El misterio de la perla negra (1976) - full transcript

Santo in
The Mystery of the Black Pearl


Get up on the right, and
you head to the front, hurry!

Not a trace,

he must be buried under the car

There's nothing to be done, let's go

I nearly got killed

But you'll be paid well, as you know



- Everything is ready
- We're in luck

Oh, it's so hot

- Have you been here long dear?
- Just a few minutes

What day is it?

Thank you for remembering

It's divine

Do you really like it?

Like everything you give me

We have to celebrate your saint day in
style. Where would you like to have dinner?

Anywhere, as long as I'm
with you it's all the same

We'll to the most elegant place, the best

I'll be a little late, I need to talk
to the impresario about the next show

Wait for me at my apartment in an hour

As you wish, I'll be there in an hour

It's that guy again

Don't get upset,

it's nothing to worry about

How is that bum going to upset me?

His friendship is necessary to
throw people off, understand?

I don't like it and I'm going to run him off

You have no reason to, you know
there's no other man in my life

Stop joking and let's
talk about serious matters

- You're going to have to travel to Panama
- Panama?

Yes, a good bit of business, the
one with the jewels, remember?

Eduardo is following this itinerary

You'll meet up with them there

These aren't kisses, are they?

This is what you get for messing
with other people's women!

- Cowards!
- Get him in there!

Guard him well!

What happened friend?

I was assaulted

Are you injured?

No, just a bit bruised

Would you like me to take you some place?

Thank you, I can drive

- Well, in that case...
- You don't know how grateful I am

You're welcome

What happened dear?

Some coward who's in love
with you had me beaten

What do you mean?

Yes, I just came to tell you
you're a hypocrite and a liar

Watch your words, you're offending me

You've tried to play with my feelings,
and I was dumb enough to believe you cared

You're unfair,

I've always truly loved you.
Someone's trying to seperate us

I love you Demetro, I love you

I'm innocent and I can prove it

You can really prove it?

I'll find out who the bastard
is who had you beaten, I swear

Tomorrow in one of these ports they'll
unload a valuable shipment of smuggled jewels

The ship will dock in Vera
Cruz in the afternoon

but it has stops in Panama,
Cartagena and Lagueira

You must head to Vera Cruz
as soon as possible Santo

Tomorrow at sunrise

Make sure you do

Let me show you something

These are the perpatrators. According
to the Spanish police they're dangerous

Don't worry Chief, we'll take precautions

- Good luck Santo
- Thank you

Tomorrow in one of these ports they'll
unload a valuable shipment of smuggled jewels

The ship will dock in Vera
Cruz in the afternoon

but it has stops in Panama,
Cartagena and Lagueira

You must head to Vera Cruz
as soon as possible Santo

Tomorrow at first light

These are the perpatrators.

to the Spanish police they're dangerous

- Don't worry Chief, we'll take precautions
- So long

What time is Santo's match?

At 11 boss. Everything is
ready, he'll die tonight

Take care of all the details

Death from a fainting
spell, an embolism, whatever,

but he must not get to Vera Cruz

That's all

- Go on, walk!
- Come on!

We can't make the deal
here, it would be dangerous

We know we're being watched

It's confirmed, Santo is aboard.
We must watch and eliminate him

I doubt he suspects us

Santo is travelling in the
same boat as the shipment

Marcus will meet them, you
will meet him, understand?

- Should we eliminate him boss?
- That's the plan,

- but don't make noise
- Understood boss

Well, so long

We'll keep you informed

Welcome to Panama

I'd like to see the canal, we've
heard so much about it, right?

Yes, we're very interested

Not a problem, go to this address
and they'll take care of you

Have fun

Excuse me, where is there
some place around here

where you can have
dinner, dance and have fun?

There's a really good place two streets ahead

Thank you

- Our worries over Santo are over
- Good job

He's finally fallen in to our trap

And no one will be able
to accuse us of anything

Now we can work in peace. Are
the unloading the merchandise?

Of course

Can I have a kiss?

We can close the deal immediately if you want


Good evening sir

We'll be with you shortly

We're being watched,
don't bring the merchandise

Leave it to me, I'll take care of it

Santo, I'll be waiting for
you #5 Plaza de la Mered. Wu Li


What would you like sir?

Do you know where this plaza is?

Yes, I know it,

- it's two blocks from here
- Thank you very much

A woman

- You've finally arrived
- Yes. Now what?

I'm Wu Li

I know you were going to
be attacked at the docks,

I couldn't warn you

It doesn't matter. I got your message

Come, sit

Come, we need to talk

Have you discovered something?


I think I can help you

What's your price?

