El último traje (2017) - full transcript

Abraham Bursztein, an 88 years old Jewish tailor, run away from Buenos Aires to Poland, where he proposes to find a friend who saved him from certain death at the end of World War II. After seven decades without any contact with him, Abraham will try to find his old friend and keep his promise to return one day.



Okay, everyone look over here.

Clarita, Nico...

Micaela's missing.

Micaela doesn't like photos, zeide.

It was my only request.

One less.

Why not take it
with those who want to

instead of thinking
of those who aren't here?

Dad, your leg.

Cut the crap.

Tzures is fine.



Maidele, is it so hard
to please your zeide?

I don't like having
my photo taken.

Either take the photo,
or leave my house immediately.

This house isn't even yours anymore.

Okay, tell me what you want.

An iPhone 6.

- A what?
- It's a telephone.

Like this one, a little bigger
with a digital print.

What's the damage?

You can get one in Miami
for 1,000 dollars.

You're mishiguene!
I can't give you that much, sweetie.

I'll give you 200, come on.

I don't like having
my photo taken.

Get this into your head.

This photo is for those morons

at the retirement home

so they'll think my great
grandchildren love me!

I'll give you 400
and that's that.

I don't like having
my photo taken.

600, not a peso more.

That photo is worthless
if I'm not in it.

You lost the 600.

I'm sorry for you
because you're an idiot.

Eat shit.

I'll give you 800,
but you're robbing me.

Not a peso more,
your mom can pay the rest.


You disappoint me.

You gave in too quickly.

I had the 1,000 dollars
to give you.

I lied.

It doesn't cost 1,000.

It costs 600.
I've even got 200 left over.

You know what you are?


You're the favorite!

The favorite!


- We already settled this.
- But it's perfect for my house.

Okay, Sergio, but that's it.
We already decided.

What's eating the two of you,
may I ask?

We talked to Besuievsky.

They'll have to decide
in the operating room.

Your leg is worse
than they thought.

They have to see
if they can save it.

Tell Besuievsky

not to create problems
were there aren't any.


is fine right here, where he is.

First you send me
to the retirement home

and then you take away Tzures.
How nice.

What do I do with this?

- You need to rest your leg, Dad.
- Cut the crap about my leg.

Listen up.

We're going to say something.

- Tell her to come in.
- She's with the kids.

We're going to be fine.

Sometimes we old people
don't accept our age.

But we don't want to be
a burden for anyone either.


we're going to face
the time we have left to live

with gratitude

and joy.

The best decision
you've ever made.

Then you'll understand

that we're a little tired.

And that we want to be alone

to say g00dbYe

to the house
where we lived the last 50 years.

Of course we understand, Dad.

We'll pick you up at 10
to take you.

Don't you want to come eadiefl?
Come earlier.

Come, we'll be waiting.

Me and Tzures.

We'll go together.


Come on! Come inside!

Bye, dear.

- Bye, zeide.
- Say goodbye to zeide.

Bye. I love you very much.
See you later.

- Bye, beautiful.
- Come on, David.

- Bye.
- A kiss.

You want me to stay tonight?


I don't agree with
what they're doing to you.

We'll be okay.

Claudia would never do this to you.

I don't know any Claudia.



Where to, Grandpa?

Want to tell me?

I'm not your grandpa.

It's a way of speaking.



Sir, are you listening?

Lavalle between Junin and Unburu.

Excuse me.
Do you mind if I smoke?

Every man picks his own cancer.

Now when we get there,

I'm going to get out
to run an errand

and you're going
to wait for me there,

without moving.

Don't even think about moving.

We have to go
somewhere else after.

May I ask where to after,

Sorry, I meant sir.

You may not.

No schleppers allowed!

Come on, let me in.

- No!
- Come on, goyshe kopP-

Tarnapolsky's daughter's
expecting me.

Tama's daughter went to Israel
15 years ago.

Now it's the granddaughter.

But I don't think
she'll see you at this hour.

She's a theater actress.

It's urgent, Isaac.

Good evening, Mr. Bursztein.

It's late, I'm busy right now.

You have your grandfather's eyes.

Thanks. I'm in the middle
of a rehearsal.

- If you'll excuse me...
- Do you recognize this?


He gave it to me,

one week before passing.

What do you need?

I want to go here.

- Poland?
- Yes.

Come back in the morning
and I can help you better.

It has to be now.



You're a sweetheart.

The first flight to Poland
is Thursday.

No, today.

Are you on the run?

Don't ask such things.

