Ek Hazarachi Note (2014) - full transcript

In this exploration of money and conscience, a poor woman receives a thousand-rupee note from a politician at election time, but the note proves to be a mixed blessing.

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This one is beyond repair, Budhi.
Buy a new one.

Tell me,
what will you take to fix the toehold?

At least one rupee.

Do it for half a rupee. All it will take
is a small nail to fix it.

Take this back. Does anyone work
for half a rupee these days?

Making such outlandish requests...

Here. Take half a rupee.

Forget it. Have a cup of tea on me.

A cup of tea for half a rupee?
You think we live in Mughal times?

You have that tea yourself instead.

Jitya, why are you playing at this hour?
Do you want to be bitten by a scorpion?

It will rain soon! Run along inside.


Didn't I tell you not to go out
in the evening?

This brat doesn't listen to anyone!

Come on, let's go inside!

Mother, I'll come back in a bit.

Why are you going out in the rain,
Hanmantya? Wait for a while and then go.

The skies are as impatient as you.

It's pouring alright.

I'll go see the moneylender
and see what he says about our debt.

Go later!

He's no different than his father.

-Hey, Sudama. Are you up already?
-Budhi, I'm coming for some tea!

Come later. I'll be right back!

Yeshwantya, please pack
two rupees' worth of jaggery for me...

and a matchbox too.

Where can you buy jaggery for two rupees?

Look at her, big spender!

Oh, Shevanti. Let me have
some fresh milk for two rupees.

Mala! Go give Budhi some milk.


Hey, fluffy-bread. Buy some fluffy-bread.

Shoo! You think this milk is for you?
Go away! Get lost!

Hey, Ahmed!

Give me two fluffy-breads.
Pick nice soft ones. Not the hard ones.

This old woman can't eat hard bread now.

As soft as fresh butter. Dip it in your
tea and it will sail down your throat.

Why would I give you hard bread?

Fluffy-bread. Buy some fluffy-bread!

Looks like you're making some tea.
Can I come join you, Budhi?

How come you always know
when I'm making tea?

Yeah, come and have a cup.

Or else I'll have a stomachache all day.

Here, have some.

I'll just have the tea.
Save the fluffy-bread.

Have some. I don't feel like eating alone.

It tastes better with company.

Please have some.


Your hands have become so rough.
Why don't you put some milk cream on them?

They're rough like jackfruit skin.

Let it be.

Am I Madhuri Dixit?
Do I have to act in movies?

Drink your tea.

Budhi, who needs fluffy-bread
when I have tea made by you?

The tea you make is always so delicious.

Then why don't you have tea there
every day?

Why bother drinking two full cups
of tea at home every day?

On top of that, he goes around telling
everyone how fantastic Budhi's tea is.

He tells Budhi to put cream on her hands.

And what about his wife who toils all day?

This man pays no heed to that!

Boy, take care of her.

Tell her you say you like my tea
only to make me happy.

Don't ride my high horse with her
or one day you'll get a broken back.

Look at this childishness!

What tea! What slurping!

Don't you have to graze the goats?

Or you gonna spend all day
drinking tea with Budhi?

Here, put some cream on your wife's hand.

Let it be, Budhi.

Do it, please. She's a real sweet person.

Go now.


-It rained heavily last night.

Did it leak in your house?

It leaked a little,
but I put a bucket under it.

There's some bread left from last night.
Take them home with you, Parvati.

The boys of the house
won't touch stale food.

Parvati, do the rest
of the utensils later. Eat first.


Are you back, Budhi?

Yes, dear.

I'm really tired. There were many pots
and pans to clean today.

What do they care?

All pots must be washed.

As if there's a feast every day!

Then you must rest today.
Don't light your stove tonight!

How come?

Are you inviting me
to dinner at your place?

Your wife will drive you out of the house!

Yeah, as if I'm your number one enemy.

The two of you have your joke
and cause pain in my stomach.

Two women, wherever or whenever they meet,
must fight!

Both time and place are irrelevant.

Wait, I'll come over to your side.

Okay, come here!

there's an election meeting tonight.

Mr. Uttamrao is coming.
They will give us dinner there.

When's the speech?

Once people gather
they'll give the speech.

Since there's dinner, people will come.

