El deseo de ser piel roja (2002) - full transcript

Dear Blondie:

Yes, it's me.
As you see, I'm not dead.

But you're probably so angry
you don't really care.

You were right.
I can't be trusted.

It's because of the demon
you say is inside me.

I don't know why I left without
a word to anyone, especially you.

And it doesn't matter where I am,
I could be anywhere.

I only know that I'm about
to explode, and if that happens

I want to be alone.

So as not to mess anyone.

As you won't want any of my things
give them all to the gang.

I remember you.
Don't hate me too much.

Love to everyone.


I'll do whatever I want!

I don't care!
Why the fuck should I?

AbeI, don't go, please!

Don't touch me, Ana, let go!

- For crissake!
- Please, AbeI!

- Get off me!
- AbeI, you bastard!

Get off!

- AbeI, please!
- I'm sick of you.

- Please, AbeI, please!
- I'm fucking sick of you!

- Where are you going, wise guy?
- Ca fait.

Ca fait, my ass, come here!

Get out!


Forget it, paI.

- How about a drink?
- Yeah.

- Been here long?
- Too long.

Long enough to know you can't
flash your wallet like that.

- That music's crap, isn't it?
- At times...

- You get used to it.
- I never did.

Now, a blast of flamenco...

- That'd be good.
- I'm not crazy about that either.

What? A good "cante"
would dazzle anybody.

Listen, a few years ago, I was
a bit further south, in the Congo.

It was Zaire then,
now it's the Congo again.

We'd a fucking great
flamenco record.

We'd reach a village in the middle
of the jungle, put on the record

and, bit by bit,
the whole tribe would come up.

Shit scared, at first.

Then they'd squat down in a circle
around the player

and they'd stay there,
with their eyes like this,

freaked out,
for as long as we wanted.

And then,

we'd go after those black pussies
and screw them all!

One of these days
I'll be worn out.

Then I'll pack up
and head back.

I'll buy a nice house
and spend my time doing fuck all.

Yeah, I'll sit and watch
the birds fly past.

There's good hunting
in Velez Ordana, near my village.

- I know it.
- Great hunting.

- I spent a few days there.
- That was living.

At a spa, for my asthma.

A rifle over your shoulder,
dawn breaking in the valley...

There was a girI.

That was her name.
The schooI master's daughter.

She had great tits!

They drove me crazy.

She'd be old now.

Pity about the tits!

They've built
a nuclear power station there.

- What?
- A nuclear power station.

Who told you that?

- What?
- That'll fuck up everything!

- That nuclear stuff is shit, right?
- Pure shit.

My body's full of smoke.

All the way down to my toes.

One day I'll quit smoking.

And I'll grow
a really long beard.

- Down to my naveI.
- Why do you want a beard?

I don't know.
So I can be a hermit.

- Is that what you'd most like to be?
- What, a hermit?

I don't know. It's rubbish,
I just thought of it.

What are you looking for?

I can't right now. Look.

That's nothing.

The wounds that really fuck you up
are the ones in here.

What would you really like to be?

I don't know,
I don't give a fuck.

Well, I do.

I've thought about it.

I'd like to be a redskin.

Riding on a fast horse
in the wind.

I'm really plastered.

Let's go to the port,
the sea air'll do you good.

- And I know a place...
- No, no way.

- I'm wiped out.
- Wait.

- Take this.
- What is it?

Gasoline. Swallow it.

Now, on to the port!

No, let's skip it, really.
I'm off.

Hey, wait!

What is it?

That nuclear thing's a bitch,
isn't it?

- Yeah, one more.
- It'll ruin the hunting.

There won't even be any ants left.
Someone should blow it up.


Shit, I've got heartburn!

- I'm going to the hoteI.
- Where do you live?

- The ContinentaI.
- So do I.

And I've got a bottle in my room.

Hey, what if we did that?

If we stuck a firecracker up its ass
and screwed the nuclear station.

Yeah, sure.
Boom! and to hell with it.

