Ek Villain (2014) - full transcript

Every love story has a hero, a heroine, and a villain. But this is the love story of a villain. Guru is a quiet, tough, and ruthless man, who works for a crooked politician. A dark past refuses to let Guru sleep at night until he meets Aisha. He falls in love with her and his life changes. Just when things seem perfect, she falls prey to an attack. Devastated, Guru starts hunting the miscreant and is shocked to learn of his seemingly innocuous and simple identity. Does Guru succeed in getting even with the assailant? And what is the motive behind the killings? The plot thickens as the astonishing mystery unveils and new realizations come to the forefront.

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Have you worked somewhere earlier?

Do you want to hear a joke?

Once a man was
drowning in the river.

He yelled,
"Lord Ganesha, please save me!"

Lord Ganesha started dancing.

The man asked,
"Why are You dancing?"

So, Lord Ganesha said, "Didn't you
dance while immersing me in water?"

Actually, I shouldn't be cracking
jokes about God in front of God.

I'm sorry.
Don't mind, but I have no mind.

Give my ball.

Hurry up! Quick.

Kids, are you okay?

Hey, mister!

Hello. Yes, you.

Aren't there enough
potholes in the city..

..that you've dug up another one?

And for the past two weeks.

Those kids and my
God were saved today.

Why are you so irresponsible?

The next time,
someone might lose his life...

...because of these potholes.

But whether someone lives or dies...

...it doesn't matter to you.

Don't worry, madam.

You'll have no complaints
against us henceforth.


Let's see.


I just wanted to send
this message across that...

...I'm proud of you.

I'm sure that whatever you
do in life will be right for you.

No matter how many
obstacles you face...

...there won't be darkness anymore.


Do you want to listen to the
bad news first or the worst news?

The bad news is that you'll
have to live without me every day...

...between 9 to 5 from now on.

And the worst news
is that I won't be able...

...to live without you
every day between 9 to 5.

I got the job, Aisha.

I got the job.

Now go and erase that
wish from your diary.

I've become independent.


...there's something
that I have to say to you.

Tell me.

No, come home first.

Tell me. I'm on my way home.

No, come home.


How did you get in?


What are you doing?

Who is..

Does anyone barge into someone's house
like that without ringing the bell!

Get out of here. Get out!

Aisha, who is it? What happened?


Aisha, who is it?

Aisha, listen to me! Police!

Aisha! Listen! Hey! - Guru!

Listen, you've enmity with me.

Look.. spare her.

You have a problem with me.
Listen. Spare her.

- Hey, stop. Let my Aisha go!

Please! No!

Please don't kill me.

Please don't kill me. Please.

Who is in charge of this area?

I am. Inspector Waghle.

Aditya Rathore, CBI.

But why is the CBI so keen
on the murder of an ordinary girl?

lam keen not on this girl,
but her love.

I didn't get you.

We'll have to find Aisha's
murderer at the earliest.

If he sets out to look for him...

...then the government will
have to find some new property.

Guru will kill so many...

...that there won't be enough
place to cremate the bodies.

'Devil. Monster. Demon. Beast.'

'Who says that only
God has several names?'

'Demons are found in hell.'

'But I met one such demon
in the so-called paradise in Goa.'

'But demons possess
a special quality.'

'It's his habit to be
present at his own funeral.'

'Hatred is his weapon.'

'Anger is his explosive.'

'He doesn't know
what sympathy means.'

'No one loves him.'

'Every love story has a hero...'

'...a heroine...'

'...and a villain.'

'But this love story
is of a villain.'

Please forgive me, Guru.

I made a mistake, Guru.

What are you doing?

Guru, please forgive me.

I beg of you, Guru! Please spare me.

I beg of you. Don't do this!
For God's sake, spare me life.

Are you praying?

Guru, please forgive me.

Do you really think that
He will appear to save you?



No! Guru.

You have time until
this matchstick is put out.

Remember your God.


What are you doing? What happened?

What are you doing, son?


Mother, I'll kill him!
- Don't do this!

Please stop.

CBI People beat me up a lot.

Raghu. Please save me, o God.

Rahul! Rahul, no.


Can I give you a suggestion?

Don't pray to God.

Pray to the breeze.

Because if there's breeze,
you'll be finished.

No, no! Guru, please...
I made a mistake.

No, no! Guru, what are you doing?

Guru, please don't do this!
I beg of you!

No, Guru! Guru...

No, Rohan.
- No, leave me.


Spare me, Guru.

Guru! Guru! No.

Guru! Spare me, Guru.

Spare me. Guru.

Let go of me!
- Let go off.

Guru, no.

Let go of me! Guru, let go of me!

Please let go of me!

Fine. I'll let go of you!


NO! No!


Come out.

Come on! Take him out.

Will you kill him? Leave.

Come on.

Tell me! Who is your boss!

Who do you work for!

Has Singh sir sent you?

Torture him.
Tell me about his business.

Hold him tight.
All of you will be punished.

Hey, tell me.

Come on.

Ready, steady, smile!

Okay. A joke.

A woman went to the police
station and asked the inspector...

my husband had gone to the market..."

"...to buy okra two days ago."

"He hasn't come back yet."

The inspector said,
"What's the big deal, madam?"

"Cook some other vegetable."

Wonderful! - Thank you.

Hey, come on.

What is the press doing outside?

So that your photos are
published in the newspaper...

...and people come to know
that you are the officer...

...who forbade an adult girl from
getting married against her will.

You're interfering in other people's
lives! Don't you have any shame?

Sheela is an adult.

And she came to me for help.

All of you treat her like a maid...

...who is only supposed
to do the household chores...

...and look after children.

When she demands to be happy...

...all of you have a problem with it.

While trying to belong
to a particular religion...

...you have forgotten
to be a human being.

Get aside. Move.. move.

Out. out from here.

Sharad, drive her out.

