El fantasma y Dª Juanita (1945) - full transcript

Faced with the possibility that her niece Rosita abandon her true love to contract a marriage of convenience, Miss Juanita tells the girl what happened to herself many years ago when she fell in love with Antonio Ruiz, the supposed accountant of a circus visiting the city.

Society page
Marriage proposal

This afternoon a great party
will be held in the halls

of our distinguished friend
do?a Juanita Izquierdo,

to announce the upcoming marriage
of her beautiful niece Rosita

with the well-known industrialist
of this town, Don Serafin Gonz?lez.

This cup doesn't correspond
with the saucer.

There are 24 cups with flowers
and only 22 dishes.

You could have said,
we'll have to buy two saucers.

Or break two cups.

Come with me. I'll go down
and everything will be half done.

If I was your age...

Let's see flowers at the entrance.
Very nice.

Very nice.
Bautista has shone.

Roses. - Always the name of the bride.
- And intertwined with orange blossom.

It's like a "jeglorif".
- "Jeglo" what?

No, a riddle.

It doesn't seem the same, Ma'am.

Still not set a wedding date.
And here we must put an ashtray.

I'll bring one from the parlour.
- From wherever. And bring the roses.

I'll go check on Rosita.
She's probably not even dressed yet.

Rosita, girl,

Where are you?


Are you asking about Miss?
- Yes, have you seen her?

I've just come from the ironing board.
- Well?

She wasn't there.
- You've starch in your blood.

Rosita, girl!

Have you seen Rosita around?
- No, ma'am.

Child, go to the kitchen and
you'll be able to make a dessert.

Send Clarita to number five.

Maybe she's chatting there
without looking at the clock.

I don't know if it's a weakness
to grant you these moments.

But I was reluctant that it
should end this way forever.

Doesn't that word give you the shivers?

It has to be.
- Rosita?

Go, Jos?, go.


Hey, you!

You, what are you doing here?

What are you stealing?
- Stealing? No, ma'am,

I was looking at the garden
and dropped my hat inside.

Have you seen my hat?

I've seen you trying to jump the fence.
It's enough to call the Civil Guard.

That's not fair.
- It's I who must speak of fairness.

It's not with impunity
one enters a strange house.


Were you by any chance...?
- This young man was talking to me.

He was saying goodbye at the
moment you arrived. Not stealing.

At least he's not come to steal
something of little value.

You now, out!
- Yes, ma'am, right now.

By the door
where decent people leave.

I'll do you the honour
of offering that for your exit.

Yes, ma'am,
you're quite right.

At your service.
Thank you.

What is this, Rosita?
You must explain everything.

Although I'm afraid what I have
seen explains it only too well.

Aunt don't think...
- I don't have to think but to see.

The very day to officially
announce your engagement

to as good a man as Don Serafin,
doesn't merit such behaviour.

Not that boy, aunt,
he deserves our friendship.

Yes, only our friendship,
don't look at me so,

ended without a farewell.
I will never see him again.

A friendship hidden from all.
Love is hidden, not friendship.

No, aunt, I love Serafin
and I know he loves me.

That he's good, that it's a wedding
that suits us all at home.

What more do you want?
This was goodbye forever.

Forever, what a reckless word to affirm

neither love nor oblivion.

Come, Rosita,
you have a lot to tell me.

With your heart on your sleeve.

Let's see, Rosa, listen.

Right now I really know more
than you know yourself.

I don't doubt your strong
desire to love Serafin,

to forget that boy
you're in love with.


If you protest
I will say in love.

No doubt about your good intentions.
- Then why doubt?

Not at all, as I don't doubt
that all your intentions will be useless.

You're too young to understand.

You can't play with love,
much less hide it.

Because then it becomes
a ghost that haunts us a lifetime.

A ghost?

Never pronounce
that word at home, alright?

But sometimes in some corner
as I pass by you will have heard say:

"There comes do?a Juanita,
with her ghost".

I'll tell you the whole story
that gave rise to this legend of mine.

I don't know if it
torments or comforts me.

Some remember
and tell it on winter nights.

Others have already forgotten.
I will never forget.

It will help you to know, my child,
that love doesn't compromise

with lies and dissimulation.


It's me when I was 25.
You look a lot like me, right?

And him,
do you have a picture?

No, but imagine him
like that other,

who tried to jump the fence,
that's him too.

Why put a name and a face

to something so eternal and similar.


It's a circus program.

Many years ago,
when I was young,

a traveling circus came
to town for the holidays

such as we had never seen.

Everyone came out
to greet them with joy.

Fix the post well.

Still not positioned the organ?

Must I be a carpenter too?

Come on!

Come on, hurry!

Come on,
we have work to do today!

Ladies and gentlemen.

First of all, a greeting
from the Circus of Joy.

Tonight's great sensational
and extraordinary performance,

10 formidable attractions:

Tony, with his lovely do?a Micaela.

The Brothers Salvaret
on the trapeze.

