El inquilino (1958) - full transcript

The humble physician's assistant Evaristo González and his wife Marta are busily looking for an apartment, as they have four small children and are living in rented accommodation in a building that should be demolished. But in 1958 in Spain was not as easy to access to a decent housing and the couple found themselves in dire straits to fulfill their dream, living in the process the most comical situations.


- Morning.
- Morning.

Good morning, don Evaristo!

Morning, Mrs. Daniela!

Well? Find an apartment yet?

No. I mean, well, I'm on it.

If there weren't so many of us...
my apartment's small, you know.

Yeah, well, anyway, thank you.
Good morning to you.

Not much to find...!

Everyone off! We're here.

Boss, look, look!

No good. This place
will come with a surprise.

Well surprise or no surprise,
we have a demolition order.

You, notify the inspector!

Move it! Unload the stuff!

No, no, no!

Yes, yes.

Of course...


- Of course.
- Shine'em up, don Evaristo?

Not today, I'm in a big hurry.

I only came to make a call.

Aurora is making up with Manuel...

No shoeshines on Sunday for me.
Userita and I have a bull fight.

And from there on to the big time.

Here's my manager.

- Jimenez, at your service.
- Pleased to meet you.

Of course...


Forget it.

Pour me another one.
- Isn't today the deadline

for the demolition?
- I have to sort it out today.

Come on, girl!
The gentleman's in a hurry.

So what! Can't a girl talk
with whomever she wants?

It's a question of life and death.

It's just that...
It's for an apartment, you know?

Hang up for a moment,
Manolo, an optimist needs the phone.

Thank you, miss,
it's only a matter of seconds.

Ah, that's all we need.

Madruga Agency? Mr. Madruga?

I'm Gonzalez, nice to meet you.

No, the guy for the apartment.

Yes, yes.

Yeah, yeah.

Well, but...

Ah, right...

So, then?

Right, right.

Yes, yes.

Right away. Right aw...

"Yes, yes. Yeah, yeah. No, no."

And then they talk about women.

These men,
if we were to listen to them...

What about today's ads? Any hope?

But, Don Evaristo, why are you so calm?

The demolition men
are entering your building!

Can I help you?

Ma'am, I'm very sorry
but you have to leave the house.

We've come to demolish it.

Excuse me.
Excuse me, excuse me!

Don't worry, I'll try to fix it.

Come on, leave me with these gentlemen.

I know you're right,

but she doesn't
know today's the deadline.

If I could have a few more days...
- You've already had six months.

I'm not arguing, the law's on your side.

And that's that.

I only ask for the
children, the four of them.

It's just a couple of days.
- Everybody's got children

and if you're going
to make exceptions...

Look, we can't waste any time,
the crew's here as you can see.

Dad, mom says to come in.
- Come on, kids, don't get in the way.

Go inside, go inside.

Dad, those men are bad,
hit'em hard, make'em cry.

No, child, they're not bad,
they also have children,

they have to follow orders.
Run along inside.

Come on, inside!

Come on, move it.

If it's only a couple of days,
we could go faster later and...

What do you think?

I don't like being conned.
Why should I pay the piper?

There you go.
- Give me a few hours,

just enough time to talk to the owner.

I'll give them to you!
You have until noon.

You should know better. If you're
in breach, don't come crying later.

Thank you very much.

On behalf of the children I thank you.

For the sake of not harming
you and the children, I thought...

we could start here,
we've got half a day's work to do.

This way we can start
and the tenant's out of the way,

Not a bad idea.
- Since when do you think?

A bunch of brave philosophers.

And, you, hurry up because at noon...

Yes, yes. Thank you.

What? Did you fix it?
- Yeah, didn't you hear?

Thank God.
- Thanks to the workers, who

are sisters of charity,
we have a home until two o'clock.

But where is the 10 cc syringe?

How strange and sudden!
Was there no warning?

You didn't know it was today?

Safe and sound,
it was the German syringe..

Come on, kids,
I've already got too much stuff on me.

Pack light, we?ll have to scram.

You have to see the landlord.
- And tell him what?

Cry him a river.
Can't you find the reason?

The same goes for you,
don't go poking buttocks.

And eat what later?
I have to see Madruga,

he promised to find me
an apartment, we have to buy time.

Come on, no time for naps.

You knew this, you knew it was today.
- Come on, come on, wash up.

What if Madruga fails you?

You don't know him.
He's a serious man, you know?

You'll see how it all works out.

Don't you trust your hubby?

Dad, I'm not washing my face today.

Your father is your
father, child, go, go!

We are men too.

Who'll take care of these jewels?

I'll call a neighbor.
- No way Daniela,

I can't stand her.
- You take care of Madruga,

the rest is my business.

Poor children.

Come on, don't despair, be confident.

Wake up, you nutcase!

Mrs. Colasa, please, I'm in a hurry.

Did you bring those ads from agencies?
- We're looking for an apartment.

Buy a comic book, at least you'll laugh.

I know a serious agency,
I could recommend it to you.

You don't need agencies
to find expensive apartments,

there are plenty of them.

I don't suppose
you'd want an apartment like that.

No, ma'am, no way, I asked the agency

for one of about 200 or 250 pesetas..

The chard is in the cooler,
you'll have to wash it again

due to the dust.
You go about your business, don't worry,

that's what I'm here for.

Don't make it hard for Daniela.
- You have to be nice to me.

because if not...
Come on, hurry up, don't dawdle.

Go hard on the
landlord, he's got a boat.

If it wasn't for you, I don't
know how I would have managed.

This is where your
husband should step in.

They burden a woman with
children and when you need them...

Just between you
and me, no surprise here.

Yes, Evaristo got this one wrong,

but I'm sure it was just
to spare me the unpleasantness.

