El Refugio de los Insomnes (2018) - full transcript

[male voice] I only hear my steps
and the lamps buzzing.

Then, that hole of light appears.

It invites me to go through.

But it doesn't matter how fast I run
or if I want to go through...

I always stop at the same place.

[clock tick]

And I wake up.

And I can't go back to sleep.

[clock tick]

And do you think, Santiago,
that in your dream--


It is a nightmare.

...that in your nightmare,

you will be able to go through that limbo
when you decide, in your life,

to change what is not useful for you?

I thought that was what we were doing,
changing what is not useful.

Yes, of course.

But change does not come
only from our sessions,

these are only the tool.

Change will come when you put
into practice what we talk here,

but if you insist on leaving
your apartment every time you wake up,

then it is clearly impossible
to move forward.

Well, we will see each other next week
at the same time.


The truth is that I don't see
any progress with insomnia

or with my mood.

Are you sure that is what you want?



If you change your mind, you can always
call my secretary to set an appointment.

If I am available, of course.

Of course.

Hi, how are you? Can you talk?

I need to speak to you,
it's a little urgent. Bye.

Did you get my last text?
If you can, let me know. I love you.

[rock music]

What's up?

The envelope with my shift sales
is in the usual place.

You are always so organized, Charly.

And you, always a jerk.

[female voice] Yes.

But I don't think he told me.


[Santiago] Hi.


No, it's just Santiago. He just came in.

No, tell me.


[man] Good evening.

And some menthol cigarettes, please.

And this too, please.

It's $180.

Is everything okay?

Distinguished clients.

[man] Thank you.

[store clerk] Your cigarettes.


[rumbling sound]


[ominous music]



[slow piano music]

[slow piano music continues]

You will wear out that flyer
from reading it that much.

One day you will come and the only thing
behind the counter will be the flyer.

What's up, matador?

Still with that chasing delirium?

It is so easy to go through
a fucking door.

I want to see you go through it

without knowing what the fuck
is on the other side.

If you are so brave.

You just don't give up, do you?

You haven't won in a month.

The magnifying glass.

The loser dances the whole song.

Come on, play.

[text ringtone]

[glass smash]

[text ringtone]

Fiona's nest is ready.
I'll see you tomorrow.

And if we put this here...


Huh? There you go.

My bad luck is over.

Bullshit, that word doesn't exist.


A liger is the hybrid between a lion
and a tiger, you ignorant.

What the fuck?

I bet you watch Discovery Channel
or some shit like that

when you don't waste your time here.

Yes. Well, that means you accept it.

-I accept you watch too much TV.
-Chill out, Daniela, come on.

Okay, where do ligers live?
Have you seen one in the zoo?


Is she smoking?

She's smoking.


Hey, you.

[Santiago] Shh.



Didn't you see the big no smoking sign?

I'm sorry.

It's $50.

Distinguished clients.

[glass smash]


This one survived.

How about you keep cleaning?
You are already down there.

I'm sorry. I'll help you.

No. He can do it.

I'm really sorry.

It's okay, relax.

Who hasn't had a damn bag ripped?

Can we help with anything else?

No, nothing.

[Daniela] Good night.

Thank you.

Fuck, I thought she'd never leave, man.

Don't be an ass.

You could tell she was having a bad time.

-Let me see.

Do you clean like that at your house?

[mellow music]

[shower sound]

Santiago, can't you see I'm showering?

I didn't know it bothered you.

[woman sighs]


[mellow music]

[dog whining]

I'm coming.

Hi there.

Hi, handsome.

What's up, Beck? Everything okay?


Hi, sweetie.

How are you?

Are you okay?

What's up, Santi?

You look terrible, man.

Where did you party last night?



Talking about partying,will you go
to the new girl's lunch?

Did you see her, man? She's fucking hot.

Let's see who fucks her first.

I hope it's not fucking Toño,
he's such a player.

I don't know what women see in that guy.

So, 12:30, the Italian place?
I'm talking to you. Are you going or what?

If I finish this.


-Take care of it, I'll go check on Fiona.


[slow piano music]

How did you feel when you realized
you were pregnant?


[buzzing sound]

[engine start sound]

[engine revving sound]

[brakes squeal]

[car horn]

[Daniela laughs]


For real, how do you win every time
if you only read that crap?

I only read them on Tuesday,
the day they come out, judgmental ass.

Let's see if I catch
some of your refinement.

Only for a moment, creep.

Good evening to you too, Daniela.