Flying men.
Human eagles.

The Wizard of Tibet with his
infinite trunk and great trombone.

And now, the international tamer,

famous throughout the five continents
of the world and elsewhere.

The beautiful Ernestina
will present tonight

her magnificent, unique
and immeasurable

collection of trained dogs.

Did he say tamer?

With dogs?
- They'll be mad.

A real firecracker.
O la la.

At the foot of the beautiful Ernestina,

the world's press
has cast a rain of flowers

Showered with praise...

Good heaven's, it's raining.

Ladies and gentlemen,

don't forget that
tonight is the first...

Don't move.

Don't go.

Oh, my God.

Hopeless, all that leaping
from trapeze to trapeze

And then that,
for a drop of water.

Couldn't you
do anything to stop them?

Couldn't you extract from your
moustache a few patriotic little words?

And you? Why not play
the national anthem?

The public would have had to
stand firm, unable to leave.

This will be my ruin.
This rain.

And they said it never rained
here for the fair, city propaganda.

Just a moment, Pierre!

Follow me, I have to talk.
- Oui.

It's the last time, you hear?

The last time you exhibit me to
the public before the performance.

It's the public that comes to me!

I'm an international star.
Do you hear, a star!

Yes, star, but take it easy.

I've medals from shows
in Vienna and Istanbul.

Then I performed in Paris and London
with my five Bengal panthers.

I was accompanied to the hotel
surrounded by lights.

Bengal. But calm yourself.

I want my adorable panthers
or no one respects me.

Now with my dogs I am nobody.

What days they were for us,
those five panthers and I.

That's it...

Calm down, I'm on edge.
This rain will be my ruin.

Who'll come out
to see my circus?

Is it my fault? My contract doesn't
require me to tame the elements.

You're quite right.

But cover yourself up,
don't go getting cold.

It's ten, have the band enter.

And it's raining, it's raining!

I'm ruined.
Get started.

Don't forget that it's
the inaugural performance.

In the ring!

Welcome to the Circus of Joy.

I greet the stands and
their intelligent audience.

You will witness
our first sensational act:

Tony with his friend do?a Micaela.


Mr. Tony,
nice to meet you.

I'm not called Matias.

What about your family?

I have no Emily.

I just happened to see you pass.

Blasa? I don't know any Blasa.

I've no other family than this.

Micaela greet this gentleman.

Come on!

Greet the public!

Don't you have something
to say to the public?

Didn't you understand?

Micaela wants to say
Viva Villaclara!

Nobody laughs at that idiot!

Get out, another number!
Music, pronto!

One can see what
a lot of training it takes.

A steak? No man!
I don't want any steak!

Monsieur Tony, magnifique!
You managed to make a child cry.

What a success for a clown!
We can't continue this way.

That's how it is
on an empty stomach.

Don't apologize, Tony.
You know my advice?

Go look for work
in a funeral home.

And take your monkey to the zoo.

It's first-day jitters.

For you it should be the last.

If I wasn't too impatient!

Here, take it
with both hands.

Good appetite, eh?
Yes, finish all the milk.

Well, I'll take a walk to explore
the city, eh, Micaela?

As we only perform at night,
we'll take a walk in the afternoon.

You stay here
and clean all the dishes.

And not like the other day.

Soap's not for eating,
you can eat this.

Goodbye, sweetheart.

Do you like it?
- Yes.

It's the Battle of Sotillo Bajo,

Three leagues from here,
in the time of Alfonso VIII.

Most admirable is
the white horse of the king.

Note that, from
wherever you look at it,

it's always head on.
It looks at you here, head on.

You turn to look at it from here,
head on too. - Very curious.

And see in that corner,
in a halo of light,

Our Lady of the Hill,
our patroness.

The canvas is quite discoloured
by moisture, but look carefully

at the sweetness of the face,
which one can also incidentally

see from anywhere...
- But Dad...

Daughter, I'm sure
this gentleman

is interested in curiosities.
Look. Note the crutch.

The poor fellow had
one leg shorter than the other.

He was miraculously cured.

That painting represents
a bricklayer who saved the Virgin.

It was on a very high
scaffolding, slid...

Who climbs scaffolding
with one leg shorter than the other.

No, that was lame Francisco.

But Dad, he's not from Villaclara,
he's not interested in all this.

Of course he's not from Villaclara!
That's why

he must know not only the shrine
but all the artistic monuments.

And I am willing
to teach them, if desired.

Yes, sir, delighted.
- You'll see.

This chapel, the viceroy
had it built, when old,

in memory of a wonderful event
that happened to him in Peru.

Then the viceroy appealed to the woman
and was able to raise her son.

Wouldn't you have done
the same as the viceroy?

Ah! The same, the same.

This is the blazon
of Vazquez de Guzman:

The lion and the two headed eagle.
- He seems to be rather light headed.

Good heavens, remarkable
memory your father has.

I read a lot. This is the sixth
emblazoned house I've shown him.

You said there are 16?

