El muro del silencio (1974) - full transcript

Regina, quien vive con su hijo Daniel, pierde su empleo de maestra debido a la ilegitimidad de ├ęste pero monta un taller de costura, y mantiene a su hijo alejado de la gente. Cinta en la ...


1,500 pesos.

Was it Julio who fixed that amount?

No, we did.


Since you don't have to pay rent...

we considered that this amount was sufficient for anything needed --- by the child.

He wouldn't be missing anything, anyway...

and believe me, I'd refuse this generous help,...

but the son of your brother has rights which I won't deny.

You are...very proud.

Not hardly. You saw with what humility I had left when they threw me out of the cemetery.

Understand, lady, Julio's wife and children were there.

Something very painful could have happened.

For me, it was, anyway.

Do be seated.

The difficult times must be dealt with at once, as a rule.

Tell me about the house.


the fact is that my brother died intestate, and left many things unresolved.

But you know very well that he left the house to his son.

No, nobody's thinking of claiming it back.

The trouble is we don't know where the deeds are.

He left so many papers, that...

we need a more thorough review.

Come with me.

Come on in.

I saved all of Julio's papers for you.

These are contracts and business matters.

The portrait of our mother.

I didn't know it was here.

Why are you surprised? This was Julio's home.

-May I?
-They're yours.

I hope you won't abuse my good faith by playing a dirty trick on me.

It's not in my nature, ma'am, so I won't tolerate such gratuitous insults.

Of course I understand how you feel, and what you have suffered.

My brother's death was a terrible blow to you,...

and I also heard that your child was very ill.

A lot, but not as much as you would have liked.

Do you consider us so inhuman?

No, let's say careful with your property.

Thank God my son was saved, and is more beautiful than ever.

Thanks be to God.

You saved my son for me, my God, and I dedicate him to You.

Deliver him from evil and suffering.

No, son, not like that. Look. Like this.

That's it, sweetie!

Go and wash your hands, we're about to eat.

Oh, and bring me my medicine.

You can go.

Be here at three o'clock in the afternoon. Right?

Don't let yourselves be delayed, please.

-Are you coming to my house?
-No, we're headed elsewhere.

No, no, no, leave it to me. He won't eat it if his mother doesn't prepare it.

Go on, you can leave.

Eat the wedge, son. It's the expensive sort.

But don't wield the knife like that, son.

And elbows.

That's it.

Mom, when are you going to buy me a TV?

If your Mom keeps granting you good grades and you progress on the piano, you'll get it for Christmas.

Mom, how many breasts does a chicken have?

Well, actually two, one on each side of the...

The other half I'll fix breaded tonight.

And when will we go to the movies?

Whenever you want. Later I'll check to see what cinemas are showing a kids' movie.

I'll be right back, son.

I know! But look, lady, I had an appointment with Mr. Olmedo at...

What a coincidence that whenever I talk with you, you tell me the same thing!


Well, tell him I need to speak with him urgently. That he must talk to me, but he must be the one to call.

When the father puts his seed in the womb...

this begins the process of division and multiplication of cells that mom already told you about,...

until the child is fully formed.


Ma'am, this completes 12 sheets.

They want two dozen. The bride is rich.

Are you still alone, love?


-Daniel, are you done?
-Yeah, Mom.

Go play, son. Off you go.

Don't measure that way. With the meter stick, please, else they will come out shabby.

Let it air out a bit.

Smells like a pack of women.

Oh, ma'am, but we bathe every day!

The bad thing would be for us to smell man-like.

I didn't say you smelled bad, but just like women.

-Ah, that's good!
-Women are honored.

-Do you feel bad?
-It's nothing.

Nerves, perhaps.

Drop this matter, Regina. It's humiliating, and you won't...

Oh, please, don't start again!

Besides, there's nothing humiliating in demanding what's ours.

As you wish. I'll wait, then.

Yes? Hello?

Hello? Who is this? Look, next time you...

-One moment, madam.
-Where are you going?

Let go of me!

I'm tired of being brushed off.

Get out of my way.

-Let go of me!
-Dr. Olmedo's in a meeting.

Forgive my barging in this way, but it's the only way to get to talk to you.

Leave us, miss.

The house is my son's and I want the deeds.

Believe me, I'm sorry,...

but this house has belonged to my family for over a century.

It stores a lot of memories. You must understand, we can't just give it up.

But Julio gave it to his son.

You know that.

You've always recognized that.

