Ek Jind Ek Jaan (2006) - full transcript

Sukha and Gurjit are engaged, but she is afraid to join him in raising his 3 younger siblings, Karma, Guddi and Channi. He backs out of the arrangement, which enrages her brother, Kundan Singh. Fifteen years later, Sukha's youngest brother and the still angry Kundan's daughter want to marry.

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"One in body and soul"

Enough, guys

I'm very happy today

So happy that I can't even express it

Because today I'll be relieved of
a responsibility,

that my elders had
entrusted me with

My little sister Gurjeet
has come of age

Her choice proves it.
He's Sukhdev, who stands amongst you

I'm getting them engaged

Come here

Your days of hide-n-seek are over.
Exchange the rings

Put this ring on her

Give him your hand

You too

Get started

Sat Sri Akal

Come on brother, hurry.
-Hang on

With me, brother

Come on, brother.
- Now come on, brother

All right, let's do it

Gurjeet, does your fiance
have children too?

Oh no, they are his step-brothers
and step-sister. I'm not his second

Great. You don't have to take
the trouble of having kids

Why not? I'll have my own kids

I'm afraid, you'll have to forsake
your own happiness

You might just end up as a maid
to the kids

You are raving.
- It's the truth

In love, a man gets blind

Bye, sister-in-law.
Sat Sri Akal, brother

Bye, little darling

Bye. Sat Sri Akal
- Sat Sri Akal

Let's go, kids.
- Sukhi...

I need to talk to you

Turn that side

Yes, ask

Sukhi, I've woven lots of dreams
about the two of us


And what dreams are those?
- Like, a house of our own,

where you and I live.
- And who else?

And lots of children

Look Jeet,
there are already three

How many more do you want?
- mean, our own children

Yours and mine.
- They are also our children

Sukhi, there's much difference
between our own children and others'

They might be having
other relations

But our children will be our own.
Our very own

They have no one but me

I hope you understand?


where are you going?
I'm feeling scared

No Guddi, your brother
is going nowhere

Sukhi, there's much difference
between our own children and others'

They might be having other relations

But our children will be our own.
Our very own

Sukhli, it should not happen that,

you fail to take care of the kids
and also break Gurjeet's dreams


if you call off this wedding, what!I
happen to the honour of my family?

Don't worry. I'll send your brothers
and sister to one of those hostels,

wherever you say.
Sinawar, Dehradun, Simla...

Don't worry about the expenses.
I'll foot the bills

Brother Kundan,

A Jat can stand up
and wish for death

But he can't stand across a road
and beg for alms

Thanks for your empathy

I have broken your heart.
Forgive me if you can

Sukhi, you are leaving me because of
your brothers and sister, aren't you?

Can't both us find a solution
to this problem?


No Gurjeet. I have no rights
to shatter your dreams

Your dreams have no place
for my cousins

Likewise, without them, I and
my dreams are meaningless

Sukhi, since you've decided,

get this very clear

You have rejected alliance
with my sister


The day your brothers and sisters
grow up,

they will also kick you
out of the house

I'm no Kundan Singh
if it doesn't happen

Because it is your destiny,
and it will happen to you

Jats are like trees

Jats never cower under their own shades
to save themselves from the sun

Your sister is not destined for me,
my brothers and sisters are

If God wills, no one can set me
and the children apart

We'll all be united

One body one soul


Sukhli, you are very late today.
- Sir, it was a heavy crop

It took time to gather it

The other crop is also ready.
It'll last for an entire year

Scarcity is something
that's out of Sukhi's lexicon

I'm slave to His orders

His will is done,
no one does outside his will

One who understands His will,
will never glorify himself

You ordered for 50,000. I withdrew it
early morning from the bank

Very well, sir.
- Well done, Sukhi

In these times, no one does what you've
been doing for your brothers and sisters

Brother Karam, come on now

You are worse than girls
when it comes to dressing up


Look at me. I woke up with big brother
at 5in the morning,

did all the ch ores, made parath as
for you and I'm already all set

All right,

start the motorcycle
and ride to college

To hell with your motorcycle.
Come out quick, or I'm walking it out

Guddi... don't I look like
Shah Rukh Khan?

Forget it. Just start it and drop me

Be on time to pick me up.
Don't keep me waiting all day

I'll be there

Hey soldier

Hey Subedar Kapoor Singh

My respects.
- Bless you. Where's your father?

He's having food.
- What's that...?

I'm going to college.
- Are you in Guddi's college?

- But she goes early morning

Hers is morning session,
while mine is evening

Well, I don't understand this
morning and evening studies

Bye uncle.

| just dropped the kids home.
You are always flying in a hurry

| came in a bicycle. Hurry up.
-Don't let anyone have food

Eat less. Your tummy will rupture.
- Where to now?

Forget it. Just drive.
- Come on

Get my pizza here.
- Our pizza has brought happiness around

The joy is that we use your bread
and our own vegetables

is fantastic.
- What...?

Vegetables in the pizza?
- Mix all vegetables,

spread them in a bread, and it's like
an Indian marrying a foreigner

It's fixed, boss

I know, I'm just confirming it

Confirming photographs alone?
How about customer?

Here comes my regular customer,
my friend, Karam

Regular customer?

Welcome tiger, I was waiting for you

How are you, Ghugi?
- Fine and hungry. Was waiting for you

How's your hotel doing?
- Fine, We are doing fine

What are you looking for?
- This box is empty like my cash-box

What do I eat now?

Eat lentil-parathas with curd. Why do
you have to go for imported stuff?

Forget it, cut the crap

I don't want to die eating lentil soup
in my hotel

I'm thankful to the truckers
who make do with stale food

We cook fresh lentil
when the earlier one sprouts

Wonderful. That's why we have
token system here

Someone who comes here once,
goes back never to return

Stanki! The milkman is here

Hi, Swaran Singh.

Where are you, guys?
Get the vessel

Come on, guys! May you die!
When there's work, you guys vanish

Give me half alitre

Half litre? You ordered 20 litres.
- I must've been drunk

I don't want to bathe in milk

No customers come here.
We make tea just for the three of us

What do I do with 19.5 litres?
- Good question

Take it home and make cream out
of it and feed your kids

Your kids will bless you.
Give me half alitre

Sat Sri Akal, brother.
My respects

You've come out trumps!
- Only the results will tell

Even before the results, I know that
my kid brother is going to...

top the examinations

Here's your fees

Now some money for shacks...
- No brother, I have money

Check if you have some.
- I got hundred

Give it here

Counting like a shopkeeper

Come to the canteen, let's have tea.
Come on, brother

We'll have tea at the gurudwara,
also have food

It's my kid brother,
studying medicine

Silly girl! Wait

Come on, take it.
- Wait... why don't you listen to me?