Or else why would anyone come
to an election speech?

We'll go after the evening news.
See you then.

Today another suicide by a farmer
was reported in Vidarbha.

Hanumant Pawar, a young farmer
from Phoolumbari in Yavatmal,

committed suicide by hanging himself.

The moneylender's refusal
to disburse additional funds

unless old ones were repaid
was cited as the reason.

The district collector, however,
refused to confirm or deny

if the cause of suicide
was the moneylender's denial.

Once your husband's cremation is over,
you start packing your things.

You come back home with me.

Bring whatever is yours--
rings, money, jewelry.

You can't stay with the old woman
for the rest of your life.

You're lucky that you have no kids.
I'll find you another husband.

-But then what will become of her?
-She'll go where her fate takes her.


Hey, Budhi.

Come on.

Eat something.

Come to my house.

The one who had to depart
has left this world.

Do you want to die of starvation?

Do this for me.

Come eat some bread.

Please come.


Is today Independence Day?

Why are they playing Gandhi's song?

Budhi, it's a song for the elections.

Who cares about Gandhi nowadays?

Now that they're playing the song,
it means the speaker is on his way.

It's almost 8:00.
Not a dog in sight.

We must go get people to come
or else the boss will get mad at us.

Come on, hurry up.

You're getting made up
as if going to a wedding party!

You look very nice. Come now!

Come on, let's go!

Wait, here. Put this in your hair.

We don't get invited to a speech
and dinner very often.

Budhi, come on now, let's go.

-Give me some!
-Give me some!

Sudama, where you off to?

And you, Budhi?
Won't you come to the election meeting?

That's where we're headed.

What about you?

Come sit then.

-In the car?
-Where else?

Budhi, you come sit in the front.

you and the family sit in the back.

When do you think the speaker will come?

Shut up and sit quietly.
Or you wanna go plow your field now?

These pebbles are hurting my butt.

How much longer?
I came because of the dinner!

I can't see any arrangements
to serve food.

-Were they bluffing?
-Must be somewhere in the back.

Where has Budhi disappeared to?

Didn't she get out of the car with us?

Or did she go back home?

She must be around somewhere.
Why do you worry so much about her?

Go see where Grandma is.

Dad, Grandma didn't get out of the car.

She didn't get out?

This Budhi is impossible.

Who knows where she wandered off to?

-Why'd they bring a cow here?
-Who knows?

Perhaps they're going
to put cow milk in the tea.

You fool! The cow's their election symbol!

Good, at least she got free fodder.

We get a free meal, she gets free fodder.

Mr. Uttamrao will arrive here
in five minutes.

Please do patiently listen
to what he has to say.

After that please have dinner,
and only then go home.

This Budhi is just too much!

You too are no less!

-Why were you worrying so much about her?

You didn't even notice the flower
in my hair bun.

Budhi, Budhi, all the while!

It looks lovely.

Hey, Budhi! Come here!

-Uttamrao Jadhav!
-May he live a long life!

-Uttamrao Jadhav!
-May he be victorious!

-Uttamrao Jadhav!
-May he live a long life!

-Uttamrao Jadhav!
-May he be victorious!

-Uttamrao Jadhav!
-May he live a long life!

Budhi, shout the slogans!

-Uttamrao Jadhav!
-May he be victorious!

-Uttamrao Jadhav!
-May he live a long life!

Our beloved leader, Mr. Uttamrao Jadhav,
will say a few words.

-Uttamrao Jadhav!
-May he live a long life!

My dear brothers and sisters, who've
gathered here in such large numbers.

I stand before you
in this lovely Phoolumbari village.

I have come to seek your blessings.

Why? Because you'd blessed me
during the last elections.

All of you already know
that our country is in dire straits.

There's corruption all over.

And to protest, Anna Hazare went
on a hunger strike in Delhi.

You must have seen that on TV.

I saw that on TV too!

In our country the poor have no support,

and the farmers are all orphaned
by the state.

I don't see the food anywhere.

I don't see cooking stoves
anywhere either.

They needed a crowd
so they could make fools of us?

I don't think it's like that. They've
probably hidden the food somewhere.

Yes, that's probably what it is.

My friends,
without money nothing works here!

It's the same everywhere!

This is what I want to change.

