Ek Ladki Ko Dekha Toh Aisa Laga (2019) - full transcript

Some love stories are not simple, Sweety's is one such story. She has to contend with her over-enthusiastic family that wants to get her married, a young writer who is completely smitten by...

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Mmm... Dahipuri!

- Let me try that.
- Yes, sir.

- Now, this is what I call a...
- Jalebi!

No! Designer jalebi!

Sweety, I was just looking for you.

Look what I made.

Designer jalebi.

This designer jalebi deserves a selfie.

- Of course!
- Selfie time!

Gather around everyone!

Sweet Selfie!

The food looks amazing!

Tastes even better.

Has Sweety graduated?

Done with it? She topped the university!


Time to find a "Bachelor" now!

It's good you brought her to Delhi.

Weddings are the best places
for matchmaking.

Well, I'm trying.

You let me know if you spot
a decent, caring man

who can look after my girl.

Hey! Come join us!

You too, Sweety. Come on!

Forget it!

Enough rehearsing for us young ones.

Call the seniors now!

Wow, so pretty.

- Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Bye.
- Bye.

Sweety, right?

Hi, I am Kuhu.

Actually my brother Raza
is quite smitten by you.

He has done his MBA and works in London.

- Actually...
- Hear me out.

POINT 1: Raza is intelligent.

Earns well.

POINT 2: He's handsome, as you can see.

Our family is shifting to London.

Want to join? You can study there.

Sorry, you were asking about
the play's inspiration.

- No. Play's duration.
- Okay. Sorry...

What's the running time?

- Uh...
- 6 hours? Like your last play?

That play was 1.75 hours long, not 6.

Oh? Seemed like 6.

Forget that. Come watch this play.
You'll be my guest.

- O God!
- Sorry?

You were talking about the story.

- So, the guy is from Delhi...
- Got it!

I have enough material now.
It'll make a brilliant write-up.

But, Mr. Mirza,
what I really want to know is...

Are you writing any movies?
Or just long plays?

Oh, and tell me something
about your father's next movie.

- Any juicy gossip?
- Excuse me.

Did the actor and the actress

- check into 2 hotel rooms or 1?
- Hi, Mom.

You never have time to talk to me.

- My play opens in 10 days.
- Sorry...

What happened?

That speech you wrote for me.
Shall I wire you the payment?

Rs. 1 lac should be good, right?

Mom, stop finding ways to give me money.

I don't need your money.

Oh why!

Your play must be a blockbuster!

For God's sake, he's not a writer.
He can't write to save his life.

Thanks to you, my movie was a disaster.

And now, you're wasting
your time in theatre.

Listen to me, come be an actor.

And if you must then
just write a couple of your own dialogues.

Thank you, Papa, but no thank you.

Wow. Such attitude!

No fame, no fortune.

But check out the attitude.

Show me this great theatre of yours.
Flip the camera.

Let me see.

- Hello.
- Turn the camera.

By the way, where are you?

Shall I buy hi-speed connection, darling?

- Hello...
- Sahil, turn the camera.

Finally, they kiss.

Guys, quickly finish your lunch.
Then, let's rehearse.

Sahil! What a play, man. What writing!

I bet people will go crazy.
Even small towns, villages will invite us.

Mouth-watering biryani for
the great director of our times!


- Sir.
- Yes?

How about I play "Babita"?

I'll give a mind-shattering performance!

It's a 20-year-old girl's role.

You're way too young for it.

Now, may we do our work in peace?

- Get some fresh onions for me.
- You got it!

Fresh chilies for the great director.

Mr. Sahil.

I did a 3-week program

at Amrinder Singh
School of Acting and Emotioning.

You should apply for a refund.

Can you put in a good word for me?

Enough now!

If you bug me anymore,
I'll shut down your catering here.

Ms. Chatro. I'll try...

Come on, man.

I want to discuss that scene.

The Dating App one.

- Ms. Chatro.
- Yes.

No one in the world can cook like you.

Take good care of Mr. Sahil.

He's losing weight. Serve him Laddus.

What can I get for you?

Let's introduce you to our characters.

Meet Mr. NRI from America.

He's in Delhi for a meeting.

And here's Ms. Desi from Haridwar.

She just moved here yesterday.

Looks like a bore.

Overseas Indian!

Oh well, you'll thank me, mister!

Damn it, whose phone is that?

Sahil, please check.

Let me check.

Is there a problem?

We'll do that later.

Dismantle this setup.

Raghu, change the setup to bar scene.

You know,
you chose the best place to hide.

I mean, whether you're hiding
from the world or from yourself.

No better place than a theatre.

But hiding here comes
with this terrible play.


Uh, I've heard the story gets better.

Sorry, are you acting in this play?

No, I'm not an actor.

I'm just here for pastime.

No connection with the play.

Just an audience.

Your profile pics are misleading.


Because you look somewhat hot in them.


In person, you look super hot!

Well, let me make this clear...

Whoever wrote this play
has never been in love.

Real, true love.


It seems alright, kind of funny.

Yes, I mean it's not bad. It's amusing.

But the romance is superficial.

Guys... It's getting monotonous.
It's repeating. Let's take a break.

Isn't it realistic?

This is the trend.

That depth is missing...

Which would make you

hold your partner's hand and not let go.

You'd want the love story to never end

to go on and on and on.

Have you ever felt it?

Real, true love.


- You can't go inside. Stop!
- Get out of my way!

Is there another way out?

Yes, there's a backdoor.
What's the problem?

Please show me.

Let's go.

- Which way?
- Sweety!

I'll call the cops!

Let's go fast.



- How far is the metro station?
- Not too far.

But why're we running?

It's a long, complicated story,
I'll tell you later.




Have you gone mad?

- What happened?
- I don't have a pass.

A week's worth of cardio!

So tell me, why're we running?

I have to get somewhere.

Get where?

British Embassy.

I'm late for the Visa interview.

I have figured it!
The thing missing in that play.




I mean... is it really romance?

