El Demonio de los Andes (2014) - full transcript

Clara is killed before her wedding by an entity called Jarjacha who kills people at night. The task of the friends is to find out what it is and destroy it.

This film is based on real testimonies of people who had encounters with "Jarjacha".

The character is not the invention of the producers, this demon lives in society.

He is among us.

Look how beautiful.

- I have six flowers.
- How nice.

Fuck it, stop.

I like the way this flower smells.


The foreman's sons are kissing. Now they are a couple.

It's getting dark, let's go home.

Girls ...






- Mother!
- Aunt!

Let's go from here.



Mom, what is that?

- It's the devil!
- Grab him.

Samantha, what are you doing here? Enters.

The Demon of the Andes.

Shit job.


I quit this job.

I'm sick of this job.

And now I do resign.

Are you going to quit again?
This is the third time you quit.

It seems that even that you cannot do well.

Well, I briefly inform you.

You resign in writing, but you can be
reported for abandonment of work.

Or did you not know?

I don't care, my father is a judge.


We had arranged to go out later.
You already forgot?

Do you really think this was serious?

Bye girl.

You're an idiot Daniel.

Little man.

Daniel, are you leaving?
Won't you sign your way out?

Yes, I know it. He wrote me and sent me a virtual card.

- We have to give her her bachelorette party.
- Yes, but I don't know how to do it.

I have failed two courses at the university and I have to pass them anyway.

- Teachers suck, Samantha.
- Go to bed with him and it's over.

No way.

I'd rather die a virgin.

- I don't know how you'll do Alexandra, but you have to be here.
- Of course.

What happens?

I don't know Samantha, there has been something
that scares me for a long time.

It's probably because I saw a horror movie yesterday.

The one with the boy who wears a mask.

I am scared about it.


You have suggested yourself.

Alexandra what happens?

A picture frame fell to the floor.

Mom, why have you left me?

- What was that?
- I do not know.

Someone shouted.

Oh shit!


Easy, Alexandra, it's me, Daniel.

It's me Daniel, calm down.

What are you doing here Daniel? What are you doing here?
Get out of my house.

It's just a joke.

Like yesterday's movie.


Are you crazy?
How did you get into my house?

The door was open.

You're an idiot Daniel.

I'm sick of you.
I'm sick of you following me

- I'm fed up!
- Again with the same thing?

Yes, again with the same.

By the way...

I'm going on a trip to Ayacucho, it's my cousin's marriage.

Yes, I heard.

- Don't you ever follow me like you always do.
- Okay, go to sleep.

Beware of the killer in the mask.


Samantha, you haven't enlisted yet.
What happened?

Cousin, have fun, I prefer to focus on this.
At your wedding.

Being the godmother at your wedding stresses me out.

I don't know when I accepted.

Oh how bad you are, thanks for what I have to do.

It's a joke.
I do it with pleasure.

It's good that they sent you to work here.

Without you I could have done nothing.

Really, thank you for being the godmother of this wedding.

Don't worry, I'm happy to do it.
I am more excited than you.

Today Alexandra arrives.

- That good!
- Yes.

What a real joy.
I'm glad she's here.

- Finally the three together.
- Finally the three together, of course.

Look at that ...

How lucky that man is.

What a beautiful woman.

What do you want?

I just want to dance a carnival with you.

What you think?

- What do you want?
- Didn't you like the song?

Get out of here.

I have more than 12 years in this town
and I have never danced its carnival.

Get out of here. Get out of here!

I fell in love with my wife while she was dancing her carnival.

But I'm ashamed to dance.

I dont understand this...




Thank you.

- Hello?
- With whom I speak?

- Lieutenant Jaramillo answers.
- But this is Clara Garcia's number, right?


The person that you are calling,
has been attacked.

How? Can not be.
I spoke to her this morning.

Yes Yes. I'm listening.

You come to the hospital if you have any questions.

Thank you very much sir.

Everything okay Alexandra?

All good?

Hello Samantha?

Doctor Fernandez go to surgery ...
Doctor Fernandez go to surgery.


- Why haven't you come?
- I was just about to go.

Look, I'm ready.

