El Jeremías (2015) - full transcript

The story of a misfit and extremely bright little boy, after he finds out he's a genius, he struggles to succeed despite the ignorance and poverty of his family. And being only an 8-year-old boy, he has to anticipate the most difficult decision of his life: What does he want to be when he grows up?

Why did you leave me?


I don't deserve this!

Why? Why?

No, darling! No!

Have you noticed nobody
speaks ill of dead people?

Honey, you're so weird.

And a sissy.


Be quiet! I can't hear anything!

Ever since I can remember,

I have had more questions than answers.

Sleep, my bah!

Sleep, my love

Or the Boogeyman will eat you

Really? Why would they think that singing

about a monster who eats children
will get me to sleep?


Why do they think little children
don't need privacy?


why is great-grandma mute?

She's not mute.
One day, she just stopped talking.

At first, I thought,
"Dear Lord, she's going nuts.

"Or worse, she might be like Licha,
that senile lady who used to get naked..."

I think more people should give up talking.

The police had to go and get her.

It was such a fuss to bring her back.

Mom, is it true that the world is warming up?

- Aren't you afraid?
- Afraid of heat? Of course not!

But the Poles might melt
because of global warming...

Sweetie, don't you worry about those things!

We'll fix the air-conditioner.

Dad, how come Pluto is no longer a planet?


Of course it is!

Jesus, boy! Don't believe
all the things you see on TV.

Imagine if that reincarnation thing were true.

What would you want to be in your next life?

Damn, kiddo, you're cuckoo!

He should be outside,
playing with other kids.

As soon as he starts school.

Mark my words:
they're going to bully him.

I would have.

But why?

My dad was never more right.


Hurry up!
You're going to be late again!

I don't want to go to school anymore!

- You have to!
- Why?

-'Cause you need to learn things!
- I don't learn anything.

'Cause you're stupid!

Why aren't you wearing any underwear?

I'm not that stupid!

I want to be a veterinarian.

Very good.


Are we going to have class?

Wait for your turn to speak, okay?

Sugei. What do you want to be?

A singer, like the people on The Voice.

So, what do you come to school for?


It's bad manners to interrupt
your schoolmates.

What? We're all here to learn, aren't we?

If she wants to be a singer,

shouldn't she stay home and sing?

So, what do you want to be
when you grow up?

Usually I was the one asking questions.

That will be your homework.

- You were my friend!
- He never loved you!

Shut up, bitch!


You make a better door than a window!

All I knew for certain was
[didn't want to be like them.


What are we celebrating?

Can't I cook my son's favorite breakfast?

Do you think we are good parents?

I guess so.

Our son is a weirdo,
but we love him anyway.

I was thinking

that I could get

a nice job, but I'd have
to finish high school first.

What does that have to do with anything?

Why don't you work as a maid?

My mom could ask her boss

to get you a job with one of her rich friends.

I'm telling you that
I want to do important things!

I already clean here!

I need my diploma,
so Jerem?as can be proud of me.

We're broke!

And you want me to spend money
on books and exams? No way!

- It's worthless!
- It's not!

Don't be stubborn, woman!
Pass the syrup!

Don't feel bad, Mom.

48% of the population
don't finish high school.

Moby Dick
From the monstrous images of whales

Why did the chicken cross the road?


To show everyone he wasn't a chicken!

- What fish only swims at night?
- What?

A starfish!

- Where do polar bears vote?
- Where?

The North Poll.

What a dummy!

Don't, Chamuco!
I don't want to!

I don't care, dude!
You have to sell it!

What's your problem?


I'd read once that in case of danger,

it is more effective to yell "fire" than "help."

Get him! Go, Rancio!

Get the bikes!


Watch out, kid.

Nobody told me the circus was in town.

Look at those monkeys!

You can't catch them any uglier.

What? What?

What's up?



Forget about them!

Back to your cages!

Look! How about that?

What's up?

Nobody wants to be goalie.
Do you want to play?

You again?

Come here, kiddo. Come.

Sit down and pay attention.

Watch howl kick this tio's ass.

This uncle's name is Felipe.


With a

- Why do you call him "tio"?
- That's how you say it where I come from.



I'm Enrique.

