El Nominado (2003) - full transcript

It's the year 2006 in Chile and reality TV rules the airwaves. El Nominado takes you into the most extreme reality show to date. Imagine yourself, and 9 other strangers, being dropped off by a helicopter over the snow covered "Ande Mountains" (Alive). You have to survive living in a bunker 40 meters bellow ground, with limited food, water or things you like to do. You have 30 video cameras broadcasting your every move to the whole country. The audience decides who is Nominated to leave each week, but things go bad as one of the participants refuses to leave. He starts to terrorize and kill the other participants according to each and everyone's phobias. The network ratings fly through the roof as the killings continue. They refuse to notify the police in order to continue the record breaking ratings.

My dream is to become a top model.

Gaining weight terrifies me.

I dream of fame.

Ninety days will be tough, I think.

Violence is a bit scary.

Personally, I wouldn't dare go off to war
or kill someone.

When I was young,
I was in a commercial in some--

I'm good with people.

To be on TV, that's what I want.

Vote for me.

I think I'd be one of the best female...

I mean, male participants. Sorry.

I have no family.

I know I'm going to win. You can bet on it.

Dancing with Madonna, for instance.
I'd love that.

Oh, sorry.

I didn't see it.

And that summer...

I went on vacation to Vifia del Mar
with my girlfriends...

and I've never left Chile.

My love story is a little bit more difficult.

No, I don't want to meet anyone
in the house.

I'm already in love. I like Chileans.

And what I really want is
for people to get to know me.

If I lost my artistic side,
I would be a nobody.

That's me.

It's all inside.

That's what I'm here for,
to save reality shows.

I've worked in teams all my life,
mainly relating to soccer.

We'd try to guard our privacy, right?

Are there cameras in the bathrooms?

I didn't know.


Sharing, having friends,
being around people...

I'd rather not talk about it.

Even so, I'd love to meet someone
from the show.

I don't know. You never know.
I've been alone for such a long time that...


My name's Miguel Ismael.

I look forward to becoming famous...

being on TV.

The bad side?

I'm a sore loser.

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Miguel, let's go.

Welcome to the Underground!

Good evening,
and welcome to the Underground...

TV's most extreme reality show.

You already know how it works.

Out of a total of 90 our participants
have to remain 70 more days...

130 feet underground...

hundreds of miles away from civilization...

without any sunlight
or contact with the outside world.

Food is scarce, and the challenge is great:

To make it to the end.

Because when they're eliminated,
they face much more than just defeat.

They face their worst nightmare.

You have already chosen four nominees...

and you've seen them face
what they fear most.

With your votes, you've also punished...



Shocking images.
For you, it may just be water...

but for Celina, who doesn't swim...

it's as if she was in the middle of the ocean.

Today, in an exclusive from the set
of the Underground...

Celina talks to us about her experience.

She's in the hospital.

They've just informed me
that though she's running late...

-she'll soon be with us--
-Not late. In the hospital, asshole.

Go to a break.

Via satellite link, we'll go to the hospital
where Celina is recovering...

from the trauma of being
in the Cage of Punishment.

After these messages, we find out...

what's going on inside the bunker.

And remember, you can still vote
for this week's nominee...

Veronica or Miguel.

Who'll be leaving us? We'll be right back.

What the fuck's going on with her?

-Did you try her cell?
-She's not answering it.

Did you call the hospital
to find out what's going on?

What for? She'd still be late.

But we'd know
whether or not she's coming, idiot.

Don't take that tone with me, all right?
I'm not a techie.

Why is this happening to me?

A bunch of idiots in the bunker,
and here, an asshole like you.

-Cut it out!
-We're back in five.

Four, three....

Remember that, before going to the bunker,
young Celina...

had just gotten out
of the Cage of Punishment.

You sent her there
with your votes last Saturday.

They're taking Celina out of the ambulance.

We're live. Anything to say to the audience?


-How are you feeling?

There you have it. Celina is shaken
and in a state of shock.

Was the Cage of Punishment
really that bad?

Is a shark cage all that?

Let's hope she comes out stronger
from this experience. Back to the studio.

I'll kick his ass so hard,
he won't be able to sit down for a year.

Whatever. Just deal with him,
don't get me involved.

I'm also looking for a way fo....

Besides, this asshole is right.
These guys are boring me to death.

Look at Miguel and Sara.

Something might happen tonight.

You never know when conflicts will erupt
in these reality shows.

I don't know.

Besides us,
is anyone else watching this show?

I tape it every day.

To the bunker.

Fucking shit!

Reality show, my ass!

I can call my brother who lives in Rancagua.
He's got family there.

I know what's going on.

The old guy thinks I don't, but I do.

You know...

he comes to my box all the time to pay me,
and very slowly.

Right there. There.

He stares at my legs,
and takes his sweet time to pay me.

He squeezes my hand when he gives me
the money, and doesn't let go.

I'm not a nun or anything.
I know people stare at my legs...

but he's so old.

Miguel, you said you weren't nervous.

He's not nervous. It's just me.
I tend to get affectionate.

Well, I'm extremely nervous.