Just like my Genaro,
that's how he started.

No, no, my husband is incapable of...
- Men are deceitful, Marta,

Why didn't he warn you?
Because if you start snooping around...

you were bound to find something.
- He said he already found one,

a certain Madruga promised him.
- And you bought it?

You'll see Madruga flunk,
and then it's every man for himself.

You with the children
and the slacker running around,

just like my Genaro.
- He's different, he loves children.

Besides, we're in love.

Did your husband come back?
- After 20 years

and drunk as a skunk!

No, child, no, it wasn't
necessary to embalm him.



Good morning, friend!

Come on in, come on in!

You know I never tire
of greeting you, Mr. Guti?rrez.

Gonzalez, Evaristo Gonzalez.
I'm here about the apartment,

I called you a while ago and...
- Of course, my Guti?rrez,

you don't know how sorry I am,
you know how serious I am.

We look for apartments
for everyone, we look and look.

We seek but, oh, to find!
It's the country you live in, my friend.

Except for Eldorado...

Well, how about my 25 pesetas?

But what about paperwork?

And the twists and turns?

The ups and the downs?
The comings and goings?

Bringing and bearing?
Giving and taking?

You told me to come...
- Of course, my friend Gutierrez,

clients are never abandoned here.
Do you need it urgently?

- I get it, my friend, I get it.

There's been an unfortunate
mistake and I apologize.

So there is an apartment?
- We have charged you the slow rate,

it's inexcusable, unforgivable!
But everything can be fixed.

An additional 100 pesetas
and I'll fast-track you.

As you wish, sir,
but we'll have to be patient.

Did you ever hear of Saint Job?
- Yes, sir, but I...

Do you distrust me?
- No, for heaven's sake, Mr. Madruga.

You know I am a serious man,
trustworthiness is my motto,

honesty to the letter.
Don't say a word.

I know you want your money,
yes, I'm reading it on your face.

- I'll show you who Madruga is,

I can't be beaten for reliability.
Here's the money.

Can't you break 1000 pesetas?

No? Then, sorry, friend,
come along some other day.

I have so much work;
apartments, apartments!

Everybody wants apartments.

So long, Mr. Guti?rrez, so long.

Excuse me, I have a lot of work.

Goodbye, Mr. Gutierrez, goodbye.

You've already seen
that the Marquis has been reasonable.

My congratulations.
- We both made a good deal.

With men like the Marquis
and companies like ours,

our nation goes
from strength to strength.

Where do you want me to send the gift?

I'll take care of it.
Good morning to you.

It was a pleasure.

Would you like to see the Marquis?

Do you have an appointment?

Would you prefer to deal with me?
I'm his administrator.

You see, I'm a tenant,
well, my husband is.

The house on Pino street,
the one they've started to tear down.

Yes, I know, today was the deadline.

Marcial, hey, Marcial,

What street is that?

What does that woman want?

It's about a tenant,

who lived precisely in that street.

- Ah...
- Still live there, with four children.

Can I be of any help to you?
- You certainly can, sir.

I'm just asking for a break,
two or three days at the most.

As far as I'm concerned,
although I don't quite understand...

On behalf of my children,
God bless you, sir.

Saint Rita has heard me,
all the way I pleaded with her.

"Saint Rita, advocate of the impossible,

make the landlord's heart soften".

Sure, they can say it was
because you're a good man.

So can we stay?
- The thing is, ma'am,

that the Marquis here,
despite his good wishes...

- And I do wish good.
- He cannot do anything about it.

You've heard Marcial, he knows...

But if you agree,
I don't see who can prevent it.

The new owners, the Marquis
is no longer the owner of the house.

Indeed, indeed.
We just sold one.

I have so many, I don't know
which one it is or where it is,

but when Marcial says so...

Give her the address of the new owners,

the gentlemen from Mundis
or whatever they're called.

Alberto, call for the car, I have
to go celebrate I don't know what.

Ah, yes, the sale of, uh...!

It's funny, of all the places I own...

It had to be hers, poor woman.

Look, Marcial, look, and tell me
if you see women like this today.

What a time, Marcial, what a time.
Back then it was a pleasure to live.

#The "Pepsico"

#I didn't try

#and to scotch I say "nen".

#And if my lingerie...

Come in, Gonz?lez.
- Hi, Lola.

My my, you're in a hurry.
- ?Ever had your house demolished?

For Heaven's sake!
- Well, live and learn.

They're demolishing mine today.
- ?Barbarians!

The law is on their side.

Unless the Good Lord
intercedes we'll sleep out tonight..

With three kids.
- No, four; two boys and two girls.

You still have time to practice.

If you don't mind, I'll...

I have to keep track.
There's over two hundred of them.

Ready, maestro?

#I'm from Madrid,

#Cool, right?
- Is that Alfonso?

Listen, Alfonso, it's Evaristo.

When I left, they were alive.

A trifle, they're tearing down my house.

Yes, man, the house!

But it's the very
city council that mandated it.

Tells me to report it!

What rights are you talking about?

Hey, didn't you have
a cousin married to an officer?

It's just that without sponsors...


I'm sorrier.

Anyway... You can say that again.

A hug, Alfonso.

#I'm from Madrid,

#cool, isn't it?

#Well, I'm not "Americanized" yet.

#I don't dance "swing",

#nor do the cha-cha-cha,

#I prefer the real chotis.

#The "Pepsic?"

#I didn't try

#and to scotch I say "nen".

#If my lingerie

#is made of silk,

#It's nylon, so what do you see?

Well, look, I mean...
Listen, I'm calling about the ad.

Yes, about those
rooms with kitchen rights.

Four of them.

But they're four little
angels who don't make trouble!


Dogs, yes, but no children!
Raise kids and this happens!

