El crack (1981) - full transcript

Private detective Germán Areta gets a terminally ill client who wishes to see his long lost, runaway daughter before he dies. But when Areta starts looking into case, that leads him to the dark, underbelly of Madrid, he realizes that he is not only one looking for this girl. Someone else is also interested in her, someone powerful and dangerous who will stop at nothing to prevent Areta from knowing the truth....

To Dashiell Hammett

The Crack

Man, what bad luck I'm having tonight!

You have no idea how to play.

What'll you bet?

If I have jacks and queens,
let's see if I can double...

Now all I need are a pair of aces.
Sure, why not?

Just for once!

Come on!


Come on, let's see...

Man! What a night you're having!

You got five, right?

Pretty good, five aces.

What are you betting?
Kings. Let's see if I get it.

Go ahead.

Yeah, yeah.

There's the three!
Good roll!

I'm rolling again...

There! Seven!

Your turn.

Come on, hurry up...

I'm going!

Hello. Good evening.
What'll you have?

A beer.
Mineral water.

The bathroom?
In the back.

Sparkling water?

[radio news]




Now everyone stay still
or we might have to stick the pig.

Hey Fatso, you like pinball?

Leave it.

You don't mind, do you?


Who, me?

Yes you... get over by Fatso.

Baretta's not gonna hurt you...
just bust your heads in.

What kind of shit is this?!

Relax, Baretta.

Pass the plate around.



Hurry it up, Fatso.

And you, what are you waiting for?

The ring!

C'mon - Hurry it up!

You - Pick it up.

Hey you! Mr. Moustache.

You're pretty hungry, huh?

Well, now I'm gonna serve you something.

Drop that and put your
goddamn wallet on the tray.

Baretta. Give me the lighter or I torch your balls.

Baretta! What the fuck are you doing?!
Finish for Crissake!

Toss the pipe.


Baretta, my lighter.

Get out.


Fuck! Come on!

Start it up!

That's all yours, right man?

If it hadn't been for that guy over there...

What a scare!
You said it!


Listen, I... Its just that... I wanted to...

What do you have for dessert?

Yes sir, my apologies!
We have ice cream, flan, pineapple,

peach with syrup, cheese,
quince, and seasonal fruit.

Just an espresso, please.

Yes, sir.

That belongs to you.

Yes sir, Excuse me.

[answering machine]

Boss, it's Cardenas.

"Welcome to your house," as Rocky would say.

I called you before,
but you had already left.

How was your trip?

Fuckin' great.

Well, look, just one thing.

The case of the bar in the
Calle San Enrique is closed.

Just like you thought -
It was that new waiter

that guy Damaso,
that was turning out the girls.

You should have seen how her father
reacted when he found out, damn.

He wanted to kill the guy,
and the guy wanted to kill me.

And the girl was involved too -
what a slut!

I filed the report. Her father gave
me a check drawn on Hispano Bank.

Of course I made sure
he signed it, Boss.

Oh! Late on Saturday a
Francisco Medina called for you.

He wanted to talk to you in person.

Smells like industrial espionage to me, man.

Could be worth a lotta money.

Another thing: I was with Meri.

He says that referee, Mendoza Pardo,
from the Cantabrian association

he's not only for sale, he's on sale!

For 20,000 he'll invalidate goals,

make up penalties,

do deals with team owners,

And hold on to your hat -

Meri has documented proof he's got some
team owners by the neck... and others too!

We can sell this information
to the radio station for some money.

And here's some news
"off the record"

Last night, in Galvez' offices,

you know, the fucking cold building?

Me and "On The Rocks" got 5,000 out of
the consultant and from Galvez himself!

The two of us were partnered
playing a good game

I had a hand with 31.

I passed on everything.

And during the whole card game
I kept passing.

He'd raise me, I'd raise more

"All-or-nothing", he says

And finally, like always he says

"I don't know how to play", etc etc...

And finally I told him,
you take the 5000...

Look, I don't want any problems
with the Cantabrian association,

You have the proof, right?

Well, that's the only thing that matters.

We just have to sit tight.

That's right.

Hey! How much did the photocopy cost?

Of the incriminating document?

[Tell him to give it to me. ]

No, no, that doesn't seem expensive.

[Tell him to give it to me!]

Very good, you give it to the Arab.

No, no, I'll bring that up tomorrow
at the radio station.

OK, thanks, goodbye.

Damn, its cold in here!

At least you have a damn heater!

[phone buzzes]



Mr. Medina?

That's the guy I told you about.

The industrial espionage guy.

Have him wait just a moment.

And what about Mrs. Dominguez?

I gave you the report...

Case closed.

She was cheating on her poor husband

with that guy from work

They worked nights doing overtime.

But they were fucking in the mornings

during the half-hour sandwich break!


They rented an apartment
just behind the bank!


Have Mr. Medina come in.

Arab, if you were a poet, you'd make a
love story out of what you just told me.

But since you're not...

Mr. Medina.

How are you sir?

Well, thank you.

Are you Mr. Areta?

German Areta.

Let me introduce Mr. Cardenas,
he works with me.

Nice to meet you,
I'm Francisco Medina.

Please have a seat.


How can we help you?

Well, look...

It's my first time in
a place like this, and...

...and I'm not really sure...

What is your problem?

I have a daughter.

Since her mother died,
she was only three then

I've been everything to Isabel,
Isabel, my daughter.

We were very close.

We used to live in Ponferrada,
I have a hardware store there.

When she got her diploma,
she wanted to study in Madrid.

So she came here.

She met a boy.

A classmate of hers.

And one day, she didn't come home.

No letter,

no telephone call, nothing.

Please, could I have a glass of water?

Of course.

Merche, bring a glass of water please.

What's your daughter's name?

Isabel Medina.

Isabel Medina Fozo.

Do you have a photograph of her?


Pardon me.

She was seventeen when this was taken.

For Mr. Medina.


How long has it been since she disappeared?

Almost two years.

How long?!

Two years.

Did you involve the police?