My name is Jerem?as G?mez Sanchez.

Nice to meet you.

My pleasure.


"The Uplifted."

- What?
- Like Jeremiah.

Jerem?as could mean "The Uplifted."

Chocolate is mine.

Hey! What's up?

Did you fall out of bed?

It seems he wants
to go to school, right, honey?

I have two new friends.


Enrique and Felipe.
But we call him "Gelipe."

Are they in your class?

No. They're a little bit older than me.


Are you okay?

A fact of life:

in the end, everyone leaves.

Our wives, our friends,

EVE? OUT chess mates.

But the truth is,
you never get used to it.

"The life of the dead is placed
on the memories of the living."

Do you know who said that?


You're a smart child.

You have a good memory.

I can play chess with you, if you want.


Thank you for coming. She doesn't
even want to go out anymore.

Is it because great-grandma is going to die?

Before I give you Communion,

I would like to tell you about
the Sunday sermon.

What? Everybody is going to die.

Only some will die sooner.

When the priest said

that God created mankind in His own image...

On the contrary, in its pride,
mankind created God

in its own image.

- Sacrilegious!
- Shut up, kiddo!

Don't talk nonsense!

I think they lacked imagination.

It would be better if they said
that God is an alien, wouldn't it?

An alien?
Are you out of your mind?

Tell that to the Scientologists!

Don't listen to him.
He's just a child.

Children like you will burn in Hell.

Damned kid!

How embarrassing!

Really, he said that?

I didn't say that.
It was Nietzsche.

- Who?
- Nietzsche.

Bless you!

How do you want me to punish him?

Do I force him to have fun?

Should I tickle him to death?

In front of those women!
What are they going to think of me?

I would've loved to see
those old maids' faces!

Do you think it's funny?

You're grounded!

Go to your room.

You can't do anything you like!


Go play outside! And don't
come back until it gets dark!

That's your punishment! Come on!



Where did you learn that?


Do you see him?




I won!

I wish Enrique were still alive

so that you could beat him!

Jerem?as, I was thinking I would like
to meet your parents.

My parents don't know
that I've been coming here.

They don't even know what chess is.

Honestly, they don't understand anything.

Perhaps I can help them understand you.

Good morning.

Excuse me, ma'am,
are you Jerem?as's mother?

A genius!

I don't think so.
We would have already noticed.

Your son has an extraordinary mind.

His teachers would have
said something by now, right?

I'm his mother.
I know him better than anyone.

Wouldn't I have noticed?

What are you doing?

I'm studying.

But Dad didn't give you permission.

He doesn't have to know.

Are you lying to Dad?

It's a white lie.

It won't hurt anyone.

MATH 101 - GED

Don't you think zero is a funny number?

If you divide zero by zero,
you can get any number that you want.

Five, 11, 26,


It's a paradox.

Really? He brought a friend?

What was he like?

Like 80 years old.

They play chess.


We have to report that asshole!

What? Maybe he did something to Jerem?as
and that's why he's such a freak!

Damn old fart!
I'm going to kick his ass!

It's not like that.
He seems like a nice person.

He talks funny.

How do you think child abusers look? Huh?

Even that Sunday morning
show guy might be a pedophile!

"Put your hand in my pocket, buddy!

"Grab the prize, buddy!"

That's how they convince them!

No normal adult likes to spend time
with somebody else's kid.

God, how dirty-minded!

He's the owner of that bookstore
near Hidalgo Square.

He says Jerem?as is an extremely gifted child.


A genius kid.
Those boys who are really smart.


No way!

Jerem?as is not a genius.

He told me there's a test
to measure how smart a person is.

He even offered to pay for it.


If anyone's paying for my son's test, it's me!

So we have your permission, then?


We can't waste our money
on nonsense, honey.


Do you really believe that Jerem?as
is one of those whiz kids?

- Like those kids on the news?
- Why not?

Sometimes you're so...

Naive, to say the least!

I want you to come
straight home from school.

I don't want you to hang out
with that old pedophile.

Don Felipe came to see me.

- He said you're super smart and...
- Stop, stop!

Don't put ideas in his head!

You are not a genius!


- Shouldn't you be at school?
- Do you think I am a genius?

