El Naser Salah el Dine (1963) - full transcript

Saladin, ruler of the kingdoms surrounding the Latin state of Jerusalem, is brought to attack the Christians in the Holy Land by the sacking of a convoy of Muslim pilgrims, a group which included his sister. In a short campaign against odds, Jerusalem is taken and almost the entire Middle East is in Muslim hands. Crusade is called again in Europe, and the combined forces of the French king, German emperor, and English king form the 3rd Crusade, under the leadership of Richard the Lionheart of England. Although Accre is taken by the Crusaders, Saladin succeeds in preventing the recapture of Jerusalem, and in the end negotiations between himself and Richard (who Saladin admires as the only honorable leader) leave the Holy Land in Moslem hands.

The foreigners were awed by
the Egyptian Army's courage

They dared to attack Alexandria!

Saladin taught them a lesson
they'll never forget

Where is your brother?

All people are celebrating his
victorious return from Alexandria

and he disappears? Look for him

Go look for him, Adel

The Arab princes welcomed the signing
of the allied forces agreement

- for liberating Jerusalem
- Where's the sultan?

I heard he was wounded
in the last battle

They say that he's ill in bed

He may be ill but he hasn't
taken to his bed

Did you hear what they said?
Where is he? Can no one tell us?

Where is Saladin?
Ismail! Where is your father?

Where is the sultan?
Everyone awaits him

Hikkari, I sense you are anxious

and want to tell me something.
What is it?

- Your Highness, I...
- My instincts never fail me

Your Highness... so be it

Amidst all the celebration

and my joy at your victories and
all you have done for Egypt

one question nags me

Has the sultan forgotten
the Arabs of Jerusalem?

Has he forgotten his oath?

The return of Jerusalem
to its people

The right of the Arabs to
their usurped lands?

No. Saladin would never forget
the Arabs

Therefore, the sultan must be hiding
a secret even from his old friend

No secret, old friend, but a plan

The rich bounties of Jerusalem
enjoyed by the Crusaders

make taking it from them
no easy matter

We must be well prepared and certain
of the unity of our forces

to avoid shedding more Arab blood

Until today, we weren't fully
prepared but now...

- This is news to me, sire
- You knew what was up

Your Highness has genius
I have experience

- So?
- This honorable surprising visit...

tells me you bring news

The agreement of the Arab princes...

- to join forces with us
- And...

The sultan wants me to accompany
him to the palace

to discuss the matter

After Your Highness

Thus, the three warriors destroyed
the Crusader battalion

My dear...

Tell me what had happened
during my absence

The princes awaited you,
but I was very...

Has no messenger was sent by an
Arab prince or King Al-Saleh?


Commander Hossam Eddin's arrived,
sent by the people of Jerusalem

Where is he?

I told him your Highness would
see him the next day

- Where is he?
- In the library

I'll be right back

I'll be right back

Welcome, commander Hossam Eddin

Welcome, welcome!

How are you, Hossam?

What news of our brothers
in Jerusalem?

Jerusalem is in a lamentable state

You are its last hope

Jerusalem awaited you
to heed its call

Jerusalem lives under siege

and fear under continued
attacks by the Crusaders

They live in terror

The smiles that lit
children's faces

has turned to grief in the hearts
of young and old

The Arabs of Jerusalem
are now mere refugees

driven from the land on which
they lived for generations

They are starving, Your Highness

Yet they still dream of salvation

They await you

Is this water drinkable?

Didn't I say that God
would not forget you

and that you would return
victorious to your lands?

He has answered our prayers
and sent us the liberator


Those are his drums, he has come!
It's him

I know them, Issa, Abdallah
and Hossam Eddin

The strict one, the smiling one,
and the bold one

Our respects, sultan of the Arabs

Welcome, brothers in arms

There's a place for you
in the front ranks

This is my son, Ismail

He's under your care, Issa. Your
nickname is the smiling one

Teach him to face danger
with a smile

- Treat him as an ordinary soldier
- Welcome, Issa

Welcome to our ranks

I hope you'll make us proud

Try to learn from each of these

his best skills

The Arabs await you, Your Highness

I can't ignore their call

I hope to see the Arab nation
united under one flag

Only then can we liberate Jerusalem

From the foreign usurpers

With God's blessings

With God's blessings, we shall
liberate Jerusalem

Sire, look

How wonderful to see Arabs'
hearts united!

Sire, my happiness today
is that of every Muslim

You've made our dream come
true by uniting us

Our joy will not be complete
till we liberate Jerusalem

Your ambition knows no bounds,

Don't throw all responsibilities
on your husband

Saladin's armies are taking down
town after town

- His aim is Jerusalem!
- Jerusalem will not fall!

Don't deprive me of the tender
moment of parting

Go blame the responsible

I'm leaving tonight for Jerusalem

to discuss a defense plan
with the King Guy

You're responsible for
what happens now

- Renaud?
- Virginia

I must kiss you goodbye

The Governor of Acre still awaits
Your Highness

- He brings gifts
- He can go to hell!

- Show him in
- Take his gifts

then tell him to go away

No, let us not turn him away

Summon him in, Your Highness

Not now, Go away

- Renaud
- Don't ruin our moment of parting

Welcome, dear friend,
Governor of Acre

Your Highness, Princess Virginia...

and Prince Renaud

So, Saladin beckons
and you run to him

Never, I have my pride,
Your Highness

- It's what I value most
- Have a seat, please

Our friend answered Saladin's
call for unity

Not out of weakness, he had to do
something to keep Acre

What guarantee do we have
of your loyalty?

Is not my personal confidence
in him enough?

We shall all return safely,
God willing,

When the pilgrimage is over

May God protect you

I shall miss you, but your journey
to the holy lands

and your visit to the tomb
of the Messenger

ease the pain of parting

Your Highness,
The caravan from Mosul has arrived

carrying the princess,
cousin of King Al-Saleh

Why won't you take me with you?

You are still young, my son

See that the princess has
all she requires

The safety of the pilgrims
is a sacred trust

The safety of the cousin of
King Al-Saleh is a sacred duty

Rest assured, sire

She will be cared as if
she was your own sister

Give my regards to my brother,
the prince of Mecca

Welcome, Prince Renaud to Jerusalem

What is it, Prince of Kerak?

Saladin is advancing on Jerusalem,
Your Highness

He considers it Arab territory
and wants to take it

Yet, I don't believe he
wants take it by force

You don't know what's going
on there, King of Jerusalem

We can always negotiate
on Saladin's demands

He's unified the Arabs to attack us

So, I've decided to take
command of our armies

- to defend Jerusalem
- But...

With all respect to Your Majesty's
spiritual and royal rights, of course

Do you agree?


Our coffers are empty

- Attack the pilgrim's caravan
- No!

I've given them my word
of safe passage

I gave my word of honor

He is advancing on us. We need
money to defend Jerusalem

That's no excuse. Attacking
pilgrims is outrageous

Saladin protects our own
Christian caravans

As a Christian, you must
respect the treaty

This case is different

Render to Caesar what belongs to him

Attack the caravan and take
all the gold and jewels

I warn you against such treachery!

Wait until their entry into Hejaz

During prayers, when they
are unarmed...

attack them

God is Great!

God is Great!

God is Great!

God is Great!

Avenge the pilgrims!

How can we accept such a thing?
We'll take revenge on those murderers

But, revenge is not enough

We must also ensure the safety of
Muslims from tyrants like Renaud

History will not say we
neglected our duty

To Hittin!

Nothing will quench my thirst
but Saladin's blood

Hear how he talks

He started this bloody war
due to his savage deeds

He speaks like a warrior

There's no room for mercy
in our Holy War

The water tanks, are they full?

