El nido (1980) - full transcript

In a town near Salamanca, an eccentric widower, aged 60, is captivated by an imp, a precocious 13 year old. Alejandro is wealthy and alone, passing time with music, chess, and his shotgun. Gregoria (Goyita) the daughter of a weak-willed policeman and his bullying wife, is a budding naturalist who conspires to meet Alejandro. Even though he knows the village is talking, Alejandro spends time with Goyita, on walks, horseback rides, and dinners. He's enchanted and tells his friend the village priest that he's living for the first time. Goyita makes new demands on Alejandro, and he must decide how to be true to his ethics and to this Platonic yet highly-charged relationship.


One, two, three and...

With the king, eh?

I see you coming.

But I will not fall into your trap.

How about a knight, hum?

For now, check.

Who are you?

How many times should I tell you
not to bother me when I'm working?!

And close the door,
we are not in the stables.

- We are out of milk.
- It is of no importance to me.

You should think of many things.

And above all,
about keeping the house as God intended.

- If only signora was alive...
- Never speak about signora.

- And dinner. How about the dinner?
- Not now.

- Go away, out, out.
- Go away, go away...

Someday i will be gone forever
and you will stay alone.

You see?

No peace even in your own home.

Oh, well.

Let me see what you are up to.

Can't you think of anything better?


The goldfinch feather
will take you to the great tree. G.

The jay feather
will lead you down the stream. G.



The feather of the hawk
will take you to tower. G.

Take this.

- What is it?
- Milk, honey and cognac.

Where have you managed to get so wet?

- In the River.
- In the river, in the river...

- What were you doing in the river?
- It's not your business.

- The boots won't get dry here.
- Well, take them away.

Ok, I'll take them.

- I wonder what got into you. At you age...
- And what should I do at my age?

Look after the house
and drink a good wine.

- You have nothing to do in the kitchen?
- Yes, signor.

I always have something to do
in the kitchen.

- Amparo?
- What?

Do you know anyone in the town
who is fond of birds?

- Are you going to sell the nests?
- No.

- Gumer, she has a bird store.
- Gumer?

- Shall I bring you an aspirin?
- No.

- Ah! In the River...
- And make sure you close that door.

The goldfinch feather
will take you to the great tree.

The jay feather
will lead you down the stream.

The feather of the hawk
will take you to tower.



- Cookies, lentils...
- Lentils.

- Cod.
- Cod.

- And the cornstarch.
- A cornstarch.

- Is that all?
- Yes.

Good morning.

- Good morning, Don Alejandro.
- Good morning.

- Good morning, how are you?
- Good morning.


- Yeah, well.

- The bill, Don...

- Yes, write it down,
I'll pay you on Saturday.

- Give my regards to signora.
- Thanks, Gumer.

- Always at your service, Don Alejandro.
- Good morning.

- What do you want?
- Well... nothing in particular.

I don't know what I could suggest you.

- Do you have bird food?
- For which birds?

- Common ones.
- I have birdseed and ca?amones.

- Give me half a kilo.

Of what?

- Birdseed.
- Birdseed.

- Are you breeding them?
- No, my sister is breeding them.

- I guess your sister
doesn't climb trees, right?

- Never, never.

- And is there someone else
who is interested in birds?

No, my sister, just my sister.

- Nobody else?
- Just my sister, I told you.

- Hello, sorcerer.
- Hello, heretic.

You don't look well,
no customers, eh?

- You sell all this?

Don't be in a rush to buy, eh.

This is what you call
the odor of sanctity.

"Offensive is not he who wants to,
but the one who's able to. "

Pa, dear brother, pa.

Here, the church has always loved gifts.

It is the first time
you gave me something.

They aren't poisoned?

When are you going
to dress in civil clothes?

Or when will you
shave off your mustache?

Hey, bogey. I need your help.

You, as well as being puny and cheat,

have a reputation of a man

with the knowledge
of handwriting and astronomy, right?

Sciences more accurate than those
you studied in seminary.

- That's pneumonia.
- That's shit.

Well, can you help me or not?

- Are you asking for a confession?
- No, you don't get it.

Look at this.

- Who wrote this?
- I have no idea.

- A woman?
- I suppose.

You are too old to have love affairs.

