El olvido que seremos (2020) - full transcript

The story about a Colombian writer's father. His father was an University md professor who promoted tolerance and human rights in his country. Writer exposes his feelings related to his lovely father and he describes his family story and all drama related with the killing of his father. It is a moving film based on a book with the same title. It is a sample of violence related events to political Colombia's social life during last three decades.

What's up?


Don't move, you little bastard.

What are you doing?

Don't fuck around.

I said I haven't got the cash.
That right?


You wanna give it to me now?

Or do I have to
kill your brother?


Did you like it?

Or do you intend mulling over
what you've seen for hours in silence?

I don't know what to
think, to be honest.

Full of Latinos shooting
guns, you know?

I like shoot'em up movies.


I knew that already.

Come on!

You like shoot'em up
movies and suicide.

You exaggerate too much.

Shall we go to my place then?

You're joking.

I've got an exam first thing.

I don't like "sleep" on rny own.

I don't like sleeping on my own.

You're to blame for
my terrible Italian.

- Yeah, sure.
- Su re.

Did you know you learn a
language best in bed?

To bed.

Hi, I'm not at home,
please leave a message.

Ciao, non sono a casa, per
favore lascia il tuo messaggio.

Hi, buddy.

Hey, are you there?

Come on, answer, damn it.

I have to tell you what happened
with that girl. It was great.

Call me back when you can.

Hi, Hector.

I don't know if you
remember me, Silvia Blair,

one of your dad's students.
I'm a teacher now

and I wanted to talk to you.

I guess you know
your dad is retiring

from the university, right?

Wei I, a group of students and
ex-Pupils would like to pay him tribute,

and I imagine you might
want to join us.

It's important to him, I think,
he's not too good right now.

- Hi, gorgeous!
- Handsome!

How are you?
You're looking good!

Why are you so skinny?

- Aren't you eating?
- Of course I am.

It's because love
keeps you trim.

And marriage makes you fat,
just take a look at me.

Don't talk nonsense,
you look lovely.

How did you keep my
mum from coming?

- Hector Joaquin!
- Mum!

What a joy!


- Good to see you.
- You're so thin!

Not you too?
I'm the same as ever!

Let's go to the car
or we'll be late.

Sol and Dad are on
their way there.

They wanted to come
and pick you up too,

but you know how it is here.

It must be the first
time ever for a plane

- to arrive in Medellin on time.
- You bet.

The ceremony today
will start on time.

They were lucky to be given
somewhere to hold the ceremony.

They don't want Dad there.

They dismissed him
out without notice?

No, he was given notice.

That vice-chancellor
simply unmasked himself.

Dad still acts like a
rebellious student

and not like
a respectable professor.

You see, everything's the
same, nothing has changed.

- But as for you...!
- Yes, you!

You're all so beautiful!

Maryluz, don't I look
a bit dishevelled7

- What are they protesting about?
- This week, who knows?

You were never an easy person,

let alone as a professor.

I remember, at first,

we didn't know what
to make of him.

We asked ourselves,

"What kind of lessons are these?"

What kind of strange
professor is this?

Rather than offering

"he spends all lesson
raising doubts."

You set out more
questions than answers,

and that left us in the dark...

You were the first person

to dare to speak about public
health in this country,

when we thought that

was for the Yankees
or the Europeans,

but never for us.


Your knowledge of social medicine

was sustained by your passion

for anthropology,

for humanism

and politics.


is a very sad day
for the university.

Silencing the voice of
a unique professor...

If you'll excuse me...

Mum, the silverware is ready!

No, not that one, love. We can't
use the everyday silverware.

Fetch Dr Saunders' silverware.
That vase is lovely!

Gordo, can you come
and give me a hand?

- Hang on...
- Look, I got...

Give us a hand, Quiquin,
they'll be here soon.

What's that?

If your dad sees you
playing with that gun...

Right, how are we doing in here?

They're here!
They're here! Dad!

- God, they're here!
How's my hair?

- It's fine, you look fine.

Stop running around,
Héctor Joaquin!


Go downstairs.

Richard, how nice
to have you here.

Thank you.

I hope I'm not too much trouble.

Thank you very much, Emma.

You can serve the

Josefa, we were waiting for you.

She takes care of the young
children's education.

- Very good, nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you, mister.

Dr Saunders.

- Carry on, Josefa.
- Excuse me.

Didn't you say you
didn't like it?

Which you need.

I want to hear about
San Francisco.

- Yes, so do I.
- Well,

I spend most of the
day at the university

and I don't know what
goes on in the city.

Is it true it's full of hippies?

- Yes.
- What are hippies?

"Strange" people.

Listen, "strange" people.

What kind of "strange"?

Girls, let the adults talk.

Dr Saunders has come
to work with me

on a project called
Futures for Children.

The children's future.

It's a study on the
different social aspects

in several rather
marginal neighbourhoods.

- Can I go with you?
- "Can I go with you?"

I know that trick. Anything
to get out of studying.

- Why not?
- Why not?

Your friend is to blame.

When Quiquin had
to go to nursery,

he started crying, and daddy

was so desperately sad,
he decided to keep him at home all year.


- How about that?
- He was so small.

- Small? He still is.
- And spoilt.

- He's this small, and doesn't grow. Hey!
- Don't hit her.

Have you washed your hands?

Come on.

Go and fetch Tata.

- From your hands...
- Excuse me.

All the bacteria you touch
during the day can get into your mouth.

So then, Dad,

can't I go with you?

No, not so fast.
Don't be in such a rush.

Otherwise you won't get
all the dirt off, look.

What's that song
that Marta likes?

The one The one she dances to?

- Yes.
- The one about the dead man?

That's the one! Sing it and wash
your hands till the song ends.

- Tata!
- Say hello!

Do you remember Dr Saunders?

Hello, ma'am. How are you?

- Tata!
- How are you, ma'am?

You see... It's a shame,
she can't hear very well.

- Yes, such a shame.
- She can't see either.

Marta, please! Show some
respect for your elders.

Angel of God, my guardian dear,

to whom God's love
commits me here,

ever this night be at my
side to light and guard,

- to rule and guide...
- Don't say it so fast

Hector goes fast.

Children, you don't pray to
God just for the sake of it.

You pray consciously,

thinking carefully about
every word you say.

Not as if you're reciting

the list of your favourite
soccer players.

- Does my dad pray at night?
- Concentrate, Hector.

My dad doesn't pray
at night, I know.

Yes, much to my regret, your
father doesn't pray at night,

which is why he'll go
to hell when he dies.


he doesn't pray and doesn't
go to Mass on Sundays.

Will I go to heaven?

Don't worry, I'll see to that.

Don't worry, my dear.

Sol! What are you doing?

Don't look at my hair!

It's a mortal sin to
look at a nun's hair.

I'm sorry.

Hey, what are you doing?
It's my bed!

You know what?

I'll never pray
before bed again.

- What?
- Good gracious, Héctor!

How can you say such things?

I don't want to go to
heaven if my dad isn't.

Rd rather go to hell with him.

Goodness, Hector, hush!

Kindly stop talking nonsense.

Go to sleep!
Go to sleep, the pair of you!

- Will you please, go to sleep!
- To hell...

in commune one, then
commune two and commune three.

Excuse me.

Look, what lovely
stories my son writes.

Quite an author.

