El palo (2001) - full transcript

Lola's a single mom, broke, working as a janitor and maid. Silvia is pregnant, and her lover (her boss) won't leave his wife. Maite, newly a widow, discovers she's penniless but wants to maintain appearances and give her daughter a fancy wedding, and Pecholata, a punk kid living in a youth center, will soon be turned out on the streets. Lola, who cleans a bank every morning, decides to rob it, convincing the others to join her: they'll use replica guns, dress as men, take Silvia hostage, and all will be smooth. But things go awry, including the fact that Lola's ex, Gustavo, is a cop. Desperation may be the mother of invention - and a corrupt bank manager its father.


- It's still wet.
- How much longer?

Hey, Alexandra, darling!

Come in.

No, I have to go shopping.

I left your
checks signed inside.

- Call me if you need me.
- Okay, boss.

Hey, little thing.

Over here. Hey, beautiful.

- Hi, honey.
- Hi, Mom.

Go upstairs.

- He hasn't finished eating.
- Don't worry Grandma.


Dry your own hair, all right?

- Felipe! Can you get the door?
- I'm peeing

I almost left.

No, it's just bad timing.

Will you stay for dinner?

No, my mom made dinner.

- Did you bring your gun?
- That's all you care about.

I'm gonna eat you up.

Hi, loverboy!

You're such a knockout.

- Come to Daddy.
- Dinner's just about ready.

- In a second.
- Come here, Princess.

I almost forgot how good
your chicken is.

So you can't take the kid
to the doctor tomorrow.

And don't let him play
with your gun.

Please, Lola. It's never loaded.

Speaking of playing,
is that computer new?

- It was a steal.
- Why do you need it?

- You're broke.
- It's cheaper than classes.

I need computer skills.
And English.

I can't clean forever.

You quit working when you
had Felipe.

There are plenty of younger,

prettier unemployed
women out there.

I'm more than just a dishwasher.

What I make doesn't support us.

It's what you wanted.

Come back to me Lola.

Haven't you forgiven me yet?

Let go.

Good morning.

What for? You take the Rover....

- we'll take the smaller car.
- The Rover sucks!

- You all fit in Jorge's car.
- And my independence?

I need mobility.


- I need a favor.
- What?

Could you give me an advance?

The electric company wrote me
asking for payment.

- Sure. don't worry.
- It's only 8,0000 pesetas....

but they'll cut me off.

Things are just piling up and...

- Here.
- Thanks.

- Lola?
- Yes?

Are you handy with plugs?

Juan always took care of
these things.

And now without him....

I don't know what to do.

Come in.


Don't cry like that.

Seeing people cry gives me
a lump in my throat...

It's only because Juan died

later on you'll see...

No. it's not that...it's just...

I'm ruined! Ruined.

Juan didn't make a will.

He left everything pending.
Now we owe a ton of money....

not to mention the loans,
which is also a fortune.

I have to sell absolutely

- At my age. with the kids...
- There must be something.

Sure. Juan's pension.

What good is that?
It won't even cover the house.

I hadn't told anybody
about all this yet.

- Not even the kids?
- God, no.

My son's in school and my,
daughter's getting married.

I told Luisa I'd pay for
the wedding.

There's no way in hell.

- They'll manage.
- No way.

When Juan died I promised
myself I'd provide for them.

But now. I don't know
what to do.

Well, if you want....
Pay me whenever you can.

No, honey.

Sorry, did I hurt you?

I fucking need that money?

They weren't stacked properly.

I'll pick them up anyway.

Leave them.

Incredible. My first day and
you're the first client I meet.

You're like an angel.

Forgive me.
I don't mean to bother you.

I never say things like that.

I'm sorry.

- It's about time.
- So?

- Come on, Nuri.
- Bye.

- Lola, why are you here?
- How are you moneywise?

Oh honey, you know
I never save. Why?

My electricity bill.

They'll cut me off...

I was going to pay.
but I got robbed.

What? Did something
happen to you?

I got screwed over.

The rest doesn't matter.

I can't ask Gustavo for it.

No way, come on.


- Are you crazy? They'll see us.
- Quiet.

- To hell with Enrique. Here.
- Thanks. I'll pay you back.

Come on. I have to tell you
something important.

Not here, it's a long story.
Let's go out tonight.

No, I'm too old for that.

