El Niño (2014) - full transcript

El Niño is a young boy who lives in La Línea de la Concepción, close to Rock of Gibraltar, repairing and testing motorboats. After a night of party with his friend El Compi, they meet Halil, a young Muslim who has an uncle, Rachid, a drug dealer. Convinced by El Compi, El Niño accepts to be a drug mule, crossing it from África to Spain in a motorboat. In the opposite side of the law is Jesús, a veteran police officer who, helped by his partner Eva, is looking for El Inglés, an important drug dealer who operates in the Rock of Gibraltar.

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He´s leaving. He's on your way.

In the dark blue BMW, as always.

Got it.


Eva, ¿can you hear me?


Tell me something.

Fix the car, dude.

Tell me something pretty, ok?

There he is...
Let's go, close to me, ¿ok?

What a shit of a car, fuck!

Seems that we don't go to the whorehouse today.

Ten days and he's
already tired of that Rusian girl.

Her name's Irina and she's from Ukraine.

Irina. I see. You're very well
informed, ¿don't you?

Lady, I'm like the Civil Guard:
"Everything for the country".

This bastard is going to take the
roundabout twice. I have to leave.


You follow, you follow, ¿ok?

Yes, yes, yes.

Get in now.

Ok. I'm there already.

Ok, got him.
He's going to La Línea.

Ok, don't lose him.

If he's taking so much precaution,
maybe we're lucky.

He's going straight to the border. He's
going to enter Gibraltar. What do I do?

Stay close to him, I'm there in a second.

"Hello. Stop".

¿Did you bring your ID?

¿What do you mean? That's England,
we don't have jurisdiction, Jesús.

I know, but we can do tourism, ¿can't we?

"Thank you".

I'll stay.

I'm on the way.


Stop a little further and
go to the offices.

Again, please.

I don't know what it can be.

Come on, be fast, we cannot
keep him there all day.

Yes, yes.

Now... Done.

T- M-O-U-7-0-2-6-6-2-3-5-8-J-3.

This one.
Take it to the scanner.

What do we do about the British?

Forget that one.

He's under search and seizure in
Spain. We can ask for his extradition.

For a British that doesn't have any crime
in his country and lives in England?

Because that's England. We won't get
him out of there and he knows.

So, what do we do, leave him keep
fucking us?

For now let's see
what happens with this.


This is clean, misters.

It can't be.


What's the declared load?

Frozen hake.
3,000 kilos.

We need to open.
The cocaine is in there.


It's not the first time that we don't see
anything with the scanner and then it's in there.

Nor the first time that we have to pay
the full container.

¿Do you know how much is
the kilogram of hake?

Wait, wait, wait...

Don't fuck me, Vicente. We have the guy,
the contact, the recordings,

The number of the container...
What else do you need?

We've been two years waiting for this.

Ok, go ahead.

Another one.

Nothing, nothing...

He knew somehow.

But if no one knew until today,
only you and me.

And I trust you.

You could say at least that you
also trust me, right?

It was that bastard.

That fucking English
cheated us.

Stop, stop, stop!

¡Up, Up!



¡There's a bleach blonde
that came to see you!

What's up, "pisha"?

Come for a ride, ok?

I can't.
I'm working, dude.

Me too, I'm trying it and I have
to return it to the repair shop.

If I leave,
my uncle will kill me.

¡Antonio! What do you do?

One moment, fuck, I'm taking!
Don't you see?

Come on, boy, stop talking so
much and come to work.

Compi, come on.
Come and we try it.

¡Antonio! Where do you go?


And this?

A rock from there in Africa.

Did you go to Africa only
to bring this?

You're crazy, "quillo". Look.

Do you remember this two years ago,
when it was empty?

Now it's full of German,
Swiss, Swedish...

All the hippies from Europe.

Hippies, but they have
more money than you and I.

Do you know how much the guy
does in cash everyday?

With food plates, beers and the rest.

He's got a good business the German.

He's got a fucking good business,
the mother fucker.

This has been always here,

and this guy had to come
to do look after himself.

This is what
we need to do.

Open another bar here?

This one is already here, right?

Do you remember the little beach
down the road in Punta Paloma?

We open a place like this,
hippie style, shabby but cool...

What do you mean shabby but cool?

Holy crap, something that looks shitty
but you don't miss anything,

A place to have your cold beer
watching the sunset.

With hot girls everyday,
passing by... eh?

We have that there, Niño.

If we don't do it,
another one will come and will do it.

Well, I think I have
200 euros left in the bank account.

So it's going to be a lot of shabby.

There is a lot of money here, eh?
Thete is a lot of money here.

You only have to want it.

Want what?

Fuck, earn it. Do you get me
or not, "quillo"?

with your "great" explanations...

What is this about, Compi?

Relax and leave me handle it,
he is a fucking awesome kid.

Look, that guy.

That guy? You must be kidding
He's a Moor.


How can't you say no?
I can see him.

He's Spanish, he showed me the ID
at the club, having a line.

They come here as kids, and because they
cannot kick them out, they're Spanish.

Did he tell you his life
while fucking your ass?

I don't want to be involved
in anything strange, ok?

What strange things?
It's work of your thing, dude.

Fucking shit!

It's normal, right?
They don't know us.

Didn't you say you were pals?

But one thing is the party
and a different one is business.

You can take your blindfold off.

So, this is the thing.

We need to have a fake wall
taking part of the tank.

And there you put the pot,
well hidden, right?

Sure, but the boat has to look
new. Any problem?

No, no, no problem.
Any problem.

How do you see it, Niño?

Fine. But I need to bring
tools, materials,

and it'll take a while.

A couple days?

3 or 4. Speacially
if I will come everyday

doing 8 turns around the office park
as an idiot.

What did I tell you?
Didn't I tell you he notices everything?

He can make this in two days

He's a crack, I tell you.

He's been four years working in
that repair shop and many rich,

many yatch, but then
he's paid almost nothing...

He will do a good job with this one...

Did anyone tell you
you could walk around?

I came with Halil.

And didn't he tell you
what's your job?

I'd never seen one like this.

So forget you've seen it.
And forget about the job.

Come on, leave both of
from here now.



Take it easy, eh?

Ok, ok, ok.

But what did you do, "quillo"?

Nothing, look, Compi, look.

You screwed it, dude.

Shut your fucking mouth!

Come here.

Is it true what Halil says?

I don't know what Halil says
because I don't understand a shit.

Did you cross the Channel to Africa
to take a rock and come back?

What's the problem, was it yours?

If you have any problem,
I'll give it back to you.

So that's why they call you Niño, right?