A Nobel prizewinner-to-be.


- Can you give us some money?
- Please.

- To buy a few important things.
- Ask your mother.

- She isn't in.
- She's at work.

She left without saying goodbye?

She didn't want to interrupt.

- You are all so busy.
- Working.

My wallet is in my briefcase.
All yours.

- Thanks.
- Dad,

can I have some
for an ice cream?

Of course you can, love.

All I have is yours.

But remember, your dad
is a professor...

- Yes.
- And we are poorly paid here.

- See you later!
- So, don't spend too much.

She's coming.

Run, run.

This way.

- Fatso!
- What?

- Are you sure they're Jewish?
- Yeah.

Hebrews eat bread.


I heard my parents
talking about it.

Josefa says that the Jews
killed Jesus Christ, Our Lord.



- Stinking Jews!
- Stinking Jews!

Fatso, pack it in.
They're here.

- Hi!
- How did it go?


- Darling!
- Hi, Dad.

- Has everyone been good today7
- Very good, as always.

- Is Mum back?
- Yeah, she's inside.

But Mum hasn't been very good.

- What happened?
- She made me eat porridge.

I'll have to have
a serious talk with her.

All those kisses and cuddles.
Is your dad gay?

Don't say that, Fatso.

- All gays kiss other men.
- That's not true.

Yes, it is.

Come over here. Keep quiet.

Guess how many times they can
hap their wings in one second.

- Twenty times.
- Up to two hundred times!

- That's impossible.
- My dad told me, he's a doctor.

- Is your dad a doctor or what?
- Doctor Queer.

Are you crying?
She's crying, look!

- You're silly.
- Silly?

Don't be rude.

- I'm so silly.
- No, you're not.

Sit to the table, the
soup will go cold.

Leave her alone.
Just a moment.

Hector Joaquin,

come on, we have
something to do.

- Doctor Abad!
- Good evening, Mr Manevich.

- How are you?
- Fine, fine.

My son has come to apologize

and assure you it
won't happen again.

Sorry, Mr Manevich.

Say it louder.

I'm sorry, Mr Manévich,

I won't do it again. I promise.

- Good night, Doctor.
- Good night.

Sorry for having interrupted.

Good night.

He came to say sorry.

Do you remember
Clarita Glottman?


Clarita was a classmate who
became the first female doctor

to graduate from the
University of Antioquia.

She was Jewish.

The first thing the
Nazis did to the Jews

was break their shop windows.

Then they tried to exterminate
them in concentration camps.

Have you ever seen photos
of concentration camps?

Clarita's parents died
in one of those camps.

One day, I'll show you photos so
you know what they were like.

- Tomorrow?
- No,

not tomorrow,
Tomorrow you can come

and help Richard and me.

Be careful, Quiquin.
Careful, love, get down.


Here's a water sample
from the brook.

They need drains,
vaccination programmes...

This is a disaster.

If that was all that's needed...

Clean water saves more lives
than the best of surgeons.

Why do you think the Romans
placed so much importance

on aqueducts and drains?

Camilo, come here!

Camilo, come over here!

- Come on!
- How are you, madam?

- Good afternoon, Doctor.
- May I ask,

- how old is your boy?
- He's twelve, Doctor.

He's the same age as my son,

and look...

This is the first
step to inequality,

and from hereon...

I bet you've all forgotten
what I say in class

about the five needs.

- The five needs?
- Exactly.

What a human being needs
for healthy growth:

air, water,

food, shelter and affection.

The vaccines? Tell him.
Silvia, tell him.

Yes, it's astounding
how the government

still hasn't authorised vaccines

which have been used in
the US for many months.

We're always way behind.

What a disaster!

Dad, what's wrong
with this girl?


Make a note of the districts
in which each child lives.

That will help us to
map out the epidemic.

What about this girl?

- What's wrong with her?
- She's hungry.

It will come as no surprise.

Where there is no sewage system

or where they drink milk
mixed with river water,

that's where you'll find
the typhus epidemic.

What about this girl?

She's hungry, that's all.

They're just hungry.

Your dad better not find out
you're noseying around.

Yeah, I'm out of here.

- Are they going to bring a dead body?
- Not today. We're not dissecting today.

What a pity.

Is everything all right?

- Hello, Gilma!
- How are you, dear?

Fine. Isn't Dr Abad here?

No, but he won't be long.

- Leave it over there.
- Thanks.

- Hi! Nice to meet you,
- Hello.

- I'm Hector. Like my dad.

Could you give this to your dad?

- Sure.
- Give him my regards.

- Thank you.

This is lovely, look.

- My mum makes them.
- Really?

- With loving care.
- What are they for?

For putting candles in.

- See you again. All the best.
- Bye, dear.

All the best.


Why did lie bring this?
Did you ask him for one?

No, dear. Your dad helped him a lot
when he started his studies.

He's a humble lad from
a faraway village.

So, every time he goes there,
his mum sends a gift for your dad.


Are you married to my dad too?

No, my dear. Whatever
has got into you?

Your dad is married to your mum.

What's this photograph
doing here then?

Because I got married
by proxy to Ivan,

my husband, who's in Mexico.

Your dad represented him because
Ivan was over in his country.

Do you know what I mean when I
say I got married by proxy?

- No, madam.
- Well, dear,

you get married and somebody
represents the absent person.

So, you did then, you married my dad.

Well, all right. I guess so,
but only a little bit.

"The town of Medellin:
a national disgrace."

Don't touch that, love, your
dad hasn't finished it yet.

"The aqueduct spreads
typhoid fever bacilli"

"and the authorities are
doing nothing about it."

It's an article.

- For the newspaper?
- Yes, my boy, for a newspaper.

Will everyone read it
when it gets published?

I hope so, my dear.

Or hopefully at least by
those who need to read it.

Here you are!

Come on, Hector, I bet you
haven't let Gilma work.

Dad, this is from Miguel's mum.
Miguel, right?

The student.

Such a dear lad.

You keep it, Gilma, so we
don't have to carry it home.

- No, Doctor, I...
- I'm not going to argue,

- I've had enough for today.
- But...

Enough for today.

- Let's go.
- Bye, Gilma.

Hello, Rosalia!

- It's been a long time!
- Hello, Doctor.

I know, I've been very ill.

How are you doing?

- I've got something for you.
- You're a good man.

Remember what I promised?

Go ahead, go ahead!

I hope we took the
right measurements.

If you have any trouble
with it, let me know.

It shouldn't rub or hurt at all.

How will I know, Doctor...?

No, it's simple. Help
me with your skirt.

- That's it. Careful.
- Is that it?

Then, you just cover it up.

How will I ever pay you?

It looks perfect!

I read the article you're
writing for the newspaper.

Really? What did you think?

- Turn, turn...
- But, what are bacilli?

Bacillus is...

a bacteria that can only be
seen through a microscope.

- Remember the samples we took?
- Yeah, sure.

That's it.

When we studied them under the
microscope, guess what we found.

- Bacilli.
- Exactly.

I'll show you the photos later.

Dad, what I really want
to see is a dead body.

Hector, I told you, you're
still too young for that.

Get out. And open the garage.

Of course, the dead go to hell
if they haven't been good.

God is strict about that.

What if they've been good
but they don't go to church?

- What?
- Well...

what happens if
they've been good

but they don't go to church?
Do they go to hell too?

