El cochecito (1960) - full transcript

Septuagenarian Don Anselmo Proharan, a retired government minister, finds himself sharing living space with his son, a penurious, bourgeoisie solicitor and his family. Don Anselmo, a widower, is restricted to one room of the house, and his social life has narrowed to attending wakes, funerals, and visiting the cemetery. When his paraplegic friend Don Lucas, gets a motorized wheelchair, Proharan accompanies him to his wife's grave to leave flowers. Don Anselmo soon becomes obsessed with getting his own "little coach" and joining the subculture of other "cochetito" owners. However, when his tight-fisted son refuses to buy a chair for him, the old man tries several gambits to get one.

Don't drink the wine, you fool.
Hello, Carmen... Is Lucas here?
He's waiting for you.
He is acting so strangely.
Hello Andrea.
Hello, Don Anselmo. How are you?
- You don't look well. - I've been walking too fast.
Is Lucas in?
He's expecting you. He's been showing off...
I'll calm him down.
Is that your niece?
- When did she arrive? - Yesterday
Time flies... How pretty she is!
She is pretty indeed!
- When is the wedding? - Next year.
In Septembre.
My best wishes.
Let's see what's going on.
We've been waiting for you.
- Is it here? - We entrust him to you, Don Anselmo.
Don't listen to them!
Agust?n! Bring the flowers.
His little chair is driving him crazy.
Carry me to my new vehicle.
I want to use my new legs!
Be careful.
Buying a motorcycle, at his age...
Let's see. Easy...
It's nice!
Very nice! Very, very nice!!
Look at this beauty, Anselmo!
It's madness going all the way to the cemetary.
I'll look after him.
Go find a taxi for Don Anselmo.
Go, hurry up!
Me, I remember your poor mother better than you do!
It's been more than a year since you put flowers on her grave.
He's lost his mind.
Don't worry, I'll watch him.
Look! It's even better than having real legs.
You'll see, it's a blast!
This little vehicle will bring us trouble.
We should buy him a 'St. Christopher'.
To start it, you ...
It'll be OK, I told you. Leave me alone!
You have to be careful with this...
It's great, I'm telling you!
Is the taxi here?
Here is the taxi. Careful, dad.
I can see very well it's a taxi!
Don't worry, I'm not going to America!
Go back to work!!
Follow us and don't get ahead of us.
Go on, I'll follow you.
Sweet Jesus!
I'm scared.
I'll answer for the vehicle, but not for the old man.
Poor soul!
Maybe it's better for her this way.
At least, she never saw me as a cripple.
Now that you have your vehicle,
many would be glad to get around like you.
You are right, but still...
she would suffer to see me like this.
Let's put the flowers on her grave.
Not those, these.
It's all the same .
Let's go.
We won't manage to get out.
Excuse me, Sir...
could you help us?
We're stuck in a hole.
I think it's this way.
No, it's that way.
Pay attention, you are going too far!
You never change!
Can't you see it's there?
There are indeed times when I get lost!
Give me the flowers.
Let's go see the funeral!
I want to look at the motorcycle.
It's not a motorcycle! It's a wheelchair.
I'm certain it's a motorcycle.
Wanna bet? Come, let's ask.
Let's go.
Are you a cripple?
You little brat!
It's not a laughing matter.
There is no respect for anything.
Come here, now! Don't bother the gentlemen!
Let's go back.
My daughters must be worried.
I'm afraid that as soon as we are gone...
those brats will steal the flowers.
That is the disadvantage of that kind of grave.
Let's go, push!
They are practical, but...
I won't find a taxi here.
You should have kept the other one.
What should we do?
You better return home slowly,
while, me, with my vehicle, will zoom back to my house.
Don't be such an egoist! I came here just for your sake .
I'll tell you what we should do,
otherwise, we'll never get home.
- Hop on! - Where to?
On my vehicle.
Get on or I'll drive off!
Are you set?
- Hold on! - Don't go too fast!
Don't you worry.
This baby is a real marvel, as soon as I press...
It's not our time yet to go back to that cemetary.
The curves...
Look out for the curves.
They are really dangerous!
- You chicken! - I'm getting off! Stop!
Can one have a moment of peace around here?!
Go to the dining room.
No, grandpa. I don't want to mess it up..
You're engaged. Why learn French?
Shut up, will you!
What time is it?
And Lucas is still not here...
Don't stay there.
Come in and close the door. The smell will spread around the house.
How many eggs did you put in?
Two. Isn't that enough?