Yes, but the others are
for some other time.

You should bring a notebook.
I'll point out some interesting facts.

May I offer you my house.
But no concoctions.

It's better not to need them.
- Thank you very much.

Laureano Izquierdo, daughter Juanita.

And I'm... Antonio Ruiz.

Have you perhaps come to the fair?
- To the fair? No.

Rather yes. I've come with the circus.
- Are you an artist?

No, good heavens.
I'm employed by the management.

I'm an accountant, you know?
A purely administrative post.

Excellent. Accounting
is a poetry of sorts

as everything is accurate.
Mr. Ruiz, I hope to see you

this afternoon at the Alameda.
- Enjoy yourself, sir.


How late you are.
They've brought three prescriptions.

We were teaching
things to a stranger.

Poor thing.
- We'll see.

What do you think, Micaela,
is this elegant now?

Because you know today I met
the prettiest girl in the world.

Don't be jealous, Micaela.

Note that I said girl,
I didn't say monkey.

Come on.


Wait a moment.
I'll be right back.

Then I'll pick you up.

Where you going, Tony?

For a stroll.
- Make it a quick one.

You know an hour before performance
everyone must be at the circus.

I'll be right back, sir, excuse me.

Excuse me.
May I have a glass of water?

What a thirst!
- I had to take a pill.

Good afternoon, young man.
Come in.

Choose a cut-out, posture,
I have all the backgrounds.

I have Venice, Giralda,
a pass of of Mazantini.

Please, lift you head.


That's 3 reales.

Hey, wait, the photo!
It's 3 reales.

Gentlemen, go through
the infernal tunnel.

Come, gentlemen.
Pay on the way out.

In case of danger
pull the cord

Come, gentlemen.
Pay on the way out.

Come, gentlemen.
The infernal tunnel.

Go in or sit.

Wait, take Micaela
to the circus, she's tired.

I'll be along later.
- OK, but don't be late.

Good evening, don Laureano.
- How are you, Mr. Ruiz.

Are you taking a liking to Villaclara?
- It's beautiful.

You say it as a matter of form,
you'll have travelled everywhere.

Yes, I've traveled, I should think so.
- Join us to hear the band for a while.

It's not a brass band, sir.
Please, excuse me.

This way, through here.

You first, no getting lost.

Will you allow me a seat, sir?
- Yes, sir.

Not at all, you're a young lad.
- No, allow me.

The new director has
has an ear for the classics.

This year he has a brilliant
version of Liszt's "Dream of Love".

It'll leave you open-mouthed,
but invigorated.

The circus organ plays it too
but it sounds quite different.

It'll be the company.
- Such nice company.


The Estivils.

The finest men are at the fair.
- And the most suspicious women, right?

Especially with those
who go from fair to fair.

Like sailors who go from port to port.
Haven't you seen such an operetta?

- Hello.

Torre ?lvarez.

I love it when your
friends appear. - Why?

To see you smile.
- I don't love it so much.

At each fair we must provide gossip,
from one year to the next.

Gossip, you can't do that
from memory.

Look, at your father,
invigorated with this waltz.

The music brings back many things.

Just imagine, I hear this waltz
every day at the circus.

Not with you.

Try your luck?
Two goes, one for the girl.

Try, Juanita.
- I have lousy luck.

- Unlucky in this... Let me see.

Come on zero.
Zero, zero.


Do you want me to be
unlucky in the game too?

- That's impossible.

So you had an argument
with your parents.

Right, with my parents.
I could have at home

everything I wanted but
I chose to live for myself.

It's always attracted me, a free life
and struggle. I became an accountant.

I just happen to be in the circus.
But I'm looking for something better.

The circus is a sad thing
behind its apparent joy.

It must be so,
especially the clowns?

Forcing a laugh every day.
Always pretending.

Yes, all that pretend...

We didn't realize, they're
playing "The Dream of Love."

Dad. "The dream".
- What dream?

"Dream of Love",
they are playing it.

Oh yes. Magnificent.

Wonderful, wonderful.
What did you think of "The Dream"?


It transports me, I'm enraptured.
We are almost alone.

Good taste is finished.
No one listens to the last piece

which is always classical.
Some go to the booths,

others go to the circus.

The circus.
It will have already begun.


Of course, the talk was so nice.
I have to leave

to take care of the collection.
You'll forgive me

if I don't come with you.
Delighted, Juanita.

Tomorrow I hope to see you again.
- Tomorrow you shouldn't miss

the fireworks.
- No, I won't miss them.

Good night.

Goodbye, Mr. Ruiz.

23:30 ! It's the last time
he'll do this to me.

The last! Is he here?
- No, sir.

He should have arrived two acts ago.

Here I am, Mr. Brochard.


You see...
- We'll talk later!

The audience won't laugh at you
and you won't laugh at me.

The waltz...
- Shut up! Go get dressed.

Yes, right away.

What is it? - Let me in,
I must get dressed right away.

Me too, it's my number.
Yes, but...

