El mirón (1977) - full transcript

A middle-aged man, married to a beautiful woman, lives mortified by jealousy.

"The Voyeur"

I'm really sorry about what's happened.

It's ok. It doesn't matter.


It's all right. It's all right.

I hope your wife isn't pissed off.

Don't worry about it.

Right. Right.


Bye. Good night.

Sorry, I left my cigarettes and tie behind.

Thanks. -You're welcome.

Good night. -Good night.


If I'd known you were going to act like that, I wouldn't have wasted my time bringing him here, would I?

Well, say something at least.

What do you want me to say?

I don't know, something.

Don't just leave me standing here like an idiot!

You have made me look stupid enough tonight.

I have told you many times that it would be better to let it be.

I'm not good at this.

Why is it that you're not good at this?

I didn't think you were going to bring him here.

I told you clearly that I was going to bring him here and you agreed.


Do you agree?

Yes, I have already said, yes.

We've talked about it many times but we've never really gone through with it.

I'm sorry.

It's too easy to say, I'm sorry. Too easy.

I mean it, I'm sorry... but when the moment came... I couldn't as...

Come on.

I'm just a simple housewife. No, I can't.

A simple housewife. Of course, you've been very lucky.

But me, I can't call this luck.

Because if I'd found a different woman...

A woman who actually understood me, then we'd have seen what would have happened.

You have told me so, many times. I know.

So, let me tell it to you once more, because you have also told me many times, many things, uh?


Not maybe. You have also told me many times, many things.


Mom, why aren't you asleep at this hour?

I heard you arguing and I couldn't sleep.

What are you talking about?

Don't lie to me.

Come on, be a good girl and go back to bed.

And Elena?

Elena is fine. I'm fine. Everything's fine. Go to bed, please.

Everything's ok. Just nonsense.

You are always arguing.

Come on, mom!

My poor son!

You're like a child.

Well, well.

I'm sorry.

Wait a moment. Come here.

I'm sorry for what I said to you last night.

Don't worry. It doesn't matter.

Yes, it does. A lot. I'm crazy about you.

Me, too.

The toast.

Look at it. It's almost burnt.

I don't understand.

The madam likes it lightly toasted.

This bread burns so fast. I'll make some more.

No, it doesn't matter. It's alright.

Good morning. -Good morning.

What's the weather like?


Enough. No, a little more. Now.

Just a little.

That's enough.

Is it a sunny day?

No, not yet. Perhaps later.

I'm going to take breakfast with Roman. I'll come back later to dress you.

Would you like anything else?

Nothing. Thanks. Go, go to him.

These are the houses we're going to build in Madrid.

Have we got the building permit?

On the way, we've had a delay because of the change in the department which issues them.

Get on it, because we're going to need it right away.

And the architects, are they already at work?

Yes, yes. By next week everything will be ok. I have seen the plans and everything is perfect.

Great! Let's take a look at the contracts.

We've just received this letter and I'd like you to study it carefully.

It's about the building materials we asked for in Sevilla.

You'll notice there's an underlined paragraph.

Are the contracts finished?

Ah, right.

Be careful. You're going to get the carpet dirty.

Don't try to carry so many things at once. It's better to make more trips.

She's the worst we've had so far.

The service is unbearable.

In the old days, I payed them twelve pesetas a month.

And they didn't always get the Thursday evening off, either. And look now.


Why did you and Roman argue last night?

Just nonsense.

Nonsense? Well, I don't want you to tell me I'm sticking my nose into your business,

but I know Roman very well and if it were just nonsense, he wouldn't be acting the way he has been lately.

You're mad to risk losing such a husband as the the one you have.

The way things are nowadays. Roman is a serious, hard-working man. He looks after you and your household.

He deserves a wife who'll take care of him and give him all he wants.

If you had children, you wouldn't have time to argue.

He doesn't want children.

Come on girl. Don't get like that. How touchy you are.

You ok?

I'm fine.

If you need me, you know where I am.

