El despertar de las hormigas (2019) - full transcript

Isabel is a 28-year-old seamstress. She is a good mother, wife and daughter-in-law and she teaches that to her daughters. Her family insists she should have another child, a boy, and this ...

One, two, three, four, five...

No! Don't stop
where the stone falls!

That's where you always go wrong.


I'll probably fall.

It happens.

I'll go!

Yes, thank God.

I wouldn't be able to handle four.
How do you do it?

There's nothing nicer
than a large family.

If I had to make a top ten
of the best soccer games ever,

I would definitely put
the snowing match first.

Yes, as motivation.

Of course!

It was epic.

That's where The Monster was born.

Dear, go and tell her to stop
bothering you and tell your mom.

- Isa?
- Yes?

What did you give me?

This coffee's terrible.

- You used the can by the stove?
- Yes, but it tastes awful.

- You passed me the salt.
- I'm sorry.

Do you want me to make some more?

No, I'll make it.

- Call me if you need me.
- I'll let you know.

I'd like a...

Anyone want some coffee?

- I do!
- Me too, please.

I'm making some more then.

- Mom.
- What is it?

Valery pinched me.

Look at you.

Come on here.

You're all dirty.

So dusty. Valery!


Isa, the cake's looking so pretty.

- Thanks.
- Really pretty.

I want to see.

Look how pretty.
Those details...

Isn't the cross too thick?

Let me, let me.
Look at those spaces.

No, mom, no.

Some other color, maybe?
Light blue?

That's too close, mom, now you
can't see the flowers.

It's prettier when it's all even.

No, mom.

There, that's better.

Look who's here.

Take this, honey.
My cutie!

Hello, baby.

He's so beautiful.

Isa, you should start thinking
about having another one.

I'm tired of telling them
to have another child.

If I could!

- Is he crying?
- No, he's fine.

We're trying, so maybe
there'll be a new baby soon.

Good, that's great.

Isn't that right?

That's great.

- Where's my coffee, Isa?
- They're making some more.

Mine are all grown up.

Here, take the baby.

I have to finish this.

Look, he wants to go with you.

Go with your auntie.

Coffee's ready.

I want some. Where is it?

- I'll bring it over.
- Will you?

Yes, yes, yes.

- With sugar, please?
- How many?

Two. Two sugars.

- And Felipe?
- I left him with...

There he is. Thanks.

Who's the cutest baby
in the whole wide world?

Come here.

I was looking for him.

Isa, how's the cake going?
You nearly done?

We're all waiting.


What is it?


Is the cake ready?

- Can I take it in?
- Yes.

Alright, excuse me.

Who wants cake?

Let's go!

Valery, stop swaying.

Get your stuff, we're leaving.

Go get your stuff, girls.
It's getting late.

- Shall we?
- In a while.

It's rather late.

Let's go.

One more beer.

Greivin, you should sing
at a karaoke.

Me? In a karaoke?

You have a good voice.

Like Bernardo.

doesn't look like he can sing,
but he does.

Valery, come here.

Take those glasses, please.

Last one! Already on it.

No, you do it.
Half coke, half guaro.

Last one before we go.

Your daughter's grown so big.

Yes, they grow up so fast.

My kids don't listen
to me anymore.

I remember when I took my son
to kindergarten.

Liar. Your wife took him.

Yes, they grow so fast
you don't even notice.

School, then high school,
and afterwards...

Carlos, what's wrong with you?
Go over there, honey.

- How dare you give her guaro?
- Just a sip.

You can't give her guaro.

It was just a sip.

Calm down, we're family.

Yes, we are, but that's not right.

I didn't do anything.
Just offered her a sip.

Time to go.
Come on, let's go.

I'm her father, and I wouldn't.
- Let's go, Alcides.

It was just a teeny-tiny sip.

Let's go, it's really late.

Yeah, but...

Good night, good night.

- See you, goodbye.
- See you!

Let's go, Valery.
Good night.

Let's go. Bye, girls!

I'll braid your hair.

- Come here, sit.
- Wait, my collar.

Sit. We'll fix that later.

We're going to be late.
It's late already.

Eyes to the front.

Open the pins
and give them to me.

I know, Valery, I know.

