El Cortez (2006) - full transcript

A man just released from a mental institution gets involved in a gold mine scheme while trying to avoid the cops, a wrathful drug dealer, and a sultry femme fatale.

(piercing sound)

(folk music)

- You ready?

- [Man] Yeah.

- Twice a day.

- [Police] Today's your lucky day.

(suspenseful music)
(folk music)

(man speaking in foreign language)

(suspenseful music)
(folk music)

(dramatic music)
(man panting)

(folk music)

(man gasping)

(folk music)

(man panting)

(folk music)

(footsteps pounding)

(man grunting)

(bells tolling)

(folk music)

(man panting)

(explosion booming)

(folk music)

- Things started out pretty good.

It was great to be free.

I had new job.

Morning, Miss.

- Anybody change the sheets?

- Yes, I believe so.

Good day, sir.

(folk music)

I could manage all right, there.

(phone ringing)
I enjoyed being around people.

El Cortez Hotel, Manny speaking.

It takes so little really, to help.

- Looks like you're cooking up a storm.

(folk music)

(train whistling)

(train rattling)

(bells chiming)
(folk music)

- Hey, Pop!
- He's the one.

- Get 'em.

(folk music)

- Hey!
(guys yelling)

- You sons of bitches. (yelling)

(man grunting)
(men yelling)

- Hey!

(man grunting)
(men yelling)

- Let's go, fuckers!

- Are you okay, sir?

- I'm fucking miserable.

- That doesn't seem equitable.

- Damn straight, I gave my fucking legs.

What are they giving up?

Thanks for your help.

If I was to show you something,

could you keep it quiet?
(suspenseful music)

- Now, I don't want any trouble.

- Ever seen gold before?
(pensive music)

(door closes)

- That's it?

- Go ahead, it won't bite.

I own a fucking mountain full of it.

There's more gold per
ounce of ore in that rock

than any mine in the last century.

- That must be one heck of a mine.

- Never used any dynamite?

- No, I never have.

- Half the fucking
mountain came down on me.

Had to crawl a mile through
an air shaft just to get out.

- That's a hell of a story.

- You think I'm lying?

- No, sir.

- (laughing) There it is.

The Dutchman Mine.

- That's it?
- Whole thing is full of gold.

All I gotta do is get it out of there.

- Ah ha.
- That's what I'm doing here.

I'm trying to raise enough capital

to get back there and get it.

- [Manny] I see.

You think you'd have some interest?

- I'm not giving it away.

I gave my legs.

You want something from me,
you gotta give me something.

- It's only fair.

- That's just stuff dreams are made of.

(folk music)

- That's only fair.

That's exactly right, that's correct.

Depends on how, depends
on how you see things.

You give something, you get something.

- Hey, who are you talking to? (laughing)

- Excuse me?

- You were talking to yourself.

- How can I help you today?

- How can you help me today?

By giving me a room?

This is a hotel, right?

You got rooms?

- And how long will you be staying?

- What is this?

The quiz hotel.

I gotta answer questions.

- I only asked how long you'd...

- However the fuck long, I want.

(bell chimes)
That is the correct answer.

Now, what is your job here?

- My job?

(bell chimes)
- That's the wrong answer.

See the correct answer
is to help the customer.

Me, being the customer,

I would like a room.

Your best room.

- And how will you be paying?

(man laughing)

(bell chimes)
(yells) Okay!

- Okay.

- Could you get somebody
to get that shit for me?

'Cause I got some shit I gotta do.

- Let's go upstairs...
- Sir?

I'd like to correct this
slight misunderstanding.

I was not talking to myself.

- Yeah, well, you know we're
kind of in a hurry right now,

but maybe later you can tell me

about your invisible friend, all right?

(folk music)

- Sir, there's no smoking in the elevator.

Like I say, I got along
with everybody, pretty good.

You'd have to put up with
the usual abuse now and then,

but that was something I was used to.

I enjoy being of service to people.

It takes so little, really, to help.

How can I be of service?

- You can start by saying hello, man.

(suspenseful music)

- Hello?

- How you been?
(suspenseful music)

- All right, pretty good, just working.

- I heard from the guys you were.

So this looks pretty good for you.

- It is.
(folk music)

- May I, um?

(folk music)

- You're not here to?
- Tell them?

No, no, no.

Men should have a second chance.

Don't you think?

A chance to correct his mistakes?

- Yes, yes, I do.

- Well, that's why I'm here. (fist knocks)

Opportunity knocks.

I'm here because there's
someone staying here.

- You're not asking me?

- To keep an eye.

- That isn't right.

What people do is their own business.

- Absolutely.

No argument there.

Unless they might hurt somebody.

Then, then it's other people's business.

- I'm not comfortable
doing something like that.

- It's all right, Manford.

Guy's name is Jack.

Jack Clay.

I like to know who comes and goes.

(suspenseful music)

(telephone ringing)

- Wait a minute, please.

(telephone ringing)
(suspenseful music)

Front desk, Manny speaking.

- Shh, good.

Look, the toilet's been running all night

and it's bothering her.

Can you check it out?

(pensive folk music)


(curious folk music)

Now, come on, man.

(curious folk music)

Hey, hey, watch this.

Look at that, you like that?

You like that, come.

Give me your hand, come on, put it.

Come on, man.

(curious folk music)

- What are you doing?
- I don't know, but...

(couple whispering)

(woman moaning)
(curious music)

(man whispering)
(woman groaning)

(folk music)
(couple moaning)

(loud slapping)
(woman gasping)

(air whooshing)

(folk music)

(toilet flushes)

(couple laughing and whispering)


Hey babe, you remember Manny?

The guy with the invisible friend?

You finish?

- Yes, it's done.

(folk music)

- Oh yeah.

(folk music)

Wait a minute, come here.

No, no, hold on.

I gotta give you something.

- No, it's my job.

- No, it's okay.

Just wait right here, I insist.

Now, let me see.

What could I give you?

(curious folk music)

(Jack laughing)

Naw. (laughs)

Listen, let me know if you change mind

or maybe you gotta ask
your invisible friend.

- Are you making fun of me?

- Making fun?

No, man.

Come on, man.

I'm trying to get you to have fun, see.

Hands on, make the fun yourself.

- Because I don't appreciate it.

- Manny, look, it's nothing personal, man.

I know you got a lot
on your mind, you know,

a job like this.
- That's right.

- All right, okay.

So let's be friends,

(Jack sighs)

(Jack laughing)

- Motherfucker!

