El nido (2021) - full transcript

An eighteen-years-old girl from an upper class family and a middle aged volunteer locked inside a shelter together during a quaratine while outside a viral outbreak turns people into savage, irrational beasts.

The Plague.
The nightmare of our times.

You can forget about everything
in the Nest refuges.

While sanitation teams
face the epidemic outside,

you can turn your quarantine
into unexpected vacations.

equipped and fancy zones,

with the best entertainment systems.

A place where adults and children
can feel at home.

Apocalypse is not awful
if you spend it in a nest.


Do you hear me?

Can you hear me?

I know you're confused.

Can you hear me well?

-The wound...
-Where am I?

You're safe here. You're in a nest.

You hurt your leg. I stopped the bleeding.

The door's closed.

I know.

Are you in the nest with me?

Yes, but in another room.

Why don't you open the door?

I can't. A protocol must be followed.

-You need to calm down.
-What are you talking about?

My wound is killing me!

Don't ask me to calm down.
Open the damn door. Now.

-No, I can't.
-Why not?

You're infected.

Your leg wound must've caused it.

It's crucial that you pay attention to me.
Can you hear me?

No. This is a mistake.

I'm afraid not.

Are you a doctor?

No, I'm a volunteer.

Then I want to see a doctor.

A damn doctor
who can give me a fucking diagnosis!

It's not possible. We're in lockdown.

I don't give a damn!

Open the door! Bring a doctor!

I'm sure I'm not infected!

Do you hear me, asshole?
I'm not infected!

I apologize.

Sara? Your name's Sara, right?

Don't be scared. I'm not a freak.

When I brought you,
I found a student pass in your backpack.

If you don't want to talk, it's fine.
There's a brochure that can help.


So you're one of those superheroes
fighting the virus?

I'm a volunteer.

My name's Ivan.

Did you swab me?

While you were unconscious.

I was just following protocol.

Do you promise?

You can trust me.


what now?

There's a questionnaire to know
the stage of your infection.

Yeah, we studied it at school.



Sara Marchionni.



What day is it today?



I think.

Place of work/study?


Um, Santa Maria Institute.

Do you remember how you got here?


the school alarm.

Everybody was running.
We went to the yard.

Oh! I...

OK. You're doing fine.

Don't get upset, please.

I'll get in to give you your medication.

I'm ready.


Can you hear me?

I don't wanna hurt you.

I'll just give you the medication--

Please, calm down.

Calm down, Sara. I'm Ivan.

I'm the vol--

I'm the volunteer.

Sara, please.

I have to treat your wound,

change the bandage,

and give you the medication
to calm your pain.

Sara, please.

You know who I am.





Super... Superhero.



-Yes, I'm...

-...Superhero. I'm the superhero.





I'm almost done.

Do you know what you're doing?

First aid, part of my basic training.

Why is it just you and me?

You don't remember.

Clearly, I don't.

We were moving a group for evacuation,

and we saw you...

"We were, we saw..."

What did you do with your friends?

I'm explaining it to you.

My partner and I saw you
lying on the floor.

So I left the group to see
what had happened to you.

You were unconscious.


What is it?

You said my partner.

Yes, so?

It sounded like your boyfriend.

Or dynamic duo.

Yeah, it sounds gayer that way.

So I decided to help you,
but I couldn't wake you up.

I picked you up and brought you here.

So why are we alone?

I was carrying you on my shoulder,

which slowed me down,
I couldn't reach the group.

They left and I had to find a solution.

I saw this nest and decided to get in.

What about your partner?

Isn't he worried about you?

He knows I'll be fine.

We have to be seven days here.

Till the sanitation teams
resolve the epidemic.

If we're strong and work together,

everything will be all right.









What is it?

I don't have any connection.

This nest won't be here for long.

They were planning to demolish it
or something like that.


We have everything we need.
I made the calculations.

What a shitty situation.




Can you utter a complete sentence?

The tissue can't be there.
You must destroy it.

Of course.

Otherwise you could be turned.

You're an extremist.

With your mask and all that.

You'll look like a real jerk

when I... feel a bit better.

No. Don't.

Stop playing the fucking nanny
and let me breathe.

You have to finish the questionnaire.

The questionnaire?

We have to finish the questionnaire!

We have to finish the test!
We have to finish the soup!

You have a problem.

Finally we agree on something.

What a shitty face.


Oh, fuck!



I can't remember.

I was in the bedroom and then...

Fine, no problem.

Don't worry. Now we can...