Yes, of course.

They looked for her for four or five months.

That's what they said, anyway.

They didn't find anything so they dropped it.

And, what's the name of this friend?
Isabel's friend?

The college classmate.

I'm not sure.

Something like... Nicky, or Mickey.

Hey, like Mickey Mouse!


I know he had a job in the record industry,

No, no... on the radio.
A disk jockey.

Do you have a business card?


Let me have one

And leave me a number here in Madrid
where I can reach you.

Here you are.

Write it down.

2502946. Room 560.

Mr. Areta. About your fee...

Don't worry about it.

When are you going back to Ponferrada?

I can't say. I have some things
to take care of here.

A week, more or less.

Mr. Medina, if we don't make any progress
in four or five days

I'll give you a call and we'll close the case.

I don't like to waste time or for
my clients to throw their money away.

Have a good day.

Good day.

Goodbye and good day.


What a bore!

What a strange guy!

What, you don't think he's strange?!

Start looking for Mickey Mouse on the FM dial.

For now, start with Radio Ser.

And Radio Intercontinental.

And by the way

you were way off
about the industrial espionage.

Let's go, up! That's the spirit!

Try it again. Come on,
or I'll be upset with you.

But, I just can't, Carmen...
Really. I can't!

You don't know how much it hurts. Aiii!

I know it hurts, Miguelito,

but not as much as you make out.

You're a complainer!

Look at Lea, see how she's moving.
Good job, Lea, good job!

Come on, come on...

Fuck! Goddamn it!

What a mouth you have, Miguelito!

As if this wasn't bad enough, you know?

Don't distract him, Vicente.
You worry about yourself.

Straighten up, straighter.

Hey! Come forward...
Good, good, come on!

Very good, Miguelito!

See? You did it!

You're just lazy, you know?

Well... and now what?
Now you do it over again.

No, no, no, no...
Right now.

No, no, no, no..

My God, I'm in the hands
of a real ball-buster!

Let's make one thing clear -

Aren't you the one who said

you'd be taking me to see the bulls

and for a stroll down Alcala?

Well! You have to keep your promise!

So, come on! And no more complaints!

What a pretty girl!
If only I were younger!

Millions of people hoping that
fifteen years later

a white fighter would be champ again

after Jimmy lost in Chicago...

The bell rings! First round!

Rocky jumps to the middle of the ring!

A second later,
he's got the stiff in his face

You shoulda seen it!

He was a huge guy!

A rock! A meat grinder!

Enough with the literature.
If I want that, I'll read the sports page!

Everyone's got their style.

Go on, go on.

Go on.

So he knocks him with a left hook
that'd take out a bull

Rocky's face moves in
and down to the canvas he goes.

Everyone stands up

Guy next to me says
"It's all over!"

Doesn't even look!

But I knew better!

And Rocky, after a few seconds
down on his knees

Maybe three max

Gets up and goes for Walcott
like nothing had happened.

They start exchanging brutal punches

Everyone thought Rocky Marciano

would finally be KO'd
for the first time ever

But Rocky was such a cold guy

he could piss ice water

Stops Walcott

and kept his distance.

A half distance, right?

That?s right, from a half distance

At his height, that was his sweet spot.

Until a right punch of Rocky's
exploded in Walcott's face

in the tenth.

In the eleventh.

Yes, that's right.

Man, it was like Rocky's right swing
came right out of his body!

Blink and you would have missed it!

Walcott hits the mat in slow motion

There was this incredible silence

"One! Two! Three! Four!"

And I said to the guy next to me

"He can't get up!"

Referee says, "Nine! Out!"

And Man!

What a clamor went up
that night in Philadelphia!

What are you laughing at?

What's up?

Don't you think I was at that fight?

Just so you know, I went with some friends
from Brooklyn by bus.

What does it say right here?

"To my best friend. Sincerely,
Rocky Marciano".

I got that photo right
after Joe Louis' comeback.

You know, "Comeback". His return.

That fight between the Detroit Bomber
and Rocky the Destroyer

I saw that one, too!

At Madison Square Garden!

The day you finally see
the "boxing cathedral", German

you'll be blown away.

But Madison today isn't what it used to be.

Its still next to Penn Station

You would love New York!

And my Brooklyn!

Whatta bridge we got!

And I thought you'd never been to America.


The fight between Rocky Marciano and Joe Louis

they called it the fight
between Power and Experience.

The expectations were sky high!

You can't imagine it.

The press, the radio, non-stop

Those were real fights, not like the matches today...

Boss? Yeah, I think I got it!

There's a Nico... Nicolas Gomez San Pedro

who has a music program on FM, Radio Madrid.

"The Hour of the Nicos".

At eleven every night, live.


Wait a sec Boss! I need a score!


Two? Damn!
Thanks, Boss!

I would never have picked that result.

"She can't help it, the passion blinds her!"

And me too...

I've got her under my spell.


Have you been waiting long?

A little while.

Well, lets go.

What did you bring me from Burgos?

Nothing at all.

This time I forgot about Maite
since she's such an ugly little thing...

Bend down.

You're lying, you have something for me

in the car.

Well we'll see.

But don't tell your mother, ok?

Hey! I made three clay elephants today!

And then Jaime flattened their trunks!


Could I have a black coffee please?



Put the change on my tray.

Mom! Mom!


Hello, German!

Hello, my darling!

How was school?
Did you draw a lot?

No, today was clay!

She made three elephants but
Jaime flattened their trunks at recess.

Let me see.

I knew it!
You haven't washed your sticky hands.

You're a mess!

How was lunch?

Very good.

Noodle soup and steak, right?


Well I hope that you stuck to
our no-desserts agreement.


I'm not so sure...

Mom, did you know that German

has to go to the forest now
to find a little lamb?

Don't you, German?


Tell me again.

You're a gossip as well as a bother!

This lamb has a little lamb

and the little lamb sneaks out of the house.

So then the lamb calls me...

On the telephone?

Uhh.. Yes, yes. On the phone.

