El pez de los ojos de oro (1974) - full transcript


(Couple arguing - indistinct)

You only come to
me to ask for money.

It's over!
Don't touch me!

Leave me alone.

Do you need a ride?

Yes, thank you.

- Are you a stranger?
- Yes, I am.

- German?
- No, English.

You speak our language well.

I can speak a few languages.
Not very well, though.

- Just to make myself understood.
- I see.

- Can we stop here?
- As you like it.

I saw you arguing with your friend.
Problems? - No.

I always try to forget
problems when they arise.

Don't we all.

But you can't always succeed.

I never succeed at it anyway.

Breaking news.

We just received the news...

A woman called Hildegard
Aaron has been murdered.

She was a wealthy Belgian tourist
who had arrived in our islands.

Always bad news.

It's as if they'd love
annoying people.

- You know what?
- What?

The best thing to do is to
befriend the first guy you meet.

I think so too.

Have fun, drink away
and no commitments.

Should we go?

Do you want to have a drink?

It's fun to hear you talking.

What do you do for a living?
Are you a hippy?

I haven't had time to think about it.
I hope you don't care.

I don't care at all.

Hold on a sec.

There's a private
booth upstairs.

We'll be better there.

I see.

I ordered a bottle of whisky.
Is that okay with you?

I don't have much money.

It's on me.
Just don't argue.

This is not a private booth.

No, it's an apartment instead.

Is there anything
more private than that?

I like you, Englishman.
What's your name?


I like you, Derek.


Another murder.
When will it end, Virginia?

At least they won't
bother you this time.

I'm obsessed with
that man on the beach.

The police inspector called this afternoon.
He wants to see you tomorrow.

Routine procedure, he said.

Routine procedure.

They always talk like that.

Good to see you, Derek.
Where have you been?

I'm so glad to see you.

We thought you'd changed your mind
about spending your holidays with us.


- I'm in real trouble.
- What kind of trouble?

I don't get you.

I'm implied in...

a murder.


Is it some kind of accident?

Have you done anything wrong?


I don't think so.

I don't know.
It's all so confusing.

It happened where I was staying in.

I don't know who did it.
A girl was murdered.

I need you to help me, Zachary.

One more murder?

This is the work of a madman.

I'm afraid so.

What should I do?

Tell the police about it.

They'll consider me a suspect.

Don't worry,
I'll take care of that.

I'll vouch for you.

Nobody will think
you're a murderer.

- Who's a murderer?
- What?

Who is she?

Marina, a friend.

She's our student.

She draws, designs and the like.

Marina, this is Derek,
our friend and fellow countryman.

I think I already
told you about him.

He's in some kind of trouble.
Hopefully nothing serious.

Hi, Derek.

Hi, Marina.

She works with her father.

At the aquarium, actually.

Yes, I understand.

What do we do about it?

We'll meet the police inspector
first thing tomorrow.

What's going on, Mrs. Kendall?

Our young friend Derek
got mixed up in a bad thing.

A murder.

A girl named Monica.



Yes, inspector.

It's her.


That'll be all.

Mr. Kendall, first
you witness a murder.

And after that,

a friend of yours gets
mixed up in another.

Just an odd coincidence,

It's the least you
could say about it.

Your friend's account
is not very convincing, is it?


I know.
But that's what really happened.

And you were sleeping by her side
but you didn't notice a thing.

Isn't that so?

I didn't.

We can go outside.

So you thought it was all very annoying
and decided to run away with her car.

Later on, you spontaneously
showed up at me

knowing that I'll accept
everything in good faith

and I'll still thank you
for your cooperation.

I know it all sounds weird.


My dear friend...

No one could believe
this story of yours!

The worst thing is
that you're right.

I already told you that apart from
a fellow countryman, he's a friend.

I'll vouch for him.

That's not enough
sometimes, Mr. Kendall.

But for the time being,
your friend is just a witness.

And a valuable one.

Don't go too far, young man.

We'll see each other often.

I understand, inspector,
thank you.

Incredible. I never saw such
a clear-cut suspect before.

If he's guilty, he must be
either an idiot or a psycho.

I think he suspects me.

I'm afraid so.

I know him well.

He's an old fox.

He didn't believe a
single thing you said.

- What will he do now?
- He'll keep a very close eye on you.


And he may arrest me.

If he can't find the murderer.

If I could prove my innocence...

You just stay out of trouble.
That's their job.

But the problem is mine.

There's something missing...

- What possible connection can there be?
- What are you talking about?

I'm sure there's more to it.

