El misterio de los almendros (2004) - full transcript


CLOSED FROM 2:00-4:00

- What are you doing?
- Sending a message to Alfonso.

Let me send it, OK?

Someone could come, Lucia.

Someone could come,
besides I'm tired.

Don't answer!


Buddy I have good news.

I don't know. What?

Don't be an ass, and think.

I have no idea,
tell me the news.

- What are you doing, buddy?
- Why?.

You sound agitated.

Is just that I'm...
I'm exercising.

Fine, I would bet
you were fucking.

No man, I'm not.

You're jerking off?
Aren't you bro?

No... I'm exercising.

- Don Joaquin called me.
- Who?

Don Joaquin, he wants to
give us a case. I hope so...

- ... I really need the money.
- Yes, me too.

There's something
weird with you.

No... I tell you I'm exercising.
I'm doing sit ups.

OK, I believe you then.

Look, we have an appointment
with him at 5 o'clock,

at the Americas tower, I'll see you
there 10 min. before 5, OK?

You're making me sick with so
much fucking panting.

- See you there.
- OK.

I should have known, next time
I'll tell my friends to call us.

You were incredible!

Come in.

- The guys are here.
- Let them in.

After they've left,
call to Barcelona.

Yes sir.
Please come in.

Sit here.

- Hi!
- Good evening, Don Joaquin.

Thank you.

Do any of you use high heels?

There's no point
for you to be here.

They told us you needed two young
collaborators, with experience.

And with certain physical

So here we are, to learn with
you. It's all part of the job.

Stand up... walk like if you
were wearing high heels.


Where else. I need to see
how you perform.

You want the job, or not?

Move you're so stiff.

It's necessary to do this?
Or you're joking us?

Sit down.

- Names?
- Javier Moreno and...

- Alfonso Castillo.
- Ages?

Both 27, co-workers
of profession.

Where were you born?

- I was born here.
- I'm from Monterrey.

Are you homosexuals?

Of course... yes.

- What the fuck is this?
- Big mistake...

nothing should
frighten you.

Please apologize my friend.

I was clear about the
type of guys I needed.

Artist, yes you look Like...

gentleman, you're not so bad...

Audacious; why not is part
of the profession,...

But specially that they were
"Open Mind". I don't want...

them scared so easily and
preference, "Homosexuals".

We can do everything, but not
the fag thing. We fail you.

If you want to keep learning,
you can't give up so easily.

What did you
mean with...

...with "open mind"?

"Open mind"...

Young people use Open Mind,
liberal people, gays.

The definition is Open Mentality
free of prejudices and...

moral conventionality.

The case for which
I need your help

and hope you
don't defraud me

is in fact a very
open mind lady.

A very cool lady, as we would say.

The lady lives in a
country house, widow...

...of common appearance....

...she has the habit to
invite to her big house...

a very, very special people.

Do you understand it?

So she invites who ever
fag she meets.

Homosexuals. Leaders and
sympathetic of sexual diversity.

Hippies, extravagant artists.
Perverse intellectuals etc.

Do you understand now?

Our widow likes to be
surrounded by strange people.

She doesn't invite women
spending their time at the TV...

Husbands worried to sell
insurance; never!

She only invites this
very special people.

And why do you need us?
I'm close to getting married,

- and I really don't understand.
- It sounds very interesting.

You have very sly case.

Some of her guests have
disappeared after being there.

What a coincidence,
don't you think so?

Our heroine has done
something good for our country.

So you think she makes them disappear?

- It's not enough.
- You need evidences.

She has invited a
couple of gays.

- She only knows their names.
- And you want us to be them?

If you agree, of course!

The private investigation until
we find any evidence is paid...

...by a Catalan of ancestry.
She lost her daughter.

Her only daughter, in tragic


...a painter of
promising future...

...was murder, mutilated...

...and thrown to a sewer.


...her girlfriend,
Mexican, a university actress...

And main suspect, as well as
Lady Open Mind.

They were interrogated and
found not guilty...

Raquel is missing...

and it could happen the same.

What luck?

Carmen's mother has entrusted
me, to find and recover...

an oil painting, that her
daughter painted.

And it could be in the
possession of...

the fugitive actress or at the
Lady Open Mind's house.

Our job involves only to
recover the oil painting.

The authorities are
investigating the crime.


Your advance payment.
If you find any additional clues,

you will get a juicy
recompense as an extra pay.