And she tells me,
"German, find my little lamb. "

And German goes to the forest to find her.

And its a dark forest?

At night, yes.
But I have my amulet.

Then I light the amulet Maite gave me

and what do I see?

A lot of wolves!

A lot of them!

I go up to a really big one

and I tell him,

"Hey, Wolf!"

"Have you seen a little lamb named Isabel?"

"The one with the black spot?"

And depending on what the wolf says

the story continues.

Be happy, my listeners!

We're in the second age of love

And as a friend of mine says

Don't let them get you down!

Let's all have a great time!

Free music for free people!

Pure chocolate!
The real apocalypse!

I love you, Coppola!

Even if you did sell out
to the multinationals!

Nico, Nico, Nico, Nico, Nico
loves you all!

But Nico has to go!
It's that time again!

And Nico won't work at Radio Ser for free!


But tomorrow
Nico Nico Nico Nico Nico

will come roaring back!

As Nico always does!



[Hey party people, you've just heard "The Hour of the Nicos"]

[On Radio Madrid, of course! Your station!]

[And now we continue with "The Hour of the Miguelitos!"]

[On we go! We're the best!]

Good evening, Niko.

Could we talk a moment please, Niko?

That depends, old man.

I'm not buying, whatever you sell.
I've got everything I need.

Do you know her?

Are you a cop?


Do you know her?

And if I do - then what?

Then it turns out when Isabel
Medina left home three years ago

she was only a minor.

And then there could be a problem.

Who the hell are you?

I'm a private detective.


Yes, you know,
like in the movies

A tough loner trying to survive in a corrupt world

thanks to a dirty job.

You like?

Look, let me explain it another way:

Humphrey Bogart goes to the police station

and says that Nicolas Gomez San Pedro

was the boyfriend or lover
- whichever you prefer -

of Isabel Medina,
a missing girl

and then they come asking for you.


Come on, out with it,
I'm in a hurry.

We met at the university
and after we hooked up

she moved into my pad.

One day she told me, frightened

"Nico, I'm pregnant. "

And I said, "Hey that's great!"

because the truth is,
I was happy about it.

"Isabel," I told her

If you wanna have the kid,
go for it. "

"Nico will take care of it".

A couple days later,
she dropped off the face of the earth.

[Good evening, what'll you have?]

When did you see her again?

I never saw her again.

Six months later
she called me on the phone

and told me about the trip
to England with her father.

You know, the abortion?

And she thanked me
for being a great guy,

for treating her so well...

At that time I was mixed up
with another girl, you now?

And so. Goodbye. Goodbye.
End of story.

She must have loved her father a lot

to take his advice
on something like that.

She was always saying "My father says",

"My father does this",
"My father, my father"

And you haven't heard anything since?


Well, yes.

A friend of mine, and hers,

another classmate of ours

told me he saw her in Las Gatitas.

You know, a massage parlor.

On the Generalissimo.

A call girl, you know.

I see.

Want another drink?


But do me a favor

when you see Isabel's father again

tell him from me
that he's a pig.

Okay, Humphrey Bogart?

[playing cards]

Hey, I?m putting on the screws
... and four for my partner.

Wait - three calls large,
and little calls four.

And with this one, that's five.

You've got us on the ropes, Meri.

Come on, no way, Arab!

Let's go, Meri, come on man!



How's it going?

These jerks are beating us 2-1.

Not for long.

Listen, German,
do you know anyone at CosmoPress?


Because the people at "Confidential" asked me

to find out which church Jorge and Belen
are getting married in.

Those flamenco singers.

And man, there's no way.

I've checked out every church in Madrid.

If I hear something, I'll call you.

You got a pair?

Fuckin' big ones.

Do you have a pair?

Big ones!

Let's go.

I pass on the large hand.


Me too.


What's he got?

Well, show 'em then.

One, why not?


I raise a small hand.

Do you have ones?


Show 'em, you can't fold with those.




Yes. You wait for me.



I raise you.

I raise you more.

Think a moment, Meri.

Relax, this is for the game here.

We want four.

You call the game.

I'm out.



Hah! This guy's got three aces!

Four invites pairs, and add my five, that's nine.

And with my partner's pairs,
that equals ten.

Sweet death!

Gentlemen, bathroom break!

Well don't let the meat
slip from your hands.


Tomorrow you're getting a Thai massage.


You have to go to Las Gatitas

in Generalissimo.

Paseo de la Castellana.

There's the address.

According to Mickey Mouse,

the Medina girl works there.

What'd I tell you, Boss? A little slut!

OK, I'll go there tomorrow.

First thing.
Yeah, Boss.

Excuse me, German.
Let's get to it.

Who's got the hand?

You look pale.

Play me a good hand this time.

You guys aren't winning this game!

Don't get your hopes up.

Meri, give me some good cards!
I've got "On The Rocks" covered.

Ok, you'll see!

Hey Meri, you know anyone in Galerias?

Who, me? Meri from Madrid?
I know everyone:

In Galerias, the Corte Ingles, you name it...

What a talker!

Why you think they call me
the Charlie Chan of the streets?

Stop joking around!

I've got a problem with a client

and her credit card in Galerias.

Go to the main office,
tell them you're with me

and ask for Enrique Rueta.

Don't listen to him!

You go to the office and ask for Miss Soto.
Luisa Soto.

Okay, okay...

Come on, let's play already!

Did you get a good look?

Are you cutting the deck?
I'm cutting it.

The bulls, my boy, the bulls -
that's no sport!

That's just barbaric!

And two guys in shorts
that get in a ring

to smack each other around,
what's that?

A fuckin' Olympic sport!

I think, Rocky, that night
in Madison whatever

somebody swung a loose punch

what you'd call an "uppercut"

and it left you punch drunk.

Hey, it's the Boss!

Hello, good morning.

I'll be down there.

Did you go to Las Gatitas?

Yes, Boss.

Isabel Medina did used to work there.

But not anymore.

She only worked there a month,
about a year ago.