I only want this to end...

regardless of what happens, just so it ends.

Miguel, how can you be so relaxed?

Besides, there's no food here...

and when I'm nervous, I get hungry.

I haven't been this nervous
since the botany exam in ninth grade.

I knew all the questions, except Number 14.

You know which one they asked me?

-Number 14?
-No, Number 19.

I knew the answer really well,
but I was so nervous.

I clearly remember that they asked me
whether roses had thorns.

And I'd studied that thorns
are deformations...

of the endodermic tissue...

and that roses actually have goads...

which are sharp deformations
of the epidermis.

You were nervous, right? Did you pass?

Of course I was nervous. So what?
Let's think about this.

What was more important?
That I'd pass this exam...

which corresponded
to a single moment of my life...

or that I'd actually learn something?

Something that will be with me
for the rest of my life, right?

You never know
when it might become useful.

Besides, it's knowledge that I can share
with a lot of people.

For instance, I tell you
and you tell someone else.

And so on in a geometric progression.

Geometric progression?

Geometric progression.

-Well, a geometric progression multiplies--
-Enough already!

Stop asking her questions.

Do you see why I'm quiet?

Do you see why I'm a fag?

All right. Leave her alone.
She's nervous, okay?

This woman was born nervous.

And me? After eight years,
Chile's finally in the World Cup...

and we're locked up here
like a bunch of idiots...

without a fucking radio.

-Underground! Leave it there.

Only a loser would want to look
at these freaks locked up like that.

-They're going to choose the nominee.
-Quit bugging me. We're watching the game.

Dear, give it up.
Cancel that program once and for all.

It won't get any better.

Besides, it's competing
against sports, soccer.

You know that in South America...

soccer nourishes the masses.

Who the hell would have thought
that we'd start the second phase?

The competition, of course. Once again.


-It's the deal of the century.
-Don't you worry, my darling.

All hunters are likely to lose their prey.


you've closed many great deals before,
like marrying me, for example.

Hon, do you think I could forget
something like that?

How's that search going?

Online searches are so convenient.

Was that your stomach?

-You heard that?
-Yeah, I could hear it from here.

We just ate and I'm starving.

I won't survive until dinner this way.

-You don't worry about dinner, do you?

I never eat dinner.

You don't understand.
It's the most fattening of all meals.

You're crazy. You're very thin.

Besides, who said that the thinner you are,
the more men will like you?

Ah, Cata.

I know.

I know.

Men love women like this...

very thin.

And when they look
like little perverted school girls...

even better.

Guys, I know you want to keep me
in this reality show.

Because you can't resist the temptation
of my schoolgirl outfit, can you?

You want to see me here...

and I want to be famous.

No, seriously now.

Look at the magazines or watch TV.

Women get their boobs done,
a sexy behind, to be gorgeous.

You're losing all your meat.

Does TV make you thinner or fatter?

-Fatter, I think.
-Oh, no. What am I going to do?

I'm a big fat pig.

You are not! You're totally nuts.

When we get out,
I'll take you to see a nutritionist.

I went to two, and none of them wanted
to put me on a strict diet.

Ana, no doctor will sign off
on your death wish.

-Come on, fatty. Fatty!
-But a happy one.

-You're crazy. You should go to my dentist.

You have no idea. She's really hot.
All right, she's 40, but she's totally hot.

She looks like Angelina Jolie.

She's got tits like Pamela Anderson.

Eyes like Nicole Kidman.

And her ass...

it's almost as big as Jennifer Lopez's.

She puts on her mask
and looks at you with those green eyes.

I can't believe it.
Then, she takes off her mask...

and there they are, her lips,
like two juicy steaks.

I'd eat them right away,
but I can't because the tube is like this....

You know what she does then?
When she sits down, she crosses her legs.

-Doesn't she hurt you?
-You know...

when she works inside my mouth,
she presses her tits against my arm.

So I don't care about the pain,
anesthetics, this bunker...

-or anything else. I just don't give a damn.
-Give me the number. I'll call her.

Not a chance. Picture her in your mind.
There's no chance you'll ever meet her.


am I wrong
or did you have more than one portion?

No, you're not wrong. I had two portions.

-Unless you can't count, in which case....
-Sorry, darling.

Hey, dummy.

The fag's great!
He'd bend over just like that.

I'm drinking my ration.

And now I'm going to have yours, asshole.

If I'm still thirsty, I'll drink all the water.
And if I drink all the water...

I'm going to kill you and drink your blood.


Oh, how I want you!

love it. Love it! It drives me crazy.

They were about to start fighting.

-And this fucking fag--
-I never liked Kune.

The ratings are still going down.

-The game just started.
-What do you mean?

What are you waiting for, put it on.

I don't want to fight with you.

If you're upset because you're here,
go insult someone else.

How come we chose
this circus of characters...

each one more different than the next...

and we're not able to induce
the slightest fucking conflict?

What do we have them locked up for?

This distance will soon end, my love.

You've got to be patient.
We're going to be together again soon.

I miss you so much.

Actually, the last couple of days
were very good for me...

because I thought a lot about us.

