El diputado (1978) - full transcript

Sex and politics collide in this tale of forbidden love, blackmail and murder. Set up by the secret police to compromise a prominent politician, a teenage hustler discovers himself passionately in love with the man he must betray.


Perhaps I should go to the police
before they do.

But how do I know
that they haven't already done so?

Perhaps the police know everything.

I have nothing to fear.

I am a legal politician...

a Democratic Congressman...

a representative of the people.

And I am important
despite being in the opposition.

But we've operated in secrecy
for so many years.

I wonder what my police record is like.

"Roberto Orbea, born in Vizcaya
in 1938.

"Son of Pedro Orbea, a man devoted
to the régime.

"At 17, he moved to Madrid
and entered law school...

"where he came into contact
with subversive groups...

"and joined the Spanish Democratic
University Federation - SDUF.

"1956, arrested for communist revolt
at the university...

"starting the incidents
with the Political Social Brigade."

Where's the meeting? Where?

Don't be a fool.

Tell us about it.
All we want to do is help you.

Your respectable father must be
very upset.

We've also arrested a friend of yours,
the Doctor's son.

I can't see why you'd get mixed up
in a thing like this.

Tell us...

Who put you in contact with the SDUF?

I told you. I know nothing
about the SDUF.

Oh, come on now!

We want to help you,
but you're making me lose patience.

"In 1962, Roberto Orbea graduated
from law school...

"and was contacted by the known
subversive leader, Professor Pastrana...

"ringleader of known militants
of the Leftist Party...

"and of the Socialist Party.

"Their goal is to unite the Leftists
with the Socialists."

Be reasonable, Orbea.
You can't lie to us.

We all know about you
and that Moreno Pastrana.

I have already told you...

my relationship with Pastrana is
purely academic.

Purely academic?

He was thrown out
of the university years ago.

We are very good friends.

I also admire him
as an intellectual.

Do you consider a subversive party
something intellectual?

I told you I know nothing about that.

Sure, I know.

Your kind never know anything.

They are nonpolitical.

It's always a mistake
if they are arrested.

If we find them with
a printing press...

they're only printing school notes.

Now, why don't you level with me,
Orbea? Tell me.

But we've also obtained
some more information.

One of your students has confessed...

that you're one of the leaders
of a secret organization.


and Marxist!

I don't know what he could have said
but I assure you...

Hold it!
Lopez, bring the kid in.

"In 1968, Roberto Orbea was fired
from the university...

"and his teaching post there.

"Although the police were sure
of his implication...

"the proof was not sufficient
for indictment.

"After teaching, he became
a professional lawyer.

"With the inheritance received
after his fathers death...

"he opened a law office
with other subversive lawyers.

"Their main work was to defend
all public offenders.

"In 1970, Roberto Orbea defended
a terrorist...

"and subsequently saved him
from the death penalty."

My client admits being a terrorist...

but this council should know
what drove him to it.

Counselor, this court is aware
of this terrorist's motives.

We have more than enough information
on that.

Your Honor, trying to ignore
the social, political...

and moral motivations
of this man is unjust.

On the contrary,
this could even turn him into a hero.

If you wish to continue his defense...

you must respect this military court.

How many cases have I defended
in my life?


will I be able to defend myself?

Your Honor, trying to ignore
the social, political...

and moral motivations
of this man is unjust.

It is necessary to listen
to his testimony...

all of it!

I realized I was a homosexual
when I was 15.

I was a terrible shock for me...

to feel something I had always
considered hideous and wrong.

At first, I only had
a few elusive contacts...

in the subway cars...

during the matinees at the theater...

and in those dirty and smelly...

public lavatories.

When I was 19, I went to bed
with my girlfriend...

and discovered that I also liked women.
I felt better.

I had no real homosexual experience
until I was in the service.

I couldn't be in the active service
because of my record.

I was confined to barrack duty
in Alcalá de Henares.

There I met a boy.

We went all the way.

It lasted...

our whole army life.

Then I met Carmen.

She was a fellow member in the Party.

We fell in love.

I hoped that...

Carmen would make me forget
my homosexuality.

And I wouldn't be persecuted
all my life.

Defending myself before the courts
may not be difficult.

At least I'm accustomed to that.

There they go... to Congress.

Willing to elect me
Secretary General...

of the Party.

What will they think of me
once the scandal is known?

But I'll talk to my friends
before that happens.

I have the obligation
and the right to explain myself.


Besides, I had already decided
to go all the way...

to end all this.

But where do I begin?

How can I tell them?

I'll have to tell them that it
all began when I was arrested...

way back on April 3, 1976.

The acting Minister of Internal Affairs,
Manuel Fraga Iribarne...


that a group of Democratic leaders
who were meeting at the Hotel Palace...

should be put in jail.

It all adds up to five million.

- Why aren't you writing?
- I'm working on it.

So we have decided not to pay
the fines.

Sure, but don't you favor Fraga
that way?