It just dawned on me that Monica was
a member of the Aquarium's Yacht Club.


I haven't forgotten you.

I never forget about you.

I know.
You're hungry.

It's your time,
my little friends.

Pedro will feed you.

Don't be so impatient.
I'm coming.

I'm coming.



But where is she now?

I can never count on her.

What are you doing there?

You know that I need you.

- Fish must be fed.
- Of course, daddy.

They must be fed at a particular time.
I'm the only one concerned with it.

You're never there
whenever I need you.

I'm always at home, daddy.

Only fish are always loyal.

Don't be late.
And do go around alone.

Remember that two girls
have already been murdered.

You scared me.

I'm sorry.
That wasn't my intention.

I didn't hear you come up.

What brings you here?

I was taking a walk.
It's a nice day.

You haven't had any problem?

I always have problems.

I meant with the inspector.

I see.

I don't know whether he trusts me or maybe
he's just giving me enough rope to hang me.

Are you planning
on staying long?

This place is too much too beautiful
to leave even if I wanted to.

Are you an artist too?

I can draw.
And I can paint too.

Is that how you
make your living?

I'm not that good at it.

I'm not Kendall or his wife.
I work in London.

In a record store.

- Quite ordinary, isn't it?
- Not at all. Are you on holidays?

If you want to call it that way.

That's what it was.

Did you know Monica,
the girl at the motel?

Yes, she would come here often.

And Marco?


A young and handsome guy.

Yes, I guessed you
were referring to him.

You don't like him?

I never liked that
kind of persons.

Was he related to Monica?

He's always related
to wealthy women.

I see.

He'd just do anything for money.

Just anything?
Even murder?

Marina, there's work to do.

Who's that guy?

A friend.

A friend?
He's a foreigner.

Did you know that the murderer
can be someone like him?

I can explain.

I don't want to hear you.
Just go away.


I hope this is the last time
something like this happens.

Yes, dad.

See you another day.

Were you hoping
to murder me too?

I don't know what you're talking
about. I haven't murdered anyone.

You broke into my house.
You took Monica away.

And now she's dead.

That piece of cloth.

The murderer was
wearing one like it.

Anyone can buy it downtown.

You have a limp.

Just like the murderer.

I hurt myself playing tennis.

I don't believe a word you say.

What kind of relationship do
you have with Virginia Kendall?

That's none of your business.

Speak up.

Come on, speak up.

The Kendalls are my friends.

That's no crime.

Ms. Kendall is of
age and so am I.

So it was true after all.

Yes, Derek.
It's true.

You know Zachary.

He only lives for his
art and for himself.

And a woman needs
something else.

Don't you think so?

I would have never guessed.

I won't hold it against you.

But Marco...

He's a fink!

- Why, Virginia?
- That matters little sometimes.

He's always working.
Among clay or metal figures.

His hands...

That's all he cares for.

He'd be lost if he
couldn't model one day.

Right now he's in danger.
He's a witness who saw the murderer.

He can identify
him, and he knows it.

Do you think he cares?

He only cares for his
inspiration. His works.

That fish...

That fish.

- Did Zachary make it?
- No, I designed it.

I have seen it before, Virginia.

It never left this place.

A woman who was murdered
was wearing it around her neck.

The girl at the motel?


I made it from an old carving,
a forgotten sketch.

A local goldsmith saw it, liked
it, and bought the model from me.

A goldsmith?

So... where does he live?

Who is he?
He's name is Miguel.

Miguel Toledo.

Can I help you, sir?

- Mr. Toledo?
- Yes, that's me.

Are you looking for
anything special?

Yes, a fish.

A fish?

I don't understand.

A fish with the eyes of gold.

I don't sell any... yet.


I don't know who must
have told you about them.

I'm a friend of Mrs. Kendall.

I see.
Come inside, please.

I thought I'd better keep them
for the new tourist season.

- You haven't sold any?
- Not a single one.

I've seen a fish like this
connected to a crime.

A crime?

A woman who was wearing
that fish was killed.

I haven't sold...

Just a moment...

Yes, I remember now.

There was a single one.

I gave it as gift.

- As a gift?
- A friend insisted I'd do.

He wanted it for a girl friend.

- Who was he?
- A good boy. He's name is Marco.

- Hello?
- Zachary?

I'm Derek.

Virginia told me you were here.
What's going on?

Listen, I've discovered
something important.

Can you come downtown?

I'll meet you at the Main Street.

Are you still looking for trouble?
It's a dangerous thing to do.

It'd be more dangerous not to act.
I'll explain later.

- Do you have your car ready?
- Yes. I was actually leaving now.