Because of your boss Caesar,
three officers of mine were killed.

The officers that
were doing their duty.

But I give you a chance.

I will make you my pet dog.

I will ask Deepu's
mother to testify...

...that her son accidentally
fell in the fire in a drunken state.

And being my pet dog...

...you will wag your tail
and take me to your boss Caesar.

It's your decision now.

You changed sides, didn't you?

She didn't testify against me.

That's the reason
why you're barking!

Will you speak up?

I will avenge Caesar for
killing my men at any cost.

I will make your condition
so miserable in prison...

...that you'll yearn for death.

People fear death.

But I face death each day.

As an uninvited guest.

Acting over smart.

You'll pay the price
for this insanity, Guru.

This is not insanity. It's manhood.

Lawyer, give the bail paper quickly.


ls everything alright?

Hey, listen!

Hey! Do you want to hear a joke?

Once a thief got
into a house to steal.

The safe read, "There is
no need to break open this safe."

"Press 1,2,3 and then the red button."

"The safe will open."

As soon as the thief
pressed the button...

...the alarm rang and
the police came there.

While leaving,
the thief told the owner...

"l have lost faith
in humanity today."


The joke was not that bad.

You could have at least smiled.

Listen. I need you
to do something for me.

You don't have to rob a safe.

Someone needs to be kidnapped.

Will you do it?

I'm not asking you
to do it for free.

I'll pay you.

Show me your rate card.

I would have done it myself.

But just as we go
to a saloon to shave...

...and to a tailor
to get clothes stitched...

...similarly, won't we go
to a goon to get someone kidnapped?

Because you look like a villain.

Hey, villain!


Come on.

Sahiba! Guru!

Wait. wait.

Pass the ball. Quick.

I sent you there to kill.

Not to get killed.

I know that you're
not too fond of living.

But your life is priceless for me.

God blessed me with you.

You're my son.

You mean more than a son to me.

Stop looking for excuses to die.

Look for a reason to live.


I know him.

You're too much.

Don't you understand?


How many times do I tell you?

Hey, villain!

Madam, you can't go in.

I know him. Let me go.

Hey, villain!

Yes! See, I told you I know him.


As all of you already know...

...Mr. Caesar has done
a lot for the people.


I'll scream even louder
if you don't come here.

Hey! Come here!

Yes. See, he's coming.

I told you...

Let go of my hand!
Why are you holding my hand?

You have no idea
what I can do to you.

It won't take me too
long to dispose your body.

Stop following me and leave.


This is why I want to hire you.

I know you're not the romantic kind.

You're the kind that
would shoot someone on sight.

Get lost!

I'm sorry. Cool it.

Listen. You'll kill me...

...and unnecessarily and
go to prison free of cost.

The way I'm paying you,
if someone had paid you...

...to kill me, then it was worth it.

But who would pay to kill me?
I'm so cute.

Do you suffer from
a talking disorder?

I suffer from a lot of disorders.
Forget about that.

Tell me. Will you do it for me?

Please say yes.

Never refuse money.

We're going on such
an important mission...

...but we don't even
know each other's names.

I'm Aisha.


Why are you so rude?

Just as it's compulsory
for Superman to wear...

...red underwear over his costume...

...is it compulsory
for gangsters to be rude?

You don't laugh or smile.

You don't even shave or bathe.

I know what you are.

Angry bird.

The game is inspired by you. Yes.

Like this"

Are you crazy or the one
who has to be kidnapped is crazy?

I'm not crazy.

It's Chhotu who's crazy,
just like a depressed lover.

That's why his family
got him admitted here.

They left him alone
and are settled in America.

Do you know what
they told the doctor?

That he's insane.

If I don't help him,
then he'll really go insane.

That's why...

We'll have to save him.

These are coins.
- Yes.

Do you want to hear a joke?

Let it be.
- Once... - I'll take the coins.

By the way,
you'll have to fight a few people.

You might get hurt.

If it was dancing,
I would have gone to a dancer.

But it's action.
That's why I had to come to you.

Because you are.. a villain!

Hey! Stop!

I'm stuck up here.

Each day should be like that.
This is fun.

Sometimes the players win,
and sometimes they lose.

But the dealer is always profiting.

Who are you?

I'm your father by relation.

My name is Shehanshah.


Where's Chhotu?

Where's Chhotu?

Chhotu, come with me.

Come on, Chhotu.

- Aisha! Aisha! Aisha!

You're getting married, Chhotu!

' Yes!

Chhotu is going to get married.

Chhotu is going to get married.

"My life is in search
of its destination."

"Is this my destination?"

"Why does my heart
say that I must halt here?"

"l have found new emotions."

"What kind of an effect is this?"

"I've found hope again."

"Someone has accepted it."

Where are you going, son?

Stay till the wedding.

I didn't even get
the chance to thank you.

"Like the poem of a poet..."

"...that calms one's mind."

"I've found someone..."

"...just as a wanderer
finds shelter."

"Like the arrival of a new season."

"Or afternoons in winter."

"I've found someone..."

"...just as a wanderer
finds shelter."


Did she kidnap all of them?


'Blessing your name.'

In fact, she has helped them.

'Where the..'

Being her father,
I couldn't get her married.

But just wait and watch.

She will get all
of them married today.

"Just as a shore..."

"...helps a person relax."

"I've found her at
a juncture in life."

"Just as a star in the sky..."

"...spreads light."

"She spreads light in the city."

"I've forgotten my sorrow."

"What kind of an effect is this?"

"She is teaching me to live again."

"Just as the rains spread joy..."

"...or an ointment soothes the pain."

"I've found someone..."

"...just as a wanderer
finds shelter."

"Like the arrival of a new season."

"Or afternoons in winter."

"I've found someone..."

"...just as a wanderer
finds shelter." - Smile.


Yes, madam.

The wedding is today.

Please hurry up.

Yes, I'm doing it.