Because you like playing.

What I don't like is getting bored.

Well, we understand each other!

Getting bored,
I'm sure you won't get bored.

My name is Rachid.

Come, let's talk.

Ok, ok, fuck, ok.
I'm not doing anything, right?

No. It's useless.

We cannot
connect it with the death body.

Anyway, we don't believe the
order to kill him came from him.

The British was always
an intermediary.

He never did something like this.

It proves that he works
for other people.

- What people?
- Slavs.

And they started
to claim territory.

Consumption there is growing.

They need to use all the
networks, including hashish networks.

This is a message
for the people that work with them.

They want they know cocaine is not
hashish, no errors allowed.

Sure. The problem
is that now

we cannot
have any error neither.

And they are
also asking for a scapegoat.

There is a position in Tarragona.


Yes. if you look it right, it would be
like a promotion. With your experience...

And the good part is that you don't
have any problem to move the family.

No. I'm so lucky...

I know you think I'm a bastard,
but maybe this is for good.

You screwed business for a lot of
people here.

There are many that
are after you.

You cannot live like that, Jesús,
all day threatened.

That's my problem.

When did we see a guy with no head
hanging from a bridge?

It's not the same as burning
your car or a graffiti at the house.

These people are different.

But we're almost there, fuck.
Almost there, fuck!

And now that we know who's
behind, we'll get him.

It's a matter of time.

Yes, precisely what we don't have,
with the news pircture.

Then, let's give hime
another picture.

Press conference, with the journalists
behind and 1,000 kg of cocaine.

Three months.

Three months?

Three months and I'll put the head
of that bastard on your table.

I don't know...

I don't know.

Maybe we could
hide you for a while.

Hey... you liked flying, didn't you?

So you come back
to the "bird" for a while.

And Eva keeps on with our thing.

Eva keeps on.

Tell me again, what do you have
to do in Sevilla?

I have nothing to do. It's him.

But if I don't go,
he doesn't get the job.

But you're the one with no job,
he's got one already.

Also, if you get it,
will you live there?

I don't know what I'll do.

Do you see I need to brighten him up?

For some other things,
he's very bright.

Now, after the impulse,
he forgets very quickly.

Ask Susi,
or Reyes, or Carol...

Eh, that's it, ok?
That's enough.

It will be going there and back.
Even maybe he doesn't get the job.

We'll be back here in two days,
I promise.

Do whatever you want, that's
what you'll do anyway.

Well, wait, ok, Mari Fe?
Where do you go?

I'm going dancing, What's the problem, I can't?

So you can stay to talk
to your boyfriend.

But don't get upset, right, "gordi"?

She got upset.

"How come?"
with the story you made up.

What a crap, I mean.

So what do I tell her?

That we go to Morocco
for 1,000 kilos of pot?

His dad is a
civil guard, "quillo".

I don't really see this happening, Compi,
I don't see it, dude.

What don't you see?

Some guy you don't know at all,
other than inviting you to four lines.

And suddenly he tells you if you want
to do one of these trips...

And how do you want they look for people,
with an ad at the news?

We look for brainless person
to cross the Channel,

At night with all
the civil guards behind.

So, if police shows up,
or the boder officers,

we throw the pot away
and that's it, right?

In Spain,
with no packages there is no jail.

That's awesome. There is nowhere to live
as well as in Spain.

If Rachid says we can leave,
that means he already paid

to the guy who
needs to look in a different direction.

The only thing you need to do
is following the route indicated here.

"Quillo", police,
police is there, eh?

Relax, man, relax.
They are friends.

Friends? What do you mean friends?

Friends as long as we pay them.

No, not that one.
That's there, at the other boat.

What's the difference?

Each package has a mark with its owner.
Everything has been studied.

..."'Angel 3 Sierra", ready to
leave from usual platform.

Well, Jesús, well. You just came back
and you're being a pain in the ass already.

If you had come on time,
I wouldn't have taken your seat..

How long will they keep you here?

Until they forget you again?
Are we energized?


Ok, I put the "breaker".

They could have punished
Eva instead, eh, Manolo?

Her, we would give her a free ride.

She's a hell of a
woman for you I think.

Shut up, idiot,
you're an idiot.

Hey, aren't you embarrased to leave
half Spain with no artificial seafood meat?

What a son of a bitch.

What were you thinking to unfreeze
3,000 kilos of hake, for nothing?

"Capitán Pescanova".

That's your new name.
We will call you that way, dude.

"Capitán Pescanova".

Manolo, is this guy this way all night,
does he never shut up?

Look at me, he keeps me crazy.
So, what?

Where do we go?

Go to Tarifa,
let's see if we get something.


"Angel 3 Sierra" on flight
7,000 in "transporter",

Asking for 8,000
for operational flight.

Authorized to go to 8,000,
"Angel 3 Sierra".

Let's see, I have an "echo"
at the front, like 6 miles from here.

Can you check, Sergio?


There it is, can you see?

Let's see.

It's an inflatable boat. Damn, its leaving
a big wake behind.

We're lucky, eh, "Pescanova"?

Again, eh?

Do you still remember how to do it?

Let's go faster, Niño, let's go!

It's awesome, Niño!

And, when we get there, 12,000 euros,
can you believe it, "pisha"?

Damn, it's awesome!

Police. Stop the engines

and wait to be boarded.

So it was everything paid, right?

I'm going to deliver such two
blows to your friend.

They don't listen, "Pescanova".

What a son of a bitch.
Put a little pressure on him, ok?

I'm there, I'm there.

Niño, stop, ok? Or what?

What are you doing, dude?

Throw all this shit away!

Sit down! Wait to see what happens!

This is what happens!

We need to throw away
all this shit!

I think these bastards
smoked a whole package

of the pot they carry,
don't you think?

Dude, stop! Stop now, damn! Stop!

These guys are not stopping, eh?

What then?
Do we go with technique of the "rabbit"?

That's it. You're liking this
again, aren't you?

It's like riding a bike.

Where are they?

No idea, "pisha", but I think
I've shit my pants, eh?

¡Niño, Niño, Niño!
¡"Quillo, quillo, quillo"!

Son of a bitch!
Damn, now I did, Niño.

You did what?

Damn, I've shit my pants.
I've truly shit my pants this time.

They were in shock.

At their faces.

They were wide-eyed.

Come back, come back.

Wait, wait, wait.

Niño, Niño, stop, stop!

Stop, stop, stop, stop!
This is not the Play Station, damn!

We only have one life here!

What a son of a bitch!
Did you see that?


- I told you they are stoned.
- He's a kamikaze, eh?

