El Lute: Run for Your Life (1987) - full transcript

First part of the history of "El Lute", a delinquent who became notorious in Spain for his jail escapes in the 60's, converting himself in a popular legend.


The cops.

Who are you?

I'm a tinsmith, I've got
eight children...

Gypsies can't camp here,
get out.

We're tinners, my wife's
real sick...

we just want to camp
here a couple days.

Your papers...

invoices and all.

You crazy or what?

Nothing doing.
You gotta go now.

- And that's final.
- We'll go tomorrow.

You heard him,
he said now!

Yes, sir, we'll go after dinner.

You deal or what?

I said now. Load all that
shit and get going.

We'll escort you to the road.

Forget it, it's gushing
like a spring.

When we want it,
we don't find it.

Get going.

That's what's left from the collection
to bury her.

They prefer the dead
to the living.

"Always loving you."

"Always loving you."

"All my nights are spent”

"Shining for your love."

"Always loving you..."


- And that one?
- There'll be more tomorrow.

I'm on to your game.

For you.

- Where'd you get it?
- Where d'ya think?

Where there's plenty. Here.


we got a present.

A bit old,

but we'll just cook it longer.



Tell your brother to forget Chelo.

He don't sleep.
He's gone beserk.

Tell him, out of respect
for your dad.

Why don't you tell him?

A tinner's woman don't say
those things.

I'm a tinner's daughter,
ain't I?

- Where you going?
- To wash clothes.

- Me too.
- Not if your hands...

are gonna follow your eyes.

Why didn't you stop?

I wasn't doing nothing wrong.

Not me, you were spying on me
like a weasel.

That's what you are,

a weasel in a coop, waiting.

They do the season...

and return to Madrid
in the fall.

They found what they were
looking for.

Eleuterio, you're lucky,
you won't see her again.

We leave in an hour.

You mean...

you ain't gonna wait for them?

I ain't waiting for nobody.


Consuelo's been with another man.

- That's it.
- What about my folks?

They are tinners like us.

They did the same too.

They'll raise hell,

but they'll be glad deep down.

Look, it's for you.

It's gold.

- Where'd you get it?
- My pocket.

We're married now.

I didn't bring no extra underwear.

What for?

- Women's stuff.
- I know about women.

You? What do you know?

I was that high and I had a girl.

She tended sheep and I tended goats.

What did you do?

- We touched each other.
- That's all?

- Yeah, that's all.
- You sure?

And you?

Nobody's touched me.

Nobody, just you.

"Black treacherous eyes,"

"Why look at me so,"

"So happy for others"

"And so sad for me,"

"For me..."

Tell your mom to come out.

Ma'am, I'll trade you a new pot
for your old one.

I don't like gypsies.

I'm not gypsy, I'm a tinner.

- What's that?
- An ironmonger, a tinner.

A tinner's daughter,
married to a tinner...

and about to have a tinner's baby.

Come on, buy something.

- Not today.
- Look...

My husband's got a good hand
with tin.

I'll let you have it real chip.

Some other time.

I can fix this one...

No, forget it.

- Morning, ma'ama.
- Good morning.

How many kids you got?

Better say grandchildren.

With so many...

I bet you never know
what to give them.

Correct me if I'm wrong.
How old is he?

Don't waste your breath,
I live alone.

My grandchildren are grown
and working in the city.

- Who's that sweater for?
- For me.

Some other day, then.

God bless.

- What is it, child?
- Areal strong pain.

- How far along are you?
- Far!

Just three lanterns.

Sorry, but I sell them less
every day,

people prefer plastic.

- Bye.
- Good luck.

There he is.

It's healthy.

It has two eyes, two ears,
two arms...

and five fingers on each hand.

I those conditions, you can't ask
for more.

The mother has to rest.

Don't let those women in,
they only tire her.

Whatever you say.



What is it?

What do you want?

A girl if she's like you.

It's a boy, like you.

- What time do we leave?
- In 20 minutes.

- Where can I put this?
- On the roof.

- And these?
- Cheap, a quarter,

just for you. Come on,
cutie, buy something.

- How much are they?
- Fifty cents.

You take me for a rookie or what?

I'll give you half because
I'm nice.


- Did you say half?
- Half.

For you,

for free.

No, a quarter.

For my cousin Chelo,

from Slim Tomas.

"Cause you live with my cousin.

Shake here, kinsman.

You're the one who was
a legionnaire?

The same.

