El día que me perdí (2020) - full transcript

¿What would you do if the worst day of your life was worse than you remember? The day I lost myself tells Xochil's journey, a woman who dares to dive into her past to find herself and open the doors of a world she thought forgotten.

He arrived with three wounds,

one of love, one of death, one of life.

With three wounds comes,

one of life, one of love, one of death.

With three wounds me,

one of life, one of death, one of love.

Don't go...

Oh, no?

And who is going to prepare breakfast and wake up the kids, huh?

No one, today nobody leaves the house.

Come on, get up, you're going to be late to work.

No ... just a little while ...

Come on.

Are you still angry?

No, forget it.

One day I will be very rich.

We will go to Acapulco ...

Some beers...

Some shrimp ... and I will never have to work.

All right, but while that happens

please, bring me the rent today.

Payments and more payments!

Good Morning!

Tavo my love, wake up.

Let's go! Let's go!

Xochil, Xochil!

Breakfast is ready!

Let's see...

I want the other cereal.


I want the other cereal too.

Who are picky eaters!

There's no other cereal, you eat this one.

With the amount of children in the street starving ...

They can eat my cereal then.

Go on ...

Tonight I'll bring you the chocolate one, okay?


Let's go kids.


See you babe.

Goodbye my love.

Goodbye my sweetheart.

Hello. Hello? Hello!

Answer bastard, answer!

Who was it, the dumb?

Yes, again. How convenient, right?

He always calls when I leave.

Who is it, huh?

And how am I supposed to know?

Well, I leave then.

Tell him he can call you now.

Dad let's go ...

Wait a minute.

We are going be late again...

Shht! Quiet kids, I have to see something.


Okay, let's go.

Kids, I want to ask you a question.

What? What?

Have you seen your mom with someone lately?


Have you seen her speaking on the phone or leaving the house?

- Yes.
- Shht!

Why do you shut her up?

My mom told us not to tell you.

Kids, families who love each other

don't keep secrets.

Would you like that we were a family

that doesn't love each other?



My mom went out the other day and came at night.

That's not true! She was out just a little while.

That's not true, because it was already night

and the "Chavo" was already starting on TV.

Yes but when it started,

she was already in the house.

Enough! And she told you where she went?


Then I need us to make a pact.

Come on, pinky promise.

If you see your mom with someone,

I need you to let me know.


Susana, do you want to be my girlfriend? Yes. No.

Okey kids! Let's continue with

the math class, please. Okay?

Yes, teacher!

Let's see the greater-than sign and the less-than sign.


Let's see Tavo ...

What are you doing with that little note?

Pay attention to the class.

Come here and solve this, please.

Javier, let me go!

Let me go! Don't touch me!

Come here miserable.

Open up! Open up!

Open dad! Open up!

Open up!

Leave her!

Let me go, let go!

Forgive me ...

Babe forgive me already...

Let's have dinner.

I'm not hungry.

Forgive me.

It's always the same...

Look, I swear by children

that doesn't happen again.

Come on, let's have dinner.


Be quiet!

Tavo! Come on, wake up.

Wake up my love!

Where are we going?

Let's go my love. Shht!

Where are we going?

Let's go. Come on!


Excuse me ma'am, but the dog can not travel.


I'm asking you, please.

Marciano has to stay ...

No mom ...

Yes my love, yes.


Come in.

Thank you very much.

Thanks for what?

Don't thank me, Carmen.

Try to rest, huh?




Why are we going to stay and live with Twinky?

Why do they call her Winky?

Twinky, not Winky.

Because she's my friend

and she invited us to stay, okay?

That's why.

And are we going home?

No my love, not now.

Sleep now, come on.


Let me in please!

It's enough, okay?

I was very jealous, forgive me!


So here it ends?

Fuck, it isn't right that you throw everything away

just because I hit you...

But if this is what you want, that's fine.

Just don't beg me later.


I will always love you

and you will always be the most important thing to me!

Take care!


Don't do it...


Don't do it...

Who is it?

Don't do it Tapioca ...


How do you know he's coming?

Because he got out a year ago.

I'm sure he's waiting for me

to take me to live with him.

