El desentierro (2018) - full transcript

Maybe part of everything
we saw and heard

hides other things
that I will never discover...

But now I know

that all actions, even if all
the earth buries them,

will be unearthed sooner or later
for human eyes to see.

2 days earlier

...reconciled with the Father.

Carried on the shoulders of
the Good Shepherd...

and added to the eternal
King's entourage,

rejoice in God's
everlasting glory,

and the company of the Saints.

We are in the town where,
at this time,

the funeral service for Councillor
Felix Montaner is taking place.

As you can see, the square is
packed with family, party members

and locals who have come to bid their
farewells to their former mayor.

His wife Dora Betancor has been
moved to the Intensive Care Unit

in the Malva-Rosa Hospital,
where she will be treated by...

What are you doing here?


...was late for the service.

Right... Classic.

I'm really sorry, shorty.

How are you?

How did you get here?

By plane.

Yeah, fuck.

I hired a car at the airport.

How's your mum?

Let's go and you'll see her.

Why did you leave town?

My parents sent me to a
Numerary boarding school.

Numerary? What's that?

Nothing, you don't want to know.

Now I'm living with some
friends in Perpignan.

And what do you do?

What do you do for work?

I write. I'm a writer.


That's good.

And what do you do for work?

No, what do you write:
Stories, novels...?

Can you live off that?




Recite something, man.

No... no.

Go on.

- No, no way.
- Something you know by heart.

A stanza, a verse...

A verse, that's what
you call it... A verse.

Recite a verse.

Hold this.

What are you doing?

Nothing, I have a blog
where I sometimes post my stuff.

“The peace that I am forging
will be for the child.

And in the end,

your heart and mine will
be cast away in an ocean

of irredeemable bones, and
all that remains

will be a woman and a man
worn out by kisses."


You're very good, shorty.

You're good.



Some funny guy you
ended up being...

Spanish humour?

Vera is alive.


I said Vera's alive.

Yeah, sure...

I saw her this morning,
at the church.

You're fucking with me, right'?




She's conscious now,

but it's best not to bother her.
She has severe concussion.

"Malva-Rosa" Hospital

Take this. The police brought it.

They're your father's things.

And the mobile phone?

They kept it.

They said they'll return everything
to us in a couple of days.

Are these the house keys?

...at a bar by chance and he
began to show me...

you make quite a lot with cars...

What the fuck?

Diego, Diego.

What are you doing with that?

What if there's somebody inside?

What are you doing with that?


It was my father's.


Stop, fuck! Stop!

It's a fake.

My mother bought it for him
in case somebody broke in'

You're out of your mind.


Sorry, man.

I'll put it down.

Good evening.

Diego Montaner?

That's me.

I'm inspector Alonso, from
the UDEF Department.

I'm in charge of
your father's case.

They've broken into your parents'
flat in Valencia too.

They haven't taken any money,
only computer hard drives.

Do you know if your family has
received any threats lately?

I have to eat protein.

At home it's
aubergine, courgette,

alfalfa all day...

Mum only feeds me greens.

What's up?

Are you still living
with your mum?

What's wrong with you, man?

All right! Things over
there are difficult

What? Do you think money grows on
trees in Argentina?

How old are you?

You've got a comfortable life
over there, right?

You do whatever you want...

What the fuck are
you talking about?

You live in the countryside,

write poetry,

you wait for your daddy's
cheque to arrive...

I would like to write a
book, too.

And travel around the world...

So do it.

Yeah... I might do.

Why are you so sure
your father is still alive?


Why not?

It's been 20 years.

And where is he buried?

"La Pobla”, 1996

I'm scared.

This has got out of control.

Have you spoken to the police?

I'm leaving with the girls...

but I need the money.

You've brought your family over
from Argentina for this?


I'm going to sign the sale of the
land. Don't worry about that.

But I want the money now.


All right.

Tomorrow morning.

But only...

if you go far away.

Out of the country...

and no questions.

That night was the last time
I saw your father.

Thank you.

It was a few weeks before you and
your mum went back to Argentina.