Hands up!

What's going on?

Hands up and shut up.


good morning to you.



Here's one of the bastards
who stole the strongbox...

from the Piedrahita townhall,
no less.

Pretty smart of you.

- He got a record?
- No, Sir.

I don't take nothing,
I came to buy tin.

I'm a tinsmith,

I got a family.

Fucking tinner!

You speak when you're spoken to!

Got that?

Know what this is?

Tell him what it's called.

Bull's cock, Sir.

Bull's cock.

Know what it's for?

To make shit like you speak.

Now, you listen carefully.

I'm going to ask you a question,

I want a good and quick answer.

- Where's the strongbox?
- I swear I don't know.

Come In.

Sit down.

Look here. Lift your head
a little.

Don't move.

Single or married?

- Common-law with a kid.
- They're fast.

Your profile.

No, the other one.

- Come here.
- Closer.

Your right hand.

All right, sing here.

- I can't write.
- A cross will do.

We could have booked you
on the Vagancy Act.

You can go.


Don't cry, I'm here.

I thought I'd never see you again.

That they were gonna put
you away.

Come on.

Better born dead than a tinner.

Two bucks for each forty
pound sack.

If you're men enough to
bring two,

I'll pay you double.

- Where do we go?
- To Montemayor.

That's in Portugual,
it's a long way from here.

If it was around the corner,
I'd go myself.

If you don't want the job,
there's plenty that do.

Can you give us an advance?

Sure and you'll vanish
into thin air.

Speak to Tomas.

That's him.

You answer for yourself
and your pal.

- Can he be trusted?
- He can.

- You know him?
- I do.

Work it out, then.

What if a flatfoot gets thirsty?

It's forbidden.

We sure were lucky that time.

When I think about it...

Can I ask you something?


What happened to the strongbox?

I thought, that yokel ain't gonna talk,

he don't know nothing.

Well, the same goes for me.

If he can take it,
so can I.

It turned out okay thanks to you,

I got beaten half to death
for nothing.

It's the jinx..

The honest ones are always jinxed.

- You're an okay guy.
- Same to you.

- I'm a tinner like you.
- I can tell.

I gotta ask you something too.

Go ahead.

You still with Chelo?

We got a kid.

I'm no big mouth,

but the truth ain't never
hurt nobody.


Chelo had been with another man.

She never told you.

Here you are, ladies,
I'm giving them away,

two bucks,

five bucks if you take three.

I'm giving them away,
two bucks,

two bucks...

Four bucks for two...

Want one?
It's only two bucks.

- One fifty, no more.
- Two's a round number.

One seventy five and it's a deal.

Take it, a nice fat hen,

pampered like a queen,

fattened on first class feed.

This one's twin to he one
that lady just brought...

for one seventy five.

I bet you'll be taking both,
I bet you will...

We're the only ones who
raise split-crested hens.

They're stolen.

No. I just want one.

Come on, one seventy five.

You got a licence to sell here?

What about them?

Pretty cheeky, aren't you?

If you want me to go,
just say so.

I don't want you to go,

I want you to come with me.

Eleuterio Sanchez, the inspector
wants to see him.

- I ain't told the cops!
- Whore!

Sweet Jesus! Virgin in Heaven!

Why's my man treating me like this?

Eleuterio, why don't you talk to me?

I swear...

Strike me dead...

if I done anything wrong.

Shut up!

Dear Lord! Lemme speak to my man!

He's the only one I got,
Mr. Policeman!

- Sit down!
- Let him see my face!

He'll see I ain't done
nothing bad. My God!

- Stop it!
- Enough!

What the hell's going on?


Take her to my office.

I know how to tame wild mares.

- Let me be!
- Alone, without the kid!

No! Don't take my son away!

Dear Lord!

Don't you know how to deal
with her kind? Move!

Let go of the kid!

Sweet Lord! Virgin Mary!
Don't take him away!

Shut up!

Come on!

Get in!

Come on, ma'am.

Shall I bring in the prisoner, Sir?

Have Martinez question him.

I can't waste time
on chicken thieves.


Baby, please...

I done nothing wrong.

They told you something?

It don't matter no more.

Nothing matters.

We find Eleuterio Sanchez guilty...

of having stolen eight hens.

He is sentenced...

to eighteen months in jail.

Consuelo Garcia,

accomplice to the crime,
Is sentenced...

to six month and a day in jail.


at the Inspector's request,

Eleuterio Sanchez is to serve
hard labor...

for a period no less
than six months...

as special punishment
for his crimes,

which are considered to be...

a dangerous threat to society.