That you can live in it, yes, and I still think so.

You've always acted in bad faith.

You've been giving me the runaround for seven years,...

promising me the deeds, deceiving me.

Sure, now the site has risen in price,...

the house is worth more, the money is stronger than moral obligations and rights.

Some rights that don't count for the justice.

And if I had written documents?

Present them to a judge.

That I'll do.

But I warn you --- law or now law, the house will belong to my son.

But, why this fear of telling him, if he's just a child?

He's so sensitive!

I would not want to hurt his feelings.

Besides...I don't know, I don't think he sympathizes with you.

Because you've developed in him an unhealthy eagerness not to love anyone but you.


Forgive me, but that child is lonely.

He should go to school with kids his own age.

I did send him, but I had to pull him out again.

They mocked him.

They insulted him in the most horrible way, and beat him.

And there were those who told him that his mother was a...

Enough, Regina!

Children are cruel.

-Well, but you bring him so...
-Clean, neat, nothing more...

as all the others should attend, if their mothers would take care of theirs as I do of mine.

Besides, at school they only waste time.

I'm a career teacher, and I know how to educate him.

The proof is that he's far far more advanced than any child his age.

But that can't continue forever.

Of course. When the time comes, I will pay for special tests and he'll attend the best schools,...

but for now he's too small and not able to defend himself.

And if he should lose you?

No, no, you can't love him.

Why can't I, if I love you?

No, of course, and it's natural, he's not of your blood.

I already love him because he's yours.

I'm willing to acknowledge him legally and to get him out of that all-women environment that harms him,...

to lend him the support of a man just like he needs.

But then he'd lose the right to that house.

And what does it matter?

I have plenty of money, enough to buy you as many houses as you want.

For me, not my son.

And for him.

I can give both of you everything you might want.

Why do you have to bear privation and shame?

Tell him, Regina, please.

It's absurd that we have to lurk in places like this,...

which degrade us, if we can instead get married.

You're right. At the first opportunity I'll tell him. I promise.

Daniel, get out of here right now.

What's he doing to you, Mom?

Don't panic. I'm healing her.

What is this? And what's that squiggle?

That's Mom's heart.

And ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten your minds...

so you can understand the mysteries of communion...

and the body of Jesus Christ.

Come in, son.

You'll see what I'll do to you.

-Go on!

Go lie down, we need to talk.

Sonny, we're on our own, and Mom isn't feeling well.

You need someone to protect you if anything happens to me,...

and I thought...well, that...if you had a dad who...

Don Lorenzo??

Yes, he's very good, and he loves you very much.

And he'll sleep here with you?

Well, yes, of course.

So who will I get to sleep with?

With your mother, son, your mother, your mother always!

Tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.

Hairdress me the boys' way, Mom.

What could you possibly know? With hair so beautiful, would I hairdress you flat!

-No way!
-Daniel! Daniel, come here! Daniel!

Obey me. How dare you talk to your mother like that? Come here.

Come here, I say! What do you mean no?

Is this the payment you give me after all I've sacrificed for you?

And don't look at me with hate!

I don't ever want to see you again! Get out! Out!

Where's my mother?

She's locked in her room. What have you done to her, that she doesn't even want to eat?

Daniel! Be quiet this instant!

Your mom has a huge headache!

You'll kill your mother by causing her so much anger.

Instead of here, you should go look after her and please her.


Don't just stand there. Come closer.

You know I'm very sick, that I can die,...

however it doesn't touch your heart so don't cause me anger like that.

Oh, look what mess you have made of your hair!

Ask me for forgiveness, and don't worry, I will forgive you.

That's what children take advantage of, that we mothers always forgive.

Sorry, Mom.

-You won't do it again?
-No, Mom.

All right. Tell Lupe give you a snack.

I have such a headache!

Oh, I feel my brain is about to explode!

Come on, give me a kiss and leave me alone.

-Is that how you kiss me, like a spiteful Judas?
-No, Mom, no!

Ah, no, don't tell me no, since it shows in your eyes!

You look with hatred? At your mother, me, who shudders with worry at everything you lack?

I've removed the bread from my mouth, and you hold a grudge? Judas!

Stop it, Mom, hit me, but shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up!

How dare you, you bastard? You'll go straight to your room, with no dinner.

-The tablet!



Mom, I'm scared, Mom!

Weren't you so brave as to answer back to your mother? Now suck it up!

Please, Mom! Come on, Mom!

