El ojo de cristal (1956) - full transcript

With the intention of stealing the compensation for a work accident, Enrique kills an old man. However, it turns out that he had not yet collected it, so he will try, then, to falsify the signature of the check. Meanwhile, at the same time that the police are investigating the case, the son of the police inspector investigates on his own.




I'm coming, I'm coming!

What do you want?

For you to wash this suit for me.
- We don't open til 9!

Well, it's just...

Oh!, but it's not polite
to let a client wait in the street.

We'll have to open sooner, yes sir.
But what can you do...

it's because of the union.

I need it as soon as possible.

Let's see.

Nice label.
No, no, don't say anything to me!

My friend, this is quality!

From Tarrasa, very nice.
Yes, sir.

And it will be like new.
I'm telling you...

I'm an expert with this material.

Ok, can you clean it, yes o no?

You're asking me!

I'm the guru of stains.


I can get out ink, blood, gasoline!

Heavy oils.

Even peach,
p- e-a-c-h.

And that's really something.

There's nothing I can't get out!

So, when should I pick it up?


When? Ah!

That, that's the question.

This isn't one of those suits...
you take to just any cleaner!

No, no sir, no.

This suit is filtered.




Can it be ready by tonight?

I'm going out of town,
and I'll pay whatever is needed.

Well, we'll make an effort,
and when I say make an effort...

that's what you'll get.


Read, read.

Punctuality, that's my motto.

Fine, I'm ready to pay.


I'm here, papa.

Are you an idiot?

Go take that suit and
take it to the press.

My boy will take it to your house, ok?

Could you give me the address?

There's no need,
I'll come pick it up.

You're late,
what happened?

The next train won't leave until 12.

There won't be another train for us.

Things have changed.
- Why?

You didn't find the money?

I found the old man,
but he didn't have the money.

He came to the office and resigned.

Then they sent out the
official letter with the check.

He had plenty of time to cash it.

You're useless,

it still hasn't been sent.

Then... you failed?

Failing... is nothing.

Something else happened.

You're scaring me, Enrique.


How terrible!

Where are you going?
- Let me go...

I don't want to end up in jail,
you see!

Quiet, people can hear!
- I won't be quiet, I want to go!

Let me go!

Go up.

Go up!

Get in!

Sit down!

I want to leave, I don't want to know
anything else! It disgusts me!

Get a hold of yourself!

Poor man.

He was so unhappy, and...

You're a coward!

I'm sorry,
we've lost our heads.

Forgive me, Clara.

If you want, you can leave,
but I need you.

We've been so happy...

Can we be happy still?

But still, I understand that
I have no right to force you.

But we can go away, Enrique.

The tickets are still good
for the next train.

Go empty handed?


And if they find us?

The situation isn't so bad.

That man lived alone.
Isolated, with no family.

It won't be easy for them
to find the body.

I've hidden it well.

Oh, it's terrible!

I promise you that it
couldn't be avoided.

I had to protect myself.

He swore he didn't have the money.

I thought he was lying.

I tried to see if that was true.

We fought, and...


When it was over...

I found this letter
from the administration.

But the money wasn't there,
like you thought.

They said that considering
that he asked to resign...

...and as a special case...

...the company decided
to provide him a sum...

...and that they would send
the check today.

I'm so sorry, Enrique.

I wish we'd never gotten
involved in this mess.

What will we do now?

I've planned it all out.

You'll copy his signature
from a letter.

I'll forge it.

We also have to find out
when they'll send the check from the factory.

It should be there.


...I can't go back to the office.

I asked for eight days off.

You don't remember?

Think up some reason.

Tell them you're not going
to your aunt's house.

That she's coming to see you.

Make it work.

You're going to help me,
right, Clara?

Now is when we have to
stick together the most.

Yes. To commit a crime.

Forget it.

I don't want to hear you
talk about it any more.

Never again.

Promise me.

Now we have to go our own way.

Trust me.

I'll see you at your place at noon.

Pedro, kick us the ball!

You want to trade?
- Get that away!

They're worthless.
You think I'm stupid?

Sure you are.
They're interesting.


The adventures of Agent X-9.

And here...
The Ghost Submarine.

- No.

The harmonica is worth more.
I'll give you my card collection.

I'd rather have the comics.
Agent X-9 is great.


You don't like this either?

It's a glass eye.

You like it, huh?

I'll give you my ball.

Well, what do you say?
- Take it.

You win.

Along with the harmonica,
I want the top.

That's not the deal.

You can't take it back.
The harmonica or nothing.

A piece of glass?
The harmonica is worth more.

That's true.

Don't be stingy,
give them to him!

The eye is worth it.

Try to work it out.
Here comes your dad.

Take it. And know
that you win the trade.

Hi, dad.


Why are you looking at me like that?

I was just going to school.

I was waiting for Miguelin.

We always go together.

Look what Antonio gave me
for his harmonica.

I don't like you trading things,
or hanging out in the street.


Bye, dad!
Bye, Mr. P?rez!

Bye, Pedrito!

Don't wait for Miguelin.

I stopped by the shop and his father
won't let him to go to school today.

He's punished.

That's not having a father,
it's having a drill sergeant.

Hi, Enrique.
How are your sales going?

Same as usual.

How many cars have you sold?

Hey! It's not like
selling umbrellas.

- Clara?

Oh, it's you?

What do you want?

Just to know that you're there.

Now I feel better.

You called me for that!

You're crazy!

And tell me,
did you do what I asked?