And if you want to change this too,
then you must--

vote for the cow!

Gandhi gave this country its freedom.

Pandit Nehru helped
this country stand on its own.

And me?

I brought electric poles
into this village.

I put bulbs on them.

This village had no bus service.

It was me who started a bus
from here to Digras.

We still have a long way to go.

Our kids should have access to computers.

That Obama, he should come
to our village to see our progress!

But when will this happen?

When will we progress?

Only if you get me elected again!

That's why I humbly request you
to vote for the cow and only the cow.

Don't forget this.

I know my sisters and mothers
and their kids are all hungry.

I request with folded hands

that you choose your beloved Uttamrao
as your representative!

Eat till your stomach's full,
and take some home too!

Vote for the cow,
and press the button of my name!

Long live India! Long live Maharashtra!

This is how you give a speech!

-Hey, give me the food first.
-I'm hungry. Give it to me!

-Hey, give it to me first!
-Give it to me! Me first!

Don't rush. Everyone will get food!

Boss, don't you worry about this village.

You're going to get all the votes.

These people vote
for whomever we tell them to vote for!

No one will dare go against us.

You will win again.


Hey, bring me some water!

-Hey, give me some! Please!
-Give me some!

Budhi, don't open that here.
We'll go home and eat.

One at a time.
Come on, move that way.

Jitya, come quickly. Come on.

Budhi! Look, they're distributing
money there. Let's go quickly.

-Wait your turn.
-Come on, move quickly, go down!

Come on, move. Go that way.
One at a time.

We must get the majority, okay?

You took pictures of the speech, yeah?

-Now turn that camera off.

You might shoot him distributing money,
and then there'd be trouble.

Come on. I'm not stupid.
I know when to shoot and when to stop.

Okay. Now put that away.

Hey, go tell him

that this woman Budhi's farmer son
committed suicide last year.

His photograph was shown on TV.
Go tell him.

-Vote for the cow.
-Come on, move it now.

Sir, this woman Budhi's son
killed himself last year.

A big news report was shown on TV
when it happened,

as it was a farmer suicide.

Is that so?

Come here, Budhi. Come here.

Grandma, have you eaten?

Grandma, give me your blessings
so I win the elections again this year.

Hey, take my picture with her!

-Come here now.
-Carry on.

Vote for the cow!

Don't worry, everyone will get the money.

Thank the gods.

At least one day
I could rest and not cook dinner.

Otherwise it's make your own food
and eat your own food! It's boring!

When has a woman not cooked?

Today it's Uttamrao...

but other days,
make your own and eat it.

Where are the kids?

They ate a while back.
They're already in bed!

Budhi, the rice is very delicious.

When you get something without any effort,
it's always delicious!

Budhi, throw that away.
It's just a piece of paper.

Leave it be.
I can always use it for something.

It's a nice piece of paper!

Budhi, this paper
and also the papers Uttamrao gave you,

keep them safely.

Or you'll roam about town
with the money in your purse.

There are a lot of vagrants
in the village!

But why?
He's distributed money to everyone!

He gave everyone else 100 rupee notes.

And to you, he gave 1000 rupee notes!

That's why
she's telling you to be careful.

I've kept it here safely.

Don't keep checking your purse
all the time.

Let's go.
We've got to wake up early in the morning.





1000 rupees!


I won't sell you
two rupees' worth of jaggery anymore.

People say you've got 1000 rupee notes.

So then should I take a mountain
of jaggery from you?

Am I getting married?


Give me some milk.

Budhi! I heard you got 1000 rupee notes.

Why don't you buy a liter of milk?
It's nice, thick buffalo milk.

How much milk do I need for a cup of tea?
I'm not going to bathe in milk, now am I?

Now, give me some milk.

Here. Give this money to your mom.

Hey, Budhi.
Don't you want some fluffy-bread today?

People say that Uttamrao gave you
1000 rupee notes last night!

So should I go distribute fluffy-bread
to the entire village?

Go sell your fluffy-bread!

Everyone's after my money.


Hey, Sudama!

What are you doing here, Budhi?

You were still sleeping?

Is it not time for you to go home?

How about a cup of tea?

Tea? Here?

Where do you find tea here?

Here, drink some water.
Next, I'll give you some tea!

Sudama, has it been really windy today?