You swipe on the phone and find love?

The path to true love is complicated.

The tougher the path,
the more magical the story.






- Sweety!
- Hold on. Wait.

Talk to me.

I said talk to me.

I said stay back.
This is a personal matter.

Sweety, stop making a scene.

Stay back I said, or I will...

Leave me.

- Sweety...
- Go. You go!


Somebody might get hurt.

My phone...

- What are you guys doing?
- You sit back, old man!

Why're you...

I had bought a new phone. He broke it.

Okay... Take it easy.

I can't get you a new phone.

I'm sorry, sir.
It was a mistake, please let me go.

Write down your address.

This time, I'm letting you off.

Next time, I'll book you
for nuisance in a public place.


Sir, if you're leaving him, why not me?

No way!

You're booked for three offences.

My swollen cheek.

Traveling without a ticket
and eloping with his sister.


She's your sister?

Sister, is it?
Why didn't you say that earlier?

Is everything okay, sir?

Did Sweety come home?

Yes, long back.

Is that the guy

having an affair with Sweety?

Don't talk nonsense.

- Car keys?
- Here.

Better watch yourself!

And write your address here.

Sir, you heard his sister
is back home. Can I go please?


That's him!

Oh right!

You're Bilal Mirza's son?

The Film Producer.

You guys make such amazing films.

- Nice. Very nice.
- There must be a write-up on me.

Yes, a small paragraph
next to the obituaries.

He wrote that film... Forget Me Not.


How can I ever forget that film?

I went to watch it. It was a lovely film.

The second scene put me in deep sleep.

I woke up at the end.

What a useful movie!

Let him go!

Write down your address and go.
Can't keep you from making lovely films.

I offer a small suggestion for free.

You should sell copies
of your movie at the pharmacy.

Chaudhury Manor, Moga, Punjab.

It's an amazing sleeping pill.
You'll make huge sales.

In person, you look super hot!

You must take me to Switzerland
for our honeymoon.

The path to true love is
full of complications.

The tougher the path,
the more magical the story.

Got the story.

Gotta find a complication now!


Find what?



The elusive inspiration!

- You said small towns would invite us.
- Yes.

I've made up my mind.

I'll write my next play in a small town.

We'll cast local actors
and do shows there.

Which town?

Moga, Punjab.

- Wait. Did you say Moga?
- Yes.

That's terrific news!

East or west, Moga is the best.

You know what, I'll join you.

Poor Moga people will
need to be taught acting.

We'll turn them into brilliant actors.

No... Ms. Chatro.

There'll be accommodation troubles.

I will solve all your troubles.

My aunt lives in Moga.

And she loves guests.

It's a win-win for you.

Free stay.

Free cook.

And above all, a mind-shattering actress!

Time to call your aunt.

Moga will never be the same again.

And listen...

Keep 10 outfits aside
for our fashion show.


- Listen...
- Okay, I'll hang up now.

That's why this dish
is called Nouveau Tandoori Chicken.

Because we'll cook
it without using a Tandoor

and without the Tandoori Masala.

Take a tomato and roll it this way.

This brings out its juice.

Now cut the tomato.

And squeeze...

Add a pinch of...

- Rat!
- Where?

Again a cookery show!

You will turn into a woman!


The TV doesn't know magic. Give it back.

Apply this sauce.

It will kill you.

You should watch such shows.
Look at her lovely outfits.

Such designs can inspire
your fashion show.

Give it back, Mom!


She is wearing such a nice sari to bed.

They are fooling you.

Alright, Joginder. Pay up time.

I need a hot cup of tea.

So, what was the bet this time?

Mr. Chaudhury couldn't
watch the show again

and poor guy lost again.


Small-time players!

Bet on something big sometime,
I'll play too.

Who'll let you play?

First apply for this club's membership.

The fee is 500 rupees.

I see!

So I pay 500 to place bets of 100.

What do I look like to you?

You know what, you should bet
on whether I'll pay 500 or not.

No chance.

Thanks to you, I was in lockup all night.

Do I look like an idiot to you?

I know very well...

You went to Delhi for that lover of yours.

That whole family is in London now.

So what, you'll run away to London?


Alright, tell me.

Why were you in Delhi then?

You didn't go to any college
for admissions.

Don't even try to lie.
I was right behind you.

You were going somewhere else.

Where did you go?

Speak up!

Now you listen to me, Sweety.

And look at me when I'm talking to you.

If you ever step out of the house again

I'll tell dad everything.

You can imagine what'll happen then.

You used to love me, Brother.

I still do, I love you a lot.

Why don't you get it?

Can you imagine what we'll
go through if this gets out?

We'll be the shame of the town.

You and us alike.

Is that what you want?

Whose call is that? Is that...

Done! I'll...

I've been telling you nicely for a year.

But now I'll sort it once and for all.

This bloody internet...

Mom's favorite is Brother Babloo.

And brother's favorite is me.

Here take this.

We'll always stay together.

Sweety, hand me the salad.

How was your Delhi trip?

Found any new designs
for the fashion show?


Where are you lost?

Dad, there's something
I have to tell you.

Sweety is seeing a Muslim boy.

Oh my God!


Are you serious?

Brother, why're you lying?

Oh, am I lying?

Then why don't you tell the truth?

Do you have something to say?

Come on, tell dad, go on.

Dad, further studies in Delhi
is an excuse.

She goes to Delhi to meet that fellow.

Don't let her out of the house
from now on.

And no trips to Delhi.

Or she will run away
and take our reputation along.

Muslim boy?

Is this true, Sweety?

Sweety, you were right.

Something was missing
in that writer's story.

I think he needs your help.

And looks like you need his.

I'm here... in Moga.

Aunty, here are all your groceries.

- Did you get peanuts?
- Of course, I did!

Mr. Sahil, Detective Chatro reporting.

I got all the information.

Mr. Chaudhury owns the biggest
clothes factory in town.

From saris to underwear.

He makes it all.

You could call him
the richest man in Moga.