- I'm not interested in the erotic aspect
of the question, I want to find out...

- Okay, okay.

What happens is that
you do not understand anything.

You talk a lot and you know nothing.

- What type of bird
is mentioned in the first letter?

- The goldfinch.

Well, I had an egg of goldfinch.

This was written by a girl.
Probably very young.

That's obvious. Anything else?

A glutton and dirty.

- How do you know?
- Stains of fat on the paper.

Uneducated, but with a great deal
of natural wit.

- So she won't come here?

I would say,
with a great sense of humor.

Authoritarian and stubborn...



And absorbing.

The feather of the hawk
will take you to tower. G.

The tower.

Bell tower.

Have you climbed a bell tower?
It's a thousand pesetas.

Why me, Eladio?
Why, whoever it is, has noticed me?

Because you're the biggest
fool of all fools.

- I'm serious.
- Me too.

Maybe she is laughing at me?

- I found it!
- Where?

Find it yourself.

What a man.

Cold, cold, warm... hot.

Very hot... very hot.
Hot like in hell.

Falcon feathers will take you
to performance. G.

Listen, I don't like this game,

I do not have another, priest.

Yeah. I should just
eat my soup and drink wine, right?

...to the concert...

Eladio, I'll give you two thousand
pesetas to buy candles.

It is a personal matter.

Falcon feathers
will take you to performance. G.

- Auntie.
- Mmm?

The school children
are rehearsing Macbeth.


The Raven Himself Is Hoarse...

...announces the fatal entrance of
Duncan. Under my battlements.

- Run to me.
- Pause.

- The evil spirits that wait
on thoughts of murder.

- Breath.

- And fill me from the crown
to the toe top-full.

- Breath.

- Of direst cruelty! make thick my blood.
- Pause.

Thick my blood, Stop up th'access
and passage to remorse.

Goyita, don't exaggerate.
Try to speak calmly.

Make a pause and take a breath.

And think of Macbeth,
you're waiting for him.

With intonation and rhythm.
And last verse, please. Come on.

That no compunctious visitings
of nature Shake my fell purpose.

Nor keep peace between
Th'effect and it.

Come to my woman's breasts
and take my milk for gall,

you murd'ring ministers.

Come, thick night, and pall thee
in the dunnest smoke of hell,

That my keen knife see not
the wound it makes,

Nor heaven peep through the blanket
of the dark, To cry - Hold,


Come in, Tonio.

My dearest love,
Duncan comes here tonight.

Goyita, Macbeth has arrived?
Goyita, what's wrong?


- Sorry, this is a rehearsal.
- Pardon me.

The rehearsal is private.

- Sorry again.
- Thank you.

- Falcon feathers...
- will take you to performance.

- You don't like music?
- I like it very much.

- Whose egg was it?
- Jackdaw.

You see, I thought
it was of goldfinch.

- Where are you going Lady Macbeth?
- Home.

- Can I join you?
- Okay.

Glamis hath murderd sleep, and
therefore Cawdor shall sleep no more,

Macbeth shall sleep no more!

- Bless you.
- Thanks.

Have you caught a cold?

When I have cold,
I always end up with angina.

- Did you have your tonsils operated?
- I don't remember.

- How old are you?
- Thirteen.

- And you know me?
- Yes.

- What do you know about me?
- I know your house.

- You know my name?
- Don Alejandro.

- How long have you known me?
- For many years.

For many years.

Well... we arrived.

Your father is a policeman?

Your penknife.

Can I keep a pencil and feathers?

- Will we meet again?
- Maybe.

- Bye.
- Bye.

I knew your wife.

Do you have to be so noisy, doll?
What do you think it is, stables?

You and I will talk about it later.

Ale, home.

- Has anyone called?
- No.

- What about yesterday?
- No.

- And no one has come, no?
- Nobody ever comes here.

Anything else?

Police station.

Police station, hello.


- What were you doing today?
- Nothing.

Nothing? I found out that you
was climbing trees again.

- Me?
- You. A naughty tomboy.

And I know who is to blame.
Much mime and very little authority.

- What does that suppose to mean?
- I'm the only one who cares.

- Bon Appetit.
- Thank you.

Rest, rest.

- Will you join us?
- I just had dinner.

And you?

- Have you climbed up the roof?
- That's a lie.