I don't care personally,
but if I am to invite my friends...
Don't worry... it will be enough.
It is forbidden to keep poultry in here.
Why do you care about it?
Is that hen bothering you?
Why are you socializing with those cripples?
It's those cripples that I'm having a good time with!
There is nothing for you to do in the kitchen.
That Yolanda sure sweats a lot!
Are you being taken care of?
I was told to wait.
I am the attorney's father.
Is it a criminal case?
They say it's a case of fraud.
There is so much injustice.
I will tell my son to see you now.
Come in. Don't keep standing in the doorway.
That is my father.
He was asthmatic!
How I had to suffer during all those years..
Poor Senor Ramiro... A great man.
What about your trip, Dad?
I'm going with Lucas. He's late...
Do you have the papers?
Remember to return it to me later.
Carry on...
I don't want to talk in front of people.
Father, we are working.
I'm going out with my friends. I need money.
200 pesetas.
- How much? - 200.
I said 200.
You can talk in fron of my assistant.
He's also my future son-in-law.
Excuse him. He is still busy.
With an old bitch without manners.
I'm not in a hurry.
I told him you were waiting for him.
I always advise my son
not to take on certain cases.
It must be for abuse of confidence?
- Or related to work? - Something of that kind .
Don't pay attention. It's just my grand-daughter
I hope your son will take my case.
Let him be. Lucas is waiting for you.
I'm coming!
I am off to a picnic.
You can count on my son. He is marvelous.
Lucas! We've been waiting forever!
Excuse me. I had to accompany a friend.
You should have taken him along.
I had tried, but the engine choked.
I might have managed if I had a vehicle like yourself.
It's fast... But it's not a taxi...
- He is never satisfied. - He has a reason.
I know what'll happen. I'll end up saddled with taking care of the old man.
If something happens to him, it'll be the end of me!
Hello everyone!
It's all that bus' fault.
Come, let me introduce you.
Julita, the fiancee of...
Pleased to meet you.
He can't.
What are we waiting for? Let's go!
I ride fast, better hang on!
No, not like that. Get your hands off.
You're not coming with me. Go with him, he has a seat.
You'll be more comfortable than in a Cadillac
Don't be afraid
I am not scared. I'm just careful .
Come on, get going.
I'm here to uphold the rules.
Which rule? Just some humanity.
Take a seat. You are tired.
Tired? I'm happy!
This is the happiest day of my life.
Those two hugging each other.
And you wanted me to stay at home?
Thank the motor-chair for all this.
It's a marvelous invention!
The whole countryside is ours, fresh air, sun...
You should buy one of these and join our gang.
Take a look at these models.
You like football? We go to football games all the time.
Come on!
Those lovebirds are getting on my nerves.
Bring me some wine.
- Not a drop left. - Let's find some more.
At Manolo's inn.
Nothing left to do here.
I'll pay for two bottles.
Sorry, I can't take you.
It's a rough road.
It's a long way and the road is bad.
We can't leave him here.
Julia, tell him to take me along
Wait for us here, we'll be back shortly.
We'll bring you the wine.
I'll be left all alone.
I am sorry, but we can't take you.
I'll walk.
Wait for us here. Don't risk falling down!
How are you doing, son?
- Why did you take off the poultice? - It was too hot.
Spring is treacherous!
Oh, youth!
One day, they'll rob you in the subway.
No more subway for me...
I must take a taxi. My legs are so weak...
It hurts!
Come on now!
Would you help me?
When are you going to give Mother's jewels to Yolanda?
I respect her wish:
when she gets married.
- She'd look so nice with them on! - I said 'No'!
- Where are you going? - To a funeral.
Take care. One sick man is enough.
My legs are going to give me trouble.
- Who died? - An old friend from the Ministry...
Leave my card there.
Do you hear me, Alvarito?
It must be Mr. Iglesias. I have to take care of everything!
The napkin.
Excuse me, Don Anselmo.
How's my son's business doing?
Very well, very well... Keeps getting better.
- Why do you ask? - No reason.
Mr. l'Avou?.
Are you here on business or collecting alms?
- The prior will tell you... - We're here on business.
The boss is sick. I'm his assistant.
Just a moment, Sir.
Come back in two weeks.
Everything will be ready.
Do you wnat a brown or black shoe?
My wife didn't tell me.
Take brown, that's better for a child.
You see, doctor, you'll know right away...
I have a handicapped brother...
How much a motor-chair cost?
Come this way,
I'll show you our many different models.
My brother is not completely handicapped...
What's more, his son is not a man of action.