- Oh, baby! (laughs)

You know what I like.

(door slams)

(couple laughing and moaning)

- She was dynamite wrapped in silk.

(elevator dings)

But I learned my lesson.

I had been burned before.

(couple laughing)

(pensive music)
(bells tolling)

(couple faintly talking)

- You know what?

You're on my last nerve.

See you later.

- Hello.

- Hi.

- Excuse me, miss.

I wanted to apologize about what happened.

- That's okay, don't worry about it.

- I have a table by the window
if you'd like to join me.

- Okay, sure.


- It's a beautiful day, isn't it?

- Uh huh.


- My name is Manford.

- Theda.

- That is a very unusual name.

- So is yours.

- I find that, generally speaking,

those people with unusual names

are often unusual themselves.

(curious music)

He's got an unusual name.

(curious music)


And he's also unusual.

- Is that so?

Then, it's too bad.

- No, there's where you're mistaken.

He owns a gold mine.

- Really?

- Morning.
- He doesn't look it.

(light instrumental music)

- [Manny] What does a rich man look like?

(Theda laughs)

(light tapping)

I gotta go.

- But you haven't eat,
you should eat breakfast.

It's the most important meal the day.

- It's okay, I'll get something later.


- It looks good.
(pills rattling)


(loud slapping)
(woman gasping)

(folk music)
(snake rattling)

(phone ringing)

El Cortez Hotel, Manny speaking.

- [Arnie] Manford, my main man.

What's happening?

- [Manny] There's nothing.

There's nothing to report.

- Don't let it get to you, Manford.

You know how you are
with women. (laughing)

(folk music)

(bells tolling)
(banjo music)

- How you doing?

- Pretty good.

- Can I talk to ya a second?

- I guess so.

I have to get to my desk.

- No, it'd only take a second, man.

It's about Theda.

Yeah, I saw you guys having
breakfast the other morning.

What's going on?

- What's going on?

- Yeah.

I mean I saw the way
she was looking at you.

You know?

Well, how do you explain that?

- I don't know what you're talking about.

- I'm talking about you, Manny.

Don't try to make the moves
on my girl, all right?

- I wasn't.

- I know, good.

So let's keep it that way, all right.

'Cause I'm going outta town
for a couple days and you know,

I don't want nothing to
happen while I'm away, Manny.

- I don't think there'll be any problems.

- Good.

'Cause I know she's got
the hots for you, Manny.

So just don't.

You see what I'm asking?

(light slapping)

(folk music)

- Morning, Margie.
- Hi.

- All the news is 50 print.
- Thanks, Manny.

That's all yours, kiddo.

- Manny, I gotta ask you a favor.

- Yes, sure, of course, what is it?

- There's going to be a guy
I'm meeting with, an investor.

- Oh good, good.

Things are looking up?

- This guy is fucking loaded.

His family owns a casino.

He wears so much jewelry, he clanks.

But I need your help.

The guy's got a problem.

He doesn't believe that the samples I got

came from the mine.

- I see.

- [Popcorn] So, what am I gonna do?

Take him up there?
- You could do that.

- Well then he's gonna know where it is.

- You don't want him to know?

- Well, what if he decides to screw me

and state claims for himself?

I've don't got the whole mountain staked.

- I see.
- But if there was a guy...

A guy who could say that he was there

when I took out the samples, then...

- I don't know if I could do that.

- Sure, you could.

You look like a guy who could be a miner.

- I mean, I don't know
if I could lie like that.

- I understand.

What's in it for you?

Eh, you're going to do this for me.

What am I going to do for you?

- That's not what I meant, I,

I haven't been to the mine.

- I'll take you there.

- Well.
- There's no harm.

He just needs a little encouragement.

You know, it's like he's afraid
to get on the roller coaster

unless he sees somebody else got on

and didn't get hurt, see?

(pensive music)

- No, I tell you what.

I want you to tell him to bring it in.

Bring it in to me.

- Hello, stranger.
- Hey, hold on.

- Welcome back.

Good to see you.
- Good to see you, too.

Thanks for having me.

(people chattering in background)

- They're right there.

(people chattering in background)


- Eh, nature is calling me.

Will you excuse me?

What can I do for you?

- Coca Cola, please.

- Follow me.

(people chattering in background)

What's wrong?

- I forgot what I was supposed to say.

- Manny, I got this guy this close.

Just come over to the table.

- Okay, okay.

The results came in today.

Thought you'd want to know,

it looks better than expected.

The results came in today.

I thought you'd want to know,

it looks better than expected.

- Okay, now,

this is the best asset, here.

He's the best.

- Don't worry, I got my own.

- Well, that's okay,

but you want to use
discretion at this point.

We don't want a stampede.
- Right.

- Hi, excuse me.

- Hey there, Manny.

How are ya?

- Good, sorry to interrupt.

- Ah, Carlo Russo, Manny DeSilva.

- Pleased to meet you.

- Good to meet you.

- Can I buy you a drink or something?

- No, thank you.

I can't stay.

The results came in today.

I thought you'd want to know,

it looks better than expected.

- Oh, that's good.

That's excellent news.

- I'd really like to get moving on this.

I'll call you tomorrow.

I've gotta go.

It was good meeting you.
- Yeah, pleasure.

- My partner.

- Really?

- Thanks, that's good.

- All right, so when can I see the mine?

- Carlo, it's gonna take
a half a million in cash

to get us going.

- [Carlo] But you don't
need a whole half million.

- If you don't take the
risk, you can't make the win.

- I wanna see.

(light tapping on calculator)

- Hi.

Am I bothering you?

- Not at all.

How can I help you?

- It's cold in my room.

The heat seems to be off.

I was wondering if maybe you could come up

and check the radiator for me.

- Well, I suppose.

It is pretty slow this time of night.

It's not even on.

- Funny.

- I'll have a look.

- Did Jack talk to you?

- Jack?

- My roommate, Jack.

- Yes, yes, he told me
he was going out of town.

Someone turned the valve off.

- Must have been Jack.

He thinks I have a crush on you.

(object clangs)

Did he tell you that?

- He might have mentioned it.

- He's like that.

He's extremely jealous.

I told him that I don't even know you.

- That's right.

I think this is okay, now.

- He's just jealous of anybody

who he thinks has more
on the ball than he does.

- Well, he must have a
hell of a rough time, then.

(woman laughing)

You're funny.

I couldn't tell right away.