I have enough underwear.

Did you find the address?

Oh yes!


What's this?

I got a cabbie to draw the Google map
to Chaudhury's manor.

You should join the CID.
You'll be on TV every week!

Mr. Chef?


Mr. Tomato!




Come here.

Give this letter to Sweety.

Mr. Chaudhury's daughter, Sweety.

Thank you.




Here you go. Okay, keep both.


Such a nice aroma!

What are you cooking?

Let me taste sometime.

I'll be a frequent visitor, now.

Thank you.

Why would he call me here?

- I'm sure it's nothing.
- No, he's never called us before.

You called her?

What's the matter, son?
Is everything okay?

Shut the door.

- Why did you call me here?
- At home, Sweety could have heard me.


That Muslim boy has come here.

Good lord.

Dad, there's been some mistake.

No, son.

Last night, he gave me this letter for
Sweety, through the kitchen window.

What were you doing in the kitchen?

Playing hockey!

Can't a man go into his own kitchen?

A man can go into the kitchen...
Only when the oven needs repair.

- I've been telling you for 50 years.
- I've had it with you, Mother!

For God's sake, enough with the kitchen!

Show me that letter.

Oh, the metro guy.

He's given his number.

I'll deal with him.

Don't you worry. I'll show him.

Hello - What's your problem?

- Who's this?
- The guy who bashed you in Delhi.

Oh! The mighty Babloo!

I know you got a lot of butter
in your veins.

Looks like you didn't get enough
in the metro.

If you have any guts,
tell me your address right now!

Oh, of course, I have!

But you see, I'm smart too.

Look, bro... Stay away from my family.

Sweety doesn't need any help from you.

I know when someone needs help.

And hey, put some butter on your
head too, you might get smarter.

- You bloody...
- Bye.

Dad, get Sweety married right away.

To whom? A tree?

This friend of mine. Pankaj.

- He's a great guy.
- Oh please!

This Pankaj will need
five-inch heels next to Sweety.

We can find many great guys.

First class.

I know a place.

The site needs your password.

Where's my password, Billo?

Check your locker, ma'am.


That's a torch.

- Oh!
- It needs new batteries.

Yes. Check the other side.

Here's the password.

Dev Anand.

Oh, you changed the password?

Wasn't it Joy Mukherji?

That's for Facebook.

- What's your email password then?
- Raj Kapoor?



Shall we open your
Insta and Twitter accounts too?

- You can use up all the old actors' names.
- Be quiet!


Look there,
such handsome guys from Punjab.

Oh wow, check out that one.

He and Sweety will make the cutest kids.

Looks charming.

Of course.

And that one is so cute.

Look at the second one.

I like the third one.

Not bad.

They'll look so good.

I wish I never grew up.

Daddy, I'm back from school!

My bullet train!

Come sit. Tell me all about your day.

You know what daddy,
today I drew Cinderella.

And the teacher gave me a ten out of ten.

Simran said she wants to learn from me.

She'll come over today.

And we'll draw together.

Billo, aren't you done yet?

Almost done.

Good... Be quick.

Let me get some papad.

I knew it!

I knew you were up to this, you idiot!

Always in the kitchen. Always!

Someday, I'll also fall in love.

Someday, I'll be a bride.

I'll also fall in love.

I'll be a bride.

Dear God, I hope Gurvinder loves me back.

I'll never have love.

I'll always be alone.

I have got admission
to London School of Art.

I want to study there.

Babloo told me

that boy lives in London.

Isn't that why you want to go there?

My girl.

We can't let you marry a Muslim boy.

You'll have to deal
with too many problems.

First, you'll have to convert to Islam.

Then, kids.
What religion would they follow?

You'll keep adjusting all your life.


Dad, I...

I know...

I know what you want to say.

That you can't live without him.

It's the passion of youth talking.

Look at me.

When I was young, I also had a passion

to be India's best chef.

Mother didn't let me. So what?

It wasn't the end of the world.

I'm a successful man.
I haven't had a bad life.

"Very reasonable Acting class!"

"Be the next Shah Rukh or Priyanka..."

"Classes by the famous
writer and director Sahil Mirza."


Well! You'll become! Sooner or later!

What do you think of the ad?
Mind-shattering, right?

Yes. Completely mind-shattering.

Thank you.

I'll go hand them around.

Aunty, see.

- Hello, Uncle...
- Hello, Mr. Chaubey.

It's cold today, isn't it?

Not like yesterday.

Oh no!

Hey! Just a second.

Wait right there.

What's he doing here?


Wait. Listen up!

Hey. Stop!



- Move aside.
- Will you listen?

Saved yourself?

- He could never catch me!
- Narrow escape.

I run like a leopard!

Are you done?

- You Moga guys love cardio.
- No, I'm from Mathura.

I swear.

Please don't hit me.

I won't tell the Chaudhurys you live here.

- I promise.
- There's one Chaudhury you have to tell.



- Come, let's get some juice.
- I love juice.

I gave 200 rupees to the cook.

He kept the money.
But didn't deliver the letter.

Rs. 200?

Rs. 200 is what you pay
to watch a Bhojpuri movie.

You know what, give me Rs. 500.

I'll do the job.

The Chaudhurys have
locked up your girlfriend.


Of course!

Don't act surprised.

I'm aware of everything.

I know that Sweety loves you.

But the Chaudhurys are hopping mad.


You're a Muslim.

They broke her phone.

She has no way to leave the house.

I'm your only hope. Mr. Chaubey.

Give me a lemon.

Give this to Sweety.


It's missing the seal.



Don't act naive.

Oh man... You're all the same.

This is hard work.

Not social work.

- Don't you get a salary?
- I freelance on the side.

Consider your job done.

Sit back, wear 3D glasses,
your romantic movie has begun!


Sweety, turn over.

I believe we can help each other.

Do come.

Your Delhi Metro friend, Sahil Mirza.

Joginder, how about a grand bet!

Rs. 3000!

- Rs. 3000?
- Yes!