Would you like coffee or tea?

Tea please

Thank you

How much are you asking for?

What does that matter right now?

I'm naturally curious

There's a time for
everything, don't you think?

Damn you, I fell for your trick

You'll pay for this


Listen to me boss

- Shall we play another one?
- Go on

There's news?

- A rematch?
- No friend, I'm leaving

I have lots of work. Move it

Now it's my turn

I had to drug you so they'd trust me,

that way I learned their plans

The ship has left for Cartagena,

that's where the buyers of the jewels are

You're not deceiving me? I don't like jokes

If I wasn't on your side I would have let
you drown. I gave the order to save you

Yes, you're right

Get to work, watch out for sharks

Good, good, this lot is worth
at least 10 thousand dollars

Let's go back

Thank you

Keep an eye out, he'll be here any minute now

Relax, I'll be ready

There he is. Finish him

Everything is prepared

I don't know what would
have happened without you

It's dangerous to be alone around here

Your intervention was very timely

Truthfully, I was following you

That was fortunate

Everything has failed

End of the line gentlemen

This way, go on


- Good evening
- Good evening

- Miss
- Thank you

Well, looks like the trip ends here

Perhaps the route was a little
long but I hope you had fun

What's the plan for tomorrow?

We'll visit Mr. Rodrigo's store

Can we swim?

I wouldn't recommend it, the
water around here is dangerous

- Dangerous?
- Yes, there's lots of sharks

- What would you like
- The keys to 202 please

Hello cutie

- Here you go sir
- Thank you

I'm sick of you! I'll finish
you off any way I can!

...and then we hit him all over his head

That's good, that's good

That wouldn't have happened before

We should get going, we can't talk here

Alright, let's go to your office

What a nice gathering

It's true, I didn't think there
were still gentlemen like Mr. Rodrigo

The merchandise you brought
this time is magnificent

I always try to bring the best

- Here's your money
- In cash? Not pearls?

We've been backed up and
Chedad couldn't go pick them up

How long would it be?

Well, maybe five days

- We'll be leaving in four
- Maybe if he left tonight...

Would you be able to get them to me on time?

I don't know, I'll hurry

I think we'll manage it

Get down from there

Move it

- Boss
- What's going on?

We surprised him

What are you doing here?

- Nothing, I was just looking around
- This is the guy I mentioned

Ah, the famous Santo

Thank you. From what I've been able
to observe, you'll be famous soon too

What you learned will be of no use to you

Beneath the mask of a
gentleman there can be a villain


- To the castle with him!
- Let's go

Hold it

Watch him closely

I'm going to open it

- Forward
- Go on, walk

These passages lead to the
dungeons of San Felipe's castle

Go on, walk!

- Are they well known?
- No one knows of their existence

Move it

No one has escaped here alive

Should I take care of him?

No, I don't want any bloodshed

Calm down, I'm not going to hurt you

No one ever escaped from here,
we've been condemned to die

Soon you'll be like me, a
human ruin, a pile of misery!

Now he won't bother us anymore

- You think?
- Sure

Now Lucas will come looking for you

Don't worry, I'll be back on time

Catch him!


Thank you

The plot is unraveling, they
trade the diamonds for pearls

This way they do business on both sides

How long would it take to get to Lagueira?

- Three hours, give or take
- I'll have to catch up with Davila

- I'll go with you myself
- Alright, but we mustn't draw attention

Davila is heading this way

This is the zone where the pearl banks are

With a good car I think we'll arrive on time

I need many pearls, I'll pay you well

Waters very dangerous,

my men not want risk

Don't play games now

You always have a good stock of them

Give them to me!

Not so fast friend

You'll get your payment later

Wait for me here Lucas

I'm looking for a big man
interested in buying pearls,

they call him Davila. Do you know him?

Mr. Davila comes by here often,

he came by here two hours ago
heading to the Guahira village

Thank you, is it far?

No, you'll be there before the sun sets

Thank you friend

That's a nice specimen young man

Let me see them

They're magnificent

If you give me the whole lot
I'll bring you more money tomorrow

We could do good business
together. Come, give me the pearls

No trust you, when you bring money

Here's your pay imbecile!

Here, you've been paid in lead!

What's going on?

They killed our chief
Chakiro, he's one of them

What do you have to say?

I didn't do anything,
it was Davila and he fled

We'll take him to the law.
This man must be judged

Our law is better than
your law, a life for a life

Enough talk, let him go

Let's go


Hold it, put your hands up

It was in self defense, I'm no murderer

Chief Chakiro stole my
money, you have to believe me

We'll clear this all up. Get in

Santo calling

Watch the dock exits closely

Aren't you thirsty? I need a drink badly

My throat is as dry as a desert, please

No, wait and don't move!