As I understand from the madam,

whose real name is Esperanza
San Martin de Valdeiglesias

it seems the girl caused problems

because she didn't want to give "massages"

and fellatio -

You see, Boss?
I used the polite term!


Get to the point!

Sometimes she'd start crying or screaming
in the middle of a session

To the clients' surprise.

One old guy practically had
a heart attack right there.

So anyway,
they were gonna show her the door when -

Give me a cigarette, Boss.

Get to the point, go on!

Hey man, everybody tells
a story in their own way!

Like the maestro over there says!


Well, so Isabel Medina

left the "stable" of Mimi De Torres.

How? Why? No one knows.

From what I heard, that Isabel
must of been a strange girl.

A little crazy, they say.

Pretty. Educated.

A classy girl.

And definitely nothing
like the usual staff.

Mimi de Torres.

That's right, Boss.

Hey - the massage was
on the agency, right?

I've got the receipt.

Well, I'm out of here
before the match starts!

Hey Cardenas - if you want,

Go have lunch at the Burgalesa, on me.

Tobacco included.


Today's my birthday.

What?! But -
No comment. See you later.

Arab, I'm betting on blue.

Thanks, champ, I'll get you
the 100 I still owe you.


Well, Rocky, first round -

a shave with a little lotion
and a moustache trim.

On guard!

Where were we?

In the sixth.

Rocky Marciano's totally recovered,

and he's heading straight
for Archie Moore.


I'm Mimi.

A pleasure.

This way please, Mr. Medina.


Sit down, sit down.

How can I help you?

First of all, I'm sorry to bother you

I need to reach my cousin Mabel urgently


Isabel Medina, you know?


Yes... A couple of months ago
I got a postcard from her

from here, from Madrid.

And she said that -

By the way -

You see?

Would you like me to read it to you?

Yes, please.

Dear Paco,

I hope you're all well.

As you see, I'm still in Madrid.

If you come to Madrid or need to reach me

- you know, because she doesn't
get along well with her family -

you can reach me at the number 2516093

which is the number of Dona Margarita de Torres.

to whom I'm very thankful
for how she's been treating me.

A big hug for Trini and the twins,

- Trini is my wife -

Yes, my wife -

And especially for you.

May I see?

I don't understand.

Someone's playing a trick on us.

This is my number.

But I've never heard of your cousin.

I'm very sorry, Mr. Medina.

And now, if you'll excuse me -

Sit down.

I only want to pass on a message

to my cousin Isabel Medina


Is that clear?

Be nice.


I think I'm going to have to
call 091, Mr. Medina.

Ask for Elias or Iturriaga.

They're the most efficient ones.

I work for Isabel Medina's family.

But I've already done more than I should

and as you say,

its time to bring this to the Criminal Division.

I think that's a great idea.

Relax, Mimi, sit down.

Can't you see you're making the lady nervous?

I'm sure you've given her
a tremendous migraine.

And a respectable person
wouldn't do that!

Your finger.

This finger can kill,
I see you've noticed.

Smart guy.

Pay attention.

We don't have anything to do
with your cousin.


Your finger.

And the next time I see you

with this little finger
and my thumb

I'm not going to leave even a single
hair in this damn moustache of -


My finger.

For he's a jolly good fellow,

For he's a jolly good fellow,

For he's a jolly good fellow,

That nobody can deny!

That nobody can deny!

Let's blow it out!
All together!

One, two, and

Good job, Maite!
Good job!

Let's eat!


No, you can only blow out the candles
once on your birthday.

Wait a moment. What Mom doesn't know

Is that on German's birthdays

you can blow them out twice!

Go on, blow!

Ah, Ah - Again!

There you go! Good job!

Good job, Maite!

And now, some cake, and off to bed.

You have school tomorrow,
you have to get up early.


I don't want to hear it!

Mom, I don't want any cake.

What can I say?

One whole month asking me
about the cake

"Mom, have you bought the cake yet?"

"We have to get the cake, Mom!"
And now?

Since you are always snacking
on nuts and popcorn...

OK, German will tuck you in
while I make the coffee.

Alright, let's go!

And off to bed!

Hey! I'm taking my monkey and the candle!

Of course, of course.

Let's see, the monkey and the candle.

And if you're good, tomorrow

when I pick you up from school
I'll buy you some gum!

But Shhh! Don't tell your mother.

You know something?


When I?m sick, Mom lets me sleep with her.

Of course she does.

When you're sick,
who do you sleep with?

With my doctor.



But since my doctor doesn't like to sleep with me

he just gives me medicine instead
and soon I'm feeling fine!

What's your doctor's name?

Zhivago. Doctor Zhivago.

Well mine's called Don Rafael.

Ah! Don Rafael! Now there's a good doctor!

And now, off to sleep!

Don't cover up the monkey, not so much.

If not, he won't be able to breathe.

Give me a kiss.

See you tomorrow.

Hey, German

I had a great time today.

Me too, Maite.

This year, we have to celebrate Christmas together, Ok?


Don't close it all the way!

The things your daughter says...

She's so smart!

No, she's a normal little girl.

They are all like that.

But since you aren't around them all the time

everything is funny to you.

You know what?
Some of the nurses still remember you.

You were really a model patient.

Always joking, in a good mood, happy.

You are very pretty.


I mean it.

You're stunning, as always

but tonight even more.

Listen, Carmen

What I'm trying to say is

I'll be really upset the day you meet someone you like.

I know you have all the right in the world

I mean,

Maybe I shouldn't spend so much time with Maite


It's not good - because...
it won't be good for her.

You understand?

She loves me, but...

Yes what?

Yes. Aren't you maybe trying to tell me

"I know the daughter loves me. "

"What if her mother loved me a little bit too?"

And I say, give it a shot.

Give me a little time, German.

This beer is flat.

Who's that?

All they have to do is prohibit something
to make you want it even more.

No fried food...

The cholesterol, right?

So here I am... eating vegetables and boiled fish.

Damn! And you'll never guess what happened to me

on my last urine test.