- Yes, Your Majesty.
- 2 patrols guard them day and night

Very good

Our dear Louisa will be
Responsible for them

I still say our position
is vulnerable

Since when do officers
discuss orders?

- I meant that Arabs...
- Enough

We are in a strategic
position on this hill

We can easily pounce on the enemy

We are high up,
The enemy is below us

So, which side is vulnerable?

The Crusaders are camped
on the hilltop in Hittin

- Let's kill them
- Let's attack them at once

Not while they occupy such a high
and well-guarded position

We'll camp here tonight

Hikkari, start the obstacle
course training

In full battle gear

Adel, give orders to set up camp

Set up camp!

Set up camp!

Get some sleep, son

It's been an exhausting day

Renaud is a clever commander

He's a conceited fool

We must use his vanity

to lure him out into the open

and kill him

We must force them down
from the hill

and into the valley

But they are 120,000 and
we are only 40,000

How many a small company has overcome
a large company by Allah's will

Therewith, God heartened the faithful
during the battle of Badr

In that battle, the Messenger
achieved victory

with 300 faithful men

against one thousand infidels

The sultan has not
announced his plan

How lovely it is to swim
in lake Tiberius

They number more than 120 thousand

The sultan must gave some plan for
facing such a difficult situation

Who wants to come for a swim
with me?

Will we return without a battle?

- I'm going for a swim
- We all feel threatened

- except Issa
- He may have a secret

Of course

Tell us,
That we may be reassured

Talk, Issa

I know... that the sultan knows

Who goes there?

- Please, don't come closer
- Who are you?

I'm a crusader
from the Hospitallers

A crusader?

Show yourself or else...

- Surrender, or...
- I beseech you! I'm...

Get dressed, you are my prisoner now

I'll give myself up

I beg of you turn around
while I dress

Turn around and let you escape?

Just let me dress, then
do whatever you want

Get dressed

Quickly! My eyes hurt
from shutting them

Open but don't turn around yet

You're taking too long, don't bother
making yourself look pretty

You're going to jail

Be patient. The Arabs are known
for their chivalry

Give me reason to believe that

- You want chivalry
- A lesson to you, Arab

We'll meet again one day,
I'll get my revenge

Your last day will be the day
we meet again

We'll meet

Next time my arrow will not
pierce your arm...

but your heart

That arrow could have killed you

- God saved me
- Tell me the whole truth

From which direction
did the arrow come?

I wanted to take a swim
in lake Tiberius

I undressed,

suddenly there appeared
5 armed Crusaders

I was defenseless...

- Alone
- Scouts?

No, they were far from our lines

Five Crusaders accosted you
while you were undressed?

And unarmed

They attacked me

- I defended myself
- With what?

A tree... a branch,
It was a brave battle on ground

- You mean the lake
- I fought until...

What happened after they
shot the arrow?

- She ran away
- She?

The 5 Crusaders were a she?

Did I say "she"?

You told the truth, Issa

Is their camp far from the lake?

I could see its lights
reflected on the water

Assemble the men

Here are tanks that are filled
from the lake

If we destroy them, we'll
deprive them of water

Thirst will drive them to use
most of their troops

to forge a way to the lake

But the way is open

The front's too big to defend
with the troops we have

Let's narrow that front
as much as possible

Let's light a line of fire
along the front

to prevent their advance

They will have only the pass

The arrogant Renaud will try
to overrun the pass

Then we will engage

The Muslims won the battle of Badr
with a similar plan. God help you

Tonight, while Renaud thinks we're
exhausted from travelling

We'll start by destroying the tanks

- Me, sire!
- Who is better than the swimmer?

Are you sure, your health state will
allow you to undertake the mission?

Thanks to your treatment,
my wounds are healed, sire

Don't deprive me of the honor
of doing battle

With god's blessing

We need good swimmers

to sneak in being their lines
by way of the lake...

which you've become familiar with

from here,
Hossam... you and the Strict One

wait for Issa at the tanks at dawn

Gather your men and go to
the lake at once

Be on the alert

Everything's fine

Orders... always orders!

Forward, men!

This is hell! Where's the water?

I need water!


Saladin will pay dearly for this

He will pay for daring
to challenge Renaud

Time is still on our side

I can still persuade Saladin
to agree to a reconciliation

A reconciliation?

I knew you were a defeatist,
but not this extent

Can there be a worse
defeat than this?

Defeat? The battle hasn't begun!

Since the tanks have been empty,
you alone drink

and don't think of others

My men can take it

I must drink in order to
lead them to victory

You're throwing them into battle
with parched throats?

Thirst will induce them
to fight better

But we can negotiate with Saladin

If we ask Conrad of Montferrat

to come to our aid with his men

Hittin battle will be
the decisive battle

Otherwise, we'll lose Jerusalem

Renaud needs help from no one

I can wipe out the Arabs

erase them from existence!

I'll never allow my men to
die of thirst on a hilltop

Prepare to attack!

I'll enter Jerusalem
before sundown...

with Saladin's head at
the end of my sword

Renaud's soldiers are
dying of thirst

Now they will have to leave
their positions

We'll force them through
the narrow pass

by raising walls of flame there...

and there

to close off the other passes

Make sure the wood you use is dry

Arabs, this is the decisive battle

Renaud attacked unarmed pilgrims

disregarding all treaties

It is our holy duty to wipe him out

and send him to hell,
where he belongs!

Let every beat of the drum

Declare the end of treason,
injustice and oppression

Beat the drums!

Beat the drums!

As soon as they set foot in the
pass, we'll execute out plan

Let's see if our obstacle course
training has been useful

You want me in the pass, so be it

I'm coming

But you'll be sorry, Saladin

Prepare to attack the pass!

I warn you, Renaud

That would be sheer madness!

Surely, Renaud isn't afraid of

I'm coming to you, Saladin!

Their forces are moving
into the pass

I'll take the center, you
take the right flank

- Yes
- Take your position

Adel, hide with your
men to the left

Don't attack until they fill
the pass completely

Take your positions

Left flank, forward!

The rear flanks are in position
and await your orders

Tell Hossam to signal
at the right moment


Follow Renaud to the pass



Saladin is at the
gates of Jerusalem

Jerusalem must not be lost!

I would be your end, Your
majesty, and ours

You must fight to the end

Throw the rest of the
men into battle

What men?
Your stupid husband threw...

our bravest warriors into
the clutches of the lion

Those who didn't die of thirst
perished in the battle

How can you accept defeat?

Jerusalem is lost and your
husband taken prisoner

My husband's fate does
not concern me

But Jerusalem will not be lost

I shall seek help...

From the kings of England,
France and Germany

They will never allow
the Holy City...

to fall into Saladin's hands

Put up some resistance
till I return

Don't forget your sacred duty

Death will be the end of all this

The sultan's son, let's kill him



God is great!

God is great!

I'm Renaud!

I'm Renaud!

I should not be treated like this!

Where are my men?

- God is great
- God is great

God is great

You're Christian, yet you
fight with them?

They are my brothers

- I'm an Arab
- And your brothers in Christianity?

Those who use the cross
as an excuse...

to invade my land are not brothers

May I ask you what your name is?

Louisa de Lusignan, commander
of the Hospitallers

What if your men saw their
commander crying?

- What's your name?
- Issa

They kill the Muslims
without mercy!

Your soldiers snatch babies
from their mothers' arms

Leave her

come forward

You who claim wisdom

Return my only daughter to me

My daughter was kidnapped
by Constantine's soldiers

and sold in the slave market

Constantine's soldiers are not mine,
calm down

Look for the child and return her
to her mother...

at any price, I shall pay it

And you, understand that our law
here is justice and mercy

All are free to worship
in their faith

Religion belongs to God and
the motherland is for all

I shall count on you,
Governor of Acre

to send my message to Prince Conrad

One of men will meet him tonight
and deliver your message to him

When the message and campaign
funds reach him

he'll not hesitate
to come to our aid

If he asks for more money...