- Here.
- Don't talk to me like that.


We'll be late
and they'll be upset.

Why is all this stuff out?
What are you doing to her hair?

I'm braiding it.

You don't need all that
to make a braid.

I couldn't hold all her hair.

To make a braid,

you divide the hair
in three parts.

Divide the hair in three
and put one here...

That's what I was doing.

I want to learn too.

Only one of you can learn today.

- Me.
- No, your sister. Sit down.

Don't pull my hair, Valery.
It hurts.

Liar. I'm not pulling your hair.

- Don't pull your sister's hair.
- I'm not.

- Mom!
- Come on, it's nothing.

Mom, did you ever think
of cutting your hair?

Why do you ask?

Daddy loves long hair.
Doesn't he, mom?


My friend Sof?a asked me
why I didn't cut my hair.

So if Sof?a tells you
to jump off a bridge, you jump.

Don't laugh.

Good morning.

How are you, Isa?

I'm fine.

- Is it ready?
- Almost.

Did you have milk?

I'll do it.

You can start with your coffee.

You know I like it
with a little milk.

Open the package and share them.

- Look at her.
- Valery, share with your sister.

She says it's always me.

Give your sister a cookie.

I already gave you one.

That's enough.

Nicole, stop playing.

Valery, leave your sister alone.


I don't want any.

Eat what you put on your plate.

- This is what I put.
- Valery, go brush your teeth.


Give it to me! How will
I brush my teeth?

Use air!

I can't go to school
with dirty teeth.

I want the toothpaste.

Stop fighting!
What is it now?

She won't let me have
the toothpaste.

- It's almost all gone.
- There's enough for both.

- Hold it.
- She doesn't know how to.

Isa, hurry up with the girls.
It's late.


- Bye, girls!
- Bye!

I don't know...

- These pants look huge on you.
- Yes.

As if I'd never tried them on.

Hold on, I'll take them in.

They're too big.

I'll take it in here.

You need to be careful
with the pockets,

so they won't bunch up
when she does this.

Yes, Mrs. Carmen.

And take the inseam in as well.
In the crotch.

- Just a bit.
- That's the idea,

so it'll maintain the shape.

That's alright.

And is the length alright?

It's fine.
The length's fine. I like it.

- Hey, Isa?
- Yes?

Can you hold the baby?
He's got the hiccups.

Did you get his air out?

No, he's got the hiccups.
I'll mark this right.

- Don't make it too tight.
- Ow, I pricked my finger.


Back here!

- Is that Mireya?
- Yes.

- Like this?
- Perfect, Mrs. Carmen.

Let's go.


Sorry, I didn't know
you had company.

- How are you, Mireya?
- I'm fine, Mrs. Carmen. You?

- Hello.
- Hi, how are you?

Fine. You?
Oh, I forgot the pants.

- Here, Isa.
- I'll let you know when...

- Thanks.
- My pleasure.

- See you.
- Take care.

Bye, Isa. Thanks a lot.

- Goodbye.
- See you.

I have your dress right here.

Try it on.

And this?

Take a look.
I marked a couple of dresses.

I like the top part of one
and the bottom of the other.

They're very pretty.

- The dress looks great.
- It does, doesn't it?

How much do I owe you?

I don't know about the fabric,
'cause I bought several,

but it's... 12,000.

But pay me when I'm done.

Better now that I have money.

Take 6,000 from here
so I still have something left.


Did you see the doctor already?

No, I'll go next week.

- Let me know how it goes.
- As soon as I know something.


Do me a favor and
pick up that lunchbox.

- It's Nicole's.
- Nicole...


The mountain!

Behave, girls. Dad will be home
any minute. What will he think?

No. She'll yell at us.

What are you doing, Nicole?

Oh, we're wearing disguises.

- I'm Blossom.
- And I'm Bubbles.

Bubbles? What are we
going to do?

- We're gonna fly.
- How are we gonna fly?

- Just flying.
- Like this.

One, two, and...

Faster, like a ride
in an amusement park.

Who dressed you up, crazy girls?

So I approached the horse.

- Why are you cringing?
- It's scary!

No, I approached it
and I touched it.

His name was Celestino,
and Celestino went...

