El gran León (2018) - full transcript

After she loses her mobile phone, a lawyer receives a call from the person who found it. They talk and hit it off very quickly. But she's in shock when she sees that he's very short.

Hi sweetie, it's me.

There's a new release on Thursday
“Le Petit Nain et la Belle”,

The French one at Cine Arte.

Awesome review.

Want to come?

Let me know; I'll get us tickets.
Call me.

Kisses. Mom.

Ivana, please, we need
to discuss this calmly..

We're going nowhere with this.
You're mixing up work...

with personal issues.
What's with you?

He's the one paying.
If they go to court...

we need to represent him.

Will you call me, honey?
We must talk.

I've left three voice mails.
Did you get them?

Call me.

Hello Home.

I'm calling because I found
this phone on the street.

Looking up in your contacts
I found this one as “Home”.

Which made me assume
the owner lives there.

So, I want to...
give it back to you.

I'll keep it on
until 11 p.m.

Please, call me.

Hello, Home?

Hi. Sorry, just got home and
heard your message.

- You have my cell phone?
- Yes, I do, here.

It was lying on the street,
so I picked it up.

Oh, great, I don't even know
how I lost it.

Well, you do.

I saw you having an argument,
you got very upset...

and whoosh, gone!

- Who are you?
- No, no, easy...

don't be scared.
You don't know me.

Actually I was around, having
lunch with a client...

when suddenly I saw a
stunning, very elegant lady.

But you were yelling at someone.

So embarrassing!

Why embarrassing?

It's a common thing. We all
have a bad day some time, Home.

I'll have to keep calling you
Home if you don't say your name.

Ivana. Yours?

- León.
- León?

I'm dying to know...

Who were you arguing with?

You were furious.

With my ex.

Just one of those days with
a bad start and a worse end.

Been there, done that.


I hope you're
alright now.

I am.

Oh shit... damn...

- Pardon?
- No, no, not to you...

my bathroom is all flooded.

Easy, I'll call you later.

Here, I'm right here.

Finally, honey,
I've called five times.

No, Diego, please, stop it.

I want this day to finish,
I want to shower,

I want to sleep. Arguing
with you is a real pain.

We'll go to court no matter

We need to consider who we'll
be representing. And that is...

Morlacceti, our client.

There are other issues at stake here.
It's not just the money.

If you don't want to understand
or agree, then we'll separate...

- I won't compromise.
- We're already separated, honey.

I mean professionally and
don't call me “honey”.

Listen, I'll hang up now,
I'm expecting another call.

- A call from whom?
- Bye.

- Hi Home, how did it go with...?
- Oh, it's always the same...

I get distracted and my
apartment floods.

That's why I never fill up the tub.
I nearly drowned once.

Were you calling?

Yes, once. But I got a busy

My ex.

Wow, the way you said...“my ex”.

Indeed, you threw the phone at
him and he wanted to go on...

You guys broke up long ago?

Three years ago, but
he can't deal with it.

I don't know why I'm telling
you this, I don't even know you.

Neither do I...

You separated, but
you didn't separate...

- We're business partners.
- Oh, you run a company?

A law firm.

A lawyer. That's interesting!

- A criminal lawyer?
- Civil.

You're a good talker, León.

Well, that depends
on the interlocutor.

Who besides being
a good conversationalist...

is very nice.

Now, the next thing is...

we might think that this

is getting a bit weird.

It is...

getting a bit weird.

And I think we should turn
this weirdness into...

an opportunity.

An opportunity for what?

For dinner, for instance.

And whose opportunity
might it be?

Oh, no. This is unilateral.

For my sole benefit.
Keep that in mind.

And what would I win?

A phone in exchange for
a dinner.

The phone is mine!

But I have it.

So, what do you say?

Look, I don't really like
to go out in the evenings...

I don't really like to go out
with strangers.

Cool. What about daytime?


Or supper.

A stroll along the promenade.

A motocab ride.
I'm just...

running out of ideas, Home.

A motocab ride?

persevering, right?

That's one of my best virtues.

I've achieved a lot in life
by being persevering.

- You have one more virtue.
- I do? Which one?


But I don't think humbleness
will get me a yes.

Will it?

Look. I don't want to bother

Tomorrow I'll be busy
till three in the afternoon.

Not that I was planning
to lose my phone.

Let's make it 3.30. Where?

Same place where I lost my

The bar across the street.

I'll be there. 3.30.


- How will I spot you?
- I know you already, don't forget.


Silly me.

- See you tomorrow.
- See you...


- Miss.
- Oh, thanks.

- Could you hold this?
- Absolutely.



- Hi?
- Hi.

- León Godoy.
- Ivana Cornejo.

A pleasure.

- Sorry, I'm late.
- Ok.

The traffic is awful.

- How are you?
- Good!

Good, very good.


- Mr. León, how are you?
- Hi, Renato.

- Welcome.
- Thanks.

For you, cold soda and
an espresso...?

- A macchiato.
- A tiny one.

A tiny one...

Do you want something else?

No, no, I'm fine..

Good. I'll bring it...
in a minute.

- Do you always come here?
- Not really. I'm just...


You have a lovely smile.

Oh, I almost forgot...

- what I'm here for.
- Thanks.

It ran out of battery, so
you'll need to charge it.

Fine, no worries.

Easy. You look baffled.

No, no, no.

I'm 16 inches shorter.
No big deal.

I'm just different.

No, sorry.

- I'm just surprised.
- You must be.

You weren't expecting
someone that short.

It's ok. They'll keep staring.
Don't mind the people.

Imagine those little brains.
They must be asking...

a thousand things a second.

Such a hot woman with such a
short guy.

And you and I know there's
nothing bizarre about it.

Here's just an awesome and
high strung woman

who told her ex-husband to fuck
off and threw her phone away

so hard that an ice cream seller
was almost killed. And,

"this 4'5" man,
yes, I'm this short,

I know what you'll say:
Oh, you look taller.