We have arranged to meet at 4 in the afternoon and it is already 6!

I know.

Eduardo, people don't have to see us together.

Not during the day.
Better at night so that no one suspects.

Damn, I don't care what they say.

Eduardo, what's wrong with you?

What will you do me?

I want you to tell me the truth now.

You love Me?

Tell me!

You have to leave the house
You understand me?

You and your children are leaving the house.

I'm not leaving home!

I'm going to stay here!

With them! This is my home too.

You do not understand?

No future awaits the boys here.

You have to take them to the city.

You enroll Eduardo in school.

And you take Carmen to the convent.

You take care of them,
you understand me?

While I stay here
taking care of the farm.

Look, Juana Vasquez ...

If you don't take them to town ...

I swear I kill you. You understand me?
I fucking kill you.

- I'm not going to leave them ...
- We are never going to separate Carmen.

- I'm going to stay with them.
- I am not going to leave you.

it doesn't matter what people say.

You're right.

I will listen to my heart.

Come on Alexandra.
Your cousin will come out later.

Are you crazy?

Clara is my first cousin.

I'll stay.

But, if you want to go, go.

Well, I stay.
How annoying you are.


- How are you?
- Everything is over, calm down.

Nada grave felizmente.

Good, Clara.

Now we have to wait a short time
to get you home. Yes?

Thank God you're fine, Clara.
You don't know the scare you gave me.

For a moment I thought the marriage
was going to be canceled.

Now I am more excited than ever.

Only three days to go.

You are not going? You are crazy?
It's your bachelorette party.

Please, Clara.

We will be there.


Samantha let's go.

It's Sebastian ...

... Clara's boyfriend.

Why did it come out like this?

Wait a moment. Yes?






Clara! Clara!


Be constituted immediately.

Over and out.

Tell me, do you know Sebastian's house?

Open the door.

Base, we have the boy.
We have the boy.

- Affirmative, approach base 2.
- We are constituted to that.

We continue to report on these strange deaths of various citizens...

... the perpetrators of which are unknown.
But everything indicates that it would be the same author...

... because the bodies murdered in different parts of the city
present the same characteristics of murders...

... bodies torn apart with extreme
and inhuman violence.

The probability that the misguided incestuous relationship
is being practiced in the Society is not ruled out.

Demon kills people in the city!

This is strange...

At autopsy, none of the bodies bore
any trace of human murder.

The bodies will be analyzed
by specialists...

- ... And we are going to send samples to Lima.
- That means Sebastian is not guilty.

They should set him free.


What happens is that...

... he is the only suspect ...

... and has to be detained until
the investigations are completed.

But as long as there is no proof,
they should let him go. They do not believe?

No no no. The law is the law.
Just lock him up.

We have seen him run out of the place.

Who else will it be.
He has killed her. No?

Don't open your mouth
if you don't know.


Could we see it, please.

- Only a moment.
- Insurance must be in the jail of the judiciary.

It's not like that? Chief.


No, the prosecution has not given the order
yet and the boy is here with us.

Then we can see him, please just a few minutes.

Well OK.

You are going to see it, but one of you
will have to stay here.

- It's okay.
- Thank you.

Samanta come on, Ale is going to stay.

- You don't even know her, you idiot, you stay.
- Stop!

Come on Alexandra.

Over here please.

Believe me please, I didn't.

I swear I didn't.

Sebastian, tell us what happened.

We need to know what exactly happened
so we can help you.

You won't believe it Samantha.

It may seem silly to you.

The moment I got home ...

… She had the music blasting.

I went to the bathroom for about ...

… Two or three minutes.

I do not remember exactly.

When I come back…

… She was…

… Lying on the bed.

Above her there was something very strange ...

… That thing was not human Samantha.

I went to the kitchen and took out a knife to defend it.


… It was gone.

The strange deaths, so far are a mystery ...

The police authorities rule out the presence of hitmen ...

... or narco terrorists,
as the authors of these crimes.

For his part, the mayor announced
at a press conference ...

... that the national police
and members of citizen security ...

Samanta, what are you doing here?

Go inside.

On the other hand, one of the relatives of the murdered said ...