Hello, good night.

Good night. -Good night.


Hi, what's up?

Nothing new. I haven't moved from here.

I've been at home all day.

Pretty much the same for me.

Listen, do you know how really sexy you look in that bathrobe and those shoes with no stockings on?

You're very provocative.

You see provocation all around.

It depends.

I look hideous. I'm going to change my clothes.

When I heard you arrive, I was coming out of the bathroom and I forgot my slippers.

Wait a moment. Come here.

Be careful. Your mother and the maid are around somewhere!

It doesn't matter.

Come on, I have to get ready.

What for? If by getting ready you spoil the mood.

Come on, be a good boy and let me go. Enough. Let me go.

What's the matter?


Why that face?

I wish so much to understand you. Yes, I'd like to, but I don't know how!

We've been so happy all these years ...

Yes, yes. I know, I know. We've been happy.

Why can't we be as we were before?

Because a couple needs to search for new sensations in their private life.

But that doesn't seem to matter to you.

If you mean me going to bed with some dirty old man...

It's not about whether it's a dirty old man or a rich young man.

Not for you, but what about me? It really does matter. Some men are disgusting.

I think that, deep down, you're just a snob.

Of course. It's not easy. Take away all my education all of a sudden.

Besides, I'm afraid of what these experiences might lead to.

You start and then nobody knows where we're going to end up.

But why does that matter? If wherever we go, we're together and enjoying it.

But, what if you get tired of me? Of everything we do?

Tired of watching me turned into... well, into a slut.

Don't talk rubbish. A slut. What do you know about that?

Or is it me who has declined in your eyes?

All I know is that I have many fears.

And very little imagination.

Things aren't going well with Elena.

I think we're crossing that dangerous bridge which couples cross when they've been living together awhile.

How long have you been married?

Eight years.

And there's no woman in the middle of all this?

No, it's not that. Even if I wanted to, I don't think I could go to bed with another woman.


Yes, I'm sure. When I think about it, I don't feel like it at all.

If this marriage fails, I give up.

Everyday I am more in love with her.

But, that's good, isn't it?

Well, yes and no.

What you really need is to have a few whiskies and stop worrying so much.

Women are a product for external use only.


Let's see if you can make my woman smile, Alvaro.

Perhaps you'll be luckier than me.

Come on Elena, cheer up! You're being very quiet. What's the matter?

I'm not a very talkative woman.

Pity. I'm sure you have many interesting things to say.

Don't you think so, Roman?

Yes, perhaps.

Elena is a very mysterious woman.

Now, are you going to leave me in peace?

She's right. Let's talk about something else.

You should go on safari sometime.

Look, you can't imagine what it's like until you've lived it. This is the third year for me.

But I am not a hunter, eh?

It's not necessary to be a hunter. You can spend the days being close to nature without hunting at all.

I'm sure you'd like it, Roman. And above all, Elena. Elena would have a great time in Kenya.

I have bought a bungalow in a wonderful spot. You are all invited.

Yes, it's a great idea.

I'd appreciate the travel cost more than the invite.

But it's not so expensive. There are some incredible offers nowadays.

I'm certain that in just a few years Africa will be the new Mallorca or Marbella.

I've also been thinking about it as a business.

What do you think about all this, Elena?

I'd like very much to go. I like nature and, especially, the animals.

Well, you'll get all that out there. Come on Roman. Come out for a few days with us.

You'll have noticed that Alvaro has a soft spot for you. You would have to be blind not to notice it.

I understand why. You're a very attractive woman.

I also like him a lot.

I know.

He's a person I admire.

I am also fond of him, but admire him...

Don't deceive yourself, he's been a very lucky man and he has made a great fortune, but other than that...

Anyway, he seems to me a braggart.

I wasn't thinking about his fortune. He seems like a kind and generous man.

Well, well, well.

Yes, I promise you that's all.

It's easy to be generous when you have so much money.

You're always thinking about other people's money.