Then I can go and live with you when I'm eighteen?

Of course! Roomies promise.

It happens a lot on the street and, as you say, on public transport.

And, unfortunately, there are many things that

still go unpunished.

For example, in Mexico City,

they've decided to divide the subway cars...

Don't do that you idiot! Move, get out!

Oh! Stupid bitch ...

... a man touched my body on the street at plain sight.



Why are you sad?

Why do you think I'm sad?

I can feel it.

You are sadder than me.

Your mom did this to you, right?


I don't think my sadness

is bigger than yours.

Why are you sad?

I broke up with my boyfriend.

He ... hit you?

Yes, but never again.

Better tell me why you are here.

Because I took her husband away.

Once, when I was younger,

my stepfather got inside the shower

and he began to bath me.

Then he took off his clothes and rape me.

He told me that if I said something to my mom

he will kill us.

This happened for a long time.

He waited for me after taking a shower

and then he would go in to my room.

One night, when he finished raping me

he fell asleep.

When we woke up

my mom was watching us.

She didn't say anything, she jus left the room.

Then I realized that she already knew.

And then?

Today I turned thirteen.

My mom let me invite my best friend

Pati to eat.

Eduardo arrived, he looked at my friend

and I felt weird.

I told her, I didn't want her

in the house anymore.

Eduardo took her.

Two hours later, he arrived so scared

and lock himself in his room.

Then, Pati's dad arrived

and two more men.

They entered and beat him.

Then they ...

And he died.

When my mom arrived

I told her what had happened.

And then she hit me.

She pushed me

and I crashed against the shower door.

When I woke up I was already in the hospital.

And they brought me here.

What the fuck...

Well, it's normal, that's the way men are.

No Ana, it's not normal.

If you knew how many girls

came here everyday because

some bastard abuse them ...

It's not normal.

That's why when I go out to the street

I wear a tracksuit.

But still, men follow me.


I wish they cut them off...

Like Eduardo.




Hey, can I see you later?

I can't.

Or maybe...

I can't because I'm busy.

Asshole ...

Living life, finally single.

I'm her little one...

Little your penis, you asshole.

Little prick.




Oh, fuck.

Once again stalking me?


Sorry, I'm late.


What do we have today?

Kidnapping and rape.

Okay ... well, thanks.

See you later.

Please, I want to see my children.

Calm down. Sit.

Anyone else?


Can you sign it for me?

Is Ana still here?

No one have come looking for her.

What’s going to happen to me?

I'm gonna tell you something.

When I was younger than you,

my parents died.

My brother and I where left alone.

After a while, we were separated,

and they send us to different orphanages.

And I never saw him again.

I was hoping that, when i left the orphanage,

we could see each other. But we didn't.

That day I felt like you now.

I felt scared and alone.

And what did you do?

Just stupid things...

But that, is not what is important.

What is important, is that i realized that

I only had myself.

And I began to take care of myself.

Ana I don't know what's next for you ...

But, if i’m sure of something,

is that you are stronger than this.

Don't be afraid.

San Germán Orphanage, good afternoon?

Hello, Luis?

Yes, it's me.

Hello Luis, I called you a few days ago

because I was asking for information about my brother

who lived there. Do you remember me?

Hi, yes.

You told me to call you today

because you probably had new information.

Yes, I spent the whole week reviewing files,

but I didn't find anything about your brother.

Are you sure he was here?

No, but because the orphanage

was near our home

I imagined that they could took him there.

Do you have any clue?

Or know where could they have taken him?

No, I'm really sorry,

but that's all the records that I have.


Well, thanks for your time.

Who are you?

Are you lost? Come.

Hey! Don't bother...

It's yours?

It doesn't bother me.

In fact, it looks like a puppy that I had.

His name was Marciano.

Goodbye, handsome!


Bye... Beautiful.

Excuse me?

It's beautiful, not handsome.

Oh ...!

Hey! And what happened to Marciano?

It got lost when I was little.

My brother said that he went to another planet.

Oh! Miguel, nice to meet you.


I just moved to 9.

I think we are neighbors.

