El expreso de Andalucía (1956) - full transcript

The handsome Andrade, the undergraduate Miguel and a street vendor called 'El Rubio' plan to steal a shipment of jewelry traveling aboard the express train of Andalusia. But to carry out the action they are forced to kill a couple of operators. The police will keep track of the three thieves, who have tried to sell that jewelry to the antiques dealer Salinas and his beautiful mistress Silvia.

-Anything to sign for?
-No, just the usual.

-Have a good trip!
-Thank you.

Look at this mess,
it looks like blood.

And it is blood!

Sample packages.
What's in them?

-You have to put that on them.

-When will they get to Seville?
-Midday tomorrow.

That's because they've already done
today's pick-up.

They'll go tomorrow night
on the 10 o'clock express.

-So then, Monday in Seville.
-Yes, that's right.

Samples, no cash value.

Come on, come on, hurry up.
Now, hurry.

Hey, what's going on?

What are they looking for in there?

They're looking for Arturo and Camarero.

-They've taken off and done a runner.
- I doubt they'll get them.

They'll never find them.
I assure you.

-Give me that!
-What a way to study.

-I was looking at that.
-Give it here!

-I don't want to.
-I'm telling you to give it to me!

Don't pay any attention to that guy,
tell him to take a walk.

You can shut up.

-Come down!
-No, you come up!

No, come here.

I'm coming!

Mom doesn't want you to go out with
that layabout. He's not good for you.

What do the two of you know
about what's good for me?

Wow, you certainly took your time!

Hi. Your Dad's a mailman, right?

-No, he's a service inspector.
-Even better, you can help me.

Sure, what's it about?

Two friends,
Arturo and Camarero,

who you don't know,
promised me 300 pesetas

to send some registered
packages to Seville.

But when I went to get my money
they had gone, wanted by the police.

It couldn't be any clearer.

For sure, there was something
stolen in those packages.

Yes, I think they had attacked
the Rodr?guez jewelry store.

I'd like to get them back,
if possible. I'm scared.

It's impossible, can't be done.

The packages were sent
as medical samples. Listen!

You've got friends there. Go in with
some kind of excuse and get them.

I don't know anyone in the offices.
Forget those packages.

It's just that if the packages fall into
police hands and they find I sent them

-Nothing will happen to you.
-What do you mean, nothing?

They'll blame you and that's all.

- They won't kill anyone for that.
-Perhaps you're right.

If they'd found the packets on you
that would have made an impression...

You're right there.

-You talk like a lawyer.
-That's what I hope to become one day.

Go along and don't worry about this
any more, I'll see you tomorrow.


-Hey, Mom.

-You weren't studying?
-I had a headache and went for a walk.

You were right to.

Don't get it creased,
your father won't like it.

Oh come on!

Hi, Blondie.

I haven't seen Lola all day,
is she at the stall?

What you should do,
is leave my sister alone.

One day, I'm going to take her
away from all this garbage.

Well, wouldn't that be
just great of you!

Do you want to know what
was in the packages? Look.

-What do you think about that?

-5 million in jewelry.
-And you sent it to Seville.

But there won't be anyone there
to pick it up.

Your friends won't let themselves
be seen for quite a while.

Medical samples... damn it!

5 million went through my hands
and I didn't know anything about it!

Nobody knows. What if it disappeared
before getting to the destination...

Disappeared? How?
What are you thinking?

Just suppose that someone managed
to get hold of those packages.

For the Post Office Police
it would just be medical samples.

- Who's going to be bothered about that?
-That's true.

- And we're the only two who know.
-Let's say the three of us.

But if you're going to yell like that
all Madrid will find out about it.

-Hi there, pelota player.
-Don't get involved, Andrade.

This is our business.

We can talk about it
like good friends.

Or would you prefer
that I tell this police?

When did you send the packages?

Come on, answer me!

Go on, tell him!

-A few hours ago.
-So, they'll go out tonight.

-No, tomorrow.
-That's better.

I know all the attendants on that line.

-His father is the service inspector.
-I don't want to involve him in this.

-Very interesting.
-I could get into the carriages.

