El Cid (1961) - full transcript

Epic film of the legendary Spanish hero, Rodrigo Diaz ("El Cid" to his followers), who, without compromising his strict sense of honour, still succeeds in taking the initiative and driving the Moors from Spain.

This is Spain...

one thousand and eighty years
after the coming of Christ.

It is a war-torn, unhappy land...

half Christian, half Moor.

This is the time and the story
of Rodrigo Diaz of Vivar...

known to history and to
legend as "El Cid", "The Lord."

He was a simple man, who
became Spain's greatest hero.

He rose above religious hatreds...

and called upon all Spaniards,
whether Christian or Moor...

to face a common enemy who
threatened to destroy their land of Spain.

This enemy was gathering
his savage forces...

across the Mediterranean Sea
on the north shores of Africa.

He was the African emir, Ben Yusuf.

The Prophet has commanded
us to rule the world.

Where in all your land of Spain
is the glory of Allah?

When men speak of you, they speak of
poets music makers, doctors, scientists.

Where are your warriors?

You dare call yourselves sons of the Prophet?

You have become women!

Burn your books.

Make warriors of your poets.

Let your doctors invent
new poisons for our arrows.

Let your scientists
invent new war machines.

And then, kill!


Infidels live on your frontiers.

Encourage them to kill each other.

And when they are weak and torn...

I will sweep up from Africa...

and thus the empire of the one God,...

- ...the true God Allah...
- Allah is the one God.

Will spread. First, across Spain.

Then, across Europe.

Then, the whole world!

Heavenly Father, we are lost and in darkness.

Once again they destroy our towns...

take our people in bondage.

Please help us, Father.

Send us someone...

who will take us to the light.

Father. Here. Come.

The Cross.

The Cross.

We couldn't save your village...

but we captured their leaders.

Who are you?

Rodrigo Diaz of Vivar.


You're a long way from home.

Sir, you are not dressed for battle.

This was to have been
my wedding day, Father.

How is it you came here, my son?

I thought this would be
the shortest road to my bride.

We are ready, my lord.
Do we hang them now?

No, Fanez. They come to Vivar with us.

No! Stop!

Fernando, put down those stones!

Welcome home, my son.

Here are some Moorish prisoners for you.

We didn't expect such wedding guests.

Are you holding them for tribute?

They're your prisoners, sir.

They're yours. You captured them.

You must decide what is to be done with them.

Hang them! Now!

We are emir... king.

There will be a great ransom
for you if you let us live.

You were ready enough to kill.

- It would seem you're less ready to die.
- I am ready, my Lord Rodrigo.

I have no great desire to live to
see what is coming for all of us.

What is coming for all of us?

Wars, death and destruction.

Blood and fire more terrible than
has ever been seen by living man.

Don Diego, I will take your prisoners
back to the King at Burgos.

They are not my prisoners.
They are my son's.

Oh, forgive me, Don Rodrigo.

Then it will be your prisoners we will
hang in the palace square at Burgos.

We will hang their bodies high
as an example to other Moors!

Don Ordonez, these prisoners
will not go to Burgos.

The King will be just as pleased
if you hang them here.

We've been killing them for years.

What has it brought us? Peace?

Hang me, and my sons will not rest while
a single Christian remains alive in Vivar.

What other way is there to treat the Moors?

Hang them now!

Do you want these people to live
in fear the rest of their lives?

Antonio, do you want to see
your church burned too?

Your villages destroyed?

Then kill them.

Don Diego, tell your son that it is treason...

to refuse to turn over prisoners
to an officer of the King.

Rodrigo knows what he must do.

Do you solemnly pledge never again
to attack King Ferdinand's country?

I do.

Among our people, we have
a word for a warrior...

with the vision to be just and
the courage to be merciful.

We call such a man, "El Cid."

I, Moutamin, Emir of Saragossa...

pledge eternal friendship to the Cid of Vivar...

and allegiance to his sovereign lord,
King Ferdinand of Castile.

May Allah strike the eyes from my head...

and the flesh from my bones
if I break this pledge.

In the name of Allah.

In the name of Allah.

In the name of Ferdinand...

King of Castile, Leon and Asturias...

I charge you with treason.

Within seven days, you will appear
before the King at Burgos...

to answer these charges.

You did take the shortest road, my son.

Not to your bride, but to your destiny.

God sent you to us, my son.

God has sent you.


But I did hear a sound.

He should have been here by now.
Why is he so late?

He is not late, my lady.
He was to be here at sundown.

It's barely noon.


You don't really understand
how love keeps time.

Later means sooner; sundown means noon.

Still, a man on a horse can move only so fast...

- no matter how much the man is in love.
- Yes, my lady.

All night long I kept thinking:

"Oh, the Moors have ambushed him!"