Find me the first flight
leaving for Europe.

There's a flight tonight
to Madrid.

It's a little tight.
Can you go straight to the airport?



But what will I do in Madrid?

Everything's nearby in Europe.
You can take a train.


When do you want to come back?


Okay, then.
From Madrid to Warsaw by train,

but in Pan's you have to take
a taxi to change stations.

- Should I buy it?
- Yes.

A one-way ticket
plus the train costs

3,230 dollars.

How much with the discount?

Your grandfather always sold me
tickets and I made all his suits.

There's no discount
and there's no time.

- Do you want it or not?
- Yes.

What the hell are you going
to do in Poland?

If I find out you told anyone
I was here,

- |'|| cut off your veitzm.
- No, not that.

Good evening.

May I ask what you're reading?

I asked you what you're reading.


Yes, of course.

I can see that it's a magazine.

Any particular subject?


Any type of music?


Jazz, rock...

Are you a musician?

I'm reading, sir.

Yes, but you look like
a musician,

that's why I was asking.

Are you a musician?

More or less.

More than less or less than more?

- Right, you want to read.
- Yes.


Do you play an instrument?


Or drums.

- Piano.
- Piano, I knew it.

Abraham Bursztein.

Nice to meet you.
Your grace?


Not your sign, your name.

- Leonardo.
- Oh, Leonardo.

How funny.

The piano.

All the greats always wrote
for piano.


Verdi, Salgén...

- |'m going to get a little rest.
- Why?

Why What?

Are you tired?

You're from Buenos Aires?

Are you taking a vacation

or are you playing somewhere?
Because musicians travel a lot.

We have an issue with you,
Mr. Bursztein.

You have no return ticket,
you're broke

and you won't give
a reason for your trip.

No, look.

I told the other gentleman
I'm here to deliver something.

And I do have money.

I didn't trust

his face, that's why
I said I didn't.

Look, sir. We're your gateway
to Europe fight now.

How much do you want?

Are you trying to bribe me,
Mr. Bursztein?

Come on, kid.
I have things to do.

How long do you plan
to stay in Europe?

How long should I say?

Look, if you don't collaborate,
it's straight back to Buenos Aires...

The first thing I asked you
is how much you want

and you say I'm not collaborating!


Back to your country then.

They'll bury me alive.


My daughters.

They sold my house,

they want to cutoff my leg
and lock me up in a retirement home.

So you ran away to Europe.

Yes. This is where I'm going.


Why show me? Why not say
"|'m going to Poland."

Because I don't say bad words.

You were born in Poland, right?

What will you do there?

Deliver this.

To who?

To a person.

- And he's expecting it.
- Yes.

When was the last time
you were in Poland?


And you told him you're coming?
He's expecting you?

- I promised him.
- V\/hen?

When we said goodbye.

- In 1945.
- Yes.

- But you stayed in touch.
- No.

What makes you think
you'll find him

if you haven't stayed in touch
after 70 years?

He's expecting me.

I'm sorry, but this all sounds
a little weird.


Do you know the history?

Do you know what happened
to the Jews in Europe?


If you know "something,"

why does it sound weird?

If you want to kill me,
send me back.

They won't let me in.

I lived here illegally
for a long time.

I have no return ticket,
no money to show them.

I have a 4-year-old daughter
waiting at home.

Round trip, you bozo.

- Reynoso.
- Here.

I'm a little tired.
It's my age.

When a man my age

says "Good evening,"

you put down your shitty
magazine and answer.

It's not a shitty magazine.

It's the best alternative music
magazine in the world.

I'm talking about something else.

All right.

They're called manners.

I apologize.

Apology accepted.

You know what?

You can have it.

Abraham, sir.

Here's my number.

If you want, I can come get you
tonight and take you to the station.

It would be my pleasure.

Besides, I owe you my life.

You don't owe me anything.




Good morning, Miss.

Do I look like a Miss to you
at my age?

When in doubt,
always go with "Miss."

How can I help you?

I work for a travel agency

and I'm organizing a package
for Argentinean retirees

- who want to come to Madrid.
- How many?


- How long will they stay?
- Aweek.

I can offer double rooms for 30.

- 15 per person?
- Yes.


I'm going to stay until tonight.

I have to catch a train

- at 9:30.
- 50.

You said 15.

For 30 people for one week.

But I'm organizing the package,
my lady.

I'm not your lady
or anybody else's.

Glad to hear it.

Glad to hear what'?

That you're nobody's lady.