And I'd like you to know something.

I've made up my mind.

When we get out of here,
we'll have our own family.

I want to have your babies.

I don't care if you already have some.

I don't care about my papers.

I don't care about our age difference.

I want to spend my life with you.

These girls from Argentina,
coming to this country to seek fame.

-I like the idea of the Chinese vase.
-Is that right?

It shows, at least.

We'll talk about it later, at dinnertime.

-Bye, darling.
-Bye, sweetheart.

It's me.

I want Catalina out of the bunker. Now.

What effect does Catalina have
on the audience?

She seems to be their favorite.

They're touched by her
because she suffers for love.

Because they suffer for love.

You're so naive.

She turns them on, that's all.

She's so pretty.

What do women and computers
have in common?


Neither has a brain.

But, fuck, they both have a great memory.

If she dared show that picture in public...

hell and all its demons would break loose.

Do you actually know
who's checking under her hood?


But there's no way I'm going to tell you.

Think about it. Wouldn't hell down there
equal heaven up here?

Do me two favors.

Unhook the bathroom camera,
and leave me alone.


Finally. How are you?

Worried. I like having this vibrating cell
in my crotch.

Cut the bullshit. Listen carefully.

Destroy that picture
Catalina is always carrying with her...

and make sure no sign is left of it.

The picture.

And something else...

-do whatever it takes to bring up the ratings.
-What's the plan?

I don't know. Psyche them out a bit.

If I scare them too much, we're done for.

Don't ask me what you should do,
that's why we pay you.

Use your head.

Fuck César.

Fuck César.

Hey! Do you need help?

I can give you a hand.

-I'm taking a dump.
-Hurry up. We're on live soon.


Please answer.


-Andrés, it's not there. It disappeared.
-Calm down.

-I looked for it underneath the locker room--

-Only you knew where it was?
-Somebody found out and stole it.

-What the hell do you need it for?
-Because the director asked me...

-to do something to bring up the ratings.
-Listen, you idiot!

We're the only ones who know about this.
If something happens, I'll lose my job.

That's right.

Go look for it. And when you find it, eat it!



A deathly hush inside the bunker.

The nominee to leave us this week...

with the most votes from the audience....

The nominee is...




What a relief!

I'm sorry, Miguelito.
You won't get rid of me that easily.

-When I get out, we'll get married.
-Leave him alone already.

That's not possible.
There must be a mistake.

I can't believe this. Are you crazy or what?

Who understands these people?
We know it's this woman who should leave.


-I'm so excited. Thanks a million.
-Talk, talk.

-I thought I was leaving, but I'm staying.
-Why doesn't she do something?

My heart stopped,
and for a second I thought...

that I was leaving.
But no, I'm staying. Thanks a million.

I'm staying! I'm so happy I want to die!

Shit, he killed her.

He killed her!

Everybody calm down!

Open up!

We're having some problems
inside the bunker.

Our cameras will take us in
to see what's happening.

This is reality TV.

This is the Underground,
reality TV without the show.

We'll pause for these messages...

and we'll be right back,
right here on the Underground.

What the hell's going on here?

Andrés, go to a commercial break, damn it!

Is this a joke?
How could you do this without telling me?

We agreed during the staff meeting...

that we wouldn't be dealing
with so much action this month.

-Why is she crying?
-She's high-strung.

Did he kill her?

-Keep calm, Rodrigo, please.
-I quit.

Calm down. We're thinking
about what we're going to do.

-I guess you called the police.
-You think it's necessary to call the police?

The show airs live.

The closest human being
is about 200 miles from the bunker.

-Do we know what Miguel will do next?
-How are we supposed to know?

How are we supposed to know?
Miguel's gone mad.

Rodrigo, go back to the set.
We've got to calm him down, bring him out.

We need to know exactly what happened...

what he wants,
what he's planning on doing.

Honey, come here. Hurry.

What happened, sweetheart?
Did the condom break again?

-Don't be stupid. Somebody died on TV.

-So what? What's the big deal?
-It's a real death.

One of the girls from the reality show
got shot in the head. I saw it!

What? Something terrible
is happening right now...

on the reality show Underground...

which you've probably seen
on the other network.

We're back on Scandal TV.
Let me tell you about an extreme situation...

which seems to be developing
on the reality show Underground...

being taped in Chile.

The news we have indicates that
a hostage situation has developed...

an unprecedented event in the history of TV.

We're still uncertain
about the magnitude of the situation...

but preliminary reports tell us
that there's at least one dead.

Rodrigo, we're back in five.


we're back,
and everyone in Chile is watching you.

-This isn't bad at all.
-Thousands of people know you....

-Get me Neron.
-Let's talk.

But calm down.

Please, calm down.

All the incredible moments
you've experienced these weeks...

but, please, it's not necessary.
Don't hurt anyone else.

-This is urgent.
-Forget that you were nominated...

-The nominee snapped.
-...think about your housemates...

He killed one of the girls.

-...housemates that like you.
-The nominee snapped. He killed Veronica.

-What are we going to do?
-Don't hurt them.

I can promise you this, you win...

but let them go.