- I never lie.
- Me neither.

Enough Gregoria. And you eat.

The door to the attic is opened,
like last year.

- It's not me.
- Who was it then?

And the window is broken,
who did it?

It's her, who else can it be?
I told you to eat.

And you, what a view, Manolin?
Go to bed now.

On Sunday you will stay at home.

- Why?
- Because I said so!

- Say goodnight to the Sergeant.
- Good evening, Sergeant.

Good night, Goyita.

Are you hungry, Goyita?

Do not worry.

I will look after you and
I'll teach you to fly.

Don Alejandro!

Are you talking to me?

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

- How do you know my name?
- I've been here three years.

- You do not know mine, Marisa Marcos.
- Pleased to meet you.

I wanted to apologize for what happened
the other day.

I threw you from the theater
without the slightest consideration.

- Why are you laughing?

- Because we've seen each other twice
and we've apologized at least six times.

The fault was mine. I confess
I was surprised to see Macbeth.

- Not a play for children.
- Yeah, but they chose it.

I must admit I had some doubts
at the beginning.

They should have done the
"The Girl with the Jug" as every year.

It's a lie. I do not regret anything.
They'll be just fine.

- I hope you will come at the opening.
- Well... I don't promise anything.

I'm unpredictable.
And Lady Macbeth?

She's very interesting.

- Is she punished?
- No. She decided to study acting.

- Voluntarily.
- I see.

Children today are very different
from us as we were.

I speak for my generation,
not yours, of course.

Was pleased to meet you. I wish
I had a teacher like you.

- Good afternoon, senorita.
- Good afternoon, signor.

I am looking for something...
very, very special.

A pair of Katiuska boots size 43.

I'm sorry, we have those only in 17.

Well, then give me size 16.

They always were 17.

You sure are 17.

- You're crazy, and if a customer enters,
what will happen to my reputation?

- I don't give a damn about
the customers or your reputation.

But not here.

I tell you I don't give a damn about
the customers or your reputation.

- You seem different.
- Me?

- You have come a month earlier.

- This is not an official visit.
I needed to see you today.

You know, you asked me yourself
to come more often.

- Hello.

- Hello. We have come
to remind you about tonight.

The film society, the end of the season.
Will you come?

Alejandro... Alvaro... Amaya.

Alejandro is my lover.
He came this morning, day of sex.

Shall we go?

- Whatever you say.

- Don't you afraid of
the young people, Alejandro?

- Make sure you come, okay?
It's twenty pesetas.

- Bye. Chao.

You're a witch. You've mocked me.
You can't be old, huh?

The old, to the grave. And you ashamed
to be seen with me. So you laugh at me.

You don't understand anything.
Let's go.

What are you doing?

What's wrong,
something happened?

You can't hide it from me.

- Good afternoon.
- Good afternoon.

- Can I see Don Alejandro?
- What do you want?

Wait, I'm coming!

Hello, little one.

What a surprise.

You came alone?

Wouldn't your parents get mad?
Good girls should not leave home alone,

especially without a permit.

Would you like to have dinner?

- Do you want a Cura?ao,
as they say on TV?

- Goodbye.

Where were you? I didn't know
anything about you.

- I've looked everywhere.
- I was here yesterday.

- Where were you?
- In Madrid.

- Business.
- I don't want you to come to school.

And you shouldn't speak
with Miss Marisa.

Never again, I promise.

- Why do you have a beard?
It makes you old.

- You want me to get rid of it?


- Is it the goldfinch?
- No, the coal tit.

- What is this?
- Talisman. A memory about the camp.

- What camp?

- Concentration camp,
where Francoists put me.

- How did you know my wife?
- She was collecting nests.

- The coal tit.
- No, the goldfinch.

As I said, the goldfinch.

What are you singing?

Manuel will be angry.

- Why?
- Because of the bird.

- I do with it what I want.
- Mama says that you must respect him.

Hey... are you going to marry
a civil guard?

- No way.
- Me neither.

Goyita has a boyfriend,
Goyita has a boyfriend!

- It's a lie!
- It's true, everybody knows it.

I'll die right now if it's a lie.

- He is not a boyfriend.
- He is a holy fool.

- And what is that?
- I don't know.

- What does it mean?
- No idea.

