El harrif (1983) - full transcript

The life of a football player named Fares who goes through a lot of problems due to his lack of self-discipline with his divorced wife, job, sexual desires and football.

Some play football in the streets,

while others sing and
take photos in the streets.

Some curse each other,
and hit each other,

and kill each other, in the streets.

Some sleep on the ground,
in the streets,

and some sell their honor,
in the streets.

And in the streets, many falsehoods

become truth,

but it would truly be scandalous

if one day we forgot and
kissed each other in the streets.


Good morning.

Good morning, Fares.

Good morning, Abdullah.

Join us.

Enjoy your meal.


Wait up.

Here you go.

There's no rush.

Take it before it vanishes.

- Are you sure?
- Yes.

- Thanks.
- Take care.

Good morning.

Uncle Ibrahim, open the door.

Uncle Ibrahim, open up.

Uncle Ibrahim, did my mother go out?

It's eight o'clock. Welcome
to Radio Egypt, from Cairo.

Good morning to all.

Now for the news.

Philip Habib,
special Middle East envoy...

Good morning.

- Good morning.
- Good morning.

- Hi, Anwar.
- Hi, Fares.

Good morning.

Good morning.

Cigarette, Fares?

This girl is trouble.

She's been trouble
since she got her divorce.

- Just let her be.
- Sure.

She's only got eyes for you.

Can you deny that, Fares?

Hey you.

- Enough talk.
- What's your problem?

You're wasting both our times.

Take it easy.

Can you believe this guy?

He won't even take a tea break.

He's killing himself
to save for marriage.

By the time he's saved
enough, he'll be dead.

Fares, tell me the truth,

did you do it?

Stop this nonsense.


Good morning.

I need you tonight.


Why so cold?

Stop ignoring me.

Tell me, how's your mom?

She sleeps early.

And you son?

His dad took him.

They told me to sue for custody,
but I don't have the money.

- Won't I ever win?
- Maybe if you use your head.

My passport is ready,

and I'll get you five more, sounds good?

Sounds good, but get me the money first.

- Anyone left me a message?
- No, who would do that?

I gave this address to the TV station.

You're done, why don't you leave?

Lend me half a pound.

You lost enough money. Take a break.

Let me play.

- I want my money back.
- I'll beat him for you.

You're a cheat.

- It's yours if you catch me at it.
- How much?

- One pound plus the drinks.
- OK.

- Arabi.
- Coming.

Let's split it.

- Here's two pounds.
- What?

Why only two?

- I got 53.
- I got nothing.

Fares, they'll playing a match tonight.

They'll start soon.
One player's injured.

They're playing a new back.

- I don't feel like it.
- Say what?

They've paid you an advance.

Not now.


What do you say?

It's OK, you win some, you lose some.

Give him 3 pounds.

With pleasure.

- How much longer?
- 10 minutes.

We'll take 30%.

Don't be greedy. I'll give
you 20% like last time.

Tell you what, the
game has not started yet,

let's just forget about it.

You should be grateful for 20%.

I won't let you swindle me.

Rizk, hold on.

Fares and I are leaving.

You can't. It's about to start.

You wouldn't stand for it in my place.

He's cheating me.

Everyone's here to see him.

So you blackmail us?

- I've invested a lot in him.
- Stop this nonsense.

Is that so? By god, we're not playing.

- We're done.
- Hold on.

He meant no offense. Tell you what.

Let's split the difference. 25%.

It's 30% or nothing. We had a deal.

Do it for my own sake,
for our friendship.

Come on, Rizk, be reasonable.

Fine, just for you, 25%.

But on one condition:
we get a cut on the tickets.

- Good evening, captain.
- Hello, captain Housni.

Here you go.

Good man.

Keep it. Tonight's your night.

I want at least 5 goals.

- God willing.
- By the way...

Their left defender is bad at headers.

He's a strong dribbler,
but he's weak in the air.

Also, their striker is a lefty.

And now, Fares the ace...

Out of the way.

That's my guy.

May the prophet bless you.

Fares, Fares.

- Want to change your bet?
- Why don't you leave me alone?