Don't be long.
It is urgent. Yes.

I'll be there in less than 20 minutes.

Be careful.
Don't trust anyone.

Hedges grow so fast.

I'll finish trimming them tomorrow.

- Were you talking with anybody?
- Derek.

I'll meet him in a little while.
Are you coming?

No, I have plenty
of things to do.

What's going on?

I'll tell you on our way
to seeing the inspector.

I'm intrigued.

And you don't know it all yet.

- Is there something wrong?
- The brakes don't work too well.

Are you alright?

My hands!

My hands!

My hands.

My hands.

Nurse Tessi. You'll take care
of him until he can be released.

Yes, doctor.
I already attended Mr. Kendall before.

Are you sure I don't
need to be hospitalized?

I'm afraid your condition
is not that serious.

- How is he, Derek?
- It could have been much worse.

How could this happen?

He'd never be a reckless driver.

Neither this time.
I can't understand.

What can't you understand?

The accident.

It wasn't an accident.


I have the first
technical reports.

Someone tampered
with his brakes.

That means...

That means we're dealing
with an attempted murder.

We were on our way to
meet you, inspector.

To meet me?

Yes, we wanted
to file a complaint.

Against whom?

Against the man who gave a jewel
as a gift to the dead girl at the motel.

The same jewel that was stolen.

That doesn't prove anything.

Maybe not.
It's your problem.

But there's more to that
man and today's accident.

It's late.

So what?

Oh yes, he's in the clinic.

It wouldn't matter much anyway.

Do you think he suspects?

That doesn't even count.

He wouldn't mind.

I see.
That's the way it is.

Yes, that's the way it is.

You're right.
It's late.

Wait. Remember
what I told you before.

I've got some problems,
you know...

I see.

The same old story.

A car is coming.

It just pulled up alongside.
It looks like the police.


Are you in some kind of trouble?

That's my business.
Go away.

You don't want
them to see you here.

That way, through the back door.

- Quick.
- But...

This doesn't make any sense.
I haven't done anything.

That's what they all say.


I'm baffled.

What baffles you?


The crimes, that
fish, and Marco.

Why Marco?

Why should he kill those women?

He lives on them.

- Did he actually kill them?
- Who else?

Kendall saw the
murder as he escaped.

He had a limp, just as Marco.

- And then there's her.
- Her?

- Virginia.
- I knew it all along.

- You can't keep a secret around here.
- I guess so.

Marco must have tampered
with the car to cause an accident.

He wanted to get
rid of a witness.

- And he's Virginia's husband too.
- Yes.

Turn that way.

What is it?

Nothing, I'm just relaxing.

Don't you like to
relax once in a while?

Yes, I almost forgot
what it was like.

What a peace.

- Peace feels good sometimes
- It always does.

- Do you want one?
- No, thanks.

- It's hot.
- Yes.

Do you really like
living among fish?


Forget about it, for god sake!

But I hate fish anyway.

So do I.



Just stop thinking
about fish or crimes.

That's a good idea.

Not to think.

- Not to think... about anything.
- About anything.

What worries you?

Your father.

Don't think about that now.


Are you sure?

I can't stand him.

Tell him.
You're of legal age.


I'd have told him so many
times before. But he's my father.

I'm sorry.


What sort of time
do you call this?

- And with the stranger!
- That's enough, dad!

But Marina...

Hey you Englishman,
hold on a second.

I won't let you take
my daughter from me.

A stinker like you.

Never! Never!

Never, you Englishman, never!

Who's out there?
Is that you, Bruno?

If you finally deigned to
show up, all I can tell you is...

This is the inspector's office.

You might as well
confess, Marco.

I didn't do it.
I've already told you.

You're lying.

You were a friend of Hilde's,
the Belgian girl.

And she was murdered.

I'm friends with many people.

I know a lot of people.

He's busy right now, I'm sorry.

Alright, I'll let him know.

Hold on.

Once again, I don't
know anything about this.

You were also in a relationship
with Monica, the motel girl.

- And now she's dead.
- So what's it to me?

You gave her a fish as a gift.

A fish with the eyes of gold.

The fish.

Yes, the fish!

Hold on.
It's for you, inspector.

Yes, speaking.


Where did it happen?

We'll be right up.

And again.

And now he can't be accountable.

Well, we'll just let him go.


You shouldn't stand there.
The air can harm you.

I hate to be locked down.
And you know it.


that won't fix my hands.

Your hands will be fine soon.
Don't worry about that.

I don't know.

Someone tried to kill me.

- Can't you see?
- Calm down.