I see... Welcome, if there's anything you need, tell me.

Same. Whatever you need

don't hesitate to ask me, okay?

I like to be a good neighbor.


Hi how are you? We are calling from...

mobile service...


Are you the owner of the telephone line?


How are you? Its' a pleasure.

We are calling to offer you

great benefits keeping your number ok?


Where are you?

He arrived with three wounds,

one of love, one of death, one of life.

With three wounds comes,

one of life, one of love, one of death.

With three wounds me,

one of life, one of death, one of love.

Did my dad write it to you?

No my love, it was your grandparents' favorite poem.

Your grandfather used to read me poems so i could go to sleep

so i could go to sleep.


Hi babe!

I miss you!

I miss your body...

I miss you too so mucho.

Forgive me for hitting you...

I screwed it up.

Me too.

I'm going to ask for help, babe.

I'm going to stop drinking

and I will control my jealousy, you'll see.

How about if we meet?

Right now?

I miss you so much babe ...

Hearing you, makes me horny.

Oh ...

I see, you don’t want to see me.

I thought you missed me...

No, no! I do miss you...

Ok, wait for me.


Hey babe,

could you bring tequila and some tobacco?

I don't have money.

Yes, I'll bring them.



Hi neighbour!


Hey, sorry to bother you,

I ran out of internet and I wanted

to see if you lend me your wifi password.

Yes, come inside.

It's in the room, behind the modem.

Are you okay?

No, I have to go and I'm late.

Relax, I clean it.

What would you do if your ex calls you drunk

and tells you that he wants to see you?

Don't go.

I haven’t finish telling you yet.

I don't need more information.

Ex, drunk, who calls you ...

Don't go.

Yeah, but then he'll think that

i don’t wanna go back with him

And you want to?

Yes, I think so.

Well, as I said, don't go.

Respect yourself.

If he really loves you, he’s going to come to see you.

Well, that's what I would do.

Thank you for the Wi-Fi.

So, you leave then?

Yes, a friend called me, she's in trouble.


See you.

I don't know what to do...

What if I don't go and he never calls me again?

Well, he's not for you then.

Do you really think, that if you go, you will go back together?

No, I know we won't, but it's my last chance.

Did you fuck it up?

We both did, kind of.

Well, the big blow on your lip says otherwise.

Did he apologize?

A while ago.



And horny...

I get it, okay?

Do you have more?


I'm a musician.

Mmm ... a musician.

Oops! What a bad reputation, huh?

And you live from that?

Yes, I'm a street musician.

I grab my guitar and take a walk.

I earn money with it, even if you mock me.

I make a living out of it since I was little.

I have always wanted to go to Spain.

My mom is from there.

Well, she was ...

Wait a minute.


Look he is my brother. We always live in orphanages.

What a fairy tale ...

And she's Twinky, she was my mom's best friend.

She wanted me to go live with her, but I never wanted to.

And she is my mom.

And your dad.

What's that?

My mom read it to us before sleeping, it is...

Wow! Miguel Hernández.

Yes, do you know him?

Obviously, it's my namesake.

Wait a second.

Where are you going?

Hold on.

Can pause it?

Yes. Can you hand it to me?

He arrived with three wounds,

one of love,

one of death and one of life.

One of life.

Well, more or less like that.

I got nervous but,

it's a poem by Miguel Hernández

which I'm composing.

And I still don't finish, but it goes more or less like that.

Excuse me...



Hello, how are you dear?

I hope you are super good.

Welcome to this your program:

"Open your eyes my friend".

Today we are going to talk about a super common topic

that we all in this universe have lived,

which is the theme of romantic breakups.

And we have a special guest.

Carlos welcome, psychologist.


How are you?

Well, today we are going to learn

to follow the logical steps to face the duel.

So, if I feel awful,

I want to commit suicide, I'm very depressed

and I think the cure is to call him, what should I do?

Don't call him, it's that easy.

- Oh, okay.
- What do you want to call him for?

So, I don't call him but I send him a message,

I look for him on Facebook ...

You don't call him, you don't look for him.

Hello Vane.

How do you feel?

What am I doing here?

You don't remember?

