El Dorado (1988) - full transcript

The film tells the epic story of an expedition that took place between 1560 and 1561, headed by Pedro de Ursúa, in search of "El Dorado." The territory they explored subsequently became Colombia. Three hundred men sold their property and souls to travel down the biggest and least known river in the world. After the rebellion of Lope de Aguirre (who took over command) against Philip II, the king of Spain, this expedition became one of the best-known episodes in the conquest of "The New World." Accompanied by a team of all types, Lope de Aguirre's adventure will end in tragedy, exposing the full range of human miseries.

Under the reign of Felipe || of Spain

the quest for El Dorado began in 1560.

In Santa Cruz de Copocavar (Peru).

Still in bed?

Up you go!

Hurry, child!

Does El Dorado exist?
- Of course!

Else, why would your father
embark on such adventure?

She arrived last night.

Did you see her?

Is she beautiful?

She wore a shawl.

You didn't see her face?

You didn't see her hands,
her ankles?

Her hands.

They were very white...

fine and delicate.

That can't be, she has
mixed blood too.

Where is she?
- I don't see her.

Captain Alonso de Esteban?


Why isn't Dona Ines here?

We'll wait.

The Governor!


An expensive whore, that's
what Ines de Atienza is.

Eighteen years ago...

a Spaniard...

Francisco de Orellana...

followed the river to the ocean.


one of his captains...

Alonso de Esteban...

will act as our guide.

He saw the Amazons...

that guard El Dorado's gates!

He touched...

with his hands...

its boundless treasures!

The Brazil Indians
will come with us.

They have forded the
great rivers!


will lead us to the land
of the Omaguas...

and to El Dorado.

And I promise...

that in this voyage...

to conquer...

and people...

we shall fill our hands...

with gold of El Dorado!

To El Dorado!
- El Dorado!!!

And now...

in the name of God...

and his Majesty Felipe ll...

King of Spain...

I shall proceed to
launch our ships!



Juan Corzo!

Juan Corzo!


Why? How can this be?

The wood rotted..

Bugs and dampness...

we waited eight months...

too long, Your Excellency.

I am not to blame.

How soon can a new one be built?

Three or four months.
- We can't wait.

Launch the others!
Captain! Drums!

And the brig? How will it
fare, Master Corzo?

Is it any safer?

On these treacherous waters...

I'd recommend an Indian raft.

Captain Garcia de Arce!

Your Excellency.

Take thirty men and one of the rafts.

And scout for food ahead.

Gather as much as you can

so that when I arrive
with the main body,

we may continue with no delay.

Wait for me at the
Cocama River crossing.

Your Excellency!

Let's go child.
Let's go!

27th of September 1560.

The loss of some boats left
us with no room to spare.

Only the best twenty
seven horses...

could come aboard.

The rest remained...

in Peru withe their expensive harnesses.

Part of our cattle
was also left behind...

pigs and goats that were to breed...

all of which had cost us dearly.

But none of this seemed to matter...

as the guides said,

that within a month...

we'd be in the richest
land on Earth.

To El Dorado!

Let's go!

Let's go!

We advanced but half
a league on the first day,

as we had much to do
before our departure.

The following day, we
passed some whirlpools,

before entering the plain,

that, they said, reached
the Northern Sea.

Do you want the doctor?
- No...

I just have to wait it out.

It's the same old fever,

it's not serious.

You're so beautiful.

You're so beautiful.

You must rest.
You haven't slept yet.

How can I sleep with you here?



Can't I rest a little?

What do you want?
- It's important.

Come in!

Sorry, but we've reached
the turning point.


And what does Garcia de Arce say?

There's no sign of him
and his boats.

Nothing at the river crossing.

Cover yourself!

You should have left Elvira
in Peru, Aguirre.

She goes where I go.

If something were to happen
to me, take care of her.

We grew up together, didn't we?

But I have other things
on my mind now.

What things?

Ursua's weakness.