We will begin by
changing your names...

...you could be...


...And you GiIberto.

With care, today you will know
the real Alejandro and GiIberto.

What are you drinking?
Would you invite me?

Hi! Would you
give me light?

- I don't smoke.
- No?...

What a pity.

Be very careful, this Open Mind
lady, as she calls herself...

could be a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I don't want you to be
part of the missing people.

Call me on my cell at the
slightest hint of danger.

Doña Josefina!

I'm delighted to meet you.

- Welcome.
- Thank you.

Alejandro, at your service,
and he's GiIberto.

Just how I imagine you.

No more no less.


Weekends are the domestic
services' days off, you will...

- have to carry your baggages.
- Don't worry; we're used to it.

To carry weight, not luggage.

Is part of the trip.
By the way it's possible...

that we could only stay
for two days.

We have an invitation to Puerto
Vallarta. We Like to travel!

Yes I know...

Are you a couple,
or just friends?

The relationships
are so complicated...

you may end being
good friends.

Excuse me. I understand it's not
easy to admit those things.

Don't apologize.
Beside it's the truth.

Then I will put you,
in the same room.

Congratulations you're a very
handsome couple.

Thank you for the invitation.

It's a pleasure. Talented boys
is what we need.

- Your house is very cool!
- You live her alone?

Yes, you don't count with the
domestic service.

We don't get along.

- Are we the first one's?
- And the only one's.

The other guests canceled,
last hour impediments.

It's a pity you'll not know them.

- It's great to have guests.
- I love people...

...I don't feel lonely
with people Like you...

...besides, I learn a lot.

Make yourself at home.

I hope you enjoy them.

- Don't you Like it?
- Of course we do.

Is just that he's very shy.

Don't be, I Like that my guests
enjoy their stay without inhibitions.

If you want to
cool down, I have a pool.

Swimming suits are not necessary.

Thank you for accepting
my invitation.

Although you'll only
stay for two days...

it'll be enough for me,

Excuse me.


It sucks!
The Lady could be my mother.

That pretty?.
Come on man.

I didn't know you
liked old ladies.

You should have told me before...

...although you don't
look Like stepfather.

- It's very hot here bro.
- It's spring buddy. Clothes off.

- What's that?
- What?

Don't fuck with me man,
we came to work!

Leave it, I promised Lucia!

You have a nice ass.

I'm better from this side,

And do me a favor; I don't Like
that kind of jokes. OK?

- Just remember why we're here
- To work...

so you have to act
Like my lover OK?

- Is that all madam?
- Yes. And put on your uniform.

You'd have canceled the invitation...

...you're risking too much.

And raise suspicions for
changing my habits?

She really looks Like a mother.

You doubt she's the one
who's killing them?

I don't fucking care. If I find
out that she's the criminal.

No matter how much she looks
Like my Saint mother,..

I'll fuck her.

You can't do that, remember
we're not the law.

Luckily our job doesn't depend
on law, and why not say so...

I always have felt Like doing
justice by my own hand.

Are you serious man?

Of course not. I'm joking,
first it was you, and now I.

- It's very hot. Isn't?
- I'm use to it.

- The cicadas are very noisy.
- Yes.

- Are you getting into the pool?
- No, not for now.

Would you Like a glass of
water, or a beer?

- A beer for me.
- Water please.

I'll take a dip.

- What are you reading?
- Sorry?.

"Domestic service voluntary
speech", in Spanish.

By Jose de la CoIina.
It's a great book.

My husband read this book in
French. He said that the world...

could change, if their proposal
were put in practice.

- Interesting.
- Let me...

I want to read you...

"The town is the one that
enslaves and slaughters itself.

The one that could choose
between being subjected or free.

Rejects the freedom
and accepts victory.

In there martyr the one that
conscious or rather it looks for it. "

Do you receive visits
every weekend?

Almost every weekend.

And by curiosity,
how do you select us?

By the people that come, they
always recommend another...

and so forth.
It's Like a chain.

Your world is so small.

Yes, I suppose.

Come, don't be an ass!
The water is delicious.

My lover has a hell of a
mouth, forgive him.

I love that.

- Do you say bad words?
- It doesn't go with me.

If it depend on that,
then most of us were polite.

Thank God only a few are Like me.

How boring if nobody said bad word.


Thank you.
I'll be right back.

You need something?

