Ekaj (2015) - full transcript

'Think KIDS meets Midnight Cowboy.' EKAJ is a film packed with real life drama and a real sense of humor. The film capture's a naive teen's runaway journey to one of the most difficult city's to survive in, New York City. We feel Ekaj (Jake Mestre) as he goes through so much rude awakenings. He meets "Mecca" (Badd Idea) a Cynic Artist/Hustler who takes Ekaj under his care. Mecca is a very funny, foul mouthed character and has multiple problems of his own. He stays at his cousins place and we get glimpses of the fact that he has Aids, since he has tattoos with the word written on his knees. He drinks all day and still manages to be sane and sharp. He is also an opportunistic thief. Their relationship develops into true love and care for each other. At the beginning of the film Mecca is doing ok but as the film progresses he becomes sicker and his medication does not really seem to be working for him. At the same time we see Ekaj becoming stronger and less vulnerable. Ekaj lives for the love of his life, a Painter named "Johnny " (Scooter LaForge) who has no tolerance and is constantly beating him. "Johnny" seems indifferent and cold towards Ekaj's desperate love and obsession for him. With no place to really sleep, Ekaj stays during the day with Mecca at his cousin's place, at Johnny's place, or at times staying in hotel rooms payed by coins (clients.)

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I don't know how to love, but
learned how to hate.

If I can start all over, would
I do the same thing?

(music playing)

(street ambience)

All I need from you is $500
dollars, $500 dollars that you
spend on your fucking shoes!

(street ambience)

(music playing)

(music fades)

(street ambience)

(music playing)

You want to sit here and talk
about a relationship but you
can't help me!

So how am I suppose to trust you
in a relationship If I can't
trust you outside a

You're a hustler?

in my old school...

Oh really? So go to the corner
store, get us a sandwich
something to drink and a dutch

and tell him you'll pay him
back tomorrow.

Go! You're a hustler right?

That'll never work.

It will work, just do it!

So this is the I.D. that you're
going to use to get into the

This barely looks like me
So what?

It's not a crime. What is he
going to do? "Mr. Officer, I
just got robbed by 16 yr old I
tried having sex with"

There's so many nasty perverted
old men out there The way you
explained it you made it seem
easy but it's so complicated!

No. It's really easy.
It's just that you're so ditzy
that you make it complicated.

This is how it's going to go
down. Take him to the bathroom,
start feeling him up, right?
Make him think he is about to

(indoor bar ambience)

(music playing)

(music fades)

For real man, I saw you at that
bar, I knew you'd come up here
with me. What's good? Take that
jacket off, come here.

Take that off. Come here. What's
good? Take that off. Come on

No. Where's the money?

What you nervous? I got the
money here. I’m not going to
bring you here with no money.

I got your money right here.
What's good? Relax. Relax,

Here's your money. Take your
money. You not going now where.

Alright? That's what's up. Come

Yo! What the fuck is up with
you faggot!

What's wrong with you?

What's up? Chill.
What's wrong with you! Come

(slips while running away)

(water running)

Smells clean.

(water running)

You're confused.

(water running)

You want to smell like a boy
but you wan't to look like a

(shower running)

So Ekaj you wan't Chinese food

Uh... Chinese food is fine!
(shouts from bathroom)

Alright. I'm going to step out
and get some food. (shower
running in background)

(shower running in background)

(television playing)

(music playing)

(doors shuts)
(music playing)

(music playing)

Hey, sugar plum.
(music playing)

(music playing)

(music fades)

Listen, I'm sorry I couldn't
call you I don't know the number
for the hotel room.

Yeah right. You're lying.
How am I lying?
You're lying. How am I lying,
how am I lying?

Yo did know the hotel number!
No, I don't know the hotel

I thought this was your friend?
It is my friend.

On top of that, you stole $100
of mine

(sound on bottle opening)

I have $100 of yours?

You're lucky I didn't take the
full $200 and disappear on your
ass and never come back.

Cause I could've easily done

(street ambience)

Yo Ekaj, pick up the phone...

Pick up the phone!

Yo, you think you're a hustler,
you’re not a hustler.

NYC will eat you * up!

You know where to find me.

(street ambience)

(park ambience)

(water pouring)
(park ambience)

(park ambience)

(park ambience fades)

Look at me... Look at me in my
face and tell me that your gay.

I said look at me! You're in the
streets acting all gay? (slaps

I can't even look at you.

(park ambience)

(park ambience fades)

You think I'm going to let my
son. My son! Walk around the
streets in our neighborhood

Where everybody can see you
looking like a fag with tight
clothes on, your eyes painted
like a little bitch?

You think I'm?... I would kill
you first!

(park ambience)

(street ambience)

Yo pa, you not a hustler, you
think you a hustler but you're
not a hustler.