No - it didn't make the newspapers.

Very funny. I tested positive.

"Pregnant". You know?

You're fuckin' kidding!

That?s what I said!

Turns out the driver I got now

that kid from Osuna, you remember

well he's a little crazy.

He brought in a sample from his wife

And the tags got mixed up
when he handed them in.

I just about froze when the good doctor

opened the envelope and told me

in his swishy little voice

"I think there's been a complication, Don Ricardo. "

"You're pregnant!"

Hah! Whatta guy!

Well, now that I know how your arteries are doing,

your new diet and that you didn't
have anything to do with the frog's death

Why don't you tell me what this is all about?

Someone high up

very high up

is interested in you.

They asked if your license was in good standing.

Want some?


Is that little thief still working for you

the car thief, what's his name?


Yeah, Cardenas.

I've got him on payroll as an administrator.

That's point one.

But there's another problem,
I just wanted to warn you.

What I know is,

and I heard this because
I was trading some information

I heard your name, and stuck my nose in.

Areta, a certain German Areta,
has been bothering Mimi de Torres.

So what?

What, now Mimi's on the payroll as a snitch?

That woman has got nothing to do with us!

And never has.

It goes even higher. Or has gone.

But whoever it was, they held back.

Politics, high finance, another world.

But in that world,

everyone's connected.

You've stepped on the tiger's tail.

You've been warned, Louse.


Drop the case, ok?

You watch your cholesterol, Grandpa.

And thanks.

Let me get that table.

And these gentlemen too.

That is, if you like.

C'mon man,

you two smell like cops
from 100 meters away.

Don Ricardo, who is that guy?

"The Louse".

The only guy with the balls

to call me Grandpa to my face.

He was the best.

Why'd he turn in his badge?

You know who Kipling is?


Is he in Narcotics?

No, hehe.

He was a British writer.

When they told him about German Areta,

he always used to say,

"Now that's another story".

Speak louder, Boss, speak louder.
I can't hear you.

Damn these phone booths!

Not a single one works.

Hey! I'm listening to Luis Del Olmo
on the Protagonistas show!

Go ahead!

Now I hear you better.

Listen! Call that number that Medina left us

and find out which hotel it is.

I'll call you in an hour.

I'm going to the insurance company.
Let's see if they pay us.

Ah! Listen, Arab.

If you get a call from "On The Rocks"

tell him those famous singers
he asked about

are getting married in Miraflores de la Sierra

Saturday the 14th at 4PM.

What do you mean, where?!
In the church, of course!

See you later.

[Doctor Llorente, Doctor Llorente]

[Please come to the reception desk]

Good afternoon.

Good afternoon.
Don Francisco Medina please?

Yes. Are you a family member?


At the end of the hall,
No. 560.


You are a pig.

What did...?

What did you say?

London. The Davis Clinic.

Have you seen my daughter?

I know I look like an idiot, Mr. Medina

but I can't stand people
who go by appearances.

Please, let me explain.

I've only come to give you a message

and tell you the deal is off.

Good afternoon.
Areta, please!

Please wait, Areta.

Please, please don't go.

Pardon me.

Have you seen my daughter?

Is she alright?

Look, Medina

This whole things smells bad.

Its been raining shit
for some time now

and its in my job
that you really notice it.

And to tell you the truth

I don't even care anymore how I smell.

But what I don't like is
when someone tries to deceive me.

If you want me to find out the the truth

you better be truthful with me.

When Isabel returned from England

she became very depressed.

She was so fragile...

When I finally realized what had happened,

it was too late.

Your daughter was working in a massage parlor

And then as a high-class call girl.

That's all I know.

I just... want to...

...ask her forgiveness.

Good evening.
Good evening.

[This is the answering machine for 4164650.
When you hear the beep, leave a message. ]

Hello, German, good morning.
Its Carmen.

Jot this down.

I talked with my friend last night
the doctor from Conception Hospital

The patient you asked me about,
Francisco Medina

from what they tell me
he's in bad shape.

His biopsy was positive.

He's got three, four months, they tell me.

Now listen -

I was thinking that as payment
for my information

you give us some surprise this Sunday.
I'm ready to go!

Think about it and give us a


Let me see... OK, let's go.

Prenuptials, separations

pending divorces, corporate secrets

questionable behavior

labor problems

company problems

- am I forgetting something?

Faked sick leave.

Hmm. When I found out you were out

sniffing panties with that petty thief

I almost broke down and cried.

What a shit job, my friend.

Well, its a job where you always
know where you stand.

And where's that?


I'm sure your job is nicer.

What do you do?

Indiansa Group.

I'm freelance.
Personal security.

Some public relations.

Confidential matters only.

What luck!

The day they kicked you out of the force

God shone his light on you, huh?

Excuse me.

Everything alright, Don Alberto?

Yes, thank you, Fernando.


One of our group companies

has something for you.

Who do I have to kill?

We need a man -

and you are that man.

We'll send you to a seminar in America.

In Denver, Colorado.

Fifteen or twenty days.

With some guys that have been
doing this for years.

Doing "this" - what?


There's Swiss capital backing Indiansa

and you know what they say:

if you see a Swiss banker
jump out the window -

- jump after him!

I'm sure it pays well.

I knew we'd reach an agreement.

There was a time, Louse,
when I admired you.

Did you know that?

Until one day I realized

that your virtues as an
efficient police officer

left you a little short
as a human being.

Go on, go on...

Your monstrous obsession with your work:

a guy who can go 24 hours straight
just on coffee,

cigarettes and a calamari sandwich

isn't too healthy.

And all that just to catch some poor devil

who'd be back on the streets in two days

because of some lenient judge.

You've never understood what life is all about...


And what is life exactly...

Pretty Boy?


And good taste.

Something that you either have

or don't have.

Me, I've got it.

You don't.

It's time to change.

Because life, Louse, is full of good things.

Round little asses...

...and really fast cars.

Being a good cop or a good whatever -

is just a question of being
able to stomach things, or not.