It would be great.

I'll get the bottle.

The goddam bitch!

I'm an asshole!

Wait till I get her!

I can't believe she's done this!

She's cleaned me out.

- Who?
- The woman who was with me.

She's taken
the money and everything.

The fucking bitch!

- Was she your girI?
- Yes, yes! No!

Christ Almighty!
She can't do this to me.

When I get my hands on her,
she's for it. Let's go!


She'll head for Spain.

She mightn't be on the boat yet.
Are you coming?

This is fucking crazy!

My head's thumping.
Is it from what you gave me?

I told you. Dynamite

- Stop.
- Like hell!

- Come on, loosen up.
- Fuck!

Are you Spanish?
I'm going to the port.

Get in.

Where are you headed?

We're going to blow up
a nuclear station.

Fucking great!


- Aw, shit!
- How're you feeling?

Where the hell are we?

Don't you know your own country?


- Why did you do this to me?
- Take it easy.

It's best to go through customs
asleep. Here's your passport.

You're crazy.
Where are we going?

To Manilva.
That's where the bitch'll be.

She's got a fag friend.
He's bound to help her out.

I don't give a shit!

- I need a drink, my mouth's dry.
- We're there now.

Time to get up!

Who wants to see
a sucker's face?

Take a look! Take a look!

Come on, take a look!

What a couple of randy bitches.

Just look at them!

Robertino, weren't you
the biggest fag in this town?

And you, love?

What's up? Do you like
guys like this now?

When did you get here?
I knew you'd come.

I told you, didn't I?
Did you have to come storming in?

AbeI, don't get the wrong idea.
Listen, just let me...

Listen, she arrived last night.
She'd nowhere to go.

Come on, you know that I...

Of course, but I love seeing
you two fooling around.

- Don't talk rubbish!
- Look, it was really hot.

You know me. She's my friend.
I couldn't...

- You're my friend too!
- Then quit fucking me over!

I don't give a shit about that!
She knows why I'm here.

Where's my money?

Let me speak!

I had to get you out of there!
I was sick of it all...

- She told me everything...
- Shut up and fuck off, bastard!

Glve me the money!

And your case is downstairs.

If it isn't all here...!


You're Martin?


I'm Ana.

Did AbeI tell you about me?

A few things.

I hope he didn't
say anything nasty.

I don't know him very long.

But a few days with AbeI

and it's like you've known him
all your life, right?

It's his personality.

He's like...

I guess there aren't many people
like him, are there?

No, not many.

Are you on vacation?



- So what are you doing?
- Nothing.


I don't do anything.

That's terrific.

The only problem is money.

Well, I've got some savings.

I don't spend much.

That's the worst.

Sometimes I spend nothing,
other times I go mad buying things.

Why did you come with him?

I didn't, he brought me.

And I've got no idea
what he wants to do.

I was in Tangiers.

He says you're going
to plant a bomb.

He's crazy.

It's a joke.
He likes to play jokes.

Don't you have fun?

It's hard to have fun.

Don't you know how to?



Here, this is yours.

Now I'll remember you.

This stone is magic, you know.
For sure.

It brought you.
Here, keep it for me.

Why don't you stay
with us for a few days?

AbeI loves inventing stories
but then he forgets them.

It's best to humor him,
or else he takes it out on me.

Nice cave, isn't it?

Really nice.



Waken up.

He's been looking at your ass
for an hour.

- Don't be such a bastard.
- Hey, she likes it.

I'm going to make a few calls.

See if old friends
still remember me.

- Were you really looking at me?
- Yes, you've got wonderfuI legs.

I was looking at your panties too.

You're all obsessed.

Tell him AbeI called.

He's away untiI tomorrow.
We'll have to hang around.

How about a drink, then?
I'm parched.

- We have to find an hoteI.
- Why don't we go to Tony's?

- Remember Tony with the big house?
- I don't know who Tony is.

Yes, you do. Tony, who made
porn videos, remember?

Yeah, somebody
she screwed one day.