Did you get it?

No, I still haven't.

But don't worry.
I'll get it for you.

It's ok, honey.
I don't have the words to...

Don't look for them!

This is the last thing I'll do for you!

You managed to convince me, but...

We'll talk later!

What's there to talk about?

Haven't we been in agreement
since this morning?


It's not a good time to
talk about it, Enrique!


I'm hanging up!

I'm hanging up.

If you knew how much I love you...

My life had no direction
until I found you.

Kiss me, my love!

It's the happiest day of my life!

You've just been listening to the
third chapter of the radio program...

...Love after Midnight.


Yes, sir!
- Get me the phone.

It's all yours.

What number should I dial?
- Leave it.




Constructions, Inc?

Is this Pepita?


You've got the wrong person!

I'm telling you I'm not Pepita!

Could you please call for Clara.

Yes, the secretary
to the judicial assessor.

Hurry up, sweetie.

Sweetie, me?

Is there something wrong
with the inside of your ears?

Does it not get through, you beast?

Hi... Clara, my dear.

Now listen!

Here there are no Pepitas,
or Claras, or dears!

Do you think this is a harem?

I've been waiting for you
for half an hour.

Yes, in the cafe.

Hurry on over, beautiful.


Son of a bitch!

You're lucky with the ladies.

Even if they take their time,
at least they do show up.

I'll wait for her out in the sun.
Keep the change.

Good bye!

Has "Destino" arrived yet?
- Yes, sir.

A smaller bill.

Do you have change?

I have an agreement with
the bank at the corner...

...they don't sell magazines,
and I don't change bills.

Ok, don't get upset.

Here, this will work!

Thank you.

Do you know what time it is?

It's around 1:15.

Women are all the same.

Oh, yeah?
- Sure.

If the girl's going to show up at 2,
why does she tell you to wait at 1?

My husband was going to take over
for me at 12, so why isn't he here yet?

But what's there to complain about?
You've got a booth where you can read.

Good day!
- Engracia!

Tell me.
- Has my fianc? come yet?

No, miss, I haven't seen
him all morning.

- You're welcome, happy to help.

You frightened me.

Engracia told me she
didn't see you come in, so...

She couldn't see me,
I came in through the window.

Has something happened?

Two people followed me.

I'm worried they might be cops.

- I don't see anyone.

Did you bring the signature?

Tell me...

...do you know when
they'll send the check?

And if they followed you here?

I'll tell you what we'll do,
but answer me first.

What about the check?

This afternoon...

...a courier will take it to the factory.

I found out all about it, Enrique.

He told me himself
at 8:30 or 9:00.

I'll be there.

But if they police followed you
you can't leave yet.

They'll get you.

Maybe they're watching
the house right now?

Calm down.

I think I lost them.

Plus, I thought of a great story
in case they take me in.

It's important to think quickly.

What will you do?

They've got to think I'm waiting for you
in the cafe down below, right?

What does that matter?

Don't ask questions.

I'll explain it to you later.

You want to help me, right?


But more than anything, I want
all of this to be over soon.

It will be.

I promise you.

Now call the housekeeper.

Call her and tell her to go
to the cafe and to look for me.


Yes, miss!

Please, could you come up here.
- Right away, miss.

Is something wrong?
Are you feeling well?

No, nothing.
I'm just in a hurry.

Could you go ask for my fianc?.
He should be in Don Pancho, the cafe.

It's very important, please hurry.

I'm waiting for someone,
and I hope he's here.

If he's not in the bar,
he should be at the corner...

He's got to be there,
because we had arranged to meet now.

I'm going right away.
- Hurry, Engracia!

Don't worry, I'll be there in a jiffy.

And now could you tell me
what this farce is all about?


You'll understand soon.

The housekeeper won't find you.

You're wrong.

When she gets there,

I'll be waiting calmly at the corner.

A great plan.

No one will suspect me
and you won't be able to say anything.

You worried me, Clara.

It's a shame that you
can't control your nerves.

If the police interrogate you...

...what will you say?



Women don't know how to shut up.

That's why they have to be silenced.


What's come over you?

Why are you looking at me like that?

A prolonged silence.

You're crazy!

Very prolonged!

What are you doing?

Calm down, Riquin.
Calm down.

Oh, you're here just in time, Engracia.

Look at this.

When he gets stubborn,
he's impossible.

He has some thing
for shrubs and light posts...

Take this up for me while
I take care of Riquin, could you?

I'd love to Do?a Ernestina,
but I'm in a hurry, you see.

They sent me on an important
mission, and you see...

Oh, ok then!

You heard her, Riquin,
it won't happen. She's a meanie.

You'll come down later,
you see how much mommy has to carry.

Come on, angel.

Be good.

Come on, don't make this difficult.

Come on, my pretty one.
Go on in.

No, Riquin, no!

Oh, don't make
me nervous.

It's all the
housekeeper's fault.

And later she'll want
to charge me money.

I'm coming, dear.
I'm coming.

But don't scratch at the door.

Excuse me,
young man, please.

Have you seen don Enrique?

A tall man, dark hair, around 40.
He stops by most days.

He left just a bit ago.
- Did he?

He should be outside
waiting for his girl.

Thank you very much.

I'm so glad to find you.
I thought you must have left.

What's wrong, Engracia?

Miss Clara sent me to look for you.

You should go find her at once.

She says she's waiting for a visitor,
and she wants you to be there.

It seemed strange to me that
she was taking so long!

Did she say who it was?