You stay...

they leave.

-What was your dream?
-Patricio, look.

-You can make it happen.
-No way.

Don't you get it?

Nobody leaves!

You care about my dream?

I didn't come here to win a million dollars...

or a million-dollar contract.

Everybody will know who I am,
and nobody will ever forget me.

Why did you nominate me?

Look at all this garbage.

Kune, a limp prick.

César, the most effeminate fag
that ever lived...

a cheap whore, an anorexic patient...

an idiot that can only draw crap...

a dumbass...

with a soccer ball for a brain.

And you're telling me
that the very respectable...

the respectable audience...

chose me...

and not this scarecrow...

who can only shut up because she's dead?

Go on, Veronica, talk to us.

What's it like to lose?

Come on.

What's wrong?

Are you mute?

Cat got your tongue?

Don't just lie there on the floor...

tell the people who voted for you
what it feels like to leave the reality show.

Patricio, please.
Listen, I spoke to the lawyers. Yes.

Forget about the legal stuff for now...

and continue with the show
as if everything had been planned.

And the ratings?

If you don't care about the ratings now,
when will you?

Yes, don't worry.

Of course you'll keep your job...

for years to come.

But I can assure you, we'll never see
this many people tuning in again.

What's going to happen with the show?

We're only thinking about what's happening.

We have nothing to do
with that psychopath, all right?

We're looking at the opportunity
of our lives.

Today, this network will write a segment
of its own history.

Or did anyone tell CNN...

to stop transmitting wars?

Or when the Columbia exploded,
was it the network's fault?

This is exclusive to this network.

And we're going to keep it on the air
as long as necessary.

You people are crazy. You're encouraging
a sick man. Can't you see that?

Elvio, you should be down there,
130 feet underground.

Tell me something...

if you find someone lying on the street,
what do you do?

Do you call the police
or do you give them first aid?

Well, until the police reach the bunker...

we're the only ones who can do something.

If you really care about those people...

we should all be thinking
about negotiating with him.

Give him everything he wants.

No, just the opposite. You don't get it.
If we just give him whatever he wants...

he's going to kill them one by one.
Isn't that right, Andueza?

I just asked you something,
Andueza, answer.

And the ratings?
I've dreamed about this all my life.

We're not professional police negotiators.

We'll give him whatever he wants
to stop him from killing people.

And if he wants to be on the air, so be it.

And if you don't like what's going on,
there's the door.

Somebody with common sense
has to stay here.


Where are you?


Where are you going?

Come with me. I need you.

Don't be afraid.

I won't hurt you.

Really, I won't hurt you.

I want to give you an extraordinary chance.

I'd like you to draw...

the portrait of someone who's going to be...

very famous.

No, don't.

Miguel, please don't kill me. Please don't.

Please, Miguel, don't kill me. Miguel, please.

Get drawing.


Am I that ugly?

Draw me.

I'm still ugly.

-I'm still ugly.


To look like that monkey,
I'd have to go like this.

You know what? It needs some color.

Give me your hand.



Let me go.


Look at your hand.

-Go to the bathroom and wash up.


-What happened?

-He just cut the painter's hand.

Look! Look at her hand.

What a....

This guy's nuts. He's sick.

He's sick? I've been entertained all day,
glued to the tube.

Do you know what's happening right now
on our reality show Underground?


That Miguel got a gun
and killed a housemate?


As you can see, not everyone's aware
of what's happening underground.

What we do know
is that one of our participants...

has adopted the name. Literally. She is...



I see you didn't put much though
into finding a hideout.

I suggest you think harder next time.

It'll be more fun that way.

But I'm not looking for you.

-What is it?

Veronica's parents are here,
and the other parents have started calling.

Lock them up downstairs,
and give them coffee.

What are you doing here?
Let's look for them upstairs.

Go up!

He's gone completely mad.
Please, come get us. He killed Verénica.

That's a door!

Careful. I'm going to open it.

-What's happening?
-Hurry. The shit just hit the fan.

Let me see.

Come on.

Look at this.


We'll stay here
until someone comes to our rescue.

The closest human being is 200 miles away.

130 feet underground.

Who do you think will get here first?
Our savior or Miguel?

-That's why we need to stay together...

-face him.
-He's got a gun and he's crazy.

Yeah, but there are many of us.

We should come up with a plan. Like...

distracting him,
knocking him unconscious...

hitting him with something. I don't know.

Let's get out of here
and look for Kune, the girls.

The more we are, the easier it will be.
It's true, hon.

Fourteen points, and it's going up.

What is it?

Forgive me, Ana. I didn't see you.

-It really hurts.
-Can you go on?

Miguel could show up soon.

-Inés is missing. Where is she?
-Wasn't she with you?


She's taking a shower.

And I doubt she'll be finished anytime soon.

That's what I'm here for,
to save reality shows.

We were here already.

We're going in circles!

Let's try the emergency exit.

Let's go!

-36-25, right?
-I think so.

-It doesn't work. Wait!

That's what I'm entering. It won't open.

-It won't fucking open!

Relax. We can't talk like this!