Don't be such a creep.
Tony's nice.

Come on, how about it?


Hello, is Tony here?

Tony? Yes.


Come in.


She's the painter,
Tony's friend.

I'm going to look for Tony.

This is Tony.

You remember AbeI?

- Martin.
- Hello.

There's great coke here. And if
you want food, it's in the kitchen.

- Can we sleep over?
- Please yourselves.

- Isn't she nice?
- Yeah, a fucking sweetheart.

Are you back on that?

You'll ruin your mind.

- For all that's here...
- AbeI, please.

It's coming closer.

I can feeI it.

Bit by bit, it comes down,
lower, lower, lower...

It's be here any minute,
and once it's here...

It'll touch your hearts!


I'm taking these girls home,
they say they're scared.

- Don't you want a drink?
- In a minute.


Aren't you having fun?

Shit, I feeI terrible.

You don't look very well.

Can you two think of nothing
better to do than get wasted?

I can think of other things,
especially when I'm with you.

I bet you had your fill
with that cow.

AbeI's got you,
I've got nobody.

You've seen
how fast he dumps me.

As soon as he can.

Why don't you go to bed?

What time is it?

Almost 11.00.

Is your head sore?

Drink this.

- It's bitter!
- That's good.

Bread and beer.
Whores take it for a hangover.

You know a lot about whores,
don't you?

- That's how it seemed.
- The girI last night?

Do you call everyone a whore?

Are they fun?

No, they're not much fun,
they're like any other woman.

But more skillfuI.

Once, in Ibiza, a guy offered me
50,000 pesetas to fuck him.

I nearly fainted.

And what did you do?

I started laughing.
He got angry and he left.

The funny thing was I was
with a girlfriend who loved that.

- And she'd do it for nothing.
- And you wouldn't?


I've only been with three or four,
including AbeI.

He does it
with all the women he wants.

He can't be
with just one person.

I stink of smoke!
I'm going to wash my hair.

Where's AbeI?
Is he up yet?

I don't know.
He isn't around.

He isn't back yet?

He never wants to sleep with me.

He says I just get him in trouble
and want to tie him down.

He'd rather be with other women.

Come on, don't exaggerate.

He only left a while ago.

Ana, don't, please.

Please, don't do that.


Maybe something
has to be blown up.

'Morning, youngsters!

How are things?

Where were you? I thought
something had happened to you.

While you two were messing about,
I was making some important calls.

Looking for all we need.

And what do we need?

We're all right.

At the next crossroads,
take a right.

Slow down.

Pull in there.
That's him.

Stop here.

That's it.

- Sorry, I have to go alone.
- All this drama!

War is war, kid!

- Exciting, isn't it?
- Eh?

Yes, my knees are shaking a bit.

And you like it.

Just like he does.

Is he really going to get
the dammed explosives?

Here, like this, as if by magic.

He can get anything.
He knows so many people...

Like they say: "It isn't
what you know, it's who you know".

Really, he's been in lots of places
and done lots of things.

- You wouldn't believe it.
- I swear I could believe anything.

He worked with important people.
He was important.

He was involved
in some famous stuff.

Stuff that was in the papers.

Politicians, armed attacks...

Well, that's how it seemed,
you know.

Or maybe not, because at times
you seem so young, so...


No, but I'm not sure
you know what life's about.

- And you do?
- I've got an idea, anyway.

AbeI has told me things,
he'll tell you too.

He's fond of you,
he really is.

I believe you, but him...

- I don't know.
- Don't be stupid!

He doesn't go round
making up stories.

He isn't a show-off or big-mouth.
He doesn't need anything.

- Does he need you?
- Because I love him!

He's sick of people.
People are bastards.

People cheat you,
sell you out, betray you.

Years ago,
AbeI was very important.

He had a lot of money.

He did what he wanted and...

And one day, puff, it ended.

You wouldn't understand
in a million years.

Right, let's go.

Is that it?

Want to see it?

You know what it is?