- Stop!
- That was all.

Why are you scared?

Because it's a scary story.

Valery, get the plates.

Daddy, do you want to see
what I did in school?

What did you do?
Bring it so I can see it.

- Homework.
- Homework?

Valery, get a plate and a mango
and wash it for dessert.

Gimme here, I'll wash it.

Pass me a mango.



Oh, you already did. Good.


What does the second one say?

Bee. Dog. Ant.

'Ant' is not spelled right.
It's 'ant', not 'aunt'.

And 'bee' is wrong too.

It is 'ant', without the U.

Get me your notebook.
Bring it to me.

Yes, that one.

I'll do it, Alcides.

I was thinking we could

save up for a year,
make a down payment

on a plot of land,
and build ourselves a house.

A small, basic house,
with three rooms.

One for the two of us,
one for Valery and Nicole,

and maybe, I don't know...

keep animals or grow something.
Would you like that?

- We would live like that?
- Yes, why not?

It's worth a shot.

- We'd save...
- I'd like a sewing room.

A sewing room, a room for when
my mother comes to visit.

- It'd be nice.
- For your mother?

- For guests.
- Would you like it?

That would cost a lot of money.

We just have to work.

How will you buy everything?
It's a lot of money.

It can't be done.

Bedtime, girls!

- Why?
- Because it's time for bed.

- No, it's not.
- Yes, it is. Wash your hands.

- No, mommy!
- Go, now!

How can you watch TV in the dark?

I feel like I'm going... blind.

Your mom and your sister
came by today.

They did?

Yeah, they wanted me
to fix a pair of pants.

- Who was it? Vane?
- Yes.

They stayed for a while,
had a soda, and left.

Alcides, I need money.
We ran out of toothpaste,

and we're almost out of rice.


This isn't enough.

We're running out of beans too.

That's all I have, Isa.

- I'm paying for the fridge.
- I know.

Didn't you get more work?

Mireya left me some money.

Did they bring Felipito?

Yes. He's such a cutie.

Remember when Valery was
like him? She was so cute.

Yes, she was adorable.

Your sisters were green with envy.

They were, weren't they?

We could make them green again.

What an idea.

We don't have enough.
Two is more than enough.

Money's not a problem, Isa.
I'm working.

I have work and...
money comes from there.

I wouldn't have time to sew.

Come here.


It's alright.

I'm serious, Isa.

Can you imagine? If it's a boy
we can name him Keylor.

- You and your ideas.
- What if he becomes a celebrity?

Well, Josu?. Whatever.

Where's your backpack?

Go get it.

Valery, come here.

Where are your...?

Stop it, kid!

Go get your stuff.

Let's go in here.

- Let's go get ice cream.
- Coming.

Let's go.

Which one do you want?

This one looks good.

- And this.
- Yes.

And this.

This one, and this too.

- And two of these.
- No.

- Yes, mom!
- No more candy.

- Let them.
- No, no, no.

- I'll have to leave these then.
- No!

Put that back then.

Put it back.

After picking up the girls,

I went by Laly's shop.

It was closed, and...

What are you doing? Nicole!

- Nicole, what are you doing?
- I want milk.

Isa, Damaris called.

She said she called all
morning and you didn't answer.

I was here all day.
The phone didn't ring.

I don't know. She said she
couldn't get in touch with you.

I think she wanted to coordinate
the trip to the beach.

- When are we going?
- On grandma's birthday.

- Is Samantha going?
- Sure. The whole family's going.

I was just asking.

But you ask everyday.

I got the number
and I'd like to call...

Mynor called too. We talked
about how to get there,

but I don't know what to do,
'cause the car broke down.

There's no money for repairs
right now.

And aunt Vanessa and Felipe?

Will Felipe go swimming with us?

Don't be silly, he's too small.

Mommy, it would be nice
to have a little brother.

Like Felipe.

We could name him Didier,
like grandpa.

- Can you imagine?
- No!

- Jos?.
- No!

- Well, Didier.
- No!

- What then?
- Tiago!

- Santiago!
- You're so annoying.

- It's an ugly name.
- No!

- Didier's nicer.
- No. Tiago!

Santiago, Santiago, Santiago.