Let me tell you something.
Everybody in NYC is a hustler.

Even the Grandma's in the
street make more money than you.

(street ambience)

You dropped your cigarette.
Thank you. You got an extra one
on you?

I only have the one that I have.
That's cool. Can I share it with

Yeah. That's what's up man.

What's your name?

I'm Chris.
Nice to meet you.

Where you from?

Yeah,Jersey, err...
Yeah, Sorry about that man.

It's ok. I am too.

What you doing out here?

I'm waiting for a friend.
A friend? We all got friends

Friends are good. I'll be
your friend. Thank you.

You're pretty. Thank you.

So I've been told. Yeah?

Don't believe anything anybody
tells you. They're all full of

Hey look, it's a tiger. It's
good luck.

It's a gift.

Thank you.
Yeah. You're welcome.

You hungry?

I know this fat guy who we can
hang out with. He has food,
coke, a bunch of stuff.

Do you wan't to go chill?


You got money on you?

(nods head saying no)

We could walk if you want. It's
not far from here.

You down?
Grab your stuff let's go.

(music playing)

(rings buzzer)

Yo,he's not answering the door.
He usually answers. I don't know
what's going on.

Give me your phone. I'm going
to call him.


Are you cold?
(nods head saying yes)

I'm outside. you're supposed to
be home. Do me a favor give me a
call back.

He's not answering.

(street ambience)

Smile and laugh. Have a good
day. Be happy.

(street ambience)

What's wrong?
I'm cold bitch.

(street ambience)

And got my molars...one on the
top, here, and I got in a

And I smile and I got no teeth.
No teeth. How fab are drugs
that you lose your teeth

Not really.

(music playing)

(music cuts)
(slams bike on gate)

Yeah you tell me that all the
time. Come on throw me the keys.

Then buzz me in!

(music playing)

(music fades)


(street ambience)

Yo, I'm trying to get rid of
this bike. Oh word, where did
you get it from?

I stole it.
Word? So what you trying to get
out of it?

Whatever yo. What you got?
Uh... I don't know. Let's
see... $50?

You're bullshitting. Come on,
look at this. It weighs nothing!

Let me see that, hold on.
You're going to steal it from
me too son?

This weighs nothing. It's white
people's bike. Come on! Ok. $75?

Come on. It's worth $100 come

Man $85 the most doggy!

It's a recession. It's not easy
to eat. I know, what you think
I'm trying to do man!

Whatever, give me whatever you
got then.

It's all good.
Forget it, whatever. I'll take
whatever you got!

I just need to eat man.
Whatever. Psss Damn.

Give me that shit yo, come on.
Be safe.

I left that room with... $300
and above and left the room.
That's it?

That's it. I wasn't doing much.
And I left the room so grossed
out with myself

I'm not even joking but my pants
cost $80 and my underwear cost
$200 are you serious?

You hear Trannies sucking for
$60 or $20 and that's gross.

For crack! $5 even.
Yeah but that's the thing.

I see it now and It's so gross
I almost did it once and got

If I'm going to sell myself, I
have to have a sexual

Not a sexual connection, a
sexual, mental connection If
you're mentally right in your

Bro, I will get the hardest
erection ever.

And I'm not big, I'm probably
below 5 inches but...

Most men are 6 inches actually
I'm below 5 inches

Have you seen 9 inches? Yes.
Do you have a ruler because I
have one in my book bag

I've seen 9 inches. Have you
ever seen 9 inches? No, it's
about this big.

No. 9 inches is actually
this big. This big,this big.

Most guys have a 6 inch *,
and most guys will tell you that
they're * is 9 inches

Everyone wants to have a 9 inch
* because it looks like a
good number to say for a *

* the weed right. I was like,
I'm not trying to smoke a blunt
I'm trying to snort something.

When I was doing coke, ecstasy,
"K", I was smoking meth. I was
doing a lot of that

But what was your use for doing
it, for killing yourself? Mine
was to overdose.

There's no use for doing drugs
ever! There's no use. But my use
for drugs was for killing

I would overdose every day.
Then you need therapy. If need
therapy you can talk to me or a

It's not therapy. Im so glad I'm
done with this But triple C's is
a drug that's Coricidin

Coricidin on the purple box. If
you take 8 or 16 pills you'd be
like... It's like "K",ecstasy
and acid all at once.

It was so hard core...
You see that? That's a reminder
of how stupid I really am.

I got a track mark, I never
wanted to have one of these

It's my laugh button and every
time my Father would get pissed
off or mad at me, I would go
Brrrp and push it.

(street ambience)

You're telling me that you
don't have a place to stay?