Are you kidding?
We're about 300 politicians.

The Basques, your group, our group...

Simón, Ramón, Paco Romero, etc.

Who's going to believe
that ridiculous Arias Amendment?

This may be the last arrest made
by the Franco régime.

I hope so! We can't take much more.

If I were you, I would make
a film of all this.

It would be much easier to write a novel.
Don't you think so?

Yes, you're right.

What's wrong?
Your stomach again?

You've got to see a doctor right away.

I don't want to be stuck
in the infirmary.

What the hell!
You can't go on like this.

Very good. See you tomorrow.

How are you today?


Your problem is just a simple case
of nerves.

Can I go home to my family, then?

You're better off staying here.

There's good news.
The government is giving in.

They received many international

They'll be free within a week or so.

Well, get up. Don't stay in bed.
You've got to move around.

Whatever you say.
Thank you very much.

You're welcome.
Stay well and have faith.

Well, let's see how
that boil is doing.

Good, it's almost gone.

It still hurts.

Come on, don't exaggerate!

How long?

Under arrest? 11 months.

Got a long term left?

I get out in next month.

- What are you in for?
- I'm a danger to society.

What have you done?

Well, they picked me up one night
while I was on the make.

What do you mean by "on the make?"

I go with queers who pay me.
And I get good money for it.

You're a politician, right?

Yes. But how do you know?

Because a lot of them roll
through here.

What's your rap?

Dirty politics?

No way.
I don't deal in such politics.

I was here in September
when they shot those guys.

What a fucking night that was.

I'm going to take a piss.

I have to go too.

I've never liked political prisoners.

Why not?

They think they are superior.
But in here we're all alike.

We should all be alike...

in here and everywhere else.

So you were here the night
of the execution.

Yes, nobody was able to sleep.
It was unbelievable.

That morning you could hear
their mothers and wives screaming.

That was too much.

I do my thing anywhere...

We received positive information
at the meeting yesterday.

It seems imminent...

Is it true that the King has called
various political leaders?

No. The only one allowed
to see him was Gil Robles.

From now on, the King is going
to have to change.

Who can replace Arias?

They're talking about Areizla,
but I'm not sure.

I don't know.

I think it'll be a big surprise.

Perhaps some young and unimportant

with blue blood
and a lot of ambition.

Another drink?

No, thank you.
Besides, it's getting late.

Yes, and Roberto and Carmen want
to be alone.

Not really.
We love having you here.

But, Carmen, your husband has been
in jail for two months.

He needs your loving care.

Honestly, I don't regret
what I have done.

I am just...

very surprised.

I haven't had a homosexual experience
since we were married.

Not even the desire for it.

But in jail...

I found that strange environment again.

And all of a sudden I recalled...

the lavatories when I was a student...

the army barracks.

My homosexuality was just like that...

dirty and persecuted.

Something I had to overcome...

that is back again.

Perhaps stranger than ever.

You told me all about it
before we got married.

If I accepted it then...

I must accept it now.

I only want you to be sincere
with me always.

I thought telling Carmen would make it
easier for me...

but I was wrong.

Nes had given me his phone number
in jail.

I decided...

to call him...

secretly hoping not to find him.

I can get you young kids
that'll drive you out of your mind.

I told you that this sort of thing...

Knock it off!
I'll get you some real nice kids.

You're in good hands.

Don't worry. As long as you pay...
and not very much.

For 1,000 pesetas you get all you want.

But... are there that many
on the market?

Thousands, and more every day.

Being a politician...

I can't afford anyone recognizing me.

Recognize you? These kids don't care
about politics.

Why should they recognize you?

If you were a singer or a movie star...
but you?

He was right.

Among this kind of people nobody knew
who we were.

Not only those kids,
but everyone in general.

I began meeting various boys.


in the car...

in a hurry...

on dark roads and alleys.

Always hiding.

For once, my clandestinity was
an advantage.

They didn't make our party legal
for nothing, you know.

We've had to fight for this situation
for a long time.

First we'll plead
for the Democratic split.

Then we'll accept the stipulated split.

And finally we'll negotiate
with the government opposition.

After hearing the Secretary General
of the Party, Moreno Pastrana...

we will now listen to a member of the
Executive Committee, Roberto Orbea.

Whether legalized or not...

all political forces struggling
for democracy and socialism...

have always been present
in our country.

I know that guy.

Another son of a bitch!
It's just like Portugal after April 25th.

They also started with flags and TV
speeches that resulted in nothing.

All they achieved was getting
Lisbon packed with negroes.

This guy is in it up to his ears.

How come?

Because he's been with me and others.
He pays pretty good.

I'm dead tired.

How was the executive meeting?

Moreno Pastrana was nominated
to run in Santander and I in Madrid.

You'll be elected. You can be sure
of four votes in Madrid.

There's a very good chance
that we'll come out on top.

Is something bothering you?

No. It's nothing.

I'm just a bit worried about
responsibilities I'll be faced with.