Oh, God!

Mom, come here! Mom, I'm scared!

Mom! Come on, Mom, I'm scared!

Son, calm down. Now, my love, my darling, your mother is with you.

Relax. Calm down.

Just thinking that one day you will stop loving me, I don't know...

God forgive me, but I'd rather see you dead.


Mom, look what I did! Mom! Mom!

Good Lord! How did you do this?

-With a nail.
-Oh, God!

It's nothing, fortunately. A simple scratch.

But son, you must be more careful...

Leave the hand alone while I get the stuff to deal with it.

Good afternoon.

Forgive me that I came without warning, but I need to talk to my brother.

Carlos isn't home.

Yes he is. Please, Mercedes, I swear that this is something very serious.

I was a little unwell, and...Let me see.

-That's our aunt.
-Well, she doesn't look creepy.

You must be very careful not to bite the sacred host,...

which would be a horrible desecration to the sacred body of Our Lord,...

you would be damned for eternity.

Think that touching it only with your teeth would lead to purgatory upon your death.

Is purgatory as bad as hell?

No, son, purgatory is proof of divine mercy, because it engenders forgiveness,...

but I'll give an example:...

a sinner condemned to purgatory for 1,000 years...

suffered both fire and molten lead...

as they punished his soul with physical pain.

He called to an angel passing:...

"Blessed Angel, you haven't forgotten me?

"Surely a thousand years have already passed."

And the angel answered:...

"Patience, brother, patience, only a few seconds have passed."

I don't know how you have the courage to give me to read...these letters.

Forgive me, but are the only evidence I have.

Proofs...of other things.

He mentions the boy, yes, but never once said "my son".

But surely everyone knows about it!

Who are you going to tell?

I still remember the day they expelled my poor daughters from school,...

the nieces of the teacher, who consented to getting...

pregnant by a married gentleman.

Carlos, please!

And now, when people have forgotten all that, when they are starting respect me again,...

now you're asking me to unearth the scandal to bring everything back into the light.

Things didn't go like you think. Julio loved me.

He was going to get divorced to marry me. He adored his son.

Not all that much, since he didn't even recognize him.

Well, no one planned for an accident. It was so unexpected...

He's my son, Carlos, and he's not to blame for anything.

I must defend him.

I pray on our parents: help my son, Carlos,...

at the end of the day he's of your blood!

Please, brother! Please!

Now, now, calm down. You're getting hyper.

Do you feel better?

There, there. Calm down, dear.

Oh, you're so sensitive!

Don't worry, honey,...

just think that tomorrow will be the best day of your life.

You'll meet the Lord.

You'll feel clean inside, and you'll be very happy.

-But I'm scared.

Yes --- what if I drop the host or bite it...

That'll never happen, my love. Look: shall we have a practice go?

Come here, son. Come on.

Let's see, kneel here.

Now...No, no, place your hands, close your eyes, and stick out your tongue.

In nomine Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti.

Moisten it.


-All set?

You're not afraid anymore.

You see, my love?

Isn't that good?

Poor goldfish in the aquarium!

Hold the line, please. Now, follow, follow.

Take advantage of this, fuck, for once cognac's being served in this house.

-Here, your cup.

I'll be right back. I'll save those poor people.

Yes, yes, we'll wait for you. Hey, this joke will crack you up.

-It's great!
-I always forget.

Hey, only yours can be the bright idea of keeping the children locked inside. Let them play to their own liking.

Come on, all the children go play outside.

Play and have fun out there, go on.

Daniel, go play you, too, son.

Come with me, all children are outside waiting.

It's your party, you can't spend all day playing the...

Can I go change? Now, Mom?

But son, you look so handsome! Let me enjoy it a little.

Sure you can, son. Tell him.

-Yes, of course.
-Go and change and go play with your cousins. Now.

What a wondrous child, how well-bred you rear him. Right, ma'am?

-It's amazing.
-Oh, thank you.

Oh, I wish our kids could be like that, but they're really just wild, girl!

Of course, in the village, with the father they have...

Oh, you!

No, I warned you that you couldn't do anything.

Nothing, Regina. Yes, they absolutely refuse.

But that is an injustice.

Please Carlos, you can't let them chuck me out of the house!

I won't do more. I'm tired of...

I've done more than could be expected of me by humbling myself and going to them begging...

Regina, Regina!


Mom! Here, Mom! Mom!

Does it hurt much? Mommy!