Well, Pretty Boy, you're right about that -

because you have to be able
to stomach a lot

to play both sides of the game.

I'm not interested in your offer.

And now that the carrot's off the table

tell me what the conditions were, or

Should I tell you?

Let's see... German will be a good boy

and promise never to bother

Margarita de Torres again.

Am I wrong?

Pretty Boy?

Coincidentally, I saw her
in the airport yesterday.

She said she was going to take a vacation

outside of Spain to rest.

By the way

she looked gorgeous.

Who do you work for?

German, let me give you some friendly advice.

From a good friend.

Don't complicate your life.

When you complicate your life,
you end up being unhappy

And when you're unhappy,
you never get lucky again.

Get down!

I bet you she finds us

in under a minute!

No way, I hope she doesn't start to cry.

To cry? You obviously don't know

your own daughter!

She's as smart as a tack!

The other day, I told her

"What are going to be when you grow up?"

and she said:

"Old. "

Do you mind?

Her father called me yesterday.

It's been almost a year since I spoke to him.

He's leaving the medical center in Barcelona

he's going to Canada, to Montreal.

They are all going -
him, his wife and children.

He never wanted Maite, did he?

But I did.

You know what?

After talking to him for half an hour

suddenly I felt just fine.

Completely at ease.


I didn't care at all!

So he goes to Canada - Good for him!

That's good.

The good is all because of you.

You've made me forget all that resentment

You know, the last five years, my life's been

Maite and my job.

Nothing else.

For a long time, when it got dark

those strange moments when

it seems like something
more than just the day is finishing

a part of yourself

I used to get so depressed.

I used to cry and cry.

There was this thing on TV

that used to bother me so much

its crazy I know

I don?t know why it bothered me

maybe you've seen it

It's like an announcement

for the afternoon show.

These sailboats come out

each sail spelling a letter [T-A-R-D-E]

with the sun in the background.

And this music

that seemed so sad to me.

I would get this empty, lonely feeling

a kind of sadness

and I was always so tired.

Then Maite would go to bed.

I used to hear her talk in her sleep.

I would speak to her then.


you've really helped me.

I see you!

You see how smart she is?!

Pretend you don't see her.

No fair! You tricked me!

What? How?
You put the napkins over there!

It was your mother!

No, no, it was him!

I've seen a frog!

A frog? My goodness!
Let's go find it!

Right now!

One of your ancestors was
a frog hunter.

Tomorrow Maite is taking that frog to school

or I'll stop being such a great guy!

It was under that little round rock.
That one?

Let's see if -
There! There it is!

Did you see that? What'd I tell you?

That boy likes to fight!

Reminds me of that Puerto Rican fighter
Marquez who won the Golden Glove

The "Golden Glove"?
That's right!

He reaches with his hands
- Especially the right.

Yeah, but he's got no waist - worthless.

This guy's so annoying!

That boy's a real champion, a "ring killer"

and he's got the most important thing for a boxer

a good punch!

That's all you need!

Yeah, but he's got no waist!

And all the great champs knew how to dance!

Look at Cassius Clay!

The beautiful thing about Cassius was,

he got in there,
stuck to the guy.

The best thing about Cassius
was his skin color

so why don't you shut up
and stop bothering us now?

Down in front! I can't see!

Can't you see he's got no waist?

[... remind you that next Friday is the
next boxing tournament, right here... ]

[Third and last round!]

I've got it!

What are you saying?

I found her, got it!


Who do you think? The girl!

Isabel Medina!


How? Cause I'm a genius!

Now let's see if we can reach her.

Turns out a friend of mine works at Banesto

in the computer department

So when I saw him the other day

I said, Can you do me a favor -

I told him I was a detective

I didn't think he'd find anything

but what could it hurt?

Get to the point.

Get to the point!

I asked him to check the bank records to see
if there was an Isabel Medina Fozo


And to call me when he found out something.

And today - What?
Today he called me! Ta-Dumm!

And so?

She was there!
She has an account at the main branch.

And looking at her transactions

it seems she - monthly -
Wow! What a show!

Anyway, according to her transactions,
she does the same thing every month.

The seventeenth of every month
our little Isabel

makes a withdrawal!

200,000 every month.

And what day is tomorrow?
The seventeenth!

I'm going there tomorrow at 8AM
to stake her out.

We'll both go -

but at 9AM, that's when
the teller windows open.


We'll go at 9AM,
that's when the teller windows open!

Good job, Arab, good job.

Isn't it?

I'm a genius!

Go on and leave us alone, Arab!

That guy's better than Rocky Marciano!

Hey, Arab, go back to the Sahara already!

Look, look -
He just can't dance!

Man, Boss, we've been here three hours already.

My ass is falling asleep.

Well, stretch your legs, walk around.

Just keep watching the tellers.

Arab, in this job you need
to do two things -

Watch, and watch some more.

Hey, Friday we've got a game going
at Meri's office - you coming?

There she is.

Alfonso, where's my change?

Here you are.
Thank you very much.

You're welcome.

Wait here.

Excuse me.

Isabel Medina?
Who are you?

A friend of your father's.

Don't speak, relax.

I've seen your daughter Isabel.

I spoke to her.

She's a very pretty girl.

And she's fine.

But right now, she...

You said... I...

...if I handed you the truth...

...you are an honest man.

Please... no more lies.

...the truth...

...I'm begging you.

Your daughter doesn't want to see you.

I told her you were looking for her.

That you wanted to see her.

That you wanted to ask forgiveness.

That you were very ill.

And she told me her father was dead.

Right on the 5th of March, 1979

The same day she checked into
the Davis Clinic in London.

Case... solved.

12th row, seats 1 and 3,
end of the aisle.

Opens at 10, movie starts at 10:20,
what do you say?


And Maite... is she alright?

Yes, she's sleeping over
at her friend Africa's with their dolls

She took the monkey you gave her.

Well then let's go!

Listen, Carmen

Can I ask you something...

...woman to woman?