- give it to him
- But...

When I return with the European kings

I'll pay you back... and more

Are you prepared?

I'll be here to welcome you
and the kings of Europe

Acre, its army and its governor
will always be at the service...

of the beautiful Virginia,
I always keep my promises

And Virginia will not
forget her promise...

to make you King of Jaffa

King of Acre and Jaffa

Water, water! A glass of water

Where's the water?

You drank alone, now
you scream alone

We're all thirsty, yet you
alone call for water

Long live the great sultan!

Long live the liberator
of Jerusalem!

Returned to the Arabs!

- Water, we want water!
- Haven't the prisoners drunk yet?

They all have drunk except
their commanders

I was awaiting your orders

Have you no mercy? Give
them water at once

Read out our edict

Equality for all Muslims and
Christians in Jerusalem

Liberation of all prisoners of war
for a ransom of...

10 dinars per man

and 5 per woman

Pilgrimage to Jerusalem is
authorized to all Christians

Will we be condemned
to prison or death?

When an Arab gives you water

It means he's given you your life

In the name of Christ,
I thank you, sultan

Thank him? Shut the old fool up

Where the hell is that water? Didn't
he order the water to be brought?

You drink the water, yet
it's against my will

You're used to quenching
your thirst with blood

Though, I'm a prisoner, and I must
be treated with respect

Saladin treats you

like you used to treat
his unarmed subjects

Remember the pilgrims?

Had I my sword, no one would
dare talk to me this way

- Give him a sword
- He doesn't deserve a duel

He deserves death

He's my prisoner, I alone have
the right to kill him

Renaud fights only an equal...
a king

He's challenging you, Saladin

Renaud shall be killed by
a lowly servant of God

Take it

If I could punish him
for all his crimes

I'd kill him a thousand times over

Christian children
are dying of thirst

Pilgrims to Jerusalem
are slaughtered

Places of worship are
being destroyed...

The old monks driven out
into the desert

Those, who escaped Saladin, were
devoured by wild beasts

What is it, Arthur?

Listen to the beautiful lady
from the East

If King Richard should leave
for the East,

It would be your opportunity
to seize the throne

The throne of England, Prince John

If he liberates Jerusalem
and returns victorious,

who would dare stand against him?

The martyrs' throne has returned

The sun shall not set on your shame

The Arabs will never
occupy Jerusalem

as long as there lives
a Christian knight

- called Richard the Lion-Heart
- If he comes back

If he never returns,
my dear Arthur,

Rest assured I'll crown you
King of Jerusalem,

Beside the lovely lady

That's a promise

Your Majesty, allow me
the honor of putting...

my sword and men in the
service of Christendom

It is our duty to lead this crusade

While you manage the affairs
of our dear England

Madam, if you please

Come, Princess Virginia

A war council will be held at once

I, Richard the Lion-Heart,
declares a holy war

to liberate Jerusalem

Long live King Richard!

Saladin set the prisoners free

and even paid the ransom of whoever
were unable to ransom themselves

- but he has forgotten me
- The sultan has chosen you

to become the companion
of his dearest commander, Issa

A companion?

You mean a slave girl?

He should have had the courage
to tell me that

rather than force me into it

I don't consider you a slave

I'm a crusader

If I was unfortunate enough
to be taken prisoner,

I should be treated as
a prisoner of war

not a slave girl given to you
by your sultan

You will not be a slave

I ask you to be my wife

I, the wife of an Arab?

Were it not a mortal sin,
I would kill myself first

If you want to leave,
I won't stop you



Why do you look upon us
as deadly enemies?

Jerusalem must remain in our hands We
are the custodians of Christianity

Jerusalem has always been
an Arab land

Our history proves that we can rule
it in peace and with respect

You'd rather follow those
to whom religion is a trade

Who turn the holy place
into markets...

to swindle the poor

Pay for blessings

The money goes
into Europe's coffers

Anyone who poses a threat to these
profits faces fire, war and death

Blackmail in the name
of the Holy Scripture

Louisa, you've always been loyal

I am a better Christian than you

I believe that taking what is
not mine is an unforgivable sin

My belief in justice is
the basis of my faith


Your Majesty, all the treasures
of the East...

have been seized by Saladin

All those riches can be yours,
king of France

If you liberate Jerusalem

What will be the share of
the lovely princess?

After the expulsion of Saladin,

you will surely need someone to
rule Jerusalem in your name

I am at the service of
the King of France


Richard is very proud and haughty

Do you think he'll cause trouble?

We must be cautious

Prince Conrad of Montferrat
will wait for us near Acre

The magic of the East seems
to have bewitched him

- Francois
- Your Majesty

- Is Acre still far?
- It is within sight

Thank you

10 leagues to go

Acre is within sight!

Prepare for battle, we must
take Acre before sunset

Prepare to attack!

The fort of Acre

Acre opens its arms to receive us

And just beyond it lie hidden...

the treasures of the kingdom
of Jerusalem


City of the olive groves

Through which walked Christ,
our savior

Your Highness, the Crusaders are
attacking Acre with a mighty fleet

Take the nets and take refuge
behind the walls


You, to the right side. Take the
children to the left quickly

- Are you ready to resist?
- yes


Go inform the sultan

Hussein, hurry to Jerusalem
and inform the sultan

of the Crusaders' attack by sea

You will take part in the defense
of the city with Issa's division

Richard the Lion-Heart

Philippe Auguste, King of France

Bohemond, Prince of Antioch

They're disembarking,
shall we strike?

Wait for the signal

It's a colossal force

Let's attack

The sultan has taught us to
win battles with patience


What is the commander waiting for?

To the left

I said to the left

The Crusaders' fleet
is attacking Acre

Send reinforcements to Acre at once

Who leads the Crusaders?

Richard, King of England

- Richard?
- Richard the Lion-Heart?

He eats two sheep for his supper

I heard he duelled with 100 men
at once, and killed them all!


Europe has sent its most
precious sons to you,

its cleverest commanders

Prepare! He who dies in battle is
destined for paradise

Remember, your fathers beat whom were
stronger than Richard and his men

The first regiment
has been wiped out

Send the second and the third

Follow me, quickly

Follow me, quickly

- We've run out of arms
- Take out what's left in the stores

Where are the weapons?

- We need weapons!
- Where are the weapons?

Bring out the weapons!

What are you doing... Guards!

Open the gates

Welcome, Virginia

I kept my word. It's your turn
to keep yours


Where are the weapons, Mohamed?

Treason... treason!

Go on!

Finish the story about
the Arab miser

They cut off his hands

He threw himself on his stash
of jewels and money

"My money!", he screamed

"My children's future!"


He grabbed the box with his feet

So, my men cut off his feet

In the end, the men had to kill
him to get the box

And what did we found in the box?

- Thousands
- No

Think... think...

50 dinars

and one jewel

fitting only for the
lovely Virginia

Does Louisa not admire the jewel?

The whole thing is nothing to me

I heard that Louisa, commander of
the Hospitallers, has decided

not to take part in battles

and put all her efforts
into nursing

What's the secret behind that?

You're too careworn for
your age, my dear

You're different from
my friend, Louisa

who visited us in England
2 years ago

and filled our trips with
fun and laughter

How my husband, the king,
admired you!

Now, you're sad, always silent

Open your heart to me

Talk to me as your friend,
not the queen of England

It helps to talk to a friend

Your Highness...

The battle of Acre was
more of a picnic...

than a real war

Let's drink to the memory of
the great king Barbarossa

who met his tragic death
on the way to Jerusalem

To Barbarossa!

- A drink, Your Majesty?
- No, thank you

Another drink?