I'll sock you

Silly, it carries money for my fees

My brother had come to give it.
- Just fees?

Tell your brother to fill
sackfuls of money

Sackfuls of money?

What for?
- have spoken to father

He's sending me abroad
for further studies

Go abroad alone. I'm going to
finish my studies...

and set up a dispensary in the village.
- What?

Set up a dispensary in the village?
Not a hospital with me in the city?

What's there in a city?

Just imagine. When my fair lady struts
about the dispensary in the village...

in jeans and T-shirt, you will
become the talk of every house

Enough. You village guys know
how to flatter

Who'll care about you in the city?
- What...?

I'm off.
- Mutto, listen...

You are cross. Sit down

Look at me

This way... please, Mutto

Look into my eyes

Lovers don't stay in cities
or villages

Then where do they stay?

Where the slogans of romance resonate,
where love is celebrated


"Love is a sweet goal,
its paths beautiful"

"It is precious than a diamond,
cheaper than soil"

"Come, let me hold you closer
and ward off the evil eye"

"May love soar high"

"The heart you live in, "

"God resides"

"To the music of breaths, "

"my heart sings"

"You are the rosegarden
that Spring rules"

"May love soar higher"

"You are the drop, "

"where the seven seas meet"

"Why should I see anyone else..."

"Now that my eyes
have clapped on you?"

"My body, my heart,
I'll sacrifice for you"

"May love soar higher"

Here we are at the gurudwara

Your vehicle is quite battered

What are you doing here?

I'm the president of the gurudwara.
The faces I hate,

I don't want to see them around it.
Hear that?

Brother, this is a house of God.
You can't stop anyone from coming here

No Kapoor, let's go.
- What kind of a man are you?

Someone is humiliating you in public,
and you are stopping me

You don't know the inside story.
- Forget it

Let me clear this first

I'm silent, and you don't seem
to stop raving

What will you do?
- Kapoor, listen to me

Let's go, brother.
- He's trying acting smart

| can't be more decent.

Gyan Kaur, Attari Wali

- Here's your order


Grandma, this is not temple offerings,
it's pizaa

Take it and pay 60 bucks.
- 60 bucks? What for?

When did I order a pizza?

| ordered it for you

Here's the money, kid.
- Thank you

Why did you order pizza for me?
- To cool you down

Let's share the pizza,
and rid yourself of the temper

Don't act smart with me.
I'm not talking to you

You didn't read my daughter's letter
from Canada for me. Bloody teacher

My spectacles were broken then. Now
| can read the morning prayers for you

You still read the morning prayers?

You should have known it
by-heart at this age

| just remember your name by-heart,
nothing else

Get lost. You're taking liberties

Where is it?

Not here

Where did it go?

What is it?
- Did you see a box in the almirah?

The brown one?
- That's right

| trashed it outside

What...? Outside?

"Two pieces of sugarcane each
for you and me"

"Let's share..."

"The sweet and sour berries"

"I shall sit you up
on a teeny-weeny bicycle"

"Hurry up and sit,
I'll take you around"

"Let me swing you,
trust me"

"Let's share..."

"The sweet and sour berries"

"Two pieces of sugarcane each
for me and you"

- What are the two of you doing here?

Bunked school?
- Father, Karam didn't feel like going

He stopped me too.
- He doesn't study,

he won't let my daughter study either.
- I'm not interested in studies, uncle

What will you do then?
No one will employ you

I don't care.
I'd ride tongas like you

Great. When you take to the horsecart,

I'll take to airplanes.
What say, Nimmo? Let's go

Let's go

Karam, we're leaving the village
and going to the city tomorrow

Won't you give me anything
before I leave?

Tell me, what do you want?
- Red bangles

Red ones? Why not some other colour?

No, I want only red ones

| saw a girl wearing red bangles
in school. Looked so beautiful


Not enough

Dhanya ... give me a hand

Hang on... easy.
- How are you? Sat Sri Akal

Here you are

What's that?
- 50,000

Keep it.
- Your favours are burdening me, Sukhi

You gave me money during my wedding,

then you bought me a horsecart
to earn a livelihood

Now when I'm leaving for the city,
you're giving me money

Why are you doing this, buddy?

Please give it to me.
- No, no way

Please give it to me, I beg of you

Pay up later

Here you are. Go on

May I say something?
- Please, brother

| want this friendship
to turn into a relation

- mean,

Nimmi, your daughter...

she studies with my Karam
and also plays with him, we all know

I mean...
If she and Karam are married...

Damn you, Sukhi!
Just this much?

Come here, Nimmi

From now on, Nimmi belongs
to your family

Here, have a sweet, brother

Have it,
my little daughter-in-law

- You get in and give them a hand

Come on.
- Come on, Nimmi

Bye, sister-in-law

Give me a hug.
- Take care of Karma

I will

Okay, I'll write. Get down.
- Listen bhabhi,

Nimmi mustn't lack anything
when it comes to her studies

If you need something...

What's up, dear?
- The train to Delhi...

It left long back

What's this?
- Brother,

these bangles of childhood
were left with me at the station

I couldn't give them to Nimmi.
And out of the blue today,

| was about to lose them

And those memories ruined my sleep

Ruined your sleep, eh?

Brother, I don't know why I felt
as if, the way I was about...

to lose the bangles,
I'd lose Nimmi too

You mustn't think like that

Dhanwant Singh must be involved
with work, so he must've forgotten

Don't you worry.
Your big brother Sukhdev...

knows how to remind Dhanwant

Get up now. I'll grab him by his neck
and remind him

Come, my little one

The girl is amazing

Here you are.
- Wow! Bless you

The lentil soup and vegetables
are fantastic. A dish's delight!

Always praising me. Won't you let me
taste your hotel's fare once, brother?

Are you crazy?
I don't want to kill my sister

The doctors are crazy, they administer
shots to make someone unconscious

Just let the patient
sniff at any of my vessels

Trust me, he'll go into a coma
for two years

A sign in his hotel reads, "Customers
are responsible for their own lives"

You guys are raving.
I don't understand a thing

He praises his hotel. "One who eats
at his hotel never grows old"

-One who eats at my hotel,

loses his life in his youth

Amazing, Dhanya

Hello there!

Why are you entering
without permission?

And why are you putting your head out
like a camel?


Does this mansion belong to Dhanya?
-Oh no,no one here by that name

It belongs to my boss Mr Kang

Are you from Haryana?

