Ek Thi Larki (1949) - full transcript

The movie is based on Meena (Meena Shorey) who is running away from two men, who are blackmailing her for a crime she did not commit. Along the way she meets Ranjeet (Motilal), who is engaged, to be married to the daughter of his boss but falls in love with Meena.

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Where are you going, ma'am?

I'm going in search of a job.

"I'm going in search of a job."

You make this same
excuse every day and leave.

When do I get the rent?

As soon as I get a job
I'll pay you the rent.

That's what you said
when you rented the room.

"I'll pay you the rent
as soon as I get a job."

It's been 6 months...

and you haven't gotten a job
and I haven't gotten any rent.

I'm trying my best.

But I'm not lucky at all.

You should have died
if you were so unlucky.

- Why did you come here?
- Look.

Don't abuse me.

Look at her. When you needed a room...

you pleaded in front of me.

Now, when I ask for rent
you pounce on me.

Did you see? This is what happens
when you do someone a favor.

Just wait for one more day.

An office has called me for
an interview after I applied.

- I hope I get that job.
- I don't care about your job.

If I don't get the rent today
then I'll throw away your baggage.

Why shout at me?

Didn't I promise
to pay the rent today?

Now when you return,
bring the rent with you.

Or else don't come back.

Did you see? This is what happens
when you do someone a favor.

She has neither parents
nor a house in which to live.

And when I gave her a room
to live, she doesn't pay the rent.

You'd better collect the rent every week.

How can you believe such people?

That's a good suggestion.

So first you give
me this week's rent.

Mr. Dharoga...

I'd like to thank you
in Urdu as well as in Hindi.

I've been really happy
here for six months.

This is like your own house.

I'll tell you it's a very good house.

Then Mr. Dharoga, good bye
in Urdu as well as in English.

- Good bye. Good bye.
- Good bye, my friend.

I hope I won't see you
for a long time.

No, sir. We'll meet very soon.

You want to return to this place?

- Don't we have any other jail?
- No, sir. We'll never meet again.

It's so good to breathe
this air filled with freedom.

Doesn't it seem colder
than it really is, Mr. Mohan?

Very good, Mr. Sohan.

This is coming directly
from the Himalayan Mountains.

I wish I could live the life
of a saint from now on.

Come with me, you saint.

- Sir, do you have matches?
- Yes.

Please give it to me.
Thank you.

- Then you've cigarettes, too?
- Yes.

- Very good.
- Sir, but this is wet. Look.

Thank you.

Very good.

Here's your pack.

- Brother, never cheat anyone.
- Never, brother.

Never cheat anyone.

Now where should we go?
To that same old house?

Where else can we go?

First we have to think about it.

It's your duty to think
and my duty to work on it.

- Very good.
- Hey, Mohanlal Sohanlal and Company.

You gentlemen didn't recognize me
while celebrating your freedom.

Oh, very good.

Your old friend.

Police lnspector Hukumatrai.

- Good morning, sir.
- What do you wish to do now?

Will you become good men or
I'll still have to follow you?

No, lnspector,
we won't break the law again.

You stupid.

You guys are honest.

It's just your way of living is wrong.


- Good bye.
- Very good.

But remember...

the arms of the law are very long.

But we'll always stay close.

Friend, I think our innocence
is going to bear fruit.

And even the English taught
us that honesty is the best policy.

- But how will we survive?
- That's what I'm trying to figure out.

There's only one way.

We'll again beg before
Seth Ram Dass.

Again ask Seth Ram Dass?

We've already taken
so much money from him.

This will be our last try, or as
we say in English, last but one.

- Very good.
- Then let's go.

Excuse me.

I was thinking abut God.

Is Mr. Ram Dass inside?

Yes, he's inside.
What is your business?

I've come here for the job.

Don't enter at the front.
We'll go in through the back.

Hurry up.

What's your name?


Go inside.

Greetings, sir.

My name is Meena.

You called me for 10 AM.

I applied for the job.

I don't know how to type.

I'll learn if you give me a chance.

I'm helpless.

If you'll help me,
then God will reward you.

Sir, why aren't you speaking?

At least answer me.

- Look.
- Sir.

Is something wrong, sir?

Have you got any problems?


What happened? Sir.

What happened to him?

Seth has been murdered.

Go and search for the murderer.

Let's run or else we'll
be blamed for this murder.

- Where is that girl?
- She murdered our Seth. Catch her.

Catch her. Catch her.

This is her purse.

They're coming to get you.
Come and hide with us.

Come fast.

Catch her. Catch her.

Catch her. Call the police.

She must've gone there. Come.

I'm innocent.

I swear to God, I'm innocent.

We believe you.

But the police won't believe you.

Please save me.

Only you people can
save this helpless girl.

We'll have to help her, Mohanbabu.

Do you wish to get hanged?

At least listen to me.

I'll explain it to him. Come with me.

What are your plans, my friend?

The girl seems
to be from a rich family.

If she becomes our friend
it'll be our good luck.

But will she help us?

We'll not let her know at all.

We'll behave according to her ways.

I've decided on a plan.

- Come.
- Very good.

It took me long to convince him.

Sister, you come with us.
We'll save you.

But how?

I think until they find
the actual murderer...

you should stay hidden.

- But how?
- That's our responsibility.

From today you're our sister
and we're your brothers.

Can you see that wall over there?

Hop over the wall.
Come. Hurry up.

The road's empty.

Very good. Now leave.

Come on.

This was our story, sister.

Just imagine...

due to loss in the business
we've become this poor or else...

even we used to
stay in a big bungalow.

- Right, Mr. Mohan?
- Very good.

Now the place where we
stayed for the last six months...

had bigger and tougher
doors than the jail.

Anybody would have
mistaken it for a jail.

Okay, now tell us something
about yourself, Meena.

Who are you? Where have you
come from? And where's your house?

I don't have any house, brother.

I'm a helpless girl...

with no house to stay in.

But once even I had a house...

and that wasn't any ordinary house.

A long time ago...

when I was an eight year old girl...

We used to stay at Poyta.

Meena daughter, come here.

Cut this cake and
distribute it among your friends.

Call your father, too. Come dear.

Cut the cake, daughter.

Blow out the candles, daughter.

Very good. Very good.
Let's cut the cake now.

Should I distribute it
among your friends?

Come everyone. Come quickly.

Take it. Take it.

That's my story up until now.

And you know all that happened today.

It was destined that I
be blamed as a murderer, too.

Now I'm surviving just because of you.

What happened to you?

Who wouldn't cry after
listening to such a sad story?

You're right, my friend.

Even I have shed tears.

Today's newspaper.
Today's breaking news.

Today's newspaper.

Read the breaking news.

A young lady murdered a man.

And she ran away.
This is the breaking news.

- Hot news.
- Newspaper?
- Yes, sir.

Give me one hot newspaper.

Take this. Give me money.

What? I am your regular customer.


Seth Ram Dass found
murdered in his office at 10 AM today.

A young lady had come to
meet him just prior to the murder.

Servant's statement: The lady
ran away as soon as she saw him.

Her purse was left at Seth's table...

which is with the police now.

The police are searching
for the girl.

Now what will happen?

Think fast or else I'll get caught.

We'll get caught.

We won't be caught but she'll be.

- Very good.
- Wait.

Give me time to think it over.

- I've thought about it.
- Good.

Ms. Meena...

From today you're Queen Champatpur
and we're your secretaries.

What do you mean?

That means you'll have to
disguise yourself as a queen and...

we'll disguise ourselves
as your secretaries.

Who's going to recognize us?

This plan isn't bad, Mr. Sohan.

But how can we disguise ourselves?

Do you know where
we'll get the costumes?

Why should I always think?
Why can't you think?

Okay. Then I'll think this time.

We'll sell Meena's ornaments
and buy clothes for us.

Okay, Meena?

But this is an imitation.

And what about your necklace?


I wear this is in
the memory of my mother.

I can't bear to part with it

Think about it. On one side
is the memory of your mother...

and on the other side
the mark after you're hanged.

- It hurts a lot when you're hanged.
- So much pain.

But how can I sell this?

I'll tell you how.

We'll pawn it and not sell it.
We'll buy it back later.

Very good.

But will you guarantee...

- that I'll get it back.
- I'll give you something else.

- Right, Mr. Mohan?
- Very good, Mr. Sohan.

Give it to me.


Manager, this is Queen Champatpur.

As soon as I got
the news of your arrival...

I've reserved the most
luxurious room in this hotel.

Very good. Very good.

We're very lucky to
have you here, sarkar (ma'am ).

Sarkar (English people)?
You have English people here?

She meant that...

if you've any other
Kings or Queens staying here.

Not until now.

Right now you're the only sarkar here.

- Me, a sarkar?
- Yes, you're a sarkar.

Like you are government.

Yes, I'm sarkar.

Even we're lucky to be here, Manager.

This is your modesty.

Your speech is so sweet and clean...

compared to other queens.

That is because I
clean my tongue everyday.

Did you see this Manager?
This is called a sense of humor.

Very good sense of humor.

It's in fact very, very good.

I've never seen
a better sense of humor.

Please come with me.
I'll show you your room.

Walk proudly.

We've to work very hard
while working for our queen.

- Luggage.
- Bring the luggage inside.

Put it there.

Come on. Hurry up.
Put it there.

Sir, your luggage looks very new.

Even we're new people.

- Sir, what happened?
- Nothing.

Mosquitoes bit me.

Even these Indian mosquitoes
are so much over here.

Sir, a brick fell out
of your suitcase.

Did it break?

This is a brick
from the queen's old castle.

It's even older than the Mahabharata.

The Ajayab house has
ordered these bricks.

Each brick costs
approximately 1000 rupees.

- 1000?
- Even the castle is 1000 years old.

What should we say about the castles?

Please permit me to leave, sir.

Please ask for me
if you need anything.

Listen, I just remembered something.

I need to cash a check.

- My account hasn't been approved yet.
- No problem.