You know what? We could be like
vampires and we'll just keep our
asses up all night and sleep all
day at my cousin's house

There's no parties that go
after 4am. There's after hours

After hours. We'll be fine.
It's not that long. It'll be

I'm nothing without you,
nothing with you

(street ambience)

This is uh...

I'm so high. He's my favorite
artist and I can't remember his
name right now. Egon Scheile.

He's my favorite. He would paint
heroine addicts, male
prostitutes in the 1910's And If
you look...

I'll show you.

Oh wow. You have balls.

He would paint heroine addict
prostitutes...Here's another
Egon Scheile. That's my *.

Oh wow. That's cool.

(street ambience)


Sexy, sexy!

I can't even see your face cause
my sunglasses are on but I see
your furry white man legs.

Looks like you crawled down
from the caucasus mountains, you
little devil.

Are you coming from the gym?
I know what you do in the gym!

So what,Let's go to the after
hours. Where they're sleeping in
the corner, you go in their
pockets and take their shit.

Take their virginity, pop their
cherry? No, take their money.
Forget their virginity, it’s not
going to buy you a cheeseburger.

I have to go to work.

Where is work?

Hell. You want to work?
I like hell.

(music playing)

(music fades)

(un-zippers jacket)

Not only did I get money but I
got this bag of shit.

So we could do like, this much
and sell the rest of it.

(opens bag)


(room ambience)


(room ambience)

(sound of door sliding open)

(quiet outdoor ambience)

You want to jerk off?
(nods head no)

I do. I want to jerk off like

(blows smoke)

Ekaj, wake up. Wake up
What the heck!

Wake up. My cousin's coming back
in an hour. I'm dressed Why
didn't you wake me up earlier?

Cause I wanted you to sleep.
I'll take you somewhere else.
Come on.

I'll make you coffee. You
wan't coffee? (nods head)

You want some meth?

(street ambience)

(restaurant ambience)

(street ambience)

(music playing)

(music fades)

I just want to punch him in the
face and have sex with him.

Instead. I want the man to feel
like he's in charge. But what i
want to do, is let him think
he's in charge.

Let him think he has the power,
and the just take it from him.
So like after having sex, just
be like...

So after having sex, just be
like...This was probably a
really good day for you but
thanks for messing up mine. And

And just walk away.

(music playing)

(music fades)

(street ambience)

Yeah, everything is going good.

Ah, just been really busy.

I think I would give up my
career for him, and I don't
even have one.

(guy talking on phone)

Forget that whole ceremony.
We'll give each other rings I'll
change my last name, he'll
change his to something we make

No, we had a good time.

Yeah, I can see you tonight.
Let's hang out.

You should leave them here.
That way you have something
nice to wear when we go out
next time.

(quiet room)

Actually, I have a dinner to get
to. But I'll call you this
weekend. Ok?

(quiet room)

(street ambience)

I wonder why he didn't invite
me to meet his friend?

(music playing low)

Is this another game?

(music playing low)

Men are very insecure. I'll
always hate men. I even hate
myself because I have that man

(music playing low)

(street ambience)

Do you have a cigarette?

(person says no)

Screw you.

(street ambience)

(music playing)

(music fades)

(quiet indoor sound)

(someone opens a door)

(sound of key locking the door)

(foot steps walking down)

(quiet indoor sound)

(street ambience)

I just got out the hospital. I
got your messages. I don't know
why you're bugging out.

I'm headed home now. I don't
know where you at but hope you
ok. Just give me a call back.

(trying to open door)

(Kicks door,drops bag)

(music playing)

Jesus Christ, answer.

(music playing)

(music fades)

(slight outdoor ambience)

I was under the impression that
if your boyfriend acted psycho
It meant that he loved you so
much, that he loses his sanity.

(music playing)

I guess it's that crazy Puerto
Rican love.

Where the heck did you get this?
Where did you get this?

That's what I saw when I was
growing up.

That's what I knew.

(music playing)

(music fades)

(opens bottle cap)

When I told you he was on the

He kept listening and I kept
trying to run away. (puts bottle
on counter)

Bro, every time I'm in his house
I don't like talking on the
phone for a reason.

Yeah! What do you think I was
telling you? He tried to trap me
in his house and couldn't leave.

And every time I’d leave, he'd
play some sick game with me. I'm
not done with this, I know what
he's doing.

(street ambience)

(music playing)

(sound of door bell)

(knocks on door)

(opens door lock)

Oh, look. It's a hooker.

Come the heck inside.


(locks door)


Oh, look at those shades.


Fine. I won't steal
them from you. Faggot.

Here's some sheets, I'm going
to bed yo.

(quiet room sound)

(unfolds sheet)

Thanks Mecca.

* you.