-And do what?
- OK.., you get in the carriage.

Let's say you recognize the packages and
manage to take them.

There you'd be with them!

What would we do with the jewels?

-Yes, of course.
-You have to use your head!

-How are you doing for money?
-I haven't got a cent.

I could give you 200 pesetas.

It's a start but we need more.

You can't do anything without money.

-Wait for me at 11:00 at the Viaduct.
-Have you got an idea?


He's the guy we need.
Don't you get it?,

If anyone can do it, he can.

We'll see...


-Hi champ!
-Will you give me the butt?

What's up, handsome?

-Hello there, sweetheart.
-Are you looking for something?

Yes, a little corner so
we can spend some time together.

When you find it, let me know.


-Hi, I'm surprised to see you here!

What I'm telling you is...

Looks like it's going to rain.

Beat it! The sky's clear,
buy yourself some glasses.

-I'm telling you it's going to pour.
-Oh, OK.!

In that case...

Why are you wasting your time with
that piece of crap?

Because you're always in training.
That's exactly why.

What do you know? Perhaps one day,
I'll remember that you're around

and how pretty you are.


What are you thinking about?

Where I can get 3000 pesetas.

If I knew where, I'd buy the most
beautiful stall in the market.

And if you had 5 million?

I'd buy you.

You'd be wasting your money!.

Shoe shine?

-What time is it?
-Just about noon.

-Is don Carlos around?

If you want to pawn something,
I'll help you.

-Why are you being so familiar with me?
- I'm sorry but don Carlos isn't here.

I'll wait for him
in his apartment.

Listen, can't you see
I'm about to close.

Go through that doorway.

-I'm waiting for Se?or Salinas.
-He won't be long.

Hey cutie, is this where
important visitors wait?

-No, that's in the salon, but...
-I'm an important visitor.

Laura! What was that?

-I bumped into it.
-"It" was a piece of Sevres porcelain.

I'm sorry, I'll apologize
to Mr. Sevres.

You think you're clever, don't you?

Let me tell you that
you're really not.

Fine! Tell me what it costs and
we'll leave it at that.

You don't look as though
you'd be able to afford it.

I asked to see don Carlos, not you.

Your robe is open.

Aren't you dressed yet?

On my way.

What have you come here for?

If you're selling something,
that's what the shop is for.

I don't want people
bothering me at home.

It won't be any
bother, I assure you.

What's this about?
What do you want?

Would you be interested in some
jewels worth 5 million pesetas?

-I'm not a big one for jokes.
-Don't you believe me?

-Are they these?

Yes or no? Otherwise, there's
no point in continuing.


Why have you come to me?

I don't know anyone else
who could sell them and I need money.

Do you have them?

-No, but I know where they are.

That's my business.

I'll tell you if
you advance me 3000 pesetas.

Are you in contact
with Arturo and Camarero?

Keep your questions to yourself.
First tell me if you're coming in

and if you'll put up the money.

-I'm not interested. It's too dangerous.
-You're right.

It's much more comfortable to buy
goods for the pawn shop.

I'm warning you,
I could call the police

and tell them what
you've proposed to me.

You won't do that.

Go away.

I'd have thought that 5 million pesetas
would have interested you,

but I see that I was mistaken.

Frankly, I thought you were smarter.

If you change your mind,
you can find me at the pelota court

until 10 o'clock.

Shall we go?

Something wrong?


-No, why?
-I don't know, you seem preoccupied.

5 million pesetas is a lot of money
isn't it?

-Those things shouldn't concern you.
-I just said it to make conversation.

Anyway, that shabby guy couldn't
have been had any important business.

That shabby guy was one of
the most famous pelota players.

until the day he got injured
and had to retire.

It could be
that he was talking seriously.

But it's a dangerous business.

Cheer up and don't think
about it any more.

We could get out of financial
difficulties once and for all.

We could go on a European theatre
tour with the revue.

But you are a man who knows
what he has to do.

It's getting late.

And they call themselves pelota players.

There's nobody who plays
like you used to.

No, of course.

This is from Se?or Salinas.

It's for tonight's event.