No. I want to leave now ...

Everything is fine Vane, lie down.


You're beautiful...

Who let you in?

Sorry, there was no one at reception.

I brought Vane's clothes.

Thank you, but I can not allow you entry.

Please let me say goodbye.

I haven't been able to see her since they told me.

I beg you.

My pretty girl...

Don’t worry, you’re resting now.

I heard you talking to her.

I feel that is my way of helping them a little bit.

Mom, mommy!

Well I have to finish her.

Yes, yes, we're leaving now.

My girl, come on sweetheart.

No ... My mommy, no...

Let's go, my sweet girl. Let's go home...

Thank you.

You're welcome.

They are watching you.

You have to kill them all...

You have to kill them all...


Open up! Open up!

Kids! I'm going out for a moment, okay?

Where are you going?

I'm going to talk with Twinky.

I don't like to live here.

My love...

We need to be here for a while, okay?

Are you going to help me or are you going to complain?

Yes, we'll help you.

Okay, I won’t be long. Don’t open the door to anyone, okay?


And if it's dad?

Sweetheart, your dad doesn’t know where we are.



Carmen why did you leave me?

I didn't even want to talk to you,

but I can't leave you without explaining anything either.

Carmen let's talk...

No, no Javier... Not anymore, not anymore...

Listen to me...

I want to get divorced.

No, no Carmen, you can't leave me... I need you!

Javier calm down please.

I just wanted you to know it from me.

I'm going to start the divorce process.

Excuse me, are you still going to take long?


Who's there? Is he your lover?

Javier calm down please! I'm not with anyone.

Stop hallucinating!

Look, I'm going to start the process,

I just wanted to let you know.

I hope we can do this as cordially as possible, please.

They are all bastards.

I have my husband at bay.

He does what I say.

There's no other way...

Tomorrow I will begin that divorced proceedings

to stay with the children.

Very well...

I want to go back to Spain.

Are you joking? He's going to go nuts.

I'm so glad Carmen.

But do you have any money?

Did you manage to take something from home

or did you just left everything?

What do you mean?

I mean, cut and run, leave without thinking...

Okay, okay, I get it.

I have some money, but it won't last long.

I need to find a job.



Today I found this in the phone booth.

Are you earning what you deserve?

5.000 new pesos, flexible schedule...

It sounds great, right?

No! Carmen, sweetheart... This is...

No! This is a fraud,

it’s a sect that gives brainwash,

so you sell their products.

They're called, pyramidal structures.

Don't go.

Like this, with the hair aside...

Javier it's coming...

Go, go! Get inside the closet, run!



What a surprise!

How are you?

And Carmen didn't come with you?

Don't lie... I'm sure you already know.

She left me.

She took the children and left me.

Oh, I didn't know...

But why? What happened between you two?

Tell me the truth,

is she seeing someone else?

Obviously not Javier! How can you think that? No!

I'm so embarrased that you see me like that,

but I want to shoot myself!

Why? Do you have a gun?

No, but I wanted to...

Javier don't be crazy...

Calm down! I'll talk to her...

I'm sure she's just mad at you and she'll come back.

If not, I'll call her and everything will be fine, okay?

Are you okay?

No, no! I'm stressed Javier!

I have to pay the rent and I don't have money...

Rock, paper, scissors...

I won!

Here you go.


Tell me.

Aren't we supposed to go to school?

No, sweetie, not for the moment.

Tavo wants to see his girlfriend!

What girlfriend?

Yes, her name is Susana.


It's not Suchini!

Sweetie don't be rude, respect your brother.

When are we going to see dady?

I don’t know yet.


Would you like to go to Spain?


Look at this...

I hope we can go very soon, you will love it!

Look, I used to live there.

And this is my family.

My uncles...

And who's this?

My uncle Alfonso.

And my aunty Carmen.

And are we going to go with my dady?

No sweetie, your dad is not coming.

Can Susana go?

Suchini has an onion face!

Onion does not rhyme with anything, tapioca face.

Mom he told me tapioca!

Enough! Stop fighting.


Hi, how are you?

Good afternoon.

How can I help you?

I want to check out the prices for a flight.