Mother fuckers, they come again!

Hey, they come back to Morocco.

So what do we do? Do we keep
fucking them or what?

With a bit of luck,
they'll break an engine.

Otherwise, we get on top,

we jump and beat them,
as before, Jesús.

I bet you fucking won't jump?

No, I won't.
Will you?


What happens, don't you dare?

This is like riding a bike,
you never forget.

This, a bicycle with training wheels,
as my grandson.

Fuck you both.

No, no, go down.
Go down, Manolo.

He got ticked off.

¡"Quillo, quillo"!

Move away, move away!

Jesús, if I break my head,
you take care of my girl, eh?

That's why you're her godfather.

Is he the godfather of your daughter?

Yes, I have such a good eye...
She's 19 and not a single present.

Come on, don't change topics,
Do you jump or not?

On my way, damn, on my way. Go lower.

Go lower!

¡Quillo, I surrender,
I surrender, fuck!

¡Shut up, fuck!

¡Stop now, damn it!

¡Damn it!
¡Stop the engines, fuck!

Fucking shit,
eh, Niño?

Stop now! Niño, he's got
a gun, ¿don't you see it?

Go lower! Further ahead!

I can't!

Go up, fuck, go up!

What do you do?

Going back, we're in Morocco.

I was about to jump, damn it!

Sure, man, sure.

They backed down,
Niño, they backed down!

Fuck you, mother fuckers!
Fuck you!

Yes, specially you. Fucker,
"I surrender, I surrender... "

Damn it, what do you want, everyone
can have a weakness moment.

Damn it, they backed down, Niño!
Fuck them!

If the guys at the helicopter discover

that we're again in Spain.
Because Perejil is Spain, right, "quillo"?

Damn, it's very fresh,

This doesn't fit here.

There is nothing to do until is night
again and we leave.

If we have to wait,
we wait, right?

"Quillo", what are you doing?

What do you think? I don't think
Rachid will get upset

if we get some joints.
After all we went through.

"Quillo"... what is this shit?
"Quillo", this is sand, "quillo".


Damn it, look, fuck.
Fucking shit.

Son of a bitch!
Sand too?

Fucking shit,
fucking Moor!

What happens? What happens?
What happens, dude?

Look what I brought.

Is it good?


That's why you made us do
the trip, right? Do you like the sand?

Does it taste good? Is it good,
right? Is it good or not?

Fuck, I'm sorry.

Are you sorry? You'll be sorry if
your boss doesn't pay us what he promised.

Get up.

Open the compartment.

12,000 euros.

And that's it?

You did your part
and we too, right?

What the fuck, you haven't
said a fucking truth.

You sent us
risk our lifes for nothing.

Do you think I'm
stupid or what?

I know that while we were
fucking around with the cops,

you introduced another boat.

What I didn't expect is that you
didn't throw away a single bundle.


Everything good, right?

No, wait.
When do we do the next one?

Everything went great, right?

You're useless as bait any more.

And for real work
you need for more head than balls.




My car is down there.
Do I take you somewhere?

Tell your friend Rachid
that this is not the way to do things, eh?


How is the girl doing?

Well, she's ok.

¿What, is she missing you, or what?
Everyday giving you the report.

We've been two years with this,
it's weird for her to be alone.

What happens, you don't get anyone?

No, as usual,
the ones at the bottom.

And we're looking for
the guys at the top.

You'll never get
those ones, Jesús.

It's like that, we know it's like that.

What happens is that you're
a dreamer, Jesús.

You believe you're going to fix
all this with your wire taps,

your monitoring and all that.
But when you reach a point,

"patapam", they kick you down.

It must be that I don't learn.

That's why I never
wanted to be there.

What I like is
doing my job.

Go out catch the bad guys and that's it.

It it works well
and I get two of them,

well, I call it a day.
Now, if I don't?

I go to bed anyway,
and I sleep great, eh?

I wish I could go to bed too.
If I tell you what I sleep...

What happens? Are you hooking up
with the girl or what?

Every night, non stop,
from the front, from behind...

You must have your mattress destroyed.
Tell me. Tell me, dude.

One day I'm going to record you and I will
send it yo your wife and you'll go fuck yourself.

Good one...

Take this.

It's for María, from her godfather.

Damn it, you know I was
joking the other day.

It's a joke, yes, but you're right.

Let's do something.

When she comes back for holidays, you
give it to her. She will like it.


All right, ok.

I tell you, as a godfather, all right,
but as a son-in-law, no way.

You're sick, boy.

Niño, stop looking at the watch,
or you're going to break it.

Yes, sure, yes.

And this?

I got tired of taking the bus.

Hey, come, I want to
show you something.

It's cool, right?


Look, the white one there.
Do you see it?

Which one, "quillo"?

That one, the one with the
sign "for rent".

Are you leaving your grandmom's house?

I cannot bring Mari Fe
to my grandmom's.

I knew that this one, finally...

I didn't have other choice, "quillo".
She was very weird all week,

talking to me badly,
with an ugly tone...

I think she didn't
believe the thing about Sevilla.

So, I told her about going to live
together and she said yes.

And what does her father say?

His father is like me.
He does what she says always.

Man, I can imagine he
hates the idea, but...

You'll do whatever you want,
but this is a piece of shit.

It's fucking great, with the sea,
the boats, the boardwalk...

The sea, the boats, the boardwalk and
the rats that must be living there,

at least for 20 years.

Fuck, I was so excited,
and you're taking all the excitement off...

What's that guy doing here, Compi?

I met him the other day...

Fuck, Compi!

We're talking about doing it
the three of us ourselves.

With this guy?
What the hell do you say?

What do you think, don't you think
he's fed up with the Moor?

Wait a minute.

Look, wait a minute, come on.

Wait, think through it.
Now we have money, right?

Because you didn't
spend your part, did you?

And I still have a bunch.
And Halil can put the rest...

Money, Halil?

Halil will get deep down with us.
Also, he knows all this business.

he knows where to buy the pot
and who we can sell to.

Do you get it or you don't?

Hey, are you leaving?
Are you angry?

Ok, let's leave it, "quillo",
Each one on their business.

This guy and I will
survive on our onw.

Go early to bed, you'll boss will
tell you off if you get late.

Give me your part, Compi.

Fuck you, dude, you're such a pig, Compi.

Hey, what's wrong?
I'll lose it otherwise.

Buy a wallet
as normal people, right?

Give it back to me if you don't want it, eh?

No, don't worry.

But what is this?
There is only 2,000 euros here.

Do you have the rest stuck to
your balls?