#The "Pepsic?"

#I didn't try

#and to scotch I say "nen".

#If my lingerie...


You'd be priceless as a bull picador.

Sorry, Lola, today is just a bad day...

If I had money,
but I have nothing but my work.

Well, Lola, all the best
and I'll see you on Judgement Day.

Wait, Gonzalez.

You're an honest man, it's plain to see.

Seriously, I have
savings and you need money, so...

No way, I'm a gentleman.

But you can't eat that.

It would be an
investment just like any other.

Well, if you put it that way...
- Of course,

if you don't take it, my boyfriend will.

when he gets out of jail.
- Damn!

Life, Gonzalez.
Think about it and let me know.

Since it's an investment,
I'll have to consult with the missus.

Anyway, thank you very much.
Better this way, Pepote is jealous

and it could get complicated.
- I have enough on my plate. Goodbye.

Have you been waiting long?
- Yes.

A little bit.

Here for a claim, of course.
- Yes.

Pretty sloppy, I say.

- Right?
- Yes.

And considering this...

- Right?
- Yeah.

Come on, follow me,
there's no time to lose.

Excuse me, can somebody help me?
They're tearing down my house.

That's a problem for
the manager, you have to wait.

There's a very important board meeting.

Gentlemen, this way,
the board is expecting you.

And this, members
of the board, is the curve.

Did I say curve? I mean straight!
Very straight line!

A very vertical line of our profits

during the current fiscal year.

So it is!

In a few moments our
chairman of the board

will make a stunning
and epic announcement

regarding our company.
Let us wait for such a solemn moment

with a glass of
Spanish wine in our hands.


Ah, thank you very much,
miss, are you new in the house?

Shorthand typist, perhaps? Thanks.

Very kind, young lady,
frankly delightful.

If you'll excuse me,
I'm looking for the manager.

Don't worry about the manager now,
try one of these with cream.

Board members, just a minute!

These two you see here are our workers.

I can affirm that as CEO.

And the instruments are ours?

Yes, gentlemen, the tools too.

Fantastic! Simply fantastic!

Please, I... Gentlemen of the board,

you're going to see
a practical demonstration of my idea.

Get the package.

Let's see, let those
brave laborers follow me.

What's going on?

Behold, gentlemen,
the symbol of destruction!

The pick! Come on, hit hard.


- Come on? What are you waiting for?
- I'll wreck it.

- 25 pesetas says no.
- You're on!


- Oh...!
- Not so hard.

Look, sir, it's urgent.
- Just a moment. I'll let you know.

And, now, the symbol
of construction, the shovel.

5 pesetas in case I don't get the job.

Come on, hurry up. Please...

Only you can help me;
four waiting children...

and the demolition has begun.
- What are you talking about?

These gentlemen are waiting.
Open the package.

There is no time to lose.

Ah, come on, come on.

Did you see that?
The symbol of construction!


And this will be,
gentlemen, the badge of our company.

- Magnificent.
- Allow me to hug you!

- Thank you very much!
- Thank you very much!

- Quite right, dear.
- Goodbye.

Could someone please help me?

You were superb,
and the sandwiches were very tasty.

- Most eloquent!
- For God's sake, it was nothing!

they're tearing down my house.

Can't you stop it, please?

But aren't you an employee?
Anyway, good job.

They're knocking down my house
and I was coming to ask you to...

Talk to the manager,
he'll be happy to help you.

I can't tell you how
sorry I am, but I can't decide,

I have no authority to do so.
- There must be someone who can...

Someone with greater authority.

There you have it,
the board of directors

are the only ones who can help,

but they won't meet
again for another month.

Too bad you didn't come a little sooner.

Hats off, gentlemen,
and open your eyes wide,

before you the
Mundis-Jauja neighborhood,

with easy and bountiful living,
with marvelous apartments.

Because our apartments
don't cost five million,

not four, not three, not two, not one...

Not even the measly
figure of 999,000 pesetas!

Say, you don't
have a ticket, do you, sir?

Huh? Oh, yes,
- Five pesetas, please.

Thank you. Thank you very much.

Get off, gentlemen, get off.

Welcome to the
neighborhood of Mundis-Jauja!

Sir, you've just made your fortune.

Imagine that all
sorrows are over for you.

Long live life, sir!
An apartment in Mundis-Jauja

is a gold mine. Lucky you, a tenant!

Sir, you can't imagine
what you're getting into.

Well, this is of no importance.

As soon as it works for two months...

Lean on me, lean on me. See?

As soon as it's working for two
months it'll be as smooth as silk.

These Mundis apartments
are unique, wonderful, superlative.

You'll see, you'll see...

You see? It's a piece of cake.

Very easy.

Just a question of turning carefully...

Very gently.

Because, in addition, our apartments

are exempt from
duties and stamps, you know?

It's great, it's...
Oh, it's really great!

Really, really great!

Watch out!

See? Didn't I tell you?
See how easy it is?

Come right on in, sir,
you can consider it yours!

Come in, come in!

There's nothing like brand new,
my friend. Look, all top quality.

We have them in many prices,
everyone a bargain.

Do you want a four-bedroom?
With a down payment of 60000 pesetas

and 800 every month for
30 years, the apartment is yours.

All in all, a pittance. You want a...?

Just a hinge issue,
a little touch-up and it'll be fine.

Do you want a six-room?

Sure, 80,000 and 900 per month..
Just a pittance.

A pittance!

Go ahead and open it,
just feel at home!

But no, no, you.
But for God's sake!

Well, these doors
last forever, huh? Yeah.

That's something, right?

It's the habit. Come in, come in.

Come in and feel at home.

I've already told you.
Just feel at home!

So? What do you think?

Well, try it yourself, try it.

No, no, you...
But it's so easy!

