Ek Villain Returns (2022) - full transcript

The story of two men in one sided love. The paths they choose to fulfill their love stories decide who the Hero is and who is the Villain.

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Siddhi, you are killing it!

-Cheers, man.

-Way to go, Sahil!
-Hey, Rubina!


Where's Aarvi?

-She's inside.

What the hell, Aarvi!

Everyone's asking for you.

-Guys, wait. What's going on?


Let me check.

-There's someone there.


Aarvi, you need to run. Call the police.


Hello, this is Constable Kadam speaking
from the police control room.

Go ahead.

-Hello? Tell me.
-Hello, sir. Please.

Please help me.

What's the problem?

Someone's in my house. Please.

Don't worry, ma'am.
We'll send a patrolling team right away.

Give us your address.

101, Aureate Towers.

Please hurry up!

Don't worry, ma'am.
A team has been dispatched.

It will reach your location
in five to seven minutes.

-Hello, ma'am, can you hear me?
-He's coming--

Let go of me, Gautam! Please!

Leave me, Gautam, please!


Ladies and gentlemen,
please welcome ACP VK Ganesan.

Rakesh Mahadkar…

is a common man.

A simple man.

He might be someone's husband,
someone's brother, or someone's son.

And also, he's the murderer of 18 girls.

Films and crime shows
call them serial killers.

A sequential killer.

But to make it simple,
I address them as something else.

A villain.

Last night, popular singer,
Aarvi Malhotra, was attacked at her home.

Our reporters have informed us

that Aarvi Malhotra has
been brutally murdered.

The police teams…

A violent past, bad childhood,
and years of suffering

create a mental imbalance.

The frustration keeps growing,

and then…



And murder.

They see their tormentor's
face in every victim.

For him, killing is a disease…

and a cure as well.

He feels that he murders them
for a good cause…

for justice.

The way Ravana and Duryodhana

were the heroes of their stories…

similarly, every villain
is the hero of his story.

The only difference is that

we all know the story of the hero.

But no one knows the story

of the villain.


Gautam Mehra?!

How dare you! Get out!

Neither do you have brains nor good looks!

Mehra's spoiled brat!

You just know to show off!

Throw him out!


Gautam! Gautam, why are you doing this?

You're right, Uncle.

I have neither brains nor looks.

My dad earns money…

and I spend it.

I am bad. In fact, I am the worst.

But unfortunately,

I am still hung up on your daughter.

Security, throw him out!


Please don't, Gautam.


Just stop!


Gautam… I love you.

She still loves me.

Now, you can marry her.

I'd rather die…

than lose.


That's the problem with heroes.
Machismo is a must for them.

I am not a hero.

I am a villain…

of this love story.

How big is the damage, Thapar?

Right now, it's not gotten that big,

but some news channels
and media sites have picked it up.

But sir, it's taken care of.

No one from the bride
or groom's side will file any complaint.

Don't worry, sir.

She dumped you…

and you got revenge.

Now you get it. Correct.

She didn't leave me.

I dumped her in front of everyone.


-What is it, Thapar?


I neither have the brains nor looks.

My dad earns money, and I spend it.

Sir, I don't know how
this video has gone viral.

This girl has made it
and posted it from her account.

I'll get right into it.

I'd rather die than lose

I thought you had this
under control, Thapar.

Don't worry, sir.

I'll handle it.

Sir, I'm trying to get
in touch with her agent.

She's a small-time singer.

I'm sure money is what she wants.

You don't worry, sir.

If need be, we'll make them an offer.

Both, the girl, and this channel.

No, Thapar.

No more money.

Remove him from all company boards.

Freeze his bank accounts.

Block his credit cards.

He must realize how tough it is
to earn money and a reputation.

Now, get out.

Get out.


There goes my sentimental, original dad.

I got to spend time with you, and that too

without an appointment.
I managed to grab your attention as well.

Thank you.

And all the best.

I'll see you in court.

I'll come for everything, and I will win.

If you want to win,

then try uplifting others.

Don't try to defeat them.

I'd rather die than lose, Dad.

Oh, my dear heart

You're in trouble

Come! You had your fun, right?
Now, let's go!

-I told you not to do this--
-Chill, Rubina. Just chill.

Wait a minute.

-This is too much.
-Take it. Chill.

Excuse me.

If you're here to threaten me…

then you're wasting your time.

-Let's go.
-Actually, I thought I'll buy you a drink,

-so that you can thank me.
-Hey, hi…


And I can look at you and say,
"You're most welcome."

Aarvi Malhotra, right?

What for?

Well, you got free publicity,

Insta followers,
and instant fame because of me.

If you hadn't made that video,

you wouldn't have been here.

I googled you.

You've sung some flop Bollywood songs.

Actually, you are welcome.

So, you're here for revenge!

I have the whole world
out there to get revenge.

I don't need you for that.

Then what are you here for?

Let's go.

-So, I'm going that way.
-Excuse me.


-Aarvi. Aarvi Malhotra.

I'm a big fan.

-In fact, I was opening the act for you--
-Okay, thank you.

-Actually, I was coming from the stage--

Gautam Mehra! Oh my God!


-Qiran, remember, with a "Q."
-Qiran, yeah.

We met at the Coldplay concert
with Kevin. Remember?

-Of course, I remember.
-Good! How have you been?

-So, what's your scene later?

Because I've got this big show.

-I'm performing here.
-Nothing, I'm free.