Anyway, it's quite clear that you do like him, don't you? And you can't say you haven't noticed he likes you.

Women soon notice these kinds of thing.

And you like it, it excites you.

You excite me. I don't care about other men.

You're amazing. I'm telling you that a man likes you and it's as if I were offending you.

It isn't that. It's because I know what you really mean everytime you start talking like this.

Because you think Alvaro wouldn't want to go to bed with you?

Yes, probably, yes.

But I have never thought about it.

Try it.

I don't think it could ever happen...

I hope it isn't going to happen.

But it seems you're wishing it.

It would be embarrassing. And I don't see Alvaro doing it.

You don't know men very well.

What's the matter? Why have you been acting like this lately?

Look, don't act so naive because you know perfectly well what this is all about.

Well, I know it. Of course. Let it be. Don't act like this, please!

And who is the one to blame if I act like this?


Today's situation, who has provoked it?

We have both provoked it. Don't you realize?

I asked you a question. Today's situation, who has provoked it?

I don't think there's an answer.

So you don't think there's an answer?

I don't know... What are you looking for?

An answer.

I can't give you the answer.

You have provoked today's situation.

How? Why?

Because everytime I try to create an atmosphere, you ruin it.

But I don't know what to do or say. Everytime I open my mouth, I spoil everything.

You understand nothing.

Forgive me.

If only you'd make a small effort, you'd understand.

I'm certain we'd both understand ourselves much better. For sure.

I don't know. I don't know, don't know. I'll try to understand you. I'll do my best darling. I promise. I promise!

What are you doing?

Cleaning the silver.

The silver? Who told you to do that?

Miss Elena.

Miss Elena? Nobody tells me anything. Be careful, don't scratch it.


To the second floor?


Bye. -Bye.

No, no. You have an exceptional woman.

This Elena is incredible. She has a personality and a...

Look, I don't get easily excited about women, but...

your wife is rather out of the ordinary in many respects.

I know, I know. And I'm very proud of her.

And you should be. I can assure you I hold her in great esteem.

And she, you.

I understand marriage with a woman like that.

So, is everything working out all right between you two?

Yes, little by little.


Elena, it's me. How's everything going?


Do you think you could send the maid out for the night?

I don't know. I'll try.

My mother, how is she?


What time does she go to bed?

You know, as always. Soon.

Do you think 10:00pm is a good time?

Better about 11:00pm.

Will you be ready?

Can you hear me?


You know what I mean.

I assume you're not going to back out after what you said last night.

Get dressed up.

Don't worry.

See you later. Listen, there's some whiskey at home, isn't there?

Of course there's whiskey at home!

I love you.

Me, too.

See you.


What do you think?

A completely inadmissible price.

Are you leaving now?

Yes, do you need me?

No, it's not important. What are you and Elena doing for supper?

We have a previous engagement tonight.

Never mind. We'll talk tomorrow.

You don't look well.

I'm a little bit tired.

Go and rest. See you tomorrow.

Black coffee.

Isn't the shoeshiner here?

No, I haven't seen him today. He should be here by now.

Do you know where I could find him?

No idea.

I need to talk to him.

If you want to leave him a message...

...I'll pass it on when I see him.

There's nobody who knows where he lives?

I don't know.

Wait. Hey Manolo,

do you know where the shoeshiner lives?

No, I don't.

You see, he's usually here everyday at this time.

Ah, wait, perhaps she knows where he is.

Listen Lola, do you know where the shoeshiner is?

He's at the hospital. A truck knocked him down! -What?

Yes, an ambulance took him to the hospital.

Do you know the name of the hospital?

No, I don't.

Perhaps they took him to 'La Moncloa'.

Hey, don't you want a lottery ticket? I'll give you good luck.

He's such a creep!

When they brought him in, his condition was serious, but he's now recovering from the operation and you can visit him tomorrow.

Thanks, sister.

Are you family?

No, no. I just know him because he works for me. -Ah.

