El Planeta (2021) - full transcript

El Planeta is a dark comedy exploring contemporary poverty, female desire, and the always complicated filial relationships of mothers and daughters. A daughter forced to return home after the death of her father, reconnects with her eccentric mother, hustling to maintain the semblances of their middle-class lifestyle in the face of an impending eviction. Over the course of the week we watch as the daughter's hopes are tested as she attempts to use her sexuality as a means of escape. meanwhile the mother grifts her way into definite security -the care of a jail cell.




How are you?

I'm good, I'm good.
And you?

I'm good, I'm good.

- I see you cut your hair.
- Yeah, I cut my hair.

Ah, it's too bad.
It was so nice long.

Well, it grows.


Where the hell are you?

Your connection's absolutely
terrible right now.

Ah, I'm visiting
my family in Spain.

- Cute.
- Yeah.

Uh, when are you
comin' back to London?

Uh, I don't have a ticket yet,
but, uh, soonish, I guess.

Yeah, yeah.

Mm-hm... Very soon.

So, what's up?

Uh, so, don't tell anyone,

Christina Aguilera is
working on a comeback.


Because, you know,
she got fat and all.

And she's trying
to shift towards this

artsy aesthetic...


Can you please
turn your video off?

Oh, sorry.

Is it really bad?

So much better.
So much better.

- Cool.
- Anyway,

like I was saying,
she's going for, like,

a Solange Knowles
sort of vibe, I guess.

It's gonna take a lot
of talent to get to that level.

That and some compression
garments. Let's be real.

You're awful.

- I get paid to be awful.
- Yeah.

But anyway,
the reason I'm calling

is because
we're giving her the cover

and we want you to style it.

Oh! Okay. That's great.
Thank you! That's great news!

- Yeah. Wonderful, wonderful.
- Love to do it. Yeah.

So, tell me more about it.

Sorry? Uh, what was that?

No, my mom, um, dinner is ready.

No problem.
So, uh, when and where?

Oh, in New York in,
like, uh, two weeks.

All right, sounds doable.

So, yeah, what's the budget?

Well, we're still waiting
to confirm some sponsors,

but we'll definitely put you up

for a night
at the Face Hotel, on us.

Ok-Okay. Is there...

Is the flight
included or anything?

No, no, no. Definitely
not an overseas flight.

But, uh, you know,
the bigger the name,

the less money's involved.

- Mm-hm.
- It is a lot of exposure.

Yeah, sure, no.
It's great. Thank you.

Um... I need to look at
my schedule

and my agenda and all that,

and let you know if I have time
to come to New York

in the next
two weeks and stuff, and...

But I'd love to do it!
So, I'll give you a...

Yeah, I mean,
uh, think about it.

Take your time.
Just don't take too long.

Uh, can I get
a response from you by...

let's say, this Thursday?

Yeah, totally.
Yeah, great. Thursday.

- Okay. Super, super.
- Yeah.

- Great!
- Uh, I gotta run now, but...

- Okay. Miss you.
- Lovely to talk to you - as always.

Uh, have a good evening, right?

Yeah, evening.
Have a good morning?

- All right... Bye.
- All right.

Love you.

Hey, we look the same.

Yeah, we do. That's funny.

- Moschino.
- Oh, okay. Cool.

- So, you live here?
- Mm-hm. Yeah, I'm from here.

I'm visiting here.

- Yeah, why?
- Yeah.

Oh, it's my uncle's shop.


Um, where, where
did you come from?

- London.
- Oh, nice.

I used to live there.

I miss it.

How do you like Gijón?

Uh... I don't know.
It's always rainy.

Yeah, it's, it's not very nice.

Do you have WeChat?

- Me? No. Ehh, WeChat, that's...
- WhatsApp?

- WhatsApp?
- Uh, WhatsApp. Yeah, I do have WhatsApp.

Can I add you?

- Uhh...
- Come on.

Mmm, o-okay.
It's weird, but...


Here is mine.
This is me.

This is me.

- Leo.
- Mm-hm, yeah. I'm Leo, Leonor.

- You?
- I am Leo myself, too.

Oh, yeah?
Your, your name is Leo?

No, my name is Amadeus.

Your name is...

Why, why did you
choose that name?

Before I spoke any English,

my class teacher brings a list
of English names, so...

Okay, and you got
stuck with that forever?

- Amadeus?
- Yeah.

That's a funny name.

- Really?
- Yeah, it's...

a strange name to pick.
I don't know.

I think it's strong.

I guess it's strong, too. Yeah.


um... how... Do you know
how much are these ones?

Um, no.

So, wait. Do I have to ask
someone else, or...

- No...
- Are you in charge of the till?

Yes, but I don't
know how to use these machines.

So, it's your lucky day.

- What do you mean? I can take it?
- It's a gift.

- Oh.
- Yeah, it's a gift.

- These?
- Yes, yes.

- It's for you, okay?
- Okay, sure.

- Yeah.
- Oh, yeah, fine. Let me...

So, I'll see you soon?

- Yeah, yeah, yeah. Bye.
- Okay. Bye.