Sgt Manuel called him called so.

The sergeant is a jerk,
and you too.

- And you a thousand times worse.
- And you're a million times worse.

- And you infinitely worse.
- You're an idiot.

- A holy fool, a holy fool!
- A friend, a friend!

You want me to come
and put you in bed?!

- A holy fool, a holy fool...
- A friend!

I do not care if everybody knows.

And if Manuel finds out, so be it.

I do not know what to do.

I am a normal man.

- However, I only think about that...
young girl.

- Not so young.

If I didn't know you, I would have
complained to the authorities.

- Oh, I'm serious.
- Me too.

- You invited me and don't even
have a wine to spare. Miser.

I won't come here any more.
- Damn priests.

Always asking and asking.

- You are like cockroaches.
- Oh, how he barks.

And what will happen
when her father hear about you?

- Do you know he is a civil guard?
- I haven't done anything wrong.

Even here.

- I've known a saying...
- No, deprive me of it, Eladio.

No fooling, Alejandro.

You're all alone, right?

And you?

- I have the Lord up there.
- You sure are smart.

Why don't you marry?

With whom?

- With the girl from Salamanca, satyr.
- Who told you about her?

- You.
- I talk too much.

Damn, you live swell.

And I live swell.

If I give you the chance,
the holy leader.

- The lord knows that
their pastors are human.

- Ya, ya, of course.

Why not send habits to hell?

Have you ever felt like sleeping
with a woman, no?

It would not be the first time.
When I became a priest and...

- And then...
- Why not to try, right?

You seal her and you bless her.

Father, what happened to me?

Son... you're old.

- Do you know how old she is?
- 110 years.

Can you imagine what she said
the other day?

She asked me where I had been.

And I lied,
without any hesitation.

In 12 years of marriage I had never
lied to poor Isabel, never.

- The girl is a witch...
- It's horrible.

I do not know if I'm turning
into a monster or a fool.

In both, Alejandro.

What would you do in my place?

- Don't insult me.
- No, really.

You're still a moron.

Never monster.

Some day I will do as you say,

- All this is yours?
- Yes.

- You never come to Mass?
- No.

- But you are a friend of the priest?
- What can I say?

What is holy fool?

Well... it is a guy who
stands out of his environment.

He is doing things which others don't.
Solitary, obsessed with music, chess,

with the shotguns.

He has a beard, and sometimes,
sometimes, he wears a denim hat.

The sergeant says
you're a holy fool.

- He'll know. Are you staying for dinner?
- Okay.

Cesar, tell to Amparo
to call the police.

And say, to whom is on duty, that Goya
Menendez is eating with her school friend.

You heard it.

Goyita, it is not right
to lie to your parents.

Goyita, listen, it is not right
to lie to your parents,

or anyone else,
especially when there is no reason.

- Don't you ever lie?
- Almost never.

- And your wife, do you ever lied to her?
- No.

How do you know
if there is a reason or not?

- Because I am an old man,
and you, a young girl.

- What?

- Because I am an adult and you're a child,
and your parents...

- Goodbye.

There is reason, of course there reason.
You were right to say that.

We must be cautious.

Don't go, please.

The sergeant told my father
not to let me come here.

- Sorry, I do not like the Civil Guard.
- Great.

- Want to ride?
- No. Show me the room where she slept.

- Here she slept?
- Yes.

- And you?
- Also.

- Well, let's go.
- Wait.

- This was hers?
- Yes.

- She wasn't like me.
- She was very pretty.

Short and stout.

- What?
- Not much breast.

Let's leave that.

- Now where you sleep?
- Somewhere else. Come on, Goyita.

I heard that you married for money.

- That you were starving.
- That's a lie!

I never would have married for money,
not with her or anyone! You hear that?!

- She died in this bed?
- And you, what do you care?

- Wait.
- Wait what?!

I don't think you married for money,
or that you were dying of hunger.

- Thank you.
- You don't have any children, right?

- No.
- Is it her fault or yours?

Because of her, of course.

What was the last thing
she told you?

Beware of girls
who ask too many questions.

- Did she suffer much?
- Not as much as me.

- What's this?
- Vicisuas.

- What?!
- Vi-si-suas.

- Is it a kind of gazpacho?
- More or less.

