El pasado (2007) - full transcript

A couple decides to split after 12 years together. The man (Bernal) find it easy to move on, but difficult to prevent his ex from hounding him, or the new women in his life.


- Rimini.
- Hi.

Come in.

Aren't they gorgeous?

When he arrived
he couldn't move his left arm.

Frida did a miracle.

My friends...

I'm very happy to have you all here.

I want to toast you,
who give meaning to my life.

We search for the truth...

that is hidden within us.

This truth, when we discover
and acknowledge it...

gives us harmony and fulfilment...

which makes the simple things in life...

like breathing, worthwhile.

Also I'd like
to toast Rimini and Sofia...

who have restored our
faith in love.

Today they're together 12 years.

You thought I'd forgotten?

I did as you asked.

I went a day without seeing you.

I never felt so alone.

Not because I don't know
anyone in this city, or because...

it seemed I was the only living
soul on the street...



I realized...

without you I'm nothing.

The one thing that matters
is to love you.

Now and always.

That's all I have to say.

Frida we need
to tell you something.

No, you don't need
to tell me anything.

I already know.

- You're pregnant...
- No, Frida.

It's awkward to tell you...

but we thought you should be
first to know...

and not find out from somebody else.

Rimini and I are separating.

I was thinking I'll stay here.

I couldn't stand
changing everything at once.


That's a relief.

The flat won't disappear.

It'll still exist.

Rimini I've changed my mind.

I'll move out.

I couldn't stay here
with all our things.

I'm entitled a new life.


Do what you think
is best for you.

The red ones are for you
and the blue for me.

I separated them so that
we don't meet at the same flat.

It'd be weird.

I just saw the perfect place for you.

One of those 50s buildings,
high ceilings.

I wouldn't mind visiting you there.

Well, leave the address
and I'll go later.

No it must be now.
Someone else is interested.

I can't now.

I'm working.

Ok, do as you wish.

I'm in no hurry.

I just thought you'd like
to see it.


Did you see it? Did you like it?

I made the down payment.

I'll sign the contract tomorrow
and I can move next weekend.

So soon.

What do we do with the bed
and the wardrobe?

Keep them.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

I'll keep the desk, ok?


It's where you work.

I've separated
the linen sheets for you.

We bought them in London,
in that shop on Portobello Road.


I don't need them.

I have everything.

Take them, they're yours too.

Our life is here.

Ok, I'll take them.

Keep it.

And the photos?

What shall we do with them?

Another day.

But we can't leave it too long.

No, no.

- Will you call me?
- Yes.

Are you going to call me?

Of course.

Hello Rimini.


You're not there?

Call me.
I'll be here from 7 to 9.

You have two hours.

I don't know if you remember,
but you owe me something.

Do you think I'm stupid?

I have no eyes?

I don't see? I don't hear?

Why do you do this to me?

Why do you humiliate me like this?

More proof?
What do you want me to do?

You want me to have you followed?

You want pictures taken
of you fucking that cunt?


You're a bastard!

It was when I realised everything.

The idiotic excuses he gave me.

Her name torn out
of his address book.

The times he arrived
with wet hair...

saying he'd been at the gym.

I don't know what to say.

I'm sorry.

All the times he stood me up.

I'm human you know.

I have eyes.

I see what's going on.

What are you doing tonight?


Shall we go out?




Do I have to sign?

Coming down.

It's 3 in the morning
and old Frida's gone to sleep.

It does me good to write you, Rimini.

I don't know why but when I write...

I feel you're close... looking at me.

Say you hate me, you want to hurt me...

you're in love with another woman...
but don't tell me you're forgetting me.

You can try if you
like but you won't succeed.

It's been 12 years.

Forgive me Rimini.

Buenos Aires and everything
makes me feel bad.


Want some?



You leave first.

- Bye.
- Bye.

What's up?

Where are you going?

You think I'm a fool?

I didn't see you coming out of
the bathroom with that slut?

You did it on purpose to humiliate
me in front of my friends.


I don't know her.

Imagine if you did!

Without even knowing her
you got a blow job.

What are you saying?


I saw her wiping her mouth.

Her lipstick was smudged.

Listen to me.

Then you can go if you want.

What's wrong with you?

Do you think I'm crazy?

Rimini, please don't look at me.

If I tell you I'm going to travel
with Frida again don't let me go.

Frida's crazy.

She made an epileptic
do a rebirthing exercise.

He had a convulsi?n and nearly died.

Let me see.