Dylan, then.

No! Santiago.

Santiago, Santiago,
and Santiago. That's it.

Alright, thanks.


Hello, Mr. Lencho.
How are you? It's Isabel.

One of my light bulbs broke.

Could you put one on my tab?

Sure, I understand.

I'll pay you as soon
as Alcides gets home.

Yes, sir, yes.

Alcides will be home later.

I can go pay you then.

Of course.

Yes, I know how some
people can be.

Valery, stop kicking your sister.

Valery, you'll wake her up.

Come help me.

Come on! Come and help me.

Sweeping is boring.

Do you think the house
cleans itself? Get up.

Take the dustpan.
Put on your shoes.

Take the dustpan.

Face it this way.

- Show some enthusiasm.
- That's what I'm doing.

Here, take the broom.

Do it...

Hold the broom.


Hold it firmly.
Nobody likes dirty people.


- Place the dustpan correctly.
- I'm doing it right.

Valery, come here!

Look at the mess you made!

What's wrong?

Valery dropped the dustpan.

I was coming
to open the door for you.

But you did something, didn't you?

How are you?
It's so hot today.




We will now listen
to the first reading.

Sorry we're late.

How're you?

Come, sit.

Our first reading is
from the Book of Acts.

"That day, Peter spoke,

Where are you going, Valery?

Nicole, sit up straight.


This is the day of
the Lord's triumph. Allelujah.

This is the day of
the Lord's triumph. Allelujah.


Isabel, tell the girls
to settle down.

This is the day of
the Lord's triumph. Allelujah.

- Word of God.
- Praise the Lord.

I'll take him.


Go midfield, go midfield!

- Mommy, mommy!
- What is it?

My head itches.

Where have you been, Valery?

That's what happens when you
don't let mom comb your hair.

What is it, Isa?
You look pale.

- Are you dizzy again?
- No, I'm fine.

- Dizzy?
- It's nothing, turn around.

Valery, stop doing that.

- Valery!
- What?

Stop moving, I said.

Good news, Isa.
I won't need surgery.

What did the doctor say?

She said the pills will help me.

What pills?

The ones we take
to not get pregnant.

They keep cysts under control.

- Oh, very nice.
- It's so pretty, Isa.

Done. Turn around.

- Not too tight?
- No, it's perfect.

I'll hem it.

Aren't you scared?

The alternative was surgery.
That scares me.

Guess you're right.

Like this long?
Take a look.

- No, shorter.
- Not too much.

I can't...

That's as short as I'll go.

Don't you want to get pregnant?

Can you imagine me, pregnant?

Mire, Valery's acting
really weird lately.

Valery? Why?

She's always swaying.

Swaying, how?

Backwards and forwards, as if...

as if she had an itch.

Maybe she just enjoys
how it feels.

What a thought, Mireya!

She's too young.

She probably discovered
it feels nice.

What are you saying?

Have you thought about
coming to the party?

What party?

The one I told you about.


Will you ever come to a party
with me?

I have

A little squirrel In my tummy

It tickles me

It tickles It tickles

Go, go!

Don't play so close to the fan.

Last time your hair
got caught in it.

Get a scrunchy
and tie your hair back.

It's so hot, mom.

Tie your hair back, I said,
not turn off the fan.



How're you? It's Isa.

I'm fine, thank you.

I need a favor, Mire.

I have to go get the girls,

but I need to run some errands.

Can you pick them up for me?

- Yes?
- I'd like to see the place.


Valery! Nicole!

Where are Valery and Nicole?

- What? Didn't Carmen tell you?
- Tell me what?

Come here.

Tell me what? What happened?

She said she'd take them.

- Why did you let her?
- I picked them up,

and ran into her
on our way back.

She said she'd let you know.

She didn't. I've been
looking for them all over.

I didn't argue with her.
You know she doesn't like me.

She said she'd take them home.

Who put gum in your hair?

A classmate.

Valery, are you nearly done?


- Will it come out?
- Yes.

No, it won't.


- Hi, mom.
- Hi.

- Hi, Isa.
- Get your stuff; we're going home.

I could've picked them up.
Why didn't you ask me?

I asked Mireya.