- They're planning Sweety's wedding.
- Right.

Who do you think she'll marry?

Oh, that's easy. Babloo's friend, Pankaj.

I heard Babloo talking to him.

Alright. Come sign here.

Sign? That's new.

Well, it's a grand bet.
We need a contract.

Put your initials.

Here you go.

And I bet it'll be a guy
from the matchmaking app Banihal.


Rs. 3000?


Now that's a real bet!

Count me in.

It's not free-for-all.

What about that membership fee?

Rs. 500.

Come on. Pay up.

Out with it... Crisp bill!

Alright, place your bet.

I bet the guy won't be either
of the guys you say.

Mr. Prophet! That's not how it works.

Give us a name.

Oh sure!

How about you write...

Mister... X.

Mr. X.

So it's a deal!

Rs. 3000!


I've cooked spinach. Want to taste?


This flyer came in today.

Sounds like fun.

Can I join it?

Where are my... Reading glasses?

On the table outside.

Pineapple cake, not chocolate.

And listen, fresh pineapple.

Hanging up.

- Where's my special spice?
- Here.

Oh wow!

Theatre group in Moga!

I knew it!

I just knew that...

Someday, Moga would become
the Bollywood of Punjab.

It's coming true.

You know...

Your grandpa tried every
new design of his company on me first.

He would call you Shashikala.


Go ahead, join.

Uh, I'll keep that.

You can join the class.
We'll go too, Billo.

- Let's all join it together.
- Okay.

I'm a really good cook.

If he was still around today,
he would call me Master Chef.

Hello, everyone.

I'm Sahil Mirza.

I'll be your acting coach.

- This is my assistant, Ms. Chatro.
- Hello.

I just told them.

Oh... Shall I tell the rest?

Bursting with talent.

That's true.

So, we'll practice some acting methods...


Hello, I'm Sahil.

- Hello.
- Hello.

I'm Gifty Chaudhury.

And she is Sweety, my granddaughter.

- Hi.
- I am Billauri.

You can call me Billo.

Great. Please fill these forms.


That's a very nice name... Gifty.

After all, I was a gift for my family.

So, we'll practice some acting methods

and hopefully get to know
each other better.

Right! In the workshop...

So all set then?

Let's start the class!


Put that breakfast to good use.


Now, how does a dog bark?

- Show me how a dog barks.
- Me?

A dog's bark.

How do I do it?

Come on.

Now, show me how a cat meows.

So, we pay him Rs. 250 to learn barking?

In order to act, the dialogues
must come from your heart.

"Turn the lights off."

"I can't look at you when I speak."


So who's going to say the next dialogue?

- Me. Me.
- Yes, of course.

"Don't you get it, Rahul?"

"Everything goes!"

Very lucky!

"Love is a bed of thorns..."

"And I want to lie on it."

That was the best!

Best ever!

Sweety, say a dialogue.

- No...
- You can do it.

- Oh God!
- Come on.

"I make offers that you can't refuse."

"They call me Godfather!"

Oh wow!



Now that I'm in Moga...

Can you tell me your long,
complicated story in short?

What's going on?

You asked me if I'd ever felt true love...

I enjoyed it thoroughly.


Let's go, it's getting late.

Uh, see you tomorrow same time.

No, sir. Not tomorrow.

There's a party at our place tomorrow.

It's my birthday. You must come.

We'll get a DJ, it'll be fun!


You're all invited.

Especially you, Chatro.


See you tomorrow.


Bye, Sweety.

Mr. Babloo, your friend's here.

Pankaj! How are you my friend!

Come meet my sister.

Chicken Tikka's ready.

Now for the Paneer Tikka.
Your service is slow, man.

Mr. Caterer, this sauce is nice.

But if I add one more thing,
it'll become outstanding.

Buddy, get me a tomato.

Now, this tomato...

Roll it gently.

With love.

This will stir up its juices.

Now, slice it.

And squeeze the juice.

I like your work.

You should give me your card.

I can refer you to people.

Uh, I'm Balbir Chaudhury.

Owner of this bungalow.

Oh, the guy who makes underwear!

I mean, garment factory!

Don't be.

Someone's got to make underwear.

So, cooking is a hobby?

Well, I wanted to be a chef.
But my mother wouldn't have it.

I was told to stay miles away from
ginger and garlic.


Nothing in the world smells
better than roasted ginger and garlic.


We were gossiping about Dev Anand.

The family from the matchmaking app...

Your would-be groom is here!

Hello. All well?


What happened?

He has gatecrashed our party.


Grey jacket. Did you invite him?

Yes, he's our acting coach.

No! He's the guy Sweety loves.

Oh Lord!

Throw him out.

Let's find him.




- Bless me.
- Live long.

That one.




We don't have much time.

Your cook saw me.

I don't know
when you'll tell me your long story.

But let me tell you a short story.

My story.

No, I'll sit here.

Bed later.

You know, Sweety...
I've been unlucky for a long time.

But now finally,
it feels like my luck is changing.

First, Mr. Chaubey told me.

Now again, I heard in the party that...

I am the Muslim guy you love.



Well, we're in the same boat.

Listen to me, Sahil, this is...

Sweety, you were right.

The writer of that play
had never felt real love.

He was a fool.

- Sahil...
- By the way...

I'm that fool.

Sahil, just listen...

If I hadn't met you,
I would've never believed that

just one meeting can change
people's lives.

Like our lives have.

- Sahil!
- Yes, my love.

I've had enough!

Marry Pankaj. Marry the Muslim boy.

The Banihal App guy.

My head's about to explode.

Brother Babloo lied to everyone
that I have a Muslim boyfriend.

I have no Muslim boyfriend.

I have no boyfriend whatsoever.

Why does everyone have a one-track mind?

Why is loving a guy my only option?

I... love... a girl.




I'm sorry, there'll be no more classes.


Ms. Chatro will refund your money.

Ms. Chatro...

Come tomorrow for the refund.

Get moving. The class is canceled.