You've cut your hair too short.

You know I don't like it.

You don't call and don't
answer my messages.

Why d'you try so hard to avoid me?

Relax. You're always on the defensive.

You don't have to keep
showing me you've changed.

I was thinking about us,
how it all ended.

Have you thought about it?


It's all so recent.

But you must have
thought something.


I don't know what to say.

Ok, I can't force you to think.

But let me remind
you of your debt to me.

To choose the photos
you want to keep.

I can't.

I can't.

Look Sofia,
the past is indivisible...

it can't be shared out.

Got it?

I can't do this alone.

We have to do it together...

Even if this is
the last thing we ever do.

Don't leave me with these corpses.
I'll go crazy.

- Hi!
- Hi.

I'm so tired!

I spent all day modelling
in bras and knickers...

in a horrible place full
of provincial buyers...

who kept ogling me like
they wanted to fuck me.

- Disgusting!
- So why d'you do it?

I want to be famous
and make lots of money.

What did you do all day?

I worked as usual.

- All day?
- Yes.

- I'll put some music.
- Ok. - Play what you like.

I just use it when
I'm translating.

Who is she?


My ex-wife.


It's over.

The past.

It was a teenage relationship
that lasted longer than it should.

Will you do me a favour?


Could you make this picture disappear?

Yes of course.

Would you do it for me?

Yes. Promise.


Hello, Rimini.

I woke up feeling you were in danger.

Are you ok?

Call me.

Look at you, so modern!

Since when do you like
that kind of sweaters?

I don't.

But it was a gift.

- It's not too bad, is it?
- No.

Do you know who gave it to me?


Five minutes earlier
you'd have seen her.

Happy birthday, Dad.

I owe you the present
but I'll buy you lunch.

Sofia was lovely.

More than last time.

Let's go?

She works in fashion,
catwalks, ads...

that kind of stuff.

She wants money
and fame like everyone.

She's fabulous Dad,
drives me crazy.

Call Sofia.

She's not well...

shadows under the eyes.

When she speaks
she almost cries.

Did you talk about me?

What did she say?

What all women say
when we leave them.

That you avoid her.

- After 12 years I've a right to, no?
- I'm not sure.

- You have to live with...
- What we were.

I know that line, it's hers.

You don't have to see her...

but call her sometimes.

It's a phase, it'll pass.


She left it for you.

I don't want to talk to the guilty...

who confuses living with running away.

I want to talk to the innocent boy.

If he's still alive he should knock
3 times on this photo...

and I'll open the door.

As I know you won't be able
to go alone to Klimt's show...

I'll be at the door of the museum.

I'm the girl with dark hair
and the yellow cape if it rains.

I hate to tell you but
this is your last chance.

3 please.

El Ni?o is still advancing
on Buenos Aires...

bringing more rainstorms and hail...

with high winds.

The storm has forced over
a thousand people to abandon...

their homes due to floods...

and entire districts are cut off.

One of the worst hit areas
was the vicinity...

of the Bellas Artes Museum.

They were opening an exhibition...

of the Austrian painter Gustav Klimt.

They were waiting
for the Minister to arrive...

You've no idea the hell it was.

The flight out was terrible.

The plane kept shaking.

It didn't stop raining
the first three days.

I had a throat infection.

I thought my cough would kill me.

They had to give me a shot.

I was alone with nobody
to take care of me.

Sorry, I shoud've gone with you.

Yesterday the shoot was
in the middle of the desert...

and a cactus thorn went through
my trousers...

and wounded my leg.

- Let me see.
- Here.

- Let me see.
- No.

- Let me see.
- No, no, no!

Don't think I've forgiven you.

Sometimes I think there's another woman.

There's no other woman.

There's only you.

The day there's another woman,
promise I'll be first to know.



Who is this?

Yes, it's his house.

You're talking to his wife.

Yes, he's here.

Who is this?

- A Mr. Bonet.
- Ask him to come up.

Come up.

Marcel Poussi?re arrives
in three weeks for a conference.

I'd like you to be the interpreter.

That's great, Bonet.

I thought, you and Carmen.
Haven't you worked together?

- Carmen Bosch?
- Yes.

No, I don't think so.

She's excellent.
You two will work well together.

Bonet says it's time to leave
the computer and face the public.

A bit of money would
be perfect right now.

For sure.

- Do you know this Carmen?
- If she's who I think...

she's a girl I went to college with.


- So we have work?
- Yes.

I was a kid. I was in a slum.