Found her phone, they had a date,
and he's giving it back to her

surrounded by so much puzzlement
and confusion.

Just try to forget for
a while that I'm way shorter

than you thought.

Allow yourself to enjoy the moment,
which is indeed very interesting.

What do you have to do today?

I have an appointment with a

Great. Call him and cancel it.

Tell him you have a situation,
and you need to reschedule.

The guy will understand and
reschedule for any other day.

And you can join my great
program you'll never forget.

No, no, wait. Slow down, I
can't think when you're talking.

What program do you mean?

A full adrenaline experience.

I'm pretty sure it'll do you
good You're a bit too stressed...

you have work issues,
your ex, you need to break free.

Disconnect from this world..

Be quiet, breathe...

Just be yourself.

- Lion, how are you? nice to see you.
- Hi, Beauty, how are you?

Good! Hey, David said you guys
met in New York.

- What are the odds?
- Amazing.

Oh, sorry. This is Ivana Cornejo,
Evelyn Schneider, a friend.

Hi, hi.

- Are you coming to Edu's on Saturday?
- I don't know, it depends on a call.

Actually, I must go north.

- Vacation?
- No, a project.

Don't tell me it's the Eco Resorts
like those in Virgin Islands.

- Yes.
- Shut up, I knew it...

I told David they
had to be yours.

Your mark, your design

- See you, a pleasure.
- Bye.

So, we're discussing a
wonderful experience.

Amazing. Exciting. Full
adrenaline, which you're about...

to live in an hour.


Hello? Mauricio.

How are you? Mauricio, I need
the plane.

- Yes, in an hour.
- A plane?

A little one.

- Could you explain...?
- Yes, we're two.

- Thanks.
- No, actually I won't do it.

- That's insane.
- No, no, this is not insane...

but fantastic. We're in
front of a great...

experience. Don't be scared,
Ivana Cornejo.

You're safe. You're with me.

I have a thousand things to do.

Noooo. You have to do
one thing only:

cancel your appointment.
You'll do it right now.

What's the plane for?

What is a plane for?
For flying.

- Ivana, right?
- Yes.

León will be backing you up.
Let him do everything.

- Ok.
- Don't worry...

- it's my second time.
- What?

Oh, my god, I'm crazy.
I don't know what I'm thinking.

Stop thinking, lawyer!

Oh no, I can't do this!

Easy, I won't let you go!

On the count of five, you jump,

- What?
- On the count of five...

- we'll jump.
- Ok!

One, two, three...!

I'm nuts, I've jumped out of a
plane, I jumped out of a plane!

It was awesome!

Look, look ...I'm shaking.

I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

I said you had to do it.

Thank you so much.

Well, now you have my number
in your phone.

You're smart, huh?

Just as long as I care.

Well... I must go to the office,
they're waiting for me.

My pleasure.

Thank you so much.

I don't know if I'll be able
to drive.

- Take it easy.
- Thanks.

Don't you dare.

Lucho? Easy!

Why do you do this all the time?

Ok, ok, Lucho, stop.

Little fucking dog.

- Hi Olga.
- Good evening, Mr. León.

So the puppy just
said hi to you.

He did.

- And Toto?
- Oh, Toto called...

He'll be a bit late

- He's gone downtown.
- Downtown? Why?

A job interview.

- A job interview?
- Uh-huh.

My my. He talks more with you
than with me.

Don't be jealous, a great guy
like you shouldn't be.

Watch your tone, Miss.

- You might get fired.
- Yeah, right...

imagine this house without me.

I'd die.

And then I got to this awful,
shady place...

the guy kept me waiting,
I got in, he wanted to pay me...

400 Dollars.

For someone not making a cent
in this house, 400 Dollars...

sounds great.

- Now you're rubbing it in my face?
- No. But that's true.

- Don't be so sensitive, son, ok?
- I'm not being sensitive, dad, but...

I didn't like the guy, or the place.
What was I supposed to do?

Take the job?

When in doubt, it's best
to say no.

I don't get it... you're saying
I'm right, dude.

Hey, first, don't dude me.

With love, but you're still
saying I'm right.

- I can do nothing with 400 Dollars.
- What are you saying?

I'd do a lot with 400 Dollars.

I don't even need money.

To make the gastronomic website
I want to launch worldwide...

and make it popular...
Money can't do that.

What I need is someone
important, someone convincing,

an opinion leader, You see?

The top chef in Peru,
that's what I need.

That's really something.

Hey, this is too salty, isn't


This is great.

Olguita. This meal is awesome.

Thank you, Mr. León.

You're always so nice to me.

- You're a naysayer, dad?
- Me?


What's wrong? Are you trying
to compete with me?

Who could you beat, kiddo?
For god's sake!

- Whatever you like.
- Eat. Get stronger.

So, ready or not?

Don't try to fool me, dad.
You're a step ahead.

Hey, what? Who's
a step ahead?

You're nervous, huh?


set, go!

I won.

- Who was beating who?
- Because you started first.

- You're such a sore loser.
- You cheated.

But you said swimming.

My eye's twitching.

That's a good sign, isn't it?

No. It's a sign that you
need to see a doctor now.

Is the Morlacceti audience

- At 10 o'clock.
- Perfect.

Listen, we will not
represent that guy.

He wants to wipe out
his wife's bank account.

He's just said he won't
give what the ex wants.

Can't you see he's lying?
Can't you smell his perfume...

have you seen his shoes?

Whose side are you on?
He's our client.

Not the ex-wife.

We are no NGO, so stop the
justice bullshit.

We're lawyers, not Robin Hood
and Partners.

And we need to bill.

You hear me, honey?

I just hate it when he
calls me “honey”!

Besides, did you see his hair
won't go messy?

Excuse me.


I love you.

The virus.

I thought you...

were saying it to me.