Are you feeling better, Mom?

Don't worry, my love, I'm better.

Nothing will happen to mom until she does what she has to do.

Yes, Mom.

-Look, that there's the river. You like it?
-Yes, Uncle!

-And there's my home.

Oh, what a mother you have! Look at the clothes, such delicacy of embroidery!

Oh, son, if only your cousins were as neat as you! But they are pigs.

Just check out their room!

-What, no dinner in this house?
-I'm coming!

We'll finish storing your clothes later. Come on, son, to dinner.

We're hungry, we're hungry!

Where I can wash my hands, aunt?

Ah, yes, my son, look: there's the bathroom at the back of the yard.

Now shut up, men, drop the fuss!

Come on. See? It's that little door at the bottom. Off to the right as you enter, you'll find the light switch.

Sorry, aunt, I can't find the light switch. Can I wash my hands here?

Sure, soap is over there.


Where shall I sit, uncle?

Here with me, son. Sit here.

-Give it to me.
-No, to me.
-Hold your horses!

Your dish.

Wipe your mouth, pig! You eat like a hog!

You didn't like it, son?

-I haven't got much of an appetite.
-Would you like me to fry an egg for you?

Why wouldn't he like the stew, since it's very tasty?

You indeed liked it, right?

Yeah, uncle.

Now you're going too...

You're in for it!

Not both at once!

Give it to him!

That'll teach him!

Enough, children, sleep, otherwise tomorrow no one'll get up to go to school. Into bed, go on.

Come on, Daniel.

Sleep well, Daniel.

-Turn off your light.

"Sleep well, Daniel."

If I don't turn out their light, they won't sleep.

What do think your sister's up to?

I don't know, some barbarity. That's why she put the child out of the way.

-What are you doing? Go back to bed.
-But I'm very scared.

-Of what?
-I don't know, of the dark.

Such a fairy! Go on now, and let us sleep.

Ms. Blasco.

You already know my brother Enrique.

The lawyer Vald?s, head of our legal department.

Please come along.


Did you get my messages?

Yes, they're quite nasty, indeed.

And what is your final answer?

That you have no right whatsoever to that house.

That might be because I wasn't willing to pay the price Mr. Olmedo demanded of me,...

but my son does.

What are you trying to imply?

Do you think I would have waited nearly seven years to claim the house...

if Mr. Olmedo had not promised it would be for my son?

I haven't promised anything.

What a bad memory, but I'll refresh it! Here, or in front of a judge.

Especially the way he did so.

What did I do?

Your proposals. The first time I kicked him out of home because...they'd just buried Julio.

I'd never do such thing, because I'm a gentleman. But you by way of contrast...

I speak the truth. And he has continued to insist all these years.

He assured me that if I was friendly and submissive to him...

not only would the house be for my son,...

but he'd take care of him and would be very generous to us. Isn't that right?

-Madam, this is...!
-Deny, deny that the last time you got home drunk!

He behaved like a brute. He tore my clothes and hit me.

Understand that this woman is crazy.

Enrique, brother, you know me.

Counselor, I would never do such thing.

Only a whore could come up with such a hoax.

Hoax? We'll see what the judge thinks of all this.

Quiet, please, calm. Getting upset and rude achieves nothing.

Mind that you lack witnesses.

But what witnesses or what...?

Furthermore, ma'am, who can trust the word...

the word of a woman of such objectionable behavior...

against a man that everyone respects in the city?

A beastly hypocrite!

Yes? Well, now I'm the one who wants you to submit the complaint,...

and I swear on my name that you will regret it.

Think about it, ma'am, you have a child and you owe yourself to him.

You don't want to add this scandal to old mistakes that seemed forgotten.

I now have nothing to lose, though he does.

Furthermore, a poor woman left on her own who defends her son...

will garner worldwide support and compassion. Don't you think?

But before I get to trial I have other more straightforward resources up my sleeve.

I hope you won't believe a word of what she said, that blackmailing liar.

No, no, of course not. We...we're sure that she was lying,...

but think of the effect it would have on the court.

It would be a scandal that would affect your wife and children.

Also, slander always has residual consequences.

Yes! How disgusting this is!

And I wonder what she meant by other resources up her sleeve?

-I want to see the lady.
-The lady is very busy and can't receive.

Look, girl, I'm tired of every time I come here you tell me she isn't here!

Hey, open up, lady!

Look, here we all know each other's affairs!