Look, Hector.

You're not going to
fool around with me.

You're going to church tomorrow,
the same as your sisters.

He says he doesn't want to go.

Doesn't he?

With his mother then,

the archbishop's niece,
see what she says.

Sunday is sacred, Héctor.

Breaking the third is just as
serious as breaking the rest.

- The third?
- Yes,

the third commandment. Good
Lord, this blessed child...

He won't learn.

Quiquin, you can't
go out like that!

Dad told you not to go
out without your helmet.

I can do as I please,
it's my bike.

Hector, don't be rude.

You're too young to
do as you please.

What if you fall and
crack your head open?

Hector, here.

- Do as your sister says.
- No, Dad!

I'm the only fool
who wears a helmet.

It doesn't matter. It's
protection in case you fall.

He hasn't even
finished his homework.

Leave him alone.
Hector, come here.

He's so spoilt.

He's so rude.

How about teaching
him some manners?

All in good time, Josefa.

Doctor, tins boy
needs a firm hand.

Don't worry.

Life is hard enough, there's
no need to make it any harder.

- Come here.
- Dad, no.


Don't ever hit
your sister again.

- You prefer her?
- No.

Marta is your favourite. She's
good at everything: violin,

- guitar, she sings...
- That's not true.

You must protect her,

and all your sisters too.

You must never hit a woman,

not even with a rose petal.

Go on then.

Does it look like Chinese?

It looks like Arabic or Indian.

It's called shorthand, love.

People speak so
fast at meetings,

so I have to make
notes like this.

- How did you learn?
- That was many years ago.

At the Remington
School for Girls.

Have you done your
homework, Hector?

- He hasn't even started.
- Because Dad always lets him off.

Finish it at home,
we're going now.

- Okay, Mum.
- Quickly. Girls, tidy away, time to go.

Yes, madam.

Haven't you read his article in
the papers? Don't be fooled.

He's filling the university
with Marxist ideas...

They go on and on about
him being Marxist.

He blames the authorities...

Mum, are they
speaking ill of Dad

Of course they are.

- He's just as dangerous...
- Get off.

Stop it.

Fortunately, the
ecclesiastic hierarchy

has taken the matter on board

- and they have signed...
- They can't taint the image

- of a good person like my dad.
- Let me listen.

Hector Abad Gomez.

Mum, they're talking about Dad.

- Let me listen.
- He can't write articles

full of atheist maxims
opposed to healthy customs,

capable of destroying morale...

They're destroying
people's morale!

Be quiet, all of you!

Inciting rebellion and chaos.

They don't know him.

Those were the words of Father
Fernando Gomez Mejia...

There he is! He's here!

Girls, say hello to your
uncle the archbishop.

- Hello, Uncle!
- Good afternoon.

Hello, Uncle.

My word, my niece's
children are so grown up.

There are two girls
missing though.

Yes. Clarita and Maryluz.

One is away studying and the
other is at university.


Did you really live
in that palace?

What do you think?

It's the tops.

You must be young Hector.
The little fellow.

- Hello, Uncle.
- Yes, he's the only boy.

Is that right?
Will you do me a favour?

Tell your father

I'll drop by on Sunday so
we can have lunch together.

Thank you. He'll be so happy.

God bless.

- Amen.
- See you soon.

- Bye!
- Goodbye.

Good Lord!

Imagine your mum running
about the halls

and chambers in such a palace.

She was like a little princess.


It wasn't the best
place for a girl.

Not with all those priests.

Why did you live there then?

She came to live with me
when her parents died.

And she's never stopped behaving
like a princess ever since.

- Sapota ice cream!
- Wonderful!

- A palace recipe.
- I'm running a bit late,

but I'm not missing this
for anything in the world.

When I was courting your niece

and I was invited to
lunch at the palace,

I was usually given rice
pudding for dessert.

You have to earn
the good things.

- It's delicious! How wonderful!
- It's nice.

No one knows how to make
it like this anymore.


I explained to Cecilia

that I signed that document
without reading it.

I didn't know they'd
use it against you.

I told him already.

You had every right to sign it,
if that's what you think...

Against a member of my own
family? Of course not!

The thing is, Hector,

your attitude, at times,

- Quite frankly...
- Look, Father,

doctors are here to heal,

to walk the streets
visiting whoever needs us.

We can't limit ourselves

to prescribing pills
in our surgeries.

I understand that.

I just hope that amid all
those humanitarian ideas

you don't forget your
duties as a good Christian.

Don't worry, Father,

I try not to stray
not even an inch

from the work that Jesus
Christ demands of us.

All the same, I must
remind you that Christ

was by no means vociferous.

Neither am I. Neither am I.

I simply talk about what I see.

I wish others would do the same.

No one went to fetch Tata!
We forgot about her.

Poor thing!

Quiquin, can you go
for her, please?

She must've smelt the sapoti
ice cream and gone...

Have they left you
here on your own?

Do you want to come with us?

I want to see the archbishop,
I want to see the archbishop.

Lets change the subject, please.

- Yes, please.
- We're boring the girls

- and Josefa.
- Don't worry, Father,

I'm used to it.

The Nuns of the Annunciation

were so kind to let
us have Josefa

to help you out,
don't you think?

Of course.
And we are so grateful.

At first I was against the
idea of Cecilia working...

But when I saw what
you were earning,

I realised I had a
family to maintain...

And she was right, Dad.

What? Look, here's Tata.

- Tata!
- Lovely to see you.

So lovely, Tata.

So lovely...

Of course Josefa is right!

You must go to
church every Sunday.

And you should go to
keep your mum happy.

Even though it's all
a lie, like you say?

Even though it's all a lie.

We both know that if
God really exists,

lie won't worry if we
worship him or not.

I believe...

that humans

are as important to Him
as parasites are to doctors,

observing them
through microscopes.

- Like bacilli?
- Exactly.

But you must do as
your elders say.

- Daddy, read us a story.
- Sweetie.

No, love, its late, sweetheart.

- Please, Mummy.

- Please, please.
- Come on then.


I'll take her to bed after.

This is the story about the lad!


Come here.

Once upon a time,
there was a lad

who was madly in love

with his teacher's daughter

and he wanted to invite
her to the ball,

but... when he asked her,

the young girl stated
her condition:

to take her to the ball,

he had to give her a
beautiful red rose.

The lad ran around
looking for a rose,

but he only had white
roses in his garden.

Poor lad.

So, feeling desperate,
naturally, he began to cry.

But listen carefully...

as he wept,

a nightingale heard
him from the tree

and decided to help him to...

win his loved one's
heart, I guess.

- Sure.
- Of course.

So, the nightingale pricked
itself, like this...

It pricked itself with a thorn

from a dry rose bush

underneath the boy's window,

staining the rose
with its blood.

- What?
- The next day,

the boy saw that a beautiful
red rose had bloomed

under the rosebush below
the boy's window.

He cut the rose and ran.

- Run, mate!
- But she was,

you know, very haughty,

because she was the prettiest,

and she turned him down again.

She told him a rose
wasn't important...

- What?
The other suitors

had offered her better gifts

to take her to the ball.

Dad, what story is that?

- Is that the end?
- That's how it ends.

- Is that it?
- It was really sad.

Wei I, it would be worse

if the boy were still
in love with someone

who was only interested
in material things.