The king of Acre is
serving us himself

The king of Acre is always
at your service

Has Your Majesty received bad news?

The princes of Bourges,
Poitiers and Tours

have taken advantage of
my absence to revolt

I'll have their heads cut
when I return to France

You shall succeed in
ending the revolt

I cannot go back without
the keys to Jerusalem

the riches of the East, and
the pride of victory

Only thus you can save your throne

and win the blessings
of the Pope as well

The Pope's blessings will bring
you endless contributions

Philippe never forgets
those who help him

Help me conquer Jerusalem, and
I'll put you on its throne

- with the lovely Virginia
- Your Highness

I have found for my beautiful
friend a knight...

worthy to share with her
the throne of Jerusalem

- Your Majesty
- As for me, I was hesitant

I thank the king for choosing
the loveliest of ladies

to share with me the throne

Why aren't you at the banquet?

I'm planning something, dear Arthur

I can no longer hold arms
against them

for fear of killing him

He who so generously spared my life

- You've fallen in love
- No, I'm just a good Christian

Has the king set the date for
the march to Jerusalem?

The way lies open. In
two or three day...

We'll deliver Jerusalem
from the barbarians

But first, we'll have to leave
a French garrison at Acre

Not that I don't trust
the governor of Acre

I mean the king of Acre and Jaffa

A garrison will help him keep order

French? Why not a British garrison?

The choice is mine and Virginia's

since credit for the
fall of Acre is ours

I shall always remember the
services of the governor

To the governor!

King of Acre and Jaffa

King of Acre and Jaffa

With your intelligence
I assume you realize

that it was the Arabs' fear
of Richard

that enabled us to occupy Acre

No need to squabble

There are enough riches
for all of us

Do you think of nothing but loot and
treasure O guardians of the cross?

The Holy War is not over yet

"Think not of those slain for God's
cause as dead, they live"

"finding their sustenance in
the presence of their Lord"

"Those days we alternate among

God speaks the truth

Grieve not

Condolences for Hekkari
and the martyrs of Acre

We are all fated to die

Defeat and victory are
in the hands of God

What's unforgivable is that
the women's tears

are the result of treachery

Your Highness...

The sultan is no state
to receive anyone

I have a message from King Richard

You won the battle of Acre by...

Abdallah, Issa

Let him enter

Read out your message

King Richard the Lion-Heart
of England

King Philippe Auguste of France

In the name of the kings
and princes of Europe

And the warriors of the cross

will await Sultan
Saladin at sunrise

to start negotiations for peace

and stop spilling more Arab blood

Tell them Saladin will negotiate

to spare the blood of the Arabs

as well as that of the Crusaders

The invitation is
worded offensively

Their false victory has
made them conceited

It's not proper that you go
to their camp

The meeting should be held
on neutral ground

- They think we're weakened
- After the easy fall of Acre

If it's true that Richard

came here to protect the Christians

and not to seek riches,

it will be easy to
reach an agreement

Well said,
Prepare the sultan's retinue

No retinue

Appearances are not necessary
for advocates of truth

- We'll leave that to them
- But...

- No, Issa, I'll go with no retinue
- Sire...

Richard is not like the others

It's for him for alone
that I shall go

Impossible, I won't budge
to meet that barbarian

Whose hands are stained with
the blood of Christians

Your Highness must make any
sacrifice in order to win peace

Your meeting with Saladin

may save Christians from
the horrors of war

Richard the Lion-King
is a great king

Saladin doesn't deserve the
honor of meeting him

The hopes of Eastern Christians
depend on this meeting

The future of Christians is not
decided by highway robbers

I've decided not to meet him

Go, Arthur

My dear Virginia

Conrad is coming

He sent 3 emissaries only,

an insult to the kings of Europe

Let's send him back their corpses

- Saladin himself!
- With no guards, no retinue

It's an insult

Peace be upon you

Philippe Auguste, king of France
and commander of the French armies

Conrad of Montferrat

Arthur, Robert, duke of Flanders

William, prince of Swabia

- Henri of Champagne
- Godfrey, duke of Normandy

Henry of York

Robert, duke of Leicester

Keeper of the gold shield of
Alexis II emperor of Byzantium,

commander of the Knights Templar

Saladin, servant of God,
and of the Arabs

If you want peace,
here are our terms

Since when do aggressors impose
conditions on the legitimate owners?

You started this war

If you want peace, leave
our territories

Is this a declaration of war?

I hate war

Islam and Christianity condemn
spilling of blood

Yet, we shall fight if necessary
to save our land

War is the only option

As honorable warriors,

we do not want to take advantage
of your defeat

We offer you peace in
return for Jerusalem

and all Christian provinces

Why should we give up parts
of our nation?

In order to safeguard your

and your life

So it's war, then in
the name of justice

What justice?

King Richard

The bold warrior

Richard the Lion-Heart

Had you not come to our land
with these aggressors

I'd have welcomed you

Richard does not accept welcome
from a bandit chief

who persecutes Christians, defiles
the grave of Christ,

and dares to occupy Jerusalem

Who told you that Saladin, believer
in all holy books,

persecutes Christians and
defiles Christ's grave?

Jerusalem belongs to the Arabs

The holy shrines are open
to those of all religions

You claim bravery and honesty,

yet you deny your persecution
of Christians

while your hands are yet
stained with the blood...

of poor Renaud

It doesn't surprise me that Renaud's
widow would resort to anything

Be careful, you're
addressing a lady

We know how to address ladies

But I'm speaking to her as the
warrior who abetted Renaud

You pretend to be tolerant while your
hands drip with Christian blood

I will let a Christian
do the talking

My best general and closest
friend, Issa

Religion belongs to God and
the motherland is for all

A hired mercenary

Conrad knows those who can be bought

As for me, I hire no mercenaries

King Richard, for the last time
I offer you peace

And I offer you, for the last time,
Either an unconditional surrender

or war

War! War!

Does that mean that King
Richard rejects peace?

My conscience would
never rest at ease

while the city of olive groves
is in Arab hands

Yet, you burn the olive branches

On the road to victory

you will hail Richard the Lion-Heart

They outnumber us by far

yet we shall attack them
from behind these walls

What are your walls
against our towers?

Call the sultan at once

They have giant moving towers
unlike anything we've seen

We must stop the towers
from reaching our walls

before they use them to climb up

We must burn them at once

Do what you will, our towers
are immune to fire

Try again!

- Shoot the burning arrows
- Shoot the burning arrows

Try again!

Forward, soldiers of the cross!


We had to give up Ashkelon
to save our men

This tragedy will be repeated...

each time they attack a town
with those towers

We'll never be able to face them

Except outside the walls

Richard's aim is Jerusalem

There are several roads
leading to Jerusalem

We'll lure them to the road
leading to this swamp

There we'll meet them

The way Saladin let us take
Ashkelon so easily

doesn't match the arrogance
he met us with

He fled from Ashkelon,
Caesarea and Jaffa

Didn't I tell you
this was a picnic?

I guess I'll be returning soon
to France

We should head directly to Jerusalem

Not before we destroy
Saladin himself

otherwise, he won't leave things
to settle down

We must destroy Saladin
to ensure our victory

Our plan is to destroy him

So, why not head directly
to Jerusalem?

Saladin's death will bring
Arab resistance to an end

So, the means to victory is
the destruction of Saladin

Sire, Saladin's troops are nearing

They're within sight

You'll return to France sooner
than you anticipated


The crusaders are within sight

I want the biggest dust cloud ever

Faster, faster!

I'm sure the dust came
from that direction

- It came from the right
- Pardon men, from the left

Left or right, he was here

- He's escaped
- Let him escape


If we draw a line between this
sword and that shield

it will show their position

You're a genius, my dear Conrad

Hurry, Abdallah, give me anything

- I have nothing
- Your belt, quickly

There are the Arab devils!