It's really windy every day.

My friend, you've set up
an entire kitchen in this wilderness.

Have you kept a second wife
or something in this wilderness?

Don't make fun of me, Budhi.

Taking care of one wife
is a full-time job!

Budhi, even if I kept a second wife,
would you be okay with it?

Your wife is one in a million.

Why would you want a second wife?

Sudama, you milk other people's goats.

Don't they curse you?

Why curse me?

I don't milk the same goat every day!

Take this. Have some tea.

Don't I make tea like you?

It's delicious. Better than mine.

Budhi, now tell me,
why did you come this far?

I know it wasn't just for a walk.

come with me to Digras market tomorrow.


The lens in my glasses is broken.
I want to get that fixed.

Hanmantya's photo frame is broken.
I need to get that fixed.

I need to buy a new saree
and a blouse too.

I want to buy some other everyday items
too. They're cheaper in that market.

Okay, we'll go.

I must buy a new shirt for my son
and a new saree for my daughter-in-law.

And some clothes for my grandkids too.

I have 1000 rupee notes.

I don't want to go alone. I feel afraid.

Please come with me.

Are you out of your mind?
The 1000 rupee notes have made you crazy.

Budhi, your son killed himself last year.

Your daughter-in-law went to her parents.
And you don't have any grandkids.

God gave, and God took away as well.

Only he can say what he is up to.

If I'd gotten this money earlier...

my son wouldn't have killed himself.

He killed himself at a young age,
and left his old mother behind.

But I have another son.

Second son?

Yes, the one sitting in front of me.

He just gave me tea made of goat's milk.

I want to buy everything for him.

Why do you want to spend all this money?

If you fall ill, it will come in handy.

There's no need to go to Digras.

I'm not coming, nor should you go!

Budhi, since you got the money,
your hands seem to be itching to spend it.

Let me fall ill. I'm a lone old woman.

If I go to sleep and never wake up,
who's gonna come asking after me?

Now that the good man has given me
money, let me wear a new saree.

Weren't you just saying,
"I have a second son.

He gave me goat's milk tea."

And now you're saying,
"I don't have anyone."

you're in a hurry to spend the money,

and I don't agree with it!

If you don't want to come, then don't.

If I go alone,
no tiger's gonna waylay me!


Hey, Budhi.

Listen to me!



Hey! Move a little so I can sit.

Hey, old man! Why'd you spit on me?

Hey, auntie. Where you headed to?

Give me one ticket to Digras.

No! Give me two tickets to Digras.
Mine and his.

Auntie, please move a little.


Budhi, I already got my salary on the
first. Why are you giving it to me again?

Give me 12 rupees change.

Now that you have a 1000 rupee note,
look what you've done to the smaller ones.

Once you get the big ones,
nobody pays heed to the small ones.

Take your tickets.

Give me some loose change.

I just made an offering to the river
goddess. Fold your hands in prayer.

Let's go to the optometrist first.

Then I'll be able to see what I'm buying.


-Good morning!
-Good morning. How can I help you?

This lens is broken.
Please change it for me.

fix a number three lens into this frame.

Let's sit.

Are you hungry?

No, let's finish this work first.
Then we can eat.

Here you go.

-How much is it?
-Forty rupees.

Couldn't you think of a better joke this
early in the day? I just opened my shop.

Go do the rest of your shopping
and come back when you have change.


-Let it be.
-It's okay. You can give it to me later.

Here you go.

Let's go.

How much will it cost
to change the glass in this frame?

Change this frame too!

It's in pretty bad shape.

When I change the glass,
the frame will probably break.

It'll be 70 rupees.

Okay. Let's do it.

I hope he has some change.

We'll get it. If not, then we'll
definitely get it in the saree shop.

Don't you worry.

It's my son's photo.

Don't you have a lower denomination?

Nobody's got change.

I want to buy a saree. I'm sure
he'll have change. I'll pay you then.

Leave the photo here
and take it when you have change.

The saree shop is right there.
Across the street.

-Come. Let's go.

Do we have a choice?
I don't have 70 rupees.

Let's buy the sarees,
then we can come back here.

Let's go. We'll come back.

What color does your wife like?

Leave it, Budhi.
Why are you blowing your money?