The ones on top are the shower.
- Yes.

The middle ones are
the bathtub. Bathtub...


Confess! I bet you thought

it was going to be the other way around?

Actually, I think I'm
a little far away, you know?

For God's sake, don't say that!

With modern transportation
distance is not a problem nowadays.

You know... We have
some with other types of bathrooms,

90,000 down and a thousand a month.

I told you it's too much for me.
- Wait a minute! What about the kitchen?

Wonderful! Very spacious!
Great modern kitchen!

Here you can control the kitchen
without fear of getting in the way

of your wife, or your children.
Listen, this is a real bargain.

Well, no, I don't think so...

What do you mean, no?
Listen, it's the company's loss.

Don't you think that
90,000 down and 1000 per month

for 30 years is an amazing price?

I'm sorry...
- No, no, wait, you wait.

Here, it's all solid construction.

Just see for yourself.
- But...

Hey, listen, the best is yet to come!

It's all been useless: Your lovely
gesture, my entreaties, everything.

Don't worry,
we won't bother you any longer.

We'll take our stuff down
and put our trust in God.

Come on, what are you waiting for?

Hurry up and demolish
so that your masters

can build another one
and sell the apartments for a million.

Madam, we don't...
Don't give me small talk!

Come on, as we agreed!
Let's all get to work!

Come on, let's get that
down there! You guys too!

Come on, man, come on, don't waste time.

As fast as turtles!
Come on, come on!

Watch out for that trunk, you!

Hey, come on, don't fall asleep!

And you! You'll break
that glass! Watch out!

Where are you taking my things?

We're moving you
to the ground floor, get it?

Whoa, whoa, lazybones, faster!

So, while we're
demolishing towards the top,

you have time to look for a place to go.

You think you won't work
just because you can talk?

Come on, lazybones! I'll get you to

make up for lost time;
we have children too.

Come on, man, come on, get to work now!

Your feet are heavy
as if you were carrying lead!

Children, here comes mommy!

- They're good men, Mom!
- Yes, yes.

From the last to the first,
you didn't expect that, huh?

What do you think?
We're moving you for free.

Hey, Marta, Look Marta!

You got it, didn't you?

Tell me we have an apartment.

Madruga failed, right?
Just like my Genaro.

You're a lucky guy,
but stay out of the way.

Come on, kids, let go. Daddy's tired.

And, apparently,
he's going to take a cold shower.

Goodbye, people, tell your mother

that if she needs me
for anything, which she will,

she knows where she can find me.
Goodbye, people!

We'll be here for a short time...
You don't love me, Evaristo!

What on earth are you talking about?

You don't even love our children!

- If you loved us,

you'd do something to find
an apartment. Seek not, find not.

And this?
Do you think I've been fishing?

All I know is that
because of you we're homeless.

That too? I bet you
think I did it on purpose!

It wouldn't be the first case.
- Tell me what's wrong with you!

Hit me, at least
have the courage to say

that you plan to leave us.
- I'm going to look for an apartment,

and I'm not coming back
until I wear out my shoes,

to see if you're convinced.

He's so interested,
perhaps he'll go barefoot.

I don't want to see that
witch Daniela around here!

Marta, why do we
have to argue right now?

If we had to separate
because of the damn apartment,

I swear I'd hit the booze.
- Get out of my sight!



- As hard as he may look...
- There's a nice breeze tonight.

Yeah, to each his own, right?

It's not my fault.

- Watchman!
- Coming!

Drunk, and stingy to boot.

Why don't you build
houses for rich people!

- Watchman!
- Coming!


So much caution!
I'll be wearing loafers by Sunday.

Did you find an apartment or didn't you?
- The candle will burn out.

Then you'll sleep out there.
- You're overreacting!

Come on, let me in, I'll explain.

No, no, I don't want to hear more lies.

I've spent the whole day...!

- Now!
- Mom, we want water!

Mom, we want water!

Come on, come on...
Mom, we want water!

Mom, we want water!

Mom, we want water!
Mom, we want water!

Mom, we want water!
- Be quiet!

Do you think it's time to play games?

Come on, now be good and
go to sleep, mommy is exhausted.

And you too.

Wow! Is there anything left to cut?
It'll be some penicillin for you.



Hi, since it's so drafty I thought:
"Stuff to build a fire".

Oh, no!

Good morning, Mr. Fulgencio,

I come to thank you for yesterday.

Come on! Jog along and
look for an apartment out there,

we've done just
what we had to do here.

I'm grateful.
If I can be of any service...

No injections for me, liquor is fine.

And don't go napping now.
This is going fast.

I can see.

Good morning, don Evaristo!

Good morning. How about a shine?

No thanks, I'm not
in the mood for frills today.

The usual?
Yes, some brandy.

With a touch of strychnine,
maybe I'll kick the bucket.

It's useless to look for
an apartment without real money.

When I came to Madrid
there was a lot to choose from...

Yes, the usual story.
- If you could hold out until Sunday...

By then I'll be sleeping
under a bridge, if there's no fee.

I mean I'll be
bullfighting for three bills.

You're a pal, but that
won't even get a pigeon coop.

They're offering 5000 to the fool who'll
perform as the sitting duck "Tancredo".

and nobody has shown up yet.
- Well, I'd jump at the chance.

Five thousand bucks!
Yeah, but to do that

you have to be an idiot,
or you have to be desperate.

Yes, both.
Well, any ads?

A few. Here they are.

The top one is urgent.

Don Fernando!
Don Fernando!

There must be an apartment!
He's left his liquor!

Let Don Tancredo have it.


If you don't learn,
I'll send you to the village to plow.

Dad, it's just that
I'm bad with numbers...

It's not a question
of numbers, but of finances!

Look, for example, in this
book interests are written down

at half a percent.
- For us?