- Yes, but...
- The sad thing is: we're up late

and we have to get up early.
Time for bed. Bedtime for everyone.

How many Our Fathers
has Josefa prayed without you?

Come on, Héctor, hurry!

Quiquin, my love.

- You left your lunchbox.
- Thanks.

- Be good!


I must express

with great respect

that I have never conceived

my professorial position

as a renunciation
of my rights as a citizen


the freedom to express
my ideas and opinions.

Gilma, can you do "shrorthand"?

My mum can.

Shorthand. Don't disturb her.

Sorry. "Ideas and opinions..."

Ideas and opinions...

The university

cannot turn a blind eye to the
real problems of Colombians,

isolating itself from
people's distress,

maintaining privileges
and methods

which sustain social injustice.

Type it.

Type it.

Tell your sisters to give
us a hand with all this.



Now step to the side.

Now twirl me around.

Now you. And now me.

Good heavens, Hector,
we must be careful.

Some of those youngsters

will turn up tomorrow
to suspended lessons.

So what? Call them
and tell them.

Where in the world do you
think you live, Cecilia?

In Europe or Japan, damn it?

Do you think everyone
lives like we do?

You think those kids have
drinking water and telephone?



- Are we rich?

No, we're not rich.
What are we?

What are we? We are what?

Well-off, I guess.

What do you mean, well-off?

I don't know...

Or maybe your dad
is suddenly rich,

because he never
thinks about money,

but I'm not that
lucky, you know?

I don't know. Hector Joaquin,

can you go with your
sisters, please?

- Hector...
- Hector...

What's wrong?

Mum and dad are arguing.

Do you go spying on people now?

I wasn't spying on them.

They were having a row.

Don't you realise
what's going on?

Dad's been kicked out
of the university.



What happened?

Did he get fired for
not believing in God?

Something like that.

What's the matter?
Are you angry with me?

No, it's not that.

My dad's going to work
in another country.


Dad, don't go.

- It's all right.
- I love you.

I know, honey.

I love you. I love you.

Look what I bought so we
can keep in touch, live.

- Live.
- Yes, like we're all in the same room.

- A microphone?
- Very good, Solvia.

- What's that?
- Look, I'll send you all my recordings

because I'll buy another
of these gadgets,

but only if you promise
you'll send me news back

- Of course, we will.
- Like a spoken letter.


I'll record everything
on there then.

I'll be sad, but
I'll send you tapes too.

Of course, record everything.

- I'll send you all my songs.
- Of course.

Hector, hurry up, you'll
miss your flight.

That's enough, girls.

I'll be with other teachers.
Hector, come here.

He's being childish,
he won't come.

Well, be gentle with him, okay?

Hector, come and say bye to Dad.

One last hug, my darlings.

And look after yourselves.

Take care. We'll miss you.

- Bye, my darlings.
- Bye, Dad.

- My darlings!
- Don't go.

Dad, bring me a hat, please!

Bye, Dad! I love you!

- Bye.
- I love you, Dad.

- Bye.
- Bye, Dad.

My darlings.

Hector, don't worry, I'm sure
your dad will be back soon.


promise me you won't
wash this pillow, okay?

Why is that?

So it doesn't lose its scent.

This lad says some funny things.

Dear Dad,

I want to tell you what's
been going on lately at home.


Tata doesn't live
with us anymore.

She couldn't even blow
the whistle anymore.

So, Mum put her in an
old people's home.

She says she'll get
better care there.

Although Marta thinks
she's going to die soon.

- She's very old.
- Bye, Tata.

But Josefa is still here,
she'll never leave!

I do what you said:
I pray with her

so she won't keep on at me.

But I sometimes have nightmares

because of the stones
she tells us.

"Lord, I beg you, don't let
her die, Bring her back to life."

Mum is working more than ever

I've been going to her office

to do my homework
whilst she finishes

I sometimes help her

by dictating the minutes
of the tenants' meetings.

You'll never believe it, but
I'm even learning "shrort"


Last week, Mum sent
me to the farm,

and I helped to pick the fruit
that the birds hadn't eaten.

I had a super time.

Maryluz has got a
boyfriend, I think,

because some lad brings
her home on his motorbike

and when he leaves, she giggles
and her hair is untidy.

Clara, however, has
broken up with hers.

One afternoon I saw her crying,

and they were all
comforting her.

As soon as they saw me, they
kicked me out of the bedroom,

as usual.

Mum is always telling them
to forget about boyfriends

and to concentrate
on their studies.

A woman with no qualifications

is doomed to depend on a man.

- What do you want in life?
- I want to get married.

You want men to take
decisions for you?

But with those songs
Marta sings all the time

they can't help thinking
about love all day.

To get into Mum's good books,

Vicky takes her
breakfast on Sundays

and says she prepared it,
even the orange juice,

but Teresa is the one
who does it all really.

But Mum believes
the little liar,

and I guess she's
her favourite now.

Mum has decided 'll go to
a new school next year.

We went to see the
principal, Father Hoyos.

We have very strict rules here.

He explained that the waiting
list for future students

at the Jesuit school

was split into three groups.

- For example...
- One: the Heaven's drawer.

In here we have the applications
of those who will be accepted directly.

And the other is the
Purgatory's drawer,

where he put our application.

Where we shall put your
son's application,

because we have to run a
thorough check of his records.

We want to make sure he isn't under
any bad moral influence at home.

That's when I saw Mum get angry,

like when someone
goes against her.

This is the Hell's drawer.

This is where we keep
the applications

of those who will
never be accepted.

Put my son in that drawer
once and for all, Father,

I shall enrol him at another
school. Thank you. Goodbye.

So, Mum decided on another
Catholic boys1 school,

one where cousin Javier works.

He introduced me
to the other boys

and told me we'd
soon be classmates.

I'm sure you'll like it.

My dad says the world.
Wasn't created like that

He says it was cosmic fate,

a unique and
unrepeatable moment,

that's why nobody
knows his destiny.

It's best if you keep
those things to yourself.

And you needn't worry,

because your office is in order

your pencils are sharpened
and ready for when you return.

And like I promised

I read a page of the History
of Art book every day.

A fond farewell, yours
dearly, Hector Abad III.

You'll probably wonder why
I sign off as the third.

It's simple:

because you are worth two.

Here you are.

- It's lunchtime.
- I'm coming.

I'm working!


Get it done quickly then,
we're all sat at the table.

Hurry up!

In Bali they love
doing craftwork,

figures, necklaces,

- sculptures...
- Look at this.

Appreciate what they make from
wood, ivory, coconut shell.

Making beautiful objects
helps them forget about poverty,

and the hardships
they are suffering.

- They seem happy.
- It's so pretty.

They weren't taught
about guilt and sin like us.


my darlings, I must
say goodbye now.

A big kiss to everyone.

I miss you ail very much.

- We miss you too.
- I can't wait to come home.


don't forget, even if Josefa
insists and only wants to read

the dramatic stories
about Genevieve of Brabant to you,

you should read a poem by Machado

- or Neruda before you go to bed
- I don't know why he says that...

Listen, listen...

If I ever live again,

it will be in the same way,

because I could repeat my wrongful birth

and come out with another shell
singing the same tune.

Which is why, if it should happen,

if I am forced to be reborn
by some Hindustani fate,

I don't want to be an elephant

or a rickety camel.