You know, with the motorbike
and the apartment I'm broke.

With 2,000 and 5,000 euros
we won't buy a shit.

I'll put 10,000.

¡Ole! Do you see?
Do you see how he gets deep down?

Bring it here, come on. Pot.

There is for about 20 kilos of hashish.

20 kilos. That fits in a backpack.

A dude on a jet ski with
the backpack, even can do it during the day.

And what's the selling price?

2,000 for kilo if it's good.

Damn, 2,000 by 20 that's...

It isn't that much, right?

Do you know how the big
trips start?

With a step.

Come on, dude, with a step...

For sure...

It's a saying from my land, "quillo".

With a step,
a saying from your land?

You could have stayed there.

"Bua", kid, so cool.
Stop, stop.

So cool!

Did you also buy a camera?

This is from Mari Fe's dad, you're a pain.

Be careful not to give the
film to the cop.

Do you hear that?

The drums from Ketama,
the music I love in the world.

It's cool, right?

That's the hashish.

Fuck, there's so little, right, dude?

Sure. You need 100 kilos
of "kifi" for a kilo of hashish.

So keep on with the drums, kids.

Have you seen this, "quillo"?
They are taller than me!

Get out of there, you'll get
dizzy, come on.

This is the paradise, the fucking paradise.

I cannot explain how such
a beautiful thing can be forbidden.

Put the camera away, Compi, we'll
get in trouble, fuck.

In two days we can take
the hashish in Tetuán.

Cannot they bring it to the beach?

They don't do it if
we cannot pay the cops.

Then, do you take it
and bring it down?

I can't.

If Rachid finds that I'm working
on my own with you guys,

he cuts my balls.
Not me, not me.

So who's going to do it, this guy?

Damn, so cool, dude! Damn,
this is the fucking paradise, "pisha"!


It needs to be someone from here,
someone we can trust.

You tell then, Halil.

Wait a minute,
I'll stop here to ask.

She already crossed the border.
We have to cross to Ceuta.

She spends like crazy on diapers.

They're not for her, she's paid
to carry them. All of them are paid.

Even Cola-Cao, dude?

There is nothing there
and Europe has everything.

In Morocco there is few factories
and lots of taxes.

It's better to buy it
here in Spain and then cross with it.

Even the tires they take, look.

Who knows how they cross the
rest of the truck, eh?

And when they cross to Morocco,
they start the line again,

and back to Spain, right?

It's their job,
crossing with packages every day.


There she is! ¡Eh, eh!
That's my sister.

¡Amina! ¡Amina!


Don't you think she's funny
this Amina, eh?

Same as her brother.

He must be adopted, for sure.

For sure.

What, she caught you, right?

I think so.

There is no problem.
My sister agrees.

Listen, Halil, I don't understand
a shit of Arab,

but I think she was scolding you.

Family issues.

Are you sure she agreed?


I don't want to get to
the beach and find myself alone.

My sister is crazy but...
we can trust her. She needs the money.

She's alone
and she doesn't have anyone to count on.

And you?

It's been two years that I hadn't seen her.

Myself, my brothers,
my parents.

She got divorced
and she didn't want to come back home.

She always had a lot of pride,
and she won't find a husband here.

The second-hand market
here, nothing, right?

Specially with someone
as silly as my sister.

At home, beatings every week,
shouting... but nothing, she didn't learn.

And she did have no option
other than crossing packages.

Come closer!

I can't! If the hull breaks...!
You come!

Next time,
You take it at the shore, bastard.

In the boat by the sea,
wherever it takes me,

I'm crossing Gibraltar,
I'm breaking the laws.

In the boat by the sea,
wherever it takes me,

I'm crossing Gibraltar,
I'm breaking the laws.

I'm going to leave.

I have the boat at the port
of Marina Smir.

I only ask God
to take care of me,

because it depends on him to live or die.

To navigate, outside of the sea
and the boat, only love.

I know you're close to danger,
but I'll arrive.

I have family
and they depend on it going all right.

In the boat by the sea,
wherever it takes me,

I'm crossing Gibraltar,
I'm breaking the laws.

In the boat by the sea,
wherever it takes me,

I'm crossing Gibraltar,
I'm breaking the laws.

Dark destiny
I face in front of me.

Dark path
of living or dying.

Luxury, poorness, prison or freedom.

Sleeping moon,
and the boat comes and goes.

I've been two days
and nights with no sleep.

At the skyline,
I cannot see the end.

I find on my pain
thirst of freedom.

Luxury on the coast
I can see.


It arrived, it arrived, yes.

Fuck, that's a big deal there!

Yes, there are 3,000 kilos at least.

Or more.
And the cops?

They're on their way, but these guys
will be out in two minutes.

What do we do?

Go down, come on, go down,
they will all escape.

Come on.

Can you hear me?

Fucking shit.

Come on! Out of here, fuck!

Eh, come here...!

Stop there!

You make us work,
eh, mother fuckers?


Hey, look, your friend cannot
talk right now,

because he'll be busy receiving
the blows I'll give him.

Did you hear me?

So, he did have no option other
than going inside one of those tubes

that bring all the shit
to the beach.

And then the cop leans in
and tells him:

"Take it easy, I promise I'll wait for
you, and when you leave, I'll kill you".

How long did he stay there?

The cop?
I don't know, ten minutes.

And Halil?

Two days, we were looking for him
and we couldn't find him.

He was in a sweat, he believed he
had behind him the army, civil guard...

But he's fine, isn't he?

Yes, yes, he's fine.
But he keeps a little odor...

Not because of the shit inside,

He got obsessed that he stinks
and he uses a lot of perfume.

Well, I think you should leave already.

What a pity, right?
Because I'm... I'm having a good time here.

If they caught you here it's 14 years,
this is not Spain.

Well, but you'd come
to visit me in jail, right?

I'm not joking.

But would you come or you wouldn't?

I don't know you at all.

We can fix that quickly.

What do you think if tomorrow
I come back here?

There is no merchandise tomorrow.

Right. If no one follows us,
we can talk calmly.

It's not a good idea.

Well, I'll come tomorrow anyway, eh?

And if I buy six perfumes?

A gift.

That's the British.

Try to find out who's this guy.
He met him today at the Rock.

That's what he came looking for.

He took the briefcase,

and left to London
on the first afternoon flight.

But how long have you been
following the British in Gibraltar?

You must climb the tree to have the fruit.


What are you doing here?

I have the jet ski
at the port of Marina Smir.

Come and we go for a ride.

I don't want people see me here with you.

I'm not that ugly, am I?