You were never afraid of that before.

You've known all along that they
wanted to elect you Secretary General.

What's the matter?

Have you had the other problem again?

What do you mean?

Have you done it again?

No, Carmen.

Not since jail.

It hasn't happened again.

Come on.

I've prepared a great meal,
Mr. Congressman.

What about the guy you were going
to introduce me to?

Which one?

The politician.

Oh, that one. He's tied up
with the elections and stuff.

He's a candidate.

He's a communist or a socialist
or something.

Want to earn big money?

It's something special.
Tomorrow I'll introduce you to a VIP.

- Does he pay well?
- It's not for that.

But he has lots of money
and other things.

Important, very important things.

Above all for kids like yourself.

Forced by society to be what you are.

We are well aware of you activities,
and we've seen your police record.

But, none the less,
we know you can be useful...

in helping to strengthen our country.

And money?

We'll come to that.
With us you'll become a real man...

a real Spaniard.

But I need money.

Don't worry. You'll get enough
to stop living as you do now.

You'll be protected.
We'll even give you guns.

And you won't have to run
from the police anymore.

That's him, right?

Look here, Mr. Carres.

That's the faggot I was talking about.
Nes knows him well.

The cops!

Don't panic, kid.

Come with me and tell me
all about Roberts Orbea.

Maria del Carmen Madurga Goyanes
has voted.

Roberto Orbea Salaberri has voted.

With that we end our special program.

Join us again tonight
when we'll update you on the elections.

As usual, nothing has been said.

In any other European country,
we'd already know the results.

In any case, from the information
already received...

it looks like we've come out
on top in Madrid.

We'll have to wait until tomorrow
to be sure.

I'm beat.
I'm too old for democracy.

I'm going home to rest.

Well, that's it.

Four congressmen for Madrid...

and about 15 more for the rest
of Spain.

That's not bad after
a 21 day campaign...

and 40 years of fascism.

But you know what worries me?

Too much coffee
gives me heartburn.

That's why I said I was too old.

And this happens to many of us.

Well, at least we are here
and not buried already.

Until tomorrow, friends.
Good health to all.

I love you, Roberto.

You're Roberto Orbea, aren't you?

Look! The tape that Anna
and Victor mentioned.

Hey, look at that.
There's that queer, Roberto Orbea.

Let's hope he hasn't recognized any
of our boys. It would ruin our plans.

What's going on?

We've been attacked.
Why didn't you come sooner?

Who do you think you are
talking to me like that?

A congressman.

So what?

You must have seen what happened.

You can't talk to me like that,
no matter who you are.

You should be ashamed of yourself,
taking part in street fights.

Nothing would have happened
if you had come sooner.

The police are fascists!

That does it. I'm afraid you'll
have to come with me.

You can't arrest me.
I'm a congressman.

Tell that to the judge.

If we want democracy,
we must do away...

with the gangs that threaten
our well-being day after day.

We still remember crimes like
the one in Montejurra.

Like the execution of lawyers.

The bombing of the
newspaper El Papus.

All the criminal actions
of those gangs...

aimed at destroying
the legal political groups.

Using Spain as an excuse to murder.

Murder students...

assault journalists, intimidations.

That's only a small part of it.

And all this is...

the action of leftist
terrorist groups...

whose only goal is to overthrow
the present government...

and reinstate dictatorship.

As a result of Mr. Orbea's speech,
a motion was passed...

to form a parliamentary committee...

that will investigate the activities
of the terrorists.

Mr. Orbea will be heading
the committee.

We are going through
a very dangerous situation.

After the arrests in the Province
of Lérida...

the police will be harder on us.

That's true.

The intervention of Orbea and the
committee requires direct action.

If we go ahead as I have suggested,
we have nothing to worry about.

I think it's a brilliant idea.

We should avoid all violence
for a while.

The Leftists are discrediting us
publicly already.

That doesn't help our cause.

We'll give them a taste
of their own medicine.

Hello, Nes.
It's been a long time.

Sure. Ever since you began avoiding me.

Well, let's get into the car.

I came here because it's
more discreet.

The truth is that...

I gave it up.

What a shame. I was gonna
introduce you to a fine kid.

Nes, I already told you that...

I know you better than you think.

He's a real...

nice kid.

The boy is all right.

We've been informed that he's been
involved with delinquents all his life.

And the kid is a minor.

We can get Orbea on charges
of corrupting a minor.

Can we trust this kid?

I've never really liked
to make use of scum like him.

Do you think it would be easy
to find somebody else to do it?

No, but we'll find somebody who is
willing to beat that faggot to death.

Calm down.
We're on the right track.

This could be very influential
to the public opinion.

Carres must convince that boy
to do it.

- A million pesetas?
- Exactly.

And you don't have to worry.
There won't be any complications.

We have many friends...

on the police force.


We can't have you involved
in anything illegal.

When do I get paid?

As soon as we get the evidence
we need.

Be patient for now.

It would be for nothing
if he suspects anything.