Sat Sri Akal. You are my neighbour then.
- Oh well

Amazing. How come he recognised me?

My, my!

From a horsecart
to a golden umbrella

From thorns to flowers

Yes? Who do you want to see?

It's brother Sukhi!

Look at her elegance!
- What a surprise!

Sat Sri Akal, Tej.
- Sat Sri Akal, brother

This is how one should attack someone
who has forgotten the village

Well, how can we forget you?

Is all well back home?
- All's well there

Everything seems to be wrong here.
Where's Dhana?

He's inside, busy in a meeting.
Wait here, have some tea

No, thanks.
I'm also here for a meeting

- Brother... listen to me...

Mr Mittal, what's your idea
about my project?

The project is fantastic. But what
do we do about the slums around?

What we've been doing all these years,

What's the problem?
Just a spark is enough

Look who's here to meet you

What are you looking around for?
If you don't recognise me,

at least recognise your buddy
from the warmth of his embrace

Yes, I recognise you

Don't worry, everything will be fine.
Ups and downs happen in business

Go outside, I'll be there soon.
Go on

Paupers! Wonder where they come from!
- Mr Kang, who is he?

I don't know. No idea

Don't you have brains? Are you a fool?
How could you just barge in? Strange

And why didn't you stop him?
- Well...

Anyway... here's 100,000

While leaving the city, you gave me
50,000. I give you 100,000. It's quits

I.. I didn't come for the money

- Do you remember?

We had given Nimmo a sweet
at the station, remember?

| have come to seek her hand
for my little brother Karma

My daughter will marry
your penniless brother?

Each guy inside is worth a billion

You think their sons are not worthy
of my Nimmo? Why'd I beg of you?

You've gone crazy!
You've gone crazy, Sukhi

MN] \ \ \b\

Oh no, I'm crazy. I've gone crazy

Look Sukhi,

now that you've got your money,
go and board a train and go home

I'm so very glad to meet you

Give him some food to eat,
he must be hungry. I'm off

Dhanwant Singh!

I'm not that hungry.

Your appetite seems to have grown
in degrees

Goodbye, brother

Brother Karam,
I'm drying the clothes,

why are you sitting under the sun?
Who has left you on tenterhooks?


Unless there's news of her from Delhi,
no one can move him from there

My brother is handsome.
Is there a dearth of girls for him?

There is no dearth here either.
If he takes his mind out of her,

I'll make a beeline of girls for him.
- Cut the crap, will you?

Brother should be here now

He is here!


- My respects

My respects, brother.
- Dhanyahas agreed for the marriage

- Nimmi will come here as his wife

Really, brother?
- I couldn't believe it, Guddi

Dhanya hugged me tight
oh seeing me

Then he sobbed with his head
oh my shoulders

He got sentimental.
Then he the way he treated me,

the way he served me,
I just can't tell you

Really? Let me go and tell
the entire village about it, brother


Come here

You can't be in a hurry
as I am

Had I my way, I'd have
called Karam over...

got them married
and brought them along

But the priest put spanner
in the works

- Says, it's bad for one and half years

- The planets... planets are in descent

So what if the planets are malicious?
We'll bring the priest around

Guddi, I'll give it to him


Brother, may I say something?

I don't want to marry Nimmi

- Where my brother is humiliated,

I can't marry a girl from that house

Who told you that?
- My heart, brother

My heart

No, Dhanya gave lots of respect,
just that your stars...

| understand everything

Since childhood, I have used
your eyes as my mirror

Don't tell me that I can't see well

I understand everything, brother.

I.. I had forgotten that...

I can't hide my soul from my body

Dhanadidn't respect me

And Nimmi, brother?
- I didn't meet the poor girl

Lady... lady...
- Hello!

How dare you barge in like
the Punjab Express? Who are you?

Th e wash erm an.
- We have our own wash erman

Who are you?
- Your wash erman. I've got the cloth es

Getting ironed clothes along does not
make a washerman. Who the hell are you?

- What's the ruckus? What's going on?

This man barged into our house
and claims he's our washerman

Why don't you tell her?

Lady, I'm really unfortunate

| came to the city in search of a job.
And your washerman sent me here

Yours is a palatial house.
You tell me, will I get a job here?

It's like, calling out to Mama
even before being born

Are you abusing me in Punjabi?
I'll whack you

Oh no Nekiram, he's not abusing you.
It's a saying in Punjabi

| see. It's all right

What will you do then if not study?
No one will employ you

I don't care.
I'd ride tongas like you

Son, you speak Punjabi so beautifully.
Where are you from?


Village Jagtouli


That's our village.
Whose son are you?

Why don't you tell her?
- No, not Jagtouli

I'm from neighbouring Kumrana

| see. Listen, this boy
is from our village

What do I do then? That silly man
Sukhi also had come from our village...

to seek my daughter's hand
for his brother

The penniless dreams of
owning a castle!

Why do you say such things?
One respects even a dog of his village

He needs a job. God knows
if Bihari will return or not

Let him stay with Nekiram

What are you saying, lady?
He'll stay with me in my room?

Do you want him to use
my husband's bedroom then?

What have you thought of him?

You take care of the villagers,
don't send them to me

Thank you, sir

Yes Mr Jindal, don't worry.
The bulldozers will run

Thank you so much, Mr Chowdhary

Let's together take care of the work.
Here you are

And get the clothes for ironing.
- I'll fix you

I'm going shopping,
I'll be back before lunch

Who are you?
- Nimmi, he's from our village

He's here in place Bihari

Why employ someone from the village?
We'd rather have had a Nepalese

Perfect line. But why are you
You know the LOC, don't you?

LOC. Line Of Control.
- Correct

This line is LOPH.

Line Of Punjab And Haryana

Across the line is your Punjab

And this side is my Haryana

Haryana, the best,
where milk and curd galore

This pot of water...
it's lying in the middle

why don't we break it into two?
- Off you go

If you touch the pot,
I'll thrash the hell out of you

Here you are.
The pot and water are on my side

The pot is on your side, Nekiram

And the tap, the dam,
is on my side

If we stay united,
you will be happy

Else, I'll stop it

What will you stop?
- Water supply

Channi, how are you?
I'm Karam, calling from Delhi

Guddi, it's Karam.
- Really?

Where are you, brother? I had called
my friend, but you didn't go there

Didn't feel the need to go there.
Nimmi's washerman did the job for me

I've even got a job at Nimmi's place.
-What? You got a job at Nimmi's house?

It's a long story,
I'll tell you later

Then you must've seen Nimmi too.
How does she look?