No, it's just that I have stuck
in my teeth a piece of meat.

How many years as a couple?

Like seven. But we know each
other since we were 15.

Since then?


Please, don't tell you saw me.

- What are you doing here?
- Nothing.

Why do you spy on us?

- Please don't accuse me.
- Why should I?

Are you deaf?

I warn my guests not to leave
the house, because people...

from around here are very
perverse and nosy.

You think so?

They're very bourgeois, nosy.
The mediocrity suffocates them.

That's why they keep an
eye in the neighbors...

.. to discover any immorality,
Like vultures.

That's why I prefer to Live
between my four walls.

I have everything I need,
and for my guests too.

Even pornographic videos.
I have one of my favorites,..

gays of course very handsome.

The lady knows
how to have fun.

- Take it.
- What?

Take a picture here.

We come to work!

With those sock's?

- they're for the flies.
- They're cool.

- Everything is ready.
- Thank you.

- You need something else.
- No, everything is fine...

- You may go.
- Yes.

- And hide from them.
- I'll be in my room.

No way man, the room
stinks Like smoke.

You're still looking at that?
Let me see.

I never though things
work Like that.

It's repulsive!

I thought that faggots were
effeminate, impotent.

Dinner is ready.
Whenever you want.

She doesn't get scared
by anything.

What if she had found
you, with your full salute?

Look, it's only pornography?.

- But for pussies.
- Yeah.

That's why you cover yourself?

How do you think her
guests disappeared?

I don't know. But that
she cuddles them, she does.

Of course.

And where was your last exhibition?

Excuse me.

Your last exhibition.

- At a friend's house.
- In his house?

But you should see the house,
it's Like a gallery.

It's very pretty.

Did you bring any of
your work?

I would Like to buy
one or two.

I told him, but he
never listens.

What a shame! I will keep
only the references.

- And good references?
- Magnificent!

Especially the thematic you
handle. "The Incest".

- Incredible, isn't it?
- Everything was delicious.

It was fucking great.

He meant that,
it was very good.

The night is young; we'll take
the coffee and digestive...

...at the lounge that's near
your room. I'll be right with you.

If you continue Like that,
you'll fuck up everything.

Look jerk, wait till she asks
you for your poetry writings.

I won't be stupid Like you.

You fucking poet prick!

Lousy detective!
Go and watch over.

Don't be ashamed. You should
take it naturally your breast's lost.

The embarrassment
does you harm.

Besides it wasn't your fault.
It was a question of health.

Promise me you'll make an
effort to over come it.

Hey take a picture of this!

You know how much
Carmen loved you.

And how she supported you.

So do it for her memory.

I'll return it in a second.

You know who he is?

I think it's her late husband.

Are you sure?

Is the same guy that it's in
the painting from her room.

Well he was handsome.

Get one bullet.

Look what an impressive
picture! What do you think?

The painter is a lesbian named
Carmen, she dedicated to her mother.

That's why the title,
"To the author of my desire".

Amazing, isn't it?

You don't Like it very much.
Do you?

Yes, is very good.

Yes. The texture has quality.

- And the color.
- What a way of working colors.

I knew you were going to Like it.
It's similar to your theme, right?

And what about the painter,
she continues exhibiting?


Why not?
Because of her thematic?

One day, when the intolerance
is defeated, this picture...

will have an honor place
at a museum, but not now.

In these days it's necessary to
see the violence provoke...

against the art. And not only in
Guadalajara in New York was...

...bombastic the Last Supper,
with a black hooker in Christ's place.

Several weeks ago, Carmen's
corpse was found in drainage.


I'm sorry.

They still don't know anything
about her friend, named Raquel.

Carmen had a great future as a
painter, her work was...

...characterized by the anguish.

Is there someone implied
in her death?

Several of her models were
interrogated, hookers...

...but there was
no evidence found.

She died near here, and they all
reside in the Federal District.

And nobody knows anything?

They spent a weekend with me.
When they left I had the...

...feeling that something
was going to happen.

I didn't hear from them until
the horrible news.

Carmen was shoot in the face,
then mutilated and thrown...

...then mutilated and
thrown into drainage.

The police came to interrogate
me, I told them what I knew.

Carmen always repeated, how
much her mother hated her.

That she was a freak.
She threatened her many...

...times with an
exemplary punishment.

And you're not afraid?

In this big house,
by your-self.

- No.
- At least you have a gun?