But let it go, cousin.

It's water under the bridge.

Do you think...

my dad might have had
something to do with...

the “Marjal“ corruption case?

Your father was the only one with
the balls to stand up to my family.

The only one.

I'm gonna take a shower.


are your sure it was her?

Do you think I'm lying to you?

Vera saw me too!

Take it.

November, 1996

"The Treehouse"


Was here many years ago.

I'm looking for a woman...



I'm looking for a woman that
lived here with her daughter.


Do you know her?

Have you lived here for long?

Very kind of you!


I'm looking for Ricardo,

“El Richi”.

Are you his father?

Who is it, Dad?

Excuse me.

And why are you leaving?


Yeah, why?

I'm sick of it.

I'm fucking sick of this village.

Ones and zeros, huh?

Look... all my work...


put away in a fucking box.

You see.

Do you take sugar?

Yes, thanks.

Do you smoke?

No, I don't. I quit a while ago.

Do you mind if I...?

No, no. Smoke.

What happened to you?

I crashed my motorbike.

Well... I loved your dad
like a brother.

Yeah, I know.

That's why I'm here.

I remember he was going through
a rough patch.

He'd got into a fight
with your mother again...

and he'd left your uncle's house

and well...

that's why...

I took him to "La Ruta".

"La Ruta" Club, 1996

Now you're gonna listen
to it with reverb.

You're gonna love this.

Listen, listen...

Welcome to Radio Oskura.
The purest "destroy" music.

- It's cool with reverb, isn't it?
- Yeah, with reverb it's a little better.

Asshole... Fuck off.

You have no fucking idea.

The worst idea of my life, man.

That guy, the Albanian,

he used to walk the girls
around "La Ruta".

But, for him, it wasn't
just a club.

It was a fucking shop window.


What's wrong?

Why did you bring me here, Richi?


Look at me!

I'm not going to let you sink.

Did you hear me?




I saw you earlier... dancing.

Do you speak Spanish?


Are you alone?

I've got my car there.

If you wait for me here
I can take you home.



Do you have money?

Yes, yes.

And then, after that...

Your father went crazy for her.

He went to see her
at "Salitre" nearly every day,

and then they started going out,
where anyone could see them.

Fucking genius.

Well, Jordi...

But who was that guy?

The Albanian...

No one.

A Pimp...

who controlled them, a bit.

Do you know if he was...?

Seriously, Jordi...

Let's stop, mate, 'cause I'm
really busy with the move, okay?

I have to take care of
my dad and...

Tirana's daughter was at my
uncle Felix's funeral yesterday.


She's alive.

You knew her too, right?

Your father told me about her.

Somebody told me they beat my dad
up before he disappeared.

Do you know if it was that pimp?

Why did he do it? Richi...


You came.

I'll leave the menus here.

Are you still not going to
tell me your name?

Your real name.

My name?



Sure... and I'm Bruno Lamas.

A pleasure.


There's no way out, Pau.




Please, Tirana.

Leandro! Stop, don't!

Are you okay?

I'm calling the police.

Your father was a good
guy, Jordi.

I wish you could've known
him like I did.

I wish.

...having an impact
on social media,

where numerous messages link
the car accident

to the recently uncovered
urban planning...

corruption scandal in the
“Marja!” National Park area...

According to sources
the tragedy

could be related to the discovery of
a tape with incriminating recordings

in which ex-Councillor Felix Montaner's
voice can apparently be heard,

along with people of Albanian origin
related to the trafficking of women

and money laundering, which. ..

Bon appétit.

Do we know each other?

Don't you remember me?

No, sorry.

German Torres.

Listen... I was a friend
of your father's.

But relax, okay?

Of course you don't remember.
It's been a long time and...

You were...

You were only this big.


How's life'?
How are you getting on?

Good, good.

Do you have a girlfriend?


Better that way. Less problems.

I'm married... I have...

I have two kids,
a boy and a girl...

Hey, excuse me...

What the hell are you doing?

It's the hospital food, it
doesn't taste of anything.

