Ek Paheli (1971) - full transcript

After the passing away of his dad, Dr. Sudhir (Feroz Khan) returns from London, U.K., to take care of the family business in Goa, India. Once there, he wants to give himself an introduction party, and wants the house to be furnished elegantly, including purchasing a rare and valuable piano at an auction. He meets with a mysterious lady named Maria (Tanuja), who tells him that the piano is precious to her, and asks him not to let anyone else play it. With the piano in the house, the party takes place, and tragically the lady playing the piano dies suddenly. Then the household servant, John, is killed by using an air-filled syringe, and the police start suspecting Sudhir. Sudhir is attracted to Maria, but is unable to find out her place of residence, she appears and disappears without warning, and always meets him in an old church graveyard. Meanwhile, Shankarlal (Madan Puri) openly assists Sudhir against the odds he's at, but is secretly planning to kill him and Maria, so that he can take over the estate. But fate, tragically, has other plans.

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Good morning. - Good morning.

Good morning. - Good morning.

Good morning.

Good morning, young lady.
What can I do for you?

I hear, you have a piano
that you want to auction.

Yes, it's absolutely true.

The piano that I have is
wonderful, it's flawless.

Would you like to take a look?
- Of course.

That's why I've come from Goa.
- You are most welcome.

It's over there. Go
and take a look.

I'll be there soon.


What are you looking for?

A little while ago, a girl had
come to check out the piano.

She played the piano
while I was shaving.

But the moment I looked
up, she had disappeared.

What are you saying?
- It's the truth.

I wonder who she was!

Hold it! Quiet.

Now listen all of you.

The plane will be arriving soon
so I'll repeat the instructions.

Make sure, you make no mistakes.

Our boss is returning after
completing his studies abroad.

The moment he lands, you will
play the band. I'll garland him.

Then you will click a photograph.
A big one!

No, Mr Rocky. I'll
garland our boss first.

How will you? I'm his
secretary, not you.

You are my subordinate.
- Mr Rocky, ladies first.

It is a question of respect.
- You don't understand.

In India, women can garland
only their husbands.

Husbands? - Only husbands.

The plane has landed.

Give me the garland, and
don't misbehave. - How rude!


Welcome to Fatherland, sir.
- Thank you.

Accept this garland from Rocky.
- Thank you, let's go.

Welcome, sir.

Thank you. You idiot!

Sir, meet Lily,
our stenographer.

This is Tolaram, the head clerk.

This is Vithaldas,
the accountant.

Mr Pedro, the gatekeeper... I'm
sorry he's the storekeeper.

And finally, Rocky
Lotan, your secretary.

Thank you very much, Rocky.
- Thank you, sir.

I'm impressed. There's one
thing I need to know though.

What are the flowers and band for?
- Don't worry, sir.

The office won't pay for it.
It's our contribution.

If you are pleased, it'll
please me even more.

Really? - Yes. You are our boss.

Your happiness is my
ticket to promotion.

You're a smart man, Rocky. I'll
certainly think about you.

Thank you, sir, I'm sure
you'll give it a thought.

You will think of it all day,
all night and... – Rocky.

You talk a lot.
- Yes sir, thank you.


Sir, please wait.

Sir, please wait.

Welcome, son.
- Hello John. How are you?

I'm fine. I hope you had a
safe journey? - No problems.

He flew down, he didn't
walk all the way.

He flew down to Goa from London,
via Bombay. So, no problems.

Am I right sir?
- You're very right, Rocky.

Sir, follow me.

Come on in.

Please come, sir.


Dear. - John, you've grown old.

Yes. I've served this family
for the last forty years.

After your father passed away, life
has really taken a toll on me.

John, don't you worry.

Now that the boss is here,
you'll grow younger.

Am I right, sir? - Rocky!

Please follow me, sir.
come with me.

This way, sir.

Look sir. Terrific carpet!

Good. Excellent.

The house looks beautiful.
- It's not just beautiful,

..it's top class. It's
like a modern art.

What about our old house? - Shankarlal
is occupying it presently.

There's nothing to worry, sir.

This bungalow is much better. We
get plenty of sunlight inside,

..and that's a rich
source of vitamin D.

Besides, the sunlight will turn
your cheeks red, like tomatoes!

You seem to be an
interesting man.

I'm not Rocky Lotan for nothing.
- Mr Rocky Lotan, are you married?

Not yet. I have girls
swooning over me though.

With a salary that's nothing to
speak of, I can't afford marriage.

I'll do something for you.
- Is that a promise?

Prove yourself first.
- Yes, of course.

I'll prove myself! I'm a
one-man-show, after all!

The church and the graveyard...?
- Yes sir,

..this place furnishes all our needs.
That saves our time and energy.

Why did you buy a house here?

This place keeps
us close to God.

It reminds us of the proximity
between life and death.

Sir, life is but a sojourn. The
grave is where we rest forever.

There's nothing to worry. One
dies and goes to the grave,

..but the dead don't
rise and live with us.

Rocky, I wish to throw
a business party.

I've already made
arrangements for the party.

All the rich and famous have
been invited on Wednesday.

You will be introduced to everyone.
- You're a smart man.

Thank you, sir.
- Not too smart, though.

Why? - Why is this corner empty?

We ought to keep something here.
- We'll have a huge dog here.

It will spice up our life.

We can keep a bed
here for you to rest.

No, John. I wish to place a
piano here. - Good idea.

Any piano shop hereabouts?
- Yes, next to the church.

It's D'silva's shop. He holds
an auction every Sunday.

He sells drums for peanuts.

Good, we'll go there on Sunday.

Okay. – Thank you.

Okay. I’ll follow you.

Folks, next on the list
is a special item.

The piano that has
painted the town red.

Just look at this beauty,

..it will add up to the
grandeur of your home.

It's a true friend
and confidante.

When one is unable
to express in words,

.a piano helps in
voicing it melodiously.

It can mend broken hearts
or rejuvenate lost ties.

Come on, start bidding.

Fifty rupees.

One hundred rupees.

Two hundred. - Brilliant.

The lady seems to be wise.
She is a real connoisseur.

Two hundred and twenty.

Two hundred twenty
and fifty cents.

Did I crack a joke? I
just raised the bid.

How dare you make a mockery of it!
- Take it easy, Rocky.

Two hundred and fifty rupees.
- Very good.

Come here, gentleman.

Three hundred rupees.
- Very nice.

Three hundred and fifty.

Four hundred rupees.

Sir, raise the bid slowly.
She won't sustain for long.

Shut up, Rocky. - Sorry sir.

Four hundred and fifty.
- Five hundred.

Very good. - She's still strong.