- Hello.
- Hello, Sahil. Hi.

Bad news, man.

The play tickets are not selling.

We had to cancel the show.

The sponsors went back on their word.

There was nothing we could do.

Okay, bye.

Mr. Chef?

Balbir Chaudhury, Sweety's father.

Sorry, sir. I had no idea.

It's alright.

It's fine, son.

There is nothing wrong in being a chef.

Cooking is an art.

But seeing a girl without
her family's wishes.

That's not okay.

I don't have anything against Muslims.

In fact, our company
makes the trendiest Burqas.

My accountant is Muslim. Hamid.

The most reliable man in the company.

But son, inter-religion marriages are...


I understand, sir.

And I'm very sorry for all this mess.

I... I'm leaving tomorrow.

You're a good kid.

See you, son.

Bless you.


That lady who came with you
to the party last night...

- She's a caterer, right?
- Ms. Chatro?

She gave me her card.

- But I think I've misplaced it...
- Mr. Sahil, I've sorted it all.


I lost your card.


But I didn't give you my card.

I see.

That's why I couldn't find it.

Chaubey, working hard.

Yes, cleaning up.

This scooter needs cleaning too.

Come here, I need you for a second.

Sign this.

- What is it?
- You see, you and I are exchanging bets.

Now I'm going to bet on Mr. X.

I see... You think I'll do it?

Do you think I'm a big...

Don't waste my time. Stop daydreaming.

I see.

So, I must've been daydreaming when
I saw you taking Mr. X to Sweety's room.

I saw everything.

How did you see that?

Will you sign? Or should I tell Babloo?

He'll send you packing back to Mathura

and you can spend your life
chanting hymns in Vrindavan.

Oh, of course I'll sign!

No big deal. There you go.

Now, wash my scooter too.

Mr. Chaubey, can I use your phone?

I have to make an urgent call.

Just a second.

Oh no.

You know, Billo sat down on
my phone last night.

It broke into pieces.

I have to buy a new one.


You just wait!

I'll deal with you later.



Use this.

And if you need to go somewhere.
I can take you on my scooter.

Thank you.

Mr. Sahil, my acting career
had just begun and you've ended it.

Ms. Chatro, you are not a good actress.
I am not a good writer.

The sooner we accept that, the better.

Not so soon.

Practice makes a woman perfect.

Your phone.

That girl Sweety had called.

What did she say?

That she wants to meet you.

I told her you're leaving.

- Then?
- She's one crazy girl.

She said she'd still wait for you all day.

At the Gurudwara.

I'm sorry for laughing that night.

I was drunk. I'm really sorry.

Don't worry.

You're not the first person
to laugh at me.

It's a joke to everybody.

I guess people laugh at

what they don't understand.
A guy with a girl is natural.

But girl and girl?

Sorry, I'm just saying...

I know, I've grown up with
this very question.

I often ask God...

Why am I this way?

It was all good when I was little.

Daddy gave me a new name.

Bullet train.

Happy Birthday to you.

I had a lot of friends.

But one very special.


She loved to talk.

And I loved listening to her.

Please God, tell Gurvinder to love me too.

Once, I stayed up all night
and made a card for her.

I was going to give it to her.

That's when I realized
she was not like me.

To her, I was only a friend.

After that, my diary took her place.

I used to hide
all my thoughts and dreams in it.

Sweety's here...

They made up their mind
that I was not normal.

As time passed, I realized
that I didn't fit in with them.

In fact, I didn't fit in with anyone.

There was one other like me...

He too didn't fit in.

Who do you like more
SRK or Hrithik Roshan?

Kareena Kapoor!

Everybody teased us.

But at least we had each other.

One day, I was looking for Brother Babloo.

Come on, show us your catwalk.

Show us or I'll slap you! Come on.

Please. Please let me go.

- Please.
- Take off his shirt.

Take it off.


Now, let's see the catwalk!

Oh my! Check out the damsel!

Do it again.


I felt as though I was the one
brother was slapping and laughing at.

Hey, enough. Come, let's go.

These type of kids are very dirty.

Such kids are like faggots.

They pollute other kids' minds.

We're doing this to reform him.

That day I told myself
that I must always hide my truth.

Because people like me are dirty.

Why did you make me like this, God?
Please reform me.

I had never been so lonely.

My life became a prison.

I would never be loved.

One thing was clear to me.

I'd always be alone.

Then last year...

Last year, I met Kuhu.

- Kuhu.
- Sweety, right?

Hi, I am Kuhu.

Actually, my brother Raza is
quite smitten by you.

He has done his MBA and works in London.

- Actually...
- Hear me out.

POINT 1: Raza is intelligent.

Makes a lot of money.

POINT 2: He's handsome, as you can see.

Actually, I'm also going
to London for further studies.

Shall I tell you a secret?

Whenever I had a crush on any girl...

Yes, a girl!

When I met her, I realized
that I could have happiness too.

Until you don't find true love, Sahil,

we have no clue what's
missing in our life.

I was lost in my thoughts

and didn't notice that
Brother Babloo was watching me.

My happiness was short-lived.

I've been watching you since I was a kid.
You'll bring shame to the family.

Think of dad's reputation.

Hugging girls out in the open!
What will people say?

I keep screaming like a madman.
And you just sit and sulk.

It's a disease.

Can't you cure this disease?

And yet, I couldn't stop myself.

I secretly started going
to Delhi to meet her.

Is there anything I can do for you?

You're the first guy who
I have shared my truth with.

You felt like a friend I never had.

I didn't want this to end
with you laughing at me.

I have no other expectations.


I came here looking for a girlfriend.


But I found something even better.
I found a friend.


What's your plan now?

Kuhu says there's no life for us here.

She wants me to move to London with her.

So, either I escape from Moga

or just escape everything.

End the mess.

Everything as in the world?


This is nonsense!

There will be no escape.

Give me some time to think.

You'll get me in trouble.



- Please sit.
- Thank you.

Sorry, I'm always running late.