Okay. She's changed

Is she beautiful?
- Rather okay

Not better than your brother

He thinks he's Shah Rukh Khan

Who the hell is singing away?

"I tasted love, "

"when I was born"

"It's etched even in my bones..."

"0 dear Lord"

"Should my beloved..."

"Agree, "

"Il even be her slave..."

"I'm willing"

"Oh dear me, "

"but she did not agree"

"And by washing cars clean..."

Shut up!
- "I lost my own colout"

Bloody idiot!
Can't you be quiet?

"Washing cars,
I'm so immersed in it.."

Wait till I teach you how to sing

Screaming first thing in the morning!
He's ruined my sleep

"She's changed"

I'll fix you.
What's going on here?

"She's changed colours"

Can't you hear?
What's going on here?

Nothing, lady.
Just singing Waris Shah's Heer

Ass! Cut the crap!
What does it mean?

It has a very deep meaning, lady

When Ranjha was cleaning
Heer's bullocks...

Waris Shah wrote so...

Why the hell are you singing?

Why are you screaming?
There's no contest going on here

What's up, Nimmi darling?

Who are you screaming at
early morning?

Mummy gathers nuts at home.
This gentleman is new here, from Punjab

He's been singing, screaming his
lungs out since daybreak

If he's from Punjab,
he has the right to sing

Because Jat kids have taken more to
music than ploughing fields of late

Pal, music?

Should I break his instrument
or meet your parents first?

Forget him

Sir, clean my car too

Cleans the cars well

Haryanvi, who's that pigeon?

Not a pigeon,
he's the lady's fiance

Do you understand?

All of Punjab is out to become singers
of late. In every brick you'll find one

Sit with Papa, I'll join you soon

My respects, uncle.
My respects aunt

Live long, son.
- What's up, Pal?

- What about your tennis tournament?

Fine. I reached the semi finals,
but I lost in the tie-breaker

Never mind

Uncle, aunt, my parents were asking
about mine and Nimmi's engagement

What's the hurry, son?
- They are going on a world tour...

for two months. They want to,
if possible...

Possible? It will happen.
At Nimmi's birthday party...

we'll announce the engagement.
Two birds in a stone

Get up now

Bloody drunk! My bitterest enemy

Why me?
Do you intend to marry someone else?

Damn you! Won't you say good things?

You're lying careless here, while the
other men have even returned from work

All you do is wail about your hotel
not doing well

It won't do well, because every morning
you serve me expletives for breakfast

Damn your tongue! Have you ever
said to me early morning...

"Get up, my prince.
Good morning"

| see. Do you ever bid me good-night?

Tell me something, my Lord

What did you have with bread
last night?

I think I ate it dry

My foot! Bloody drunk!
You drank up all the lentil soup

And ... I had to dunk dry bread
in tea for dinner

Don't cry like that,
it tickles me

What do I do if not booze? My hotel
doesn't run, my servants starve...

I think of setting up anew business.
- Listen...

What is it they call in English...?
Yes, Vastu Shastra

I tell you, find an expert
and set up the hotel elsewhere

Fate might look up on us.
- You talk sense like the lunatics

I'm going to the gurudwara.
- Get off my back!

Get this clear! Do not come home
drunk tonight. Hear that?

Why should I not drink?
What's the idea for tonight?

It's the first today

She's talking about Vastu Shastra
as well as mundane rituals

What does one do after all?

Truth is Thy name, WaheGuru

Where have you been early morning?
- Nekiram, have some offerings

Let me cover my head.
- Have some more


Offerings, lady

You should cover your head
and accept offerings

You too, lady.
- Did you go to a gurudwara?

Yes, lady

It's the first today.
Don't you remember?

Nobody remembers in the city about
new months, new-moons and full-moons

That's the problem in the city.
People remember their birthdays,

but they forget the anniversaries
of their gurus


Ms Nimmi...
- What is it?

May I ask something?

Don't you remember anything
about your village?

Yes, I don't remember

Keep your love for your village to
yourself. Don't you dare talk about it

Or you'll see the worst of me! Follow?
Always harping about the village!

What's wrong with her?
- Nothing, son


what are you eating?

What's that?

Can't you see I'm having popcorn?
- I do. Popcorn is not worth munching

Here you are... I got this for you

Try it.
- What's the difference?

That's very salty
while this is very sweet

Try this once

Never had corn?

I told you, mind your own business.


come here

Give it to me

Here you are.


Damn you! Why do you booze
and ram into people?

Fools! Why don't you quit
this cursed disease?

Come closer

Bloody fool!
- Get lost, drunk!

Damn you!
Heard what your friend say?

Shame on you!
- No, bro

Booze Is not worth quitting

| say, kick your family

| say, drop your wife and kids

Abandon your parents

1 tell you, renounce even your body!
But why booze?

Right! No quitting booze.
- When a man falls after he's drunk...

dogs lick at his face!
- Very good

Dogs don't lick a sober man's mouth

Dogs lick a drunk's face
because they love him

Of immense courage, like brave men,
was the Princess of Jhansi

Louse! What you blow up over booze,
you don't even earn at the hotel

God knows what my parents punished me
for by marrying me off to a drunkard

Get lost!

If your eyes can't bear to see,
raise a wall between us,

I can't quit booze

Get lost

Good Lord! I hope you are not hurt?
Tell me

Forget my injury. For God's sake,
don't pick me up from here


I'll fall again

God! What do I do with him?

Do what? Give the saint some blankets.
This is where he'll camp for tonight

Charu, Meena, Simran, Priyanka,
Vandana... did you write their names?

Lady, your tea

Shall I leave?
- No, wait here. Let me sauce you

Nimmi, don't you think this man
is a bit oversmart?

He thinks he's Mr India

Mr India? I see. Then shall I make
areal Mr India out of him?

Listen man,

give me your hand

Count the gravels

Count them, boy

I've counted them. If you have
any doubts, count them yourself

Good joke.
- He pulled one on you


- You are marrying

Yes. Why?

wanted to know if you are sure the one
you are marrying will keep you happy

What do you think?
- What do I say about the city-bred?

If he were a villager,
I'd have told you

Did you find a villager?
Are you married?

| did find one, but I lost her
in childhood

| found her again in adolescence,
but I can't tell her anything

Why? Where is she?

She is very close to me,
but I don't know if I should tell her

Why think? Just tell her

shall I...?
- Yes, go ahead

- Yes..