Haha... go ahead.

Let's see... Imagine you are a small town girl.

You finished your studies, you love your father,

and you fall in love with a married doctor

who says he's in love with you

and he's going to separate from his wife.

And, well... suppose you got pregnant.

And the doctor abandons you.

Well, your father holds it against you

And finally, you leave home.

Time goes by

And the love you felt for your father turns into

I wouldn't say hate, but... resentment.

And one day you find out

that your father is dying.

And wants to see you.

What would you do?

It's not hate, German.

And neither resentment.

She would feel... pain.

The pain that something you thought was real, solid

then simply disappears.

When I found out my father was going to die

And I didn't hear it from him,

one of his brothers wrote me

I didn't even think twice,

I went to see him.

With Maite.


I didn't love him, German.

I went to see him

but I didn't love him anymore.

Well, Mister, we now have
less than half an hour

to grab a sandwich and get to the cinema.


Ah! Yes. Yes, let's get going.

[Through the center door, please]

[Has it begun yet? No, still the short, sir. ]

He's a great actor.

I love him.

Did you see him in Autumn Flower?

Yes, I think so.

That's curious...

Look at that.


That photo.

Of course.

Excuse me a second.

I'm going out a moment.


One moment, I have to make a call.

La Burgalesa? Who's this, Marcos?

It's German. Can you do me a favor?

Check and see if Cardenas is eating there.

Something wrong?


Come to the office tonight at one.

Drop whatever you were going to do.

At one o'clock, got it?

See you later.

Let's go in.

What's up? What's going on, Boss?

A little late, isn't it?

Sit down.


They've been leading us along.

And doing a good job of it.

Concentrate, Arab.

We're at the bank.

The girl walks in.

She goes up to the teller window,

opens her purse,

gets out her checkbook and signs.

With which hand?

I don't know.

With her right hand, I guess.

No guessing!

While she's waiting

she opens her purse again

takes out a little mirror

and drops a pack of cigarettes.


She grabs them - with which hand?

I don't know, I don't remember.

I do.

I remember everything.

And that woman

was not left-handed.

And Isabel Medina was.

This piece of shit photo we got

is a reverse positive.

We've been tricked, Moro.

That girl was not Isabel Medina.

That is,

Medina died before his time.

And do you know why
he wanted to end it so soon?

Well, I'm going to tell you.

Because I brought him some bad news

Bad news... and false news.

Everything started making sense
when I saw Pretty Boy.

Then you showed up
with your friend from the bank,

with his lists, bank statements,

And Boom! it hit me:

The girl goes to the bank on
the seventeenth of every month!

"And what day is tomorrow?"

"The seventeenth!"

Tell me the truth, Cardenas.

I'm an asshole, right?

And tell me something else

How much did Pretty Boy pay you?

No really, German...



No, German

How much did he give you!?




You son-of-a-bitch.

You goddamn son-of-a-bitch.

For five years I've listened to everyone

tell me what a crook,
what a thief you were...

Five years telling them, No

We all have our faults

but that you were an honest man.

But as it turns out

you're not even a man.

Tomorrow while I'm out

Get your things and never come back.




I just...


Please, German

How was I to know?

You hear me, German?



I know I'm a son-of-a-bitch, but

let me say how really sorry I am.

I am going to find you, Isabel Medina.

I'm going to find you

if I have to go to Hell to do it.

I'm going to find you
or quit this goddamned job.

I say where we meet.

We agreed you would only call me
on the telephone.

Listen to what I have to say
It won't take long

When I leave here I'm going to the station

to catch the first train I find
that's going far away.

German is on to your little game with the girl

I told you that -
Don't touch me.

I told you that Areta was
smarter than either of us.

But you didn't want to listen.

Here's the money you gave me.

I don't want it.

That Louse...


He has no idea what he's getting into.

It's German!

You knew it was me, huh?

And who's this?

This is Jaime.

Jaime? The elephant squasher?

Man! Hello, Jaime!

Let's go, its really cold out.

And now

Wait here a moment quietly
while I make a call, OK?


Come on, Jaime, let's go.

[car explodes]


[Welcome to the start of... ]

[This is the answering machine for 4164650.
When you hear the beep, leave a message. ]

German? It's me.

Please listen.

I want to say that, that...

it wasn't your fault,

Maite's death.

German -

If she ever had a father, it was you.

You know it's true.

She was yours, too.


I remember how she used to go running
and yelling through the hallway

She used to say,

"Mama, German loves me a lot, doesn't he?"

Oh, my God.

I smell her on my clothes...

and her toys

I just can't touch them.

I also wanted to tell you

not to feel responsible for anything

because the one thing helping me
to get through all this

is the knowledge that at least
Maite left this world

having had some happy moments...

Oh my God, my little girl!

She was just a little girl!


Maybe you can tell them
about those moments, German

I appreciate it
from the bottom of my heart...

[hangs up]

[rewinds machine]

German? It's me.

Please listen.

I want to say that, that...

it wasn't your fault,

Maite's death.

German -

Hello, One-Eye.

Hello, Louse.

When are you going to get yourself a glass eye?

I've seen some really nice ones.

Forget about it,
you can't see anything with those.

Can we talk in private?


Pedro, please -

Step out a moment.


I've come to ask you a favor.

I need your expertise.

Hi, Rocky. Where's German?

In the theater.


Hello, German.


That animal you told me about

isn't going to be frightening
the neighbors tonight.


[faint jazz music]

Hello, Pretty Boy.

Zienner is the man.

Jesus Maria Jimenez Zienner.

You know who.

He's the president of a holding company of 48 firms.

Manufacturing, transportation, real estate,


and also president of a covert operation

that exports "spanish product"
twice a year to Switzerland.

Leaving from Puerto Banus.

Go on.

He called me one night
at 2 AM.

He wanted me to bring him a girl

that was pretty normal for him.

I spoke to Mimi and a little later

I left Isabel Medina

with the big man.

In a little hotel he keeps
for bad times.