Chelo! He's back!

Let me see you!


José Maria, look!

Your daddy!

- When did you get out?
- Today.

Welcome, Eleuterio.

- How are you?
- Fine.

- Take his bag.
- You sure have grown!

Make yourself at home.
Welcome, Eleuterio.

Mom. Cousin's here!

For my aunt.

- For me?
- For my aunt.

Here's the Shark, better
get ten bucks ready.

- Who?
- The Shark, a bastard.

Just 'cause he's an informer,

he sucks us all dry.

He gets a tax on any new shack
built around here.

Keep working.

What's going on?

I'm lending my son-in-lay
a hand.

Good. It's nice to see
the district grow.

We're all one big family here.

You know you gotta pay the tax?

I'm Ignacio Fuentes.

Welcome to Tinstown.

It's only ten bucks, you can pay me

Get the hell out or I'll split your skull.

- Asshole.
- What?

Relax, we can work it out.

You ain't gonna get off
that easy.

Fuck off, bastard!

Get lost!

Get lost!

You gonna help me?

What for?

We're in a nice pickle,
all of us.

- Where you going?
- To dance, where else?

I wouldn't go if I were you.

Look over here.

The Shark's in the jeep
with the cops.

Strike me dead if it ain't true.

Listen, you got nailed on
the Vagrancy Act once,

don't push your luck.

It's better if they don't see you.

You want good seats?

You ain't gonna like it,
but you'll learn.

- What's your name?
- Raimundo Medrano.

Get in the shack and don't
move from there.

All right, where's your son-in-law?

Let him show his face!

Get going! Knock down that
pile of shit!

- You can't stay.
- It's illegal to build.

Don't make it harder,

get out!

- Come on, ma'am, get out.
- I ain't moving!

Let's get it over with.


Don't touch my baby!

Knock it down!
I've had enough of this!

To hell with the shack!

What are you waiting for?
Tear it down!

- Goddammn son of a bitch!
- Easy...

Come on. Let's go.

Let me go!

You can come back tonight.

Come on.

I live here with Cune, my wife.

Don't she look smart?
Just like me.

He's the Castillian's son,
you're related.

- What's your name?
- Eleuterio.

You're the eldest.

- We're cousins.
- What do you mean?

I'm Ismael's daughter,
Ismael the King.

See? We're all family.

Add another plate,
he's gonna eat with us.

Let's go for a beer.

Greetings, Raimundo and company.
You're late.

- My pal had a problem.
- He looks scared.

They tore his shanty down.

- Two glasses of wine.
- You got no place to shack?

They almost shacked his hide
in the cooler.

- You're a tinner?
- He's Cune's cousin.

We're all tinners here,
except Oozy.

- Right, Oozy?
- Tinners,

filchers, guzzlers,
that's what you are.

Give us filchers a bit of ham...

and some of that sherry
you keep for the cops.

Take it easy,

they just come here for a drink...

and don't pay, damn them!
Right, Oozy?

Cops, coppies, filchers,

- Guzzlers all of them.
- Sucker!

Cheer up, pal!
Nobody died.

Look at the bright side,
come and live here.

Our neighborhood's the safest
of all.

Cops don't even stop here.

They cruise just for show,

but never search the houses.

I spent it all on the shack.

Last week,

all hell broke lose...

about some gypsy girl's cherry.

One stiff, eight wounded.
No cops.

They don't bother us none.

This ain't for me.

I want to live in a real house.

You're mad.

You're gonna pay to live
in those shitty blocks?

Houses are cheap around here,
just wait.

How's the rental business this week?

Christ, that sucker's funny.

He says Gypsy's taken back
a shanty...

that's he's willing to rent or sell.

The Gypsy owes us favors,
we can talk to him.

- I'm in a hurry.
- Me too.

Wake up, it's past noon!

Come on, move!

You sure like sleeping, in a bed.

Hey, come here.

No ways, I gotta do the shopping.

And they won't give me credit.


That's it. Raimundo lent it to me.

You got drunk three times
this week.

Weddings, christenings,

always something.

Come here...

Come on...

- Lie down a bit.
- You gotta be kidding.

He'll turn out hornier.

You're a real pal.

A pal that can be trusted.

I'm real soused but I don't care,

you're the best pals I got.


bring out some of the cop's sherry.