-So, shall we catch up later then?
-Done, yeah. Let's do it.

So good to see you. Thank you. Air kisses.

-See you later.
-All the best.

-Please move.

-Thank you.
-On the stage right now.

Make some noise for Qiran with a "Q."

You're my sugar, I'm your babe


You're my sugar, I'm your babe

So many beautiful girls are here

-Stop it!
-What's wrong with you? I love this song.

She doesn't have any talent.

She's only been singing remix songs.

And why is it Qiran with a "Q"?

The fame, followers,
and the money that people get…

I deserve it.

And I will get it.

Shut up, and just accept it!

As long as Qiran's up there,
you will never get that position. Got it?

I mean look at her! She's big!

Yeah. She's 36, and I'm 34.

Leave it. Look at her fans.

I don't know if you can be a good singer,
but you can definitely be a good villain.

What do you mean?

I can help you get her out of your way.

Mind your own business.

Let's go, Rubina.

Hey, villain!

Thirty-four is not bad.

Don't expect to get a fancy hotel on
tours like this. Hey, what are you doing?

-Pick it up.
-At least, let me unpack, Rubina.

Anyway, this room is so small.

Yes, I know.

It must be--

-There you go.
-Oh, God.

He's coming to see me.

-Gautam Mehra? Oh my God.
-I know, right?

-He's a little bit cute.
-Do you like him?

-Yeah, I know, but we're just friends.
-How's your show going?

Do you know about this event?
This is event is shit.

The hotel is shit.

And now, there's a stupid power cut.

And I just wish I could kill somebody--

Oh my God!

No! Please! No!

No! Please!

Please let me go.

I don't have money.

-I don't want money.

I want you.


It's "Q."


It's Qiran with a "Q." You said "K."

Yeah, whatever.

You are mine,

and I am yours.

I love you, K-K-K-Kiran.

-Say, "I love you," K-K-K-Kiran.
-I love you, K-K-K-Kiran.

-Is that okay?
-No, stupid! Say you love me!

Okay, I love you.

And you'll sing only for me.


The world's made of brass

-Show some emotions.
-The world's made of brass

Keep singing, Qiran.

I am a baby doll made of gold


-Go on.
-The world's

-Made of brass

Why hasn't the generator kicked in yet?


The world's made of brass

-Oh, baby--
-Qiran, what happened?

There's a bloody security
problem in this hotel!

-How can anybody just enter the room?
-But sir--

What if something like this
happens tomorrow on stage?

-Sir, we--
-Move! Shut up!

-Can you guarantee her safety?

-Shut up and listen to me!
-Sir, what about the show?

There is a stalker in the hotel,
and you guys are worried about the show?!

-He called me Kiran with a "K."

-It's Qiran with a "Q."
-One second, nothing will happen.

-It was awful. It was so bad.
-I'm right here. You'll be fine.

-She won't perform tomorrow.
-He got my name wrong.

She will not go on stage
tomorrow, understood?

You're clever,
but this is an old technique.

Now, you will comfort the terrified girl…

and won't let her sing at the concert.

So, tell me, why am I doing all this?

-To impress me.
-Were you impressed?

No chance.

Actually, my father threw
me out of the house.

I don't have cash,
bank balance, or credit cards.

He even disowned me from his business.

But before he chucked me out,
he gave me a piece of advice.

He said, "If you want to win,
then try uplifting others.

Don't try to defeat them."

So, I thought of uplifting you.

And what sins will I have
to commit in exchange for this?

You are talented.

I'll teach you the rest.

We make a blockbuster team.

I am the villain…

and you're the vamp.

Get lost.

And the next performance

-I am the villain,
-is the young voice of the…

-and you're the sidekick.
-Right now, give it up for Aarvi!

I kept denying

But you refused to listen

I kept denying

But you refused to listen

You're out to do

What you please

O heart, I pray

You never feel pain again

My Love is here

To see you here today

It seems like

You're in trouble, O heart

Your peace and slumber

Have been stolen

It seems like

You're in trouble, O heart

No! What is this?

-Ma'am, please don't go. Ma'am.

I have no clue about

What's going on here

Since the time we met

You've become my world

Just shrugging your hair won't help
if you really want to be successful.

It's time to get dirty.

If you want to trend, Aarvi,
then do something big.

I have no clue about

What's going on here

Since the time we met

You've become my world

-Think again before you tread ahead
-Think again before you tread ahead

-O heart
-O heart

-Love is here
-Love is here

-To see you here today
-To see you here today

-It seems like
-It seems like

-You're in trouble, O heart
-You're in trouble, O heart

-Your peace and slumber
-Your peace and slumber

-Have been stolen
-Have been stolen

-It seems like
-It seems like

-You're in trouble, O heart
-You're in trouble, O heart



Come on, she's coming.
Hurry up and hit me. Come on.

It should look like a real fight.
Only then will she run away.

-Ma'am, please understand.
-I'm so angry! Get out--

Come on. Hit me.

Aarvi, hit me properly. Come on.

Hit me, Aarvi!

-Ma'am, please.
-I'm a superstar.

-I'm Qiran.
-Ma'am, please understand.


-No, just stay out of my way!
-We'll figure something out. Please.

Oh my God! I can't breathe!

Bye, baby. See you in Mumbai.

Ma'am, your fans are waiting!
Ma'am, please!

Ma'am, please listen! Please stop!


-Please stop the car!
-Ma'am, please stop!