- Why?
- Who'll watch Felipe?

Your mother-in-law,
she lives next door.

But you see how broke I am....

What's this crap?

I'm the hottest date in town.


- I have to pay?
- Of course.

Fine, but since when do girls
buy their own drinks?

Girls, maybe not. But we do.
We could be their mothers.

I always buy my own.

Because you're naive.
Marrying your first boyfriend.

I didn't screw half of Madrid.
like someone I know.

I've spent my whole life looking
for a man worth the trouble.

Sure. Like Enrique, right?

I'm pregnant.

- Are you crazy?
- No, pregnant.

No, crazy.

I can't believe you.

Pregnant, all alone,
and with your brains?

Are you fucking stupid?

Whose is it? Enrique's?

I could kill you! Get in there.

I bet you even want to keep it.

Of course!

you're the first person
I've told. You could be nicer.

I didn't say anything when you
married a cop.

Have you told Enrique?

Silvia, please!
What if he blows you off?

Your income won't cover it.

I'll find a way, shit!

I'm disappointed with men Lola.
I want one of my own.

A son.

I'm too old to wait any longer.

- Don't cry.
- You were mean.

Come on, don't cry.

We're both in a mess.

If it's a boy, I hope
he isn't like his dad.

- Or like her mom if she's a girl.
- She'd be gorgeous.

- Grandma?
- What sweetie?

If I'm good will you buy me
the cop game?

- with guns and cuffs and all?
- Fine, but don't say "cop".

Your father is a policeman.
Now go to sleep.

If your mom finds out I let
you stay up...

Good night.

- What's happening Grandma?
- Nothing, don't worry.

- What is it?
- The blond guy.

From this morning.
Know what he said?

- What?
- He said I was an angel.

It's silly, but
it brought tears to my eyes.

- Let's go dance!
- No, I'm embarrassed.

Fine, hold this. I'll dance
and you watch me. But watch!

My lord.

I get to sleep over? Great!

Yeah, great.
We'll have lots of fun.

Let's get your sandals
and clothes for tomorrow.

Okay? All right.

Come on. give me your hand.

When will you tell Enrique.

I don't know.

He's going to leave his wife.

He's about to, really.

Money sucks. You need it even
to give birth.

You know what
I keep thinking about?


A good lay. One of those
where you scream.

Robbing my bank.

Sure, you're into everything.

You're like one of
Charlie's Angels.

Run! Don't go near it.

Don't go near it.

- What happened?
- Nothing honey.

They cut the electricity...

- But it's all right.
- What's all this?

- I was with the kid.
- Give us a moment.

Fanastic. Out having fun with your friend
and you leave the kid alone....

- He was with your mom!
- The house almost burnt down.

- What happened?
- Nothing.

Look, all this self-appreciation
stuff is fine...

But if you can't handle it, tell
me and I'll take care of the kid.

How can you say that to me?

I'm sorry.

Since were here I've something
else to say.

About the apartment.

My sister and her husband want
to start a business.

But my mom and I can't
help them...

the only money is....

- This apartment?
- Yeah. We talked it over.

Try to understand, it's my
sister's place too...

and we need to sell it.


They have a buyer.
Maybe a couple of weeks.

You can live with my mom.
I'll find a place.

I don't know.

Let me think about it.

Spend the night with us.

Your electricity's cut.

Three fives and four tens plus...

One million, three hundred...
20 million.


Hold still. I won't hurt you!

That's enough! I just want to
talk to you. Hold still!

- What's your name?
- Thimbletits.

- Hi. What'll it be?
- I'll have a coffee. And you?

Can I have a chocolate doughnut?

Coming right up.

My name's Lola.

I saw you open that lock.
You did very well.

So what's the deal anyway?


I work in a bank.
Cleaning, right?

And I saw that...

they kept the money in a drawer.

- They only lock with a key.
- So?

Right. well...

- Well...
- Coffee and doughnut.

I want to steal it.

But I need someone who can
open locks.

And steal. You're the only
person I know.

- Steal?
- Yes.

You're dreaming, lady.

"Rob a bank" she says.

What about the alarms,
and the cameras?

They have all that new
high-tech stuff.

You've seen too many movies.


Hey lady. Where's that drawer?

- Is it in plain view, or inside?
- In plain view.

- In the office, but in view.
- It might not be so complicated.