What's up Alexandra,
why are you coming in like this?

I'm afraid Samantha ...

- Something very strange is happening here, I don't really know what it is.
- And Daniel?

He is sleeping in his room,
nothing wakes him up.

Stay here then.

For our part, we make a call for calm and tranquility to the citizens.

Clara …

… What are you doing here?

I want you to do me a favor.

- What happens?
- You have to save my soul.

Before the fifth day of my death.

Jarjacha has condemned me.


Clara, that doesn't exist.

Sebastian saw it.

And he will be his next victim.

After him, you ...

Because you are the only one who
knows about all this.

- Are you kidding. Truth?
- Do not…

Samantha, you have to save my soul ...

Jarjacha has condemned me.

What's wrong Samanta?

Who are you?

- It's me, Clara
- Do not.

- It's me Clara, believe me.
- No, you're not Clara.

- It's me…
- You're not Clara!

You are not Clara.

I am Clara!



Samantha ...

What's wrong Samanta?

Samantha ...

That is not real, it is just a dream.

Yes Samantha, it was just a dream.

Samantha ...

Those things don't exist.

They are beliefs of the people.

You understand me?


… I will do my best to help them.

It's over there.

I already said no!

I can not!

I can not.

Besides, that demon is vengeful,
and he will come for me.

I can not.

Master …

Master, I am asking you please.

I beg you, we will pay you everything
you ask for.

But please help us Master.

I will not be able to miss.
I can not.

Please, Master.

Only you can help us.

I beg you, master.

Do it for Clara's soul.

I beg you, master, help us.

Only you can help us.

Please do it, for God's sake.

Do it so Clara may rest in peace.

For the love of God, do it.

Please Master.

Please help us.

It's okay.

It's okay.

I can not do that.

I'm not ready.

I'm going to tell you ...

… what do they have to do.

But they must not tell anyone.

Nobody, Master, don't worry.
Just tell us.


You have to go out of town.

On the way to Lima.

Also your cousin ...

... will continue to grieve ...

... As long as that Jarjacha exists.

If they don't kill that satan ...

... she will continue to grieve.

On the way to Lima there is a town ...

... his name is Patara.

Nearby ...

... there is a place called Demon Valley.

Two men live there ...

They are going to help you.

- What are these men called?
- You can't tell, nobody knows.


... I will pray for you ...

- … So that everything goes well.
- Thank you master, we will trust you.

I'm leaving early tomorrow, Alexandra

I don't want to disturb you.

They can stay at my house,
my parents don't come until Christmas.

What are you saying? I came here for Clara
and for her I go anywhere.

- We are both in this right?
- It's very dangerous.

- Let me do the things Clara asked me to do.
- No, I'm going with you, I've already decided.

What's more, I didn't even decide. So is.

We dispatched Daniel tonight.


Come a moment I have to talk to you.

I'll tell you something and I hope
you understand me.

We are in serious trouble,
don't you know?

Well, we have to fix it anyway.

So, we will go on a trip to that town
tomorrow to find those masters.

- What thing?
- Tonight you go back to Lima.

- So you do not stay alone.
- What the hell.

Are you getting me out?

You bring me on a trip and
then throw me away.

- It's for your sake Daniel.
- Daniel, it's for your good.

- If you want you can stay at my house.
- You silly, you heard. It is lighter than water.

Let's go, I'm hungry.

I want to go with you.
Don't you understand?

I believe that the road is there.

Do not.

We have to be sure which way to go.
We cannot risk it.

I think that…

We better wait for someone to stop by to ask.

- Yes, it is better.
- Who is going to pass through here?

He just watches.

Miles and miles and there ain't no fucking shack.

Who are you going to ask?

Daniel, calm down please.

Let's hope a peasant passes by.

Let's wait a while.

You got lucky. There is. Ask him.

I hope they speak fucking Spanish.

♪♪ Where they will go is very uncertain,
without foreshadowing what they will find. ♪♪

♪♪ There is no turning back, no hope, only pain. ♪♪

♪♪ And in the dark of the sun, in the gloom
all will fall into their wickedness. ♪♪

Why didn't they tell me it was far?