Take it, cutie.

Get out of here.

Ladies and gentlemen, in
response to the public of Villaclara,

a sensational number,
Amaru and his panthers.

Amaru, the Indian from Bengal
will be enclosed in the cage

with the beasts.

Release the panthers!

Don't move!

Moron, what have you done!

At this moment the panthers
advance on the cage.

Look at Amaru's impassive smile.

What about my Panthers?

I'm changing it for another number!

I don't care about you.

I'm betrayed by my enemy.

I don't think goats have any
outstanding account with you.

Who was it?
Who's to blame? - Tony!

Tony will hear from me.

Out on the street!

Out on the street!

The box to the ring.

You're going to witness the most
difficult and unexpected experiment.

The beautiful and statuesque
Tulima will disappear

before your very eyes.

Tulima is introduced
into the enchanted box.

Nothing here, nothing there
and nothing around here.

And the beautiful Tulima no longer
exists in the world of corporeal people.

This is the limit

Come on, say hello. Come on.

Get in.

Silence! Everyone to their posts.
The performance continues.

Don't count, Tony,
on my smile in the ring.

That was only for the public.

You've ruined my whole program

and it won't happen again.

Pierre, are you coming to tighten
my corset? Come on, I'm in a hurry.

Right away.

I don't understand
your hurry, Juanita.

It's still not time for
Mr. Ruiz to come and get me.

And young people are never punctual.

I think you're quite wrong.

He's been punctual.

Good evening.

I wasn't expecting you. How punctual.
You almost caught me looking a mess.

You never look a mess.
- You shouldn't.

This is too much.

How beautiful they are, Mr. Ruiz.
Will you wear one, Juanita?

Anyway, it's holiday time.

How are you?
- Well, and you?

Very punctual, as I like it.
My sister Eloisa.

At your service, ma'am.
- Look at these beautiful flowers.

Very lovely. We mustn't delay,
it's time for the fireworks.

Goodbye, ma'am.

You see, Mr. Ruiz,
something interesting.

Then everything was different.
This way. - Thank you.

Oh, those fireworks
where Villaclara celebrated

the entry of Alfonso XII,
"The Peacemaker"!

The last fireworks were heard
in the farmhouse of la Revuelta.


The same one as the other day.
- Who could it be?

They are...
- No, don't tell me.

I know them, they're affected!

Tickets, please.
No, my turn.

I won't insist...


Excuse me, two reales,
because of the fireworks.


Tell me, Juanita,
is there a quieter place,

more peaceful where...?

Do you want
your good fortune told?

Leave me alone!
- Give me at least a little something,

from a gentleman for his girl
which is a woman's gift.

- God bless you, sir.

Juanita. If it were true
what that woman said...

Let's see, but as Don Alfonso...

Not bad, but those which were lit to
celebrate the entry of the Peacemaker...

Juanita! Did you like the fireworks?
- Yes.

You liked the sail boat firing
a small cannon? - Yes, very nice.

There was no boat!

How late. - Yes. Let's see if
it happens to you like yesterday.

No, I didn't mean it that way, only in
the sense of a pleasant afternoon spent.

It's 10, one hour before
they close the ticket office.

Until then, I don't have to
go take care of the collection.

What a crowd
and mixing of classes.

In my day, the masses walked
along the Alameda Baja

and people of status
on the Alameda Alta.

But now everything is
democracy and stomping!

You feel, Juanita, that
there are too many people?

No doubt a few too many.
- I think they all are.

Oh, look, a Ferris wheel!

I'd love...
- What?

You'd love to go up
on the Ferris wheel?

It seems rather risky.
- Why, Dad?

Last year I went with the Garcia
Alvarezes and it was delightful.

Do you want to see
if this year is delightful too

without Garcia Alvaro?
- You wouldn't mind, Dad?

The fair is a crazy time.
Go. I'll wait for you down here.

Don't worry, Don Laureano.
These devices are very well built.

So was the Queen Regent.

Don't worry, you'll see.
This way, Juanita.

Bye, Dad, don't panic,
we've got a return ticket.

Careful, don't stand.

Goodbye, don Laureano.
- We're going up.

You can't get dizzy
with your eyes closed.

You close yours,
I'll keep mine open.

Why make fun of me?
I'll open mine too.

it was to look at the scenery.

I'm on top of the world,
like an eagle.

It doesn't last long!
- We're going into an abyss.

There's no danger?
- What danger do you mean?

Which would it be?
Close your eyes and see.

The danger remains
the same, Juanita.

Because with closed eyes,
I'm still watching you.

They say that one day men will invent
an apparatus to fly through the air.

Why not? We're half way there.
- Would you dare to fly?

With you by my side, yes.

It would be delightful to go as
we are now, detached from the earth,

from reality.

Up... up!
And you by my side.

Put your trust in me.
- None of your clowning.


Now we dropping.
- Oh! I'm seasick!

Be brave, Juanita.
In a moment we'll be back up.