Two tits pull harder
than two horses.

To maintain power, one must
give up certain things.

I'd give up many things,

for a woman like Dona Ines.

Not if you had so many

The Brazil Indians told me,

that the jungle becomes so thick,

one can't even see the sun.

They say there's an
enormous river,

with water as dark as coal.

And then, little by little...

the trees become sparser,

the darkness turns

into a more intense light,

the color of gold.

This light increases until
it is blinding.

Uiracuru says,

it is like being in Heaven.

What was that father?

I am afraid.

What was that father?

Nothing, go to sleep.

Who screamed?

Just a wild animal.

I am scared.

Don't leave me alone.

I'll stay with you...

Don't worry.

Go to sleep.

Close your eyes...

Close them.

I can't get the rust off.

I told you to clean
the metal every day

because of the dampness.

Everything rots here.

Take care of your weapons
like your life.

The whole river was filled

with a sound like an earthquake.

A huge wave covered the ships

and drowned some of the men.

There are giant snakes further down.

Some are so long
they have no end.

Is that true father?

If Alonso Esteban says so...

I saw them child, anacondas...

They devour anything they find.

There are plants there that eat meat,

human and animal flesh.
If you touch them

they devour your hand.

There are playful and buxom sirens,

the "Manatis”, that weep like children.

There are neck-less men,
their faces here,

there eyes, their nose and their mouth.

And the Amazons!
- That's right!

We were attacked by
the warrior women.

They're brawny...

and walk around stark naked.

With nothing on?


They hide their privates
with a bow and arrows.

And how do they shoot,
my good friend?

Each one is worth ten
Indian warriors.

Their queen is called
Calafia and her country


Leave us Elvira.

Did you not hear me?

Time changes all.

What used to be no longer is.

Don Alonso...

I believe dampness
is weakening your brain.

Too much thinking.
- Too much drinking.

We are weak when faced by
temptation, my friend.

There live the Indians!

Further down...

If we follow the rivers on the left,

we'll find gold,

and a golden colored lake.

Get ready to fight!

La Bandera!



Come on!

They were killed by
arquebus and crossbows.

There are no Spaniards among them

The Governor!

Garcia de Arce?
- They are all Indians.


We found it in that hut.

Who does it belong to?


Go into the jungle
with some men.

We'll wait here.


disembark all that's necessary.




Why walk into this
inhospitable jungle?

Aren't our lives more worthy,

than this useless effort?


Don't leave me.

Never leave me.

Why do you say that?

I'm afraid.

What of?

Never leave me. Never.

We abandon ourselves
to the slow-running river.

On both sides,
the impenetrable jungle.

We lost hope that it would change.

The vegetation was always the same.

The same water,

the same sky.

Sleepiness and boredom

took hold of us.

You're not getting away.

A nice catch.
- Yes sir.

We'll eat well today.
- Yes.

There's something...
- Let's see.

What's this?

My God...

It's part of a medal
of the Virgin.

Let me see...

It's Spanish gold.

How did it get here?

Pedrarias. Get Uiracuru
and captain Alonso de Esteban.

After 15 days there's
no sign of El Dorado.

Only some cheap gold rings

and a medal from someone
eaten by an animal.

With all due respect,

wouldn't it be prudent to go back

and not continue on?
We still have time.


Where's El Dorado?

Where is El Dorado?


But where?

El Dorado...

There... there!

How far?
How many more days?

- What do you say captain?

Our journey has but started.

That was an arquebus!

Over here!

Over here!

Zalduendo! Valcazar!

Give me some food,

I beg you.

Why did you disobey

and not wait for me as I ordered?

I beg of you,

give me some food.

What happened at the Indian village?

The Indians betrayed us.

We had to teach them a lesson.

I beg of you, give me some food.

Feed him.

I feel Sire, that it
would be madness

to continue under these circumstances.