No, sir, but
she seemed frightened.


How strange.
Let's go.

Well, if you need anything...
you know I'm here.

Just a moment, Engracia.

Come up here with me,
in case she needs anything.

I'll stay and have lunch here.

Come on, Riquin, be a good little boy.
Listen to me, please.

Don't be such a bother.

I'm very worried, I don't know
what's going on with him.

I've never seen him like this.

Could something have happened to her?
- What could have happened?

She must be in the garden.

Careful! Maybe some
thieves have gone in?



See to everything as
quickly as possible...

...and hand the report
to the police court.

Yes, sir.

For the orderlies.

Look at this, Inspector.

I found it in the victim's pocket.

We've finished the inspection.

Ok, you can take her out.

Poor man.

What a tragedy!
- Yes.

What a tragedy!


Make sure they analyze
the ink from this pen.

I want to know if it's the same
one that was used here.

Yes, sir.

I'll wait for you at the station at 4.

Maybe you'll feel calmer
in the afternoon...

...you can revise your statements
with some further details to help us.

Hopefully you can do so.

I don't know what to think.

I feel like I've lost my mind.

That's normal.
Try to calm down.

Let's go!

Don't be like that.

Do you want to come up to my apartment?
I can prepare you something hot.

Poor dear.

This case is a relief, right?
- Just what I needed.

Hopefully I got lucky this time.

I know how I stand before the chief.

He's not quick to praise.
But he's not a bad person.

No, I understand
why he's like that.

It's a year since I've cracked a case,
it makes sense he's not happy with me.

But I'd like to change his mind
by doing something really well.

You'll make it, Inspector.

And I'll help you.

Look. My throat is dry
from so much talking.

Let's get a drink.

Good afternoon, gentlemen.
What will you have?

A Jerez?
- Ok.

Two, dry.
- What would you like to eat?

Just some answers,
but clear ones, ok.


When did you come
in to work today?

I always come in at 10
and I'm here til 6.

Do you remember a face?

Well I can describe Marilyn Monroe,
with all of the details.

Show him the picture.

Hey, now, I've seen all kinds,
in all possible poses, and some of them...

I know this girl.

Sure! She comes
in here all the time.

And not bad looking, right?

Did she come in today?

Are you cops?


Did something happen?

You're the one who needs to answer.

Yes, sir.

But no, sir.
She didn't come in today.

But her boyfriend was waiting
for her for a while.

How long?
- Half an hour.

He had a couple of beers
and was reading.

Did you see what he was reading?
Think hard.

Some novel.
I don't know the title.

And the magazine Destino.

Are you sure it was Destino?

Well sure. The cover
with the city in the rain.

Look. Just like this one.

Ok, and then what did he do?

He called the girl, set a time to meet
and went to the street to wait for her.

Did he see her?

No, sir.

Oh, but after a bit
a woman came to find him.

I don't know if they found her.

Ok, let's go.

Come to the station,
at 4, on the dot.

Yes, sir. But can you tell me
what's going on?

Yes. She's been killed.

Don't you want the Jerez?

He said he bought Destino
when he left the cafe.

His statement isn't so clear,
is it, Inspector?

Yes, now it's making more sense.

The level of detail he used
seemed strange to me.

I've now realized that you've
started to suspect him.

He hasn't been very nice, has he?

It's not a question of nice.
More like a hunch.

Everything seems so strange.

That strange visitor that
she was waiting for,

her death just after
the housekeeper left...

I don't know.

Are you the owner of the kiosk?

No, sir, my wife is.

I'm just here,
while she has lunch.

Tell her we need to
ask her some questions.

We'll wait for her at 4,
in the station.

Hey, did she hit a policeman?

It wouldn't surprise me.
She's a fighter.

It's nothing like that.
Just asking her some questions.

And me convincing her to go.

We'll wait for her.

Are you wearing
suspenders or a belt?

Neither. They stay up
on their own.

In that case you'll convince her.

At 4 o'clock.

I stopped by again today.
He won't be going to school today either.

His father won't let him!

He's got a terrible temper.

One time, he threw
a huge iron at me,

and it flew just over my head.

One of these days,
Miguelin's going to run away.

He wants to be in the Navy.

I'd like to be a sailor too.

Yeah, but he's got it bad.

His dad's trying to get him
to be a dry cleaner.

He says they're
"from a long line of cleaners"!

Look who's coming!

Hi, dad!
- Hi.

Are you going to school?

Yeah, but I want to
spend time with you first.

See you later.
- Bye.

Wait for me, Antonio!
I'm coming down! -Ok!

Hi, Julia.

What's going on, serious again?

What's going on? He's hungry again.
Right, dad?

What are you doing here, Pedro?

You made me get your lunch ready early,
and now you're late for school.

I'm going now, mom!

Say, dad...

Is it true that being a policeman
is more important than a cleaner or a sailor?

Everything is important
if it's done well.

But being a policeman is harder,
and it's more responsibility.


Cleaning a cover or a suit?

Woman's work!

But catching a criminal...

...well! You have to be a man
for that. Right, dad?

Leave your father alone.
Can't you see he's tired?

Go ahead, eat. Eating it
cold won't do you any good.

I already ate a whole plate of them,
and they were really good.

Sure they're good.

You'd eat pasta every day.

Are you worried?
What's wrong?

Something really important fell into my lap,
and I need to have it work out.

And why haven't you yet?

It wouldn't be the first time.

But this case seems particularly difficult,

dark, with very few clues.

What are clues, dad?