Where do you want to fly to?

To Spain.

We don't usually sell these kind of flights.

Here we sell amazing Mexican destinations such as...

Puerto Vallarta, Acapulco...

but, let me see if I can help you, okay?


Hi! Yes...

I have a client who's interested in travelling to Spain

Which dates?

I don't know yet, it depends on the price.

That's why I wanted to check it out.

She doesn't know... Huh huh...



You're silly...





Ready! Look, as I was telling you,

it's a difficult destination...

But I will give you my boyfriends number, Fabian.

He can help you.

I need you to call him tomorrow an explain

to him your situation so he can help you get the flight.

Let's put mayonnaise,

it's ham

Give me the chips.


That's a chips sandwich. You want some?

Give it to me!

Do you want one Tavo?

No, I want to see mom.

Don't you like to be with me?

No, I want to see mom!

Wouldn’t you like to go home and

leave all together again?

No, because you hit her.

Let's see son...

You are old enough to understand this.

Do you know why I hit your mom?

Because she hit me first.

And do you know why she hit me first?


Because she's seeing another man.

Another man?


This other man will be your dad.

Would you like that?

This is why we fight.

Because she was going to leave you.

And I didn't want her to leave.

But I have a plan to make her come back home with us.

I need you to help me.

Are you going to help me?


I promise you I'll never hit her again, okay?

I swear.


Javier? Javier where are they?

Oh right? How does it feel that they disappear like that?

Where are the kids?

They are here with me, sleeping.

But they don't want to talk to you.

They called me to go get them.

You are insane. They wouldn't call you, that's not true!

How could you leave them with your whore friend?

Javier I didn't abandon them, but never mind...

Where are they?

No, I've already told you they don't want to talk to you.

Let me speak with them Javier!

Call me tomorrow. Let's see if you behave.

Then we'll see.

You're crazy... Bastard!

So, now you know what you have

to tell your mom, right?

Yes daddy.


Come on son! Don't you want us to be a family again?


Do you want your mother to go with another man?

Then you have to help me.

So now you smoke, huh?

Look at you, how pale and ugly you look!

Children how are you? Are you okay?

Xochil, Tavo, are you okay?

They're fine! Where is your stuff?

Come on! Let's go home!

I won't go with you Javier.

Won't you?

I won't go with you!

She’s not going with you, you don’t listen or what?

If you dare to touch her again I swear I'll kill you! Bastard!

Twinky enough!

Shut up you whore!

Miserable loser!

Enough Javier! Don't you get why I left?

Cause of your manners, do you understand now?

Cause my manners... Of course I get it!

Don't think I came to beg you.

You are insane.

I came because the kids ask me to.

So you get inside or get inside!

I won't go! Kids le'ts go please. If you come with me...

We want to live with daddy!


They don't want to be with you. So are you coming?

Xochil what did you tell me yesterday about your mom?

We don't love you anymore!

Are you happy now?

Tavo please!

It's your fault! Home breaker!

You son of a bitch!

Tavo! Tavo!

Can we talk?

Have you reconsidered?

I don't want to be away from the kids.

So you don't care about me!

Can we talk like grown ups, please?

Let's talk.

What do I have to do, for you to believe me

and trust me?

I don’t now… You are the one that left me.

Javier calm down! You weren't jealous anymore...

I don't understand what's happening!

Gone? It's not a flu!

It's a normal reaction to your bullshit!

Javier without insults! We are talking...

Do you remember...

before the children were born, how jealous you were?

And after, you weren't anymore.

I don't understand...


Why do you think I married you?

For love?

Of course I did it for love dummy! Why else?

No one forced me to!

If I wanted to be with another man, I will. You get it?

I don't know Carmen.... I'm so scared to loose you.

We are a family Javier.

I know...

But I'm jealous just imagining you with another man.

That you fuck another man!

All men turn around to see you, you smile to everyone,

You're so nice to everyone!


I imagine what do you do when you're alone...

To think you're fucking someone. It makes me angry!

Javier calm down, calm down!

You're mine, you're fucking mine!

I'm yours Javier, I am.

Do you swear it?