(quiet room sound)

(eats crunchy cereal)

(touches his hair)

(moves his head)

(sound of running water)

(puts glass on counter)

(opens cabinet and closes it)

(cleans sink)

I've seen your bruises already,
you can take those *ing
glasses off.

(street sound in back round)

You know what?

You should put make up on the
other eye, cause it matches.

(music playing)

(music fades)

(walks in)

(sound of crying)

(throws paint brush on table)

(room goes quiet)

(grabs paint tube)

(room is quiet)

(grabs paint tube)

I need these two tubes of paint.

(grabs money from pocket)

(takes money)

I think it's going to close

(gets up from chair)

(street ambience)

(music playing)

(music fades)

(making noises with his mouth)

Stop. Stop... Stop!

How do you like that bitch?
I don't stupid.

(makes sounds with his mouth)

Your feet stinks.

Get down from there please,
you're going to fall. I wouldn't

You're going to fall over.
That's good.

You're sad!... Sad.

Cause your boyfriend is tired.
What does he look like?

How big is his *?
Does he have a big *?

That's the only excuse for
putting up with that shit is if
he has a big *!

(outdoor ambience)

(street ambience)

(walking up steps)


(runs up steps)

How are you?

I'm good and you?
I'm great.

Come in.

Check out my new piece.

This shit is heavy.

I can barely lift it.

Thanks for letting me stay
here by the way. No problem.

Oh, can I have one of your

It's just one.

Can I have it?

If you stay another day.


(clicks lighter)

I'll burn it.

(blows out the flame)

What size are they?

These are cool.

Yeah. They're G-star
Whatever the * that is.

I can wear them high waisted.

So what else are you adding on
to these?

Everything. And I think I'm
going to paint them white.

They already are white.
Well, whiter.

I want them to be really white.

So you can never wash them then?
No, you can wash them.

And none of it will come off?

(street ambience)

So, who gave you your hair cut?

I did.

You did it yourself?

I love it.

It looks amazing.
need to get it fixed.

Thank you, everybody tells me
that but I think it looks like

It's a little too long though.
No it's not.

Yeah, from behind you look like
a girl.

I don't want them to think you
know...If we were going downtown
together... You don't want me
looking like a hipster?

No, I don't want a hipster
thinking you know... What, that
I'm a girl?

It always happens.

(nods head)

Like everyday for you?

Must be really hard on you?
No. I'm used to it.

Such a pretty face, how do
you... Hehe. Thank you.

Do you smoke tea leaves?
I smoke the devil's lettuce.

Did you ever smoke a tea leaf?

If I'm getting your gist, I
think I have. I'm not sure.


Angel dust.
No thank you. I'll pass.

(nods head)

Want to get some powders?

We can have a powder party?

A powder party?
I got $20

I have a couple dollars, so I
think we're good.

We can make some more
though, real quick. How?

Right over here.

(music playing)

(music lowers as back round)

Why would you do stupid shit
like that? Girls do stupid shit
like that.

You want to get smacked up like
a girl? That's how you do.

(Lighter light up)

You almost burned my freaking
eye out!

Give me one.

Cause when I want to give you

Not when you tell me to give you
one. I don't work like that. And
I don't play like that.

(music playing then cuts off)

Wow. You got two painter
boyfriends. Not just one, two.
So if one doesn't work out, the
other will pay for all your

You should ask them both to
teach you how to paint so you
can make a career out of it.

It'll be funny.
You can paint pictures of me.

(music playing)

So I was going to chill out with
you until like 2 or 3AM then go
up the block to my friends house

I'm living outside right now
smoking a cigarette.

(music playing)

I just seen you walking, I
didn't see your mannerism. I
didn't see that All I saw was
your face and I did like this...

I wasn't even listening and I
was like... What, what Oh!

And then I heard the man voice.
Only one time I heard it. One
time. The man voice, and I
already knew.

You know what I mean? You know
it too come on man... I have a
girls body so I don't know.

(music playing)

(music fades)

(street ambience)

(walks up stairs)

(knocks on door)

Who is it?
(opens the door)

You were supposed to be here
two hours ago. I'm real tired.

Who's that?

His name is Ekaj.
Ask your boy Akiji if he's

I'll cook something up if you
want something? Ya'll hungry?

I'm not hungry. You hungry?

Akiji, you hungry?
No, that's fine!

You look a little tired but

Well, I guess no food then.
(throws spoon in sink)

Huh Akiji?

What, you’re going to tell me my

You're tired and you're late.
That's you're fortune. (the guy

My little kiki.

Leave him alone. No, that's
okay. If you're going to touch
somebody touch me!

Nah, that's okay. He's mine.
Do me a favor, chill the heck

This little kiki is mine.
How much for him?

You couldn't afford him.

