El plan divino (2019) - full transcript

We found it!

I knew you'd do it!

We are saved.

The procession...

They're coming!


Are you planning on looking
Like that when they arrive?

You look like a martyr.

I overslept.

Hurry, they are close.

I won't take part.

What's wrong?

- Are you not well?
- No.

It's something else.

Do you know what Jesus,
Our Lord,

said while they were
Crucifying him?

- No.
- Nothing.

He didn't complain.

He didn't go: "Hey, stop it.
I'm not feeling well."

"It really hurts."

Nothing like that.

So, up you go, Heriberto.

Come on,
They are waiting for us.

Come on.

Let's go!

Get dressed.

What is it?

I had a dream.

A disturbing dream.

No one will punish you

over a dream.

Come on, they're here!

We have to receive our people.
Come on.

I received a letter yesterday.

From whom?

From up high.


The bishop!

The bishop?

We might be both

ordained priests.

That's great. Right?

Finally someone is
Thinking about us.

- I don't know.
- Why?

Because we will get transferred.


We can't go.

Sure we can.

As long as father Roberto

is in charge,

we can't officiate

as priests here.



Unless God wants to take

father Roberto

before they make us priests.

We would do it.

Imagine what that would be like.

We could be responsible

for the contents of Mass.

What to do with the Virgin.

We could even select

the type of wine together.

"Porta caeli."


The door, father Eustaquio.

Good things are coming.

We just need to keep calm.

The letter from the bishop...

I had a dream.

That's a sign.

I dreamed of María.


What did the Virgin say?

No... María Schneider.

Right, María Schneider.

Let me tell you about

the bishop's letter.

Then you can tell me
About your dream.

The thing is

I believe that my dream

cancels everything.


I'm hanging my robe.

What are you talking about,
You idiot?

Come here.

Over here...


Right this moment?

I dreamed

we were running
Through the jungle

and we found a fax machine.

And then she kissed me

under a waterfall.

I will

leave everything

for María...



are temptations that Satan

puts in our heads.

Why do you have to think
Of it like that?

What if my dream

was a message from God?

A message...

Like a small film.

He is giving me strength

so I may follow though

on what I feel.

God wouldn't make you dream

about a fax machine.

Don't you always say God works
In mysterious ways?

But not that mysterious!

Let's keep our heads.

Stick your hand in...


Stick your hand in, I say.

Hold on, father.

You are not done yet.

Yes... I'm done.

No, you are not done.

You are not done, you...

I can't take it any more.

I always stink of piss.

I can't take it any more.

He pisses on me every day,

I can't take it any more.

Let's keep our calm.

That's what you said.

We can't leave.

We have to take care
Of father Roberto.

As long as he's alive,

that's our duty.

I received a new message.

A message?

From whom?

From up high.

The bishop?

From God!

God sent you a letter?

It was a vision.

A dream?

A vision!

In that vision,

God told me

what we have to do.

Was I in it?

Of course.

Then why do you always
Talk in singular?

He told me what we had to do.
That's what you said.

You were there.

Not in your earthly body.

But you were there.

Like in a dream.

But this was a vision.

It was during the wee hours
Of the morning.

I was walking

down the river bank.

All of a sudden,

the sky turned dark.

It split in half.

A terrible light

a lightning that blinded me.

And there I saw Him.

Then, he made his request.

What did he ask for?

I can't talk about this here.

That's what He said?

No, I'm saying that.

What God told me...

I can't talk about that here.

God told me

that father Roberto

has many more years to live.

And, if I wanted

to take over the church.

And if you wanted

to be with María,

not the Virgin...

- The other one.
- Yes, I get it.

We had to help

father Roberto

to retire.

Help him bare

the burden of his retirement

so he may hold

- his heavy cross.
- Stop.

God said that to you?

That's right.

How do you know it was God

and not Satan?

Because it was
A very vivid vision, Heriberto.

And also because God

landed on the beak of a bird.

That's a symbol for Creation.

Not a fax machine.

That's what God said?

Every single word.

Actually, it wasn't God,

it was a toucan.

A divine toucan.

When I say "divine"

I don't mean it was pretty.

It was divine as in God.

But it was also divine

because it was a toucan...

It was very colorful,
With a long beak.

Yes, I get it.

Help father Roberto retire?