- Where are you from?
- De Alcoy, and you?

From Ciudad Rodrigo.

- Your whole family was in the Civil Guard?
- No, my grandfather was a pastor.

What about yours?

My grandfather was also a pastor.

At home they let me take
a little of wine.

- White or red?
- Red.

Red, the girl drinks red wine.

For a long and beautiful friendship.

Goyita... nothing.

- You have such dinner every day?
- No, not at all.

Today is a special meal,
just for you.

- On the right.
- What?

- The knife.
- What knife?


- Why are you laughing?
- It was long ago...

...since I taught another person
to eat fish.

- I know whom.
- And she wasn't stout.


Are these the ones?

Because of them
you were angry at her?

But you didn't write
any notes to her?

What about me? Why me?

You know that I don't collect nests.

- Why?
- For everything.

For everything?

Me too.

The nests are horrible
out of trees.

It is an opinion like any other.

Do you want me to tell Cesar
to take you home?

- No, I want you to take me.
- Me?

- I thought you had said that
we should be cautious.

- That's what you said.

Get in, my Lady.

It was a beautiful Sunday. It was a long
ago since I had such a good time.

Do you like me?

You are a child...

...very sensitive and very smart.

No, I mean as a woman.

As a woman?
What a thing to say.

- I never know when you're
serious or joking.

- If you don't like me, I don't
want to see you.

Never again will I see you.

I like you, Goya, of course I like you.
I like you as a woman.

I can't stop thinking of you.
That's not normal, Goya. It's terrible.

You may kiss me.

If they tell you something bad about me,
do not believe them.

I won't.

- For everything.
- For everything.

- Forever.
- Forever.

On Tuesday after school,
I would go to the forest,

to see if there are any new nests.

- You need the whole opera?
- Well, only the key moments.

There is a Verdi opera
with the theme of Macbeth.

But if you let me say so,
I hate him.

- No problem.
- There is also Strauss, Grieg, Smetana.

When will it be?

- End of the act.
- I would suggest Smetana.

I can take care of the sound,
if you want.

- I don't want to bother you so much.
- You don't.

- Why did you choose...
what was her name, Lady Macbeth?

- Gregoria Menendez.

Because she is evil enough
to understand the role.

And you?

Why did you choose Goyita?
Goyita is almost a woman.

- What do you mean by that?
- Nothing.

- Please, have a sit?
- Thank you.

No, no, not here.

- You have a beautiful house.
- Nothing special.

- Her love for birds, I mean Goyita's,
is it your influence?

- No.

- I like dogs.
- With milk or with lemon?

- The dogs?
- The tea.

With lemon.

It's funny... I always thought that
women are much smarter than men.

And much more evil.

The music was an excuse, right?

- You do not have to worry about me.
I'm quite harmless.

- Not really.

This is the best thing I have said
to myself for the last thousand years.

Do you know that Goyita
forbade me to talk to you?

In all the jokes is always
a seed of truth, right?

Here! Alejandro!

- Goya!
- Alejandro, where are you?

Stop these games. Goyita!
Where are you?




- You want to make me angry, eh.
- Hello.

It's not funny.

- I just found a nest of warbler.

- I don't care about the warbler, but
one of these days you'll fall down.

- And you will kill yourself.
- So that I will die before you.

And you will take me
to the cemetery.

And you'll bury me next to her.
Bit you won't, eh? No.

You are old and dirty, but
I don't want to be away from you.

We'll never separate.

When you're older and dirtier,
I'll take care of you,

and after you die
I'll look after your house.

But we need to get married.

Ah, right there, at St. Thomas.

- No need for a priest or a paper.
- No?

No. We put our hands and blood together,
so we can't separate anymore,

forever and ever.

What blood?

With this knife, I will cut "G"
in your hand, and you "A" in mine.

- And we join our blood.
- Are you crazy?

- Are you afraid?
- No, it's for you.

Where will you go
with the severed hand?


Goya, don't run
with the knife in your hand!

Goya, Goyita, pardon me,
I didn't want to offend you.

I told you not to see
Senorita Marisa again.

- Why not?
- Because I said so.

She came to ask me for the music
for the play. I didn't call her.

You understand that
if she comes to my place...

Well, why should I apologize to
a young girl! And don't bite your nails!