Look, if police finds us doing
this without paying them, it's over.

First, they'll beat me.
And then, jail.

Will you come to see me in jail?

¡Eh, Niño!

At the port in one hour. There is
a bus stop just at the entrance.

Can you hold this?

Do we go for a drink?

Let's go.

I'm sure this guy does
the same as we do.

And half of these people,
there is a lot of money here.

Cannot you be rich without being a crook?

I don't know, maybe...
but I don't think so, eh?

Maybe not with drugs or anything
like that, but I tell you

that these people are taking
money from you and me.

I'm sure the guy who paid you
to cross Cola-Cao has one like these.

And what will you do, will you
buy a boat too?

Maybe a sailboat,
they are more cool, right?

And you, what would you do
if you had a lot of money?

I don't know. but I know what I'll do
when I have 10,000 euros.

There is a guy in Tánger, he's from here
but he's got Belgian nationality

and four daughters.
He crosses people.

And you would pretend to be one of them.

Yes, he does it every three months
and nothing happened ever.

When do you think you will leave?

In two years,
if everything works all right and they don't caught us.

Two years? But how much
is your brother paying you?

Three times what I was
earning crossing packages.

I see. Your brother is such a scrooge.

But what I don't understand
is if you can go to Ceuta,

why don't you take a ferry
and go to Málaga or wherever you want?

We can't stay.
You can cross to work,

but you cannot stay
even a single night.

Otherwise, they take your passport,
stamp it and it's over.

And why don't you come with me?


Right now. We both leave, I take
the jet ski and we're in Spain, in two hours.

Are you kidding?

I'm not kidding,
I'm being serious.

What do you prefer,
two hours or two years?

You think everything
is too easy, right?

Do you really think they would allow
us to leave the port together so easily?

Well... so easily...

not so easily.

Two fingers no more, niño, eh?
Two fingers no more.

Two fingers... little by little,
it's been the full hand already.

You're such a danger
with Baileys...

A little glass, Mr. Manuel?

Only coffee,
I have to drive.

Very well, Mr. Manuel, a family head
is always on service.

I open.


Mari Fe, Amina.

Happy birthday.

Thank you. It wasn't
necessary, eh? Come in.

And if they caught you, you throw her
to the sea, like a bundle?

They didn't caught me, right?

She's got you under control,
completely under control.

I know you. The more churl,
the more excited you get, right?

How long has she been here?
Two days, right?

All day busy
in a hotel, non stop.

No, she's at a friend's house from
Tetuán that crossed two years ago.

Are you fucking both of them?

No, fuck, this is something different,
we... we'll get married, dude.

What, what? Are you listening what
you say, "quillo"?

Be careful with these, eh?

They get you to marry them and when they
get papers, they leave you alone, eh?

She doesn't know yet.

Your idea?

I told you you've been exposed too much
to the sun there in the middle of the sea,

And you became a complete idiot.

Take candles away from there.

What do you want now?

You've put 30 at least already.

Fucking shit...

Yes, laugh bastard. Laugh.

Every time I saw this mountains,
it seemed they were calling me.

And now I know why,
to find you.

And taking a bunch of kilos
of hashish by the way, right?

Well, that too.

So we would come here,
el Compi and myself, same as now,

to look at the see...
to smoke, and dream.

What did you dream about?

You'll laugh, but we dreamed that
someday we would bring a girl

that we would really like and we would
hook up there, in the middle of the sea.

And how many times have you done it?


And your friend?

He, once. He brought Mari Fe.
And I didn't talk to him in two weeks.

What happens, were you jealous?

Well, a little bit,
to be honest, because...

I could see already
that the thing with Mari Fe was serious.

So this is serious, isn't it?

What do you think?

What do you do?

What do you do, dumbass?

Come on!

Come on, let's go.

Come on, don't think of it anymore,
it's freezing.

Yes, it's freezing, eh?

That's why you didn't take your
dress off, to keep you warm?

Don't laugh at me, eh?

I don't laugh at you. No one is going
to see you here. And if they do, what's the problem?

I'm sorry,
I think I spoiled your dream.

Do you know what I think? Sometimes
dreams are a piece of shit,

because this is
fucking freezing here.


Damn it, so cool, dude!
How much do we need to pay for it?

120,000, but we still need to
put two more engines.

Two? We'll put three and no one
will stop us!

Damn it!
Go, Go!

I don't think this is funny at all.

Your problem is that you're
scared by that guy Rachid.

Of course I'm scared.

It's not the same to bring 20 kilos from time
to time than a full load.

You need people to load and
unload, pay the cops...

That's a lot of people!

No worries, that's why you're here,
you know all this, right?

And we'll need someone to
stay there with them

until we finish the trip and
come back with the money.

And what happens if we don't come back?

What do you think?

Compi, don't worry, nothing will
happen, we will pay.

What? Do you want me to stay thete?
I won't fucking stay there.

And not now,
I cannot leave Mari Fe alone.

Mari Fe is a grown up already.
Is she afraid to be alone?

Not afraid, but she
throws up every night...

Yesterday we went to the pharmacy for
one of this things and she's pregnant.

So fucking awesome, right?


Any idea who's the father?

I'll throw you to the water and
tunas will eat you, fucking Moor!

Ah, are you laughing, bastard?

¡No, dude!
¡"Quillo", it was a joke, come on!

For the time being we'll have to
marry, that's for sure.

And then the crib, the furniture...

Well, you have plenty of money.

That's the problem,
I've got the bag full of money

and I can't spend a single euro.

Cops won't prosecute you
for a crib, right?

Police is not the problem,

But, ¿Mari Fe?
And her father?

That family is worst than Gestapo,
they remember everything.

No I go to Ikea, buy four pieces
of furniture and I'm screwed.

I don't know how to explain
where I got the money.

I won a betting prize!

And the receipt.

Damn it, it's true.

I found it.

So give it back.

No, she is not stupid.

Damn, Antonio, what are you doing there?
You scared me.

And all that money?

We're rich, "gordi"!

I love you.
Give me a kiss, come here.

And what did she say?

Liar, scamp,

How I could look
to my son after that.

I see, fucking great, right?

I thought she would
leave straight to her parent's house.

They leave.
How long?

55 minutes. The shift change and the
refuelling take one hour.

An hour without the "bird"
fucking around...

But during the day.

But it can be done, eh?
The risk is worth it.

I asked for forgiveness,
swallowed my pride, I begged her...

I'm sure you
blamed me for everything.

That first.
And I talked about you too.

I told her we had joined shady people.

You bastard.

And she bought in or not?