It's something that gets us started,
it leads us to the criminal.

Fingerprints, a word
that seems unimportant,

a personal object,
and sometimes...

...even a look that
shows doubt or uncertainty.

And all criminals
leave clues?

Stop bothering your dad,
and leave right at once!

But mom, can't you see I
need to become a policeman!

No, son. One useless
one in the family is enough!

Bye, dad.

Bye, son.
- Bye.

Finish that up.
Then I'll make you a coffee.

But have some
tuna empanadillas first.

I wish you wouldn't say you're
useless in front of him.

You're right.

But for the past few days
I can't control my nerves.

The thing is, the chief
doesn't trust me.

But you have to
work with enthusiasm,

without thinking about him.

With only one thought...
to make it happen!

Don't you remember how much
you had to fight to marry me?

And you made it work.

And why? Because you knew to not
worry about my father not trusting you.

And in the end,
you proved your worth to him.

Of course, maybe you're
sorry for all that now?


I'm sorry I'm late,
but Riquin didn't want to come in.

He's scared of uniforms.

Me, on the contrary...

I must say that very rarely does
a statement look at certain as yours.

You've made sure not
to leave anything out.

Tell me, ma'am.
- I beg your pardon, Inspector.

Miss, ok!

Oh, ok!

Then tell me, miss.

According to your first statement,

you were heading to your apartment
when you met the housekeeper?

Yes, sir.

How far was this from the door?

Five steps.

I remember I was carrying
several packages in my left hand...

...and Riquin's leash in my right.

You're certain?

Yes, I always hold the leash,
so he won't run away.

I'm asking if it was
five steps from the doorway?

I don't know, maybe a bit more.

- Seven or eight.
- No, it wasn't more than five.

- But be quiet for now.
- No, I won't!

What kind of woman!
- it's not important.

And from the moment that
Miss Clara gave you this task...

and when you met this woman
how much time passed?

Very little, about two minutes.

As long as it takes
to go down the stairs...

...and put on my coat.
- Are you sure?

You didn't stop at the doorway?
Try to remember.

Oh, no! I remember perfectly.

I didn't even take
off my apron.

She seemed so worried that I
left right away to find the gentleman.

When you stopped talking to the lady,
did you stay long in the street?

Do you remember?

Of course, the thing is
you don't give me time to talk!

I was carrying so much,
and some oranges fell...

In the street?

No, sir,
at the doorway!

Then I went up...

Are you sure you didn't see
anyone in the stairwell?

Not a soul. Then I went up...
- You didn't hear anything?

Steps, voices,
the sound of a door?

I have very good hearing, Mr. Inspector,
You know, it's as good as Riquin's.

Right, my treasure?
So no, I didn't hear anything.

And yet, it's certain that the killer
entered in those three or four minutes.

The ones we've determined
from when you left the house...

...until the moment that
the dog smelled the body.

Tell me...

...can you assure me the lady was alone,
when you were called to the apartment?

No... I'm not sure.

Well, yes, she was alone.

Does she have many visitors?
- No.

Only the gentleman visited.

Has she spoken of anyone
with the initials F.O.?


And you don't recall her receiving any
letters from someone with those initials?

No, no.
- And when she says no...

...she means no,
she spends her day snooping.

Cleaning up that
disgusting dog's messes.

What, my dog disgusting?
- Yes, it is!

Disgusting and filthy!
- I can't take this!

That's enough!

You can go now.

If I need you I'll call on you.
- Yes, sir.

Thank you.

Mr. Inspector, you should know that
I'm happy to help whenever you need.

But the next time,
try to see that it's me alone.

Oh, you'd like that!

How indecent!

You're ridiculous!
- Hussy!

Go take care of
the little dog!

At what time did you tend
to see your fianc?e?

At 1, every day.

Was she always on time?

Recently, no.

Sometimes the bus was late,
sometimes with work...

She said men could always wait,
have a smoke or read.

And that's what I did.

Oh, Destino!

They sometimes publish really
good articles about the circus.

Here you are.

The circus
behind the scenes.

This Sebastian Gas,
he's a great storyteller.

Did you read it
while having a drink?

No, I bought it
when I left the bar.

I told you that already.

Oh, yes. That's right.

Here are the witnesses.

Let them in.

Have a seat.

Do you know this man?

Almost every day
he comes into my cafe.

Was he there today?
- Yes, sir.

When did he leave?

Around 1:15.

Was he reading
this magazine?

No, it was a book.
A short novel.

He had the magazine
in his pocket.

That's not right.
It was another one.

I thought you bought it
when you left the cafe.

This woman can tell
you when I bought it.

Do you recall?
- I think so.

This very man gave me
a bill for 100.

And when I told him
I didn't have change...

...he looked in his pockets
and found a smaller one.

At what time did
this man buy Destino?

At 1:15.

He asked me for the time.

And he bought this?


The last one.

Did you notice if the man
went back into the bar?

He went toward the corner
of Zurbaran Street.

I saw him walk
around there.

He told me he was
waiting for his girlfriend.

It seems he told
everyone in the world?

That's not normal?

How long was he waiting?

I'm not sure,
when I noticed him...

...I saw him walking with
a middle-aged woman.

And up to that point, you didn't
see if he had left the corner?

I'm not sure, you see...

...I had my work...
- Thank you, you can go.

Good afternoon.

You just heard what
this woman says she saw,

If you bought Destino
after you left the cafe,

you couldn't have had it in your
pocket when you were there.