Take it. It's not much,
but not bad for a start.

What do you want?

Nes told me I'd find you here.

- Do you mind my coming here?
- No, but...

I told you I have no time
and that it would be difficult.

- I'll go then.
- No, wait.

Since you're here... get in.

From then on, my dates
with Juanito became regular.

He became an absolutely necessary part
of my life.

When I was with him...

all my doubts and
fears disappeared.

My emotions changed...

like a strange frenzy.

I'd lose all rational sentiments...

as if I were in another dimension.

The poems that I had read
when I was a teenager...

came to my mind again.

And far from feeling silly
about those childish thoughts...

I identified myself
with certain verses...

while reciting them to myself.

"From all the phantoms that inhabit
our lives...

"you were the truth.

"The only truth I was in search of.

"More than truth of love,
truth of life itself.

"You have rid me of all my grief...

"my sweet boy."

Say, Carmen... where are the keys
to the apartment?

In the desk drawer.
What do you want them for?

I want to rent it out.

We don't use it anymore.
It's a waste to have it empty.

You're right. Although I feel
kind of bad about renting it.

But why?

For old time's sake.
If only the walls could talk.

Sure. I had no idea how much
I'd use it when I inherited it.

For subversive meetings,
as a refuge for political leaders...

Don't be nostalgic.
It's absurd that it's empty.

All the parties now have official
offices all over the place.

All right.
You've convinced me.

Who are you going
to rent it to?

I thought I'd let
an agency handle it.

Whatever you say.

I hasn't been used for a few months.
We'll have it cleaned it up in no time.

Not bad just for screwing.

It's very discreet here. The rest
of the building is all offices.

I don't really care.
I have no opinion at all.

We can take the elevator
from the garage.

Got any music?

Sure, listen.

What's that?

Our National Anthem.

Got anything else?

I don't know.

I have Victor Manuel,
Raimón, Ana Belén, Serrat...

No rock or flamenco?


You'll have to buy new tapes.

I'll give you money
so you can buy what you like.

Is this apartment for love affairs?

How many guys have you brought here?

This is the first time
I've had a guy here.

How about broads?


Then why so much secrecy
and mystery about the apartment?

I'll tell you, Juanito.

I would like our
relationship to last...

so I believe it's necessary
to be sincere.

Do you mistrust me?

I trust you. That's why I want
to be sincere with you.

I want you to know who I really am.

You're one of those politicians.

Did Nes tell you?

He didn't tell me.

Who told you?

I have seen you on billboards,
in newspapers and on TV.

I see. Then why didn't you say
something sooner?

Simply because it is none
of my business.

You know all about me...
but it doesn't bother you.

I'd like to know all about you.

I don't even know the color
of your eyes.

You're too much.

Where's the bedroom? What's up?
Don't you want to screw tonight?

I don't want to keep it
from you any longer.

It's no longer a simple love affair...

with a nameless boy.

I suspected it.

I knew you had continued it
after you got out of jail.

But I was confident...

that you'd get over it.

But I haven't, Carmen.

I haven't overcome it.

On the contrary.

I swear I've attempted to.

But the more I think of you
and my public image...

of my political responsibilities...

the more I long to...

go to bed with a boy.

All the brainwashing I've had
for so many years...

all the theories I tried to apply...

don't mean a thing any more.

Perhaps the answer is
to give everything up.


I can still be useful.
I know I can.

Our only mistake was to think
that you'd get over it.

I thought I could help you
get over it, but...

Yes, thanks to you...

Don't thank me.

I'm not trying to be
an understanding wife.

I'm trying to behave like a Marxist.

Do you understand?

I'm trying to analyze
certain realities.

Do you think it doesn't hurt me?

That it's easy for me?

When you told me before we were married
I cried all night.

And when I said it didn't matter...

it wasn't out of pure love.
It was vanity too.

Yes, vanity.

Because I thought being with me would
chance you. You'd need nothing else.

So did I.

We confided too much in our strength.

And we must continue confiding.

But not in strength or vanity...

not even in theories.

What do you suggest?

We must only believe in our capacity
to love each other.

That we need each other.

Yes, it's possible.

But let me remind you that
you are contradicting yourself.

If you confide in sentiments,
you begin to forget...

about the analysis
of a certain reality.

But sentiments are a certain reality.

Although they're
difficult to analyze.

Although they're
impossible to analyze.

I love you, Carmen.

That's all I can say.

Above all and despite everything...

I still love you.

Two boys to see you.

How's it going?

Great, according to him.

Sure. He's even given me the key
to his secret apartment.

That makes it even easier.
Does he suspect anything?

Are you kidding?
He's gone completely ape over me.

Right on, kid.

Will this go on for long?

For the moment, we must be patient
and not get excited.

Well, I'll just have
to hang in there.

Do you like it?

What a rod!
Can I hold it for a moment?

Hey, be careful!

There's no ammo in it.
I unloaded it.

Let me shoot with it.