Oh, no problem.

Ladies have a right to be late.

- Well...
- Well...

Our company is doing a fashion show.

If you could try one of our designs.

Oh... Thank you.

It's worth a try.

So sweet of you.

Speaking of sweet...

I made something for you.

Ma'am, we don't allow outside food.

But this is not outside food.

It's homemade.

Sir, I'm sorry but...

Just chill, Minty.

Chaudhury Garments will send you
free clothes for a year.

- Thank you.
- Now, can I eat and enjoy?

I've noticed you have a heart of gold.

It's your influence.

Oh wow.

You should've been a chef
at some five-star hotel.

Oh, thank you.

Actually, cooking was just a hobby.

My real passion is acting.

If my parents hadn't got me married...

I could've been India's top actress.

You're married?

Was. I got divorced last year.

Kids had left the nest.

I said to myself, I spent
22 years pleasing others.

Now, it's time to live for myself.


In fact, I told my kids...

Marry if you want to.

Marry whoever you want to.

And don't marry if you don't want to.

Religion, caste,
social status are all irrelevant.

Just make sure...

Whoever you marry is a kind person

and fills your heart with joy.

But you see...

No "you see"!

This is the problem with Indian parents.

They're busy living
their children's lives for them.

Why don't they live their own lives?

And let the children live theirs.

- Will we get dinner by breakfast time?
- Just two minutes.

We have guests.


Oh no!

It's no one.

Please. Come.



You've graced our home.

How is your kind self, son?
In good spirits?

Why's this rascal here?

Calm down, Babloo.

- Hello. How do you do?
- Fine, thank you.

Isn't that a design from our fashion show?

See! It's already getting popular.

Balli, what's going on here?

Why have you invited them?

They are guests.

Set the table.

What're you waiting for?
Set the table. Let's eat.

Please come.

Do sit.

Do start.
Please come and join us for dinner.

The food will get cold.

Sahil, I've been training
in your language, Urdu.

Soon I'll have a rendezvous with
your beloved mother and father.


I declare Sweety's...

Just a minute.

- Nuptials with you.
- What?


I know that you're a kind person.

Just fill her heart with joy, son.

What is this nonsense?

Marry a Muslim boy?

Wait a sec, Grandma.

Is Sweety ready for this marriage?

Sweety, are you?

Of course, she is!

They feel adulation for each other.

They feel yearning, rapture.

He is her paramour. Right, son?

I didn't carry my dictionary today.

What's wrong with you, son?

No, Grandma!

Let them do it.

This solves everything.

Sweety's happiness is key.

She'll get married.

She'll have children.

I can already hear
kids yelling 'Uncle Babloo'.

But, son...


- See, Aamir Khan, Shah Rukh Khan.
- Salman Khan?

Dad, he's an eternal bachelor.

But the others married Hindu girls!

So, why can't he?

- Of course!
- No, just a minute...

No, this is wonderful news!

Wedding bells are ringing.

Dad, time for dessert.

Let's have some sweets.


Come on, pay up Rs. 3000 each.

Not so soon.

Let the marriage happen.
Let the honeymoon begin.

Only then you'll get the money.

Who says you need to get married
before starting the honeymoon?

Naughty you!

Turn down the grin!

This is fine.

If you say yes, I'll marry you.


No... Sweety. What're you saying?

Did you see their faces?

Daddy, Brother Babloo...

I've never seen brother
this happy in years.

Nobody's life is perfect.

This is the least I can do for my family.

What rubbish!

Stop with this sacrifice business.

Just tell them the truth.

I'm sure they'll understand.

Remember they said your happiness is key.

And what shall I tell them?

That I'm in love with a girl?

I can't let dad become
the laughing stock of Moga.


I don't know.

It's okay if you won't.

I'll marry that Pankaj guy.



How are you, my dear mom?

Wow! What a surprise!

You answered my phone and called me dear?

Why do you keep calling your useless son?

Wise words, for a change.

Sahil, is everything okay?

How's your play coming along?

Play got canceled, Mom.

That's why I'm saying I'm useless.

Just wasting my time.

Tell me something new.

I'm of no use to myself, nor anyone else.

I'm a loser.

Well, Sahil, let me tell you a secret.

Half of me worries for you,
the other half is full of pride.

You could've had a very comfortable life.

But you chose to follow your heart.

Put up with your dad's mocking,
refused to take money from us.

You've struggled so much.

But you never gave up.

So don't give up now.

Besides, my boy is very talented!

Remember, you once wrote a story on me.

I still read it sometimes.

It won the contest, remember?

You know, Mom, I just realized why it won.


Because it wasn't fiction, it was truth.

Then don't write stories.

Write a truth.

- Did you make this?
- Yes.

It's sugar-free.

Sir, you're planning
a fashion show, right?


I was thinking,
how about a musical play instead?

- Play?
- Yes.

I'll write it for you!

But... What use is that?

When was the last musical in Moga?


- Mother, when we went with father...
- So, that long back!

It'll be something new for the town.

We'll show this play to Moga.

We'll get media to cover it.


All the characters
will wear your company's clothes.


I can guarantee...

The play will sell your clothes
better than a fashion show.

What an idea, Mr. Sahil!

It's a rocking idea, Dad. Go for it!

I agree, son.

Ma'am, the entire Moga
will love your performance.

Me, you, Ms. Chatro.
Sweety, we'll perform.

Sir, you too.


Come on, Dad...

Sir, you're the star of the show!

Balbir Chaudhury!

You'll get a standing ovation.

- Trust me.
- No, son...

No, son.

I don't know how to act.

Oh come on, I'll teach you.

I have a degree in acting.

See... Problem solved!


But who's going to look after the factory?

I have to go to Ambala for meetings.

We have Babloo!

He can't eat all day!

He's a responsible kid.
He'll take care of Ambala.

He's right, Dad!

I'll sort everything, don't worry.

You just focus on acting.

I'll do anything for my brother-in-law!

- You think I'll be able to act?
- Of course, Dad!