I don't take orders from anyone, and I take
to my house whoever I want! Damn you!

- Can I come in?
- Come.

It will have blood, they say!
Stones have been known to move.

- ... what is the night?
- Almost at odds with morning.

No, Goya, I will not hurt you.

- What if someone see us?
- Is that what you care?

We will always be together, forever
and ever. And never shall we part.

Because we joined our blood,
in this secret pact.

Now you have to give me something.

Don't show it to anyone.

- And the last thing...
- What?

You must burn all her pictures
and all her clothes.

No, Goya. I can't.

- No way.
- Well.

I don't want you to come with me.

The cryptogams or plants without flowers
are divided into... Thallophytes,

Bryophytes and Pteridophytas.

- Plants that lack chlorophyll must take it
from the others. They are called parasites...

- Wait.

Show me your hand.



Don't be a clown, Goya.
Who did this?

- Nobody.
- What does it mean?

- Nothing.
- Well, I see a large 'A'.

- Or not so large?
- Yes!

Very funny. Let's see.

Antonio, Alberto, Adelino and Agust?n.

Adelino? It is "P".

No need to get up.

Agust?n? It is "N".

Margarita, Valdes and... at your service.


Now, hands up all those
with an initial.

- Me! Me! Me!
- That also goes with you, Gregoria.

You're all savages. To me
this love is all right,

among children it is precious,
and quite normal,

but what is not normal is that it is done
with blood, and you could get infection.

And taking this opportunity,
tomorrow we will study hands,

including nails, necks and ears.

- Goyita, you was very good.
Want to help me at the theater?

- Okay.

Sit down.

Pilar Campos, lesson 17.

There are some animals that parasites
on others. There are also plants...

that are parasitic, like mistletoe,
fungi and others.

- Can I come in?
- Who is it?

- Goyita.
- Come in, Goyita.

Are you free?

Like it?
Then climb here and help me.

- Can you mix colors?
- Yes.

Look, it's that over there.

- This one?
- Yes.

- And how?

- Ultramarine with ground of Seville,
English red and white.

There are the buckets.
Use that robe.

Let's make a deal? I ask you
one thing I want you to answer,

and you ask me something you want
to know about me. But on two conditions:

We must tell the truth,
and we mustn't tell anyone, okay?

- And what do you want to know?
- You begin.

How old are you?


- Who is your favorite pupil?
- Sorry, now my turn.

Use these gloves.

- Do you like it at school?
- No.

- Why?
- Sorry, now my turn.

Is Lore your favorite?

Not exactly favorite, Goyita,
and you know it yourself.

Whom I most like is Pilar Campos.

- It is a very particular affection, Goya.
- Pilar Campos?

- It's a stupid subject. Let's hear
why don't you like school?

- I don't like to be locked up.


- You don't like me?
- No, no, on the contrary.

I love you, Goya, and there is
no question about that.

- What does 'A' mean?
- You already know.

- You say it.
- Alejandro.

- What is going to be in tomorrow's test?
- Goya, you can't ask such question.

- If you don't want, stop playing.
- You should be ashamed of yourself.

First, how clouds form.
Second, what is the psychometric.

Third, anticyclones and depressions.
And fourth, the air in the temperate zone.

- And don't change anything.
- I never cheat.

- He has 'G'?
- Yes.

Why did you go to see him?

Because I wanted to know
if he was a trustworthy person.

- And does he?
- It's my turn.

What do you do
when you are together?

We talk, play... he tells me things,

listen to music, cycling, shooting.

Nothing more. I promise.

Too much ground of Seville and
you lack ultramarine.

- Do you have a boyfriend?

- Well, it depends on
what you call a boyfriend.

- I sleep with someone.
- In the village?

- My turn.
- Okay.

- Is it wrong?
- No.

Outside the town,
on weekends, of course.

You know how people are.
But remember we made a deal.

Returning to your story, Goya.
I don't like giving advices,

but if this was a western,
it is likely that

the villagers wanted to lynch him
because of you.

I know that this is not a western,
Goya, but keep in mind that

he is much older
than you, and weaker.

You don't have to worry,
we're through. Yes, it's finished.

- And now you ask me why.
- Why?

Because he doesn't do
what I command.

Get out! Out!

- Good morning, Cesar.
- Good morning.