Some other time.

If you do well,
we'll give you one like this.

I hope so.

When's your next date?

Tomorrow. We're going to spend
the weekend in the mountains.

Why do you do this?

Why do you go with me for money?

Well, because I like money.

Although I don't really need it.

My dad owns a bar and provides us
with everything we need.

But I don't like to depend on him.

Isn't your father concerned
about the life you lead?

Are you worried that my dad may come
to you and complain?

There's no danger of that.

No, that's not it.

I simply asked because
I'd like to know more about you.

Does it bother you?

I don't dig it, really.

Well, in that case...

you ask the questions.

There's nothing to ask.


Well... why the hell are you
a leftist?

First you have to tell me
what you think a leftist is.

I haven't the slightest idea.

But I never thought they were like you.
I pictured them differently.

How was that?

Workers without money.

But never a queer like you.

We should be getting back to the tent.
It's getting cold.

"The proletariat dictatorship
that contradicts the role...

"which Marx assigns to democracy...

"is not his invention.

"It arises from the most radical
and social current...

"of the Jacobian principle."

Not again. Let me sleep.

Despite my affair with the boy,
I continued my political activities.

Along with Moreno Pastrana,
I represented the party at the meeting...

that finalized the Moncloa Pact.

In congress I became a speaker
for the Constitution.

The Executive Committee held
a meeting...

to study and discuss the amendments
of the constitutional project.

We also discussed the tactics
we planned to use in the elections.

Another topic was the upcoming
Party Convention.

The first one to be held legally.

They named me spokesman
for the press conference.

We had to give our opinion
of the Moncloa Pact...

and our position concerning
the Constitution.

We are going to present
120 amendments.

To achieve this draft,
we needed the consensus...

of all the different political forces.

I have a question, Mr. Orbea.

Are you going to replace Pastrana
as Secretary General?

That's something
Congress must decide.

But would you accept?

Yes, as long as the majority
of my comrades agree.

Has anything positive been achieved...

after our intervention in court
two months ago?

Due to the Parliamentary committee
formed then...

some positive results
have been achieved.

The arrest of various terrorists
at the border...

the discovery of an arms depot
and other police actions...

demonstrate that the so-called
"uncontrolled groups"...

have lost a lot of ground.

I'm a correspondent for Argentinian
National TV. I have a question.

Go ahead.

As a lawyer, you have defended
many terrorists in court.

Isn't it rather contradictory
that you are so hostile...

towards certain terroristic groups
and actions?

My party and I are against
all terroristic actions.

As for my work as defender,
I'm quite proud of that.

Because we defend the accused
against a totalitarian régime.

Now we have finally achieved
amnesty for them.

From now on, no crime can have
a political motivation.

All terrorism will be
a crime against freedom...

and peaceful coexistence.

Assassinations like that
on Aldo Moro and others...

would never be carried out
by real revolutionaries.

What's all this about revolution?

It's for a just and free society
without prejudice.

In other words, a free-for-all.

Everyone should have the right
to be free and participate.

- What's that?
- Just a joint.

Do you mind?

- Want to light it?
- No, you do it.

I've never smoked one before.

It's time you did.

I don't feel anything.

Swallow that smoke until
it burns you lungs.

Until it burns...

Stop it or you'll fly higher...

than a kite.

It's finished.

I'd roll another one, but we've
already had 4. I've had it.

Same here.

You're hurting me!

Stop it, will you?

Your balls are heavy.

Must be all those books you read.

After all this time there's still
something we haven't done.

We haven't kissed.

It's probably because I'm used
to kissing my wife.

When I'm with boys, I have other things
on my mind.

I don't really care.
I was just surprised.

You must have lots of enemies.

They're not personal enemies.
They're against the ideas I defend.

Can't they hurt you?

No, I'm used to it.

It's 8:00 p.m. We'd better go.

Yes, let's go.

Hey, Juanito. What's up?


You don't sound very convincing.
You seem to have a problem.

Carres and two others were
at the apartment.

They want to install cameras.

But you knew that from the start.

There's no backing out now.

No, it's not that.
I just don't like the whole situation.

You'll make a fortune.

I know that.

Forget about it. Do you want to come
to a way-out party?

I don't like faggot parties.

Don't worry. Only the host is weird,
and there'll be broads too.

I'm craving to screw a broad.

Come on, let's find a bed.

Now? Let's wait awhile.

Right this moment!

Can we use a bedroom?

Sure. There's one upstairs
to the right.

Is he available?

It depends on the money.
He's a bit strange lately.

He's involved with a VIP.

Oh, yes? With whom?
I bet I know him.

How do I know?
He's free to do whatever he wants.

Do you think I can go
and watch them in the bedroom?

Go right ahead.

Where are you taking the coke?

I think you've had enough.
This costs money, you know.

May I come in?

What the fuck...

I brought some coke.

Great! You might as well have brought
a cup of coffee.

I'll have some.

It's not for sniffing.
You've to put it there.