You always looks so serious.

- I have lots of responsibilities.

- No kidding, are you married?

- No, no.

- That's where Jack went, to see his wife.

- [Manny] I see.

- He's jealous of me when he's married.

- You'll get some heat, now.

- Good.

You know, Manny, you're full of surprises

and you're handy, you're funny.

You can't tell just by looking.

- Can't judge a book by its cover.

- (laughing) Just like um, Popcorn.

I mean you'd never tell
he has a gold mine.

No, I never should have mentioned that.

That really shouldn't be repeated.

Oh, mum's the word.

I was just talking.
- Okay.

- Thanks.

Manny, would you like a drink?

- No, I gave up drinking.

Thanks for asking.

- Oh, just a teeny weeny one.

- No, really, I gave it up.

- Do you have a television in your office?

- Yes.

- Can I come down and watch the late movie

until this place heats up?

(Theda giggles)

- [Man On TV] All the things
in which I give myself

grow big and strong.
- Exactly.

Can you see how true that is?

- You!

You were just like a precision watch,

tick tock, tick tock.

He's in, Manny.

Russo is in.

You were fucking beautiful.

- I was okay?

- You were fucking Lawrence Olivier.

That's talk turkey.

(woman talking on TV)


- It's nothing, it's nothing.

- Now, what I wanna do is
make a square right out front,

so you know, I'm a square guy.

- I know that.

- What I want to do is
touch you in as a partner.

- I have to tell you,

I don't have any money
for that kind of thing.

- I'm giving you shares,
for what you did tonight.

You'd be a partner.

(liquid splashes)

Passed out.

- I'd like to think about that.

- Well, let's talk about it tomorrow.

- Goodnight.

- Goodnight, partner.

(reflective music)

(elevator dings)

(light jazzy music)

(woman moaning)

(light jazzy music)

- Stop it.

Stop it.

(light jazzy music)

- That wasn't very nice.

- You're drunk and you don't
know what you're doing.

- I'm lonely.

Everybody keeps leaving me.

I hate it.

- Well, that's uh,

that's the way it is.

Sometimes, you just have to get it over.

- I can't.

- It's mind over matter.

You just...

(light jazzy music)

You just have to get used to it.

(light jazzy music)

Good night.

(light jazzy music)

- Good night, Manny.

(light jazzy music)

(door squeals)

(woman moans)

- Ever see one of these?

It's a claims, man.

This is the mine.

- How big is it?

- Well, that's my claim.

This area in gold.

See, there's a main shaft there

and this is the air shaft.

See, it branches off, goes
through to the other side.

There's a gold vein in there
the size of fucking Texas.

All we gotta do is get it out of there.

And you'll love it there, Manny.

Deer come down, eat right outta your hand.

- No kidding?

- (laughs) There it is.

- That's your place?
- That's it.

- Looks pretty good.

- Yes, it does, doesn't it.?

I'd like you to be my partner, Manny.


I need somebody I can trust.

- What would I do?

What would be my responsibilities?

- Well, you'd be my legs.

You'd take guys up there, the
surveyors, the geologists,

the investors, you'd show 'em around.

- I'd like to think about that.

- That's all I ask, that you consider it.

- I'll consider it.

Where is this, exactly?

What part of the country?

(folk music)

- It's about a hundred miles
straight into the Sierras.

(folk music)

- [Manny] I'll consider it.

(folk music)

- Doing a little prospect?
- No.

- No, just a book I
picked up for a friend.

- Lady friend?

- A friend.

- 'Cause I know how you
get with the ladies.

- No, no, nothing like that.

- So what do you got from me?

- Nothing, he went out of
town for a couple of days.

- Did he say where he is going?

- To see his wife.

- He said he was married?

- Who else?
- He ain't married.

When's he back?

- I don't know.

- Okay, look, as soon as he's back,

I want you to call me right away.

The minute you see him.

Take this number.

It's direct to me, anytime.

- I don't always know.

Sometimes, when they come in off my shift-

- Okay, Manford.

You get in touch, all right?

- All right, sure.
- Okay.

(pills rattling)

(air whooshing)
(men grunting)

(bells tolling)
(suspenseful music)

(elevator dings)

(folk music)

- Manny, Manny, we
gotta do a thing, quick.

You got five minutes.

He's on his way over here, now.

- Who?

- Russo, the investor, the
guy from the other night.

He wants to talk some more.

I think this is it.

But you need to make an appearance.

- I can't, I'm working.

- He's coming up to the room.

He's gonna be here.

- Well, I'll come up with
him when he comes in.

- No, no, it doesn't look right,

if you're a partner and
you're working here.

He needs to think we don't need his money.

I told him you were a high roller.

- That wasn't right.

- Come up for five minutes

and then you make an excuse and leave.

Oh, shit.

Go on, go on.

(elevator dings)

(door closes)

- I had an independent essay
done of your ore samples.

I'm convinced you have the
potential for a working mine.

- We think so.

- Now, Popcorn here has explained to me

that your original shares are
worth two hundred thousand.

- Conservatively.

- Conservatively?

Well, at any rate, I'm
prepared to offer you

75,000 for your interest.

- For my interest?

- He's offering to buy you out.

- This check isn't even certified.

I'm sorry, I'm not interested.

- Oh Manny, don't get insulted.

Carlo only just suggested it to me.

It wasn't like I was trying to dump ya.

- I'm just not interested in selling.

I have another appointment,
so if you'll excuse.

- Whoa, Manny, listen,

I want you to think about my offer.

It's always possible for
reasonable men to work together.

- I'd be happy to discuss
this any other time.

But right now, I really
to you have other things.

Excuse me.

- I'll work on him.

(elevator dings)
(rock music)

- You gonna call me.

- I had an emergency.

He just came in.
- I know.

I just don't want us getting
off on the wrong foot.

- He's here now.

I just don't like it when
you come in here and-

(men in background faintly speaking)

- Oh no, maybe some Chinese place.

There's some place around like that?

- Chinese, two blocks over.

(men in background faintly speaking)

- Now, he's seen you.

What if you saw you before
and now it's the second time?

Now he's gonna know you're a cop.

- Don't get all wound up.

You shouldn't get wound up.

(pills rattling)

- I'm just trying to get along here.

- Well, get along with me, Manford,

and everything else will fall in line.

Stay in touch.

(man panting)
(air whooshing)

(elevator dings)

- Shit.

Who is it?

- He knows you were in my room.