He's a good man and as soon as I heard what had happened, I thought he might need something.

No. The services here are free,

but if you want to give a donation to the hospital or to the chapel,

you can do so, of course. But the patient, doesn't need anything.

Thank you. I'll be back to visit him as soon as he's up to it.

Come tomorrow, visiting times are 4 to 6 pm.

Thanks, sister. Good bye. -Good bye.

Who was he?

A gentleman who was interested in the patient in bed 12.

A noble soul.

There are always selfless people.

Thanks to God.

Hello, is that you?

Yes, it's me. What's up?


Has the maid gone out?



I couldn't sort things out as I had planned.

What can we do?

I knew you wouldn't bring him here.

So why did you get dressed up like that?

But it's true he's not coming?

I asked you, why did you get dressed up like that?

For you. Because I know you like it.

And if he had come, what would have happened?

I knew it was just an act.

An act?

But why? Why?

To excite yourself. To get us in the mood like we have done before. Right?

It bothers me.

Come on!

These things bother me. I don't like to be treated like a pervert.

Why don't you want us to reach a compromise? -This is not the question.

Yes, it is.

I don't think we can reach a compromise.

We're so different!

Forgive me, I'm in a foul mood... -I know - and I'll say offensive things.

Don't you find me attractive as a woman?

What do you mean?

Why do you need to do all this?

You're the only woman I'm interested in. That's my problem.

If I could go with another woman, I'd leave you in peace.

I'm not an impotent man and you know it.

But there are other kinds of pleasure.


Let's agreed that we like different things.

That's right.




Sorry. Good morning.

Good morning.

Could I make a call? My phone doesn't work and I'd like to get it repaired.

I don't know.

Hello, sorry to bother you. -Don't worry, come in.

Thanks. I think we've already met. -Of course. It's all right, Elvira.

I'm sorry the maid didn't show you in. She's new. -It doesn't matter.

She's just arrived from the village.

I see. Well, I just want to call my phone provider to get them to send someone to repair my line.

No problem. Come in.

Thanks. I'm always so punctual with payments. It's incredible.

We've also had that problem on occasion. They cut our phone line and we hadn't a clue why.

No, no thanks. I know the number.

Elvira please, stop the vacuum cleaner for a while. The lady is going to make a call.

Listen, who is she?

The lady who lives opposite us.

what does she want?

I don't know.

Why don't you know?

I don't know. She's just making a phone call.

Well, let's see what happens now. They cut the line and say nothing. It's been very kind of you.

It was nothing.

Yes, it was. Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

I'd like you to come to my beauty salon.

If you come, I'll give you a full treatment for free.

It would be in appreciation of what you have done for me.

Thanks a lot.

I'll give you my card with the address. It's very near here.

Good bye. -I hope to see you soon.



Yes, what's up?

I'm sorry but I won't be home for supper tonight. I'll be late, or perhaps, I won't get back at all.


Yes, I'm listening.

I'm really sorry about all this.

I'm sorry, too.

You don't sound very sorry about it at all.

You're not like my mother, of course.

If she doesn't see me for a day, she doesn't live.

Don't talk nonsense.




Why isn't Roman home at this time of night?

I've already told you. He had to supper with some clients. Perhaps they went out of Madrid.

Oh, my Lord! If that's the attitude, who knows where this is going to end.

You have to do something to settle this situation with Roman. This is going to end badly.

Ask him why we are like this. Let him explain it to you.

I don't need anybody to explain it to me.

A mother always knows what her children think.

And more so an old one who's almost ready for the grave.

Roman loves you madly.

And that's why he's so obsessed with you.

It's not only that.

It's all the same to me. Details aren't important.

Do you think I'm blind? You're constantly leading him on.

Me? Leading him on?

Of course, yes. The problem is that you don't even realize it.

Nowadays, women, the way they dress, it's all so provocative.

And you, with that figure...



I thought I saw Roman on the stairs. Was he here?


How odd.

Why did you lie to me?