Damn town.

It's already 4 in the afternoon.

The town is there.

We have to get there before nightfall
to find the Masters.

- Go.
- Can't you wait a minute? Shit

Are they in a hurry?

Let's go Samanta.

Madam …

Ma'am, good afternoon.

We are looking for two Masters
who know about Jarjachas.

Do you know where we can find them?

Excuse me gentlemen.

We are looking for two masters
who kill Jarjachas.

We have asked and nobody answers us.

- I don't know anything young.
- Then they don't know?

- We are not from around here.
- We are in passing.

Let's go.

Please help yourself.
We are celebrating my uncle's birthday.

Thanks a lot.

- Can I make you a question?.
- Of course yes.

We are looking for some people.

But every time we ask about them ...

… People get scared and don't say anything.

- And who are they looking for?
- I hope you don't get scared like everyone else.

Do not worry. People here tend to be very wary of outsiders.

I understand that they distrust.
But we urgently need to locate these two subjects.

With all confidence tell me. They see me dressed like that,
but I have another culture.

I am a student at the University.

Thank you, then we will trust you.

Our cousin was killed by a bastard.

My God, but who did that?

That is precisely why we are here.

We have to locate those two guys ...

To help us find the murderous bastard.

But go to the police or can a farmer help you?

Look, miss ...

- Rosa called me.
- Well, Rosa.

What happens is that her cousin
was killed by jarjacha.

And they have told us that in this town
there are two masters who kill jarjachas.

That is why we have come, not for anything else.

Jarjacha is killing many people in the city.

People are very afraid of it
and nobody wants to face it.

But we will.

That is why we have to locate the two masters.

To help us kill that bastard.

I understand miss ...

So you are looking for them to help you.

Exactly for that Rosa, to help us.

- Do you know them?.
- Okay…

Look miss, what happens is that ...

I don't know how to explain it but ...

You are asking for people who do not exist.

The thing is…

They are two souls who have come to town
a long time ago escaping from the jarjacha.

But others say that they are demons
and that they are asleep.

The people do not want to know anything about them.

Otherwise a curse will fall on the people.

So they say miss.

- Have you never seen them?
- Never miss.

They are just gossip, something like a myth.

- So what can we do?.
- You better get out of town.

The community will organize and they can be killed.

What did you say?

Are they going to kill me?

Do you know who is speaking to?

Just so you know my father is a judge
and he has a lot of power.

So do not talk nonsense.

Shut up Daniel.

Kill me and I kill you.

- You talk shit.
- Daniel!

Rosa, sorry.

I really don't think it's so bad, right?

The people are wise miss.

They do things for a reason, they are not crazy.

You trust us right?

You can help us.

- But what can I do?
- Help us find those masters!

But they don't exist, no one has seen them.

How are you going to tell me that they don't exist?

If every time we ask ...

They look at me scared and tell me
they don't know anything.

You have to know something please.

Better leave, the community is going
to organize against you.

Go away.

What do those strangers want here?

Who are you, what have you come for.

Are they from a political organization?
This town is tired of so much nonsense.

- Now, get out of here.
- Mister…

Sir, good afternoon ...

We are not politicians nor do we know about those things.

We have simply come here to ...

... try…

They are my companions ...

… of the University. They have come to visit me.

So talk ...

But be very careful about doing something
bad in my town.

Here our laws are different.

Here the judge does not intervene at all.

- Please go away, I know why I'm telling you.
- Let's go now.


… tell us how to find those Masters.

Rosa please ...

I don't know anything, please go away.

We shouldn't have come to this shitty town.

This is crazy.

This is no time for regrets, Daniel.

Besides, nobody forced you to come, you followed us.

Tomorrow as soon as dawn breaks,
we are going to look for those Masters.

Oh yeah? Who are you going to ask?

Do we know them?

We will have to look for them.

For that we have come.

I think we better go to sleep.

Shall we put out the fire?

- Turn it off.
- Leave it on.

This place is scary.

- It will also keep us warm at night.
- Yes.

Sometimes I can't believe all this.

I can't believe the jarjachas do exist.

And that they killed Clara.