Every refuge has an emergency medical kit.

Yes, I know. It's--

Every kit has all the necessary things
to give first aid.

No. I don't think...

If a terminal patient
accidentally arrives at the refuge

during the quarantine,

there's a permanent marker.

Do you know why they call it like that?

Because it looks like a feather...

and it's pretty definite.

Do it, superhero.


I know what'll happen to me now.

There was a course at school.

The blackouts will get frequent.

I won't accept food.

I won't tolerate light.

Then, my skin will turn black.

Please, listen to me.

No, you listen to me.

It's the right protocol.

Do you want to write a letter?

What letter?

For your family.


OK, fine.

You can write you love them...

and that you remember the happy moments...

You know what?

No. It doesn't matter.


They say it's painless.

Take out the safety cap...

hold firmly...

and press on the skin.




You blacked out and I couldn't continue.

Rationally, maybe I should've continued.

But I thought it wasn't fair.

Three years ago,
I was going through a very rough time.

I was out of a job,

the infection was spreading,

the quarantine...

Saying goodbye to them
was the hardest thing.

I was broken.

I thought I'd never be able
to pick up the pieces.

Get myself together.

Now the volunteers are my family.

Do you know the motto?

"Trust me."


I became a volunteer to defend life.

And that's what I'll do.

During the first stages of the infection,

you may suffer difficulty breathing,

and a retraction
of the mucous membranes,

loss of consciousness
and mood swings.

During sleep stages,

subjects may be incognizant
of their actions

and become dangerous
to themselves and others.

It's essential to stay lucid,

to have faith in the people around you

specially volunteers.

Mental training exercises work.

The simplest
is usually the more efficient.

Repeat in a loud voice.

I'm not my sickness. I'm still a person.

I'm still a person. I'm still a person.

Can I have my phone?

I don't think I'll be able...

Antibiotics for the wounds...

probiotics and antipyretic.

And the bunnies? Psychotropics?

I couldn't find pills for adults,
so I had to triple children's doses.


You can't take them on an empty stomach.

So you'll have to make an effort and eat.

There isn't a fork.

It's pointy. You can't use it.

Of course.

I thank the nest for my daily food.

It's 10:30, if you're okay with it,

I propose you go to bye-bye.


Okay, fine.

Very good.

But first, I should...

I'm here to look after you.






Are you touching yourself, motherfucker?

Speak to me, pervert! Tell me!

You got a hard-on thinking about me?



Leave me!

Untie me!

Untie me! Let me go, motherfucker!

Cut these fucking ropes and let me go!

Let me go!

Are you listening, asshole? Let me go!

Breakfast is the main meal of the day.

You have to--



Let's make a deal!

Let me go and I'll give you something
you've never had!

I'll kill you, Superhero!

I'll kill you! Got it?

I'll eat it till you beg me to stop!

Superhero! Let me go!

Do you hear me? I'll chop your balls
and make you swallow them!

Let me go! Fucking shit!

Fuck, Superhero!

Let me go! Pervert.

Be oneself.

Be present.

To have a sickness journal.

Write down your own state of mind
and any mood swing.

Read it periodically.


Sara, did you understand
what it says here?

It says you have
to write down how you feel.

So it'll be easier to remember.

Where are the others?


Why is it just you and me?


You don't have to worry.

God damn it.

It's normal, Sara.

Fuck you!


Listen, Sara.

This is not OK.

You need to continue the treatment.

So please...

listen to me carefully...

Open the door.

OK, Sara?

I want you to open the door.

Open the door!

Open the damn door!



Sara, don't.

Please, don't.

Don't come near me.

-Please, Sara.
-Don't come near me!

Sara, don't.


-It comes from here.

Don't do it, please.

It comes from here.

Sara, please, don't.

It comes from here!


You hurt me.

-What are you doing?
-We have to finish with this.

Shut up and untie me!

-The questionnaire, Sara.
-Let me go, asshole!

-Question 11...
-Such an idiotic face.

-What's your first childhood memory?
-You're such a nobody.

I can sue you. I can ruin you.

-I can tell everything. You're a nobody.
-What's your first childhood memory?

Asshole! Let me go! God damn it!

Question 11.

I bet you can't even pay
the worst lawyer in the world.

-What's your first childhood memory?
-I'll ruin you! I'll tell everything!

-I'll tell everybody!
-You need to answer.

-What's your first child--
-I'll tell you're a psycho!

Question 11.

What's your first childhood memory?

I must've been around three.

We were just outside of Rome.