There? Where?

Where do you think? There.

Oh, yes. It feels so damn good.

- Now you.
- I don't want to.

Do it. You'll see how good it feels.
Out of sight.

You can't complain, Paola.
What a rod he's got.

Hey, do you want to shove coke
up my ass too?

If you like...

Why don't you just let us screw
in peace?

Oh, come on. It's his house
and his party.

You know what?
I'm getting out of here.

I've had it.
You can do what you like.

- What about me?
- Let him do you.

Who? Me?

Use coke if it helps.

Please stay here.
How much do you want?

I don't want anything.
I'm getting out of here.

Do you have a cigarette?

It's damn cold.

The damn bus is late again.

What time do you start work?

At 8:00 a.m.

Where do you work?

At Pegaso.

I slave for a travel agency.

I'm supposed to be doing real work,
but I don't care for that stuff.

I thought your family was well-off.

It's not true.

But you said your father had a bar.

My mother is still single.

I started going with guys
when I was about 13.

I was a bellhop in a hotel.

Give me a puff.

One day I escorted a man
in the elevator.

This cigarette doesn't draw well.
Must be the filter.

Once in his room,
he grabbed my crotch.

He gave me 500 pesetas
to jerk me off.

I had heard about these guys.

Many of the kids at the hotel
would hit the streets at night.

I came...

as soon as he started.

I came right away.

And that worried me.

I wondered whether I was going
to be a queer too.

But I was only doing it for the money.
That was all.

Then it became regular.

One day they caught me in bed
with a guy and fired me.

You can imagine what happened
after that.

I stole cars, pushed grass...
a bit of everything.

What about your mother?

I don't see her very much.
She sells cigarettes in a club.

Juanito, I'm glad you've been sincere
with me at last.

It burns me up!

Because... why the hell should
I tell you everything?

Why? Because it's always good
to tell the truth.

I wonder what they'd think of you
if they knew your truth.

That you're a queer.

My private life is nobody's business.

Imagine if they found out
that you're paying a guy like me.

Don't talk like that.

It's the truth. I'm a male prostitute
and you know it.

And I'm only with you because
you pay me. That's all.

Listen, Juanito...

I don't understand...

How the hell can you afford to pay
a guy like me anyway?

Does your party pay
for these services too?

I pay for my vices with the money
I earn working.

I have my own money. Understand?

And another thing.

Don't talk about the party like that,
or else...

Fuck your party!

I'm sorry.
I'm not myself tonight.

Are you mad now?

I'm trying to find an explanation
for all this.

But I can't.

Let's go to the bedroom.

Sure, let's go.

Who could that be?

I'll go and see.

Don't open the door.

It's only logical to open the door
and see who it is.

It's probably someone who's made
a mistake.

I'll tell them you're not in.

But why?

I'll just say you're not in.

Is Roberto in?

No, he's not.

May I come in?

- Who are you?
- His wife.

Holy shit!

Good evening, Carmen.

I knew it was you.

And now let me introduce...

I was just leaving.

Because I have to go.

You don't have to leave.

Timid, isn't he?

Not really.
What happened is...

you scared him.

He's afraid of the truth.

Aren't you?

Partly, yes.

Like you.

You could have come in
without knocking.

You have a key.

No. Remember you had rented
this apartment out.

You never believed it.

Of course not.

Our old hiding place when our party
was still illegal.

So many memories.
Of printing presses...

of illegal meetings...

of refugees.

Without a doubt a discreet place.

It's strange that it ended up
being used for this.

On the contrary.
It's very appropriate.

Our party is legal now.

I attend meetings at the Moncloa
and receptions at the Palace.

But I still need this place
for certain aspects in my life.

I still need the same secrecy.

Is this music he likes?

You imagined him different,
didn't you?

I assume you expected
a more fragile person...

a Visconti character...

lying on the beach in Venice listening
to music by Mahler.

He's not a little Lord acting
like Oscar Wilde.

Nor a Greek nymph or a "little prince."

None of that.

He's a whore, a local street loafer.

There's no Mahler, no operas
and no Venetian beaches.

None of all that.

Low-class music, noisy discos,
overcrowded suburbs...

stolen motorbikes and misery.

That's his world.

Do you love him?

Very much.

I want you to understand one thing,

I'm not here to surprise my husband
with his lover.

Nor to meet him.

What for then?

I don't want you to lead
a double life anymore.

I don't want you to continue using
a secret apartment.

Because, in the long run,
I'll get left behind.

I don't want that.

What do you suggest?

I just don't want anything
to come between us.

I can't live without him...

nor without you.

He's very young.

Yes, he's very young.
You've seen him.

He could be our son.

But he isn't.

Don't complicate matters.

I'm not complicating anything.

The only thing I want is
to go ahead.

The three of us.

And we did.

The three of us started
going out together.

When we met some of our friends...

Carmen would introduce him
as a relative.

Thus avoiding suspicion.

Juanito discovered...

a different world,
unknown to him.