- For the public, you mongrel!
- Good morning, here I am.

I was waiting for you,
my friend, go right in...

I know, dad, and in this other
one the same money is written down

at five and a half.
- For us or for the public?

For us.

Have you all heard?

Is he good or not?

All right, boy.
You'll make a great banker.

What's the matter? Are you nervous?
Don't worry,

I'm sorry about the German syringe.

They're expensive,
luckily I brought another one.

On the arm?
- Wherever you like, don Fernando.

I'm looking for
an apartment like crazy.

They started tearing
down my house yesterday!

Oh, my goodness.
- You can say that again.

By the way, today
I saw a new neighborhood

where they sell those
new apartments they're building now.

Of course, they're small and expensive,
and the quality of the materials...

But you give them money
and they give you a home,

which is better than paying all your
life for a house that'll never be yours.


For me it would be a top solution.

Of course,
that would require some money.

Not much, 40,000 pesetas.

Hey, Don Fernando!
- Speak up, Gonzalez,

but hurry up, I'm running a little late.

It just occurred
to me, couldn't you...?

It's just a 40,000 credit.

You know my
professional creditworthiness.

Right, do you own properties?

No, sir, I don't...
- Neither rural nor urban?

Government securities?
Debt bonds? Stocks?

No, sir, I'm not...
- Do you have morally or commercially

solvent person who can vouch for you

with a guarantee
of about 400,000 pesetas?

But I only want 40,000 pesetas.

Don't you understand
it doesn't work that way, Gonzalez?

I don't understand.
- It's very easy,

if you have no money,
how can I give you a loan?

If I had it,
I wouldn't be asking for it.

Odd way of thinking, my friend Gonzalez!

To answer for the return of that amount,

plus interest, you need collateral

with assets that...
- Please, roll up that sleeve.

If you were to find
the two co-signers I mentioned,

come back here and I'll...


Hey, you! Are you a maid now?

I need strong arms here!
- It's for...

She asked me and, naturally...

You're dumb as an ox!
Is your eyesight bad?

Watch out, I'm coming!

A maid now. If this goes on...

Do you think it's wrong
to be gallant to the ladies?

Nice stew!
- If you'd like to join us later...

My husband loves stews.
- And who doesn't?

You have plenty of mouths to feed..

If you need more...
- It's enough. Don't bother him!

Let them. I really like them.

If you don't need anything else...

Else? I don't know how
we're going to pay you.

Mommy! Here comes daddy.

I hope he found something.

- Daddy, daddy!
- Hi, daddy!

Finding an apartment
has become impossible.

Although when you least expect it...
- Marta!

Look, look!

I'm going to have a look.
- Oh, my God, I need some luck!

Would you mind watching
the children for a moment?

Above all, keep them
away from the stove.

I'm on it.
Don't let it get away.

I made it!
We finally have somewhere to go.

They say it's a pigsty.
As if we care.

Do you have the address? It's over
there, on the other side of the river.

No palace, but we'll
have a roof over our heads.

The bus stop will be nearby.
See how I got something?

Which is the house that is vacant?
- This one, pretty as the moonlight.

Good ventilation,
city views and reliable neighbors.

Can we...?
Yes. As much as you like.

So? All good?

It takes a special stomach...

Well, with a little
cleaning... How much?

Cheap. A grand.
- A grand? What kind?

A thousand pesetas, as you
city-slickers say. A steal.

Are you crazy?
Come on, Evaristo.

Marta, keep our situation in mind.

Listen, It seems too much

for a rental transfer.
- Transfer? What!

I told you I'm just
selling the furniture, sir.

This is going fine.
- As long as there are no hindrances...

When did that family leave?

The third floor is done,
except for one in the back.

Now we'll do the other one.
- Fulgencio!

Hi there!

You have to mind the company you keep...
- Are they still there?

They still have nowhere to go.
We moved them downstairs

so that they could have two more days.
They don't really get in the way.

The demolition continues.
- Have you lost your mind? Come.

Hell to pay now.

You're obstructing
and running a serious risk.

Don't you realize it?
- We're sorry.

We can't even find
a hole to place our bones.

We can't sublet,
especially with four children.

And if something were to
happen to you? Who'd be to blame?

- The company doesn't want any trouble.
- We thought you called us.

If you need a hand...

We are with you all
the way, Mr. Fulgencio.

You can see, inspector.

I wash my hands. You people
should know what you're doing.

Why don't you go to the
Charity Association for an apartment?

Nail this properly.

Is it true what he said?

You'd better give it a try.
There's nothing here for you.

If we find an apartment,
I'll make him a statue.

Come on, let's go. Run!
- Thank you all.

Oh, the kids.
I'll have to call someone.

You people go ahead.
I'll keep an eye on them.

Thank you.
- C'mon! Don't you have anything to do?

What the hell are you doing here?
Come on, let's go! Get to work!




This way. Follow me.

Miss, please.
See what these fine people need.

Do you have a letter
from a lady of the board?


No recommendation,
not even from a donating partner?

No, miss. The only thing we
bring is one of those Greek dramas.

So, go all the way to
the back, then to the right.

Sector four.
- Thank you.


- You want a place or your own, right?

Even if it were a dump.
- We couldn't consent to that.

We're here to please you. Let's see.

How many in the family?
- We have four bellies.

I'm sure they're beautiful.
All boys or any girls?

There are two girls in the
middle, Milagritos and Martita.

- If you could see the boys...

They're Enriquito and Pep?n.
The older one's just like me.

I bet they're beautiful. Well...

Let's start with this little white form.

It's the A-72 for a
sworn declaration of assets.

You'll want five rooms, right?

Then fill out this card.

This is H-16 and
it needs two photographs,

one from the front and
one in profile. Don't tell me...