- Bursztein, Abraham Bursztein.
- Mister, I don't have time

for gallantArgentineans,

I'd almost say
they're not allowed in my house.

If you want a double room
for one night, that's 50 euros.

- Miss...
- Gonzalez.

First name?

No first name.

Okay, Gonzalez.

Do you want the room or not?

A little boy was walking
through a forest.

When he reached an open field,

he saw what looked like
a dead star lying in the grass.

He ran to his village and told
a {We girl what he had saw,

but she didn't believe him
and made fun of him.

The boy swore that he wasn't lying
and convinced her to follow him.

So they ran back to the field
and reached the star.

But they were afraid to touch it
because it had scary, sharp tips.

Then the star surprised them
because it turned on.

"I'm not dead,"

said the bright star.
“What happened, “ asked the boy.

"I fell asleep, forgot to float
and fell out of the sky."

That's why we know
that stars never sleep,

because if they fall asleep,
they forget to float,

and if they forget to float,
they fall out of the sky.

Mr. Burszteini!

Mr. Bursztein, for God's sake,
open the door!




What happened?

What time was your train?

At 9130.

You missed it.

It's 10110.

I'm hungry.

Then I'll take you somewhere.

- Is it a date?
- No.

A little more...

and we might get along later on.

A time more,

I bring the scent
of new affection.

Let's take the road
to love again,

no matter what you might
have to forget.

If we're going to make
a painful mistake,

it's better to beg.

A little more...

will offer relief
for two failures.

And if you leave,

a! Seas! take

my tired arms with you.

Why are you so angry with men?

I had three husbands.

The first walked out on me
and my two kids.

Oh, you separated!

He separated, without a word.

I looked for him for 7 years.

And the 7th year he showed up.

The second showed up.

And the first never came back?

Yes, that's why I left
the second.

And you know what the jerk
did to me?

Jvfimich one do you mean'?
- The first.

No, I don't.
What did he do to you?

He left.

- He left again?
- Yes. And I realized

I'd made a mistake
with the second,

an exceptional man,
with plenty of balls,

and I begged him to forgive me,
on my knees.

And he told you to go to hell.

No, he forgave me.

One always returns

to the old places
where they loved life...

A generous man, huh'?


A son of a bitch.

Easy, Casanova.

You came with me.

Hey, I was greeting the lady.
I can't be rude.

You'd better be.

You're jealous because
that lady said hello to me?

No, go ahead, follow your balls.

They probably reach the floor,
by the way.

They reach as far as your tits.

No, I had my tits operated on.

My balls too!

You old degenerate!

What... What are you going
to do in Poland?

Deliver a suit.

You already said that,
but tell me about it.

No, finish your story,
it's much more interesting.

Which one?

The second husband
who forgave you.

Tell me why,
after taking you back,

after you left him
for your first husband,

you call him a...

Son of a bitch.

Yes, that's what you said.

Because he forgave me,
but it came at a high price.

Oh, right.

Did you leave the window
of your room open?

What window?

Answer me. Your window,
did you leave it open?

I didn't open anything.


15,900 dollars.

And you tried to haggle
the price of the room.

50 euros a night
and this place cleans you out.

What do I do now?

The sign in reception is big
and written in capital letters.

Please, leave me alone.

I'm very sorry.

Not as sorry as I am.

What are you going to do?

I have a daughter who lives
here in Madrid.

But I can't ask her for anything.


Because we had a fight.

Then it's time to go

see your daughter
and patch things up

because you can't even pay
for your breakfast.

No, she's the one
who has to apologize.

Why does she have to apologize?

Because she humiliated me
in front of everyone.

She only had to say three words,
three nice little words.

- And that's why you got angry.
- Yes.

Because she wouldn't say
a few words.


Oh, my God.


A friend gave it to me

one week before he died.

How much can I get for this?

You have to talk to your daughter.

And tell her what's happening
to you.


Then find somewhere else
to stay.

Was it her?


Let's go.

Why didn't you do anything?

I won't be able to.

My daughters,

I've had a hard life,
I'm very tired.

I've decided

to put my house in your name

and my life savings.

The only thing

I ask in return,

is that each one of you,

in a few words,

tell me how much you love me.

And when it was her turn,
she said

that she was ashamed

of all the falsehood
she had heard

in her sisters' ridiculous speeches,

that you show love through acts,
not words

and that she refuses to participate
in such an absurd ceremony.

Then I said:
"Immediately leave

my house and family forever."

And she left.

You're crazy.

She disrespected me
in front of everyone.