- Take it whenever you feel like.
- Thanks.

Listen, please send our food here.

Sir, I was thinking that...

if you could come down today...

- we have a special program during lunch.
- Very good.

Please close the door.

Thank God in Hindi.

We're saved this time.

It's good they never opened
the other suitcases...

or else they would have found
nothing but bricks from the castle.

- Think about lunch.
- Very good.

Today's program begins...

with the Emperor of Magic,
Gopiya Pasha...

and his talking puppet Fateh Khan.

Gopiya Pasha.

Gilli Gilli Gilli Gilli Gilli

Gilli Gilli Gilli Gilli Gilli

Gilli Gilli is not your name.
Your name is Fateh Khan.

Fateh Khan. Fateh Khan.

Tell me Fateh Khan.

How are you?

I'm not fine.

You're not fine?

Haven't you got any place to live?

These days you find
God but no place to live.

So how are your wives?

One died and the other two
have promised to die soon.

- The other two promised?
- Yes, the other two promised.

Are you going to marry again?

Marriage? Marriage?
But where is the girl?

There are so many girls here.
Select anyone you like.

But I like this girl in the black dress.

She isn't a girl.

If it's not a girl, then is it a boy?

- She's a queen.
- Queen?

Isn't a queen a girl?

So, do you attend school?

Yes, I go to school.

For how many years
have you gone to school?

Six years.

You must've passed
six grades in six years.

Yes. I've cleared six years
on one question.

How are you in mathematics?

Really good.

Imagine that you have...

a dozen of sugar, a dozen of ghee,
and a dozen of wheat.

- Then what do you get?
- Ladoo (a sweet).

Tell me, how did you do
on your math test?

I got one question wrong.

One wrong answer.

- How many questions were there?
- Ten.

You got the other nine right?

I didn't answer them at all.

Very good. Very good.

Fateh Khan.

Ma'am, now you'll hear a song
from Ms. Kirana.

The song is 'My brother Tingu
has come from Delhi'.

My brother, Tingu,
has come from Delhi

Tingu's brother is Pingu,
and his brother is Shingu

Tingu was very slim

And Pingu was very small

And Shingu was very fat

All three were the best of friends

Washerman, tailor and blacksmith

They were only good at talking

My brother, Tingu,
has come from Delhi

All three got onto the road...

and walked very stylishly

God, they walked tapping their legs

They walked very
stylishly tapping their legs

They walked hand in hand...

and lived together

And they used to sing that...

'Hindustan is ours...'

'and it is different
from all other countries'

'Hindu, Muslim, Sikh and Christian...'

'considered her
the star of their eyes'

My brother, Tingu,
has come from Delhi

Tingu's brother is Pingu
and his brother is Shingu

My brother, Tingu,
has come from Delhi

Very good. Very good.

So, how are you Mohan Sohan and Company?

- You?
- What happened?

Nothing. He's our old friend.

Wait, we'll be back soon.

Sir, it's a pleasure to see you again.

Good. Mr. Mohan and Sohan.

It's difficult to
recognize you in this dress.

There's so much difference
between the jail dress and this dress.

Who is she?

She's our Queen Champatpur.

We've become her servants.

Good. Good.

So these days you get
to work with the foreigners?

Yes. What else could we do?

We make more money working for them.

But remember one thing.

Don't forget the law
while you're with them.

Poor thing, it misses you a lot.

Don't worry, sir. We love our law.

- Right, Mr. Mohan?
- Very good, Mr. Sohan.

Okay, keep this in mind.

God save us.

- Who was this friend?
- He's my best friend.

That poor guy was a refugee.

He asked us to talk to you and...

help him get a job.

You go to your room.
We'll return after seeing the Manager.

Excuse me. Where is the Manager?

He'll be coming here
very soon. Please wait.

Come here Manager.

How's everything?

Please come here.

Thank you. Please order.
How may I help you?

Please help us out with 2000 rupees.

We need to withdraw
2000 rupees using this check.

Please give it to me.

Thank you.

- Who's at the door?
- May I come in? - Yes. Come in.

Yes. How may I help you?

I have come here to
meet you for a reason.

Yes. I know that reason.

But I'm sorry because I can't help you.


Yes. I can't give you any job here.

But listen to me.

My secretary did
speak about your request.

But I'm helpless.

I can't give you any job.

Job for me?

Oh, I understand.

You've been fooled.

I want to save you from the
two famous criminals in this city.

- Who are these criminals?
- Your secretaries.

Mr. Mohan and Sohan.
I'm the undercover agent.

Police inspector?


And these Mohan and Sohan...

are the most wanted
criminals in this city.

What are you saying?

They're innocent people.

Yes. If they're
innocent then I must be bad.

Look at this picture.

It is the evidence
proving their 'innocence'.

This a picture of them in jail.

They've been released recently.

- This is true?
- Yes.

They're really criminals.

I follow them as their shadows.

But they're so cunning that...

they make people into fools.

You better stay away from them
or else you'll regret it.

Thank you.

You've saved me in time.

I just did my duty.

Okay, greetings.

Take this 1000 rupees.

The remaining 1000 rupees
I'll deliver to your room.

- Thank you.
- Get 1000 rupees from the safe.

My share? 50-50.

Be careful what you say.

You'll get it.

I've heard this many times.
Give me my share.

Okay, take it.

We'll split 50-50 right now.

Take this. One for you...

- and one for me. Okay?
- One.

Two for you...

- and two for me. Okay?
- Okay.

Three for you...

and three for me. Okay?

Four for you...

and four for me. Okay?

Five for you...

and five for me. Okay?

Enough. The rest we'll divide later.

Where is the queen?

- She must be relaxing in her room.
- Very good.

Queen Champatpur.

Did she run away?

This dress.

Look she's running away. Meena.

Mr. Mohan? Mr. Sohan?

- Manager.
- Very good. Let's run away.


After you.
We have to follow Meena.


This luggage.

Sir, they must've gotten out
by the balcony.


They're so good at heart.

They skipped the main entrance
and got down using the balcony.

- They're running away, Manager.
- Running away?

Why are you running, sir?

Get lost, you idiot.

Idiot. They're actually running.

At least they left me the
bricks from the Mahabharata.

What Mahabharata?
These aren't even made of clay, sir.

I'm ruined.

- She must've gone there.
- Yes. Come.

Come here. Come here.
The play's going to start very soon.

Live dance and songs.

She went inside.

- Where?
- Here.

Tickets only for four annas.

But eight annas for ladies.

- Did any girl go inside?
- Yes. She's with her.

Then get her a ticket too.

- Start the play.
- Start the play. We've paid for it.

Live dance and songs.

- Meena. - Meena.
- Meena. - Catch her.

Don't make noise and sit here quietly.

- That girl...
- Yes, everyone is here.

Sit down. Come on. Sit down.

The play is going
to start now. Look ahead.

A tall wife is big trouble

She never sees the time

Always she pretends
with the naughty thoughts

Yes, I am lost

You have taken
control of my heart

Yes, I am lost

You are short, but you
fight with me all the time

I am unfortunate

I have accepted you

Yes, I am lost

I have lost your love

I have accepted this
proposal with my knowledge

Yes, I am lost

My wife is tall.
She looks like a tower

I don't understand

Okay, I will make you understand

My wife is tall.
She looks like a tower

She needs three meters
of material for her dress

Even though her dress is short

Yes, I am lost

You have taken
control of my heart

Yes, I am lost

Always she pretends
with the naughty thoughts

Yes, I am lost

You are short
but your words are rude

If it were up to me...

- I would have taught you a lesson.
- Really?

Yes, I am lost

I have lost your love

Yes, I am lost

I have accepted this
proposal with my knowledge

Great performance.

Once more.

- First class.
- Meena.

- Meena.
- Meena.

Catch her. Catch her.

I got saved.

Oh Meena.


She went inside.

- Good afternoon. What do you want?
- Good afternoon.

- We want a hat.
- Yes. Hat.

- What type of hat?
- For our mistress.

- Look at this one.
- What for the mistress?

Yes. Yes.

Very good hat.

You continue with your work.
We'll choose it on our own.

Thank you. I'll return soon.

- She came here.
- Where?

I saw her with my own eyes.
She came here.

Oh you blind man.
And your name is Nainsukh.

We would have seen
her by now if she was here.

You're wasting time
for no reason. Let's leave.

- She came here.
- No, she didn't.

What is it?

- What is it?
- Did you see this mannequin?

What? This?

First she was looking here
and now she's looking there.

Stupid, haven't you ever seen
a doll rolling its eyes?

This is the same thing.
Its eyes roll in all directions.

- How?
- Now look it'll look up.

Did you see? Now down.

Look there. Now here.

- This keeps on rolling.
- Very good machine.

Up. Down.

- Up. Down. Up. Down. Up.
- Let's leave.


What are you doing?
You'll break it. Are you crazy?

- Look Meena. Catch her.
- We'll call the police.

She came here.

This motor man created a mess
or else we would have caught her.

You're late.

- Late? Me?
- Yes.

Sir's been waiting for you
for quite some time.

- Waiting for me?
- Yes, waiting for you.

Come in.

The new secretary has arrived, sir.

You've just arrived?

You'd been asked to come at 10.

- 10 AM?
- Yes. Anyway, sit down.

I'll inform our sir.

Please sit down.

Sir, that girl has come
for the secretary job.

She came? Thank God.

It would have been impossible
for me to wok without a secretary.

I'll hire her and give her desired salary.

Nowadays it's difficult to find
a house, servant and secretary.

Send her in.

Yes, sir.

Where are you going?

- I'm...
- Sir wants to see you.

- Sir? Which sir?
- Manager, who else?

Please go in.

Come in. Come in.

I've been waiting for you.

- For me?
- Yes, you.

Come here.

Come a little closer.

- What is your name?
- My name is Meena.

Meena? It sounds like
the name of a movie star.

Sit down.

- Me?
- Don't worry, you'll get a good salary.