"The smiling face..."

"...acts as a shield."

"l wonder what's
hidden in the heart."

"She shadows the others..."

"...while she stands under the sun."

"She is hurt..."

"...but why do I feel the pain?"

"What does my heart intend to do?"

"l was like a restless bird."

"l was wandering."

"I've found someone..."

"...just as a wanderer
finds shelter."

"Like the arrival of a new season."

"Or afternoons in winter."

"I've found someone..."

"...just as a wanderer
finds shelter."

"Just as a wanderer finds shelter."

Uniting two lovers.

Aren't there any wishes for her?

There are. Of course.

But all her wishes are really weird.

Seeing a peacock dancing
in the first rain.

To fly like a wind.

Flying like the wind.

Catching a butterfly
and playing with it.

Touching the snow.

Being famous for a day so
that people know who this girl is.

Seeing the world under the sea.

It gets serious now.

And that is, to save someone's life.

Saving someone's life.

Guru, saving someone's life.

Uncle, carefully.

We're going to the graveyard.

She directly went to
the hospital from church.

Thank you, Guru.

For the coins that I gave you...

...you did much more for
Sheela and Chhotu than that.

No matter how you look...

...you're not such a bad villain
as you try to show the world.

You have some good qualities.

Much more than the bad qualities.

I'm not good! I'm very bad!

What do you think of yourself?

Do you think we live to fulfill
your wishes in your diary? - No.

You click everyone's pictures...

...to show that you're
a very nice person?


What do you try to prove
by cracking jokes every time?

Look at that. Look at death.

Do you want to make fun of it?

Crack a joke on it! Come on!

Life is playing the
biggest prank on me.

The biggest joke is that
death is laughing at me.

Yes, Guru.

I'm going to die.

These wishes that I want
to fulfill are my last wishes.

I don't even know if I'll be able
to fulfill all of them before dying.

I just...

...want to live my life
like such a party that...

...when death arrives...

...l want to sit and have a couple
of drinks with it before leaving.

It was very unfortunate, wasn't it?

But if you befriend the devil...

...it's bound to knock
on your door someday.

Your Caesar killed your Aisha.

But what will you do now?

How will you kill Caesar?

No. Let it be.
You won't be able to do it.

The one who taught you to shoot...

You will never kill him.

Let me do a favour on you.

I'll kill him.

I'll take your revenge.

I'll find him.

No matter where he is.

Where were you?

I called you so many times.

I even left a message.

Who were you having fun with?

Tell me.

It was dead.

My phone's battery.

Your phone's battery was dead.

But you were alive, weren't you?

You could have called
from a public phone...

...and informed that you'd be late.

But no. You will never change.

It's no use telling you anything.
- Listen.

I've brought a chain for you.

It'll look pretty on you.

Look at this. You brought
bangles for me last week.

They've turned black
in just one week.

I had gone to aunt Madhvi's
house for a wedding.

I was flaunting these to everyone
saying that these are gold bangles.

But then I realised that
it's not gold, but brass.

It's brass coated with fake gold!

Here are your bangles.

You wear these bangles!

You and those bangles,
both are a fake!

I just don't want to talk to you.

You will not stay
in this house today.

Get out of my house!

Just get out!

Listen to me...
- I said get out!


I really don't know how he was born.

Get out of my house.
- Sulu, listen to me.

Take this. come on.

Listen to me... - Get out!


Get out of here!

Listen to me.


Take this.

Don't feel bad about
what your mother said.

She loves your father a lot.

To be honest, men like you are giving
the men of India a tough time.

If there are any more men like you...

...then men will lose our manhood.

Take this.

Darling. Come here.

Where's the ice!

I forgot to get it.

Get it now!

Look, Rakesh,
we are middleclass people.

We're sandwiched between
the upper-class and the lower-class.

The police torture us.

The ministers torture us.

The people torture us too.

Our lives are too stressed.

How do we get rid of it?

That's why men like us
come home and beat our wives.

There's no other way to vent
out our frustration, my brother.

I have another solution
to your problem.

Come to Mira Road with me.

There are beautiful dancers
in the dance bars over there.

Be an animal!

Bring out the beast in you!



'I just wanted to send
this message across that...'

proud of you.'

'I'm confident that..'

'..now you'll do..'

'..everything right in life.'

'No matter how many
hardships you face.'

'Now there'll be no darkness.'

"Why am I lonely?"

"Why am I living in pieces?"

"Why am I lonely?"

"Why am I living in pieces?"

"Why is my soul enduring this?"

"I'm incomplete."

"l say this every minute."

"l need you."


Guru is here.

"l shared a deep
relation with darkness."

"You made me aware of light."

"I've returned to
this darkness now."

"But it seems unknown to me."

"Loneliness has left me."

"lsolation has
refused to accept me."

"I'm incomplete."

"I'm a punishment for myself."

"l need you."


"I'm incomplete."

Put the pistol down!

Guru, today I learnt that
the value of dogs is known...

...only after a lion arrives.

Why did you kill her?

What? What did you say, Guru?

How could you even think...

...that the one who raised you
like a father and gave you life...

...would take away your
reason to live from you?

But if you still feel
that I've killed your Aisha...

...then take this gun.

Take it!

And shoot me!

Fire all the bullets in it at me!

Why did you kill her?

Shoot me!

Shoot me now!

Shoot me!

Don't fear. Shoot me!


Don't let this fire
in you douse, Guru!

Burn the world with this lava!

Then come back here!

To me!

Because a lion deserves
to be in the forest!

You are a lion! My lion!

You are an idiot!

You're completely useless.

Oh, God! Rakesh Mahadkar,
what do I do with you?

What is all this nonsense!

- Brijesh!

I've made a lot of
money in the illegal deal.

I've brought your share honestly.

You're very naughty.

Why don't you explain
to your friend?

You're so active,
while he's the laziest.