- Looks like rain, no?
- Who knows.

I want you to tell Amparo to prepare me
a bouquet of flowers.

As beautiful as possible.

- Goyita?!
- What!

- You'll be late to school!
- I'm coming.

- You always have to be the last.
I'm going to tell your father.

- Coming!

- Where is my bird?

- You stop talking of birds
and sit down to breakfast.

- Where is my bird?
- Take your seat, I said!

- Last night Manuel let it go.
He said they're not allowed here.

- Gregoria, if you don't eat breakfast,
you won't go out on Sunday.

Gregoria! Gregoria!

It is not the question of favoritism.

When we have to act, we act,
and it doesn't matter who is who.

- But listen, the thing must be
investigated from all angles.

- I'm the sergeant here!

And stand up
when I'm speaking to you.

And if this happens again,
you'll be transfered.

And you know
where you belong to.

- It's a misunderstanding...

- I'm tired of misunderstandings
and shortcomings.

Also you're making us look ridiculous.
It is not you I'm concerned about,

but the prestige of the community.

Or don't you know
what they say in the village?

- Where is my bird?
- Gregoria!

You see, you're an idiot, even your
own family had enough of you. Out!

Out of here, out, out!

- Don't get so excited...
- I'll kill you.

- ... if a girl...
- I swear I'll kill you.

I'll kill you.

I'm sorry, Isabel.
You didn't deserve this.

- Did you come to purge your guilt
or to make fun of the dead?

- I don't know.

Death was merciful to that child,
to let her to get rid of you.

Have you brought flowers?
It is the first time you have.

Take this.

I thought it was forbidden.

Eladio... What can I do?

- You're too old.

- Don't be an animal.

She's putting you into trouble,

From the sources not worth mentioning,
I have learned that

the family of your "girlfriend"
is aware.

And the people in the village are
already aware of your unique romance.

Look, there are two large groups of
opinions about you.

The most people say
you're a little "crazy".

To most... generous, you're wrong.

And to some, you're a sex maniac,
and that you should be given a lesson.

Beware of the latter group.

- What do you think?
- That it is alright.

Guess what? I'm living
for the first time in my life.

And pardon me for my sincerity,

- Say good night.
- Good night.

- Hello.
- Good evening.

Where were you?
You don't want to answer, eh?

You ask her.

I already know where you came from,
and you know what I mean.

- What?!
- Nothing.

When the truck comes?

- On Friday.
- Then on Friday you'll go to your aunt.

And today you won't have supper.

Always me, right? As if you
don't have anything to say.

Beat it.

Lie down.

But why? If we don't hurt anyone.
We ride a horse, we put music.

I teach him about the birds.

- He is very lonely.
- Lie down.

- But don't you understand?
- Lie down! Do as I say!

I don't care if you hit me.

She even doesn't scream.

Is this a starling?

Or the finch?

Goyita, don't bite your nails.

Yesterday I bought the bird guide,
in Salamanca.

Because I have to keep up
with you, right?

- What's wrong with you?
- We will never see each other again.

- Never again?

- Now it's serious.
You know what today is?

- Friday.
- I wish it didn't exist.

- Friday, then what?
- Nothing.

Goyita, we are both mature.
You even more than I.

- Say what you have to say.
Don't be afraid.

- He released the bird.
He took away your talisman.

He won't let me do anything.

He want me to go
to my aunt's house, forever.

He doesn't want me
to see you again.

He said that my father
has to be transfered. I want to kill him.

- Whom?

Who is he?
- The sergeant.

You kill him. Everything is his fault.
Kill him, kill him. Kill him!

Kill him, kill him... kill him.

Don't say that, don't.
You can't ask for that.

I can't kill anyone.

Not even for you, and you are
what I mostly love in the world.

- You don't understand.
You'll never understand.

- For everything?
- For everything.

You'll see, it will be okay.

- Blackbird?
- No. Is the andarias.

You can't live without tea.

What a mess.

- Shall I bring your dinner here?
- Tomorrow, tomorrow.

Tomorrow you'll make me
a big breakfast.

Now I'd prefer to be alone,

Thank you.

They met me in the day of success: and
I have learned by the perfect'st report.

When I burned in desire
to question them further,

- they made themselves air,
into which they vanished.