Typical error. Someone sees
a catchy heading, they click...

they scroll down and then
open the attachment.

And bang, virus.

And can it be fixed?

Yes, but there might be sequels.

We might want to risk it.


- It was you.
- Or Diego.

There are three of us single
and needy in this office.

Either of us could've opened
a mail saying I love you.

Look, you're a bit tense, your eye
is twitching, I don't why, but...

please, don't take it out on me.

My feet hurt so much.

Don't you have things to do?

Maybe lose some pounds before
the end of the year party, but...

that ain't gonna happen.

How about work?

Oh, Morlacceti.


Then with the investors, so...

Excuse me.

Just a sec.

Hi Home, what a surprise!

Hi, how are you?
Are you busy?

About to leave to the airport.

Why? Where are you going?

- Lima.
- Lima...

Where are you?

North. I told you, didn't I?

Yes, you did, but I wasn't sure.

Yes, I'm here for a project
at the beach.

How are you?

Good, I was...

Shut the door.

Nothing, it's just that you said
“let's talk”, then...

I called, right?,
to talk.

I love that you called.

I was also meaning to call you,
but for some reason...

I didn't.

Oh, you're busy.

A lot.

I'm also swamped with
tons of work.

Look, I'll call you as soon as
I land in Lima.

- How about that?
- Tomorrow is good.

Good. Then, I'll call you


Bye, León.

Who were you talking with?



I left Morlacceti's statement
on your desk.

Put that audience off until I
agree on something with my partner.

- Where are you going?
- To talk to Valladares.

He's been sued again,
can you believe it?

- You coming back?
- I don't know.

She's been so charming lately,

I can't stand her anymore.

You've been separated for three years.
When will you finally separate?

One more thing: the Morlacceti
audience can't be put off.

Hi, so?
Did you get the invitation?

To the party, the firm.

It just won't boot.

- What?
- Nothing.

You're looking and laughing.

You've looked in the mirror,
and laughed alone.

You've made your Casanova face, dad.
I saw you.

What were you thinking?

No, nothing.

I was just thinking whether I
had put on the T-shirt well.

You're hiding something.

"Hiding something"

- I'm off.
- Where are you going?

I'll have a drink with Manu.

Bye, dad.

Don't be back late.

You're hiding something.

Such a long line, huh?

Listen, I'm not cutting in.

Who said you need to?

- I don't like to cut in line.
- I know. Me neither.

Let's do something...

That door...


Good evening, Mr. León.

- Hi Cardoso, how are you?
- Good.

- Hi, Rogelio.
- What's up?

- Is everything fine?
- Fine, thanks.

This way.

Hey! Look who's here!

- León, the Great.
- Dear Percy.

- How are you, buddy?
- Fine, and you?

- Good, really good.
- How's Noelia doing?

Just fine!
With the kids at home.

- Say hi to her.
- Thanks.

Sorry, Ivana, Percy.

First time here?

Same table?

- Of course.
- Or do you prefer the terrace?

Good. I have the tequila I
promised last week. Remember?

I got it. Tequila?

Yes, sure.

Give me three minutes,
your table will be ready.

- Please, come in.
- Thanks.

Listen, the 32.
But quickly, quickly.

And get him the tequilas
and everything.


Oh, the watchword.

A gazelle is a lion's favorite

- Mr. León, your table's ready.
- Thanks.

- I'll help you.
- Nooo. I can manage.

Let's go.-Let's go.

- It's the cover.
- Yes.

Tonight many possibilities for
something to start, right?

If I place my hand on that heart
of yours, it must be...

beating at 120 times a minute.

And yours?


Oh, I look like a guinea pig...

What a bad joke.

I'm getting a tinycardia.

That building was built
by Crosby, right?

- Yes.
- A thousand errors.

No, I'm joking.

No, please...

- Crosby is an excellent architect.
- He is.

- But he hates me.
- What? Why?

- He hates you?
- Something silly...

We once competed for a project.

- Mall Aventura.
- Oh.

The shopping center.

And I beat him.

It seems like my project was
preferred 'cause it focused more...

on entertainment.

Oh, Crosby...

Plus, he has a real issue
with his height...

he's huge.

You can imagine what he may

about having been beaten
by a small man.

He must've felt awful.

I know I should say something,
but I don't know what...

Say: good night, León.

- Good night, León.
- Good night.

No! Ouch!

Why the crying, buddy?

- His name's León.
- Is he a lawyer?

Don't know. I heard them talking
on the phone, but not much.

Sugar? Jaggery?
Sweetener? Stevia?

- León what?
- I don't know.

What do you mean?

- Coffee or not?
- No, thanks.


You know Morlacceti can pay us
good money, don't you?

“Hey”? You can “hey” your dog,

Morlacceti will just make us
lose our reputation.

You know the firm isn't in its
best moment, don't you?

We can't mix ethics with
workplace issues.

Otherwise, we'll go to the wall.

What's wrong with you?
Something's going on.

Come on, share. It's me.

What do you mean “it's me”, huh?

- I know you.
- Oh, so just we were married...

for three years, you know me?

You've met someone.


- Don't control me.
- I'm not controlling you.

But I can tell.
You're nervous.

You're dating someone.

I'm out of here.

- I know you.
- Bye.

You were this close.

Tie your hat.

- Going home?
- No.

I'll have lunch with my buddies.
I told you.

Oh, yes.

I thought it was tomorrow.

- What about you?
- I'll go out with Evelyn and David.

We'll have dinner.

And we'll dance salsa.

Salsa? What, just the three
of you?

Who will you dance with?
Evelyn or David?

Or just the three of you,
modern style?

A friend is coming.

My my, you were hiding

Is she hot?

- She is.
- Really? Age?


You guys done it yet?

"You guys done it"?

You're so elegant.

Oh, he went mad ...You like her!


- Lawyer.
- A lawyer? Watch out...

How do I look?