I don't know, but after two hours
releasing poison from her mouth,

she gets up, takes the money,
and tells me:

"Dress up, we're
going to El Corte Inglés (shopping mall). "

What a son of a bitch!

But I had to promise
I would never do it again, dude.

We can leave the motorboat
on that pier.

With five guys and three cars
we can finish everything in 10 minutes.

Fucking awesome, right?


Let's go!


You're going to be a dad!

You're not going to see yourself
on one like this again, Compi!

Come here, come.
Come here with us, man.

Come on, this is an historic
moment, let's immortalize it.

Look, son, how your father
started its great fortune.

"Quillo, quillo"!

That's it, that's it, that's it!

This is not a date between
work colleagues,

that meet outside of work, is it?

Yes, sure. Listen to this.

It's the British.

How did you get this?

From Interpol.

And the other one is Murat Agani,
Kosovar Albanian.

He works from Hamburg.

He controls heroine and now
he's starting with cocaine too.

They asked me to send all the info
and they give us this on exchange.

Good job.
Did they send you more phone taps?

More? is it not enough?

These guys are very crazy
and they'll go after you, Jesús!

Who else did listen to this?

Let's give up. Let's forget all
this shit, that's it.

Don't look at me like that, we weren't
going to change the world with this anyway.

It's not worth to
take the risk.

So is it not worth the risk?

It's ok. It's ok.

Well, then
what are we doing you and I?

Playing spies?

Or just paying the bills? No, tell me,
what the fuck are we doing?

If it's not worth to take the risk,
what the fuck are we doing?

Will you tell me?

Sorry, Eva,
I'm very tired.

It's ok.

I'm very tired.

Let's see, if they know about the picture... they
have someone inside.

Someone is giving them info.
Who else did listen to it?

No one. I wanted to show it to you
before giving it to Vicente.

Don't give it to him.


Who did you have to
ask for authorization

to ask for it to Interpol?

What do you mean?


No, Vicente is with us
on this, Jesús.

We have to look there. We have to
look into his accounts, look for something.

No. And, he wouldn't be so stupid

so that we would find
anything compromising.

Maybe through his dad,
his brother...

I don't need to explain you how
this works, right?

Are you ok?

But how can you live like this?


Is Amina here?

No, she's not here.

I've been all day looking for her.

Come in.

Come in. Do you want anything to drink?

No, no, thanks. What happens?

Amina left me this for you.

It's the hand of Fatima,
it protects the person who carries it.

She would never take it off.

She left.

I'm sorry.

Did she tell you where she went?

It will be useless that
you talk to her.

Well, we'll see, right?

Please tell me
where she went.

- Bon appetit.
- Thanks.

What happens?
Did you have a Moor waiting for you,

and you needed someone to
cross you in, right?

I'm and idiot,
saving you 10,000 euros.

Now, we fucked twice and
then you leave.

You're hurting me.

And how do you think I feel?
I don't understand anything.

I was even going to marry you
so that you could have papers.

I didn't ask you for anything. Papers,
money, nor you to bring me here.

I had things very clear there.
And now...

Now what?

I don't know. I only know that I don't
want to end up visiting you in jail.

Or having sex once a month.

If they don't find you death
one night in the sea.

Because that's what will happen.

That's what happens. That's what happens
to everyone that does what you do.

But I'm not studid,
fuck, I know what I'm doing.

And, nothing has happened yet.

I see, but it has happened to me.
Too many things...

And I'm tired.

I have fear.

What if I leave all this shit?

You won't do it.
Because it's a lot of money.

I don't care about money.

You say that now
because you don't need it.

What happens, you don't believe me, right?
Give me 15 days. Well, a month.

Give me a month to ensure things
and we'll leave wherever you want.

And if a month goes by...
and you don't show up?

Then forget me.

Niño. come on, we need to leave.

We need to be at the beach
in one hour to take the load.

Eh, wait. Are you really
leaving without me?

No, I won't stay here.

Fuck, we talked about this before.
Are you going to freak out now?

Why does it need to be me,
and not this one?

I'm not a warranty. Why would you care
about leaving a fucking Moor here?

And I have to drive the motorboat,
so, it has to be you.

You're going to be fucking awesome here.

You can ask for whatever you want,
food, drugs, whores...

No, be sure I'll ask for all of that. But
I want you here on Monday with the money.

Be sure of that, I promise.

Monday, eh?

Yes, fuck. Let's go.

It just landed.

Let's go.

I don't like leaving during the day, eh?

Next time,
during the night with new moon.

Sure, but there won't be
a next time, Halil.


This is the last one.
With the money we get

we can do fucking awesome
with other things.

I don't want to do other things!

Then you go with Rachid or you look for
another one, but don't count on me.

What happens? It's been my sister, right?

It's my fault because of getting her on this.

And who are all those people?

Shit, fuck.

What happens?

The Royal Navy patrol.

They shoot and then they ask.

But didn't we pay for everything already?

You cannot pay with money
to those ones.

Let's change the route then.

And everything we had planned?

Fuck off, Halil,
we'll need to improvise, let's go, damn.

Do you think I'm an idiot or what?
Did you really think I wouldn't end up knowing?

Search, search as much as you want to
search, you won't find anything.

Now, I'll remember this one, eh?
I'll remember it, bastard.

What , Jesús?
Making friends, as usual?

You never learn,
eh, badass?

The bird left.

Where did you say there was the mess?

It was here, 10 miles
from Punta Mala, right?


Look, they're there, at 11.

The helicopter! Hurry up, fuck!

You won't believe it, but I think
I know who is this badass.

They guy who slipped away in Morocco.

- I think it's the same guy.
- Yes, it's the same guy, yes.

Be careful with hime, eh?
He's a kamikaze.

Yes, but he's going to have fun today.
Come on, beat them, man.

Fuck them with the nose.

They are on top! Fucking
shit, Niño, hurry up, shit!

Kid, I'll tell you once
only. Stop the engines.


Fuck, who does he think he is,
the fucking Steve McQueen?

He doesn't even move,
the son of a beach.

They're swallowing water, eh?

Yes, damn, they need a good shower.

Wait, wait, stop. We've got a call.
10 miles from here,

a boat with two crewmen
is shrinking.

Well, they can call
the Sea Rescue group.

No. We're closer and
in case of emergency...

And if it's a lie? A trick from
these guys to make us leave?

It wouldn't be the first time.

I'm turning around.

Fuck it.

They're leaving!

They're leaving!

Get out of here, faggots!

We tricked you,

Jesús, look at the Moor.

Fuck, their balls.


He can put his middle finger
in his ass. Turn around.