What are you doing here,
don Laureano?

I get dizzy just looking
at that infernal device.

I'm waiting for Juanita.
Look at her.

Yes, she's in heaven.

We can wait for her
in that room without being crushed.

What's happening down there?

Do you know what's happening?
- How awful!

Let me through.

What's happening?
Don't panic. It'll be nothing.

A pickpocket,
but they'll have got him.

All fairs are the same.
And dad?

He was watching,
I don't see him.

I can't see him.
What do we do?

Looking for your father
is rather difficult now.

Want me to accompany you home, Juanita?
- No! Let's do one thing.

Accompany me to the farmers' stall.
He's a member and may be there.

What a good idea. Let's go.

Yes, let's.

Excuse me? Have you seen
Don Laureano, the pharmacist?

No, lady.
- Thank you. Then let's go.

Juanita. You have to compensate me
for the trip on the Ferris Wheel

they've stolen from us.
- What do you want?

A pasodoble, it's the easiest.
- No. - Yes.

Well, a little turn, nothing more.
- Thank you.

What a bore!
No outsiders this year.

The runts of the litter.

The same who came to the last fair.
- The same from the mass in '12.

Look. Rosarito Galvez,
how insistent! 20 fairs and nothing.

And look at Pilar Urrute,
at the old stall she met

the one they say
called on Wellington.

There's only one way to kill
this afternoon. Start a fight.

Of course, like last year.

Let's put the mayor's hat
in the piano.

No, last year it cost us a hat and
maybe this year it'll cost the piano.

Look out.
The queen of cream.

The pharmacist's daughter
and dressed like a chocolate box.

And with a conquest, who is it?

A stranger.
He has an unlucky face.

The face you need
to dance with "la jarabito".

What do you think if they pass
close again, sing in chorus?

Very good, in chorus!

This pasodoble never ends.
- Are you dizzy here too?

Don't be silly, I'm worried about Dad.
- One more would be nice.

One, two, one, two
cough drops for you

That was meant for us?
- No, what nonsense.

Every year at the fair
they sing nonsense.

They haven't realized. - How stupid.
- Look at the eyes she's making.

He doesn't look like a carny.
- They're back! After three.

Hey, what if we say this?

No, that's too much.

One, two, one, two
cough drops for you

Let me, Juanita.
- No, for God's sake, pay no attention.

I'd appreciate it if you've
something to say, say it to my face.

Don't be angry, young man.

It's an advert that we've
been hired to do for her father.

Cough drops.
American advertising.

I must tell you right now...

Tie your tie, you'll talk better
without that knot in your throat.

Mind where you are.
- Don't worry about that.

At the farmers' stall
people get slapped every year.

If there were no ladies...

Ladies like lively men,
isn't that so, sweetie?

You'll give
satisfaction to this lady.

To her no,
but to you if you insist...

A doctor!
Didn't you hear?

A doctor.
Isn't there a doctor here?

There's no doctor
but here's the pharmacist.

Let me go, what have I to do
with these barbarians?

A vet is what they need.

Or rather a teacher. - But if
they've hurt someone. Come.

Leave it for
the Red Cross, dammit.

I'm looking for my daughter.
I don't want any trouble.

- Daughter!

Dad, look at Mr. Ruiz.

What is it?
Did he fall from the gondola?

It's nothing.
A little shock.

Do you feel better?
- Better, yes.

Thank you. It's all been for my sake.
- You're the only good thing around here.

Can you walk alright?
- Yes. - Come on.

I'm very grateful to you.
- Let's get out of here.

It's all in decline.

They were alright,
the fireworks, but no...

Those for the entrance of
Alfonso XII, the Peacemaker.

They cost a packet, you know?
- Yes, I believe what I know.

They claimed to have heard the explosion
in the farmhouse of La Arrebuena.

Yes, that's it.

Good night, Mr. Ruiz.
- I hope we'll meet again. - Of course.

Good night. - Juanita, there's only
one day left of the fair and one night.

Don't you think I deserve...?
Yes, you deserve it for your worth.

Be aware that if I agree,
through the bars, don't commit yourself.

Here in Villaclara, when it comes to
strangers at the fair it means nothing.

Juanita, through the bars
it's life imprisonment.

And a fortnight for the pickpockets
who come to the fair.

And good luck, my father's waiting for me
to turn off the light and lock the door.

Eleven. They must have
started the performance.

Tomorrow, Juanita.
- Tomorrow.

- Really.

Good morning, Don Elpidio.
- What a morning.

A confession, right?
- Maybe.

But not in a confessional.

Rather to ask your advice.
I want to confess but not a sin.

Fine. We'll go to the sacristy.

Tell me, my child.
- Father, you see...

The fact is, you see...
- I'll see if you tell me what to see.

It's nothing, father.
A stranger has asked me out.

Because of the fair?
- Yes, father. He's with the circus.

Beware, these globetrotters
are people of low reputation.

Living for their flings.
- No, father, not that, he's an artist.