What do I have to do to know for sure?

- What are you looking at?
- Nothing.

I was thinking, if I'm a genius,

I must have gotten it from you.

Well, my dad was very smart.

I just need you to sign this.

This way, we'll know.

If your dad finds out, we'll get in trouble.
You better ask him.

He doesn't need to know.

I'm not gonna lie to your dad!

It's a white lie.
It won't hurt anyone.

Which image from the right goes
in the missing space on the left?




Yes, I'm his father.

It's paid?

Okay. Thanks.

This is weird.

They said Jerem?as's test results are ready.

So you helped him?

Darn it, honey!
I can't believe you!

And I can't believe you don't want
your family to improve!

How can you just ignore this?

This is on you!
The kid will only get disappointed.

Why can't you just listen to me
once in awhile?

I'm very glad to inform you,

Jerem?as is exceptionally gifted.


Holy cow!

How much is this going to cost us?

So hot dogs?

A movie, maybe?

Come on, let's go to the movies.

Can I print something?

Twelve for color prints,
three for black-and-white.


Mexican genius kids

Come on, let's go out tonight.

Or anytime you want to.

Federico Fomi.
Psychologist who works

with exceptionally gifted children in Mexico?

Who is this?

"Aztecs found an eagle on top of a cactus

"eating a snake

"just like their god Huitzilopochtli
had told them.

"So they founded Tenochtitlan there,

"which became Mexico City."

Does anyone know the meaning of "Mexico"?

What about you, Jerem?as?

Don't you know it?

I suppose now that you're a genius
you're bored with my class?

- Should I repeat the question?
- No, thanks.

I heard your question,
but I don't know the answer.


How can this be?

Because you haven't taught us that.

And it's not in the book.

What I can tell you is,

Tenochtitlan was founded in 1325

and the Aztecs came from Aztlan.

That's on page 88.

If the genius can't answer,
the others are surely doomed.

I'm a genius, not a psychic!

I always knew that I was different,
but now I knew why.

I could do anything.

Starting today,
I'm going to be self-taught.

Self what?

What do you mean?

I'm going to study on my own.

You're not going to go to school?

Shit! I want to be self-taught, too!

Did you know Einstein
was kicked out of school?

I don't care about that "lnstain"!


What, honey?

He can't do whatever he wants!

We, ordinary people, don't think
like Jerem?as does. He should know.

You'd better not be lazing around!

Forty-five times two,

times 10,

times three, divided by five?

Five hundred and forty.

Twenty-four thousand,
four hundred and ninety-two

times two minus 540?

Forty-eight thousand
four hundred and forty-four.

May I go now?

I always knew my son was kickass!

What do you want to be when you grow up?

- You could be a doctor.
- Maybe an astronaut.

Yeah, sure!
As if there were Mexican astronauts.

He could be the first one!

Of course there are Mexican astronauts!

- But you know, space...
- A businessman!

Like those guys in the magazines.

Maybe a computer developer.
Those guys earn a lot of money!

We can sign him up
for one of those Q8=A TV contests!

We'll win for sure!

It doesn't matter.

The important thing is this kid
will make us rich, right, son?

You're going to step on me!

Okay, then.

Good, Rancid!

Look, dude!
The gifted kid!

I'm gifted, too.

Wanna see?

Stop there!

So are you going to pay us or not?

We lost a lot of money 'cause of you.

You have to pay us back.

Show me the money.

I don't have any money.

We're going to beat the smart out of you!

That's physically impossible.

Maybe with a baseball bat.

If you beat me up,
I won't be able to pay you.

He's here!


Aren't you going to your room?

Everybody pitched in.

It's got Internet and everything.

I'm going to pay for it.

What do you think?

A smart kid like you needs
the best technology, right?

Thank you!

What about a printer?

You want it all.
And you get it all.

Federico Forni: specialized in
exceptionally gifted children in Mexico.

Dear doctor...

No, not "dear."

Doctor, my name is Jerem?as G?mez.

I live in Hermosillo, Sonora.

I took an IQ test recently.

I scored 160.

My family doesn't understand me,
and I want to show them

that I can be an important man like you.

Why are you so nervous?

Where are you going?