We best return than die in these lands,

where only suffering and cruelties

await for us.



what happened to Captain Garcia...

should make you reflect.

My lords! Captains!

Aguirre! Zalduendo!
Guzman! La Randera!

Alonso de Montoya,

feels we should abandon our quest

and return to Peru.

Who agrees with him?

We have undergone
too many hardships!

Who agrees with me?

Those that wish to return to Peru

raise your arm!

No, not you!

Yes, I!




didn't you agree?

I changed my mind.

No one will return to Peru!

We have just started!

Those that are boys, today will age,

discovering these lands.

Are there no provisions?

We'll find some! If not,

we'll slaughter the horses.

Our mission is to conquer El Dorado!

We shall not return 'till we do so.

To El Dorado!

Take the discontented!

Montoya and Duarte will row
instead of the blacks.

Let them take us to El Dorado!

Not Duarte,

I beg of you, Ursua.

I'm sorry, Fernando,

Duarte will row,

there'll be no favors.

The men are growing restless.

They whisper that El Dorado
is not for us...

that the Viceroy wanted
to remove dangerous men

from Peru.

They're not mistaken.

The Viceroy breathes easier
with his rebel captains

as far as possible.

There's discontent,
you must be careful.

Garcia's failure

has done much harm.

Who are they?

Who are they?


many disapprove of
Montoya and Duarte rowing.

Why not be generous and free them?

What else do they say?

That it was a mistake to bring Ines,

that she has made you change.


That she dominates you,

that she decides, not you.

How beautiful...

I know they all covert her!

Zalduendo, La Bandera,


they all want my place!

I would never tell this
to anyone but you,

my good friend.

I am tired...

and ill.

I'll never return to Peru.

This may be the river of
death and not life,

I'll follow it until
my strength gives way.

There's no El Dorado?

What does it matter?

What does it matter!

It's too late to give up a dream.

He doesn't speak to me!

How can man as worthy as Ursua,

who vanquished the Musos,

who fought and defeated
the wild blacks,

bow so shamelessly to that half-caste?

We should have gone
inland long ago.

Did we not come to conquer these lands?

Yet, we do nothing

but drift with the current!

He's become sad, irascible.

He no longer greets me.

He speaks to none, invites none.

He cares about nothing but eating,

drinking and fornicating with her,

while we suffer hardships.

Always with that half-caste!

Where are his promises?

Has he kept any?

Was he not going to raise our ranks?

He has humiliated all Spaniards

by forcing Montoya to
row like a slave!

Better hang him than shame him thus!


what do you think?

If this goes on,

what will happen?

We're lost.

I can't get used to the mosquitos!

They are still biting.
- It hurts!

It hurts!

What is there to eat?
- Manioc flour.

It makes my belly ache.
- It's poison!

That's all there is.

On your feet!

Dress yourselves!

Pick up your gear!


Infantry at the ready!

Zalduendo! Aguirre!

Get ready for combat!


Hurry, damn you!


Move! Move!

Hurry! Hurry!
- Get ready!

Back there!
- Hurry!

Didn't you hear me?

And up!


Come on!

Damn noise!

Captain La Bandera!
Roll the drums!


Whenever you please, Sire!



An arquebus!

Mistrust the Indians, Sire,
they're treacherous.

We're surrounded,
Your Excellency.

Captains! Protect the Governor!

- Infantry!

Come on! Come on!

Hold your fire!

These savages understand
nothing but strength.

Hold your fire!

Lower your weapons!

We thought you could be

the new field-master.

Don Fernando will be
lieutenant general.




Pedro de Ursua, Governor
of El Dorado,

may God forgive you.

Pedro de Ursua, Governor
of El Dorado,

may God forgive you.

To the New Year!

May 1561. bring happiness to all!

And may we discover El Dorado!

To our King, Felipe II!

Health, love and gold...

and time to enjoy them!

Back in Navarre...

in the Baztan Valley...

on the French border...

there must be snow...