By some Hindustani fate,

- I don't want to be an elephant...
- An elephant.

Or a rickety came!

- But a modest prawn...
- A prawn.

A red drop in the ocean.

I want to make the same mistakes
in the bitter water.

Be shaken by the wave

- as I have been by time.
- By time.

It's that one, it's that plane!

Look, look!

Yes, yes!

I told you, it's that one!

Yes, what a joy!

When is he coming out?
I want to see him.

There he is!

- There he is! Dad!
- Daddy!

- Daddy!
- Daddy!

Have you seen him?

Look, he's put on weight.

Are you happy at
your new school?

Happy? That's impossible, Dad.

Don't tell your dad lies.

Dad, look. Rosalia
is over there.

How's things, Rosalia?

Hello, doctor and
family, how are you?

- What happened with the leg?
- Doctor,

everything's fine,
I use it at home,

I get around fine with it.

But for work, you know
hat people are like,

I'm better without it,
but it's fine at home.

Thank you very much.
May God reward you.

- All the best.
- Bye.

- The big ones over there.
- What have you got in here?

Is it seriously 28 hours
to uncle Rafa's house?

Yes, that's why we're leaving
now. Everyone, get in the car.

Why isn't he coming with us?

I'm going with Dad
tomorrow by plane.

That's not fair.

- We're ready to go!
- Mind your fingers.

Your fingers.

I've left your tickets
on the bedside table.

There's food in the fridge.

Everything is ready.
Don't forget your ID.

Yes, love. Do as your mum says.

- Bye, darlings.
- Do as your mum says.

- Get there quickly.
- Bye!

- Bye, you little rascal.
- We're on our way!

- Bye, Dad!
- Bye, little rascal!

Little rascal!

Quiquin, I love you, even
though you're a rascal.

How peaceful.

Isn't it, Dad?

It is.

- It's delicious.
- Yes.

- Don't you want any more?
- No.

I'd rather feel a bit
hungry than really full.

Moderation is important,
don't you think?

That's the secret
behind vaccines.

Putting a small dose of the
disease inside the body

so the body learns to fight it.

- Really?
- Yes. I've brought

several doses

of a new vaccine

that could put an end
to polio in the world.

And which hasn't been
used anywhere yet.


if we prove it works,

no one will oppose to it.

And we'll be able to set up

a national prevention...


So, I'm going to need

your brave collaboration

to save the lives of
thousands of children.

My collaboration?

Remember the sick children
in that hospital?


From this moment onwards,

you are essential for the
future of this country.

I didn't know you were occupied.

I just wanted to check you
haven't got a temperature.

No. I'm fine.

All right.

What are you doing,
going to sleep?

The flight only lasts an hour.

- Sir.
- Thank you.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

Did I ever tell you about

when I was studying my
final year of Medicine?

Cousin Luis invited
me to his house.

- Fabio's dad?
- Yeah.

Fabito must have been about
your age at the time.

The thing is,

after lots of beating about
the bush and secrecy,

Luis told me he was really
worried about his son.

Really worried.

Just imagine,

all the lad ever did
was wank himself off.

All the time.

Morning, afternoon and night.

Of course, Luis was very
worried and asked me for help.

Guess what I did.

I went to talk to Fabito
and I said, "Son",

come here.

Carry on doing what you're doing

because it's no harm to anyone

and it's quite normal
in a lad of your age,

but let me give you some advice:

don't leave any evidence.

And most important, don't
let your dad see you."

Sometime after, cousin
Luis called me,

he was very grateful

because I'd convinced his son
to give up that bad habit.


Oh, man.


Go on, jump.

No, no way, Solvia.
That's enough.

- Don't be a chicken.
- No, no, let go!

Protect yourselves from the
sun, it's beating down!

Yes, Daddy.

Have you all put

Yes, we've all put some on.

What's this?

Has a doctor seen this?

You're a doctor, aren't you?

When it suits him.

The neighbour had flu

and he wouldn't even go
and check in on her.

Its best to get it looked at.

- When we get back.
- You know what?

Josefa always says

they're like rosary beads.

They are a gift from God.

- Josefa!
- What does Josefa know?


Look how high I jump,
and I can't even swim.

- And you can't even do it.
- Go on, do it!


Solvia! Hold on!


- Solvia!
- Help!

- Sol.
- What?

She's fallen in. She can't swim.

Run, see what's happened.


Pass her to me.

Give her to me.

- Breathe.
- Thanks, lads.

Be careful, love.

It's all over, Sol.

It's all over, my love.

Why didn't you do anything?

She's all right!
She's all right!

Make no mistake,

we aren't here to
change the world,

but to teach those who
may in the future.

You're just the same as
all those oligarchs.

Are you one of them or what?

We can't change things
without a fight.

I'm a doctor.

My job is to save lives,
not to put them in danger.

Dad, today there's a
dissection lesson.

- Can I see the dead body?
- Be quiet, please.

You're the last thing
I needed today.

Come on.

Bye, Gilma.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you tomorrow, Doctor.

Do you fancy going
to the pictures?




another serenade tonight.

They're dressed up smart.

- Turn, turn!
- These are the serenades

Which King David sang

To the pretty girls...

Good evening, Doctor,
I hope we're not troubling you.

Good evening. No, not at all.


- Alfonso, nice to meet you.
- How do you do?

Just one question: which of my
daughters are you here for?

For Clara, sir.

Right, Clara.

I thought so.

- Good night.
- Good night.

- Didn't she have another suitor?
- That was last week.


You know what? I
prefer this lad,

he's less... The other
was too ambitious.

He had a really cool car though!

Yes, but men who
are too ambitious

are never faithful husbands.

Wake up, my dear, wake up

Look, it's dawn

The birds are singing

The moon has now set



Hurry, get dressed.

I want you to accompany me.

I want to sleep.


- Doctor Abad.
- How are you doing?

- Fine.
- My son, Hector.

- Hello.
- Hello.

- Are you sure...?
- Yes, don't worry,

he's a big boy now.

She belonged to the
student movement.

Did you know her?

Only by sight.

Doctor, may I?

The stab wounds are here

and here.

And the two knife wounds, here.

Frankly, there are no signs
of violence or a struggle.

Perhaps they wanted it
to look like theft.

Feliciano, could you send
me a copy of the report?

- I assure you, I'll be discreet.

OK, doctor.

Calm down, calm down, my love,
it was just a nightmare.

- You were dreaming, Hector.
- What's wrong, my love?

What happened?

It's all right, I'm here now.

- I'm sorry, will you forgive me?
- Yes.

It's all right.

Good morning. From the San
Vicente de Paul Hospital

during vaccination day,

accompanied and sponsored
by Doctor Hector Abad Gomez

and the University of Antioquia.

Given people's mistrust,

I like to practise
what I preach,

so the first to be vaccinated

were my own daughters.

Prevention is the best medicine.

- Thank you, Doctor Hector Abad.
- Thank you.

That was Doctor
Hector Abad Gomez

from the San Vicente
de Paul Hospital

- During vaccination day...
- Heroes don't boast.

Go away, go away, love. It
isn't a good time, Hector.

Has a bomb gone off?

It looks like it.

Who's been killed?

I don't know.

Did you know Clara

kissed Pablo,

but he grabbed one of her boobs,
so she finished with him?

What's wrong, Dad?

Where are we going?

I'm not sure whether
you know, but...