My mother suffered from migraines.

So I spent all my time with Yleana...

my nanny.

My father had a study
and it was out of bounds.

I knew it,

but it was so tempting
that I sneaked in every time I could.

One afternoon,

I felt so confident that I got in.

And I started playing

with the printer paper.

I ended up doing a terrible mess

with a lot of documents.

When they caught me,

he was so furious,

Yleana tried to take me outside
saying she'd punish me.

But he said she was too soft,

and that I needed to learn a lesson

once and for all.

He said his father used his belt
when he wanted to be respected.

Do you know why I remember this so well?

That was the first and last time

my father touched me.


-Question 12.


Question 12.

You find yourself
in the corner of a big city...

Piece of shit.

You think you're gonna have
all the time in the world

to do what you want.

I wanted to go to Bolivia.

I don't know why.

It seems like a fascinating place.

Not many people.

Damn it.

What are you doing?



I thought we could have
something more informal.

Oh, look.

My pink friends.


But on a full stomach.

Yes, Mom.

I also thought we could watch TV.

But aren't we...?

Aren't we disconnected?

But we have DVDs.

How lucky.

I think we can agree on a section.

Countries of the world.

Peru, Greece, Bolivia.

We can put this on.

Whichever you like.

I think I want Bolivia.

Sara, where were you born?

You take this thing seriously, right?

Sorry. I--

Forget it.

I was born in Rome.

But I never lived there.

Due to my father's job.

We go where businesses is.

Family packs up and adapts.

What about you? What's your story?

I was born in Monte Caseros.

I never heard of it. Is it nice?

Yeah. Why wouldn't it be?



what do you think about this plague?

There's a nun in my school
who blames gay marriages for this.

Like God is punishing us.

Like in the Bible.

And you wanna know if I agree?

No, the thing is
this illness appeared somehow,

and nobody knows where it came from
or how to cure it.

So I imagine you must have an idea.

Migration flows.

They've been moving around illnesses
for 20, 30 years.

I didn't know you were one of them.


Those who say illegal aliens brought this.

What's your opinion?

There's a documentary on internet

which shows a laboratory in the USA

where they run tests on monkeys

to try out new chemical weapons and...

OK. I said nothing.


You know what?

I think I saw the same documentary.

If I remember correctly,

in that lab,

they had monkeys
mate monkeys of the same sex.

Gay and illegal monkeys.


Have you seen many?

A few.

Is it true they can't think
by themselves in the end?

That they're like beasts?

There are different cases.

There aren't two cases alike.

But the WHO says that treated on time,
it's very much--

No. Stop.


Stop talking to me as if I were a kid.

Before I began
with the building of these refuges

in malls,

before starting with training
in schools and all that,

there was an ice-cream parlor,

where my little girl and I liked to go.

We were there

and then a man appeared, he was running,

and my little girl held my hand tightly,

with her little hand.

And I said to her,
"Baby, you don't have to be scared.

He's just a clown who's playing."

Then another one came, and another,

and another...

and my little girl held my hand
tighter and tighter.

And they were jumping onto people,

tearing them, biting them,
eating them alive.

Everybody was running, shouting,

desperately trying to escape.

And suddenly...

I realized my little girl's hand
was not holding mine anymore.

It was just a second.

I thank the nest for my daily food.

To all volunteers.

Message from the coordination center.

Next, new instructions for the quarantine.

Next, new instructions
for the quarantine.

What's going on?

It's the emergency system.

Why is it on?


I've just received a message
from the outside.

My tablet reconnected for a moment.

Is the quarantine over?


The situation is worse than we expected.

The city is now controlled
by the infected.

What does that mean?

We're now on Stage F.

The quarantine extends indefinitely.

I know they plan to counter-attack,
but not for now.

OK. Let's think this through.

Electricity's not a problem.
Batteries last six months.

With a moderate use,
they can last up to ten months.

Water's not a problem either.

We have enough bottles,
and we can even use them in the bathrooms.

But each nest has food cans for months.

Yeah, but this isn't a regular refuge.

They started emptying it to demolish it.

We have food for very few days.

-What are we going to do?
-I'll go out.

-Yes, I'll search for a market.

-I'm sure they're unguarded.

-Everybody's running away.
-I can't stay alone.

-I'll do this. I'm prepared.

Stay calm.

-I'm trained for this!
-I wanna go with you!

Shut up!

I'm sorry.

Sorry, I'm doing this for you.

You need your medicine.

I don't want you
to end like the ones outside.