What was Pau's son doing at
Richi's house this morning?

What the fuck is this about?

Calm down, I just want to help.

They can really hurt
you, you know?


For God's sake, Diego!
Wait, please!

They're going to lie
about your family.

They'll say whatever they have to
to destroy you.

They'll fake the evidence
if they have to.

Look, take this.

I'll give you my card.
Take it, Diego.

If you need anything call
me, okay?


Torres Foundation
Sports Complex - German Torres

What's up, cousin?
Missing me already?

Everything okay?

I don't know.

I've just run into a guy who
was really on edge

who says he was a
friend of my father.

He asked me what you were doing
earlier at Richi's house.



Good afternoon.

We're looking for
a Mr... German Torres.


Mr. Torres!

Give me a minute.

I'll be back in a second.

They're are asking for you.

Good afternoon.


Do you know who I am?

Yes, more or less. You...

You're Pau Montaner's son, right?


Pau Montaner's son...

That's all, Vicent.

Thank you.

I love that young people come here
to train. It keeps the club alive.

Have you ever played “Pilota"?

You knew my father, right'?


Not really, no.

I met him a couple of times.

And did Felix ever tell
you where my dad went?


No... of course...

People, here in the village,
said he had gone somewhere and...

maybe as you're a friend
of Félix, he told you...

No, no.

Well, he did mention
something, yeah.

He told me that he was leaving
for France with his girlfriend.

I don't know.

France. Yes, I heard that too.


maybe he received a letter, a
postcard from France or something...


I can't even remember what I ate
yesterday, you know?

Well, I have to go,
they're waiting for me.


If you don't tell me what you
fucking know about my father

and why the fuck you're following me,
I'm going to report you for harassment.

It's okay.

I saw your cousin by chance
on my way here to the club.

And if I've offered you my help it's
only because I feel really bad...

about what's happened
to your parents.

It's shit!

I'm really sorry.

Could you take him away, please?


What the hell are you doing?

Come on! Let's play!

- What a son of a bitch!
- Why did you do that?


You threatened him in front
of everybody! Fuck!

- He was lying.
- What the fuck are you doing?

Where does he know me from? He's never
seen me before in his fucking life.

Can you remember how to get to
this place? "The Salitre" club.

What are you saying?

- "The Salitre" club.
- Watch the road.

Watch the road!

"The Salitre", that whorehouse
where my dad used to go.

- Stop the car.
- Can you help me with this...?

Stop the car!





Come on, Diego...

Wait a second.


Stop, Diego.

Why did you come back?

To stir up all this shit?


Nothing's happened.

I was stuck there with the Opus
priests for years.

My mother said she did it
for my education,

but what she really wanted was
to keep me away from all this.

I spoke to her,

I told her everything
my father had done,

she listened to me and never
wanted to speak about it again.

And what did you do?


Put up with it...

and then left the boarding
school when I turned 18.

And what was it your father did?

Nothing. Doesn't matter...

He's dead now...

Félix was really nice to us.

Since my old man left...

He helped us,
sending money every time we...

Yeah... that was his style.

It's been a long time, why don't
you speak to her?

Speak about what?

About why they abandoned me?

Look, my mother has always
protected my father, all her life.

And now, if she recovers, she'll
probably get away without even

having to do time in a fucking
VIP prison cell in Picassent.

I don't want to speak to her

I just don't fucking want to.

You're out of your head, man.

The truth doesn't
change anything, cousin.

What's that?
Miguel Hernandez too?



There it is.

Shall we have a drink?


What's up, Richi?

I need a favour.

Hey, who gave you my number?

By any chance, do you know of...

a whorehouse around here where I
can find Eastern European women?



I'm going to the toilet!

What can I get you, handsome?

A beer, please.

Excuse me,

can I ask you a kind of...

weird question?

Hey, Blondie!

Leave something on the plate.

You don't come here often, right?

Not really, no.

My name is Nahid.

I don't have any change.

Well... it doesn't matter.

Excuse me,

where are you from?


Do you know if I can find any
Albanian girls here?