He comes and asks
me what his chances are...

...for being the
employee of the month.

The Xerox machine in this
office works more than you.

The Xerox machine!

Really, you are not worthy
of earning even 2 rupees.

You don't have that talent.

Madam, he is a 2 rupee man.

It's true.

The Xerox machine in this office works
more than you. The Xerox machine!

Really, you are not worthy
of earning even 2 rupees.

Where are you lost?

Have you come here to repair
the phone or waste your time?

Lazy man!

That's why people don't have telephones
in their homes these days.

Your service is so bad.

When we call you, you don't come.

And when you come, you don't
even provide proper service.

Look, I'm warning
you for the last time.

If my phone doesn't work, then
I'll just get the connection cut.

Then I won't have to
tolerate lazy people like you.


What are you doing?
Where are you going?

Have you come to
repair the phone or...


Don't worry.

You'll have no complaints
against us henceforth.

'You shouldn't have yelled at me.'

Everyone makes fun of me.

They call me lazy.

They call me a beggar.

They abuse me.

'My friend Brijesh is right.'

'We're middleclass people...'

'...who are sandwiched between
the upper and the lower.'

'The world tortures us.'

'The system tortures us.'

And when we go home,
our wives torture us too.

Today I don't want you in the house.

Get out.

I said out.

Sometimes I feel like killing her.

But I can never
raise my hand at her.

I love my wife a lot.

'My Sulo.'


'Sulo is her pet name.'

'She means the world to me.'

'She means everything to me.'

Creep! Who the hell
do you think you are!

Oh, I know who you are!

A bloody little pig!
- 'You know...

Frustrated pervert!
- You know what?

I've never even looked
at another woman but her.'

'VVhy should I?'

'My Sulo is so beautiful.'
- Look at his face!

'She could have found anyone.'

'But she chose me.'

What? Who are you?

Telephone maintenance.

I need to check your phone.

It'll be done in no time.

Fine. Over there.

She has all the right to yell at me.

Yes, I do feel very angry.

And instead of her,
when I kill other women like you...

...l feel much better.

'As all of you die...'

'...I get rid of all
my worries and stress.'

'Your pain doesn't make me happy.'

'It satisfies me.'

By killing you___

...l keep my love alive.

And I take a gift for
my Sulo from every corpse.

a person is born ordinary.'

'He lives an ordinary life.'

'He dies ordinarily.'

'If not on the big
screen or in the world...'

'...he should be a hero
at least in his house.'

'I want you to wear it.'




'Whose necklace have
you stolen for me?'

'What did you say?'

'You think I'm a thief?'

Rakesh, what are you doing?
Leave it.

'My Sulo gets happy
when she gets a gift.'

'It makes me happy, too.'


'My family becomes a happy family.'

Are you dieting?

I do this for my family.

'For their happiness.'

'I have just one dream in life.'

'That my Sulo
considers me her hero.'

'That she tells
me that she loves me.'

'So that even I can say to her...'

Madam, don't worry.

You won't have any complaints
against me henceforth.

A criminal always goes
back to the crime scene.

And a lover always comes back
to the place where he fell in love.

I sent you to Goa with high hopes,
to kill Caesar.

Can I tell you a secret?

He didn't kill your wife.

It was someone else.

A beast like you who's killing
women using different weapons.

But do you know what
his most special weapon is?

A screwdriver.

Look at this.

He has committed these murders..

..in such brutal ways.

It's difficult to make
out who's someone's mother...

...and who's someone's wife.

You're angry, aren't you?

You're furious.

But just as you didn't
let me take my revenge...

...l won't let you
take your revenge either.

Let's see who wins now.

Your love or my hatred.

Thank you! Thank you!

Bye, dear! Bye!

I want to help you fulfill
the remaining wishes in your diary.

Do you want to hear a joke?


Forget it. I don't want to say it.

Because you'll listen to the joke
as if you're sympathizing with me.

Thank you.

But I don't need it.

I've breathed in this
city as much as I could.

Now it's time to fly to another place
and breathe for as long as I can.

My father was addicted to gambling.

He used to bet in cards,
cricket, everything.

And one day, he lost so
much that he bet on his life.

'I was 8 years old when my
parents were killed in front of me.'

'I was hiding under the bed.'

'I didn't do anything to save them.'

'After that, people tried
to give me shelter in their homes.'

'But I didn't want shelter.
I wanted revenge.'

'One day, I took my revenge.'

'I killed those people
who orphaned me.'

'I thought I'd be
peaceful after that.'

'That I'd be able to sleep.'

'But I was wrong.'

The other day,
when I helped Chotu with you...

...was the first time
that I slept peacefully.

I was relaxed.

Why did that happen?

Because for the first time,
you did something for someone else.

Darkness cannot drive out darkness.

Only light can do that.

Hate cannot drive out hate.

Only love can do that.

That 8-year-old child who
was under the bed out of fear...

...is still over there.

He only needs someone's hand.

Someone's support.

Someone who can pull him out of
the darkness and bring him to light.

Unless we share
someone else's pain...

...we can never relieve
ourselves of pain.

"This is where nightfall happens."

"This is where it's dawn."

"This is where I
have to live and die."

"This is where I find spirituality."

"This is where nightfall happens."

"This is where it's dawn."

"This is where I
have to live and die."

"This is where I find spirituality."

"Your home."

"I find solace in your abode."

"Your home."

"l yearn for your abode."

"You sleep in my slumber."

"You cry over my tears."

"Someone whispers in my thoughts."

"l feel your presence
even when you're not around."

"You are the cure..."

"...to my pain."

"You're in my prayers."

"Your home."

"I find solace in your abode."

"Your home."

"l yearn for your abode."

"What kind of a
relationship do we share?"

"it has no name,
but it's still so deep."

"These moments are priceless."

"We might lose them."

"Let this moment..."

"...come to a halt."