Calm down? You son of a bitch!

You put me in here, asshole.
I'm not dying like this, all right?

It's because of you that I'm in here.

You snuck in the weapon!

And now, this son of a thousand bitches...

won't stop until he fucking kills us all.

Get us out of this hole!


Get him!

This isn't over.

You fucking idiot.
Do you realize what you've done?

Please, forgive me.

I just wanted the show to do well.

I wanted to do something.
I thought it was a good idea.

I thought Javier could use it.

I'm sorry.

-You're an assistant!
-Calm down.

-Assistants don't think, dumbass.
-Calm down.

Tell us what happened.

I hid it under my clothes...

before they installed the cameras
and the detectors.

I hid it in the bathroom.

We then arranged for Javier to use it...

to simulate...

a suicide, if needed.

When he went looking for the gun,
he couldn't find it.

-It was just bad luck.
-Bad luck?

You didn't think
something could go wrong?

-Let him talk.


I hid the gun well.


it was loaded with blanks.

He killed Verénica using blanks?

I swear. I got the blanks myself.

You think we're going
to believe such nonsense? Answer.

Why did an idiot like him
have a gun in the house?

It wasn't my gun. I stole it from my dad.

If he finds out, he'll kill me.

Listen! You're an accomplice to a murder...

and we're probably all going to jail, got it?

Got it, you idiot?


You're a genius.


How did it turn out?

BALER -- You're next

Is it going well?

I love you M - kill me

Did the ratings go up?

We're fine, Miguel. But we shouldn't
be talking about ratings right now.

What do you mean?

-They're down and you're not telling me?

-In that case I'll execute them.

-Miguel, lower your gun.
-Calm him down.

It's okay. We're just talking.

-l don't know the exact numbers...
-Such an idiot.

...but we're first in the slot.

Really? That's great.
I didn't come here to waste my time.

By the way, as I listened
to the director's choice of music...

I had a couple of ideas.


It'll no longer be called Underground.
It's going to be Miguel's Show.

No, better yet, Living with Miguel.

That name's not very long though.

Miguel's Morning Show,
Saturdays with Miguel...

I got it! Miguelator.

-I'm taping it.
-Or that could be the name for the movie.

-Let's leave it at Miguel's Show.
-He's on to you.

This is what you should do.
You should let the audience participate.

For instance, have people call in to decide...

who leaves the bunker.

No, but nice try.

It would be the same
as taking them hostage.

The show would be over like that.

You're right.
Why not change the nature of the show?

What are you saying?

You could host an interview show.

Of course, just think...

you could interview your hostages.

-That would get you good ratings.
-With these half-wits...

I can't even do one good interview.

Miguel, the art of successful interviewing...

depends on the interviewer,
not the interviewee.

Miguel, the art of interviewing is for...

intelligent people like you.

-I haven't known you long...

That's it, Rodrigo, very good.

...three weeks...

but it doesn't take much
to realize how clever you are.

Look, very clever. Besides...

the camera loves you...

like nobody else.

And with those two characteristics...

you're going to be a star. You are a star!

And which star could I interview?

Miguel, think.

Who could resist an interview with you?

That's true. You talked me into it.

-Let's do a test run.
-That's it!

-I'll get my first interviewee right away.

-Don't leave.
-We'll be waiting. No problem.

No problem.

I'm getting paid twice as much this month.

This is one news item we just had to report.

The tragedy inside the bunker,
three participants have died.

I'm in the streets because we didn't
have enough money to go there.

Hello. What's your take
on the Underground?

I think it's fixed.

It doesn't look
like the scenes we've seen were fixed.

I think all reality shows are fixed.

All right, thanks.

Madam, could we talk for just a sec?

What do you have to say
about what's going on on the Underground?

I could say a lot of things,
but I think I'd kill them all.

Wow, a woman just like Miguel.

I'm talking to you, Alejandro.

Forgive me for coming to this crazy house.

I know you must be suffering along with me.

I needed to live through
a strong emotional experience without you.

And you see...

it's all wrong.

I've just killed a friend...

all because of one
crazy motherfucker's insanity.

I never thought I'd be able
to do something like that.

Whatever happens...

I order you to be happy.

Do whatever you want
and don't worry about what people say.

Don't worry about me. I'll be just fine.

1 won't fall into the clutches
of a psychopathic son of a bitch.

I'm going to take him down.

My love, I'm going to take him down.

Please, I ask of you...

take care of yourself. I love you...

with all my soul.

I love you.

Go ahead, pumpkin.

I've been waiting for you.

Give me more, faggot, more.

César, as our first interviewee, tell us...

how long have you been a homosexual?

Did it hurt a lot the first time?

When you're fucked from behind,
do you stay hard?

If you only like to be on top,
are you still gay?

The hole's the same.
Your ass is gender-neutral.

When they fuck you,
is it the same as shitting backwards?

It seems, my fellow viewers,
that the cat's got our friend's tongue.

Or was it his friend with the mustache?

1 won't let you do it.

You're not going to kill me,
you fucking sadist!

This is my show,
and I decide who dies and who doesn't.