Well I would say
it was that exact one.

I already said so
in the bar, remember?

Explain how he's wrong,
what magazine is this?

It was last week's Destino.

I left it in the boarding house.
You can find it there.

Don't bother.

You can go.

Good afternoon.

It's strange that you hadn't read
last week's issue until today.

From what you said, your
fianc?e always arrived late.

That doesn't mean I always
have to read one specific magazine.

Could I see the apartment key?

Here it is.

And the other one?

There's no other lock.
- I mean the key to the patio.

I've never had it. Why?

It's easier to go in
through the front door.

How long would it take to go from
Zurbaran Street to your fiancee's house?

Well... maybe 10 minutes.

That's what it took you
and the housekeeper?

Yes, something like that.

Of course, if you didn't have
to slow down to her pace...

...you'd have arrived
sooner, right?

Maybe 7 or 8 minutes,

Answer me!
- I'm not sure.

I'm getting confused
with these questions!

You seem to suspect me!

Until I find the killer,
I'm going to suspect everyone!

The other witnesses left calmly.

Unlike them, I've been
here for two hours.

I'm tired!
- Me too.

But we still need to go on.

Who knows if something
has been left out?

Maybe some little clue
will tell us everything.

Consider that.

Ok. You can continue.

Good policemen
know jiu-jitsu.

One day, my dad put a
robber in a hold like this...

...and the guy had no choice
but to drop his gun.

Even the police chief
congratulated him.

Yeah, you believe everything!
He'll tell you whatever.

Your dad's probably the same.

You jerk, you wish you had
a dad like mine.

He's made it because of who he knows.
- You'll regret that!

Let him go, his dad's fine...!
- Go on...!

Go on!
Get out of here!

Don't pay attention to him!

How does your dad
find criminals?

How? With clues.

What are clues?

Right, like you don't know.

If you find a dead guy
there are clues to who killed him.

How funny! He might have
died by falling down somewhere.

And if there's a knife in his chest,
he did that by falling down too?

Think about it...

If the knife is from Albacete,
that's a clue.


Anything around the victim
could be one.

And if you found a playing card...
Who did it?

A card player!
- Right!

And if you found a receipt
in the guy's jacket?

They killed him because
he couldn't pay up.

Now do you get it?

We'll see.

If you found a glass eye,
what then?

The killer only had one eye.

Of course, dummy.
You still don't get it?

All this about clues is harder
than finding the criminal.

I don't remember anything else.
I've explained everything.


Do you want a drink?
- I'd like to leave, Inspector.

Look, I need to clear
my head for a bit.

That's why I invited you.

We can go like two friends,
grabbing a drink.

Do you want to?

I think I need to.

You've had me here
talking for two hours.

To sell a car, you'd
have to do the same.

It must be a
tough job, right?

I can't complain.

I'm more independent now,
since I have friends all around.

We're talking, very important people

I believe you.

Good afternoon, Inspector.

The regular, two glasses of Jerez?
- Yes. Or do you want something else?

No, thank you, that's fine.

Did you see many
clients today?


I can prove it to you
if you don't believe me.

Why shouldn't I
believe you?

I wonder the same thing.

I'll trade you this die
for the magazine.

Throw in the pen
and it's done.

Goal! 8 a 0.
You can't keep up!

Well, he distracted me!
- Distracted! Excuses!

The problem is, you don't
know how to play.

Come on! Stop messing
with little kids.

Hi, dad.
- What are you doing here?

I've told you before, I don't
want to see you in bars.

I didn't think
you'd be here...

Some excuse.
You'll end up in juvenile hall.

Go home right now.
Your mother was worried.

Well, I had to trade some comics
with Antonio,

I want to read something
and no wasting money.

One dime for allowance
doesn't pay for much.

You'd be a good businessman.
- I'd rather be a policeman, like my dad.

He's one too?
- If we were all cops...

...who'd go to jail?

Didn't you hear me, Pedro.
Go home now!

It's normal for him to talk
to you about all that.

It's not worth it.
When my dad's like this...

...it's pointless arguing.

Ok, dad, I'm going.

Bye, sir.
- Bye.

You're strict even with
your son, Inspector.

When I have to be, yes.

Better now than later.

Hey! Did you know this
glass eye could be a clue?

You said it
wasn't one earlier.

But look, it's new!

Maybe it got lost?

Don't be a fool.

How's someone going to
lose it without realizing?

They'd take it out
sometime, right?

At night, anyway.

You ever seen someone take one
out in the middle of the street?

But it could fall out.

Let me see it!

You see?

But they'd know,
and anyway...

...if it fell it
would break.

It's a miracle
you haven't broken it.

Where'd you find it?
- Miguelin gave it to me this morning...

...when I looked for you
at the cleaners.

He's an idiot. He traded it
for a pencil with two colors.

Do you know if you'll
be at school tomorrow?

If your dad keeps it up,
we won't see you for a month.

We'll go see him now.

Why? I'd rather
play in the plaza.

Of course, if you give me
the pen, I'll go with you.

Leave it! I don't need you.
I know where Mr. Clean lives.

Yeah, you know where he lives,
and he'll give you a beating.

But I know where Miguelin
is playing right now.

See you later!


Take it!

It will help you with
some math problem.

These are the prints
we found in the patio...

...and they match the ones
found next to the victim.

So the killer entered
from the patio?

That's right.

Then the housekeeper
would have seen him.

The glass door was closed
when we found the body.

This means the victim
and killer knew each other.