- I just don't want to see you lose.
- Right.

He did it.

Here. 10 pounds.

7 goals makes 14 extra pounds.

11, 12, 13, 14.

Plus 10 pounds, your cut from the bets.

I'll take out the 3.5
pounds I lent you earlier.

You only lent me 3 pounds.

Right, my mistake.

- Why don't I pay for dinner too?
- Good idea.

It's your turn tonight.

You can afford it.

Rizk, I won't stand for this.

What do you mean? Look here,

good luck finding a better deal.

Don't be greedy. It's good pay.

You think you can do
better with someone else?

I think you're robbing me.

You've made tons of money, but
your appearance has not changed.

What do you do with it anyway?



Good evening.

Good evening.

- Something happened.
- A murder on the 5th floor.

See that snob?

He's a company director.

Did you see how he was ogling me?

Don't you believe me?

Don't let appearances fool you.

I know his type.

Why are you home early?

It's the end of the
month. People are broke.

Let me go to sleep already, you bitch.

Stop asking me for money.
You and your kids are ruining me.

- Going to sleep?
- Yes.

If the racket keeps you
up, stop by for a cup of tea.


- Did you hear about the murder?
- Yes.

It was a robbery.
Did they interrogate you?

Why would they? I'm just a resident.

A resident?

You live on the roof,
not in the building proper.

Someone wants to talk to you.

Why are you here? What happened?

It's the start of the
month, or did you forget?

I always stop by in the first
week. Why are you in a hurry?

15 pounds is not enough anymore.

That's what the court asked me to pay.

- But you make a lot from soccer.
- What do you want?

What do you think?

- And the kid is driving me crazy.
- Why?

He's skipping school. I
beat him, but it doesn't help.

- You beat him?
- Yes.

Do you want him to end up like you?

You go. I'll stop by on Friday.

One more thing.

You're acting strange today. What is it?

I have a marriage prospect.

- What?
- What is it?

He works in the health ministry.

My friend Nadia introduced us.

- And?
- What's your problem?

Why are you telling me this?
You can go to hell for all I care.

- But the child...
- Of course.

- The guy doesn't want him.
- He does.

He's a widow with a daughter.
The four of us will live together.

Fares, why don't you both
come up for a cup of coffee?

I swear, if you remarry,
I am taking the child.

You'll never see him again.

Go to hell.

What does she want this time?

I know what she wants.

She's dragged you through the
courts, and now she wants you back.

Mind you own business.

Don't take it out on me.

Is the way clear?

Why the rush?

Your mom will be up soon.

I just checked on her.

What's wrong?


Do you still love her?

Forget about her.

Stop running after her, and focus on me.

I run after no one.

Here he is.

- Have a penny?
- What for?

Who, Fares? Am I dreaming?

Here's your penny. We're square.

I didn't recognize you.

How are you, Chaaban?

- Nice car.
- Want to try her out?

Are you sure?

Don't worry. There's more
from where it came from.

Move it, you're in the way.

Still playing this dumb game?

Captain Chaaban?

Wanna play with us?

I've quit.

Knock it out. Move away.

- Get down.
- Son of a gun.

No, his father is a good guy.

- That's your son?
- Yes.

In soccer, you're either a star and
you're worshiped, or you're nobody.

I realized I was not
good enough, and I quit.

But you should have stayed.
You'd be a star by now.

- What brought you here?
- I'm selling the family home.

It's not even worth the trouble.

- Your father?
- He passed away.

He was stubborn.

I tried to move him to
my place, but he wouldn't.

- He was content with poverty.
- Some people are like that.

- What do you do now?
- I sell cars downtown.

- Son of a gun.
- And you?


- I work in a factory.
- Come work with me.

- Yeah sure.
- I'm serious.

- What would I do?
- Anything.

You can sell cars, or you
can travel and buy car parts.

What do you think?

- I'll think about it.
- Think about what?

Here's my address. Stop by my office.

You'll like it.

I'm your pal, Chaaban.
Remember the youth club?

- Those were the days.
- You even have a card?

You drive great.