I'm gonna tell you something.

About a month ago, I was in town,

I passed a jewelry store...

and my mouth dropped open.

The place was full of watches,

bracelets, rings, solid gold.

The weird thing is it was closed.

You mean closed?

Yeah, closed.

I tried the handle.
It was lunch time...

So they were out for lunch.

- So what?
- The shop was closed.

- You're thick, man.
- It was closed.

Oozy, you got long ears.

Come on, have a drink,

you get prettier than Errol Flynn.

He drools all over.

Up yours, guzzlers,

damn guzzlers!

You're so dirty you'd cut
your arm off not to wash!

Who needs a damn race car?

Nothing can beat a Bugatti!

Stop. Raimundo!
Turn around!

- This one's even better.
- Why's that?

Look at it, it's full of stuff.

- Keep your eyes open.
- See if it's locked.

There ain't nobody.

Ten past two.

What do you say?

It's easy as pie.

Put it in first gear.

- Watch out!
- Bastards! Sons of a bitch!

Goddamn our luck!

- You're hurt?
- Where did he come from?

- Didn't you see him?
- After he was on me!

- He came out of the shop.
- Impossible.

It was empty.

He came out of the shop.

- And he started shooting.
- I'm the one who shot.

What do you mean?
With what?

- This.
- Come on...

You come loaded and don't
even tell us...

Cool it, nothing's happened.

- Like hell!
- Nothing.

I shot in the air.

He went after me.

What could I do?

Gimme the stuff.

It ain't much.

You think I'm holding back?

Nobody said anything,
just relax.

Maybe some dropped off
my pocket during the ride.

That's it.

Scratched coin, the watch.
The others split the rest.

You first.



Everybody home.

José Mari! Can't you see
he's smaller than you!

- Where were you?
- With Raimundo.

- It's a bit late to eat!
- We went for a ride.

I've eaten.

I went to Luri's to hear the radio.

Three guys robbed a jewelry

and killed the guard.

They're gonna be in big trouble.

I don't care what the Paris papers say!

Keep all journalists away,

both Spanish or foreign!


Give me a briefing.

There's unrest on most campuses.

The Madrid and Barcelona ones
are on strike.

Numerous arrests have been made,

especially students.

Some of them come from
important families,

they don't like it.

Even the bishops have complained.

Do the Monsignors want to
be persecuted again?

It looks like it.

What's that?

Armed robbery on a jewelry store.

Three young men on a motorbike.

They killed the guard.

Blow this one up big,

it sounds good.

The robbery took place at 2:30 p.m.

The thieves, in broad daylight,

threw rocks through the window front...

grabbing bracelets,
rings and watches...

through the broken glass.

One of the witnesses clearly saw...

the unarmed guard...

rush out of the shop...

and shout for help...

from the people on the street.

One of the thieves immediately...

shot him pointblank,

killing him instantly.

That can't be. I shot in the air
to scare him.

I didn't aim.
That's another robbery.

The delinquents acted in cold blood,

were badly dressed,

and between 20 and 25 years old.

They got away on a Montesa motorbike...

with Madrid license plates...

starting with number 356.

What do you say now?


All that for a shitty bracelet!

Come on, what's done is done.

We gotta face it.

And we better keep our mouth shut.

Don't try to sell the stuff.

We all lay low and stay out of sight.

What is it?

What's wrong?

- Something's going on...
- Nothing, damn it!

Chelo, close the window.

You ain't gone out for six days.
What's the matter?

I don't feel good.

If you done something,
I better know.

What in the hell you think
I've done?

It's nothing.

I just don't feel good.

Go open.

Ask who it is.

Is Eleuterio home?

Come in. You sure got a long face too.

You two got into some kind
of trouble.

How are you?

Let's go for a beer.

- You told Chelo?
- What for! To worry her?

- I told Cune.
- Christ!

Relax, man.

Cune's got a head on her shoulders.

Agudo's the one that worries me.

He's been drinking like a fish.

His tongue'll loosen one
of these days.


it's better to be prepared.

Let's take the wives and the kids
and spilt.

How? On foot?

I've seen a van, they want
350 bucks for it.

We could pay for it on installments.

Without a driver's license.
What if we get stopped?

I could get one easy.

I'll take lessons and pass
the test next week.

How? You can't even write.

All I got to do is sign.

- Look.
- Jesus Christ!

What do you say?

With that and 5 bucks,
I can pass.

