El Mariachi (1992) - full transcript

El Mariachi just wants to play his guitar and carry on the family tradition. Unfortunately, the town he tries to find work in has another visitor...a killer who carries his guns in a guitar case. The drug lord and his henchmen mistake El Mariachi for the killer, Azul, and chase him around town trying to kill him and get his guitar case.

Good morning, Azul.

Know who this is?


What the hell do you want
after all these years?

I'm a few towns away...

...with a whole new gang.

I heard you were nearby...

...so I decided
to give you a call, amigo.

That's very sweet of you...


Suppose you get me out of here
and give me my share of the money.

Seeing how I got you
where you are today.

Do you really want to get out?

I hear you're running
quite a business...

...from your cell...

...with only a phone
and a few loyal men.

That's not a bad idea.

Someday I'll try it.

In here I'll earn peanuts...

...compared to what you owe me
when I get out.

So, yes, help me...


Soon, Azul, soon.

I'm sending some friends
to get you...

...in a few days.

That's more like it.

Just like the Moco I used to know.

Hang in there.

I won't forget you've been
a big part of our triumph.

What's going on, Moco?

Getting me out today?

There are three armed men!

Did you send them?

I'm still here, Moco,
and so are your little friends.

But not for long.

They have something
they want to scream to you.

Listen close.

You'll repeat it to me
when I visit you.

That morning was
just like any other.

No love.

No luck.

No ride.

Nothing changes.

I came across a turtle...

...walking on the highway.

We were both taking our time
getting to where we were going.

What I didn't know...

...was that my time...

...was running out.


I'll have a coconut.


Free coconuts.

I was beginning to like this city.

I've always wanted to be
a mariachi...

...like my father, my grandfather...

...and my great-grandfather.

I'm not as good as them yet...

...but I'm improving.

My plan was to follow their footsteps
to the end...

...and die with my guitar
in my hand.

I played from town to town...

...gaining different experiences.

This city was my next stop.

The free coconut
at the edge of town...

...made me feel like this city
would bring good luck.

But I was completely wrong.

-What do you want?
-A soda pop.


-I'm a mariachi, and a good one.

I play ballads, love songs...

...old songs, new songs
and a few originals.

What do I care?

I could add more style,
more class to the place.

I work for almost nothing.

I live mostly from tips.

But I need steady work...

...and I guarantee more customers.

Why would I want one mariachi...

...when I already have a full band?

You see?

I only pay one guy and I have
a whole group of mariachis.



If you want to earn a real living,
get a real instrument...


I gotta go.

-Come on.
-I'll be right back.

What the hell is this?

Mariachi Day?

There's no work for you either!

Bartender, a beer.

In a bottle, stupid.

I'm looking for an old friend.

His name is Moco.

-Where is he?
-Sometimes he's here.

He owns the place.

-So you know him?
-There you go.

Of course. We work for him.

That's too bad.

Hold that.

What the hell is going on there?

-Answer me!

Give me the telephone.

Take it.


All of them? How long ago?

What does he look like?

Carrying a guitar case?

Dressed in black.

Don't worry, Moco.

We'll find him, kill him...

...and feed him to the dogs.

If you see someone dressed in black,
with a guitar case...

...call this number.

His name is Azul.

And if I don't call you...

...you'll kill me, right?

No, I won't.

But he will.

I started to sense I wouldn't have
much luck here.

What happened to the days
when the guitarists were gods...

...like my ancestors?


...has crushed us...

...robbed us of our culture...

...turned us into machines.

Now, there's the most
beautiful creature of the day...

...besides the turtle, of course.

What can I get you?

What can I get you?

-A soda.

-Are you a kid, or what?
-No, I'm a singer. I can't drink or smoke.

My voice is my life.


I work for almost nothing.

I live mostly off tips...

...but I need steady work.

-Here in your bar!

I don't have money for a mariachi.

I guess I woke up with bad luck.



I need a cheap room for the week.

I'm looking for work.

Can I pay you later?

Yeah, yeah.


Excuse me, sir,
could you leave a deposit?

You don't trust me?

I'm sorry.
How much can you give me?

I only have a few pesos.

That's fine. Enjoy your stay.

Not there! Room 10! 10!

There he goes, you idiots!