- I thought so, too.
- Sure.

For you.

The dress I asked you for!

Give me a kiss.

- I have something for you too.
- Wait, wait.

We need to talk.

- Fine. Something to drink?
- Whisky.

Remember the locale I bought
in Benidorm for a hair salon?

- I've decided to move there.
- Benidorm?

Yes, with my wife. Next month.

You said you were leaving her.

I said I was thinking about it.

It's just such a mess.

It turns out all the money's hers.
And it's not declared.

It would be a nightmare.

- I love you, but...
- Yeah, yeah.

She even suspects us.

If you knew how I dread
leaving with her...

Hey, princess.

I'll visit Madrid often.

Shit, now you're angry?

Between you and my wife
I can't get a break.

Poor baby, I'm so sorry.

Now what? I bet you even
want a quickie, right?

I'd better go, when you get
like this...

Fine, leave. Leave!

- I will.
- Then go.

But don't ever come back here.
You hear me?


Your photos.

- How much is it?
- 1,200.

- Fucking hell.
- What?

They're out of focus.

And these locks are fucking
impossible to open.

- Bad vibes.
- What do we do?

Go on.

We'll get the keys.

The manager has the only set.

We'll have to distract him.

- But how?
- Like in school.

I'd steal the teacher's keys
to the exam drawers.

I'd charge 500 a kid.

But we need a hook.

- What's a hook?
- A hook!

- I don't know.
- An outsider.

But the more elegant the better.

Someone elegant?

I don't know.

It's not the price, I just think
the church will be packed...

and sometimes simple can be
more elegant.

My daughter ordered them?

Fine, fine. Very well.

I'll stop by tomorrow.

- Maite.
- Yes?

I've been thinking about
what you said the other day.

We're in the same situation.
I need money too.

It's just taking the keys.
It's not so risky.

It sounds crazy at first but...

it's actually quite easy.

Besides, they deserve it for
making so much money.

And you'd make a great hook.
You'd be great.

Really? At what?

Robbing a bank.

If you're interested...


Oh, yes, the wedding dress.
How much?

Right, fine.
I'll stop in for it. Goodbye.


- The bank isn't BBV, is it?
- No.

Juan used to work there.

The manager always arrives
first, around 7:30.

The other employees arrive 10
or 15 minutes later.

He always does the same thing
with the keys.

He puts them in his jacket
pocket and hangs it in his office.

So that's where we
steal them from.

Is that where I come in?
By the way, I'm Maite. Charmed.

Thimbletits. She'll do fine.
She looks nice and straight.

What do I have to do, exactly?

It's a piece of cake.

First I go in the bank and start
filling out some forms.

Then you come in, all posh and
dressed up,

with lots of jewelry.
And you say,

"I want to see the manager".

Once in his office you make up
some story.

- About what?
- About whatever...

it doesn't matter.
Just make it good.

Then at some point you
pretend to have an attack.

You faint.
The manager freaks out.

"Shit, this lady is dying!
Get up lady!"

He calls an ambulance and the
paramedics show up.

I always thought I'd have made
a great actress.

In the chaos I sneak in the
manager's office.

I steal the keys from his

and I'm out of there,
but calmly.

We make the copy and we're
home free.

Home free?

We have to return the keys.

There's more.
After we make the copy.

I go back and put the keys
back in his jacket.

What if they catch you?

Someone else should return them.

- Split the cash four ways?
- Then what do we do?

- I'm hungry.
- Go back to your room.

- What were you doing?
- Just talking.

Lola, your son's adorable.

You should have seen him as
a baby.

Are you robbing a bank?

How silly. C'mon, darling,
go eat in your room.

Here sweetheart, honey.

By the way, we're both grown
women and all.

But you....aren't you a little
young for this?

And you're an old bag of shit.

- Hey, watch your mouth or...
- Or what?

Easy, easy. I agree with Maite.

What do I tell your mom if
we get caught?

Nothing, because I don't have one.

- You don't?
- No, I live with the witch

my dad married. A real bitch,
that's why I need the cash.

To go live with my dad.
He works in Argentina.

We didn't know.

My family's like a movie.

But I love my dad a lot.

You can answer that.
We haven't done anything yet.

Hi, check out the baby carriage I bought.

Yeah, but I have to go.

Then you'll be late. I have
a lot to tell you.