No, I don't...

Have you worked here
for a long time?

Quite a while.

Do you know anybody who worked in a
club called “El Salitre" by any chance?

- Are you a cop?
- No, no.


I need to find a woman that
worked at that club 20 years ago.

She was from Albania.

You have a tired
look in your eyes.

I am tired.

Come up with me to the rooms.

You have to forget.

Her name was Tirana.

Don't you like me?

We can come together.

Good evening.

Everything okay?


everything's okay. We're talking.
Thank you, we don't need anything.


Take him outside.

I'll finish my beer and I'll...

No, relax!
Stop, stop, stop!

I'm gonna grab my beer...

and I'll leave.

Tell the dog to relax.

- Where are you, man?
- Outside, they kicked me out.

- Out of the parking area!
- Relax!

- Get out of here!
- I'm going! I'm going!

Leave now!

- It's a free country...
- Asshole!

Come on!

- Get the fuck out of here!
- Get your own fucking self out of here!

Cousin, you're right.

Let's go and rest.

Stop. Listen!

I have someone who can help us.

I want it to be clear.

I don't give a fuck about what
they did to your father.

I'm just here for Vera.

Is it true she's still alive?


You lived with Tirana
in the "treehouse”, right?

I used to stay with Vera
when her mother went out.

I took care of her.

When I arrived in Spain they
kept me locked up for three days

in a basement with no food.

They called it "the submarine".

I told them I'd tell
the police but...

then they showed me photos of my
mother shopping at the market.

That's what they did
at the beginning.

Later on they protected you...

They even made you believe
they were your new family.

Do you know if the man
that hurt you...

was the same one that
beat up my father?

I said no names.

How did you meet my father?

Pau! Pau!

I'm going to tell
them everything.

You wouldn't dare.


Are you okay?


Don't worry, I'm fine.

It's over there.
Park at the back.

You're crazy!

Why have you brought him here?

What the fuck are you doing?

Who is he?

Are you okay?

That night he met Vera.

The girl had been here about six
months but nobody knew.

Only Leandro and us.

Leandro? Who's Leandro?

Do you think those people would
let them get out of here alive?

It's impossible.

And where are they buried?

Can you at least tell me where
I can find that guy, Leandro?




Wait! Wait, please! Stop!

They called Leandro
"the Albanian".

He was always watching us.

After that night, someone
snitched and...

said the Albanian was working
separately with Tirana.

First they went for Vera...

then for him.

Get up!

Leave him.

Don't move, you fucking dog!

I swear it's true.
I didn't know about her daughter.

Forgive me!


Don't leave me here!

It's my aunt. Sorry.

And what happened to him?

Is he alive?

Leandro? No idea.

Hey. What happened?

Will you call me
if you find Vera?

Of course.

- But... When did it happen?
- Just now. I've been calling you.

I was alone in the room.

Did you see anyone?

No. Your aunt and uncle had left.
I was alone when it happened.

I need you to come here.

Okay, I'm on my way.


I think they've tried to
kill my mother.

I'll park the car and find you.

They're checking the CCTV.

We think somebody went in
your aunt Dora's room

and took out the breathing tube.


Do you know if Diego had
been threatened?

How do you know he was kidnapped?

Several witnesses saw it.

Mr Antonio Guzman,
your uncle Félix's lawyer,

was found suffocated this
morning in his office.

No prints.
They haven't found anything.


I haven't...

I haven't slept for a long time,
you know?

There's a coffee
machine in there,

do you mind if I get one?

Do you want anything to eat?

Are you hungry?

- What the fuck is this?
- It's nearly dawn.

What have you given me?



Let me go.

- Drink.
- Let me go!

Wake up, come on.

Wake up.

Look at me.

- Diego, look at me, please!
- What are you doing?

If I don't get those tapes
they'll kill my kids. Understand?

They're going to hurt my family.

Your mother is going down
like everyone else...

so there's no point trying
to protect her.

And your father...

the fucking idiot...

recorded those tapes
to get an advantage...

and now those same tapes have
incriminated him.