I swear it.

Oh babe...

Forgive me, forgive me...

I really love you.

I love you.

Okay, okay Javier. Enough! The kids are here!

With three wounds me,

one from live, one from death, one from love.

Come on! You have to rest.

Come on sweetheart.

I need you to be rested tomorrow.


Are we going to stay here?

We are my love. For a while.

And we'll see how everything works.

See? I told you we won't going to Spain.

But you promised me, and showed me photos!

Can I tell you a secret?

Come here, come here.

We are going to Spain the three of us,

but you can't say it to your father because it's a surprise.


All three together...

"A little lock we are going to put...

the one who takes it will lose."

"One, two, three."

It's our secret, okay?

Come on, sleep.

Is my dad really coming with us?

Sleep now...


I love you...

Where are you going?

I want to take a bath.


Yes... I couldn't take a hot bath in a while...

I need to relax.

Okay go. You earned it.

I'm already relaxed.

I come to say goodbye.

Where are you going?

I'm not going anywhere, you are.

Aren't you coming with us?


You will never see me again.

It's your fault!

Tapioca hurry up!

Daddy! Daddy!

What's wrong sweety?

I don't want to go to Spain without you.

Who told you that?

That's not true.

Let's go to your room, let's go!

Everything is going to be okay.

Sleep now.

Why the hell are you doing this to me?



No, no, no... Javier please...


Javier please...

What's going on?

That's nothing Javier.

Forgive me Carmen.

What's going on?

Open up! Open up!

Open up!

Open up!

Mom, mommy!

I was afraid.

It wasn't my fault.

Shut up!

Shut up!

You don't know anything...

Stop! Shut up!

It wasn't your fault.

You were scare, that's all.

Yeah, but a girl who betrayed her mom.

Now I know why Tavo never try to find me.

Why are you still hurting yourself with that? Tell me.

Xochil! Who are you talking to?

With no one, don't pay attention.

Stop fucking yourself with that!

It doesn't help, it doesn't do any good to you.


Sometimes I hear voices...

But I'm not crazy.

I hear them since I was a little girl.

It's like they were in my head.

I can't explain.

You know what?

You are a riddle.

And that's why I like you.

I see you at nine?

For what?

To have dinner.

At nine, okay?

Should we go?

I thought we were going out..

We are.

The chair... Here, chair, chair.

Don't open your eyes.


A bit of wine?

Spanish! Of course!

I'ts the best spanish wine!

From Spain, directly from Castilla.

Thank you.



Allow me...

I present you today's menu.

As first course...

we have serrano ham.

You wanted iberian ham

but the cook told me it was expensive so...

Serrano ham is what we have.

As the main course we have something exquisite.

The chef's recommendation.

Chicken "a la rosticé".

You know the actor you are impersonating is Italian,

not Spanish, right?

Roberto Benigni, from Life is Beautiful.

Okay, okay... That's why you are having dinner alone.


Cooking chicken "a la rosticé".


Here it is...


... with it's special sauce.

Crispy tubers directly from the field.

Organic, of course.

And a pinch of sodium chloride,

in other words, salt.

In case you don't know about haute cuisine.



Thank you for this... cliche.

A cliche, but a cute one.

What do you mean?

Everything you've seen is my creation.


Close your eyes.

Listen to the cars...

The crickets...

The barks...

The sweet potato man!

Listen to the night.

Everything is synchronized.


Everything's okay?


What are you doing here mom?

Do you think it's fair you're so happy?

It's not my fault.

You don't? Why?

Because your new boyfriend said so?

Of course, a few nice things and you believe him.

I won't let you forget what you did to us.

Hi! how are you my dears?

I hope you're good.

Today we have an strange, exotic topic.

The incest!

And who better than our special guest Xochil!

Xochil how are you? The mic it's all yours.

Tell us! How it feels to fuck your brother?

It seems our guest is a little bit quiet today...

Well, she isn't to fuck his brother

but she is to talk about it.

Hey! What's wrong Xochil?

I'm going to ask you a question.

Think your answer very well.

Who are you?

Who I am? I don't understand.

Who are you Miguel?