If it wasn't for you.

It's funny.

You and me, again.

I'm always ready to serve you.

To help you.

I need your help.

Now more than ever.

- Call this number for me, please.
- Yes, madam.

- You can talk now.
- Thank you.


This is Virginia.


At your place.

Cheers, dear kind and
charming Mrs. Kendall.

I'm coming.

I'm coming.

What are you doing?

That's my car!

That's my car!

You thief!

You thief!


I know.

I know.

I was speeding.

A stolen car...

A now you steal a car! Do you know
what a mess you've gotten yourself into?

I'm afraid I do.

You know what?


I met Dr. Santos today.

- He's a psychiatrist.
- A psychiatrist?

He said something peculiar.
That fish...

The design is the work
of a madman, a maniac.

Yes, I noticed something odd
about that fish, but I never imagined...

I ordered a sketch of
that fish to be made.

The psychiatrist added the rest.

Insanity hides itself
too well sometimes.

So much so, that
nobody suspects it.

Certain psychoanalyst theories
reveal evil from a simple drawing.

However incredible
it might seem.

But that's a design from
Virginia Kendall, isn't it?

She can't be involved in this.

I didn't say that.
She took an old sketch as a model.

But who created it?

As soon as I know that, I'll be
able to tell you who the murderer is.

What's all this mess?

I don't know.
We just found it like this.

What did my wife say about it?

Nothing yet. We haven't found her.
She must have been away.

- You didn't know?
- Where could she be?

What an awful story you told
me about that fish and the sketch.

You don't know
who gave it to her?

No, we never talked about it.

But she didn't design it.

She's the most normal
woman in the world.

I never said she'd designed it.

I'd only like to know how
did she get her hands on it.

Now that you can stay home,
watch out, Kendall.

You're still our best witness.

Yes, sir.

Nurse, please take
care of your patient.

And please let me know if
you see something strange.

I'll certainly do, inspector.

- I always thought it had been Marco.
- So did I.

He scam Hilde out of money, you
know, the Belgian tourist that was killed,

and she was going to sue him.

It doesn't surprise me.

But don't you forget that we're
looking for a madman, not a con man.

- A madman obsessed with fish.
- Fish?

- Do you have any hints?
- No, I don't.

I hope you're telling the truth.
You're still a good suspect to me.

And perhaps a
threat to the murderer.

Just be careful out there.

Where's Kendall?


He's gone to his bedroom.
He's very upset.

- May I get you something?
- No, thanks.

- Just go check on him.
- As you like it.


Is it the Yacht Club?

Oh, is it you, Marina?

Yes, Derek speaking.

I'd like to talk to you.

I see.

That fish...

I've always been sure
to have seen it before.

Sure, I can look for it.

Dad has a veritable
museum of rare fish stuff.

Please do, but don't tell
anyone, not even your father.

Take good care of yourself.

The murderer seems
to be obsessed with fish.

Or at least with
that particular fish.

- See you later.
- Alright.

Who were you talking to?

Mr. Kendall.
He's feeling much better now.


Come with me now.
Fish are hungry.

Yes, dad.

What are you doing there?

I wouldn't want to disturb you.

Mr. Kendall just locked
himself in his room. He's resting.

Don't get very far from him anyway.
He might need you.

They removed the signature.

But I can remember it.


No, please!


Yes, a crime.

At the Punta Blanca inlet.

A girl.

She looks like nurse.

It's just awful.

Yes, inspector.


The murderer seems
to be obsessed with fish.

The murderer seems
to be obsessed with fish.

...obsessed with fish.



...obsessed with fish.

...obsessed with fish.


...obsessed with fish.

The murderer seems
to be obsessed with fish.


You know?


I still can't believe it.

You're the last person I
would've ever thought of.

I know.

And I'm sorry for you both.

This can't be so.
It's impossible!

- You were a witness.
- Of the first crime. Marco's.

I saw it all.

Blood, fish...

That was...

As a child, I saw my mother die.

My father was a madman.

A thing like this leaves
an imprint sometimes.

You inherit it.

What about the accident?

Marco tried to kill me.

He was afraid I
would've recognized him.

Nobody ever understood me.

My nurse got scared.

When she found out the reason why I left
the clinic one night with her complicity,

I had to kill her.

You're out of your mind.

I'm sorry.

Thank you, Derek.

Was it necessary?

Yes, it was.

I started seeing
things clearly today.

I assumed there were
two different killers.

The rest was clear.

When I realized that he
had listened when I called,

I followed him.

It's all over now.

***Fansubs by Sifasol***