Pal? Stay there, I'm coming

Tell mummy that I've gone out with Pal

Neki, distribute the cake
among the guests

Come here, pick it up

It's time to put your love
to test, Karam

If Pal puts the ring
on her finger tonight,

you will lose her forever

Just let Nimmi know that...

you still harbour the love
of your childhood in your heart,

then whatever the consequences,
don't care about it

Don't think much,
hurry up

You have very little time.
Very little time

Happy birthday

Happy birthday, lady

Please open it and see

Sure, but a gift is opened later.
- It'll be too late

Please take a look.
- She told you! Later

You don't need to interfere

Please take a look, lady

Go ahead, Nimmi.
Check out his set of diamonds

What's that?

Lady, don't you remember?

Amazing! Fantastic

Great sense of humour, Is this
what you insisted on opening?

Look what he bought

Glass bangles meant for kids,
for his mistress

Were you out of your mind?

Friends and buddies,

on this happy occasion
| wish to give you another good news

I'm honoured to announce that
I'm giving my daughter's hand...

to my close friend
Mr Jindal's son Pal

| request all of you to come forward
and bless the kids

"Two pieces of sugarcane each..."

"For you and me"

"Where have the games gone,
my love..."

"That you and I played?"

"Where have the games gone,
my love..."

"That you and I played?"

"Two pieces of sugarcane each
for you and me"

"Where have the games gone,
my love, that you and I played?"

"The blossom of my love
has faded away like memories"

"For all my memories of you,
why have you forgotten me?"

"Many seasons have passed, "

"it's too long"

"Where have those games gone..."

"That you and I played?"

"Those bygone days!
Where are they hidden?"

"Those joys of childhood!
Where have they gone?"

"Why is this distance created
between us?"

"Where are those games..."

"That we played, my love?"

"Two pieces of sugarcane each
for you and me"

"Where are those games
that we played, my love?"


Yes, lady


That Karam, who even today...

stands at that very station
with your wee little bangles...

and waits for you

He wants to ask you,

if he should wait or go away

Wonderful, Mr Kang.
You've proved your friendship

You invited us home and treated us
with great respect

We'll remember that. Come on, son.
-Hang on, dad

Uncle, your servant sings well

Your daughter plays well with hearts

Why don't you learn music?
You'd set up a drama company at home


Now what?

Nimmo has gone after Karam
to placate him

What do I do then?

Go and bring Nimmo back

Who do I bring back? One who
denied the engagement ring in public?

You want me to bring her back?

Don't kids have any responsibility
towards their parents...?

Should parents tell them that also?

Look, it's not Nimmo's fault

We should peep into ourselves

Do you remember what you told Nimmo
about Karam?

Looks like she's back. No matter what,
go and tell her the truth

Yes, I lied. I lied that
Karam married and went to Canada

Because I didn't wish
to have anything...

with Sukhi's family

And don't forget that your wedding
is fixed with Pal

Then you also don't forget, Papa,
that while leaving the village...

you had yourself fixed
my alliance with Karam

Do you want me to dig old graves,

and talk to the dead?

No! I want to forget the streets of
the village just as I would a nightmare

You want to revive the nightmare?

| want to remind you of the promise
you made to Sukhi

| will keep the relationship...

that I had with Karam in childhood

Don't you have any duties
towards your parents...?

Who raised and educated you?

I'll be indebted to you forever,

one lie from you sowed hatred
in my heart for my own village

And I'm very grateful to Karma,

who turned that hatred
into love again

Trust me, the love for me that I saw
in the eyes of Karam,

has wiped out Pal's name
from my heart forever

Mummy, you know that your daughter
will never do a wrong

Yes dear

So, on my behalf tell Papa that...

marriage is an important turn
in a girl's life

And by taking Karam's hand
I've taken that turn

You know that I'm very stubborn.
| say once, it's forever

Why are you In tears?
What's the matter?

Only a mother can understand
a daughter's grief

You just don't care

Do you even know? Nimmi hasn't
eaten anything since three days

You are strange. You think
I'm stone-hearted?

If Nimmo doesn't eat, it's her wish.
Not my fault

She is also stubborn like you.
Just watch

She'll marry Karam, no one else


God has given us only one daughter

We just want to see her happy.
What difference does it make...

if she marries Karam or Pal

Your business is so vast

Karam can help you in your business

Karam is an oaf, a wastrel.
What can he do? Nothing

What could you do back home?
You used to ply a horsecart

Karam Is a boy of this generation

He'd be knowing a few things
more than you, not less

Nimmi, my child...

what am I hearing?

Won't you talk to your father?

Your mother told me that
you haven't eaten for days

My childhood sweetheart
was humiliated

Even after that you think
I'll feel hungry?

But dear, whatever I did
was for your welfare

If you love Karam so much,

then fine, I'll marry you off to him

Really, Papa?
- Happy?

Papa, you are great.
- My crazy little daughter

| love you, Papa.
You are great

But I have a request, my child.
- Please tell me, Papa

I have seen village life
rather closely

And I know your nature

| feel after marriage,
you won't take a liking to the village

No way

All I request is,
after marriage...

you and Karam should live with me

Whatever belongs to me,
belongs to you and Karam, right?

Am I right, dear?


Are you happy, my child?
- I'm very happy, Papa

You remember your promise?
- What promise, Papa?

Strange. You and Karam
will be living with us

Yes, yes

It's a joyous occasion, Mr Chopra.
Take it

Very pretty

Stop it

Stop it! You'll die

Sukhli, did you ever imagine,

we'd have such a blast
at Karam's wedding?

I never imagined it'd be
so grand, really

It's His orders. God's grace

Sukhl, it's not God's grace,
it's my grace

My daughter insisted on marrying
your penniless brother

| agreed

On the condition that she and Karam
will live in my house

He had come to my house for a job,
now I think of confirming his job

I'll pay him handsomely

Karam will forget the roads
to his village

Food is my forte

There's less salt in chicken,
check it

I'll get it checked.
- Go ahead. If I'm wrong,

I'll slipper your head

Listen Karam, how did you
find the girl?

Does her father own a pizza hut?

No. He's a cook at your hotel

She's not from Delhi,
she used to play right here

Play? You mean in a team? Hockey?

Full back? Forward?
Goalkeeper? Goal!

Tell me honestly,
am I right or wrong?

Seems wrong, but it might be
just right

Gurdit Singh said, Karam's wife
is educated in the city

She won't be interested in the village.
- Why do you care?

Shut up, ass!

Give me the chicken,
let me check the salt

Where's the chicken?
- Ate it

You've bought the bones
for immersion after cremation

He's cleaned the bones
as if he has used a whitener

You've cleaned it so well,
1 give you full marks

It depends on Karam, how he
manages to keep his wife happy

You know what I mean by happy?