Your mother asked me...

Your sister Marta lias a
melanoma on her skin.

It's a very serious illness.

And she'll be undergoing
strict medical treatment.

Is she going to die?

No, man.

How can you think that?

She'll be in the hands
of the best specialists

so we'll have to
go to the States.

What I...

What I want to ask you...

is for you to be strong.

And don't tell anyone.

And treat her very well.


It's okay.

It's okay, sweetheart.

Everything will be all right.

Everything will be all right.

Everything will be all right.

- Let me see.
- Hang on.


Spit on here. Watch my hand.

You dirty swine...

I did what you said.


Right, take a look.

- Can you see things moving?
- Yes.

- They are bacilli.
- What?


And they're in my mouth?

It's gross.

- It's cool.
- Yeah.

I've never seen my
saliva so close up.

They're like little worms.

How gross.

- What?
- Let's go, let's go.

Careful, careful,
sweetie, careful.


- Excuse me.
- This way.

Where is it?

- This way.
- This way, Dad.

Yes, here.


Darling, come here.
Our first grandchild.

- Here.
- No, wait, I'll wash my hands.

Hello, my love.

- Hi, Mum. He's so cute.
- Darling.

- I want to hold him!
- Lets see.

Gently, be very careful.

Careful with his head.

- What cute hands.
- What's the matter?

- What's the matter?
- Where's your auntie?

Look, this dimwit is
your uncle Hector.

He looks like you
when you were a baby.

- No.
- He does.

Remember, darling? I said he
looked like Pope John XXII,

but you said he looked
like that Russian guy.

Not that Russian guy. Nikita
Khrushchev, you were identical.

How beautiful. What
about Grandma?

- Happy or not?
- So happy.

Tired of waiting for these two,

they took so long, they've
been together for years.

There, there, sweetie.

- Hello!
- My darlings,

look at this little beauty.

- Look.
- Gently...

He looks like Quiquin.

- Murn!
- He's big and beautiful.


Look, Clara.

There, there.

- Sweetie.
- My sweetie.

See if he calms down with you.

There you go, gently, gently.

- I know, my love, I know.
- What is it, sweetie?

He's got a good pair of lungs!

You hold him, to calm him down.

- No, I'm afraid of dropping.
- No, hold him.

Hello, my darling.

You'll sing again, my love.

You'll play the guitar again

and make us happy with
your lovely voice.

- I'll give her more morphine.
- Okay.

Fetch a syringe.

- Héctor, I'm not sure...

It's ready, Dad.

Has it been sterilised?

- I suppose so.
- You suppose so?

You want me to use
this on your sister?

All surgical instruments
have to be sterilised!


what's wrong?

How many times do I have
to say it? Damn it!

Infections are the most
dangerous things in the world,

the most dangerous.

That doesn't matter
anymore, Hector.

It does matter.



God often hurts us by taking
away what we love the most,

just to remind us how
much we owe Him.

I can't take any more.

- Our joy must be...
- Hector.

Our recognition
of God's greatness,

this gift of life
which is granted

until He calls us to His side.

Easy, dammit!

Bloody hell!

- Help! What got into you?
- I didn't see her.

- Madam!
- Help!

Fatso! Get out, give me a hand!

Stop, stop, stop.
Help me, please.

Guys, get her in the truck.


Let's go down route 80,
there's a hospital.

Take it easy, bro.

Let's go. Follow us
to the hospital.

I swerved.

Hang on, look.

- How is she, Doctor?
- She's seriously injured.

We're trying to get
her stabilised

to take her to the
Medellin Clinic,

they have an ICU there.

His dad's a doctor,

- Professor Abad Gomez.
- Good heavens, man.

Look, this woman is critical.

I have to write up a report.

The Police will probably come

and take you to
Bellavista Prison.


We could be talking

Is there no other option?

Look, I want to help you out.

We could say you're in shock,

I'd hand in a report and

you'd be taken to
the insane asylum.

Why don't you talk to your dad

and decide what to do until
the Police get here.

No, we'll leave my
dad out of this.

What have you done to your arm?

He did it in the accident.

Come on, I'll see to that.

Your dad didn't teach me,

but I had to accompany him
on several visits.

I remember once, at the prison,

he had an argument
with the governor

because he wanted to put
inmates with tuberculosis

with healthy ones.

- That sick bay was chaos.
- Doctor, the lady,

is she going to recover?

She has a broken shin bone,

calf bone,

and several ribs.

She also has a fractured pelvis.

It will depend on
how strong she is.

Do it, do it, son of a bitch!
Do it! Goal!

Do it, do it, son of a bitch!
Pass it! Goal!

- You got a ciggy?
- No.

Doctor, a ciggy.

I haven't got any.
I'm not a doctor.

- Doctor, you've got...
- I'm not a doctor.

I haven't got any!

Do me a favour.

I need to phone home.


Vicky, listen.

Tell Dad that if he doesn't
get me out of here,

I'll go mad for sure.


I left some food in the fridge
for you, do you want to eat?


Where's your dad?

He's shut himself in his office.

Why don't you go
and talk to him?

I'm sure he'll get over it soon.


How does that feel?

- Fine.
- Good morning.

How are you getting on?

How nice to see
you here, Doctor.

- Slowly, slowly, be careful.
- Careful, Dona Betsabe.

That's it, hold onto me.

My son was embarrassed
about coming to see you.

That's over with now, Thank God.

What was a tragedy is now
a blessing from Our Lord.

He was irresponsible,

but he knows it
won't happen again.

- Isn't that right?
- Yes, I'm so sorry.

Speak up, Héctor.
Dona Betsabe...

can't hear very well.

I was saying, I'm sorry.

Don't worry, thank
you for everything.

Thank you, Doctor.

We've finished the
exercises for today.

- Good.
- I'm so grateful.

You found a job for my son

and it's changed our lives.

- God bless you.
- Don't worry, it's all right.

Truly, it's been an
honour meeting you.

No, the honour is mine. How
are things around here?

To be honest, we're
rushed off our feet.

Actually, if you could
accompany her...

I have an appointment
at the university

but I'm sure my son can, right?

- Yes, no problem.
- Good.

on your progress.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you, Doctor.

- Nice to meet you.
- God bless.

Mind your head. That's it.

Thank you.

Well, take care, please.

- Thank you.
- Thank you. All best.

- You're welcome, bye.
- Goodbye.

You're still here?

Yeah, they took ages in
corning to pick her up.


the poor woman sat waiting
at the entrance for hours.


thanks for everything.

Are you going downtown?


Me neither. I don't
know why I said that.

But maybe we could
go for a drink?

Yeah, sure.

Shall we walk?

Do you remember the bomb they
placed next to the station?

I was a kid.

I was luckier than my mum
and my little brother.

We've had no news in two months,

we've heard nothing from anyone.

I kept telling him,

"Son, don't get
involved in politics."

All right. All right.

Doctor, he loved you so much.

He was very dear to me.

He always told us about your
greeting at university:

"What have you thought
about today?"


we need to know

whether your son received
any particular threats.

Someone he knew perhaps,

who may have warned him, or
who came to talk to him.


I don't know, honestly.

He just used to say
that he was fine,

that lie had a lot of work,

that he had a lot of
work with his lessons.

He didn't say anything else.


You've grown up, man.

I haven't seen you
in a long time.