To play chess with a friend.

Don't be such a nerd!
I'll introduce you to some cool friends!

Come on, let's hang out with my homeboys.

- What?
- You'll like them.

And we also have some business to do.

What's up, Tomas?

What's up, super brainiac?

You know each other?

They're the gang that extort me.

What? Come on!

Hey, assholes!
Stop messing around with this kid.

Or I'll mess with you.

Yeah, right.

I'm done.

I'm done!

So fast?

Hell yeah! It would take a week
for this moron to finish it!

It's 220 pesos.

You said you'd pay me 20 pesos each.

But it was piece of cake for you, dude!

Anyone with your skills should do it for free.

Yeah, for free.

You owe us money, remember?

We'll subtract it from your balance.

Bring it on, Pildoro!

Get out of here!

Where were you?

Hanging out with some friends.

"Hanging out with some friends"?

Don't lie to me.

I was with my Uncle Ra?l.

Ra?l? I don't want you
spending time with him!

What's wrong with him?

You're better than that!

You have more important things
to think about, like algebra numbers.

Symbols. The point of algebra is
to replace numbers with symbols.

What? You think you're Mr. Know-it-all?

The thing is, you know very little.

Damn spoiled brat!

Why are you laughing?

I'm going to beat you!
Let's see if you laugh then!

I'm laughing because
you're insulting yourself.

You're the one that spoiled me.

It's not my fault I have a son like you!
I would give anything for you to be normal!

Go to your room!


Now, you brat!

Yeah, yeah, I spoiled you.

I'm done, Chamuco.

At this rate,
you will pay us very soon.

Very soon.

What? You wanna play?

Go on.

Wow! That's tight, man!

So tight!

He plays better than you do!

Doctor, have you ever heard
of a genius named Jim Morrison?

They say his IQ was 149.

And that he used to read
one book after another.

I'm going to be a musician, too.

He definitely had a better look than Einstein.

Did you know Jim Morrison
used drugs and was a genius?

But he didn't use heroin
because of his belonephobia.

Fear of needles.

Easy, you damn walking Wikipedia!

Boring alert!

Geez, I'm just kidding.

I know what I want to be when I grow up!

A famous musician.

Many geniuses were musicians.

And on the Internet, I saw many
genius kids who play instruments.

And do they get paid?

All musicians are junkies.

God didn't give you that gift
for you to become a satanic junkie.

But you don't really have to be smart
to be a musician.

I think you do.


All musicians are losers.

Maybe now people would see you and think,

"Look, a kid is playing!"

But that would end when you grow up.

You'll be just like an ordinary dude.
Just playing.

- Where are you going?
- To Pildoro's place to play.

I'm going to tell you something.

They got tired of you.
You're just a kid.

My bros told me it's over.

But they're also my bros.

Don't get things wrong!
They're my homeboys!

And no more homework to do.
It ain't worth it.

Get lost!

Mr. G, I don't know what I'm going to be.

I thought I wanted to be a musician,

but how do you know
what you really want to be?

You will know when you're ready.

I've researched what the most
famous geniuses have done.


All of them knew what they wanted
to be since they were kids.

Picasso started painting at seven.

What would you have done
if you had been a genius?

I would have owned a bookstore.

Maybe the point is very simple.

If you had not been a genius,
what would you have wanted to be?

Happiness is the ultimate quest of mankind.

Happiness isn't found by
always doing what you want,

but by always loving what you do.

Bobby Fischer is considered

the best chess player of all time.

At 13, he defeated
the World Chess Champion.

That match is known as
"The Game of the Century."

I'm going to be like Bobby Fischer,
the best chess player in the world!

Checkmate! Checkmate!

Don't think Hermosillo
is a good place to stand out in chess.

Did you know Bobby Fischer died at 64?

Sixty-four! The number of squares
on a chessboard!


We'll see what we can do.









He died alone, sick and exiled.

Why won't he answer?


All right, now!
We're going for the championship!

And on the beach, cool!

What are we going to do
with the money we're gonna win?

"We"? What do you mean, "we"?

Who is driving?

And your mom is covering
for me back at work.

Of course I mean "we"!
It's teamwork!

Or do you prefer to pay for the gas yourself?