I bet you prefer with a view?

So, the yellow 115.
Two business endorsements

vouching for the moral
integrity of the gentleman.

Would you like
to paint it cream-colored?

The boys' rooms in blue
and the girls' rooms in pink?

Take the B-56 for
the family health report.

Isn't it a beautiful model?

And this is the M-42 for
the report on the previous address.

Naturally, you'll
want it with a bathroom.

Then have the M-3
for the sales sworn statement.

Oh, and the M-4 also
with a little corner torn off.

We'll give you a low floor.

And this one and this one...

And this one. And this one.

All of them well filled in
and with very clear handwriting.

Still more?
- There are still a few left.

This sky-blue one.

And this sea green with its annex.

And these little lists
which are the best of all..

I forgot! And this one to

tell us what you want.

Well, and with all this,
we'll get an apartment, right?

But, sir, with all this,
we'll open a file for you.

Well, what about the apartment?
- What apartment?

You fill all that out
and then you'll be in our files,

along with all of these here.

The apartments
are delivered in strict order.

Let's go, Evaristo.

Wait, please. just a moment.

You're forgetting the most important
thing. Our useful explanatory brochure

on how to fill in the forms.
It's only three pesetas.

Thank you. We'll play it by ear.



That guy solved his housing problems.

Don't be irreverent.

What a boring funeral.
- He mustn't have any relatives.

Sometimes that happens.
- Or he didn't leave any money.

Which also happens sometimes.
- Yes.


Tell me you're not
considering living in a graveyard!

The apartment. Don't you understand?
- Let's go!

Very convenient death.

56 La Palma street, third floor,
apartment 22, downtown.

Perhaps he's been
repeating it quite a lot.

While I reserve the apartment,
you go see the landlady.

Why don't you go see her
and I book the apartment?

There's a lady involved.
I think it's...

All right. Wait for me

and don't let them beat you to it.
- Boy!

- Doorwoman!
- Doorwoman!

- Doorwoman!
- Doorwoman!

- Doorwoman!
- What's all the fuss about?

I can't be everywhere at once.

I come to see the empty apartment.
Where did the deceased live?

- I was the first to arrive.
- For God's sake!

Wait for me to find the key.

I was the first to see the funeral!

- And the others?
- Either all together, or no one.

Where have you been?
- I'm hoarse.

My wife went to rent it.
- It's in the bag.

My wife too.
- It can't be long now.

Guys, after all, there's no hurry.

At this time of day,
Mrs. Obdulia is busy.

Is the owner of the apartment here?
- Come in.

Come in.

Come in and sit down.
It's time for her evening prayers.

Another one who
wants the apartment, madam.

We already have eight in the pot.

Watch out for that step!
Come this way,

and don't break your bones.
- Thank you.

Rheumatism and the
stairs are killing me.

In other times, when I was a girl...

You're still a spring chicken.
- And weigh like a feather.

- You're very nice.
- Well, as I was saying.

It hasn't been 20 years yet...

In my village,
grandmothers are carried up in arms!

- No, no, no!
- Up with the girl!

No, no, no, leave me!
Leave me alone!

Oh, oh, oh, oh!

I'm late getting there,
but I'm getting there.

Rita! Rita!

Please! Please!

Don't pester her.

Please, don't harass her.

For God's sake, let's be calm.

I can't please you all.
And God knows I'd like to.

Let's see.

- What can you afford?
- What?

We don't live on a salary,

we could pay 150 pesetas.
- I'll pay 200.

- I'll give you 250.
- I'll go up to 300.

- 310.
- 350. No one will take it from me.

- Of course. a house of...
- Oh, yeah? Take that!

My saints! My saints!
Oh, my God! Oh!

- Madam!
- Ouch!

- Madam!
- How awful!

My health is at risk!


My husband!

See how it wasn't that easy?


What? What is it?
- Mr. Fulgencio wants to talk to you.

He says it's urgent.

Good morning,
Mr. Fulgencio. Marta told me...

Let's cut to the chase.
Noon is the limit.

Before three o'clock,
I start tearing down the apartment.

But, Mr. Fulgencio...

You've been warned.
I can't do any more.

Now do your part, like a man.

Now you know what's what. At three.

Let's move! Let's go!
That's what I'm paying for!

You bums!

What are you staring at?
Let's get to work!

And you too, what are you looking at?

Come on, man!
Hit it with the pickaxe!

I'm not paying you this month.

Did you hear?

What a useless husband
you have! What can I do?

Other than throw myself off a bridge.

It's not your fault.
- I've driven you all to ruin!

What can I offer you?
To sleep at the foot of a lamppost?

We still have the gypsy's hut.
The furniture is very expensive.

I still have 300 pesetas left.
I'll be... He's asking for a grand.

Oh, my God.

Evaristo, what if we sold our stuff?

Look. I still have mom's vintage fan.

I think we'd get 100 for it.

And the knives your friends

gave you as a wedding gift.

Remember when we became sweethearts?

They were playing
at the merry-go-round.

And you looked at me in a way...

Put it all away again, come on.
- That's silly.

The rings are made of gold.
Come on, hurry up.

Don't stand there like a fool.

They're made of gold.
I think this should do it, right?

600 pesetas for everything. No more.

It's junk. I'm losing money
with it. If it doesn't suit you...

Let's see if this covers it.

Thank God. It's empty.
It's not that small, right?

It looks roomy to me.
- To me, it's the Royal Palace.

Look. The bed will go here.
The children on the other side.

Milagritos next to us.
There's room for a dresser here.

We'll put your things here.
I'll set up a stove for you,

so you can cook to your heart's content.

The table won't fit.
Nor the chest of drawers.

And where will we put the chairs?
We'll put everything in.