Seven hundred!
- Seven hundred, one.

Seven hundred, two...

Why must waste precious time?
She can't compete with my boss.

It goes for seven hundred then.

Pay him seven hundred rupees and
get the piano home in a truck.

In a truck? Sir, if you wish,
I'll carry it on my head.

Shut up, Rocky. - Sorry sir.

Do you accept cash or cheque?

Hard cash!

Excuse me.

Did you address me?
- Yes, I did.

What can I do for you?

I hope you won't mind?

You don't even know me.

Why should that bother me?

It's only after we meet that
we get to know each other.

Please feel free to speak.

I'm glad that you
bought the piano.

Good things rightly
belong to good people.

It's thoughtful of you to consider
me a good man, thank you.

Did the piano belong to you?
- No,

..but I do know the
nitty-gritties of it.

Before I could fix one of
its reels, you bought it.

I earnestly request you to
get it fixed by an expert.

You know so much
about the piano.

Why don't you do it yourself?
- I...? Should I fix it?

Sure. Why not?
Please come along.

Please take a seat.

No, I won't.

Why? What will you drink?

Any beverages?
- Thanks, I'll have nothing.

I'll repair the piano and leave.

What's the hurry?
- How can I explain it to you?

Please don't get me wrong.
Let me do what I'm here for.

As you wish. This way.

I have a request. - Tell me.

I wouldn't want anyone to touch
this piano, except you. - Why?

Too many cooks spoil the broth.

I can't stop you since
it belongs to you now.

You seem to have a great
fancy for this piano.

I love it! It is dearer
than life to me.

Nothing else is more precious.

You have made a mistake then.
You should have bought it.

I wish I could buy it.
I'm not like you.

Don't be disheartened.

There's always a silver
lining in the clouds.

For all you know, I might
gift it to you someday.

That day might never dawn.

I'll be grateful if you allow me
to come and see it occasionally.

I wouldn't mind that.

You are most welcome here,
whenever you wish to.

You mean, as per my convenience?
- Yes, at your own will.

My door is always open for you.

I'm sorry, I played it
without your permission.

You needn't seek my permission.

You are just brilliant
with the piano.

The piano is the only interest
of my life, Mr Subir.

I too love music.

But... how do you know my name?

Why do you sound so scared?

You've gained
popularity very soon.

People were talking about
you at the auction.

Can I have the pleasure
of knowing you?

I am… nothing more
than a sorrowful tale.

I'm sorry, I didn't
mean to hurt you.

I only wish to know your name.

I'm well...

Someone's coming.

Excuse me, I'll be right back.

On my honour, I promise to
do the best to the lord.

Excuse me, sir. Am I
forbidden inside?

Yes. What's the matter?

Sir, I've made a
guest-list for the party.

The names are Badri Kashyap,
Kaachwala, Aurangabadkar,

Kailash Chopra, Fernandes...

No, not the names. Just give me
the exact number of the guests.

Sir, I've invited many
people but not a single kid.

They filch all the sweets.
I have invited many girls.

You'll be happy to know Meena,
Ms Rosy, Ms Green, Ms Red...

Why are you reading out the list?
Just give me the number.

We have invited
only two hundred.

But Pereira, the
barber, had invited,

..three hundred guests for
his daughter's wedding.

I had a feast, I also
guzzled down one too many.

As you may have guessed, I
had to be hospitalised.

It's not always that we get
everything on the house, you see.

Fine. You needn't go to the hospital.
Go home now.

Okay. Well, I have these
invitation cards.

If there's someone special
you'd like to invite...

Rocky, you've gone nuts.
Who could be special here?

I've been here for only four days.
- I'm sorry, sir.

Rocky. - Yes sir?

Give me a card.
- You said, you had no friends.

Rocky. - Sir, take this one.

Good day. - Hail India!



Why do you trouble this old man?

You keep yelling out to me.
Have I no other chores to do?

Tell me, what is it?

John, where's that girl?
- A girl? Who?

The one who was playing the piano.
- Piano?

I didn't see anyone. Had she been
here, I'd have certainly seen her.

Where could she go?

There's only one exit here.
- And I would've seen her leaving.

Did she take something away?

Meet Mr and Ms Green.

- Please come. They own mines.

Have some fruits and nuts.

Welcome. Sir they're very
famous people, the Kaachwalas.

How do you do?
- They own a glass factory.

Please have the soft
drinks in glassware.

Welcome. This is
Ram Aurangabadkar.

He owns a poultry farm. He
comes to filch the chickens.

- I mean, he sells chicken.

Sir, the stupid with the
dark glasses is here.

Who is he? - He's Shankarlal.

He was your father's business
partner, who was expelled.

Why did you invite him?
- To introduce him to you.

So that you can differentiate
between friends and foes.

One doesn't find friends
that easily, Subir.

I'm Shankarlal. - How do you do?

I'm fine. You'll be glad to know,
your father and I were close pals.

You are like a son to me.

I'm sure you'll treat me like one.
- Yes, of course.

John, how are you? - I'm well.

Good. - Please come.

Who else is coming...? Oh no!
How did she come here?

Idiot! Why are you avoiding me?

Don't drink too much tonight,
or, you'll get zonked!

I won't forfeit a golden
chance like this.

Mr Anderson, this is Shankarlal.
- I know them. How do you do?

Enjoy yourself.

Get some drinks here.

Have you had something?
- You seem to be fond of the piano.

You can say that. I'm sorry you
couldn't buy it the other day,

..although you had
bid really high.

I would've continued the bidding but a
girl asked me not to buy the piano.

Why? - No idea. I just complied.

Strange. Anyway, since you are fond
of piano, I'm sure you sing too.

Well, I do manage it.

Then why don't you sing
for us before dinner?

No, please...
- I won't take a 'no'.

Folks, Ms Julie is going to sing
for us. Give her a big hand.

I'm sorry, but I
don't feel like it.

There's no reason for
you to be upset.

Look, every one of us is
going to die some day.

Why should it
dampen our spirits?

Please carry on and sing.
- We want hear you sing!

Please sing.
- You have no choice.

John, get the candle. Julie!

Julie! Julie!

What happened to you, Julie?


She's dead. - What?

How could it happen?
- Heart attack.

What? How can you be sure?

I'm a doctor. - Doctor!

This is terrible.

You threw a party to win friends
but it actually killed poor Julie.

It's a real shame. I wonder
what people will say!


I really regret,

..this happened inside your house.
Don't worry, my boy.

People make a mountain
out of a molehill,

..and end up
distressing gentlemen.

The post-mortem report says that
Julie died of a heart attack.

Thank you, inspector.
- The drinks weren't laced either.