Don't forget that for years I've slept with your husband and in bed many secrets are told!

Or don't care that I tell everyone you got pregnant by Julio to force him to marry you?

Madam, please, stop gossiping. Please come in.

Come on up, please.

Daniel, hurry up!

Look how he arranges his clothes!

-What's going on, Daniel?
-Come at once, Daniel!

Check him out.

-Hey, you. Are you female?
-No, I'm a boy.

Yeah, let's grab him, boys!

I'll beat you to death! Why did you take him to the river, demons?

Don't you see that he could drown? Just see how untidy you come back, instead he...

Because he didn't fight.

And why you always get into fights? Today you get no dessert. Go on now, get out of here!

You mock on him on top of this, you bastards?

It's that his balls were on the ground even before taking off his pants.

He looked funny, kicking like a frog.

I just don't know how to swim.

Feet to the rhythm of the hand. There you go, alone, alone, alone!

Let's see, again. The feet. Feet...kick them.

Shake them...Alone, alone, alone, alone!

Let's see, take a deep breath and let's try again.

-No, not again!
-Yes, yes, yes.

Go on, man.

-Kicking's cheating!
-They're not kicks, they're leg whips.

You see?

Who was it?

Did you hear me? Who was it?

You'd rather have me get the truth out of you by beatings.

No, Daddy!

Now you.

No, uncle, no! Don't hit them again, I broke it!

-No, Dad, it wasn't him.
-Of course not. He's incapable of that.


Go off and play, son. Leave these dogs to me.

Why did you break my pipe? You did it on purpose, out of hatred.

-No, uncle.
-So why, then?

Oh, I know: the challenge, right?

To prove you're a tough guy in a pair of shorts.

Well, let's see.

Come here.

What a freak you are, son!

I really don't understand you.

Go on, go off and play.

Forgive me, uncle, I swear I won't do it again.

-That's it?

I'll be right back.

-Hey, uncle, where are you going?
-To the square.

-I can go with you?
-Sure, but hurry.

-Why don't you wear shoes?
-I want to get used to going without.

Well, son!

It hurts, doesn't it?

Yes, a little, but no matter.

Stop, uncle, stop! Stop!

-I played. Why did you play a double there?
-Because you played the tile over to me.

But I played it because I had no option, besides I'd just played a double in the first hand!

Your play.

I'm playing.

Well, you got what you wanted, but in all my life I'll never forgive the shame you've put me through.

Are you sure that everything is legal? They can't take it no matter what?

No, now you can be sure, the house belongs to your son.

But the things I've had to endure: contempt, humiliation,...

I was treated like a common thug.

And can't they...I don't know...appeal to someone, or something...?

They are very influential.

Yes, you're telling me!

They'll try to discredit me or cause me some harm, for sure.

But the house...do you think the house is...?

Well, that's unhealthy idea. Right?

Our good name doesn't matter to you, nor it or falling into the worst gutter,...

nor sacrificing me, or whatever, you don't care about that.

All you care about is the house, the house, the house.

But you know it's not for me.

It's for your son, I know, but even that doesn't excuse you.

And now listen to me: don't ever remember that I exist,...

not even at the hour of my death.

You have your home, son.

-But where is he?
-There, in those rocks.

-Uncle, Mom!

But what have you done with my son?

Incredible. Incredible.

I'll never forgive you for this, letting the poor child there on his own.

-Something could have happened to him in that river so...
-You don't know what you're saying.

Entrust him to me, Regina. Can't you see here he's becoming...well, a man, why not say it,...

that you were hurting him with so much pampering and care,...?

You're not going to teach me how to raise a child...with that pair of angels.

What about them?

The boys are healthy and normal.

If that's how you see it...Now, for my son, I'll try to avoid life's blows while I can.

He'll have time to suffer and harden when I'm gone.

I am very sick, Jorge.

For a moment I thought of entrusting the child to you, but after this, never. Do you hear? Never.

By brushing it a lot, it'll soon grow back.

Come on, come to bed.

-Mom, I want to sleep in my own room.

-Yes, I'm not scared anymore.
-All right, if you no longer need me,...

if you don't need your mother...


Daniel, Mom went through some hard times while you were there.

I missed you so much I couldn't sleep.

Stay with me tonight. I want to hold you. Tomorrow we'll see. OK?


Go and lie down.

My little son!

So precious!

Well, you see, that eliminates the economic problems and is the most convenient.