Are you looking for Salinas?
He's waiting for you in his box.

-I wanted to see you first.

To see if you were still as contemptuous
of me as you were at home.

-Even more now. I have to go change.
-Go and change.

By the way, I'd like
to congratulate you.

I saw your performance.

- You were magnificent.
-Thank you.

I should give you some advice.

I managed to get Carlos
interested in your business.

Now, if you want him involved,
don't be so arrogant.

- Salinas is a cautious man.
-Who does this advice benefit?

Him or me?

Me myself, above all.

-That's straight talking!
-Of course.

I know how much it
is, it's tempting.

So we can come to an agreement

that would please you.

You can go now.

-That's a pity.
-You'll find him in his car.

What a lucky man he is.

-Don't exaggerate.
-If I had known you before...

I wouldn't have left things like this...

I'm used to being the one who chooses...

It's interesting to change
habits once in a while.

-If you're interested...


-What's your name?

-Your first name?

Jorge, don't tell Salinas
that you've seen me.

Thank you.

-Good evening.
-Get in.

- Who told you I was here?
-No one.

I saw your car.

Talk to me about the jewels.

They've gone to Seville
as medical samples.

They'll be in the mail. Nobody knows.

What do you propose to do?
Attack the train?

I have a way to get
into the right carriage.

What way?

A way...
someone will travel with them.

We'll need to rent a car,
buy train tickets

and have some money in reserve
in case something goes wrong.

-I'll also need a gun.

A gun? What for?

Have to keep the attendants at bay.

I won't shoot, don't worry.

-Anything else?
-A passport.

Once the jewels are sold,
I'll get lost.


Get in the back.


You can manage with that.

-Can I look at it?

-Be careful, that's the safety.

- I don't like those things at all.
- Of course not, they're for men...

Give it here.

-Don't do that, it gives me vertigo.
-Be quiet, you idiot!

Get down from there. Take this.
It's to rent the van.

Don't forget that the train only stops
for a few minutes in Aranjuez.

It'll be enough. I'll manage to have
the attendants let me get on.

Don't forget that the door
to the mail compartment must be open.

-We'll be there at midnight exactly.


-There won't be any difficulty.
-I hope not.

What time do you have?

The guy talking to the attendants
is my father.

-Do you know them?

It's Cortezo and Alcaraz.

-Hello, Cortezo.
-Hello, young man.

-Do you want anything?

-No, thank you.

- What's the matter?
-I'm in a really tight spot.

I have to get to the Alc?zar
and I don't have enough for a ticket.

Could I travel with you guys?

Well ...


A little brandy?

You know that the heat in here
only works in the summer.


What time is it?

Eleven fifty-five.

May I please have your ticket?

Thank you.

You'll mess everything up
with your nerves.

When you've got the packages,
take care of Hern?ndez.

I'll take care of the attendants.

- Where's the van?
-300 metres from the station.

How're your studies? Your dad says
you'll be a great lawyer...

-If you study.
-Yes, that's what he says.

You should give my son, V?ctor,a hand.
He's a good kid

but hopeless when
it comes to studying.

It's getting hot isn't it?

Shut that door!

I'm sorry.

Come on, jump!

I can't!

Come on!

Nobody move!

In there.

Hurry up!

- Keep still!
-No, Andrade, no!

What have you done?


Don't shoot, they could hear you.

Magnificent. If everything goes well,
we'll make that trip to Italy.

-Something to do with Andrade?

So everything will turn out as you want.

-We're arriving. Get the blood ready.
-Right, I'm on my way.

Give me the packages.

-Anything to sign for
-No, just the usual.

-Have a good trip.
-Thank you.

Let's go. You first.
Don't stop til you get to the van.

What a mess.
Looks like blood.

Damn it! What's going on?

Here we go!

Manzanares? Stop the 406.

Let's go!

-What's up? Did it go well?

There were two deaths,
the attendants.

-What? You said you wouldn't shoot?
-There was nothing else I could do.

And what if I don't want
anything more to do with this...

Do what you like.
The gun was yours.

You have to give it back to me.