This is your safe place.

But you have to trust me.

You have to trust me
like you've been doing so far.

Can you do that?

I left everything ready.
You just have to follow the instructions.

Will you take long?

I don't know.


I shouldn't in theory.

I'll come back.

This is my room.

It's much better than it looks, really.

"On a full stomach" like Superhero says.

Chosen as nun of the year.


Trying things out is worthwhile, right?

Maybe... I think
I can live looking like this.

This is like a control panel.

Like on a spaceship.

I can press a button
and turn all the lights out,

open all water taps, things like that.

But only if you are a v-v-v-volunteer,
'cause you open it with a magic card.

Superhero is very precise.

I'm not.

That's all-- OK.

I'll clean this up before he returns.

So, Mr. Marchionni,
how would you describe your daughter?

With one word. Deception.

You're really a sensible man...

Mr. Marchionni.

Yleana would always sing me a song...

when I was afraid of the dark.

I can't remember the words.


I remember the music.

I think I had a bad time last night.

It's difficult to assimilate it.

But I wanna say...

I wanna say to myself

that I'll make it.

I'll get over this.

I'm still a person.

You're back!

Streets are empty.

It seems like a different world.

I spent the first night
at the post office.

I heard them come.

I heard how they chew on the bodies
and I started running.

You think...

you're ready, but no.

You can never be ready
for something like that.

I'm glad you're back home.

I mean...



I brought you a present.



Try it on.


You won't say anything?

You look...

It looks beautiful.

-Sure? Because--
-It's perfect.

Better than I imagined.

Let's take a picture.

A picture so you'll see how nice you look.

What is it?

Is anything wrong?

What's this?

Nothing. It's nothing.

How did it happen?

It's nothing.
Stand still and let's take this picture.

Was it one of them?

-Were you attacked?
-I said no. Don't worry.

You found them. You fought.

-I said no.
-Are you sure?

No! Stay still
and let's take the fucking picture!




Now I remember what happened.

It was at a market.

It was blocked
with a bunch of piled carts.

So I had to...

crawl inside,
dragging myself through the floor.

That's when it happened.

But it's just a scratch. It's nothing.

I thought I'd go crazy.

That I wouldn't be able to come home.

But now I'm home
and everything will be OK, right?


Everything will be OK.

I know how it starts.

First, you feel
the wrath building up inside.

And you suddenly have to snap.

You do everything to refuse it,
to deny the truth.

But deep down you know...
how things are.

Maybe I'm wrong.
Maybe it's all in my mind. Maybe--

-Yes, I'm just--

Why did you lock the door?

-No, it's just...
-Open the door.

-Yes, no...
-Open the door.


What's this?


Why did you lock it?

-No reason.
-No reason?

-Yes, I wasn't thinking.
-Give me the key.

-Give it to me.

-No, listen, Ivan. I'm--
-What if something happens to you?

What if you get seizures again
and you want to stab yourself?

You're gonna leave
the only person who can help you outside?


It's like an oven.


The AC is broken.

If this continues like this,
we'll fry ourselves in here.

You know...

I don't know if you told me before...

but I wanted to know something.
What's your last name?

You wanna know my last name?

Yeah, I'm curious.


And... your name?

You really don't remember?

No, of course, I remember.

I was just wondering
where a name like that came from.

My grandfather had that name, Ivan.

Nothing special.

Would you like anything?


What are you doing?

What are you doing here?



Can you hear me?

Bad night?

Kind of.

There are details in him... signs.

Maybe he went out for provisions

and got himself a little wound.

Maybe he didn't even notice.

But I was told in school that sometimes
it happens with a small cut.

I'm in debt to him.

He was always there when I needed him.

I don't forget that.

How much longer?

It's almost ready.

I don't know what's wrong.
I have a terrible headache.

Maybe you're tired.

And I'm not hungry.

Eating helps.

You need your energy.

You look after me now.

Why not?

I thank the nest for my daily food.

It's good. It's very good.


Is it them?


I'll take a look.

Sara, what is it?

I'm Ivan.

-It's me. Ivan.
-Ivan, they got in.

They're here. We have to go!

Ivan, we have to go!
What are you doing?


I hope you can forgive me, Sara.

Don't look, Sara.

There's nothing outside.

Easy, Sara.

Everything's OK.


Nobody wants to hurt you.

Those people are the men
who'll demolish the refuge.

I told you, remember?

They got scared, too.

But I talked to them.

I explained it to them
and they understood.

I know.

But it was one of the conditions.