She wouldn't have given keys
to someone she didn't know.

Couldn't he have entered an open door
and used her key to lock it behind him?

The key is here.

On the key chain
from her purse.

Some puzzle.

The case gets more
difficult by the minute.

The witnesses all claim
that only the fianc? went in.

And now it seems there's
some other guy in between.

Everyone trusts a woman.

It's not a crime of passion.

And why not?

The girl was cute.

One day she meets a guy,
and he falls for her.

They go out, act silly...
and then he sees there's a fianc?.

The one who pays the rent.

Who comes in like a gentleman,
through the front door.

He gets pissed off!
They talk, he wants her to be just his...

Yes, and in view of that...

...the girl asks the housekeeper
to bring the fianc? around to face him,

like in a Medieval tournament.

No, no woman would do that,
because then they'd both be gone.

No, I'm sure the
secret is here.

She forged, or tried
to forge a signature.

It couldn't have been
someone else?

And they put the paper
in her bag? -No.

You're forgetting that it's the
same ink as in her pen.

Does it seem like
they made a mistake?

Look at this.

According to the

...it's the same handwriting
found in her notebook.

And she put the paper in her bag
because it seemed safer than the trash.



If we only knew
the whole name.

We can check at the
company where she worked.

Great idea!

You've got to give it back.
My dad's going crazy about it...

...I don't want him
to stay upset.

I can't give it back.
I don't have it now.

I traded for it.
It's mine now.

Well, give it to me.
I need it.

I'll give you anything.

Why does your dad
want it? Is it his?

It was in some pants
that were brought in today.

I found it. But my dad
found out. Get it?

And the customer
wants it back...

What pocket was it in?
- It wasn't in a pocket.

It was here,
in the cuff.

Weird place to keep it.

That's really weird.

Once my father found
a coin in a pair of pants.

It happens all the time.
You take something...

...it falls down here...

...it ends up in the back...

...and it stays there unless
you have shake them out.

I see.


The guy didn't know
he had it in there.

Did you see if he was
missing an eye? -No.

Was he wearing glasses?
- No.

Man! That's a clue!

Exactly, a clue!

What does that mean?
- Look.

Wait! Tell us tomorrow.

Say, when do you take
the pants to that guy?

It's a full suit
and he's picking it up.

So, he didn't leave
his information?

What for?
He wants to pick it up.

And when will he go?
- Tonight, but...

will you give me the eye?

First I want to see the suit.

Did you see if it
had a blood stain?

No. It was
covered in mud.

Let me see it,
would you?

You've never seen
a dirty suit before?

It's yours if you take
me to your house.

What is?
- Don't you see, dummy?

A button from
an admiral's uniform.

Ok, let's go,
but be careful...

...if my dad sees us,
we'll be in for it.

He's got some temper!
- Just today?

Come on, let's go.


Those initials...?

I don't know,
reminds me of something.

Of course, so many things
go on around here.

Best to do what you wanted.
Look in the archive.

But still, why do you think
she would leave that here?

She could have done so.
We'll have to investigate further.

I see.

Get the archivist up here!

He'll help you.
- Thank you.

Follow up on this, and if you find
what we need, call me at the station.

Yes, sir.
- An important job.

You'll earn a couple
of medals at least.

May I?

Take these men to the archive
and help them out, please.

They need to find a signature.
- Yes, sir.

Let's go.

You'll have to excuse us,
but these things...

May I?
- Come in.

Julia, these men would like
to ask you some questions.

Thank you.

Let's see.

Do you remember if Miss Clara
received a call from her fianc? today?

Yes, sir.
- Have a seat.

At what time was it?
- I'm not sure. A bit before 12.

Did you hear
the conversation?

No, sir.
- Are you sure?

I'm sure.

Did they talk a long time?
- No, not long at all.

She hung up on him.

I'm not accustomed
to listening in on calls.

But when the director
wants to talk to an employee...

...I have to interrupt sometimes,
even in the middle of the conversation.

When I connected
her to the call...

...I heard her say
"this is not a good time to talk. "

And she hung up.
- Ok.

And he called
again later, right?

I'm not sure. If he did
he didn't say he was her fianc?.

Thank you, that's all.

Tomorrow at 9
please come to the station.

Sorry to bother you.
- It's no trouble.

Have Enrique and the waiter
come in at the same time.

Yes, sir.

Don't make any noise.

You seem like a detective
taking so many precautions.

Just like him. But his
dad's a policeman.

It's better to be
an admiral.

But first you have to be
a sailor, and peel potatoes.

His dad once caught
a whole group of robbers.

Woah! Just him?

Sure! My dad's the best
policeman in the world.

There it is.
It's about to be pressed.

Are you sure it
didn't have blood stains?

Yes! I already told you
it was covered with mud.

You saw this guy, right?

And did he
seem suspicious?

Why should he have?
Guys come every day with suits.

A bit ugly, maybe...

...but so is my dad,
and everyone trusts him.

Your dad is a trusted businessman,
even if he has a bad temper.

Just a bad temper?
He's an ogre.

Who's there?

What are you little
roaches doing here?

Run, he's going
to kill us!

Get out!
- Hey, you have no right to hit me!

What? Damn it!

Miguelin, come here!



He recognized us.
- You're in for it when you go home.

I can't go back because of you, Pedro.
Would you at least give me the glass eye?

Why not tell your dad
that you lost it?

Sure, so he'll just
hit me harder! Right!

Give it to me now!
It's mine!