His personal interests were aroused
by things...

he had never cared about...

in his life.

We are faced with a challenge...
a historical challenge.

This economic crisis caused
by 40 years of fascism...

does not help us in developing
a truly democratic society.

This is, comrades and friends,
despite the Pact and new Constitution...

the new Constitution we are preparing
for a new democracy.

There can be no democracy
without socialism, and vice versa.

But we have a long way to go.

A first step would be a leftist victory
in the municipal elections.

We must make absolutely sure
that we take over...

the administration.

This will enable us to build new schools,
parks and cultural centers.

Our civil life should be where
it belongs.

In the hands of the people.

I didn't know what to do
after I left the meeting.

I met a group of friends
from my neighborhood who said...

"Hey, Juanito.
What are you doing here?"

I didn't know they were interested
in politics.

I hadn't seen them in a long time.

A lot of kids your age go
to the meetings.

We walked around awhile
with flags and signs...

when a van full of cops pulled up.

They told us to get rid
of the signs.

We paid no attention.
Only Manolo talked to them.

Then we all started to yell,
scream and whistle.

Will you see them again?

Sure, next Sunday.
Some youth festival.

Well, how about a drink
and listening to some music?

What's that? Hashish?

Yes, it's Afghan. It's not that shit
they sell everywhere.

It's very dark.
I've always seen it lighter.

What do you know about it?

My brother Tito always smokes these.

He's different.

Many of our friends smoke them
quite often.

And many of them are
very important people too.

What's wrong with it?

It all depends.

Many people want to legalize it.

That would be great.
The pushers would be out of business.

They charge ten times
what it costs them.

And they have kids do
their dirty work.

Doesn't it make you cough?

Why should it?

Your brother has taught you
too much.

Here, take it.

I forgot the words.

Sing another one.

No. I can't lift
the guitar anymore.

Another one?

Why are you laughing?

She's high.

What are we laughing about?

Who knows?

It's coming on great.

Do you like me?

I'm not bad, right?

Don't you like women?

He likes them very much.

Maybe I'm too old.

But I'm still younger than Roberto.

You're so timid... so quiet.

Will you accept the truth too?

It depends on what you're
talking about.

I want him to kiss me.

Well, ask him.

Will you kiss me?

Ah, you have to ask his permission.

No, that's not it.
I'm just bashful.

I just want to find out
what's so special about you.

What brand?

I want to talk to you.

To me? What about?

Are you the mother of Juan Garcia?

Yes. Is there anything wrong?
Are you the police?

No. I belong to a Catholic society
that protects minors.

How can I help you?

We've been informed that your son's
having an immoral affair...

with a well-known politician.

To be specific, with the Marxist
Congressman, Roberto Orbea.

Did you know that?

Of course not. I...

Your son...

is a minor.

Therefore, you have the right...

to press charges against
the man who is corrupting your son.

But Juanito wouldn't stand a chance.
He's been arrested before.

Here are a few pictures of your son
and the congressman.

They were taken in public places
like shows, meetings, etc.

But we know for sure that they go
to a private place afterwards.

We can give you he address
of the place where they meet.

Look. If I do that, the boy will have
to go to a reformatory.

Something terrible could happen
to him.

Is he in danger?

Well, that man is a leftist
who is involved with terrorists.

You never know what could happen
when he mixes with people like that.

Well, I've done what I had to
by informing you.

Good night, Señora.

Is Juan in?

He's still in bed.

I have an urgent message.

All right. Come in.

It's a message from Roberto Orbea.

Wait a minute.

I'll tell him.

Someone to see you.

- Who is it?
- He says it's...

It's me, Nes.

Come on in.

What's up?

Carres wants to see you
this afternoon.

What for?

He'll tell you himself. I think
he wants to install those cameras.

Why only now?

Who knows? From what I've heard,
they're waiting...

for Roberto to finish something
in Congress tomorrow.

I had forgotten all about that.

Are you some kind of jerk?

What about the money?

Perfect... very good.

The other Congressmen arrive
this afternoon.

The committee?

They know about it.
The phone hasn't stopped ringing.

Who? Juanito?

Put him on.

I am listening.

No, I can't. You know I'm very busy
with the campaign.

Something very urgent?
Is anything wrong?

Well, the earliest I can meet you
is this evening. At the apartment.

Good bye.

A problem?

Just a family matter.

Now that you know the truth,
you think I'm an asshole.

The important thing is
that you told me.

Many times I wondered
about our relationship.

But I never suspected his.

Of course I was aware
that you lied to me...

but I knew it couldn't all
be false.

Which do you consider
the biggest lie?

Not telling me you were fascist bait.

It was telling you that I did this
just for the money.

I told the same lie
to many others too.

I tried to convince myself
of that ever since the first time.

Well, Juanito. This is no time
to analyze our behavior.

The important thing is
that we've all changed.

You, me... even Carmen.

Between the three of us,
we've found a new life.

A new dimension.