What happened to this guy?

No one knows.

He was a teacher and
a trade unionist.

And you know,

life isn't worth much
in this country.

You drive.


What about you?

Are you going to be
a doctor like your dad?

No, he's going to
be a great writer.

That's what he says.

You know your dad was the
worst doctor in Medellin?

His first gallbladder operation:

the patient was buried
four days later.

The operating room
wasn't his thing.

But the streets were.

We all have to find our place.

And he will find his.

There are lads who
don't have a father.

Yet you have had
too much of one.

Leave him alone.

Bye, Alberto.

This morning I heard they
placed another car bomb

and two people died.

Really? I didn't know.

That's why I'd rather
not listen to the news.


if you intend being a writer,

you'll have to see the real
world from time to time.

- Not reading all day.
- Don't start, please,

we've a two-hour journey ahead.

Son, if everyone were
to do the same...

- I don't care.
- Fine.

Those bastards can
take the whole country

and stick it wherever they want.

I'm going to accept
being chairman

of the university
professors' committee.

Things like this
are unacceptable.


And you're going to sort it all?

There's an oriental proverb I
heard years ago which says,

"Light a candle instead
of cursing the darkness."

The only candle I can see lit
around here is your vanity.

- You think so?
- Yes, I do.

Since Marta died,

other people's problems are of
more concern than your family's.

Other people's problems?
Can you hear yourself?

Problems aren't just
other people's.

Bloody football, damn it!

It's the only thing people
take seriously here.

More deaths and people
talk about football.

- Shall we talk football?
- Lay off.

- We can talk about your team.
- Lay off, will you?

TURIN, 1983

Excuse me.

You haven't missed
anything interesting.

I'm afraid so.

That accent of yours?




I'm Colombian too.

But my mum is Italian.

You like shoot'em up
films and suicide.

Suicide? You
exaggerate too much.

Hi, I'm not at home,
please leave a message.

Ciao, non sono a casa, per
favore lascia it tuo messaggio.

Hi, buddy. Hey, are you there?

Come on, answer, damn it.

I have to tell you what happened
with that girl. It was great.

Call me back when you can.

Hi, Hector.

I don't know if you
remember me, Silvia,

Silvia Blair.

Today is a very sad day
for the university.

Silencing the voice of
a unique professor.

Which is why we want your
voice to be heard, here.

Hector, please come
and say a few words.


Thank you, Silvia.

No, my dear Silvia,

it would only be a sad day

if the end to my classes
marked an end to my duties,

which isn't the case.

I must admit...

after so many years
at this university,

receiving a letter notifying me
of my compulsory retirement...

made me feel very
empty, very sad.

I have taught very little.

If anything, I always tried

to teach my students
to think freely.

But we make so many

mistakes when teaching others

when we lack the maturity

and the common sense which come

with the experience
gained throughout life.

Knowledge itself isn't wisdom.

Wisdom alone isn't
enough either.

We need knowledge, wisdom

and the goodness
to teach others.

And now that I have readied
this point, maybe,

now that I begin to
see things clearly,

which I didn't when I was young,

I get kicked out.

I know many will be wondering,

"What will Doctor
Abad Gomez do now?"

"He won't have those lessons
which made him so happy."


I can tell you.

I shall dedicate all my efforts

looking after the
roses in my garden.

Dad, don't cut any more,
we've got enough now, I think.

- You think so?
- Yes.

Your mum is quite
baroque, you know?

And she's so happy when
you come and visit.

If you want to make mum happy,

you should spend
more time with her.

Don't get involved in things.

Look, just because
I've been let go,

doesn't mean my hands
and feet are tied.

I don't think you
should be playing

at being a rebel at your age.

I don't wish to
stop being a rebel.

I've never got on
my knees to anyone.

Haven't you?

But I only kneel
before my roses.

I'll smother her in kisses,
I'll smother her in kisses.

Hello, my love.

Mum, look how pretty.

I'm so happy. They're beautiful.

- Where's Grandad?
- Come here, come here.


Hello, my little sweetie.

My love!

Hello, hello.

I'll give you a piece of advice,

now as we're almost
200, right, Cecilia?

If you want your children to
be good, make them happy.

And if you want them
to be even better,

make them happier.

He still thinks

that everything in life can be
solved with happiness. It can't.

You know what Quiquin said
to me when lie was small?

He said, "Mum,

tell Dad not to
adore me so much."

We've come... for nothing.

I'm afraid today's conference

which was going to be
given by my good friend

doctor Abad Gomez,

will not be held.

- No, you can't do that.
- Please.

Please, listen.

- Lessons can't be taught...
- Why not?

Lessons can't be taught
under army surveillance

and under threats
from the guerrillas.

You must understand

that classrooms aren't
places for control,

they are places for freedom.

What's going on? Listen to us!

We know that the
Bomboná Battalion...

is behind the latest crimes

against university leaders.

We are up against
shameless psychopaths

with a state salary,

paid by all Colombians.

In this morning's protest,
these were the statements

made by Doctor-
Hector Abad Gomez.

Maryluz, Hector,

quick, they're interviewing
your dad on TV.

Exterminating intelligence,

the most restless
students are disappeared.

They are killing
political leaders,

assassinating priests
committed to

their towns and parishes...

Your dad is making
very powerful enemies.

He doesn't want to
be killed, right?

Under the pretext of the
fight against terrorism.

You can't take away
people's right...

I sometimes think so too.

To happiness, to live happily.

- Do you know Ivan?
- No.

How you doing? Nice to meet you.

What should my dad do then?

Turn a deaf ear,
like everyone else?

No, it's not that,
mate, it's just...

Well-meant talk won't
save this country.

Let's go to the
vice-chancellor's office!




We experience it, we feel
it, Manuel is present!

- We experience it, we feet it...
- Careful.

Manuel is present!

Violence is born from cowardice.

Make no mistake.

For saying these things
and defending my ideas

I'm branded as Marxist
by the Conservatives.

And I never read any
of Marx's works.

And I'm branded as
Conservative by the Marxists.

When I have always
pursued freedom.

You know what I am?

Just a doctor.

Which is why I side with
life and never, ever...

with assassins.

Dad, no one would be
worried about you

if it weren't because we
all know how dangerous

your commitment is right now.

If I get killed for
doing what I do,

- wouldn't it be a lovely death.
- What?

Leave the martyrs for religions.

I can't believe it. This
conversation is making me sick.

Can we talk about something
a bit more pleasant?

Dad, you're not liked
here in Medellin.

Darling, lots of people like me,

but they don't move
in your circles.

I'll take you to
meet them one day.

Murn, where's Teresa?

She only conies a
couple of days,

we have to watch our expenses.

Your dad may not
realise it, but I do.

He's rich and you aren't.

You clown.

What Maryluz said
worries me a bit.

You know what people
round here are like.

No one will do
anything to your dad.

Bye, Dad, I'm going now.


- Mum's asleep, okay?
- Okay.

I remember when you
took me to see it.

I didn't understand a
thing, I fell asleep.

Its about beauty.

In the end, all we
seek is beauty.

I would like to announce
that I have decided

to run as candidate for the
office of mayor of Medellin.

If the members of the
Liberal Party choose me,

I will be delighted to
stand for the elections.

Doctor Abad,

how would you ideologically
define your candidacy?

Are you on the
right or the left?