"Don't go away from me."

"Your home."

"Your home."

"l yearn for your abode."



I slipped. I'm fine.

Aisha, you're not well.
Let's go back.

Are you crazy?

Peacocks dance only
on the first rain.

Since we've come this far,
let's wait for some time.

You can see it some other time.

Let's go back now. Come on.

I don't have much time.

The peacock danced already.
Come next year, sir!

It's going to rain heavily.

You're back?

It's impossible for her to survive.

Please don't waste my time.

I just can't help her.

Hey! Who do you think you are!

Are you God!
- What are you doing!

Back off! Are you God
to say that she can't survive!

Save her or I'll kill you today!
Save her!

If I could save her, then wouldn't
I have saved my wife first...

...who is dying each day with cancer!

In spite of being a doctor,
I am as helpless as you are.

If you have to try one last time...

...then take Aisha to Mumbai.

There's a doctor over there.

Prema Shrivastav.

'She couldn't help me.'

'But maybe she can help you.'

Guru, you fulfilled
so many wishes of mine.

Can you fulfil another one?

If I die before
fulfilling all these...

...then you fulfil the rest
of the wishes for me. Okay?

But don't worry.

Even after I die, don't
think that I'll leave you alone.

I'll always be with you.

Like the breeze.

Just close your eyes
and feel the breeze.

Whenever it touches your face...

...it would mean that it's me.

God, thank You.

Everything is perfect in my house.

Mother and father
don't quarrel anymore.

Please keep everyone happy.

And I promise to offer
my cars to you nine more times.

Thank you.

God, these are my favourite toys.

Take them away.

But please keep my family happy.

Can I help?

Did a girl give you this?

No. My father gave it to me.

What are you doing?
You're taking so long.

If we get late,
then the theatre will be full.

And anyway, you can't afford
to pay extra for the tickets.

Hurry UP-

We will get the tickets, Sulo.

Don't worry.

Why? ls it your father's theatre?

Did you get it as a gift?

Look, I'm warning you.

If I miss the hero's entry, then
I won't watch the rest of the movie.

Anyway, we get to see
a hero only on the big screen...

...and not in real life.

What are you doing, Rakesh?
Leave this.

Give it to me.

Give us some money.

I'll pray you two
always stay together.

Hold on.

Give us happily.

Give us some money.
- Give us some money.

Take this.

I don't have more than this.


Why did you give them money?

They were harassing us.

If I hadn't given them money,
then they wouldn't have gone.

What kind of a man is he?

Anyone can take advantage of him.

Driver, stop. Please stop.

Why are you getting down?

I don't have money
to go any further.

- I spent all the money, Sulo.

Driver, take this.

Come. Let's go.
- Leave him.


But Sulo...

But what?
You think I don't have any money?

I've saved some money.
It's my money.

If I depend on you, then I'll
have to beg on the street someday.

Let's go, driver.
- But Sulo... how will I go home?

Just as you go everyday!
In the crowded train!

'I married you with many dreams.'

'But all my dreams have shattered.'

'Every small business man has a car now.'

'But you'll always remain a beggar.'

'I'm ill fated. It's not your mistake.'

'You're an idiot.'

You're useless, man.

You're completely useless.

Then what happened? You know
what had happened on Christmas?

It's not your cup of tea.

You're running behind her.

But you'll not get her.

She won't listen to you.

But will you not listen to me?

I had told you.

Listen to me and do something.

Did you stop laughing now?

You were laughing at me,
weren't you?

All of you like making
fun of me, right?

The Xerox machine in
the office works more than me.

Call your Xerox machine.

To save your life.

Don't worry, madam.

Henceforth, you won't
have any complaints against me.

She slipped and fell.

When I came walking from there,
I saw her lying here.

Hey.. Help.

I won't let you die.

But I will still kill you every day.

Not once, but a thousand times.

You will face death each time...

...but it won't come to you.

The more you try to embrace death...

...the longer you'll live.

I will keep an account of
every drop of blood that you shed.

I will capture your last breath.

I'll hit you so much...

...that you will be in
pain as long as you're alive...

...and your soul will
scream after you die.

Hit me.

Hit me. Why do you spare me?

Hit me.

Go in and get yourself treated.

First you hit me...

...then you save me...

...and then you bring me
to a hospital and give me money.

Who are you?

I am the one who won't
let you die in peace...

...nor will I let you live in peace.

Get the medicine.
Get yourself cured.

Because once your pain is soothed...

...once your wounds are healed...

...I'll be back to
inflict new wounds.

This is your fate now.

This is your punishment.

Mother, who hit father?

Keep quiet.

Go out.

Listen. Stay inside the hospital.

Don't go out. Okay?

Your boss was attacked yesterday.

Today you were attacked.

Either the whole office
has a lot of enemies...

...or you're each other's enemies.

Come on. Tell me from the beginning.

Excuse me. What are you doing?

You're not allowed to give
outside food to the patient.

Do you want him to eat
the hospital food?

Do you intend to make him sick?

These are the rules of the hospital.

You're not allowed to give
the patient anything besides fruits.

Close your lunchbox.

I'm closing it.
Can't you see? I won't give him.

But they didn't listen.

I'm warning you.

This will not be tolerated here.
- Then they started hitting me.

I can't believe this.

You can't help it, sir.
Some people are very bad.

Fine. I'll come back for more information.
- Show me those medicines.

You've never even
killed a fly at home.

What was the need to hit goons
on the street and try to be a hero?

Look at your face.
Look what you've done to yourself.

Moreover, you got yourself
admitted in such a reputed hospital.

How will we pay the fees?

Take this.

For the fees.


I don't like to yell at you.

But if something
had happened to you...

...then what would my Manu have done?

I'm sorry, Sulo.

I love you.

What's this?

I just told you that he's
not allowed to eat outside food.

Don't you understand
when you're explained once?