I had a new dress...

and asked my father to adjust the skirt.

The sky was darkening.

It started to get cold.

It was very misty and I was in a cab.

It was a foreign country.

For me?


It was an Argentinian cab,
black and yellow.

I couldn't understand
what language he spoke.

I asked him to take me home
but I didn't know where I lived.

I looked in my bag.

I couldn't find my keys.

A phone was ringing.

There was no phone in my bag.

It was ringing and ringing.

I wanted to answer, but...

A chocolate?

It's delicious!

It rang and rang and I woke up.

Don't you want to lick her pussy too?

I'm late. Sorry.

It's ok.
Poussi?re's flight was late.

He must be sleeping.

Well, in my experience
the famous are always late.

- Let's have a coffee?
- Ok.


Is it pre-babelian or pre-babelic?

No. I'd say pre-Babel.

Pre-Babel. Yes, right.

It's him, Rimini.

And that jug?

He takes it everywhere.

Let's go.

They are the dreamers who can
take their dreams for reality.

We have seen that the creation
of an universal language...

often relies on the nostalgia...

of an original language, pre-Babel.

Poussi?re was late.

They wanted to have dinner.

I escaped.

I left food in the fridge.

Tomorrow is the last day
of the conference.

You want to come?

Are you sure?

Yes, I'd like you to come.

What shall I wear?

If we could find
a unique primitive word...



What happened?

Let's wait.


The fifth row.

Do you see her?

How can she dress like that?

She's mad.

She wants to seduce him.

Vera? Seduce who?

Her name is Vera?
Like your wife?

No. She is my wife.

Your wife was Poussi?re's lover?

The one in black diamonds.

No. My wife's sitting next to her.

Your wife is beautiful.

I think I'm falling in love with you.

Thank you.

To conclude this reduction
of all languages...

into one common denominator,
we have to identify the coincidences...

until we arrive at
an appropriate comparison.

Thank you.

Carmen, Rimini.

Come here.

Questions have started
and the old man doesn't understand.


I don't want to.

Up here.

The question please.
There are people waiting.

I don't have all night either.
If you'll allow me, I'll continue.

I don't know if Prof.
Poussi?re and his European colleagues...

have heard of the therapeutic
method of Frida Breitenbach.

Your blood pressure dropped.
Don't worry, you're fine.

You're looking at me
as if you'd seen a ghost.

Don't worry about Vera.
She left.

Why did you faint?

My blood pressure dropped.

- When did you arrive?
- This morning.

I saw an ad for the conference
and decided to come.

Let's eat?

I can't.

I have to eat with the crew.



No. I'm exhausted.

- See you later?
- Yes.

- Bye
- Bye.

Is that Carmen?


She goes well with you, I can see.

She's older.
That's progress.

Stop it, Sofia.

Less passi?n, more maturity.

You've already sucked Vera dry.

At least let's have a drink.

No I can't.

I told you.

- But Carmen is not going.
- So what?

We don't have to start from scratch.

It's an advantage.

There's a bar on the corner.

At least walk me to the car.

Fucking hell!

Who the fuck d'you think you are?

D'you think you can walk
away like nothing had happened?

How can you be so full of shit?

You'll pay for this, Rimini!

Look at me shit head
when I'm talking to you!

It's me, Sofia.

Talk to me before it's too late.

One day I'll die.

Then who will look out for you?

Who will think about you when I'm dead?



You know how long it's
been since this happened?

Waking up in the middle
of the night.

It will pass my love.

I don't have to approve
or disapprove anything.

I just think that growth
is so essential to this country...

that it ought not to take any risks.

How long has this been going on?

About a year.

English and French,
the languages I translate...

disappear suddenly.

One day I forget entire sentences,
the next day...

the meaning of the words.

I can see nothing here.

All normal.

Will everything I forgot come back?

Some people with the same diagnosis...

take time to recover, even a lifetime.

Others get better overnight.

Let's wait and see.

What were you talking about?

He wants you for a job in S?o Paulo.

I can't translate.

You're not the only
one whose mind went blank.

It happens to interpreters.

I told him I'd go.

You come with me as my companion.

You want sunglasses?

Jimi Hendrix.

John Lennon.

Ray Ban.

You choose.

- Can I try them?
- Yes.

They'd look great on any face.

Room 152 please.


Carmen Bosch.

She's my wife.

This way.

- Good evening.
- Good evening.

Could you wait outside, please?


She isn't even 32 weeks gone yet.

We can't take more risks.