What you doing over there my
little kiki? Why don't you come
close to me my little kuka?

Just what the doctor ordered.

Go ahead, do a bump.
The doctor needs to give you
some Ambien and put your ass to

Nah, he's just my type. This is
my type!

(room is quiet)

(lines up the drug)

(sniffs drug)

(room is quiet)

(goes into next room)

(room is quiet)

(unbuttons his shirt and Ekaj's

(He wakes up)

(the guys forces himself on him)

(quiet in room)

(continues to force himself on

(opening door lock)

(door shuts)

What's wrong?
Nothing. I'm okay.

What's up?

You okay?

Yeah. I'm ok.
Are you sure?

(Nods head)

(nods head)

Do me a favor.
Go wait outside for me, I left
something upstairs.

(runs up the steps)
(music playing at same time)

(knocks on door)

(opens door)

(pushes door open)

(throws him to the ground and

(music playing)

You *!
(kicks him twice)

(smacks face then turns him
over and robs him)

(opens door and runs out)

(music playing)

(music fades)

(low outdoor ambience)

(jiggling the door knob)

Come get something to eat man,
I just finished cooking.

You have to eat something.
Can you leave me alone!

(slams door and locks it)

You going to come out and eat?

Ekaj. Come on yo!
(slides back on the wall)

(knocks on door)

Get over it. It happens to
everybody. Everybody gets raped.

The shit is wack yo. It happens.
I can't console you if you're
in the bathroom.

Thinking about what happened.

Look, everybody gets raped. I
got raped. My Mother probably
got raped by my Father and
that's why I'm sitting here.

I got raped twice, like an
idiot. My boyfriend got raped,
all my friends got raped, my
Trannie friends raped and

They got raped. It happens.
You know what? Only ugly people
don't get raped.

You're not ugly. Come on,
you're pretty.

Then why didn't I fight?

I don't know why I didn't fight.
I just wanted it to be over when
it happened. Maybe it's the
same, you wanted to get it done

It happens, it's part of your
past. You want me to go and kill
him for you?

You're to young to know what
lose is. It comes back. But
still, this isn't me or who I

If I was to show you my artwork,
you'd be like damn bitch If I
was to show you now, you'd say,
what are you doing?

What are you doing, what the
heck is this? I hear it, you
don't have to tell me about it.

You need inspiration. You as an
artist, tattoos on your face.
That's inspiration.

Well then, it should inspire you
to finally do something with it
then. Exactly.

You don't like like someone who
is disenchanted, or somebody
who's lost.

Because there's hope.
Then as long as you have hope
then it's all fine.

When you have no hope you become
a whore, then you're depressed.
But if you're crying, you're
upset and it means you're fine

But if you keep hanging with
this one, and that one, getting
high He's going to kill all
emotion you have left in in you.

And you're not going to want to
do nothing, and one day you'll
say I used to draw and when I
ask you, you'll be like ugh.

And you're not going to care. if
you're crying about it, keep
crying. And you should be upset
and light a fire under your feet

And if you're bored about it and
not moving forward, then stop!
And be a freaking whore.

My friend about 6 years ago...

Told me to tattoo my face and I
said, Why?

And he said... put yourself on
the corner where you can get a
job doing anything. I can't even
get a job flipping burgers!

But if you do that to yourself,
you didn't take what you wan't
to do seriously.

So I did it.
And it's the best thing I ever
did in my life.

(street ambience)

Pick up the next time I call
you! I got my check in the mail
I was going to get some puerto
rican food and wanted you to

I haven't seen you in a minute
yo. Peace.

(quiet room sound)

(street ambience)
(clicking lighter)

Can I come over tonight?

Did you get my paint?

Is that all that you're worried
about, is freaking paint?

I asked you to do one simple
thing for me and get those

He was playing games with me...
I was like, shut the * up!
But you didn't have to smack his
glasses off, that was crazy.

You smacked his glasses off like
he was a nerd in high school!
Like shut the * up!

(street ambience)

That was some high school shit.
You rocked his shit. He got so
mad that I was crying.

He was like... I can't see!
Shut up. Bam (they all laugh)

He tried to slap box with you.

Whatever man, that's your boy.
That's your man. No,That's your
man dog!

Man, I'm negative in my account
dogs. You have the over draft

It's not even an overdraft...
You're over *ed.

Yo, what's that right there?

What's good yo? We trying to
come up out here and you're over
here sleeping and shit.

Run that, run that!
Yo, get the bag and the hoody
Thank you!

Oh shit. That's not even a girl.
What's good, what's up?

Get out of here. What's up then
dog? We're robbing you right
now, step off!

Hold him!
(guy punches him in face)

(something falls on ground)

Grab him, grab him!


I got his feet!