Harnam Singh, you are talking like
a boy who's going to join college

You are wagging your tongue
amongst oldies

Beat that

"If you are making a nose-stud
for your wife, "

"buy us jewellery too,

"Relationships will break"

"I could die for you"

"Sell me at the market..."

"And buy an ornament for yourself"


Yes Papa, Nimmi here

Of course

You are just bothering yourself.
I remember

I haven't spent a night
in the village yet

It doesn't happen in a trice

Yes, I remember my promise.
Okay Papa, I'll hang up

What happened, Nimmo?
What's on your mind?

Karam I was wondering,

had we met a little later,
had I married someone else...

and then found out the truth...
what'd have happened?

It was impossible, Nimmi.
You were destined for me

How can someone else take you away?

Know how I found you?
- How?

A chunk of jaggery,
handful of sugar,

has anyone seen my Nimmi?

Here, here, here, here...
I've found her!

Sukhi! Kulwant and Kuljeet are fighting
again over their shares. Please come

Let's go

I'll fix you!
You think big of yourself, eh ?

I'll fix you! Thinking big, eh?

All thanks to you
for provoking your husband

There! Even she's got a tongue.
The liar becomes a lawyer

You steal the house to fill up
your parents' coffers

Don't drag my parents in! I'll burn
your tongue. One doesn't rob beggars

I'll fix you!
- Just you wait, I'll break your teeth

Had we known you'd ruin this house,
we'd never have taken you as a bride

| filled up your house. I brought
a truckload of dowry with me

Just you wait! I'll fix you'!
- Let go! I'll show you

Let go! Why are you fighting?
You ought to be ashamed

Stop it!
Are you guys crazy?

Are you out of your minds?
- Sukhi, it's beyond repair now

You decide for us.
- Decide what?

You grab your elder brother's throat
and you want a decision, eh?

Chief, Sukhi... summon the council.
I want my sh are, we can't stay together

Yes, summon anyone you want!
-Cut the crap!

Do whatever you want,
summon the council

Let the secrets unravel, let the world
know what's in your house

Damn yourselves!

Here you are, Kulwant

And Kuljeet

The council has decided for you

Harnam Singh,
- Yes chief?

Go to their house, make a note
of all the things,

divide them into two
and build a wall in between

Very well, chief

Well, do you brothers have
anything to say?

No, everything is fine

Kulwant Singh, what are you
thinking of now?

| wanted to ask you something, Sukhi.
- Tell me

I and my brother played together,
studied together,

slept under one blanket...
and what went wrong?

We even divided our vessels!
It always happens in families

But why does it happen, Sukhi?

Not always, it happens
in the families...

that bring home bedrocks,
not brides

On a bedrock is raised a wall

There are few tigresses who leave
their bedrocks at their parents'

You mean all the fault lie
with the womenfolk?

No. It takes two to tango

The fault lies more with the elders

The elders must separate the boys
even before their weddings

Or, they must be tactful
and sensible enough...

to keep the family united,
like a fist

Stanki, how's our new hotel?
Do we have the counter rolling?

Boss, the Vastu Shastra expert said
the entrance should face the east,

so that it'll pull crowds in hordes.
Not even a flea has entered yet,

forget about customers.
- Find out if this is east

Because |I've never seen the
rising sun. Well, don't lose hope

Someone might drop in

God is merciful.
An army of saints

Saint Girdharilal from Dhuni
has come to grace your new hotel

Luck will shine on your hotel
from now on

Stanki, quickly lay three plates.
- We are four

And tell the cooks to make bread

Son, your hotel will prosper
and flourish from now on

Clarified butter for the bread!
Add cardamom to the vegetable dish

Make it three!
- But we are four, brother

Your hotel will turn
into a five-star

Don't you think there's
too little space?

Anyway, the saint's blessings
will do the job

Make Malai Kofta also for three

But we are four.
-Son, by the saint's grace,

you will soon own a 35 feet long car
worth 3.5 million

Three pudding, chilled!

At least make the pudding four

Make it four! Happy?

You have ordered so much, son.
But nothing seems to have come out yet

Actually... come here

See, we both have been
playing with words

If you have money, if you have conned
someone, you can eat here. Or, move on

Watch your tongue!
Or, the saint will curse you

That's like it!
I knew he sells liquor

Saint, let me have a quarter

Fool! Not liquor, curse!

I shall curse you!
- Just you listen

I'll rip you apart with this!

What is found is what is earned.
Keep it, we can use it for grinding

I'm very happy, Karam

Nimmi was separated in childhood,
today she has returned home

Now that you are here,
relieve me

What can I do for you, brother?
- Take care of the house

Marry her off,
bring a bride for him...

Any problem?
- No way

- Brother, give her the keys...

and make it easy for us.
- Easy? How?

It's hard to dig your pocket,
but we can raid her purse at will

Here you are, dear

God bless you

Lord, my Master,

save my little family
from the evil eye

"May no one cast an evil eye
upon my little world"

"May no one cast an evil eye
upon my little world"

"May this family be always
happy and prosperous"

"Every moment this heart prays
to God Almighty, "

"May this family be always
happy and prosperous"

"In our courtyard,
happiness abound"

"It's the mercy of the Lord,
it's His care"

"With a mother's love
and desires..."

"The one who has made every flower
in the garden bloom..."

"Who is that gardener?
What gardener is he...?"

"Who has taken care of this garden?"

"He has a sweet face!
He personifies affection”

"Every moment he wears a smile,
he lives amongst us"

"May God always keep this
beautiful garden fragrant"

"May this family be always happy
and prosperous"

Hello Nimmi, how are you?
- I'm fine, Papa

I hope you remember the promise
you made to me during your wedding?

You said you will set Karam apart
from his brothers and bring him to me

I have also built an office
for him, dear

No need for it, Papa.
- Why?

I'm not coming now.
- What?

I'm very happy with Karam
and my family

"Blossoming buds,
fragrant crops, "

"peacocks singing,
sparrows tweeting..."

"The fields are rich,
faces wear smiles, "

"every evening in our house
we celebrate”

"A newly wed bride
has come home"

"She adds to the glory
of our house"

"Our sweet home is mesmerising"

"If there's paradise,
it must be like this"

"May our love and affection
forever be"

"May this family be always
happy and prosperous"

Papa, you?
- I don't have time, dear

Put yours and Karam's stuff in my car
and come with me

But Papa, I told you on the phone
not to come over for me

Fine, but you had promised me
before the wedding

| did that because I hadn't met
brother Sukhi and Channi

I hadn't seen Guddi either

If you spend a night
with us, Papa,

you might not feel like going away

What use studying in a convent?