I don't wanna play anymore.

Jerem?as, wait!
What's wrong with you?

You can't just leave like that!
This is not a game!

Definition of chess,
"A game for two players,

"each of whom moves 16 pieces..."

No. That smart shit won't work with me.

Let's go.

It's okay, you don't owe me nothing.

That's what dads are for, you know.

Dad, when you were my age,
what did you want to be?

I don't know!

I never had time to think about that.

My dad doesn't understand me.

My son doesn't understand me, either.

You have a son?

If1 Spain?


Since news reports over there
only talk about the violence over here,

he wants me to go back there.

I think it's time.


You are the boy genius.

A boy who is a genius.

Have you ever considered being a doctor?

I'm a first-year student,
and it's a great profession.

You can heal sick people.
And save lives.

Can you name a famous genius
who was a doctor?

Did you know Marie Curie was
the first to win two Nobel Prizes?

And that her discoveries
are still used in modern medicine?

I suppose you do.

I don't know if you read my emails,
but I'm going to be a doctor.

- What's up with you and Tomas?
- Who is Tomas?

A medical student.
He says I could be a doctor.

That's a good idea!

Doctors make good money.

There's always sick people,
and we'd get free consultations.

Not that kind of doctor.

I want to find cures for diseases,
not heal sick people.

My grandson, a doctor.

I'd be proud!

They don't admit children to medical school.

Like Marie Curie.

A century ago,
women couldn't study medicine.

And now, here you are.

First of all,

you have to get a high school diploma
and take an admission test.

That's impossible, unless...

It's possible.

Jerem?as's IQ is the same as Einstein's.

What they think his was.

If you are intelligent enough,

everything is possible.


Nobody has won a Nobel Prize
just wishing and hoping.



Oh, shit!

Jerem?as G?mez is an exceptionally
gifted boy who wants to be a doctor.

He's going to take some
of the first-year courses.

We ask that you treat him
like any normal student.

- Is everybody here?
- Yes.

Now, we're going to do a vertical dissection.

Is there a problem, Jerem?as?

I can't see!

Let's continue.

What's going on?
Aren't you going to college?

Do you know what I would give
to be like you and do important things?

"Important things"?

Get up.

I don't do anything important.

You're studying to be a doctor,
to heal people.

I don't want to do it anymore.

I'm going to tell your dad.

Do you want me to tell you the truth?

I'm afraid of blood, and I don't like corpses.

What's up?

You sneaky dog! I know about
your high school grade-cheating.

We're gonna be rich!

You do that computer hacking thing,
and I get the clients.

It will be great business.

What? Are you gonna chicken out?

Do you want me to tell your parents?

Your mom will be mad

and my mom even worse!

Put your feet down!

What a crybaby!

It's just a little tough love.

What did you do?

Maybe a piece is missing.

If you do this gig,
you can get a newer, nicer one.

You don't understand!
It's my best friend!

Such a wimp!

How can you be so mean?

What you gonna do?

I'm going to tell my dad.

Let's go, then. I have
a ton of things to tell him, too.

Come on, we're both gonna make some cash.

You'll see, nephew.

I've never had to say goodbye to anyone.

You can write to me.

You know,

many people in Spain,

instead of saying goodbye,

say "see you later."

Are you asleep?

I'm dead.

Don't say those things!
Don't you know it's a sin?

- Is dying a sin?
- No. Wanting to die is.

If I should die, would I go to Heaven?

Of course.

If Heaven is as cool as they say,
why wouldn't I want to die?

Nobody is going to die. Shut up.

- We're all going to die!
- Enough! God will punish you!

Why are you so sure that God exists?



Because it's something that you can feel.

I've been reading about Alan Turing,

a famous genius

who was a pioneer
in the creation of computers.

He was a brilliant man.

Despite that, people despised him

because he was gay.

He committed suicide,
eating a poisoned apple

like Snow White's.

Did you get it?

I'll give it to you on one condition.

Let me do the experiment with you.

Cyanide is very dangerous.

I know cyanide is lethal.

So I'm going to handle it with care.

I have a theory about chlorates and nitrates

that are used to purify water
that is polluted with lead.

If this works,

you would be part of the research.