A boy from a good family
and to show his parents

he can assert himself,
he has left to make his own way.

He does the circus accounts.
- That's something else.

Yes, an administrative position.
Still, he wants to leave

the circus as soon as possible
and look for something more important.

Good, don't tell me
any more, my child.

I'll find out.
I'll check all that.

Perhaps tomorrow come to your
house and tell you what I think.

You deserve much, Juanita.

The town has too little and the world
too much. Think well what you do.

But Dad hasn't told you
anything yet. - No, don't worry.

Good morning.

It's automatic?
- Yes, sir.

It moves with
a small electric motor.

I wanted to know if
you've any half price tickets,

for children under seven.
- Just a moment.

There's a priest who's asking
for tickets for children under seven.

Good morning, Father,
will you come in?

Come in.

I wondered if you had
any half price tickets,

for children under seven.

Of course, private soldiers
and children half price.

Are you asking for a school?
- No.

Sit down?
- I was told to ask for Antonio Ruiz,

the accountant.

You're not Mr. Ruiz?

Mr. Ruiz?
They said Mr. Ruiz?

No, I'm not.

How could I be, I mean,
how could I be at this time.

I'm sorry, I would
have liked to speak to him.

My friends know him well,
they've told me much about him.

They've talked about him,
your friends.

He too will be upset not
being able to meet you, Father.

A guy so good, so religious.
- So religious!

Very much so, we all love him here,
so kind, so intelligent.

A boy from a good family.

He's here out of self-respect,
to make his own way in life.

Good, good.
- He carries it all.

He's the real driving force,
but the circus is too narrow to him.

He'll move on
to higher things, you know.

You bet he will.
- Tony.

How come you've
not put those posters up!

Don't hand around any longer.
- No sir, no.

Didn't you hear, you've
not stuck the posters up!

I don't have any posters.

Don't answer back,
you see me holding them

and can't come and ask for them.
Here! Come on.

Excuse me, with these people
you've no choice but to raise your voice.

Only Ruiz, the accountant, makes
himself obeyed without shouting.

What a way he has, a real gem.
- I won't disturb you any more, sir.

Thank you for your time.

You'll surely cross paths
with Ruiz along the way.

Yes, but I don't know him.

You'll know him immediately,
to your liking,

for his friendly nature.

Father, come in.

Good day, son and I'm very
grateful for your information.

I'm always at your service.

Good morning.
- Have a good day.

Excuse me.

I was in a hurry.
Here, I'll do this, thanks.

Take it,
for shouting at you earlier.

Yes, Machuca,
in Punta Fantasmas,

none were as famous
as that in Villaclara,

in '55,
it has rained ever since.

It was white, gigantic,
with luminous eyes.

Couldn't you talk
about something else?

It was pursued by the Civil Guard,
but they couldn't find it.

For a long time, the year '55
was for Villaclara,

the year of the ghost.

I've heard of one
that was in Torrejon Alto

that flew through the air
and called at the windows.

They say it stole a child.

I don't mind admitting this.

They are usually
manifestations of an evil spirit.

In the Middle Ages,
there was the incubus.

These were nothing but
the fantastic forms the enemy took.

Juanita, would you go
look for my matchbox?

Yes, Dad.

Often it took that form
to visit maidens

it fell in love with
and some became pregnant.

Careful, don Laureano, that's not
acceptable in a healthy orthodoxy.

Your matches, Dad.

But it's not necessary
to resort to that evil spirit.

Many times, our own
spiritual creations

come to acquire
bodily form.

Heavens, Machuca, don't you start
with these gruesome bedtime tales.

They're not tales.

In my house, my parents
created a fantastic being,

to scare my brothers' kids
when they misbehaved.

They called him Fray Andr?s,
as he might have been called otherwise.

They give him his own
properties and distinctions.

Fray Andres had
a white beard, a black habit

and eyes that shone
like those of a wolf.

Finally one day, I remember
it perfectly, in autumn,

early in the evening,
we were gathered before supper

in the living room.

There was no more light
than that of an oil lamp.

The adjoining corridor,
remained in a half gloom.

One of my little brothers,
had misbehaved.

My mother threatened him,
saying Fray Andr?s was coming.

Then in the gloom of the corridor

we saw pass a tall friar,
with a black habit,

a white beard
and wolf-like eyes.

We all saw it,
no doubt about it.

It was Fray Andr?s.

Why do you say these things
just before bedtime?

Mr. Machuca was afraid
of your heretical ideas.

It's 1:15, if you'll allow me,
I'm going to retire.

Good night, daughter.

Good evening everyone.

Ah, Juanita.

I forgot to tell you,
tomorrow afternoon,

we've a meeting of
the needlework guild.

You can rest easy, my child.

I learned that Mr. Ruiz is an
excellent person. - Thank you, father.


What's the matter, Juanita?
You seem frightened.

Are you afraid of me?
- Not you, Antonio.