So we're keeping her in.

You can go downstairs with
this and do the paperwork.

- Now?
- Yes, right now!

I don't believe it!

You've put on weight.

- I stopped smoking.
- It's unbelievable!


Two minutes ago I was talking
about you to Frida.

- I'm bringing her in. She collapsed.
- Really? - Yes.

ID number please.


Let me see.


Thank you.

Wait a minute.

Are you two not together?

- Yes.
- No.

I'm putting my wife in maternity.

I'm going to have a baby.

- I don't believe it.
- Neither do I.

You're going to have a baby without me.

Son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch!

Son of a bitch!

If you'd told me three months ago,
I'd have died.

But I'm happy now.

You're a son of bitch,
but I'm happy for you.

- I'm in love, Rimini.
- Really? - Yes.

That's great.

He lives in Germany.
His name is Konrad.

He lost his parents and his crazy aunt
dropped him onto the street.

- Who?
- The aunt...

The poor guy, my Kaspar Hauser.

You won't believe it,
but Konrad was a virgin.

Have you ever heard of anyone being
a virgin at the age of 25?

And the great thing is
I don't speak German...

and he doesn't speak Spanish.
It was like being naked all the time.

Love Rimini.

You know what I'm talking about.

- Pure love.
- This is not the right way.

You know who Konrad looks like?


When you were a child.

The first Rimini, I swear.



My dear.

I understand you separating
from that witch...

but to disappear
from my life is unforgivable.


Come here.

Where have you been all this time?

He's going to have a baby.

Don't be silly Sofia!

- A child?
- Yes.

With whom?

With my wife.

What'll you do with a child?

So young and intelligent.

You'd ruin it all for a child?

Go and call the nurse Sofia.

Go on.
Don't be a shit.

Do as I say.

I have to go.

Give me a light.

I remember the first time
Sofia brought you.

How old were you?

- Sixteen? Seventeen?
- Sixteen.

You were so beautiful that
I wanted to disfigure you.

But you, you criminals, decided...

to be normal, separate
and fall for others.

You had no right.

You know, Rimini...

after New Year parties...

after everyone left,
I used to stretch out on the sofa...

and masturbate thinking of you both.

I'm going.

I'm going to open the uterus.

Let's get the baby out mum?

Good, the head is coming out.

Push a little.

The head is out.

Now the body's coming.

A leg is out.
Very good.

Very good mum.

Look at your baby.


We'll take him to the incubator.

When the arm is like that
we call it the \x22en garde\x22 position.

I know someone who sleeps like that.

This is Lucio.

- Let's see it?
- Ok.

- Where are the subtitles?
- It's an old movie.

It came like this.

There's nothing to read.

- What d'you want me to do?
- Fix it!

I told you.

It came like this.

I was looking for you.

Are you okay?


- What happened?
- Without subtitles I can't understand.

And one more on the head.
The last one.

I'll put the hood on.

That's it!

Now let's change hands.

Very good.

He's a champ.

- Hi, Victor.
- Look who's here.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Hi, my love.

Who brought this?

- Sofia.
- It's beautiful!

Call and thank her.


If you don't call, I will.

I don't want to seem rude.

Lucio, if she doesn't
arrive in 5 minutes we leave.

Criminal, smoking in front of your son.

I was leaving.

Wardrobe problems.

I still dress up to see you.

Hi, Lucio.

You know who I am?

Your dad must've told you about me.

I'm Sofia.


The woman who taught your dad
everything he knows.

Don't worry.
It's a joke.

He knows I'm joking.

- He doesn't.
- He does.

You're beautiful, Lucio.

Sorry, I'm an emotional person.

You had a son with another woman.
You're a traitor.

At least...

when I imagined you as
the father of my children...

I wasn't wrong.

You look good as a father.

- Want an ice cream?
- Ok.

- Want one?
- Yes.

Still taking Sulphur?

Last week my mouth was full of ulcers.

And your German boyfriend?



The first guy I fell
for since we split up...

and you don't remember his name.

I knew there was a K.

Did you break up?

Nobody breaks up Rimini.
They abandon each other.

And he abandoned me, like you.

He learned what he had
to learn and left.

It's always like that.
It's my missi?n.

Heal their wounds
and put them back into the world...

ready to be happy
with other women.

Can I push him?

How does it suit me?

You want to fuck me?

Come on.

Just a quick fuck.

There's a hotel.
We go in, screw and that's it.

It means nothing.
Don't be afraid.