You better tell me,
or else I'll choose the one I like.

Choose some clothes for the kids.

And also a nice shirt for yourself.

You are one adamant old lady.

There should be
an election like this every month!

760 rupees!

Mahadev, would you know
a counterfeit from a good one?

Isn't the security thread wider
than usual?

This one looks different.

There's a lot of these notes
coming into India from Pakistan.

It was in the newspaper.

You're gossiping! That's not true.

This old woman's son hanged himself.

His picture and story were on TV.

That's why the good sir gave her
a 1000 rupee note,

and now you're saying that it's fake?

Tell me one thing. Would such
a rich man give a counterfeit note?

it's that good sir who gave me the money.

I cannot take this note.

Leave the clothes here.
Come back with some change.

Then I'll give you the clothes.

My good sir,
why are you being like this?

Are we strangers to you?
We are from Phoolumbari.

We all do our shopping here
and nowhere else.

Sure. I didn't say
I wouldn't give you the clothes.

But if this is a counterfeit, then won't
I be cheated out of 1000 rupees?

And I'll lose the clothes.

But, sir, this is not a fake note.

Hey! Constable Shinde!

What's up, big man?

Mr. Shinde,
can you take a look at this note?

Is it real or fake?

This old woman gave me this crisp note.

But after looking at her,
I began to doubt that it's real.

Sir, if that note doesn't work,
then let it be.

Take these.
They all look equally good to me.

Hey, old woman...

who gave you
these crisp 1000 rupee notes?

-Sir, Uttam--
-Did I ask you?

I asked this old hag.
Let her tell me.

Tell me, you old hag.
Who gave these to you?

There was an election meeting
in our village.

A politician who gave the speech
gave these to me.

Which politician?

Now, how do I know that, sir?
Such money is given during elections.

Is that so?

What's that politician's name?

Mr. Uttamrao Jadhav. He'd come to
Phoolumbari to give the election speech.

To accept money during an election,
and to give it, is an offense.

The two of you will have to come to the
police station and register a complaint.

Come on!

Let us go, sir.

Why are you implicating us poor folk,
asking us to register a complaint?

Budhi, forget the 1000 rupee note.
This is getting heated.

No way. You will have to come
to the police station.

Sir, you keep the money. We'll go back
to our village. Come on, Budhi, let's go.

Shut up. Don't act smart.

Both of you will have to come
to the police station!

Move it, you old hag. Come on!

Come on, move it!


Hey, you!
How many such notes do you have?

These are all we have.

They were given
to this old woman by Mr. Jadhav.

Why are you maligning
Mr. Jadhav's good name?

These notes have come from Pakistan.

The numbers on them say so.

Tell me the truth!
How many more do you have?

These two won't utter a word beyond
Mr. Jadhav. They keep on saying his name.

Make them sit on the bench for a while.
We'll see later what to do with them.

Have I not already taken down
your complaint, sir?

Why do you keep bothering me?

But, sir, it's been a week already
and you haven't done anything yet.

What do you think we're doing here?
Is yours the only work we have?

You make a complaint and we catch someone?
Is that how this works?

My good sir,
we too have to make inquiries.

Now, that man has also made a complaint
against you.

So, now should I put you in jail?

But, sir, he's the one who troubles me.
So how can he make a complaint?

The court will decide
who's troubling whom.

We have to take down everyone's complaint!

Leave now, and come back in eight days.


Tell Narya
that there's a complaint against him.

Tell him I've called him here.

It'll be evening soon.

We must get on our way home.

We won't get a bus at night.

Let's touch the sub-inspector's feet

and ask him to release us poor folk.


Let him keep the money.


I gave money
to the optometrist back there.

Now, I have no money left.

How will we pay the bus fare to go home?

-This should be enough.

Let's go ask him to let us go.

I don't see an issue with these notes.

Don't underestimate the Pakistanis.
They're masters at faking notes.

Maybe they're real, maybe they're fake.

But this Gandhi here is perfect.
Absolutely the same!


Shut up and sit down. I'll summon you
when I'm done with my work.

Sir, it'll be getting dark soon.
My kids will be waiting for me at home.

You can keep the money,
but please let us go.

Who gave you these fake notes
and how many more do you have?

Tell us the truth.
Then I'll let both of you go.