No way, we had a deal.
I'm keeping it as security.

There's four bullets left in it.

I don't intend to come off badly.

It's all the same if they get you
for two or for a hundred.

It's best that we stay friends.

Any chance they'll discover you?

-No, none.
-And the others?

-They won't talk.
-Give it here.

In your hands, it's dangerous
for everyone.

You have to get rid of it all
as soon as possible.

I need an advance, I've got to give
something to the boys.

Take this for the moment.

But there was no need for those deaths.

-What's going on? Are you leaving?
-Can't you see?

-Listen to me...
-I'm leaving you all the cockroaches.

- Here, take this for now.
-You can't leave us in the lurch.

Tell me where to get hold of you.
Anything could happen.

If there's anything really urgent,
leave a message at the pelota court.

Remember this, the least little mistake
and we'll all end up in prison.

-Andrade, I'm scared.
-It's only me you need to be scared of.

Get it?

-Can I carry your bag for you?
-I'd like nothing better.

Not so bad with this eye.

- But nothing with this one, nothing.
-Here, try these.

I don't like the frame,
it's old-fashioned.

What do you mean? It's the latest thing.
An American import.

Well, you finally showed up here.

And I'm going to disappear.

-Why? What do you mean?
-I'm going away.

How much do you want for these?


I couldn't get used
to living in poverty.

When I was somebody,
people used to grovel at my feet.

Ever since my injury,
they've spit in my face.

I want to be someone again
and have them back at my feet!

And I've found a way.

No, Chiqui, you're not
part of this game.

If I had a sister or a wife,
I'd want her to be just like you.

Come on... don't be silly.

Take this, buy yourself a new stall
and find a boyfriend.

Anything you need,
come to the Astra Hotel.

Don't tell anyone I used
to live around here.

I don't want any memories of that.

The guys who did it should hang,
it was a brutal act.

-Did you notice anything unusual?
-No, everything was in order.

-I can't explain it.
- I saw them close the door myself.

Who would have thought it?

Is there any chance someone
could have got on in Aranjuez?

The rules
categorically forbid it, but...

Did they ever mention friends
or family with shady backgrounds?

No, no, sir,
I don't think they had any.

D'you know if they drank
more than usual? If they gambled?

Nothing like that.
They were model employees.

From their house to the station
and back to their house.

Honest guys through and through.

And in any case, where would
they have got the money?

I think we've bothered
you long enough.

Not at all, but I don't want to be
late for the funeral. Please excuse me.

Good evening
and good luck, gentlemen.

Thank you very much.

-At this rate...
-We're no further ahead.

We don't know how they got
into the carriage.

Or knew what was in those packages.
I'm thinking they were professionals.

Tomorrow I'm going to start up
a fund for those poor guys.

Poor things. Remember you should
look after the families.

Yes, I know.

Those poor people,
when I think of them...

I really don't know what
that boy can be thinking about.


- Aren't you dressed yet?

- I'm not going.

What do you mean, you're not going?
I can't. I have to study.

Since when have you had
to study so much?

You can study later.
You should come with me now.

Do you hear me?

Keep in mind they were were
my colleagues, my employees.

-What's the matter, my son?
-He's been crazy since Blondie was here.

You can keep quiet!

- And you, don't coddle him so much.
-I don't feel well, mom.

Really? Yet when you want to spend
the night out with your friends

and worry your mother,
then you always feel just fine.

Obey your father, Miguel.

Alcaraz's son is your friend.

They'll soon notice
if you're not there.

And they don't deserve
that lack of consideration.

Go just to give your condolences.

Let's go.

Come in!

-Good evening, sir.
-Leave that here!

Your bill.

-Keep the change.
-Thank you, sir. Good evening, sir.

-It's a place for lovers...
-I don't want them to see me with you.

Why do you need to talk to me?

To tell you that I can now pay
for that Sevres porcelain.

How much does it cost?

20.000 per month.

Only a guy like Salinas could ask
for that kind of money.

Whereas you ...

No-one asks me for money.

- You're Italian, aren't you?

I know that, like me,
you've known poverty...

and that's why you like money.

That's exactly right.