- Do you know shorthand?
- Shorthand?

Hello? Vimla?

When did you come? How are you?

How am I? All because of your favor...

It's been a week and
you haven't even asked about me.

I'm your fiancé now.

It seems you might disappear
for months after our marriage.

Vimla, I'm sorry.

Please sit down.

Because I didn't have any secretary...

I had loads of work this week.

That means work is more
important to you than I am.

I'm working for you only.

How can I marry you if I
don't make your father happy?

It's not that easy to marry
the daughter of your company's owner.

But to marry your
company owner's daughter...

isn't the worst thing, either.

Well, forget about that.
When are you coming to see me?


My friend has sent me a secretary.

She's sitting in front of me.

Now I'll be free.

- Oh. Is she attractive?
- Let me see.

- She's okay.
- Then please keep her.

Your name shouldn't
have been Vimla but Jealousy.

Okay, then I'll see you this evening.


But I can't wait that long.

I'll come to your office now.

We'll go for a ride, okay?

No Vimla, I'm busy now.

It's also your duty to take your
company owner's daughter for a ride.

Manager, I'm coming now.


To whom are you speaking?

Father, I'm talking to him.


Oh, I see. That means Ranjit?


I want to talk to him, too.

- Listen darling.
- Darling?

Ranjit, this is me.

I'm Rai Saab Shankar Dass.

Oh Rai Saab. I'm sorry. I thought that...

Did you send the tender
to the company in Delhi?

Yes. I've sent it.

But I heard that there are
many businessmen behind this contract.

We must get that
contract by any means.

I'm trying my best.

When will you
start coming to the office?

The doctor has asked me
to take rest for some days.

Are you scared of the work?

Anyhow, you're
supposed to handle the office...

after your marriage with Vimla.

Because I've become old.

Yes. Okay. Greetings.

So your name is Meena.

You begin work immediately.

We'll give you 200
rupees as salary every month.

Two hundred?


No ifs and buts. Sit down.

I can understand things
are costly these days.

I'll give you 25
rupees as allowance, too.

But sir...

Again that same ifs and buts.

I'll increment your salary to
250 rupees after seeing your work.

Now are you happy?

Take this paper and pencil.

Write a letter in shorthand.

- Tell me.
- Write.

Seth Shyam Sunder.

No. 5, Qutub Road, New Delhi.

Dictate slowly.

I haven't practiced shorthand much.

Not a problem.

Write. No. 5, Qutub Road, New Delhi.


I didn't greet you.

Write my greetings for Mr. Seth.

I received your telegram.

To hold the discussions
on the contract...

we're sending our men to Delhi.

Did you write? Just read
whatever you've written.


I've got your telegram.

And then...

Read whatever you've written.

In order to discuss
regarding the contract our men...

we're sending our men to Delhi
in order to discuss regarding the contract.

You write really good in shorthand.

Now start typing this.

Sir, type?

It's there. Go.

Hello Mr. Manager.

Don't work so hard.

Don't make Dalmia
and Birla feel jealous.

You arrived quickly, Ms. Vimla.

Sit down.

- Who's she?
- She's my new secretary, Ms. Meena.


So she's your new secretary.

She's good. It seems
you've chosen her from many.

- You've worked at another place before?
- Yes, ma'am.

At the office of Popatlal Topanmal.

- And you were fired from there?
- No.

I resigned my job there.

You seem to be very experienced.

Why don't you have her desk outside?

The room seems to be cramped.

And you can sit
outside very comfortably.

Ms. Meena, this is my fiancé, Ms. Vimla.

She's the daughter of my boss.
That's why she speaks in this manner.

Now shall we leave, Mr. Lecturer?

Yes. Listen type this
letter and self attest it.

And this is the key.
Come early in the morning...

- and finish the paperwork.
- Okay.

Do concentrate on your work, okay?

Do concentrate on your work.

Mr. Manager.

You act very well.

Are you the new secretary?

Don't be scared. We'll support you.

This Ms. Vimla is really something.

Mr. Ranjit.

If you want to keep your job...

you'd better stay out of trouble.

- Why?
- Ask Vimla about that.

You won't have any complaints
after the marriage.

It's difficult to get you
under control before marriage.

I was never so free
that you need to control me.

I'm not only your servant but
also the servant of your father.

- This place isn't bad.
- This place is very beautiful.

I wish I could come here everyday.

Can we come here tomorrow?

Not tomorrow.
I've important business tomorrow.

Come for a little while for my sake.

Tomorrow is impossible.

The night is so beautiful

Love has blossomed

What if he comes here?

Ask him to come for a moment

Please come and
control the feelings of my heart

Ask him to come for a moment

I have started trusting your love

Take the oath of love

Ask him to come for a moment

Why are you allowing
my heart to suffer?

Why do you come in my dreams?

Ask him to come for a moment

- Good morning, sir.
- Good morning.

- Did Ms. Meena come?
- I didn't see her arrive.

What is this?

Ms. Meena.

Ms. Meena. Ms. Meena.

Is it morning now?

- Sir, you?
- Yes. It's I.

What's meaning of all this?
Why are you sleeping on the table?

Where else could I sleep?

- There's no bed in here.
- Bed?

Which office provides you with a bed?

It's okay. I had a good sleep.

Had a good sleep.

What type of girl are you?

I don't think you can work here.

Do you think those who
sleep on a table can't work?

Don't contradict me.
What type of secretary are you?

I'm really good. But if you
don't like me I'll leave.

When did I say that?

I was asking why you slept here.

Why didn't you go home yesterday?

How could I've gone home?
I worked very late.

If that's the reason,
then why not say that earlier?

Okay then, get down off the table.
Come on.

I mean, what's going on here?

I mean who is she?

She's my new secretary.

I mean, what's she doing on the table?

Actually Mr. Rai Saab,
she worked all night...

so she slept here.

- Rai Saab? The company owner?
- Yes.

The company owner. Good morning.


I'm sorry. I'll go and...

She's a weird girl.

Yes. She's a weird girl.

Please sit down.

I was thinking that...

This is so stupid.

I'm sorry, sir.

So, I was saying that...

you and Vimla
should get married very soon.

But what is with the business in Delhi?

Sir, I've written to
Mr. Seth Shyam Sunder that...

we're sending our men to Delhi.

Please sit down.

I feel that you yourself
should go to Delhi.

And you should leave today.

I mean, it'll be great
if we get that contract soon.

As you wish. I'll leave for Delhi today.

I'll prepare things
for the marriage by then.


Then I'll leave now.

- Will you come?
- Yes, I'll come there very soon.

Secretary ma'am.

The next time you feel like sleeping,
please don't use the desk.

- I mean...
- No. Sir.

Meena, reserve two tickets
for this evening to Delhi.

One for you, one for me.

Send a telegram to some hotel there...

and reserve two separate rooms for us.

- I'm to come with you to Delhi?
- Definitely.

And don't forget to send the telegram...

or else we'll have no place to stay.

Sir, then please give me leave today...

so that I can prepare for the journey.

We're going to Delhi, not abroad.

Today you're responsible for the office.

I have to go and see Vimla.

Sir, will you give me some money?

Why money?

An advance,
so I can buy some clothes.

What's wrong with this dress?

You've just started and already an advance?

- We'll think about it in Delhi.
- You always keep objecting.

- Laara-lappa?
- Yes, addi-tappa.

What language is
addi-tappa and laara-lappa?


Laara-lappa means the
one who objects every time.

And addi-tappi?

Addi-tappi means
arguing for no reason.

Think whatever you like
but you won't get any advance.

We'll think about it later.

To meet Vimla.

And when I ask for money...

Nothing but false promises,
nothing but empty excuses

Making empty promises

His ways are amazing

His heart as well
as his pockets are empty

But for all that,
he's still so arrogant

I just don't understand

I asked for money from him

"What money", he replied?

Scorn material things.
Love is all that counts

"Love is all that counts",
as our elders have taught us

Nothing but false promises,
nothing but empty excuses

Making empty promises

The gentlemen of today...

The gentlemen of today
are always restless

Empty pockets and roving eyes

They don't do a scrap of work

But for all that,
they're still so arrogant

I just don't understand

The women of today...

The women of today
are a constant headache...

ever ready to pick a fight with men

Good for nothings
and just want to dress up

Making empty promises

Making empty promises

Why worry, mister?

We'll do this, too

When the time comes,
we'll grab this chair

Nothing but false promises,
nothing but empty excuses

Go in and get the status of our rooms.

I'll pay the cabbie and be right in.

- How much is it, sardarji?
- Nine rupees, sir.

Take this hundred rupees.

Ms. Merry-go-round,
will you stop circling and get in.

Is this a door or a
strange merry-go-round?

Gentlemen, there are no
vacant rooms in this hotel.

Only those who
have reservations may stay...

but the rest must leave.

We checked all the hotels
but didn't find a room anywhere.

Sir, I feel sorry for you,
but I've no vacant room here.

- What is your name, sir?
- Manohar.

Yes, sir.
Your room has been reserved.

Please sign here.

Room no. 20.

- Yes, madam.
- I sent a telegram to book rooms.

Mr. Ranjit and Miss Meena.

Mr. Ranjit.

Yes, your rooms have
been reserved for you.

Very good, Mr. Dharamchand.

How did we fool him.

That was the actual fun, my brother.

Hello, sir.

- Hello?
- Why have you come to Delhi?

- I'm the match company manager.
- Manager of the match stick company?

Sir, do you have a box of matches
to light a cigarette?

- Yes.
- Please give it to me.

- And if you've matches then you've cigarettes, too?
- Yes.

Sir, but this is wet.
Look. Thank you.

- How did this happen?
- Thank you.

- I don't need a room. - Why?
- Because I don't like this hotel.

Don't like the hotel? Great.

People have no place to stay
and she doesn't like the hotel.


- They don't have rooms here.
- What do you mean?

- Didn't you send them a telegram?
- Yes, I did.

- But there's no vacant rooms here.
- No vacant rooms?