Are you blind?

His mommy bought it for him.

Come on. Your mom will be back soon.


Bye, Chaaban.

Don't forget about the offer.

Listen to your grandma.

- How are you, mother-in-law?
- Fine, thanks.

She always pesters me about
homework. It's so annoying.

Come inside.

See you soon.

Why won't you eat?

I don't feel like it.

Leave him alone. It tastes bad anyway.

You father loves this dish.

He just eats
to stay in shape for soccer.

- Right, dad?
- Be quiet.

I wish you got back together.
It's such a shame.

We'll see.

I wish you weren't both so stubborn.

I heard she's remarrying.

Honestly, son, she's still young.

No one'd blame her for remarrying.
You've been separated for 3 years.

Here she is.

Hello, dear. Why are you back early?

The machines were down again.

We lose so much business every month.

Mom, the neighbor will
pay you to make her a dress.

- I don't have a machine.
- What should I tell her?

What do I care? She can go to hell.

- Did you have lunch?
- Yes, sorry I didn't wait for you.

It's OK.

- Want to eat?
- No.

- How can you study with the TV on?
- I need it to focus.

Go study in your room.


How much is the machine?

- What machine?
- For sewing.

300 pounds. Why?

Just asking.

Did you see me in the car?

- What car?
- That was me earlier.

That's Chaaban's car. Remember him?

The shoe mender?

Not any more.
He's moved up in the world.

He offered me a job. 200 a month.

- He's a crook.
- Why?

He's kicking people
out of his father's house.

He wants to sell it.

He's evicting his own aunt.
She's lived there all her life.

How could he?

Anyway, he offered me a job.

What do you think?

Why should I care?

Go be a thief, I don't care.

He used to steal cars.

Everyone knows about it.

I did not say yes yet.

About your marriage...

He's stopping by soon.


Abdel Maguid.

I swear to you, you do this and
you'll never see your kid again.

Go ahead and hit me.
That's all you're good for.

What have you done?

How could you say that?

No man would stand for it.

Why not? How is it his business?

What do you mean? He's your husband.

Not anymore. 200 pounds, he said.

I don't care if it's
1,000. I won't go back.

Don't be so stubborn.

He loves you, and you love him.

Love him? Damn him.

Hello, Fares.

The good old days of homemade ghee.

I used to have 20 eggs for dinner.

That many?

Yes, the days of homemade ghee.

Once, I challenged Mahmoud Dourra.

- Remember him?
- The boxer?

Featherweight word champion in 1954.

Now he has 12 kids to feed.

He works a menial job, poor man.

- What was the challenge?
- A whole roasted lamb.

- To buy it?
- No. To eat it.

Of course. I was in top shape back then.

I went for it.

When I got close to
finishing it, he got nervous.

He asked me to stop before
I got sick, and I kept going.

- That's what happened.
- You ate the whole thing?

Of course. A whole lamb
cost 1 pound back then.

How are you managing these days?

I can only afford rice and macaroni now.

Did no one
from the TV station ask for me?

- What happened to that player?
- He got out of shape.

He's done.

It takes time and effort
to stay in shape.

He wakes up very early to go to work.

His wife makes him a
quick unhealthy breakfast.

He eats it on his commute.


- Hi, captain.
- How are you?

You playing?

What do you do in Port Said?

Import-export. He's a big deal.

What's in the bag?

- Nothing.
- Come off it.

It's full of soaps and perfumes.

- Drink something?
- No, I'm in a hurry.

They want you to play in Port Said.

- How much are they paying?
- 100 pounds. Here's 50.

Not enough. We want 150.

Travel is expensive.
That's out last offer.

I'll let them know.

- I need to leave.
- Goodbye.

- What's with his bag?
- Things have changed so much.

He used to be the best left
winger in the country.

- Hand it over.
- What?

The 50 pounds.

- I'll pay you afterward.
- I need it now.

This one is on me.

- Aren't you leaving?
- Where would I go?

- I'll stay.
- Let's go for a walk.

- Arabi.
- Yes.

- How much is it?
- 55 cents.