Don't be like that. I was going
to give you this collection of cards.

All of them?
- If you help me, yes.

Alright. And what
do I have to do?

Tell us when the guy
comes to get the suit.


But if I get in trouble because of you,
I'm never going to see you again.

Don't be a coward. You'll see it's
like a game, and you'll have fun.

I'd rather play sailors.
I'll whistle when he comes.

But if he asks for the eye,
promise you'll give it to me.

Ok, I will.
But go on now.

Who is it?

May I?

Oh, it's you?

Just like a cop.
- Not so friendly, huh?

But the Inspector has a
special desire to chat with you.

It's a nice little spot.

And don't say you
were dozing off.

Oh, yeah, the Inspector wants to
see you tomorrow at 9 sharp.

And think,
he's your friend.

And so am I, and together,
we're just worried about one thing.

A murder.

It's late. Maybe
he's not coming?

The shop closes at 8.
- We're waiting til then? I'm bored.

Let's go!

You're like a little kid.
A policeman has to be patient...

...and wait for
the right moment.

My dad always
says that.

It's that my parents
are waiting for me.

I've got an idea.

I'll go eat dinner, make
up something, and come back here.

Then you can go eat.

So I'll wait here alone?
- What, are you scared?

That figures.
- Me scared? Not a bit.

And if the guy comes
while you're gone?

Follow him,
remember where he goes...

...then come back
and tell me.

And remember to keep
your eyes and ears open.

- That's it!

Hi, mom.
- Hi.

Is dinner ready?

Why in such a hurry?
- Tomorrow there's a test.

It's going to be
a tough one.

And we agreed to go to
Miguelin's house to study.

Why don't they come here?

Antonio would, but Miguelin's
father won't let him leave the shop.

And he's a big grouch.
- That's why I don't want you going.

Oh, he's an ok guy!
He likes me.

I'm coming!

What is it?

Oh, it's you!
I was about to close.

Come on in. You won't
recognize the suit.

Don't be late, Pedro.

I don't like you being
out so late.

Don't worry, mom.

I've got to study a lot.
I don't want to get bad grades.

What? I hardly recognize you!

Bye, mom!

Where were you guys?
The guy already left.

He went that way.
- And Antonio?

What do I know.
Go on, he's going to get away!

There he goes!
Are you coming?

And Antonio?

He's not coming back!
He's chicken.

It's just that...
My dad will be looking for me.

You want to be a
police assistant?

I want to be a sailor.
- You can be both.

I name you
my assistant.

You'll see,
it will be fun.


He couldn't have
crossed the plaza.

And he's not in the bar.

We can go now.
- I'm sure he went in here.

Whatever! Who knows
where he went?

Come on, lets' go.

Come here!

Don't look right at him! Put your
head down, like we're playing.

Stop it!
You're hurting me!

He already left!
- Yeah right! He's spying on us!

No he's not, look!

We're not going?

Don't think I'm scared.
You know sailors are brave...

...but I don't like this.

That guy might really
be a killer.

If only he were!

I'd tell my dad
and he'd catch him.

Then the chief would
have to recognize...

...that he's the best
policeman in the city.

I want to help him.
He was worried today.

Ok, but that's on you.
I'm leaving.

We can't go!

If he's a killer, he wouldn't
be able to sleep, and would leave again.

Their conscience eats at them,

and at night, the person they killed
finds them and grabs at their feet.

Wait a minute!

We'll do this...

Go eat dinner,
then come back here.

My dad won't
let me leave.

Tell him that since you weren't at school,
you came to my place to study.

That's the best plan.
- You think?

But don't bring
your wallet here!

The umbrella stand is
the best place to hide it.

We don't have one
in my house.

Then hide it under the bed!
Go on now!

Well go on!

This thing about studying
seems like a trick.

That's why I'm asking
if he really came here.

Little scamps!

Believe me, I've had
it up to here with them!

Where could they have gone?
It's almost 9!

I imagine at the movies,
or playing football.

And me working here like
a prisoner since 8 in the morning!

He'll learn to obey
his fater!

There they are.

Oh, thank God,
I was so worried.

Now he'll learn a lesson.

Where were you?
- At... at Pedro's house...

We have a test tomorrow.
- Tomorrow?

Well, tomorrow or Friday.

But we've been
studying a lot.

Oh, really?

And with Pedro, right?

Sure, dad, and we
still have to study more.

You already know I don't
care if you learn math.

Why not? I'll be an engineer.

From a line of cleaners
but with a degree.

So I'm going to eat dinner
and then head out again.

I can't be late.
- Fine, then, come in...

...I'll get you your dinner.
- Thanks, dad.

Come in!

And now will you
tell me where you were?

Where is Pedro?


He's waiting for a man.
- For a man?

And who is this man?
- It's a game.

Pedro wanted to follow him.
- This is the height of stupidity.

And you've been following
him all night?

What type of game is this?

I don't know.
It was Pedro's idea.

Go on!

Then he said the guy
might be a criminal.

That's why he wants to know
where the guy lives.

Why didn't he come with you?
- He's waiting for the guy to leave.

He says dead people will
string him by his toes.

I was scared, but he wouldn't
let me go. -But where is he?

- Answer at once!

In Berenguer Plaza. Pedro wants to
follow him to see if he's a killer...

...so his dad
can catch him.

He's a really,
really weird guy...

...like he's scared
of being caught.

I'll go look for him.
- He'll go!


If you're late, I'm sending
you to juvenile hall!

But you'll go in crippled!
Remember that!