I don't know how to use them.
I don't fear death.

If somebody for example
forced me to face it...

from the eternity I'll be
vastly grateful.

At my years solitude,
weights too much.

- What happened buddy?.
- You know what man?

This pisses me off.

The maid continues hanging around.

If you see her again, tell me.

Move, you don't let
me piss in peace.

Look what I found... in the
room of the Lady Open Mind.

You found something?

No, it's just a
friendship letter.

For now the only evidence we
have is a gun that she denies.

- And that we found the picture.
- I'll call Don Joaquin...

and see if it coincides with
the one that killed the lesbian.

You want the
extra money, man.

What are you thinking about?

I Like to listen to music.

Would you Like a whisky,
or a digestive?

- I'm fine thank you.
- For me another tequila.

They say it's good for
the digestion.

Yes, It's what I drink.
But tonight I'll have a...

...whisky on your honor.

You want it straight or with soda?

- With soda.
- Ice?

- Yes, I serve the ice.
- Thank you.

Can I serve you a drink?
I have Cognac.

No really, I drank too much
red wine, I had enough.

- Here.
- Thank you.

Ask for what ever you want.
I'm here to attend to you.

- Cheers!
- Cheers!

It's bad luck not to
drink a toast.

I'm not superstitious.

My mom loved that music.

- You Like it?
- Very much.

Let's dance.

This music is back in fashion.

The new generation will enjoy
so beautiful compositions.

This was the first song
I danced with Francisco.

You loved him?

With all my heart.

You were faithful?

- Even now.
- Really?.

And you never let one's...

hair down.

I'm not Like you. I can't.

This will sound strange.
I'm a very conventional lady.

I never go out. I respect my
husband's memory.

Why are you here?

How long have you being
working here?

- Three weeks.
- Don't lie.

I swear, ask her.
Really ask her!

Besides I don't care
if she kicks me out.

Why do you do things
that she doesn't Like?

- I swear I won't spy again.
- I'm waiting.

I wanted to see you naked.

She Likes that her guests get naked.

- Don't fuck with me.
- Really there are no morals...

...in this house, everybody
knows that.

- Are you sure?
- No, but what I know is...

that she has obscene
magazines and worst things.

Books that talk about
communism and how to...

...become an outstanding terrorist.

- Really?.
- Yes.

Let's sit down.

I didn't want to offend you.

Maybe it's my fault.
It seems that nothing...

scandalizes me, but when I'm
involved I don't know...

how to handle it.

No, I'm the one who has
to be ashamed.

I can't help it, I'm very
conservative with myself.

And where is your friend?

I don't know, he was
here a minute ago.

And who are you?

It's just that you look different.

Don't change the subject.

They say that, she was decent
when her husband was still alive.

He was very extravagant
and a communist to the core.

So they say he perverted her.

And since she's a widow,
you know the devil touches...

...people who are alone.

She also says she's Catholic,
and non of her friends believe in God.

And why are
you still here?

Everybody tells me that, but...

Nobody from here Likes her.

And they even want to burn her house.

Are you leaving tomorrow?

- You want us to stay more days?
- Yes.

Would you Like to die young?


- No?
- Of course not!

What makes you say that?

You really surprise me, now
you're not as homosexual...

...as you pretend, also you
completely lack of the...

romantic spirit.

I have to leave you locked in,
and don't make noise.

- Stay quiet OK?
- Yes sir.

- What?
- Yes sir!

Fucking faggot!

The society is able to destroy any
person, only for their honest conduct.

Honesty is Like
to show yourself naked...

and is forbidden.

Where were you man!

I just went for a walk.

A tequila will revive you.

But just a little bit.

I knew you weren't
going to despise me.

That's OK.

- Cheers!
- Cheers! For love!

He was dying to dance.

You want to dance?

I'm joking man, sit down.

I remember my childhood
with this music.

My mom Liked it very much.

It doesn't bring you back
childhood memories?

We played marbles...

And so many other games.

Keep it up and you'll be plastered.

Remember why we're here.
Don't fuck it up.

Let's have some fun.

For you Francisco!

For that soon
our ashes get mixed.

I found the maid spying.

I left her locked up.

GiIberto your man
is waiting for you.

You see, we don't lose
anything by dancing.

Or what...

Are you afraid to be jinxed.

I believe... that the maid
is also a spy.

For whom?

I don't know.
But at least she had luck.