Yes, you told me Roman wasn't here but I know he was.

I saw him on the stairs and I'm sure it was him.

And the bedroom smells of tobacco smoke.

I don't like this kind of thing.

After all, this is his house.

He can be here whenever he wants.

Why so much mystery?

How many accounts you'd have to give to God! The pair of you!

Well, was he here?

I don't know. I haven't seen him.

He has a key and could have been here. I don't know. I haven't seen him.

You know I do not hear very well. Besides, I've been praying.

Let me be.

Hello, how's it going?

Great! She has reacted marvelously.

She has very delicate skin, but she hasn't suffered any type of reaction.

Your skin's as smooth as a baby's now.

Her capillary veins are a little dilated.

We'll sort that out later.

There's no beauty treatment which can beat such a sad face.

What's the matter? come on, tell me. If talking about your problems can relieve you...

Yes, I don't hide it well. I know it.

I'm all screwed up.

Why? Let's see. Tell me. Why do you say you're all screwed up?

I really don't know how to explain it. Everything is so complicated...

...It seems I'm living a nightmare.

It can't be that bad!

Yes, it can. Things with my husband are becoming impossible.

On one side, he's terribly jealous, and on the other, he wants me to go with other men.

What do you think? Do you understand him?

Yes, perfectly. He sounds like an amazing husband. What are you complaining about?

You don't know my situation, or the life I live.

I love my husband and I think he also loves me.

However, for a while now... I don't understand him. I'm not a cold woman.

No, I can imagine.

No, I'm not. Quite the opposite. But the way he does it ...

...the way he does it, it's as though my feelings don't matter to him at all.

The act of love, needs a special atmosphere.

At least, I need it.

And he has never bothered to create it for me. Do you understand?

I cannot go to bed with a man if I'm not turned on by him.

And my husband doesn't realize it!

But couldn't you go to bed with a man other than your husband and enjoy it?

Of course I could. yes.

But if he found out, it would hurt him a lot because of his jealousy.

And I'd let him down as the ideal wife.

Sex has become an obsession for me. I think about things I had never thought of before.

One day I'm going to do something crazy.

I think it would be a solution for everybody. Above all for you.

I don't think so.

You haven't made out with any other men besides your husband?

Not since I was married.

I see.

And before that, just with one man. He was my boyfriend for a year.

I've made out with only two men in my life.

Are you surprised?

No, I'm not.


Hi, you two have already met, haven't you?

Yes, from the elevator, the dog...

He's really nice, a little bit crazy, but you'll find out for yourself.

Treat him with love, and you can even get good results. You'll see. It takes a while to get to know him.



What are you doing here?

Nothing. I'll explain later.

I saw you with that boy, but when I arrived upstairs you weren't here.

Well, didn't you come up together?

No, I stayed to talk with the caretaker.

You must have entered at that exact moment in time.

Hmm, the neighbor once again.

What does he do? Besides getting lucky with that mad woman.

Where did you meet?

On the street, close to home.

What did he want of you?

Nothing, just the typical greeting between neighbors.

Some neighbor! A petty thief.

No, he's a polite young man.

I think he's studying.

You know a lot about him.

Wait, have I annoyed you?

No, but you're going to.

Roman, I know you and I know what you mean.

Listen, you don't think I'm jealous of that young boy!

I'd never be jealous of a boy like that.

Even if I knew something had happened between you...

A woman like you, could only use someone like that to have a good time.

And if one day it happens...

I'll understand.

You're an adult woman.

I just want you to tell me.

I don't want secrets between us.



Elena. Open the door.

Open, Elena.

What's the matter, son?


Come on, let her be.

Come with me.

And calm down.

You're very tense, and that's not good for your heart.

Luis, give me a packet of Marlboro's.


Put it on my account.

No, put it on my account.


Another whiskey.

Do you want something to drink?


What do you want to drink?


Not even a whiskey?


Listen, what were you talking about with those men at the bar?

I don't remember.

There was one who was whispering to you while you were dancing.