- I'm in a big hurry!
- And the baby carriage?

- It's beautiful. I have to shower.
- I'm thirsty.



Two friends from work.

- Maite and...
- Thimbletits.

- Right.
- From work, sure.

Mom and her friends are going
to rob a bank.

Oh, my son always saying
such nonsense.

I won't keep you, goodbye.

- Why "Thimbletits"?
- Here we go.

- It's sort of vulgar.
- You'd shit if I told you.

- Listen to me.
- I don't want to hear it.

Go rob a bank with your friends.

- Please don't tell anyone.
- You trust those two?

You know what? You are what...

What you hang out with.

A mother like you
robbing banks....

It was dangerous
for you to know.

I might want a piece of the
action, right?

You disgust me. Now that
you're going to be rich

- you find new friends.
- No Silvia, it's because you're pregnant.

- I want you to be safe.
- You fake.

You exclude me cause you
think I'm stupid, right?

When I most need help,
everyone leaves me hanging.

Even you!

It's not fair!

We need a fourth robber
in the gang.

I don't want to.

Though I could really use
the dough.

Well then?

You cant imagine how
expensive baby accessories are.

But there's beautiful stuff.

Lola, here. They found
your wallet.

You should be more careful.

Thieves have a right to
live too, you know.

They're human beings.

What? It's true.

- Any doubts, Maite?
- No.

- Thimbletits?
- Fuck no.

- Silvia.
- None.

Let's go.

- The manager, please.
- Yes.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

How can I help you?

I was looking for somewhere
to transfer all my accounts.

Very well. I'd keep looking
if I were you.

That way you'll see why we're
the best.

- Won't you sit down?
- Of course.

It's in poor taste to mention
such high figures.

Of course.

I'm sure a woman like you...

hasn't come to hear the
everyday speech.

Surprise me.

Surely you've heard of what
we call "virtual accounts".

That means they exist for you
and for you alone.

But this isn't the appropriate
place to discuss it.

I have an idea...

I know a nice uncrowded place
for a drink later.

- Are you OK?
- No, I'm kind of dizzy.

Could you open the door, please?

- I think I need some air.
- I'll go with you.

Slowly, relax. Breathe.
That's it.

Over to the chair.


Shit. About to close the deal.

A glass of water please!

You can't go in there.

- I asked for water.
- There isn't any in there.

- She's ill.
- What are you doing?

Go get that glass of water!

No, call an ambulance, quick.

Hello, paramedics?

Please, we need an ambulance.
It's urgent.

Yes, in Estrecho Bank.

I think I feel better.

I'll take you to the sofa.

Easy does it.

You're so kind, so kind.

- What a coincidence!
- Hi! I'm in a huge hurry.

We have a concert tonight.

I hope it goes well,
right now I can't.

- I'll pick you up at work.
- Fine, gotta run.

- By the way, I'm Daniel.
- Daniel.

I'm Silvia.

I'll go with you.

- Maybe I should stay.
- Really, I feel responsible...

you'll feel safer with me.

I'll lock my office,
where are my keys?

- I'm having a spasm!
- You need a doctor.

They fell. Are they yours?

- Thank you.
- I feel better.

What a classy place you have.

- You should see the mortgage.
- Is that why you need money?

No, for my daughter's wedding.

She's taking forever. She should
have got back an hour ago.

Maybe the cops got her.

Don't even joke like that.


Here she is. It's her.


It was empty.

Well, at least we can sleep
easy now.

- Happy birthday, honey.
- And the presents?

Oh, I almost forgot.

Let's see.


The pants will come later.

Next month.



Happy birthday!

- You like it?
- Yes, a lot.

Look, Mom. The cop game.

To catch robbers like you.

He says the silliest things.
Everyone get dressed up.

- We're going to the park.
- Great.

Lola, Gustavo sold the apartment.

You'll have to leave this week.

Do you have anywhere to go?


Silvia's place.

Lola, why don't you get back
together with Gustavo?

I'm in no shape to decide.

We'll see.


My boy.

- Water.
- Thanks.

She didn't tell you either?

There she is.

- How are you?
- Fine.

- What?
- Well...

I need money and I need it now.

So...I'm going to rob
that bank. Somehow.

- What does that mean?
- You mean at gunpoint.

You said it. It's the only way.