No, we have to go look for
the other people, it's the law.

Come on, Manolo. Let's beat these guys
first and then we go look for them.

Let's get them throw the load away at least,
they have to lose something.

I'll be responsible for it.

Whatever you want, let's go.

They're coming back, they're coming back!
We need to throw everything away, shit!

And what happens with el Compi, damn it?

But it they catch us like this,
dude, we're screwed!

Hold on, damn it! Hold on!

They're on top, fuck!


Beat them, Manolo, fuck!

If I have the skate
in their asses!

Shit, shit, shit!

Hit them, fuck! Let's show them
what this is about.

What's happening with you today?

That's it, Manolo.

Yes, now, but they don't throw anything away, damn it.

Fuck, I promise that
bastard will leave empty.

I'll fuck around with you now!

Hurry up, fuck, hurry up!

Throw it away, fuck, throw it away!

Come on, Manolo, closer, closer.


Come lower, Manolo!


Shit, shit!

Hold it there, Manolo,
hold it there!

Come a little closer!

I'm there, now.

That's a good one!

Get on top of the engines!


Thy won't shoot you!
Go! Go, damn!

Be careful with that one!

Manolo, closer, fuck!

Be careful, be careful, be careful!

Fuck! what is that?

Get it out of here, fuck!

Get the flare out of here, fuck,
I cannot see anything!

And Manolo?

Come on, Halil, we need to move, dude.

They're death.

They're death,
and we'll be too.

Come on, move, damn it!

Come on, move now, damn it!

Fuck, fuck...!

No, no, I'm ok.
I'm ok, it was just a scare.

The pilot... I don't know, we don't know anything.


No, how do you want
to take a plane? No.

Me too.

kisses. Ciao.

Was it María?


Whe wanted to take a plane
to come to see me.

Is she your daughter?


How old is she?


She's beautiful.
Is she studying abroad?


If she's studying abroad.

Yes, she's doing a master.

I promise that when I was down the water
I only thought of her: María, María.

Do we know anything else?

No, not yet.

You'll see he will survive.
Manolo is like a bull.

Hey, Vicente, whatever it happens,
I assume the responsibility.

Don't worry about that now, we'll have
time for that, don't worry.

Halil, was everything ok?

Sí, don't worry about the news.
There was an accident,

but... the grandparents
have arrived and they're fine.

When will you come look for them?



No, no!



Fuck, Halil, dude,
what did they do to you?

It was Rachid.
He took everyhting with him.

He left us get here
and now he takes everything.

And what do we do now, Halil?
How in hell will we pay, dude?

They have Compi there.

Eh, eh, eh!

¡No, please! Please, I'm sure
they'll come with the money today!

I'm sure that...! Please! Eh!

No, no, no, please, please.

They're bringing the money today,
they're bringing the money today.

No, no, no, no, no!

They give us three days. If we don't bring
the money in three days...

Three days...

What a shit.


If I don't pay what I owe on the
other side they'll kill my friend.

You should have thought about that before
leaving him as warranty of anything, right?

Talk to them,
I need time to pay.

And how are you going to pay?

Working for you.

And how?

Like the other day?

Knocking the "bird" down to the water?

Do you really think
someone will hire you now?

And pray for the pilot to stay
alive, because if he dies...

Maybe it's me...

who needs to take you
to police

so that we can
go back to work.

They're looking for us.

There are people asking for
the guys who knocked down the helicopter.

They say they want to offer
them a job or something.

It doesn't sound well,
it has to be a trap.

Why would they want to offer a
job to some outcasts?

Get a phone,
we need to talk to them.

Didn't you listen to waht I said?

We don't have choice, Halil,
we need to risk it, fuck.

And this?

Un gift. They spent all the afternoon
going around el Peñón.

Well, you must climb the tree
to have the fruit, right?

Could you follow him
when he left Gibraltar?

Yes. I have the name and the address,
but it doesn't fit in with anything.

He's not related
to anyone in the network.

Did you see him before?

Eh, what's up, dude?

What, how are you doing?

I'm ok. They gave me some
pills for the pain.

And it seems it doesn't
hurt so much now.

Now, this is becoming to
look really bad...

But, "quillo", they didn't
kill me so far,

or cut my fingers or any other thing.

Let's see
how it goes, right?

Now, let me tell you, I'm
really fed up with the drums.

I think they're playing them like
on the Holy Week, as a signal.

Don't worry, Compi.

And stop smoking, because then Mari Fe
will see you and will get you in trouble.

Did you talk to her?

I met her yesterday.

What did you tell her?

The truth, Compi, the truth.

What a mess, Niño, dude.

She was very serious,
at the beginning...

And then she went to the kitchen,
got a knife and told me,

that she would cut my balls
if if didn't bring you back.

Do you see how she
really loves me, Niño?

Do you see it?

Ey, Compi, you... don't worry,
that we got it already, ok?

Fucking awesome, dude.

I knew that you
wouldn't fail me, Niño.

Everything will be ok
on Friday, sure, right?

Everything will be ok, sure.

Are you sure, right? These people
are very angry, eh, Niño?

Yes, I'll do this thing on Thursday
and they'll have the money there on Friday.



Ok, dude.


The address. The place is fucking
great and easy to unload.

We'll do it in half an hour
between us both.

Those guys are not British.
They look Russian, Albanian or something like that.

Does it matter?

Look what happened
with that guy at the port.

They didn't find his head yet.
What are they doing there?

Why aren't they leaving?
Fuck, I don't like all this at all.

Halil, if you don't want to do it,
tell me and I'll figure it out myself.


You're right.
We have to do it for el Compi.

The boat has a beacon.

We can follow all its moves on the radar.

We know what port they're leaving from
but we don't know where they're taking it.

As soon as we see where they go,
we coordinate with the Civil Guard,

and we get them on land, ok?

Wait a second.

Is the border Police joining too?

Where were you?

Come. Do you know when you
have something on your mind,

that you don't give much importance
at a given time, but it is actually very important?

I can't follow you.

When he talked about his daughter,
at the hospital, do you remember?


It's a trusteeship on a bank account
under the name of María Rubio,

Sergio's daughter.

Her school bills are paid
from that account.

The tuition fees alone are almost
as high as Sergio's yearly salary.

It can be an inheritance. Or
money... money from his wife.

There is nothing like that.

We've been days recording their calls,
following them, and Sergio knows it.

If it's hime, he would have warned them.
They wouldn't keep going ahead.

I don't know. I don't know, there is something
that I don't understand, because...

Because if the British wants to use
the hashish networks to cross cocaine,

There are hundreds of people
dedicated to that, right?