What are you doing Xochil? What's wrong?

When you are man enough to tell me, come back.

Who I am? I'm Miguel damn it!

Get the hell out of my house!

I'm Miguel!

Who else I'm going to be? You crazy bitch!

You are a depraved.

Shut up!


Who is it?

I'm looking for Sofia.

I know, I know, I know!

I'm Xochil, Carmen's daughter.

Just shut up!

No, that's not true.

Don't you remember what happened that night?

Yes, I remember!

My dad killed my mom and then he committed suicide.

I have read this article a thousand times

and the newspaper said that

your dad kill Carmen and Tavito.

It's not true Twinky. That's a lie!

Tavo is alive!

Tavo is alive, I've just seen him.

Mom, mommy!

I can't.

Here it says that you lived seven days with the bodies.

They found you undernourished and with hypothermia,

but alive.

That's not what happened.

That's not what happened Miguel!

It wasn't like that.

Then what happened?

We found my dad in the bathtub with my mom.

And then my dad took his own life.

He cut his throat.

What do you mean, we found?

Yes! You and I!


We aren't siblings.

I have no siblings.

Do you really believe someone

would print an old fucking newspaper...

just to lie to you?

I don't know! Lots of things could happened!

Maybe someone kidnapped you and take you with me.


Please look the photo...



Your brother is dead.

I know it's painful, but you have to accept it.

We have to get you help, okay?

I need you to help me with something.



Sometimes, when...

the voices are too loud...

I immerse myself in the bathtub and they dissapear.

Sometimes I stand a long time and

I begin to remember.

Like I was there.

Have you heard that when you...

when you die you see all your life in front of your eyes?

Sometimes, when I'm very sad,

I immerse myself and...

It’s like going back to my family.

I'm not going to kill you, okay?

You won't kill me.

You just have to help me get out in time.

No. No.

If you don't help me I'll do it myself anyways.

I just have to make sure that you get me out at my maximum point.

Your maximum point?

Are you listening yourself?

You can die drowned!

I'm not going to die Miguel!

Also, how am I going to know when is that moment?

I don't know... When you see I stop moving...

Sometimes I stand for 2 minutes, you take me out at 3...

No... I'm so sorry Xochil but...

I'm not going to participate in this.

Miguel help me!


Not like this Xochil.

Don't ask me that please.

You don't get it...

You're right, I don't get it.

What I do get is that I'm not going to be the executioner.

Please Xochil!



I'm not thinking straight.

Let me get you some help, okay?





From what we have been able to observe

she has paranoid schizophrenia.

In this disorder Xochil

sees and hears to things that doesn't exist.

The problem is

that she can't differentiate them from reality

And why happens?

Unfortunately we cannot know why,

it can be hereditary or caused for a child trauma.

What we do know, is that this disorder doesn’t had cure.

But there's something we can do?

In this case, we are going to administrate

a pharmacological treatment based in antipsychotics

and combined with psychotherapy

she will understand her illness and deal with it.

With time and a lot of patience,

she will be able to reintegrate into society.

From what we have been able to observe,

we consider the best option is for her to stay here.

She doesn't have any relatives, right?


I hope you don’t leave her.

People come, leave them here and forget about them.

Sadly, patients die alone

For the time being, we are going to start the treatment

to get her to recover from the catatonic state

in which she is right now.

Open a bit more...


I would like to be inside there with you to...

to see what you see.

It has to be beautiful because...

you don't want to come back.

I have news.

The doctors want to try an electroconvulsive therapy.

They say that it may help you to come back.

You have to fight Xochil.

You have to be strong.

You have to get out of there.

You shocked me.

I've come to say goodbye.

I had an opportunity to join a band

and replace a vocalist.

I'll be back in two weeks.

We need the money for your treatments.

I will be aware of your evolution and

we'll see each other, soon.


I hope you're listening.

I love you.

I composed you a song. You want to hear it?

He came with three wounds,

one of love,

one of death and one of life.

One of life.

Where were you?

Sorry, I got lost.

I came back for you.

But I'm not done cleaning yet.

You don't have to clean anymore.

Don't be afraid. We'll leave together.