We make a blockbuster team.

I am the villain,

and you…

Since the time I saw you

I couldn't take my eyes off you

Why do I think about you

All the time?

O heart

Don't be so hasty
In making decisions of love

My love's here

To see you today

Seems like

You're in trouble, O heart

-Enough, Gautam. Stop it.
-What? Okay.

Gautam! What are you doing?

Hey, what the hell!

So, you've won.

Were you doubting me?


So, that's it.

Job done.

I taught you all the bad stuff.

You'll be happy now.

See you.


That's it.

Finally, some peace.


Take care of yourself.

What do you mean?

If I ask you to leave,

you'll leave?!

And what if I ask you to stay?

Will you stay?

Your peace and slumber

Have been stolen

Seems like

You're in trouble, O heart

Isn't this the Indian classical singer
Mr. Balkrishan Shastri?

Don't tell me we have to get
him out of the way too!

He's a legend, dude.

No chance.


A legend!

What do you mean?

You know he had a wife,

a house,

a reputation,

and a family.

And he was…

also having an affair with my mom.

He never accepted me,

but Mom always thought…

that she was his true love,

and that he will come back someday.

She spent her life waiting for him…

and then passed away.

But you know what?

This is all I've got now.

I want to sing in front of him someday.

I want to sing so well…

that he'd proudly say…

"Aarvi is my daughter."

And then I would say,

"You're not my father."


That'll be my revenge.

I've never told anyone about it.

The day you publicly
humiliate your father,

I'll be in the front row…


I mean, I'll learn until then.

Whether anyone shows up for you or not…

I always will.

What the hell is wrong with you, Aarvi?

I've been calling you all morning.
Where were you?

Did we miss the flight?

Wow, this is amazing!
You're worried about the flight?!

Are you kidding me?

You've crossed the line this time!

-What are you saying, Rubina?
-Shut up!

Aarvi Malhotra! The talk of the town!

She has targeted
another celebrity this time.

What are we going to do now?

The world-renowned Sufi
and classical singer,

Sri Balkrishan Shastri.

Sri Balkrishan Shastri, who has always
stayed away from controversies,

is now going viral
after this picture was leaked.

I'll say it again.

I do not have a secret family
or a secret daughter.

This is just a publicity stunt,
and I don't want this question again.

As you can see, Sri Balkrishan
Shastri completely denies…

You must answer the question.

I'd rather die…

than lose.

That'll be my revenge.
I've never told anyone about it.

I've made this clear before. I neither
have another family nor a daughter.


Sir, here's another video
we found on Aarvi's cell phone.

Aarvi, you need to run.

Aarvi, call the police. Aarvi--

He's coming--

Gautam, please let go of me! Gautam!

-Who is Gautam?
-Gautam, sir. Gautam Mehra.

He's industrialist Divesh Mehra's son.

-Were we able to trace Gautam Mehra?
-Yes, sir.

Gautam Mehra is staying
at the Hyatt Hotel.

And the police force
is already on its way.

Rapid Action Force, Mhatre.

Seal the hotel.

It's time to become Singham.

Widen the scale, Mhatre.

-Okay, sir.
-The bigger the villain,

-the bigger it makes the hero look.
-Right, sir.

-Whom did you call from the press?
-Sir, I--

-Call Amul. He's our guy.
-Okay, sir.

There's clear evidence.

Gautam Mehra is the killer.

Gautam Mehra is the prime suspect
in the Aarvi murder case,

and he is hiding in this hotel.

The Mumbai Police
have reached the location.

Every room, every floor has to be scanned.

Yes, sir. We have sealed
all the exits of the hotel.

He cannot escape.

He will be caught.

He's coming--


Charge to room 1105.

Stop, or else I'll shoot!

I'd rather die…

than lose.

Oh, fu--

Satish. Come in, Satish.

Come on! Go in!

Check every guest.
I want Gautam Mehra at any cost.

Got it? Make sure he doesn't escape.

Check every guest.
Find Gautam Mehra for me.

He'll try to escape from there.

Satish, come in.

Come in, Satish!

There are too many people here, sir.

Gautam Mehra may have escaped, sir.

Damn it!


He's a spoiled brat.

He will try to leave the country.

Put airports on a high alert.

-Got it?
-Yes, sir.

Call the airport unit
and send one unit after him.

I knew it.

-Found him.

Finally, found him.

What? Hey, what?

What happened?

What happ--

What's so funny, Ganesan?

I'm sorry. Don't get me wrong.

He won't escape. I am sure about it.

You think he's a murderer…

but actually, he's…

a serial killer.

And a serial killer
never leaves his territory.

-Issue a red alert.

The suspect's name is Gautam Mehra.

His hunger will bring him back…

to this city.

To us.


Sir, after eight years,
a villain has returned to Mumbai.

He's committed 15 murders so far.

All his victims were females,
and all of them went missing.

It's the same victim profile…
and the same crime scene.

Murdered without any evidence or traces.

Sir, this is…

not a simple case.

In fact, the killer could
be right in front of you,

and you still wouldn't know.

He won't sneak out like a thief.

He'll leave his mark behind.

So that everyone knows what he's done.

As if he wants to convey something…

or tell his story to the world.

This killer rates himself.

And he rates himself
the highest in Aarvi's case.

Four stars.


So, sir…

why do you think
Gautam Mehra is not the killer?

Anything is possible.

It's tough to tell in such cases…

who is the hero…

-and who is the villain.
-Taxi driver Bhairav Purohit.