Why don't we get hold of
that money together?

- Convince Salinas to sell...
-The jewels.

You know about them.
That's even better.

Convince him to sell very soon.
I need my share.

I mean to say, our share.

Mine and yours.

I'm counting on you.

Why are you so sure that I'll do it?

Because you came to this meeting.

- And because you're in love with me.

It's true.

And you?

Me too.

Hello? Where from? OK.. Wait a minute.

They're calling from the
border post at Cerder.

Go ahead.

Yes, it's the watch inspector here.

I'm taking it down.

Arturo... good, good.

Rodr?guez Jewellers.

Yes, I know.

They're sending him here tonight?

-Hi guys!

-What's going on?

- Well, if it's not Arturo.
-Good day, Inspector.

This time you've done the right thing.
Where did they arrest you?

Don't talk to me about it!
Just ten feet from the border.

This is what's interesting.

He says that the jewels were on
the Andaluc?an Express

as medical samples.


- Are you sure?
-A certain Blondie guaranteed it.

-Who's that?
-A scoundrel.

Here's his address.

Herranz! And you, Olmedo!

Let's go!

-Don't you like them?
-No, leave it.

Not these either.

- How can I help you?
-Where is your brother?

-What's he done?
-Nothing, I'd just like to speak to him.

I don't know. If he's not home,
he's around here or in the garage.

I never know where he's going.

For sure he won't be back
'til it's time to eat.

Thank you

-You in trouble?
-Just a minor problem.


Look after the stall for a while.

- Listen...
-What's up?

Some policeman was
just asking for you.

What have you done?

- Why are they looking for you?
-Go away!

I need to buy a cheap frame
forty duros... something cheap.


Yes, I'll wait.

Senior Andrade.

Senior Andrade,
there's a phone call for you.

Listen to me, it's Blondie.

-What do you want?
-I need to speak to you right away.

It's important! Do you understand?
Very important!

- They've come asking for me.
-That's enough!

Listen, in a quarter of an hour
at the Viaduct.

I'm on my way. Don't be late.

Thank you!

He's meeting someone.
I don't know where.

We'll know soon enough.

Grab him!

-Did you know any of his friends?
-No, hardly any.

Do you know of any link with
the Postal Service?

I already told you I never knew
what he was doing.

I think he knew a guy who lived
in the suburbs.

Wait a moment.

Carlos is talking to someone
who came from abroad.

-Aren't you pleased?

-I did what you wanted me to.
-Thanks, you did well.

What else would you like me to do?

No, not here!

Fix yourself up.

We'll meet later.

Please leave us alone.

Here's your passport with a visa.

Right. What did that guy say?

- Is he keeping the jewels?
-Yes he'll pay well but not immediately.

- We have to wait a few days.
-Try someone else. I can't wait.

Why? Are you afraid things
will get complicated?

No, I need money.
Everything's good.

The guy who drove the truck
won't be talking.

He had an accident while running away
from the police.

Did the police know that he was on
the train?

No, they were looking for him
for signing off on the packages.

-Don't worry. It's an advantage.

Yes. But what about the other one?

They were friends. Police will
investigate and sooner or later find him

-They won't find him!
-Why not? Because you say so?

That's right! Because I say so.

Go away, Andrade, you scare me.

Get out of Spain as soon as you can.
I'll give you some money.

I don't have any more right now.

In less than a week, when I've
sold them, you'll get the rest.

No, I'm not going without my share.

Don't you have confidence in me?

Yes, but not enough for
two and a half million pesetas.

I'm sorry.

I don't want you to see
that man again.

No men, but especially not him.

Do you understand me?

Let's go! hurry up!

Yes, I'm coming.

Why don't you come down from the clouds
and tell me what's up?

Nothing, there's
nothing the matter.

Come on, anyone can
see that's not true.

you've fallen in love, haven't you?

Blondie is dead.

He threw himself off the Viaduct,
fleeing from the police.

I'm sorry he was the first.
We'll all finish up like that.

-Don't say such stupid things.
-Let go of me, Andrade.

You have to listen to me.
It's possible the police are after you.