Gustavo says there's a bank
robbery every day in Spain.

If men can do it,
it can't be so hard.

- You mean a shootout?
- No, listen. I have a plan.

They sell guns that look
real, at the flea market.

Toy guns, I mean. Right, so...

I go in the bank and steal it all.

I'll disguise myself as a guy,

You're so smart.

So decide if you're in or out.

It's dangerous.

No more than a
rich girl's wedding.

How will you pay for it?
And then what?

Where will you work? Where?

Tell me. I'll come with you.

And both of you as well.

You can't raise a kid without money.
You have no idea what it's like.

And you, I'm sorry but....

you're worse off than
anyone here.

If we dress as men, I want
to wear a suit and a tie.

You see? With raincoats and
masks we'd look like guys.

No shit.

Thimbletits and I dress as men,

Maite waits in the car,
and Silvia's the hostage.

Look, Maite.

That's me.

- Shit!
- Check it out.

These should be illegal.

someone could use them to
steal for real.

- Is what we're doing fake?
- Basically.

- We're not real thieves.
- I don't know.

Let me out here.

You should give us your
phone and address.

Yeah, so my old lady finds
out. I'll call you.

- Thanks for the ride, Maite.
- You're welcome.

- See you tomorrow.
- Bye.

I was thinking of hiring her
as a cleaning lady.

Mine's leaving and they're

Come in, this is
really wonderful news.

Because she's past the age
limit and we didn't know

- what to do with her.
- ls her father in Argentina?

Fantasies. They make up
millionaire fathers,

boyfriends, friends...

hey all do. If they don't get
affection they invent it.

- Well.
- She's a great girl.

She looks weird but she'd
do anything to be noticed.

Her only problem is the guys she
hangs out with...

how I've prayed that something
good would happen to her.

She needs some luck for
a change.

40 seconds.

Come on, come on....

47 seconds.

And they say women take forever.

The day of the hold-up.
no necklaces...

or watches or anything.

And find some gloves,
your hands are showing.

- Do I look a guy or not?
- Yes.

You look kind of soft.

Lots of robbers do.

Let's try it out on someone.

Yeah, but who?

Luisa, I think we should pay
for this stuff, not your mom.

No way! She wants to. And it
keeps her busy.

Since Dad died...

Freeze, don't move!

- The money!
- Yes sir, here.

- And the credit cards.
- Yes, stay calm.

Relax, it's over now.

A few days without
credit cards, thank god.

Yeah, with the police.

The full description, great,
it's all done.

Fine, see you later.

She was terrified.

I told you I looked like a guy.

She even told the police you
were six feet tall.


Why are you all dressed up?

No reason, I wanted to
look pretty.


I'm meeting Daniel.

Don't tell him anything
about the hold-up.

You think I'm stupid?
Like before, at Maite's house.

I hate being taken for an idiot.

Are you sure about Argentina?

I ask because I'm sure your
dad has his life all set.

You need to think of yourself.

You don't know how fast
money disappears.

You need to prepare for
the future.

- Enroll in a school...
- Yeah, right.

You must like something.

Something you know how to do.

- Everyone has something.
- Not me. And what about you?

I started working at 15 because
I lost my father.

As a dressmaker.
I shouldn't have quit.

Right now my husband's mess
wouldn't have destroyed me.

Go on, get changed.

- Fixing stuff.
- What?

I like fixing stuff.
Washing machines,

- cassette players...
- That's something.

Yeah, but you have to study.
It's guys' stuff.

What about robbing banks?

And besides....

what will you do when you
leave the youth center?

Where will you go?

- Have you told the others?
- No, but I want to.

Could you fix a plug for me?


I never saw a room with so
much stuff.

- You'd never seen.
- Whatever.

Look, here is the problem.

Piece of cake.

If I had a place....

like this...

I'd never leave, no way.

- All set.
- How quick.

Your daughter's gorgeous.
Some girls have all the luck.

You could be if you wanted.

Why don't you wear skirts?

You need nice legs for that,
like yours.

Thanks. That's the first nice
thing you've said to me.

I won't bite, honey - Mom!

I can't believe this, Mom!

How could you bring home a—

- What are you thinking?
- What is she, a friend?

- Look Luisa—
- Throw her out!

I don't want her here!

Get out of my house.

You need a shrink, Mom.


Come on.