Look, there's a bar right
over! We'll be right back

He mustn't find out he's being followed

Wake up

Damn, he hits harder than I expected

Isn't that what you were hoping for? Let's go


Thank you

Everything's gone perfectly, surely our
friend has already picked up the merchandise

so tonight you'll be able to
board and continue your trip

You're simply marvellous

What would we do without women?

Be bored

Mr. Andres!

It's for you

Please excuse me

- Why have you come?
- Listen, help me

Calm down, you're making people suspicious

Santo trapped me but I managed to escape

Let's calm down. What happened to the pearls?

I have them well hidden

- I'm going to put them on the boat
- Hurry up

- They'll be in their usual place
- You'll come with us

It's a shame your stay in
Caracas can't be prolonged

We have to return to Europe

- The police!
- Let's leave through the back

We can get out quickly through here

Good evening Commissioner,
is something going on?

Where are they?

Who are you talking about?

Che Davila and Andres Cortez,
they're wanted for murder

We know it all, you're under arrest

You get on the ship

- Who are we waiting for?
- It's better if we get on seperately

No, the police is after me,

they're gonna catch me!

Take me, take me!

I can't waste more time,

the ship is about to leave and
those people are surely aboard

Good luck Santo,

and I congratulate you for your work here

Thank you

Let's go

I'm sure he has the pearls with him

It'd be a shame if the leader escaped

What will happen to the girl?

It's very likely she'll be found guilty,

maybe three or four years

I understand

The ship's just arrived, let's go over there

Andres Cortez? My, what a small world

Would you come with me? You too Miss

Go on, and forgive the inconvenience.
I'm sorry but you're also a suspect

This is too much

Follow me

We'll check this luggage,
you check the lady


Officer, open the luggage

I'm telling you you're wasting your time

Quiet you

These are just my personal
effects, nothing more

If that's so then don't
worry, we'll let you go

Inspector, we didn't find anything

Thank you Miss

Forgive me Mr. Cortez, you can go

I'll lodge a complaint with the embassy

You'll be hearing from me

Just as I thought, the
pearls are still on the ship

And what about the murders?

We don't have enough proof

What do you plan to do?

The wildcat, upon being set
free, will search for prey

You can count on our help

Thank you, but I'm on vacation
and would rather work alone

- Goodbye gentlemen
- Goodbye

You know what you have to do with Wu Li

Now we must seperate

Be very careful, it's
better if she doesn't know

Agreed, I'll wait for you on the ship

Keep an eye on her

Thank you Miss. Santo,
is that you? It's Wu Li

Wu Li? I just got your report

I'm being closely watched. I'll
wait for you in an hour at the docks,

I think this is the end

- Listen-
- I can't

They're over there

Wu Li has disappeared,
she's surely betrayed us

It's possible. Could she be with Santo?

He'll find out where the pearls are

Come, get on quickly

We have to find her, if not
they'll get the drop on us

Yes, we have to hurry

Let's go

As soon as I get the pearls we'll go
into hiding, we'll return to Spain later

It's better if they don't see us

We have to act without getting too close

Try to get back as soon as possible,
the ship is about to set sail

We have to hurry

- You have to go after him
- Yes

They're finally in our grasp

We have to get back quickly,
let's return to the docks

Give me the pearls

What are you doing?

We've finally gotten away from all of
them, including your good friend Santo

The boss' accomplices worry me

I'll get off in Barcelona
like nothing happened,

they'll think the boss
ran away with everything

In the meantime I'll make
sure our package isn't lost

And no one will suspect you

I'll spend some time in Spain,
and then I'll follow you to Geneva

For now we must avoid being seen together

I think some sun would do us
good, but first let's have a drink,

- does that sound good?
- Alright

I'll call the waiter

Listen, bring us a cold bottle of
champagne and two glasses. Thank you

Two little angels, and I trusted one of them

Come in. The waiter is here

Good day ladies, you ask and I'll serve

Would you like a bit of champagne?

I assure you there's nothing
better to lift your spirits

Alright, we'll talk a
bit while you get some sun

Thank you

Take note, I want to send a telegram

Yes sir

Police Chief, Mexico City, Federal District

The time is perfect and the voyage
magnificent, I ask for permission

to take my vacation

I am in the pleasant
company of two lovely ladies

who have also earned themselves a
long vacation on the state's tab

with all expenses paid. That's all, thank you

Very well

Ladies, to your health. Have a nice trip

and take advantage of the sun since
you'll be in the shade for a long time

The End