Can I use the phone?
- It's right there.

I mean... it's that...
I just... can't...!

All these little...!

What a life.


No, he's not here.

Your husband is meeting
with the chief.

Yes, just a moment.

Here he comes.

This time he
was very clear.

I have until Thursday
to figure this out.

Then another Inspector takes over.
- Your wife.

Tell her I'm out.
- Come on!

What is it?

This is a bad time.
If it's about dinner...

...don't wait up for me.
I'm sure I'll be late.

You can tell me later,
I can't focus now.

Please understand!

Sorry, dear.

I'm nervous,
and I can't think straight.

What is it?
- Nothing, just to talk to you.

Don't worry about me.
If you're late I'll head to bed.

There will be a bottle
of milk in the refrigerator.

Oh, and remember
what you promised.

Don't think about the chief.

Turn your back to his window,
and everything will turn out in the end.

Until Thursday?
You'll be done by then.

Just think of yourself, dear.

Well, in me too
if you have time.


Didnt' tell him, huh?

He's got enough worries.
- I'm the most wretched man in the world.

- My wife.

She'd burst if she
couldn't let off steam!

Give me some news.
The worse it is, the better!

Well, I'm going
to Berenguer Plaza.

I'll be worried
otherwise. Goodbye.


It's just me.

There he is.

Your mom's at my house
and they know everything.

I've come to find you.
They're waiting.

I've got to follow him,
I told you.

I want to help my dad.

You think he saw us?


It's like he's scared
he's being followed.

That's normal.

Let's go!

Oh, hi! Tell me!
- We've found four bills...

...with the initials F.O.

But the signatures
don't match the other one.

Yes, I've looked carefully.

There's just one more to check,
from a Francisco Ortia.

But it's not in
his folder.

There's a note that it's
with the legal assessor.

Don't leave until we talk
to that legal assessor.

This is important.

We've got to get
this done tonight.

That F.O. has to be our man!

The one who will lead us to the end!
- That's how I like seeing you.

But you should take
the time to have some dinner.

When you get back
you'll think more clearly.

You're right.

I'm tired of smoking.

If he calls before I'm back,
call me at my house.

See you later.
- Bye.


He saw us, don't go on.
You might get hurt.

A policeman isn't afraid.
- Or a sailor!

But I don't like this.

I don't trust that guy.

Listen to me.

Maybe he'll kill us.
- Enough with that!

- Stop, we've got to play it cool.

- I'm sure of it.

He was at the bar with
my dad earlier today.

And he said he wasn't a cop.

So my dad wanted
something from him.

He must suspect him.

Did you see?

He's got a criminal's face...

Let's go!
- Wait.

If we find out something important,
my dad will be happy.

We should try.
- You try, I'm going.

Ok, then go.

Go on!

He wasn't in the plaza, and
I looked around but didn't see him.

And look at the time.

Could something have
happened to him?

What would happen?
He's a little hoodlum.

Sure, if you never discipline him,
he'll just laugh at everything!

You have to be
stern with him.

Ok, I will.

Tomorrow I'll talk to him.

Don't worry.
I promise you.



Is it him?

Give me the information.

He's the one, Inspector.

The signature
matches up completely.

This Francisco Ortia guy lost
an eye in an accident...

that he says was the
fault of the company.

He came and signed
the resignation letter.

And by pulling at
their heartstrings...

...and in light of certain considerations,
the company gave him 50,000 pesetas.

That was two or
three days ago.

And I just learned that today
they sent a check in his name.

Poor guy!

Listen. Go to the
station and wait for me.

And give me
the guy's address.

Hill Street, number 215.

He works as watchman
on an abandoned factory.


I'm a policeman,
I can't be scared.

Here he is!

You didn't find him?

Not find him?
Tell them!

Tell them! About the
persecution of a saint!

A saint, yes sir!

And this all happened because your son
said that you suspected him.

Go on, then!

Hurry, or I'll tear off your ear!

Let him go.
- Damned kids.


It's alright, son.

You've got to tell me everything.

Let go! Let me go!

Quiet! Shut up
right now!

Did you go into? the basement?
- No.

You'll go down there now.
And you'll have company.

You don't scare me,
my dad will find you out.

Your dad.
So he sent you, huh?

Let me go!
Let me go!

Let me go! Let me go!

Damn it!
Don't be a fool!

There's no escape.

This is the only exit.
There's no other way out.

Remember, Agent Perez from the
Criminal Brigade, Group 2.

It's urgent.
- Yes, sir.

Don't be a fool.
Even if I have to wait til dawn,

I'm going to get you.

Let me go!





Why not call him again?

Go on. What are
you waiting for?

Call him.

Careful, dad!
There he is!

Give it to him, dad!
He's a killer!



Halt, or I'll shoot!

Right now!

Don't be crazy.

Last chance!


The check, just as I suspected.

That was a good hunch
you had, Inspector.

So that guy was all
wrapped up in it, huh?

Even more than we thought.

He killed a man. The body's
in the basement, and I saw it.

Calm down, son.

Now the chief will be
happy with you, right?

You found the guy.
You've got to tell him.

He'll know, Pedro.

This will go in his record,
as Special Services.

And everyone will
congratulate him, right?

Of course.

They've got to know that he's
the best policeman in the city.

Thanks, son. But you
put yourself in danger.

Oh, I wasn't scared,

you see how calm I am.

Very ca...

He's overcome with relief,

but this kid will
make a great cop.

This time it's a hunch of mine.