You're taking too long.

You don't have to be afraid.

I'll take care of this.

You just have to trust me.

You can come in.

You're completely insane.

Everything's under control.

-You don't have to judge her.
-Oh, OK.

Don't be nervous.

Yes, I know.
I just want you to know how things are.

Does she bite?

No. She's really good.

Don't let her appearance fool you.

She's doing amazing progress.

Drugs are doing a wonderful effect.

I don't think she's that well.

She's almost cured.

If I could only have some more time.

To whom will you tell that? Huh?

The quarantine
finished almost a month ago.

And you have this little whore here.

She's not ready, and I-I-I--

I-I-I-I don't give a damn.

Specially, nobody outside gives a damn.

The police...

What's the police got to do with this?

You don't get it.

Where's your mommy? And daddy?

They must be looking for you everywhere.

When they find out that Ivan,
the volunteer--

No. You won't say anything, right?

It looks like Ivan, the volunteer,
wants to keep the secret.

Please. She's special.

Just a second.

Tell me.

She's a good girl.

If you could spend
some time with her, you'd know.

Some time.

Yes. Five minutes.

What should I do in five minutes?


She's a good girl.

She can have a nice conversation,

because that's it, she is a good girl.

Oh, so you're saying
I could spend a little time with her.

Yes, exactly.

She's really good.

Yes, she's really good.

Even for more than ten minutes?

Yes. She's very good.

What if I don't feel like talking?

Maybe you'd like to talk
in the next room.

Let's go over there.

See you later...


When you take care of a person,

sometimes you have to make
tough decisions.

When I heard the quarantine was over,

I wasn't happy,
and I couldn't understand why.

But now I do.

I finally understood.

Sometimes life takes away
everything you have.

The most precious.

And something that seemed ugly
turns into a rope

which you hold on to
in order to save yourself.

There's nothing good for us outside, Sara.

Only here...

in the nest.

I lied...

I lied...

when I said the quarantine
had been extended...

and the refuge was saving energy,

that it was hell outside.

And I went crazy.

But I can tell you the truth now.

I bought a garage,

and I set it up
so that you can have your own space.

A new nest.

Just for the two of us.

So that you can feel at home again.

Time's up.

It's just a bad dream. It'll be over soon.

It's just a bad dream.

This is the moment you leave.

Just a bad dream.

It'll be over soon.

Apocalypse is not awful
if you spend it in a nest.


What the fuck are you doing?

Are you crazy?

Don't touch her.

Fucking psychopath volunteer!

Leave her!

How will you explain this?

Shut up and leave her!

Fucking crazy!



Calm down. Easy.

You were very brave.

I didn't mean to.

But I had no choice. Sara...

You can understand it, right?

I had to generate trust
to make them vulnerable.



You know perfectly well
I'd never hurt you.

It's over.

Everything's fine now.

You'll take your things.

And I'll take care of all the rest.



Where are you?

There are details in him... signs.

-Maybe he went out for provisions...

...and got himself a little wound.

Maybe he didn't even notice.

But I was told in school that sometimes
it happens with a small cut.

I'm in debt to him.

He was always there when I needed him.

I don't forget that.

The first moments are the hardest.

But he was patient with me.

He never gave up and fought for me.

Now I'm much better.

So medicine
will be better for him than me.

When this is all over,

when he's ready for the truth...

he'll love me even more.



I want you to listen to me well.

You shouldn't have done this.

You're not cured yet.



It seems nobody cares
about the superhero here.

Nobody cares because he's an idiot.


Fine, Sara. I think it's time
for some honesty.

After everything I've done for you,

this behavior

shows you're ungrateful,

ungrateful and a motherfucker.



I didn't mean to say that.

I get it.

I get you're overwhelmed, upset.

But you have to understand

that I'm the only one in the world
who can save you.

Who's gonna save you outside?

Your family? Your father?

You saw how those three treated you.

Like an object.

Like a worthless object.
But you're worthy to me.

You're best thing I have.

You won't survive outside, Sara.

People will talk, they'll make comments,

they'll say you're not a good girl,

"Why did you let yourself be bitten?

Why did you pass out on the street?

Why didn't you do the training?

Why didn't you take your medicine?

Why didn't you let yourself
be saved, Sara?"

Come on.

Get up.

Get up and let's go home, OK?

What have you done, Sara?

Why me?

You're not well.

You're not cured yet.

You're ill.


A person. I'm still a person.





There's nothing good
for you out there, Sara!


Your life won't start again!