Why did you bring him in?

Mr. Ganesan is just
wasting everyone's time.

He asked me to call everyone
on Aarvi's last dialed list.

His number was in Aarvi's phone records.

So, I called him in.

Hey, come on, tell us.

How do you know Aarvi Malhotra?

Now, tell us.

What did you do?

Did you kill someone?

Speak up.

I haven't done anything wrong.

I only committed one crime, sir.

What? What did you say?

Whom did you kill?

What are you saying?

Tell us what exactly happened.

Speak up. Tell us your story.

You said you committed a crime.
What crime did you commit?

Come on! Tell us!

Rasika, today is the last day
to complete the target.

And you're busy applying nail polish?!

Rasika never goes after the target.

The target comes to her.

Hi, sir. Do you want to see something
in our latest collection?

Please come, sir.

This way, sir.

He's mine, sir.

Sir, this one?

You can try it, sir.

-Is he your boyfriend?
-No. I just went by his cab once.

Since then, he's been showing
up to buy clothes here.

But look.

-You like this one?
-Asha's got him now.

He belongs to her now.

Come on, sir.

You also belong to someone else,

but I still feel we're close.

Sir, the blue one?

Sir, do you want to see some trousers?

Asha, you've got a call from your home.

-Your mom died.

Yes, sir. My name is Rasika Mapuskar.

How may I help you?

You're looking for a shirt, right?



-There was a call for me, right?

Actually, this will look
really nice on you.

Shall I pack this for you?

And even these two will
look really good on you.

Buy these as well. Do you like them?

Shall I pack all three?

This one's my favorite.
Do you want to try this on?

Why can't everyone be as generous as you?

Anything else?

Shall we go to the billing counter?

You'll suck him dry someday.

You rob him every week.

They're willing to get robbed,
so I rob them.

Credit card or cash?



I'll drop you off at the station.

Sir, if I sit on your bike,
then where will your wife sit?

Anyway, a threesome--

I mean going triple seat is not allowed.

Nonsense. Go to hell.

Bye, sir. See you.

So, your name is Bhairav Purohit.

Is it your car?

No, it's my friend's car.
His name is Keshav.

I only drive it around.

Does he pay the shopping bills too?

No, not at all.

I drive the cab for 14 hours
and then work at the zoo with Keshav.

So, you're a zookeeper as well!


Only for the money.

It pays for the taxi installments

and shopping bills.

What's the fare?


Am I your mother?

I'll not continue the ride if you
don't take money from me. Stop the car.


Look, I will pay the full fare.

I spend around 30 rupees
every day on traveling.

Twenty rupees for the rickshaw ride…

and ten rupees for the train ride.


Then buy me a cup of coffee for 30 rupees.

Is that okay?

Stop here.


Don't forget to give me a rating.

Such is your effect, O beloved

I am lost in a mysterious world

You're right here with me

These moments are special for me

Don't know when I realized

Without you, nothing seems real

Don't want to be without you

Can't say anything anymore

I can spend a lifetime

With my eyes wide awake

Not a moment of peace

Together we must be

I can spend a lifetime

With my eyes wide awake

Whatever life I have left in me

Is with you

I firmly believe

Without you, there is no I

Don't want to be without you

Can't say anything anymore

I can spend a lifetime

With my eyes wide awake


You fool, I've been yelling for so long!

You got scared!

Dad, get up quickly. It's getting late.

-I need to go to school.
-What's wrong?

God, your mom died
and left you behind to trouble me!

What will you achieve by going to school?

You're bad luck for me.

All day, you keep yapping,
"Dad, this. Dad, that."

-Leave it, Keshav.
-Take him away!

Yash, get your bag.

Don't feel bad about
what your father said.

Being sad isn't allowed here.


If people see you're sad,

they will make you feel worse.

From today, I'll be your bus driver.

And this will be your school bus.

If you become the school bus driver,

then who will go shopping?


Come closer, so our breath can intertwine

Together, we can embark on this journey

Now that I've found you

I believe

How lonely I've been even in the crowd

I want to be with you

Don't want to be separated

I can take

All your pain with a smile

It's a sharing cab.

Why are you feeling shy?

Have you ever done it?


You're such a fool.
Say, "Yes, I've done it.

Several times."

Only then can you be a hero in society.

Isn't it ironic?

If a guy has sex, he's a hero.

But if a girl has sex with the same guy,
then she's characterless.

Won't you ask me

whether I've done it or not?

You should be covered with salt and sugar…

and stored in a jar like a pickle.

You're one of a kind.

I'm floored by your love

That's the truth

I'll carve

My own path

Not a moment of peace

Together we must be

I can spend a lifetime

With my eyes wide awake

Slow down, Rasika.

It's a red light.

The road's empty, we can go.

No, that's not the rule.

Decide now. If you want to be with
me, you'll have to break every rule.

Good or bad.

We can go now.

Saved by time.

Will you take me to Lonavala next week?

To improve your rating.

Out of my way, lass!

Did you see how I overtook her?

Let it go, Rasika.

What are you doing?

Life has already messed
with me several times,

and these jokers on
the bike think they can too!

The pain won't go away
if you keep tolerating it.

Hit them, Bhairav.

Hit them!

Hit them, Bhairav!

Rasika, they will die.

Life has only one rule, Bhairav.

Either kill them…

or get killed.

Don't worry.

Murder is allowed in self-defense.