For fuck's sake!

Did you kill my father?

Don't you dare say that.

Son of a bitch, let me go!

Your father...

I really respected him.

Diego, where are the tapes?

Tell me, Richi.

A few weeks ago I got a
call from my uncle.

Stop! Stop!

They were going to make
the canal bigger...

and they wanted to demolish
the old barn.

They found my van. The one Pau
took when they disappeared.

Their bags had been there
for 20 years.


When I got back here,

back home...

I opened your father's bag...


There was...

There was a cassette inside.

There was a tape inside.

- I sold it.
- Richi!

I don't have anything left.


Look at me!

It's a fake.

It's a...

It's a replica.

You'll only make us both cry.

Forgive me.

I have no fucking idea what
you're talking about.

Let me go! Hey!

Let me go!

Listen to me, Diego.

Listen to me.

The press has one of those tapes.

The rest of them were hidden by your
father somewhere, I don't know where.

I don't know where the
fucking tapes are...

What the fuck are you doing?

Are you crazy?

Where are they, Diego...
the tapes?

Diego, I need the tapes.


Diego! Look at me! Look at me!

Diego, look at me!

Look at me!

Look at me! Look at me!

What year did you
leave the village?

Do you remember?

I don't know.

What year did you
leave the village?

I can't remember.

I swear I can't remember.

Diego, what year did you
leave the village?

How old were you?

I don't know... 14... 15.

Very good. Look at me.

14... 15... very good.

Let me go.

Let me go, please.


No, no, no...

No, no...

Diego, listen to me!

It was autumn, 1996.

The same year your father
recorded those tapes.


There was a voice recorder...

in my dad's study.


There was a voice recorder
in my dad's study.


In... in a drawer in his desk.

Look at me, Diego. Where?

- Where?
- I don't know!

- Where did you see it?
- I don't know!

In a desk, where?

- At my parents' house, but...
- Where?

In a fucking drawer in the...

- Where?
- I swear I don't know.

- Where are the rest of the tapes?
- I swear I don't know.

Diego, where? Remember!


No! I don't know! Stop!
No, stop, stop, please!

Where are the tapes?

I swear I don't know!

Son of a bitch!

Can you give me a ciggy?

They've kidnapped Diego. I need you
to tell me who did that to you...


It was that guy
from the "Pilota" club.

Felix's friend.
He was here last week.

How much did they pay
you for the tape?

Look at me!

Look at me!

Thirty thousand.

Thirty thousand... A journalist.

No, no...

Tell him, Vincent.

No, no, no...

No! Leave him!
Leave my father alone!

Please! Stop!

Stop! Stop! Stop!

Stop. Please!

Stop, I swear to God
I don't know anything...

Shut up! Shut up!

I swear to God that I don't
know if there are more tapes.

Stop, stop, stop...!

Is that it?

If you're going to kill a man and
he doesn't tell you the truth,

it means he doesn't
know the truth.

Never forget that.

A little more.

I only listened to one tape.


...and I didn't
understand anything.


My father spoke about money
with another man...

and of some land in "The Marjal".


I told my mother and they sent me
to the boarding school...

and I haven't been back
here since then' I swear.

Good boy. Good boy.

But why did you
lie to me earlier?

I burned all your
father's stuff...

Except for this.

He would have loved you
to listen to it.

Leave now, please.

Give me that.

Back away!

Get in!

Get inside!

Son of a bitch!

Leave me alone!


Son of a...

Good evening.


Yes, it's me, sorry...
It went off by mistake.



- Diego
- Jordi!

Shut up!


Shut up!

I'm going to kill you!

You motherfucker!

My head hurts.

Take me to the hospital, please.
I can't take it anymore.

My head's going to explode.

They're going to take you
to any hospital you want.

You haven't called the
police, right?

You're not so stupid that you
called the police, right?

My head hurts.


I played "Pilota"
when I was a kid, too.

Now I can't remember how you even
fucking hit the ball.

It's a matter of practice, right?


It's all a matter of practice.

Listen to me.