Are those the ones with
the hidden lifts?

Yes, why?
Are they ugly?

- You look handsome, dad.
- But, tell me, do I look good?

Not like, oh, dad's asking
again, you're good dad...

- Or I look good.
- Hey, listen, you look good.

- How about that?
- Fine.

Hey, and ...what's her name?

- Ivana.
- Ivana?


- Find out.
- Brunette?

- Ginger.
- Don't be back late.

- Brunette.
- Oh wow.

Yes, I'll be done in five.

Five minutes.

Ok, bye.

Everything ok?

Yes, you?


Got any plans?
We could go out for a meal...

I have plans.

Oh, ok.

See you tomorrow.

See you tomorrow.

A midget?

Hey, what a cool night. Really.

Everything was cool, cool music.

- You're cool, Evelyn.
- Oh, no... Ivana's cool.

Well, thanks.

I dance awfully...

- Oh, please...
- attractive and interesting.

Hey, you're such a flatterer,

Let's go. I have a very
early start tomorrow.

Bye, my dear León.

- Bye, Ivana.
- Bye, a pleasure.

- See you in New York.
- I hope.

Ivana, darling.

Long live, salsa! Azúcar!


He's charming.

Are you alright?

Yes, I am.

Do you want to come to my place?

Look at me.

I suddenly see you,

and I say I love you.

And I miss you like the wind.

Escaping through my fingers.

And I love you and I hug you

I'll never let you go.

My life is escaping

if I'm not in your sight.


What a goal!

Such a big head...


- Hi.
- Yum, huh?

Yes, delicious.

Is that coffee?

- Well, that's Olga's coffee.
- Oh.

- You must be Toto.
- Toto.

Toto, how are you,
nice to meet you.

- Ivana.
- Hello.

- And dad?
- I think he left.

He left all this here.

He said I'd be picked up.

That's my dad.

He rocks.
A great man.

That's so sweet of you to say.

- You look like him.
- Do I?

Yes, you have the same eyes.

You're both Greek gods.

My cab's here.


- Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.

You too.

What are you saying?

- And what did you say?
- Nothing.

I just said she didn't see me.

- Are you sure you saw that?
- Absolutely.

His head was this short.
Just like that.

- His seat might've been broken.
- That car had no broken seat.

Hey, she's found a rich midget.

Shut up.

- Hi.
- Morning.

That dress looks nice on her.
She was wearing it yester...

Are you alright?

Yes, indeed.

- You?
- Perfect.

Good, well.
I'm just heading to...

the Justice Department.
I have an audience with...

Corina, who's my audience with?

- With Irazábal.
- With Irazábal.

- Great.
- Yes.

- What's the matter?
- No, no. Nothing.

Nothing. I'm going to the
audience with Irazábal.

Will you bring my coffee?

Large or small?

Same one.

Then, small.

Or large?

Well, I'll pay you back
in a year, the latest.

I'm totally convinced of
this venture.

Sabrina, you've said that three times.
No hurry.

Pay back when you can.

What about your dentist?

Well, we have ups and downs.

But, fine I guess.

- Sometimes he reminds me of you.
- He does? Why?

His height?

No. He's stubborn, and a bit
neurotic too.

- And super tolerant...
- Hey!

- You started it.
- Watch out!

- Ouch.
- Look when you're walking!

- I didn't see you.
- I didn't see you!

Focus on one thing at a time.
Don't use your phone and walk.

Ok, ok...

He frowned on me...

I just crushed a midget.

I don't understand. Can't they
see me?

Typical assholes, glued to their
phones, they can't see anyone...

- Are you alright?
- Yeah, I'm fine.

- Thanks a lot again.
- Always glad to help...

when you need me.

How's everything with the


Our son's a big mouth.

How did you find him? Great,

He's cute. So handsome.

- He's grown a lot.
- He's taller than me.

I can tell.

I'm really glad you're good.


Bye, Lacho.

I have information.

- Your eye's twitching again?
- Ok, shoot.

Confirmed, Morlacceti
has an account overseas.

See? I knew it. We're
representing a crook.

- Where?
- Costa Rica. Off shore.

- Does Diego know?
- Yes.

Your eye's twitching
for your boyfriend?

What boyfriend?
What are you talking about?

- I know you're dating someone.
- What?

His name's León, right?

I heard you the other day
on the phone.


- When?
- It doesn't matter...

His name's León, isn't it?


It does matter; he's not my

- He's some guy I met.
- So why are you upset?

You should be happy for
being with someone.

I'm not upset. And I'm not
with him. Period.

You dislike his dwarfism.

Why are you saying that?

Diego saw you the other day.

- When?
- It was on Wednesday, right?

- Corina, please.
- Oh, Ivana, please...

you need to talk with someone.

- I'm crazy.
- You're not crazy.

You're angry.

You like him, but you hate
his being a midget.

That is the issue.
We're so rude.

- We're all hypocrites.
- I'm not a hypocrite.

You're a hypocrite.
Look at you.

You don't want to feel what you feel.
Yet, you say you don't feel it.

But you do. Sorry, my friend,
but that's it.

We have a politically
correct phrase for each case

I love black people,
especially when they're little.

I have a queer friend,
but he's so hard-working.

Wow, great mestizo lady.
There are gyms in the slums.

Sure, but when it's about you,
you want to die.

We're all nazis, hypocrites,

You midget.

An emotional midget.
That's what you are.

Oh, oh, oh...

Sorry, sorry, sorry.

I went a bit too far.

I screwed it up.

How are you with the Shorty?


I mean, as long as I'm with him.


But he's tiny.

And those inches he's missing
are making your eye twitch.

I don't want to lose him.

But I don't want to hurt him

- And you know the worst part?
- What?

I think I'm falling in love.

Oh, dear. There's no
“I'm falling in love”

Well, a song says that, but love
has no gerund form.

When you fall... you fall!

The midget's hit your heart

Like a gunshot.