That's what He said?

His very words.

How can you remember?
Did you write it down?

It's not a list of errands,

When God says something to you,

you remember it
For the rest of your life.


That's what He said.

And to retire

can only mean one thing.

To die.

"Retiro" in Spanish

is also a train station.

God wasn't talking About trains,

he was talking about
Father Roberto.

Isn't it right, father,

that when God want's to say
Something to us,

he speaks
In a clear and direct way?


The retirement part is clear.

But I wonder...

What did God mean

by his heavy cross?


He was right

when he prophesied...

The heavy cross.

Don't count me in, Eustaquio.

It's a Divine plan.

It's not mine.

This plan will give us

what we want.

It will help you get

what you want,

but I don't get how
It will help me get what I want.

These are the words of God.

To kill is a sin,

and I won't...


You take care

of that cow, Ramon.

And send our blessings

to your mother.

Go with God, Ramon.

I don't want to be

an accomplice to homicide.

Do you know

what that turn you into?

Into a murderer.

You are thinking

with a human logic.

I consider it

a sacrifice.

There are many sacrifices

in the Bible.

I mean, basically, the Bible

is all about sacrifices.

You have to think about it

with a divine logic.

When I say "divine,"
I don't mean...

I get it. Thanks.

- María.
- Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.

I wanted to congratulate you.

I can see God is preparing you
For what's to come.

I heard the bishop

will ordain you priests.

Who told you that?

The guy from the hardware store
Heard about it at the warehouse.

Well, I really don't know

how the guy at the warehouse
Head about that.

I told him.

Will they put you in charge
Of this chapel?

- Yes.
- No.

- Yes.
- No.

We will get transferred.

But, with all due respect

for father Roberto,

whom we obviously
Love very deeply,

he is still among us,

may God grant him health...

If at some point, some day,

we were to take over

this convent, we will change

many of the behaviors

and backward ways

we have here at this chapel.

For instance, María,

I know you, as many others,

are not coming here very often
For your confession.

I don't have much time.

We know that's not the reason.

Father Roberto can be

very difficult.

I've heard several comments
From different women

that they can smell

some wine in his breath.

And they also heard him snoring

inside the confession booth.

You will also be able

to confess with me
If you want to.

I'm a great listener.

I can already imagine myself

inside the confession booth,

crouching, in silence,

as I listen to you
Whisper your sins.

- It's getting late.
- No...

We have a lot to do, Heriberto.

María, we'll be waiting

for you next Sunday.

- See you.
- May God be with you.

See you.

"Crouching, in silence,"

as I listen to you

"whisper your sins."


It was just a description.

That description
Will get you nowhere!

Sitting down...

You sound like a beast in heat!

A Divine plan...

You can't argue with it.

You just comply with it.

Watch out.

Watch out!

It worked!

It worked!

Are you sure?

This can't fail.

I'm not talking
About the mechanism.

I'm talking about guilt.

Come here.

Take a seat, Heriberto.

Nobody's going to think

we are responsible!

It was God!

God ordered us to do this!

He's on our side.

Help me hang Jesus back up.

You won't?

God already saw His son hanging.

This won't surprise him.

Come on!

Come on!

Father Roberto!

What are you doing?

The Mass!

My son...

My dear, I'm not feeling well.

You never feel well,

but you haven't missed one Mass
Your entire life. Come on.

I couldn't sleep all night.

Banging, noises...

Hammering in my head.

- Come on, father.
- No, no...

I can't preside over Mass.

I'm sleepy.

This won't happen today.

Not today.

Father, God

will give you strength.

Come on, let's go.

Come over here, come.

Last night, at one point...

I was able to sleep for a while.

You know what?


spoke to me!

In my dream,

God told me Heriberto

would be my replacement.

He would take His word

to the faithful.

Father, are you sure

it was a dream?

It could have been

a message from the Devil.


I heard him.

He was reading Judas.

This is what he has to read.


Unfortunately, father Roberto

is not well.

He won't preside

over Mass today.


I have some good news

to share with you,

from father Roberto.

He received a message

from God in a dream.

And in that message, God told
Him that today's Mass

will be presided over by me.

This is a great honor for me.

Relax, Heri.

As long as I put the Bible

down gently,

nothing should happen.

Did he really say that?


Actually, God said

you should do the reading.