"Oh, yes, he's been
attacked by a madman."

"Oh, he's fallen ill."

They say all women in love...

are tormented that way.

Because they don't dare
believe that such happiness...

can really be theirs.

Help me, please.

The gown is... very beautiful.

Your Highness is... very gracious.

It is not often we are so honored.

No. It is not an ordinary day.

Then you have not heard?

There has been news... Oh, yes.

News of... of Rodrigo, Your Highness?

- Of Rodrigo. The gown is so beautiful.
- Your Highness.

Your Highness.

Can you tell me what has
happened to Rodrigo?

Yes, I can tell you.

- You knew that Rodrigo was
on his way here? - Yes.

That there was a battle?

You knew that there was
a battle with the Moors?


My father, tell me.

- Rodrigo's been hurt.
- No, Rodrigo's alive and well.

You love him so much.

Two names.

My father...

and Rodrigo.


you are my only child.

I have no wife.

You alone can carry my blood.

I should have had a son.

But Rodrigo will be your son.


You're young.

You can learn to love again.

Could I learn to love another father?

It is not the same. There are others.

Chimene! Chimene!

Don Garcia Ordonez,
tell me what has happened.

You have always been a good friend.

I would be more to you, Chimene...

if you would let me.

You know that can never be.

It can now.

- Why now?
- Could you love a traitor, Chimene?

Since I love Rodrigo,
the question can never have meaning.

It has meaning now. Rodrigo is a traitor.

I do not believe you.

- There were others who were there.
- I do not believe them.

I am the one who brought
the charges against him.

He is to be tried for treason against the King.

You would do anything to hurt Rodrigo.

No. I would do anything to win you.

Chimene! What if these charges are true?

- They are not true.
- But there are many who saw it.

They did not know what they saw!

You will see for yourself, Chimene.

His Majesty, Don Ferdinand...

the King, our Lord!

King of Castile, Leon and Asturias.

And the Infantes, Prince Sancho...

Prince Alfonso...

and the Princess Dona Urraca.

You have been gathered here at this court...

to give your solemn advice in a
matter of great import to the Crown.

Garcia Ordonez has invoked
the charge of treason...

against Rodrigo of Vivar.

He cannot bring such charges against my son!

I repeat the charge! It is treason!

He's the man who's fighting Moors!

It is treason to the King!

You shouldn't have come.

Then I'll go.

No. Another moment.

Oh, forever.

Besides, there is no danger.

No danger?

Listen to them.

It doesn't matter.

Because I know you're not guilty.

- You don't even know what I've done.
- No.

But I know it was not treason.

What did you do?

I let a man live. No. Five men.

But how can they call it treason?

Death to the Moors!

Who are these five men?


Moors? You let Moors live? Why?

I'm not sure it was right.

I don't know. I think it was...

It happened strangely.

I was on my way to you.

I can't even remember where I was.

There must have been roads...

trees and people.

All I remember is your face.
There was a battle. I fought too.

My heart wasn't in my sword.
I kept... seeing your face.

Suddenly, I thought,
"Why are we killing each other?"

True, they're Moors, we're Christians...


do you understand what I'm trying to say?

Yes, but... there always
have been wars between us.

I know.


You don't think, then...

we could live in peace?


Will you keep quiet, the both of you!

This is not a charge I would
bring lightly against any man...

especially a man who in a
short time was to be my son.

But a man who frees the enemies of the King...

son or no son...

I must call such a man "traitor."

Sire, he slurs the honor of our family.

This cannot be.

I, too, was once the King's champion.

That was many years ago, Don Diego.

Perhaps it will be better to
leave the matter in our hands.

No, Sire. There were things said
here which cannot be forgotten...

even in this royal assembly.

Count Gormaz of Oviedo...

when you call my son a traitor...

I say you lie.

I am the King's champion.

I would not want to shame my
sword with an old man's blood.

Yet no man can call me a liar.


I don't really understand, Rodrigo.

I only know if it grew out of our love...

it must be right.

What do you want?

You shamed my father.

I want his name back.

But not the way you left it.

I want it clean so he can
once more wear it proudly.

I cannot apologize.

It is not that I do not want to.

I do not know how to.

People will only esteem you the more for it.

Everyone will understand.

I have told you no.

Go home, Rodrigo.

I ask nothing for myself.

I humble myself before you.

Have pity on a proud old man.

I have no pity for those who have
outlived the usefulness of their lives.


I beg you.

See? Two words are all I ask.

Can you not say, "Forgive me"?

I cannot.

I will not.

Now go.

Don't make me stain my life
and Chimene's with your blood.

Go home, Rodrigo.

No one will think the less of
you for not having stood up...

...against the King's own champion

Count Gormaz!

I will ask you... only this last time.