- Any news on the murder?
- I don't know.

- Here's 75.
- Thanks.

- How are things?
- Not bad.

I have some benches and lamps
I rent out during the matches.

Some days are better than others.

What's this?

It's just a loan. Take it.

Come on, captain. I owe you so much.


God, why have you forsaken me?

They took my husband away.

What have we done to deserve this?

You there.

Where have you been?

- Age?
- 30.

- Married?
- No.


- Why aren't you married?
- Circumstances.

- Do you live alone?
- Yes.

What do you mean why? I live alone.

You were out till after midnight.

What were you doing?

These are strange questions.

Look at me.

- Why don't we stick to the case?
- Mind your business.

Tell me.

- You have relatives here?
- No.

- You visit someone?
- No.

- Someone visits you?
- No.

- Cigarette?
- Sure.

Tell me
what you did on that day in detail.

In detail?

I woke up,

used the bathroom,

got dressed, went down the stairs,

saw the concierge,
went out, had breakfast.

And then?

I went to the factory.

- What factory?
- I work there.

What do you do?

- I run a machine.
- What's your salary?

I get paid by the piece.

- And then?
- And then what?

- After work?
- You think I killed her?


Why are they picking on us?

Making us sleep in jail...

Are we suspects?

Fares, did you know that woman?

I've only seen her once or twice.

How long will we stay here?

We'll let you go, but don't
travel without telling us.

Where have you been?

Why won't you answer me?

Leave me alone.

You got back to her.

She'll dump you again, just wait.

I told you to mind your own business.

The director wants you.

You think there are no other men?

Shut up.


This can't go on.

- What do you mean?
- The absences,

fighting with workers,

not to mention the frequent visits.

I won't stand for it.

I get paid by the piece.

You think that makes it okay? No.

There's a machine
that's reserved for you.

You're costing me money.

You see, yesterday, I was...

You know about the lady
who was killed in my building?

They were interrogating me.

I was not just speaking about yesterday.

You're our best worker,
but you're distracted.

Your mind is elsewhere.

Drop soccer and focus on work.

- Soccer's at night.
- Regardless, your work is suffering.

Fares, this is your final warning.

- Anything else?
- No.

Straight. Straight. To the right.

Thank you. Bye.

Did they hit you?

The government.
I heard they arrested you.

- Who told you?
- The concierge.

- You think I did it?
- Come on.

How could you say that?

But if you go to jail, I
would visit you regularly.

When's the match?

Let's go.

Show them how it's done.

You better focus.

Trust me, we'll win.

But that guy's an ace.

Just trust me.

Fares, what's going on?

Here's another 100. That makes it 200.

I'll take this.

The whole store is at your disposal.

This too.

Isn't this nice?

The dress too.

- What size?
- Size?

Her size.

- Where are you staying?
- A motel.

You're invited to dinner.
I'll make a fish dish.

No thanks.

It's no trouble.
The fish is at my store.

Not this store. The
other one. I sell fish too.

And in two days, I'm
opening an import/export store.

How much is it?

Don't worry about it.

How about another match tomorrow?

I have to go back to Cairo.

You son of a gun.

Why didn't you tell me you were
going to throw the match?

It's not a big deal.

Not a big deal?

Selling me out is no big deal?

How could you?

Am I not good enough for you anymore?

How about some sightseeing?

Don't ignore me.

Let's hang out in Port Said.

I'll let this one pass.

Watch out. I lost my
leg playing such games.

That's because you were not fast enough.

I used to be
the fastest man in Alexandria,

until one day a tramway got me.

Is it true you were a pickpocket
on tramways back then?

What's wrong?

How could you
have betrayed me like this?

- What's wrong with you?
- How could you?


Take this, and quit
working for those folks.

Next time, we'll break it.

I got a few things for you and the kid.

What's the special occasion?

I played in Port Said.

It must have been lucrative.

You going home?

I still have work to do.

OK, I'm leaving. I'll stop by
later to see the kid.

Dalal, hurry. The taxi
is waiting downstairs.

The stores close early today.

We agreed you'd meet me downstairs.