I have a lot of money,
I have plenty of money...

in the safe.

We can come to an agreement,
the three of us.

Do you want to make a deal?

- Let's make a deal.
- Let's make a deal. Come on.

Let's make a deal.

You tell me where my father is...

and I won't kill you.

- Do you like that deal?
- Jordi, you need to help me.

I'm begging you.
You have to help me.

They're going to kill my kids.
Help me Jordi, please.


My dad disappeared 20 years ago
with a woman and her daughter...

And you are going to tell me
what the fuck they did to them...

You are going to tell me what the
fuck they did to them...


I don't know what
they did to them.

I'll kill you, son of a bitch!

I'll kill you!


Look for Leandro!
At "La Ruta".

He lives there, in the commune.
Look for him!

- Leandro?
- Leandro! Look for him!

- The Albanian?
- He's the only one... yes.

He's the only one...

the only one who could know
something about the Albanian girls.

Don't do it, Jordi.
I beg you, please.

The Albanian.

At "La Ruta".

Let's go.

Jordi wait. Let me go, please.

Hey... Hey...


Don't leave...

Get me out of this, please...


Get me out of this.

For God's sake...

Get me out of this. Hey!

Hey. Siri!

I'm listening.



Hey. Siri!

Call Vincent.

Which Vicent? Vicent...


- Vicent Palmero...
- No, no.

- Vicent Quilez.
- No.

- Vicent "Pilota"...
- No.

Vincent. Vincent!

Call Vincent!

Which Vicente? You have 17.

No. For God's sake.

Vincent with an for fuck's sake.

I would never speak to you
like that.

For fuck's sake!

Put me down.


Son of a bitch.

Where are you going with that?

Son of a bitch.

Son of a bitch.

It fucking hurts.

Fucking hell...

You have to write a book
about all this.

I will.

- Shall I leave you to deal with them?
- Uh?

Take care of yourself.

Where are you going?

Jordi, no! Fuck...
Jordi, stop!

Anyone there?


I'm looking for a man called Leandro.
They call him the Alban...

No, wait!



Good morning.

There's someone here who wants
to speak to his mother.

Leave us alone, please,
and close the door.

Thank you.

You have to help us, Diego.

The prosecution have asked us
accept civil liability for damages.

They're coming for us.

October 9th, 1996

You got a light or what?

How did it go with Mr. Guzman?

He said we're opening in
Montevideo in a years' time max.


That's what I like to hear.

You do whatever he says, okay?

Look, look.

The queen of the dance floor,
isn't she?

The queen of the dance floor,
you pussy?

That's why you married
her, isn't it?

What's up?

what the fuck is up with you?


I prefer her not to mess so much
with our business.


I think it's great that you trust
her... she's your wife and...

But our business is our
business. Is that clear?

- Don't be so dramatic.
- Félix...

I only told her that...

Félix... It's okay.
Everything's fine.


A drink?

Wait, wait.

What do you want?

We've got problems
with my brother.

He doesn't want to sign.


can we speak for a moment?

- Now?
- Yeah.

I have to take the
kid to school...

I don't want to sell mum
and dad's country house.

I'm not going to sign
"The Marjal" thing.

Close the door.


Mr. Guzman is already writing up
all the documents.

I'm going to renovate it.

I'll pay your part of the house.

And you're gonna live...

there, in the countryside?

Are you going to take care
of the rice too?

I'd be good at it.

You'd be fucking great at it.

As you've grown... so much rice
there, in Buenos Aires.

Why are you
in such a hurry to sell it?

Go back home with your family.

Are you kicking me out'?

You can still fix things
with Martina...

And while you're at it, stop
fucking up your son's life.

I'm not going to sign!
Are we clear?

I'm not going to sign.

Hey! Relax. It's okay.

He'll forget about it.



Come on!

Back then we could
never have imagined

the huge mess that
situation would lead to.

Go on, please.

I'm going to sign the sale of the
land. You can trust me on that...

but I want the money now.


But only...

...if you go far away.

Out of the country...

and no questions asked.

Thank you.