I see that courage and honor
are not dead in Castile.

And now I remember why I once thought
you were worthy of my Chimene.

Go home, Rodrigo.

What glory is there for the King's
champion in killing someone like you?

Can a man live... without honor?


Now, Count,... now I am satisfied.





- Chimene.
- Oh, Father!... Father!

Avenge me... as my son would.

Don't let me die... unavenged.


Oh, Father.

I didn't seek your father's life, Chimene.

No, but you knew he could
only answer the way he did...

and you were prepared to kill him.

You bought your honor with my sorrow.

There was no other way for me.

The man you chose to love
could do only what I did.

Why did you come, Rodrigo?

Did you think the woman you chose
to love could do less than you?

I tried not to come.

I tried.

I told my love it had no right to live.

But my love won't die.

- Kill it!
- You kill it!

Tell me you don't love me.

I cannot.

Not yet.

But I will make myself worthy of you, Rodrigo.

I will learn to hate you.

Dona Chimene, daughter of the
late Count Gormaz of Oviedo...

the King's lamented champion.

Dona Chimene, never was there a moment
when we needed your father more.

His death is a great loss to us.

And never did I regret more deeply...

that I am his daughter and not his son.

I will not stand on ceremony, Ferdinand.

Three times I have written you on
the matter of the city of Calahorra...

and have received no answer.

The city of Calahorra belongs to
Aragon, and I've come to claim it.

Calahorra has always been a part of Castile.

His Majesty, King Ferdinand, of Castile,
Leon and Asturias denies these claims.

Ramiro, King of Aragon by the grace of God...

does this day challenge Ferdinand,
King of Castile, Leon and Asturias...

to meet him in battle on the plains of
Calahorra with all the forces he can command.

To the victor in this battle and to his heirs...

the city of Calahorra shall belong forever!


All Spain is threatened by the Moors.

What could give greater
comfort to the enemy...

than to see two Christian kings and their
Christian armies tear each other to bits.

Why not then let the fate
of Calahorra be determined...

by the outcome of a single combat...

between your champion and mine?

We know why you have chosen
this moment to press your claim.

Our champion is dead.

The gauntlet lies there.

Let one man come forward
now, or give up Calahorra.

Lord King!

Let me take up this gauntlet, Sire.

Why should we entrust the fate of
a city to your inexperienced hands?

It was I who killed your champion, Sire.

What man has a better claim to his place?

Don Martin has killed 27 men in single combat.

You know that?


Yes, Sire, I know that.

Why, then, would you risk your life in this way?

I stand accused of treason, Sire.

And of other things.

I've not been permitted to answer
these charges. You've not judged me.

Let me now offer myself
before the highest judge.

If I'm guilty...

God will direct Don Martin's lance to my heart.

If I'm innocent, let him be my shield.

- He's never fought before.
- He is strong, Father.

- A city, a whole city is at stake.
- He defeated our champion.

How do we know it wasn't
from behind and in the dark?

- There were no witnesses.
- That is not Rodrigo's way.

Let him fight, Father.

He has much to fight for.

Rodrigo of Vivar, take up the gauntlet.

And may God give you strength.

May God give me strength.

Why have you come to this place at this hour?

We have come to do battle
for the city of Calahorra!

Will you fight to the death, giving
no quarter and receiving none?

- We will.
- We will.

Go, then, and fight for Calahorra.

Don Martin. Don Martin.

You have always been my father's enemy.

Will you be his avenger?
Will you wear my colors?

My lady, who would not be
proud to wear your colors?

I promise you that he who
has offended you shall die.

Until your triumph, my color will be black.

Rodrigo, the champion of Castile cannot
go into combat without a lady's colors.

My lady.

Almighty God, now the hour
of my ordeal has come.

Judge me and let all men
know my guilt or innocence.

Do you think Don Martin will kill Rodrigo?

I hope he does, Your Highness.

I'm sure you will understand why
I do not join you in that hope.

After all, we would lose a city.

He's held the first charge! Rodrigo's held!

Kill him!

To whom does Calahorra belong?

Calahorra belongs to Ferdinand...

and to Castile.

God saw fit to give me strength, Sire.

Never have I seen a man
fight with greater courage.

Our Lord was surely with you.

Who can now deny that the charges
brought against you were false?

We are deeply in your debt, Rodrigo.

You will be my champion.

Your colors are no longer black.

Until my father is avenged...

my colors will be deepest black.

Someone will avenge me.
Someone will yet come forward.

No. Believe me, Chimene.

Not one knight in all Castile
will risk his life against Rodrigo.

He has become too dangerous.

Then why have you come to me, Don Garcia?

This is not just a momentary anger?
You really want Rodrigo's death?

- You would fight Rodrigo?
- Not fight. Kill him.