[Daniela gasps]

I wasn't talking to you, sir,
but with this disrespectful guy.


I think his pack kicked him out.

Why do you say that?

Look at him, he's miserable, fucked, sad.

I don't think so, he seems very sharp.

He even joked.
Besides, I don't see any bruises.

Come on, he's very old.

He's the oldest werewolf.
Show some respect.

This ones were brought late, right?

They are not cold enough.

The truck got stuck in traffic and
the delivery guy left them at the gate.

-I put them in the fridge.
-There are no more gentlemen.

I'm sorry, sir. You are $2 short.

[man] What?

The prices went up again?

Yes, sir. You know these damn politicians,
always rising taxes.

[man] Two.

-Thank you.
-You're welcome.


The moon is very pretty.

You should go out
and breathe into the night, Daniela.

He's still the leader of his pack, man.



You're embarrassed that that guy
knows your literary preferences.

-So you say.
-So you do.

-So you try.
-So you bite.

Shut up.


[Santiago] Hi.

I found in my apartment...

Well, I brought you this.

I think you'll use it more than I.

Tonight is gossip night,
not Scramble night.

It's okay, we can improvise.

You? Improvise? Mr. Routine.

[whispers] Stop it.

[whispers] She brought us a game.

Relax, Sister Charity.

Don't worry, these won't break.

[Daniela] It's $20.


[Santiago] Hey.

Why don't you stay and play?


The loser has to dance to a song,
you can't say no.

For real?

But can I choose the song?

-Hm... No.

The first one we tune in.

[gentle guitar song]





[door shuts]








-[continuous beep]





Just a hair and nail trim?

I don't want any ridiculous haircut.
Vivi is very special.

Don't worry, ma'am.


Hi, Vivi.

-We'll call you so you pick her up.
-It's a he.

-Vivi is a boy, my boy.
-I'm sorry, ma'am.

I got distracted.

Watch out. I don't want anything
to happen to my Vivi.

[man] That woman was bitchy.

She's crazy, not bitchy.

She's crazy, buddy.

[slow piano music]

Hi, Fiona.

[slow piano music continues]

[Santiago] Andrea?


[woman] Good evening!

Where did you get this pretty girl, honey?

[Daniela] She came in for sodas.

No way.

[Daniela] Yes. Then Santiago drank a few,

and now she waits for him every night.

[women laugh]

So what, honey? Are you fucking Santi?

He's taken.

I'm not fucking anyone.


Don't worry, we can solve that, baby.

We can make you a discount.

Shut up. Since when do you make discounts?

Come on, don't be like that.
It's just that you...


...so innocent like your friend.

And with that fucking stick
in your hands...

[women laugh]

Look! The little mice does smile.

Want some?

Come on, man. Let's go.

[woman] How much?

It's $80.

-You don't make discounts?


These chicks are classy, right?

Yes, they're funny.

How long have you known them?

Not much. I started working here
eight months ago,

and they already came.

That's their routine, they come,
buy condoms, eat, and they go.

They have a good heart.

Hey, so...

You and Santiago...

Santiago and I what?

I mean, you two...

We were together for a while.



That guy can't sleep. He's got issues.

And a girlfriend.


[Daniela] You... like... him.

[Daniela] You want to kiss him.

[Daniela] Aha.

And now?

Who are you mocking?


[Santiago] Huh.

No one. I was just talking with the new
member about her love problems.

You too?

As if our relationship was
in black and white.

You do this, I do that.

You go to the left, I go to the right.

And see you never.

Perhaps she was just trying to be fair.


Perhaps, after all that time
of not sharing each other,

of not being a couple,

she thought
that dividing things like that, by half,

would be the best for both of you.

No fighting, no arguments.

[mellow piano music]

Five, seven, eight, nine. There.

I owe you nothing.

This is the fifth day in a row
the cash desk close is perfect.


It's nice to see you smile.

For fuck's sake, man.

Did you get my last text?
If you can, let me know. I love you.

I don't want to bother,
could you please call me?

I'm still waiting for news from you...
Don't leave me like this.

Did he sound upset, sir?


I'm on my way.

I hope so.

I miss you too.

First I have to save some money
to see if I can go...

And I have big expenses coming.


I have to go.

Please, send my love to dad.

Let's see, Santiago.

Tell me.

Is everything okay with you?

To be honest, some of us
are concerned about you.

You look very tired.

I would even say you look gaunt.

-Look, sir, I'm tired of--
-Relax, man.

We are just concerned about you.

You haven't taken time off
for over two years.