- I'm going to have a coffee.
- Okay.

- Hi Rosi. American style.
- And with milk.

"Being parents"?

Why's she reading this?

It's normal if you're pregnant.


The latest bank transactions.

200 thousand, 200 thousand...

2 million! 5 million!

It changes everyday.
I love computers.

- Did she tell you?
- No.

You have that "no pregnant
women" policy.

- What's wrong?
- Nothing.


Nothing important.

- Daniel and I....
- You slept together.

Why do you say that?

A baby....


He told me stuff, you know?

He's sweet, he's a musician.

The supermarket is just to pay
the rent.

- So?
- So...I told him stuff too.

- What stuff?
- Stuff.

Fuck Silvia! The bank robbery?

I had to tell him something

Artists don't fall in love
with hairdressers.

Silvia, for God's sake.

There's more.

Dazzle me.

- I'm dropping out.
- What?

Where will my baby be born
if they catch me?

Lola, I'd mess it up, honey.

200, 200, 5 million...

These documents say there's a
different amount everyday.

Must be a way to find
out when the money's there.

- Only the manager knows that.
- We'll get it out of him.

How? Beat it out of him?

Men are willing to say whatever
a beautiful woman wants.

And we've got Silvia.

Not anymore. She's been
stricken with common sense.


Accomplices go to jail too,
you know.

I don't want my kid born there.

But this isn't the hold-up,
it's information gathering.

It's a consulting job.

Get with it girl. We can't
do it without you.

Silvia. I'm asking as a favor,
we need you.

Please, don't put it that way.

Why not one of you?

- Because we're three...
- You tell her...

three lobsters.

All the good stuff's on
the inside.

Thimbletits is too young,
and he knows Maite already.

What about you?

I'm not good.

The cleaning lady?

Besides, men haven't liked me
for ages.

Jesus, you're so oblivious.

Isn't Lola pretty?

- In what sense?
- In the normal sense.

Guys see what they want to see.

Like cows, the poor beasts.

- Really?
- A whale in a miniskirt...

beats Sharon Stone dressed
like a nun any day.

I never told anyone this,

but I when I met Juan,
my husband...

I told him my breast size
was perfect.

Nonsense, of course. There's
nothing perfect about me.

But his obsession with my
tits lasted till he died.

In your case, fine. But
men just don't like me.

I've been hearing
that for years.

Come on. You're such a coward
when it comes to sex.

- What?
- You'll see. Wait.

Go on, straight forward.
On your own.

And they say Coslada has
no monuments.

Yours was a wardrobe problem.

I was preparing the dress for
my daughter's wedding.

You can use it.
You'll be beautiful.

- Can you excuse me a moment?
- Or even longer.

Pardon me. I don't mean to
bother you...

I won't be able to sleep if
I don't figure out

where I know you from.

- From the bank.
- Excuse me?

Lola, I clean the bank
every morning.

Oh! Sure, I knew that.

I was only kidding.
Since I lack...cleaning techniques.

- Waiter! Can I buy you a drink?
- Yeah, a Baileys.

How does it feel,

to have so much money pass
through your hands?

Who cares about money?

For me, money's merely the
material of my creativity.

I handle money. I bring it
to life, I transform it.

But money is nothing,
believe me.

No, I don't care much
about it either...

It's just to fantasize
while I clean.

- Good for you.
- How much is there?

- I don't even know.
- You don't?

No. Listen, who sent you to
play this joke on me?


Either that or I'm dreaming.

You're no cleaning lady.

Lola's taking forever. I guess
it's a good sign.

Silvia should have gone.

- Why'd the chick flip out?
- You'll know if you have kids.

- Come here Felipe.
- I'd make quite a mom.

- like mine.
- You know her?

I haven't seen her in ages.

She's a drunk.

All moms should be like you
or they should be illegal.

It's definitely my lucky day.

I meet you, and it was the
bank's busiest day all year.

- When? Today?
- You're telling me!

That is lucky.

Money comes and goes.
Here today, gone tomorrow.


The armoured car comes at noon.

But let's not talk about that.

My lucky day's not over yet.


- Hello? Excuse me.
- Sure.

Hi, yeah.
I was expecting your call.

Well, that depends on how
much you invest.

Fine, we'll meet whenever
you want.


Of course, just the two of us.

These operations are better
done in private.