To take care of what he calls his "depressions".

Close to Plantio.

Later that morning he called again

That was unusual, not normal.

When I got there

Zienner was hysterical.

I knew he was a sadist -

He always beat his girls, but

that night he went too far.

The girl was really bad, in total agony.

He had beat her maliciously

because, according to him

the girl wouldn't "play along".

If you ever go past the new bridge
that goes over the Tajo

where the Muralla de los Infantes is

say a prayer for the soul of Isabel Medina.

Because that's where she is.

Her remains are helping keep up the bridge.

The bridge was under construction at the time

and the idea of hiding her body
in the base

well, go figure - it was my idea.

Two years later,

this guy shows up
asking everywhere about the girl.

I tried to keep you out of it.

But it wasn't possible.


The only one who can remove that
without it exploding

is me.
I've got the formula.

One-Eye gave me a hand

and you know Sanchez
has always done good work.

Pretty Boy,

you're going to help me
do a job on the big man.


You won't be able to do it.

We can't do anything.

Anyway - what time is it?



They'll be coming to pick me up soon.

We're going to New York.

New York is as good a place as any.

Go on.

We always have reserved seats on the jumbo jet.

There are five of us:

Zabala, the group's attorney,

Luis Benavides, the CFO,

Martin Penalver, a consulting economist,

Zienner, and of course me

on the security team.

This is going to be a short trip

just a couple of days.

Zienner wants to be back in Madrid
early on the 24th

he likes his Christmas holidays.

The reason for the trip
is to line up a credit

with Exit Bank, an independent
U.S. government agency

that gives out export aid but

isn't funded through the national budget.

The credit will buy a Boeing Hydrowing transport plane

for OCA Atlantic,
one of our member companies.

Zienner is pretty satisfied,
says it's a solid deal.

He's been planning it for over a year.

From the airport we're going straight to the hotel.

The Waldorf-Astoria, on 50th and Park Avenue.

My room is No. 2121, and

Zienner will be in Suite 4 on the same floor.

We usually have dinner there

and then go to bed early.

He'll call London before that though

to Phil Robbins' office

He's a stock exchange official

to check on the LIBOR.

I don't know if you know

but the LIBOR is the reference
short-term interest rate.

The next morning, at 10 sharp

Zienner has a meeting with the
Exit Bank executives.

At the offices of Harold Parker
on Wall Street.

Then they'll continue at the Waldorf's restaurant.

I won't be at that lunch.

If you like, we could meet at 1PM in Macy's

It's on the corner of 7th and 34th.


After lunch,

they're going to the central offices
of Chase Manhattan.

That's where they close the deal.

I have to pick them up at 5PM.

Penn Station!

Madison Square Garden.

Pretty Boy, here's where
Rocky Marciano beat

Archie Moore for the heavyweight
championship of the world.

And after Chase Manhattan?

Back to the hotel.
I have to find him a escort or model.

You know,
a 500-dollar hooker.

He'll go to have dinner at an Italian restaurant,

It's on 3rd and 64th.

That's where he usually eats

on trips like this.



That's where it'll be.

How will you do it?

So the big smiling man usually
gets to Fiorella's

on 3rd and 64th,
at eight o'clock.

You'll be there too.

But without the girl.

Tell him she's coming later
in a taxi.

Make up whatever excuse you want.

He'll go to the restroom before eating, right?


It's a habit with him.

He always does it.



When I leave, go to the hotel.

I'll meet you an hour later

and remove the explosive pack.

Got it?

A friend of mine says he used to live over there.

He's always been proud of that bridge.

With good reason, don't you think?

[Patrons chattering]

Thank you.

It's the deal of a lifetime!

That's great!
I've known New York all of my life

Central Park - Central Park!
It's right in the heart of New York City!

Mmm hmm.
And let me tell you...

I tell you it's a great deal!

It's a deal that you can't
afford to pass up!

One the most beautiful locations in New York City.
How many rooms?

I tell you, this deal would put us right where we
wanna get in life! No, really!

Cause I've waited a long time for chance like this!
I tell you, it's fantastic!


And my wife? Yes of course I talked

to my wife about it,
but she doesn't understand business...

Listen, I tell you - the rest of your life!

Come on!
Let's go and have a drink.

I tell ya, you gotta listen!


[Last call for TWA Flight 604 to Kansas City]

[Gate Number 10, please. ]

[TV broadcast]

Please, Room 2121.

Digame, Digo - Thank you!

Hello, Pretty Boy!

Where the hell are you...?!

Listen carefully.

I've been waiting for you
almost an hour!


I'm at Kennedy Airport.

I'm leaving now for Spain.

But... what about me?
What do I do?

What happens to me then?!

It's just tape and sliced ham.

Three slices of ham.

That's all you got stuck to you.

Goodbye, Pretty Boy.

[Urgent call for Mr. John Philips]

[at the nearest information desk]


Bastard son-of-a-bitch!

I'll get you, you son-of-a-bitch!

[explosion sounds]

Well, what they said on the radio

they only found little pieces
of the chief of security.

And that Jimenez Zienner guy

who by the way must of
been an important guy

they spent almost 20 minutes
talking about him on the morning news

They blew his head off in a restaurant.

He had the Iron Cross, the Merit ribbon,
covered with medals -

An amazing guy they said!

It was the Mafia did that!

In New York,
they're the bosses!

Anything goes in my city!

Oh, German, German

you gotta see New York one day.

But I have seen New York.

You have? When?

Of course I have -

you've told me about it so many times

- it's as if I've been there myself.

Penn Station,

Madison Square Garden,

the Brooklyn Bridge.

You know, its not much better than
Washington D.C. anyway.

About the same.

You know what?
Let's just leave it at that.

Did you know, if Rocky and Cassius Clay

would have fought,

Rocky would have won by a KO?

They got computers that calculated it.

And they're never wrong!

And that just goes to show that

power always beats technique.

Rocky, and I'm not just saying it
cause we're friends...

...he's the all-time champ.
Number one...

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