Watch out, he has a knife!

Grab him, grab him!

Get the bag yo!

(punches him in the face)

(no sound)

(street ambience)


(street ambience)

(street ambience, woman talking
on phone)

(slams purse on counter and
throws out make up)

(running water)

(fixes hair)

(changes his shirt)

(puts on a stolen blazer)

(door makes a sqeak)

(bar music playing
in back round)

(fixing hair and blazer)

(street ambience) (music

(opens door) (music playing)

(music playing)

(closes door,car pulls off)
(music playing)

(music playing)

(music fades)

(door opens)

(blocks door way)

I didn't say you can come in.

Where are you going?
(grabbing his hair and pushes

(throws purse on couch)

(takes off sunglasses)

(put sunglasses on purse)

(grabs his hair and pushes head

(grabs cigarette and light it)

(puts lighter down)

(blows smoke)

(quiet room as they stare at
each other)

(opens purse, puts sunglasses
inside and closes it)

(quiet room)

I need money for a room.

(quiet room)

You're lucky that I don't give
you a matching eye (puts
cigarette out)

(quiet room)

(gets up from couch, walk to
across room)

(quiet room)

(lights up a cigarette and
throws lighter down)

Then at least can you give me my

Your clothes? I bought those
clothes, those aren't your

(he grabs metal candle snuffer,
hits him several times) (music

(walks and opens drawer,
takes money) (music playing)

(music playing)

(music cuts off)

(throws bag on the couch)

Come on, get up I got you food.
(taps him on the legs)

(takes of sunglasses)

What is this?
What does it look like?

What, your'e skipping out on
your appointments cause you're
*king drinking and having a

I'm skipping my appointment
cause I'm not going.

What happened to like,
decorating your apartment, what
is this? This is my apartment
now, I'm staying here.

(quiet room)

I can't hear you with that
shirt on.

I can't hear you!... with that
shirt on!... (singing it

(throws cell phone on table)

You don't need that! Where the
* is your meds? Take your

What are you talking about?
You're crazy.

I'm crazy? You can't even get up
from the couch right now! Look
at you! you're mumbling.

Where is it?
Your meds are right here!

(puts medication on table)

Not those... the freaking white

(takes pill and goes for the
liquor bottle)

What the * you think you're

Come on yo. Ekaj!
Chris!... Whatever you're name

(street ambience)

You want to marry me?
No. I don't want to marry you.

It's a pinky marriage. pinky
marry me.

Hey, you speak Spanish?

Money, No Money.

You have a huge *.

Guy: What you think I'm stupido?

Estupida? A little...
just a little bit.

Guy: you speak spanish?
Me? I'm Puerto Rican from the
Bronx. We really don't speak

(lights cigarette)

(inhales and blows smoke)

I can't believe we got the
apartment. Gross! We got the

(grabs cigarette)

We got it!
(hits his face)

(gets punched in the arm)

I'm decorating it black
Goth!...Black? You're Puerto
Rican, you should paint it brown

How about light tan... or a
champagne color and black

What are you going to do to your
apartment? What I'm going to do
to my apartment, is not have you
in it if you keep asking.

Be happy. Look you could be
living right there with that
dove. You could be that dove.

It's like $175 I got that to
cover the rest of the month. I
got my E.B.T to chill and flip
the rest of that. we're good.

I got room for you, you can
chill on my couch. What we're
going to do about furniture? You
don't even have a couch.

I'll get a couch, I'll steal a
couch! How are you going to
steal a couch?

From this guy right here. Do
you have a couch for me sir?

You're good at sucking cock
right? I heard. Oh, really?

That's what they tell me. I
haven't seen you. Look at you,
you're smiling too.

What's that?...Oh, I'm sorry

Look, now you're getting a
shower, you freaking smell! I do
need a shower. You do! I need a
golden shower.

(street ambience)

You have any money on you?

(checks pockets)

I only have like $3. Do you
want to hop a cab? There's one
right there.

I don't think I can run. *
it! Nah, come on let's go.
Forget it.

A urinary tract infection? No.
Not at all. Do you have a
prostate problem? If you have a
problem peeing it means

you're prostate is swollen. It
means something's wrong with
your butt Your'e getting pee-pee
up the butt too much that it's

(street ambience)

I'm feeling dizzy.
Come on. Look at me.

I said, lean on me. don't choke

I'm going to go buy a shit load
of drugs!

(music playing)

We have no money, and trying to
get back home. I'll suck your'e
cock for a ride. Him. He's a
pussy... You wan't it, what's

(music playing)

(music fades)

Here, sit down.

(sits on the bed)

Are you okay?

No. I have AIDS. purumpum.
(sarcastic like a comical drum

Is there anybody you want me to
call? No. I don't have anybody
to call. Do you have anybody you
want me to call?