Who is this?

He's my fiancé. We're
buying things for the house.

And who are you?

Listen here. You leave her alone.

Let him go. It's none of your business.

Let him go.

This is the best you could do?

If you don't stay away,
I'll break your teeth.

What's going on?

Mister Fares, how are you?

Don't you recognize me? Mohsen.

This sandwich is really
good. Come have one.

- Who are you?
- Mohsen.

Ibn El Hakam's son. I
searched hard to find your place.

- Did you come from the village?
- Yes. Cairo is huge.

Ibn El Hakam's son?

Two more sandwiches. Chili sauce?



You were a baby last time I saw you.

- How's your dad?
- Fine.

He sends his regards.

No, I won't accept. It's on me.

Does your dad
still have a beautiful voice?

No, his voice went out with age.

What's this? How much is it?

That much?
You barely put any chili in it.

- Are you his only child?
- I'm the eldest of 6.

Thank you Ibrahim.

The cops are upstairs.

This is the first time
I ride in an elevator.

I thought we were going to fall down.

You'll get used to it.

God be praised.

You live among the stars.
What's all this?

- Where have you been?
- Don't touch me.

You go ahead. I'll join you later.

The inspector wants to see
you. Where have you been?

Where have you been? No answer?

What were you doing in Port
Said? They say you're a great player.

How much did they pay you?

Still no answer?

You told me you're not married.

Then who's Dalal? And Bakr?

- Why did you lie?
- I didn't.

I didn't think it was relevant.

You did lie. I know your kind.

I know about your Rizk from
Alexandria, and Souad, your work friend.

You know everything.

- Why did the team kick you out?
- I quit.

- Why?
- My choice.

I heard otherwise.

You had a fight with your
coach, and you beat him up.

They sued you.

Then you beat your wife,
and she sued you.

She sued for custody of your child,

based on the doctor's report,
that said you broke two of her ribs.

The court ruled in her favor.

What are you, a punk?

Stand up.

Show me your money.

- How much is it?
- I don't know.

Did you steal it from the deceased?


I can keep you overnight
until the results are back,

but I'm confident
we'll get you eventually.

I'm willing to swear I didn't kill her.

- So you say.
- It's the truth.

Why did you visit her
two days before the crime?

She was a nice lady. She
reminded me of my mother.

I helped her carry her groceries inside.

Then why did you spend
an hour inside her apartment?

We had a cup of tea. She
complained about her kids.

- She reminded me of my mother.
- And as you consoled her,

you made sure to case her apartment.

- I didn't kill her.
- You may go.

Don't travel without telling
us. This is your last warning.

Release the other one too.

It's getting cold.

Help with a push?

3 days.

They held me for 3 days. What for?

I wouldn't hurt a fly.

They want us to turn against each other.

I know they do.

Why are you silent? Say something.

They're watching.

Of course. They'll never let us be.

Would I hurt a fly?

- How much?
- 30 cents.

Abdullah? May god be praised.

Let me be. I'm tired.

What happened?

What did they want?

Just some simple business.

- Did you not sleep?
- I was waiting for you.

What's wrong?


- I'm upset.
- So you know?

Thank god. I couldn't bear telling you.

- Tell me what?
- My condolences.

- Who died?
- You don't know?

I wish I didn't say anything.

What is it?

You mother died last
week. She's finally at peace.

She was bedridden for the past 5 years.

My father thought
you'd attend the funeral.

It's OK, Your brother and
uncle took care of everything.

It was a great wake.

How are you?

Why the long face?


Did you see me going into
the director's apartment?

His place is like a palace.

He lives alone.

All these riches
are wasted on such a man.

Money, clothes, a house...

My mother died.

There's half a bottle of
cognac I want to drink.

Before I came here, I
graduated high school.

I want to save for college.

I'll try to find you a job.

I don't know how to thank you.

- Good morning.
- We're all out.

I would be lost without you.

- I'm stressed out.
- Let's hurry.

How's your leg today?

Good morning.


The director won't listen to me.

You talk to him. Tell him you were ill.

We owe you two days
pay. Take it on your way out.