This is so unfair.

- I'll talk to the manager personally.
- Listen.

Why do we waste time here?
We'll try another place.

This is all because of you.
You're so irresponsible.

- What did I do?
- My head.

We searched for rooms everywhere
but didn't find a single one.

This is too much that the general manager
is roaming on the streets.

I'm tired. I'll relax for two minutes.

We'll have to relax on the benches.

Why two minutes?
You can rest for two days.

God knows what has
happened to the entire world.

There's not even a place to
hide your head in such a big city.

And this is all because of you.

Who knows whether you
sent the telegram or not.

You're shouting at me all day.

I'm not only shouting at you
but also at my fate.

You've put me in such a situation.
Now why are you crying?

Good. Continue crying. I'll sleep.

Oh my God.
Now what do we do?

We should take a shelter under the bench.

I'm a human and not an animal.

Okay, then get wet being a human.

I'm turning into animal.

I think I'll have to be an animal too.

Now I'm feeling much better.

Listen. I've to go and meet
Mr. Shyam Sunder Seth...

and your duty is
to find a room to live.

- But where will I find them?
- I don't know where you'll find them.

You should find us accommodations
before I return.

Even if you have to become
someone's servant.

And if you don't find it, then...

And listen, meet me at
this same place at 4 PM.

Servant needed.


Room no. 5, Qutub Road, New Delhi.

Greetings, ma'am.

- Is this your bungalow?
- Yes.

Please come in. Please come in.

Please come in.

Please sit down.

It's good you came here
to meet us.

Because these days the neighbors
don't speak with each other.

Please have tea.

Please sit down.

Maybe you're staying
in the next bungalow.

No. I've come here for work.

- Take it. - No.
- Take it.

Tell me, what work did you have?

I've come here to work for you.

- Work for me?
- Yes. You advertised for a servant.

Oh yes. What canl tell you?

It's very difficult to
find a servant these days.

I've been searching for a servant
for the last two months

But I haven't found anyone.

They've all disappeared
because of the fight.

Can you provide me with a servant?

- Yes. I...
- If you'll provide me with a servant then...

we'll be very thankful to you.
We'll give her a decent salary.

That is fine.

But I have a wish.

Why not? We've a big house.
We'll give one room to the servant.

But the servant isn't one, but two.

A man and a woman.

Okay, wife and husband.
We've needed a couple.

A woman to cook food
and a man to serve it.

- But do they have kids?
- No.

Then they must've married recently.

That's why they ask more.

Where are these servants?
Please send them to me.

One is me and...


You're a servant?

You're very fashionable.

Ma'am I may be fashionable...

but my condition is very bad.

More than that, please don't ask.

This is very strange.

I thought that...
Well, forget about it.

I don't bother.

I just need servants.

Okay. So where is your husband?

He's out looking for work..

We'll both come here this evening.

- I had a condition.
- Don't worry about the salary.

We'll provide you with enough money.

That's not it.

The fact is he's been working
with English people.

But the room must be comfortable.

We'll give him a first class room.

Only you must
meet me this evening.

Okay, I'll come and meet you for sure.

I have to tell you one more thing.

Tell me.

Actually, I mean my husband...

is bit retarded.

He's educated but...

- sometimes he speaks nonsense.
- Not a problem.

It's good that you told me.

- What is your name.
- My name is Meena.

And his name is Ranjit.

Greetings ma'am.
We'll see you this evening.

Shagufta, where is my cane?

I can't do anymore without a servant.

I can't find anything in the house.

If that's not a cane in your hand,
then what is it?

In my hand?

It's in my hand.

Good that I found it.
I'll leave for the office.

Listen to me.

I've found new servants.

Not one but a couple

She didn't look like a servant.
She looked like an English lady.

They've worked with the English people.

This is very good news.

This time take care
they don't leave us.

These days even servants
expect us to behave properly.

And they're English. What more can I say?

Why are you still sitting here?
Go to the office.

I forgot to go the office.

Don't forget to return
from the office someday.

Is Shyam Sunder inside?

No sir. He'll come in sometime.
Please wait in that queue.

The queue is very long.

Will I get a chance to meet him?

Mr. Sachdev.

Yes, Mr. Dharmchand.

I think we should give
our place to this gentleman.

Anyway, we don't need
to meet Mr. Seth urgently.

Very good.

Listen sir. Please sit here.

We'll meet Mr. Seth later.

Come sir. You may meet him first.

- Thank you.
- It's alright.

- They're really good people.
- Yes, they're very helpful.

Sir, what is the name of your firm?

Our firm? Sachdev, Dharmchand and Co.

It's our duty to help the common man.

Sir, why did you come here?

I've come here to meet
Mr. Shyam Sunder Seth.

Here? Are you here?

- I'm not here?
- No, you aren't here.

If I'm not here, then where am I?

Sir, I can prove that you're not here.

But sir, how can you prove
I'm not here?

I can prove it. Let's bet on this.

- Okay.
- Bet for 100 rupees?

Not 100 rupees, sir.
You'll regret it later.

- We'll bet for 10 rupees.
- Okay. We'll bet for 10 rupees then.

I'll prove that you aren't here.

Okay, prove it.

Tell me sir.

You aren't in Mumbai.

No, I'm not.

You aren't in Lahore either.

No, I'm not.

You're neither in Mumbai nor Lahore.

- That means you're somewhere else.
- Yes, somewhere else.

When you're somewhere else,
you can't be here.

Good bye.

Sir, you performed magic.

You made both
me and my money disappear.

What can we do?
Life is a game.


If you wish to earn
double your money back...

- then you can do that.
- How?

You challenge this man as I did.

I'll fool him.

Listen sir.

Yes, sir. This gentleman
wants to talk to you.

Please exchange seats.

Please ask sir.

- What is it?
- Sir, why did you come here?

I've come here to
meet Mr. Seth Shyam Sunder.

Here? But are you here?

Not here? I'm am here.

Sir, you aren't here.

If I'm not here then am I in Hell?

I don't know about that but you
aren't here. I'll prove it to you.

You can prove that I'm not here?

How can this be proved?

Bet me and I'll prove it to you.

- Let's bet a 100.
- No, let's bet just 10.

Okay, then I'll give you 10 rupees.

- Prove it.
- Yes, sir.

Are you in Kolkata now?


Are you in Lahore then?


You're neither in Kolkata nor Lahore.

- That means you're somewhere else.
- Yes.

If you're somewhere else,
then how can you be here?

That's right, sir.

- But sir, why did you take this money?
- Who took it?

You took it, sir.

I've won this challenge.
I proved it to you.

Sir, you proved that I'm not here.

If I'm not here,
then how can I take your money?

Good bye.

- Greetings sir.
- Greetings.

Sir, you go first.

But the line starts here.

We've been waiting since morning.
The line begins here.

- Yes. Yes.
- Sachdev, please decide what to do.

The line starts from there.

How is that possible?
Ask the attendant.

- Why not?
- The line...

The line starts from there.

- What?
- What sir, are trying to cause a scene?

- Come, Mr. Sachdev.
- Come.


These guys are just
like Sachdev Dharmchand and Co.

It's their duty to serve
the common man.

- Please sit down.
- Thank you.

What are your names?

People call me Mr. Seth Sachdev.

And they call me Mr. Seth Dharmchand.

- You're are the owners of Sachdev...
- Dharamchand and Co.

That is right. That is right.

I understood.

- I've received your letter.
- Yes, we wrote it to you.

Your company seems
to be very well-known.

It's the result of hard work and honesty.

Our principle is
'Honesty is the best policy'.

It's learned from this letter...

that most of the buildings in India
are made by your company.

Yes. Our company has given...

That was 'boss leg'?

He meant that we repaired that pillar.

Very good.

- This contract should be awarded to you.
- That's by your blessing.

- We're giving you the contract.
- Very good. Very good.

If you could give us
some money in advance.

As our business is spread everywhere...

- we're in need of money.
- Yes. We'll give you advance money.

- But now I've some important work.
- No problem.

Come to my home for dinner
the day after tomorrow

We'll discuss the contract further
and I'll provide the advance.

- Thank you.
- Very good.

My bungalow is on No. 5, Qutub road.

So then we'll meet
you day after tomorrow.

Okay, then you go on with your work.

- Okay. Okay.
- Okay. Okay.

Ask the others to leave
as I can't meet them today.

- You're always busy Mr. Seth.
- Yes, I'm a busy man.

This is so unfair.

What happened?

What was to happen?

I waited for Mr. Seth in his office...

- and now we'll have to stay here four more days.
- Why?

From tomorrow,
there's a four-day holiday.

- Did you find us a place?
- Yes.


Yes. Today I met
my aunt and uncle accidentally.

There's is a very big bungalow.

They've invited us to stay with them.

This is very good news.

But the problem is that...

they've no servants.

It's difficult to find
good servants these days.

But that doesn't bother us.

We'll only be here four days.
We just need place to sleep.

- But the thing is...
- What?

My uncle and aunt are bit retarded.

Sometimes they speak strangely.

That's not a problem.

Let's leave for your uncle's house.

I'm tired. I'll relax there.

You people have come?

I was waiting for you.

Come, come.

- He's the one.
- Okay, okay.

Sorry, we were late.

What is it?

The nails are loose. They'll hurt you.

- I got saved.
- Yeah.

What is it?

I mean, go to your room
and rest a while.

Yes, go and rest in your room.

First rest and then work.

And there's not much work
to do here.

Work? What work?

Oh. First rest and then work.

This is your room.

The room is very nice.

Where's Meena's room?

Why should she have a different room?

Yes, what's the point?

Okay. Now before starting work,
rest for awhile.

What is this work?

Your aunt is very strange.

And she's put both
of us in the same room.

I told you, these people are a bit mad.

It's alright.

The whole day we'll be outside.

Yes. At night I'll stay outside.

I mean, there.

Okay, it's only for two to four days.

Thank God we got a place.