- Enough.
- Let me try again...

That's all for today.
I can't waste time.

- Didn't you have an Impala?
- No, I got a Bultaco.

Let's hope you pass.

You can try on Monday
and skip a week of classes.

If you fall, it's not my fault.

- What will it be?
- Two beers.

A brandy for me.

Where are all your customers?

Well, you know how it is...

At this time of day...

I'll be right back.

Forget the test, peglegs
are jinxes.

Christ, what a dummy you are!

Don't move!

Medrano, one move and you're dead.

What the hell's going on?

Is this a hold up?
My name's Alvaro.

Be a good boy and put your hands up.

I haven't done nothing!

Stop or I'll shoot!


- Is she hurt?
- What happened?


Stop that man!

Let me go!

Let me go!

What are you doing?

- Turn him over!
- I ain't done nothing!

His hands!

Hold still!

I ain't done nothing!

Spread your legs!

Spread your legs, I said!

In the car.

Hey! You're forgetting his shoe!

Two thieves resist arrest.

A seven year old girl...

dies in the shoot-out.

The thieves had robbed
the jewerly store.

Medrano, a dangerous man,
is still on the run.

Agudo, the third one,
has already a heavy police record.

If you didn't shoot,
then who did?

My back was turned.

Did you hear that?

His back was turned...

Fairies are always ready to show
their backside.

Stand up, faggot!
Don't show your arse!

We don't like your kind!

Hang in there,

you fucking bastard!

I'll cut off your balls,
your bitch will like that!

Cocksucker! You're a damn degenerate!

He's playing dead.
He thinks we're idiots.

Let him be!

Can't you see he's half dead?

Get out.

I'll stay with him.

Does it hurt?

Of course it does.

It won't happen again.

I gave them a good talking to.

Come on, stand up.


I'll help you.

Want one?

You can't take it...

Sorry, I'm not allowed to take off
your handcuffs.

You have to tell me something first.

Not much, just enough to start
your statement.

Try to understand...

We're just doing our duty.


We're going to be good friends.

Let's see, to start with,

tell me where Medrano is.

If we find him, it will all clear up.

He fired the shot, didn't he?

I don't know nothing,

I swear I don't.

Al right...

We know there were three of you.

Tell me who the third one was.

I don't know nothing...

I don't know...

Lute, Lute...

You're in for a hard time.

It's like playing drums.

Don't laugh!

It's been a week and nothing.

This bastard is pushing me
to the end of my rope.

Fairies like this kind of stuff,

and our boy here is one
great big fairy.

Just look at his arse,
see how wide it is...

Lute, baby...

who killed the guard?

I didn't see nothing.

I didn't!

Come on,

come closer.

I want to watch you lie.

Lute, say a few words for the press!

Say something, Lute!

Take their handcuffs off.

Didn't you hear me?

All right, sit down.

Sit down.

Raimundo Medrano,

you admit having robbed a jewelry shop...

whit tow other men
on the 5th of May,

located on Bravo Murillo Street...

and that a guard was killed...

during the course of the events?

Very well. Now, my next question is...

Who fired the shot?

Did you hear me?

I'll repeat it...

Who shot the guard?
Which one of you?

- I don't know.
- You don't know?

Didn't you tell the police...

that Eleuterio Sanchez
had fired the shot?

Don't waste time.
Speak up.

I was on the bike.

I didn't see the shot.

How should I know who fired?

You mean to tell me...

you didn't see who had the gun?

Tell them the truth.

You know who fired.

Tell them.

You. You fired.


You ratify the statement
made to the police.

Eleuterio Sanchez,
alias El Lute,

fired the shot that killed...

He didn't do it.

Agudo Benítez did,
it was him.

Why did you accuse
Eleuterio Sanchez before?

I don't know...

I thought he was dead...

I'm sorry, Eleuterio.

The thieves will be sentenced soon.

Dead penalty for the two thieves.

Medrano's wife gets 15 years.

The third crook...

has been arrested.

Death penalty for the third crook!

- Crime?
- Armed robbery.

We won't see each other again.

I wish you luck.

I want to shake a real man's hand.

Face the wall.




to die.


Death penalty...



You'll be a widow soon.

And my son, an orphan.

Shut up and eat.

I'm going to die,
I'm going.

I don't go to go.

I don't want to die.

Why kill a man so young?

I haven't done nothing.

I just broke a window...

I want to hold you,

to kiss you,

to touch you,

to sleep with you...