You have taken a load off my chest.
I don't have words to thank you.

In fact, I ought to thank you.
You've been a great help.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
- It's perfectly all right.

May I ask you something? - Yes.

Where's Julie's corpse?
- We handed it over to her family.

They must've buried her by now.
- I ought to be there then.

I'll take your leave. - Sure.

Thank you.
- Inspector, I'm ruined!

Please help me. I'm ruined!

My children will
starve to death!

I've searched for her everywhere
but she seems to have vanished!

Please do something quickly
or my children will starve.

Didn't she tell the
neighbours before leaving?

Had she done that, I
wouldn't be crying.

Last night she was all right, but
she vanished in the morning.

What's her name? - Name?

Yes. What's your wife's name?
- My wife?

My wife died last year.

My buffalo has
went missing, sir.

No. 220. - Yes sir?

Take his complaint. Go over there.
- I don't know where she is!

I'm sorry about her, Mr Robert.

It's God's will, my son.

Excuse me.

What brings you here?

People don't come here
of their own will.

I'm sorry.

Were you related to Ms Julie?
- No.

Perhaps your friend?
- No. We are strangers.

You weren't even
related, how come...?

There's a close relation
between life and death.

Excuse me.

Why do you look so surprised?

When did you get back?
- It's not that tough.

I couldn't stop myself
from hitching a hike.

Will you drop me at my school?

If I'm delayed, I
could get in trouble.

Where's your school?
- On the way to your mines.

Please, let's hurry.

What are you thinking about?
- About your disappearance.

Did I disappear? Does
one leave or disappear?

I'm sorry. I meant,
where did you go?

I sneaked into a room
on seeing your servant.

When I heard him coming inside,
I jumped out of the window.

You are an enigma.

For a man, a woman
is always an enigma.

As someone wrote, it is
difficult to understand women.

Not as difficult as
it's made out to be.

A meeting is all you
need, to know them.

What do you say?

You haven't answered me.

That's my school.


"I'm a hapless tear,"

"that rolls down the eye"

"Having lost my beloved,"

"I thirst for him, and
my spirit wanders about"

"I'm a hapless tear,"

"From my burning and
unfulfilled desires,"

"spring out haunting melodies"

"When I saw you,"

"my desires found a new meaning"

"and my eyes rained tears
like never before"

"I'm a hapless tear,"

"Once again the cloudy
and intense nights"

"corrode those long
forgotten scars"

"Your love could resurrect me,"

"if only you care to own me"

"I beseech you, my love"

"I'm a hapless tear,"

"that rolls down the eye"

"Having lost my beloved,"

"I thirst for him, and
my spirit wanders about"

"I'm a hapless tear,"

Do you know what time it is?

The night's not over yet.

How did you come here in
this frightful, dark night?

I couldn't resist the
urge to play the piano.

It's unsafe to roam around at nights.
- But it's your house.

And you told me, I can
come here at will.

I guess, you only said
that to make me happy.

I'll leave if I have
caused you inconvenience.

I won't come again.
- I didn't mean to drive you away.

Why are you so cold?

Will you wear something warm?
- No, I never catch a cold.

Have some coffee then.

John! John!

Get two cups of coffee.
Hurry up.

Right away. Is this
the time for coffee?

I won't have coffee. Good night.

I guess, you're still angry.
- In fact, you are angry.

I ruined your sleep.
- Please try to understand.

All of us have to abide
by certain laws.

I'm free of all restrictions.
- It's not possible.

We live in this world, don't we?
- I'm a very unfortunate girl.

Life never fulfilled
any of my desires.

I never had the right to choose.

And now, I'll have to think
twice before visiting you.

Oh no. Believe me, I have never
stopped you from coming here.

Just that, people will talk, if
they see you with me at this hour.

Who can see me in this darkness?

I'm so sorry, I completely
forgot to switch on the lights.

I'll switch them on right away.
- Don't bother.

I prefer darkness.


People crave for light, while
you prefer dark nights.

That's because the nights
hide me from others.

If someone sees me during the
day, you will be maligned.

You seem to be a smart girl.

And I don't know your name yet.
- I'm Maria.

That's a beautiful name, indeed.

The shadows of the night on
your face, don't look good.

I'll switch on the lights.


Keep it there.

Who are you looking for?
- No one.

You asked for two cups of coffee,
but there's no one around.

What's the matter?
- Nothing. Keep the coffee there.

This isn't right.

Yesterday, you enquired
about the girl.

Now, you ordered coffee for two,
in the middle of the night!

What's wrong with you?

Who are you to question me?
Why should you bother?

Why shouldn't I?

I raised you as I
would my own kid.

I will certainly stop
you, if you do any wrong.

Will you stop me?

Yes. I'll not only stop
you but beat you as well.

Don't you remember what your father
told me when you were a kid?

He permitted me to hit
you, if you misbehaved.

I am not a kid anymore! I can
very well look after myself.

Yes, why not?

Yes, you are wizened,
you've grown too old.

I say, shut up.

Just because dad made you a

..you consider
yourself my guardian!

Don't forget, John,
you're just a servant.

A servant?
- A servant, and nothing more.

And remember! I won't put up
with your impudence. Get that?

Two ice-cream, please.

Thank you.

Hello Rocky. - Hello Lily.

Have an ice-cream. - Thank you.

It's all right.
- It's a very small one.

Would you give me a ride?
- There's no place on my bicycle.

Take your ice-cream back.
- What are you saying?

We work together,

..we travel by the same road...
so shouldn't we tie the knot?

But I can't carry a
load of 780 pounds!

What? At least, give it a try.
- You can't fit in here.

I'll manage. - No, don't.

Just wait and watch.

Good God! The tyre's gone flat!

What have you done?
- I'm sorry, Rocky.

Shut up, you baby elephant.


Rocky, take me along.

Peter, I've got a flat tyre.

Take it to Fernandes'
cycle shop.

I'll take it on my way
back from office.

Rocky, where are you
going all alone?

I'll go with you.
- Why don't you leave me alone?

I'll complain to the boss,
that you tried to rape me.

My sweet lollipop.
- Leave me alone.

"Darling, I love you"

"No, I hate you"

"Why do you make a fuss?"

"Why do you make a fuss,"

"when you and I have to
tread the same paths?"

"You can't take me for a ride"

"You can't take me for a ride"

"I can't belong to you anyway"

"Don't ever leave
me, my darling,"

"I'll worship you
like I worship God"

"Don't ever leave
me, my darling,"

"I'll worship you
like I worship God"

"You are my shining
moon, my honey"

"You are my shining
moon, my honey"

"when you and I have to
tread the same paths?"

"Why do you make a fuss?"