Of those who break
your arm and your heart.

Hey, man,
what crime are you talking about?

Can you hear me?

What am I saying?


This is the girl.

I am talking about her.

Sir, I don't know anything
about this case.

I just know about those
boys on the motorcycle.

I dropped madam off
at home in the morning.

She also gave me a four-star rating.

You can check the car details.

Shut up! Give that back!

What a crazy guy!

He fried my brains!

Listen, don't leave Mumbai.

Got it? Now, leave!

Our correspondent spoke

with the case's investigating officer,
DSP Rathod, at the scene of the crime.

-Mhatre, is there anything about our case?
-A couple of years ago, DSP Rathod…

Sir, they're talking
about the Aarvi murder case.

Turn up the volume.

DSP Rathod told us that
the killer has been identified.

And the police will soon arrest him.

The investigating officer
of this case, DSP Rathod,

is present at the crime scene.

DSP Rathod's investigation has brought
a new twist to the Aarvi murder case.

We have someone with us,

who claims that he's seen the killer.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen,
we have a witness.

We have in the studio with us Ashu Bhoire.

So, tell me, Ashu.

I have seen the killer.


My girlfriend was murdered
a couple of months ago.

I saw him take her body.

What is this now?

Nothing, sir. He's crazy.

I arrested him a couple of days ago.

His girlfriend had gone missing.

-What was he saying, Tambe?
-God, sir.

Yes. He said God appeared personally
and took his girlfriend away.

But sir,

we couldn't get any leads from him.

And the killer is none
other than Gautam Mehra.

-Are you sure, Ashu?

Gautam Mehra is the smiley killer.

The only son of the owner
of Mehra Industries.

…the first channel
to bring this news to you.

Gautam Mehra, the son
of the industrialist Divesh Mehra.

-He is the smiley killer.
-How does he know…

-that Gautam Mehra is the smiley killer?
-Didn't you hear it?

He has seen his face.

But only the killer and I know about this.

How does he know that he
has committed more murders--

Oh, damn!

Hello, this is ACP Ganesan.

That guy, Ashu, who is giving
the interview regarding the murder case…

keep him detained in the studio.

Sir, he already left.

Oh, no! Damn it!

I did exactly as you said.

I framed him.

Now, no one will suspect you.

Your freedom is important
for the likes of us.

You did what I never could.

You're a savior for me…

and those like me.


Where is Aarvi?

I killed so many girls…

but no one came for them.

Except for you.


It's not your fault.

The real villain in every
love story is this heart.

First, it falls in love
without our permission,

and then, it gets broken
without our permission.

Kill me.

If you leave me alive,
then I will kill you.

Make promises you can keep.

I have done you a favor.

Just like I did it for Ashu Bhoire.

I am the hero of your story.


If you're the hero…

then I'm the villain of your story.

I'll keep coming after you.

I'll keep coming back no matter what!

I'll either kill you or die trying.

Because I'd rather die…

than lose.

You can try your luck.

And don't forget to give me a rating.

Did you kill him?

Did he see your face?


Are you scared?

Fear makes people do bad things…

and so does love.

So, who am I?

Your fear…

or your love?


Now, finish your job.

Finish what you started.

You need to dispose of Aarvi's body.

Hey, villain!

Sir, we were having an affair,
and we were gonna get married soon.

But suddenly, she started thinking
I wasn't good enough for her.

She said our romance had fizzled out.

She wanted an apartment, sir.

But I had to look after my family.

She changed her Facebook status "single,"

and started uploading photos with him.

I tried to reason with her, sir.

I threatened her as well.

I didn't kill her, sir.

-But whoever did it…
-Did the right thing.

I couldn't do it, but…

He did it for me.

I think she deserved it.


make sure no one finds out about this.

Download all these files
and give them to me.

And delete them from the system.

-Every copy must be confidential.

But sir, all these girls had already
broken up with their boyfriends.

Don't you think we've reached a dead end?

There's been an interesting twist
in the case's investigation.

Fifteen females have been murdered,
and not just one.

Yes, Gautam Mehra is the smiley killer.


if you are watching this,
then listen to me carefully.

If I come for you,
you'll get in a lot of trouble.

So, it's better if you come to me.

You can tell me whatever you feel like.

And that too only if there's
something more left to your story.

Get away! What are you doing?

Get away!

As per the Hindu Settlement Act 1956,

Mr. Divesh Mehra transfers his shares

in Gautam Mehra's name
in an out-of-court settlement.

The company's equity,
assets, and all holdings

are transferred to Gautam Mehra.

How can you do this?

How can you fire us from the show?

What are you even talking about?

This cannot happen.

You must talk to someone.

Take care.

I won, Dad!

I wish you had won, son.

I love you.

The problem is there is no
winning or losing in love.

In case we never meet again

Never become companions

On this journey again

The distance

Will never make my love fade

We'll never separate again

Whether anyone shows up for you or not…

I always will.

I've nicknamed you my heart

I've nicknamed you my heart

Forever, you shall beat in me

I've nicknamed you my heart

My love for you

Shall never fade

I've nicknamed you my heart

I've nicknamed you my heart

Forever, you shall beat in me

I've nicknamed you my heart

Sir, you can't park the bike here.


-Hey, Aarvi, how have you been?
-It's so nice…

Like a melody

I keep humming your name

Your memories

Make me smile always

There's nothing more I want

Than for you to be happy always

But I know

You're not around

I'm missing you

There's a tear in my eye

And a prayer for you on my lips

Let's go.