Otherwise, we'd have to sleep
in the park again tonight.

I say, why have you
come home so late?

I went to the club.

I say, have the servants come?

- Yes. They've come.
- They've come?


These days, getting a servant
is like winning the lottery.

- What do you say?
- But the servant.

He seems to be a Britisher.

Have a look.

I say, you keep eating the whole day.

Make some tea for me too.

I'll take a bath and drink it.

As soon as you come home,
you think about food.

Press the servants bell.

This bell is being rung
for the first time in two months.

What is this?
What bell was that?

Maybe they've called us to drink tea.

But we're guests and not servants.

Bells are meant to call servants.

Maybe they use it to call guests.

Very strange people. But they're nice.

Okay, so I'll bring you your tea.


I'll also freshen up a bit.

- Who's inside?
- I'm Ranjit.


I say.

I say.

I say, who is this
Ranjit in my bathroom?

He must be the new servant, Ranjit.

Servant, and he's in my bathroom?

Say it softly. I told you,
he's a Britisher type servant.

So they take a bath
in their boss's bathroom?

You'll chase away the servants.

I can't live without servants.

This is impossible.

These servants. What they do
and what they say. Hell.

If the door doesn't open now...

I say...

he used all my things.

I say...

I say. Did you see what
your new servant has done?

What happened now?

He used my soap, oil,
towel, cream, everything.

I already told you,
he's a new fashioned servant.

New fashioned servant. Fashion. Fashion.

Who is this tea for?

The tea is for that new servant.

I say. Tea for the servant first?

I say. Is he the servant or am I?

Is this house his or mine?

Say it softly.
What will the servants think?

- Go. Take a bath.
- What will the servants say.

Say it quietly.
You've got me in trouble.

This is very funny.

Your uncle and aunt are also strange.

They don't even know
how to care for a guest.

Now what is this bell for?

Maybe it's time for food.


Tea and food together?

They're a little...

I'll just go and check.

Who are you?

- I'm Ranjit.
- Ranjit.

The one from the bathroom?

- Yes.
- Ranjit.

Who's gown is this, sir?

- Must be yours.
- Mine? - Yes.

I forgot mine.

Listen. You look like Shyam Sunder.

Then what, am I the ghost
of Shyam Sunder? I say.

- I say.
- Meena.

Come quickly.

Come inside. Something has happened.

- Do you know who your uncle is?
- Who?

That same Shyam Sunder, to whom
I've come to ask permission.

Why didn't you tell me
his name earlier?

Everything is done.

Now you go and tell him.

To give us the contract.
We'll make thousands of rupees.

I'll promote you too.

What's the matter?
Are you embarrassed to ask him?

- I'll tell him myself.
- Listen.

He's not the one.

He is the one. Your uncle, Shyam Sunder.

He must be...

but he's not my uncle.

He's not your uncle?
Is he your brother-in-law?

He's no relation.

He's the boss and we're the servants.

- Servants?
- Yes.

What do you mean?

You'd only said, find a place to stay...

even if you had to wash dishes for it.

- Wash dishes?
- Yes.

We've got this room
for washing dishes.

- So you mean that...
- Yes...

we're both servants here.

Otherwise we wouldn't have
a place to stay.

So this is the case.

That's why he's
talking to me in this way.

I'm a servant here.

A manager of such a big company,
and a servant to do dishes.

You're dismissed.

You're dismissed now.

I'll not stay a single minute here.

Look. At least think.

Where will we spend the night?

In hell. You've made me so
poor bringing me to a foreign land.

I did it for your best interests.

Otherwise, where could we
have stayed?

Look. Don't try to fool me
with your fake tears.

I don't want to see your face.

Get out. I mean, I'll get out.



You've come back.

How can I leave you alone and go?

Also, it's raining outside.

Forgive me.

Listen to me.
It's only for a few days.

We'll spend them easily here.

And you wouldn't find a
place to stay in the city.

Look, you don't
have to work as a servant.

I'll do everything.

Many astrologists saw my birth chart...

and every one said that...

I would rule.

But none of the idiots said that...

I'd have to wash dishes too.

What? Have you had your rest?



Okay. Now you both come with me.

A few dishes have to be washed.

Come. It's easy work.

Yes, my family has been
washing dishes for generations.

Then you'll wash them very well.

- Come.
- Yes, I'll wash them well.


I'd made these for me.

Your clothes will get dirty...

so you put it on.

Tie it.

And a few dishes need washing.

Wash them so that
you can use them as mirrirs.


- C'mon, start.
- Thank you.

Now we've to do this forever.

No, there are other jobs, too.

Washing clothes...

sweeping... Be careful.

The plates are expensive.

You go.
We'll wash them carefully.

We'll wash them all.

C'mon, start. Or will you keep talking?

- What should I start?
- Washing plates.

Washing plates.

I say, be more careful.

It's a good omen for
the first plate to break.

But too many good
omens are also not right.

No more plates will break.
You don't worry.

You'll get us fired from here.

Do you know how to do anything?

Who do you think I am?

My family have been servants
for generations?

Okay, I'll wash them all.

You just dry them
and put them away.



What are you doing?

Why are you giving
it to me? Put it there.

But where should I put it?
There's no room.

Okay, put those plates there.
And put the clean ones here.

Where is your new fashioned servant?

What do you say?

I can hear a lot of noise
from the work.

- I'm dead.
- I say.

Watch out. Don't drop them.

You've goten me into trouble.

Don't destroy us in this
battle of husband and wife.

Husband and wife.

I'm dead.

I say. They are new fashioned servants.

Now why are you complaining?

You killed me.



Haven't you received any letters from him?

From Ranjit?

No, dear.

I don't know what's happened.

Even the office hasn't heard anything.

He should've replied as
soon as he reached Delhi.

Then daddy...

why don't you
send a letter and find out?

I've sent a letter...

but the hotel
where he had reservations...

they replied that
he wasn't staying there.

God knows where he is.

What if he's had an accident, daddy?

Don't worry.
There's been no accident.

After all, his secretary is also with him.

She'd have informed us
if there'd been an accident.

Oh. So this is the matter.

The secretary also went with him.

I think I should
fly to Delhi today.

I've some other business also...

and I'll track down Ranjit
at the same time.

Daddy. I'll go to Delhi with you.

What will you do there?

I'll roam around Delhi.

And I'll see the Qutub.

You'll do as you like.

- So, should I go pack, daddy?
- Go. Go.

I say...

you've become an expert
at washing plates.

Yes, this is all due to you.

Before, I was a simple manager.

I think both husband and wife
are in a good mood today.

Sit down. Work.

Do you remember, you've
to make food for two guests?

The food is almost ready.

Add some more spices.

Yes, we'll do it.

Good. I'll go and arrange everything.

First of all a servant...

second husband and wife...

tell me if you've mentioned kids also.


What's wrong?

Check the pot.
The ghee is burning.

Add some spices.

Here, take this box of red chili powder.

The ghee is burning?
Here my whole body is on fire.

What have you done?
You poured the whole can in there?

So what?
They wanted more spices.

But this will burn the mouth.

Then what can I do?

You've turned a good person into...

a stupid manager.

I say, your check is ready.

But due to work, I couldn't call you.

It's alright.

We'd also gone hunting with a king.

- Yes, we hunted big elephants.
- Elephants?

He means, we killed rabbits
while riding an elephant.

Killed rabbits sitting on an elephant?

From on top you can get a good shot.

So you like hunting?

Yes, we live to hunt.

I say, even we've
made chicken for you today.

Here, put on your napkin.

- Thank you.
- Our new servants...

make food exactly like the Britishers.

Ranjit? Bring the food.

We'll enjoy it a lot.

Won't we, Mr. Mohan?
I mean in Hindi, Mr. Sachdev.

Very good, Mr. Dharamchand.

Have some salad.

- Very good salad.
- Begin.

First take the chicken dish.

- Why are you making such faces?
- My teeth are paining.

I think I've seen
this servant somewhere.

You've surely seen him.

He's worked for famous Britishers.

Very good, service.

Meena, there's a problem.

- Now what's happened?
- These guests know me.

I met them at sir's office.

Now you have to take the food.

Okay, I'll take it.

Very good smell.

And the raita (dish) is very very...

So did you like it?

- Like?
- Very much.

Have some water.

The food is totally British type.

I drink a lot of water with my food.

There's just a bit too much chile.

No, there's not too much.

I say...

Have some more, Mr. Sachdev.

You have it, Mr. Dharamchand.
I eat it everyday.

First give it to him.


What nonsense is this?

- Where was your attention?
- I felt lightheaded.

Did you see your
British fashioned servants?

- It's strange.
- It's okay, sir.

Once, my servant spilled
a whole jar of water on me.

- Forgive us, your clothes are soiled.
- It's alright.

These clothes are not ours.

He means to say...

in the spiritual world,
nothing is owned by anyone.

Your thoughts are so cultured.

Our life is only related to karma.

Then we're very
fortunate to have you here.

You don't have any idea the
profit that we're going to have.

- Right, Mr. Sachdev?
- Very good, Mr. Dharamchand.

People like you are hard to find.

No one believes
in spiritual thoughts these days.

- What do you say?
- Yes.

Have something.

- Take some fruits.
- We eat everyday.

Sir keeps working the whole day.

Because of that he has
earned his name, Mr. Sachdev.

Very good name.
Our names are also due to our work.

Our name has become so well known
that we don't even need to work.

Very good, Mr. Dharamchand.

Excuse me, I'll be right back.

Sir, bring the check.

- We have to catch a train.
- Yes, I'll bring it.

You people eat.

- What's wrong?
- Come here.

- These are thieves.
- Thieves?

Where? Who?

- Your guests are thieves.
- Guests, thieves?

- What are you saying?
- Here, look at their prison photo.

They really are thieves.

Excellent, dear.
You saved me.

Thank god I haven't
given them the check yet.

I'll fix them good right now.

Very very good, Dharamchand.

Did you bring the check, sir?