The fields will be white,

and the mountains...

the mountains lost in the mist...

It's the loveliest
place on Earth!

Do you not miss our
land Pedrarias?

Not really.

Nobody awaits me there.

And I did not bring good
memories with me.

I like it here.

Juan de la Bandera!



Happy New Year...

- To you too, my friends.

Will you toast with me?

What is it?


Be quiet...

if you want to live!

The tyrant is dead!
Long live the King!

Vargas is dangerous.
- And Pedrarias!

Leave him to me.



If you want to live, stay here.

Don't move.

Anton! Munguia! Follow me!

Spread through the village
and take all weapons.

Only you, my faithful soldiers

and your chiefs will be
allowed to carry weapons.

You know your duty.

Soldiers, follow me!

The tyrant is dead!
Long live the King!

Long live Felipe II!

Long live the King!

Vargas is dead, Sir.

Long live our leader,
Fernando de Guzman!

Long live the King!

Long live liberty!

"Pedro de Ursua did not
do his duty.

Presumptuous and brutal,
he almost provoked a revolt

that would have
ruined our effort

in the search
for El Dorado."

What do you want, Madam?

A Christian burial for
Don Pedro, Your Governor.


Have Ursua and Vargas
buried together.

As they were friends in
life, so in death.

The ceremony will
follow this meeting.

"For this reasons, we
had to put him to death.

Our only wish was
to serve the King.

To find and conquer this land.

Settle it,

and to divide it
among your men."

Date it,

the first day of the year 1561.

Give it to me.

Now, gentlemen...

We will sign this document

to show that what was done

was approved by all.

Diego de Valcazar.

In the name of my
King, Felipe II.

What are you doing?
That's enough, Aguirre!

Here it says:

Lope de Aguirre, traitor.


you think the King
will pardon us?

Haven't we all killed
the King's Governor?

All of us are
traitors to the King.

I'm not a traitor!
- I signed in my King's name!

Ursua's death was
in the King's service!

Gentlemen, let us
accept the facts.

When the King of Spain
finds about this,

we'll be hunted
down as traitors.

There are no traitors here,
Lope de Aguirre.

We've served our King.

If there is a traitor,
we'll punish him.

One rotten fruit
destroys the rest.

Calm, gentlemen!

This is no time to argue.
Put away your swords!


We'll sign this.

All of us!

Each one can write
what he likes.

I swear it, Pedro.

I swear it.

Six days after the
Governor's death,

we left in a calmer mood.

Although some still thought
of going back to Peru,

giving up all hopes of
finding El Dorado,

most believed it was
best to continue.

The glow of gold erased
the pain and hardships.

But our strength was put
to the test once more.

One of our boats sunk.

Three men drowned

in the river.

With much effort

we managed to save a few horses

but the waters swallowed

most of our belongings.

Providence had it that
on the morrow

we reached an Indian village

where we tried to reorder

our battered forces.

Get the horses out!


We cannot repair the boats.

They're eaten by dry rot.

And the brig?

Some boards have to be changed.

Make haste, Master Corzo,

we cannot stay here forever.

Garcia de Arce,

Pedro Hernandez,

and others whose names I ignore,

will stage a mutiny
to return to Peru.


When the brig is ready.

What was that?

What child?

And you, Don Alonso,

did you not hear a wild beast?

Dear child,

no tiger, no lion,

snake or tarantula,

equal man.

He's the fiercest of them all.

You have called me...

Be seated, Aguirre.

It is not lack of courtesy
on my part, but my leg...

I prefer to stand.

I demand an explanation.

Why have you murdered
your comrades?

We are all murderers,
you first of all.

That is untrue!

Why did you recklessly
murder men,

who have proved their
loyalty to Spain

and his representative,
Don Fernando de Guzman?

Those men whom you call loyal,

were planning to kill you.

I have witnesses.

They'd have usurped power
and returned to Peru.

Is that true?