Come on, Arabs

We were as light as birds
without armor

While they, in their armor,
moved like camels!

One warrior saw me fighting him
with no armor

and fell down in a faint

You should've seen Commander Hossam
moving through their lines

Did he?

Yes, he's resting in his tent

He commander isn't back
from the battle

Her beautiful eyes slayed me

and refused to give me a new life

A verse from a love ode
starting with "N"

Now we attack the enemy

Enough attacks, I'm talking love

Nay, I suffer from secret longing

But one, such as me, gives
not away his feelings

Come on, Issa

What's wrong, Abdallah?

Join the game. A love verse
starting with "R"


I assure you, Ismail and Hossam
will return

It's being said Prince Ismail
was killed in battle

Along with commander Hossam

Who has spread this black rumor?

We expect their return
at any moment

How could you even utter
such words, Abdallah?

How can you dampen their
joy at our victory?

Those soldiers aren't celebrating
their victory

nor that they survived

They're pretending to laugh,
fearing the news may be true

Could it be that the sultan
himself is worried?

Since the battle, he's
kept to his tent

and done nothing but work
on his experiments

Ismail and Hossam must come back

Commander Hossam is here

Where's Ismail?

- I closed his eyes myself
- Impossible! Ismail is alive!

Ismail is alive!

Curse these towers!

Curse this war!

Does it have kill all those we love?

Damn! Damn it all!

I tell you he's alive

Dry your tears, Issa.

We've defeated the enemy

Thank God you
are back safe, Hossam

Return to your celebration

Come, Hossam

Give me forbearance, O Lord

We've been fooled about
that man, Saladin

We believed him to be a savage

His military plan proved
he is a great strategist

King Richard has time
to teach him a lesson

A truce?
This truce is a waste of time

Better to keep advancing

Time is not in favor of those
being persecuted there,

the victims of Saladin

Recently, we've already occupied
many Arab towns

Yes, but at what price?

We need this truce

to plan ahead and strengthen
our forces


Setting new plans requires time.
Better to keep advancing

No matter how many more
soldiers are massacred?

In war, kings should not worry
about the number of dead,

victory what matters most

For a victorious king,
war means glory

And for the ordinary soldiers,

even victorious ones, it means death

We must think of them
before anything else

and more than we think of ourselves
or any worldly gains

With such views we'll never
take Jerusalem in time

We must take it at any cost

and then negotiate a truce

No man will remain alive to
set foot in the holy city

- I speak as the leader...
- I refuse the truce

I say we vote to continue the war

- I vote in agreement
- And I

Then I shall retreat with my men

You will bear before God and Christ

the consequences of your madness

There's no hope for victory
if Richard withdraws

You are forcing your way
on the majority

Prepare to send Saladin a
delegation of English men

He'll never comply with the truce

We'll observe the truce for 6 month

- Confess
- I swear to you he is a Christian

Still, he is an Arab, you
put your hands in his

But I swear he is Christian

If we had the courage of
the Templars,

we would wipe out the Arabs
without hesitation

Six months

The heroes of the past when
they faced an obstacle

would jump on their horses
and run through the woods

Let's get away from Richard's
suffocating atmosphere

To Sultan Saladin, right away


The war must continue

The truce must be stopped

Or else...

What if we stopped Richard's
emissaries from reaching Saladin?

They are on their
own way to Saladin

It could be arranged upon
their return from Acre

In this case, there won't
be any truce

The Templars would do anything

to stop anyone from delaying
the Holy War

even murder

Saladin is bidding the
emissaries farewell

It seems he agreed to the truce

They will set us free, then

No hope for a Christian
in the hands of Muslims

But He offered them gifts

- What's your name?
- Bernard

- Soldier?
- I'm a mercenary

- You?
- I'm a sword maker

And you? A knight of the
Temple, I presume

What about you? Relax

I'm a peasant from Normandy

You should plant fields

instead of sowing grief

- Have you any children?
- Four

I meant to make soldiers of them

I hope to return safe and teach
them what I learned here

Teach them to plant fields instead

Before going home I'd like
to visit Jerusalem

You will soon

We've accepted the truce

It's a step towards peace

Send their corpses
to Richard

We'll see if he doesn't
change his mind

Here is Saladin's answer

How can we deal with
such barbarians?

We must fight until
we destroy them all

Let's attack them at once

It means that Saladin have started
to march towards us

Order the attack, Lion-Heart

Before he takes us by surprise
by his dirty tricks

Let's begin by killing
the Arab prisoners

The best response to Saladin
is to kill the prisoners

Saladin killed your emissaries

at a time, We need every soldier,

We cannot spare soldiers
to guard 3000 Arabs

Order the execution
of the prisoners

Order their execution

The war will continue.
Bring all the prisoners

No, Your Majesty!

Your Majesty! The Christian
prisoners have returned

- Lies!
- They're all coming Your Highness

- It must be a trick
- They're all coming back

They killed our emissaries

and King Richard's bravest warriors

Richard will lose his
truce with Salah

Your Majesty! In the name
of Christ and peace

I beseech you to free all Arab
prisoners as Saladin freed us


Saladin sent gifts with
your emissaries

- Is this how you thank him?
- My emissaries?

Stop! I, Richard the Lion-Heart,
order all soldiers to withdraw

King of France, I'll expect you
in my tent

Richard the Lion-Heart
never spares

those who double cross him

What are you mumbling about, Duke?

If the departure of Philippe
grieves you,

a ship is waiting in the harbor
with room for dozens

Any of you regret his departure
can leave with him

On my honor I'll stop
no one from leaving

I'll even send an emissary
to see him off

He's drunk

Thank God Philippe's soldiers
are still with us

What about the lovely Virginia?

Does his departure sadden you, too?

No, I was saying that the French
army didn't depart with the king

Even should the French army depart,

as long as I lead you in battle

Certainly, singlehanded

Then I shall lead
you to the victory

But the knights of the Templar
have withdrawn with Philippe

They have been dismissed along
with Philippe

Don't ever mention them again

Their hands are tainted with the
blood of innocent prisoners

They have brought shame to us all

If you don't trust in me...

It's said that Saladin agreed
to the truce

Saladin welcomes the truce

And on this occasion,
I, Richard the Lion-heart,

after what I have seen

have decided to take command
of all the Crusader armies

Only thus

will I agree to bear responsibility
for the Holy War

But our front are weakened, now
that our numbers have decreased


We have the armies of
12 European countries

You're afraid, Duke

The strength of our front isn't
estimated by its size...

but by its unity and strength

Have you learned nothing
from the enemy yet?

- Allow me to reassure the fearful kings & princes
- Go ahead

I will tell them that the great
prince John reinforcements

will reach us before the end
of the truce

Tell them what you want

Just do what you can to
replace their hearts...

with lions' hearts

And there are more reinforcements
from the King of Germany

- will reach us before the end of the truce, too
- No!

Order a prayer of thanks,
Your Holiness

as we were saved, before
it was too late,

from committing the sin of killing
thousands of innocent prisoners

May all who tainted the holy flag
with innocent blood be cursed

We'll hold prayers till tomorrow
when King Richard...

I am always ready to pray

Do it now!

I want to know if our moves
are blessed or cursed

If my presence is no longer wanted
please order me to withdraw

Finish what you were saying

King Richard apologizes for
what happened

You mean killing 70 prisoners

He doesn't consider this unwilful
mistake a breaking of the truce

So, he wants the truce to continue

despite killing 70 innocents

Killing prisoners is not King
Richard's way, we know

We accept his apology and
adherence to the truce

- We pardon him
- He who can pardon can also punish

Please give him this gift

as a token of our pardon and
adherence to the truce

I don't believe King
Richard wants your

He's not a lowly subject
seeking pardon

but a great warrior king who
has made a slight error

Tell your king we accept his apology

That man hates Richard

- Conrad?
- I am Arthur, Conrad's master

- Duke Arthur
- Virginia

It's a beautiful night

How bewitching are the nights
of the East

Such nights were made for love,
my beauty

How dare you enter my tent
and speak to me this way?