He's wearing black. Find him.

Over here, morons!

What happened, mariachi?
Too much soda pop?

I just killed four men.

Is it true?

Wait! What's your name?


Wait. Domino,
it was in self-defense.

I'm not from here.
I don't know anyone.

No friends.

No enemies.

-They were thieves, then?
-I don't think so.

There were four men.

I'm staying at a cheap hotel.

Nothing of value. No money.

They were only interested
in killing me.

Then why come here?
So they can kill me too?

I need a place to stay
until this passes.

They've confused me
with someone else.

I'm just a mariachi.

There's a room upstairs.

My room.
Don't touch anything.

I'll be up later,
and we'll call a friend.

Thank you. I'll never forget this.

This way.

And be careful with my pit bull.

-Good morning, Domino.
-What's up?

Give me the phone.
I have to call Moco.

Domino, has anyone strange
come around here?

-Strange people always come here.
-Dressed in black...

-...carrying a guitar?

He killed 10 of our men...

...all in one day.

-Aren't you going to call your boss?
-Give me a drink first.

Moco, he got away.

He shot me.

He killed several men.

One mean son of a bitch.

I didn't get a good look at him.

If he changes his clothes,
I won't recognize him.

Don't worry.

He always dresses in black
and carries a guitar case.

It's his style.

But it's not a guitar.

It's a case full of weapons.


It's not a guitar.

The case is full of weapons.

He uses them on his victims.

See you later.

Thanks for the drink.

I'll be right back.

I told you not to touch anything.

I was trying to relax. I can get out.

It's okay. Finish up.

Want some shampoo?

Yes, please.

Who are you?

A musician.

What do you have here?
Guns? Knives?

My guitar!

We'll see.

You're very modest, mariachi.

You said you killed four men...

...when you really killed 10.

Don't you even want to look?

Play it!

Play something sweet!



I've been caught with my pants down

And there may be a castration

There were several assholes

Who tried to rip me to pieces

And now I'm with this princess

Who's armed with a knife

Big northern eyes

And a ferocious body

This is the best I've ever played.

You inspired me.


You're a mariachi, and a good one.

Hire me.

I couldn't pay you.
I have no money.

This fancy dive,
and you don't have money?

It's true.

Pay me room and board.

Will I have to keep the knife
between your legs to inspire you?

If I stay here? No.

Just until I find permanent work.

You won't find work in this town,
but... Okay.

You'll need a better
sense of humor...

...if you plan to work for me.

This is a letter opener.


Just a second.


...you haven't answered
the phone all day.

You were busy killing
10 of my men.


I only killed six, asshole!

You were always stupid in math.

That's why you never paid me.
You thought it was all for you.

I knew half was yours.
I got carried away. But you...

...you're modest.
You killed 10 of my men.


Don't worry. By tomorrow
I'll double the body count.

I'll admit I was greedy.

It would have been cheaper for me
if I had paid you.

Now I'll have to find 10 more men.


Listen. Give me my money,
and I won't kill anyone else.

I'll even spare you.

It's too late for that.

We'll have to see this through.

Just like the Moco I used to know.

Still wearing white?

What do you see?

I see a white suit soaked with blood.

Ready to play?

-We're waiting for you.

-Can I get you anything?
-No, thanks.

Hurry up.

This song is called
"Ganas de Vivir."

A beer.

Are you sure
you want me to sleep here?

As long as you stay on your side.

Remember I have this...

...and him.

That first song you played.

It's an original, right?

How did you know?

It seemed like you wrote it
for someone.

I did.

Sweet dreams.

I need to go to the hotel
for my money.

I'll be right back.

Watch my things.

Hi. It's Domino.

I know.

It's jammed.

Son of a bitch.

-Good afternoon. What can I get you?
-A beer.

In a bottle, dumb-ass.

Isn't there a girl that works here?

Yes, she's the owner.
She'll be right back.

She's the owner?

Then she must be Moco's girl.

I don't know.

I see her hanging around
a musician.

I just saw a guy
with a case like mine.

It's him they want.

He didn't say anything?

No, he only drank.

I don't look anything like him.

Let's go. He can take all three.

It's him.

I'm not sure.

-What's in the case?
-My guitar.

-Don't tell me you're a fucking mariachi.
-I am.