- Why are you calling the security?

What's your job?
To clean everyone's mess.

But you're behaving like a queen.

Sulo. - I wonder
where they've come from.

You leave.

Take care.

I'm sorry, madam.

I shouldn't have any
complaints henceforth.

I can't get there.


I'm sorry. I couldn't come
to pray this week.


Are you okay?

Listen, I'm really sorry.

I can't believe that
this happened to Aisha.

God plays such
strange games with us.

She was going to bring
a new life into this world, but...


She was pregnant.

Didn't she tell you?

Anyway, I'm really sorry.

Please take care of yourself.

Again this tube light
started flickering.

There's no maintenance here.

The more you struggle...

...the more it'll hurt.

If you stay calm,
I'll kill you lovingly.

You killed my baby.

You killed my baby!

She was pregnant.

She was pregnant!

You killed my baby.

She was pregnant!

She was pregnant!

She was pregnant!

You killed my baby!

He's dead! He's dead!

Get up!

Get up!

You can't die so easily.

Get up!

You can't die so easily! Get up!

Hey! You can't die so easily!
Get up!

Hey! Make him alive.

Please let me go! I won't tell anyone!
- Hey! He must live for me.

He can't die so easily!

Bring him back to life!

Get up!
- He needs..

This... has to go... in his heart...

He killed your baby.

Even then you saved his life?


Why didn't you let him die?

Spare my son, Guru.

The man who killed your son...

...is he present in the court?

Madam, is he present in the court?

Answer me.


He's not here.

I told the police also.

Deepu's death was an accident.

Due to lack of evidence, Deepu's
death is declared an accident...

...and this case is dismissed.

Accused is set free.

I haven't forgotten my son's death.

Nor am I scared of you.

You want to know why I didn't
testify against you, don't you?

Because you will be punished
not by a judge in court but by God.

How did you get away from
the bullets the other day?

Because He has a punishment
worse than death for you.

One day, your dear one
will die in front of you.

And you won't be able to save him.

Passenger, please pay attention.

Janshatabdi express from Goa to Mumbai..

..will depart from platform number 6
on it's scheduled time.


You're always running in life.

From one place to another.

Who are you running away from today?

I'm not running away from anyone.

Look, dear,
there is a kind of laughter...

...which a person learns
to hide his sorrow in life.

And there is another
kind of laughter...

...that helps a person
forget all his sorrow.

You've found this laughter
after meeting Guru.

You've found it in his love.

What's the use of this love...

...that will make him
cry after making him smile?

I'm not running away from him.

I'm just stopping him
from running after me.







Do you want to hear a joke?

Once, a man was drowning in the sea.

He started praying
to God to save him.

A fishing boat came.

He said, "Give me your hand."

The man said, "No.
God will save me."

Then a ship came.

The captain said, "Hold my hand."

He said, "No. God will save me."

The man drowned.

After his death, he asked God,
"Why didn't You save me?"

God said, "You think your
father sent that boat and ship?"

Aisha, I know that I might
not be able to save you from dying.

But by holding my hand,
you can keep me alive.

Hold my hand, Aisha.

And get me out of
darkness into light.

Hold my hand, Aisha!

Pull me out of darkness
into light, Aisha!

Aisha, don't go.


Aisha, don't go.

Aisha, don't leave me.


Hey! Who pulled the chain?

"Why does life comprise
of just a few moments?"

"Even centuries..."

"...are not enough for love."

"l want to ask God..."

"...for some more time."

"l want to stay here forever."

"l don't want to be away from you."

"When you're my companion."

"No pain seems painful."

"When you're my companion."

After meeting Aisha,
I've realised...

...that it's very
easy to kill someone.

But it's very difficult
to save someone's life.

You may kill me if you want.

But I won't kill anyone again.


Go. I'm fine.

"Your smile is my strength."

"I've found hope because of it."

"No matter how much
the world torments me..."

find solace in it."

"Life has become beautiful."

"This is heaven."

"When you're my companion."

"When you're my companion."

"No pain seems painful."

"When you're my companion."

These are Aisha's latest
pathological tests.

Here's your dairy.

You have time to fulfill
every wish of yours.

We have the time.
- Yes.

We will fulfill it together.
- Yes.

You have the rest
of your life, Aisha.

You have the rest of your life.

You will live, Aisha.

You will live, Aisha.

You will live.

"My life depends
on your heartbeats."

"Your desires are now my prayers."

"This is such an unusual bond."

"We're one now."

"l will come back to you."

"I promise you."
"Even if I die."

"When you're my companion."

"No pain seems painful."

"When you're my companion."

"When you're my companion."

"When you're my companion."

ls this okay?

You look like a hero.

If I was the interviewer,
do you know what I would have done?

Wait. Let me get curd
and sugar for good luck.

Hi, Dr. Prema.

Aisha, your reports have come.

And they state that you're pregnant.


Are you there?
- Yeah.


Will my illness have
a negative effect on my baby?

No, Aisha.
Your baby is not in danger.

But I'm concerned about you.

Aisha, I don't think you have the
strength to give birth to this baby.

You've just come into
remission from your illness.

Your body is still very weak.

I think you should tell Guru
about your pregnancy and this risk.

'He's the father of this child.
He has a right to know.'

'You both must take this decision
and that too very quickly.'

Aisha, what are you doing?
It's behind.


Best of luck.

Aisha, are you sure
you want this child?

Did you tell Guru?

I will tell him.

I'm just afraid...

...that if he feels that something might
happen to me because of this baby...

...then he'll try to stop me.

But his fear is justified, dear.

But this life that
I've got because of Guru...

...is playing
hide-and-seek with death.

It has to end someday.

Then my Guru will be
back into the darkness.

He will need someone then,
who'll hold his hand...

...and bring him into light.

And the one who'll hold his hand...

...will be our child.

My child, light and darkness means life.

Now, He'll show you the correct path.