- Well I, what did you tell him?

- I didn't.

He knew because of the radiator.

You can't turn it on without a wrench.

- Well, I'll just explain it to him.

- No, Manny, don't say anything.

I told him that I borrowed the wrench

and I fixed it myself.

Please, Manny, don't say anything.

(light jazzy music)

(elevator dings)

- (laughing) I guess while the cats away,

the mice will well play, hey, Manny?

- I'm familiar with the expression.

- Oh yeah, you familiar with this one?

If you fuck with me,

I'm gonna cut off your head
and shit down your neck, Manny.

You familiar with that one?

- I hope you're not threatening me

because I really don't like
it when somebody threatens me.

- Okay, listen, you fuck with
me and you're fucking dead.

I'm gonna kill you and
your invisible friend.

And I definitely don't
want no fucking mental case

around my girlfriend.

And she don't want no fucking loony bin

around her, neither.

- That was uncalled for.
(phone ringing)

El Cortez Hotel, Manny speaking.

(light knocking)
- Come.

What was that?

He offered you $75,000.

- I didn't think it was a good offer.

- Manny, Manny, Manny.

When a man offers...

Look, it's okay.

I patched things over.

- Well, that's good.

- He wants controlling
shares, yours and 10% of mine.

He's willing to finance everything.

- I don't think so.

(bells tolling)

I mean, it is real, isn't it?

There is real gold there, isn't there?

- What the fuck?

You're right.

There's more gold there
than all the tea in China.

You're fucking right.

75 grand is peanuts.

You're not as dumb as I look. (laughs)

- I'd like to go up there.
- The mine?

The gold mountain is
under five feet of snow.

You think it doesn't snow?

- Well, you know, I mean
when the snow melts.

- [Popcorn] It's beautiful there.

It's like a dream, Manny.

Just like a fucking dream.
(folk music)

(pills rattling)

- Hi.

- Hi.

- Oh, I'm starving.


Thanks. (giggles)

- What happened?

- Oh, um.


An accident, ow.

- You shouldn't let
him treat you that way.

- I'm okay, really.

- Nobody deserves to be treated like that.

You don't have to put up with that.

- Manny, you don't understand.

Jack helped me a lot.

My mom, she owned the Mustang Ranch.

I was a hostess there

until she married my stepdad.

- Your stepdad?
- Hmm, yeah, Harry.

Harry was a fucker, man.

He was always coming on to me.

Anyway, the feds raided the
ranch and they closed it down.

Turns out, he was laundering money.

Now the fuckers doing a four
year stretch at Tonopah.

- What about your mom?

- She split.

Left the country.

Jack was a regular so we hooked up.

Jack's all right.

Just gets a little rough
sometimes, that's all.

- No.

He's going to get himself
in a lot of trouble.

Won't be long, now.

What goes around comes around.

I believe in that.

- I don't know.

(ominous music)
- What the fuck?

What, Manny?

What, every time I turn around, what?

You get mad at me and I
gotta worry about you-

- Simmer down, we're just talking.

- Babe, I told you-
- You fucking her?

Are you fucking him?

- No, I'm not fucking him, baby.

- You know what, forget
about it, let's go.

- Calm down.
- Let's go.

- Maybe you should go.

- You know know I think?

I think you should sit the fuck down!

You know why?

'Cause I'll vaporize you.

- I told you before, I
don't like being threatened.

- I don't give a fuck what you
told me, you fucking retard.

I'll cut your-(loud slicing)

(Jack yelling)

- Don't get excited, just stay calm.

It was an accident.
- You motherfucker!

(suspenseful music)

You son of a bitch.

You stuck me, man,
you're dead motherfucker.

- Now, now, that's what
got you in all this trouble

in the first place.

- No, I'm gonna send
your ass to fucking jail.

- Oh, well, we can go together.

You hit her.

There's some police being there, come on.

- Fuck you, man.

I'm gonna get you, you son of a bitch.

I'm gonna get you, motherfucker.

(suspenseful music)

- Don't worry, he won't
be bothering you anymore.

- What did you do that for?

- [Manny] What did I?

- What am I supposed to do now?

I don't have any money.

Where am I supposed to go?

- You can stay with me
until you get on your feet.

(pensive music)

- [Arnie] You think you
could get me in his room?

- Okay, I'll be on front in five minutes.

- All right.
- All right.


(door slams open)

- Where's my fucking map?

- What?

- My map and my samples are gone.

Somebody tossed my room.

- They got the map and the gold?

- You think you can
fucking screw me like this!

- I did not steal it.

I did not steal it.

- It was you, Manny.

You're the only one.

- Now, if you go on like
that, I'm going to get mad.

- It's no good to you, anyway.

You don't know where the mine is.

You think I would tell you
exactly where the mine is?

Do you?

You don't know.

You could search for years.

- If that's true, then why you're so upset

about the map being stolen?

- Because I trusted you.

- I think it's time we talk to Mr. Russo.

- Russo?

- You set up a meeting right now.

I have to take care of something else.

And then I'll take care of Mr. Russo.

- Now hold on.

I don't like you saying that.

- If Mr. Russo took a map,

then Mr. Russo will have to answer to you.

(light knocking)

(suspenseful music)
(keys jangling)

What are you looking for?

- Dope, smack.

Just a little trip the other day.

I think went south and
we made some arrangements

and he's waiting on delivery.

He might have stashed it somewhere else.

The order hadn't arrived yet.

- Come on, come on, don't.
(suspenseful music)

Don't make a mess.

(suspenseful music)

- Shit!

(pensive music)

Fucking spike.

- Better have that looked at.

- [Arnie] No shit, Manford!

(pensive music)

- Take the elevator.

(elevator dings)
- Where is she, Manny?

- She, you mean Theda?
- Yeah.

You know she disappears,
you going with her, right?

(blade slings)

You know what I'm saying?

Yeah, fuck you, man.

Two can play that game, motherfucker.

She disappears, you suspect number one.

- I really don't know what
you're going on about.

(beeper beeping)

- You will.

It's your lucky motherfucking day.

- What the fuck was that?

I thought the girl disappeared.

- He's a junkie.

- Look, Manford,

are you involved with that girl?

- No, no, he's just jealous of me.

- He's jealous of you?

Well, if you're involved, why-
- These things can happen.

- No, not with you, Manford.

Not with you.

Look, I don't want to have to start-

- Oh, oh, I understand.

Now, you're threatening me.
- No, no, I'm just pointing-

- And who was in that
room without a warrant?