I say, the check will come.

But the police have sent us
the photographs of two criminals.

They say, two famous criminals...

impersonate businessmen
and are robbing firms.

I've seen them somewhere.

- Why, Mr. Mohan?
- Very good..

I've never seen them anywhere.

Oh, my wallet.

I left it at the hotel.

Excuse me, nowadays,
with these thieves around...

I hope they don't rob us.
I'll have to go now.

- Greetings.
- Wait, sir.

What's the hurry?
At least take the check.

The check I'll get later.
First I should look after my cash.


- Where are you going, sir?
- The wallet is his...

but the money in it is mine.

What's going on?

Why did they leave suddenly?

Today Meena saved us.
Both those men are crooks.


Yes, they even took my napkin.

Thank god, they left you.
They might have taken you, too.

Look at this, they were such criminals.

Great destiny.

From a manager to a servant.

From a servant to a cook.

Only one thing was left, a washerman.

Even that you fulfilled for me.

What else you make me do,
only you and your God know.

It'll be like this only here, sir.

Like this only.

The monsoons have come

Very interesting

The monsoons have come

The dark clouds are gathering

Oh, my dear

My drape is not under my control

My heart is also
in the same condition

The monsoons have come

Very interesting

My hearts trembles
when I see the black clouds

And speaks the words of love

The season of love has arrived

Oh my dear

The monsoons have come

Very interesting

I say, who is it?

- Greetings.
- Greetings.

- Are you Shyam Sunder?
- Yes.

My name is Shankar Das.

Meaning, Mr. Rai Shankar Das.

- This is my daughter, Vimla.
- I say, come in.

Sit down.

I say, how can I help you?

Few days ago
my man came to Delhi.

But he came here
and then disappeared.

I've come to you
in my search for him.

What is your person's name?

- Ranjit Kumar.
- Yes, he's staying here.

Thank god. I'm so relieved.

This means Ranjit is staying here.

He's a very good man.

He's a very hardworking man, sir.

I say, you've come to visit him?

What 'visit'?

I've come here to take him back.

- Take him back?
- Yes.

Because of his absence,
I'm losing a lot of money.

But how can he go back, sir?

Who will do my work here?

- Your work?
- What else?

My entire house is under him.

For the past two months my wife
has had to do the cooking.

Now, since Ranjit
has been doing the cooking...

she's gotten some rest.

What are you saying?

- Ranjit has started cooking food?
- Yes.

He works from morning till evening.

He sweeps sometimes...

washes clothes sometimes...

then he washes the dishes.

- Washes dishes?
- Yes.

About which Ranjit
are you speaking, sir?

My Ranjit is the manager of my office.

- Manager of the office?
- Yes.

My Ranjit is a chef.

This is also good.

I say, this is also good.

I speak of one person...

and you of someone else.

Unnecessary misunderstanding.

This Ranjit is a poor servant.

Have a look at him.

I'll just call him. Ranjit.


Forgive me.

Without thinking,
I began an argument with you.

I say, the mistake is mine.

- Ranjit.
- Coming.


Ranjit. Come here.

Come here.

You? It's the same Ranjit.

- Ranjit.
- He's my chef.

What chef?

He's my manager.

- Manager?
- What are you saying?

- Are you out of your mind?
- No, but you are.

This is my manager
and my daughter's fiancé.


Sir, he's married.

- Married?
- Certainly.

His wife also works here.

- I say...
- Meaning...

- Wife?
- Yes. I'll just call her.

I say, Meena.


Yes, father.

- Greetings.
- She's the wife...

while engaged to me?

- Daddy, fire Ranjit immediately.
- You are dismissed.

Meaning, total dismissal?

- Listen to me...
- What's there to hear?

Meaning, he's a manager there
and a chef here?

There engagement and marriage here.

Wait. It's not his mistake.

We wouldn't have gotten
a place to stay in Delhi.

This is my mistake.

Your mistake?
Then you're fired, too.

Come on Vimla.
There's nothing but thieves here.

I say, even you became a gangster
to steal away my servant.

Have some shame.

- C'mon Vimla.
- But at least listen to me.

You're again dismissed.
Double dismissed.

- C'mon, daddy.
- C'mon. - But...

I say, Shakuntala.

Now I've lost the job
and the girl, too.

And this is all your fault.

First you made me wash dishes
and become a servant.

And you've ruined everything.

You only said...

to find a place to stay.

Go to hell with what I said.

Why didn't you take me to the graveyard?

Why do you cry?

It's not my funeral yet.

You're always shouting at me.

Wipe your tears, oh god.

Why do you make the poor girl cry?

What happened dear?

Why do you cry?

These males are very cruel.

You made a innocent girl cry.

You must've said something.

I say, I haven't said anything.

They said they were married.
And they're not.

If they're not married,
they'll get married.

After all, what's the big deal?

Don't cry, dear. We'll help you.

But he's not even a servant.

You want to force him
to be a servant.

Afterall, only yesterday
this girl saved you from thieves.

Today you fell for Mr. Rai's claims
and forgot everything.

I don't think anything of Mr. Rai.

He has dismissed us.

If he's dismissed them,
then you give them a share.

Mr. Rai will remember his grandma.

I say, you're right.

Even I'm angry.

Mr. Rai sir.

You start your own company.

I'll give you money and shares too.


- Shares?
- What else?

But, I've one condition...


You'll have to prepare
this afternoon's meal.

I say, you make very tasty food.

Sir, we'll make food for you ten times.

Now, wipe away your tears.

I say, let's go inside.

Come, I'll do it.

What are you doing?

Can't you see? I'm making my office.

This is our clerk, Mr. Karela.

- And where are you?
- Me?

This is me.

This is you.

And this is your tail.

And this is a very fat person,
who's coming to meet us.

But the door is small...

and the man is so fat...

and that's our loss.
So the man goes back.

If people go back like this,
how will the office run?

We'll think about it later.

Right now, in this office...

you and I are there alone.

What are you doing?
The clerk is watching.

What's this problem?

You'll not even let me come close.

You should give me a chance at least.

So that I can tell you
the condition of my heart.

Don't ask about my heart

Don't ask anything

Don't ask anything of love

Don't ask anything

Why is my heart beating faster?


I bow my head down.
Don't ask anything

Don't ask anything

I only remember this

I only remember our eyes met

Our eyes met

Don't ask anything about my heart

Don't ask anything

We are in search
of the path of love

In search of the path

Where will this journey end?

Don't ask anything

Don't ask anything about my heart

Don't ask anything

Don't ask anything of love

Don't ask anything

Did you hear dear?
Ranjit has opened his own company.

Own company?

From where did he get the money?

Shyam Sunder gave him money...

and the contract too.

And I also learned...

he and Meena never married.

Never married?

- But there...
- it was a pretense to get the shares.

They're not married,
nor will they ever marry.


I get tired of working.

Ranjit Kumar.

- What do you think?
- There's no answer to it.

But Mr. Ranjit Kumar,
what's my share in this company?

Your share? Me.

Look, this is an office.

Don't talk nonsense here.

Okay, so let's go inside.

Let's work.

Sit down.

Write a business letter.

Sir Shyam Sunder.

5, Qutub Road...

New Delhi.

- Did you write?
- Yes.


Did you write?

So, write...

I've opened the office.

And have started the work.

I've hired a secretary, too.

She doesn't work but...

she doesn't look bad.

Is this a business letter?

You don't know. Modern
business letters are just like this..

Write. Write.

Her eyes are very beautiful.

I've made her my business partner.

But I'm making plans
to make her my life partner.

- I won't write.
- You're upset?

Okay, write.
A formal business letter.

- What is this?
- This is shorthand.

What kind of a shorthand is this?

The new one.


Oh Japanese lady.

The reality is that you
don't know short hand at all.

And till now you've been fooling me.

You're dismissed.

You're totally dismissed.

Meaning, you're not capable
of becoming a business partner.

But, you can be my life partner.

Meena, I can't keep my
feelings quiet any longer.

I love you.

Not just from today...

but since you first set foot
into my office.

- Should I also tell my heart's feelings?
- Yes, tell.

I liked you, too,
since that time...

but you talk with such authority...

that I always kept quiet.

So, this false authority ruined me.

All the bosses...

who stay in their offices...

are also soft hearted like me.

And you had that girl, too,
Ms. Vimla.

At that time,
I didn't even know...

what love was.

Only money and position...

were the two things I saw..

Meena, my mother never liked Vimla.

But watch out. When you visit...

she'll love you
more than she does me.

Really? Where is your mother?

In Kashmir.
We're from Kashmir.

I'm Kasli.

That means I'm very confident.

Our marriage will
also take place in Kashmir.


Why? Are you afraid of marriage?

Yes, you'll be afraid.

You've never been married before.

Ranjit sir...

marriage is a beautiful dream.

To turn that beautiful dream
into reality is our goal.

I want this, too.

But I...

- I'm not worthy of you.
- What are you saying?

- Say I'm not worthy of you.
- No, no.

You don't know...

- about my past.
- Oh, the past.

What happens to you?
Do you go into a trance?

Suddenly you become sad while smiling.

- Did you love someone else once?
- No, no.

- That's not it.
- Then what is it?

Future days... last days... past days...

Look, the program is,
we'll reach Kashmir next week.

And after arriving, we'll get married.

Do you agree?

Look here.

Say yes. Say yes.

Meena has agreed to me.

Meena has agreed to me.

I'll go and write a letter to mother...

asking her to begin
preparations for the marriage.

And I'll tell my friends here also.

Meena has agreed to me.

Meena has agreed to me.

Great. Great. Great.

Today the queen looks very happy.


What style.

Very good style.

Why have you people come here?

Why have we come here, Mr. Mohan?

Just for business.

Yes, Meena Devi, congratulations.

- You've trapped a good prey.
- What prey?

The girl is intelligent. We're dumb.

Ranjit Kumar is very famous here.

Very good.

If sister gets rich,
the brothers will get something, too.