You are speaking to a princess,
not an alley girl

Playing with Conrad is dangerous

I'm advising, not threatening

Richard is more alert
than you imagined

- What do you mean?
- Arthur holds his silence

Had he wanted to talk
he would have sooner

I know you are intelligent
and prudent

Conrad can't be depended on

He knows nothing about love
and sacrifice

Come to my tent, let us talk
in more privacy

Remember, Arthur, the future
king of Jerusalem

will choose the beautiful Virginia
to share his throne

Come with me to my tent

With you? To your tent?

We are one of a kind,
our aim is one

Cooperating with me will be
more profitable for you

You disgust me

Get out!

One night, less beautiful than
this one,

you'll come crawling to me

- Until that night
- Out, before I call the guards

My regards to your handsome
knight Conrad

Read the Damascene's letter

He has perfected his invention,
a liquid...

- which will destroy the enemy towers
- At last

- Thank God for that!
- The hour of vengeance is near

May Ismail rest in peace

The Damascene is unable to
leave Acre,

he's closely watched

He could come by sea

but he will need me, the swimmer

Get ready. Take this ring;
it will tell him

that you're a friend

You two, carry out
the other mission

Yes, sir

A liquid that sets
the towers on fire

May our victims rest in peace.
To Acre

- Our patrol is over
- To the tavern

There's the ship that's
taking Philippe back

Good riddance!

- Meat
- Go away

Go away?

Go away

I'm going to go read the
king of France's palm

I might reveal the reason
for his defeat in East

I want to find it
full when I return

You remind me of the only woman
I ever loved

She had the same sad eyes.
We'd planned to marry

But only God knows
when I will return

Am I destined to die in
a foreign land?

Richard has appointed his friend
Arthur to see you off

The situation is dire

We need some gains to justify
this failure of a war

and the huge taxes we imposed
to finance the campaign

Can any gains be made as long
as Richard is in charge?

Listen, Conrad...

Don't think of tomorrow. Enjoy today

This wine is for king Philippe

- I require a big favor from you
- Pay for it first


Abdou, Abdou

If France were able to conquer
some Crusader provinces

and found a Crusader state

Saladin's only concern is
to maintain Jerusalem

Let him keep Jerusalem
in return for

Kerak, Ashkelon, Jaffa,
Acre and Saida

I'm certain he'll agree to avoid
more hardship

Tonight I will send the offer
to Saladin

Rest assured, sire

Tonight, an emissary from them
delivers their offer to Saladin

Their voice was low, but I
heard them talking about...

handing over Jerusalem to Saladin

Patrol is over,
Forward, march!

It pleases me that your face
is the last memory

I take with me from the East

- Who is it?
- Me

- Open up
- God help you

I'm not a beggar,
I'm Issa, here's the sultan's ring

Issa, the swimmer?
How did you come?

I swam, I came on the sultan's order

to take you and your invention
back with me

Quickly, there's no time

But the foreigners are watching
the roads

Hurry up! Leave this to me

- Quickly
- May God be with us!

- Who's there?
- A spy on the run! catch him, John

Hurry up

- Run
- What about you?

Run, The important thing is
that you reach the sultan

To the king himself

Jerusalem betrayed for few crowns?

Just like Christ was betrayed
for 30 pieces of silver

Judas has risen from the dead

Is this the Holy War

in which thousands of our sons die?

Lord, we thank You for saving
your pious son Richard

What punishment does such
treason deserve?

Rest easy, sire

Thank God your brave friend

- discovered the treachery in time
- Is that how knights do battle?

Is this an honorable campaign?
Treason and treachery!

What difference is there
between Saladin

and the pagan emperor who
paid 30 dinars

for the arrest of Christ?

We still don't know what
Saladin's answer is

You nearly trusted him the day
he returned the prisoners

We never fooled ourselves as
to the baseness of Arabs

But the attitude of the French
has shocked us

Send one of your most loyal men
to the king with this same message

When we receive Saladin's reply,
you shall face Conrad with it

You speak of Saladin's morality

We shall see, my queen

A man drowning

He is Christian, he wears a cross

Such a pleasant way to
while away the time

during the truce

Treating patients is a sacred duty
not a pastime

A form of prayer?

A form of prayer none but the purest
of heart would understand

Will you enter a convent
after the war?

It's the man they saved
from drowning

You may go, I'll stay with him

I put down my arms
and I just want to be a nurse

to avoid facing
such a dreadful situation

Dear lord, if you're giving
me such experience

don't give me more
pain than I can bear

At last

Your tent amidst the wounded camp,
I can't bear it

Better to be away from
Richard's spies

I don't care about Richard
or his spies

I will await you in my tent

Conrad, I...

Fine. Until another night when
Richard's spies sleep

You're Virginia's guest tonight

The beautiful Virginia

Are you afraid?

Conrad of Montferrat...

I've decided to kill Richard

If we don't, he'll bring back Guy

and put him on the throne
of Jerusalem

Richard can't be killed
on a mere whim

Admit that you don't have the guts

I didn't wait to hear more insults

I'm sure Richard knows that
Philippe killed his emissaries

and of our rule in it

Louisa! Does your prayer and piety
mean spying on others?

Where am I?



I was certain...

I was certain we would meet

Divine providence put us
in each other's way

it's impossible to
escape God's will

Why would she spy on us?

That girl knows more
than she should

I don't like that girl

The likes of her can't be trusted

How can you consider this
a divine victory?

I'm not saying you should accept
giving up

all your provinces in exchange
for Jerusalem

- but in principle...
- I have principles, too

How dare you suggest we end the
war in such a demeaning manner?

If a foreign king offers to
withdraw from the war

in battle
in return for some personal gain

I say we shouldn't refuse

and demand him to settle his
differences with his allies

You think Saladin could trust a king
who betrays even his allies?

The Messenger himself won victories

by sowing dissension
between his enemies

As the Messenger said,
war is trickery

The Messenger was in the midst
of battle

He had no choice

We are observing a truce

We must not rejoice in
a victory given...

by a Christian king over the
bodies of his brothers

After I find a way to break the truce

and Richard's men engage

in the midst of battle
he withdraws,

leaving his allies unprotected

Such a victory would be shameful!

We don't fight over a patch of land

but for the triumph of moral
and spiritual values

If they betray each other,
why not take advantage?

How can you, as a politician,
trust a man

who betrays his own
cause and people?

Lies to his allies?

He is certainly incapable

of honoring his pact with you

We suffered a great deal
from treason...

and despised the victories gained
by our enemy through treason

Remember Acre

Write to king Conrad,
Tell him that...

though he does not deserve
the honour of an answer,

the Arabs want to teach the
foreigners that a defeat with honour

is better than a dishonorable

If Your Highness will allow me...

Come in, Damascene

I have a limited quantity
of this liquid

Show us

- A real feat
- Thanks

Jerusalem will be their next target

Make sure the Damascene
has everything he needs

to produce a large quantity
of this liquid

Thank you, sire

What news of the swimmer?

It's too dangerous for you
to be here

Is that all you can say...

after our long separation?

I see another Louisa,
strange, distant...

Where are you?

I don't feel you with me

I don't feel your heart beating

When we last met,

as you tried you lose yourself
in the crowds

I felt your presence

I felt you wanted to be with me

You were with me despite
pretending otherwise

You were with me, Louisa

And now where are you, Louisa?

You are beside me, yet I feel
you're far away

Did we meet again to say goodbye?