- Look, don't go playing
your fucking head games now!

- Maybe it's better if

we just don't have anything
to do with each other.

- Look, Manford,

I just don't think you
should be getting involved

with somebody.

You know how you can get,
what that can lead to.

You remember, Louise?

- It's nothing.

- It's nothing.

- Okay, let's just try
to keep a lid on things.

And bust this fucker and we'll move on.

- That's right.

(pensive music)

(electric jazz music)

(faint music and lady talking on TV)

- Did you see him?

- He's at the hotel.

- What's the matter?

I think maybe I better be going.

- No.

No, you're not going anywhere.

- I think I better.

- You'll never find it.

You can search for years
and you'll never find it.

You'll start looking for it.

- What are you talking about?

- The mine.

You broke into Pop's room and
you stole the map, didn't you?

- No, I didn't.

I told Jack about it.

- Jack?

Is that what this is about?

You think you can steal a man's dream?

- (scoff) I mentioned it.

I just mentioned it.

You know like you mentioned it.

- Well, you know what's
gonna happen now, don't you?

Jack's going to find the map missing

from under the mattress.

And naturally, he's going
to think that you took it

and he's going to think that
you betrayed and abandoned him.

Now when he sees that the map is gone,

what's he going to do?

- I don't know.

- But you can imagine?

You can imagine, if he
can't control himself,

if he gets obsessed...

- (crying) What are you gonna do?

(somber music)
(Theda crying)

- My God.

(somber music)
(Theda crying)

(light soft music)

(Manny sighing)

(light soft music)

I want you inside me.

(light soft music)
(couple breathing heavily)

(light jazzy music)
(couple panting)

(Theda squeals)

(light jazzy music)
(couple panting)

(couple moaning)
(jazzy music)

(intense jazzy music)

(couple breathing heavily)
(jazzy music)

(pensive music)

(jazzy music)

(Theda moans)

(jazzy music)

(Theda moans)

This could get bad.

You know?

- No one should go through
their life, scared of someone.

Don't worry.

I'm gonna take care of you now.

- I've heard that before.

- You think I would lie to you?

- People promise things.

- Not me.

If you knew me, you'd know,

when I say something...

(lips smacking)

A man is only as good as
his word or he's nothing.

- You're my knight and shining armor.

(loud knocking)

- Open this door, Manford!
- Okay, okay.

(loud banging)

Okay, okay, okay!

(door slams)
- This ain't no fucking joke!

(door slams)

Are you here of your free will?

Did you consent to come here?

- Yes, officer.

- I think you owe us an apology.

- Get dressed and come over here, please.

- I said-
- I fucking heard you!

Sit down.

I think we need to clear
the air, a little, here.


Okay, are you aware that your
boyfriend is dealing heroin?

- Yes.

- Are you involved?
- No.

- Yes, you are involved
'cause you're aware of it.

- I don't shoot.

- It's a matter of time.

I also wanna make you
aware, that Manford here.

- This isn't right.
- Manford is a-

- I'm warning you.

- Fuck, are you threatening me?

Are you fucking threatening me!

- A man has a right to a second chance.

- Yeah, unless they're
gonna hurt somebody.

Isn't that right, Manny?

You remember Louise and
Frank, don't you, huh?


You see,

Manny here is a recent
graduate of the nut house.

Are you also aware, why he was in?

'Cause Manny's a very jealous man.

- This isn't right.

- Listen, asshole!

I never bought that
temporarily insane shit

when I busted you the first time.

It's fucking bullshit.

You can pull the shrinks in the straights,

but I know (scoffs), you
weren't temporarily insane.

'Cause with you, it's a
full time fucking job.

(Manny coughing)

- [Manny] Now look, you've
gone and scared her.

- Yeah, well that's the
whole point, Manford,

because people should know about you.

And you,

I'mma forget about this whole thing.

'Cause you're gonna help
me bust your boyfriend.

You got that?

And this is how it's gonna go down.

When your boyfriend gets his delivery,

you're gonna call Manny at the front desk.

Excuse me, I can't hear you.

- All right.

- And Manford, you're
gonna put that phone book

on the front desk

and I'm gonna be ready across the street,

watching up both of you.

- All right.

- And as soon as it's all over,

you're gonna get as far away
from that man as you can,

as fast as you can.

- That, no-

- You put a steak knife
through a man's hand, Manford!

You think that's not
enough to send you back?

You think that kind of
thing goes unreported?

Get dressed.

Sit down.

(gun clicks)

You fuck around with me this time,

you're going back in the fucking ward.

Comprendo, Manfredo, hmm?

Call him.
(Theda scoffs)

Tell him you want to come back.

(suspenseful music)

(car door shuts)

- If she gets hurt in any way-

- Or you're gonna, what?

(pensive music)

- Where are the other guys?

- I call 'em when I need 'em.

I got guys all over this street.

What the fuck?

I can't believe you.

First thing you do is fall
in love with some douche bag.

She's playing you, Manny.

- You don't know.

She's never had the right guy,

somebody who meant what they said.

You don't know.

- Well, maybe you're right.

Yeah, maybe you two match up together.

Like a pair of fucking
nuts on a slot. (laughing)

Cha ching. (laughing)

He hadn't left that room.

Just waiting.

Doesn't want to miss it when it comes.

He's just itching, hmm.

Gonna slide some.

Test it, hmm.

Junkie fever.

Think of it, like you do Theda.

Can't get enough, even when you got her.

Theda's in your blood.

You dream that, Manny?

You know what that is?

You can think things,

you can see things are real,

but they're not real.

Stuff will awaken your nightmares.

- All right.

- (scoffs) Okay.

Okay, let's just handle this
without any more bullshit.

- I'm nervous.

- Look, I need you on the desk.

- No.

No, something bad could happen in there.

I need a drink.

- Okay, you got 10 minutes
before you're due at the desk.

Go get a drink.

- Yeah, all right.

- Hey, put that phone book on the desk

where I can see you do it.

(car door slams)

- Scotch, please, double.

(light jazzy music)

I owe you an apology.

- Don't plan on staying.

- I found out who has the map.

I didn't steal it, but
I did make a mistake.

I told Theda about it.

- Theda? (laughs)

What were you two gonna do?

Go up there with pick and
shovel, looking for nuggets?

- I didn't tell her about the map.

I mentioned that you owned a gold mine.

- And now you realize,
you don't know shit.

You need me.