She was the only honest one.

How did it end up with the others?

The others sold my house and wanted
to put me in a retirement home.

You see?

You deserve it.

Help me sell this, please.

That's priceless.

A friend gave it to you.

You're a great person, you know.

You aren't.

Yes 7.


Yes, who is it?


Are you there?



Stay where you are.
H! be right down.

She told me to go to hell.

Stan the car, let's go.

Go on, start the car.

I heard it all, Abraham.

What's happening, Dad?

I've come to apologize.

I made a mistake, I was wrong.

Who is it'?


Hi, gorgeous.


What's going on?

I'm going here.

Dad, wasn't Poland a bad word?

I'm going to see someone.

- A friend.

- In Poland, Dad?
- Yes.

Why are you here?

I'm here to apologize
because I was wrong.

And to meet her.

I'm going to write Sara.
They're desperate.

Don't even mention Sara.

They sold my house and kept
everything, even your share.

I gave it to them by mistake
and now they're worried,

poor babies, they're desperate.

- They didn't keep my share.
- Yes, they did, I gave it to them.

And they gave it to me.

Damn wretches!

Look, Dad...

Didn't you just say
it was a mistake?

You only had to say three words.

Why are you here?

They opened the window
and broke into the room.

- What?
- I lost everything.

Shoshana, Sara?

I don't even have money to eat.

I don't understand you, Dad.

Is he my grandfather?

I have to get to Lodz.

What are you talking about?

I gave my word.
And all my money got stolen.

Let's go upstairs.
Come on, they're desperate.

I can do with two thousand.


Well, a thousand.

I'll get you a thousand.

Come on, sweetie.

Come on, let's go.

This isn't your home anymore.

- For God's sake, !et him in!
- Silence!

Shut the door right now.

- I'm letting him in.
- I said shut the door.

I'm letting... him... in.

Piourek, Piotrek!

They'll come back
and want their house back.

You owe everything you have
to his father.

You're... you're a bad person.

Can you hear me?

You're home.

Ladies and gentlemen,

we?! be arriving
shortly at Paris Montparnasse.

Ladies and gentlemen,

the Gare de YEst
invites you to visit the Train Museum.

Good day, Monsieur.

How are you, sir?

Do you speak Spanish?

I'm sorry.

No, I'm sorry.

Give me some paper.

Excuse me?


Yes, but...

No, no.

Your destination is Warsaw.

I'm sorry sir,
but I don't understand you.


! don't understand
what he wants.

Good day, sir. Can we help you?

I want to go to this country

without passing through
this other one.

Not even a meter.

Not even a centimeter,
not a tiny piece of this one.

Do you understand?

Can I help you?

Who could possibly think
of a Jew

crossing all of this

by train like it's nothing

and change trains...

in this city?

I think he wants to go to Poland
without crossing Germany.

Then he can take a plane.

It's not possible, sir.

Sir. Sir, your ticket!

Excuse me.

Excuse me, do you speak Yiddish?

Yes, I do.

Good morning, my name is Ingrid.

Abraham Bursztein.

They made fun of me.

No, they didn't understand.

»Yes, they did.
- I don't think so.

You, as a Jew...

I'm not Jewish.

I'm German.

I studied Jewish history in college,
that's why! can speak Yiddish.

If you're not Jewish,
don't speak Yiddish.

I speak Spanish too.

I'm trying to help you.

You're not well.

Sorry if I bothered you.

And Sheine?

What happened to her?

You changed your mind.

I'm glad.

I'm an anthropologist.

You know what anthropology is?

Just tell me what you want
and let's get this over with.

What are you going to do
in Poland?

I'm going to see a friend

who saved my life

when you people left.


You people, yes.

We're in Germany now.

I'm divorced.

My kids have grown up.
I travel a lot.

Things changed in Germany.

We Germans, even those of us
who hadn't been born yet

have understood something.

We're all responsible
for what we did.

I think countries and people
can also

go crazy, commit atrocities...

Please go away.

Personally, I feel ashamed.

They ripped her from my arms.


I understand.

I won't bother you again.


If you want to do
something for me,

find me a way

to not have to set foot
in your country.

That's okay, I'll do it.

I'm doing it!

Excuse the inconvenience.
We're under reconstruction.

My mother was a teacher.

My father, a tailor.

I had a brother
and a little sister

who made up stones.

She hypnotized us since
she was little with her stories.



In summer we went to the river.

My uncles and aunts came,
my cousins...

During happy times,
at the parties,

we were more than 60.