What did he say?

I don't know. I don't remember.

You all say the same things.

The same type of invitations, more or less. It's always the same.

Do you want to go to bed with me? The things I'd do to you...

Some men say they're going to show you something different.

They think they're going to excite your curiosity.

In the end, it's always the same.

The fat one was feeling you up. I saw him.

He did what he could. He was trying to get his moneys worth for the bottle of champagne he had to pay for.

Anyway, you can't do much on a dance floor.

But you were excited?

Excited. You're mad.

I'd get excited for a man I liked but not one of those gropers.

I imagine that the groper tonight is me.

You can tell me. I won't get angry.

Unfortunately, most of the men you find out there, suffer from a lack of imagination, you know?

They all end up asking you to do the same things that their decent women don't want to do.

Yes, but you feel something? It can't all be acting.

A client is not a lover.

I can see that, but have you ever felt pleasure with one of them?

It depends on the client. You all have the same obsession.

You pay for your pleasure, but what really matters to you, is to make us enjoy it.

Show us your virility.

You look tired.

You have sad looking eyes, but they are nice.

Strange eyes.

I won't ask you as many questions as you've asked me, but I'm sure you're in trouble.

What's the matter? Problems?

Good morning. -Good morning.

May I take a seat?

Of course.

Glad to see you.

I used to come here a lot.

A coffee, please.

Do you like philosophy?

I haven't studied it, but I'm sure I'd like it if I did.


He's my philosopher.

Life is pain. All shall pass.

Origin of the pain starts with desire. With the appetite of the rest.

Pain sensation is the result of the total annulment of desire.

As soon as desire vanishes, Nirvana arrives.

A state of total freedom and no suffering.


Sorry, would you like something?

No, thanks.

I must be going.

I'll give you a ride if you want.

No, thanks.

My car is right outside.

You've been gone for a long time!

I don't think so.

Where have you been?

I've been for a walk.

For a walk? I see, since your husband is not at home, you are always going out.

What do you mean?


Why did you say that?

You know perfectly well why I said it.

I don't.

I don't like you talking to me in that way. I don't like you spying on me either.

I wasn't spying on anybody. I was just waiting for you.

When I heard the elevator, I was in the hall and I went to see if it was you.

Because I was worried about you.

Don't worry about me. I'm fine.

I don't feel well.

I have a sharp pain in my side.

I'm going to bed.

And the maid? Is she at home?

No, she's out. Today was her day off. I've been alone all day.

Do you want a cup of tea?

Yes, please.

All right.


Elena, it's me, Rafa.

What do you want?

Sorry for calling you, but it's important that I see you, if possible. I'm here at home, alone.

All right. I'm coming.

Are you annoyed that I called you at your home?

No, but I was very surprised.

I hope that my calling won't get you into trouble.


I don't know why I called you, but I needed to speak to you. Besides, I wanted to see you.

I'm thinking of leaving here.

Olga has nothing to do with it.

We are really good friends and I love her very much and owe her a lot.

She's always been good to me.

There's a lot of stuff everywhere.

I see Olga likes to collect things.

Yes, she's mad about all this junk.

Sometimes she drives me mad.

Poor Olga.

Elena, what I want to know is, after I leave here, can I see you again?

Why not?

I don't know.

It's strange being here in this house without Olga's knowledge.

With nobody's knowledge.

Where have you been?

You look as though you've just seen a ghost.

What's the matter with you?

Nothing. Everything is ok.

I'm surprised to find you here. I haven't seen you for weeks!

Are you surprised or bothered?

I've already told you. Surprised.

Do you want a drink?


No? I think you do.

You're going to need it.

And more than one, probably.

Come on, have a drink.




Where have you been?

I was at Olga's apartment.

At Olga's apartment all this time?

Why don't you tell me what you have been doing?

You are a sincere and honest wife, aren't you?

You are always telling me what a modest and simple woman you are.

Modest and simple women know how to explain, simply, what they have been doing.