It's been so long since
I had a cock in me.

I'm so horny my ovaries hurt.


Feel them beating.

You put it in, come and that's it.

Please, I beg you.

For Chrissake!


Take your clothes off.
What are you waiting for?

We've done it before,
have you forgotten?

Don't worry about Lucio.

He doesn't understand.
He's asleep.

No Sofia, no.

I can't.

It's insane.

Stop it!


Are you crazy?

Open it, please!


Get in. I'll take you.

Do you remember?

Of course you remember
but you don't understand.

Alzheimer's, right?


That's a strong word.

What are you going
to do now you don't have ajob?

Nothing. I'm tired of translating.

Besides, Carmen makes good money.

Gigolo eh?

You always had this fantasy.

Don't you remember?

Do you know another thing you forgot
but I remember every day?

The photos.

The dead you sentenced me to live with.

Will you offer me a cigarette?

He stopped smoking.

Me too.

Cigarettes and matches please.

No tobacco.
The suppliers are on strike.

Let's not waste time.

Just sign.

First I must read it.

If I don't agree I don't sign.

Let's save time then.

Your signature
on this document binds you...

not to go within
50 metres of my client.

Also my client's son.

Your client's son is my son too!


pay all expenses for
psychiatric treatment...

due to the kidnapping.

Bear in mind we're not charging costs...

for her trauma of searching all night...

in clinics, hospitals, morgues...

until your friend decided
to return the boy.

Of course you weren't aware of this.

How could you be
if you arrived home drunk at 5AM?

What about the letter?

What does it say?

Lucio ate well.

I gave him a bath.

Sorry about the hair cut.

I had to keep something of his.

Something better than the drops of milk
you left inside me at the hotel.

Lucio is adorable.

He liked the Simpsons... and the mobile
which turns above my bed...

each time I masturbate
thinking of you.

I brought a vibrator from Germany.
A giant...

black cock with two heads
to stick in my pussy and ass...

waiting for the day you give in...

to the evidence that you love me.

Is that enough or shall I continue?

She's crazy!

She's crazy!

Please, no!

I'm sorry you slept with a deranged
woman in front of your son.

I told you I didn't!

It's common knowledge that
you have memory problems.

Am I wrong?

No, no!

Hello, Rimini.

Are you there?

I know you'll never speak to me again.

I don't know what came over me.
I don't remember anything.

I remember the hotel and the taxi,
nothing else. It's a blank.

Please forgive me.

I know it's hard.

But I think what's best
for you now is to be alone.

I'm going to move to Punta del Leste...

I'll sell this apartment...

and give you the money
to start your life again.

You can stay here and take care
of the sale.


take me with you.

I can help clean the house...

- pay the bills...
- What are you saying?

Don't you see? When you behave like
this I'm ashamed of you.

Kigali was occupied by the Tutsies...

from the Patriotic Front of Rwanda.

About two million Hutus fled...

to Burundi, Tanzania
and Zaire in a few weeks.

Due to more killing,
disease and hunger...

more than one million Hutus from Goma
refugee encampment were decimated.

Thousands of children
lost their parents.

About 40,000 corpses were
taken from Lake Victory.

Thousands of people die each
day from malnutrition and epidemics...

especially cholera and malaria.

- Hi.
- Hi.

We saw the ad in the paper.

Oh, yes, yes.

Come in, come in.

Come in, come in.

Look around.

85 square metres.

No garage.

No garage.

The state this place is in,
65,000 is too much.


No more, no less.

As you're in no hurry,
we can wait.

Why sell cheap?

If you are in a hurry
send for the furniture.

Send for the furniture.

This is the bedroom...

kitchen, bathroom...


- Do you live alone?
- Yes.





Now I do.
I live alone.

You have to go back.


and you have to get back together.

I thought it over and it's the only way.

That, or I'll kill you.

Take it.

Eat it.

Eat it.

When I fell in love with her...

I knew it was wrong
but I didn't care.

She needed me.

When the phone rang
she rushed to answer it.

It was her father,
an aunt, Victor...


But never you.

\x22Why did you expect him
to call?\x22, I said.

\x22How long are you separated?\x22

\x22I can't see him like that\x22,
she said.

\x22It's like letting him die.\x22

So while you were dying...

I was with a woman who said she loved
me but she only thought of you.

One day, very happy, she said,
\x22Today I met Lucio.\x22

That evening she called me.

She was at home with your son.

I never saw her so happy.

She talked while giving him a bath.