And then we're saving sister
from a murder case, too.

You've come to blackmail me?

Blackmail? Meaning
we're distributing black money?

Why Mr. Mohan?
Go to hell with the blackmail.

We've come to make a deal.

Take from this hand
and give to this hand.

You're wasting your time.

I don't have a single penny
for you people.

So, listen Meena Devi.


The accusation of
the money is still on you.

And that betrayal in the
Green Hotel, you were near us.

Your fate is now in my hands.

Even if you try...

you won't be able to free yourself
from our trap.

It'll be better for you...

to get 5000 rupees from Ranjit
and give it to us.

- Otherwise...
- No, I can't do this.

I'll not betray Ranjit.

You can hand me over to the police.

Only children go to the police for help.

Just to tell Ranjit about you...

will be enough.

When he comes to know that...

his Meena is a criminal...

- then...
- No. For god's sake tell him nothing.

Then, you've the power
to close our lips.

This can't happen
that you play with money...

and we poor keep
craving for your money.

We don't have a single penny
to have a cigarette.

Take down our address, Ms. Meena.

Mr. Mohan. Mr. Sohan.

Hindustan Hotel. Mall Road.

- That's all. Come, Mr. Mohan.
- Come.

And keep in mind.


Keep in mind...

the money should reach us in time.

Otherwise we'll come to
know about your past and future.

Oh. Sleep in these beautiful eyes?


I'd remembered someone.

Did you remember someone or Mr.
Mohan and Sohan remind you of something?

So, Ranjit has taken his office.

And has made you a
partner in the company too.

I've heard that he has plans
to make you his life partner too.

Congratulations from my side, Meena Devi.

Ranjit loves you.

For a lover, love is his entire world.

And the rest is this about...

who you are and from where you are.

What relation
you've with Mohan and Sohan.

These are all ordinary things.

Ranjit doesn't
have any relation with it.

After all, what do you want to say?

I want to tell you this, Meena Devi.

Ranjit can never be yours.

You've blinded him in your love trap.

But when he comes to know your truth...

then his hateful eye
won't be tolerated by you.

You've stranded him in your love.

Don't take advantage
of his weakness, Meena.

You've removed him from a big position...

and shut him up in this jail.

Ranjit was the manager of our firm.

And after marrying me...

he would've been
the owner of our firm.

If you truly love him...

then go away from his world.

Your world and
Ranjit's world can't be one.

Remember what I've said.

Mr. Ranjit...

I'm going.

I'm going away from your world.

It's better for you if I go away.

For god's sake...

don't try to find me.

Forgive me

It's alright.

Here, wipe your tears.

- You?
- Yes, me.

I'm dead tired searching for you.

After all, what's the point?

From Vimla, I came to
know that you people spoke.

And then you kept that
letter and came away from there.

But I don't know what Vimla told you.

Vimla didn't say anything much to me.

Nothing? Then why'd
you run away like a thief?

Have you committed theft?

Or robbed someone?

Apart from my heart.

Have you murdered someone?

After all, what have you done?

What do you know, who I am?

Maybe I've committed theft.

Maybe I'm wanted for murder.

You're wanted for murder.

My murder.

Stop joking, Mr. Ranjit.

Okay, I'll stop.

But I'll never leave you.

Look, don't fall for Vimla's nonsense.

Come with me.

- But listen to me...
- I don't want to listen to anything.

Come quietly with me.

- But...
- No ifs ands or buts.

We'll leave for Kashmir
on tomorrow evening's train.

Mother must've started the
preparations for the marriage.

If not for me...

at least come for your marriage.

What do you think? Come.

More. More.

Yes, more.

Come, come.

Meena agreed.

The stars of love

They give the sign of love

The stars of love

These nights of love...

they give the sign of love

They always speak of you
with the moon

These nights of love

These are the days of love

Don't ignore me.
These are the days of love

My heart is not in my control

Why are you
comparing me with others?

My heart is not in my control

Don't worry dear

Have fear with the generation

Don't worry dear

This atmosphere is very lovely

Every flower is chanting our story

This atmosphere is very lovely

The two separated hearts...

are fortunate to have met again

- Greetings mother.
- God bless you son.

I've been waiting a long time.

Mother, this is Meena.

Yes, I recognized her.

God bless you.

How did you recognize me?

From Ranjit's letters.

These days, apart from
complimenting you, he writes nothing.

Did I give the wrong compliments?

Totally wrong.

How wrong?

What else?

And Vimla.

She's nothing compared to you.

Mother has accepted you.

What? I've made
the wedding arrangements.

Without my advice you've
already made the arrangements?

You make all your decisions
without me.

Can't I make
the wedding arrangements?

Then, it's okay.

Dear, your room is ready.

Freshen up. We'll have tea.


Make tea.


No one cares about me.

Give me tea.

Have you called me, madam?

- Is there any mail for me?
- Yes.

The postman said
it's a wedding invitation.

Wedding invitation?

Respected madam...

my son Ranjit Kumar
is getting married...

with your Meena
on the tenth of May.

I expect you to attend the wedding.

Your well wisher, Sita.

Ranjit wed Meena? Hell.

Mohan, Sohan.

Hindustan Hotel.

Mall Road.

Let Mohan and Sohan
be invited to the wedding.


- Ramu.
- Yes, madam.

- Please post this letter.
- Okay, madam.

Vimla? Vimla, dear?

Dear, why are so upset?

Father, I haven't been feeling well
for a few days now.

- Father?
- Why, dear?

- I'm thinking of taking a vacation.
- Okay.

Why not? I can't come.
I have some work in the office.

But you go to Shimla.

- Not Shimla, father.
- Then?

- I'm planning for Kashmir.
- As you wish.

There are arrangements to be made.

Father, won't you come with me?

Not right now. I can
come only after ten days.

But you can go.
Take someone with you.

- Okay.
- When will you leave?

If I have to go,
then I'll start tomorrow.

Okay then. I'll make
all the arrangements for you.

Oh father.

Move along with the track

We have started the journey

My heart is delighted

Oh my dear

Don't get upset

Don't worry about it.
Go far away. Don't cry

- What if I'm not in your sight?
- What happens?

Assume that I am in your heart

We have started the journey

God help me

Move along with the track

God, you are the king

Move along with the track

You have left the path of love...

and have hurt my feelings.
Listen to me

Listen to me

When will you return?
What will you bring for me?

My eyes will welcome you every time

Only for you

I will spend my
night thinking of you

Listen to me for once

Move along with the track

Listen to me, dear

Listen to the beats
of my love, dear

Listen to me, dear

Don't flaunt your love

This path is full of thorns

Don't walk this path

Move along with the track

- Congratulations.
- Live a long life.

Go and sit there.

- Congratulations.
- Thank you. Come inside.

- Greetings.
- God bless you.

- Where are Kamala and Sheela?
- Yes.

Come and take your seat.

- Greetings.
- Congratulations. - Come inside.


- Greetings, auntie.
- Bless you dear.

- Hello, Ranjit. Congratulations.
- Thank you.

Father is ill.
That's why he's not here.

- He sent me.
- It's good, dear.

You have come.

But, Ranjit is upset.

Am I fighting with you?

- How sweet.
- Yes.

Come in. Be seated.

- Would you like some tea?
- No, thanks.

Who is he?

He appears like a saint.

Come in, sir.

- Yes, sir.
- Tell me, Mr. Dwarkanath.

There's so much pomp
in the daughter's marriage.

It's all Lord's blessing.

You are absolutely right.

- Greetings. - Greetings.
- Welcome.

- You?
- Have come to meet someone?

Sir, he didn't recognize me.

I am very sorry.

I have come to bless my niece.

- Niece?
- Yes, Meena.

- Is she your niece?
- Yes. She's my only niece.

But, she never talked about you.

That's why you aren't aware of us.

- He is very innocent.
- Yes.

Dear, I have lived
my life in South Africa.

When came to India,
Meena wasn't yet born.

Yes you are right.

As we're in India,
we've come to attend her marriage.

Assume she is my niece
as well as my daughter.

And I even have to give her a dowry.

- Am I right?
- Yes.

We're very proud
you're attending the marriage.

I'm Meena's mother-in-law.

Very good. Then we
have to embrace each other.

No. No. You can't do that.

This tradition is not in India.
It is only in South Africa.

Yes. You have saved me.

This is my son, Ranjit.

- He is marrying Meena.
- Really?

- I can embrace him, right?
- Yes.

You can.

- Sir, let me also.
- Yes. - No.

I am not satisfied.

Come closer to me.

- Are you satisfied now?
- Sir.


I am not yet satisfied.

I'm very pleased to meet you.

Take a seat. I'll call Meena.

Meena. Meena.

See, who have come.

Shall I get something to eat?


I've come directly from Africa.
I'm very hungry.

I'll get it right away. Ramu. Ramu.

- Yes.
- Be seated.


Greetings, Meena.

Dear, recognize them?

She doesn't know you.

Oh god. How could she know?

I'll introduce myself.
Dear, meet your uncle.

May I? Shall I talk with her?

Yes. You have the right to speak.

- Come, dear.
- Go, dear.


This is a private matter.

Now do you recognize me?


Not Sohan. I'm your uncle, DwarkaDas.


Don't you dare. If you say a word...

I'll reveal the truth.


- Do you recognize them?

Why wouldn't she?

Am I right, dear?

Dear, go now.
I have to take care of other guests.

It isn't right to speak
with relatives before marriage.

- But...
- Don't worry about ifs and buts.

Don't worry about us.

She'll look after us.

We'll take care of her.

Yes, we're on the same path.

- Go, dear.
- Listen to your elders.


She's worried.

She is in her past.

She's an orphan.

We're her only parents now.

- I'll take you to the room.
- Yes.

Come, Mr. Sohan.

Sorry, Mr. Dwarkanath.

Mr. Mohan and Sohan.

- Hello, Meena.
- You.

I've come here to congratulate you.


I've come here to greet you twice.