Mr. Mehra.

Mr. Mehra.

I am Dr. Anand.

You're in the hospital.


I am your necessity

You're necessary for me

I admit without you

My world's incomplete

My loneliness is

-Sort of a celebration
-Move, please!

Only your

-Someone, call the ambulance, please!
-Thoughts accompany me now

Do call out

To me again

I will hear you

Wherever I am

I've nicknamed you my heart

I've nicknamed you my heart

Forever, you shall beat in me

I've nicknamed you my heart

My love for you

Shall never fade

I've nicknamed you my heart

I've nicknamed you my heart

Forever, you shall beat in me

I've nicknamed you my heart

Have you arrived at the location?

Okay. I am waiting outside.


Take care of yourself.

What do you mean?

Aarvi, listen to me. I am talking to you.

What do you think?
If you tell me to leave, I'll leave?!

If you say, "Take care of yourself,"
then that's bye?!

If you wanted to leave,
why did you come back?

You're doing to me what I did to you!

What is it all for? #Vengeance?

Because I defeated you?

Yes, you defeated me!

You won, and I lost!

The only difference is that…

it was love for me…

and revenge for you.

Do you know why I did all this?

Because I love you.

Maybe my love is incomplete.

But for me, it's complete.

Finally, I understood my mom's
one-sided, clichéd love.

In fact, I no longer have the itch
to climb on stage and tell my father…

that he's not my father.

I don't want any kind of revenge.

Thanks to you.

When I fell in love myself,
I finally understood…

that one should fall in love,

but not with the condition
of being loved back.

Not every love story has two people.

And that's okay.

So, go…

and celebrate your victory.

But just leave me alone, okay?


Let's go.

Aarvi, listen to me! Stop!

Aarvi, I'll change. Believe me.

Give me one chance, please.

Please, give me one chance!

Aarvi, everyone leaves me.
Please, don't leave me.

Stop the car, mister!

Aarvi, listen. I'm sorry.
I love you, Aarvi. I love you.

I love you, Aarvi!

I've nicknamed you my heart

Check Aarvi's history.

Any stalker, fans,
or any other connections?

-Where is the drive?
-On it, sir.

-Where is the drive, Tambe?
-Check the Facebook profiles

of all the missing girls.

-Okay, sir.
-How long will it take?

I can guarantee you that
your time won't be wasted,

but we're running out of time here!

Mr. Rathod found out
about the missing CCTV footage.

And I think he's trying
to officially get you off this case.

That doesn't matter.
This case has become personal now.

I have some guests at home.

-Call me if there is something.
-Yes, sir.


What would you prefer?

Small or large?

Don't want? Okay.

I know…

you didn't murder Aarvi.

I saw the CCTV footage from the metro.

You and that villain had a great fight…

that's why I told Chetna
to delete the recording.

So that the killer believes
we're not after him,

and comes out in
the open without the mask.

What do you know about him?

One-sided love.

He only targets girls
who have one-sided lovers.

He wants to be the messiah
of heartbroken lovers.

He wants to get revenge for them.

There is some kind of connection
between these one-sided love stories…

and his love story.

You're such a fool.
What are you doing there?

I won't kill you.

Stay there.

Zero stars for you.

By the way, why waste money on two rooms…

when we can stay in one room!

What do you say?

-I'll be right back.

-I'll be right back.
-Where are you going?

-I have to run an errand.
-What errand? Bhairav!

He's going to the ATM.

Let's get him. Come on.

Come on.

Let's go.

-Keep quiet.
-Get in the car!

Come on, get in!

-Give me the bag.
-Come on.

-Give us everything you have.
-Start the car.

Give us the money!
I said, give us the money!

-You just withdrew the money, right?
-Give it to me!

Is that all?

-What else?
-What else do you have?

-Take it out!
-Come on!

-There is nothing in here.

Give us your wallet!

Listen, I need to go somewhere urgently.

-Didn't you hear me?
-A ring.

How much is the ring for?

It's for someone important.

Please, give it back.

Give it back?!

Oh, really?

What if I don't?

What will you do? Tell me!

What? Are you scared?

Why are you quiet? Tell me!

The pain won't go away
if you keep tolerating it.

Life has only one rule, Bhairav.

Either kill them…

or get killed.

Hit them, Bhairav.

Hit them!

Hit them, Bhairav!



We made a mistake. Take it back.
Sorry, man. Here.

-Take the cell phone.
-Take the ring.

Here's your money. Take it.

Shall we go inside?

-Why did you come here with him?
-Did you expect me to come by train?

I got here comfortably by car.
I even listened to some music on the way.

What if someone finds out--

He is under my control.

He does what I say.

Don't worry.



Shall I send a friend
request to someone else?

What do you say?

Don't be upset over the one that's gone.

And swear that you will forget her.

Swear that you'll never think about her.

I'm glad you're here.
My shift ended early today.

You saw me with him, didn't you?

That guy, Atul,

is my manager.

He tricked me.

Pretended to love me.

And then started blackmailing me.

He has some photos of me.

I don't know, Bhairav, how…


Bhairav, help me, please.

Save me, Bhairav.

You're such a fool.

What kind of a guy are you?

This is what you wanted to hear, right?

"Poor, helpless girl.

I'll save her and become a hero."

Am I right?

But the truth is I like Atul.