"when you and I have to
tread the same paths?"

"Lord, please save me from
this heavy-weight stalker,"

"even if you have
to strike me dead"

"Lord, please save me from
this heavy-weight stalker,"

"even if you have
to strike me dead"

"I'll willingly take
a rebirth elsewhere"

"I'll willingly take
a rebirth elsewhere"

"I can't belong to you anyway"

"You are my Romeo and I'm
your Juliet, darling"

"My life is incomplete
without you"

"You are my Romeo and I'm
your Juliet, darling"

"My life is incomplete
without you"

"My life is a kite, and
you are its string"

"My life is a kite, and
you are its string"

"when you and I have to
tread the same paths?"

"Why do you make a fuss?"

"when you and I have to
tread the same paths?"

"If you harass me anymore,
I'll kill myself"

"And you'll be responsible
for my death"

"If you harass me anymore,
I'll kill myself"

"And you'll be responsible
for my death"

"Don't take my words lightly"

"Don't take my words lightly"

"I can't belong to you"

"You can't take me for a ride"

"I can't belong to you"

Rocky, are you blind?
- Sir, I'm completely blinded.

I've lost my vision.

What's the matter?
- A flat tyre.

- My bicycle had a flat tyre.

I ran all the way here,

..since I had to show you
around your estates.

Let's go. - Okay, sir. Come on.

The goods are first ferried
to Vasco from here,

..then shipped to Japan.

You seem to know every
minute detail, Rocky.

Why won't I, sir? It's
my duty, after all.

See? I work very hard, sir.

But I'm paid peanuts. I'm ashamed
to even mention it, sir.

What salary do you draw?
- Only nine-hundred rupees.

Nine hundred? How shameful!
- Thank you, sir.

What else is worth seeing here?
- There's plenty to explore.

There's another hillock ahead,
that your father bought long ago.

Work will begin there in six months.
I'll take you there.

Sir, even these hills
have been bought.

Work on it will
begin much later.

Don't be silly, Rocky.

How can we mine that hillock?
There's a church built on it.

A church, yes sir. However,
man is unpredictable, sir.

He destroys his own
house, out of greed.

Why would he spare the house of God?
– Rocky!

That hillock should be left untouched.
Get that? - I'm sorry, sir.

You are a God-fearing man, sir.
God bless you.

Rocky! - Yes sir?

Take the boat ashore. - Okay.

Take it towards the shore.
Hurry up.


"I'm an unsolved riddle"

"that has remained
jinxed for years"

"I'm a puzzle,
impossible to decipher"

"I'm an unsolved riddle"

"that has remained
jinxed for years"

"Come close to me,
my sweetheart,"

"please don't call
out to me from afar"

"I am a lamp, doused
and destroyed"

"If you can, light me up again"

"If you can, light me up again"

"I'm an unsolved riddle"

"that has remained
jinxed for years"

"I've been yearning
with a desire,"

"to be held closely
in your arms"

"I wish to soothe
your heartache,"

"while you quench the pangs
of my burning passion"

"while you quench the pangs
of my burning passion"

"I'm an unsolved riddle"

"that has remained
jinxed for years"

"You are unaware, my love,"

"I've waited an
eternity for you"

"Can't you sense
that, I'm with you,"

"every single moment, in
every breath you take?"

"I'm an unsolved riddle,"

"that has remained
jinxed for years"

"I'm a puzzle,
impossible to decipher"

"I'm an unsolved riddle"

"that has remained
jinxed for years"

Why have you come here?

I should be asking that.
What are you doing here?

I haven't come here
for the first time.

I often come here, after
the school hours.

It's so peaceful.

The heart finds solace here,

..away from the city's mad rush.

Don't you find
this place lonely?

There's something
engraved on every grave,

I hardly realise the time
spent in reading it.

It reminds me of so
many forgotten tales.

Stories full of
hatred, full of love.


..we can't spend our lives
by reminiscing the past.

We must write our story anew.

If you wish,

..the two of us will create a story
of our own, a world full of love,

..where there will be
no room for hatred!

If wishes were horses,
beggars would ride!

Even I wish, I can
never belong to you.

There are too many
obstacles in our path.

Love creates its own path.

The mere thought of it scares me.
I have no identity in this world.

We follow different religions.

We cannot unite. - I don't care
about status and religion.

I don't care about these
man-made shackles.

But an ordinary servant of your
house, certainly cares about them.

He can never bear to see his
master befriend a mysterious girl.

And you talk of breaking norms?

So you heard our conversation
that night? - I did.

I didn't want anyone
to see us together.

So, when I heard his footsteps,
I hid behind the curtains.

He is a clever old
man, he senses things.

No wonder he created a scene.
- Maria, I don't care for anyone.

I can even put my life at
stake, to win your love.

What a thing to say!

I don't want you to forsake
this world for me.

People in love create
a world of their own.

No one can set us apart.

No one!

No, please don't!

John! John!


He's dead!

Gangu! D'souza! Shyamu!

John... - What happened, sir?

Let it be. John is no more.

Who killed him?

Who killed him?

Answer me! - We have no idea.

He was in the kitchen
about half-an-hour ago.

He said, after you return, he'd take his
salary, go back home and marry off his niece.

Did we have visitors?
- No one, sir.

Only John was here. We heard
the piano playing loud,

..before it stopped suddenly.
- Yes sir.

We came here only
after you called out.

Honestly, sir, we
know nothing more.

This is the second
death in your house.

I'm afraid, something is fishy.

You may leave.

I'm worried too.

John was a decent man
and an honest servant.

These occurrences are baffling me.
- That's the problem.

Don't you worry. I'm still alive!
I'll take care of everything.

I have a hunch, this is
the work of your enemy.

My enemy?

Who could possibly be my enemy?

To be frank, in business, some people
had turned against your father.

The culprit could
be one of them.

In that case, they should
be taking it out on me.

What harm had John done to them?

The assassin must've
come for you.

Being an honest servant,

John risked his life for you.

I suggest,

..hand over your business to a trustworthy
person and go back to London.

This place is jinxed, you have
been so inconvenienced here.

That's not worrying me.

What about the dead body?
- This isn't our job.

We must inform the police.
- Police?

All right. I'll call them up.
- No.

You are too hassled. I
don't want you to goof up.

I'll phone them.

You are a qualified
doctor from London.

So you ought to know that, it is fatal
to inject a patient with air bubbles.

Of course. This is the
basic law of medicine.

Air bubbles can rupture
the patient's heart.

The post-mortem report confirms
the same reason for John's death.

Good gracious!

So, John's murder was planned.

Inspector, the murderer
ought to be hanged.

A criminal can't escape the law.
It's only a matter of time.