I could fight him.

It's not a question of courage.

Before I first saw you, I was
ready to throw my life away...

but... not now, Chimene.

To kill him?


I want your love, Chimene.

More than I want honor, glory, wealth.

You understand a love like that.

Yes. Yes, I do.

Then I will kill him.

Oh, Father.

Why did you leave me such a burden?

Rodrigo of Vivar, you are hereby our own
champion and the first Knight of the Realm.

With this sword, may you
vanquish all our enemies.

My lieges...

for the first time in generations our Moorish
vassals have refused to pay us tribute.

They have been stirred into
unrest by the Moors of Africa.

An expedition, therefore, must
be sent to collect that tribute.

This expedition will be your first task.

May I prove worthy, Sire.

Our son, Sancho, will go with you.

May I too prove worthy, Father.

Sire, this will be the first
expedition of our Prince.

Could I, too, accompany him?

You have our permission, Count Ordonez.

Spare our son Sancho no hardship or danger...

but teach him also that peace,
not war, is the real task of a king.

Lord King, by ancient custom...

when a lord deprives a lady of her support
he is himself required to give her shelter.

I killed that lady's father.

Therefore, if, by God's will
I return alive from this mission...

will you give me Dona Chimene
of Gormaz as my lawful wife...

to provide for and protect as
her father would have done?

Yes, Rodrigo. Let there
be an end to this hatred.

The marriage will take place on your return.

Dona Chimene will hold herself in readiness.

In nomine Patrius et Filius
et Spiritu Sancti, amen.

This is the man you hoped
Don Martin would kill.

This is the man whose death you sought.

Yes, Your Highness?

Would you then still accept this marriage?

If it is the King's order, I must obey.

My Cid, beware!

Stop him!

My Lord Moutamin.

My Lord Cid.

- You came in good time this day.
- Praise be to Allah.

You were betrayed by one
of your own, my Lord Cid.

Betrayed by a Christian, saved by a Moor.

You've earned the enmity of your people.

It was no more than my Cid did for me.

- If ever you have need of me.
- If ever you have need of me.


Before I die, I want you to know
that the woman you love...

offered herself to me if I would kill you.

Kill him!

Kill him! He betrayed us!

No. Let him go.

- They will say I was too soft.
- You will soon be a king!

You must learn to think like one.

Any man can kill.

Only a king can give life.

I want no more blood on my marriage.


Why doesn't she speak?


Will my lady take a little wine?

It is a very good wine,
especially brought from Vivar.

I thank you, Fanez. No.

All night long you've been telling
my lady how good everything is...

- because it comes from Vivar.
- Well, it is good.

You will see for yourself, my lady,
when you come to Vivar.

It is such... such a happy place.

- Is it, Fanez?
- Oh, yes, my lady.

It's impossible to be there without...

feeling it.

I... I think my lord and lady must be tired.


Good night, my lord, my lady.

Good night, and may this
night be the most, uh...

I mean, may you have, uh...

Good night, my lord and lady.
Good night.

Since I've taken the vows of wife...

and since there must be nothing
hidden between man and wife...

there is something I wish to tell you.

Sometimes it's best to leave
a little something hidden...

even between man and wife.

They say "each unspoken
thought, becomes a small ghost."

We have room for a few small ghosts.

I knew Ordonez would betray you.

We planned your death...


Chimene, I knew you'd planned to kill me.

Ordonez told me.

I never hoped...

our marriage would bring
your love back quickly.

I did hope it would end your hate and that...

then, somehow...


Do you know why I married you, Rodrigo?

It was the only way left for
me to avenge my father.

It is true that if you want me, it is
your right as my husband to take me.

But you will never get a
woman's love from me.

Perhaps we have...

wounded each other too deeply.


Is it our Chimene?

Yes, Reverend Mother.

It's Chimene.

Why have you come back to us?

I've come to find peace, Mother.

After all that has happened to you...

the peace you seek is not within these walls.
You were made for the world, Chimene.

One day you will want to go back to it.

But you may remain with us...

until you feel you must leave.

Why do they not hail me king?

Because you are not the king.

- The kingdom has been divided.
- Liar.

Father proclaimed before he
died that Castile is yours...

- but Asturias and Leon go to me!
- Liar!

- And to our sister Urraca the walled city of
Calahorra. - No! I am the eldest.

This my birthright.
The kingdom will not be divided!

You can't stop it now.
I am King of Asturias and Leon.

- I won't let you stand in my way.
- I am the eldest son!

I'll have the Triple Crown or none at all!

Then let it be none at all.

It was you and Urraca against me.

Father was old. She worked on him!

You're no better than we are,
just because you're the firstborn.

You and our sister.

It was always you and our sister.

You... held her too close!

You covet her!

You lie!