But believe it Samantha.

Everyone talks about jarjacha in the city.
Don't you think it's for something?

It's true Samantha.

But you don't have to talk about that anymore.
Let's rest

It's fine.

The door, Alexandra ...

Wake up Daniel and tell him to close the door please.

What is that my god?


Do not!

Daniel ...


What happens? What the fuck up.

The door…

There is something out there ...


What's that?

Daniel please, lock the door with something, yes?

Are you crazy?

- You do it, I'll stay here.
- We are asking you to close the door ...

Close the door!

Don't fuck shit, don't fuck around.

Do it yourself, I'll stay here.

I'm leaving this town first thing in the morning.

Why don't you go now you fucking coward,
get out of here now!

Fuck off!

Who are you to kick me out?

I still travel here.
Are you going to treat me like this?

I didn't bring you ...

-… You followed us like always…
- Fuck off!

We are in trouble, shut up now!

My god…

It just can not be…

Daniel please help me with this ...

Help me with this! The door must be locked!

Alexandra ...

- What's that?
- Don't you realize that this thing is out there?

We are going to die.
All because of you son of a bitch.

I didn't bring you an idiot, you followed me.

I never took you by the hand and brought you,
you followed us.

So shut up and stop fucking with me.

Fuck off.

Why did I fucking come here.

Daniel is enough.

You are complicating things.

Where did you get that Daniel?


Tomorrow I will leave this town, you will see.

Daniel please don't yell, you're making things
more complicated.

No one should know that we are here.

No one should hear us please.

I'm not interested in being listened to!

We are here, we are here!

Now if you let me sleep and don't fuck around.

Don't move the fuck! We already have them!

- Who are you?.
- What happens?

- Sir, what is happening here?
- Let go of me!

Damn quiet!

- What's going on?.
- Shut the fuck up!

They've already screwed up,
we're going to kill them!

I had warned them.

Let go!

Back, back son of a bitch. Back I have told you.

You have been posing as my niece's friends, right?

But they have come to kill my people.

No sir, you are wrong. We have not killed anyone.

Don't touch me shit. Do not touch me.

- What have they believed to treat me like this.
- Daniel shut up, you're making things worse.

Sir, please let us explain.

- Fuck me off.
- You have to tie them up.

Take them! Go.

- Mister please.
- Get moving!


… Mister, listen to me…

We have done nothing wrong.
We want to talk to you to tell you what has happened to us.

Shut the fuck up or I'll get you killed right now.

No Please.


We have done nothing wrong.

- If he sends us to kill it would be a crime.
- A crime?

They have already killed three of my
community members.

- That is a crime.
- Do not…

This is a misunderstanding,
we have to tell you something ...

… Please understand Why don't you understand us?

He doesn't understand why Samantha
doesn't want to do it.

We have done nothing!

Shut your fucking mouth!

You are wrong.

You are wrong. Please.

Do you think they are going to cheat on me? Ah?

You have come to my town to kill my people.

But, we are going to make them justice communal.

And early tomorrow they will be dead.

If you do that, everyone will find out how
abusive and criminal you are.

So don't you dare touch us.

- We already screwed up.
- I don't know why he doesn't want to understand us.

It won't be that you know much about jarjachas. True?

- Untie it.
- What?

- Obando ...
- Let her go.

- Stay taking care of people.
- Yes sir.

- Let her go, damn it.
- Where are you taking me?

- Samantha!
- Let her go, shit!

Now we are screwed.

Who sent you to this town?

Answer the fuck!

Who sent you to this town?

Jarjacha killed my cousin.

That is why we have come here, understand.


You are not going to fool me.

Tell me…

Who sent you here?

Answer the fuck!

Who sent you here?

What do you know about jarjacha?


What do you know?

Who told you about jarjacha? Answer damn it!

Cousin, don't be like that anymore.

I've only stolen two cows.
Why are you doing this to me if we are family.

Shut the fuck up!


Do you want me to let you go?

I can let you go.

Let yourself be with me ...

… And I let you go.

What do you say?

- Don't touch me you disgusting shit.
- Rich mom ...

... I like you.

Fuck you then.