Why don't you rest for a few days?

You know...

Be with your girlfriend,

with your family, your friends...

To clear your mind.

-Are you firing me, sir?
-We just want you to recover a bit.

We don't like our employees
to be burnt without a reason.

[mellow piano music]

By any chance, do you know
where I can find Dani?

She comes here at 10.

I know, I'm asking
if you know where she lives.

No, we are not allowed to be friends
with our coworkers.

That leads to stealing and such.

-Thank you.
-No problem.


Please, answer me.

Andrea, please, answer me.

Andrea, can we talk?


[text ringtone]

Let's not make this more difficult.

[mellow piano music]



[suspenseful music]

Can I take your picture for a project?

A picture?


As many as you want.

-Isn't that hot?
-This cup? Of course not.

Did you see the devil, or what the fuck?

See for yourself.

You've found the best creature
of the night.

The end of time is coming.

I hope you finish your scholarship project
with that picture.

I won't be giving you film cartridges

You slacker.

Slacker is your mom.

[Santiago] Put them in a bag, please.

[Daniela] Are these to go, or what?
[Santiago] Yes.

[Daniela] What's up with you?
You're weird.

Hold on, matador.
You know you can't smoke in here.


As if Andrea wasn't enough...

Today at work they told me
they saw me very tired...

That I was fucked up, so I should go home
and take some time off.

They don't like how I look, please.

And that bothers you?
That they tell you to take some time off?

Don't be such an idiot.

You should put things in perspective
and see what the hell is wrong with you.

You can't not sleep for the rest
of your life.

How long's it been since you got
a proper sleep?


But I've never fucked up at work, okay?

And what did you expect?

For them to wait until you fucked all up
and fired you?

Don't be so proud.

Take this time to pull yourself together.

Not only for your job.

You dumped your shrink,

then your girlfriend broke up with you.

You are mutating,
and the night will break you.

[door opens]

What's up?

[Santiago] Hi.

Would you give me one?


I didn't know you smoked.

What's going on? You're weird.

Look at that, she's known us for a month
and she thinks she can read us.

You said you were a vet,
not a psychologist.

Why do you have to be such an ass?

[man] You can buy anything at these
stores, don't get so picky, please.

Good evening, miss.

Do you have any kind of red wine?

[Daniela] Those over there.

[woman] Which is the most expensive one?

[Daniela] This one,
but it may not be the best.

[woman] It doesn't matter,
give me this one and this one.

You do remember me, right?

Not here, please.

If it's not here, then where?

Excuse me?

Is everything okay, honey?

Yes, this lady perhaps mistook me
for someone else.

[Daniela] Please, sign the ticket.

You're a fucking coward!

[Santiago] Hey!
What's going on?

What's this, Gustavo?

I can assure you one thing.

I don't know you.

When you did to me all she didn't let you
do to her, did you know me?

Let's go. Come on.



I'm pregnant.


I don't know what to do, fuck.

[Daniela] Well, let's just keep drinking.



I think...

I'd rather be alone

- and sleep.
- You won't kill yourself, will you?


Okay then.

I'll see you later.

Fucking devil's night.

Well, we don't know if he was the devil.

He was, man.

Even the little mouse
almost got in a fight.

No way, he spread the seed of evil.

She left her jacket.


And it's cold.

Very cold.

-What? She said she wanted to be alone.
-Come on.

Go and give it to her,
you're dying to do it.

-I'll be right back.
-Not today, Romeo.

It's best for the night to end now.


[Santiago] Ow!

[Estela] Oh...

[Estela] I'm sorry! Are you okay?

[Santiago] Ah.

Your jacket.

Oh, fuck.


Sorry if I scared you.

Sorry for hitting you.

Well, now we're even, right?



Dani was right.

Freaking weird night.


Do you want me to walk you home?

We're even, right?

[Estela laughs]

[slow piano music]

I don't know if I should be smoking.

I'm still going to smoke.

My life doesn't seem like my own anymore.

It's here.

Well, then, I'll see you soon, right?

I guess so.

[Santiago] With two, four, five.
245 points.

First place, it seems, to Matador.

232 points for Number.

And Little Mouse has...

-230... 231 points.

-That is, third place, definitive defeat.
-Let me see.

-You have to dance.
-Did you count right?

I will count again.

[Santiago] No, you have to dance now.
[Estela] Please.

We warned you from the start.
If you play, you have to dance.

[Estela] I know, but what
if we do it so that the three...

What if--

[Santiago] Same as you, she cannot lose.