What does Valium have to do with this?

Are you familiar with Alan Turing's work?

I'm just improving his technique.

Thank you, Tomas.

If suicide is a sin,
would I go to Hell?


Let me introduce myself.

I'm Dr. Federico Forni.

How are you?

Turing's prosecution
for homosexuality and death

Thank you.

Your son's IQ is one
of the highest I've ever seen.

Nevertheless, sometimes these kids
can show some signs of autism.

Not Jerem?as.

He already received his First Communion.

Ram, are you home'?

I wonder how long it will take.

After the interview,

we'll know if Jerem?as
is suitable for this project.

If he's interested.

Of course.

Of course.


Sweetie, someone is here to see you!

Jerem?as ate a poisoned apple!





Jerem?as, sweetie!

Wake up!

God, don't let him die!

- Are you here?
- Yes.

For real?

Einstein said...

"Man finds God behind every door
that science is able to open."


In the end, I just took a Valium.

Alter all, I believed a little bit in God.

Genius has always been linked to suicide.

It's not easy for a kid
to manage emotional dyssynchrony.

Jerem?as didn't get that far,
but this is a cry for help.

What I am trying to say is,

I'm a psychologist
who specializes in these kids.

And I want to help him.

Then, is Jerem?as going to be okay?

You know, healthy.

Do you know who I am?

Of course.

You're Dr. Federico Forni.

I got all your e-mails.

I was looking forward to meeting you.

Did you know Einstein's brain
is at Princeton University?

Did you know there are
several theories about

the meaning of the word "Mexico"?

I do.

"Place at the center of the moon"
is the most accepted.

That's right!

So how's your quest going?

Who is going to be
the next genius on your wall?

Can I ask you something?


When you were a kid,
what did you want to be?

Ever since I can remember,
I wanted to be a doctor.

My father,
who is also exceptionally gifted,

is one of Mexico's best neurologists.

And I always wanted
to follow in his footsteps.

He heals the brain in a physical way,
and I heal it from the inside.

My dad works in a convenience store.

I have to tell you, I'm really impressed
that you got your high school diploma.


Thanks, but don't tell my mom.

I don't care how you did it.

It only confirms that your
intellectual capacity is extraordinary.

Jerem?as, I'm here to help you use your talent.

- You can do anything you want.
- What if I don't want anything?

Then you wouldn't
have written those e-mails.

Am I wrong?

- Yes.
-ls it gonna be about me?

You're gonna write a book about my son?

That's right.

I'm writing my third book.

- A book about Jerem?as G?mez.
- S?nchez.

This book is about the research I'm doing

and there are other children involved.

- Children like me?
- Yes.

If your parents authorize it,
you'll spend time with them.

And is there some sort
of payment for this investigation?

Of course. Plus a bonus

because we're documenting
the process on video

to possibly make a documentary.

- Sorry for being redundant.
- Don't worry.

A documentary?

A movie.

And I would like to interview you, too.

Hell, yeah!

We're going to be famous!

Like the guys on reality shows.

Jerem?as, what do you expect
from this project?

Listen. You have to say
the first thing that comes to your mind.

Don't be afraid of being honest.


What excites me the most about
the project is making friends.

Other kids like me,
who I can talk to.

We, as parents,
have a feeling, you know?

Do you want a cool shot
of me with the pickup truck?


No, that's fine.

- Thanks.
- Are we done?

- Well...
- You were really good.

- I could be a good actor, right?
- Yes, yes.

- Thank you.
- Okay.

Well, now we'll start
the second part of the project.

I would like to take Jerem?as
to Mexico City for some lectures.

Obviously, everything will be paid for.

- On a plane?
- They can't go on foot.

On a plane, right?

Of course.

Cool! I've never been on a plane.

- I'm scared.
- Don't be silly, honey!

Let him take this opportunity!

Don't worry.
You don't have to decide now.

Discuss the subject and make your decision.

However, I'm going to need

your signature on this contract.

It's your release.

What for?

So you can be in the movie.

Sign! The doctor can't wait all day!

It's not Catholic to send
your children away with strangers.

One day, I'll travel on planes.
You'll see.

God knows what will be there.
Mexico City is like Sodom and Gomorrah.