One is for the marriage to Ranjit.

And other for meeting with your uncle.

They seem to be very kind hearted.

As soon as they
received the invitation...

they came with the dowry.

Have you noticed?

The look a lot like Mohan and Sohan.

The ones that came to your office.

Yes, I recognized
something with their names.

Does Ranjit know the truth
about Mohan and Sohan?

What does it matter?

I know Ranjit very well.

If he comes to know of your past...

he won't marry you.

You're mistaken.

No one can separate me from Ranjit.

Are you fully confident on your love?


You are naïve.
You'll be betrayed.

You don't know.
Men don't care for love.

What's going on?

Vimla, are you scolding Meena?

Why would I scold Meena?

We were just discussing the novel.

And the story was
only known to me and Meena.

What was that?

Yes, Meena. We'll leave
this matter to Ranjit.

He is very well known as our hero.

What's the matter?

A problem arises if the hero learns
she's involved with the thieves.

Imagine you're the hero.

Now tell me,
will you marry her or not?

Let her know that we
are made for each other.

Does he know
she's involved with the thief?

Yes, he knows the truth.

But they love each other.

As far as I'm concerned...

reputation is more important than love.

Forget about this talk.

There's a lot of fun outside.

Your uncle is very good man.

He's making friends with all.

- Come. - Ranjit Kumar?
- Yes, mother.

Have you heard the decision?

Okay, I'll take leave now.

Let me watch the drama.

The dark clouds are gathering

Oh beloved, don't go

The season of love, pacify me

The dark clouds are gathering

Oh beloved, don't go

After giving me hope,
why have you deserted me?

I've put my trust in you.
Don't disappoint me

The season of love, pacify me

I will yearn for you.
My tears will remember you

Forget everything. Come and see me

The season of love, pacify me

The dark clouds are gathering

Oh beloved, don't go

This is the new generation.

These days,
the thieves have become more clever.

In a flash they rob you.

- Am I right?
- Yes.

Always these kind of discussions
take place during marriages.

Do you remember that girl?

Her entire dowry was stolen.

- Everything?
- Yes.

They came as guests.

They were masquerading as guests.

We have to be very careful.

That's why I put
Meena's jewelry in the locker.

- Do you have a locker?
- Yes.

I always carry my locker with me.

This is new generation.
Anything can happen.

- Am I right?
- Yes. Safety first.

There is no doubt.

Everything might be lost
during the marriages.

You are right.

Your necklace is very expensive..

Maybe someone is looking to rob you.


They'll never live the proof.

Sir, can you put
my jewelry in your locker?

No. I'm not going to
take this responsibility.

Please, sir.


- Mr. Dwarkanath.
- Yes?

Never say no.
You have to help everyone.

Do good. Expect good.

- Really?
- Yes.

Then, take all the jewelry from them.

Okay. As you say.

Give it to me.

Their loss is also like our loss.


- We have to take care of all.
- Yes.

These are very expensive pieces.

Madam, you also give.

No, thanks. I'll take care of them.

You please help them.

Meena, why don't you
put your jewelry in the safe?

This place isn't safe.


Your uncle is like a God.

He's taken all the jewelry
and put it in the safe.

To protect it from theft.


But, why are you worried?

He has taken them for safety.

Make it fast.

Very good.

Wait. Wait.

For God's sake, wait.

Take this.

Let's follow them.


Drive fast.


Right now, Vimla is here.

Where is Meena?

She is safe and
she is with her uncles.

- What do you mean?
- Mr. Ranjit, I mean...

they are Mohan and Sohan,
not Meena's uncles.

And Meena is their partner.

There they go.

Drive fast. Faster!

C'mon! Hurry up!

She's coming up behind!
Drive faster!

Faster! Even faster!


She's coming closer! Faster!

Go faster!

Drive fast! Drive even faster!

Not there, here!


What are you doing?

Why stay in back?
Drive faster!

What are you doing?
Don't you know how to drive?

- Oh my god.
- Stop it. Stop it.

Oh my god! Help! Help!

I've become a queen.

Let's keep on going.

With your grace.

Why? You don't have
to go to the company today?

Very good.

Mr. Mohan.

- Yes, Mr. Sohan.
- Now we should get out of here.

In English, meaning go, went, gone.

Very good. Or else,
all of them will come here.

First, we had to run after Meena.

Now Meena will have to run after us.

How will Meena find us?

To find you, even if I had
to search the whole world...

I would do it.

Here, it was
difficult to ask the way and come.

Who is with you?

Apart from my God, nobody is with me.

Oh, only God.

That's alright.
The main danger is the police.

Mohan, close the door.

Why have you come here?

You know why I've come.

You won't get back the ornaments.

Give me back the ornaments.

I'm ready to accept
all your conditions.

Very good.

If we give you back the ornaments,
what's the use of conditions?

I promise you,
I'll be with you forever.

Are you ready to become our partner?

Then why do you
want back these ornaments?

This is her trap, Mr. Sohan.

She can't leave Ranjit.

I'll leave Mr. Ranjit.

I can't bear that...

he thinks of me as a thief.

And thinks that...

I was playing with
his emotions to trap him.

I can't fall in his eyes.

I'm ready to make all the sacrifices.

I can sacrifice my love.

Give me these ornaments.

I beg of you. I fall at your feet.

Don't deny my request.
Give me these ornaments.


Your pleas have no effect on me, Meena.

Have pity on me.

I'll be your slave forever.

We don't accept this challenge.

Do whatever you want.

What can I do to anyone?

I'm not worth
showing my face to Mr. Ranjit.

What's the use of my living?

What do I have to gain from life? Yes...

I can give up my life.

Who's stopping you?

We won't be frightened
by this suicidal threat.

Suicide is not a threat.

It's the only solution to my problems.

Brother Sohan?

- What is it?
- That poor girl will die.

10,000 people die and
are born every day in India.

Today it'll be 10,001.

But we'll be blamed for her murder.

Then what should we do?

I think...

If you want this...

then return your share of the goods.

Half her murder charge will be on me.

I'll handle that.

Take this.

You should not be
so coldhearted, brother.

Someone is dying and
your heart doesn't even wrench.

Come, let's save Meena.

Maybe God will forgive some of our sins.

We've an opportunity
to start a new life.



Sister Meena, listen.

Sister, sister Meena.

On a sister's wedding,
this is a gift from the brother.

Yes, count it.
Check if anything's missing.

This gift was from, Mr. Mohan.

And from me,
you're not accused of any murder.

So, now I'm not accused
of the murder?

Neither then, nor now.

The real culprit was caught
the day after Ram Das' murder.

I'm free.

Totally free.

Like the open air.

Now, either take Ranjit or leave him.

That's your choice, not ours.

How should I thank you people?

Sister Meena,
don't waste your time in thanking us.

Let it not happen,
that you keep thanking us...

and we change our minds.

After all, it's a matter of ornaments.

Okay, I'll leave.

- Bye, bye.
- Cheerio.

Bye, bye.

- Mr. Mohan.
- Yes, Mr. Sohan.

Today, we've done a very good job.

Yes, too much.

- Have you noted it?
- Oh. Very good note.

- Thank you.
- What?

Inspector Kumatrahe.

Not there, here.

There they are. Let's go there.

- Halt.
- Why?

Friend, one good work you did.

To free Meena.

Now, I'll do one.
Get ourselves arrested.

Arrested? Are you out of your mind?

I'm saying it because
I'm in my senses.

After all that's happened?

Meena's words have had an effect on me.

In this crime life...

there's nothing.

For how long can
we keep running from the law?

As long as there's hope,
there's freedom.

What kind of a freedom is this?

To jump at every sound.

To run at every danger.

No peace in the day.

No sleep at night.

This is a false freedom.

Then what's your advice?

The advice is this;
let's surrender ourselves to the law...

and change our lives.


Seeta Devi...

you'll have to repay our full loss.

You'd called us here to trap us.

You found a nice daughter-in-law.

A world wide thief.

Now, why don't you talk?

What should I say, sister?

I am not in my senses.

The girl was so innocent.

I still can't believe, mother,
that Meena is a thief.

Whether you believe or not...

we want our ornaments.

Otherwise, we'll report to the police.

You're shouting at him unnecessarily.

The betrayal that
has taken place with you...

the same thing happened
to Mr. Ranjit.

How could he have
known she was a thief?

Yes, he's very innocent.

He was innocent.
That's why he suffered a loss.

You people have lost
only ornaments and money.

He has lost his name and respect.

We don't want to listen to your nonsense.

We want our ornaments.

Here, your ornaments.


- My ornaments.
- My bangles.

My necklace.

- My ring.
- This is my necklace.

My ring.

I think she's playing
another trick on us.

I want forgiveness.

Because of me you were humiliated.

Forgive me.

I tried many times,
to tell you about me.

I didn't want to keep you in darkness.

That's why...

I tried to leave you once.

But you compelled me to come back.

In your love, I forgot the reality.

Now, all I want to say is...

whatever happened in my past life...

has happened due to my bad luck.

And due to my bad character.

I've never tried to trick anyone.

I myself got tricked by my destiny.

That was my sin.

The trick to return
the ornaments was good.

But, unfortunately, it didn't work.

Sister Vimla...

I want to ask forgiveness
from you, too.

I stole what you deserved,
by coming between you and Ranjit.

Who can steal
someone from what he deserves?

Destiny had made Ranjit for me.

Who are you to change destiny?

Boatman, bring it here.

Take me to the other side.


Ranjit! Ranjit!

Wait! Where are you going?

I'll come with you.

Only one passenger can come in the boat.


There's an agreement...

of love

What are your eyes saying?

Don't ask anything

Enough. Don't ask anything

The hearts have met...

along with the eyes

It's a thing to ask but...

Don't ask anything

Enough. Don't ask anything

Now, the condition of the heart
and the condition of the life

Don't ask anything

Enough. Don't ask anything.

Who has felt what...

Don't ask anything

Enough. Don't ask anything