It's like a friend said before
he threw himself under a train.

Know what he said?

He said:

Fuck it all!

It's hot, isn't it?

Why don't we have a swim?
Hey, come on.

If you think we're on vacation,
we'll never get there.

Come on, please.

All right,

but just a quick swim.


Come on, let's go for a dip!

Show Martin how well you swim.

Come on, all of us.

- Aren't you coming?
- No, it looks cold.

Wait! Wait!

Don't run, wait.

Let's go.
We've lost a lot of time.

I bet you tried to screw her.

Shut up.

Yes, I did.

I offered her 50,000 pesetas.
I was going to borrow from you.

Or I could have given her
a rubber check.

But I told him it was a lot of money
and I'd settle for half of that.

And he should
give it to you for gas.

And it is a lot of money.
Those are professionaI prices.

- Anyone can do what a woman does.
- Like hell!

I know a gypsy who can
pick up bottle tops with her pussy.

So start practising!

- This seems like a good place.
- A good place for what?

Is that all you can think about?
Can't we have fun some other way?

Rule N? 1:
No improvising.

We have to calculate everything
or we'll screw up.

But... Ana, you tell him.
Tell him, please.

Leave me out of it.
You two and your crazy ideas.

You coming?

Or don't you dare?

No, Ana, you stay here.

- Why?
- Just because.

So, did you try to screw her?

- Would you, if she were my girI?
- Depends how attractive she was.

No, don't worry. She and I
could split up any day.

If you want to be with her or not,
that's your business.

- Do you mean that?
- Look, that's how things are.

We used to have a ball,
but now I don't feeI anything.

And when you don't feeI anything,
it's over, isn't it?

- Have you told her?
- A million times.

She thinks it's because of my pills.
I said that was stupid.

Yeah, so maybe we'd fuck more,
and better, but that means nothing.

There are many
more important things.

When this is all over,
I want to take a long trip.

But on my own.

I can get by on my own.
I can survive anywhere.

And I can enjoy myself any time
with anyone. You got that?

Look, partner.

Life is like this handfuI of earth.

You've got a hold on it
while your fist is clenched,

but then you get tired...

- I don't see the connection.
- You will.

You pull down the lever
and this'll explode in 30 seconds.

Come on! Didn't you say
it would explode?

First, tell me this.
Do you believe in God?

Stop talking rubbish!
Let go!

- Answer me!
- Let go!

- Answer first!
- No! I don't believe in God!

Well, I do.

You're a son of a bitch
and completely crazy!

That's it.
I'm sick of all your rubbish.

We'll always remember it.

Everyone'll talk about it
but we'll know we did it.

Don't you realize?

And I wish I'd never seen that
innocent looking face of yours!

Martin, please.

It isn't that I don't believe in God.

I just can't stand him.

In this country,
we're used to being led,

to being given orders.

My father teaches it to me,
I teach it to my children.

If we're not told what to do,
we're terrified.

So we're messed up by his absence,
by his being a lie.

We hate him because
he's just a fucking show!

- But, but, I...
- You, nothing.

You're an idiot
with the brain of a fly,

colliding with others
every fucking day!

Give me a break!

I can't stand you anymore!
Stop right here!

Another whiskey.

Shall we dance?

This one?


Recently, I've got
a bit old fashioned.

It must be...
I don't know, a regression.

- You know what that is?
- Yes.

You don't, but it doesn't matter.
It won't happen to you yet.

If you say so.

You know you're very odd?

Odd is being hung up on a guy
who fucking ignores you.

- Why should you care about that?
- I care, I care.

I like his skin,

his smile, his hands.

Don't be so corny, please.
It's like a soap opera.

Well, you see, I like that.
You're too classy.

Maybe so,

but I adore you.

You see?

I can be corny too
if you ask me to be.

You know something else?

I wouldn't be here
if it weren't for him.

Right, I'm doing
the same stupid thing.

- I came back for you.
- No.

I mean I would have died
or something like that.

You were going to die?