I can't do anything,

I'm going to die.

Open up!

Open the door.


Murderers! You won't get me!

I'll kill myself first!

You won't garotte me!

They ain't gonna kill you!

They won't!

They won't kill you!

Lute, you're the best!

His Excellency,
Generalissimo Franco...

has commuted the death penalty...

to 30 years of imprisonment,

which cannot be reduced
by reprieve,

amnesty or parole
of any manner.


you must sign.

30 years for breaking a window...

Why should I sign here?

It means I agree?

You don't know what you are saying.

Sign it and don't make
us waste any more time.

Can I see my wife?

You're not listed as married.

What about Medrano?

Forget your pals.

Heard of the Fugitive's Law?

- I didn't hear you.
- Yes, Sir.

Bear it in mind in case
you get strange ideas.

The prisoners will tell you
some wild tales.

But since I've been here,
no one's ever escaped.

No one, you hear?

Take him away.


This is for you.

I had forgotten you
were illiterate.

I'll briefly tell you what it says.

Your common-law wife,

is in jail.

The sun is necessary...


it can burn.

On seeing each other,



There never was...

a naval battle...

in Navalcarnero.

Naval battle?


Dear Consuelo, I am writing...

because I heard...

that you had got out,

but I don't know...

why you were in the cooler.


- What a housewife..
- I can't wash,

that's why I keep them
for months.

They must stink.

You bet they do.

When are you getting out?

Five weeks.

It's true you're here for
helping a pal escape?

Can't you think of anything else?

Like what?

I'll be 54 when I get out.

I'll kill myself first.

Let's go see what's going on.

What's the joke?

Paco's been telling us what
he saw...

in the stables the other day.

It's real funny.

- Tell them.
- All right, I will.

Work was over and I was
going to the stables.

I walked in real quiet,
and guess what I saw?

The farmhand was screwing the mare!

The poor thing moved around
neighing like so...

Come on, I don't believe you.

It's true, I swear it on my parole,

he was screwing the mare
and enjoying it too.

At least it's a female.

Ten years without pussy's driving
me up a tree.

I jerk off more than a monkey.

At least mares have real cunts.

Forget it, a goat's much better.

They're tighter...

When you stick it in,

they look at you so...

Eleuterio, I'll get you out of here.

Here, you better keep this.

It works, I swear it does.

You only have to wait for your chance...

and some pals to help.

- Consuelo Garcia?
- Follow me.

Two doors further up.


- What is it?
- I'm Rufino.

Eleuterio's pal, didn't he
write about me?

Halt! Who goes there?

Who goes there?

Shut your face, you bastard!

Your number!
Gimme your cell number!

Like hell I will!
Shut your trap, I wanna sleep!

Son of a bitch!
Show your face!

Shut up, sucker!

Show yourself!


Show yourself so I can shoot!

Try jerking off,
it relaxes, pig!

When are you getting out?

The 12th, but you got no balls...

I don't?

I'll wait for you at the gate,

you hear me?

That day, I'll be at the gate!

You bet I will!

My son...

He came to see me, but just
to say he was sorry,

that he can't do no more for you.

He says he's scared
and wants to live in peace.

Tell that wimp to keep
his word,

to do what he promised,

to quit screwing around.

Tell me what I have to do.

I'll do it for you.

It's a man's job.

I want you back, baby.

It's really important for me.

If you don't, things are gonna
be real bad.

Chelo, I swear I'll get out
with our without help.

I'll get out.

I can't take it.

Quiet, it's very dangerous.

Chelo... you look so pretty...

I want to see you,
to touch yo...

to hold you so bad...

I go crazy thinking about you.

Open up your blouse...

Stand up a little...

It's worth it, even if I go
to the bull pen.

Chelo, if you ever hear
I'm on the run,

go to Salamanca.

You hear me?
To Salamanca.

Did you tell him?

Take me home.

New trial against Medrano.

Prosecutor: A child died
because of him.

El Lute goes to Madrid
to testify.

Hands up.

Higher... higher.

Spread your legs.

Stick out your tongue.

Lift it.

More. Move it to the sides
of your mouth,

left and right.

Close your mouth.


Open it again.

Close it.
Lower your arms.

Raise your hands.

See this?
They're for real.

Make a move, and you'll look like a sieve.

Got that?

You're not man enough to
leave my kids fatherless.

Let's go.

Here, grandma.

Yes, ma'am?

There's no room anywhere.