(light off, sound of crying)

(turns light on)

He loves me.
(lays back on the bed)

(sound of crying)

I *king ruined his life! Oh
my God, I ruined it!

I could have went to jail.


It's so bad. I feel so bad for
him like... He's the love of my
life. He's the only guy that
loved me.

He loved me more than my Mom

What, you want the Oscar? It's
okay, I have the hood award. I
got the Hector or Jose or the
Marisol. That's the new one.

Dude, your'e not talking me
out. I *king love this guy.

You have no idea what it is to
feel loved.


(quiet room)

I'm not supposed to be getting
out of bed but if you're going
I'm not letting you go alone.
*king idiot.

No! Wait.

Dude, you need rest.
Listen, You need rest. Right

Do me a favor.

Just stay here tonight for me.
At least stay here tonight and
think about it when you're not

And then you can go and speak to
him tomorrow and everything will
be fine. If you need a place
tonight we'll talk.

About anything.

(quiet room)

I'm sick. I can't be alone
tonight myself, you know that.
So do me the freaking favor and
stay here tonight. Please.

(quiet room)

Is that the computer you stole
from the hospital? Stole?

I'm going to take you back to
the hospital and get me one.
Shit... I'll get you some AIDS
while you're there, and some bed

and some pineapple jello.

(opens fridge door, looks in)

(closes fridge door)

(quiet room, looking on

(see's escort website)

(quiet room)

(snaps picture)

(quiet room)

(moves around the bed)

(reads note on table)

(turns on the radio)

(music playing)

(music fades)

(on the phone)

How are you?


Oh. Thank you.


Which picture?

Oh, you mean the one with my

I knew you would like that.

(listening, giggles)


So? I don't even know you.

What do you mean, what's my
real name?

Wait. Hold on.
My Fathers calling me. Let me
call you right back.

(hangs up and throws phone on
the couch)

(grabs a soda from the bar

(drinks soda)

(quiet room)

Hey Ekaj, on your way home can
you do me a favor and buy some
milk? (as voice message on

Oh yeah, and we don't have any
eggs either. (as a voice message
on phone)

(spits in sink)

(opens bag of coke)


(lick the key)

(runs water)


(runs water)

(cleans nostril)


Junkie, crack head, what are
you doing? I know what you're

(runs water)

Why you quiet?


(opens door)


What?... What, what?...

I don't have a problem. You do!

I'm sick! I'm dying. Don't worry
about what the * I do. You
have you're whole life to ruin.
I've already ruined mine!

You know what? Keep the food you
bought. I don't want to eat that
shit. I want nothing to do with
your whore money.

cause you are what you eat!
And How is stealing better than

Because stealing takes skills,
and escorting takes it up the

(music playing)

I know he's jealous cause I'm
making money.

(music playing)

I'm not a drug addict. Coke,
Ecstasy and Drink.

I don't consider those hard
core drugs.

(music playing)

(music cuts)

I keep getting your voice mail.
I'm sitting at home doing your
laundry. You probably stink!

I haven't heard from you and
don't know where you are. If you
don't come and pick up your
laundry, I'm taking it to

(street ambience)

(buttons shirt while looking at
him sick in bed)

(grabs sunglasses and put them

(street ambience)

(quiet room)

(takes off jacket)

(client looks at him)

(doing his hair)

(client he gets up and walks to

They don't want me for me, they
just want me to complete their

(caressing face)

It's a game you have to be high

(music playing)

All I know how to do, is run
for the money.

(music playing)

But I'm not even sure if I'm
running for the money.

Client: now take a shower

I'm just running away from life.

(shower running, music playing)

(music playing)

(music fades)

It's more honest than sucking
* for money, you're going to
get old and be a 27 yr old
blowing white guys from N.J. for

You can make that in 2 seconds.
Be a fashion whore don't be a

You know what? Do what you want

You know want to be a whore when
you're 27, you want to be a
whore? That's what you want, to
be a *ing whore?

That's what you want, to be a
*ing whore?

Come on, leave me alone. You
like that? Here, suck my *.
Come get some AIDS.

Eww! It's the new flavor
AIDS, taste it. (laughs)

You're sick... Yeah, I am sick!
Duh, I'm sick. You didn't know
that, you didn't get the memo?

I didn't mean literally.
Yeah, I am. Literally.

I never told you this before
cause you're stupid and might
get the wrong idea But...

You're cute. Thank you, I know.
The thing is sometimes you're
not cute cause you know.

I would've have screwed you real
good before I met you a long
time ago. You're cut but you
can't handle me.

You never told me this. Why
would I tell you, what will it
do for anybody? I wouldn't touch
you. I'm never going touch you.