Well, fuck you, I don't need a map.

- Are you done?

May I continue?

Her boyfriend broke into
your room and stole the map,

not her.

- That jumpy little piece of stink?

What's he gonna do with it?

- [Manny] That's why I'm here.

She told me he has plans.

He thinks you have more
gold stashed somewhere.

- What?

- I think you should go get the map back

and explain it to the dickhead

before je does something stupid.

- Oh, that doesn't sound too bright.

- Then, call the cops.
- No, no.

- I'll call them, I'm a partner.

- I don't want the cops, you
know, then everybody knows.

- I'm just trying to correct the mistake.

(Manny sighs)

(Manny exhales)

(light pensive music)

All the news is 50 print, Margie.

- Thanks, kiddo.

(elevator dings)

Good night.

(phone trilling)
(phone ringing)

- [Manny] El Cortez Hotel, Manny speaking.

- Yeah, he just closed the curtain.

- All right, I have to go
change some light bulbs

in the hallway.

I'm gonna have a little
talk with our friend.

I want you to come with me.

- Well, you know, he's gonna deny it.

What if he-

- I know where it is,
it's under the mattress.

Where's your gun?
- What?

- Your gun, I saw.

- [Popcorn] What do you want with my gun?

What are you gonna do with my gun?

- If any trouble starts, pull
this out and wave it around.

He'll pucker up right away.

- Oh no, wait a minute.

You can't pull a gun.

You pull a gun, anything can happen.

- Nothing will happen.

It's not even loaded.

- All right.

- Let's just get this over with.

(light knocking)

(Jack sniffing)

Excuse us, is Jack in?
- What's this about?

- We've had some complaints.

- What the fuck are you doing?

What I tell you about letting
people in my fucking room?

You're fucking pushing it.
- Where's the map?

- What fucking map?

- The one you stole from Pop's room.

- What fucking map?

Listen, you know what?

If you're on medication,

then maybe you should go get
your prescription filled.

- Just give me the map and we'll leave.

- What are you, two loonies?

What are you, roommates
from the funny farm?

What the fuck is going on?

- Did you, or did you not
tell Jack about the gold mine?

- Oh, this is the story?

- You know I did, he's denying it.

- Denying, you-

- Then we'll just
settle, I'll get the map.

- No, you ain't going nowhere.

- I wouldn't do that, Pop!
- You fucking nut, what?

- Oh, this is what I get.

A fucking cripple, a retard and a cunt.

- Fuck you.
- No, fuck you!

- Take a fucking pill and relax.

- Here's the map.

- Ha!
- Fucking.

Give me that, no.
(Popcorn yelling)

Go, go ahead,

I'll shoot you in the
back of your fucking head!

No, leave it.

I said, leave it!
(Manny grunts)

What's with this map?

Now what's with this fucking map?

- Baby, baby, he owns a fucking gold mine.

- What?
- That's it.

- I don't believe this.
- It's for us.

- (laughing) Manny, my boy,

they must hooked you
up to the jumper cables

and left you charging all
night, fucking long, man.

You fucking retard!
(glass shatters)

(men grunting)
(Theda squeals)

- (yells) You fucking, get off of him!

Get off of him!
(body bangs)

(loud slapping)
(Theda yells)

(blade slings)

(Theda groaning)

(men grunting)

(men yelling)

(air whooshing)

(body bangs)
(skull cracks)


Now, I'm gonna take care of this.

See if he's still there.

- If who is still there?

- [Manny] There's a cop across
the street watching the room.

- He's just sitting there.

- I'll take care of it.

Is there anything else
anybody wants to tell me?

Because if there is...

I understand.


- Manny, there's the gold there.

- All right.

All right, if we just
stick to our stories,

we'll be just fine.

Everybody just stay here.

(Theda lightly sobbing)

(loud banging)
- Don't fucking move!

Where is he?

- He's dead.

- What the fuck?

(loud slapping)
(Arnie grunts)

(body thuds)

- [Manny] Just stick to the story.

- [Popcorn] I can't do this, I can't.

- Just stick to this story and
everything's gonna work out.

Get your things.

How you feeling, Arnie?

- We can figure something out here

so it don't look so bad for you.

This kind of shit, you
don't never get away with.

- What kind of shit is that?

- I told you, I got guys on the street.

They saw me come up in here.

They gonna start worrying right about now.

- He's got guys on the street.

Pop, do you believe that?

He says he's got guys on the street.

- That may be.
- Theda?

- I would've thought
they'd be here by now.

- [Manny] That's right.

- They're gonna come through that door

and they're not gonna be asking questions.

- Not the way I look at it.

The way I look at it,

there never were any other
guys on the street because,

Theda, could you bring
me Jack's kit please?

- What are you doing?

Huh, huh?

(Arnie grunting)
- What are you doing?

(Arnie grunting)

- Taking care of it.

(Arnie grunting)

How'd you hide those tracks
from the guys at work, Arnie?

This is how they do it?

No, there never were any other guys

because you thought this was
gonna be a nice little rip off.

Not a big rip off because
a small player like Jack,

what's he gonna have?

- It's okay.
- An ounce, maybe two.

(Arnie grunting)

What were you gonna do about me, Arnie?

Manford, your main man.

You figured I'd take the rap, huh?

A loony who fell for the guys' girl,

a hotel clerk with a
fucking history of violence.

(Arnie grunting)

(Theda yells)

(Arnie grunting)

(Annie yelling muffled)

(Arnie panting)

I guess you were right about the violence.

(elevator dings)

Go to your room and wait.

- You okay?

- Yeah, Pop.

- Pop, you okay?
- Fuck, I'm miserable.

(door shuts)
- It's taken care of.

- I want out.

You and the girl can have
the map, the mine, take them.

I just want out.

- You want out?

You're gonna let a
junkie steal your dream?

- Manny, stop, okay?

Just stop.

- We all need each other.

And now we have a secret between us.

We all have to trust each other now.

- Don't you think that
they're gonna come after us

when they find them?

- But we want the cops to find them.

It's all tied up.

I can't think of any loose ends.

(loud knocking)

- Who is it?

- [Carlo] Carlo Russo, hope
I'm not disturbing you.

- Just a minute.

- I'm sorry.

I didn't didn't know you had company.

- It's all right, come on in.

Carlo, I'd like to introduce my wife.

- Uh, hello stranger.

- Hi.
- You're a sight for sore yes.

- Long time, no see.
- Good to see you.