- It's going to be amazing.
- So it's fixed.

- We're doing a play!
- Right...

It'll be the best writing of my life.

Of course, son.

- You know what it's called?
- What?

How I felt when I saw that girl.


How I felt when I saw that girl.

Will this play change anything?

I'm not sure.

But we have to start somewhere.

Everyone is sleeping right now.

Balbir Chaudhury to gift a play to Moga.

Now touch the pan.

Perfect. Very nice.

Now relax.

Try to recollect a life experience
and use it while acting.


You're brilliant!

Laughing and crying scenes are easy.

But... I won't know what to do
in a romantic scene.

Hey, come to the makeup room.

But why?

Just come.





I told you long-distance
relationships don't work.

Why didn't you tell me you were coming?

How would I get this hug then?

- You've colored your hair, right?
- Yes.

Doesn't look nice?

No. Looks really nice!

Bro, is this a circus?


I'll take care of this.

Thank you.

Carry on.

Now, listen.

Till the opening,
you two must keep some distance.

If anyone finds out that you are...

Girl... Girlfriend-boyfrie...

- Girlfriend!
- Girlfriend-girlfriend, sorry.

If anyone gets a clue

my plan will go down the drain.

But what's your plan?

Hair color?

- He's here!
- Mr. Sahil's here.

I feel flattered.

Mr. Balbir, please join me here.

You're the producer.
You're the main guy here.

Please come.

Mr. Balbir Chaudhury, guys!

Before I forget

let me introduce a friend
who's come from London

to act in our play.


Oh, she was in Delhi
at Amrit's wedding too!

How are you, child?

I'm good, thank you.


- The world is so small.
- Yes, very small...

So, our story is a fresh love story.

Two people meet at a wedding
and they fall in love.

Adulation, sir!

As often happens,
everyone is against them.

But in the end,
their relationship gets accepted.

Whatever's 'fresh' about that?

Same old cliched story.

Hear me out, ma'am.

It's a long, messy story.

So, one of the lovers
will be played by Sweety.

And the second lover
will be played by Kuhu.

You've lost your mind.
How do I say that in Urdu?

Just listen to me please.

No, you listen to me!

I'm worried about you.

Is everything alright up there?

What is this absurd story?

Two girls romancing?

It's a fresh story, sir.
There are plenty guy-girl love stories.

Why make one more?

Our story is new.

Lots of people will come to watch it.

Your company's clothes will get
so much attention.

Promotion of two bridal dresses
instead of one!

But, son...

Balli, it's a comedy story!

Why are you worried?

People will really enjoy it.
They'll find such a romance hilarious.

Sure, ma'am.

Sir, I promise you.

We'll get called to Delhi
and Mumbai to perform!

Your company's clothes will
reach that far!

But why would anyone like such a story?

They'll all criticize it.

Nobody will criticize it.
Leave that to me.

I've written a story
that no one will forget.

Believe me.

I think, it's worth a try.

Right! It's worth a try.

Even Ms. Chatro agrees.


Kuhu, Sweety, let's try!

You'll be Sweety's aunt.

You'll play her father.
Real life father-daughter connection.

You'll be Sweety's uncle.
I'll play Kuhu's brother.

Alright then! Let's read our lines once.
And then we'll rehearse on stage.

The news spread like wildfire
across the town.

Well-known businessman Balbir Chaudhury
presents a play called...

How I felt when I saw that girl.

It's a first in Moga.

How I felt when I saw that girl.

Tell us about the play.

It's a new generation play,
written by the new generation.

Love, that's all it is.
How can loving ever be a crime?

This play is ridiculous!

Those are the climax dialogues.

Come on. Focus!

Hey, what's wrong?

I wish we'd been normal.

Our lives wouldn't be so suffocating.

Our families wouldn't have to suffer.

If you call yourself abnormal

what do you expect from other people?


- Greetings.
- That's the consignment from Ambala.

Take it to the warehouse.

Get going, guys!


Oh right! Tomorrow is the show!

You should all come, it'll be fun.

So, Sweety-Kuhu, you'll be hugging.

And, ma'am, you'll say your lines.

Whisper the lines.

- Loud whisper. Okay, start.
- Okay.

And you know...

Sweety, keep hugging...

- Babloo, listen...
- How dare you!

- Babloo, listen to me.
- What's wrong?

- Dad...
- Have you lost your mind?

- How dare you hit your brother-in-law?
- Brother-in-law!

What brother-in-law, Dad?

Don't you see what's going on?

- Babloo, just come with me...
- You...

Leave him. I said leave him!

Don't you understand
what play he's written?

It's a comedy play, Babloo. Calm down.

It's no comedy, Grandma.

It's not even a play.

It's the truth.

Dad, do you think
she is having an affair with this guy?

- Babloo, please...
- Shut up!

I'll beat the crap out of you.

Dad, I lied to you...

To protect her.

To protect all of us.

She's not seeing this moron.

She's been romancing this girl!

Dad, can't you see her illness?

I've known it since she was 14.

I tried my best to make her normal.

But I failed.

'Normal' for whom, Brother?

You want me to fit into
your idea of 'normal'.

But this is my 'normal'.

Did you see that, Dad?

What is this, Sweety?

You want to create a scandal in the city?

Humiliate your father? I'm ashamed of you.

This play will not happen.

Cancel the show.


rip out all the posters in the city.

Yes, Dad.

Come, Mom.

I can't bear to look at her.

There will be a show, Dad.

Rip out as many posters as you like.

What did you say to me?

I would never go against you, Dad,
if this was just about me.

But it's about all those children

who spend their entire lives in loneliness

craving for just one word of understanding

whose childhood gets spent
trying to find some way, any way

to get accepted, to fit in.

Any way to make their
classmates stop laughing.

This play is for the child who lived
her whole life inside her diary.

Whose father said that
he is ashamed of her.

But to be honest

her father is letting her down too.

Watch it, Sweety.

You're crossing your limit.

It's time I did that.