Even so,

their punishment was

Restless men are dangerous
on such journey.

I've had enough,
Lope de Aguirre, enough!

You are the one who
covets power!

Crime flows in your blood!

Until when?

Aguirre will lead us
to a disastrous end!

You had no right to kill them.

Although I were in danger,
you had to consult me.

You no longer are
my field-master.

You do not deserve it.

Don Juan de la Bandera
will replace you.

Record it.


you'll be in charge
of the horses.

I shall severely punish
the least disobedience.


Lope de Aguirre must die!

He is embittered and
a danger to all!

He is our enemy!

We cannot have a poisonous
shake among us!

Many men are willing
to die for him.

Do not make him your enemy.

Too many have died already!

We shall watch him closely,

Zalduendo shall.

Everyone, get to work!


Work, or I'll make you
sorry you were born!

What are you waiting for,
you black fool?


Work, I said!

We're Brazil Indians. We came
to take you to El Dorado.

Not to work like slaves.
- And where is it?

There. Further.

Further! Further!
Always the same!

With less cruelty,
we'd already be there.

Everyone to work!


You decide!



Captain Juan de la Bandera.


Let her be!

What do you want?

You would not be armed?

What do you want, Ines?

My mourning is over.

Ursua died a month ago today.

Have you already forgotten him?

No. No, I have not.

Nor have I forgotten you
were one of his murderers.

Have you come to
make reproaches?

It was necessary, Ines.

You were blind and saw nothing.

While Ursua led us
to disaster and death,

you adorned yourself and
listened to songs.

This is war, Ines.

Ursua was ill.

He did not love you.

He used you as he did
the rest of us.

Did you know he was
engaged to a Spanish girl?

From Navarre, like him.

He never would have married
you, he was too vain.

And you?

Would you marry
a half-caste?

Why not?

I can do many things for you.

I came to ask for your help, Juan.

Zalduendo constantly prowls
around my hut.

Every night he asks me
if I changed my mind.

He says he cannot
live without me.

But I loathe him.

Are you with us, Munguia?
- We're both from Onate.

And Garate and Zubiria?
- I'll speak to them.


After him!

He mustn't escape!


Are you hurt?

Who sent you?

Who sent you?

No one...
- Speak up!

Who sent you?

Will you spare me?


It was Juan de la Bandera
who sent me.


But he tried to kill you!

I always keep my word.

I spared your life.



I said I'd spare his life
once, not twice!

Kill him!

Kill him!

Why do we have to live here?

Tell me, why?
- Your father said so.

We'll be safer here, child.

Orellana had one eye.

Father. I don't
want to live here.

You'll do as you're told.
Go help Juana.

- So...?
- Orellana had one eye.

He lost an eye
when he was young.

So he only saw half
the world around.

I heard Orellana
killed six Amazons.

Who says so?

Frey Gaspar de Carbajal?
- Yes.

He only had one eye.

Midsummer Day, 1542.

He got an Indian arrow
in his eye.

On that expedition,

everyone had one eye.

Some had one eye,
some were lame...

Some were drunk...

Some were Basque.

Or what's worse,

the majority of them,

used only one half
of their brains.

That expedition was hell.

And this one...

This one's on its way to hell.

Unless someone,

takes the bull by the horns.

From sudden death...

Free us, oh Lord!
- Come on, Alonso.

Friend Alonso...

El Dorado?

El Dorado is...

farther than the mountains
of the moon.

Farther than the
valley of shadows...

Do you love her?

Do you love Ines?

Why don't you ever speak to her?

She frightens me.

Was my mother
as beautiful as she?


I must speak to you.


I'm glad to see you.

Can we talk?
It's important.

Guzman sees it was an error
to name him field-master.

He regrets it.

He's ready to consider
your return.

It's too late for that.

After the killing the Indians
La Bandera has no friends.

And we have no food.

Power's gone to his head.
He's despotic and brutal.

His friends hate him.

They hate his pride.
You know what they call him?

