let herself be
touched by evil

We need help

We must consult the oracle

The Almighty Star has
been stolen by your sister

She's dared?

Disgrace has fallen upon you

Who can help us lord?

The prophecy will be fulfilled,

a man without a face from
a faraway land will save you

He is the only one who can

Thank you lord

Will you send this
champion to come to our aid?

So it shall be


we have to leave early tomorrow,

we have an important mission

Where to boss?

Don't ask

Geez, just like last time

Welcome Prince Ching-Qa,

to this palace which is
our dwelling and your home

Great Raguri, Ching-Qa offers
you his hand and his heart

It will be a pleasure
having you among us prince


Tell the Jungle Girl we require
her presence

Yes sir

Prince Ching-Qa,

I regret to inform you that
last night we had a grave setback

as the Almighty Star was stolen

The great Raguri asks for
your presence

Come brother wolf

Accept these presents

as proof of my esteem

and my profound admiration
for my lovely betrothed

May your life be as full as my bra

You can count on me to
recover the Almighty Star

I'm grateful you're willing to
wait however long is necessary

Wedding ceremonies must not be
tainted by any shadow whatsoever

I feel that something has
happened at my sister's palace

Come, let's go to the oracle

Lord of wisdom,

I ask you to tell me what's
happened at my sister's palace

High priestess, Prince Chin-Qa has
arrived at your sister's palace

He has come to ask for the
Jungle Girl's hand in marriage

I swear that the Jungle
Girl who has taken my place

will never marry!

The prophecy says

that you will never be all-powerful

until the Jungle Girl has
been sacrificed

We'll prepare the sacrifice,

you'll go bring her

Your wish shall be carried out

The Jungle Girl has brought us
knowledge of the Almighty Star,

but she also brought the misfortune

of Queria drawing away from us
and becoming the priestess of evil

Her jealousy upon the Jungle
Girl's arrival was great

How did she arrive?

Many years ago,

in a nearby forest,

we were drawn by a strange light

The prophecy had been fulfilled

The star, with it's cosmic
energy, brought us the Jungle Girl

A child who was raised among
tame wolves

Queria, feeling that she had
been replaced,

decided to abandon us

and to take the path of evil

That stone is the Almighty Star,

it came from the cosmos and brings
us all it's energy and wisdom

and she is a deity

That was the origin of the Jungle Girl,

who will bring light to your life,
if destiny permits it

My new life has been decided

But do you think Raguri
should be the one to decide?

I owe him my obedience


don't your feelings count?

Yes, we all have feelings

Come brother wolf

Hey boss, do you know where
we're going?

Yeah, I already told you I
got a message

A message? When? I didn't see
it, you didn't talk to anyone

A telepathic message

A telespastic message?


- Hello
- How's it going?

Come on, get on, hurry

- Ready?
- Yes

Why such a rush?

A man without a face has come

Will the prophecy come to pass?

Give orders immediately to
have him followed and killed!

Goodbye and thank you

Thank god, at last we're on
firm land

Let's go

Wait up, I'm coming!

We have to hide the Jungle
Girl immediately,

it will be impossible here

I remember that there's a place
near here that's perfectly hidden,

the House of Meditation, she'll
be safe there

Kungyan will guide you

If you think that's most convenient
then we'll do so, count on me

Thank you prince,

I knew I could rely on you

We'll go prepare ourselves,
we'll be ready in a few moments

Brother wolf, what do
you think of my betrothed?

He's a prince

I have to tell you something

We'll have to leave,

but don't worry,

we'll still be together,

I promise you that

We'll be very happy,

We'll never be apart

Do you know something?

You and I are going to begin a
new life brother wolf


- What happened?
- I wasn't able to do it

What a setback

Has something happened?
You seem worried

That's true

A man without a face has arrived

He's headed to Raguri's palace

It seems that the prophecy is
being fulfilled

We were so comfortable down there!

What are we doing up here?

with your telespastic messages
and things!

And now, my god,

what will we do if this piece of
junk crashes?!


Thank you

Good luck

When Santo arrives, I'll catch
up with you

Don't worry, we'll wait for you at
the House of Meditation

Don't worry, no harm will come

Of course, we'll wait for you there

Don't fear, I'll take care of them

Watch out,

they want to kill me

I would like to be at your
side, even if you marry Chin-Qa

Of course, I'll ask him

Welcome, consider this your home

Thank you

I got your message, I came as
soon as I could

This must be an important matter

It is. Do you accept the
hospitality of my home?

You need to rest, soon we'll have
to go to the House of Meditation

The man without a face has
arrived at Raguri's palace

A caravan with my sister and the
Jungle Girl has left for the south

We should get ahead of it

Of course

And this time you won't fail

Remember, the sacrifice of the
Jungle Girl will be our strength!

I swear it

So now you know. You will
fulfil your promise

Come brother wolf

Why does he travel that way,
is he sick?

Shut up

Take a look at that thing


What lovely scenery

We have to go that way

More in that direction

That's it, now this way

Santo, a lion won't show
up around here, right?

Careful, duck

We're almost there, it's over here

Careful brother wolf

Come, come brother wolf

Be careful

We've arrived, the House
of Meditation is nearby


Thank you

I'm worried about that
constant drumming

I think I know what they mean

They're from Queria,

the priestess of evil,

sister of Kungyan

She's a dangerous woman

- Position the guards
- Yes sir

You stay here

Consider this your home prince

You'll be safe here

Thank you Kungyan

Brother wolf

This place is deep inside the jungle,
they won't find her here

I hope so

What has the oracle said?

The man without a face has
come to save the Jungle Girl

and he's close to here..,

Kill him

The astral conjunction will
come tonight,

the ritual of death will give me all
the strength I need!

to become the doom of the man
with without a face


How much further?

Don't move

We're close

Solid ground again, thank you!


Have you eliminated the man
without a face?

I haven't been able to

Tinieblas is close to the Jungle Girl,

I have to help him

Leave him alone! Please!

No, don't touch him!

Murderer! Murderer!

Let me go, let me go!

Brother wolf!

You wretch, you wouldn't
dare, I'm Queria's sister!

Watch out for the snake!

Thank god, he's alive

This is terrible

And the Jungle Girl?

They took her, they took her!

What a disgrace, my noble Maque

Our young and beloved
friend has been sacrificed

You've given your life for
your mistress the Jungle Girl

who loved you so

Faithful and noble brother of
the girl,

you came to us along with the
star of energy and peace

The girl and you are the
living symbols of that which

gives us warmth, shelter and life

You've also been sacrificed for
our sake

You have our eternal gratitude
brother wolf

They bring the Girl


let me introduce Santo

Thank you for coming

and for helping me

And the Jungle Girl?

They've taken her

I understand now

They've taken the Jungle Girl

in order to sacrifice her

What's going on?

We have to make another sacrifice

Her! She's a blasphemer!


You won't meddle in my
life anymore

Take her to the Well of
Sacrifices for being a traitor!

We don't have much time,

the hour of the astral conjunction
draws near

The man without a face draws
near to us

Here she is. I've kept my promise



and she will die,

everything will be mine!


we must save ourselves

Holy energy of our Almighty Star,

you have been returned to your
temple of peace and wisdom

You will always be here
to bless us with your power,

the power of good

Thanks to him,

thanks to Santo, peace
has returned

And now

there's no impediment for
the wedding to take place

Evil is still around us,

we must remain alert

Fan subs 2009
by Turdis / dresden