Where's the syringe that
caused John's death?

Syringe? I don't understand.

So naive!

I repeat, the injection that
killed John, had air bubbles.

The syringe contained
water, not medicine.

John wasn't sick. Why did you
administer an injection then?

What are you saying? Trust me,
I didn't give John a shot.

When I returned home,
I found John dead.

Yes, he was inquiring the
servants when I reached there.

Your servants said that, you and
John had a quarrel at night.

It wasn't a quarrel.

He tried to interfere in my personal
matters. I just scolded him for that.

So what? After all, he
was an ordinary servant.

If someone has a stake worth
hundred-thousand in your business,

..would you call him ordinary?

- Is this true, my dear?

How can I confirm that without
checking the accounts?

You may not confirm it, but
your accountant said that,

..out of the 5 million in your
account, John's share was 100,000.

When you got the wind of it,
you were angry with John.

This is not true.

I have never refused
John any financial help.

I've always fulfilled his needs.
- Those were small expenses.

This time, the amount was huge.

Last night, he wished to
leave with his money.

He never said a word
about that to me.

You may have forgotten it but every
servant in your house knew it.

I'm speaking the truth, inspector.
Why don't you believe me?

I have nothing to do
with John's murder.

As per my father's will,

John's relatives will receive his
share of money, after his death.

Why are you troubling
him without any proof?

I don't understand on what
basis you suspect him.

Anyway, you may leave now.

Whenever you are required,
you will have to be here.

Thank you, inspector. - And yes,

..you are not allowed to leave Goa.
- I assure you. Let's go.

Please send us a copy
of your father's will.

Don't worry, we'll send it to you.
Come on.

Don't worry, Subir.
There's nothing to fear.

It's their duty to ask
all kinds of questions.

Come on, let's go.


Very tasty.

Will you just shut up?

This isn't a wrestling
arena, it's an office.

You keep hogging all the time!
- You know, it is 5 pm.

It's teatime, so I'll
eat what I like.

Teatime? - Yes.

Why didn't you tell me before?

I wanted to see how you
look when you are angry.

You look so handsome.

Really? - Yes dear.

Have a lollipop. This one.

I won't eat it! - Why not?

You gave me an ice-cream the
other day and punctured my tyre.

I don't know what
ideas you have today!

I promise, I won't
even touch you.

I'll keep my distance.
Please have it.- Okay.

Tasty? - Nice.

Good evening, boss.
- Good evening, sir.

You fool!

What did you say?
- There's no paper!

Will you wait till
the boss sees you?

It's you who has gone mad.
Boss is inside.

What? – Yes.

Well! What is that cunning
fox doing with our boss?

He's cosying up like me!
- Shut up.

Get back to work! He is bad,
but you are worse. - What?

Hush. Quiet! Have a lollipop.

You..-Be a good baby.

You must pull up
your accountant,

..for speaking to the police
without your permission.

That's fine. But I
don't understand this;

..why are the police
suspecting me?

Because, the assassin
is very clever.

He laid the trap very cunningly.

Everything will be fine.
If you sit here,

..you will be distressed.
Come with me.

Where to?
- For some amusement. Come along.


I'm sorry, I made a mistake. - It's
all right. I was waiting for you.

You were waiting for me?
- She means, both of us.

Ms Rosy is my private secretary.

This is Subir. - How do you do?


Look, he's very disturbed,

..why don't you dance with him?
- No, I'm sorry.

- Some other time. Good night.

What brings you here?
- I was drawn here by your charm.

I can't stay away from you anymore.
- Rosy, you're a darling!

Now, let's go.

Suresh, it's you!
- Subir, my friend!

I've been waiting for you.
- You had me scared!

Why, what happened?
- I wondered,

..who could play the
piano so late at nigh t.

Not the piano, it's
the tape-recorder.

I guess, you're drunk.
- Yes, I had been to a party.

When did you arrive? Why didn't
you inform me you were coming?

I'm a tourist, and I drop
in without informing.

Besides, it's my hobby to collect
Indian classical and folk songs.

I like to hear them as well
as play them for others.

That's the reason we are in Goa.

Good that you've come.
- I completely forgot!

Meet my wife. Shobha. - Hello.

I guess, she also likes to
collect archived songs!

Mister! She doesn't consider
me to be a forgotten tune?

What does she consider you then?
- Her husband, obviously.

Darling, don't take him seriously.
- Why would I mind?

We came here to gather old songs,
but we also met an old friend.

Thank you. - Subir,

..as long as we are here on
tour, we'll be staying here.

Obviously. Please feel at home.
- Okay.

I'll go and freshen up. See you.
- Bye.

Subir is a murderer, a criminal.

He used his money and devised a foolproof
plan to kill his loyal servant,

..who had served two
generations of his family.

Therefore, as an honest citizen, I
deem it my duty to help the law.

What else shall I write?
- You may add this.

If his house is searched, the
syringe that killed John,

..can be easily found in the
drawer of his office table.

Therefore, please recover
the syringe quickly,

..and sentence the criminal to
death, as per the Portuguese law.

May I write your name at the end?
- Don't be silly!

Well? - Write,

'A respectable citizen'.

A respectable citizen of Goa.
- That's right.

But boss, what do you stand
to gain from Subir's death?

My darling, you're too innocent.

As per Subir's father's will,
in the event of Subir's death,

..the sole owner of the entire
property, will be Shankarlal.

That means, you'll
be a millionaire.

Make that us, my love.

Really, darling?
- Yes, of course.

Now come on, type this letter and send
it to the Inspector General of Police.

- You are a nice, sweet girl.

If you have any
problems, consult me.

Welcome, inspector.
What brings you here?

I want to search this office.
- What?

No, I won't let you do this.
It's a matter of my reputation!

Your reputation can't be
precious than someone's life.

As per our information, the
syringe that killed John,

is in the drawer of your table.
- This is absolute nonsense!

Someone has misguided you.
- You mustn't feel bad about this.

He's only doing his job.
- But uncle...

Why are you afraid when you
haven't done anything?

Inspector, come with me
and carry out your duty.

You say that, the syringe
is in this drawer,

..then take a look.

Number 241, look there.
You look over here.

Oh no! This can't be true.

I'm sure, our boss
hasn't killed John.

Exactly. This morning when I
went to look for the file,

I found this in the drawer.

Else, they might've sent him to
the gallows. - Gallows? God!

They might also hang us
for hiding the syringe.

I'll cast this into the sea.
- It's a very dangerous syringe.

God will help our boss.
- God will help us too.

I'll tell boss about it. He'll
be happy to give us a raise.

Great! Our salaries will
be doubled, darling.