We were happy,

but we didn't know.

You know what
my fathefis crime was

besides being Jewish?

Having an accordion.

You know what
my uncle's crime was?

My mother's brother?

Having a violin.

A bullet in my uncle's head,

a bullet in my father's head.

I wasn't told about it.

I saw it.

From my window.

Excuse the inconvenience.
We're under reconstruction.

You know what
my little sister's crime was,

the one who made up stories?

Not having been born
one month sooner.

Ten thousand children.

From babies to ten years old.

Twenty wagons packed

to the roof with screams
and tears.

You had to be 11 years old
to be saved.

She was only one month short.

I wasn't told about it.

I saw it.

She looked me in the eye...

before she got on.

We inform passengers

that the express train to Warsaw
will be arriving on platform 4.

What's wrong?

And what will you do now?

Hey, you.
Where are you going?

Come here, kid.

I said come here!

Tell me your name.

You're scared, aren't you?

Show me the garbage
between your legs.

Show me!

Can you hear me,
Mr. Bursztein?

My name is Gosia

and I'm your nurse.
Can you hear me?

Can you tell me your name?

Where are we?

In Warsaw.


Tell me your full name, please.

Abraham Samuel Bursztein.

Date Of birth?

January 15th, 1927.



Place of birth?


- Then you're Polish?
- No.

- Can you speak Polish?
- No.

Tell me your fathefis full name.


Jaim Bursztein.

Your mother's?

Sun Rfika...


Do you know you came back
from the dead?


You're a lucky man.

Depends on how you look
at my life.

Your leg was in very bad shape.

The doctors decided to amputate it.

Doctor Janowski found out
and wanted to see it.

The surgeons had an argument.

I heard Janowski shout that

if your leg had any chance at all,
they had to save it.

Can Tzures walk?

Tzu res?

Tzures is my fight leg's name.

Your rehabilitation
will take sometime.

Miss Gosia.

When they let me out
of the hospital,

would you be kind enough
to take me to a friend's house?

Yes, of course.

Where is it?




Okay, tel! me more
about your friend.

He's Nadia's son,
she worked for us.

And Olek, my fathefs
employee at the tailor shop.

He was his right hand.

Piotrek was born
the same winter as me.

He was a very shy kid.
We called him the Mute.

He only talked to me.

And when he spoke,

he had a beautiful, gentle voice.

It was like a caress.

So you and Piotrek
grew up together.

We were like brothers.

Until we had to go
to the ghetto in '39.

After the ghetto,
I was in two labor camps.

When the occupation ended,
before leaving,

the Nazis were going lo kill us all.

They marched us
to an extermination camp,

but I escaped.

I got lost in the forest
and climbed a tree.

I ate birds, roots...

I drank rainwater.

When I couldn't take it anymore,
I left the forest

and found out the Germans had left
because the Russians had arrived.

They didn't kill Jews.

I don't know how 1 managed
to survive and reach my house in Lodz.

Piotrek took care of me.

He put me in the same service room
where he had grown up.

And when 1 recovered
and got my strength back,

Piotrek gave me clothes

and his father's savings,
which he had stolen himself.

There was a letter in the house

from an aunt who had gone
to Argentina before the war.

And Piotrek gave it to me,
with the clothes and money.

I promised to write him,
to come back one day to see him

to tel! him how my fife
had turned out.

I don'! know why,

but I didn't keep my promise.

You're keeping it now.

No, this isn't it.

That wasn't there.
It must be somewhere else.

Have you got the address?

Piotrkowska 122.

It's there. We turn left
into the alley.

It's less than 100 meters.

I'm scared.

Of what?

That he's not there.

That he is.

Of everything.

We should go back.

What are you talking about?

What if he left?


It's very likely
that either he left

or he died.

But it won't do you any good
to leave without finding out.

- What do you think?
- Me?

I think there's only one God.

We call him different things,

but he's the same for everyone.

And whatever happens,
it's his will.

I was referring to Piotrek,
not God.

VWI he be there or not?

It's not as different
as you think.

I'm only going to say
one thing to you.

You're a great man,
that's why you've come this far.

I suppose we have to knock.

I suppose.

What do we do if he's not here?

He will be.

We'll ask here
if anyone knows him.

Don't be sad, sir.
After so many years...

I should have come sooner.

You did what you could.

Piotrek is gone.

What do you want to do?

Go with him.

What about there?


is my last suit.

I used a pattern

you gave me in '45.

A blue one?


Let's go home.