And so there's not the slightest doubt,
here's the magazine.

Unfortunately, my fellow viewers,
this is an R-rated time slot.

Minors can't watch...

the following execution.

My little friends, don't try this at home.

I'm a pro.

Oh, shit!

-Yeah, what is it?
-We have another victim.

-No. César, the fag.

-Are the ratings still going up?
-44 points.

So what's the big deal?

Stop this piece of junk.


-Obviously, I thought it was someone else.
-Don't worry, Mafiungo.

-How are you?
-Good, pretty good.

-How's Mrs. Ernestina?
-She's fine.

-To what do I owe this honorable call?
-Look, Mafungo...

don't take me for a fool.

What's going on with that show?

Nothing at all. It's all under control.

Tell me. Is it all fixed?

Or is it really happening?

Unfortunately, I must tell you
that nothing's fixed.

How can you allow the killing to continue?

It's just that this nut...

says that if we take him off the air...

he's going to kill everyone else.

You must understand,
we can't knowingly allow...

such madness.

Stop this bullshit!

I'll have to send in the army.

I'm telling you, everything's under control.

-Just give me some time.
-Because of our friendship...

I'd like to believe you,
but my cabinet's pressuring me.

-Give me three hours.
-You're crazy.

He'll have killed everyone in three hours.

What's your game?

Exactly the same as yours
when you're on the campaign trail.

Yeah? Well, that fucking lunatic
is aiming his gun at me, too.

Don't ruin my day here.

I'm playing golf,
and I'm having a pretty good time.

I know you're watching.
Only you can get me out of here. Please.

Think about our plans, our children.

Get me out of here, you son of a bitch!

Do it or else I'll tell everyone about us...

and that old hag wife of yours
won't like it one bit. Get me out!

Done, Mrs. Clara. You look great.
Do you like it?

Thank you, Mauricio.

-Excuse me.

-Oh, sorry. Did I hurt you?
-It was nothing, Susana.

Are you sure I didn't hurt you?

Don't worry about it, sweetie.
It was nothing.

Besides, you've got the hands of an angel.

You always take care of me
as if I were a princess.

Are you okay?

Yes. Actually, I'm a bit nervous.

I imagine how you must be doing
because of your husband.

What do you know about my husband?

Tell me. You're among friends.

-Is he involved with someone?
-No. I'm just saying, the bunker, you know.

-Isn't it on your husband's network?

People around here say
that it's all fixed with special effects.

And that nut has already killed about four.

-It's real blood, isn't it?
-What are you talking about?

It's just that...

the bunker has become a death trap.

One of the participants snapped
and is killing the others.

Leave me alone for a second, will you?
I need to make a few calls.

Mafungo, honey.

How are you?

I need you to tell me right now,
this instant, what's going on.

Are you sure?

Won't that be detrimental to you?

Please, be careful, darling.

I'll pray for you.

We're back on Scandal TV.
We've just received more information...

about what's going on
on the Chilean reality show.

Nothing seems to stop Miguel,
the participant turned murderer.

His killing continues inside the bunker...

and because of its remote location...

the police haven't been able to stop him yet.

Marcos, how are you?
Are you watching the show?

It's a disaster. Yeah, I know.

How can we get rid of this son of a bitch?

He was doing fine
and then snapped all of the sudden.

-An evil narcissist, Agustina.
-An evil narcissist?

An evil narcissist.

Thanks, Marcos. Bye.

Show me.

news here

omnipotent, sinister, inhuman


Celina. Thanks for coming.

-How are you? Feeling better?
-Much better.

We're really grateful,
after everything you went through...

that you came. Thanks.
Ready to go on the air?

-Wardrobe, makeup.

Be careful. They'd do anything
to get the ratings up.

You're telling me, after they locked me up
inside that cage?

Your world probably came tumbling down
after you left.

-And yet, actually, they saved your life.
-Yes. I've thought about that.

I'm angry because now I have to thank them
for getting me out of that bunker.

You've been updated
on everything that's going on?

-Yes, Andueza told me everything.

Look, this won't be easy.

We had a plan. I'd convinced him.

He even interviewed César...

then all went downhill,
and now he's killing them again.

-I don't know what will come out of all this.
-Nobody knows.

It's important for you to be very careful
with what you say to him.

We need to gain time for people to get here,
to help us get him out of there.

-Well, I'll try to talk as much as I can.
-Yeah, but be careful...

with what you say, because he's very clever.

If he finds out you're deceiving him,
it'll be worse.

-Why would I want to deceive him?
-I don't know what you're going to say.

Put this on
while Rodrigo interviews Celina live.


It's Celina.

Hello, there.

Miguel, hello.

It's me, Celina, your friend.

You didn't forget me, did you?

Do you recall the wonderful conversations
we used to have?

Because I do.

I have fond memories of you, Miguel.

And I know that deep down...

you're a really good person.

I had great moments with you...

until I was nominated,
and you and I were separated.

So here I am...

trying to recover from this failure.

That's what it's been like
for me to lose, Miguel...

a failure.

A real failure.

Tell Rodrigo to get her off the air.