The brave little girl.

He's braggart from Madrid.

You and I are Basque.

- So was Pedro de Ursua.
- No.

Ursua was from Batzan Valley.
He was French.

What do you want me to do?

The men love and respect you.

Only you can convince them.

They'd die for you.

What do we do to Dona Ines?

She will be for me.

Power to you, Dona Ines for me.

That's the deal.

Would Guzman accept the crown

of the Kingdom
independent from Spain?

I made a mistake.

The worst part is the
he wants...

to Kill you.


Because of Dona Ines.

What has that half-caste
to do with me?

She does not forget...

that you were Ursua's friend,

you ate together,

you slept together,

even when there were
beds to spare.

How do you know?

That woman dominates La Bandera.

He would do anything
she asks of him.


wants to avenge Ursua's death.

She swore it.

My daughter Elvira heard her.

What do you think?

La Bandera covets power.

He wants to kill you.


My Lord!

What madness has overtaken us?

Everything is death
and destruction!

What can be done?

Invite him to a card game.

He is a good player,

although he brags.

Our lives depend
on your behavior.

Fulfill your orders, my friends.

Ten, seven...

Seven to the queen.

Here's seven...

and seven more.

I take with the queen.
- Twelve more.

I pass.

Captain Juan de la Bandera.

Captain Juan de la Bandera,

may God forgive you!


One moment, gentlemen,
one moment!

There is something
I want to say!

To see our venture through,

two conditions must
be fulfilled.

Once we fulfill them,

law and authority will
be on our side.

We will then be able
to fully carry out...

the difficult task
we have set upon.


we must repudiate Spain
as our country...

by saying...

and acknowledging...

that king of Spain...

Felipe ...

is not our King!

And, accordingly, henceforth...

we need not to pay him homage.

You owe obedience to
your King and the church.

What do we do here?

What are we doing here?

Why we have come?

Are we not conquering
these lands

with our blood?

We do not have to
share our conquests...

with a King...

who is so far away from us...

and who worries so little...

about our problems.

The second condition,

is to elect someone,

to govern the Kingdom of Peru.

Who should it be?

Someone whose qualities
we all approve of.

That is why I propose,

that the man to rule us,


Fernando de Guzman!

Let Fernando de Guzman be...

our only King...

and natural Lord of Peru!

Long live, Fernando de Guzman
the King of Peru and Chile!


our beloved Prince of El Dorado,

of Peru,

and Chile.

Of what is due to us
as Prince of Peru...

and Chile,

we want;

our officers to receive...

10,000 gold pesos.

Our captains will be given...

20,000 pesos...

of twenty two and a
half carats each.

Hereby recorded,

signed by Don Fernando de Guzman,

Prince of firm Land, Peru

and Chile by the grace of God.

What really presses now,
dear Prince,

is to feed our men.

Food is scarce
and the men complain.

The horses must be killed.
- No!

Not the horses!
- What use are they?

We have no use for them on
the river or in the jungle.

How do our boats fare?

As you know, the rafts
are useless.

We cannot repair them.

And the brig?

Two weeks.

Ten days perhaps if we all help.


The same jungle, the same river.

Always the same.

We must now reach the ocean,

to stock up,

and recruit men to go to Panama.

We'll kill the horses.

Make way!
- Make way!

No animals!

No animals!

Come on, make way.

No animals!

Only what's necessary.

Come on, hurry up.

Only what's necessary.

It's Captain Zalduendo's luggage.

Tell Captain Zalduendo
there are no exceptions.

Aguirre, I can't leave it,
it keeps me company.

It can't be Gomez,

if we took pets, there'd
be no room on the brig.

Goodbye, friend.

Did you refuse to embark
my luggage?

We must all fit on
the brig, Zalduendo.

Luxuries must be forgotten.

Enough, Aguirre!

You're insolent and treacherous!

I'll speak to Fernando.

He'll decide!