Christ! I was living flat out
but it was like being dead!

Yes, like a vampire.

Laugh if you want.
If you'd seen me two years ago...

Two years ago,
you wouldn't have got away.

I was crazy,
but I was nicer too.


You wouldn't
have recognized me.

I weighed ninety pounds.

I was in a really crappy scene.

- What scene?
- It doesn't matter.

It was fucking hard to get out.

I wasn't me.

I was like a drop of water
in a pooI.

A pooI that's
evaporating slowly.


When you put like that
it even sounds poetic.

That's because
I've written it like that.

Want to see it?

"A pooI that evaporates
beneath a blazing, crueI sun,

an unbearable heat.

The water diminishes,
gradually rotting,

with the sound of the flies
buzzing around.

Suddenly, one day,
a stone falls in the pooI.

Ripples in the water.

And a splash that flies up
and escapes. It is I.

Don't tell me,
the stone is AbeI.

Yes. Do you realize?

Life is so absurd
and complicated.

He said: "Come with me".

And suddenly
everything was very simple.


That's over.

Eh, Ana?

The sparks gradually stopped.

I saw and heard again.

The pain ended.

It was a wonderfuI feeling.

- Do you understand?
- Perfectly.

You're a drop of water,
he's a lump of rock.

And I must be a pimple
on your pretty ass.

Do you know how I feeI?

Stupid, dumb, a thickhead.

Don't you realize
we haven't screwed in months?

He prefers pills to a woman.

I don't arouse him anymore,
or else he'd quit that shit.

It isn't your fault.

Martin, don't be angry with me.

You're a nice guy.

I'm tired of being near you

and not being able
to smell you or touch you.

I want to be with you completely.

I can't.
It's impossible, not yet.

He's come alive these days,
but inside it's still the same.

We can't, do you understand?
We'd be betraying him.

- It happened once, and since then...
- What about me?

What about me?

After you left, he'd a kind
of attack. It was terrible.

That's why we stopped here.

He took a fistfuI of pills.

They did wonders for him.

I'll tell you the one about the farts,
it's really good.

What's bugging you?

There are two farts...

Well, two farts,
each with a pussy on top.

- We can spend the night here.
- Here?

You know any place?

Choose the one you want.
No one's around now.

No, me, me!
Let me choose!

This one!

No, that one!

No, that one!

- Now what?
- Watch, he's a maestro.

It doesn't even have a TV!

The owners must be perverts.

There's only one bed.

- We'll have to squeeze in together.
- I can sleep here.

Open the window,
the air's stale.

Martin, you want a drop?

You said a lot of things yesterday.
But one thing isn't clear.

- What's that?
- If you love her or not.

Ana loves adventures,
like nearly all women.

You used to tell them to her,
now you're inventing one.

You want to have her with you.

Some places are still open.

Will we go out?


We're going out.
What are you doing?

I said our girI was smart.
She wants to be a writer.

- Read us a bit.
- Tell us what it's about.

- Leave me alone.
- Just the title.

Ole, ole, ole!

Cheers, everyone!
Cheers, and good evening!

These are my people.
My scene, my amosphere.


I'll have a whiskey, please.

Hey, give me a drink.

And one for everyone, my treat.

Who's that creep?

Hello, cheers.

Come on.

That bastard wants a fight.


Ole! That's art! Come on!

It's a bad scene here.

I'm going to get some air.



Smash his head in!


Will I get the gun?

It was great, eh?

And my kids were the best.

That's shit!

Now pull out the arrow.

- What?
- From the indian attack.

You know.

We beat them,
but I've been hit by an arrow.

Pull it out.

Get it out!

I won't complain.

Thanks, paI.

All that I have is yours.

My belongings, my money,
my wife.

Come on!

Get up!

We're not staying here all day!

Get up, sleepyhead.

- Leave me alone.
- Why?

I don't know
why you settle for a pillow.

Go to hell!
I had other things last night.

Come off it.

You're bluffing.

Are you still like that?
Get up, for crissake.