I'm not going to get you sick,
even if there's one chance in
the world to get you sick, I
won't. I would never touch you.

You touched me here! You touched
my heart! I would never touch
you. You're cute though.

After I die, go find another me.
I'm sure there's one out there.
I don't think that I want to.

That's even more flattering.

Hey Mecca, I'm going to get a
water. You want something? Yeah,
a napkin. Ok. I'll be right

(walking park)

(on the phone)


(dials number again)

Hey, Johnny it's Ekaj. Uhm...

I've been trying to call you
and... Yeah. Call me back.

(hangs up phone)

(looks back)

Come on. It's getting cold.

(shakes him)

Come on, get up.

(tries to turn him over)

Mecca, don't freaking do this
to me now.

Come on, wake up!

Come on Mecca, we're going to
go...(crying voice)

Come on Mecca, we're going to
go. (puts sunglasses on him)

Just wake up for me. Come on,
it's not your time yet, it's not
your time! (crying voice)

(sound of ambulance)

(quiet outdoor ambience, birds

Ah man! You cheated. Come on, do
over! You cheated! Let's play
one more time, please. One more

(sound of joystick clicking)

I told you I would beat you!
Daddy's the best... (echoes 3

(music playing)

(music fades)

(opens bag of heroine)

(quiet room sound)

(straps arm with a band)

(smokes cigarette)

(adds water)

(puts drug in syringe)

(quiet room sound)

(taps syringe)

(smokes cigarette and puts it

(quiet room sound)

(injects himself)

(quiet room sound)

(removes band from arm)

(put cap on syringe)

(takes a breath)

(wipes arm with cloth)

(puts everything away)

(quiet room sound)

(scratching head)

(exhales cigarette smoke)

(music playing)

(street ambience, music playing)

(inside car sound, music

(music playing)

(opens bag, music playing)

(sniffs, music playing)

(music playing)

(phone vibrating, music playing)

(music fades)


That's you're boyfriend or

Is that an answer, is it
your boyfriend? Yeah.

Yeah... Why do you let him talk
to you like that? (nods head)

I'm used to it... You sound
like a *ing pussy.

You shouldn't let nobody talk
to you that way man.

(street ambience)

I think about it now and then
like, was it worth it?

Was all the trauma worth it?

(street ambience)

I miss him... A lot.

(street ambience)

He was like an insect. A
parasite deteriorating my whole
body into a zombie.

(street ambience)

But... You made me. You jaded
me. You broke me.
Made me look like a fool.

(sound of train)

(train operator on speaker)

(grabs paper from door)

(reads eviction notice)

(room sound)

(clicking of lighter)

(cooking drug in spoon)

(room sound)

(room sound fades)

You know, I could deal with
anything. I could deal with a
crack head for a son, I could
deal with a dope fiend...

But I just can't deal with a
homo * sucker for a freaking

(room sound)

(slams mirror)

(runs water and washes face)

(opens bag and throws away
drugs in sink)

(sound of spitting in toilet)

(flushes toilet)

(vomiting in plastic bag)

(room sound)

(spits in bag)

(room sound)

(opens drawer, takes stuff out
and puts it in backpack)

I don't know if I should quick
drugs entirely.

But I should definitely cut

(puts things in his bag and
closes it)

(grabs his drawing from the

(room sound)

(takes shirt and folds it)

(grabs hair cutter)

Who in this world could do life
completely straight?

Give me a break.

And if they are straight,
they're even more screwed up.

(shaves his head with hair

People don't understand that
the bad times you go through...

only make you stronger.

It can create a different
person but it only makes you

(sound of hair cutter)

I would never, ever, ever want
to go back to the person I was.

(music playing)

(Ending Credits)
(music playing)

If you're coughing as much as I
am you should go out. But I'm
not sick.

I gave you AIDS in your coffee.
I don't drink coffee asshole.
Well, I gave you AIDS in the
air. (coughs)

I'll see you on the
corner... Whatever. Haha!

What, when you're in Time
Square and my pictures on the
corner again?

Ha! You'll see me on the
corner. How dare you.

(music playing)

And I look across the street as
I’m smoking crack while picture
is there that's how fab I am!

with no hair... Sailor!


(Ending Credits)
(music playing)

He said, no thank you. Fuck you.
He's not a real sailor, he
looks like Donald duck.

(Ending Credits)
(music playing)

I know he gagged. He was so mad.
He was like, you going to take
my weed? I was like yeah, of
course I am.

(Ending Credits)
(music playing)

That's what you came here for
right? He said, I'll give you
one. No. I'm taking it, you're
not giving it.

(Ending Credits)
(music playing)

(music playing)

(In memory of)
(music fades)

(music fades)