Not Like us that we have to
be someone that we hate.

We shouldn't have
accepted this job.

Just remember that nobody will
pay, what they have paid us.

Besides you're getting
married soon.

If it wasn't for that,
I wouldn't accept.

We have to do something
with the maid.

She can't interfere with us.

I love it; you both
are so handsome!

So she doesn't suspect;
give me a kiss.

Don't fuck with me.
You want me to continue?

Yes continue.

Let's do something with the maid.

As a demonstration was enough.

You're drunk, aren't you bro?

Is just that I feel fine.

I feel happy.

She's very cool.

And the house is great.

You know what bro?

I believe that...

She wouldn't hurt anybody.

Not even any of her guests.

She's the coolest lady
I have met in my whole life.

Come on drink.

Don't fuck with me!

Don't be so touchy!

GiIberto, what do you
think of crime?

The painter's crime?

No, the crime in general.

I consider that the crime and
the loving acts form a unit.

They're Like a coin of
two faces. Aren't they?.

Life and death, love and hate.
Eternal truths.

Crime doesn't exist in the
indifference of the universe.

The husband kills his infidel
wife because he loves her.

The violator murderers his
victims, even though...

according to him, he only
wants to express his love.

I don't know if you
understand me?

For example the Fascist has to
destroy all germs void...

of immorality. Because deep
down it alters and fascinates him.

The thief kills the rich because
he wants to be Like him.

I believe that crime is caused
by the absence of satisfied sexuality.

Is the face of frustration.

Of envy recognition and
negation of instincts.

Terrible opposition that
death could generate.

And what do you think?

For love!


You're fired! She doesn't
want to see you again.

You gossip!

You should be more discreet.

Pair of faggots!

Repeat what you just said, stupid!

- Has the cat got your tongue?
- Cat; my balls!

What did you say!

Pair of faggots!

How do you see our

She's screwed...

What you want first or seconds?

You choose.

- You're later.
- You can't.

You'll see.
But first bitch;...

Take your clothes off!

Go one, take it off!

- I can take care.
- Let go!

- Come on!
- Let go!


- And so?
- And?

It's enough as a
punishment, OK?


- What is it man?
- I think she's a virgin.

From the ears, you jerk.

I'm serious, I don't know,
the way she undresses her body.

Besides I can't be
an ass right now.

- Maybe you want.
- I want...

- ... but with you!
- Fuck you, ass hole.

What is it man?
You can't take a joke?

If you have the hots
for her, go for it!

- It will take her down a notch.
- I would love to screw.

For the Little pussy!

- You won't enjoy it.
- Whatever!

- Ass hole!
- Lay down there!

Do it!

I don't care if he
gets pissed off!

From now on, be careful
with what you say.

My Dad always said...

If you spill the beans;
you're fucked.

I hope you die.

Everybody... everybody will die.

Even you.

You better not feel any
resentment against me...

Because we both enjoy it.

I know females very well.

Please, leave me alone.

I can please you again.

No, please, no!

You were right...

She was a virgin!


I'm kidding.

Why the fuck did I stay!

Damn her!
She worth's a lot.

She worth's nothing.

- A moral crude.
- What the fuck!

You should have seen her...

She was Like a Little lamb.


There was something
in her frown...

something strange...

I feel very bad.

you'll go to hell!

No man, you're also pissed off.

Don't fuck with me, we came to work,
and you are just drinking and fucking!

You ass hole, you're jealous
because you couldn't fuck her.

Me jealous!

I went first man.

But first it was your turn,
it's not my problem.

Not my problem.

Is she still there?

I don't know.

I have a bad feeling with all this.

You drunkard!

Where are you going?

- And now what do you want?
- Now is my turn.

- Where are you going?
- Aren't you going to complain.

- What do you have there?
- My things.

Open it!

"Contemporary Polish Theater"

And what about here?

- What!
- What is this?

My things, gifts from the Lady.

You fucking liar! Come here!

Please, leave me alone!

This has been the worst
night of my Life.

- Take off your blouse!
- Wait!

Your blouse, take it off!

Imagine that I'm a boy.

Don't mess with me.
I can screw you.

- Go back with your boyfriend.
- Don't fuck with me!

- Go with him.
- Don't!

I was also in love.
Don't do a stupid thing.

Go with him!
You found love with him.

Go with him!

"Dulcinea my love, is this the garden
of roses that you promised me".