Mortgaging the house?? No, how awful! No, no.

But it's a small amount, and in the long term, and with the same income you can afford...

No, no, I think not. I prefer...I don't know, I could sell some jewelry that I have, and...and I'll build on that.

Gradually, according to my means.


-I didn't know you were back.
-Well, you know now. Come, let's have a coffee or something. We have so much to talk about!

-Thanks, I can't.
-Why not?

It would just lead to more gossip against me.

Yes, I heard something. The city is big, but it's still a small town.

At least let me walk with you a bit.

I don't think that walking down the street can compromise your reputation.

Forgive me, but your logic is seriously flawed.

Falling into...well, I mean what you've done for keeping hold of a house that was...

-That was my son's.
-I offered to buy it cover your obsession.

But why, if his father left it to him?

Well, enough of that. You already have it, right?

Rent it out, put the money in a bank on behalf of the child, and let's get out of here.

You know I love you, Regina. Really, I'm in love with you.

I swear I don't understand.

You who travel so much, you know so many women, what do you see in me?

It's what I always say: you're no beauty, and not easy to deal with.

But: mysterious.

Also I am the perfect father for your child. Blond, handsome, rich...

My son will know no more of fathers than the father he had.

Oh, how awful!

-But he didn't get to know him, he was a newborn!
-He knows him from portraits.

Well, but he died, and you have the right to marry.

Look, here, as you yourself say, you had to use the scandal as a weapon,...

and people are whispering, so it's difficult for a man to approach you with good intentions.

Nor do I care.

-Don't be absurd, you've got interested in me, at least in bed.
-Oh, don't be vulgar!

That you can't deny: the screams and the things that you said...

-I don't deny it, my love, my reasons are different.
-What do I know?

Well, see, you already got the house --- I'll give you the money to fix it up.

No, I must fix it up by myself, by my own effort.

OK, we get married, I recognize your child as the legitimate heir to my fortune that is bigger than your...

Don't start again!

And we go to Italy, where I still have relatives, or my estate, with sun, lake, horses,...

for the enjoyment of your...our son.

You, too, just like my brother --- you want to turn him into a brute.

A brute? He'll go to the best colleges and universities in the world, and we will be by his side.

No, I will raise my child myself.

I'm beginning to think you've got toys in the attic.

You can think whatever you want.

-Okay, educate him, but with me.
-Oh, don't push, Lorenzo!

I have only one mission in life: to devote myself entirely to the care of my son.

Care, Regina? I think you should see a doctor. First this obsession over the house, and now...

Bah! I have faced so much misunderstanding in this life that I can deal well with yours.

Farewell, Lorenzo.

Wait, we need to keep talking. Let me come visit, try to win over the boy.

What for? He hates you, and I can't think of me, but of my mission.

Farewell, Lorenzo.

-Daniel, what are you doing here, son?
-Viewing the mantle of the Virgin. It will be very nice.

Yes, gorgeous. Come, let's have tea.

I'll change and then come down.

Hello? Hello?

Listen, asshole, next time I call the police.

Daniel, come. Look, a bird.

It must have fallen from the nest. Look how cute it is!

-Why does it open its mouth?
-He must be hungry.

No, no, and no, it's still very small.

You have to feed it just like its mom. Watch. Like this.

There, you see? Take it. Careful.

That's it, and when you're finished, put it here.

Little bird.

Little bird, tiny, pretty.

-Rogue, knowing what it means to me!
-By God, I won't dare take anything!

-You can look, you won't find anything.
-You've had time to hide it.

How could you think I'd take anything?

-That's what I say.
-I've been working for you for ages, and nothing's gone missing.

-It has to be you!
-I couldn't do such a thing.

Come here, son.

You won't lie to your mom, right?

No, Mom.

Look closely, my boy. You remember the gold watch dad left you,...

and you know it's yours, you can use it or play with it when you feel like it, right?

-Well, my love, Mom just wants to know if you took it.
-No, Mom.

Understand that I won't scold you.

I repeat that the gold watch left by your father is yours and you can do whatever you want with it.

I know, Mom, but I didn't take it.

-Think about it, maybe you forgot.
-And why would I forget?

Enough is enough, --- if the child says no, it's the truth!

Go on, son, go play.

Daniel, my boy, I love you, and you love me too. Right?

I've always care for you, but your mom says that I stole your watch.

She's firing me, and she'll call the police.

Leave off pressuring the child!