It's just a question
of squeezing in a little.

That way I'll be closer to you.
- Silly boy.

There'll be clothes hanging here.

Can you forgive me for doubting you?

I thought you'd be
leaving us. It was nonsense.

What are you two doing here?

That's what movie theaters are for.
- The house is taken.

We were here first.

What about this?
It's the bill for the furniture.

So make yourself scarce.
- Marta!


Marta! Marta, please!
It wasn't my fault.

And whose fault was it? Mine?
- It was fate.

Blame it on your shenanigans.

Madruga this, a friend
that, the agency this...

All lies!
- You're wrong.

I swear to you...
- Leave me alone!

Why did you lock the door?

Madam, out of habit.

It's lunchtime,
I'm going to open right away.

You can go in through the hole.

Just what I needed.

This Einstein here.
- Me? Since no debris was falling...

Well, shut up or I'll bang
you over your head!

No need to get that way.

I've done some sailing
and this means you feel stormy waters.

Stormy waters my...

So what are you staring at?
Yes! I told him to hit the road.

And they'll leave by 3 PM
or my name isn't Fulgencio.

I won't lose my job just so
Don Evaristo can laze about.

Well, he's searching, but...
- But what?

He who seeks, sooner or later, finds.

Yes. That seems easy, but...

It's just that the housing problem...

So now it's my fault that
the situation is hopeless.

There are four children, Mr. Fulgencio.
- Sure!

Am I to blame for that?
Am I their father?

No, but...
- What? Speak up!

It takes good will.

With good will it can be fixed.

- If poor folk don't help each other...
- It can work out for everyone.

You honor your contract
and they get a day and a half.


Do you enjoy trains?

Come on, mate,
I'm hitting the red wine.

And what are you up to?
- I'm desperate.

Do you see that huge city?

Which one?
- It's a mirage.

There's not a single apartment in it.

You can't mix things up.

There is only finance and horse-trading.

Don't talk nonsense, there are
plenty of apartments.

Do you know of any?
- Of course I do.

I know about 20 or 30.

I'd settle for one.
Do you want to tell me where?

Shih, you have to blow something first.

Without "blowing", "march" doesn't beep.

Without "march" no one moves.

And if we don't get out
of here a train will run over us.

Huh? What do you think, ma'am?

I think it's a good remedy.
That way we have until Sunday.

But first thing Monday morning
we start tearing it all down.

You are a guardian angel.

Me? No way, it's the boys.

Say yes, ma'am,

when he gets to thinking...

Thank you. Thank you all.


Bye-bye, guys, bye-bye.

- What?

You're stepping on them.
- What?

The wings, Mr. Fulgencio, the wings.

Get the hell outta here!

No pushing, man, no pushing!

Hey, more respect, I'm a graduate!

And I have a degree, do you understand?

Let's sing, mate, and forget the rest.

I have apartments for free.

I have apartments for two 10-cent coins.

I pull apartments out of my sleeve.

I got apartments for free.
- Hey, it's this way, huh?

Oh, yeah, right.
This is my street.

Let's go.

I got apartments for free.

I pull apartments out of my sleeve.

I got apartments for two 10-cent coins.

I got apartments for free.

I have apartments for free.

I pull apartments from my sleeve.

I got apartments for two 10-cent coins.

Come, let's sing as a trio.

Where did you get
so drunk, don Evaristo?

Do you want a beautiful apartment?
You can have it, Cambreires.

Keep it for yourself, you need it.

Come on, man, come on.

You live in these ruins?
- Yes, I do.

I mean, until this morning.

And I also had a family and a...

Now I'm just thirsty.

Are you also a tenant?

No, sir. Landlord, by the grace of God.

Come on, let's go.

You're a...?

We're not friends anymore!
- No damn need to be!

We're not friends anymore, you leech!

Come here and I'll break your bones!

- Come here!

Let me at him!


Yeah, yeah.

I've got apartments for free...

Come on, don Evaristo, do as I say.

Be reasonable and let's go home.


Martita, my dear woman!
- Don't touch me!

Aren't you ashamed?

Sweetie, don't you
love your hubby anymore?




Go on, open for your little
Evaristo, he's in a good mood.

Come on, my sweet muffin.

Come on, don't play
hide and seek and open up.

Do it.

She won't open.

She won't open.










Little kids.

Since I don't know how
to make speeches, I won't speak.

I'LL just say, "Welcome to
the Neighborhood of Happiness."

Free at last!

Apartments, apartments Madruga!
The best, guaranteed!

I have a degree in televisions.

Apartments for boys and girls

and I provide housekeeping!

- Get out!

- Ouch!
- Ah!

And now follow me to
your new, comfortable home.


Your cigar, sir.

Your whisky, sir.

Only this small requirement remains,

and the apartment is yours.

Evaristo, 17 built-in closets!

Dad, look, there's a room full of toys!

The number of faucets in the bathroom!

And the kitchen full of white
tiles. And there's a fridge!

All this plus the signing bonus in cash

will be yours to enjoy
if you're kind enough to sign.

Hey, the house is shaking.

Ah, a small tremor of no importance.

Don't worry,
construction is top quality.

Besides, it's insured.

Evaristo, there's
even a washing machine!

I understand that you
give injections with a slingshot.

That's an exaggeration!

Would you be so kind as
to make a demonstration for me?

Me? It's just that
there's no target in sight.

Just a moment.





Oh, dear, they're not here!

Pep?n! Milagritos!
Enriquito! Martita!


Oh, dear, they're gone!

Stay with the children,
I'll see him off.

The big rascal...

Open the door! Marta!

Open the door now!

Can you hear me, Marta?

Get out of here and stop making a fuss.
- I want to talk to my wife.

She won't talk to drunkards
Leave us alone.