It is that
I'd made up my mind,

you could be a ghost
and reaching the window

would vanish into thin air.
- A ghost, me?

Disappear, me?

Why did you think that, Juanita?
- It's silly.

At Dad's gathering tonight, all the talk
was of ghosts and scary stuff

and the hallway was so dark.
But no matter.

There are other things
starting to be clear. - Tell me.

They've told me of you.
- Who?

I'm not naming names.

Did they speak well?

Yes, very well. You have
very good friends. Yes, very good.

Juanita, I wanted to say
one thing about me.

You've you found a position
outside the circus? Is that it?

Because it's true, the circus,
if you have to, yes.

But if not,
something else is better.

That's what I wanted to say.

I'll soon have something better,
broader horizons.

And then I'll come back with
my parents to sort all this out.

Will you really come back?
- I don't want to go.

When is the circus going?
- We finish tomorrow,

but I'll write at each stop.

So tomorrow is
the final performance.

Nothing else happened?
- What else?

I suppose the circus accountant can
send two tickets for the farewell show

for a good friend
to go with her dad.

I think so, as you wish. You took
the words right out of my mouth.

What joy.
Then, tomorrow...

Yes, I'll send them
or bring them myself.

Are you happy?
- Quiet, Antonio.

How about it?

She's the daughter of Don Laureano,
one can't recognise him from behind.

Surely an outsider.

The fair, but how quiet
he was about it.

When least expected.

Good night, Don Pancho.

Not as much as
that young couple.

The best possible.

Good-bye, good night.

Engracia, Engracia!

- I've got some news.

- I just met Sixto Olivares

in Encarnaci?n street,
there was a couple talking

through the Laureano railings.

She was his daughter,
him I didn't know.

- Really.

At this hour? - At this hour.
- The girls of today.

You say Sixto Olivares
also saw them?

And has told his wife.
- Yes.

What a pity.
- Why?

Because his wife leaves early
for the needlework guild. - So?

She'll tell them before me.
- That's true.

A scandal,
my husband saw him.

It must have been four in the morning.
What hours for a girl.

Of course, your husband was
returning from night worship.

A man's another thing.

Have you heard of Don Laureano's
daughter? - Yes, they told me.

It was two in the night when
they saw them talking through the bars.

Have you figured out who he is?
- No, maybe he's a clerk with

those who have just arrived.

It was gone three
when they were seen.

They say he's a military man.
A lieutenant at least.

I was just
going down your street.

The bars in the railings are like this.

Wait, wait.

I don't listen to gossip,

but I want to hear it
from your own lips, daughter.

Is it true what I heard?
- It's true, what you've seen.

Mr. Ruiz, is not my boyfriend. He
accompanied me those days at the fair.

We get on well, we talked.
- Through the railings.

You know it's customary
here with the fair.

And, are you interested?

A little, Dad.
He's very nice to me.

He's just just sent us these
two tickets for the final show.

Very fine detail.

The big surprise.

The act of Toni and
the monkey do?a Micaela.

I don't find clowns funny.
- I do.

But there a wild animals. That's usually
interesting and instructive in a way.

In short, Juanita, we despise
the gossip of the unemployed.


Now, now!

We are committed to the program.

We have announced this
number as a big surprise.

The surprise is
they'll throw something at us.

In time.

In time.

The rhythm is more modern!
- No, no, no.

I'm a big name,
you mustn't get out of step.

What matters is the dance,
a straight line.

And you think a straight line
matters in this dance?


It's almost time.

You have to get ready.


You think she'll know me
if I lay on the make-up?

Isn't that right?

And my voice?

Ladies and gentlemen...!

My God,
she'll know my voice.

Dear Juanita:
I have a confession to make.

Antonio Ruiz is, in a way, the non-
existent ghost you feared last night.

That is not my name, I have no parents,
nor have I ever been an accountant.

I am a clown,
unfunny and with no future...

The only truth of it all is that

I wish I had been all that I said
and more, so that I could...

Packed to the rafters.

Come on, get ready.

Warn Tony.

I'm already here.

Bravo, Tony.

Good makeup.

It looks like you want to do justice
to the farewell performance.

Is it really fine?

Out of the way,
you're always in the way.


Have you no other place to sit!

On with the second act.
Tony, get ready, your number's first..

Can't we wait a few minutes?
I don't feel well.

I've lost my voice.

Ladies and gentlemen.

In response to
the public of Villaclara,

who have honoured us
with their special attention,

we dedicate this last,
farewell performance,

culminating in a great surprise.

First number, Tony with
his partner do?a Micaela.

Come on, Tony,
are you asleep?

Get in the ring.

Good evening, Mr. Tony.

Good evening, do?a Micaela.

Are you enjoying yourself
in Villaclara?

Let's see what this is.

The first number is usually
just filling. - Of course.

Mr. Tony.

You know it's forbidden
to play here.

Is it forbidden to play here?
- Yes.

Mr. Tony, didn't I say
it's forbidden to play here!

Not here, there.