Darling? Did I hear
you call me darling?

Sweetheart, let's marry!

I'd rather hang myself than
marry a pain like you! - Oh no!

Darling, I love you very much.
My baby.

It's past midnight, and your
friend hasn't returned yet.

I'm starving. I'll go
and lay the table.

Wait for a while. I'll clean
my tape-recorder by then.

He must be held up in some work.

I fail to understand his business.
I told you to book a hotel,

..but you forced me to come here.
- Don't be so cross, my love.

I have reasons!

People are murdered here, the
police keep coming here!

Why will the police chase him
without any valid reason?

Honestly, I think he
is up to no good.

All I care for is our friendship.
Stop picking on his weaknesses.

I hope we don't get into trouble,
trying to preserve his friendship.

"I'm an unsolved riddle,"

"that has remained
jinxed for years"

"I am a puzzle,
impossible to decipher"

"I'm an unsolved riddle,"

"that has remained
jinxed for years"

"Come close to me, sweetheart,"

"please don't call
out to me from afar"

"I am a lamp, doused
and destroyed"

"If you can, light me up again"

"If you can, light me up again"

"I'm an unsolved riddle,"

"that has remained
jinxed for years"

Trust me, darling, there's
anguish in her voice.

It touches my heart in
the dark of the night.

You say that every time you
hear a female singing.

Anger makes you
forget everything.

Seldom does one get to
hear such classical songs.

It's not purely classical,
it has a modern touch to it.

Nothing of that sort. I
bet, it's a very old song.

I don't think so.
Listen to it now.

"You are unaware, my love,"

"I've waited an
eternity for you"

"Can't you sense
that, I'm with you,"

"every single moment and
in every breath you take?"

"every single moment and
in every breath you take?"

"I'm an unsolved riddle,"

"that has remained
jinxed for years"

"I am a puzzle,
impossible to decipher"

"I'm an unsolved riddle,"

"that has remained
jinxed for years"

What a marvellous piece of music!
I'm thrilled!

I'm sorry, I'm late.

Shankarlal forced
me to have dinner.

What's the matter? Your
wife seems to be upset.

Did you quarrel? Or...?
- Not at all.

We were arguing over a
song that I've recorded.

I feel it's classical, while she
insists that it's a bit modern.

It's not that difficult. Play it.
Let me decide.

Yes, hear it.
- It's your decision now.

Let's see whether you like the song.
- Let me hear.

Here you are.

'Trust me, darling, there's
anguish in her voice.'

'It touches my heart in
the dark of the night.'

'You say that every time you
hear a female singing.'

Anger makes you
forget everything.'

'Seldom does one get to
hear such classical songs.'

'It's not purely classical,
it has a modern touch to it.'

'Nothing of that sort. I
bet, it's a very old song.'

'I don't think so.-
Listen to it now.'

The two of you are amazing.

I suppose, it's neither classical
nor modern but a duet sung by you.

A song that has all the
emotions but poetry.

It's too late in the night,

..and I think, the two of
you need some good sleep.

Good night.

What went wrong?
- I'm baffled, too.

Our conversation was recorded,
but the song is nowhere!

It's so strange!

When I talk about marriage,
you treat me like a donkey.

Now that there's a
chance of a raise,

..you put your best foot forward!
- Lily, try to understand.

When it comes to
demanding a pay hike,

..men are better than women.
- I'm sorry.

You should've told me before!
It's fine though,

..because we are going
to be husband and wife.

It's the boss, I guess.
Do as I've told you to!

Okay. - Hurry up.

Good morning, Lily.
- Good morning!

Good morning Rocky.
- Good morning!

Was I good?

You were superb. - Thank you.

I'll go and speak to the boss.
- No.

You change colours in no time!
So, I will go along.

Let's talk to him together.
- Okay, come along.

Let's go.


Yes? - Speak up.

You tell him. - Tell him!

Why don't you speak up?
- Sir, you must give us a raise today.

Yes sir.
- Why should I give you a raise?

We have saved you from
going to the gallows?

What nonsense! Why would
I go to the gallows?

You murdered John and hid
the syringe in the drawer!

Idiots! Don't you trust me?

We do trust you. But, how did the
syringe get into your drawer?

I found it when I came
here to get the file.

I picked it up. Else, you
would've been arrested.

Where's the syringe?
- We threw it into the sea.

We threw it away to save
you from the police.

Fools! Do you know what a
terrible mistake you have done?

I would've got the fingerprints
on the syringe checked.

I would've found out
the real murderer.

Sorry, we made a mistake.

I'm going out for a while. Don't
allow anyone in my cabin.

Get that? - Okay, sir.

Oh, God! Rocky, I'm such a fool.

You are a damn fool.

You tried to misguide me! I'm
going to help the boss now.

I'll also help him!
Don't underestimate me.

Tell me, of late, who has
been frequenting our office?

That idiot with
the dark glasses.

Bingo! - It is Shankarlal!

"We have been together,"

"since time immemorial"

"Yet, we never
embraced each other"

"So true"

"We have been together,"

"since time immemorial"

"Yet, we never
embraced each other"

"So true"

"We have been together."

"Two long-lost,
forsaken lovers,"

"chanced to meet again
out of the blue"

"Two long-lost,
forsaken lovers,"

"chanced to meet again
out of the blue"

"Once again, my love, allow me,"

"to hold and caress your hand"

"I have kissed so
tenderly in my dreams"

"This is the very hand"

"Yet, we never
embraced each other"

"So true"

"We have been together."

"We have survived
ferocious storms,"

"yet we haven't reached ashore"

"We have survived
ferocious storms,"

"yet we haven't reached ashore"

"The shores of love"

"are still so far away"

"Perhaps we are destined"

"to unite in death"

"Yet, we never
embraced each other"

"So true"

"We have been together."

"Desires well up within me,"

"as I see my beloved
so close to me"

"Desires well up within me,"

"as I see my beloved
so close to me"

"I feel on top of the world"

"Such is the
intoxication of love"

"Someone I've been waiting for,"

"is finally with me"

"Yet, we haven't
embraced each other"

"So true"

"We have been together."

Why did you stop? Come on in.
It's my house.

This place is so beautiful.
- Come on.

Who lives with you? - With me?

He lives with me.

There's no one here
except the two of us.

Who is he? - My father.

Is he inside? - No, he's away.

While leaving in the morning,
he said, he'll be late.

And you left the doors open!

In my eagerness to meet
you, I forgot everything.

What if the house was robbed?
- No one steals here, Subir.

Faith is what keeps us going.

For instance, we aren't related,
yet I completely trust you.

I believe in my heart,
you'll never cheat on me.

Know what my heart says?