- Hi, oh.

Where have you been?
- Well, you know.

- I thought you were doing time.

- Yeah, I was and uh, I'm back.

- You're back.
- Yeah.

Theda and I are old friends.

You know, we,

well, anyway, I'm sorry.

I didn't know you two were married.

Congratulations, I uh.
- Great.

- Thank you.
- She's wonderful.

- Yeah, she is.

You know, I apologize.

I must be disturbing.
- Not at all, not at all.

I was afraid that I
might have insulted you.

- See, and I was afraid
I came on too strong.

- What can we do for ya?

- Look...

I'm a bloodhound.

Once I get scent, I don't like to let go.

- I had that feeling about you.

- May I propose something?

- Pop?
- I don't see why not.

- I'd like to up my offer.

- Well, I'm gonna have to talk
to the boss about that first.

I'll need a minute, Theda?

(lips smacking)
- What?

- What's going on?

Do you know this guy?

- Oh, he's just an old friend.

I haven't seen him in three years.

He's been up at Tonopah.

- What did he do?

- Book making, bribing
a gaming commissioner.

- Does he have money?

- His family's loaded.

Baby, he must have just gotten out.

You can't trust him.

(couple panting)

- See, we never built a cabin.

We got a trailer up there.
- Yeah, I see.

- Okay.

Okay, the boss says I have to
at least listen to your offer.

- Well, as you know, my last offer was.

- 75?

- Yeah, well, I managed
to find another 25,000.

It's all in cash.

- I don't know.

We do need some startup capital.

If we were to sell you, let's say a third,

how would you feel about that?

- Whatever you say.

I'm just eager to get mine.

- For another 200,000, in cash.

- 300 large, in cash.

You outta-

- That'll be our deposit.

- Okay.

But the rest is COD when I see the mine.

Deal, partner?

- Deal, partner.

- Yeah, calls for a celebration!

Scotch whiskey!

- I'd like to go up and
see the mine this weekend.

How's that?

- That is a great idea.

- There's still a little muck on the road.

- Oh, don't worry about that.

I'll take care of that.
- Thank you, darling.

- How's the first thing Saturday morning?

- I'm good.
- That sounds good to me.

- To the partnership.

(glasses clinking)
- Salut.

- Just be careful around Russo, okay.

- Careful's my middle name.

- Manny, who's Louise?

- Louise?


(dramatic music)

Louise was my girlfriend.
- Who is he?

(loud slapping)

(gun bangs)
(suspenseful music)

She was involved with Frank Arney Snitch.

They put me in a corner.

- Just promise me, you
won't hurt anybody else.

- I promise.

(organ music)

You're a real heartbreaker,
aren't you, Theda?

(organ music)

(rock music)

- Low mileage on this one.

One of those yuppies drove
it to daycare and back.

- You wouldn't be trying to
sell me a story, now would you?

- You don't look like a
guy who'd buy it, if I did.

(rock music)

- Right on time.
- Beautiful day for it.

- Did you bring the money?

- 200K, just like we agreed.

Just one problem.

- What?

- We're gonna need a receipt.

- He's gonna need a receipt. (laughs)

How about if Pop rides with you, Carlo?

- Okay.

- My coat.

I always want of one of these.

You can sleep in the back, if you need to.

- I'd love to travel.

- Look at that.

That's a Red-tailed Hawk.

Right there.

- If I tell you something,
you promise you won't get mad?

- I won't get mad.


What is it?

- I'm afraid of you.

- I know.

They shouldn't have put me in a corner.

Do you believe in second chances?

- Oh, yeah,


(country music)

- [Manny] Theda, I love
this place, already.

- [Popcorn] Don't worry,
Carlo, it'll be safe here.

What do you say, Carlo?

You smell that.

Can you smell it?

That's the smell of gold.

(rock music)

There she is.

Now, you're at my house.

- [Carlo] Jesus Christ,

you know, until you actually see this-

- [Popcorn] You're standing on a fortune.

Vein runs right under your feet.

Manny, here's the key.

Open her up.
- Let's take a look.

- [Popcorn] Let me fire up the generator.

I gotta pump out that methane gas.

Otherwise, we'll all get blown up.

(Popcorn laughing)

- [Carlo] Man, I love it up here.

Hey, Pop, who's this guy?

- Ah, that was my first partner.

Couldn't stick, didn't have the patience.

Wanna get the lights?

- Here you go.

- I can't go in there.

I'm claustrophobic.

- Ah, you'll get used to it.
- Not me, I can't.

- Well, let's go have a look!

- Hey!

Don't be too long down there.

- Don't worry, bears will keep
you company if you miss us.

- Very funny.

- Carlo, that and the methane.

(Carlo playfully imitates explosion)

Thank you.

- Okay, okay.

I ran smack dab in the middle
of it, up there a little ways.

This here is about seven
years of work to this point.

Manny, throw some light down there.

See that?

That air shaft is an old mine
that leads to another vein,

goes all the way through the
other side of the mountain.

- Is it as rich as this one?

- Oh, that one is huge.

Had to abandon that one
because of the accident.

Well, start looking around, Carlo.

The rich stuff is heavy and crusted.

It's burnish, not shiny.

Sticks together, that's how you know.

There's ore lying all over here.

Pick yourself up some.

(electric whirring)
(pensive music)

- What the hell is that?

- Shit, that's that old
generator going out on me again.

I'll go straighten that out.

But don't wait for me, go on ahead.

There's a little quartz vein,

it weighs down on the
right, you gotta see it.

Make a grown man cry.

Manny, wanna help me out?

- I think I better keep an eye on him.

- Manny.
- Oh, no, it's okay, Pop.

- You religious, Manny?
- Sometimes.

- Because this sure is the
answer to a man's prayer.

- We gotta stake as
much as this as we can.

Don't tell anybody.

- Don't worry about me.

I can keep a secret.

You're getting your nice suit all dirty.

- (laughs) What, are you kidding?

I can afford thousand of these now.

(chains clanking)

(loud popping)
(Manny panting)

- Get the briefcase.

- Yeah, let's go.

I'll get it.

- She's laying here, right in front of us.

Look at this.

It's a fucking watch.

Oh shit.
- What, what?

- What the fuck?

(Manny grunting)
(boulder dragging)

(Manny vomiting)
- Jesus, it's his partner.

What the fuck, man?

- I didn't know!
(gun bangs)

- Aw, shit.

(gun bangs)

- Hook that up.

We need more time.