♪ Is everybody in ♪

♪ Is everybody in ♪

♪ Downtown ♪

♪ Downtown ♪

♪ Staring at the ocean ♪

♪ It's as big as that
fear we feel inside ♪

♪ Downtown ♪

♪ Downtown, downtown ♪

- Hey.
- Hi.

- You changed your outfit.
- Mm-hm.

Yeah, I didn't know if you were
gonna be wearing zebra, so...

- It looks good.
- Yeah, sorry I'm late.


- Hi.
Nice to meet you again.


- So, you live in London?
- Yeah, how about you?

I used to.

Oh, so, what happened?
They kicked you out?

Or are you a terrorist?

No... Uh, family problems.

My father died.

Oh, sorry.

Where in London do you live?

Oh... King's Cross.

Oh, you live...
Okay, so you live,

- basically, inside the school?
- Yeah.

Yeah, so, where were you living?

- Croydon.
- Oh.

- Can you... Can I have more wine?
- Yeah.

- What is it?
You don't know the brand

that you are
doing an internship for?

No, because the name,
for me, is really hard.

- Really? Say it in Chinese.
- Yeah, the pronunciation.

Yeah, no, no, no, no.

It's a, it's a Paris,
uh, internship.

Anyway, I'll show you these,


- Cool. What is... Is it like a store?
- Yeah, it's...

- Or...
- Yeah, it's a online shop.

- Uh... yeah.
- Cool.

I'm sorry it's all in Chinese.

No, it's fine.
They're nice.

- Do you like it?
- Yeah, they're cool.

Yeah, maybe, if you
give me your address,

I can send you a pair.

Oh, no, I, I don't do heels.

- Okay. Okay, well.
- But they're cool, yeah.


- What?
- Balenciaga... I remember.


Why do you hate heels so much?

Uh, it's a... feminist thing?

No, I don't...
I don't hate heels.

I just have a problem
with my legs.

I was in a car crash.

- Oh. What happened?
- Mm.

I was, I was in one
of those big buses

- going to Madrid...
- Yeah.

From here, and, uh,
you know, that's it.

It, it crashed...
and my legs got smashed.

Oh no.

Can't you do something here,

when you are waiting
your scholarship?

Here? No.
There's nothing here.

I'll have to go to Madrid
or something like that.

But why London... not Madrid?

- My mom's scared of flying.
- Oh, really? Come on.

Wait, wait, wait...

- Chin-chin.
- Chin-chin.

- Hey, Leo.
- What?

I really like your face.

Okay, Amadeus, I really
like your face, too.

You know what?

Gijón was in Chinese
Kung Fu films.

I mean... when
a Kung Fu master...

who are in the fighting

- was like... gi-jon!
- Uh-huh.

- Wait, how?
- Like, like when you,

like, like... gi-jon!


- I want a cigarette.
- Yeah.

Mm, I need more of this.

- Ah!
- Ooh.

- Can I have one?
- Yeah.

I have one.



Look in there.


There. I live there.

- You live there?
- Yes.

Do you have
something to drink at your place?

- Yeah, of course. Yeah, yeah.
Anything, yeah.

- Yeah, yeah, yeah, sure.
- Really? Do you have? Yeah.

Let's go?

Let's go.

Hey, I'm sorry we don't have

the breakfast at, at my house.

No, it's fine.

I, I like walking
in the morning.

Uh, I think there's a cafe
around here that is open.

- Let me check.
- Mm-hm.

Thank you.

Yeah, it's, uh, this one.

It's... at the end of the road,
right here in the corner.

- Okay.
- Yeah.


look at these shoes, huh?

Yeah, I used
to go here as a kid.

They have these
traditional shoes.

- Yeah.
- I used to sit there in the...

little chain thing.

- Oh. Yeah.
- It was very fun.

Well, I like this pair.

Well, I don't think
they have your size.

Oh, I buy some for my son.

What do you think?
Uh, this pair or this pair?


- for your son?
- Yeah.

Um, grey?

Yeah, I think so.
I'd prefer that one, too.

So, when will this open, huh?
This shop.

Um... Oh, 10 AM.

So, we still have
20 minutes to wait.

We're gonna have breakfast,
fine? Like, first...

Yeah, and so, you have a son?

- Yeah.
- Cool.

- Are you married?
- Yeah.


Something wrong?

No, you didn't say anything.

Yeah, but, uh...

I don't think
it's a thing, I mean.

Okay, sure, yeah. I mean,

you didn't have a ring
or anything, so I didn't know.

- Yeah.
- Okay.

But we're gonna have
breakfast, right?

No, I, I don't know, um...

Uh... I'm in pain.
My legs hurt.

I don't like walking in the
morning. I'm gonna go home.

Okay, that's it?

Yeah, I'm, I'm gonna go.

- Goodbye.
- Okay... Goodbye.

Yeah, could have been marvelous.

Yeah, divine.

Wonderful... Okay.

Hey... I can send you
a pair of flats.

Oh, fuck off.



My first name is Laura.


Please, ask Mr. Turner.

She's the tall woman
with grey hair.

Mr. Turner? Ms. Turner.

Ms. Turner has grey hair.


Ms. Smith is my teacher.
Ms. Smith is my teacher.

Mm. Okay.

Ms. Smith is my teacher.


- Ahh.
- Mmm.