I warned you already,

but your kind does not listen to reason.

- You see, I was...
- Spare me.

Take your money and go.

Who's this?

A relative. He's looking for work.

Come here.

- What can you do?
- I...

- I graduated high school.
- I don't care about that.

I'm asking about
experience. What can you do?

Anything, sir. I can learn anything.

Just ask mister Fares.

We need workers these days.

Wait for me outside. Hold on.

- Do you play soccer?
- No,

but I can learn if you want me to.

Are you done with work?

Have you given up on this too?

When are you going to settle down?

What do you want?

Tell him you were ill.

What's wrong with you?

Why don't you try?

It's pointless. I have another prospect.

What about me?

What should I do?

Listen, Souad.

I'm not good for you.
I'm good for nothing.

- Just forget about me.
- Wait.

Will you stop by my place tonight?

Why don't you ever visit?

Did you forget your father?

You got old.

Never. You're the one who's old.

Where's your son? Don't you
want him to see his grandpa?


Mother died.

You heard me.

When did you see her last?

Got a cigarette?

We all die eventually.

How are you, Fares?

We haven't seen you in so long.

Hello, Narges. How are you?

We're getting by.

This woman complains about
her life to anyone who visits.

Do you still dance?

Dance? Are you crazy?

I can barely stand nowadays.

You were a legend. The
whole city worshiped you.

Right, dad?

People were
frivolous and silly back then.

Oh yeah?

Were you silly too when you
dropped everything to be with me?

Why don't you go make us lunch?

Come on. Don't you ever
get your fill from chattering?

What's you hurry?
It's too early for lunch.

How's your son?
Why didn't you bring him?

I'll bring him if you promise to dance.

You're a funny one. I'll go make lunch.

Need anything?

The man who ordered
these cages did not show up.

He pays me a pittance,

and he does not even show up.
Doesn't he know I have bills to pay?

So many expenses...

What's this?

I'm sorry, that's all I have.

Are you in trouble?

Kind of.

- Shall we visit her grave?
- Get back to your wife.

- You should be with her.
- She won't listen to me.

The damn woman is stubborn.

Listen to your father.

OK, dad. Bye.

When I die, bury me in the village.

Where are you going?

Hello? One minute.

- It's the TV for Ismail.
- TV? Impossible.

I have a better player for you.

We'll pay him, and he'll come through.

They insist on Fares.

I haven't seen him.

Can't you find him?

Where's Ismail?

Ismael? He passed away.

- 150 pounds.
- OK, here's 50 in advance.

- The rest goes to me, got it?
- Got it.

See you after prayer next Friday.

- God willing.
- I need to leave.


Get me some tea.

Hello, captain.

How's the leg?

I can still kick.

Sit down.

Did you sell the prosthetic leg?

I just upgraded.

How are the matches?

Business is slow.

People don't care anymore.

Who was that then?

an old acquaintance from Alexandria.

I need money.

What can I do? You know how it is.

Tell you what.

There's a game in the countryside.

Want to play?

I won't let you trick me.

What's your problem? Calm down.

I'd cut my arm before
working with you again.

Wait up.

What happened? Slow down.

Why are you upset?

Slow down.

- I'm out of breath.
- What do you want?

Just calm down,
and I'll take care of you.

- How much do you need?
- Nothing.

Hold on, calm down.

You told me you needed some. Here.

20 pounds.

30 pounds.

Just take it. Don't embarrass me.

I'm like your brother.

But don't forget, next
Friday in the countryside.

Where to?

I need to go.

Come have a drink with
me. It will do you good.

You know I don't drink.

You must be still upset.

How can I make it up?

Don't forget. Friday.

- 4 pieces.
- 140.

- Make it 5.
- 175.

- Where were you?
- At the movies.

How's the kid?


- Where are you going afterward?
- Where do you think?

Hi Nadia.

You think this makes up for earlier?

You know him.

He's an insolent hothead.

- Hi Aziza.
- Hello.

Nadia, you look radiant today.

Are you really talking to Nadia?

Sure, she's a stand-up girl.