- I'm going to have a shower.
- What?

Martin! Martin, come here!
Help me get her out of bed.

The bitch says
she wants to have a shower.

And I want to leave right away.

You smell great,
why have a shower?

I don't want to spend
another hour here.

Stop it, you bastards!
I'm going to have a shower.

Forget it, or I'll take off your
panties in front of this sex maniac.

Sex maniac, take off her panties.

She abused me while I was asleep
and thinking of someone else.

You're a cynic.
I hate you!

You two are crazy. I think
I'm the one who needs a shower.

We're going to soap up
this heap of garbage.

Pass me the soap.

This rapist needs a good wash.

Here, scrub her back.

We're a fucking great team,
fucking great!

You're idiots.

Now me, give me the soap.

I can't see anything,

but I bet you anything
you're groping her ass.

Well, you've lost your bet.

We're nearly there.

Your village is near here, isnt it?

Is it long since you were back?


Don't you want to see them?

Your family, I mean.

I don't care.
I call them from time to time.

We could drive over.

Or don't you dare?

- Have we arrived?
- Almost.

We'll have a drink.

- Here?
- Yes.

Button that up,
they'll think you're a whore.

What a pity,
I forgot the beret.

It isn't so hard
to look like an ordinary girI.

Come on, do it for me, try.

Give me a brandy, Alfonso.



I'm delighted to see you.

You want a drink?


- Did you get married?
- Yes, years ago.

- Any kids?
- One.

- What about my father?
- He's over there.


Father, it's me, AbeI.

For fuck's sake,
give me a cigarette.

AbeI, you old bastard!


Hey, everybody!

Look! Look!
It's my brother AbeI!

A bout of malaria leaves you feeling
like you've been beaten up.

- And it can hit you any time.
- Are you sick?

- Is that why you've come back?
- You get used to it.

Look, in those countries,
the worst fever is politics.

They're tribes, they kill
each other for no reason.

They don't trust whites
in Nigeria, the Congo, Guinea...

It's all fucked up now.

- But you made your money.
- I didn't do too badly.

He was always smart,
from he was a kid.

As soon as he could,
he took off.

Christ, AbeI, you lived
just as you wanted.

And now you can retire
without any worries.

I've had hard times too,
I've been ripped off.

All the guys of your age here
are on subsidies, stuck in a rut.

AbeI, look who's here.


Come on, now. Pilar!

Pilar, come on!

AbeI, look. Berta, my wife.

- Hello, Berta.
- Hello.

- She's very pretty.
- You should see the kids.

Three, the eldest this tall.

The kids are asleep, but come
and meet them tomorrow, all right?

Give me a hug.

- Take care.
- Thanks.

Berta, thanks for everything.

Listen, he hasn't got a penny.
Why is he here?

Go on, find out
if he's going to stay.

Well, kids, let's see
how you like all this, eh?

All right? See you again.


See you tomorrow, Rodolfo.
Come with me, father.

This wine's very good.

Let's see if you like this.
It's homemade.

This must be grandfather Jaime.

You're such a rascaI.

All these years
and only six letters.

I didn't know
if you were dead or alive.

You seem so tired.

Aren't you fed up
wandering around?

We're old now, but if you stay
you won't have to do anything.

I'll take care of you.

He's annoyed,
he's going to explode.

I think he's delighted.

- Why do you say that?
- I just know.


Another Twinkie?

Fuck you!

There's another room downstairs,
but it's full of stuff.

I'll sort it out tomorrow, but for
one night, you'll be fine here.


Listen, are you

really my sister?

What a thing to say!

Go to sleep, you've had
a very emotionaI night,

and a lot of drinks!


Let's go.


Give me that.

Come on. Hurry up.

Ana, we're going to end badly.

We already have.

- What's it to be?
- Coca-cola.

- Same here.
- Whiskey.

- A locaI one?
- No.

- I'm really fucked.
- So am I.

You couldn't be.

Let's take a look around.