Fuck accept, Alexandra.

- Can't you see they're going to kill us?
- Shut up, asshole.


Lord wake up please!


Get up you fucking peasant!

They are going to kill us!

- Get up!
- Mister please!

What happens?

- Why are they yelling so much?
- It's Jarjacha, he just took his partner.

He took it there.

What the fuck are you saying?

Why doesn't the governor want to believe us?

Jarjacha is in this town, he is killing people.

What do you think?

What am I an idiot?

I will be a peasant but not ignorant.

- Sir, I swear.
- Pancho!

Where is this jerk?

Did you tell them to fuck off already?

What do you want sir?

Don't you realize that jarjachas exist?

Marcelino ...

Go find pancho.

Do you know who I am?

I am an authority in this town ...

If I want to, I'll kill you now and nothing happens!

Please don't hit him.



What the hell is that?

Let's go to his house, there he can be.


Pay attention to us.

How do you know that ah?

Nobody listens to us sir. They ignore us.

I'm going to listen to you, tell me.

I'm going to tell you everything, but please untie us.

First I have to be very sure.

Okay sir ...

… I will tell him.


Go find the governor.

Go get it, damn it!

Nobody will believe you.

The jarjachas do not exist.

You have to believe us sir.
That is why we have come here.

They are ignorant peasants.
Don't you see?

They won't believe that shit!

Tell that one to shut up.

Ignore him please, he is nervous about everything
that is happening.

- I can do nothing.
- Now the important thing is to look for those two Masters.

So that they help us kill those jarjachas.

I've already told you. I can do nothing.

What the fuck up. So much noise.
Who's there?

We are going to die.

We are going to die.

Shh. Be quiet. Do not do anything.


… Please…

- ... Untie me ...
- I can't.

Tomorrow we will see what my uncle says.

For now, nothing will happen to them.

- Thanks Rosa.
- Untie me peasant shit!

Why don't you close your mouth?

We are here because of you.

What did you start screaming for?

What are you doing Daniel?

I'll get out of here, if you want,
kill jarjacha yourself.

Daniel untie me!

Where is the?

Jarjacha no?

They are screwed.

Kill me jarjacha.

Kill me!

Kill me!

Kill me.

- Couldn't they find the other one?
- No sir.

But a group of our people have already
gone to look for him on the road.

- Well, bring me the cattle raiser.
- Yes sir.




He has to listen to me.

He cannot judge me without having listened to me first,
please I beg of you.

Come here damn it.

To the floor, shit.

Why are you doing this to me?

What will you do? Do not!

They have an hour to find the others.

Hurry up.

Lord don't go ..

We have not done anything wrong,
it is jarjacha who is killing people!

I'm thirsty.


Obando ...

I have brought you food.

- Food?
- Yes.

- For you.
- For me?

Teach me to hold it.

- I've never held a gun.
- This is not a gun ...

It's just a rifle.

But when he shoots ...

… It still kills. Look.

Hold like this.

With this hand.

And you place here ...

… your finger.

So, see?

Let's see, now you.

Do you want more Obando cheese?

- Yes, Rosita.
- There's more here.

- I like cheese.
- Take, there is more.

There is more ...

- Alexandra!
- Samantha ...

Please untie me Samantha.

Rosa, she is waking up!


Where are we going to go?

To find the Masters.

I have also heard about them.

They know how to kill jarjachas.

Why didn't you help us from the beginning?

Why didn't you tell us anything?

Because I'm looking for them too.

I study anthropology ...

And well, I'm doing my thesis on this

About incest.

The Jarjachas.

I thought you guys were coming for the same thing.

You understand me right?

Jealousy of profession.

- Quickly, lets go.
- Go.

What happens?

Fuck me off!

What happens?

Fuck me off


Let go!

- Are they!
- I'm sure it is.


No, we cannot interrupt them.

They are doing their ritual.

I always wanted to see this.

This is a manifestation of life.

These men have given their souls to...

... the gods, the apus, the hills.

This pact is essential for them to gain
power in their dances.

There are others who have made a pact with the devil

Where did they go

- They disappeared.
- Let's go to his house.