How could you decide to live
in this filthy place?

Look... look around!
Is this place for humans to live?

This is where humans live, Papa

Here, I found myself. You taught me
to cover my head inside a gurudwara

But to bow before the Lord,
this village taught me

| lived with you as a daughter

But I got the honour of being
a daughter-in-law in this house

Bless me, to be happy at my in-laws

I'm not here to offer blessings

Just tell me, are you and Karam
coming with me?

No, never! I'll never leave
my in-laws

Not even in death

It's along journey, Dhanwant Singh,

and you are alone. It'd be better
if you have some tea and snacks

Nimmi must not lose courage


No Nimmi, don't

Don't weep

Look at the pearl from your eyes

It's full of love and honour
of this house

Should it break,
it'd also break my heart

All of us will work hard to
take care of this pearl now

All of us

Guddi, listen.
- No way

Guddi, listen to me...
- I'm not listening to anything

I don't want your gift either.
-Should I go to the city to return it?

Did I ask you to bring it?
- I've bought it now, take it

| have brothers. If I need something,
I'll ask them

What's the matter, Guddi?
Why are the two of you brawling?

Bhabhi, he's barging in uninvited

I didn't ask for anything,
and he's bought bangles for me

Sister, you do justice. I had been to
the city to buy belts and books

So I also bought red bangles for her.
You tell me, is there a need to brawl?

I'm giving her something,
I'm not taking anything

Guddi, come here

Does these red bangles say something
to you? Did you hear them speak?

-I've heard it

Get inside. And you, go home

I'll decide for you

The righteous belong to God!
Glory be to God

Sat Sri Akal.
- Sat Sri Akal

I need to talk to you, brother

Tell me, dear

Guddi has grown up.
Have you thought of her marriage?

I've put Kapoor Singh on duty

He frequents the city. He'll tell us
if there's a suitable boy

What does uncle Kapoor's son
Harbhajan lack?


But I never thought about him

But they have thought
about each other

It's another thing that
they always keep brawling


May God save them from the evil eye.
Such a match is coincidental

Kapoor Singh's...?
Why didn't I think of it before?

I'd have got Guddi married to him
long back

"When the wedding music is played, "

"the daughter becomes a stranger"

"The eyes rain tears, "

"as the apple of the eye leaves"

"Your dance in the courtyard, "

"your bursting laughter, "

"your brothers will miss..."

"Your beautiful face"

"My heart cries"

"My heart cries"

"Why do daughters leave?"

"We are a flock of birds"

"One day we will fly away, father"

"Our is along flight"

"Wonder where we will land"

Teacher, are you in?
- I'm blessed to see you

Don't flatter me.
Here's paper and pencil

Write a letter to
my daughter in Canada.

I will, I will.
- My dear Kamaljeet,

My dear...

Know what? I've written this word
many times and torn many pages for it

You'll have tear this one too.
- Why?

You've written sweetheart, not dear.
- Sweetheart?

It means you know how to
read and write

I thought you were illiterate.
- Not like you consider me

It means those letters were a...

Tell me something.
Every time I try to light my stove,

the ash lands up on my eyes.
Go and take care of it. Go ahead

I'd rather jump into a well
than marry you

Go ahead. Don't help this poor man

I'll call on the doctor first

There's less space, more Kids!
Here, have a sweet

Sukhi, won't you tell me why you are
distributing sweets?

I've become a doctor

Oh no, chief. I'm sorry

I mean, Channi has become a doctor.
- Great

If Channi is going to set up
a hospital in the city,

tell him to take his siblings along.
-Why is Gurnam being so foolish ?

Chief, I didn't make a doctor out of
him for the city. It's for the village

We will set up a dispensary
in the village

Hello Sardarji, come here

- Yes, come here

-Is the doctor in?

No. Who are you?
- I'm Mutto. His classmate

Hello. Then you must be a doctor too.
- Not yet

But I'll soon be Mrs Doctor.
You get it?


Tell me something.
Does he have a brother?

He has two brothers.
- The elder one is very strict

Everyone is scared of him.
- Oh yes... scared, of course

But don't you worry. I'll plead
with him for consent

After that, I'll rule over him.
- Yes... it'll be fun

He acts like a cop, very strict.
- Quiet! Who are you to talk like that?

Tell me, where is the doctor?
- I don't know

I'll also have to fix the doctor.
Is this any way to run a dispensary?

I"I show him how.
- Sure

Well, who are you?

I'm the watchman here. Sukhi

Where's the doctor?

I'm Mrs Doctor

| see. Listen,
the doctor's wife is here

So you are the one who has made
the doctor sick?

Sick? What nonsense

Mutto...? Here, at home?

Where else would I go?
I didn't find you at the clinic

Who sent you here?
- Your new watchman... Sukhi

Silly! He's my elder brother,
not a watchman

What did you say? Your elder brother?

Your godfather?

Then our marriage isn't happening

| was raving at him

He won't let me marry you.
- Mutto, listen...

Brother, bhabhi, do something.
- Nothing can be done

I don't know what she told brother.
Your wedding is not happening

Please bhabhi, do something.
- Beg, beg

Mutto... calm down.
I'll talk to brother

What will you talk?
Please don't give me false hopes

You should touch your
your sister-in-law's feet

Not a thing happens here
without my orders

True. Ask me.
- Really?

Will touching your feet work?
- Of course

Enough... give me a hug

Expert in women's diseases

Dr Gurpreet Singh. ABCD

Damn him! I told him to set up
a decent business

And he's up to treating women, eh?

I'll fix him

Here's a pill, and this packet
is to be taken in sleep

If you wake up, I'm not responsible.
Or, you'll abuse the doctor later,

saying my medicines don't work

Doctor, you owned a hotel
on the Ferozepur road, didn't you?

| have turned it into
a drug factory

Stale bread is turned into penicillin

Rotten lentil soup is turned
into pesticides

Over, go on how

She reminds me of the hotel

Over here

Come and sit here...
of, just come here

No, this will be fine

How are you?

| want to show you

Well! You've put on a veil,
how will I see?

Lift your veil

Why should I ? It's my aunt
who is unwell

I'm an expert doctor. Aunt, husband,
brother-in-law, it doesn't matter

Forget the veil,
give me your hand

Actually, I can tell the aunt's ailment
by checking her niece's pulse

| see

This pulse seems familiar

| feel I have seen this hand before

You haven't felt the hand yet.
You will feel it soon

Lady, you sound familiar

I know even your underwear

You could be my nanny...?
- Not nanny

But I know what games
you are trying to play

It's you!