Three's a crowd.

Problems? No, no.
Money is like sex.

I said money's like sex.

If in trouble. see a specialist.
I'm the specialist.

That's why they call me the
father of my clients.

I can't hear you!

The signal's fading.

Come here.


Can I come in? We haven't
talked in ages.

What do you want?

I know you're pregnant.


is it mine?

I knew I could have kids.
It's my wife's fault.

A child.

My child.

No, no. My child's going to have
a real father or nothing.

So I'll have it alone. Because
I'm alone, right?

Wait, I have a plan.

With your income
you can't have a kid.

- Then give me a raise.
- I'm serious Silvia.

- How will you manage alone?
- That's my problem.

- And mine! The kid comes first.
- Yes.

Fine. What's your plan?

I had to convince my wife,
but she gave in.

You know we're moving
to Benidorm.

No one knows us there, and
the kid could pass for ours.

It'd be well-provided for.
I want the kid.

You're joking?

You think I'll let you
take my child away?

- You and that witch?
- Think for once in your life.

- It'd be better off with us.
- Really?

You think I don't know
a guy slept here last night?

Who knows what diseases he had.

Will you keep it up when
the baby's born?

I won't permit it.

My child will grow up in
a normal family.

We'll see.

Fine, my wife was right. We'll
have to do it the hard way.

Don't go back to work
tomorrow, you're fired.

Stick that job in your ass!

I have my own plans, asshole!

Come on, come here.

Well, well, well.

- What are you doing here?
- I'll tell you later. I'm in.

I saw you, you little slut.

- Did you screw him or not?
- Like a beast. Screams and all.

Congratulations. Now what
about our little issue?

Tomorrow's the day.
The busiest day of the year.

We take it all before the
armoured car comes.

Girls, tomorrow we rob the bank!

You're robbing a bank?
With them?

Are you out of your mind?

I'm a cop.
That's the end of this.

- Gustavo...
- You shut up.

All this is your fault.

Get out of here, you three.

I don't want to see you again.

A hold-up? You?
You're a cleaning lady.

And who was that guy you had
in your pants out there?

I'm fucking talking to you!


That's the second time you've
hit me.

And I was wrong again.

Go to bed sweetie. I'll be
in to tuck you in.

Felipe, honey, go to bed.

I have to talk to Mom.

Tomorrow we'll cancel the sale.
I'll move back in.

I'm sorry but you need me.

Fine, here it is.

Before we say goodbye.
won't you tell me your name?

- I can't go in there anymore.
- Why not?

I'm past the age. Yesterday
I said I was leaving....

Where to?

Don't you have a plan?

Can't you sleep darling?

You know something?

Daddy might come live with us.

I'll see more of you that way.

It might be a bit strange
at first.

But you'll behave, won't you?

I don't want Daddy to come.
Or him to hit you.

Go to sleep, honey.

This is Thimbletits, a friend.

She's staying a few days
with us.

Relax, she's not my girlfriend
or anything like that.

Since you're never home
you won't mind.

Then I'm leaving.

You're old enough. you have
a boyfriend.

Good idea,

but she stays.

I don't mind.

Since we're all here
for once, another thing....

we're ruined.

I mean totally ruined.

It's not your fault, but that
changes nothing.

I wish I could keep
providing for you....

but I can't.

I did my best.

I'm sorry.

- Hello?
- Silvia. The hold-up's tomorrow.

- Were on.
- Yes.

Fuck Gustavo. I'm in. even if
I'm alone. Are you in or not?

- Yes.
- Good.

Call Maite and Thimbletits.
And be on time.


The gloves,
where are the gloves?

Give me that gun.
I said not to play with it.

That's how things go missing.

Let's go.

- Lola, are you okay?
- Great.

- Your voice—
- I'm great. Grandma.

There's food for the kid.
I might be back a little late.

No dessert until he finishes
all of it.

- You be good now.
- Okay.

And don't tell people
I rob banks.

Hey hot stuff!

How discreet!

Get your hands up now!

- Watch the hair.
- Shut up.

- Give me the security tape.
- Stay calm.

Please do what he says.

Fine, take it easy....

You don't seem to understand.

I'm pregnant. You can't risk
the lives of innocent people.

I'm sorry ma'am. it's
nothing personal.

I'll cancel my account!

You beast! Can't you see?
They'll kill me!