["Madita tú" by Agrupación Cariño]



[Santiago] Breath deeply three times...

[Daniela] I've already told you.
[Santiago] Well, that's why.


[inaudible whispering]

[Daniela] No, I heard the lighter.

♪ Happy birthnight to you ♪

♪ Happy birthnight to you ♪

♪ Happy birthnight, Daniela ♪

♪ Happy birthnight to you ♪

[Estela] Bite it!

[clapping and cheering]

[Daniela] Cheers!
[Santiago] Well done!

[Santiago] Hey! What about us?

[Santiago] Nothing?
[Estela] I wanted some.


It's very good.

[Santiago laughs]

[Estela] Very nice.

Santiago, I didn't know how to ask,
so I wrote this letter.

We barely know each other,
but I sense I can trust you.

You know I'm pregnant,
but I can't have a baby now.

After thinking a lot,
I've decided not to have it,

and wanted to ask you
to come with me to the appointment.

If you don't want to, I'll understand.

Please let me know
as I want to do it this week.

Thank you for listening. Estela.


[Pacheco whines]

What's up, my man?

Will you be good now,
or will you fuck it up again,

like a school boy with your additions
and subtractions?

I don't know what you did
not to get fired, man.

You really fucked it up
with those numbers.

I guess you are Mr. Gutierrez' pet,
or he would have sacked you to hell.

I'm no one's pet. And I didn't fuck up.

Come on, man.

Heh? That's why they gave you a time off,
so that you focused.

But you're just as fucked as before.


It's Santiago. Where do you want me
to pick you up?

The appointment is at 7:00. Let's meet
outside my apartment at 6:00, okay?

Damn, you zombie face. You look like those
who march against the Government. Heh?

[text ringtone]

No way, do you have a girl or what?

I bet she's young.


Are you a dick? Leave the phone right now.

Fucking teenager.

Go to your fucking desk,
stop messing around.

Why don't you go mess
with your mother, fucker?

[Santiago] What's your problem, fucker?

Fuck you, man. You're fucking sick.

That's enough!

Santiago, get up.

Go to Human Resources.

You, to my office.

You get back to work!

The appointment is at 7:00. Let's meet
outside my apartment at 6:00, okay?

[man] Hello.

[dog whines]


You come for Fiona and the puppies, right?

Yes, we miss her a lot,
and we want to meet the four puppies.

They're three.

[man] Excuse me?

Yes, well, she gave birth to four, but...

One died. It was very little,
there was nothing we could do.

For real? Why didn't you tell us?
We promised the four to other people.

There was nothing we could do.

Ramiro tried everything,
but the mom rejected it and--

It's okay. Can we see Fiona
and the puppies?

Yes, of course.

I'll be right back.

These are their cards, I'll go get them.

What are we going to do?
What we'll we do with Nacho?

We'll have to look for another present.

Fiona. Come.

[Fiona whines]

You'll stay here.

[slow piano music]

[slow piano music continues]

[rumbling sound]

[rumbling sound intensifies]

[buzzing sound]

[man] What's up, man? Are you okay?

[man] Are you okay?

[dial sound]

The number you are trying to reach
is not available

or is outside of the service area.
Please try--

[dial sound]

The number you are trying to reach
is not available--

[dial sound]



I'm sorry, I'm looking for Estela.

Here's the check.

I'm sorry, we're about to close.

Do you need anything else?

Are you okay?

May I?

They make everything a bit easier.

Excuse me.

Could you pay for the beer?

I need to close my shift,
the new guy is here.

I'm waiting for Dani, okay?

They told me she's not coming any more.

Andrés will replace her.

Could you, please, pay for the beer
so I can close my shift?

If you want, you could stay for a while,

but you won't be able
to stay all the night.

They know you played and drank
all the night here.


They recorded everything.

It's 16.

16 pesos.

I'll get your change. Let's go.

[buzzing sound]


Are you okay?

Let me explain.


Guys, go to sleep... Together.


[puppy whines]

[Santiago] I want to explain
what happened.


You want me to leave.

I am very cold and very sleepy.


Take off your shoes.


Estela, all I wanted was to go with you.

[Santiago] But when--
[Estela] Shh...

It doesn't matter now.

I just want to sleep.

I am very, very sleepy.

[Estela giggles]

I stole Pacheco.

I think they'll fire me.

[tranquil piano music]

[piano music continues]






["Fotografia" by Jumbo]






{\an8}THIS! - MUMMY




[guitar song]

Subtitles by Soledad Zárate.