I swear to you, sir.

Mr. Jadhav himself gave
these notes to Budhi.

-Mr. Jadhav gave them to her?

Shut up and sit on that bench.

This is all my fault!

I brought you here
to this godforsaken market.

I must be mad.

I was the one
who took you to the meeting.

And I was the one who told Uttamrao
about Hanmantya hanging himself.

Had I not told him that,
he would not have given you 1000 rupees.

And we would have not come
to the market.

We're all set for dinner and partying.

Santya, go and order
some chicken masala and bread.

From Razakbhai's restaurant.

Once it gets dark, let both of them go.

It's not good for poor folk
to get used to 1000 rupee notes.

If poor people keep getting free money,
will our democracy survive?

My friends,
isn't it our job to protect the democracy?

Shinde, get some booze too.

Gandhi was all for prohibition. But can
you buy booze without giving Gandhi?

-Uttamrao Jadhav!
-May he win!

Victory to Uttamrao Jadhav!

Isn't that the man who gave me money?

-Hey! Sir!
-Victory to Uttamrao Jadhav!

-Hey! Sit down!

-Hey! Sir!
-Victory to Uttamrao Jadhav!

You're the one who gave me this
note in Phoolumbari? Right?

These notes are real, aren't they?

The police say that they are fake!

You're the one who gave me this money,
right? In Phoolumbari!

These notes are real, right?

Hey, sir!
The police say that these are fake!

No one believes me.

Sir, they hit my Sudama.
We just want to go home.

Take this note back and give me change.

They hit my Sudama.
We just want to go home, sir.

Give me change. Take this note back.

-Hey, Budhi! Let's go!
-Sir! Hey, sir!

Victory to Uttamrao Jadhav!

Take this note back.

-Where are you running off to?
-Let me go!

I was going to let you off in the evening.

But instead you made us sweat.
You made the police run after you!

Put her in there!

Let me go, please.


Sir, this old woman's gone mad.

I beg you to let us go.

I'll take her back to the village.

She's gone mad, sir!

Her son hanged himself
because he couldn't repay the debt.

Please, let us go, sir.
Sir, let us go.


That old hag!
Deprived this policeman of a free dinner!

God had sent us nice,
crisp 1000 rupee notes.

I thought, we'll have our chicken curry!

But this bitch had to go out there
and shout!

What was Budhi shouting about?

She was asking Mr. Jadhav for loose change
in exchange for those notes!

And she was pleading to be released!

She asked, wasn't it he who gave her
the notes in her village during the rally?

That rascal reporter, Suresh Gamje, was
there too! From the daily Eagle's Flight!

Piece of shit paper!
But look at his attitude.

He's got a nose for news!

Luckily, he came a bit late
and didn't see Budhi there.

Or else, that Uttamrao would be a goner!

But we can use Gamje's name.

Then they both will be goners!
What do you say?

This means the old woman
and that boy are telling the truth.

Now, if this old woman files a complaint
that Mr. Jadhav gave her 1000 rupee notes,

and if this boy Sudama signs as witness,
then Mr. Jadhav will have trouble.

I can teach that Gamje a lesson too.

He's got too much attitude.
Talks too much these days!

But who will file the complaint?
Who will want to take Mr. Jadhav head-on?

This Budhi here will file the complaint,
and we will take it down.

There's the accused,
the complainant, the witness.

And here's the proof!

Get both of them in here.
Take her complaint and her thumbprint.

And give that boy a few blows too!

Welcome, sir! What brings you here?

-Is Mr. Jadhav in?
-Yes, he's inside.

Please sit. I'll let him know.

Sir, he asks you to come inside.

What happened?

What brings you here at this hour?

Sir, there's a problem.

That old woman from Phoolumbari
has lodged a complaint...

that you distributed money there.

Which old woman?

The one who crashed into my rally today?

That old hag must have lodged a complaint!
Why did you write it down?

Don't you have any sense?

Suresh Gamje
from Eagle's Flight was with her.

How could we refuse, sir?

Sir, that Suresh Gamje
is a real bastard!

That old woman's son
had committed suicide last year.

His photographs were all over the news
during the farmer suicides.

Suresh Gamje had written about it.

Now that Gamje says he'll publish
every word of the complaint.