I know the tape she's going to talk about.
She'll fuck it up.

-Calm down.
-Tell him.

-Patricio, get her off the air.

-Get her off the air.

Do you know what failure is, Miguel?

Failure is what you've got
between your legs.

Do you recall that night,
when we thought no camera could see us?


You're on reality TV.

And whatever people may miss one day...

is edited and aired
during a special like this one.

Don't worry.

It can happen to anyone.

Nobody remembers losers.

Listen to me. Nobody.

Nobody! Let me go!

Go ahead, Miguel. Kill them all!
Have no mercy! Let me go!

So this is the Underground,
Reality TV without the show.

We're going to a commercial break...

and we'll be right back
with the Underground. Stay with us.

I need something to defend myself with.

Here she is, the skeletal worm.

Miguel, calm down.

-Come here.

-Calm down. I can give you...
-Don't touch me.

...what you need, Miguel. Calm down.

Let's fool around. It's going to be great.

Calm down, there.

Turn around and show me what you got.

Let's have a good time.

What's this?

You think your fake boobs...

are going to do it for me?

-l can give you other things.
-You need to eat.

-Miguel, no.
-Stay right there.

Turn around.

Eat the nice apple.

I'll eat it, Miguel.

Bread. Have some bread. Eat bread.

You're fucking anorexic.

Eat up. Enjoy it.

You're all skin and bones. Eat.


Eat and swallow!

So it won't come out.

Just like that.


I dream of fame.

Did you know
that more than 100 idiots called in...

to find out whether they could vote
for Miguel's next victim?

Did you know that?

And they wanted to take part
in the DVD draw.

What are you doing?

Even though it may seem horrific...

I asked Agustina to collect all the deaths
in one video. We might find something.

Son of a bitch.

How's Inés doing?

He cut her hand and then slit her throat.

-He suffocated Ana with food.
-You think that had anything to do with it?

I don't know. But I remember this one show,
it was very good.

Everyone spoke about their fears...

-their worst nightmares.
-Yeah, I remember.

-It was the only decent program we've done.

-Of course, the nightmares.
-What about them?

-I know which video you're talking about.

Look for the part where Ana talks
about her worst nightmare.

-It's somewhere around here.
-I don't like to eat.

Can you imagine me weighing 130 pounds?
A fat cow, just think.

You were right.

He kills them according to their fears.

-But he didn't kill Javier.
-Right, but he had him killed, same thing.

-We're so stupid. We're writing the script.
-Agustina, do me a favor.

Check and compare César's death
with his worst nightmare.

If it's not the same thing, let me know.
We're going to see Pato. Let's go.

-Well, we got him.
-He kills them according to their fears.

The son of a bitch is really friendly
when he's chatting.

But he was actually collecting information.

He's using that information...

to kill them in the most horrific ways.

-Quite a piece of work, this Miguelito.
-Do we have him now?

What do we have? We got nothing! Nothing.

This isn't happening.
I'm going to look for Ana.

Listen, if I don't come back soon,
we'll meet in the bedroom.

I'll be right back.

There's only one gun in there.
But after Veronica, he didn't shoot anyone.

Well, we know how he kills them,
but we don't know why.

If we knew why, we'd know
whether he's going to stop, or kill them all.

I say he's going to kill them all.

Andueza told me
this guy just wants to be famous.

It coincides with what we found online.

What did you find?

His profile is that of an evil narcissist.
It's an incurable illness.

He's following a pattern,
and he's probably just seeking fame.

Stop right there.
You say he's got an incurable illness?

How the fuck did we let him in the bunker?

There are no signs of the illness
until it manifests itself.

It doesn't have any symptoms.

Anything could trigger it. It just comes out.

Wait a sec. We triggered it
when we nominated him.

Much worse.

It was triggered
when his own housemates nominated him.

And for a whole week,
he bottled his hatred inside...

planning everything.

That's why I'm right
when I say that most likely...

this nut...

is setting up a TV show...

to kill every single one of them
according to their worst fears.

What he wants is to be famous.

We'll keep watching them die, one by one.

Live and for the whole world to see.

-Where's Ana?
-She's dead.

Quiet, Sara.

Don't cry, Sara.
Why don't you talk to Miguel?

-He'll listen to you.
-No. This can't be happening.

This is too much.

I know he's got issues, but....

Don't you see? He's a killer!
He's going to kill us all.

Enough. You have to look for him.
There's no other way.

Come on, man. Cut the crap.
Are you a man or what?

Where's the Mexican tough guy?
Cut the crap.

I think I'd better show you now.

Please, do something.

Do something. I don't want to die here,
not like this. Please.

-Shut up!
-Both of you.

I bet $200 that she's next in line.

$200 that it's going to be Kune.

I'm just thinking out loud here.

What if we set up a line
for people to guess...

who's going to die next?

Did you swallow
a bucket full of shit or what?

We can't do that.

Of course we can.

-How's the game?
-5-0, Miguel's winning.


I'm not stupid, all right?

You want me to go after this guy,
who, besides being armed, is also nuts?

What the fuck am I supposed to do...

with this lousy kitchen knife?