He gives me presents,

annual bonuses, and even grades.

Two-way traffic.

I get what I want, and he gets what…

You see, our next bonus was due.

And his wife was keeping a tight watch
on us. So, where else could we meet?

Then I thought about you.

"Don't forget to give me a rating, madam."

You took me to Lonavala.

And Atul took me to the room.



O Cafe, Ballard Pier.

It's a sharing cab.

Drop me off first, please. It's urgent.

-Hello, Auntie.

-Auntie, please listen to me.

-I don't want to hear anything!
-I didn't do it.

Please, let me talk to Puja once.

She doesn't want to talk to you!
Why are you bothering her?

Love story.

She doesn't love you. Don't you get it?

If you call her again,

-I will…
-Puja! Stop!

Hang up.

Your wallet.


I've been trying to call you.

What are you doing here with him?

Why do you care? I told you to stay
away from me! Don't you get it?

We've been together for two years, Puja.

3D show for free!

Is he your manager?

What does he have?

My life, my decision!


Listen to me, Puja. Where are you going?

-Let go of me, Ashu.
-Let's talk about this, Puja.

Puja, why are you doing this? Puja!

Listen to me!

I can't do this.

-Puja. Listen to me. I made a mistake.

-I'm begging you.

-Listen. Forget everything.
-Don't stoop so low.

Look how he's begging her.

-I don't want to be with you!
-Why? Is he giving you everything?

What does it matter to you?
Why do you care?

This is my life! Get lost!

I am telling you…

if you say no to me, you'll regret it.

You'll regret it, Puja.

What do you mean by that?

-I'll do something, Puja.
-Do what?

Someone, please tell this lover boy…

that's not the way to score the heroine.

By acting like a hero.

Are you threatening me?

-Get lost!

The hero has lost his mind.

-Now, the movie's getting interesting.

I'm telling you, I'll kill you!

-I will kill you!
-Now it all comes down to you.

If you save her, she will trap
someone else with her looks.

-I'll kill you!
-And another fool will be left weeping.

I'm telling you.

Heroes win only in films and get the girl.

I will finish everything!

In real life, villains win.


I own your life! You are mine!


I won't kill you, Puja.

I won't kill you.
Please listen to me, Puja.

Hey, please help me!

-Puja, please listen to me.
-He's lost his mind.

-Please save me. Call the police.

-No. I won't kill her.
-He's crazy. I don't love him.

-I love her.
-Hey, villain!

I like Atul. He gives me presents,

annual bonuses, and even grades.

Then I thought of you.
"Don't forget to give a rating, madam."

You took me to Lonavala.

Heroes win only in films and get the girl.

In real life, villains win.


If you can't be mine…

I'll not let anyone else have you either.

I own your life.

I own every breath you take.

You are mine.

Only mine.

There's nothing more left in me

You are my life You are my heart

I can live without taking a breath

But it's difficult to live without you

My fate depends on you

The ones God's decided for me

Your path of love

This path of love is what I am fond of

Your path of love

This is what makes me pine


Call me.

I just left. I am on my way.

No, you know how it is with Rishi.
He wasn't letting me go.

You're that type of a game

I have won it as well as lost it

You're that type of a game

I have won it as well as lost it

You're my mistake

But I'll make this mistake again

Where will I go from here?

Tell me, my love

You're still clinging on to me

Your path of love

This path of love is what I am fond of

Your path of love

This is what makes me pine

Sir, this is the only way
to enter the house.

Everything happened right here.

There's a smiley here as well.

Let go of me!

Please listen to me.

The fear of losing their love…

turned people into cowards.

But my heart always stayed fearless…

and turned me into a killer.

Let's go.

Aarvi, listen to me. Stop.

Aarvi, I'll change. Believe me.

Give me one chance, please.

Please give me one chance!

Aarvi, everyone leaves me.
Please, don't leave me.

Stop the car, mister!

Aarvi, listen. I am sorry.

I love you.

I love you, Aarvi. I love you.

I love you, Aarvi!

Ma'am, don't forget to give me a rating.

Siddhi, you are killing it!

-Cheers, man.

Hey, Rubina!

Where's Aarvi?


Where are you? What the hell, Aarvi!

Everyone's asking for you.
Come on, let's go out.

I really want you to end
this Gautam Mehra chapter.

Just chill.

Have a sip.


Come on, guys!

Let's party!

I'll call the guard.

-He isn't picking up. I don't know.
-It's him. I'm telling you, it's him.

It's Gautam.

Go, get in.

Aarvi, let's go!

Go. Fast.

It's him. Aarvi, it's him.

Aarvi, he's coming.

Hey, villain!

-Aarvi, run. Just call the police.

Aarvi, call--

-Aarvi, run!

Run, Aarvi!

Hello, ma'am, can you hear me?

Gautam! Gautam, please leave me!

Gautam, please! Gautam, please leave me!

Gautam, please! No! Gautam!

Presenting Aarvi Malhotra's superhit song.

I nicknamed you my heart

In case we never meet again

Never become companions again

I have to admit, she was a good singer.

Whoever he is,
he isn't too far from our grasp now.

Because the police aren't
the only ones after him, you are too.

-Yes, Chetna?
-You were right, sir.


There's one common profile
in the accounts of all the missing girls.

Either in their pending friend
requests or their friend list.

And sir, the same profile has been used

to listen to Aarvi Malhotra's song
over and over again. Non-stop.

He has also commented, sir,
a smiley and five stars.