- But I'll do it.
- No...

No, no...

If God said I should

do the reading,

then I'll do it.

We have to obey God's will.

- Judas.
- What?

He said you should read Judas.



father Eustaquio

has kindly invited me

to preach Jesus' word.

San Judas' Epistle.

"Like Sodom and Gomorrah,"

and the neighboring cities

which in the same way

having fornicated

and acted against nature,

they were made an example

by suffering

the punishment of eternal fire.

However, in the same way,

these dreamers

tarnish the flesh,

"they reject authority..."

Ye, sinners!

Evil people!

Evil generation,

ye, corrupted!

These are God's words.

- Praise Him.
- Praise Him.

In the name of the Father,

the Son and the Holy Ghost.


May God be with you.
That is all for today.


God hasn't called for you yet.

Don't worry.

We are almost there.

Thank God

the doctor was there.

You came back from the dead!

You know
Who loved resuscitating?

Do you?

I will get this stain out

if it costs me my life.

He thinks using the same sheets
For 20 years

is a sing of humility.

Read this.

I can't.

I had a new vision.

Because of your last vision,

my last vision

was María's boyfriend

pushing his lips against my lips

after having pushed them

against her lips!

By a transitory principle,

it's almost
As if you kissed her.

The toucan again?

A petiribi.

That's a tree.

It's spoke through its branches.

They swelled up with sap

and gave out a voice

that was deep,


and it clearly said:

"I need father Roberto

to sit at my right hand side."

That's what it said?

It was a very vivid experience.


And it said

once father Roberto

ascends to Heaven,

we'll be ordained as priests.

And then you would leave

the Church to be with María.

Not the Virgin, the other one.

Was He really that specific?

Did He tell you how?

Good morning.

Hi there, priest!

How are you doing?

How long will you have to wear

that thing on your neck?

- Not for long now.
- Really?

How did it go with those things
I sold you last time?

- Fine.
- Didn't I tell you?

That tape is a good one.

Two and a half laps around it

and Jesus won't fall any more.

- May God want it so.
- Let's see...

Rat poison.

Got rats in the chapel?


- Yes, we do.
- Yes or no?

Some... A couple.

Funny, a couple.


- Doctor.
- How are you feeling?

You shouldn't be riding a bike
With your neck that way.

I have to do something.

Did you try those yoga exercises
I told you about?

I did everything. Thank you.

Let me buy you an ice cream.

Come on, Heriberto.

It's an honor for me

to help a servant of the Lord
Such as yourself.

Open your mouth.

Just a little.

Open your mouth, Heriberto.

Pretend it's a communion bread.

Arturo is the embodiment
Of kindness.

Don't you agree?

The embodiment of kindness...

That's what she said?


At times I'm happy María

is with him and not with me.

She's got a future next to him.

God will provide.

If it's His will

that you are next to her,

then so shall it be.

You think that's His will?

I can't imagine

a different future

for us two.

One of us

next to María.

And the other one

at the head of the church.

That's it.

No, you do it.

- Get more in there.
- Fine.

A little more.

Take this all of you and eat it.

I'm not sure about this.

God vomits on the lukewarm ones.

I never understood

what that means.

God will vomit on me?

It means that God...

I don't know what it means!

I'm saying this is our time.

Remember the petiribi.

This is the sacrament

of our faith.


I would like to give you

the Holy Communion.

Full of humility.

Last time,

it was my duty to replace you.

I believe this is my duty.

This is the body of our Lord.

Thank you, my son.

You're the embodiment

of kindness.

God bless you.

This is the body of our Lord.

This is the body of our Lord.



Why Arturo?

Only He knows why.

When I say "He,"

I'm talking about God, María.

Arturo was a very kind man.

One of a kind.

He saved my life.

It's only logical God wanted him

by His side, so He took him.

But why? He was so healthy.

In this moment,

I'm sure he is already

by His side.

Together with Jesus.

Be strong, María.

I will be by your side.

All the time.

So you don't get worse.

I told you.

God works in mysterious ways.

You poisoned him!


You did!

You took the communion bread
Out of father Roberto's hands

and you put them with the other
In the chalice.

- No, no I didn't.
- Yes, yes you did.

I didn't put it in the chalice,
I wanted to save father Roberto.

But you killed Arturo!