You can't let them go
with just anyone.

Mireya's not just anyone,
Mrs. Carmen.

Let's go.

Yes, but she's not used
to having kids.

She might get distracted,
and the girls could run off.

Mireya can look after them,
she's a good person.

Being a good person's one thing.

Being a good mother's another.

Come on, Nicole.
Don't worry, I got it.

Let's go.


Hold this.

Hold it tight.

Hold your breath a few seconds
till the hiccups are gone.

Mom, this ice is very cold.

Hold it like this;
it'll feel less cold.

You're holding
the scissors all wrong.

Hold them right.

There. Follow the line.

Be more careful.

I know you can do it.
Follow the line.

- Mom, you're acting like grandma.
- Yes, you act like grandma.

Hold your breath.
Gimme, I'll do it.

Take care of your hiccups.

- Hi.
- Hi.

Go outside, girls.
I need to talk to dad.

What is it, Isa?

Is this about my mother?

How do you know?

I went by her place
and she told me...

what had happened.

What did she tell you?

Look, Isa.

You know my mother
worries about the girls.

She's an overprotective
grandmother, that's all.

Alcides, what your mother did
was disrespectful.

How do you think I felt when
the girls weren't at Mireya's?

Those things happen.
What my mother wants is...

She should've let me know.

She just has the girls'
best interest at heart.

Yes, she's overprotective.

She has good intentions.

- She just wants to help.
- Yes, but...

That's the way she helps.
Nothing wrong with that.

- No big deal.
- She forgets I'm their mother.

Always! She always
does this, Alcides.

You're their mother, okay.

I'll talk to her,
tell her to be more careful.

And to let you know
if she takes the girls.

Not to do things like that,
that you're their mom.

I know she made a mistake,
but don't argue with her.

I don't want you fighting, Isa.
It's no big deal.

Don't turn it
into something big.

You have to talk to her.

I will, but don't be mad.

You have to be careful.
You can't leave them with anyone.

My mother's there.
Why didn't you ask her?

Alcides, I...

I decided the girls
would go with Mireya. Get it?

It's what I wanted.


Sorry, honey,
I didn't mean to...

I'll go get them.


- Here it is.
- Thanks a lot.

Next week I'll bring you
the pants I told you about.

- Sure, you do that.
- Thanks.

- Have a nice day.
- Bye.

See you.

We have these three.

The price and hormone dose
may vary.

Do you have any children?

How old?

- Five and nine.
- Perfect. It's safe to take them.

This one's very good,
and it's the least expensive.

- How much?
- It's 7,500.

Mom, I'm hungry.

What is it?

What a beautiful fabric!

I love the colors!

- Is it for Mireya?
- Come here, try it on.

Hold here.

Hold it against you.

Move your hair.

There you go.

I'll add some flounces.

It'll have flounces here...
wait, keep holding it.

- A couple of flounces.
- It's gonna look so pretty!

Which one do you like?

This one.

- This one?
- Yes.

We could make you a...

Raise your arms.

Or a skirt.

How pretty!

We can even make you a turban!

To go to the beach.

What are you playing?

We're playing with fabrics.

I got stung by a bee.

Let me see.

Ow, mommy!

Poor little girl.

I think the stinger's still there.
Let's go take it out.

We'll be right back.


Alright, Mr. ?lvaro.

Yes, but it'd have to be...

next Tuesday.

Don't fidget.

Great, ?lvaro, thank you.

That's what you get for
being who-knows-where.

I was playing with Valery.

What happened?

She got stung by a bee.

- Isa.
- Yes?

Didn't you get more work?

I've finished everything
I had this month.

Stay still.

But it hurts, mom.

We need money.

I know that.

Is something wrong with the TV?

I don't know.

It's not working.

There, one little drop.

Go play. Go!

- Did you watch TV?
- No, I didn't.

Why did you bring that in here?


What's that doing in here?

It's easier to fix inside.

Yes, but it makes a mess,
and no one cleans up afterwards.

Can you help with the table?


The dishes are over there.

- Where?
- There.


The flat ones.

- The ones down here?
- Yes.

And the glasses?

- Where are they?
- Down there.

Remember the girls
use the cups over there.

Smells good.