Our latest model: pratical... resistant.
I would like one with an engine.
Let me see the catalogue.
Your brother leads a normal life.
Follow me...
I'll show you the best one that is available now.
A revolutionary model!
Made in Spain... under an American licence.
With full warranty.
I'd just like to know the price.
My brother's son has not made up his mind yet...
It's my boy's First Communion,
so we need the shoes to be white.
Please allow me to offer them to him as a gift.
Money is not the most important thing. My profession is a priesthood.
Let him choose from the catalogue, and I'll get you the chair.
- What about the price? - We'll arrange that.
The main thing is that they have a look at our models.
- You understand? - But the price...
This model was invented by Americans...
to donate them to disabled soldiers.
A true perfection.
It can even enable you to play basketball.
It's a Rolls!
They go like Rolls...
It's Marquise de...
Her son is paralyzed just like your brother.
She's ordered a two-seater.
Good day, Marquise. How do you do Marquise?
How is Don Vicente?
Goodbye my son.
Say goodbye to your mother!
Hurry up with the motor-chair.
I promise, I'll get it for you as quickly as I can.
The factory is late with deliveries.
So our motor-chair has not been delivered yet?
It's a matter of days...
Gentleman here has a paralyzed brother.
Completely or partially paralyzed?
He has weak legs.
Listen to me... I need the motor-chair.
I can't take it any longer,
you have been promising it to us for two months now!
Go to the factory yourself and take this gentleman with you.
He wants to see the models.
If I go, I'll make a scene.
Perfect, I want you to!
Have you made an order already?
No. I just want to know the price.
You can't beat his prices.
Madam is calling you.
Just a moment!
Are you going fishing?
No, I told you already! It's my poor legs.
All this was for you... look at the baits.
I'll end up like Lucas.
Don't be silly! It's just the weather change.
Try this.
Oh, that or nothing...
Don't make it a habit. My aunt...
I should be getting used to a motor-chair.
Put that in the car.
You again! With your motor-chair.
This is all I could find.
Will it be enough for a big trout?
It should be all right.
Come in... It's Mum.
Good morning, Anselmo.
That's my Mum.
Are you going for a trip?
Alas... My legs...
Look at this pie!
I'll end up disabled.
What were you saying about your aunt?
She got so used to her stick they had to amputate her leg.
Give me a hug, grandpa!
Stay inside and read a book.
Me read! With my feeble legs...
They are gone at last!
A cane!
What is it now?
Because of you, I'm deprived of my sole day off.
I'm going out. Not a word to anyone.
As I thought you are all going out..
I invited my cousin for lunch.
Don't make a trouble for me!
And you won't make trouble for me?
Let's make a deal. I'll bring him up.
I'll close my eyes.
But be careful with the caretaker. If she gets a whiff of anything...
Don't you worry.
Get me my new suit.
Hurry up, I have to go.
Got any money?
How much?
Scratch me.
Ask Julia for a handkerchief.
I'm shy about going back to the shop.
Julia, a handkerchier.
I tried to excuse you. You know me...
But try to understand Don Hilermo.
You order a vehicle from him, and then you don't show up anymore.
Hold still, Don Anselmo.
One should keep to one's word.
I told him my nephew refuses to pay.
They are waiting for you at the shop.
That model is even better than ours.
I'll go and see him tomorrow.
Let's see...
A few more touches and it's done.
Is it a nice motor-chair?
A real gem. You'll see.
Don Vicente thought it was ours.
He was wild with joy.
Sign the painting. We have to go!
Alvarez, look at Don Vicente...
Keep still.
If I didn't love this poor idiot...
You look anxious, Don Anselmo?
When is your vehicle coming?
He promised this week.
It is going to rain.
What about the portrait?
It's done.
Can I see it?
Marvelous! Thank you!
Let's go!
I don't know his parents .
How can you refuse?
Don Vicente invited you for lunch.
Come on Don Anselmo.
There is always room for one more.
You'll keep me company.
You'll see... You will like it a lot.
They organized one of those feasts...
Isn't that breaking your heart?
That poor Don Vicente, an only son, a millionsaire..
You can't have everything in life.
Just smell this...
I've had enough... What a meal!
As I told you... when there is food for 300...
there is enough for 301.
Come on, have another drink!
Our chef is the best there is.
How some people live?
Just imagine!
Apart from coffee and milk...
poor Don Vicente can't digest anything.
Leave that lobster alone. Eat your food!
I tell Mom about it..
The Marquise loves them a lot...