It's not actually what you understand

You mustn't suspect anyone like this

Actually, the doctor sat me up here to
take care of the patients

Where's the doctor then?
- I sent him to manage my hotel

Be brave

My brother-in-law is going to
face music from now on

- What you earn, is lost

Boy married, is boy lost.
- I'm also married. What have I lost?

You lost your mind.
- Why?

Before marriage, he'd buy bangles.
After marriage, not even a nose-stud

Brother is useless, bhabhi.
I'll slave for Mutto

And you'll do the household chores.
- Really? See my sandals?


Brother, they are here

Why didn't you die before falling
in love with Sukhi's brother?

| even dreamt of killing
that man's shadows

And today you made me stand
face to face with him!

Do you know what your lover's brother
did to your aunt?

First he wooed her

Then he spurned her

In arage, I married her off
toarich man

Later I found out that the bastard
was already married

| tolerated it

But God knows how the swine learnt
about her relationship with Sukhi

He started taunting my sister

She couldn't take it,
and she killed herself

Now tell me, Mutto,
who killed my sister?

The one I married her off to?

No Mutto, he's not her killer.
It's the one who spurned her. Sukhi!

And you think I'll marry you off
into that family?

Get this very clear

What you think will never happen

Even if you have to spend your entire
life as a spinster in this house

Get that?

Mutto? At this hour?

What is it?

The world has turned
against our love, Channi

| have walked out of my house.
I have left everyone

Let's run away somewhere

The legendary Heer also had
walked out like you

And Ranjhareasoned with her,

eloping and disgracing one's family
bring disrepute to love

| can't bring my brother to disrepute

Does your brother mean
everything to you?

And my love is meaningless to you?

In his eyes, you are important,
so is our love

That's why he's closer to my heart
than you are

If Papa marries me off elsewhere,
will you forget me?

The answer to this question
lies in the clutches of destiny

I can't tell you anything now

What are you doing?

Your daughter has left the house,
now are you calling the cops in?

What else can I do?
-She left in the night

God knows if she'll return or not

She's back this time. What if she
doesn't return the next time?

Those who reasoned with her and
sent her back must be decent folks

Thank God our honour is safe

Often we fail to understand...

the shades destiny gives
to our lives

Your past has come back
in the way...

of your little brother's love...

that all the roads seem to be blocked

I don't understand what obstacle
to break

The obstacle will go

The walls will fall

Channi is the last
of my responsibilities

| shall even give up my life
for the sake of his happiness

What are you saying, Sukhi?

Kapoor Singh,

If you want to play the game of love,
prepare to sacrifice your life

Once you've stepped on this path,
you'd rather die than turn back

So you want me to forget
all the animosity...

and marry my daughter off
to your brother?

- All right, Sukhi

Tell me, if I agree to your wish,
what will you do for me?


Give me your life, Sukhi


What will I do by killing you?

Because of you, I lost my sister

Do something

You folks are one in body and soul...
leave them


Once you showed me the sign of unity

Today I'll show you how unity
is broken

If you want your brother to
marry my daughter,

then you'll have to forsake your love
for your brothers

The moment I give my daughter away
to your brother,

I must not see you around this place

Quit this house

Drown yourself in some well

If you agree to these conditions,
| approve of this alliance


| agree to the conditions


"Best wishes to you,
your family, "

"and to the head of the family"


"Sisters and sisters-in-law sing"

"All of them are here to celebrate
the confirmation"


"His sister-in-law applies kohl
in his eyes, while she struts about"

"Singing, dancing and
swaying her waist, "

"she celebrates her
brother-in-law's betrothal"


"There's celebration in the courtyard,
the elder brother too is excited, "

"about his little brother's wedding"

"Dance away"


"Your elder brother is your support,
he is the gem of the family"

"Come and dance, my brother"


"To the market I went to earn,
and I earned a diamond"

"Today you will have to dance,
my brother"

"The brothers are so happy"

"Even the angels danced
in our courtyard today..."

"When the brothers danced together"


The righteous belong to God!
Glory be to God

We request you to take
the groom's headdress,

and keep it near the Holy Scripture

So that the wedding ceremony begins

The righteous belong to God!
Glory be to God

The priest will now offer
a small prayer,

which will include the parents
of the bride and the groom

Rest of the congregation,
please be seated

The righteous belong to God!
Glory be to God

"One in body..."

"And soul"

The bride's father will come forward...
- Where's brother?

And perform the ritual
of giving her away

And the choir will sing the hymns...
- Wait!

Where's my brother?

Son, there's lots to be done in
a wedding. He must've gone somewhere

He'll return by the time the ceremony
is over, Please read the hymns

What are you saying?
How can I take the vows without him?

I'll take them after he comes.

I won't lie before the Lord

Don't insist, Channi.
Marry and settle down

What had to happen has happened

Your brother has gone away,
never to return

Swear by the Holy Scripture
and tell us where he is

To get them married, Kundan laid
a condition for him to leave the house

-So he's left all of us and gone away

He's gone to the bus stand

But what bus will take him where,

even he might not be knowing.
- Let's go, Channi

Hurry, Channi. Get into the car


You've lost again, Kundan Singh

Fifteen years ago, Sukhi spurned
your sister and defeated you

And today his brother is doing the same
with your daughter. Will you bear it?

Get them!

"Joys and sorrows are common..."

"Everything about us is common"

"People swear by us..."

"These days"

"We consider you God"

"We are proud of you"

"Brother, to your sacrifices, "

"we shall sacrifice ourselves"

"We are one..."

"In body and soul"

Back off

Back off

Check over there

C'mon, check over there,


Brother Sukhi

Back off

Move it

Found him?

Try there

Let's go to Kundan Singh

Not without finding our brother

How dare you hit my children?

I never let even a whiff of hot air
touch them

Why didn't I die before seeing this?



You can't leave us

You aren't destroyed yet?


Watch your tongue. Our brother
is not going anywhere

He sowed every breath of his on us!
He won't leave us

He will, he will

Alive or dead

Sukhi, do you remember?

Fifteen years back, you spurned
my sister for your brothers

Hurry, Mutto

And today, your brother...

for your sake,
spurns my daughter

Kundan Singh can be killed only once

Not twice! I'll blow you
to smithereens

Stop, father



Take him to the hospital

Thank God you've come around
after all these days

Forgive me, Sukhi

Today I've rid myself of the vengeance
of 15 years and come to you

Not just you,
| have also come around

Here Sukhi,

unite our souls also with yours

May God save this family
from the evil eye forever