Go on, gather your stuff and get out of here. Get the hell out, I tell you.

After all this time eating the bread of this house, ungrateful cow!

You see, architect, this part is pretty bad.

Now, in the back is where I'd like to do another boudoir,...

-What are you doing here?

Come here.

Did you install this?

-Well it's fine. What's your problem?

Oh, I know, your mom doesn't know that you hang out over here.

Don't worry, I'll keep your secret.

Are you going to take it down?

Yes, I have no choice, that's part of the scheme, but it's the last thing we'll do.

I'll leave it for you while I can. Up you go!


Child, come out from there, lest the devil take you.

-You might get a cold.
-He wants to see free movies.

Get out of there because you'll turn into a fool.

Little bird.

Birdie, nice birdie.

Come, come, come, come, come, come.

Little bird.

Come, come, come, come, come. Wait!

-Have I done wrong, Mom?
-No, son. Why?

So why didn't you buy the TV?

Oh, God, am I for that nonsense!?

Come here.

First you have a home, son, that's the best gift.

Just now mom can't spend a lot on other things.

But when we fix up the other part of the house and rent it out,...

you'll have your TV, and everything else you want.

Now go read your comics, while mom has to do some math.

Come here.

You thought I was going to take it off, right?

Well, when it comes time to remove it the builder will put it somewhere else you may want. OK?

Come on, son, let us work. Go play around.

That boy is going to be a screaming queen, wait and see!

Daniel, what are you doing up there, boy? Go back, get down!

Idiot child! You could have died!

Stupid! I've told you 1,000 times, I've told you many times not get on the roof.

You could have been killed! Brat, you're so disobedient!

You're spoiled rotten! But I'll show you, I'll teach you to obey your mother.

You do what I tell you. Do you hear?

Don't hit me again, Mom, don't hit me anymore!

Mom, Mom! Here, mommy, take it!

Mom, do you feel better now, Mom? Mommy!

Here's your pudding, Daniel.

At least eat your flan, son, you haven't tried anything.

Really, Mom, I'm not hungry. My head really hurts.

May I be excused?

Sure, son.

Have just a little milk, son. Do it for mom.

Really, I don't want any.

You mustn't resent your mother.

You know that I have rarely struck you, my son, but I was so scared!

I thought you were going to fall. I saw you dead and lost my head.

Forgive me, my life.

Forgive your mother, who loves you, who has sacrificed everything for you.

I beg you.

Forgive me!

Please forgive me!

-Yes, Mom, I forgive you.
-How good you are!

Thank you! Thanks, son, thanks!

I know he'll like it because he's a very special boy and very smart.

Nothing is more suitable for having fun teaching, the trouble is the price.

Is that they are imported from the United States. It's the last one left, have sold like hotcakes.

-Wrap it up. I'll take it.
-Very well.

Since it's hardened by the formalin, you have to press hard,...

but then you do a vertical cut...

so we can separate the skin and see tissues and viscera.

You'll do the cut smoothly from here to here,...

as I have marked.

Firmly. Squeeze...No, not so much.

That's it. That's good.

And now let's separate...Put off the scalpel.

Let's separate the skin...

Come on, baby, now you're going to make a cut in the same way, but deeper. Take the scalpel.

But not so firmly.

Relax, the budget is fair.

It's just that the back should be fully rebuilt, almost.

-Then we'll try to...
-Well, we'll see.

Tomorrow I'll give you your check.

Give it to the builder, because I think I'm done here.

You mean you're not coming back?

I've done my part, and the company's sending me somewhere else.

Ah, no, but you're not going to leave me with the work unfinished! What am I going to do?

Well, here's the contractor. He's responsible for...

Yes, yes, I know, but I made a deal with you, and the house is for me something...

But the budget accounted just for the blueprints. But ma'am, please, I don't know how to lay a brick!

Master, if you don't mind, could I have a moment alone with the architect?

Of course, Ma'am.

-Good night.
-Good night.

-See you tomorrow, architect.
-Never mind, I'll go with you.

Architect, take great care so that everything is to the taste of the lady,...

so that everything's done responsibly.

Now if you have any questions, you can call me at home or better yet at the company, they'll tell you where I am.

Well, I hope the new job waiting for you goes well.

Thank you, Master, thank you for your good intentions.

You don't know what that house means to me, Architect.

So much so that...Anyway, you wouldn't understand.

Maybe. You don't drink coffee?

No, I can't.