This is what happens

for going against

the petiribi's command.

I didn't kill him.

Neither did I!

But if you didn't kill him

and I didn't kill him,

there's only one option left.

- God.
- God.

God is clearing the way for you!

Take this chance!

She's just become a widow.

Not technically.

She's not a widow
Because they weren't married.

She needs spiritual support!

And you are almost a priest.

- This is your chance!
- Let's go.

Let's go!

Come on, come on...

I'm feeling nervous.

She's very unhappy.

And that's why everything
Will work out.

This is just like riding a bike.

Your brain may forget how
It's done, but not your body.

But I've never ridden a bike.

I saw you ride a bike
A thousand times.

I mean it metaphorically.

Have you never seen a video?

Of people riding bikes.




It's a sin to lie!

If you plan on leaving
The Church, act like a man!

Have you ever seen

people riding a bike?

Only in magazines.

I found some in the garbage.
One time.

I don't know how they got there.

That can help.

Do you think

that someone that's never

been on a bike

can ride a bike

just because he saw one photo

of people riding a bike?

- No.
- See?

That's why I'm nervous.

Adam didn't need to watch
People riding a bike

before he talked to Eve.

You should have started
With that!

Now I can't get the bikes
Out of my head!

Just close your eyes

and let God guide you.

Close your eyes.

I don't believe God

we'll be okay with a member

of His Church

leaving the Church and riding

a bike with a widow.

Open your eyes.

Look at that.

It's more elegant this way.

And also this way they can start
To get used to seeing us.

- But God...
- God

is love.

Don't you ever forget it.

Go and do what you have to do.

Such a nice day.

Yes, it's nice.

But for me nothing
Will ever be the same.

I understand.

Let's talk about

something else, shall we?

What did you do today?
What will you do tomorrow?


That word reminds me of him.

The day before he phoned me
And asked:

"What will you
Do tomorrow, María?"

Isn't that a premonition?

It all depends on the context.

Excuse me?

I don't think Arturo
Knew he was going to die.

Nobody can.

Except Jesus.

But He was God's son.

But why? Why him?

Why him? We ate the same things.

Food poisoning

is very mysterious.

But now you have to think
About yourself.

What are you going
To do tomorrow?

Why do you ask me that, father?

Why do you repeat
The same words as Arturo?

That's the key.

What if Arturo was saying

you shouldn't be alone?

That you should go out.

Meet other people.

What's with you, father?

Why are you talking
To me like that?

You have to let others help you.

Let's walk in silence.

That's all I need.

In silence!


I think...

I know how to help you.

A couple of weeks ago,

I had a dream.

The two of us

were running through the jungle.

You and Eustaquio?

No, you and I.

- Me?
- Yes.

Until we found a fax machine.

And we were happy.

So we hugged each other

under the waterfall.

And we started to kiss.

Our bodies became one.

And your hands

went through my body

and something arose in me...

I have to go, father.

Thank you for your help.

Don't call me "father."

I can't think of you as a man.

You're dressed

as a priest, father.

That's it.

That's it, María! Look!

That's it.

Nothing is final
If you have faith, Heriberto.

She run away.

Why didn't you run after her?

Because I was buttoning
My shirt.

Why was it unbuttoned?

So she would see me as a man.

You are a man, Heriberto.

And you can ride a bike.

There, father.


I keep on pedaling

and get nowhere.

If you can't make it by bike,

then you'll have to go
By motorcycle.

Are you going to sit here?

Just like when you were a kid.

Not anymore, father.

Stand still, please.

Dreams, visions...

The toucan, the petiribi.

Everything we tried, we failed.

Maybe God is testing us.

Maybe we just have
To keep on waiting.

I'm tired of waiting, Heriberto.

The father is an old man

and María is a young woman.

Time is on our side.


As soon as they ordain us,

we will get transferred.

How long will that be?

Only God knows.

One of these days, I'll stick
That little bell up his...

Don't go.

Will you go?


I'll go then.

None of us goes.

Let's not go.


Such a nice place here.

This is where I want to marry
You, with father Roberto.

No, that's a lie...

People don't know
What they're talking about.

Okay, talk to you later.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

A letter for father Roberto.

You like the motorbike?

Is it fast?

I can deliver
The letters really fast.

It's for sale.