It says, you'll be with me for the
rest of my life. - Won't you?

It's going to rain heavily!
You must leave now.

It's raining already.

Leave at once, please! My
father will be here any moment.

If he sees you,
he'll hit the roof.

There's nothing to fear.
I'd like to meet him.

No, Subir. My dad is
not so broad-minded.

He hates all these things.
For my sake, please go.

Only on one condition.
- What is it?

You will meet me tomorrow.
- Yes, I promise.

Hurry, now. - Bye.


Someone stabbed me!
- Sir, no one stabbed you.

Your car met with an accident.
- What...?

Thank God, you survived.

I don't understand this.
Why did you drive so rash?

I was on my way to meet you.

It was something urgent.
- What was so urgent?

What happened?
Please, excuse us.

Thank you.

Relax now. Tell me.

You know that, John was killed
using a syringe? - Yes.

Some scoundrel planted
it in my office drawer.

In your office drawer?

But the police found
nothing there.


Lily had seen it while
looking for a file.

Fearing that it would fall into
wrong hands, she took it out.

Where's the syringe now?

Lily threw it in the sea. I was
on my way to tell you that,

..when I suddenly felt a jerk.

And I saw Maria smiling at
me, in all her innocence!

Amazing! You meet
with an accident,

..and fall unconscious,
only to dream about Maria!

It seems, Maria has completely
taken over your senses.

Well, who is Maria?
- Even I hardly know her.

All I know is,

...we often meet in the graveyard,
behind the abandoned church.

She has a melodious voice.

It is so intoxicating, it
sends me into a tizzy.

She keeps me company for a while
and then suddenly disappears.

Subir, you've put
me in a quandary.

But you needn't worry,
I'll find out about her.

How disgusting! Every scheme
that I devise, falls flat!

First, the syringe disappears.
Now, Subir finds Maria!

If they marry, it will be even more
difficult to usurp his wealth.

Doesn't she love him dearly?
- Yes, that's true.

But she doesn't
meet him in public.

Though she wants him,
she fears the society.

I wonder what kind of love it is!
- It's like our relation.

I love you, yet I can't
declare it in public.

Darling, I can't drop you,

..you can't dump me either.

Remember, you are not
just an ordinary typist,

..but you are my confidante!
- Darling!

To usurp Subir's property,
we must work together.

Once we have the property,
we'll go to Paris.

It's a lovely place!
We'll enjoy!

I hear, it's a very romantic place.
- Rosy! Please!

Whenever I'm thinking up
a plan, you mess me up.

I'm not able to think logically.

I have lost my sleep over it!

"This night full of ecstasy"

"and wine, to bewitch
you completely"

"This night full of ecstasy"

"and wine, to bewitch
you completely"

"Throw a glance at
my dazzling beauty,"

"I'll be grateful
to you, my love"

"Come, let me
replenish your glass"

"Come, let me
replenish your glass"

"This wine is the intoxication"

"in my ecstatic eyes"

"This wine is the intoxication"

"in my ecstatic eyes"

"Let me satiate your thirst,"

"you quench my thirst"

"Let me fill your glass"

"Let me fill your glass"

"May we get drunk,"

"may we stagger together"

"May we get drunk,"

"may we stagger together"

"May we not come around for
the rest of the night"

"Let me fill your glass"

"Let me fill your glass"

"May this moment never end"

"May this moment never end"

"Don't be so impatient,"

"it's a long night"

"Let me fill your glass"

"Let me fill your glass"

"This night full of ecstasy"

"and wine, to bewitch
you completely"

"Throw a glance at
my dazzling beauty,"

"I'll be grateful
to you, my love"

"Let me fill your glass"

"Let me fill your glass"

Don't drink so much,
you'll lose your senses.

I've come to my senses now!
I've hit upon a brilliant idea.

What is it?

Lady luck has smiled on me.

My mind has opened up.

I have thought up a new
scheme to kill Subir.

- You will play Maria now.

Will I have to
feign love to him?

No, Rosy. He loves only Maria.

His obsession for her
will make him follow you.

Remember how he came up to you at the
party. He thought you were Maria.

Yes. But, he was taken
aback on seeing me.

This time, he won't
see your face.

He'll follow you when
he hears you sing.

Maria often meets him
near the old church.

Even in his wildest dreams,

he won't know that you are Rosy.
- Then?

You will get to the peak of the
hillock behind the graveyard.

Subir will follow you there.

When he gets close to you,
he will fall off the cliff.

That will be the end
of his chapter.

What a beautiful idea!

Won't it be better if we execute
this plan in the night?

You are right.

We must get Subir over
there tomorrow night.

When his dead body is
found, people will talk.

Some may think he
killed himself,

..while some may feel he met
with an accident. - Yes boss!

Sir, we missed you
in the office today.

So I came to see you.

It's all right, Rocky. It's
quite late, you may leave.

No sir. I don't feel
like leaving you.

You miraculously escaped a
fatal accident yesterday.

If something else happens to
you, I won't be able to bear it.

What are you saying, Rocky?
Nothing will happen.

Sir, your phone.

Hello? Subir here. Rosy?

Hello, Rosy. How are you?

I'm fine, thank you. How
are you feeling now?

I'm perfectly all right.
There's nothing to worry.

Thank God! I was so worried.
- Thanks for the call, Rosy.

Your car must have been
smashed completely.

It was a beautiful car. - I loved it
too. But I hear, it isn't beyond repair.

Didn't you get it along?
- I almost forgot!

It is still lying in the accident
spot. - How bad on your part!

You left a swanky car in the woods?
You must bring it back.

You know, thieves might
just rip it apart.

You are right. I'll go and get
it at once. Thanks for the call.

Rocky, come with me. If the car
is fine, we'll drive back.

Right sir. At your service.
After you, sir.

After you.
- After you, sir. Always!

I've adjusted the car's mirror
such that when he sits in the car,

..he'll see you in the mirror,
walking towards the hill.

He'll take you for
Maria and follow you.

I know what I have to
do after that, darling.

You are a smart girl.
- Thank you.

I think they are coming.
Hurry up.

Rocky, looking at this car,

I believe my accident was serious.
- You are right, sir.

The police said, when
they reached here,

they found you trapped between
the front seat and the boot.

You are raving! - I mean,

..you were hanging out of the
car, on to the footpath.

How strange!

Rocky, stay here till I get back.
- Okay sir.