The Lord's and my blessings
are always with you.

Have you worked somewhere earlier?

Actually, I shouldn't crack
jokes about God in front of God.

I'm sorry.
Don't mind, but I have no mind.

Catch.. catch.

Oh gosh!

Hey, mister!
Yes, I'm talking to you.

Aren't there enough potholes in the
city that you've dug another one?

For the past two weeks.

Those kids and my God were
saved by a hair's breadth today.

'All my dreams have shattered.'

'It's not your mistake,
I'm ill fated.'

'I had many choices.'

'But I was ill fated to marry you.'

'Middle class man.'

Don't worry, madam.

You won't have any
complaints henceforth.

Fine. Let's see.


Do you want to hear the
bad news first or the worst news?

The bad news is that you'll
have to live without me every day...

...between 9 to 5 from now on.

And the worst news is that I
won't be able to live without you...

...between 9 to 5 from now on.

I got the job, Aisha.

I got the job.

I'm independent now.

Guru, there's something
that I have to say to you.

Tell me.

No. Come home first.

Tell me. I'm on my way home.

No, come home.

Hello. How did you get in?


What are you doing?
- Aisha?

Does anyone barge
into someone's house...

...without ringing the bell?

Get out of here!

Aisha, who's over there? Aisha!

Who is it? What happened, Aisha?

Hey! Aisha!

Listen! Whoever you are,
you're my enemy.


It's not her mistake.
Spare her. Aisha!

Hey! Listen! Spare her. Aisha!

- Guru!

Stop! Taxi! Stop!

Aisha! - Guru!
- Aisha! I'm coming.

Help me.

I'm pregnant.

Please don't kill me.

I want to give birth to this baby.

I want to have this child.

Please don't kill me.

Stop! Taxi, stop.

Hurry up, deep-


Am I disturbing you?

I see. You were following Rakesh.




Hey, back off.


Just a minute, Madam. Madam.

Madam, do you know
where your husband is?

Please, let us go.

We didn't do anything.

I think there's
some misunderstandings.

My husband didn't do anything.

Do you remember what I told you?

Whenever you try to take
your revenge, I'll come in your way.

Do you remember!

I know you're not
scared of my bullet.

You know that if you follow him,
then the police will catch him.

His crime will be proved and your
revenge will be left incomplete.


Get inside.

The police will catch
Rakesh Mahadkar eventually.

Because his wife
is in their custody.

But for now,
let's go to the police station.

Someone's waiting
for you over there.


You got beaten again?

Will you come with me to Mira Road?

Mira Road!

You've become a man!

Take me away from here.

After being beaten, you
want someone to heal your wounds.

Rakesh Mahadkar is the one
who killed women in the city.

He's absconding.

But police is making all
the efforts to nab him.

Look there.

"The world wants to
touch me in such a way..."

"...as if I belong to them."

"The world looks at my beauty."

"No one understands
my helplessness."

"I'm shattered completely."


"I've gone crazy in your love."

"I'm shattered completely."

Come on.

"I've gone crazy in your love."

You're lying.

Sir, I told you.

The one who saved
my life was a saviour.

I couldn't recognise him.

Tell me something.

Note down the details.

Whether old or young...

...why doesn't any woman
testify against you?

Do you have a mole at
a special place in your body?

Wagle, take him in the custody.

"Some call me their pride."

"Some pay me a price."

"I smile at them."

"But I'm crying from within."

"You were priceless."

"You would talk a lot."

"Since you're quiet..."

"...you've taken all
my happiness away."

"I'm shattered."

"I'm ruined in your love."

"l belong to you completely."

"I've been bought by you."

I always thought you were a loser.

But you proved me wrong.

Do you know how many
blessings you must have got...

...from those men
whose wives you killed?

But what did my friendship lack?

Why did you spare my wife?

Why are you sitting here?

Hey, handsome.
Will you come to the pool?

Hey, hot baby!

Tell me something.

Do you want to sing a solo song
with him or a duet with both of us?

Looks like your friend is neither
interested in a solo, nor in a duet.

I think he's either
impotent or he likes men.

You're talking too much.
But you don't know my friend.

Brother, you'll have to shut her up.

Come on. Have a drink.

Darling, where's the ice?

I'll just get it.

Hot girls forget to
get the coldest thing.

Who is this man who's after me?

He too is his wife's lover,
just like you.

I'm sure he's the husband
Of one of the women that you killed.

I'm sure.

100 percent.

He's playing with you.

Just as a lion plays
with his prey in the forest.

He catches it and then let's it go,
and then catches it again.

He chases it, catches it and
then let's it go again.

Until you keep running,
he'll keep chasing you.

The day you turn the tables,
you'll be the hunter.

And he'll be the prey.

'I won't let you die.'

'But I will still
kill you every clay.'

'The more you try
to embrace death...'

'...the longer you'll live.'

'She was pregnant.'

'You killed my baby.
She was pregnant.'

'I'm pregnant.'

'I want to give birth to this baby.'


My husband is the most kind...

...truthful and decent
man in the world.

He would murder someone...

That's impossible.

This is Guru's conspiracy.

Maybe, he killed his wife too.

And also those women.

I'm telling you.

Even the police
are involved in this.

They are involved with Guru.

They will kill my husband
and accuse him of everything.

I beg of you.

Please save my Rakesh.

Please save my Rakesh.


Please send my Rakesh back to me.

I promise You.

I will never ask him to leave the house.
I'll never fight with him.

Please send my Rakesh
back to me, God!

I love you, Rakesh.

Are you listening?

Please come back home.


Wherever you are,
please come home.

Come back.

I love you, Rakesh.

I love you, Sulo.

Yes, sir. He's been bailed.

I'll ask him to talk to you.
Hold on, sir.

Sir, phone.
It's Caesar sir's call, sir.

Aisha Verma.

Sai Kripa Society. Versova.