I've been quiet for way too long.

The show will go on, Brother.

Go ahead and do whatever you want.



Please have some tea, my child.

Please do.

I'm telling you, Dad.
We've got to shut down this play.

It'll destroy our reputation.

Just come with me.
I'll set that Mirza straight.

What's up, Moga?

All good.

I'm Sahil Mirza.

Writer and director of this play.

So, if you don't like the play

you know where to direct
the rotten eggs and tomatoes.

I have a request.

Please don't just watch our play.
Feel it in your heart.

How I felt when I saw that girl.

Come on.


- Who's this handsome?
- He is my son.

- Is he single?
- Yes.

Meet my niece! Our girl is very sweet,
perfect homemaker.


So, guys, let me tell you.
Something about myself.

I'm not your typical romantic kind of guy.

But when I saw this girl,
I knew I can't live without her.

So I'm thinking of proposing to her.

- Go ahead!
- I think I'll just do it today?

- Wish me luck.
- Good luck, bro!

Go for it!

Brother, the straight line is over here!
You don't stand a chance.

What does she mean by straight line?


You know, my sister is nuts.

Her sense of humor is weird.

I'll just...

It's been only a day since we met

but it feels like we've
known each other for ages.

Don't know whether
it's a dream or reality.

What the hell is going on?

This is outrageous!


Get up. We're leaving.

Why are we watching this nonsense?
Let's go.

Come on.

Let's get the hell out of here.

Continue. Continue.


Oh dear God. What's going on here?

I had accepted my fate

but you changed my fate.

We have a long battle ahead.

But if you're with me,
I will fight till the end.

What a waste of time!

It is well known that gossip
spreads like wildfire.

By morning, the whole city knew.

- Listen, don't tell anyone.
- These people have no shame.

- It was a mistake to come here.
- Let's go, hurry up.

Dad, this is not the time to hide.

That rascal will shame the Chaudhury name.

And then we'll have to hide all our lives.

We must go, Dad!


Good God!

Get my scooter out!

Aunty. Aunty, please let me go.

- I swear I'll go somewhere far away.
- Be quiet!

Don't you dare set foot out of here.

You've disgraced us enough at the wedding.

Just wait for your dad.
He'll set you straight.

What will the society say?

No one is above the society.

- She has brought dishonor to us.
- Have I called you to guard the place?

This has been my life
ever since I was little.

- What is this, Mr. Chaudhury?
- Let's go.

Repressed, suffocated,
trapped inside my own self.

I'm going to...

Let me out! Let me out!

Let me out! Let me out!

Daddy, let me out! Let me out, Daddy!

Please free me, Daddy.

Please, Daddy.

Daddy, please help me! I beg of you.

Daddy, please set me free!

Daddy, please. Daddy! Please!

And Brother Babloo's favorite is me.

Even brother is like the others,
please change him.

We shall be together forever.

Someday... I'll fall in love.

I'll be a bride.

I'll always be alone.

God, please reform me.

Her father is letting her down too.

Daddy, please help me, let me out.

Disgusting girls!

No matter where you two go

there's no place for you in our society.

They've challenged Indian tradition.
They're corrupted by the west.

Is there even one person
willing to support you?


There's only one way to reform them.

Get them married to boys.

And force them to do
everything that normal people do.

Tie them up if we have to.

No! There's only one fix for them!

- These girls are the filth of society.
- Yes!

Slash their heads!

You are filth!


- Please, sir...
- All of you are filth!

How dare you hurt my child?

How dare you lay a finger on her?
I'll smash your fingers!

Please stop, sir.

It's a play. I was acting.

Sahil, if you were told to marry a man,

would you do it?


Because nature has made you like that.

It's the same with them.

Nature made them this way.

It's not about western influence.

Slapping them, locking them up
won't change the way they love.

It's not an illness that needs a cure.

It's love. That's all it is.

Having love is a blessing from God.

How can loving ever be a crime?


I'd lay down my life for your happiness.

You don't need to run away to London.

You will live your life
the way you want to.

Mr. Balbir...

My Bullet Train.

I thought you took after your mother

but you're just like me.

You see, I like women too.

So mister, still wasting your time?

Anything urgent, Dad?

I just saw this news online

about some hit play in Moga.

Some fresh, fantastic story.

Could you get me in touch with the writer?

I hope he can write my next movie.

My son is the best writer ever!

- I'm coming home, Mom.
- Come soon, baby.

Hey, what about me? Your Dad?



How can you leave without telling me?

Sorry, I hate goodbyes.

Then, don't say goodbye.

Say, see you later.

Coach S-3.

So, what do you say?

You think that playwright
has ever been in love?

Well, he sure got some
complication in his life.

No, but is it the real, true love?
Or still no magic?

He has so much magic

that whoever finds it
will be in for a big reward.

A jackpot!

You must take your play
to small towns and villages.

There will be many Sweetys there.
You could help them too.


- See you later.
- See you later.

- Did you roll the tomato?
- Yes.

- Properly?
- Yes, ma'am.

I'll find out soon enough.



Tadka Heeng Lasun.

How's this name for a restaurant?

Tadka Heeng Lasun?

It's mind-shattering.

Full of aroma.

Thank you.

On that note...

It's worth a try.

It's worth a try.

Back at you.

Ms. Chatro, shall we do a partnership?


What kind of partnership?

Professional? Or Personal?

'Mr.' or 'Ms.' is irrelevant.

X means X.

Do I look like a big...

Yes, you do! Sore loser!

Come here, my little baby.

- Ma'am, bless me.
- I haven't changed so much as yet.


Come, son. Come.

Give all your attention
to the factory now.

I'll get busy with my new restaurant.

You will run a restaurant, Daddy. But...

She has embarrassed me in the community.

Pleasing society is bigger
than your sister's happiness, right?

Dad, I don't understand all this.

It's alright, Brother.

Someday, you will, if you just try.

Subtitle translation by:
Rakesh Sharma, Shelly Chopra Dhar