I'll wait for you tomorrow,
at the country house...

but come alone.

You must love her very much
to be willing to...


Is he staying the night?

What do you want, Dora?

What happened to him?

If he wants to stay the night,
he'll stay.

Félix, we've already
spoken about this...

I don't want him staying here.

Your brother only
brings trouble...

Pau took the voice recorder?

We think so, yes.

What for?

No idea.

But last week somebody leaked a
tape that ended up in the press.

Mr. Guzman says it was that
friend Pau had...

The chicken guy.

I've been talking
to the urban planning officer

that you introduced to me.


He's asked for a 500 million

If they paid,
the territorial commission

would grant the land
urban planning status,

and pay off the landowners
in the surrounding area.

Everything was thought
through carefully.

But the bribes got bigger
as the plot grew.

That's why German took your
father to the Albanian's house.

They needed dirty
money and fast...

And German was already experienced
in these types of operations.

Do you want to tell me
what's wrong with you?

My stomach hurts a bit.
It's nothing.

You coming in?

Yes. Yes.

Just a moment.

Relax, man. You can cure
with a good fuck.

You can cure that
with a good fuck.

Not today... I'm not in the mood.

"Diari I'Autonomic" News Desk

There's money here, Felix.

And if everything goes right,
there's money for all of us.

Big bucks.

We can do it without them.

We don't need their money.

Are you gonna pay
the 500 million?

Are you?

And who pays your part?

In less than ten years we'll be
living like fucking kings.

I swear.

We're gonna be filthy rich.

Why did you lock the door?

Wanted to take a shit.

I think you wanted to...
do a sneaky line. Here.

Are you like this
because of your brother?

Let him have the house, come on.
We don't need that money.


I'm going to tear down that
fucking house.


Tell that urban planning officer
that we're not fucking paying 500.

He'll take 300 or
he can fuck himself.

We deposit it in cash in a
security box in the bank.

With his signature and mine.

When everything is clear we
both open it...

He takes the money and that's it.

You make sure that
bastard is happy...

that I'll take care of the rest of the
owners and the construction company.



I love you, for fuck's sake.

I love you.

That night,
the tape disappeared...

and so did you uncle Pau.

We never heard from him again.

That's why my father wanted to
leave the party...

Your father wanted to leave
everything but we didn't let him.

With that tape missing we had to
protect ourselves any way we could.

He couldn't leave it.

And that's why they killed him?


I'm going to confess.

No. It wasn't them.

That tape doesn't have any
legal validity.

They aren't going to do
anything to us.

There are people
willing to testify.

- What are you doing?
- Calling Mr. Guzman.

I've already spoken to him,
for fuck's sake!

He says...

I have to sign a statement
accepting liability and resign.

He has written a statement
of confession for me.

It's the only thing that can
reduce my sentence to...

There is not going
to be any letter.

Nothing has happened here,

I don't care if there are people
willing to testify...

It was a trap.

The night I recorded the tape,

I went with German...

to an old farm the Albanians had.

She's here.

They've brought Tirana's daughter.
I'll take care of Leandro.

German told me they had taken
a new girl there.

A young Albanian
who'd been drugged.

This way.

Her mother wants her to work.

They owe money and she wants to
help her mother pay.

A little scared at the
beginning, but more relaxed now.

She's a true Goddess.

Are you going in... or
shall we go together?

The next morning,

I found that girl at "The Marjal" country
house. She'd been shot in the back.

She was the daughter of the girl
my brother left with.

I think they thought
she was dead.

I picked her up and took her to Villar
Del Obispo, with Sister Micaela.

And since then... I've taken care
of everything she's needed.

You are going to deny everything.

But what the fuck are
you talking about?

It's over.
Don't you understand, Dora?

I'm going to do whatever they say,
I'm going to tell them everything.


Let go of me!

Stay still!

Let go of me!

Release the steering wheel,
fucking hell!

She took out the breathing tube
herself. I haven't told anyone.

She has left everything
written here.


What are you laughing about?

She has known for 20 years what my
father did to that poor girl...

and so have I.