Can I speak to you?

You go ahead, Juana.


Come with me.

You and I have much in common.

So many days together and
yet, we are strangers.

We have much to talk about.

I wanted to speak to you,
to know you,

but your father always
kept you away.

What did she want?
- Who?

Come on! You know
very well who!

What did she want?

She gave me this necklace,
do you like it?

She said...

you had gone mad...

You believe her?

Do you believe her more than me?

Do you?
Look at me!

I am your father, we have
the same blood...

I am half-caste.
- Can't you see?

If I am mad,

so are you!

She said you were cruel,
that you Killed needlessly.

We are alone,


No one will help us.

The weak ones die.

We must be strong, Elvira.

Trust me, I know
what I am doing.

I keep no secrets from you.

All I want for you to be happy.

You are all I have!

Nothing or no one will
stand between us.

You and |I...

will be together...


Yes, father.

Is it a promise?
- Yes, father.

What else did she say?
- Nothing more.

Leave my daughter alone,
Dona Ines,

she is but a child.

She is a woman,

a handsome woman.

Why do you avoid me?

Why do you shun me?

Guzman has called
his closest men,

to find a solution.

Remorse is Killing him.

Guzman repents of having
killed Ursua...

and having challenged the King.

He is willing to surrender
to the authorities.

And Zalduendo,

your lover?

He wants to beg the
King's pardon too.

You do not love him.

I never have.

Why do you live with him then?

You loved Ursua!

A half-caste can be
used and discarded.

Not for me.

We sailed for eight
days and nights...

without stopping.

We passed some villages
on the river banks...

but our orders were not
to detain ourselves.

One of our guides said
Omagua was near...

the land...

where our dreams told us
El Dorado was.

But Aguirre wanted
to reach the sea,

and forbade us to
speak about it.

We followed a smaller
branch of the river

until we reached
an Indian village,

where we halted to
take provisions,

Ask him where the others are.

In the jungle.
- In the jungle?

El Dorado?

Ask him about Omagua.

But that is where we come from!

In the jungle.

Register the huts,

collect food.

Dear Lord, they are cannibals!

How can anyone be so barbarous!?

They eat human flesh!

The Lord protect us!

Double the guard!

All armed men will keep watch!

Is that clear?

This is...

This is Jesus,

the only God.

Jesus is the only God.

The God of love

and mercy.

This is Jesus.



The wrath of God!

Drink it.

It is loathsome...

but better than nothing.

The wrath of God.

We'll soon reach the sea!

It is near,

I can smell it.

We have conquered much land!

We have seen many things!

We are wiser, Aguirre!

Much wiser!

Yesterday’s dream...

is fading.

Would we not be hunting a ghost?

Come here.

I have heard,

interesting things.


Zalduendo and Montoya...

plan to kill you on
the morrow...

with the blessing of
this kingdom's Lord.

Montoya too?


has no friends, my good Aguirre.

What are you doing
here, Aguirre?

Finish your prayers.

My Lord,

forgive me for I have sinned.

Leave, Dona Ines.

Let bygones be bygones.

I am still your friend.

Friendship and respect
do not exist in war times.

Words are shameless as
those you pronounced...

only deserve death.

You are mad!


No... I defend myself!

Don't kill me!
I've done nothing!

Be quiet!

I am your Prince!

Do not obey this murderer!

Obey your Prince!
- Kill him!

Kill him!

Son of a bitch!

My love...

My love...

My love...

Fernando de Guzman came
from Seville.

He was born 25 years ago.

He was a gentleman,

and like leading
a peaceful life.

He was virtuous and
hated cruelty.

His command as a general...

and later as a Prince,
lasted five months,

until the 22 of May 1561.

What is it?

We have orders.

What does Aguirre want?

What orders?

Francisco! She must not escape!
She must be killed!

I don't want to see him.

- Calm down, Elvira.

I hate him!

He is not my father!

He is a murderer!

I hate him.