In the chest.

In short: you're doomed.

And how's your story with the
PC chubby guy?

Married. Loyal. Hopeless.

Don't call him chubby, you can't
afford to be picky.


You're beautiful.

What's that?

You blushed. You didn't like
me to say you're beautiful.

It was unexpected.

- Ok. I loved it.
- You're shy!

Sure, you're playing it cool,
but you're shy.

No, no, I'm not playing it cool.

But now you can respond.

Fine. You can call me pretty.
I'm ready.

No, I always say that to you.

Ok, fine, what do you need to

How long will you be hiding me?

Are you serious?

I'm not hiding you!

You haven't introduced me
to your family.

We haven't had the chance.
I don't know...

Because I'm reserved with my
private life.

Besides being an architect...

I know a lot about
body language.

When Western people lie,
their left side gets crooked.

And god forbid, but right this
minute, you're either about...

to have facial paralysis,
or you've told a big lie.

What do I do?

Do I go on?

Should I still bet on this...?

We've taken a step ahead,
haven't we?

How do you feel about it?


sitting on the balcony,
watching the sunset...

with a beer in my hand.

Saying you're beautiful.

And bringing you another beer.

My mom's husband

will be opening a cultural
center tonight.

A cocktail party.

Are you inviting me?

Come on, don't make it harder.

Will you say yes?


We wanted to bring a big band
from New Orleans, but no funds...

no way.

It's just an act.
They're drowning in debt.

That's why he's having this lobby.
To raise funds and pay this...

maniac of..

And ...he's lost all of his

Oh, a midget!

In his little suit.

Like a first communion boy.

Do you know him?

She didn't say she knew
a midget.

He must be a client...
or a lucky charm.

- Hello.
- Hello.

You're gorgeous.

Want to meet my mom?


León Godoy, please meet
my mom, Adriana.

- Nice to meet you.
- Hello.

- You're pretty.
- Thank you. May I introduce..

My dearest friend.

María Elena Cooper de Aliaga.

- How do you do?
- How do you do?

- Do you want a drink?
- Yes, I just saw a glass with...

some great-looking champagne.

- I'll go get it.
- Really?

- Sure.
- Ok.

Have you and Ivana met recently?

A month or so.

The sculptures are lovely.

- And so are you.
- Thank you.

León, my dad was one of the
engineers who built the...

Racket Mountain.

- In Orlando.
- Fascinating.

I could never see it finished.

I'm joking, just joking.

I love that roller coaster. I've
been on it a thousand times.

The feeling of not knowing where
you're going and suddenly, whoa...

Do you like roller coasters?

No, no, I can't ride roller
coasters, I can't, the height.

Oh, vertigo...

No, no, the minimum height.
They won't let me in.

I've been told you're a small
person, right?

Is that hereditary?

- Sorry, should we get some wine?
- Are there tall people in your family?


- We should get some more wine.
- Sure.

Waiter, please.

And what do you do for a living?

Well, I used to... English
literature teacher at some schools.

Oh, wow.

Please, one more bottle of wine.

Sorry, I need the toilet, just a

Well, so, what project
are you on now?

Well, I've been working in the
north lately. Building a new resort.

- Is it the Casa Magna?
- That's right.

Sounds like a great idea.
Remember I told you about it?

- Wonderful.
- I read about it.


Oh, I'm so sorry. Listen up,
you jerks, stop staring...

and laughing.

Oh, the shorty's girlfriend is

The shorty's girlfriend will smash
this bottle over your head...

fucking bald-headed,
if you keep laughing.

Sorry... don't you say a word,
double chin.

Oh, sorry, I'm so stupid.

I'm so sorry, ok?

She called me bald-headed.

And me double chin.

And León?

- He's paying the bill.
- No, mom, he's not using a card.

Yes, he swiped his phone
and it went beep.

It's not right.

Don't you dare.

Did you know he built a
stadium in Indonesia?

I didn't know.

He just told us.
He's a genius.

A real charming small man.

An alluring man.

Besides he's gentleman.
Almost perfect.

You're discriminating.

Saying perfect is

“Almost” is discrimination.

Oh, you're impossible tonight.

Where did you meet him?
Are you representing him?

Yes, in a lawsuit against a
construction company.

They'll surely lose. Construction
companies are fucking bastards.

That whisky was so good, right?

It's been a really nice evening.

Well, hey, it's been
really nice to meet you.

Won't you stand up?

My pleasure, really.

Bye.-Why do I get the back

- I want to drive.
- Please, take them home.

Neto is so nice.

It went well, right?


Why should it go wrong?

Come on.

It was a good night. It could've
gone wrong.

It went well though.

Let's not ruin it.

Being honest is ruining it?


You asked me to introduce you
to my family.

I introduced you to my family.

I'm doing everything
to make this work.

Don't ask for much.

I'm not that modern, I'm not
that open-minded..

I am what I am.

I have mixed emotions.

I'm also scared.

Be patient to me.


I love you so much.

So do I.

Let's go.

Hey, I got a call from... oh,

- Are you alright?
- Yes, yes.

Listen up, all the invitations
have been sent.

- Ok. You're happy, huh?
- I am.

- Great.
- Hey, hey.

We need to talk.

- Have you lost your mind?
- What is it?

Morlacceti. You can't call him
without my consent and...

- tell him we won't represent him..
- Of course I can.

That guy is a crook.

Stop acting like a judge.

What's with you? You're losing
it for that midget you're dating.

So now you're playing Snow

and you're doing worse and

Don't you ever call me
“Snow White”, ever again!

We're doing everything wrong,

Leave me alone. We're not
a couple now. Let me move on.

I've never stopped you.

It's always the same. Every time
I start seeing someone...

- you're against me.
- But this time is different...

You're dating a... midget!

I don't think that's right!

That midget, my midget

is a real man.

He's a huge midget...

and you and all your retarded
friends should be jealous of him!