Why the same guy that
knocked the helicopter down?

The British knew we
we were following him.

And that we would end up
following that kid.

And that you would recognize him.

It's a lure.

We go after the kid and meanwhile,

this son of a bitch brings another
load by the port.

You don't trick me with
the message excuse.

You left to smoke a
cigarette, fag.

Jesús, how much can they load
on that boat? Around 200?

Up to 300 kilos.

300. If we an put 300 kilos
of cocaine on the table,

they'll have to take seriously
the thing about the new routes.

Good job.

Come on, come on. Let's go.
Good luck tonight.



Can I talk to you for a minute?

If it's to tell me that your girl and you,
you've looked into everything

that you had to look into and you
didn't find anything, you can save it.

Well, we found something.

We would need something
else to be sure.

We don't have time.

If we cancel tonight,
we lose the port thing.

- We're not even sure about that.
- It's the only thing that makes sense.

Let's see, we need to keep on so
that Sergio doesn't suspect.

Well, that's why you're here,
you're his friend.

I'm sure he'll trust you
until the end.

Hey, Jesús.

Something must be clear.

If after tonight it turns out
that there's no issue with Sergio,

You leave.

It just docked.
It's coming from Caracas.

With the only container that
matches the information from Interpol.

It's this one.

And what's in the container?


And how is the pilot?

Mario? Good. A very nice guy.
He was in Alicante,

with Fernando and with Antonio.
He's one of us.

They like to fuck around.
That's why we need to control, ok?

Tonight we need
to be level-headed.

Look, they're there.

Let's do a bet.


Where do you think they go?

50 euros they go to Sotogrande.

- I say to el Puerto de la Duquesa.
- No.

Small, discrete, people with money.

Well, another crook,
no one will distinguish.

They go to Sotogrande.
Someone owes me 50 bucks.

Eh, we didn't arrange anything, eh?

- What a bastard.
- Fuck, we're just talking.

He's a bad loser.

Don't bet then, damn.

Wait, they go to Sotogrande.
We go there.

Jesús, Can you hear me?
We have localized the place.

The Civil Guard will arrive in 15 minutes.

15 minutes.

In 15 minutes these
guys are gone.

And what do you want to do?


Turn around.

Eh! Eh, drop that!

Drop the gun!

You drop it! You drop it,
or I shoot him!

Halil, no! Halil!

Shut up! Now I'm in charge,
drop it, fuck!

Eh, take it easy.
take it easy, ok?

Eh, eh, eh!


Don't move, don't move.

If you move, I shoot you!

Leave him alone, Halil, damn it.

No one is going to fuck around
with me anymore!

Listen. Listen! Halil!
Look, let's do something.

Let's drop the gun
both of us now.

You take one of those bags,

and you leave before anyone else arrives.

One bag of those is enough to pay
the debt for your friend.

You're here for el Compi.
Yes or no?

We've been days after you,
we know everything.

Shut up!

We know you don't want
to be screwed anymore,

but that's what they're doing now.

Why do you think the British
offered you this job, eh?

You're the bait.

What is he saying, Niño?
What the hell is he saying?

He's making it up, damn it!

This is real cocaine, you know.

You look new.

What does it matter some kilos if they
get a ton through the port tonight?

And if it's a trap,
what the hell are you doing here?

Jesús, can you hear me?

We're in position around the
house. Where are you?

What the fuck are we doing now, Niño?
What the fuck are we going to do?

If we surrender, el Compi
is death, Halil. Death.

What a fucking shit!

Halil, if you drop the gun we'll
fix it. Drop the gun!

Halil, drop the gun!
Halil, listen!

Listen! Halil! Halil!

Halil, don't fuck off, don't fuck off!
Drop the gun!

Halil, look at me! Listen!

Halil! Halil! Halil!
The gun, I drop it!

It's on the floor, it's on the floor.

Halil, he dropped it,
damn it, he dropped it!

Stay calm.

It's on the floor, ok?

That's it.

Halil, listen.

Stay calm.

If you listen to me,

you still have a chance to
save your friend.

But we need to do it now.
We need to do it now.

That's it, that's it, that's it.

They leave from the garage on a 4x4.
They go towards the avenues.

There is a wounded agent.

We have a wounded agent.
Call an ambulance.

Jesús, are you ok?

Yes, yes, perfectly.

And Sergio?
Is he with you?

Yes, he's here.
Did you find it?

There is nothing here.


We're checking every piece, one
by one, but there is nothing yet.

Listen, stay close to him anyway.

Don't let him get in touch with
anyone until this is over.



Give me the phone.

How long have we known each other, Jesús?
Around 20 years, right?

More or less.
At least listen to me, right?

What's happening?

Was it Eva, did she come with
all... with all this shit?

What did they tell you?

They didn't find anything, right?
They won't find anything, Jesús.

There is nothing.

Get closer!

Stop the car.

Stop the car.

Leave the car, bastard!

If there was anything tonight,
it's not here.

It's another container.
It's another container, Vicente.

We need to check all of them...

Eva, Eva. Stop.

It's over.

No, don't fuck around, Vicente!

This is cocaine with handles.



It was the suitcases, it wasn't
in the suitcases, it was the suitcases!

Do you understand?
2,000 kilos of pure cocaine.

Jesús, do you hear me?

Yes... yes, there is bad signal.

Hey, guess where I am?

In front of the hangar,
looking at el Peñón.

I wish you were here too.

Hey, Jesús, dude...
we need to celebrate this, right?

It's been two years, damn.

Two years and it's over.

Por fin se ha acabado.

Yes, it's over.

And that face? Aren't you happy to see me?

Of course I'm happy to see you,
but I was expecting to see el Compi...

Well, he's out there,
I can ask him to come in if you want.

No, I've seen him a lot anyway.

I couldn't go look for you finally.

I was three months waiting for you.

Were you waiting?

Well, I didn't have another job.
Where could I go?



Everything. Me, here inside.

You, as beautiful as usual.

Well, did you find out about el Compi?

What, that he'll be a dad?

No, he went over that already.
He's going to be civil guard.

Really, eh?
It's not a joke.

Mari Fe took him to his dad's police station,

and he didn't have any other choice
than doing the admission test.

How are they treating you here?

Fine, everyone is really nice here.

But it will take me a while to
get out of here.

The lawyer says around 7 years.
If I do everything right.

Then you must do right.


Hey, it's me.

Everything went ok and
I'm going to the nursery school.

Then, do you leave the kids
and I go pick them up later?

- At five. They'll be waiting for you.
- Perfect.