- You're a liar.

(guns banging)

- Theda!

(guns banging)

(chains clanking)

Theda, run!

Theda, get out of there!


- No, no!

(gas explodes)

(objects thudding)

(dust sprinkling)
(gas explodes)

(Theda sobbing)

(gas explodes)

(Manny panting)

(gas explodes)

(Manny panting)

(Theda sobbing)

(gas explodes)

(Manny panting)

(gas explodes)

(Manny panting)

(gas explodes)

(Manny panting)

(objects clanking)
(Manny yelling)

(Theda sobbing)

(rock music)
(bird squawking)

("Liars and Freaks" by The Brombies)

♪ What kinda place have I fallen in ♪

♪ It's all the high and serene ♪

♪ Lord, this kinda trouble ♪

♪ Would make a blind man see ♪

("Liars and Freaks" by The Brombies)

(people chattering)

(light classical music)

- Miss Dobbs?
- Yes.

- My name is Roy Morrison.

- [Woman] How do you?

- I'm an acquaintance of your father's.

- [Woman] Of course, it's about
the gold mountain property.

- Do you mind if I join you?
- Please.

- Thank you.

I know the mine is down in Mexico,

but I thought we could make arrangements

to go see the property.

- Well, you have ask the boss, here he is.

Hi, dad.
- Hey there, Roy.

- Hi.
- I see you met my daughter.

She's single, Roy.
(Roy laughs nervously)

- Just to prove my intentions are honest.

- It's an awful lot of money.

- It's just something to prime the pump.

- It's very nice of you,

but to be quite honest,

it's hardly enough to get started

and it's not even certified.

- My daughter thinks
she has a better chance

to raise capital with a
stock placement, an IPO.

- How much money would
you need to get operation?

- $2 million.

It's an all or nothing deal.

If you don't take the risk,

you can't make the win, Mr. Morrison.

- I thought I recognized that voice.

How are you, Pop?

- Son of a gun.

- Business must be pretty good.

You both look flush.

- Hello, Manny.

- Manny, this is Roy Morrison.

- Manny DeSilva, good to meet you like.

- Likewise.

- [Popcorn] Where have you
been keeping yourself, Manny?

We lost touch.

- It's a long story and I
don't want to interrupt.

I just wanted to thank you again

for that tip on that gold claim.

I found that air shift.

(light classical music)

And then, this,

a thousand bags of gold doubloons

left behind by the Spanish conquistadors.

(scoffs) Priceless.

You're in good company with these two.

You can't go wrong.

I'll be in touch.

(light classical music)

(couple moaning)
(jazzy music)

- I'm so sorry.

I'm so sorry.

- Shh, shh, don't talk, don't talk.

- I tried to stop him.

I tried to stop him.

I'm so sorry.

- You broke my heart.

(bluesy jazzy music)

- [Roy] Mr. Dobbs, this is Roy Morrison.

Do you know what I have
right here in my hand?

I have a cashier's check
in the amount we discussed.

How soon can we go see the mine?

- Well, maybe the snow is melted by now.

- [Roy] The snow?

- Just 'cause it's in Mexico,
you think it doesn't snow?

I tell you what.

How's Saturday morning
sound to you around seven?

I'll call my pilot.

We'll get the plane gassed
up and go for a ride.

- [Roy] I'm looking forward to it.

- Me, too, Roy.

Me, too.

(jazzy music)

(lips smacking)

(jazzy music)

- [Manny] Gold.

Sometimes, it's an answer to a dream.

- [Manny And Theda] But
there's always a prize to pay,

even for a dream.

("Oh, She Was The Devil" by The Brombies)

♪ Oh, she was the devil ♪

♪ Oh, and I knew it ♪

♪ Well, she's gonna be the death of me ♪

♪ If I can just get through it ♪

♪ She's a heartbreaker ♪

♪ And I knew it from the very start ♪

♪ Oh yeah ♪

♪ Have pity on this poor old fool ♪

♪ With a broken heart ♪

♪ Well, I was a goner ♪

♪ From the first time I saw her face ♪

♪ Shining like an angel ♪

♪ She took me the higher place ♪

♪ Then, something happened ♪

♪ And I was never the same again, oh oh ♪

♪ Just look at me now ♪

♪ You don't know the shape I'm in ♪

♪ Oh, she was the devil ♪

♪ Oh, and I knew it ♪

♪ Well, she's gonna be the death of me ♪

♪ If I can just get through it ♪

♪ She's a heartbreaker ♪

♪ And I knew it from the
very start, oh yeah ♪

♪ Have pity on this poor old fool ♪

♪ With a broken heart ♪

♪ All right ♪

("Oh, She Was The Devil" by The Brombies)

♪ Welcome to the rich deck ♪

♪ The place that some of y'all hate ♪

♪ Hope you don't mind ♪

♪ But I just shoved it in your face ♪

♪ And if you're thinking
about attacking me ♪

♪ Forget about that ♪

♪ 'Cause I can read your
mind right through your hat ♪

♪ If you come for me, I'll
be coming right at ya ♪

♪ If you read the story ♪

♪ Then you know I'm not afraid to get ya ♪

♪ When it comes to the election ♪

♪ I don't care if I lose ♪

♪ The winner, I'll still
be the one I choose ♪

♪ I got the ego by the throat ♪

♪ And it don't matter
for whomever you vote ♪

♪ So just relax, and drink a Coors ♪

♪ I'm taking care of business
behind closed doors ♪

♪ And why you coppin' an attitude ♪

♪ I'm smokin' your enemies,
B, that's gratitude ♪

♪ There ain't a demo
alive I ain't outspent ♪

♪ If want to play, yeah, we love to sing ♪

♪ But nobody do squat, why? ♪

♪ 'Cause I'm the gangsta president ♪

♪ Mister gansta president ♪

♪ Take us from us girls ♪

♪ You're the biggest boss gansta ♪

♪ In the whole wide world ♪

♪ In the world, yeah ♪

♪ You got everybody trembling ♪

♪ In the palm of your hand ♪

♪ In my hands ♪

♪ Your got your finger on the button ♪

♪ Yeah, you're the man ♪

♪ If you got weapons,
I'm coming to your town ♪

♪ If you got oil, I'll buck buck buck ♪

♪ And if you're thinking
about attacking me ♪

♪ Forget about that ♪

♪ 'Cause I can read your
mind right through your hat ♪

("Gangsta President" by Joe Bear)

- You ready?