And then?
Sit down on your chair!
Eat your soup!
He's like a child.
How about some glazed ham?
Try it.
It's our chef's specialty .
I will prepare the lobster 'American style'.
I'd like to shave like Daddy.
One may not realize it,
but he is a bit abnormal.
I want to shave like Daddy!
I'll have to shave him!
Always the same story.
If I don't please him, he complains to his mother.
He's less of an idiot that you'd think.
This is Majordome. Our boss .
At your service.
Could you bring us some good cigars...
but brand names.
I'll bring the best I have.
Keep quiet! Drop that sausage!
Hurry up Don Anselmo, let's go.
Poor thing, he's like a baby.
Come, let's see the motos.
Behave yourself, otherwise, the doctor will give you a shot!
No, no shots!
Good-bye Chef, and thanks.
You are an expert!
Yes, Mrs Marquise?
Has he eaten?
Mommy! I've eaten the sausage!
Are you going out?
Of course, Madam, the weather is beautiful.
Cover him well.
Don't take him upstairs, There are guests here.
That is his mother.
Our dear Mrs Marquise.
Here are the cigars .
You could have brought them on a platter.
We're all friends here.
Don Anselmo, a cigar?
Me too, I want one.
It's for adults! Let's see the motos!
If you don't need me anymore...
A cake? Orange juice?
Let's go then. he might cause a scandal.
- Did you like the food? - Very much.
Very good, isn't it?
We have the greatest chef in the world.
Goodbye, Luisillo!
What a pity you did not try any of the chef's desserts.
I couldn't, I was full!
You can't go for a walk with a lobster!
Give that to me!
She is yours...
It's a lovely animal.
Very lovely and intelligent.
A real kid.
I love him, but he gives me a hard time.
Calm down!
Be quiet! We are going to see the motos.
We have to push him all afternoon.
When you get your little vehicle...
...you'll go along with the others, and I'll stay alone.
Don't worry .
Look at this beautiful afternoon.
You must persuade your nephew...
I'm taking part in the race!
You, race? impossible!
Oh yes! Look at my number.
Get ready. It's about to start!
With his vehicle, he can win!
I'll zoom like a flash!
Don Anselmo, you should not behave like that.
I can explain!
I had another buyer...
It's my brother's fault.
Let's be clear. This vehicle...
is it for your brother or not?
It's for me.
For you?
- What's wrong with you? - My legs...
Come, these symptoms...
must be taken very seriously
I will examine you.
The doctor says that I will get stiff in a motor-chair.
Careful, Don Anselmo.
Did the doctor tell you that?
Damned doctors!
Let me examine you.
Dry tissues. Bad circulation.
It might result in gangrene.
Just what I thought! But my son...
You are the head of the family.
A family head who's mistreated by his family.
Don't be upset. I'll find a solution.
Where have you been?
I envy you.
I have to go.
I need to talk to you.
The race is starting... what is it?
It's important.
The race is more important.
Good luck!
I've had a religious upbringing. I'll speak from the heart.
I believe you.
By year 2000, there will be no more legs. Everyone in a motor-chair!
Except the football players. Everyone in a little vehicle!
How do you like it?
Does it feel good?
It's a paralytic model.
You could stay in it the whole life.
A down payment, a few contracts...
and the vehicle is yours.
You just have to twist your son's arm...
and you'll have a good life!
The lift! Close the door!
Is Yolanda better?
So, how is he doing?
He doesn't have a fever. The spoon?
I have been telling you. But you would not believe me.
My legs are practically dead.
Why are you afraid of a spoon?
White tongue... Needs cleaning.
But it's my legs, doctor.
- What's wrong, Grandpa? - Nothing, absolutely nothing.
Mind your dress.
Put your tongue out.
My legs... I can't feel them anymore.
What's the use for doctors...
if patients come up with their own diagnosis?
I'm a cripple, like Lucas...
Nothing wrong with your legs. A slight lipothymia
A vehicle... for the rest of my life!
You have legs like a cyclist. The only thing that is wrong...
I'll tell you what is wrong with him.
Yolanda, go to the kitchen.
You too.
As I was saying...
he's gotten an idea that he needs an invalid chari.
For a month now, he's pestering us with his legs!
We even borrowed a cane.
I want a motor-chair!
Otherwise, I'm staying in bad!
In a motor-chair, your joints will stiffen.
You just need a good cleansing!
Don't worry.
Old folks are like children.
One mustn't indulge them.
Papa, here is my suggestion:
let's go eat dinner and forget about this whole story.