- Listen, Pilar. Pilar!

Relax. Try not to go so fast.

Try not to go so fast. I know
it's not easy to do in two weeks,

but we need to finish the rehearsal
and it all depends on you,

Okay? Come again, only one more time.
Go to you place!

Come on, come on!

The raven himself is hoarse
That croaks the fatal entrance of Duncan.

Come, you spirits
That tend on mortal thoughts,

unsex me here, and fill me
from the crown to the toe top-full.

What, reading detective novels, priest?

- Bad it was, badly finished.
- Maybe you're right.

- Can I offer you something?
- No. I just wanted to see you.

You and I are the same, Alejandro.

I'm lost, priest. Nothing of what I do
makes sense.

And I'm back to being old.

Tomorrow the trout season begins,
we can go fishing on Sunday.

Thanks, padre.

It's good to have friends, down in hell.

- What is it? Come on.
- Nothing.

Didn't I tell you? Do you know that
I spent 5 years in the seminary?

They wanted to make me a priest,
but luckily I escaped.

Your colleagues were
horrible teachers.

- What?
- I can't imagine you being a priest.

Well, just like you.

- Wait, wait, I remember...
- No, no.


- Pray, pray sinner...
- Wait, wait.

Now, now there is nobody around,

- Put it on, Alexander, please.
- No, no.

- Come on.
- No, what is this all about, Eladio?

See what you've missed by not
graduating from the seminar.

Now, now I'll say seriously.

Pray, pray, you sinner...

Oh Lord, send us a thunder...

Okay, Okay...

you who gave birth to prophets...

OK let's go to Salamanca, come on!

Lord, send us a lightning spear
and make us coal!

Don't let these sinners
laugh at you!

I feel old, priest.

I've lived for nothing, and I'm not
talking about the seminar, of course.

My wedding with the poor Isabel
had been a mistake.

But I will say one thing, the church
of your lord won't receive a penny

of the money from the poor Isabel.

- Are you going to betray
the will of a deceased?

- Yes, I do.

- Whom are you going to leave it to then?
- You don't know yet.

You'll be the first to know.

I only have one friend.

Old bastard.

- Look, if I have ever done wrong
in my life, I regret now.

- You?

You can't do anything bad.
You are the kindest person I know.

Look, let me tell you something.

I bless you in the name of the Father,
the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

- Now, let it go.
- Thank you, padre.

I don't believe a word
of what you say.

- But you look very good-willed.
- Will and penance.

Come on. You're going to Salamanca,
for five weeks. Have a good time.

And do not come here
until you return to life.

I have nothing to do in Salamanca...
or anywhere.

- Where is number 17?
- There is none.

- How can it be?
- The number 17 is number 9 now.

- And where is 9?
- Here, in this house.

- Thanks.
- Your welcome.

Don Alejandro, you shouldn't have bothered.
I would send you a license.

Or did you come for something else?

No, I came to challenge you.

- What?
- To challenge you, Sergeant.

- Well, you have a good sense of humor.
- I'm serious.

I came to challenge you to a duel.

I think we can skip
some formalities.

Of course you can choose a weapon.

- Do you ever have someone
to broke your face?

- Yes, but it's not important now.

There is no risk for you.

I shot really badly.

- Whether you go away now,
or I don't know what I'll do to you.

- You are not accepting the call?

- Are you laughing at me?
- No.

- Out, out, out!
- But... I have to kill you.

- But why, Don Alejandro?
What have I done to you?

- You would not understand,

- You are worse than I had been told.
- Sure.

This is yours, right?
Then Keep it.

I don't want you to go to school.

And you shouldn't speak
with sinorita Marisa.

Why do you have a beard?
It makes you old.

You may kiss me.

You are old and dirty, but
I don't want to be away from you.

No. Neither. It is a blackbird.

Look... it is blanks.

Hello Alejandro. I've returned.

Forgive me, forgive me,

Forgive me.

I haven't met anyone else.
And I won't meet anyone.


Holy fool... more than a holy fool.

You have taught me a new word.

No, another one.
It starts with an A.

I'm embarrassed to tell you.


We will always be together.
Forever and ever.

And never shall we part.

Because we have joined our blood
in this secret pact.

For everything... forever.

One, two, three and...