The idiot recorded himself
while he did it.

I told her...

Right, mum?

A little scared at the beginning,
but more relaxed now.

She's a true Goddess.

How old is she?

Let me in!

Come on!

Couldn't you hear me?

I had the Walkman.

I was calling you.

Why did you come?

I'm meeting your father.

They've gone to have
dinner at the club.

Yeah, I know...

Who hit you?

Look, Diego.

We might not see each
other for some time.

I'm leaving the village.

Where are you going?

I can't tell you yet.

What's up? Are you okay?


What's up?

You have...

You have to...
listen to this.

That's why you sent me
to the boarding school.

What is this?

That's why you kept it quiet
all those fucking years.

We are at the house

where tonight a father and son
have been murdered,

both of them residents of
this village.

Right now the forensics are
leaving and as we can see,

they are removing the bodies
of the victims...


Hey, how are you?

Fucking great.

I know where she is...

I've found Vera.


Welcome to Radio Oskura.
The purest "destroy" music.

Take your hand away from there.

Today, as you would say
in Argentina...


I'm spinning this one.

Yeah, of course...

Don't even think about it. Take
that shit off my Technics!

Listen. I want to dedicate this
song to the great Bruno Lomas...

to all the sons and daughters
of Rock & Roll...

Especially to one.

Pau, come on,
nobody listens to this.

You see how there was
a moment of... silence?

Come on... Take it off.

Don't touch my Technics.
You're gonna break it.

Turn it up! Turn it up!

Did kids live here
with the Sisters?

I don't know. If you want, I'll
ask Sister Micaela now.

We only take care of the
maintenance of the convent.

Thank you.

I'm going to call an ambulance.

No, no...

I'm fine.


They're here.


I've been looking for you
since my uncle Félix's funeral.

Do you know him?

You know exactly who I am.

Come with me.

It's okay.

So, this is where they hid you?

My life is very good this way.

I want you to leave.

I know what they did to
you, Vera.

It was my uncle...


Félix saved my life.


Félix didn't save anybody's life.

He hid you to save himself.

That's why he brought you here,
so you would disappear.



How did Félix get to you?

I can't remember.

Let's just leave it, please.

I'm not leaving until
I find out the truth'

They drugged me.

I could hardly move.

A man told me that if I didn't do
everything they asked me to...

they would kill me and my mother.

Then I told her everything
they'd done to me and...

she told your father.

And what happened?




Let's walk.
The house is close.

He said that the next day
Félix would give him the money

and we would leave Spain.

That they would
never touch us again.

"Marjal" country house, 1996

But it wasn't like that.

They did come back.



Go on, please.

I woke up in Félix's car...

my clothes were wet and
my back really hurt.

He said he brought me here to protect
me... That my life was in danger.

Félix has come to see me all these
years, Jordi. He didn't do it.

Where is my father?

He's dead, Jordi.

I saw them shoot him in the head.

Where is he?

I'm so sorry.

Where is he?

It was a graveyard in the
post-war years.

Felix buried them here thinking
they would never be discovered.



I let him because...

he told me...

that it was better for her.

They would have
tried to kill her.

I'd never have imagined
that she was so close.

I'm sorry I didn't come sooner.

What are we going to do?

With them?
You want to go back with them?

It's okay.

Run! Run!

Who else knew?


Only Leandro.

And this guy's brother?

Did his brother know you were
leaving with him?

Go on.

I wasn't leaving, I swear.

Nobody knew.


Don't be scared.

Everything is going to be okay.

Come on.

Go and get the girl.



Don't be scared.





It's Vera.

Maybe part of everything
we saw and heard

hides other things
that I will never discover...

But now I know

that all actions, even if all
the earth buries them,

will be unearthed sooner or
later, for human eyes to see.

The Uncovering

Can I choose the music now?
Come on, take it off.

This is so old, man.

Take your hand away from there.

I want to dedicate this song

to all the sons and daughters
of Rock & Roll...

Especially to one.

Come on, take it off. Don't touch my
Technics. You're going to break it.