If you're interested,

get some money together
And give me a call.

See you later.


Eustaquio, wake up!

Wake up. He's being moved.

- Who is?
- The father.

- Where to?
- Brazil.

And they'll ordain you

as priest.

You'll be in charge

of the church.

Your dream has come true!

I told you to trust me

and we didn't need
To wait that long.

They'll move him
To an orphanage.

An orphanage? Him?

Don't you see what could happen?

The world

is a big place, Eustaquio.

We are not responsible
For the fate

of every single person.

God has a plan.

God is testing us.

Like he did with Job

and Abraham.

We were this close
To killing him,

and when we decided not to...

He spoke.

He's being moved.

It's crystal clear.

He's being moved.

Come on, get dressed.

We'll put together
A farewell party

and he will never come back.

And we...

will stay here.


It's good to see you.

We will miss

father Roberto greatly.

It's a terrible loss.

- Another loss for me.
- Yes.

But the father is still alive.


That's not what I meant.

I get nervous when
I'm talking to you, María.



As a servant of this church

it is my painful duty

to confirm

what you already know.


Our beloved father Roberto,

the spiritual leader

of this house of the Lord,

and of us all,

has been summoned

to a new mission.

He will be very close by.

On the other side of the river,

at an orphanage in Brazil.

The father

will still help us,

as much as he can.

The authorities of this Church

have decided

to move him

having in mind

the great strength

he still poses,

his vigor,

so he can look over
Those helpless children.

I once was one of those

helpless children.

In the hands

of father Roberto...

I agree with brother Eustaquio.

But since we don't want

father Roberto to be late

for his new mission,

and we don't want to prolong

the pain

of this goodbye,

let's all give him

a round of applause.

Let's wish him the best.

May God bless you all.

Let him go.

You stay here.

I'll go with him.

I don't think so.

We can go together,

there's room in the car.

He won't go there by car.

Excuse me?

We can't take him in this boat.

It's only 30 minutes
To the border.

It's a short trip, it will suit
A man his age.

It won't start.

It'll start.

God cannot start an engine

that hasn't been used...

God wants us to make this trip.

Help me get him in.

Are you sure it's this way?

We've been here over an hour.

You will enter Heaven

through a narrow path.

The road to damnation

is wide and spacious.

There are many on that road.

I don't get it.

The narrow road

will lead to a leap of faith.

A sacrifice.

And if indeed there is a God

that can save him once again,

then I don't have a right
To live in this world.

I don't understand
Where you're going with this.

I'm not going.

We are going, the old man and I.

I'm sorry.

This is between him and me.




What happened? Are you okay?


Something terrible happened.

Yes, that's right.

Eustaquio Exposito

and father Roberto.


Thank you. Let me know
If there's any news.

Talk to you later.

I'm sorry.

Thank you for everything.

It's nothing.

You told me God knows
What He's doing.

Eustaquio and father Roberto

are kind people.


They weren't kind.

Neither am I.

Have some faith, Heriberto.

I've lost my faith
A long time ago.

I was about to leave

everything behind.

And now I don't have anything

and I don't know where to go.

I don't know what to do.

My whole life...

I've never been...

so alone.

Do you want to answer it?

Maybe there's some news.

We are receiving a fax.

Can't be.

What does it say?



I'd better be going.

Perhaps tomorrow...

If there's any news,
I'll let you know.

What happened?

I couldn't.

He was swimming to shore,

he was fighting for his life
And I couldn't.

Is there anybody there?

Is there anybody there?

A couple of days ago

we said farewell

to father Roberto

because he was leaving
For Brazil

and today we have to say

farewell to him again

but this is the final farewell.



We also have

to say farewell to my brother.

My friend.

Our beloved Heriberto.

He's leaving the Church.

He'll start a new life.

All of us wish him

good luck,

which he deserves,

and we also know

he will always be close by.

To all of you,

I thank you.

May God be with you.

I congratulate you
On your decision, Heriberto.

You don't need
To be so formal, María.

Remember the fax
That came in the other day?

I do.

You have won a trip

for two persons to...

I have some time now.

We'll see each other On Sundays.


I hope to see you
As well, María.

If you need to confess,

you can count on me.

First I'd need a sin,

in order to confess.

Are you going into town?


I can take you.

I'll miss you.

Me too.