Open it.

If it's a guitar, you can go.

If it's not, we're gonna
fuck you up real bad.


Don't carry your guitar around
until this passes.

It's the other guy they want.

I better put it upstairs.

What's wrong?

What's wrong?

It is him!

It's him.

We screwed up.

-We didn't know what to do.
-We thought you could defend yourself.

You thought I could defend myself.

Against three armed men...

...using this?

My case got switched
with some stupid mariachi's!

Where's the mariachi?

He's dead by now,
so go find my case!

Where were you
when he came to the bar?

I was on the phone...

...talking to a friend
who knows what's going on.

-Did you mention me?

He told me the man in black
is named Azul.

If his name is Azul,
why doesn't he wear blue?

I don't know.

But he's killing the men
of a drug dealer...

...whose name is Mauricio,
but they call him Moco.

And Moco sent his men to find Azul.

So, what do they want with me?

Nobody has ever seen Azul.
Only Moco.

And Azul wears black
and carries a guitar case.

Sounds like you, doesn't it?

Then ask your friend to tell Moco...

...that there's two of us, a Killer...

...and a mariachi.

Not just anyone can talk to Moco.
It's best to not go out.

Hide your jacket and the case
until this passes.

He got away,
but I got a good look at him.

He killed Pina and Taco.

He won't get away again,
I promise you.

Are you always closed on Mondays?

Or did you close
because I lost my guitar?

I'm closed Mondays.

Play me?

-Come see me.

I can't.


I don't feel good.

Have you ridden the motorcycle?

I have to hang up.


-A gringo?

There's one thing
I don't understand.

If you're so poor like you say...

...how did you get this place?

It was a gift.

-From who?

From Moco,
the man who wants me killed?

He doesn't want to kill you.

His men confused you with Azul.

Same thing.

You know how it is.

When you want a girl...

...you give her flowers, candy...


...until you win her over.


Mauricio gave me flowers...

...then jewelry.

He let me work in his bar...

...then he gave me the bar.

What was the last thing
he gave you?

A motorcycle.

He wants me
to ride it out to his ranch...

...when I decide
to give myself to him.

He thinks he can convince me.

Can he?

He could have...

...but not anymore.

Good morning. Take this.

I've saved this.
Take it. Buy a new guitar.

Take it.
I didn't say to buy the best one.

Something temporary,
SO you can play again tonight.

Loco, look for him.
Black pants, white shirt.

-Where did he go, Loco?
-He got in my truck.

Bring him around.

That's not him.

Did you find my case?

We didn't find it.

We heard you were caught
and taken to Moco's ranch.

We came to see if it was true.

They got the mariachi.

-What can I get you?
-A beer.

Anything else?

My guitar case.

Where is he?

Where's my case?

-Go get it.

If you want to see your mariachi,
come with me.

Why do you want to help me?

Because you know where
Moods ranch is, and I don't.

Let's go.

Play along.

Domino! Let's go! Now!

-She's gone.
-Where is she?

-She went to find you.
-And the guitar case?

She gave him back the case.
They went to find you.

Open the door or she's dead!

I'm sorry...

...he used you to get to me.

Give me my money or I'll
soak your clothes with her blood!

Let her go. I'll give you your money.

Make me a map to Moods place.

What did you do with him?


The mariachi
they confused with Azul.

That's why you hung up on me
last night.

Throwing a party without me?

With that musician's hands
all over you!

Give me my money or she's dead!

After all I've done for you...

...this is how you treat me?

I've never asked for anything until now.
Let him go!

I swear I'll kill her!

You won't kill her.

I will.

You feel sorry for her, don't you?

All I wanted was my share...

...but you have to kill everyone.

That's why you'll never be
as big as me.

You have too much heart.


...you are the mariachi
who came to my town...

...killed my men...

...and took my girl!

You're very talented...

...playing your little guitar!

Not anymore!

Now, get off my property...

...and take your hand with you.

All I wanted was to be a mariachi...

...like my ancestors.

But the city I thought
would bring me luck...

...brought only a curse.

I lost my guitar...

...my hand...

...and her.

With this injury,
I may never play the guitar again.

Without her, I have no love.

But with the dog...

...and the weapons...

...I'm prepared...

...for the future.