You gave me my freedom, I shall
now pay back my debt

Now that your wound has
healed you must leave

Saladin's seal...

So, he's an Arab




Come with me

Arrest this spy

I knew that your piety was
a front...

for cowardice of the lowest degree

in order to avoid going into
battle, we should've known

You helped Saladin's spy escape?

He's the lover of Louisa
the pure!

Only God knows that I'm not sinful

You will appear before
the military tribunal

Your fate will be that of witches
You will burn!

Thus Louisa has fallen

O kings and princes of Europe,

who have left your countries

leading your armies here
across the seas

to take back the holy
land of Christ

from the enemies of the cross...

Louisa betrayed you

That's what Louisa has been
reduced to

I throw myself at your mercy

Bow down to none other than your God

Have mercy on me for the
sake of my children

Did you think of others when you
gave up Acre to the invaders?

Leaving them to wipe the smiles off
children's faces?

No one except Louisa denies

that Saladin is anything
but a savage

Only Louisa objects to that

Saladin has been generous
with his prisoners

Arabs are not barbarians

thus, it's not shameful
to deal with them

She no longer has the sacred
hate in her heart

Your heart is like a city
without walls

You have uprooted love
from your heart

You hate your country and Arabism,
and gave up Acre

The enemy found a way to her heart

She gave her Christian body
to an Arab,

threw herself into his arms

She has forgotten our sacred
hatred for them

without it we will never
be victorious

It was hatred that made you
throw yourself

forgetting the traditions of
the honorable war,

our noble traditions

love others that God may
have mercy on you

Love has replaced the sacred
hatred in your heart

The hatred in your life has
driven out love

Don't let compassion mislead
your from duty

- of killing this woman
- No...

Do you not understand...
that with this deed

you've condemned your
brothers to death?

There's no victory without hate

- And no liberation without love
- Let us rekindle our sacred hate

Down with hatred!

To the stake! Burn her like a witch

Let the Lord's will be done

This must be the God's punishment...

for all those who have
betrayed Jerusalem

Their flesh dissolves as they
remain standing

Damnation to you, Conrad!

Take off your mask

By the Lord's will
all masks fall off

You betrayed Jerusalem,
you betrayed us,

the future of our kings and princes

You betrayed the blood
of our martyrs

who came to place the cross
on the tomb of Christ

The curse of God will follow
you to the grave

The Arab have refused your
filthy conspiracy

Saladin has refused to
cooperate with you

O kings and princes, Read
the proof of treason

May God smite those who conspire
against Jerusalem

We shall give you traitors'

"The punishment of those who
betray trusts"

"conspire against their brothers,
spread dissent"

"and wreak havoc"

"is death"

Behead the traitor!

O Lord, may Christmas
pass peacefully

The sultan has condemned the
Acre traitor to death

- He's right
- Because of him Sultan Saladin...

- has rejected Conrad's offer
- King Richard understand that now

- I want...
- Issa the swimmer has arrived!

- Where is he?
- At the gate

- What?
- Issa is here

Tell commander Abdallah

Welcome, Issa!


Go to the sultan at once

Your Highness, commander Issa
has arrived

- Issa
- Your Highness

Welcome to Jerusalem of the Arabs

Thank God the Damascene
arrived here safely

The sultan knows that
without your help...

I never would have arrived

My brother, to complete the Arab's
joy, go to King Richard

Invite him to visit Jerusalem
for Christmas

His Highness cannot refuse
the invitation

The king hasn't said anything yet

Your king can speak for himself

King Al-Adel, Tell Sultan Saladin...

I will tell him whatever you want

Tell him that Richard thanks
him for the invitation

and will decide shortly

Why not accept it now? You are
invited as a Christian pilgrim

You'll get an answer before sunset

Come that you may see how the
Christians live in freedom

Thank you

Whatever your replay may be,

it is our custom as Arabs

to reply to any salutation
with a better one

Peace be upon you

Peace be upon you

Our salutation is peace as
you can see

Saladin chooses his emissaries well

If you accept, how can you have the
heart to fight them to the end?

Accepting the invitation
means nothing

Why must we fight them to the end?

Because Jerusalem is ours.
Thus decreed Christ

Christ did not decree that
Jerusalem belongs

to the likes of Conrad and Philippe

Christ damned the likes of them
on Mount of Olives

What are you saying? Should we
leave Jerusalem to Saladin?

Saladin is an honorable man

He refused Conrad's offer to
give him Richard's head

He doesn't persecute Christians
as we heard

He guarantees them
freedom of worship

Why then should we drive thousands
of our soldiers to the slaughter?

- What would we gain?
- Hear me all martyrs of Christianity

The queen of England, wife
of the Lion-Heart

Richard, defender of the cross,

wants to give Jerusalem to
the enemies of Christ!

I, as a Christian queen, after
spending a year here in the East,

prefer that Jerusalem remain in the
hands of a just king of any religion

than falling into the hands of
treacherous, immoral Christians

What about our bride? What about
the glory that awaits King Richard?

The garlands being woven
for you in Europe

The bells ringing in your honor
in every European capital

All of Europe awaits your return
with the key to Jerusalem,

Richard's return with the kingdom
of Jerusalem

The king has not yet replied

Will he ask for a reconciliation, as the queen
wants and return to Europe in defeat?

From what terrible hell do
you come by your words?

The Lion-Heart must raise
his flag over Jerusalem

Richard's flag high over Jerusalem

Tell Saladin, I'll visit
Jerusalem in two days

That doesn't mean peace

If he wants peace, let him
give up Jerusalem

Virginia, listen

- Jerusalem
- City of the living God

- Richard!
- Treason!

An Arab poisoned arrow
killed Richard

His blood won't go in vain

We must have the heads
of the murderers

Richard's blood shall be avenged!

With an Arab arrow.


- King Richard is dead
- Long live King John!

The truce has come to an end

In a few days

the lovely Virginia will share the
throne of Jerusalem with Arthur

Saving Richard means saving face

from the accusation of killing a man
to whom we promised safe passage

Why don't you send him your doctor
to treat and tell him what you want?

No. I'll look after him myself

It would be dangerous for the sultan
to go to the European's camp

They have sworn vengeance
on all Arabs

Our good reputation is more
important than my life

so are thousands of Arabs' lives
that threatened by vengeance

Adel, be on your guard

I hope we're not forced to fight

Allow me to accompany you

I know who can take us to Richard

There has been treason

King Richard has been killed
with an Arab poisoned arrow

The only response to that treason...

is to kill them all

Not one Arab shall be spared

Avenge from who have violated
the truce

Avenge from who have breached
the pledge

O soldiers of the Lion-Heart

Avenge your king!

Don't spare anyone

Kill them all, men,
women and children!

Liberate Jerusalem!

Their treachery must be avenged

Richard's death must be avenged

To hoist Richard's flag
over Jerusalem,

we must unite our forces

Will you leave Jerusalem in
the hands of the Arabs?

Their treachery deserves revenge

There's no hope for him except
a miracle from Heaven

The sultan of Muslims
comes to save Richard

Pray that his recovery may be
at the hands of a humble man

O soldiers

In this tent lies King Richard,

victim of treason

Avenge the death of your king,

victim of vile treachery!

Avenge every drop of his blood

by taking the lives of
hundreds of Arabs

- Revenge!
- We all would die for you, Richard

At sunrise, let's teach the Arabs
a lesson they'll never forget

- Duke Arthur
- Yes?

The queen asks you to stay away

Send my apology to the queen and tell
her that we're going to get revenge

Richard's blood has not
been shed in vain

Tomorrow his flag will be
hoisted over Jerusalem

You are very brave

I'm sure it was not an Arab
hand that shot the arrow

I know Arab could not commit
such a crime

As a Christian wife I thank you

for doing your best to save
my husband's life

Let's hope his delirium doesn't last
before dawn

I was king of Jerusalem

The sun...