- We haven't met.
- Thouraya.

- You married?
- Engaged.

I see.

Is your fiancé an older
respectable gentleman too?

Will you shut up already?

Couldn't Nadia find you a better guy?

He's gone now.

Did he run?

Yes, after you beat him.

Smart man. He ran for his life.


Bastard. I'm leaving.

Finish your cake first.

You'll never grow up.

Bye Nadia.

I need to talk to you.

What is it?

You're a man now, so we can talk.

I have a question.

My friends always ask me.


Why don't you play for a big club?

Then I can watch you on TV.

You have to start young
to play for those clubs.

I'm too old.

But you used to play.
Why did they fire you?

They didn't. I quit.

Mom must be going crazy looking for me.

Let's go get your bag.

Can I stay with you for good?

Did you hear what happened?

Keep an eye on Bakr.

- Yes?
- Good for you.

- Congrats.
- What is it?

Did you know who it was all along?

Are you accusing me again?

This is all water under the bridge.

Your neighbor Abdullah did it.

When we came to get him,

he barricaded himself with his
family. He says he'll kill them.

Since you know him, and he trusts you,

you should convince him to get out.

Why me?

He's crazy. He might kill them.

- So you drag me into it?
- Watch your tone.


Go away. Stay out of this.

Listen to me.

No. I am not negotiating with them.

Either they let me go, or I kill them.

Kill your own children?

Listen to me.

I'll help you escape.

- Don't lie to me.
- Believe me.

You'll escape through my room.

- Hurry, before the police comes.
- They're everywhere.

They're not here. They're downstairs.

I'll help you escape.

You're lying.

I didn't kill her.

I didn't mean to.

I pushed her and she
fell. I didn't mean to.

I know, Adbullah.

Open the door and take a peek.

If you see someone, lock the door again.

Hurry. Time's running out.

You'll escape through my room.

Hurry before they come.

Come on.

Hurry through my room.


You're lying.

Fine. Have it your way.

You're losing your chance.

- No one's there?
- No one.

But they're coming soon.



God damn poverty.

You were loitering with him
in the middle of the night?

You want him to end up like you?

If you do this again, I
swear I'll call the police.

Good morning.

The concierge
will give me Abdullah's room.

His wife went back to her village.
He asked me for 20 pounds.

Adbullah used to pay 15 pounds.

Please convince him
to bring it down to 15.


What's up with Souad?

She asks about you every day.

She convinced the director
to give you your job back.

I have to leave for work.


By the way,
it seems she loves you a lot.


- What are you doing here?
- I want to stay with you.

- And your mom?
- Forget about her.

Did she hit you?

I'll never go back to her.

- Do you know how to make tea?
- Of course I do.


- What?
- I want to work.


I want to be a car mechanic.

What about school?

What for? I'll just end up
like Abdel Maguid.

Better be a mechanic.

Where did you see him?

He came by the house with his daughter.

His daughter is useless.
She hates movies and soccer.

All she's good at is gossip.

She's mean to me.

Same card again.

Mind your business.

I won't let you cheat.
You're robbing me.

- I'm not cheating.
- Yes you are.

Don't play if you can't handle it.

I stopped by your work.

They fired you?

Your relative told me your mom died.

I'm sorry.

Why didn't you tell me?

What do you care if she's alive or dead?

Where are you working now?

- As you see.
- Isn't it time for you to settle down?

How will you support the kid?

He's attached to you.

He's never run to your room before.

- What did you say to him?
- Nothing.


Aren't you worried?

You want him to be a dropout?

You beat him. Why did you do that?

I want what's good for him,

or will you support him
when he drops out?

- Goodbye.
- You're leaving?

I'm making chicken for lunch.

- Join us.
- No thanks.

You listen to your mom,
and quit skipping school.

I want to come with you.

She hit you because you were naughty.

Your mom takes care of you.

Listen to what she says.

Whose side are you on?

Quit the nonsense.

Aren't you taking me
to a match tomorrow?

- Want to see me play instead?
- You're playing tomorrow?


Here's some money.

I have money.

Don't forget to come.