"Dulcinea my love, is this...

"The storm appease
the worms of the path"

"Aren't the placentas what
destroy your desires".

"The labyrinths ashes are
dispersed by the canal of frustration".

"Go and tell the owl to
stop baying".

I don't want it!

It's an owl!

What is it buddy?.

- Yellow Like the grass.
- What man!

While all shout that has
to suggest it!

I'll take you to the room.

Hey you! You boy!

Mrs. Josefina!

A lot of love that I had
to go through...

- You're burning!
- Let go!

Let go!
Don't go with the...

With the...

Go and tell the carpenter
that he's an enormous cat...


Mrs. Josefina?

Mrs. Josefina?

Hail Mary full of grace,
The Lord is with thee;...

Blessed are you among
woman, and blessed is the...

fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God,

Pray for us sinners, now and at
the hour of our death. Amen.

Hail Mary, full of grace,
The Lord is with thee;...

Blesses are you among
woman, and blessed is the...

fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God,...

Pray for us sinners, now and at
the hour of our death, Amen.

Hail Mary full of grace,
The Lord is with thee;...

Blessed are you among
woman, and blessed is the...

fruit of thy womb, Jesus.
Holy Mary, mother of God,

Pray for us sinners, now and at
the hour of our death, Amen.

- You heard a shot?
- No.

What is it GiIberto?

- Alfonso... he has a fever.
- Who?

Alejandro, he's very sick.

- We have to do something.
- Come.

Exists a sea arm.
The cigarette end give's...

- What is it?
- He must be intoxicated.

We need a doctor!

I have a dairy in my room,
call doctor LomeIi.

The ink of the corner...
Where should we use the...

Why is there not enough...

The feet samples...
Slip Like castles...

Yes, it's an emergency.

How long?
That long?

OK, we'll wait.


- How is he?
- Very bad.

What do we do?
You have a car?

My chauffeur takes it on the
weekends, we have to walk.



Wake up man!

Wake up!
Wake up!

He's a terrible colleague.

He left me with all the work.

I'm sorry. I leave you a
moment with him.

Are you praying for my
dead friend?

What cynicism.

How many people are in your list?

It's strange, that you
being so intelligent.

You haven't notice the
maid's absence.

- Raquel?
- Yes, Raquel.

You can write her name down
in your deceased List.

I killed that fucking lesbian.

I understand your desperation,
please don't play with death.

Congratulations, you're an
excellent hostess.

Old way of seducing
your victims.

Calm down, GiIberto...

Don't call me GiIberto!
My name is Javier,...

And the one you killed
was Alfonso.

You can shoot if you want,
I don't fear death.

The autopsy will indicate the
cause of your friend's death.

Why did you hide the lesbian?

To defend her of the world
violence, from the...

intolerance of whom
murdered Carmen.

Give me the gun.
Don't do anything stupid.

If you want, I can give
you a tranquilizer.

Like you gave Alfonso;
to kill him.

Don't you recognize it?

- Why so many questions?
- Answer!

It was my husband's.
Is that a problem.

You say it for the painter.

I never had a gun in my hands.

All the evidence is against you.
Not even the devil will save you

You're being delirious. So many
conjectures don't make sense.

I'm sure of something.
Neither Alfonso nor I are gays!

We're not! We're here
to carry out an assignment.

You're the most perverse
person, I have ever met.

The worst is that you
acknowledge it.

I'll never be a pussy!

I'm not a fag!
I'll never be one!

Neither Alfonso!
If something I admired him.

Was... was..

I was once in a similar situation
knowing that Life snatched...

...from us our dears love.
It produces a terrible...

...paranoia, we feel guilty.
We want to scream.

To hit Life.

You solved this case
all by yourself.

You will take the whole merit.

Don Joaquin?

- I'm alive by a miracle.
- Where?

At the Hacienda, I was drugged
and when I woke up...

Alfonso was dead; but first
he killed Mrs. Josefina,

and the maid; that turned
out to be the Raquel.

She didn't have a breast, right?

They call her, "The Amazon".

I have the last piece of the
puzzle. The oil painting.

It's necessary to call the
police, but not a word of...

- ... the painting. All right?
- Yes.

And of course the extra pay,
will be for you.

Consider it as a wedding gift
from your best friend.

Good evening.
Everything was how we planned it.

And of course I have the painting.

I'll do that.

"To the author of my desires".