"Come to me, my beloved! For,
the shadows of the night,"

"have begun to fade away"

"Come to me, my beloved! For,
the shadows of the night,"

"have begun to fade away"

"Come, my love beckons you"

"My heart skips a beat,"

"when I hear your footsteps"

"My eyes rain tears,"

"when my heart cried out to you"

"My heart beckons you,"

"come to me"

"Come to me, my beloved! For,
the shadows of the night,"

"have begun to fade away"

"Come, my love beckons you"

"You are the light of
my eyes, my angel"

"Don't stay away
anymore, come soon"

"Lest someone hears"

"and learns our little secret"

"Come, my love beckons you"

"Come to me, my beloved! For,
the shadows of the night,"

"have begun to fade away"

"Come, my love beckons you"

"Why haven't we united yet?"

"Why are we so helpless?"

"Why have we suffered the
pangs of separation,"

"for lifetimes together?"

"Hear the call of my
heart, come to me"

Rosy, hurry up. C'mon!

Rosy! Come on, I say!
Subir is closing in.

It's you! - Yes.

What are you doing here?
- Well, I...

I came looking for you.
- Looking for me?

Yes. Ever since, I
heard about that girl,

I've been scared to death!
Let's get out of here.

You mustn't visit such places.
- But there's nothing to fear.

Go on, I'll return in a while.
- No, I can't leave you alone.

Alone on a dark night,
in a graveyard!

We'll be in trouble if we
work up an evil spirit!

Let's go... not this way! That way!
Let's go, hurry up.

Inspector, this girl is
Shankarlal's partner.

Abetting a criminal
is also a crime.

Why did you do all this?
- I'll tell the truth, officer.

Shankarlal lured me saying, he'd
marry me and take me to Paris.

He is the one who murdered John.

Follow me.

Shankarlal, you swine!

Shankarlal, this wasn't expected
of a respected citizen like you.

Take him away. - Yes!

I'm sorry, Subir. We caused
you much inconvenience.

I understand, inspector.

Thank you.
- Thanks for helping us, sir.

Sir, don't you think my salary
needs to be doubled now?

Rocky! - I'll make do with
less, sir. Please follow me.

This way please.

"I'm a hapless tear,"

"that rolls down the eye"

"Having lost my beloved,

"I thirst for him and my
spirit wanders about"

"I'm a hapless tear,"

Suresh. - Subir.

Where did you get this record?
- From the market.

From the market?
- Yes. I bought it today itself.

It's a very old song,
but it's my favourite.

How can it be an old song?
It's Maria's voice.

Maria? Who is she?
- You don't know her.

She has been with me
ever since I came here.

I can hear her singing every
single moment of my life.

And suddenly I find
her before me.

I can never forget her voice.

You talk as if you are drunk.
Have you lost it?

Is Maria's age around fifty?

This record is at least
thirty years old.

The girl who sang it
must've been twenty then.

Look, the date is written on it.
- Where did you buy this from?

There's a shop near the church
that sells antique stuff.

Do you mean D'silva's shop?
- Yes, that's the one.

That's the shop I
bought my piano from.

Mr D'silva! Mr D'silva!


Who are you?

I'm Subir, I own National Mines.

What do you want?
- I want to meet Maria.

How is she related to you?
- Not related, but...

Then I'm sorry, you
can't meet her.

Only relatives can meet
the students here.

How do I explain to you? For me,
it's a matter of life and death.

Please! I'll see her
only for five minutes.

Please! Just five minutes.

Which class is she in?
- She never told me that.

She is around nineteen
years of age.

So she must be studying
in a higher grade.

As far as I know, there's no one
called Maria in any of the classes.

How can that be? I left
her here some days ago.

She is dark, medium height...
- Listen mister,

half the girls here will
share that description.

I can't present all
of them before you.

Please do something. Or I'll go mad.
- I see. Follow me.

You may check this one also.

No, Maria isn't here too.
- I can't help you anymore.

I've showed you the
pictures of all the girls.

It's quite late,
you may leave now.

Thank you, Mother.

Good night.



Mother! Mother!

Look, it's Maria.
- What are you saying?

Yes, it's Maria!

Are you sure?
- Of course, I'm sure.

She often comes home
and plays the piano.

We meet at the old graveyard.
- At the old graveyard?

Right. - She was buried there.

What are you saying, Mother?
- It's the truth.

She died twenty years ago.

She died twenty years ago?
I can't believe it.

What's happening, Mother?
It's so confusing!

Maria was a student
of our school.

She was very fond of singing
and playing the piano.

She had a soul-stirring voice.
Her records were selling.

But one day, that very piano,
became the cause of her death.

Piano caused her death?

How did that happen?
- Maria's father was a drunkard.

He sold away everything
they had for liquor.

He even drank away the royalty
that came from her music records.

You can't leave me alone!


You too?

Joseph, are you talking
to the empty bottle?

Your life is a waste!
- Fernandes! My dearest friend!

Thanks for dropping in. I've
been sober all the while.

I need a bottle of liquor
for a good night's sleep.

Old man, why just the night?
You should care for your life!

I won't get you any drink.
- No, please, don't joke.

I'm thirsting for more.
Only one bottle, please.

Only one bottle? Who do you
think will pay for it?

You already owe me 128 rupees.

Did I hear one-twenty-eight?
I'll pay you tomorrow. - Really?

You promised me the dining table,
and gave it to the grocer.

Now look; I want my
money now, at any cost.

Fernandes, my friend, money
means nothing in this world.

Learn to value people's worth.

Joseph, listen to me.

If you give me this piano,

I'll waive off your debts and
give you free drinks for a month.

No, I can't. Maria
loves the piano.

She can survive without it, but
you can't survive without liquor.

Just imagine. A bottle
daily, for a whole month!

Absolutely free.
- One whole month, daily?

All right, then I agree.

But today you must give me two
bottles. - Done! I'll be right back.

Pick it up.

Come on. - Pick it up. Quick.

Careful! - Sure.

It was too old, my child.

I'll buy you a new one.
A brand new piece!

Maria's dead body was found
at the Marina beach.

I think, Subir, you've
been meeting her spirit.

Maria, come before me.

Please come to me.

I've realised that you are
alive only in spirit.

And I've been in
love with a spirit.

Please let me see you just once.

You always met me of
your own volition.

Tonight I beseech you!
Come to me.

Else, I'll suffer all my life.

"This life is nothing"

"but a messed up dream"

"The path of true love
isn't that rugged"

"So just step on the
road and walk on,"

"to bridge the
distance between us"

"I'm a hapless tear,"

"that rolls down the eye"

"Having lost my beloved,"

"I thirst for him, and
my spirit wanders about"

"I'm a hapless tear,"




Wake up, Subir.

Come to me. I'll never
leave you alone again.

I'm no longer an
unsolved riddle for you.

Like me, you have broken free
from the shackles of this world.

Get up and come to me.

Hold me close to your heart.