Let's see what our colleagues,
the judges...

my family think about this!

- Excuse me.
- What?

- Morlacceti is coming up.
- You take care of him, your client.

Bring him to my office.

Hey, you all.
Show is over.


- How are you?
- Good.

But, what are we doing here?
What about my birthday lunch?

Sure, but first I want you
to come with me.

I'll show you something.

Son, remember you said
you needed the top...

chef in Peru?


Your lucky day. The best chef
in the world.

- Dad, that's Virgilio Martínez.
- Yes.

- What should I do?
- Go.

- What should I say?
- I don't know.

Life is just an occasion.

Leave it or take it.

Hey, that's a very good deal
for this much, right?

Why? Do you want to pay?

How will you pay?

Credit card?

The salt is missing, dad.

Chill. There's tons of salt at

Olguita puts salt in everything.

- Ok, good. I'll shut it.
- I'll do it. Look, huh?

Oh, you're a magician.

Where is the salt? Where did you
leave it, Olga?

Oh, no. Why do you do
this to me, Olguita?

I'm already hungry.

The meat isn't ready yet. Don't
stuff yourself with potatoes, ok?

Where's my dad?

I'll go check.

Don't laugh, moron. Help me!

- Do you need any help?
- Damn, she can't see me like this.


León?-Wait, the salt.

- Put me down.
- León?


- Hi.
- You alright?

I'm alright.

- The salt?
- Yes.


You coming to the BBQ?

Are you alright?

Oh, such good music!

- So, coming...?
- You go first, I'll follow you.


- She almost saw me!
- Ok...

I thought you didn't want to
come to the gynecologist with me.

We must've have gone together
just once.

Since you're going, I thought
I could go too.

And why that sudden appointment?

Have you met someone?

My gynecologist has just gone
to Brazil, I told you.

Who is it?

Dr. Lombardi.
Do you remember?

No. Who's making you
see a doctor now?

Mom, you're awful.

You know I can be worse.

Is he interesting?



God, why do you always need
to be so materialistic?

A wealthy person is not
necessarily interesting.

Oh, sweetie. The things
you say sometimes!

I know him, otherwise you'd
given more information.

Yes, you know him.

It's León.

León. León...

The only León I know is
León Gotrey, the notary.

But he's almost 85 and
looks more dead than alive.

How can you think of León Gotrey, mom?
He could be grandpa.

It's León Godoy.

The midget!

Oh, mom, you're a beast.
Are you nuts?

So many normal men out there...
Why would you like a midget?

So many normal men in Lima,
why a blind man?

You can't compare a blind
to a midget, please.

It was you who said he was

He's just a bit short,

Too short, a shorty, a midget!

Don't be prejudiced,
he makes me happy!

And, why should men be tall?,

Just because some moron
said they should be tall.

A moron with a great sense
of esthetics.

Please, you, you, you
are so wrong...

Hey, move it.

Please, my daughter
is dating a midget!

Guess what? You'll go
to the doctor alone.

Easy, we're talking.
Don't run away like a rat!

- Yes, there's a rat and it's you!
- Ivana!


Oh, shit!

I can sue him for slander..

I don't care if he's an
attorney, I don't care.

A gift for your hand.

Yes. Can you prove
what you're saying?

Hey, did Diego fuck
Judge Hidalgo?

- Yes, he did her.
- What?

No, I don't care. I won't lower my
tone, I don't like what you're saying.

Fuck off, Urrutia, fuck off!

- He's nuts.
- Who? Urrutia? Yes.

Listen, out there, out there...

- Who's out there?
- He's out there...

What? Who's out there?


- What's he doing there?
- He's out there.

He's cute, sweet, a little

Don't you call him “little”,

No, no, come here!

Come with me, let's avoid Diego.

Hi, what a surprise!

I finished some work earlier...

Then I thought, why not coming


This is Corina. She's
the firm's secretary.

- We've already met.
- We've already met.

Oh, we spoke at the same time!

I'll be done in five minutes
and then we'll go.

No, don't rush.

Hey, that's a nice globe.

A gift from her ex-father-in-law

Would you like some water?
Coffee? Tea?

- Water is good.
- Right away, sweetie.

Why don't you come into
my office and wait...

- You can't be waiting here.
- Ok.

You look pretty with short hair.

Wh-at? Do you like that better?

No, I don't mind.

You're pretty.

You must be nuts!

García, from 23rd Court District
just called and said...

Urrutia is bitching at everyone
at the Supreme Court...

- because you told him to fuck off!
- Diego, I'm busy.

I don't give a shit if you're

Now you'll tell me
what the fuck is going on!

Do you want us to close?
Say it. We'll sell and share.

But don't ruin me more.
Come on...

Got something to say?
Oh my!

Sorry, I didn't know...

you had a visitor.

No, no, don't get off, don't get

Nice to meet you, León Godoy.

Diego Bisoni. Hello.

Can we discuss Urrutia later?

No. If you have five minutes
I need to discuss it now.

Sorry, León, but this is a
very urgent matter.

No, no, sorry. It's me who's

No, León. I'll finish this
and we go.



He was big, uh?
He was tall.

Don't be a jerk.
Are you fucking Judge Hidalgo?

So, that's why Urrutia called?
Now you're jealous.

How can you possibly say
I'm ruining this firm...

Is this charity work...

or an experiment? Explain
this, I don't understand...

You won't go against me.

Is that your predicament?
Going out with me again...

or start dating the midget?

Really? The midget or me?

Do you know the joke
about the little ant?

I'll go to my office and
go out with him.

And you'll stay here!

Shut up!


I hadn't enjoyed a movie so much
for a long time.

Yes, it was fun.

- You didn't even laugh.
- I did!

- You did?
- I mean it!

Yes, I had fun.


Ok, alright,
I fought with Diego.

- For us?
- He's a jerk.

He won't leave me alone.