Not even a glass?

-I should not.
-Madam, please, don't leave me alone here.

Well, I'll wet my lips.

Don't go, architect. I have so much trust in you!

The house is...I don't know, the security of my son, his future.


Look, Regina,...May I call you Regina?

Yes, of course.

-The truth is that I thought...
-A little more coffee?

No, no thanks.

Actually, I wanted to help, but it's not up to me.

-Try to understand.
-I understand, but...

Now, if I could find some way to help...

Don't be sad. I could come in my spare time...

Of course, in reality I'd be coming to see you.


An illusion can mean a lot, Regina.

You've always impressed me as a woman and as a beauty,...

because you have a something that makes someone want you.

-I'd love to keep meeting you.
-Yes, at night.

And also by day,...

I told you I'd come to work in my spare time on the house.

Mom. Mom.

Isn't Don Aurelio coming today?

No. I told you, he went to work elsewhere.

Are you blind? Hail's falling. Move it, quick.

And he won't come back here?

I don't know, depends on...

Now, hurry!

But don't worry, your swing is still there.

Come on, come on, lazybones! Faster!

Don't spill the clay!

In the little chest of my child, in his nose.

You'll soon feel right, my love.

Mom, I'm very sick. Right? I'm going to die.

Such nonsense you talk, son, you just have catarrh!

You stay in bed for a few days and you'll be fine.

Mom, I want to confess.

Daniel, son, for God's sake, you have nothing to confess!

Look, when you get well we'll go wherever you want. At the cinema, or a...

No, I prefer you take me to church.

If I die I want to be cleansed of sins.

-But relax! You have no sins, no...

Well, I'll take you to Father Juli?n, but now you're going to take your broth.

-You like it?
-It's very tasty. Thanks, Mom.

That's better.

Now we'll cover yourself up well.

Turn off the other light, son.

So why do you feel like you're in a state of sin?

When you gave us communion you said we'd be like angels, and I...

Have you done something to offend God?

Never, Father.

You disobey your mom?

No, Father, I do everything she orders me to, all my tasks, and more.

I hope you haven't stolen anything.

No, Father, when I take something, it's because I know it's mine.

Fine. You don't do bad things with your body, indecencies?

Like what, Father?

Forget it, kid.

Ego te absolvo a peccatis tuis in nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti.

Come on, son, go in peace, and may God always keep you as you are now.

This can't go on!

Stop it, kid!

Oh, stop that, look, you'll make us crazy! Don't know how to play something else?

Don't you hear me? Leave off. You make me sick.

What's wrong? Why are you making that face?

Can't I anymore scold you without you locking yourself in that attitude full of bitterness?

You don't care about my disease. You don't care a damn about all the sacrifices I've made for you.

You just care of your own world, you don't care about how much I work, or my illness,...

you don't even think about it, because you don't love me.

Honestly, the only thing I've found is the beginning of emphysema, quite natural in a smoker...

The same old song from Dr. C?sar. You shouldn't have phoned him.

I phoned him, first, due to professional ethics, and second, because he has been your doctor for years.

And he hasn't done me any good. He said it's just nerves, to take painkillers...and I keep getting worse,...

and the attacks are even more frequent.

Look, Doctor, I'm a teacher and I have studied enough to know...

what psychosomatic illnesses are. No, no, I'm not a hypochondriac or simulated hysteric.

Mine are real.

Of course, you suffer great pain, suffocation, and fainting,...

but these can come from several causes.

And why not the heart?

Because at least so far, there are no symptoms that would indicate...

But I know, sorry.

Humans, when all is said and done, are still animals,...

and so we have some instinct which senses death.

I have a son who needs me.

Swear it to me, doctor.

Should I swear on what you think is your disease, or what I think it is?

I see I was wrong about you, as I was about Dr. C?sar. Good afternoon.

What are you doing there, Daniel?


Have you already had a snack?

Well, I'll change and then I'll fix your dinner.

-Yes, son?

-Is that me?
-Of course, the most beautiful and beloved child of the world.

Daniel! Son! Son! My God! Did you hurt yourself?

No? Thank God!

Oh, my love!

But how could you think...?

Don't you hurt at all?

Stay here. But what ideas you have, to bind yourself like that.

Your legs. Don't they hurt? And your little arms?

You really don't hurt?

Let's see, my love, walk.

The tablet...in the bag...

Daniel...son...you can't leave me like this.

My son, why?


Why, God, why?