There seems to be no one.

Oh my god.

Teachers, good night.

Good evening gentlemen.

What do they want from us?


… We beg you to help us.

I beg you both to listen to us.

It's about ...

... Jarjachas.

Are you sure?

I'm sure teacher.

At midnight it takes power.

He is rejected by everyone.

Nobody wants it.

Not even in hell itself.

He is rebellious ...

... renegade ...

... a social resentful.

That's why all he does is ...

... kill and get revenge on everyone.

There were never jarjachas here.
He has followed them.

How is it possible?

How could he find out?

I have to go to town ...

I have to talk to my uncle.

You have to understand me.

Rosa ...

It's too late for you to go to town.
Also, it is very dangerous.

Nothing is going to happen to me, don't worry.

- It's Ok. teacher?
- It's fine.

We will prepare everything.

See you in the town square before midnight.

Thanks for everything, Master.

Llama ropes.

Only with this you can catch jarjachas.

Retama flower does not like ...

… the smell of him drives him crazy.

It's Daniel ...

They are going to kill him.

Uncle listen to me please, yes it exists ...

- … Jarjacha does exist.
- Damn quiet.

You have been a traitor to us.

Now you will also be punished by the people.

Tie her up!

I'm not lying to you man.

- Believe me please.
- I told you to shut up the fuck.

Jarjachas no?

Who believes in these bullshit?

The jarjachas do not exist.

They don't exist in this town!

The jarjachas do exist.

Don't be stubborn Demetrio.

They are there…

Those are the killers, grab them.


Nobody is going to touch them here.

And you, Demetrio ...

… tell your men to release these people.

Nobody is going to give me orders.

They have come to murder my community members.

They have to die!

They are not the killers.

Jarjacha is here in your town.

He is making fun of you to make you believe
that they are killing your people.

- They are pure lies.
- Damn!

You do not understand?

We have told these shitty peasants a thousand times.

And they don't understand!

It is coming.

Governor ...

I beg you to understand once and for all.

Obando, stay caring.

And if someone approaches ...

... Shoot to die ...

… Kill him.

Yes sir!

Why are the dogs like this, Mr. Governor?

They seem to have seen a soul.

That is why they have come.

They are demons, they have made a pact with satan.

Now I'm coming, I'll bring a crucifix.

They will see.

He has killed my wife ...

He killed my wife ...

That son of the devil has killed my wife.


… Please untie our friends at once.

Unleash the Obando prisoners.

Alexandra listen to me.

We no longer have anything to do here.

Why don't we go?

Let them do their thing. Alexandra!

Know what? I'm getting out of here, go to hell.

I don't care if jarjacha does something to them,
I'm leaving.


But how stupid ...

Let the Masters go kill them and it's over.

Son of the devil.

Son of evil.

We order you to come and surrender yourself to
ask forgiveness from the almighty.

You have an obligation to surrender to the Lord.

We command you, sinner!

We command you, sinner!

We command you, sinner!





Boy ... What are you doing here?
Because you are alone?

- My parents haven't arrived yet.
- They will arrive.



Anyone there?

There is someone in the house?


Open the door!


I killed you jarjacha!

Please help me…

- Who are you?
- I'm scared.

There is something weird around here.

I am alone in my house.

Please help.



We got you trapped.

Do not!

Do not!

You are trapped damn demon!

We are not afraid of you.

You have committed incest!

That is why you will be sentenced to death.

You will be condemned to death and you
will never return to these lands.

You have committed sin.

You will die cursed!

You are going to be sentenced to death for
committing an aberration.

Damned demon.

We are not afraid of you.

Damned demon.

Do not…

Do not!

Alexandra calm, it is not Daniel.

Damned demon!

In the name of Jesus Christ he returns to hell.

Alexandra ...

Get up.

I can give you anything you want.

I can give you a lot of gold.

I can give you a lot of money.

I can touch everything and turn it to gold.

But they have to let me go before the sun comes up.

This is your chance.

Hurry up.

You, come closer.

They see him?

You will all be my allies.

Now let go of me.

Let go of me!

Untie me quick!

Let go!

Let go!

What the fuck are you doing!