Should I throw it at him like that?

You could hurt someone with this, rabbi.

You and you, in the closet.


Please don't.

I put the gun there. Look.

It's closer to you than me.


I could never hurt you.

You've always understood me.

You've taken care of me.

You've given me support in this place...

my friend.

How could I kill someone I love so much?

Then why did you do this?

I thought that if I left the bunker,
I'd lose you forever.

The thought scared me to death.

I got really mad at them,
because they nominated me.

I don't know what I did, Sara. I fucked it up.

That's why...

I need your help now.

-If you don't help me....

Let's do something, please. Look.

Take the knife!


-She believed him. He's going to kill her.

I want all this to end soon.

Don't worry.

You won't see anyone else die.

I'd love to meet someone during the show.

I don't know. You never know.
I've been alone for so long time that...

-Still reporting...

on the delicate situation
of the TV hostages...

threatened by a mentally unbalanced lunatic
who's killing them...

one by one, live on Chilean TV.

There are only two participants left alive,
and it looks like he's got more in store...

on his very own horror show.

This, my fellow viewers,
should be a lesson to us...

on how an experimental TV show,
like the one in Chile, can go wrong.

How far do we want to push reality?

When is it enough?

Where are the limits
in the pursuit for ratings?

We've received calls from Miami, New York,
Los Angeles, and Chicago...

and we know that the Hispanics there
are very interested in this deplorable event...

of South American TV.

Don't forget, we're preparing
a special program for Monday...

with more exclusive interviews...

statements from the victims' parents,
never-before-seen images of the killings.

And, in studio,
we'll talk to Miguel's ex-girlfriend...

who's going to tell us everything
about his life before entering the contest.

Excuse me if I'm interrupting
your wedding night...

but I'm done.


let's go for a walk.

Open the door.

It won't open.


open the door.


I swear it was loaded with blanks.

And if it's true? We never considered
whether what Andrés is saying is true.

-And Veronica?
-I know, but he didn't use the gun again.

You see? It's true.

-And the son of a bitch probably knew that.
-So, what now?

Is it possible that the gun was loaded
with one real bullet...

and the rest were blanks?

-I changed the real bullets myself and--
-All right, we're not gun experts here.

Are you finished?

Show me how you did it. Show me.

It's easy.

I took out the magazine...

and the real bullets.

And then I inserted, one by one,
the blanks I'd bought.

-Fuck! I'm working here.

And the one left in the chamber?

This is the only exit.

Look at me.

Don't even think about it.

I wanted to ask you a question.

Does the devil exist?

The devil?

The devil was created by God...

because evil must exist...

for the good to come to pass.

It will never win?

It's God's will.

What about life after death?

I believe it exists.

I'll find out in a few minutes.


You'll never even think about it.

You're resigning yourself, rabbi.


I've got the balls to face death.

You always thought of yourself as superior.


In equal conditions...

I am superior.

Your weapon may give you power...

but it doesn't give you intelligence.

What are you saying?

That you're smarter than me?


I'm saying that without your weapon,
you're nothing.

And if you had the gun...

would you kill me?

I don't know.

What the hell happened?

-What happened?
-Get me a techie.

Let's play a game.

I blindfold you.

Here's the gun.

Don't kill me!

Don't kill me.

I'm sick.


Special Forces?

Who the hell sent them in?

-Where the fuck is Andueza?

-All right.
-What's going on?

Escrifia says they blew the generators
from the other side of the mountain.

Mountain, my ass.

It's the army,
and they're going to kill Miguel.

What do these toy-soldier
sons of bitches think?

83 points in the ratings.

-And they come here to end my show.

-Don't they know who I am?

-Sons of bitches...

-...give me back my show!

That's for the 17% who just wanted to watch
the soccer game, you fucking asshole!

You call this shit TV?

There's a body here.

Mission accomplished.

That's right.

I'll thank you personally later.

Thank you very much, my dear friend.

Come back carefully.

You want more?

I'd like to thank...

all my fans, who from outside the bunker
gave me their support.

Now everybody knows that what you saw...

deep down, you liked much better...

than any documentary or cheap soap.

You saw death transmitted
by 30 different cameras.

You could feel each one of those deaths.

You experienced your own Roman circus.

Pulling the trigger was
a decision we made together...

you and me.

Doing justice...

by eliminating every single one
of those pathetic participants.

And all this thanks to a...

humble servant.

Stay tuned.

This, like in all other successful TV shows...

is not goodbye...

but until next time.


I'm here, gentlemen, because I have
a firm conviction of ethical principles.

I didn't want the spokesperson
to speak to you.

On the contrary, I wanted to be here.

Not a spokesperson that would bury
the explanation of the situation.


Very bad.

My soul...

and my spirit are greatly disturbed...

that's why I'm under medical treatment.

I had a talk with the Government...

and requested the intervention
of the armed forces.

This won't go unpunished.

The responsible will be penalized.

The director and the producer...

will have to provide answers...

about how far...

a TV show can go.

This isn't over, gentlemen.

It's just starting.

We're still standing. We'll continue the fight!

Long live TV!