He can't accept you're with me.
That's the issue.

Forget it, ok?

Why don't we go to a bar, have
a drink and forget about it?



Leave her alone, let her go.

It's over.

- What?
- You heard me.

Leave her alone now.

- Now she's with me.
- Hey, what the hell, bro?

- Are you following me?
- Stop playing games with her.

Your story with her is over.

Leave her alone.

- Hey, are you threatening me, moron?
- I'm not a moron.


I'm not a moron.

Who the hell do you think
you are, huh?

Hey, hey, I'm not stealing anything.
I'm saying what's right.

If Ivana wants to be with me,
so be it.

You must really have the balls
to come look for me.

- And? What's the problem?
- Look, why don't you beat it...

or things might get rough here?

Watch out, I've knocked out
guys as tall as you.

Don't make me mad or
you'll regret it.

Help! He wants to hit the kid!

He is no kid, he's a midget!

Go, midget, smack him!

Look, the traffic lights are

the crowd expects us to
come to blows...

Let's cool off.
We're gentlemen.


Will you pass the cleaner?

What are you doing with the

I hear the tic, tic, tic,

Don't control me, I'm fine..

You're texting someone who
won't reply, huh?

How do you know she won't reply?

I can't hear the...

It's Ivana, it's nothing.

- What happened? Did you fight?
- Who with?

- With Ivana.
- She fought with me.

What did you say to her?
You're really harsh...

If I'm that harsh, why
are you with me?

Hey, stop the drama.
Tell me what's going on.

We were driving together
to the doctor and...

we had a stupid argument.

She lost it. She said:
stop the car, I'm getting off!

She got off and left.

What did you say about
her boyfriend?

What boyfriend?

The shorty one.


She said she had a relationship
with him...

So I expressed my concern
because that's not normal...

If she likes him and is happy
with him, why are you meddling in?

Leave her alone.

What's wrong?

Why are you so angry?

Don't know. I think I'm
angry at myself.

Are you not angry?

Me? Why?

Have you ever fallen in love
with someone your height?

Yes, when I was five.

But she kept growing.

And stopped loving you.

I don't know.

What would you have done?

I don't know.

I can't remember what I felt
when I was five.

And now?

What would you do?

Oh, León, no.

I know...

someone possessive and
I know what's next.

I know someone insecure
and I know what's next.

I know all possible ends for
all possible men types.

I see.

But all roles got mixed up
with me.

I ended up being
the most original one.

The shortest.

I really love thinking about us.

But that also scares me.

And that's not right.

Of course it's not right.

It's wrong.

I'm saying horrible things.
I'd better leave.

No, stay.

I want to hear everything
you need to say to me.

I don't want to hurt you.

Too late.

You should've thought...
It's too late.

I told you.

A thousand times.


Ivana, should I still bet on
this relationship?

I must've been a pain.

Since I met you, my life
has been crazy.

I haven't been able to think
for over a month.

No matter how hard we tried... it
was all about this shitty moment.

I adore you.

I miss you when I'm not
with you.

I love you.

You're the man who's
made me feel the best.

Do you understand?

No, no I don't.

I'm the guy who's made you
feel the best in your life.

Are you listening to yourself?

Can you hear everything you're

I'm fed up. Fed up of

I don't want to understand
anybody else.

I'm not 6 feet tall.


I wear hidden shoe lifts.

But you can't understand,
Ivana Cornejo...

you're perfect.

Do you think I'm perfect?

I had an ex-husband who cheated
on me with women...

much more perfect than me.

A company that might
go bankrupt...

I'm not perfect.

I'm tall.

Ok, ok. Enough. I'm tired.

It's over.

It's over, right?

I'm so stupid, right?

- I can't think anymore.
- No, you can think.

But you can't feel.

And that...

is really serious.

And there was I like an idiot.

You're talking as though
I'd lied to you.

Ok, stop defending yourself.

I'm saying I fell for you
like an idiot.

You're missing the chance
to be happy.

I'm here.

But you can't see me.

You only live once, Ivana.

It's one time. Just once.

I suddenly see you,

and feel for a moment

while I'm shaking, I'm shaking

while I'm screaming in silence

I suddenly see you,

and I say I love you.

And I miss you like the wind.

Escaping through my fingers.

And I love you and I hug you

I'll never let you go.

My life is escaping

if I'm not in your sight.

Omar, I told you this ground
was moving, for god's sake.

There's a crack in the
center of the swimming pool.

I told you it needed to have
a good base.

No, I don't want a patch.
I want you to fix this tomorrow.

You'll have to remove all
the floor and rebuild it.

Look at this.
A crack in the center.

Dad, I don't know how to say
this, but you're not alright...

You're wrong and I know.
I know you.

You've been like that for a

First, it was the accountant,
who had no clue...

then the construction
company, yadda yadda, yadda.

The New York guy doesn't
understand you...

And now the crack.

You're blaming it on everyone.

And we both know that's
not the problem.

Excuse me, shall I cook
lunch for two?

- Yes.
- No.

No, I'm not having lunch.
Cook for him only.

Cook for two, please, Olga.

Lunch for two.

You can never agree.


can I ask you something?

- Sure.
- But you must be honest.

What do you see in me?

I see a lot of things.

I see a great father.

The best.

I also see my best buddy, too.

I see a very talented architect.

And sometimes I see a sensitive guy
who suffers every time he gets hurt.

That chick's hurt you, dad.

But he's also made me feel
wonderful things.


when I was a teenager...

I started to realize how
people stared at you.

I could take it, dad. And...
You know why I didn't mind?

Because you didn't mind.

But later...

I realized I was wrong.
You must have felt angry.

You must've always
hated to be short.

You have no idea.

What can we do?

Your father's a liar.

No, dad, that's not a lie.
That's dignity.

Same thing.

As a small boy I realized.

Something was wrong.

You know what it is to come back
from vacation...

and see everyone's taller?