Sodom and Gomorrah are two cities and...

Don't interrupt!

I can't allow you to send him there.

Those city slickers are gonna brainwash him.

I'm scared, too. We don't know
anything about that doctor.

I don't like him.

Those city slickers are going to corrupt him.

- And he...
- Okay, okay! Enough!

You're gonna scare him.

Jerem?as is going because he wants to, right?

Don't make a fuss!
This is good for all of us.


Hello? Hello?

Yes. No, no, we just arrived.

Yes, everything is going well.

Yep. Tell my assistant
to give you the information.

Take him to his room,
and show him the house.



Yes. I tell you, he is perfect,
just what we need.

Right! That punch we were looking for.

You should see his family.


You're going to sleep here.
Do you like it?

Is this room only for me?

I love it!

It's like being in a soap opera.

I have a huge bed,
and the mattress is so soft.

So he has a lot of money?

Tons of it!

He has three flat screens, a guest room

and a big fridge with a screen on it!

Ask him if he misses us.

Everything is amazing!

- Let me talk to him.
- Wait!

Are you ready to meet Ricardo and his dad?


I have to go. Bye!

Too bad, honey.

I want him to come back.

I don't get you.

First you wanted to prove he was
a genius and now you're jealous.

Come here.

We can take the bus and go there.

And we can stay at the doc's.

He said it's a big house.

Come on, don't be silly.

The ultimate genius is da Vinci.

He was a painter, sculptor, urban planner,

inventor and designer.

Besides, his anatomy studies
are still current.

He thought sleeping was a waste of time.

That's the role model
that I want for Ricardito.

Do you think if we don't
stimulate intelligence,

it may deteriorate?

I'm certain that

education is key in developing
abilities from a young age.

Ricardito has had special tutors
since he was three years old.

What are you laughing at?

Andres wrote something funny.

Where do polar bears vote?

The North Poll.

Kant offers a linguistic explanation.

Sartre considers it a phenomenon.

From Heidegger
to Neoplatonic philosophers,

they looked for a definition of being.

Is not Parmenides' definition
the most accurate

because he defined being
as the opposite of not being?

Knowing is almost not being.

By observing the subject,
Jerem?as G?mez,

a brilliant kid with a lot of potential,

we can see that intelligence is not hereditary

because his parents are far below average.

However, Ricardo Lecanda,
son of an eminent surgeon...

Don't say you miss him,
or any of that nonsense.

Ask him if we can go visit him.

If it were up to you,
you would sell the kid.

If that gets me out of here,
I might do it.

Well, the door is right there.


A call from home.


Honey, how are you?

I'm fine.

You love it there, don't you?
The doctor sent us a check.

We're so proud of you.

What's new?

Nothing in particular.

What are people like over there?
Really posh?

Tell him to ask the doctor!

The kids are real'! y smart.
They know a Jot of things.

They've read a lot.

And they play instruments!


And Ricardito's dad has
all the books you can imagine!

- His library is enormous!
- Ask him if we can visit.

He's a lucky kid!

- What is Dad saying?
- Nothing.


Son, maybe we'll visit you.
We'll stay in your room.

Why do you want to come?

You can't. I'm really busy.

You don't want us to come.
You're ashamed of us, right?

We won't take up space.
He won't even notice.

Mom, this is my chance.

I have to go.

What did he say?

I understand.

I want you to consider if we can...

Do you like chess?

My dad says it's a genius child clich?.

Nevertheless, he forced me
to play when I was a younger.

What does cliche mean?
I've never heard that word.

Do you know what they're talking about?

I'll be on the cover of the book.

- Only you?
- Yes.

If you want to be on the cover,
tell your parents to pay for his next book.

What's going on?

I don't feel so good.

I feel like throwing up.

It must have been all those hot dogs.

You eat like a dude, honey!

Aren't you afraid that Jerem?as
will stay there forever?

He won't.

He will, you'll see.

He will meet all those important people
you see in the papers.

Why would he come back

to be trapped in this house
the whole day getting bored?

Maybe it's you who wants to leave!

If I hadn't gotten pregnant so young,
I would have done a lot of things!

Yeah, sure!