Sancho, no!

He thought he could be king.


Accompany His Highness
to his new kingdom...

the dungeon of Zamora.

Will you give me your
prisoner, or must I take him?

There are 13 of us and you are alone.

What you do is against God's law.
Were you 13 times 13 I would not be alone.

What kind of a man are you?


We'll go to your sister at Calahorra.

Open the gates of Valencia,
in the name of Allah!

And the time came when
Ben Yusuf rode to Valencia...

to secure the aid of the
frightened Moorish king Al Kadir.

He had to make certain that he could land
his mighty armada on the shores of Spain.

Clear out, all of you!

My lord Ben Yusuf, what an honor.

What an honor.

Allah be praised. Our moment has come.

King Ferdinand has died and the
two young kings have quarreled.

Allah, in his wisdom, has willed it so.

And now Allah will ordain it
so that one Christian brother...

- will kill another Christian brother.
- How will this happen?

He... will do the killing.

The word will spread that
brother has killed brother.

There will be confusion, revolution.
The kingdom will be torn in two...

and then, when they are most weak,
I will bring my legions from Africa.

A master strategy.

When I land, they may attack you
here at Valencia.

If they do, you will hold Valencia.
Do you understand me?

Yes, my lord, I understand.

I will leave my guards with you
to make certain you understand.

Don't let him take me, Urraca.







You have given refuge to my brother!
I demand you release him at once!

This is my city! You do not demand!

Release the prisoner at once
or my army will attack!

- Alfonso stays here... with me!
- I give you until dawn to decide.

My lady.

What would it be worth to you,
if Sancho were kept from your gates?

Who is there who could do such a thing?

I could.

Only... Only I would ask a great deal.

- Thank heaven you answered our call.
- Why did you send it, sir?

Unless I surrender to Sancho,
he threatens to lay siege to us by morning.

Help us, Rodrigo.

When brother fights against
brother what can any man do?

If you joined us, many knights would come.

I swore allegiance to Sancho.

And to Alfonso. And to me!

I can only help one brother by
breaking faith with the other.

- I can help no one.
- But Sancho would kill Alfonso.

Whatever happens...

must happen without me.




What do you want here, Dolfos?

I have words for your ears only, my King.


There is a way Calahorra
could be taken without a blow.

I will help you.

Why should you do this for me?

I will not stand by and see
our land torn by civil war.

Tell me.

I know where there is an unguarded gate.

I will take you there. With a few men, you...

Even though my father trusted you, Dolfos...

one false move...

But I am unarmed, Sire.

Show me this gate.

From here it will be better to go on foot.

I see no gate.

There. Around the corner.

Open! Open the gate!
Open the gate! Open the...

- Confess me... Confess me. Confess me!
- Sancho.

- Rodrigo.
- My poor Sancho.

I was almost a king.

Wasn't I?

You are a king, my lord.

I have not come here as a queen.

Forgive me, Your Highness.

You still love Rodrigo.

And I know Rodrigo still loves you.

You have made a long and
hard journey to come here.

Rodrigo must be stopped!

We will not permit this, Alfonso and I!

Rodrigo will listen to you.

What is it I must tell Rodrigo, Your Highness?

He has threatened to force
Alfonso to swear publicly...

that he is innocent of our
brother Sancho's death.

Is he not innocent of your brother's death?

You must tell him not to do this.

He must not. We will not permit it!
We will stop him!

You... had better speak to him.
Do you understand me, Chimene?

I understand, Your Highness.

No one can ask a king to swear. No one!

Before God and this assembly...

I do freely forgive those
who have warred against me.

I promise to defend them
and to show them favor...

even as I defend and show favor
to those that were ever loyal to me.

This, my written oath,
I entrust to this Holy Church.


God has called upon me to become your king.
I now call upon you to kneel in sign of fealty.

Rodrigo of Vivar... called the Cid...

why do you alone refuse me fealty?


all those you see here...

though none dares say so...

harbor the suspicion that you may have
counseled your own brother's death.

Unless you can prove your innocence
you will have no loyal subjects.

Your kingdom will be torn by doubt.

Thus I cannot give you fealty
nor own you as my liege.

- What will satisfy you of my innocence?
- Your oath upon the holy books.

You would ask me to swear?

Sire, I do ask it.

Very well.

Will you swear that you had no part in
the ordering of King Sancho's death?

I so swear.

Do you swear that you had no part by
way of counsel in King Sancho's death?

I so swear.

Do you swear that you had no part by
way of design in King Sancho's death?

I swear it!

If you are forsworn...

may you die such a death as your brother did,
struck from behind by the hand of a traitor.

Say amen.

You press me too far, Rodrigo.

Say amen.


"By edict of our most illustrious
Sovereign Alfonso...