Every single year.

I've been this tall since I was

Of course I was upset.

I've been always seen as
a midget.

I'm tired of being short.

He's not here.

- Where's he?
- I don't know.

He's gone.

What do you mean gone, Olga?

What can I say?

- He's not here.
- Olga...

No, he's not.

- What are you doing here?
- Looking for your dad.

Ok, I'll take care of this, Olga.

What do you want?

I need to know
where your dad is.

Olga says she doesn't know,
that he's gone.

She's right.

Don't give me a hard time.

I'm not giving you a hard time.

This is hard for me too.

Well, it's much harder for him.

Ok, leave him alone.

He's hurt enough.

You know, right?

Yes, I do.

Then, don't ask me to tell you
where he is, because I can't.

He's my dad and I must
care for him.

I bet you can understand that,
can't you?

- Well...
- Please.

I'm sorry.

Hi, it's me.

Lately I've been talking more
to this machine than with you.

There's a new release with
Meryl Streep tonight.

I read a fabulous review.
Four and a half stars.

That woman is amazing.

Let me know, ok?

Otherwise, I'll ask María Elena.

Weren't you at the movies?
What're you doing here?

We were going together,

Yes, but if I couldn't, you'd go
with María Elena.

I'm listening to your message.

Will we talk on the intercom or
will you let me in?

Come in.

You're always tired, but you
always come to the movies with me.

What's wrong? Tell me.

Don't be a pain, mom.

I was going to fall
asleep in the first ten minutes.

It wouldn't be the first time.

You broke up with León Godoy.

Don't start with your

What're you looking for?

A large frying pan. Your friend,
the doctor gave it to you.

- What for?
- To cook.


You broke up with him.

You'd love that, right?


You're in love with that man.

Be careful.

Why careful?

Sweetie, we find a real person
once in a lifetime.

And sometimes that never


So, where is that goddamn
frying pan?

- Right here, mom.
- I looked there.

Look carefully.

- And the apron?
- Oh, god.

Good morning.

Meeting with Gutiérrez, 11:30.

- Who is Gutiérrez?
- Judge Castro's secretary...

- who's replacing Judge Hidalgo.
- True.

Diego doesn't know if he can
make it.

He must be consoling
Judge Hidalgo.

Maybe. He said no more.

Oh, some Totó called.

Young voice...

- What did he say?
- Call him, he said you knew.

He said no more.

My my.

- My my what?
- The young boy.

Now you're into young boys...

That's León's son.

Oh, sorry. I'm so sorry.

What is wrong with you?


I'll go to the notary, get some
papers stamped and be back.

- Hello?
- Hi, Toto.

- This is Ivana.
- Ivana, I might be screwing it up...

Are you sure of
what you're doing?

I swear if you ever hurt him

You can trust me.

I'll tell you where he is.

- We're here, miss.
- Thanks.

- But we're in the middle of nowhere.
- This is the center, miss.

Oh, what now?

- Hi, how are you? I must go to...
- 30 Dollars.

- But I haven't said where I'm going.
- 30 Dollars.

- It's nearby.
- 30 Dollars.

Are you coming?

What a rip-off!

- Hello.
- Morning...

I'm a friend of León Godoy's,
the architect. I need to see him.

- What's your name, please?
- No, I'm not in the list.

Oh, if you're not in the list,
you can't come in. I'm so sorry.

Why not? Would I steal
the palm trees or else?

The seaside belongs to
all Peruvians, so...





What's that?



I'm here.

Can we start over again?

Hi León.

This is Home.

Can we do something together?

A coffee,

a stroll by the promenade.

A motocab ride.


I think the phone's broken.

You said I can't feel.

You were right.

I can't feel.

Since the last time
I saw you, I feel...

my heart's not beating.

I know we'll have many problems.

I don't mind.

If we're together.

I want to live my life with you.

Please, say yes.

Say yes, because I'm so cold.

I like the idea of a
ride in a motocab.

I suddenly see you,

and I say I love you

and I miss you like the wind

escaping through my fingers

and I love you and I hug you

I'll never let you go

my life is escaping

if I'm not in your sight

and I fly

by your side

and I fly

by your side

by your side

like this.

Want a drink?
Want some pisquito?

I have a friend who's a hostess and
she always brings me little bottles...

- Ivana looks so happy.
- I can see that clearly.

I was cutting all those
little triangles...

and blowing all those balloons.
I have some pain here.

But everything looks
good in this party, huh?

Happy new year!

Judge Hidalgo?


Hey, how many Gigabytes does
your pendrive have?


Come on, guys. What's wrong?
I can't see your moves!

Mati, are you alright?


Something's upset my stomach.

I must've eaten a knife.

- I have a car waiting for you.
- You do?

Oh, but daddy, let's dance.

No, no, no. Don't call me
“daddy” here.

Listen, we're in the firm,
my colleagues are here.

- They can't see this.
- Where?

Where? To your place. I
called a cab to take you home.

No, but you like to dance.

- Oh, wait a minute.
- Again?

Camera on!
Seconds out!

Please! Damn, I screwed it up.

Oh no, the microphone!
It's in the movie!

May it have been a broken car?
The seat? The car part?

You and all your retarded
friends should be proud of him!

No, damn, that's not it!

Your retarded friends
should be ashamed!

How could I possibly look at people?
At our kids' school?

- What kids...?
- Parents' meetings...

We have no kids?

Ten thirty. Sorry...
Eleven thirty.

What's going on? Are you high?

- Get out!
- I'm the main character.

Wait. I have an eye booger.

Watch out, I've knocked out
other guys as tall as you.

I'm this tall, moron.

I won't do it,
that's just crazy.

- Where are you going?
- I need to stretch a bit.

- I screwed it up, didn't I?
- I don't know...

I was doing some work and
I finished before I...

Yo, what are you doing with
my girlfriend, dude?

Oh, Diego.