And the cutlery?


He's the one who said it.

But why?

That's your fourth.

Come on, let's dance.

Let's dance.

Come on!

Let's go dance.



Did you by chance bring any pads?

Joanna told me to bring some
for Kristel, but I don't have any.

Yeah, sure,
they're in the striped bag.

In a small black bag.

- Thanks.
- You're welcome.

I bought a sound system,
really good one, sounds great.

- Bluetooth, the whole thing.
- Where do we do it? What house?

- At grandma's.
- Our mother-in-law's.

There's more room.

Could be somewhere else.

- Did you hear about Kris?
- No, what?

She got her period.

Here? Today?

Yes, the other day...
No, yes, today.

Mom's insufferable today.

I don't know what's up with her,
but she's driving me crazy.


I know it's none of my business,
but I found your pills.

I guess Alcides doesn't know.

When will you tell him?

I mean, you have to.
You can't lie to him.

Alcides has wanted a baby
for a long time.

He's my brother, Isa.

I won't lie to him.

I need you to tell him.


Are you alright, mom?
Did you burn yourself?


Tell your dad
I'll be home later.

When will you be back?

Who wants another beer?

- Me, me, me, me.
- Let's go.

And another shot as well.

But double.

- Hi.
- Hey.

Give me two shots of guaro.

- No, three. One for yourself.
- Thanks.

And two beers.

In case we get thirsty.

I'll get you the beers first.
It's too hot.

- Thanks.
- My pleasure.

I'd know those curls anywhere.

What are you doing here?

- How are you?
- I'm fine.

Let me introduce you to a friend.

- Isa.
- Hello.

How are you?

- Here you are, girls.
- Thank you.

And... cheers.

A toast.

You feel so good...

You look nice dancing together.


Well done!

Come here, dance with me.

Give her a break.


What are we doing now?

- No, remember...
- What?

I'm with her.

Let yourself go.


Hey! Watch the hands.

She's fine with it.
What's your problem?

Isa, he's my friend.

She's drunk.


Come here, Mire.

Let's stay a bit longer.

What? Is she bored?

Come dance with us.

Stop touching her like that.

- What's your problem?
- No, what's yours?

I'm fed up. What now?

Calm down.

Calm down? Look at him.

He's like that when he drinks.

"He's like that when he drinks."

Leave me alone!
Don't touch me!

- She's crazy.
- I'm crazy? I'm leaving, Mireya.

- Don't go.
- I'm leaving.


Ms Samaria, how are you?

Isabel, how are you?
What are you doing here?

I'm looking for
Valery and Nicole.

- Are you alright?
- Yes.

Don't worry.
I'll go get them for you.


- How are you?
- I'm fine.


I missed you.


look at me.

Everything's going
to be alright, okay?


would you pass me the scissors?

I'll take a shower.

What are you doing?

Look at me.

I won't ever leave again.

Do you still want
to cut your hair?

No. I like it long, like yours.

If it's short,
no one will put gum on it.

And it won't get caught
in the fan.

I don't know.

If you say yes, I'll do it now.


- Let's get it wet.
- I want short hair too, mommy.

You do? Come here.

Let's get wet.

Lift your face.
There you go.

- Mommy?
- Yes?

- Will you do the same with mine?
- Yes.


Let's see...

- And now?
- Me!

Come on.

Will I look like
Dora the Explorer?



- Let it down at the same time.
- Yes!


Two. Untie it!

And... three!

Come here, let me see.

Oh, it looks nice.

Wanna look in the mirror?

- Yes!
- Yes.

Who goes first?

Me too!

Vale, let Nico see.

How do you look?

Pretty, very pretty.

What happened, Isa?

Where were you?

We spent the night
looking for you.

Mom was worried,
the girls were frightened,

my sisters were out looking
for you. Where were you?

What happened?
I was worried about you.

Nothing happened.

And this?

What happened here?

They wanted to cut their hair.


I want to tell you something,
the three of you.

- Are you alright?
- Yes, I'm fine.

I love you, more than
anything in the world,

all three of you.
I love you very, very much.

I don't want any more children.


Just like that.

Are you sure?


Now, or never?


I like your haircuts.

You both look very pretty.