"King of Castile, Leon and Asturias...

"be it known that Rodrigo of Vivar...

"has outraged the Royal Personage
and is hereby exiled for life.

"He has been accorded
nine days from this day...

"in which to depart from the realm,
alone and without men at arms.

"All his property, his goods,
his lands and his privileges...

"are hereby forfeit to the Crown.

"All vessels of the King...

"are forbidden to provide him with food,
lodging or any means of sustenance...

"or to speak with him.

Let no man give him aid."

I thirst.

I thirst.

I thirst. Lord Knight, I thirst.

There is no spring nearby from
which a leper is allowed to drink.

I'm thirsty.


It's for you.

For you.

- Thank you, my Cid.
- How do you know my name?

There is only one man in Spain
who could humble a king...

and would give a leper to
drink from his own pouch.

Who are you?

I am called Lazarus.

May helping hands be extended to you...

everywhere you go, my Cid.

Can you forgive me, Rodrigo?


Would you take me with you?

But... now I...

have nowhere to take you.

If we are together...

it will not be nowhere.

I love you, Rodrigo.

I love you.

You know what you risk...

if you come with me, my love?

Since my love is not a man like other men,
my life will not be like other lives.

It's only now...

only now that I know...

how hard the road would've been without you.

Are you the one they call the Cid?


Then you must be the beautiful Chimene.

Do you not hate him anymore?

No, I do not.

My father says they'll cut
our hands off if we help you.

My father says they have eyes everywhere.

But my father said if you walk
very slowly, it will soon be dark...

and no one will be able to see
you if you go into our barn.

I suppose we must leave soon...

before it gets too light.

No, one more moment...

to remember all of this.

Have you ever slept in a
more beautiful bedchamber?


- Have you ever eaten better food?
- No.

Nor drunk better wine, nor...

I love you.

Dona Chimene, my wife.

I'm so glad, Rodrigo.

So glad.

Must we go?

Of what are you glad?

That you are no longer the King's champion...

that you no longer have your
knights and your armies...

and that you have only me.

We will find some hidden place
where you are not known.

Yes, a place like this.

And we will make our lives there.

If all men knew that banishment could
be like this, we'd have a world of exiles.


We'll look for your hidden place...

before the others find it.

We'll have a new life now.

Lord God...

protect this woman I love...

and who is now, finally, my wife.

El Cid!

- I am in exile!
- Without you, we are all in exile.

I can't take you with me!

You'd lose your homes, your families!

Every man here, has already made the choice.

We want you to lead us!

You have no right to ask him!
He has done enough!

- El Cid!
- El Cid!

But why him? Why?

For Spain!



I haven't slept all night.

Every time I close my eyes to sleep...

I dream the same dream, over and over.

I'm fighting an enemy
whose face I can never see.

I cut him down with my broadsword, he falls.

But when I look down...

it isn't my enemy lying at my feet.


It's my own right arm.

It was only a dream.

It was nothing.

- Our dream was short.
- I know.

There is no hidden place for a man like you.

There must be thousands
who would gladly part.

Why you?

Why me?

Please, let me carry away
an image of you smiling.

It would be a lie.

I will beseech God with my prayers.

I will tell Him He must bring you back to me.

I must tell God how much I need you.

Then we will see each other again.

Don Rodrigo.

We have not forgotten or forgiven
the wrong you did our Royal person.

But when danger threatens,
it is a king's duty...

to put the welfare of his
subjects above all else.

That is why we summoned you here.

Sire, I have all these years lived in
the hope Your Majesty would call me.

Especially now, since Ben Yusuf
has landed on our shores.

Ben Yusuf has challenged us to
meet him on the plains of Sagrajas.

Sire, you must not fight at Sagrajas.

- Valencia must first be...
- We have already accepted the challenge.

My liege, you must first take Valencia.

While the Moors hold Valencia...

Ben Yusuf can strike out
from there, overrun all Spain.

Your Majesty must not let this happen.

Look, I have brought friends
to help you in this fight.

How dare they not kneel to us?


These are kings. They come here as allies.

- We need no such allies.
- We are a Christian kingdom!

We treat only with Christians.

They're ready to fight at your side for Valencia.

They fear Ben Yusuf as we do.
They are your friends.

We do not consider them friends.


You risk having no Spain at all!

Don Rodrigo, you will join us at Sagrajas...

and we shall annul your banishment
and return your lands.

But if you are not at Sagrajas...

we shall consider you and yours our enemies!

Don Rodrigo. I know why you have come.

Your twin daughters are
playing in the garden here.

This is your father.

You're Elvira?

Then you must be Sol.

You're Elvira.

You're exactly alike.

I'm tired.

Tired of exile.

Now I can take you home to Vivar...

with honors.

I might be wrong to defy the King.