It's possible. So what?

They can make you talk.
You don't know them,

Talk... I wish I could,
but I won't, don't worry.

Not for you, or me
but for my parents.

In a few days, we'll sell the jewels
and you'll get your share.

-Come with me, I'll tell you what to do.
-I'm not going with you.

- Keep the jewels.
-I'll make you come.

-Let me go!

Leave me alone, you make me sick.

I came to give you a chance.
The last one.

-Let's go.

Well, yes sir, I am a girl.

- I bet you'd never even noticed.

I don't think I did. Not 'til today.

And that's it?


Hey, my beret.

-But the geraniums will last longer.
-No, no.

In the big pots, we'll put
red and white carnations.

Geraniums in the small ones then.

They're so decorative, you'll see.

- Hello, Miguel.
-Hello, mom.

Hello. Petunias are better
we'll put two full boxes here...

But...we'll put some geraniums too.

"The Ya", "The Arriba", "The ABC"!

"The Ya", "The Arriba", "The ABC"

with the latest news on the
Express train crime!

-Luchi, Luchi!
-Yes, dad?

Go and buy the paper!

I'm going out for a bit.

-But you just got home.
-And not a word about studying.

Isn't that it? The street,
it's always the street.

Weren't you saying how
you much you hurt.

Why wouldn't he with
the life he leads.

You're right, dad.
But that's all over with.

-I give you my word that it's over.
-You're staying in then?

I can't. I have some urgent
personal business to take care of.

-What business?
-Nothing. Just some foolishness.

A minor problem that very quickly
has turned into...

something I need to sort out.

Goodbye. Goodbye, dad.

What's up with him?
And you? What's the matter with you?

I don't know, I really don't.
but that boy worries me.


Why do you love me?

I don't know. I love you
and that's enough for me.

What's the matter?

Were you on that train?


I've done other things too. Why?

- Are you scared?

For you. Just for you.

Best not to think about it.

Just think about us.

I didn't know anything.

Well, the son of the postal
employee is certainly implicated.

I'm sure you know more than
you think you do.

Think about it. Come on, let's go.
Out the way.

You must have seen your brother
with someone ... a new face

He had a different lifestyle.
Spending a lot.

I already told you
I didn't notice.

- He never had a cent.
-This doesn't happen without money.

-My brother didn't give it to me.
-Who did then?

But what does that have
to do with anything?

His name is Andrade,
he used to be our neighbour.

And where does he live now?

-I don't know.
-Obviously a friend of your brother's.

-No they didn't get along.
-Why not?

-Well, because Andrade...
-You liked him.

He was good to me.
But not in the way that you think.

-I understand...
-No, you don't understand anything.

- What does it matter!
-And this Andrade, what does he do?

I'm not sure. He used to play
at the pelota court.

Take me with you.

Wherever you like.

No, Silvia,
I'm a bad travelling companion.

-I know.
-You shouldn't trust me.

You'd be making a bad move.

Now the first mistake's been made,
it can't be fixed.

I can't continue to live with him.

I'm not even sure I can evade
the police.

We'll try. I've got my passport
and you've got yours.

Let's leave as soon as possible.

First we have to sell the jewels.

You can't go anywhere
without money.

I have some valuable things.
We could... sell some of them.

How much would they be worth?

Very little for you.

Until today that would have been
enough for me.

-Until today...
-No, Silvia, we have to wait.



I'm pleased to see you. Come along in.

She's very beautiful.

What brings you here?

This afternoon the police came
to my stand about my brother.

I'm very sorry. Truly.

They're saying he had something
to do with the Express train affair.

Yes, I know.
What else did they say to you?

I really don't know.
Questions and more questions.

They'll probably question you too.
I came to warn you.

Me? why?
What do I have to do with it?

No, nothing.
You had nothing to do with it.

- Isn't that right?
-How could you even think that?

I'm sorry.
I know you're a good man.

-I wasn't even your brother's friend.
-That's what I told them.

My new stand caught their attention.

They wanted to know where
I got the money from.


Did you tell them where I live?

No, but if they want
to find you they will.