As a doctor, I know my
heart is on the left,

so that's where my feelings are.

But my brain is in the
centre, along with reason.

And I'm pretty sure about
what is on the right:

my gallbladder.

In other words,

bile, hate and aversion.

Why have you decided to
take this step right now?

Getting involved in a
political candidacy

when even party members
do not support you.

Look, this morning,

right here, they killed

the president of the professors
and teachers' union,

Luis Felipe Velez,

just before entering his office.

Needless to say, this crime

is the work of those
who aim to silence us,

those who directly attack

the university and knowledge.

The paramilitaries are
doing as they please,

like a strike force
aiming to crush us.

Someone is pointing out
the targets to them,

make no mistake.

But it is our duty
to raise our voices,

and say that we will resist

and we will be present in
Colombian public life.

If there are no further
questions, thank you for coming.

Thank you.

Doctor, one last
question, please.

How does the party
view your candidacy?


Don't you say hello to
your friends anymore?

Gabriel! Fatso, how
are you doing, man?

I didn't see you. Were you here?

Sure, you're as
blind as a bat now!

I see you got a job.

Journalist. Whatever comes up.

- That's great.
- What about your novels?

Well, I do whatever I can too.

Listen, will your dad give
me five minutes of his time?

I don't know, I guess so.

This is all a bit out of my
reach but hang on a minute.

That's what I said
to the reporters.


Well, gentlemen... Thank you.

- All the best.
- Thank you for everything.

- Do you remember Gabriel?
- Gabriel?

- My friend from round the block.
- Gabriel!

- Doctor.
- Well, what brings you here?

I wanted to ask you
a few questions.

Yes, of course.

Doctor, may I...?

Go ahead, record it.

Did you ever get to see this?

Let's see, what is it?

What is it?

A list of people
under death threat

That is going round Medellin.

And your dad is on it.

It's a long list.

The assassins seem
a bit ambitious.

There are journalists,

lawyers, writers.

Even Carlos Vives, the
singer, is on there.

Can you get me a copy?

You can keep it, Doctor.

Look, I'll be honest with you.

I'm proud to be on this list.


Aren't you afraid of
the Death Squadrons?

Of course I am. Who would
want to be killed?

I want to die an old man,

surrounded by my children
and grandchildren.

I don't wish a violent
death on anyone.

- Doctor Abad.
- Madam.

Sorry to interrupt.

Why don't you go to
the teachers' union

to pay tribute to the leader
murdered this morning?

Well, that's a very
good idea, yes.

I'll tell Betancourt and
Aguirre to come with me.

But first I need

to make a few notes for
tonights radio programme.

- Let's go then.
- Well, Mr Journalist,

- Look after yourself.
- Gabriel,

come round to our house
and we can chat.


Who is she?

No idea, I don't know her.

Hector, I forgot to ask, how did
your university appointment go?

Did they find you a job vacancy?


What do you think to that?

All those people you've
helped all your life

and no one lifts a finger.

Don't worry, one day, they'll
be the ones calling you.

I assure you.

They might need someone at work.

We can go now, I'll introduce
you to the managers.


I heard about the list
of death threats.

Weren't you going to tell me?

I heard it on the radio.


Hector, you need to fix a
meeting with the mayor,

he can tell you more about these
threats and how real they are.

Yes, we've got an appointment
with him tomorrow.

We're going to prepare
a press release...

A press release?

Do you think they mean anything?
No, no.

Don't worry.

They're coming for me.
Shall we meet up later?

No, you haven't eaten anything.

They're waiting for me for
the tribute to Luis Felipe.

- Will you be long?
- No, Cecilia,

it's around the block.

I'll come round
when I'm finished.

- Bye, Dad.
- Bye.

I can't understand why he
keeps getting involved

in these things.

At his age.

Rather than enjoying life,
going away together.

Doing things together.

Doing things together,
Hector Joaquin?

Your dad and I haven't done much
together since your sister died.

Who is that woman?

Do you know her?

What if dad is cheating
on you with that woman?

You clown!

I've got an appointment


- Carry on up the street, that way.
- Yes, don't worry. Thank you.

Well then...

- How's your wife?
- Very worried.

- Sure.
- These are uneasy times.


- There aren't many people.
- No, it doesn't look like it.

They're inside maybe.

- Doctor.
- How are you?

- Nice to meet you.
- Doctor.

Have you come for the funeral?

- Of course.
- Of course.

He was taken to the funeral
chamber two hours ago.

Why did that woman tell us...?

There's a demonstration
this afternoon.

Get him! Get him!

I don't know if you remember
my son Hector Joaquin.

Of course I do, Doha Cecilia.
He must be a big lad now.

- You wouldn't imagine.
- I remember him as a small boy.

Here he is.

- How are you? How's things?
- Good.

- Nice to meet you.
- Excellent.

May I?

Well, son, weren't
you in the States?

No, I was in Italy, studying.

He was studying Literature.

But then I told him that the
company might need someone.

The only literature
you'll find here

is the minutes of the meetings.

And they're boring.

- My partner has arrived.
- How are you, Doctor?

I've just had a terrible scare.

What's happened?

Some hitmen have
just killed a man.

I was in my car and I saw
them flee on a motorbike.

Medellin isn't safe. Who
have they killed this time?

Was it nearby?

Round the corner,
two streets down.

Horrific, its so dangerous.

Listen, son, how old are you?



They've killed your dad!

- Mum, what do we do?
- We have to go!

They're his shoes.

His shoes!

- Don't come near, madam.
- Quiquin!

The sons of bitches!
They've killed him!

The sons of bitches
have killed him!

No, no, please! No!

My darling.

Sons of bitches!
Sons of bitches!

No, Alberto! Go away!

Go away! You have to leave.

We don't want more deaths.

Leave them alone!


He was here just
now, he was here.

No, no, don't take him away.

My sisters haven't arrived yet.

It's best if they take him away.

No, my sisters have to see
what happened to him.

We'll sit on his
body if we have to.

The judge has ordered
the removal of the body.

What happened? What happened?


Why don't they pick up the
phone? Where are they?


What's wrong?



I knew it...

- No!
- Mum, what's wrong?

- No!
- Mum, what's wrong?

- Murn, what's wrong?
- What is it, Mum?

- Mum!
- What's wrong?

Why are you crying?

Your dad, honey...

- My dad?
- Your dad is...

No, honey. Don't do that, honey!

How can they kill
such a good person?

- Doctor...
- I'm sorry.


My deepest sympathy.

Be strong.

Those are his clothes.

Doctor Abad

was a man who was
detached from religion,

critical of hierarchy,

but not of Christian ideals.

You know...?

Dad was right.

But his values
kept him united...

He was loved by many
people in Medellin.

And we are here today

to say goodbye to a man

who loved

his family.

He loved his city.

He loved

people and he had
dedicated his time,

his effort

and his great
intellectual capacity...


"Already we are the
oblivion we shall be,

the elemental dust
that does not know us,

the dust that once was red Adam

and now is all men,

the dust we shall not see.

We are both dates
on the headstone,

the beginning and the end.

The coffin, the obscene
decay and the shroud,

the death rites

and the dirges.

I am not some fool who clings

to the magical sound
of his own name.

I think, with hope,

of that man who will never
know I walked the earth.

Beneath the blue
indifference of heaven,

"I find this thought consoling."