-Seven Islands Zoo, Byculla. Keshav Rane.

-Immediately, dispatch the--
-But sir--

Hey, Gautam.

Gautam, please don't go there alone!

Gautam, from what I know
about this killer,

I'm sure he's one step ahead of us.
The entire police force is after him.

Gautam, listen to me.

Sir, the entire police force
is headed to your house.

Why are you sending the force to my house?

Send it to Byculla.

We just received a tip that
Gautam Mehra is in your residential area.

So Mr. Rathod is sending
the entire force there.

Who gave this tip?

We don't know that, sir, but--




Can you hear me?

Hello! Ganesan sir!

You are late.

Gautam will reach there soon.

It's all over.

The end of your film.

Do you want to know a secret?

Aarvi is alive.

I've saved her for the end.

And it is the end…

only when the hero wins.

But I haven't won yet.



Please help me!


It's him. Aarvi, it's him.

Aarvi, run!

Aarvi, run!

-Gautam! Gautam, please leave me!
-Aarvi, run!

Please, leave me! Gautam, please!

Gautam, please leave me!

Gautam, please! Gautam!


Please help me!

He will kill me. Please call the police.


He's come here…

to save you.

He loves you.

But he doesn't know
that I'm saving him from this pain.

What are you doing?

Who's in there?

Is this yours?

I knew something was amiss here.

And you, rascal, you're helping him!

Tell me what's going on!
How long has this been going on?

Who's in there?

Don't come any closer, Bhairav!

I will kill you!

Stop right there, Bhairav!

I will kill you, Bhairav!


There's a female dead body inside.
Call the forensics team immediately.

Don't let him come inside. Stop him.

You cannot enter this area.

Listen to me!

Gautam, that's not Aarvi!

It's not Aarvi.

Son, where is Aarvi?

I don't know.

My father killed them.

This is his doing.

My father killed them all.

He would've killed me too.

But Bhairav saved me.

Dad started befriending
girls since my mom died.

He would bring them home.

Dad used to slice meat
in here for the animals, sir.

He is the one who killed all of them.

But I don't know
what happened to Ms. Aarvi.

The smiley killer case has been solved.

Keshav Rane's body has
been sent for postmortem.

we've lost ACP Ganesan in this case.

Most of the DNA has been destroyed,
but whatever samples we found…

match Keshav's DNA.

We found Keshav Rane's account
on Facebook and his car records.

His fingerprints were
on the meat cutting machine as well.

Gautam, I don't want
to give you false hopes, but…

maybe the truth about all
those dead girls and Aarvi

is gone with the killer.

This case is closed.

You're free to go, Mr. Gautam Mehra.

It's all over now.

Let's go someplace else.

We must finish what we started.

I had told you…

Aarvi will face
the same fate as the others.

That kid stole the highest rating.

He's very clever.

Let's adopt him.

We'll be a small happy family.

Let's get married.

She sang songs about love
and betrayed people.

No one's interested in the stories
of all the other girls we killed.

But when she dies,

the entire world will watch.

And understand us.

You're such a fool.

Let it be.

You're good for nothing.

She tricked you.

I had told you to just kill me.

If you let me go, I'll kill you.

Don't forget to give me a rating, Rasika.

So, tell me, Rasika.

Will I get a five-star
rating for this end?

Tell me.

Tell me, Rasika!

Rasika who?

Where is Rasika?


Rasika! Come on! Make an entry!

There is no one there. She is gone.

She's gone.

She left you.

What are you looking for?

There is no Rasika.

You are lying!

She is right here!


She is right here!

She gives me ratings.

One star! Two stars!

She does nothing. Nothing.

You do everything.

If you can't be mine…
I'll not let anyone else have you either.

You're a monster who has
been defeated in love.

Hit me.

Rasika is my love!

She is my shadow!

She will never leave me!

Rasika wasn't your love,

she was your obsession.

I like Atul.

Not because he gives me
presents and an annual bonus

but because he's ready
to leave his wife for me.

Actually, his wife doesn't
know anything about us.

When you brought me to Lonavala,
I called him over.

Thank you, buddy.

So, this time, you get a rating of…

Bhairav, watch out!

What are you doing, Bhairav?


Love, though one-sided,
it's still complete.

But you had hatred.

Just hatred.

Have you lost your mind?



-Let go of me, Bhairav!


What are you doing, Bhairav?


Rasika. Please.


-What are you doing, Bhairav?
-Don't leave me.

Don't leave me.

Bhairav, let go of me!

Don't leave me.




Don't leave me.

Don't leave me, please. Don't leave me.

-Don't leave me.

You killed the one…

whom you loved the most in this world.

She couldn't be yours when she was alive…

and even after she was dead.

You kept her dead body for your own joy.

You kept her alive in your memories.

You started interacting with her.

You did everything…

and yet she couldn't be yours.

I will kill everyone.

I will kill you and your love.

Go ahead, but I'll keep getting
back up until my last breath.

I love Aarvi.

I don't care if she loves me or not.

Because love…

neither loses nor fizzles out.

You're such a fool.

Come to me.

Why are you standing so far away?

I won't kill you.

I stayed awake all night for you

You are my dawn

I'm a broken bird

You're the reason I'm alive

You're my home

I walked

For eternity

And finally

I came to you

Your path of love

Your path of love is what I am fond of

Your path of love

This is what makes me pine

Don't worry.

I won't give you a reason
to complain again.