I won't be of interest to them.
Thanks anyway.

Will you come back to the Rastro
from time to time?

I promise I will.



I've always been good to you,
haven't I?

Yes, always.

Yes? It's for you.

Hello? Yes.

Yes, perfectly. I'll go now with Olmedo.
Come along right now.

Leave the girl.

Doesn't matter. Don't worry about it.

Go back to the hotel and don't lose
sight of Andrade.

Have you found out anything about him?

He was a very good pelota player.
He retired after injuring his head.

Then he was hanging around in the Rastro
until he disappeared.

He set up in the Astro
around the time of the robbery.

-That's seems very interesting.
-It is.

That little liar was in too much
of a hurry to get to his house.

-Silvia R?os, an Italian friend,

-Enzo Angelucci.
- Absolutely delighted.

I was hoping for the chance
to get to know you personally.

-Oh, no, on the contrary.

We were going to the bar.

I'm going to my dressing room
to change into on my black dress.

We'll expect you in 15 minutes.

You know when things will begin
but not when they're going to end.


-Here's the dress.
-Take this.

Get ready for the next number.

Come on, hurry up.

Come in.

-I told you I wouldn't let you down.

And now's the time to prove it to you.

The police are after me.
I've just been warned.

We have to leave immediately.

If you let go of my hands,
I'll be ready right away.

I hoped so but there's something else.

The jewels.

Can't you forget about the jewels?

- Let him keep them.
-Do you know where he's keeping them?

Yes, I know, but...

You have to go and get them, Silvia.

We'll sell them abroad.
We'll find a way.

We'll have money. We'll be free.
Do you realize what that means?

- You have to do it for us.
-Yes, darling.

I have to be on stage in less
than half an hour.

I don't think they'll notice
my absence til then.

But we need to act quickly.
Wait for me outside.


It's OK.

Notice that what I'm offering
is verified and catalogued.

-Excuse me,

I left the words to my new song
in the car this morning.

-Do you want me to go?
-No, I'll be quicker.

Here it is.
All women are great thieves.

Listen, Salinas...

-But, Silvia, aren't you dressed yet?
-Right away. I'll just be a minute.

Come on, sweetie.

After that young girl,
a woman arrived.

-Had she been here before?

- But I know who she is.
-Who is she?

The star of a variety show, Silvia R?os.

Rosa, where is Silvia?

-I don't know. I left her here.

Yes, but when I went out,
a young man went in.

Everybody out! Come on!

It's best if you wait in the shop.
The maid might still be up.

Don't take too long.

They'll have noticed your absence
in the theatre by now.

It'll just take a minute.

-Have you seen Miss R?os?
-Yes, don Carlos, she surprised me.

-Was she alone?
-Yes, but at the corner

that friend of yours,the pelota player,
got in the car.

-Get me a taxi!
-Right away, sir.

-Listen! Where's the stage door
-Round the corner.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
due to the sudden illness

of Miss Silvia R?os...

she is not able
to continue her performance.

Listen, put me though
to the Crime Squad.

-Good evening.
-Please look after this car for me.

You're going to pay for this!

No... leave me alone!



Is there any more money in the house?
Answer me.

Why are you looking at me like that?

What's the matter with you?
Let's go!

Didn't you hear me? Let's go!

-No, leave me alone. Go on your own!
-Shut up, go ahead!

I'm coming!

-They're policemen...
-Leave me alone! Leave me alone!

Shut up!

I've seen who you really are.
Now I understand..

Keep calm. Make sure they don't
see your face.

Even now, you're using me.

-We'll go to where I used to live.
-There's just one more guy.

-I won't talk I won't say anything.
-Don't stop. Keep going.

-No, I can't.

Smile, Silvia,
you're not going to betray me are you?

-Leave me alone! Leave me alone!
-We're nearly there!

Slowly. Pull yourself together.
No, don't turn round.

Keep going. Keep going.

It's over now.

- Come on.

Damn it!

Get off the balcony!
Don't lean over!

Go inside! Turn off the lights!

Give yourself up!
There's no way out!

Throw away the gun, Andrade!

Don't make me shoot!