He commanded me to meet him at Sagrajas.

I could be wrong.

If you did not have us, Rodrigo...

would you even wonder?

I used to see so many of your hidden
places where I could've lived with you.

And no one would have known.

Have you also found a place,
where we could hide from ourselves?

I can't leave you...

leave them here unprotected.

But if you do what must be done for all Spain...

that will be our best protection.

Our Moorish silks suit
well your Christian armor.

You'll make a Moslem of me yet, my lord.

How can anyone say this is wrong?

They will say so, on both sides.

We have so much to give to
each other and to Spain.

If we are not destroyed first.

Once we take Valencia, then let Ben Yusuf try.

Valencia is surrounded.

No one here can leave the city or enter it.

Then our weapon is starvation.

May Allah make the siege a short one.

May God help our King Alfonso at Sagrajas.

We could have beaten Ben Yusuf!

With a few more men we could have won!

A handful of knights and
victory would have been ours.

Dona Chimene, did you think we would
permit your husband to go unpunished?

Would you punish the man
who is now Spain's only hope?

What if we were to place Dona Chimene
and her children in our deepest dungeons?

Might not the Cid then deliver
himself into our hands?

Sire, this is a sanctuary.

There are no sanctuaries
for the enemies of Christ!

If you crush him, who then would
stand against the invaders of Spain?

It was his fault! If he had
come, we would have won.


It was not for lack of courage that we lost.

You shall see.

You saw! I made no sound!

It was not through lack
of courage that we lost!

It takes more than courage to make a king.

Tell me his exact words!

The King said he would not
release Chimene and the children.

What does the King expect I'd do?

That I would let my wife and
children die in his dungeons?

No! He hopes you will march
on Burgos to rescue her.

Burgos! Well, then, shall
we disappoint our King?

What do we wait here for? To Burgos!

My Lord Cid, wait!

My lord, the city is ready to fall.

More and more people are
coming over to our side.

After all these months, we cannot leave!

Don't speak to me of Valencia,
my Lord Moutamin.

Not now!

Am I not a man, too, like you?

May I not sometimes think
of my wife? My children?

Well, then, what must I do?

What must I do?

Everything was taken from you.

How did you bribe the jailer
to bring me your message?

With two words: the Cid.

Even all these months in the dungeon...

have not marred your beauty.

There are terrible rumors.

They are not rumors.

The Cid has sent an ultimatum to the King.

Unless you and the children
are released at once...

your husband will march against us here.

Abandon Valencia?
Leave all Spain unprotected?

Yes, Chimene, for you. Why not?

Help me and the children to escape.
Come with us.

Join Rodrigo.

If I thought it would stop
him from coming here...

I would kill myself...

and the children.

Then your love is as desperate as mine.

Rodrigo, let me fight at your side.

We have need of such men.

Count Ordonez, we must attack tonight.


Citizens of Valencia!

We have starved you!

Now you are weak!

But we do not wish to attack you!

We are not your enemies!

Ben Yusuf is your enemy.

He will bring you death and destruction!

People of Valencia...

rid yourselves of your leaders!

Join with us!

We bring you peace!

Soldiers and citizens!

We bring you freedom! We bring you life!

We bring you... bread!

We bring you bread! Bread!

Bread! Bread!

Bread! Bread!

My lord! El Cid is throwing them food!

Your starving soldiers have deserted
the walls and joined the people!

Kill them! Call out the Black Guard.

Stop them! Run them down! Kill them!

King! King! King!

King! King! King!

King! King! King!

King! King! King!

King! King! King!

The city is yours! Take the crown.
Proclaim yourself king!

All our battles we have fought for you.

We want you to rule us.

My Lord Cid!

We have given up everything for you.

We implore you to take the crown.

I take Valencia...

in the name of my Sovereign Lord Alfonso...

King of Castile, Leon and Asturias...

of Sagunto and Almenara...

of Castrejon and Alcantara...

King of Christians and Moors.

Valencia for Alfonso...

by the grace of God, King of Spain!

King! King! King!

What a noble subject.

If he had only a noble king.

King! King! King!

The crown of Valencia!

The crown of Valencia?

The Cid sends this to me?

What are his conditions?

There are no conditions.

But Chimene... He knew about
the dungeon, his children.

He knew.

And yet he sends me the crown.

What kind of man is this?

He wants something. What is it he wants?

My lord, the Cid has asked for nothing.

But I ask! My lord, the Cid needs your help
to defend Valencia against Ben Yusuf.


Tell your lord, the Cid, that we seek
neither his favor nor his help.

Nor can he expect anything from us.

Now go.

Who has done more for you and Spain?


Look. Now you are also King of Valencia.

I am king of nothing. No king at all!

- I will make myself a king!
- Alfonso.