"Votes for money. Mr. Jadhav pays
that woman whose son committed suicide."

I gave her the 1000 rupee notes
because she was poor.

-Why'd she go to Gamje?
-She didn't go to him, sir.

He heard Budhi shouting
during the rally and got the story.

All journalists are crooks.

They wait for the buffalo to lift
her tail. Then they hold a hand under it,

and go to town saying she shits.

How much does that Gamje want?

He was saying... 50,000 rupees.

I won't give that much even to his father!

Wants 50...

I want no trouble during this election.

Give him 25,000.
You must manage with this!

Or else, I'll send that Gamje
and that old woman...

to meet her son!

Then even if I lose the elections,
screw it!

Now tear up that complaint!

Or I'll slit you two into two.


Don't worry, sir. I'll handle this.
I came to you first since I'm your man.

Gamje wanted to go directly
to the commissioner.

I said, "Wait a minute.
Let me first alert Mr. Jadhav."

Shall I go?


-It's not necessary, sir.
-Keep this. For your kids.

Let me win this election.
Then I'll deal with each and every one!

Get lost now!

Did you give that boy Sudama
a good beating yet?

Shinde, pull out your belt.

You haven't done any work in a while.
You need some practice.

Hey. Come.

I need to record your statement.

I must have my drink. I've earned it!

If Gamje talks to Mr. Jadhav...

then we lose all the fun
and the hard work's in vain.

Shut up, all of you.

You think that Jadhav is concerned
with a few thousand rupees?

He must be throwing away more than that
in one sitting at a prostitute's.

You'll drink up and have your chicken.

I'll deal with Gamje when the time comes.

Look how they've beaten you.

That devil!

May he die!

It's my misfortune
that is now touching you, Sudama.


I devoured my husband.

Then I killed my son
in the prime of his youth.

And now...

I've put you in trouble too!

Please stay away from me. Stay away.

I'm the culprit.
Stay away, or you'll be my next victim.

Please stay away!

Don't blame yourself.

We get what is there in our fate.

The goddess of wealth doesn't
want to smile upon us.

She doesn't want to dwell in our homes.

Have some water.

I hope you gave that boy a good beating!

Nobody should leave
without our nice hospitality.

It will bring us demerits.

Raise your glasses
and wish Uttamrao the best!


when the goddess of wealth arrives,
she brings trouble with her too.

Shinde, gimme that old woman's complaint.

Did I have it?

It's in your pocket. Pull it out.

Here it is.

What is this called?

This is called a cigarette
worth 25,000 rupees!

Hey, Ashkya!

Wake up!

I think the old woman and that boy bolted!

Hey, Santya, wake up!

Who left the door open last night?

We'll get into unnecessary trouble!

If Gamje finds that old woman we're dead!

Gamje comes to the market
every morning for his breakfast.

They're both outside.

Freshening up.

Santya, go order some tea for all of us.
For those two as well.

They haven't eaten anything
since last night.

We had our chicken and drink on
their dime, but let them go to bed hungry.

Once drunk, a man becomes a beast.

Yeah, right.
You like to preach in the morning.

But at nightfall, the demon seizes you.

You go order the tea!
Bring some fluffy-bread too!

Here, for you. A 1000 rupee note.

And keep this too. For the bus tickets.

Once you've eaten, get out of here.
Go directly to your village.

Where? Directly to Phoolumbari!

Don't let me see you in Digras
till the elections are over!

If you utter a single word to anyone, I'll
personally bake you over burnt chilies!

Get lost now!

Let's go, my child.

These poor folk we sympathize with...

But look at the arrogance!

She didn't take the 50 rupee note!

Hey, bring some tea!

Let's go home.

My daughter-in-law and grandkids
must be sad and alone.

They must be wondering,
where did Budhi take our man?

I'm free to die once I take you home.

Who said you're dying so young?

You've yet to attend
your grandkids' wedding... in a car!

The election's yet to happen.

You took the money.
Won't you go press the button to vote?

Bus 8068 will depart from Platform 3

from Digras to Phoolumbari
via Lohi and Dolari.

Bus 6021 will depart from Platform 4

via Digras and Manora
to Dara and Karanja Lad.

Two tickets for Phoolumbari.


Take your son's photo.


Pay me on your next trip.