My ace is from the big city.

He's got magnets in his feet. He'll win.

I'll bet you 5 pounds.

Place your bets here.

Show them how it's done.

Don't worry. You'll get the next one.

What happened, Fares?

Are you tired? You should quit smoking.

Captain, wanna play another one?

- Want to play, dad?
- Sure, we'll play.

Their player is really good.

- You have a passport?
- No.

You should make one.

- You've never traveled before, right?
- Right.

Good. Customs won't stop
you. You get 300 per car.

You also get a salary
and travel expenses.

Don't worry. It's risk-free.

What is this? Is this a smuggling job?

Something like that.

Finally we work together again.

I'll meet you abroad. It
will be like the old days.


But this time, in Europe,
with beautiful European girls.

Got plans for tonight?

Good morning.

Good morning.

- Why are you up so early?
- I couldn't sleep.

- Why were you so late?
- I...

- I was out.
- Did you find a job?

- I did.
- Congrats.

Another factory?

No, it's...

It's a job where...

- I travel.
- Wow.

What kind of job is that?

- I buy cars.
- Praise god.

Congrats Mister Fares. That's great.

Did you apply to college?

Too late for this year. Maybe next year.

By the way,

Souad is a poor creature.

We all are.

- What do you think?
- It's great.

It's all yours. I'll deduct
the rent from your salary.

Is that your wife?


You go.

Bakr, don't you want a dime?

- I won't let you ride.
- Who said I wanted to?

- Is it your dad's?
- Whose is it then? Yours?

Stay away from the car.

What do you want?

We've had our share of fights...

You never acted like that.

What did you expect?

How could you have done that?

You try to kill me, and
I'm supposed to stay quiet?

You think I'm stupid?

After all you've done?

Me, forgive you?

Don't you miss the old days?

I told you to stay away from me.

I'll scream, I swore I'll
never go back to you,

- even if I don't remarry.
- And the kid?

I'll raise him to be better than you.

I'll treat you well from now on.

Stay away.

I'm working at the agency.

I'll go abroad. I'll take you with me.

Stay away.

You blind?

It's you?

Did I scare you?

Very impressive.

Where did you get this from?

Did you steal it?

- How are you?
- Where did you steal it from?

I earned it. Not thanks to your matches.

I was about to tell you
about a match. It's tomorrow.

- Won't you play?
- Is that your first match with him?


You better watch out. Bye.

I've seen it all.

- Fares?
- Where to?

- Get in. I'll take you.
- Are you a cab driver now?

It's my car.

- What's wrong?
- Something bad happened today.


Do you remember Loua, the old player?

Yes. I haven't seen him in a while.

I saw him at the hospital.

I barely recognized him.

He's in a pitiful state.

- What happened to him?
- He's pale and sickly.

He's very gaunt.

He looks like a different man.

- I couldn't recognize him.
- What happened to him?

He's been in the hospital for 5 years.

He befriended a drug dealer
who was watching him play.

He went to the hospital 5
years ago, and he's still there.

God have mercy on us.

But where did you get the car from?

I'm working at an agency.

Let me down.

You're not going home?

It's still early. Won't
you have tea with me?

No thanks, captain.

This way.

Watch out.

Bless you, Fares. We
have not had fun in so long.

Finally we get a change of scenery.

How long will we stay in Alexandria?

- A week.
- Can I travel with you?

What are you traveling for anyway?

- It's for work.
- OK, but what kind of work?

- I'll buy cars for import.
- So fancy.

I'm nervous about this.

Chaaban is trouble.

- Will you not play soccer again?
- Never again,

- after this match.
- What match, dad?

The farewell match.

Again with this, Fares?

Welcome, Fares.

- Want to place a bet?
- Sure.

- On whom?
- On the ace.

Which one? The new or the old?

There is only one ace.

- What's the score?
- 4-0.

Better wait for the next match.

Who's winning?

- Mokhtar, of course.
- I'll play with the losers.

Welcome, captain.

Let's go.

One more goal.

Blow the whistle.

Won't you play again, dad?

No, son. The time for playing is over.