When I left her she told me
she didn't want to lose me...

that she had become fond of my cock.

After that we just met for a screw.

We didn't talk.

All that you owned...

Lucio, your wife...

you've lost.

Got it?

You can't live without her.

You two have to go back.

Do what I tell you...

and I won't tell your father
the state I found you in.

Let's go.

Right! Right! Right!

4, 5, 6, 7, 8!

46, 47, come on, 48...

9 and 10.

Come on!

What's up, Nancy?

Let's increase the resistance.


I can't go on.
I'm exhausted.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5!

The other one.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5!


That's it!

Come on.

Fucking hell! Son of a bitch!


I left the key inside!

I don't want to go home.

Take me to my psychiatrist.

I need a tranquillizer.

No, better take me to chiropractic.
Come on!

Turn left.

Turn left now!

Put it all in!


Ok, no more than that.


14, 15...

Go on.




Be back soon.

- Nancy still with you?
- Yes.

- Why?
- How often?

Twice a week.

You're lucky.
With me it was four.

You want money?

Go or I'll call the police.





Come here.

Enough Rimini.

That's enough.

It's been so long since I had
such pleasure watching you sleep.

You know you speak French
in your dreams?

You still sit on the bed...

in the middle of the night, fast
asleep... with your eyes open.

I told Victor...

\x22Guess who's sleeping in my bed.\x22

You think he was surprised?

He asked if we're going
to throw a party.

I said no.

Well, I have to go.

All your things are as you left them...
and you already know the house.

I'll leave the box of photos.

They've been waiting
for you for years.


Rimini, you remember Paula?

Sabrina, Carla...

Isabel, Lidia.

From Frida's parties.


This is Raquel...

and Mercedes.

I can't believe how many wrong
turns you took to get here.

I'll go on saying hi.

I told you, he remembers


Who are these two?

Gaston and Marcos.


From school.


Where's this?

Your brother's wedding.

It's yours.

You're there too.


I'm looking at you.

Can I have it?

As I can't have your
smile of love...

I'm happy to suffer.

I'm this one whining.

I'm burning.

I want to be yours.

I wait for you.

I deserve to be loved because
I'm waiting to be loved.

I know my day will come.

Well, who wants to ask for help?


The day my husband left me...

you know what he said?

\x22Be healthy.\x22

I showed no emotion.

I went out with many guys.

I wanted to have fun but...

each time was worse.

I felt empty, alone.

So I realised
the problem wasn't them.

The problem was the one who was gone.

He had to come back.

We all know stories
about men who leave home...

and never come back.

It's in our hands
to bring them back forever.

Rimini's return proves that
separation and pain...

with a happy end, is possible.

Look. When we went
to see \x22Ad?le H.\x22.

Do you remember?

How I could forget?

You cried the whole time.

Sofia... are you happy
to be opening Ad?le H.?

Very happy.
But it seems strange.

Yesterday we were dreaming of this place,
and now we're opening it.

Tell us, what is Ad?le H.?

It's a place to meet.

A refuge where we women come
together to heal our wounds.

What does Ad?le H. say about lost loves?

That we can get them back.

We begin to lose the men when
they start to forget us.

We lose them...

when they forget how happy
they were with us.

And what happens
to a couple who agree to separate?

We all know that separation...

can also be part of a love story.

Come Rimini.
All the giris want to see you.

They say it's all lies.

They're threatening to leave
and bad mouth the institute.


Sofia, you didn't tell us
how gorgeous he is.

Me neither.

And you?

Giris, let's take a picture.

All together.

- One more.
- Another one?

I want a drink.

Cointreau for me Rimini.


- It's you, right?
- Yes.


I know all about you.

I also love \x22The Kiss\x22 by Klimt...

and Venice.

I also had a high fever
in a foreign country...

where I didn't know anyone.

I was abandoned too.

But I know why.

It was I who stopped loving.

I don't know you.

Don't be afraid.


Come with me.

Let's leave together.

I met women before and after you...

and I will meet others.

When we're married you'll have
the same freedom.

You can have all
the women you want.

I love you! Is that so
difficult to understand?


if you really love me
don't force me to marry you.

Don't you love me anymore?

I loved you Ad?le.

Tell me you'll love me again.

Tell me I can have hope.

I'm yours!

I'm willing to obey you in any way!

Don't go! Take it...

to pay all yours gambling debts.

I accept, but not as a gift.

As a loan.
Now I want you to leave.


Before we separate forever.

Tell me if you could love me.

Kiss me.