Marta, Marta!
I want to explain, Marta.

It's not what you think.
- Really!

Your family out on the
street and you go on a bender!

Go back to your pals.


Marta, please open up!

Marta, listen to me
it's not what you think.

Are you going to
deny what my eyes saw?

That's what I want to explain.

Leave that and tell me
what you've done with the money.

You know where it came from.

Well, I was desperate,
I don't know how I could...

But you know me well and
you know how much I love you.

And what are you trying to do,
set us up on a plot of land?

Apartments cost money
and I don't have any, Marta!

I don't have it!

You tell him what he is...

You're not expecting me
to go out and earn it myself?

That's it.

Since you love us
so much, show your worth.

There, let's see what he says now.

Real men know how to earn money.

Show us what you're made of.

I will.

Pour me a brandy
and put it on my account.

I'm sorry, don Evaristo,
but it's already topped up.

Please understand.
Make it a double, it's on me.

Are you coming to the bullfight?

A bullfight is just what I need.

I don't know where or how,
but I have to earn money.

My proposal still stands.

Five big ones.
Yeah, right. Really good.

You just stand still
and later collect your pay.

And who holds on to the bull?

If you want something
you have to work for it.

I'm not up to it.
And it's not because of the bull.

What are you waiting for?
You'll probably get a lamb of a bull.

You have to do something big to recoup

prestige, don Evaristo.

Come on, don Eva.
Yes, you might be right.

I appreciate it, Jim?nez.

But I still have another option.

To your health!

Oh, and for the record,
it's not out of fear, eh?

And he says it's not out of fear!

Hello, Lola.

But hadn't we finished the treatment?

Yes, but I've decided to
accept your investment proposal.

I'm sorry, but I don't know
what you're talking about.

But it was you who insisted.

Remember: "With me
your money will be safer

than in the bank."
Yes, yes, yes, but...

- Who's this guy?
- Gonzalez, the nurse practitioner.

This is Mr. Gonzalez
and this is my boyfriend.

Right, your b... Pleased to meet you.

And don't your forget it, Mr. Gonz?lez,

I'm the only one who
gets Lola's investments...

Exclusively, get it?
Yes, sir...

I'm kind of in a hurry.

Sorry I can't help you. Good day.

So, going into business on your own?

It's not what you think!

Come on, hurry up, get your gear down.

Well, what should I do now?

You don't have to do anything at all.

The bull does everything.
- You just have to stand still...

The bull comes, smells
you, paws, snorts, and feints.

And nothing else.
- You think that's not enough?

By standing still, the bull retreats.

And if I move?

If you move, two things can happen,

you get gored by
the bull or by the public,

which is also bad.
But one thing's for sure,

if you move and spoil
the show, you won't get paid.

Well, I won't pay you.
- You should have warned me beforehand.

Courage and on to the bull, go on.


They just don't understand my art.

Do you know something, don Evaristo?

I'm going back to shining
shoes. Let someone else do this.

Don Tancredo! Don Tancredo!

Come on, go on, now it's your turn.

Just a moment, just a minute.
- The public is getting impatient.

I have to pray.
- Pray on the stand.

Come on, it's all right.
- I have to write to my wife.

Do you have a pen?
- Come out now.

Then let me go to the toilet,

I'm sick.
- Climb the pedestal!

Come out at once! Let's go now!

Don Tancredo, who got lost in Cuba!

Come on, to the pedestal, let's go!

To the pedestal!

Don Tancredo!
Don Tancredo!

Don Tancredo, Don Tancredo!

For you, Marta, and for the children.

Now he's smelling me.

Now he's looking at me.

Now he's pawing.

Now snorting.

Now he's threatening me.


What an idiot!

- Let's go, it's getting ugly.
- What about don Evaristo?

It's his fault...

Let him get his act together as
best as he can! - Mr. Jimenez!

Damn it.



The story is over,
everybody back to work.

But really, come on.
But they can't be far.

The furniture is inside.

And there's 27 cats dancing on my belly!

Come on, down with the derrick.

Come on, can't you
hear what I'm telling you?

Someone hit by a car, for sure!

Very nice, let's just have a big
party and to hell with everything.

Great foreman you are.

And what would you do?
They just brought him from the hospital.

And I'm going to sue
you for breach of contract.

Yes, gentlemen,
that's how I started my run.

I did the statue with seven turns.

Then I beckoned him from afar:

"Hey, hey, bull, ah!"
Have you people seen a train?

That's how the big guy was coming.
- And you were a switchman.

I held on longer than anyone.
I was almost knocked out.

But the great one was Don Evaristo.

What a great guy,
he is the bravest of them all!

We kind of made the crowd roar.

Give it up, Don Evaristo.
You were a monster.

Mr. Fulgencio is in trouble.

It's because of the furniture.

Let's go.

For the last time, will you obey me?

Out with the furniture!

Don't worry about me,
I'll get the furniture out myself.

But, don Evaristo,
where the heck are we going to...?

That's his problem.

Aren't you afraid of
spending the night outdoors?

Don't make me laugh.

Would you give me a hand?

Come on, let's go. Come on, everybody.

Mrs. Marta!

Where shall I put this?
- There.

Well, come on, let's get
to work, let's get to work.

What are we doing here now? Let's go.

Come on, let's go.

Come right in, gentlemen,
come on in, it's free.

Have fun contemplating
the homeless citizen.

See? I already solved my problem.

Comfortable, huh?


Don't you want to come in?

Everything is the
living room, gentlemen.

This is modern housing.

No landlord, no taxes,
no annoying neighbors,

and not a single leak.

Well, now I'm not so sure.

And to make happiness
complete, no family to interfere.



Where did you leave the children?

Daddy, daddy, daddy!
Daddy, daddy, daddy!

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