Richard! Your Majesty! You're better

Sultan Saladin said
you would get well

- Saladin?
- He came to your aid

after we had lost all hope

Saladin, always Saladin

In consciousness, in sleep

Even in illness he is here

He's always confronting me

I hoped we would have met at
the gates...

of the Church of Resurrection
in Jerusalem

I had expected that if It hadn't
been for the plot against you

Who was behind that plot?

It has been proven that
those nearest to you

are the most likely to betray you

I don't want your head

but your hand stretched out in peace

What peace, when you invite
me to Jerusalem

- and set a trap for me?
- Richard...

Your Majesty, offer a prayer for the
deliverance of your husband

You know that your
accusations is false

Why would we want to kill you?

You're afraid to see me
enter Jerusalem

You shall visit it soon

Soon I shall be King of Jerusalem

Why must you be king of Jerusalem?

Jerusalem is the birthplace
of Christ

Christianity is respected here,
you know this

Jerusalem belongs to the Arabs

Stop this bloodshed

That would satisfy God and Christ

You forget that the Pope,

- the woodsmen in the hills,
- Richard

as well as the peasants
in the fields,

the elderly gathered around
their fire places,


thousands of humble Christians
eagerly await my return

with the keys to Jerusalem

You're running after an
unattainable dream,

You're not fighting
for Christianity

but for your own vanity

You're seeking personal glory

You're leading your men
to their death

in order to become king of Jerusalem

You're looking for garlands

You're driving thousands to their
death on foreign soil

in order to become king of Jerusalem

The horns blow

Richard, the Lion-Heart,
liberator of Jerusalem

You want war

So be it

But I warn you, you will never win

Beware of yourself, noble knight

Richard is alive!

Richard is alive!

No illness can defeat Richard!

No poison can overcome Richard!

Long live Richard!

The Lion-Heart...
is invincible!

It's a miracle from Heaven

We shall avenge you, Your Majesty

O king of the Christians

God has answered our prayers

He has cured his son to lead us
to Jerusalem

We're all eager to attack them
and hoist Richard's flag



Jerusalem is ours

Lead us, Richard

Forward, O warriors

With the dawn,

my flag will be flying over Jerusalem

- Forward
- This is your day, Damascene

Are you sure this works?

Yes, though I have never prepared it

in such large quantities,
only God knows...


You'll blow us to high heaven

So you are certain of the results

Everything is ready

Everything is ready, Your Majesty

This is your day, Damascene

Forward, heroes!

Forward, brave men

Forward, Crusaders!


Conquer Jerusalem! Long live
King Richard!

Attack without mercy
Cling to every foot of land

Nothing is more honorable than death

beneath the walls of Jerusalem

All of Europe awaits

Your victorious return,
warriors of the cross

Let us take Jerusalem tonight!

Make the supreme sacrifice

Every step forward towards Jerusalem

is worth dozens of martyrs

- To battle!
- To battle!

Your Highness, hear me before you go

every inch of the road to Jerusalem

is covered with the remains
of victims

What do you mean?

Raise the white flag

before we are crushed by defeat

Defeat? Richard knows not
the meaning of defeat

Europe does not ask that you return
with the heads of innocents

I shall return with the keys to
Jerusalem and Saladin's head

And now, sire?

It's our turn to attack

Open the gates!



My god, I'm cold

It's fever, friend,
you'd better rest

My wife, I want to go home

You know the orders of the king,
we must take Jerusalem tonight

Tonight we'll die in Jerusalem

Put out this fire!

You think this fire gives us away?

See that black mountain?

Those are the hordes of
Saladin's soldiers

Tonight, this Christmas night...

we meet death

Lower your voice

Everyone is fated to die

A mountain of fire, a cloud of dust

Don't burn me with the
fires of the hell!

I'm a sinner!

Have faith. God will
alleviate your pain

Faith! The Lord spared
the fornicator

She was spared

But He forgets Virginia

May Christ be with you!

I am no longer a beauty

Help me, good Louisa

Pray for me

My sin has brought my doom

"Our Father, who art in heaven,
hallowed be Thy Name"

"Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven..."

Enough! Enough!

Praying will not change our fate

The Arabs are coming

from that hill, this Christmas eve,
they'll spare no one

Forgive me, I shall make
a confession

- To me?
- Yes, you

You are pure and chaste

You are close to the Virgin's heart

Conrad and I schemed against you

We wanted to get rid of you
and Richard

God forgive me, but
Conrad betrayed me

He wanted to sell Jerusalem


grave of the prophets

- Keep away from me!
- Help me, Arthur

The beautiful Virginia
disfigured with fire!

Leave her, Louisa

Don't go, you're the only real
Christian here, hear my confession

It's no confession, she's delirious

After Conrad had died,
Arthur returned

- with an Arab poisoned arrow...
- Keep quite!

Quite, Virginia, shut up!


Arthur shot King Richard by
an Arab poisoned arrow

Quiet, Virginia

Virginia! Virginia! Answer me

We're the kings of Jerusalem


We're the kings of Jerusalem,


Virginia's dead, the poisoned arrow

was Arthur's doing


All your allies betrayed you,

even Arthur

All are treacherous

The truce has expired

- We are out of patience
- Resume the offensive

Tonight, we'll wipe them out

We'll show them how it is
to fight by night

We'll teach them once and for all
never to invade our land again

We'll wipe them out

Shall we give the signal
for the attack?

Merry Christmas

Did you wish Issa and all our
Christian brothers a merry Christmas?

- Merry Christmas
- Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Announce to all our Christian
soldiers there'll be no war tonight

- We'll wait till tomorrow
- God is Great

God is Great

- Hasten to prayer
- I bear witness...

that there's
no God but Allah

I bear witness that there's
no God but Allah

And that Mohamed is His Messenger

And that Mohamed is His Messenger

Hasten to prayer

Hasten to prayer

Hasten to salvation

Hasten to salvation

God is Great

There's no God but Allah

Enough! The battlefield
is covered with corpses

This war has stopped making sense

It is what you wanted, Richard

It does not become a king
with a lion's heart

to go on fighting out of
sheer obstinacy

The Lion-Heart begs you to accept
the hand he holds out

On my way here, I saw
thousands of corpses...

littering the trail

I could not tell the corpses of the
Crusaders from those of the Arabs

Before, I feared for Richard
from Richard himself

Today, I thank you for being the
Richard I've always imagined

I am only a vanquished king

You could have waited
for reinforcements

What conditions does the triumphant
sultan impose on the defeated king?

No conditions

But let us pledge not
to fight any longer

You'll leave this country

but you'll always be welcomed back
as pilgrims to the holy places

The soldier who willingly
gives his life

is more worthy than his commander
who seeks glory and personal gain

He who forgets his pride
is more worthy than all

When you return to your country
tell the peasants and the elderly,

who eagerly await your return

and tell of your conquests round
their fireplaces in winter

Tell the simple people of England...

in their warm houses

Tell the people of Europe
upon your return

that life is the right of all

and that war cannot be
the law of life

Have they gone?

- Have they gone yet?
- Patience, my son

What do you say?

There they are, the sultan, Issa
and Conrad

Conrad died, you ignorant fool

We hope to see you again in
Jerusalem, as a pilgrim

I'm the king of Jerusalem

He ends his days in a cage
like an animal

Why don't you answer, Virginia?

John, King of England,
will punish Richard

I am the king of Jerusalem!

I will never forget your
service to me, Louisa

I hope to see you here again
when I return as a pilgrim

Issa... Issa

Commander Issa, you're dismissed

My thanks, O Lord. You've made
your servant victorious

By Your will alone, we have
vanquished the enemy