- I will!
- Alfonso!

All men must die. Why not for a good cause?

What cause of yours could
be worth such torture?

The Cid.

The Cid? He is a man like other men.

He will die. I will kill him.

He'll never die. Never.

You dare think of him as
we think of our Prophet?

We do!

Then this will be more than a battle.

It will be our God... against yours!

Where's Ordonez?

I sent him to see if Ben
Yusuf was on the march.

- Hasn't he returned?
- Not yet, my Cid.

Ben Yusuf's armada.

We should attack at dawn
before they can all land.

We'll drive a wedge along the
shore and keep his forces split.


I know, I know.

This is always the hardest time.
When the enemy has no face.

You have been through this a hundred times.

I need to know.
Where do you find your courage?

I wish I knew.

Each warrior each time must find it for himself.


This is the battle we've waited for so long.

The last battle.
When we've won it, we'll have peace.

Open the gates.

For God, Alfonso and for Spain!

For God, Alfonso and Spain!

The Cid is wounded. He goes back to Valencia.

The Cid is wounded.

The Cid is wounded.

The Cid is wounded.

The Cid...

No, Fanez. We attack again tomorrow.

You will need time to recover your strength.

Must be tomorrow.
The enemy will only grow stronger...

while we grow weaker.

- But, my lord!
- Tomorrow, Fanez.

Make the preparations.
Go. Cover their retreat. Go!

Close the gates! Close the gates!

There will be a great loss of blood...

but the arrow must be withdrawn immediately.

Will he live?

If the arrow is drawn, he has a chance.

If not, he will be dead within a few days.


I must lead the attack tomorrow.

If the arrow is not withdrawn...

it is certain you will die.

Not before tomorrow.

- That's all I need.
- But it's not all I need.

What will there be for you if this battle is lost?

Someone else will lead them.

They have made me their heart.

But their heart is wounded.

It needs to rest.

We could take you to Vivar. We could cure you.

My love would not let you die.

We have not spent much time together.

Yet it seems to me...

I will not let you. You will live.

Yet it seems to me that those who
have spent a lifetime together...

have not had more than we.

I want more! I want forever!

Oh, the children.

The children.


you can't save my life.

You must help me give it up.


Lord Moutamin.

It is the wish of my husband that
the arrow shall not be removed.

Allah be praised!
The Cid is dead! The Cid is dead!

Let it be known everywhere the Cid is dead!

The Cid is dead!

The Cid is dead! The Cid is dead!

The Cid is dead! The Cid is dead!

The Cid is dead!

The Cid is dead! The Cid is dead!

The Cid is dead! The Cid is dead!

They dare not come out and fight!

Let it be known everywhere the Cid is dead!

I tell you! The Cid is alive!

He is well! I have seen him!

He will fight tomorrow!

He will be with us, leading the attack.

I promise! You must... You must believe me!
The Cid is alive!

- Fanez?
- Yes, my lord.

What are they saying?

All is well, my lord. Very well.

The people are hopeful.
The army is eager to fight.

You always were a bad liar, Fanez.

Now tell me the truth.

I could not convince them... that you are alive.

El Cid! El Cid!

Cid! Cid!

Cid! Cid!


People of Valencia! You must not be
frightened by the sound of a few drums.

In a few hours, they will be silenced forever!

I promise you!

Tomorrow morning... I will ride with you!

Cid! Cid!

Cid! Cid!

Cid! Cid! Cid!

Cid! Cid! Cid!

- Chimene.
- I am here, Rodrigo. I am here.

Listen to me.

Even if my strength fails me...

- I must lead the attack tomorrow.
- Yes.

I must!

You understand?

I must.

Alive or dead...

I must be on my horse at
the head of my soldiers.

You promise...

- you will do whatever needs to be done?
- Yes.

- Promise me.
- I promise, Rodrigo.

- I promise... I promise.
- Yes.

I promise. I promise.

Open the gates! It's the King!

My lord, the King!

Forgive me, my Cid.

- Forgive me!
- No!

My King kneels to no man!

To no man!

It's not easy for a man to conquer himself.

You have done that.

- If only I could live to see Spain at peace.
- You will. You will!

No one can stand against us now.

We'll drive Ben Yusuf back into the sea!

I have not failed.

Spain... has a king.

Tomorrow, we will fight side by side.

My King and I.

We will ride out together.



I will be at your side.


Ah, Chimene.


I promise. I have not forgotten.

I want you and my children...

to remember me riding with my King.


For God, the Cid and Spain!

For God, the Cid and Spain!

For God, the Cid and Spain!

And thus the Cid rode out of the
gates of history into legend.

Back! Back! Go back!

Go back!

Heavenly Father, open Your
arms to receive the soul...

of one who lived and died
the purest knight of all.