Could we sit here?
We're going to Palencia.

Come in, sit down.

Don't move. What were you
going to do?

I wanna blow my nose.

Fine, but next time,
tell me first.

One false move
and you're dead.

We already warned you.

Didn't your grandma
tell you to sleep?

You heard her, go to sleep.

Can I smoke?

Can I, Can I... You sure
got fancies...

You're supposed to say:
"May I?"

Where are they?

Don't move.

You don't have many left,

better go without from now on.

We're not here to wait on you.

Want a smoke?

You know you're not supposed
to talk.

- Would you like some?
- No, thank you.

I'm thirsty.

That's the trouble
with sardines...

May I go to the john?

Do you have to go now?

I've been holding it for
a while now.

Is it urgent?

Real urgent.

Let's go,

but watch it.

Stand up.

Come on.

I'm gonna make a run for it.

- What did you tell him?
- He's pulling me, Sir.


Get In.

- What about the hands cuffs?
- Get it over with.

Tell him to hurry.

You're not finished?

I've got the runs.

- I'm finished.
- Well, get out.

Just a minute.

All right, let's go.

Is it much longer to Palencia?

Half an hour, ma'am.

- Like some?
- It's against the rules?

What about those poor men?

I'm talking my grandson
to his folks.

He's been very sick,

but a few weeks in the hills
did wonders for him.

The air's very healthy there.

It is.

Are they too tight?

A little, Sir.

They look all right to me.

Where are you from?

You wouldn't know it,

a village near Cabuerniga.

I was stationed there when
Juanon was on the run.

That scoundrel sure gave us
a lot of work.

You were in Cabuerniga?

- What year?
- In 1956.

Then you met Sergeant Maldonado...

Of course I did!
What a man!

We used to hunt together,

he never missed a shot.

Say you have to shit.

He was only thirty eight
when he died.

Say it or I'll kill you.

Please, Sir,

I gotta shit.

Can't you talk better than that?

You could have gone before.

I didn't have to then.

He looks sick.

All we need is for him
to do it here.

Here we go again.

Come on.


The alarm, damn it!

Where's the alarm?

Halt or I'll shoot!

I'm free! Free!

They can all go to hell,
the bastards!

To hell I'm free!

Free! I'm really free!


They're for real...

You've been granted a pardon.

Do you hear me?
A pardon.

It's only thirty years,

El Lute jumped out the door,
not the window.

He used a pin to pick
the handcuffs.

The Civil Guard is looking
for El Lute everywhere!

El Lute's tracks have been lost.

The search for El Lute continues.

No news of El Lute.

El Lute is still free.

Six days have gone
since El Lute escaped.

This is where he jumped
from the train.

We believe he's headed
to Salamanca.

Salamanca... León...


We're convinced he's within
this triangle.

The area is covered by
five hundred men...

called in to reinforce
our regular forces.

The fugitive is alone,
hungry, probably wooded.

He'll be caught in a matter
of hours.

How did you get those cuts?

It's nothing.

I felt with the cattle.

Careful they don't get infected.

I ain't worried.

It's not the first time.

Well, I'll try to be careful.


- What will it be?
- A brandy.

There's a gas station around here?

It's closed.

The nearest one is two miles away.

Another one.

I've always been real lucky.

My wife waiting for me,
she's pregnant,

and I ran out of gas.

Ask them.

Excuse me...

You got gas for a bike?

- What kind of bike?
- Vespa.

Sure, we got some.


What's this?
There isn't anybody.

He won't get far.

Don't move.

Stand up!

I can't.

Stand up or I'll shoot!
Hands up!

- It's broken!
- Broken?

I'll show you it doesn't matter.

Cool it or I'll let your have it, pig.

Call the others.

You're right! It's him!

It's El Lute!

At ease.

Didn't you see his arm?

Take off his handcuffs.

You're El Lute.

The famous Lute...

You're brave and bold,

you jumped the train and
made it all the way here.

You got balls!

Clean him up.

Call a doctor for his arm.

He must meet the press.

The district attorney...

called for the following sentences:

Five years for escaping from jail.

Two months for stealing a chicken.

Two years for stealing a blanket.

Seven years...

for theft of use of used clothing...

some cheese and an I.D. card.

Seven years for robbing a bike.

Eleuterio Sanchez was given...

fifty years in a federal penitentiary...

where his only way out...

would be in a coffin.

It wasn't quite that way.

But that's another story.