What happened?

What was that?

Nothing, it just happened....

Gustavo's. The kid switched

Fuck, Lola!

You can't trust anybody.

You planned all this to come
here and steal?

There is a God!

I can hardly believe it.

Good, we still have a few minutes
before the employees arrive.

- For what?
- For what?

Why are you here?
To rob the bank, right?

You want us to rob the bank?

You follow your plan. I'll say
you forced me.

We'll split it up later.

Seven million from the safe for
you, the rest for me.

- The rest?
- I earned it.

I hid the money from the
tax inspectors.

From hustlers.

Don't you get it?

It's dirty money.

The owners can't report
it missing.

It's a master crime.

What a pile!

400 million. Isn't it sexy?

70 for us!

- Half for us.
- That's robbery!

200 million or you're on
your own!

Relax Damian, don't worry!

I won't let them hurt anyone.

Freeze! Hands up!

No buts. We can't risk human
lives for a few million.


I said hands up!

Stay still Damian.

Come on. They said to
get in there.

I'll answer for this.

- Fucking move!
- I said get in there! Let's go.

- 200 million by four...
- 50 each. Let's go!

- This is heavy as fuck.
- Silvia, go. Maite get the car.

We're rich!

- What's that?
- No, no.

- You're hostages.
- That's right.

Don't move.

Send an assault team.

We don't know if they're armed
or have hostages.

Come on, close it!

Now what?!

They might start shooting.

- We should give up.
- How embarrassing!

Fuck, Fuck!

- What?
- I hit the alarm.

Are you stupid?

Hello? Police? Yes.

Yes, you are speaking to the
manager of the bank.

The hold-up? Oh sure, fine but...

no matter inspector.

The head of the bank robbers?

I'll put him right on.

I could kill you!

This is the police!

The bank is surrounded.

Don't make things worse.

- How many hostages?
- Four.

No, five. Five!

- Where's your car parked?
- In front, why?

I'm coming out with a hostage.

The manager's car is in front.

We're getting in and
I want a clear path!

- And the other hostages?
- They're safe.

You'd better turn yourself in.

- What?
- Wait, wait.

I was saying yes.
You can come out.

You have my word.

I'll get that fucker.

Maite. you drive.

Change clothes.
You're a hostage.

They don't know how many there are.

Are you crazy? It cost a ton.

Any better ideas? Here, come on.

Relax, Maite...

with a hostage they won't
shoot me. I hope.

You know what to do.

And stop crying!

What if they catch you?

Better they catch one than four.


Oh my God!

Relax, this is normal.

Nobody move or I'll shoot her!

- He'll kill me!
- Get in the car, quick!

All units, we have a suspect
with a hostage

driving a green Audi with
Madrid plates.

Oh God!

Colombia street heading for
Jesus of Nazareth.

That fucker. Go get him!


Are you okay!

I think I broke something!

- Get the money and go.
- But...

Don't worry about me. Go!

Police! Hands against the wall!

Shit Lola. All of this just
to avoid getting back together?

Hit me and run. And change clothes,
we're looking for a guy.

And hit me hard!

Go on, get the fuck out of here.

The suspect escaped and the
hostages are safe.

but strangely, thanks to this
hold-up, they discovered

a fraudulent money-laundering

The bank manager was
detained pending trial.

And why can't I mention it
at school?

Finish your sausages!

We're rich!

- How much is there?
- I don't know but a lot.

You're going to cry now?
After all we've been through?

I put all I could in the
vacuum cleaner.

We still don't know what the
manager told the police.

Nothing. Gustavo sald he didn't
mention us.

He's in enough trouble.

It's too bad. He's so cute.

We'll have to go a while
without seeing each other.

I live here.

My daughter's fiance invited
Violeta to the wedding.

- Violeta?
- What? I didn't name myself.

We'll act normal, to avoid

Right. We're friends normally.
I see you everyday.

And you work here, besides.

The police think they found all
the money

and they are looking for a man.

Right, do whatever you want.

Let's count it.

See how many stacks. and how
many bills in each stack.

Finally something went our way
in this life.

It's so nice to feel like this—

Speaking of freedom, what
about Gustavo?

It's over. Forever.

Who would have thought...

- You know something?
- What?

I might marry Daniel
for the hell of it.


- Guess how much, guess!
- How much?