I hate him.

I don't want to see him.

Let none be shocked
by what happened!

Such deeds are brought
on by the war!

God knows that only by
killing Guzman...

could I save my life...

and thus fulfill the
goal of our expedition!

Henceforth, I shall rule you!

I shall be your Prince of Liberty!

Prince of firm Land,
Peru and Chile!


We'll not rest 'till Peru is ours!

Long live our Prince!

Long live Lope de Aguirre!

In my kingdom,

there shall be no slaves.

As we are all born the same way,

let us be equals!


Blacks, Indians,


will be my friends,

as the Spaniards are.

You, Martin Perez,

who has been my
faithful sergeant,

I name you field-master.

Juan Corzo,

ship builder,

I name you admiral of the seas.

My quartermaster...

will be Lope Arana.

Ramon Valdes,

will be Captain.


Pedro Donquia.


of my homeland.

Is Captain of my troops!

My friend Alonso Esteban...

You, Franciscno Carrio,
and you Anton Moso,

will always be at my side,
as counselors or the realm.

And if anything happens to me,

God willing it won't...

You will continue the mission

That I have begun.

Pedrarias de Almesto,

have you written all that?

Yes, Aguirre.
- Read it to me.

Starting where?

"You, Francisco Carrion,
and you, Anton Moso,"

"You, Francisco Carrion,
and you, Anton Moso,

will always be at my side,
as counselors of the realm.

If anything happens to me,
you will..."




I said, "If anything happens to me,
God willing it won't..." Right?

That: "God willing it won't.”

Now I want to write a letter.

You may go, thank you.


Felipe ll, King of Spain...



Listen, Spanish King,

Felipe I,

do not be cruel...

or ungrateful with your vassals.


while you live...

in the Kingdom of Castile,

on the other side
of the ocean...

far away from us...

and trouble free,

your vassals have given you,

shedding their blood and
through great effort,

the many kingdoms and dominions...

you have...

in this part of the world.

Listen, Lord and King,

you cannot bear your
crown in fairness...

in these lands we have
conquered ourselves...

and where you have
never set foot.

We go hungry...

but ask nothing of you.

We ask no graces, King of Spain,

in Cordova,

in Valladolid...

or anywhere in Spain,
for it belongs to you.

Stay there forever,

and leave us here...

where God belongs to all,

where there is justice, reward,


and Hell.

Let me by!

I am fine, it's nothing!



We have reached the sea!

We will go to the
Margarita Island,

and then to Panama.

From there,

we will conquer Peru.

Call the surgeon!

Father, father!

We must lower the fever.
- Is it bad?

A fever from the
poisoned waters.

He'll recover.

Of course I will, you quack.


You have a high fever,
you must rest.

You'll be fine.

I am in charge now.


My daughter...

You have to drink it.

Move back!

You would not try
to poison me, Juana?

A bit late for that!

He shall rest.

This would make a horse sleep.

He sleeps.

I never sleep.
- Dear Lord!


these are times of
violence, my friends.

What good is life,

if there is no end
to justify it?

We shall conquer El Dorado,

our hands will be
filled with gold.

Bur first,

we will rule over Peru.

You must rest, Aguirre.


Let him be. He must rest.


Don't leave me.

Don't ever leave me.

Don't leave me.
- I won't, father.

Don't leave me.

Don't leave me.

Don't leave me.

Lope de Aguirre,

Prince of Freedom,

may God forgive you.

Lope de Aguirre,

Prince of Freedom,

may God forgive you.

One year and a month
after our departure,

the troops loyal to the King

defeated and killed
Lope de Aguirre,

finding his daughter's
lifeless body,

stabbed by her own father.

Lope de Aguire was
beheaded and quartered,

his head was exhibited in a cage

and shown to all so that
his perverted memory

would not sink into oblivion.

Equally, it was ordered,

that all the houses
he had lived in

were to be razed to the ground

and that the lands be...