What have you been doing?

Yes, I've been with him.

Well, it's a vague answer.

You have been with him, how?

Vertically, horizontally, clothed, naked, how?

I made love with him.

Yes, that's more explicit. Very good, very good.

Very good.

I sicken myself.

If I look at myself, at what I've done, I feel like jumping through the window.

No, you're not going to jump through any window.

You don't need to be so dramatic.

We haven't reached that point.

You went to bed with him because you liked him and that's all. Everything is clear.


What I don't understand is why you've pretended to be in love with me all this time.

If only you had told me. I would have done things differently.

That's not true.

Of course I'm in love with you.

Don't tell me you're in love with me.

Don't tell me you're in love with me.

When a woman is in love with a man, she doesn't jump into bed with a young boy. Come on, don't fuck with me.

Don't you understand that all this is because of you?

Don't you see that you've been pushing me into doing this for some time now?

So now it turns out that it's me who has pushed you. No, I see what you mean.

Of course you do.

Always telling me about what I can do with other men.

Leaving me constantly turned on.

Telling me how exciting it would be to experiment and that the most important thing is to enjoy.

I'm going through a difficult time but don't think I'm looking for an excuse.

Listen, I know I've done wrong.

When I think about it, it disgusts me.

I've already told you. I don't know how I could've done it.

It was horrible. I was excited.

I see, so you got horny because you liked the young boy.

Of course I like him. And I don't want to deny it.

But that doesn't mean I'm in love with him.

You're not with me either, of course.

I've never heard of a woman in love going to bed with another man just because...

...because she suddenly got horny.

You've been with other women and I suffered a lot because of it.

You told me that, despite everything, you were in love with me.

I believed you. Now I ask you to do the same. Why can't it be?

Why can't you believe me?

It's very different.

What's the difference?

Isn't it a matter of feelings? I've hurt yours but that doesn't mean I don't love you.

You can hurt someone and at the same time love them, can't you?

What you have done to me is worse than hurting me!

You have made me look stupid.

Ah, I see. Women suffer but that's nothing compared to looking stupid.

We just suffer, but that doesn't matter.

But with men all is different.

Your pride is damaged and that cannot be accepted. That's too much for your male dignity.

And you talk to me about love? About being or not being in love?

You're not going to convince me!

You're a slut, a fucking slut. How could you do that dirty trick to me?

No, I'm not! Leave me alone!




Roman. Let's go home


Come on.

That was insane.


It can't be true.

Have you had a good time?


You destroy me.

Look what you've done to the pillow,

where I put my head.

Anyway, you don't sleep in this bed.

You have to change it, because I'm staying.

I'm staying.

Listen, when... you were with... your student...

...did you take your clothes off or make love dressed?


Well, what do you mean by half?

I don't know. I took my blouse off.

Did you take it off or was it him?

Did he undress you?

Yes, I think so.

Don't start with think so.

Yes or no. Did he undress you or did you do it yourself?

He undressed me.

Did you like it?

I asked you a question!

I don't think we should start talking about this again.

No? Why not? You should have thought about that before!

You should have thought about that before you hurt me, humiliated me!

My God, what's the matter with you?

Why do you start again?

You're tormenting yourself and you're tormenting me.

Why do you insist on carrying on with this game? It's going to destroy us.

It could all be so perfect once again...

But if we act like this...

You think all this is a game, don't you?

I haven't said that.

What I've said is that we are going round and round in the same horrible circles...

I'd like to go out one day with that boy and his friend.

I'd like to.


Because, I'd like to see you together.

I don't think it's a good idea. -No? -No

Perhaps you're right. I don't know.

It's a bad idea.

But nevertheless, it would be interesting to make contact with them.

Just to start a relationship

to prove that we are civilized people

and that what has happened isn't so serious.

I think you should drop it.

We could invite them to supper one night. Just the one time.

Or are you afraid of being close to him?

No, It's not that.

So then, let's try.

By rarelust