This was her address, right?

When I learnt that she's pregnant...

...I was as happy as a person gets...

...on knowing about
a buy 1 get 1 free offer.

Buy a shampoo and
get a soap bar free.

Kill the mother and the son
or the daughter is killed for free.

I won't punish you now.

I'll kill you.

Sorry, but my life
was on a limited offer.

Till stocks last only.

You wanted to play with me.

But now you'll realise what a big
mistake you made by sparing my life.

You want to take my Sulo
and my son away from me, right?

Before that, I'll take the
rest of your family away from you.

You like to save people
from being killed by me, right?

To interfere.

But you have a strange talent.

You save the outsiders...

...but not your family.

Send police to Aisha's
father's house immediately.

Rakesh has come to know who I am.

Save him. I'll do whatever you want.
Just save him.

Tell me.


Stop! Where are you going? Stop!

Where are you going?

Stop! - Stop!

Hey! Leave him. Let him come.

Don't kill me.

Sir, before Guru finds me
and kills me, I want to surrender.

Where are you right now?

I've seen many rogues
in my career as a policeman.

But I've never come
across such an insolent before.

If he gets away because of me...

...then neither God, nor
I will be able to forgive myself.

I've always been
an obstacle for you.

I've been the villain of your life.

But I'm saying this to you today.

Go and kill him.

He's taking shelter in the
place where he committed the crime.

He's in Aisha and your house.

Aisha was wrong.

I fought death and
got life back for Aisha.

I got light back into my life.

But by killing her,
you've spread darkness again.

Aisha was wrong.

No lamp can bring
light into this darkness.

Only the fire of your
pyre can bring light back.

Aisha was wrong.

Aisha was wrong.

Aisha was wrong.

Please let me go!
Please forgive me! Please!

Please forgive me! Please!

Please forgive me!
Please forgive me!

This is what you
wanted to hear, right?

You wanted me to beg for my
life just as your Aisha did. Right?

I won't.

What did you think?
That you found me here?


I brought you here.

I called that policeman.

I knew that you would get
furious on knowing my whereabouts.

The place where I killed your wife...

I knew you would come running to me.

I made you what I could never be.

Employee of the year.

My employee.

If the police had caught me,
I would go to prison.

All my crimes would be proved.

My Sulo would have hated me.

The end of my love story
wouldn't have been a happy one.

Take this. Take it.

Kill me.

You'll kill me...

...and I'll become
a hero for my Sulo.

Kill me!

Please don't kill me!

I want to live!

rm Pregnant!

I want to give birth to my baby!

rm Pregnant!

Look at this.

You and I are like twin brothers
who were separated in childhood.

We're the same.

You want to kill me for your wife.

And I was killing
everyone for my wife.

You have no idea what
A big favour you've done on me.

Because of your revenge story...

...my Sulo said in front
of everyone that she loves me.

Thank you, my friend.

Hello, Guru,
Sir wants to talk to you.

I threw your wife from here.

Throw me down.

Avenge your wife's death.

Kill me. Let me win.

Let me be the hero of
this story and be the villain!


My husband is not here.

Who are you?
What are you doing here?

Mother! - Manish!
Where are you taking my son?

- Leave him!

- Manish!

Leave him.

Why are you doing this to us?

Please spare my son!
I beg of you!


Rakesh killed your wife.

What have we done to you?
- I'll kill his wife.

Sulo! - Please spare my son!
For God's sake!

Rakesh! - Leave me.

Please spare my son! For God's sake!

Spare my son.

Let go off her.

Sulo! Sulo!
- Rakesh.

Sulo! - Let her go.
- Help! Rakesh.

Sulo! Sulo! Sulo!
- Manish!

Sulo! - Manish.

Spare my son.

Please spare him...

Manish - Spare him.

Please.. please spare him.

Rakesh! Rakesh! - Sulo!

Sulo! - Mummy!



Now, it's his son's turn.

But you'll kill him. I won't.

I'm waiting for you
at Rakesh's house, Guru.

Come. - Sulo.

Come home, Guru.

You killed my Sulo.
You killed my Sulo!

You killed my Sulo!
You killed Sulo.

You killed Sulo.

You killed my Sulo!

On this road...

...this story began.

Your wife was right.

Someone would die over here someday.

On this road...

...I'll kill you...

...and bring an end...

...to this story.

Who did this?

I. I didn't do it.

Can't you drive properly?

There was a pothole.

Car lost its balance.

What happened?

He is dead.

'Darkness cannot
drive out darkness.'

'Only light can do that.'

'Hate cannot drive out hate.'

'Only love can do that.'

'That 8-year-old child who
was under the bed out of fear...'

'...is still over there.'

'He only needs someone's hand.'

'Someone's support.'

'Someone who can pull him out of the
darkness and bring him to light.'

'Unless we share
someone else's pain...'

'...we can never relieve
ourselves of pain.'

Do you want to hear a joke?

Once, there was a beggar.

He called up in the five star hotel..

..and ordered for a burger..

..pizza and sweet dish.

Waiter asked him...

..in whose name
the order shall be placed?

Beggar said..

..give it in the name of God.

"This is where nightfall happens."

"This is where it's dawn."

"This is where I
have to live and die."

"This is where I find spirituality."

"Your home."

"I find solace in your abode."

"Your home."

"l yearn for your abode."

"You sleep in my slumber."

"You cry over my tears."

"Someone whispers in my thoughts."

"l feel your presence
even when you're not around."

"You are the cure to my pain."

"You're in my prayers."

"Your home."

"I find solace in your abode."

"Your home."

"l yearn for your abode."

"What kind of a
relationship do we share?"

"it has no name,
but it's still so deep."

"These moments are priceless."

"We might lose them."

"Let this moment come to a halt."

"Don't go away from me."

"Your home."

"I find solace in your abode."

"Your home."

"l yearn for your abode."

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