As you wish,
but I'm keeping the car.

We still haven't found
the power station.

We'll meet later?

In here.

I don't know if he's crazy.

What about you?

I just know one thing.

Like it?

- What is it, an institution?
- A spa.

There are pools
of stinking water.

You bathe, you breathe,
then you go for a walk.

Just imagine, a rave-up.

- Do you have to pray?
- No.

I came here once
to got cured of asthma.

And look at me now,
healthy as can be.

Except in your head.

Well, that's more normaI,
it happens to us all.

- The place is lovely.
- BeautifuI.

And also very boring.

We can go inside.
You want to see it?

- What'll we do there?
- I don't know.

We could bathe.

There'll only be old people.

Do you rent bathing suits?


What size?

- I don't know.
- Well, you would be a medium.

And would the young lady
like a one or two piece?


- Hello.
- Hello.

- Martin.
- What?

You're an asshole.

- You two! Do you need anything?
- No!

We're screwing!

Well, lock up
when you've finished.


Hi, there.

- Been sight-seeing?
- Were you at the nuclear station?

- Yes.
- And?

Like we said,
it's all pure shit.

We have to hit it.

Look, AbeI, it's time
we got things straight.

I think this is all crap.

Doing what has to be done
is one thing.

Getting into shit
that can end badly is another.

You getting scared?

- No, it's...
- You've screwed, right?

- No.
- Yes.

Maybe it's for the best.

Anyway, that means nothing.

We've come here
to do something,

and we have to finish it.

Martin, isn't that so?

Are you coming or not?



Then I don't see why
we're discussing it.

Want a drink?

- I want to see the place too.
- There'll be time.

Are you coming?

Ana, wait.

Not now. Later.

Shall we go?

- What about the explosives?
- They're set.

We just have to connect this.


This is...

Don't you think it's shit?

This is a cement factory!

It's shit.
It's pure shit.

This isn't a nuclear power station,
it's a fucking cement factory!

A garbage factory.

In no time, this region
will be as bare as a rock.

Do you mean...?

Is it all the same to you?

You don't mind...

You don't mind blowing up

any piece of shit that smells bad,
that pisses you off!


We thought there was
something here

that was going
to fuck up everything,

everything we liked,
good memories.

I don't have
many good memories left.

We've got that thing there.
How does it change what we said?

I don't give a damn
if the shit is Class A or Class B!

Don't change the subject.

If there's anything you don't mind
it's shit and poison.

Every day

you and I consume more
than comes out of that chimney.

You spent your whole fucking life
in much filthier places

and you never once stopped
to look at them!

So what's up?

Are you going to start
burning them down now?

You still have
your stinking ideals.

That's why you can't understand.

It isn't a question
of what's good or bad.

That's all just words.

One day we decided
we had to do something.

And we've come to the end,
that's all.

That's all?

That's all?

I've got nothing else to do.

Have you?

Christ, AbeI,
give me a fucking break!

Have you got
anything else to do?

Answer me!

And you?

Are you coming?

Ana, don't you want to see it?

You'll never have fireworks
like these.

I don't want fireworks!

I'm staying with him.

See you later, kids.

Let's go. I'm scared,
I don't want to see it.


We have to do it, Ana.
He's right.

This is why we came.
We can't give up now.


Martin, please, waken up.

This is all a lie.

He just wants you to follow him,
here, there, anywhere.

You can't fall for it now.
If you do, he'll have you forever.

- Martin.
- This time he isn't Iying.

I know.


I love you.


I love you!


No, Ana, we have to go!

- We have to get out of here!
- Let go!

He's dead, Ana!
He's dead!

This place'll be swarming
with police.

For God's sake, shut up!
Ana, will you please shut up!

Please, shut up, please.

If I could be a redskin...

If I could be a redskin,
always alert,

riding a fast horse
in the wind,

I'd throw away the spurs
because I wouldn't need spurs.

I'd let go of the reins
because I wouldn't need reins.

Because racing across
the open country

even the horse's mane and head