Do you know what you want
to be when you grow up?

A doctor, obviously.

My dad has prepared me to become
the best surgeon in the country.

A businessman! Like my dad.

My dad always steers me towards finance.

And my mom wants me
to study political science.

So I'm doing both.

They say I can be the first
female president of the country.

Yeah, but what do you really want to be?

I'm not sure.

Are you done?


Did you finish school?

I think they made a mistake.
I passed tests that I haven't done.

Maybe you're also a genius
and you did it by telepathy.

What are you up to?


Those are the perks
of having a whiz kid as a son.

Tell me.

How did you do it?

You have to find a pattern.

Don't tell me how!

I thought God had helped me,
but it was you.

You wanted to get your diploma,
didn't you?

Yes. But I didn't need your help.
Do you think I'm stupid?

You had been studying for so long
and you hadn't finished.

What you did is wrong!

You know what?
You can stay there!

I hope you'll be happy
with all those intellectuals.

I hope my other child will be normal.

You went too far.

Look on the bright side.

You got your high school diploma
and saved a lot of money.

Now you can get a job,
like you wanted.

I'm pregnant.

I always knew it.

We, as parents,
have a feeling, you know?

ls that the documentary?

Are your parents smart?

My father is a genius.

Yeah, you told me.

What about your mom?

No, my mother is not.

The documentary is about that.

About how a kid like you
can have parents with a low IQ.

How someone so brilliant can be found
where you least expect it.

But the other children
know so much more than I do.

Do you want to know a secret?

Of all those children,

you have the highest IQ.


By far.

You are one of the most
intelligent people I know.

Well, I don't know so many.

I mean, you must have a high IQ, don't you?

Well, you may find this funny,

but I've never taken the test.

Let's go to sleep.
Tomorrow is a big day.

My father and the dean will be there.

They will offer you a full scholarship.

They'll pay for everything
so that you can live here.

Here? In Mexico City?

You will do great things!

What about my family?

You're not like them.
You will be better off here.

And you can send them money.

It's a win-win situation.


Thanks, Andr?s.

Well, as you already know,

the research that I'm doing

is being filmed.

So it's an honor for me

to present the first sneak peek
of our documentary.



IQ is measured with a test
with tricky questions, right?

Subject's average in a Gaussian Bell.

He invented something...

The light!
He invented the light, didn't he?

There is this guy...
What's his name? The...

The shaggy gill--

The ultimate genius is da Vinci.

Morrison! Yes, that dude!

A prodigy?

It's like something magic.

I find the human mind fascinating.

My son's mind is exceptional,
so I am always fascinated.


Was that your plan?

- What?
- To humiliate my parents like that?

Research must be impartial,
and that's what I'm doing.

- I didn't force them to do anything.
- But my dad trusted you!

Come on!
Your dad only wanted the money.

He didn't even know who I was!

All he wanted was to get paid in advance.

Besides, he signed a contract

authorizing me to use their footage
any way I want to.

You think you're better than they are!

Am I the one who thinks
I'm better than they are?

This is your chance to be someone.
Don't spoil it.

You know how many kids
would want to be you?

Do you want to be someone?

Victor Hugo said,

"Brilliance is an entity,
just like nature.

"It wants to be treated
in a clear and simple way."

There is a reason for everything.

It's the same thing with stupidity.

lam a genius child.

But tonight I am here

because of my parents' stupidity.

So that Dr. Forni can prove
that brilliance is not hereditary.

He's another example of this.

Because his father is exceptionally gifted.

And he's not.

What is the point of being intelligent
if I don't know what to be or do?

You can also use this footage as you please,

because I quit!

Sometimes you have to leave

in order to want to come back.


Why don't you worry about Ram'?

You can still do something
meaningful with your life.


Life is very long.

Whoever says it's brief is an idiot!

This is endless!

The early bird...

Finds all the stores closed.

Sometimes answers

come from where you least expect them.

I learned that you have to find your own path

to happiness.

In life, as you correctly said,

you have to love what you do

and love what comes your way.

Mr. G, I still don't know what I want to be.

But now I know what I am.

A kid.


Those kids are your friends?

Like Einstein said,

"The most important thing
is to never stop questioning."