I want to keep calm.
You only worry how to save money.
I paid for your education.
You're my father! I know that!
Don't raise your voice!
Let's make it clear!
Either you buy me the vehicle, or I will die here.
- Calm down! The neighbours.. - What a house!
Let them hear how I'm treated.
I'll stay in bed. I'll die like a dog.
If he doesn't get up, he can't have dinner.
Like a dog... forsaken by everyone.
Without anyone to close my eyes...
Your father is calling me.
Don't forget the tickets.
- When is it starting? - At eleven.
Is he up?
He didn't have breakfast. He'll end up sick.
That can't go on. Bring him his coffee.
It's sweet already.
You do nothing but eat!
Leave me alone!
- I'll get angry! - I don't want to!
Don Anselmo, don't be childish.
My suit!
We are going to court at 11 am!
Get up, father!
Very well, I'll get up.
But don't complain later.
If anything happens, it will be your fault.
Oh, I stumble!
As for the vehicle,
I can only count on myself.
I worked all my life.
And now that I got old, I'm being treated like a dog.
Worse than a dog!
The dogs are treated better!
Trinkets. Trinkets...
What about this one?
That belonged to my wife.
I don't care about that.
How much are you asking?
Five thousand.
Your last price?
Five thousand pesetas.
Take five thousand worth and I'll take back the rest.
For all this junk...
I'll give you 4500 pesetas.
It's urgent.
It's for a sick person.
Give me 5000 pesetas. I beg you.
German gold is worthless.
But I feel sorry for you.
It's a lot of money, be discreet!
It really is a lot of money.
I'm doing this as a favour to you.
Absolutely no word about this to anyone!
I keep the box.
You said it didn't interst you.
If it's worthless, why keep it?
I gave you 5000 pesetas instead of 4500.
It's not worth it.
We can't get far like this.
Finally, I managed to buy it!
Papa, whare are you going?
To my room.
Come here for a moment.
Come, I said. Don't be afraid.
Let's talk like men.
Come to my office.
I wanted to put some drops in my eyes.
Let's stay calm.
How did you get the motor-chair?
From someone with a heart.
From a charity.
You're lying.
Where is Mom's jewelry?
They were mine. I inherited them.
You committed a crime.
Look at the Law.
I don't have my glasses.
Be quite, you wretch!
I could have you arrested.
Papa... your blood pressure!
It's your fault, grandfather.
Don't cry, my darling.
Go see your mother.
You, stay here.
We'll go get the jewels back and return the motor-chair.
What misfortune, my God!
A tight-knit, happy family...
disrupted by an old man. An old lunatic!
I'm not crazy.
Let's go return that vehicle!
No! It's mine. I bought it.
And it's barely lunch time!
You're cosing us 3000 pesetas even if they take the chair back.
I'm going to report you!
What about the jewels?
Let go!
I won't go!
Put them in the vehicle.
To the orthop?dist!
They brought back the old man's motor-chair.
One can't even eat in peace.
Don't let them do it!
You should be ashamed of yourself!
He's not any more handicapped than you or me.
It's just old age folly!
It's my vehicle!
You must be his son?
Unfortunately, yes.
Could you please not yell while in my house.
The gentleman is my customer, whether paralytic or not.
Just a moment, please.
You have to agree with Don Carlos.
Who are you?
I'm family and a lawyer, like him.
I'm advising you to make an agreement.
You deceived my father.
It's my money!
It's from my jewels and my pension!
Calm down!
I'm ready to give back the drafts which he signed.
Don't listen to them!
They are not lawyers. He is a student, and he is a solicitor.
Do me a favour and shut up.
This is a respectable house.
Calm down!
Give me the money!
That is out of the question!
I did nothing wrong.
Consult the Commercial code. I'm witin my rights.
If you are lawyers, you should know that better than me.
8000 pesetas wasted!
We will have you charged!
I'm not scared of you! I have a contract.
8000 pesetas. Such extravagance!
When shell we have the drafts?
They are at your disposal during business hours
Could I at least have lunch?
Please, that is enough.
I beg you, don't abandon me.
Everything will be in order.
I followed your advice. My friends will lend me the money.
Please keep it for me.
The motor-chair is mine.
It 'was'! Don't forget that.
Give me a week. Just one week!
One week more or less, what is the difference?
I'll sell it today, I've had enough.
Three days...and you'll have the money.
My friends will lend it to me. My son won't be able to say anything.
You'll be under no responsibility.
I promise. You'll have the money in three days
You have my word.