Now we must find a way
to face the world.

I'm going to call
those damn bastards.

Don't do it!

When will they install the cameras?

In two or three days.

Well, we must continue to play
their game a little longer.

What do you mean?

We must let them believe that
you're going ahead with the plan.

You should find out when they intend
to install the cameras.

But what for?

It's the only way to catch them.

I'll show up with the police
and catch them in the act.

Are you afraid?

I understand. I'm afraid too.

But we must stop being afraid.

Once and for all.

How can you explain the connection
with Roberto Orbea's wife?

What's the angle?

At times she comes with us.

How strange.

Does she know about you
and her husband?

How could she?

I have no doubt that you'd go to bed
with both of them.

They're capable of anything.

Although I wouldn't mind.
What a piece.

And the meeting.
Why the hell did you go to the meeting?

Out of curiosity.

Sure, that's what we thought.

When do you intend to install
the cameras?

We don't need special cameras
to take these pictures.

I mean the bedroom shots.

What for?
To see two faggots making out?

Wasn't that planned?

We don't like pornography.

Do you think we're some sort
of shit-ass magazine or what?

But Nes told me...

We know what he said,
but we've changed our plan.

You liked this gun, didn't you?

I still do.

Go on, take it.

You're nervous, huh?

With a gun in your hand, you
should take it real easy.

Especially if you have to use it.

Would you be able to kill someone
with that gun?

I think so.
It all depends who it'd be.

For example, could you kill
Roberto Orbea?

I'll load it for you.

You son of a bitch!

Do you think you can play games
with us?

Well, you can't. We don't need
those pictures any longer.

Our plans have changed.
We'll tell you about it.

We'll explain it to you
in full detail.

It's past 10:30.

He should've been here over
an hour ago.

I don't know, Roberto. Perhaps you
shouldn't have confided in him.

Maybe he's changed his mind
and is back with them again.

No, I'm sure he didn't...

Wait, I'll get it.

Where's Juanito?

At the apartment.
Waiting... with them.

With whom?

They said they'd do him in
if you called the police.

What do they want?

If you want to save him...

you'd better be there
in less than two hours.

If you call anyone or do anything
drastic, they'll kill him.

They mean business.

I don't know what they want from me,
but I'll go anyway.

You'd better.
They are really serious.

This wouldn't have happened
if I hadn't met you.

Why, Nes? Why?

Well... you bought me, didn't you?

So did they.

I have to go. Good bye.

You heard?

Don't go.

I have no choice.

It's a trap.

But I have to save him.

Please don't dramatize.

I know you love him.

Do you think I'd have gone through
all this otherwise?

I tried to share my love...

with both of you.

But don't expect everyone
to react like me.

The party and the people...

will turn against you
once they know.

Tomorrow they'll elect you
Secretary General.

Do you know that's impossible
for a homosexual?

It's not only your prestige.
It's the prestige of the whole party.

I've told you that it'd be better
to resign.

And that I thought
I could still be useful.

I wasn't wrong.

But you may be right.

If I'm being used by both extremes...

I can at least have the satisfaction
of sticking it out until the end.

Living up to my contradictions.

As you know...

I always wanted to make history...

and now I'm going to be
a victim of it.

I had a lot of bad luck.

Listen, Roberto.
What I meant to say was...

I know what you meant, Carmen.
It's very simple.

In a few years, the people will say...

"Oh, yes. Roberto Orbea.

"That faggot who wanted to be
a politician.

"What a jerk.

"An irresponsible ass."

You'll leave...

sick and tired of this mess.

Having sacrificed the best years
of your life for nothing...

or practically nothing.

To have received...

nothing but the love and appreciation
of a failure.

Juanito will also leave...

hoping to find someone younger.

Or some woman he can fool
and be happy with.

Oh, and be normal!

That's what it's all about.

And I might end up...

being one of those dirty old men
who hang around public lavatories.

Who write on bathroom doors...

and sit in the last row
of certain theaters.

Who spend every afternoon
in the pool halls...

or watch the school kids go by.

Of course, I can always go back
to my theories.

An analysis of the concreteness
of the concrete reality.

And who knows?

I might discover that it's the best way
to make history.


Let the others have the power.

Those who don't mind giving in...

and covering up to get ahead.

But not me. I'm tired of giving in
and covering up.

Don't touch the switch
and close the door.

Where is he?

In the bedroom.

Go in. I'm sure you're anxious
to see him.


Why did you do this?

I came here...

before the time was up.

Are you going to kill me too?

It's much more fun to see how
a leftist leader...

explains a dead body
in his apartment.

In his secret apartment.

I wish you luck in Congress

They'll elect you
Secretary General.

Isn't that right?

How nice for you.

I stayed with the body
all night long...

trying to be reasonable
and not despair.

I called Carmen and told her
what had happened...

asking her to wait there until
I had made a decision.

What decision can I make?

For the moment,
tell all my friends.

Tell them the truth.

The whole truth.