The man said "here",
referring to the circus.

But the clown thought
he meant the place before.

So he said,
"not here, there".

Now, a trick with no hands,
despite appearances.

Is there a gentleman in
the audience with a watch?


Is it gold?
- Yes, Mr. Tony.

Well, congratulations.


That was a joke,
but now, I'll do a real one.

I'll make it disappear.

Micaela, you take care of them
while I prepare my things.

Nothing here, nothing there.

If a member of the public,
wants to examine it,

they can.

Micaela, didn't I tell you
to take care of them?

Leave it.

What do you say?
Just padding and quite bad.

Thank goodness
the wild animals will be coming.

It's terrible, terrible!

We must warn the public, hurry!

Get out of the way,
there's a fire!

I haven't got the insurance
with The Napolitan yet.

We must warn them!

Is there any danger to the public?

Get out, everyone!
Get out!

There's a fire!

Relax, relax!

This must be the big surprise!

Just kidding.

For pity's sake.

It's true!
There's a fire!

Up there!

Juanita, my girl!



There's a fire!
Fire at the fair!



There's a fire on the esplanade.
- Then it must be at the fair.

Hurry, my helmet,
come on, run!

Duty comes first.

Dolores, my helmet.

What is it?
- The mayor says the circus is on fire.

What? I'll come right away.


Don't rush.

The pump.
Where did you put the pump?

No fire brigade!

The pump.

Have the firefighters arrived?
Are they already busy?

Now, when there is no hope.


Water on!

I'm ruined, no insurance
with La Napolitan.

Relax. For the next year we budgeted

for an excellent fire service.

If the fire had been in January...

Shut up!

Have you seen my father?
- No.

Have you seen my father?
- I think he was to the left.

He was looking for you.

Fire brigade!

Sir, do you know anything about
don Antonio Ruiz, the accountant?

there's no Antonio Ru?z in
accounting, mademoiselle.

Do you know anything about
Antonio Ruiz, the accountant?

There is no Antonio Ruiz.

- Dad.

Are you okay?
- I asked about Mr. Ruiz

and they don't know him.
- They told me the same.

Dad, what do you know?
What have they told you?

Nothing, I've been all over the city.

No one knows him.

He's not among the victims,
that's for sure.

No more dead than
what they said last night.

The photographer's
wound was minor.

Only Lopez's child and that
little clown is dead. - Which one?

That unfunny one.

Poor thing.
Then how do you explain this?

Hasn't that boy tricked us?

That he was a traveller at the fair
and was leaving on tomorrow's train.

No, it's not possible.

What's happening?

It's the burial of the victims,
I'll take a look from the pharmacy.

There's no one downstairs.

In two days
all the artists have gone,

first Mr. Brochard,
the Frenchman,

the Circus of Joy
has vanished into thin air.

Perhaps the fire
was the wrath of God. - Why?

They say it was
a very decent show.

Hey, Laureano, what about that boy
who spent some afternoons with you?

Nothing, a friend of the fair,
we heard no more about him.

I don't believe he was employed
by the circus. - I think so.

At the circus
they told me about him.

They gave me excellent reports.

Someone in authority
told me he was a great guy.

I couldn't get anyone to give me
any news on him. - I could.

Now I can't repeat it.

I believe the one who talked to me
was the clown they buried that afternoon.

How strange.

What if he was a ghost?

One shouldn't believe it,
but you tell such tales.

Let's see if there's a second ghost
for Villaclara this year.

Please forgive me,
it's late.

Good night.

Till tomorrow, dad.

From that day on
was born in the city

the legend of
The Ghost and do?a Juanita

It was said that I had
been loved by a ghost,

a disembodied spirit,

and I once believed it myself.

However, when I think of him
I really think not.

He was real,

may he rest in peace.

The warmth of his hands.

I lived with such an absurd hope.
If he were to return...

Aunt Juanita.

Now when a door
opens unexpectedly,

I can't help but shiver...

You can't hide love.


A problem,
the spirits haven't arrived.

Luckily the guests
are also delayed.

More will be delayed.

Let them know, the party
has been delayed for a few days.

Aunt, what are you saying?
What are you going to do?

I'll have to resign myself like you
to having loved a ghost.

Everything has a remedy
except death.

Isn't it a little like death,
what's happened to me?

There is only one true death.

When it approaches
one will tackle anything.

Aunt, what are you saying?

Society page
Marriage proposal

As a result of a mistake by our reporter,
we announced the upcoming marriage

of the beautiful Miss Rosita Izquierdo
to Don Serafin Gonz?lez,

when in fact it is the young Don Jos?
Palacios who is to lead her to the altar.

This afternoon a party will be held
at the home of Miss Juanita Izquierdo

to announce the event to the bride
and groom's relatives and friends.

This is a dream and it seems
at any moment that I'll wake up.

Why? - The whole thing
seems out of this world.

Quiet. Don't talk of such things.
- Why not?

So the ghost of do?a Juanita
will bring us happiness.

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