I swear!
My word of honour! Because that motor-chair is mine.
Let's give him three days.
What a day! Where is Julita?
Don't you know?
She is not coming. She has left me.
She'll be back. It's not serious.
Not serious?
She'll be back.
And Alvarez, will he come?
I don't care about Alvarez.
I'll go look for him.
It was her who painted me, who took me out.
Could you blow my nose?
She left me. And I loved her.
Don't be upset, she'll be back.
I know she won't.
I can't do it.
I have savings, that true...
but I will need them sooner or later.
I will move in with one of my aunts.
I'd love to give you the money, but....
The poor boy is sick.
My aunt has a little cottage.
After working all life, I have the right to have some rest.
And without money, there is no retirement.
Be good, don't uncover yourself
Ask Don Lucas.
He has money. He is your friend.
What is it now?
We'll call the doctor.
- Why do you want a vehicle? - To go out with you.
I won't be a burden anymore.
Tomorrow is the last day.
Come on! With your legs, it'd be a disgrace!
Here is your son, get off!
I won't hear of it.
Your son is asking you to come back at once.
He's going to beat me! Lucas, you have to help me.
If you make up your mind, telephone in the afternoon.
Tomorrow will be too late.
Your cape
I sewed on the ribbon.
What did you put in it?
It's a secret. You'll see.
This letter has to be answered.
Let me fix this for you.
Go find your mother.
I need to buy a suit.
It's already the 5th.
How time flies!
I made a mistake by giving you a fixed salary.
You are not licenced yet, and you want to start a family.
I work hard.
As you like...
but my professors...
You're too old to have fun...
or go to school...
If you do not pay now, the boss will put the vehicle on sale.
Tell him I'll pay tomorrow.
It must be paid today.
Same story again? Tell your boss...
that this old man is not a paralythic.
As we can see, Dad, there is nothing wrong with your legs.
I'll have you assessed to put you into an asylum!
You are making your father cry!
You are completely mad.
A fool that needs to be locked away.
All right, do it! Once and for all!
- He'll go to an asylum? - We've had enough with him.
Don't cry.
If he goes, can I have his room?
Don't rummage around. There is nothing here for you.
You always distract me in the middle of work!
My cow is sick...
Look here!
Whose is it?
Where did you get the money from?
Doesn't matter!
Now we can go out together.
Mine is better than yours!
Three speeds!
Shiny outside, but the engine is crap...
The engine? Wait a minute!
I'll show you how it flies.
What are you saying!
Get me on! Now we'll see...
Be careful with my legs.
I finished the race third!
You are two old fools!
I'm not in the mood for fun.
- Didn't you make up? - No, she's just like the rest of them.
Come on, let's go!
Are we going to leave him alone?
He is an adult. If he doesn't want to come...
Aren't you coming?
No, I'll stay here.
I know what it is like to be lonely.
This engine has a mind of its own!
I can see that!
If you stay, so much worse for you.
Can't you make it up with Julita?
No. I returned her photos to her.
Wnat's wrong, Don Anselmo?
Everything is fine. What is important...
is that you get back with Julita.
You're both behaving like kids.
Come on, we'll get it all fixed...
we'll arrange it right now.
I'll take care of it...
I'm an expert in love relationships.
I bought myself a motor-chair, but I'll tell you about it later.
Look at him, look!
You made him suffer so much.
I don't want to talk to him.
When you talk, you get to understand each other.
Julita, I want to marry you.
You had said that before, and then you changed your mind.
I didn't want to... make you sacrify yourself.
It was Don Anselmo who brought you here.
I'm not a sucker. I'll pull you off to your work.
Only with you. Otherwise, it's not worth the effort.
Look at my vehicle.
But don't touch it!
A phone token, please.
Can't you see that I'm on the phone?
It's a question of life and death.
Call the police. She'll go look for them.
Stay calm, stay calm!
It's Don Anselmo! Don't let him go!
It doesn't matter, Dad. Where are you?
Tell him that we called the police.
Grandfather, we ask for your forgiveness..
Come back, grandfather.
It's in his interest to talk to the police!
His little vehicle...
Tell him to come back.
My kisses, Yolanda. Goodbye, my little girl.
Goodbye, sonny!
The brake must be released manually.
There it is!
Your papers.
Your name?
Anselmo Proaran.
- Where are you from? - From Madrid.
Where are you going?
To Navalcarnero.
Just a moment, please.
Come with us. You are going back home.
You're too old to do foolish things.
Can I keep my little vehicle in prison?