Sons of bitches ...

- Nothing.
- Be careful, Matias!

Get out of there.

Who are you?

Let me see your face.

Let yourself be seen son of satan!

Raise your face, damn it.

What have you done?

What sin have you committed?

Do you realize what you've done?

Our Father who art in heaven ...

… Hallowed be thy name…

… Let your kingdom come…

… Thy will be done…

… So on earth as it is in heaven…

… Give us today our daily bread…

... And forgive our offenses ...

... Just as we forgive those who offend us...

... And don't let us fall into temptation...

... more deliver us from evil ...

... Amen.

Who are you?

Raise your face.

Who is that lady?

She is Aunt Rosana, mother's sister.



Forgive me.

Forgive me, I'm sorry.

Tie her up.

- Tie her up!
- Dad, please forgive me.

Dad please.

You have committed incest!

God forgives sin.

Not incest!

We did not know that we were brothers.

They will have to be punished in an exemplary way.

So that they do not comment more ...

… Those aberrations.

They must be burned alive!

It is the only way to purify your souls.

- You are brothers!
- Dad!

They are brothers!

Dad please forgive me.

Sex between siblings ...

… She is punished by the church.


They are jarjachas!

Our Father who art in heaven ...

… Hallowed be thy name…

… Let your kingdom come…

Dad don't go ...

… Thy will be done…

- … So on earth as it is in heaven…
- Dad!

They will have to throw fire,
in that way they will purify their souls.

Dad sorry!

Our Father who art in heaven ...

… Hallowed be thy name…

It wasn't easy to assimilate all this.

Clara's deaths ...

... Daniel ...

... and of so many people, they are stupid ...

… But real.

They did not die because their time had come ...

... but because the devil exists.

Jarjacha exists.

And this evil spreads in every society.

In all human beings.

And there is no way to stop them all.

There was no way to stay in Ayacucho ...

… After experiencing this horror.

I had to return with Alexandra to Lima.

To be able to forget everything and try a new life.

But fear is latent ...

... because incest is present ...

… here…

… there…

... or where life exists.

Jarjacha is not a myth ...

… it is real.

Hello Daniel?

You finally call.


- Daniel…
- Claudia help me.


Daniel, hello?

Daniel are you playing a joke on me?

Claudia, help me ...

... jarjacha has condemned me.

The filming of this movie was surrounded by
mysterious paranormals.

The sudden and constant extreme change of the weather.

Desperate cries from people outside the production.

Noises of animals in altered state and the appearance of indescribable beings
were the evidences that we were not alone in the location.

From the start of filming, the community residents refused to give us their support,
on the contrary, they rushed us to leave the town.

They say that there are the jarjachas in that community.

For the immense affection and I remember that we have them:
Rest in peace.

I remember on one occasion, at a family reunion ...

My grandfather commented that ...

… On his farm…

... the peons commented that at dusk and at dawn ...

... there were very strange noises between the trees.

It was the ...

... it was 7 or 8 at night ...


Something was coming ..

... making noise, "Jar Jar Jar" ...

"Jar Jar Jar"

Every night it rang at 1 or 2 in the morning.

It got closer and closer.

And it was close to the corral.

It looked like a mirror ...

At the door of the house.

Just like a mirror ...

... that reflected light.

My mom was shaking, she was praying.

In that instant ...

... there is a strange noise between the trees ...

My grandfather turns to see ...

… And he managed to see a strange being.


More or less at 2 in the morning ...

... the jarjacha moves away little by little...

... making the strange noise "Jar, jar, jar"

Little by little he was leaving.

My grandfather, immediately ...

… Takes the camera and managed to capture a photo
of the creature.

I'm going to bring the photo for you to see.

This is the photo.

Here are some ...

… Very large claws on the hands.

And there is a strange face behind the tree.

We have this photo secretly kept ...

... so that our minor children ...

… do not get scared.

We only show it to adults.

It seems like a lie.

But there are many people who do not believe,
but it does happen in the villages.

Anthropologists can't explain it either.

Neither did the researchers conclude ...

… What exactly is it about.

But it does exist ...

And many people have told me about those matters.